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Daily Sitka Sentinel Newspaper Archives May 14 1990, Page 2

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Sitka Daily Sentinel (Newspaper) - May 14, 1990, Sitka, Alaska Page 2, Sitka daily Sentinel Sitka Alaska monday May 14,1990 letters to the editor High court hears arguments on Flag Shee Atoka shareholders dear editor i attended the Shee Atoka shareholders information meeting held on May 9 Here in Sitka. The management proxy states a you May withhold authority to vote for a nominee by crossing out the name of that nominee but you must put your initials next to the name crossed out or else the Cross out will be if you have marked a Box one or if you have marked a Box two on your proxy and do not Cross out candidates and initial those Cross outs management May take those votes and at their discretion place them on whomever they chose. If you Are not sure whether you have crossed out and initiated those Cross outs you May request to see your proxy or you May submit a new one. The first proxy filed prior to or on May 5, would still make you eligible for the Early Bird prizes. If you have voted by proxy and wish to change your vote at the annual meeting you May Register at the door and request a ballot the time allowed for registration is set by the Board. Aug. 16, is the last Day for proxy voting. You May still Register at the annual meeting and request a ballot. Regarding the balance Sheet dated March 31, and the statement of income for the first Quarter ended March 31. Where does it reflect the total in Quaker Oats Pacific Bank and the nol set aside. Where does it reflect the total amount of interest earned on these accounts the individuals who will be making the decision As to How the discretionary vote will be distributed Are named on the proxy Gene Bartolaba John Davis Lloyd Lee Raymond Perkins Ethel Staton and Marietta Williams. If you have not voted i urge you to do so the next three years will be critical to the Overall direction of our corporation. Barbara Lewis Shee Atoka shareholder court refuses to lift anti abortion injunction weather Sitka forecast a 30 percent Chance of Light rain or drizzle tonight and tuesday. Northwest winds to 15 mph. Lows tonight lower to Middle 40s. High tuesday lower 50s. Sitka weather temperatures ranged from 45 to 50 degrees in Sitka during the 24 hours ending Midnight last night reports Sitka flight service station. The barometer was 30.22 and steady. Sunup was 4 45 . And Sunset shall be 9 12 . Alaska summary rain and wind trailed an eastward moving weather front As it drifted today across the Alaska Peninsula and into Southwest Alaska. Rain fell from the the Yukon Kusk Kwim Delta to the Seward Peninsula and As far eastward As the Kenai Peninsula Prince William sound and Denali National Park. Skies were partly Cloudy in the Interior but Cloudy conditions prevailed Over most of the rest of Alaska. Low Clouds and fog were reported along the North slope and Clouds fog and drizzle were common along the North Gulf coast. Most of the Panhandle was blanketed by Clouds although skies remained fair in the Ketchikan area. Alaska Temps Anchorage rain Annale fair Barrow Cloudy Bethel Cloudy betties air cold Bay Windy Cordova ram highly Werc 53 43 0.11 60 44 0.00 33 25 0.00 54 38 0.10 55 37 0.10 47 39 0.12 53 41 t Dillingham Nissing 47 41 t Fairbanks Cloudy 59 46 0.01 Gulkana missing 58 42 0.06 Homer Cloudy 49 43 0.01 Juneau Cloudy 54 45 0.00 49 42 0.13 King Salmon Cloudy 53 46 t Kodiak Cloudy 52 44 i Kotzebue air 39 33 0.07 Mcgrath Cloudy 56 39 t Nome rain 44 37 0.03 Northway Cloudy 60 36 i 1�?Trudhoebay,Cloudy 30 25 in , 41 36 0.20 Seward Cloudy 50 44 in 50 45 0.00 Talkeetna rain 51 42 0.04 55 43 0.00 50 45 t High 63, at Mccarthy Wrangell Low 25, at Barrow daily Sitka Sentinel Thad Poulson managing editor. Published by vers Tovia corporation wholly owned in Sitka daily except saturday and sunday at 112 Barracks Street Sitka Alaska 99835. Mail address Box 799. Subscription rates three months $20 six months $35 one year $60. Inquire for mailed rates. National and rep Branham inc. Member of the associated press. Second class mail. Postage paid at Sitka Alaska. Uses 146-160 phone 907 