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Daily Sitka Sentinel Newspaper Archives Apr 5 1990, Page 2

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Sitka Daily Sentinel (Newspaper) - April 5, 1990, Sitka, Alaska Letters to the editor miss Southeast dear editor recently i was selected As the new miss Southeast at the regional miss Southeast scholarship Competition in Juneau. This is the first time there has been a Competition for All the communities in Southeast Alaska with contestants from Haines Ketchikan Juneau and Sitka. Everyone at the pageant worked hard and the Competition was impressive. As miss Southeast i was awarded a one year tuition waiver at the University of Alaska Southeast and i will be competing for the title of miss Alaska at the state Competition in Kenai in june. Among the several businesses whom i owe my sincerest thanks Are my sponsors Abby a reflection macs sporting goods and russells store for men Macdonald a Bayview trading company head quarters Cess Flowers the Rush a tailor re photo Sun seeker tanning and the Sitka Moose Lodge. Countless friends also gave time support and encouragement Elaine Sunde Joan Vance Diana Baxter Theresa Jacobsen various folks at was and Jan Craddick. A special thanks goes to Donna Peacocke the local Mary Kay representative for her excellent advice and work with the make up both in Sitka and at the Competition in Juneau. Every individual contribution was significant and i am very grateful for such reliable assistance. There has never been a miss Alaska from Sitka and i am looking Forward to representing All of Southeast As i try to become the first Sitka chosen for the title in june. Once again thanks to everyone who helped the first time around and in a looking Forward to working with All of you in the coming months Rebecca Himschoot Sitka additional thanks dear editor the Sitka menus Bowling association would like to thank three additional sponsors of the Sitka Bowling associations that were inadvertently left off the original Story of the City menus Bowling tournament held recently. They Are Lakeside grocery Whites pharmacy and Arrowhead Transfer. Sitka menus Bowling association a hate crimes statistics Bill passed on to Bush Bush Gorbachev plan Summit talks in . Weather Sitka forecast mostly Cloudy with a 50 percent Chance of showers and temperatures in the mid 40s today. Showers ending Early tonight with winds Light and Temps in the mid 30s. Cloudy Friday morning and sunny in the afternoon. Temps near 50. Sitka weather temperatures ranged from 46 to 38 degrees and .30 Inch of rain fell in Sitka during the 24 hours ending Midnight last night reports Sitka flight service station. The barometer was at 30.36 and rising. Sunup was 6 20 . And Sunset will be 7 50 . Alaska Temps highly Werc Anchorage Cloudy 41 32 0.03 Annette Clear 51 38 0.01 Barrow Cloudy 14 9 0.00 Bethel Snow 33 20 0.09 betties Snow 34 25 0.12 cold Bay Cloudy 34 25 0.02 38 33 1.20 Dillingham missing 32 24 0.05 Fairbanks Cloudy 47 25 0.00 Gulkana missing 39 29 0.00 39 31 0.12 Juneau a Cloudy 42 35 0.06 Kenai Clear 38 29 0.14 King Salmon it cloy 34 24 0.04 Kodiak of Cloudy 45 26 t Kotzebue Snow 34 27 0.02 Mcgrath Snow 40 26 0.01 Nome Snow 35 27 0.19 Northway air 47 16 0.00 22 13 n a Cloudy 27 24 0.03 38 33 0.10 Sitka fair 43 36 0.33 43 31 0.04 Valdez Cloudy 35 33 1.15 Yakutat Snow 44 31 1.51 highest temperature Annette 51. In the last 24 hours at lowest temperature Barrow 9. In the last 12 hours at nations weather a cold front brought rain and Snow to the Plains Early today after up to a foot of Snow fell in parts of new York. Snow fell in Central Montana while rain dampened parts of Nebraska. Snow was forecast Over parts of the Middle Mississippi Valley. Temperatures dipped into the 30s in the great lakes Region. On sunday evening Oklahoma Kansas and Missouri received showers or thunderstorms. Snow fell in North Dakota and Minnesota. Rain fell in parts of new York today. Up to a foot of Snow fell in the Finger lakes Region on wednesday. In Western new York 4 inches of Snow fell in Rochester. Elsewhere wednesday evening showers and thunderstorms were widely scattered Over California Wyoming and Colorado. Temperatures again warmed into the 70s in the Northwest tying records for the Date of 75 in Portland Ore., and 70 in Pocatello Idaho. The High temperature for the nation wednesday was 89 at Presidio Texas. Nations Temps temperatures indicate previous Days High Alaska summary Low pressure persisting Over the state resulted in Cloudy skies for most of Alaska this morning. Snow fell along the West coast of Alaska from the Bristol Bay area to North of the Seward Peninsula at Kotzebue. Snow also fell on the Southern slopes of the Brooks