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Daily Richmond Whig (Newspaper) - October 25, 1861, Richmond, VirginiaRIG? Tl»* li»U» Wkl| »•> lilci>»»» »*•*' w’r rler«. The (foe.’. d mindfor the-Cater Whio within the «'J. il well by as by tr aai-nt readers, and the diffi- cult? of supplying bold clas^oa cf wader*, by a earrnng ayt.-m ad.ptad ouly to die. •***£ tiow, hare Induct’d us to resort to ih. only fusils noie of wanugicr* !»rF* «*/ circulation, to wit: that ol prepay wan! to tlu Carriers. From this date, there- fore, no subscriptions for the IT aid to ho left within the cky’wiU b* uaksn «t this effiw, ard all person indebted for subscription to the present lime, within the city, are requested locall at tfco office and settle thrir account.-. The Cartier* .ill, of course, continue to deliver ih-- pa per to the present iubacribers and receive pay for the same at the rate of flitren cents p -r week. The Fjbl c wilt now understand that all restriction upon the i><ie cl the Wuio by Cartier* within the efri is remored, ard that all who waul it may buy it from tbe Cartiers or hare It left for them at their residence* or places of bueine*. »S«pr«»4*r lflr*. ladl. iiK J. %*. uAHLIi ra. 1)sj Id- 1 h»»e („r>orac> >i«e*lo my (r.mlly *eia SypSTy I ttah-ui. 1*0 M U-rw, ana ut. pl«b art lureesuwMBdta* ih ■»- »» *i- taiuriaaesUie »eu b»t*rttci« mreV.WtrtWli.r-.sUaa raktiiMM*' I HidXc jMfoffciirti : whet Ss-myk^ Puwuetl at* **•*• J.R osaae Lawmxaa. rmaraeure.Jai Va, ySMb. tWb-_!r?~ -- TO H L A l» *» or IMIHAHT- Kr y ~HKNT- A*l> \jkdis?ASrrt.-! wooldbegto In* Ul'if AiUaUoC «f tv Cf lhe*or!o«« b***Ct.rt o! U.b OAbo.Thm. uiuf 4h« C atfi'.rfof bUt<N|aov In B*chcon<:,\e «rf, Edielob^, Cluuk IIooUa, Ac.* wbko ! will ffcrclth 'jRfi hifhir yrtc«*. Hawn* itfeabeU Ij my •AablkhaMtl *u o*t*u*ivB Book b.u-J* rf wo %rc itrepATsU lo ciocaiv UtaUtitf, the atiufSaMu® o' duii* BcoU, at Stoiy d«sa. -pUsi, In the teat manaer, and at lh« Isful oiler*. ^ Mukklf', * pgbtuher and Boot-slle-, 1^1 IT M%*u *4rorl, Richru-nt. Va, IVFf l l I AiOTlCH.—Owing to the tailmMlbUuy uf preeur'.aa luppl re, leapt to- *•*. ■re mm harsaftrr will b» for uh only, eaatpUo* only Uoe «Mts aeeoaau r.avs t>«e proawti? pal J In lb. monttu Jyuary and J..y "SATffa&U irsiL, ism. DRY gfoods. MIRCBS'-TS sl-lttus IM»-Uy wuhaslrs or naio# pan-mar- re-|'*etfUUy solldtad u> siam»«> ovr SWcl N Utl uOODb. » atorlersa'o: MS* cuss Brown bhoctluaa aauanlrUsyt, saJt *• 0*u k uid*. 9u itttl Hire .-he-1 Ehucttaf* o'aJ bldrUhA SO bole* Plot'! OB4 Strw«! tloaobarre, mo plmv, .1 ,:.p-1 oad Plili Homo*' o,t»i mmocm, «>t,a'a»Ttc*ia<», _. 90 •* i>«L'Un« tod rhripad hhlrtlafs *Ut) sue. Fancy I'nio. <t» Ootiooot**, ttt Coiorod Cambric*. IB Ecotarky Jooao and Toiodo, Bad a largo oooort •, at of iUory and Floe Uarno, for »«r.ts trror •til Oaat 'tr., Irish Lr o' «, L-wno. Plata •Hxl-'td tad Enb'i...i rr^j Qarotoo -o' Fifties, C. -liu-. t'.u»:mc.'oe. tt. to, ail of Which w» «*ll MO try chase to tv ca*’ c promf 'roda. No. If P»’rl s'.root, epl ai hTOD i. To. Ill IT A JAMES, Riohmond. Virginia, ttBBSHIL C MMIhSlOB MtUC.MBTv, in !|tg hr rt }»lo o' Monufaotarod and hnokiry T!