747-3219. Send address changes to daily Sitka Sentinel Box 799, Sitka Alaska 99835. Nations weather thunderstorms ushered in cod weather in the East and the North Central United slates today after a round of tornadoes in the Plains and More flooding in the South. Rain fell Early today in Minneapolis St. Paul and in Anchorage Alaska. Boston had drizzle. Louisiana braced for the worst flooding in 45 years and More flooding was expected in Texas and Arkansas. Heavy weekend rain worsened the flood threat in Louisiana As the red River continued to Rise from Shreveport to Alexandria. Thunderstorms spawned tornadoes sunday in Nebraska Wyoming Kansas Maryland North Carolina and Pennsylvania. Snow was predicted today in the Cascade mountains of Oregon and High wind was expected in Arizona. Sundays thunderstorms were scattered in Colorado Wyoming and South Dakota and rain extended from Minnesota to Wyoming where Snow fell in higher elevations. The Central Gulf coast Maryland and parts of Florida and North Carolina Iso were hit by thunderstorms sunday. Temperatures Early today were in the 40s in portions of the West and Midwest and in the 50s in parts of new England. The nations High sunday was 101 degrees in the Texas towns of Cotulla and Laredo. Nations Temps temperatures indicate previous Days High and overnight Low to 8 . Edt. Hilo pre Tolk Alba Nylly. 59 48 .52 cd Albuquerque 83 52 Clr Amarillo 89 49 Clr Anchorage 53 43 la cd Asheville 78 50 cd Atlanta 73 61 cd Atlantic City 68 58 .09 cd Austin 93 74 cd Baltimore 73 56 .18 cd Billings 49 35 .27 in Birmingham 80 61 cd Bismarck 70 36 in Boise 65 46 in Boston 66 49 .54 cd Brownsville 90 78 Clr Buffalo 50 44 1.47 cd Burlington it. 56 42 .65 cd Casper 58 29 .26 in Charleston . 78 67 .01 Clr Charleston,. 74 49 .32 cd Charlotte . 77 60 cd Cheyenne 65 29 Clr Chicago 63 47 m Cincinnati 66 54 .01 cd Cleveland 58 37 .02 Aly Columbia,. 83 59 Clr Columbus Ohio 61 44 .20 cd Concord,. 54 48 .52 Clr Dallas Atworth 84 72 cd Dayton 58 48 .33 cd Denver 78 39 Clr Desmoines 67 53 in Detroit 65 39 .22 cd Duluth 67 46 .21 cd Elpaso 91 65 Clr Evansville 64 54 cd Fairbanks 59 46 .01 cd Fargo 70 47 .55 in Flagstaff 70 in Clr grand rapids 68 40 cd Grea Falls 56 38 in Greensboro ,. 77 59 .01 cd Hartford 67 52 .42 cd Helena 57 39 .02 in Honolulu 84 70 .02 Clr Houston 90 75 cd Indianapolis 60 54 .01 cd Jackson miss. 87 62 cd Jacksonville 93 63 cd Juneau 54 45 cd Kansa City 68 55 .73 cd la vegas 90 67 Clr Losangeles 75 62 cd Louisville 66 55 cd Lubbock 94 67 Clr Memphis 74 55 cd Miami each 82 78 cd Midland Odessa 97 68 Clr Milwaukee 63 46 in mils Stpaul 68 53 .74 in Nashville la 49 cd new Orleans la 68 2.55 cd Newyork City 69 54 .76 cd Norfolk a. 78 61 .42 cd North Platte 70 43 .05 in Oklahoma City 82 69 cd Omaha 66 53 in Orlando 93 69 cd in Philadelphia 70 55 .64 cd Phoenix 95 71 Clr Pittsburgh 65 41 .10 cd Portland Mainc 50 48 .77 Clr Portland Ore. 60 44 .13 cd Providence 67 51 .75 cd Raleigh 79 61 .04 cd rapidity 56 42 .43 cd Reno 76 49 Clr Richmond 78 54 .07 cd Sacramento 85 52 Clr Vilouis 63 53 in 63 46 .38 in san Antomo 95 75 cd san Diego 69 61 cd san Francisco 67 51 cd Sanjuan,. 85 73 .16 cd Santafe 77 44 Clr Sisi Emarie 63 35 cd Seattle 57 43 .05 cd Shreveport 84 66 cd Sioux Falls 62 52 .66 in Spokane 58 38 .04 cd Tampa 90 71 cd Topeka 67 56 .35 cd Tucson 95 63 Clr Tulsa la 66 cd Washington,. 75 56 .34 cd Wichita 75 63 cd Wilkes Barre 65 49 .48 cd in a indicates missing information. By James h. Rubin associated press writer Washington apr Congress can protect a those things that Are special to us As a people a the Bush administration told the supreme court today in a spirited debate Over the politically charged Issue of Flag burning. But a civil rights lawyer said a Law against Flag burning was intended to limit free speech. The justices Are reviewing rulings by Federal judges in Washington ., and Seattle who said the Law violates the Freedom of expression Protection granted by the first amendment. The Law was challenged by demonstrators who burned american flags in the two cities. Solicitor general Kenneth Starr the administrations top courtroom lawyer argued that a Federal Law Banning desecration of the Flag does not violate constitutionally protected