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Daily Sitka Sentinel Newspaper Archives May 14 1990, Page 3

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Sitka Daily Sentinel (Newspaper) - May 14, 1990, Sitka, Alaska Daily Sitka Sentinel Sitka Alaska monday May 14,1990, Page 3 Welcome a american legion auxiliary president Lory Van Matre welcomes seven new . Citizens at a naturalization ceremony held May 4. In front Row four year old Chandra Brianne Swapna Watson sits Between adoptive parents Craig and Catherine Watson. Rear Row left Hilarion Recaido Miguel Martina Bangloy Miguel four year old twins Kimberly and Kathrene Tomas Uddipa Adela Tomas a Dippy and Karen Tomas Uddipa. Along with Van Matre representatives of the american legion the elks Lodge the veterans of foreign wars United methodist Church and the Sitka bar association participated in the Welcome. The legion and vow auxiliaries provided refreshments after the ceremony. Sentinel photo Otter die off fuels debate John Peel says trials leave him old at 29 Cordova apr sea otters Are dying in unusually High numbers around this Ashing Community fueling a longstanding argument about whether they Are too numerous and Are using up their own food supplies. Scientists studying the local sea Otter population say the die off is a Normal consequence of the animals recolonization of the area after their near extinction Early this Century. Its estimated that More than too sea otters died near Cordova Over the Winter of the several thousand believed to live in the area said Chuck Monnett and Lisa roue Man who Are studying the animals in Prince William sound for the . Fish and wildlife service. The carcasses found this Spring Are mainly those of old males who died of natural causes they said adding that the deaths done to appear to be related to the Exxon Valdez Oil spill in March 1989. A a we re Anding More carcasses than we have in the past but the distribution of otters has been changing every year a a said Rotterman. She said she did no to have exact mortality Agures from previous years for comparison. A we done to think that there Are too Many otters in orca Inlet we done to think that the mortality rate indicates that there a any problem some longtime Cordova residents however disagree and cite anecdotal evidence to argue the animals Are starving. For years some local residents have wanted to be Able to Harvest the sea otters which they say compete with humans for food and Are too numerous. A a they be been dying of starvation for two or three years now a a said Richard Davis a retired shopkeeper and Dock worker. A a in be been living Here 75 years so i know. There a so Many of them there Arentt enough clams. If they had a controlled Harvest on sea otters the remaining ones would be healthy and there a be More of Dee Lane land manager for the Yak corp., a native Village corporation said she found 12 dead otters in one spot recently and also believes they Are starving. A from observing them people say they re eating things they normally eat a she said. A they be starving if there was a controlled Harvest sea otters can legally be killed for subsistence but not for making or Selling traditional handicrafts or clothing said Jon Nickles supervisor of the services Marine mammals management face. He said that Law is constantly challenged and a a there a a Good Chance it will be settled in the a pretty routinely we hear of weather die offs and so Forth especially from the Cordova area which is probably the densest sea Otter population there is in the state a a he said. A a there slots of Ashing activity and people Are getting around the sea Otter a Little More than they had sea otters Only returned to the Cordova area in Large numbers in the last few years said Monnett who believes die decline of the areas Clam and crab Asherien had other More Subtle causes. Rotterman said the question of harvesting sea otters is an ethical drowns on Kusk Kwim Mcgrath apr a Man apparently drowned on the Kusk Kwim River Friday and another Man was rescued by villagers As he floated on an overturned boat the Alaska state troopers said. Wassily Evan 35, of Stoney River disappeared into the Kusk Kwim about i p.m., officials said. His companion a Man who was not immediately identified was picked up after the boating mishap by villagers from lists Grants for communities Juneau apr a dozen communities and non profit groups will share almost $900,000 in Federal Grants for homeless shelters economic development and Community improvements. The Grants were announced recently by the state department of Community and regional affairs which runs die programs for the . Department of housing and Urban development a $40,000 Federal Grant for homeless programs went directly to Anchorage with another $40,000 disbursed by the state to foul communities said David Hoffman commissioner of Community and regional affairs. Sharing in the Grants were a Juneau $10,000, glory Hole shelter. A Kodiak $10,000, brother Francis shelter. A Ketchikan $10,000, committee for the homeless. A Fairbanks $5,000, women in crisis counselling and assistance. A Juneau $5,000, aiding women from abuse and rape emergencies. A alaskans Are becoming increasingly aware of the plight of the homeless a a Hoffman said. A we have come to realize that its not just a problem that exists Only in the big cities of the lower 48.