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Daily Sitka Sentinel Newspaper Archives Aug 31 2015, Page 2

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Daily Sitka Sentinel (Newspaper) - August 31, 2015, Sitka, AlaskaPage 2, daily Sitka Sentinel Sitka Alaska monday August 31, 2015 weather weather weather weather weather weather weather letters to the editor letters to the editor Sitka yesterday Sitka yesterday Sitka yesterday Sitka yesterday Sitka yesterday weather weather weather weather weather weather weather letters to the editor letters to the editor letters to the editor letters to the editor letters to the editor letters to the editor Sitka yesterday Sitka yesterday Sitka yesterday Sitka yesterday Sitka yesterday the daily Sitka Sentinel uses 146 160 editorial business and Publica Tion offices 112 Barracks St., Sitka Alaska 99835. Published daily except saturday sunday and holidays. Periodical Post age paid at Sitka Alaska. A family owned Independent news paper edited and published by Thad and Sandy Poulson do a vers Tovia corp. Mail address daily Sitka Sentinel. 112 Barracks Street. Sitka Alaska 99835. Phone 907 747 3219 fax 907 747 8898 wow. Sitka Sentinel. Com local subscription rates three months $ 45 six months $ 65 one year $ 100. And manager Susan Mcfadden. Inquire for mail rates. Member of the associated press. Postmaster Send address changes to 112 Barracks Sitka Alaska 99835. Weather weather weather weather weather weather weather letters to the editor letters to the editor letters to the editor letters to the editor letters to the editor letters to the editor Sitka yesterday Sitka yesterday Sitka yesterday Sitka yesterday Sitka yesterday Sitka weather nations Temps temperatures ranged from 47 to 51 and 1.10 inches of rain was recorded in the 24 hours ending at Midnight Sitka flight service station reports. On Fri Day temperatures ranged from 52 to 59 and .66 Inch of rain fell. On saturday it was 49 to 60 degrees with .15 Inch of rain. 25 years ago August 1990 three members of site ass american association of retired persons chapter sell Shell and Driftwood crafts on Lin Coln Street. From left Are Vyola Belle Althea Buckingham and Rose Ren Nick. Legal experts Clinton of so far on emails Sitka forecast super saturday temperatures indicate sundays High and overnight Low to 8 a. M. Eastern time. City Hilo pc Tolk Albany n. Y. 83 64 Puldy Albuquerque 92 65 cloy Amarillo 87 61 Clr Anchorage 57 43 Clr Asheville 77 61 .08 cloy Atlanta 74 67 .64 cloy Atlantic City 88 74 cloy Austin 92 67 cloy Baltimore 86 73 cloy Billings 83 54 cloy Birmingham 74 69 cloy Bismarck 98 66 Puldy Boise 80 54 Clr Boston 88 71 Clr Brownsville 90 73 .22 cloy Buffalo 79 65 Clr Burlington it. 83 61 Puldy Casper 92 61 Puldy Charleston s. C. 79 74 7.06 rain Charleston w. A. 83 66 cloy Charlotte n. C. 83 67 .11 cloy Cheyenne 92 63 cloy Chicago 77 60 Clr Cincinnati 86 64 Puldy Cleveland 85 67 .07 Puldy Columbia s. C. 80 70 2.22 cloy Columbus Ohio 85 66 .01 Puldy Concord n. H. 85 58 Clr Dallas it Worth 97 74 Puldy Dayton 86 65 Puldy Denver 96 66 cloy Des Moines 79 68 Puldy Detroit 85 66 .17 Puldy Duluth 81 64 Puldy Elpaso 93 71 Puldy Evansville 86 66 Puldy Fairbanks 48 37 cloy Fargo 88 66 cloy Flagstaff 78 51 .17 rain grand rapids 78 62 Clr great Falls 81 51 cloy Greensboro n. C. 83 67 .18 cloy Hartford up Gold 88 64 .13 Puldy Helena 80 50 cloy Honolulu 91 81 cloy Houston 91 71 cloy Indianapolis 87 67 cloy Jackson miss. 96 70 Puldy Jacksonville 84 73 1.19 rain Juneau 50 46 1.07 rain Kansas City 85 69 Puldy key West 85 81 .66 cloy Las vegas 101 81 Clr Little Rock 96 71 Puldy los Angeles 90 70 cloy Louisville 85 68 Puldy Lubbock 91 63 Clr Memphis 91 70 Puldy Miami Beach 84 78 .10 Puldy Midland Odessa 91 67 Clr Milwaukee 72 60 Clr mils St Paul 81 63 cloy Nashville 79 65 cloy new Orleans 91 75 Puldy new York City 90 74 .13 cloy Norfolk a. 86 75 cloy North Platte 93 55 Puldy Oklahoma City 90 66 Clr Omaha 77 65 Clr Orlando 88 75 .01 rain Pendleton 73 52 Puldy Philadelphia 91 76 cloy Phoenix 108 86 Clr Pittsburgh 84 66 cloy Portland Maine 81 61 Clr Portland Ore. 73 61 .04 cloy Providence 89 70 Puldy Raleigh Durham 86 67 1.44 rain rapid City 99 67 Puldy Reno 85 55 Clr Richmond 90 73 cloy Sacramento 90 60 Clr St Louis 89 75 Puldy St Petersburg 91 76 2.06 rain Salt Lake City 88 64 Clr san Antonio 94 75 cloy san Diego 81 70 cloy san Francisco 74 60 Clr san Juan p. R. 89 79 Puldy Santa be 86 59 .02 cloy St Ste Marie 77 62 cloy Seattle 68 62 .35 rain Shreveport 94 72 Puldy Sioux Falls 76 64 Clr Spokane 66 51 .13 cloy Syracuse 80 60 