< *" MUD poste r, now'oroojr. **U * a yM, nr R P'0 loua. Ptecaton apsrtMor, to * f'fiw 0-te«a.-1 No' oil’. .• ;f<a Halt tl Hit''»‘'t DIMM* It FIT! *N of ithl'AHItKM'H f y Ctodo.tito 0 H hltX. <h* oroorre o' Decs »r». at, 1. il if "—**» 1 0 l. per, no drated to *1 I C O.rrn wtli 0 ,E; .—J.-t.t» ]. i) no T:» aou>» of Ihe o.nocro wll b*n»ol oat, ta trttin.0 u.< lb* h.e sot galy u. wetiu., „ H DICKIVS3N. I Furrt»lr| NAT D. H.LL. | Per.tier*. »tt ewe -tit' | J tbmo, T » hit: ft.r )b*purgCO* sf car? c* oa tl), otcitttt eed con mica lr rib*,* t »r the >til of 5 trice,, et bo old ot.Ab'l hoi s sal of DI.ktE.ooa. jttn o IOC t'D H b CTlUrcS, T*-tf'__liLULL'_ l\i V\>. dNi)!! O b’N “tioett t'.iv.t F ‘H jf luopr.>*>•>« il»t> (built uii of *f 'W* Fiat 0. r.aoj tieo so a?j- ln vJ tutaonu t etc -I MU aai ■* o ta<. M but Jar „l end DiO'ru, rr. bod el! 11 e*,i w loNbtoo o boioeli .a'jEi.nurr ly ib-o "joe- '.taW1'n?rt laain as tppcsito oed ..toy c >s' o* b tr aid roa b« 'eft off all IhoeBtael U ®p OTO-J ill ,nt M.fa.a-» bar? to hi. 2 <•. j.os- eooHiiii It huh ea n -4 ntuo?et> ol •« lio lot odnsuso, aboatliar y,er. e,o. 1 ud. c .cl a 1 porta of the Ktalo -f Vtr ptal. >o lb Cnr'linv. N«» ieic,ual li»o tt rr.rj o«»‘Lr 01 UioCa.oc—aoJ' letr tad it et,.oil? la-rr*tlrj. Th, Hortr Coaid husWn aalrctao. o .toLu-uge *• fer a? If .oibtcr’breo beroelirlo otcc.ltla leoaab ch olrod >•'tl. * ) rt id .o. 4c .lit L tb it.elr, -at Of J .£ P. Ill'Vot, Da., al. tto e Prttpt rti'r e-td oenuf n**~r- _Ul_L— MLITIHV C»F1! t»ul? *ry laptll QOeMII S e el W d ill- ad V. vbe UlillArj aad ho Pab .c «t.i' tNr. L.. U’c >t k cl H >□< Vlern'ectartC Irood1, <1'0T, Bla.'eoi Hur? Ce :t o.EdFtl'F,t: r* EL- C-p* cor- b had el th • at ebb* at •on Oi f»?o eM. t. • e« la any city la tit See. P*1 cater ««"ti«J a h d.e'rd t, it* tie MlliUr) *t*t»; Il t» Ibo ft id, ileiiI dttr tbla a 4 war no?» Cop not? a 'uf.e- sored H»?ltf oa road a s-0 1 tapoly uf I irk. I'1 ta tatJO'taro tf [trial Ho o, f^r lb, IV 1-oeir eu4 tfctnl tredr wlll bo C -. isu- ei. J"H UjtJ.t'.Eio SI Mein S rert, W. lisr.d, tr 10 UtKiUrfT * A.ID. UliON, GOVy^SuK 9TRKCT, AU rcrolrtas for thr Foil Tred*. 0or pet. .?t. Oil <3!rt!*, S*e tayi, Oorloi ft ■odJ, tlarr. -e and Donde Vftnilo, hhoav Popor a»a*l3ir,0u:tE 1 RjL-oi-t ’J'n/oi oaltallov pri;.«- Oerpote, Ocrto.oo, Er •« eni V .Prr'VN *o!« Jo ot Irr at abo". rr Usa Pan*?Mafias .loeafaihe 117or iccr.t.ybyi%-r -work Ml l TO ill!: FABMEUsi OS' UliUlfiA TH* laptra. on ha tr—atl.r N. “.boro er.f * nth a y*et.iihas tny doa'.t. rr errg as pertnon- at, ?na oltl, U. A frost men.arc, b, capo Kilo icpp'y lh« Saaib trfd lirTTia, aid o?'rf bora •of fod r?t»selrr|y aeoy y?e’?lb tbtld’ool bnslnaw, 1 t»kr th, dtrrty o,' ,u;; t, nf ho p ep of bcaiinr yonr CaU. • E’E bofsre parOlr.t ll; end *1, of put t; ap In tub, loryrr ot th too than th, bolts*) *r..1 ... J t) mo kat at torn «f rr prselny no jrso poaoihly rett 1 no ul br fir tord lo rr Ire II on istlrEtcr-a' ot parcheo* IV—allow bj tl* ’. ih*)l mirlrrt p |r. t*,!, ca t to InJyely for *\‘b, will arauit yoa ,o -de e lb* law.s; m rfet f.rl ta, nr mb I* .t.r whatever e. b,<tci tac. 1 an c >aad*at Iho; I eh tookt* It to ll.c loUrrkl or both th? broil •o adit toyerEf. I wool-t"” ftta to rr«.r|yo aay other nontr) profarr: b loypra Ipelobprtlo to tell year pari: -o’er att»o ttoals Uaii-r mot T ? Ltr.a.appU* horr osttt b' r.lsf.E to th* South from vbr Sart*,wh" Wc mek on ftimbhlt our talrg. j|tya rs -,.vr»n e from ibt f«t that t bare be-n ray ?. fa *ti*-*- "** 'f "• th y *r.. jeer*, a 11 soon, utal—(tails.'r.rddtal cf t.vies «al.tfe a A-.trsOS ’ONr*. *jr»at, &r.r**r an! Connl, loa ii.’rohiist. aaS— if* c-r M.vr ,-n .