�?T�?T almost $800,000 in Community development Grants were selected recently from 48 applications totalling $4 million Hoffman said. The Money will be matched from municipal and other sources he said. The winning Grants Are a Kodiak $100,000, brother Francis homeless shelter. A Mcgrath $100,000, erosion control and Quarry Access Road. A Nome $100,000, child care building. A St. George $100,000, water and sewer project. A Yakutat $97,458, shellfish farming project. A King Cove $90,000, boat Harbor. A Juneau $70,000, Center. A Akiak $65,000, tourist oriented recreational development. A Shaktoolik $48,968, Snow fencing. A Stebbins $26,455, Reindeer Herd deaths tied to summer Anchorage apr More people get into traffic accidents because of icy Road conditions in Winter but Accident related injuries Are More frequent during the summer officials say. The Start of the May through a gust tourist season has arrived when people take to the roads in search of recreation. In 1988, the number of fatal traffic accidents surged to 19 in july and 13 in August according to Agures from the state department of health and social services. That compares with no More than nine fatalities during any other month that year. Speeding or distractions account for most of the traffic accidents in summer officials said. A you see people Reading the newspaper Reading the mail playing the radio Tex loud so that you can to hear noises outside like horns and sirens a said sgt. Greg Stewart head of the Anchorage police departments traffic unit Juneau apr gov. Steve Cowper has signed legislation giving the Alaska visitors association exclusive control Over the states lists of potential tourists. He also signed legislation to create special birth certificates that will be suitable for framing and sold by the state Al a profit. A third Bill signed recently appropriates $183,600 for the older alaskans commission to arrange a conference on aging next year. The tourism list Bill was pushed through the legislature in two months with Strong support from the tourism lobby. House Bill 442 exempts die lists from the states Public records Law and allows the visitors association to continue its practice of Selling the lists to its members and other Alaska tourism related businesses. Supporters of the Bill said the states tourism Industry would be Hurt if the lists were available to competitors using the Public records Law. Tile association Sells the lists at a profit to help pay for its share of the states tourism advertising Campaign but some businesses say the Price is us High. The records belong to the Alaska tourism marketing Council which operates with Money from the state and the association. The lists Are compiled from people who respond to the states annual tourism advertising Campaign. The Issue of Public Access arose when an Anchorage businessman tried to buy them at Cost and the association refused. An attorney general a opinion said the lists were Public records and had to be provided at Cost. Anchorage apr he is 29 going 50. Not weary exactly but wound tight and very aware that life a Short. Being tried twice and finally acquitted in 1988 of one of alaskans most brutal mass murders has left John Kenneth Peel experiencing Freedom As if it were a temporary thing As if he says he were still just out on bail. A when the jury was out i feel like that took 20 years off my life a Peel said in a weekend interview from his Home in Marysville wash., near Everett. A i feel like mentally and physically in a 50 years old but in a always going. I think i have More Energy like life is so Short and you never know what a going to but he says he docs know what did no to happen. Two prosecutors say they still believe he is guilty but Peel says he did not go aboard the fishing boat investor that september night in 1982 and he did not kill eight people including a pregnant woman and her two Young children. Although they had no physical evidence against him prosecutors said Peel panicked at the death around him tried to sink the investor near Craig but gave up and doused it with gasoline to create a fire so hot it was hours before investigators realized there had been people aboard. Peel says listening to it All a twice a made him want to stand up in court swear out loud and scream that it was All untrue. A like 90 percent of people if i read that someone had been arrested i just naturally assumed they caught the culprit a Peel said. A this sure changed my Peel says he cooperated a a Hundred percent with police three or four times Between the sept. 7 killings and his arrest one morning while driving to work two years later. A i think they just cased me out a decided i was the most Likely candidate a he said. A i mean Here was one of the most heinous crimes in Alaska and they can to do anything about it after a year and a half. A i think they looked for someone to pin it on rather than solve included in his $177 million malicious prosecution claim filed against the state last month Peel also has demanded that the investor killer be found. Peel says he became the suspect because he Loo had been in Craig that labor Day weekend fishing aboard another boat the Libby no. 8. And he had known Mark Coulthurst owner of the investor. Peel said he used to Date Coulthurst a sister. He said he was thinking about joining the Navy when Coulthurst asked him to go fishing in Alaska. Juneau apr sen. Mike Szy Manski of Anchorage says he is leaving the legislature after an eight year career to devote More time to his family and to earn More Money. At a joint Capitol news conference rep. Curt Menard of Wasilla announced Friday that he would run for the seat being vacated by fellow Democrat Szymanski. The Senate District includes lawmakers responded by changing the Law. Cowper also signed sb219, which will allow the state to sell special birth certificates suitable for framing at $32 each. Regular copies will remain $7. State officials estimate the new certificates will generate a profit of Between $2,800 and $4,600 a year. The third measure signed by cow per directs the older alaskans commission to set up a conference next year in preparation for alaskans participation in the 1991 White House conference on aging. The Federal conference will review National policies on the elderly. The state conference budget of $183,600 will go toward staff travel speaker fees and rentals at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. A i figured the Navy could wait a Peel said. They fished two seasons together a 1980 and 1981 a in Alaska and in puget sound. Peel said