Freedom of expression. Starr said Congress can protect a those things that Are special to us As a people. Nothing prohibits the legislature from protecting symbols against physical he also argued that prohibiting Flag burning is the same As requiring demonstrators to turn Down the volume on a Loudspeaker. A a it a Content Neutral a Starr said. But William Kunstler a civil rights lawyer said the Laws intent was obvious a to limit free speech by those who oppose . Policies. A respect for the Flag must be voluntary a he said. A once people Are compelled to respect a Symbol they Are no longer quoting Thomas Jefferson Kintsler added a a it Sas if Congress ordered us to fall Down and worship a Golden there were no hints during the one hour special argument session that any Justice was about to change the vote he or she cast nearly a year ago when the court by a 5-4 margin struck Down a Texas Law Banning nag desecration. Justice Harry a. Blackman seen by sponsors of the Federal Law As a potential swing vote was silent throughout today a arguments. Stock Mun voted last year to strike Down the Texas Law. But in a 1974 ruling he indicated he might go along with some Laws to protect the flags a physical Justice Antonin Scalia who voted to invalidate the Texas statute was a leading questioner today. Starr said the Federal ban on Flag burning was aimed at no particular viewpoint. But Scalia interjected a in fact there is Only one viewpoint expressed by Flag burners a i hate a you do not deface defile or trample the Flag to show your love for die country a Scalia added to laughter from the crowded courtroom. Today a Oral arguments on the constitutionality of the Flag Protection act of 1989 marked the first time in nine years the justices held such a ses Sion after april. . District judge Barbara Roth Stein in Seattle ruled feb. 21 that the anti Flag burning Law was an unconstitutional restriction on Freedom of speech. Her ruling was in a Case in which four demonstrators were accused of burning a . Flag outside a Seattle Post office shortly after Midnight oct. 28, the Day the Flag Protection Law went into effect. A Federal judge in Washington ., made a similar ruling March 5 in a Case stemming from a Flag burning incident oct. 30 outside the . Capitol. One of the organizers of the Seattle demonstration Randy Rowland of the Vietnam veterans against the War anti imperialist said that if the supreme court upholds the Law his group will continue to break it. If the Law is struck Down Rowland said the organization likewise will fight any attempt to outlaw Flag burning by a constitutional amendment. A we think its important to draw a line and say that the country is not going to go Down what we think is a racism kind of Road a Rowland said. The supreme court is expected to Rule before the end of its current term probably in late june or Early july. If the Law is struck Down a proposed constitutional amendment to protect the Flag almost certainly would become a leading Issue in congressional and state legislative races this fall. While the Bush administration is defending the Law president Bush and Republican leaders have said they would prefer a constitutional amendment to ban Flag burning which would be unnecessary if the justices uphold the Law. The Justice department in a written Brief to the court said a it is the physical assault and accompanying violation of the flags physical integrity a not robust and uninhibited debate a that occasion the injury that our society should not be called upon to department lawyers said the court owes Congress special deference in this Case Kause an equal Branch of government has determined that Flag burning can be outlawed without violating Freedom of speech. Lawyers for the demonstrators challenging the Law said their clients a consider Flag burning an essential Clement of their political expression because for them the Flag represents not glory but they also said Flag desecration is an american tradition. A the United states Flag was bom of a desecration a the lawyers said. A George Washington. In 1776defaced a British Flag by ordering sewn upon it 13 red and White and the attorneys added the United states should make it Clear the worlds leading democracy