Range. Snow fell in the Northern Prince William sound at Valdez and was also falling in the Sustina Valley. It was raining in Southeast Alaska at Sitka and Juneau this morning. Skies were partly Cloudy at Kodiak and on the Kenai Peninsula at Kenai this morning. The Tanana Valley also had partly Cloudy skies. Daily Sitka Sentinel Thad Poulson managing editor. Published by vers Tovia corporation wholly owned in Sitka daily except saturday and sunday at 112 Barracks Street Sitka Alaska 99835. Mail address Box 799. Subscription rates three months $20 six months $35 one year $60. Inquire for mailed rates. National and rep Branham inc. Member of the associated press. Second class postage paid at Sitka Alaska. Uses 146-160 phone 907 747-3219. Postmaster Send address changes to daily Sitka Sentinel Box 799, Sitka Alaska 99835. And overnight Low to 8 . Edt. Hilo pre Tolk Albany,. 47 38 .01 cd Albuquerque 71 48 cd Amarillo 75 43 cd Anchorage 41 32 .03 in Asheville 59 33 in Atlanta 64 46 in Atlantic City 45 40 .02 in Austin 81 58 Clr Baltimore 48 43 .03 in Billings 48 24 .05 Clr Birmingham 67 46 in Bismarck 55 17 Clr Boise 74 30 Clr Boston 48 40 cd Brownsville 82 66 Clr Buffalo 39 35 .75 cd Burlington it. 45 37 .01 cd Casper 53 27 Clr . 66 52 cd Charleston a. A. 57 38 .04 in Charlotte,. 64 43 in Cheyenne 57 28 .19 cd Chicago 53 31 .02 Clr Cincinnati 55 32 cd Cleveland 51 36 .01 cd . 66 45 in 54 31 cd Concord,. 50 36 .01 cd Dallas Atworth 83 60 in Dayton 53 35 .09 cd Denver 61 33 .08 cd Desmoines 61 34 cd Detroit 54 32 cd Duluth 48 17 cd Elpaso 80 57 Clr Evansville 64 34 cd Fairbanks 47 25 cd Fargo 43 19 .04 Clr Flagstaff 59 37 cd grand rapids Grea Falls 50 49 28 22 .03 cd cd Greensboro no. 60 41 in Hartford 49 40 cd Helena 49 31 .01 Clr Honolulu 82 65 .17 cd Houston 79 59 Clr Indianapolis 49 32 .02 cd tack son mis s. 74 51 in ack son Ville 69 43 cd Unrau 42 35 .06 cd Ansa City 64 40 .01 cd a vegas 80 53 cd Jill e Rock 79 53 cd Jos Angelus 69 61 .34 Clr Jouis Ville 60 37 cd Lubbock 82 49 cd Memphis 72 51 m a Liam Beach la 58 cd Midland Odessa 83 55 cd Milwaukee 52 34 .02 cd Dps Stpaul 57 26 cd Nashville 67 43 in n Ewor leans n Wyo Rocity Norfolk it. Morth pique Oklahoma City Omaha Orlando in Philadelphia in Phoenix Pittsburgh Portland Ore. Providence Raleigh rapidity Reno Richmond Sacramento Llouis Sallila Keity san Antonio san Lego san fran Cisco Sanjuan,. Santa be style Marie Seattle Shreveport Sioux Falls Spokane Syracuse Tampa Topeka Tucson Tulsa Washington ,. Wichita Wilkes Barre Wilmington Del. 72 47 59 53 80 61 71 46 84 51 48 75 46 61 51 78 58 78 68 72 78 67 63 89 69 38 65 82 60 66 41 69 62 85 78 51 72 39 46 50 42 46 29 50 31 48 40 64 34 39 47 40 41 24 41 43 50 41 46 62 60 52 73 in 28 42 57 21 41 33 50 37 56 49 44 45 34 40 .12 .05 .05 .04 .02 .26 .39 .46 .02 m cd m Clr cd cd cd in Clr cd cd Clr cd in Clr cd in Clr cd Clr Clr cd cd Clr cd in Clr cd Clr Clr cd cd Clr cd cd in Clr Washington apr president Bush is expected to sign newly approved legislation under which the government will gather data on a hate crimes motivated by race religion sexual orientation or ethnic roots. A this Bill is a necessary first step toward combating hate crimes in a systematic and comprehensive manner a said rep. Charles Schumer d-. The House debated the Bill tuesday night and then on wednesday voted 402-18 to agree to minor changes made by the Senate and Send it to Bush for his signature. The administration has supported the Bill which would require the Justice department to keep data on crimes related to race religion sexual orientation or ethnic groups. It is supported by a variety of civil rights ethnic and police groups. The House had already approved the Bill and this time consented to the changes made when the Senate passed the measure on feb. 8. Under the measure the government would count the crimes of murder non negligent manslaughter forcible rape aggravated assault simple assault intimidation arson and destruction damage or vandalism of property a number of supporters said such a count is needed because of a rising tide of a hate crimes on the part of Neo nazi a a skinheads and other such groups although there is no certainty that such offences Are increasing. The Justice department reported in May 1988 that an accurate count is not available. But it said a these types of offences Are far More serious than comparable crimes that do not involve prejudice because they Are intended to intimidate an entire estimates of the Cost of gathering the information have varied but the Justice department said it would have no trouble making hate crimes part of the of big a annually published uniform crime reports. The Only House member to Rise in opposition to the Bill was rep. William Dannemeyer