<th r.. 1 v«. n bp w pma-uiN « r i*-,.*., » ALLK(*H(N\ TV ariii. f-*! Spi ll to bul. ana tor aa.c b, W. PKr<-1£:0N 00, ilrui^i 130 t»m str««-._ » 3 CAHIICto. <•»* »»*.-SO 0»»ra OatMa no.-p. Mib, to » w.»* W. WTtMD?i Pngl _«•- rll'n' AXU KK"I «>1D Kk 1 WUUKV. # —J. U:4 lira VBMf li 114 io ttrr evi 04, hr Ml* bp [Mini_ALV-Y » L'P-"' io MSI Ml V II Ittfllll (aabticr »E4 „tat....rj Colt a 1*1.o' til altia 0 tton *opa u t Cordafi C ti .n V»r • a., io tii »; * sapj l, cs bid Aha. Ulya Wrapping Paprr. KNOWLU A WAlfdkn, 1A*I Halo « r. H. ^(»|C»ta, ol »'l lo ll, rr and Ad wholn. tot Prrarrrl'’*'*i O Pick h|i *i« all <•»« dii C'i»n, tor puteroe |»ra, for b«U»' wgAOK A HAKKU'o J. jg lio.-a, 1M Main airro:. oorarr a oi PoaPOWr* ____ LU1IIL1 PLO; M. -AO 1414. aapcJoT PaoP* fiihir.iUl r I« tout. HUNT A J A Hr* Bp 1A _O* *n»r V a. aal Car> ,<a yy Mlto—Sn>n»'*5r M» !-"•» furf warrior -inon' \ia **1’ kJI BirtiHixi ft ft?*' ftl *, W SWP T*Vr p’lll'"* *1T“ *W -i r.n Av| Pf«*or«: >1 C.'.’fe'DBr* Or.* fci/MI iW ttlftj Bit !»•, BOW rfBdjfa •*»«! 10f M'f %• ! «4 HVC *-4 U « in WMI-PII. ’(WHtCTO f ftKTCT. Web*?* U <.!! 1 «tVio* Ljfiaa i\ A rf Cr. wtoff %t * ’Wl'hlrx fcbl », rc k v i**t » N« m;p l‘*v-7* U ol • c » we h *11 «i» o .Igta.' • J »HNs» *H, TCI *\ pH M *»*KV. WMtatie Of i: ♦»i| fttacnl C o’ u UbbcSboib. 14 F# i. *» & ■>l%DY MAt>K CT#lT®lNO »Hj elxk of CtUitft's wr^r b**»k Xltirbi viJ r, ti BQBMiHy f '«■! t’t'anS the blAcfciJe.l wi-kh Will boolUiwi t >'«lr |i will Cud M*a Unr C’*’« Mi*b ab* Is® •* bwMS* > tWa, b««l<les i-U*y of ft ter »t*!r- 'attatle for »U rVitii ti %a!®, *o wh'ch I «i • ro to coll 0 e i>u of toe *r«ue In * sal will do w# lioc«ll t! 1 4 H«1b tr^el. « _ W>;. yHAHM TK / "'IH t*4 i> *tTG H—4# Tern •*- cr'»b®4 teiir, )*i«. rkt V> f*-r *xe t'j i*tL >K C t HlL KS, edr^-.r FeirltaUC«ty dr«dt %c^ ^ 4lT —T.Tvsr;» ni ; A • Vt'»n*'4 Jiwa J *. ]o«\ icr.-rr-i O and tor au# op ;:,!>»• A g|J,.-il, rjrapr Pirnnol ci*< airroto _____a* ** OPCHPOU P7>' * — ftnofairlp braoV in «>nrr and r .* ,a'»'’-'7 H ML lit A Mil m rrrr .-■ P.tfl «•■ 1 ''If -Irrr a arl at’Vi! (ML -A ctoportrjr»nlr*s of tHlro 01, ft- 1A'» bT W Pf t.P KAiON A Cl __^_P> RETiNKD *0(tl.\, lurt IK’ ■-■•■ 1 to 1 tor raia ay W PC I toll ub «Id_•’ tf II KA1I brl: irlNB'l too- 1 ICUIntoY ljU ;.| tbh r-n. I fMor VlN£<iAK lo Bara ooi tofulo *P W. W. ffOOtlUID if, bUu Pifr ot'i »♦•«<. HAVAH i~fl|«SI«S,-^i»>l r»7,irTd^by *iy of CaaHr* *b, 4. 0.. i»u« ?• tf Bit ihnni Olftrt v» vfBbl, N*-S ^ y>rrroi» TAHJtn-SB.ow' poudi mr<Tl'r Canon Tajo*. Nor V’ 10 In S> lurtoa!r», to olorr uid lor tttoal lo* prlrOfbp KP>"I. PAUfK A CO__o*l oLDwnrs aVS movouk. WE Jl* vr all' -.14 A ctol-t MAC meat ef llr fto.or old W in-a *nl lisa n Ixportf*! lain Uiie-ttatrj, ntlob ■I'nlllirl al 0«r aolfnrtn oil pr. *•» JnW Aa to bent AJO.ji rail thru p-. riot* titboBA.