Puldy Tampa 89 75 .80 rain Topeka 85 64 Puldy Tucson 99 76 cloy Tulsa 89 69 Clr Washington d. C. 87 75 cloy Wichita 84 69 Clr Wilkes Barre 88 66 Puldy Wilmington Del. 89 74 cloy National temperature extremes High sunday 115 at death Valley Calif. Low monday 30 at Stanley Idaho dear editor the 15th annual fire department volunteers Aid to member fundraiser was once again a great Success thanks to the support of the Community and the donations from our generous businesses and individuals. Thank you to Charr for their Gen Erous Cash donation. Thank you to the merchants and individuals who generously donated to our event Sitka Rose gallery Alaska computer Center Alaska Raptor Center russells Harry race pharmacy Sitka vision clinic random House old Harbor books Ben Franklin agave restaurant Ste Reo North Bill Greer Howie Pitts car quest highline Coffee knitting with class Ludvigs Bistro Goldsmith Gal Lery Arrowhead Transfer Jesse Jones Ron and Harriet Mcclain. Thank you to the Sentinel for run Ning our pass the Charr Dona Tion picture and the great article by Tom Hesse in the weekender. Kif and Raven radio for announcing our pass. Thank you to Roger Hames and sea Mart Scott and Bob Calhoun and Sitka bottling Devin Stanley and a Lakeside Tiffany Janssen and first National Bank Alaska and Dave Simp son and Market Center for the contributions of food refreshment Sand Stor age space. Stragier sanitation for the use of the special tank to hold the warm water for the Dunk tank although we were not Able to have that event this year. Watch out for next year. Nick Mcgraw for Manning the Castle John Mccrehin Buzz Brown Tracy and Susan Royce for serving food and cashiering Jenny and Michelle for assisting Grace with her Fry bread Kim Nekeferoff and those who helped her with the new fire House event. Thanks to the Community and department members who rented tables to sell a fantastic variety of items. Don Kluting and the Centennial Hall staff or use of the tables for the event. Grace Larsen thank you for sharing your wonderful Fry bread with us once again. Your support of the fire depart ment and our super saturday fund Raiser Over the years is greatly appreciated. And we know that one year in the future you will truly retire. A big thank you goes to the Volun Teers and staff who showed up on the event Day to help where needed and to set up and take Down. And the weather cooperated As Well. See you next year. Cathy Watson and the fire department Volunteer association functional movement dear editor the decision for me to come Back to Sitka after College is be cause of the amazing sense of Community and the inspirational people that choose to live Here. We Are extremely blessed to have so Many leaders in our town who share their knowledge and expertise for the simple reason of fostering healthy and Happy lives. One of our local specialists Gio Villanueva it Dpt at lat came to the Rock fit program at the Hames Center and shared his immense knowl Edge of functional movement and asymmetries with members who Are challenging themselves in their Overall fitness. Participants Learned about what imbalances exist in their own bodies and received anatomical information that will help them become More aware and assist them in getting the most out of their training. In this Busy world we Are deeply grateful for top notch professionals like Gio who continue to reach out and help friends and neighbors in our Community. Thank you Gio Bridger Williams Rock fit program Lead Hames Center Diaz Brothers dear editor Hames Center has had the privilege of watching Elmer and Uli Diaz play basketball Here for Al most five years. Their smiles and great personalities will be deeply missed on this court. This week we invite the friends and family of our basketball stars to come play tuesday and Fri Day nights 6 8 p. M. Its on us. So come be our guest. Well shoot hoops play in their Honor and remember their love of the game. Hames Center by Ken dilanian a intelligence writer Washington a experts in government secrecy Law see almost no possibility of criminal action against Hillary Clinton or her top aides in connection with now classified information sent Over unsecured email while she was Secretary of state based on the Public evidence thus far. Some republicans including Lead ing gop presidential candidate Donald Trump have called cd intones actions criminal and compared her situation to that of David Petraeus the former Cia director who was prosecuted for giving top secret information to his Paramour. Others have cited the Case of another past Cia chief