r-calif., who portrayed it As a Concession to the Gay Community. A believe me whether we like to accept it or not there Are persons outside this chamber who Are crowing namely in the homosexual Community a he told the House. Dannemeyer said homosexuals a now have something in the Law which they have sought diligently for the last 20 years whereby they will equate homosexuality on a with the traditional coverage of the 1964 civil rights Ryan to take Over As news amp is director Washington apr labor lawyer t. Timothy Ryan or. Is preparing to tackle what Many consider the toughest financial Job in the country regulator of the nations 2,500 savings and Loans. With Senate confirmation by an unexpectedly lopsided 62-37 vote wednesday Ryan takes Over As director of the Treasury departments office of Thrift supervision. Seventeen democrats joined All 45 Republican senators in voting for him. His five year term Likely will be the critical period in determining whether Thrift associations survive As a separate Industry. They lost a record $19 billion last year. After he is sworn in probably on monday Ryan will be responsible for administering toughened financial standards enacted last August As part of president Bush a savings and loan bailout. He will decide which institutions stay in business and which Are seized by the government. Democrats opposed to his nomination said the 44-year-old attorney who has specialized in pension and employee Benefit Law is ill prepared for the task because he lacks banking experience. Ryan was chief attorney for the labor department Early in the Reagan administration and worked in the presidential campaigns of Bush and Gerald r. Ford. A a he san outstanding lawyer As far As i know and an outstanding person a said sen. Kent Conrad . A a that a not the question. Titis Man has no experience in the financial services Industry and this Job is the biggest financial services Job in the Ryan a admission that he tried marijuana and cocaine 17 years ago As a Law student figured Little in the debate. Only Ryan supporters raised the subject during the six hour debate. White House lobbyist Tom Korologos said the vote marked a turning Point in the political treatment of Youthful drug experimentation by government appointees. A a it a going to be difficult to make it an Issue from now on a he said. After the vote several legislators took to the Senate floor to condemn the leak of Ryan a confidential Fri report. Sen. John c. Danforth r-mo., called on the Senate ethics committee to investigate. The administration lobbied hard for Ryan with Treasury Secretary Nicholas f. Brady making daily Calls. The administration portrayed him As an experienced manager who had authority Over 600 lawyers at the labor department and helped clean up irregularities in the teamsters unions Central states pension fund. A i done to think you have to be a Thrift insider. To take the Job of overseeing the savings and loan Industry a said Senate Republican Leader Bob Dole of Kansas. A a let a face it. Its the insiders. Who got us where we Are today drowning in a cesspool of unbridled greed and fiscal irresponsibility the Victory margin was wider than both democrats and republicans predicted. A the White House has an awful lot of clout and they certainly used it a said sen. Howard m. Metzenbaum a Ohio who opposed Ryan. Greenpeace cries foul at environmental fair ii .07 National temperature extremes High wednesday 89 at Presidio Texas Low at Warroad Minn. Washington apr there is an $18 Light bulb that lasts seven years and uses one fourth the Energy of a Normal bulb. And a solar powered car. And done to forget or. . Cycle a Dummy made of recycled plastic bottles and bags. In two Large tents stretching More than a Block in the Capitol a Shadow Corporale America is showing off its Best environmental face in a five Day technology fair. Some environmentalists were hardly impressed As the fair opened wednesday on the National mall. Several members of Greenpeace handcuffed themselves to a support pole near the Dupont chemical co. Exhibit. They were among 19 Greenpeace members who were arrested for demonstrating without a permit according to the . Park police. A corporate America has begun a Campaign to paint themselves Green a said Peter Bahouth executive director of Greenpeace Usa. A Greenpeace Banner proclaimed a a done to be fooled a Industry Bahouth complained that while some of the exhibits by More than too companies and Trade associations might be environmentally beneficial Many of the same companies Are guilty of pollution and environmental neglect in other aspects of their businesses. But organizers of the fair dubbed Earth tech a maintained that Many of die exhibits demonstrate