- LoUot aka d-aira to Oaapiv U.aat ,. .«a -U- bavo rva m Jc aa, Ui|»ioi t*»k> tail iA*l- taiia ■ »«t*I#Si * Mil La to. -.0 Coroar Uct aad Carp A Dacia ii nui: or m hi:;»« '-i- tie OypiCK «IO.IMAND AND t. * l On »n.! »ftfT WetlrrtUy, Octob iiJ, ihe fOtowuif bibei-ule «J| b« run eo ifiU rou t Loavti u Wlcliiuond. # 4 „ y.el'gh: and^.wwffiU-iallPn, Daby. *lrJ g iMTiug p.wnlxu, 4r ^ “t r.ln.' lea.lng 8 chraond at 6 a. m. and r. «.. coon*.* wp.h Tralna going south of Pmenburg 1 airier, wid orar In mini <b»t ihey ar. required to .how a PUI [ „IU ih rtoT-roor. or .out. olaer authmlaed p-non, before ■*;»,r “*'• *• •W * ^ BOtJ- THO*. H’WYNN.Iup't KKHMyM) AM> DiSVlLUt KULUOuD. SCPKMNTiNMSrd OIFIOR,1 RKMIWM r, A ug. »tb, S<1. I Ml H n R It AHH iHflfc .IIBNT, fOB TDK SOUTH AND SOUTH-MAST. RICHMOND AND DANVILLE RAILROAD. OH and after MONDAY, Aug. l«h. the Pameoger Train* will ran *» follow* ■ ....... Mali Train tear* Richmond dally (Sunday, lioludtdl al T.M A. \L- out ut. Sunday the Train roe. t BurUavlllc only, oonoccvlog h,V with the train, on the South Id. Railroad for iLe south and 'mall TrainieaTe* D.nvllle dally, (eacept Sunday.) at 5:5. A. M. u.l reaehci Richmond at '1 oVlocn, P M- Cr Sunday th*.« »1U b. a Mall Train f^^!"**?**? “So- moni tearing ParheaYlll. on the arr.ral of the Trjn from J- Tgath andSoaihPdl at Ur do. a. M., and reaching Richmond at 1 Train from Richmond connect, at Bnrke.vtlle with the: Train. uB the South rid. Bullion. lor Lynchburg, and v,e South We.. ^pLe "Train from DanrlT.e oonoeoU al Burke»Tlll« with tbw South Side Railroad train, lor etU-r.hnr* anJ Norfolk ThroughTlckeUcan hep urd, and fiaegage will be ch*ob*J through to 'he following PoluU. Lynchburg, Brlatol. Anna rlUts Atlanta, ittl^amw. 0HA8. '1. f.eLCOTf, lylA—Snperibieiident. KOVTH^tiDL KAIl.KO.lD. ON AtDAVrKH iflttNDAh THK»»d Al-Kt jul. the i»uit'iAr Tr&lr:J. *111 rwa w loOo*»,- * INfjil PaTERSbuku TO lYNOHUUAO. Mall Tra n rtorte da! y at»:»« A. M., rcaoto. Lynohbarg at '-*•** f P^ueng.r Train ttart* dal ». *gctpt Bnndayt, at A aft P. M., •ache* Lynchburg at 1180 A if. rsou lynjnuuRO to pniRsacea. Mall Train .tart dady al 11 A M.,r* .Pot*r»b«r|Ml» P B. Pa*aenger Tralu.*f iru dally, aaoept Sunday., al U.KO P. raacbe* Patfi.bnrg at did*'A. M.*! nr eor-aeci vlibtwo daily tralnjto lit. Spi.-g., nno* 5W”T!u» .he it. :.c*i*ailQMl#tPt4Ul.'B» mR tballpmU Trniltn*- Alabama, Mil*.«u,'pl,Loa*»»n», Arknuay nniTeau. The Gill Paint Trail :.»ki Eet«nhuig dally,except *' li.M-aniIS Ro-n, a»lCity I'aUt MfcBtf A. W at J P. M C«l-aIrani krjroa id and trcaalilte uua packou fl« u !H*r7" U. b. 1113, (,M Gee era! SmerUtm Uni. viiTcnn central. railroad. UtNEEAI. ►Ct’KKlNTIMOKST’d OFFICE,« JttljT » Hoi'.ct to r»rs«u> afoJini; Package* to RvWn'f *• Maun»- sir, Staunton, tee., s«\ THE praeil -e of leuilag Urgr pe kag.4 bribe Mall Train! la b-j.-mr. y *^burd*' *»om to lb-? Tr-ilo, bn i!c* cJiiuusg ueuP, LUt I Ao*i '■ n-vea A y to caution peraon* to c^o^.se liicta»rlvn twrysmA’i * a a. »*, or tbry ml run the rttk of ibrtr being left, I -ailtU. being .objectto euro* charge. ^ p wu|T00MB gg] C enertl Superintendent VIRGINIA CRNTH k •>*< HOAD CBi-SuK OK UOFRi5. SammM iin limn— Oil and ArTEll’■* tacidoy, Oti.ber 21, Tbe mail unit l'ua>en«!'r Train*, Will laan In* .a j.