John Deutch who took highly classified material Home. But in both of those cases no one disputed that the information was highly classified and in Many cases top secret. Petraeus pleaded guilty to a Misdemeanour Deutch was pardoned by president Bill Clinton. By contrast there is no evidence of emails stored in Hillary cd intones private server bearing classified Mark Ings. State department officials say they dont believe that emails she sent or received included material classified at the time. And even if other govern ment officials dispute that assertion it is extremely difficult to prove anyone knowingly mishandled secrets. How can you be on notice if there Are no markings said Leslie Mca Doo a lawyer who frequently handles Security clearance cases. Cd intones critics have focused on the unusual Home brew email server Clinton used while in office and suggested that she should have known that secrets were improperly coursing author of awakenings a Oliver sacks 82, Dies new York a there was the Blind Man who had the disastrous experience of regaining his sight. The surgeon who developed a sudden Pas Sion for music after being struck by lightning. And most famously the Man who mistook his wife for a hat. Those stories and Many More Tak ing the Reader to the Distant ranges of human experience came from the pen of or. Oliver sacks. Sacks 82, died sunday at his Home in new York City his assistant Kate Edgar said. In february he had announced that he was terminally ill with a rare Eye cancer that had spread to his liver. As a practising neurologist sacks looked at some of his patients with a writers Eye and found publishing Gold. In his Best Selling 1985 Book the Man who mistook his wife for a hat he described a Man who mis takes his i fees face for his hat while visiting sacks office because his brain had difficulty interpreting what he saw. Another Story in the Book Fea tured twins with autism who had Trou ble with Ordinary math but who could perform other amazing calculations. Discover Magazine ranked it among the 25 greatest science books of All time in 2006, declaring legions of neuroscientist now probing the mys teries of the human brain cite this Book As their greatest inspiration. Sacks 1973 Book awakenings about Hospital patients Whord spent decades in a kind of Frozen state until sacks tried a new treatment led to a 1990 movie in which sacks was portrayed by Robin Williams. It was nominated for three Academy awards. Still another Book an anthropologist on Mars seven paradoxical tales published in 1995, described director Wes Craven accepting the visionary award in 2008 at the scream awards in los Angeles. A photo tonight 80 percent Chance of showers Low of 46, wind to 15 Mph. Tuesday isolated showers then mostly sunny High of 59 with an overnight Low of 47 and mostly Cloudy. Albuquerque n. M. A Republican presidential candidate Donald Trumps Call for mass Deporta Tion of millions of immigrants living in the u. S. Illegally As Well As their american born children bears similarities to a Large scale removal that Many mexican american families faced 85 years ago. During the great depression coun ties and cities in the american South West and Midwest forced mexican immigrants and their families to leave the u. S. Over concerns they were taking jobs away from Whites despite their Legal right to stay. The result around 500,000 to 1 million mexican immigrants and mex ican americans were pushed out of the country during the 1930s repatriation As the removal is sometimes called. During that time immigrants were rounded up and sent to Mexico some times in Public places and often with out formal proceedings. Others scared by the threat of violence left voluntarily. About 60 percent of those who left were american citizens according to various studies on the 1930s repatriation. Later testimony showed families lost most of their possessions and some family members died trying to return. Neighbourhoods in cities such As hous ton san Antonio and los Angeles be came empty. The Impact of the experience on latinos remains evident today experts and advocates say. It set the tone for later deportations said Francisco Balderrama a Chicano studies professor at California state University los Angeles. Two weeks ago Trump said that if elected president he would expand deportations and end Birthright citizen ship for children born to immigrants who Are Here illegally. Under his plan american born children of immigrants also would be deported with their parents and Mexico would be asked to help build a Wall along the u. S. Mexi