its untrue the men had had run ins in fact he said the Coulthurst had sent Sterling Silver Hurricane lamps As a wedding gift to Peel and his Bride Kathy. Coulthurst a body a along with his wife Irene and their children John and Kimberly a were found among the charred remains floating aboard the investor. Four teen age crewmen a Christopher Heyman Jerome Keown Dean Moon and Michael Stewart a also were shot and killed on Board. Heyman was from san Rafael Calif. The others were from Bellingham. Tying Peel to a circumstantial Case posed obstacles to logic. For instance How could one Man of peels average size and weight overpower five men one of whom was protecting his family and property Why would he choose to commit mass murder aboard a boat where Quick Maneu vers in a Small space would be hard Why would he choose to do it at All the Ketchikan jury was deadlocked. Jurors in Juneau who spent More than three months listening to 51 prosecution witnesses and none from the defense reduced Peel to tears when they acquitted him of eight counts of first degree murder and one count of arson. A i can to really say which one was harder a Peel says. A a it a like when someone has cancer and has to go through two operations. Even when you basically know what to expect you know your life is on the Peel who a working As a millwright now says he a making up for lost time a for eight months in jail and having to watch from behind a screen As his son. Kenny took his first Steps. Because Peel missed so much of the child a first year he and his wife went ahead with plans to have a second child. A this gave us much More reason to a Peel said. Their daughter Carmen was bom five months ago. He says he wants to come Back to visit Alaska that he a not afraid of reprisals. He a learning to Deal with the notoriety of having been a suspected killer whose defense tapped his parents retirement savings. He has explained the ordeal to his son a or at least told him As much As a 6-year-old can grasp. And As far As he knows he Hasni to bumped into the Coulthurst family even though they live near peels Hometown of Bellingham. A fall my friends my age have their Homes they be got their kids in school they re pretty Well settled a Peel says. A a in a like to have a House of our own some roots. Basically i just feel we re playing Matakuska Sustina Borough South Anchorage and Prince William sound. Menard has served in the House since 1986. Szymanski said he would support Menard in the election. The primary is aug. 28 and the general election nov. 6. Szymanski also said he would look at How reapportionment changes the legislative districts in his area next year and would consider seeking election in 1992. Reapportionment occurs every to years following the Federal census. Szymanski married sen. Drue Pearce a Anchorage in february and said one of them had to give up the legislature or maintain separate households in different districts. A a in be got a new family that i want to keep a he said. A Edrue and i need to make a Home Szymanski said he plans to work at Man tech services which he owns with his Brothel. The Anchorage based company provides consulting and technical services to construction related businesses. He criticized the $22,140 annual salary paid to legislators. A you can to make a living in this business. You can to support a lawmakers also receive a $4,0 00-a-year office allowance and $9,680 to cover living expenses while in Juneau for the four month session. Shee Atoka shareholders the Shee Atoka Board invites you to attend the annual meeting of shareholders saturday May 19 at 10 00 . At the Shee Atoka Lodge. Int in deadline for submitting your proxy is 5 00 p.m., wednesday May 16. Your vote is important. If you have not sent in a proxy sign and return it today Kenneth Cameron Marta Ryman and Shirley Yocum Are the management candidates. The Board urges you to vote for their re election As directors of Shee Atoka. Kenneth m. Cameron age 45435 vers Lovia Sitka. A 99835. Or. Cameron has served on the Board since 1986 and is the current Board chairman having served in that position since 1987. As chairman he was instrumental in the sales of Shee Atikah a Timber and nols that put Shee Atoka on its feet. He also served As a director of at Ikon Forest products inc. For two years. Or. Cameron owns and operates his own dental office in Sitka. He is Active in civic affairs including being president of the Sitka historical society. Marta Ryman age 53. . Box 1032, Sitka a 99835. Mrs. Ryman has served on the Board since 1987 and is currently the corporate treasurer and chairman of the shareholder relations committee. She is also a member of the finance committee the Shee Atoka fund committee is editor of Shee Atikah a newsletter and serves on the Board of at Ikon Forest products. Inc. Mrs. Ryman is retired after serving Alaska department of labor for 25 years. Her Community activities Are Many. She is the current state Secretary of the Alaska chapter of the March of dimes and a member of islands Community Council. Shirley Yocum age 52. . Box 2296, Sitka. A 99835. Shirley Yocum has served on the Board since 1987 and is currently a member of the finance and shareholder relations committees. She also serves the corporation As shareholder employment coordinator. She is currently employed by Sitka Community association As tribal employment rights officer. She is Active in several local boards and organizations and currently serves As a Board member and executive committee member of the governors Council on vocational education. Cowper signs legislation on protecting state tourist list tongans regional Eye clinic _ a professional corporation Robert a. Breffeilh . Will be seeing patients beginning May 24 at Sitka Community i Hospital in the multipurpose room. By appointment Only. For appointments amp information Call 1-800-478-3700. Anchorage sen. Szymanski decides to leave legislature

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