stands with those who want More Freedom. Last year when the people of Eastern Europe Rose up to protest oppressive communist regimes they carried National flags a desecrated by excised centers a the lawyers said. Legislative report by rep. Ben Grussendorf Alaska state legislature the second session of the 16th legislature has ended. Every session has its accomplishments and its shortcomings and this session was no different. Capital projects District 3 was Well taken care of this year. For Sitka Ute capital projects included Sitka area state Parks renovation municipal incinerator improvements for the Fly Ash problem the vocational shop acoustical system and re roofing standby Power Generator boiler replacement science and chemistry room remodelling for the High school roof replacement for Baranof and i. Edge Cumby elementary schools Harbor waste Oil tanks reconstruction water system reconstruction for Crescent Harbor and scaling Cove a Public television translator equipment for the emergency medical services University of Alaska Southeast Sitka Campus classroom completion and remodelling and leasing Money for Raven radio. Also included were Sitka area Parks funding for renovation the state museum at Sheldon Jackson College Security and i. Edge Cumby High school renovation and dorm construction. Total capital project funding for District 3 is $6,655,6 x. For elfin Cove there is Money for the Boardwalk maintenance and reconstruction and for a translator to get Kcal Public radio out to the Cove. Pelican can reconstruct the Pelican Creek Bridge and extend the municipal sewer system to whiskey Flats. Port Alexander can rebuild the City water system chlorine shed. Ten acc Springs received their requested funding for solid waste disposal plans and electrification of the Harbor. Important programs there were also funds appropriated to pay Sitka for additional school debt retirement expenses. Pelican received additional funds for their school operating expenses. The state budget provides full funding of the education foundation formula it also fully funds the school debt retirement needs of the municipal school districts. The Public safety Academy finally received the necessary funds for a trooper Academy in june and planning is going Forward for a second Academy in january. Municipal assistance and Revenue sharing were approved for funding at the same level As last year. The fish and game budget includes Money to study the sea Cucumber problem. There were also additional funds approved for the pioneers Home Library operations for Rural service and museum operations for Security. The Marine Highway system will have at least two weeks More service from the Columbia and additional service if they can generate More funds. Budget Reserve we succeeded in obtaining passage of a proposed budget Reserve fund constitutional amendment to put before the voters. Simply put the budget Reserve amendment would constitutionally place revenues from litigation Windfall revenues into the budget Reserve fund. Taking the so called Windfall revenues out of the budget Stream will Force the state to build a budget based on recurring revenues. This Means As revenues begin to decline due to Low Oil prices or production so will the state budget. If there is a severe drop in revenues in any one year then tin amendment has provisions that would allow funds to be withdrawn from the budget Reserve fund to Buffer the budget but Only to the extent that it would not exceed the amount appropriated for the previous years budget. The Battle that ensued in obtaining passage of hb432, the Banning of Farmed finfish could be utilized As a classic example in political negotiations and strategy. We were very successful bul not before a very hard fought Baule by both myself and sen. Eliason. Nevertheless the Bill is on the governors desk awaiting his signature and i do not anticipate any problems. We have appreciated hearing your concerns and having your support during the legislative session. Please do not hesitate to Contact my office during the interim either in Juneau or in Sitka at Ute legislative information office. Washington apr a deeply divided supreme court today refused to lift a Georgia judges injunction barring an