-t Ja*a* n’a Rarer aa.l b iwiwll «•;» tloc* dai.y it ; J", t M.. <ann~Ung with the Orange nad Alea- *udi— Railroad fralcj at Gurdonavllle, for Manx ill, and all laker mediate p.UU, and at Charlotte* till* nltli the lra!ci for uynchburg. Haruac a Brown'* titagei conn act with the Iraln at iRanslon, en Monday*, WMnrtdayi aa 1 Krllaya, aaJ at (leaden on T«f« i*ya, Thortdaya and ttaturdayi, for Lex'ngton. Rannaa, Maara aud Ciopac/'s (Riga I n# conaeeU with the Pram for tl.* White dolphu' (•r-U'wrg, An, dally. UTCUfOfQ, The Mai! Train Uaru Jacm.n'a Hit or dilly at 4 45, a M.for aifi.L-.r <i. I .-•g.luTtrvkb frel*h‘ f Go dacivjl* in'* pvlo'* Weet rf h» lea at Kl.-ha da I) E. M. on na.tare, Tie. Jar* and ,ba redaye, and a rite lust • a eat at 4 A. M aa Bundaye, eo.* ua* iaya d frl a.a A K gain way »i 'gh train for GordoniTllle and point* East, leaves uaL|, Sund.)• excepted, at t k1, A. M. o. B D. WHITCOMB, Oaaaral FI1AAGE OF FAKE From LTurliburg lo fecuttovlllo. OS ooJ be ° b invtant. tl.? ftre cn our —J*Tiil Us/ u f.T.u* Ly .hull g lo scotteviile «i:5 be j^ftr**^**'*i-< no 1 to mu %'iQ n b of o*a»» *.; ivle. aud for tuto usoiaiL ikmum •iwetii It* two pit* es. l» ioW MiotUVtllr, an from tbeDf* U> I4r fart*. $U_’__e EDMOND 00. DAILY LMK OR J.l.nta H1VKII, TO FOitTR aIT— a I*,* a .r> j*i .MotvN, t'*\. 4 r*r* •RO :I .* dt"j. k Vt UaltVdt.-The dleaaitr Ll itliu EacK. n a i'tt,a.a, will leave bae trbarf at ileClctlt regularly, t'ST t a.MNi>, (t ttepl kaiuaya,) at 6 o’clui k, lor the above placet, and return aaaie cay, l- ut dtg e’du. k, P M., tuLcUng at i.l. cf toe rrjrul-.r .aadlng:, ge'ng end retnrolaj Ev..ate to urove tr swne Wuarf. |.'-Meal* extra, 50 centt i each. t *ri'S IJ PICK tell! r*cce-t »-. u a line ef 00tCUESlua- '.rough ticket., la ii -.Lina and <Vtui», will bt glxen an li e bott lur Jt -ioesj ex- ti a, 5o cenie each. K. 0 if AhK.Nit. pau-u W. kLMfSt W. C. CAIUINGTOH. iiUreri- HoWartt.llUn, Virgiuiu. EESO O A FO’S M AIL PAUKET LINE, TAOKrt C! ARA, Capula D B lihell. Pitivol Viol A, Copu1 W. H. VI..toelan Uc< FEttCT. Capita A U. Irving, Jr. PACKKl' PI JNKEU, C-kpurn a 0. Uarkt, )’ EAV* Rldtooud 2tIou«|tt>% U'cdnetduv »nd Friday J ru & P ll. Lx avv n urn ’ 0 o’clock, /. M. Vi Ji kuuiru'r *c com in'll! *t •» for irwynl.n*, lunt trl-vmrkly brt«»3& HlcbmcoJ. LyoohDui^, wad Lrtttofioa. Pt a^t. ooDtwyod by U»u Our all! bo tG’OeeipYeJ for ttour cf- duf. tolakld lor% Ifka*. Oor Viciit ait: W C ulchfl i, tflchi&ofi*:; Fcc&ck 4 Panl5b, Lycrilarg, J I I* Or toft Ikllft Ylr* OALL lb kV uUuq of Ifce ::la<ui of Rl;h- fT *3t J, And ala, l- uj .’:ar: A^.ch vr piA* ! with 'Jr. CurnaL that tbiir iir1!*1 terry rewpcct, nay bt tested by the Bids of'^ell 2 • f* 1/u.t 1 UhUkcrth***. Wo warrant aJI our Plano*, and ran aho:? a* IJghand u r.uoe- roaa :«*v>u nU a* .\..j tuz'.jiy In the country. All < f which can Oe aoen a! iir. 3*cil‘s oa C.oad Hire t. 3d lot. lr<o» B»h d«U-_ U,UT» A BRAD BO RAT. I86L NEGRO HIRING. 