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Daily Sitka Sentinel Newspaper Archives Aug 31 2015, Page 5

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Daily Sitka Sentinel (Newspaper) - August 31, 2015, Sitka, AlaskaDaily Sitka Sentinel Sitka Alaska monday August 31, 2015, Page 5 dear Abby s i t k a b y t h e s t a r s scoreboard scoreboard scoreboard scoreboard scoreboard scoreboard Sitka yesterday Sitka yesterday Sitka yesterday Sitka yesterday Sitka yesterday dear Abby dear Abby dear Abby dear Abby s i t k a b y t h e s t a r s s i t k a b y t h e s t a r s s i t k a b y t h e s t a r s s i t k a b y t h e s t a r s s i t k a b y t h e s t a r s Dilbert Carpe diem for be  or or for worse fund  zits Garfield sudoku is a number placing Puzzle based on a 9x9 Grid with several Given numbers. The object is to place the numbers 1 to 9 in the empty squares so that each Row each column and each 3x3 Box contains the same number Only once. The difficulty level of the concepts sudoku increases from monday to Friday. Each Day the previous Days answer will be published. Answer to previous Days Puzzle Bridge 5 84 1 7 53 46 9 28 19 6 8 3 7 2 13 37 8 96 43 8 6 59 2 2015 concepts puzzles dist. By King features Syndicate inc. By Dave Green difficulty level 8/ 31 342891756 651742389 879653214 218534697 764189523 593276841 135968472 986427135 427315968 2015 concepts puzzles dist. By King features Syndicate inc. Difficulty level 8/ 28 Sitka by the stars Sherman is Lagoon crypt quote dear Abby three years ago i gave my adult daughter married with a child More than $ 16,000 to help pay off her debts because she pay her Bills. She and her husband maintain separate accounts which i find Odd. He pays certain expenses she pays others. Now i find Sheds deep in debt again and needs More help. Ism 69, married and retired. We have some savings and id like to help her. However ism afraid if i take More Money out of our savings we May not have enough to cover an emergency or if either of us needs nursing Home care. She is a Good and Loving daughter and i feel bad that i May not be Able to help her. Do you see any solution to my problem Dennis in Virginia dear Dennis you must Stop enabling your adult daughter. Rather than offer More of your savings its important to find out what is causing her spending problem. Drugs depression a shopping addiction then steer her and her husband to a credit counselling organization that can help her without placing your future welfare in jeopardy. Legitimate credit counselling firms Are affiliated with the National foundation for credit counselling the association of credit counselling professionals or the association of Independent consumer credit counselling agencies. This Isnit your problem and it be. You have done enough. Dear Abby last weekend we had our children and Gran kids Over for a family birthday. We looked after the children cooked waited on everyone and cleaned up fridays answer for tuesday sept. 1, 2015 Aries March 21 to april 19 you feel rebellious Independent and restless today. Be careful because this is the recipe for an Accident prone situation. Guard against knee Jerk reactions. Taurus april 20 to May 20 like Aries you feel restless today. However you Are going to be More private about it. It wont really show but you feel it inside. Calm Down and dont be Hasty. Gemini May 21 to june 20 a Friend might have surprising news for you today or perhaps a member of a group will do something that catches you off guard. You might meet a real character today As Well. Cancer june 21 to july 22 relations with authority figures Are unpredictable today. Therefore be on guard. If something unusual occurs think twice before quitting your Day Job. Leo july 23 to aug. 22 sudden opportunities to travel might fall in your Lap today. Similarly opportunities to get further training or education Are possible. Be on the Lookout for these. Virgo aug. 23 to sept. 22 make sure you know whats going on with shared property taxes debt and anything you own jointly with others. Make friends with your Bank account so that you Are not caught off guard. Libra sept. 23 to oct. 22 partners and close friends Are unpredictable today. They fridays afterwards while the adults sat texting or playing on their cellphones. Abby this is not so much a question As an observation for anyone of any age who is invited to visit someones Home spending time on the cellphone rather than socializing is rude. It says our company is not valued. It says that neither we nor your children Are important enough for your attention. It teaches children that it Isnit necessary to be social offer to help Clear the table or be gracious and appreciative when someone prepares a meal for them. The visit left a bitter taste and it will be a Long time before we invite our children and grandchildren to our Home again. I know cellphones Are part of our culture but adults still have the Power to choose what is important and turn them of disconnected in Midtown Tenn. Dear disconnected now that you have vented May i pose a question while your children were sitting on their fannies after the meal did you or your spouse Tell them you needed help that their children needed minding and that their behaviour was rude because if you did not please recognize that the Behaviours you described do not Spring up overnight and you May be partly responsible for How your children turned out. Not inviting them for a Long time Isnit the answer because they May not get the hint. If you say whats on your mind you May startle them into modelling better behaviour for their children before its too late. Putting into words How their behaviour made you feel would be More direct and More effective. Might Surprise you by doing or saying something you least expect. On the other hand perhaps you want a change in the relationship. Scorpio oct. 23 to nov. 21 your work routine will be interrupted today. Computer crashes staff shortages cancelled meetings and equipment breakdowns Are just some examples. Be prepared. Sagittarius nov. 22 to dec. 21 this is a mildly Accident prone Day for your kids so parents should be vigilant. Romantic relationships might suffer a setback. Patience is your Best Friend. Capricorn dec. 22 to Jan. 19 minor breakages might occur at Home today or Small appliances could break Down because something will create a Speed bump in your Home routine. A family member might have surprising news. Aquarius Jan. 20 to feb. 18 be careful because this is a mildly Accident prone Day for you. On the upside you might meet new people and discover original new ideas. Pisces feb. 19 to March 20 keep an Eye on your Money today because you might find Money or you might lose Money. In addition guard your possessions against loss or theft. You born today you Are physical and fearless. Above All you Are a survivor. You take your work seriously because you re a first class professional. And yes you re a perfectionist. This year something youve been involved with for about nine years will end

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