anti abortion group from blocking Access to abortion clinics in Atlanta. The court by a 5-4 vote rejected an emergency request by five members of the group operation Rescue who said the injunction is violating their free speech rights. The March 29 injunction permanently bars anti abortion demonstrators within 50 feet of the property line of any Atlanta facility where abortions Are performed. Since july 1988, when Atlanta hosted the National democratic convention City police have arrested 1,-320 demonstrators at operation Rescue sit ins. Many of the protesters barricaded abortion clinics blocking patients and employees from entering or leaving. City officials sought and obtained the state court injunction. The Georgia supreme court refused on april 25 to set it aside. Five members of operation Rescue then sought emergency help from Justice Anthony m. Kennedy who referred the request to the full court the courts 5-4 vote produced strange judicial bedfellows. Joining to deny the emergency request a and thus leave the injunction intact a were chief Justice William h. Rehnquist and justices Byron r. White Harry a. Blackmun John Paul Stevens and Sandra Day of Connor. Blackmun and Stevens often Are characterized As liberals on issues such As abortion and free speech. Rehnquist White and of Connor Are most often referred to As conservatives on those Points. Voting in dissent to lift the injunction were the courts two most consistent liberals a justices William j. Brennan and Thurgood Marshall a and two conservatives Kennedy and Justice Antonin Scalia. Writing for the dissenters Kennedy cited a 1977 decision involving nazis demonstrating in the heavily jewish Community of Skokie 111. Kennedy said that decision a does not distinguish among speakers based on the Content of their operation Rescue members Michael Hirsch Gina Robertson William Haynes Steve Britt and Pamela Sekulow said the Atlanta injunction deters them a from engaging in prayer picketing leafleting and other forms of peaceful expression on Public forum streets and Legal challenges to operation Rescue demonstrations at abortion clinics have left the organization so far in debt it has closed Down its National Headquarters in Binghamton . Operation rescues founder Randall Terry spent time in jail until a contempt of court Fine for violating a similar injunction in new York was paid. Hirsch has stepped Down As director of the groups Atlanta chapter and has not been replaced. In other action today the court a refused to let 30 states sue 26 manufacturers in the nations highest court Over removal of Asbestos from Public schools and other government buildings. The court without comment refused to hear arguments that the manufacturers should pay for such removal. A ruled that Price cutting schemes that Hurt a competitors business do not necessarily violate antitrust Laws. By a 7-2 vote the justices killed a lawsuit against Atlantic Richfield co. Arco by Independent Gas stations in California and Washington state. The court said that Only when a company a Price cutting can be proved to be a a predatory and harmful does it violate the Sherman act a major antitrust Law. A squelched a lawsuit charging the United steelworkers Union with negligence in a 1972 Idaho Silver mine disaster that killed 91 miners. The justices by a 6-3 vote said the state court suit was preempted by Federal labor Law. A refused to revive a lawsuit accusing the Reagan administration of unlawfully bombing Libya in 1986 with help from great Britain. The court without comment let stand a ruling that threw out the suit and also ordered the libyans and their lawyers a including former attorney general Ramsey Clark a to pay penalties and the British governments Legal costs. Waters rage in Texas Arkansas Louisiana Louisiana Farmers today braced for the most disastrous flooding in 45 years. About 7,000 people were urged to leave Low lying areas in Texas and workmen dynamited a breached levee to prevent further damage in Arkansas. Highways reopened and flood victims began cleaning up in Oklahoma As National guardsmen inmates Farmers and volunteers filled sandbags and shored up levees in Louisiana and Arkansas. A this is my Home. If there was anything i could do i was