1861 E. A. J. CLOPTOW, Heal Estate <fc Hiring Agent, ORIOK CORS'KK WALL AND f KAN KLIN STRIKT9, O?P0- HITt l>IC*l»ON, HILL A CO BIOX-i-UONC, 'V.A., rnHl wu> t‘h*»r beg* to return hi* .\eWnowledp»roent* to ht* JR frtc^ila And patrot* ft*r »h raters during h« p.*.tt *1x >«ar*, an wi I Inform tbea th:*L be itiil cca'lnnrs the bu'i:i**a of HIR- ING GOT Nr.OH'tn*, RENTING OUT BOT8C0. COUFCTINO OL/vlMd, and all buai ’*** pertaining to a Genera! Agency, to alt which be fifes hi*ficwnnlaUmfiuH. IT Parti* in the country who cay rntin4 t)i« hiring of the*• Nryr*.* U* hu*, utt rt*4 m« urvdof rre*y attention being paid to gcuic, them DMiP uitur but opl uom *. «*:..! the h*4 piicMi, and .-at•# ficka*v,lb }. nuit^r^ouCabmUtm «’ *•> always Be unpp ;• 1 It- Lata no » large comfortable up.-i- raect. •snuretW'l vuh ‘‘.- ottew, where thu*« *itt«aU who ar# not piorMed arUK !v «• *..%»*>• at u'g?. ituing th* hiring, *»*y ra- a ila, with a good Are, nta o* on*.* S gro-i for Mrc 4! coWUnc ye»r, had better tc B*ut It Is me as ear./ after Chvtltaa* as ponlM*. j TttA u*ai a ili t <• fou/ /ur» i+rtonM}/ vnJtnoHm. J t*a to rtfw f'< Mr fotlCHnnQ jitrht/it q ,* Rjcht.'v.d, Dlckl’ ti, 31!! t C5 ■ and Qur. T1. I utane, Arthur Tipple, J. ha luinukln. Thocua* r^aaGt- roy; W-oi®ore!enr. I !) WhceHrrtrhl, Rev. The* T. Cc:ke; K’r- WI Ha® county. Jot n J Lfehuia, W. C. La Jv. u Letrla; K p.gG-crr* county, Gcorjp* Trmcr, Richard Turner, f. Msgieutra.Ti'JiBSs L*i>; Caroline co tnty. Ho. !!u<U;tn, Dr. John P bctUr Kanoa couLty, N J l. VihliloG, Dr. Jaort U. Lalanr. K Iward t. Noel, b.retie/ D Roy, J Roy MIcou. ^Pl#?y Po^g, *ye T. M rftbl; G icefer rova'y, Dr. Thom.tB 0 Oloptou, Jrf* ferns. *tu*.o«, jarp-r C- Hngbt* Jantci GH/ county, Parka Rater, RUhttWud county, Pr. Rr o-ri A p; yur; N«w Kct.4 county, Wm. F. 01 r». n, n p ♦JJow.-, !*,-. i. 0. (':anp, John H I.acy, R. T. L r-;L< uia.11 .y,Daou-; I’artUW; Co'iibniau looruilj. Wo. D. | C : *■ *u P B a’oiter; Luo*.nbutg county, it W. iU-nurn; Culpeper j •, tin. J. W!«fW| | Hot' «, CapUJ. S. IT.-olnon, John Oji miry. ___ 8WF.ET POTATOB FI.ANTINGN F«B HALF I *2_tkGH__ A. R Mft-.aF. Aat KOI 'i il£K!V itiASHFACTOBV Of Boots and Shoos. \V’L, ^ '«a4«r'me4. w^aid be f'ni-l t® fc.y. Ibe kho*i» m< .Ivlin. Lie cllv, -i ! ■,) ,i u, u w. lire new | br<»r*: la fortiidi Uiwi wiLi jikiI. of oor owe jo.nafAil j.,nt ulow rii-rtre Mlber c»a bepn>ra-e4 tere .reUewhcm. I We Web tbM tbe Bi^-omrA-oifn, tniinra. la the Une of loot. M-.if Shut., ®ty be ■«!. lt.-t.ior .1, m U.-.tthe trade ef lU'-hnaw'. r*..y be .. f^n m to Jqotlfy a. In .o-ploylc, ho® 151 > I ysj bi b; m»t b hope the 4»y ). t. '.u rUrnut ere It wlU be I tb«. ALOt. HILL h 00., I>wk.-IR«. nnA lr-i^rtei. »f Scot, end Ahew.Ho. Ill I «M» Hiimbieet. klctae.A »*• I PLOtiB.—A’Il«"'u K\*r» Sopettue flour ~ ) H' Jo iuperti. do ! bbU Jo Jo *.T_ __ r. re*:* b. __ Dfrrr»JAwr5_ 1 NO. tlOLAftSK* «' I btw < rl»,p< !<»/,» 7,r «*l< aj .eA tWJe-Nft. WWWtrWWrtW » oh LoTsTwiTTsS mfKsi lvueho- iiLA*i SLkiUit—4 (MW*1 IMW1I of <U«, will. »*J • itbo«i lruaM,f-< MU k/ *H. HTXIM * 00., w* ■»* nmt IHSUEAHCE OFFICES AC._ n*i kah'i:. THE VUU5IA F.RE .AH AiiKISE I.Nst'HASCS Ct)M?'V. otrice ComptiT • New Building, Ho 1M Meta rtrert, kloh'd, Va. CAPITAL $800,000. roinrt. .