co Border. They re illegal Trump said of u. S. Born children of people living in the country illegally. You either have a country or not. Amid his comments on immigration polls show negative impressions Trump deportation plan like removal in 1930s cases like a Painter who lost color vision in a car Accident but found new creative Power in Black and White and a 50 year old Man who suddenly regained sight after nearly a lifetime of blindness. The experience was a disaster the mans brain could not make sense of the visual world. It perceived the human face As a shifting mass of meaningless colors and textures. After a full and Rich life As a Blind person he became a very disabled and miserable partially sighted Man sacks recalled later. When he went Blind again he was rather glad of it. Despite the drama and unusual Sto Ries his books were not literary Freak shows. Oliver sacks humanizes illness. He writes of body and mind and from every one of his Case studies there Radi ates a feeling of respect for the patient and for the illness Roald Hoffmann a Nobel prize winning chemist said in 2001. What others consider unmitigated tragedy or dysfunction sacks sees and makes us see As a human be ing coping with dignity with a biological problem. When sacks received the prestigious Lewis Thomas prize for science writing in 2002, the citation declared sacks presses us to follow him into uncharted regions of human experience and compels us to realize once there that we Are confronting Only our selves. In an interview with the associated press sacks said he tries to make vis its to other people to other interiors seeing the world through their eyes. His 2007 Book music Ophilia examines the relationship Between music and the brain including its Healing effect on people with such conditions As tour Etters syndrome Parkinson is autism and alzheimer res. Of Trump among latinos. A Gallup poll released aug. 24 found that his panics were More Likely to give Trump unfavourable ratings than favourable ones by 51 percentage Points. Some immigrant advocates pointed to the removal of prominent latino journalist Jorge Ramos from an Iowa news conference last week As a Meta phor for the candidates desire to re move latinos from the United states. Or. Trump should heed the Fol lowing warning our latino and immigrant communities Are not going to forget the Way he has treated them the Washington d. C. Based fair immigration Reform movement said in a statement. Ramos an Anchor for uni vision was escorted out by a Trump aide after Ramos who had criticized Trump previously tried to question Trump about his immigration plan. Trump interrupted Ramos saying he Hadnot been called on and ultimately told Ramos go Back to uni vision. Ramos was saying you cannot Deport 11 million people As he was escorted away. He was later allowed to return. Trump has provided few details on How his proposed deportation Effort would be carried out. The conserva Tive leaning american action forum concluded in a report it would Cost be tween $ 400 billion to $ 600 billion and take 20 years to remove an estimated 11.2 million immigrants living in the country illegally. The Large scale deportation he envisions would be impractical to enact due to the extent that mexican Immi Grants have integrated into u. S. Society said Columbia University history professor Mae Ngai. U. S. Born children of immigrants have been automatically considered american citizens since the adoption of the constitutions 14th amendment in 1868. A supreme court ruling in 1898 halted previous attempts to limit the Birthright of chinese american citizens after the passage of the chinese exclusion act. The ruling upheld the clause for All u. S. Born children Ngai said and there have been no successful Chal Lenges to the clause since. 19 29 1 2015 82% 9 12 am10 19 am6 03 am7 58 pm 10.8 it. 3 01 am 0.8 it. 9 11 am11.2 it. 3 26 pm 0.7 it. 9 43 pm 9 los Angeles a its hard enough to redefine a genre once in a career but horror virtuoso Wes Craven managed to do it twice. The prolific writer director who died sunday at age 76, ushered in two distinct eras of suburban slashers first in the 1980s with his iconic night Mare on Elm Street and its indelible razor fingered villain Freddy Krueger. He did it again in the 1990s with the self referential scream. Both reintroduced the fringe genre to mainstream audiences and spawned successful franchises. Perhaps it was his perfectly Askew interpretation of the medium that resonated with his Nail biting audiences. Horror films dont create fear Craven said. They release