business interest in making environmental improvements. A i done to think that you can make anything these Days without using Energy or polluting the environment. The question is How much a said sen. John Heinz r-pa., co chairman of the fairs organizing committee. The Earth tech program was said by organizers to have Cost about $1 million mostly paid by exhibitors. The participants included Fortune 500 companies such As do porn and at amp to bul also some lesser known such As Oil Stop inc., which says it has invented a new Type of Boom to capture Oil spills a the a a self Nergiz my Oil containment its so compact said company official Richard lazes that a 5,000-foot spool could be put on a Tanker and unwound within minutes. That much Boom would have surrounded the Exxon Valdez he said. While several Oil companies a Are excited about it they be made no commitment yet a he added. Producers of solar Thermal and wind generated Energy were prominent As were companies in the rapidly growing Industry of waste management and disposal and of course recycling. Some exhibits approached the exotic a solar powered car that had travelled across the country a Model of a a wind Plant Quot to show that wind Power already is generating millions of kilowatts of Power in parts of California and the $18 electric bulb that lasts seven years wont break and uses one fourth the Energy of a conventional bulb. A a that a equivalent to not burning 400 pounds of Coal Over the life of the bulb a said Steve Waxman of Philips lighting co. The a Earth Light Isnit available in hardware stores yet but May soon be he said. At the Dupont exhibit displays touted Lite company a efforts to push for plastic recycling. Washington apr president Bush and soviet president Mikhail s. Gorbachev will meet for a superpower Summit in the United states beginning May 30, . And soviet officials said thursday As both sides returned to bargaining on possible arms control treaties. White House spokesman Marlin Fitzwater said several major agreements could emerge at the Summit including a Long sought strategic arms reduction treaty to limit Long Range nuclear weapons. But Bush said merely that the Summit would provide a time for a lot of dialogue and a lot of Fitzwater said the Summit a Bush a second meeting As president with the soviet Leader a would be a a Tough love encounter with the crisis in Lithuania a Central topic. Bush and Gorbachev last met Early in december at the Mediterranean Island of Malta. Since then pushes for Independence in Lithuania and other regions of the soviet Union a and the soviet response to them a have strained superpower relations. The timing of the Summit earlier than the late june schedule originally envisioned raised new doubts on whether All details of an arms pact could be nailed Down in Lime. A senior . Official speaking on condition of anonymity said that a it depends in some part on what we re Able to do Here in Washington talks Between Secretary of state James a. Baker Iii and soviet foreign minister Eduard Shevardnadze. The official said there was a Good Chance that major issues could be resolved by the Summit Date but a a realistically the actual treaty signing might have to wait until later in the year. Soviet negotiator Yuri Nazarin was even More Blunt saying a taking into account the Summit is in seven weeks its impractical i think to expect it the treaty is going to be signed at the simultaneous announcements of the Summit came from the White House and the soviet news Agency tass Early thursday As Baker and Shevardnadze were holding their second Day of meetings on arms control and other issues. A a there a still a lot of work to do particularly in Light of the fact that the Summit will begin on the 30th,�?� Baker told reporters. A so we have our workout out for Shevardnadze who will meet with Bush on Friday echoed bakery a remarks. A there is very Little time Only seven weeks a a he said. Both the Washington and Moscow announcements gave the Summit dates As May 30 to june 3. However Fitzwater said All five Days might not be used. A it could turn out to be a two or three Day Summit depending on travel schedules a he suggested. . Officials were also vague on whether the meeting would take place entirely in Washington or at some other location As Well a such As the presidents Oceanside Home in Kennebunkport Maine. Gennadi Gerasimov the soviet foreign ministry spokesman told reporters at the state department on thursday a a it a going to be a working visit no time for just this week the Bush administration was talking about the last two weeks in june for the Summit. Neither Side on thursday gave any precise reason for moving the dates up a other than citing scheduling difficulties. Gerasimov