•■•••.*40'M0 rwynra oid Xutltolloe, (Chnrteved by the Lejtalatare <i tir- T itnlo, la IbJJ.) woUobm to loaure, I. mu and country, luu ordnmefeby flro. nlmo<t every deo-rtptUn of pro- I per.j. B.« tliki oa Btilpi end Oar«oe« »cd riUeoli Inland treat- ! portotkm, to* -a to *11 port* cl tbo world, at rukm.kll rat* of ** Tb^ry ,lbetol .bore o( pabll palrenu* which Uku« loo* received. *o«rete* In roiuru, o liber.'aao prompt oeUle.eal of ol.lm-. which It he. ever been llo p.eeenfc to < brtrve. rumen. end OMJW «eneraUy, my be referred, to parllee already moored la Iblo Company, In over Any conoiloo U | ^Apidbulon, by letter Or otherwtae, to the Preeldeat or •eot.U ,y. will mu. prompt Jfca Jo.. Allen. J. I. Wedoworih, OemW. Sndtb ■V L Cower Jin, wo. Been, F. CnUen, M B., II. L. Kent, Boot on. »■ L. WjUitoa, Win al*«r U. w. Puro«ll, k H Waury, I A K Park*, Jo* ** WlDilOO, oHatao#! P. ltl>irc*, tL A Ibioea. H. A- Cloloor. n. JU. . roi eo, w L oaWAB1U.N, Preeldeat. I Wo Warn, Ja., Secretory.___*-lt mrUCHASTS’. I x>jrsXTK.oA.KrC23 OOIVlT’-A-X'T'T'. CAPITAL §‘-100,000. i*,ooo. OIBew No. 1*3 Slain Si., HUlitannd. I MARINE INBrRiNOE OD V iieta.Corgo end freight inland INbURaHOE OB Gnall tmtepirtod ty nvore, cAaett, or flk "iMoWtAficit oa jUichanJ »e (.not* le, uwoltln*, Worehotueo, o d other ItullJtrii in town or ooontry rOL10lB8 luted nt onma otu, aad U uet promptly pud. Oomma IoaUjiu rteilftd U u»e offle* or throngi any Dlrootdr. AROU'u PLEASANTS, Prat. J. It. M Juried*. Bee_ 1,11 MAS IllCTIRtKh SAV1NC2S BANK. IHAUTEBEH BV THE LEbl.SU l EE OV \ IHtMAI mills INSTITUTION will roo-ivi Depoellev, on whloh on I laurasl of A4* p w o«av iiLom U paid oa all ioaoremAln- lag oa lUpotilc looitr 'haa ill *ut£V2*«, a-d P*r ••&*. •&«» 'tr^-I^’an^re Kor. 0. J. Bi-^n A Oo„ XI Mnln, rid nt BwHouAli* Boev ofIS.H * Main end Wnllitreete. Jj- D. RARER, Jr., gurotuy. 0. J. BlHwXI, Traveltr. Bo. B. Merry, Wm. Toy lev, Jao. B. Groonor. Cornellni Orew, iy vj TaJhoU, Wbi. Holl KJohArdMA* E-rum bl. Boltin, A. W.Oonnat, i bTmiln, lo. J, Ch-imlAA, Ohn TilboW. Aaoun Richard*. Pvaaklln BmaroA, llcbmcn-1, IW:» BepUmb#*, __zTT9 LI V IS il FOOL AND LON DON riKE MMIUA1CE IUHPAIIV. Capital, $10,000,000! lHSt'A fc IS COME, | li J & 0,01) 0 I Dally Hovcnue #7.UOC.OO. LtfTKTKD IN TJX UNITED STATE'S, GVKR I'WJ.'XiOl JU Mreolor, /’trtonai-'y j:*y>on*U>U for IVj Snyogtn.tnU «/ t\4 Coninany. Wt reepectfully uk eweotlcj to the eecurlty of Ut Liverpool nnlLou.m Iusoranoe Oom, *oy,lo ll» p Hey Loldere In Its lire*- cwfi cep’Ui AcJluretHren'1. M Mated above. l.M lari'- caplUl aid Imceke oi tire Company enable It toUke line, convenient to parries r»<|nlrlt,: levee tmowsii oflnittrai'ee. In addition toll)-. online.-) mode ol laanraare, tbli OompaovU- eaei /’A/I HA.YBS7 POLICiaS-, on the payment of TKS A.'