going to do it a said Rosie Blair who worked alongside her husband and 14-year-old son in Texarkana Ark. Over the past three weeks 13 deaths have been blamed on flooding 12 in Texas and one in Oklahoma. In Louisiana heavy weekend rain compounded the flood threat As the red River continued its Rise from Shreveport to Alexandria. The River was expected to Crest five feet above flood stage in Shreveport on wednesday and had already overflowed in places. Up to 600 Square Miles including 200 Square Miles of Farmland will flood in the state this week and next and up to 500 Homes and Camps Between the levees and the River will be inundated said . Sen. J. Bennett Johnston. A it will be a major agricultural disaster. It la be a flood event such As we have not experienced since 1945,�?T�?T Johnston said alter meeting with army corps of engineers officials. In Avo Yelles Parish National guardsmen joined with about 50 Vick Community members to finish a four mile levee to protect recently planted Corn Cotton and soybean Fields. In Texas about 7,000 residents downstream of Lake Livingston dam 60 Miles Northeast of Houston were told to evacuate their Homes along the rain swollen Trinity River. Officials said water was pouring Over the reservoirs spillway at More than twice the Normal rate. Sightseers carrying Lawn chairs and cameras gathered in Southeastern Texas As residents decided whether to pack up and leave. A a in a going to get As far away As i can a said Tina Lapaglia who spent mothers Day with her husband and two children at a Campground after abandoning their Home in Camilla twin harbours. A tomorrow ill Looff for a new place for us to a a in a going to stay Here As Long As i can a said John Burch 32, a Fisherman from Liberty. A my father is a cancer patient and we have to be care Ful with along the Texas Oklahoma line on die headwaters of the red River Only one Highway in the Lake Texoma area remained closed sunday by record flooding one week earlier. Tile Lake had flooded Homes and Cabins. Downstream workers blew up a Section of a failed levee in Bowie county Texas to relieve pressure of a backup levee protecting several communities in Arkansas. Five blasts widened the Gap and eased the pressure of flood water pouring through the breach removing Lite threat to die final floodwater Barrier. A if the levee goes Wco ii be looking at 250 to 300 Homes affected a said Gary Talley of the Arkansas office of emergency services. A. Schools first integrated prom receives High Marks fort Valley a. A Blacks and Whites mingled at peach county High school s first integrated prom and Many of the nearly 200 students said the change was Long overdue. Somebody is going to come along every time and break some tradition that a really stupid some tradition you done to really drink about because you be always done it a a said Hope Bickley a White 17-year-old at the dance Sal inlay. A in a glad it was our class dial broke Alo crumbly a Black student agreed. A we go to school together play football together run track together so Why can to we socialize together a crumbly said saturday Al the formal dance in the school gym. All school dances and parties were cancelled by the school Board in the Early 1960s when a student App Arendy was injured during a prom. Board members also said planning die dances look time away from school work. Nearly 20 years ago die school v desegregated. Bul without a Scho sponsored prom parents began or sizing their own a one for Blae one for Whites. A i go out of town a lot in the Sumer to Las vegas and California crumbly said. To id Tell about i prom and they a say a what a a they a ask a Doyz All still have drink out of separate fountains a a i lire years ago peach count Parent la Char group tried to Char the boards policy. The Board reject the groups request for a school pc sorted prom. Last year the Board changed position and saturdays integral prom was held without incident Susan Jordan president of the p ent teacher group said the stud i set an example for the Community. A child shall Lead them s said. Well in Dies Case a group children shall perhaps Lead the col Unity and wont that be great a Isnit it about time a

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