said that Bush had a heavy schedule in june and that Gorbachev wanted time to prepare for the meeting of the soviet Peoples Congress in Early july. Black homelands leave s. Africa peace talks Cape town South Africa apr in a major setback to peace Hopes leaders of four Black homelands pulled out of talks today with president . Do Klerk on ending unrest and dismantling White minority Rule. The Cabinet officer responsible for Black affairs constitutional development minister Genii Viljoen said four of six invited Homeland chiefs withdrew under pressure from opposition groups. He said the pressure amounted to a a intimidation but gave no details. African National Congress Leader Nelson Mandela was still expected to meet today with do Klerk to consider ways to revive negotiations on dismantling apartheid. Kwa Zulu chief minister Magos thu but Elezi and Kwa Kwa chief minister . Mop Cli turned up for the talks. But Elezi Heads the Zulu tribes conservative inkatha movement and is seen As Mandela a main Black rival. De Klerk decided to go ahead with today stalks meeting first with but Elezi and Heads of the majority parties in the White asian and coloured or mixed race parliaments. He was to meet later with Mandela and other Anc leaders. Allan Hendrickse head of the labor party in the coloured parliament said Mandela had asked him to pull out of the talks with de Klerk. He said he would attend but ask de Klerk to adjourn until All Homeland leaders could attend. South Africa has three parliaments a for Whites asians and coloured voters. There is no parliament for Blacks who do not have the vote. 3 More states accept Martin l. King Holiday by Howard Goldberg associated press writer Hie March toward National acceptance of a Holiday honouring the Rev. Martin Luther King or. Gathered up Kentucky Wyoming and Idaho recently leaving Only three states As holdouts today 22 years after Kings death. A i think it shows that we Are making headway a said Lloyd Davis executive director of the King Federal Holiday commission. He expressed Confidence that Arizona new Hampshire and Montana would not hold out much longer amid what he sees As dramatic reverberations of Kings non violent philosophy As far away As the Philippines China Poland and East Germany. A a what a happening around the world shows the universality of King a Davis said in Telephone interview tuesday from Washington. King was assassinated april 4, 1968, at age 39 while leading a nonviolent movement for racial Equality. In 1983, Congress created a Holiday to Honor King on the third monday in january around his Jan. 15 birthday. Martin Luther King or. Day first celebrated nationally in 1986, is an official slate Holiday in some form in most states a Idaho is about to become the 47th. In Wyoming which Calls itself the Equality state because it was the first to give women the vote legislators supported a Holiday commemorating equal rights but did no to want it in Kings name. A Compromise created Martin Luther King or. Wyoming Equality Day. Idaho legislators gave final approval Friday to an official state Holiday honouring King but Only after a Compromise added Idaho human rights Day to the designation. The Bill has gone to gov. Cecil Andrus who backs it. Aids patient Ryan White in critical condition in Hospital Kokomo ind. Apr residents of aids patient Ryan Whites old Hometown Many of whom fought to keep the teen Ager out of their schools expressed Hope wednesday that head win his latest Battle a this one for his life. A i Hope he gets better and is Able to do something in life a said Brian Correl 22, a student at Indiana in Versi Tyr a Kokomo Campus. A i Hope he can enjoy life a Little while 18, remained in critical condition Al Riley Hospital for children in Indianapolis where he has been hospitalized since March 29 with an aids related respiratory infection complicated by his Haemophilia. Singer Elton John spent his second full Day at Whites room playing tapes of his music family spoke Wom an Carrie Van Dyke said. He s strictly Here As a Friend a Van Dyke said. A the goes in and talks to Ryan holds his hand and changes his also wednesday a . Senate committee voted unanimously for a Bill aimed at easing the nations aids crisis. A this ones for you Ryan a sen. Edward m. Kennedy d-mass., said in a Telephone conversation with Whites Mother Jeannie after the labor and human resources committee approved the comprehensive aids resources emergency act. The Bill which has bipartisan support would provide an additional $600 million a year for two years to combat acquired immune deficiency syndrome. Whites physician or. Martin b. Kleiman said there was still cause for Hope

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