it. Robert Englund the actor who brought Freddy Krueger to life wrote on twitter that Craven was a rare Spe cies. Brilliant kind gentle and very funny Man. Its a sad Day on Elm St and everywhere. Craven did not solely Deal in terror. He also directed the 1999 drama music of the heart which earned meryl Streep an Oscar nomination. But his name and his legacy will always be synonymous with horror. He was a consummate filmmaker and his body of work will live on for Ever said Weinstein co. Co chairman Bob Weinstein whose dimension horror movie director Wes Craven Dies at 76 films produced scream. He was truly an old school director Cravens genre contemporary John Carpenter said on twitter. Wes was a great Friend Fine director and Good Man. Wesley Earl Wes Craven was born in Cleveland on aug. 2, 1939, to a strict Baptist family. He earned a Mas terms degree in philosophy and writing from Johns Hopkins University and briefly taught As a College professor in Pennsylvania and new York but his Start in movies was in pornography where he worked under pseudonyms. Cravens feature debut under his own name was 1972 s the last House on the left a horror film inspired by Ingmar bergmans the Virgin Spring about teenage girls abducted and taken into the Woods. Made for just $ 87,000, the film though graphic enough to be censored in Many countries was a hit. Roger Ebert said it was about four times As Good As Yourd expect. Nightmare on Elm Street How Ever catapulted Craven to far greater renown in 1984. The Ohio set film is about teenagers including a then unknown Johnny Depp who Are stalked in their dreams. Craven wrote and directed starting a franchise that has carried on most recently with a 2010 remake. Or. Oliver sacks receives a commander of the order of the British Empire in 2008 by Queen Elizabeth ii at Buckingham Palace. A photo through an unsecured system leaving them easily hackable for foreign intelligence agencies. But to prove a crime the government would have to Demon Strate that Clinton or aides knew they were mishandling the information not that she should have known. A Case would be possible if material emerges that is so sensitive Clinton must have known it was highly Classi fied whether marked or not Mcadoo said. But no such email has surfaced. And among the thousands of Docu ments made Public nothing appears near the magnitude of the top secret material Petraeus and Deutch mishandled. Trump last week argued differently saying Petraeus Case involved far less important documents. Clin tones documents he told Fox news were More highly secret they were More important there were More of them. Its really general Petraeus on steroids. Petraeus a married former four Star general who headed the Cia from 2011 2012, admitted he gave his biographer and Lover Paula Broadwell journals containing top secret information. These included the identifies of Covert officers War strategy intelligence capabilities and mechanisms diplomatic discussions quotes and deliberative discussions from High level National Security Council meetings. And discussions with the president of the United states according to court documents. Petraeus also admitted lying to the Fri while his emails showed he knew the journals contained highly classified information. He pleaded guilty to one count of unauthorized removal and retention of classified material a Misdemeanour. Though eligible for up to one year in prison he was sentenced to two years probation and a $ 100,000 Fine. Broadwell did not publish the material. Deutch ran the Agency from 1995 1996. He took top secret information Home and stored it on computers connected to the internet something he also did when he worked at the Pentagon. In january 2001, he agreed to plead guilty to a Misdemeanour charge of mishandling government secrets but Bill Clinton pardoned him before the Justice department could file the Case. Another Clinton administration offi Cial Samuel Sandy Berger pleaded guilty to a Misdemeanour in 2005 after admitting to removing five classified documents involving a terrorism study from a National archives facility. Berger served four years As cd intones National Security adviser. Hillary Clinton the democratic presidential front runner now says her use of Home email server for government business was a mistake. Last year she provided about 30,000 emails to the state department which is pub Lic releasing another Batch monday. The department is Only publishing documents after scrubbing them of any classified or sensitive information

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