< VV- Al. h'KMIVXA. Property la, IhcooeforUi, f [HMAMSTL T i/fSUM£B. TbePoHey can be canoellel at any tint, and the pre- mium trill be returnedlejl 5 per cent. This Company will aaeclniaraneo by'sl» ofRecte by Mrs, on a new and Ol'! liberal principle. Under the Tolkien of tide Coni.any all clalme are paid np-m pre- sentation cf eatle.’aciory proof or lose wrlthontD'-ulereerif or tferlwc- Sion for and not, a* 1, u.ual.cuxrv oare present*. Uon of proof, WOETEAM A WYATT, Agents, wa«t* « Mala street, nnder Ut Cbnrlae Iletel. plaPETEALISSlRASCE. THE INSURANCE COMPANY of TUI STATK O F_V IROIN1 A. CAPITAL.. OFHICE-Mafu Street, la Aatei Iceui Motel. fllUDi Company taieeJn addition to the or tinary Fire at I Ns J nne rtea., PKhPriCAl on bulldlnp. Under tMs odey one payment eecnrci the property EOR I' EH egainet loae by fl’e, TUa Company meet,oe MONEY oo deposit, pay*lotarael C 3ieon,an 1 guarantiee the paymeol of MekJllnble Motel and BUli -' Eiehanpe. 0 f ttfctesW. j’f BOLLDta W. 1LAXALL, Proet DIRECT CBS. Wm. n. Macfarland. Prat’t Farmery' Baal. Wm. O. Orcoehair, dim of Crenshaw A Oo. Wellington Goddln.flnn of Buddie A Appeteon. T. W. M.-CAnce, firm of Dunlop, Mon rare A 0«. Q. A. Bark, dale. Arm of Warwick A Barkedalr. Jaa- H. Giant, Tjbteov. Manafaetorar. L. D. Orenahaw, Arm of Halali, Orentkaw A Co. John I. Ba-*ou, firm of Baron A BasknrvHln. R. li. liaaa!!, drm of Maxell, Orenabaw A Or. John Cur-.e. Jr. Bb'.p Owuor. Wm. n. Warwick, Srn of Warwt-.k A Rarksdala, Jul Alfred jooee, Attorney at Law. 0. a Miett, Bu'lder. f.G. Jtntflr, Ag-lcaltarlit and Msr.afactnrev. W. W. Crump, Attorney at Law. Jen. Dunlop, Cm of Danlop, Mon cure A Oo._no*> OLD DOTTIWIOSf ISIUBANCB COflFAKY CaplUl t-'JO.OjC Wo. Ak Main »JeeeS, uuder Sr. Chorltt Bottl. Tide Company Is now prepared to receive application! for FIRB AND MARINE INSURANCE _n». Gab. Wortham, John ft. Great or, John Indere, Geo. »1. I aimer, Sami. M. Price, Wm. a Triplett, B. t Ladd, a 0. Taidy, Jno. Stewart Walt er, Wm. Currie, Luther K. dpllman, | Jet. a OrtashEW, Feter 0. Warwick, John H. WUIlaae,' Jus. 8 Kent, Mark Downey, HoraceP. Edmond, Thoe. Jones, Jaa. M. Talbct, BJatn A. ho Ilk, GilSIoH. Davenport, Ro. A. Paine, Geo. W. Yancey, Eu. P. Wllllarae, Joe. Rrumraal, Wm. P. Ragland, Wm. Brent, Benry 0 Cabell, Bo. E Manrey, Geo. W. Roy star. ISAAC DAVENPORT, Ja., ProtMaat. Onia. E. Woitmstl.Soo’y. makf -If l,ifc, Firii uiisl Mu. Iup Iitauruure, liiolimond Kir© A.eriociution. O® jo Mo. 1S8 Main (Northeset eerner of 11th etreetj Richmond, Va. ClIARTr’RKT) hie MARCH, lW THIS old ard retlalli- ineilictlon, with ample Capital, and con- tlnecnt fund carefully vetted, oontlcutJ to Injun- SI .voa, hold furniture, and Family Wearing Appaiwl, Vena.-I*, 1 ar.r'ji. ind Fr'lplit, ot>)o lowe«tcdrr,.at ralM. Uuti adjusted and paid with 1! |H-s*lbi.' d. .patch. fiHLOTOm David Oorrte, debt M. Barton, (Jha*. T. Wortham, »ran*le-I h«on, J ba H. Clatbcra*, John * Uubiaii, JchnJ Wliaou. Thpa' A. t*-t- Alexander ttarrnU, Qca. ti usaLbaa*. f:lr: 0. WlrwioX. uavui ccEAia. rrmX Jon J. Witdow, Trtu'r. Rr rr. T. Bxooxa, Bee ’y detn ATTENTIOK. LADIES! f PHT received at the Fashionable Boot aoJ Btoe eiLabltxhraant, el No. St M -.In Hirer*., the folk wing mo and beaatlfnl style* 0 shoe* for La lie*: La-lie*’ Oo»*ack bcoH, entirely oew Balmoral Shod Bl ,* Sul*, fair stitch kid Conyrm* Boot* If »el button Gaiters, thick and Ihtu tola •* Ccnyrees •• rery 1-iprrtor •• Bide lie* Together with the Cavil aaaortmebt of ail other atylea tl ladle* •iioee I bav* ever had. Ladle* are iMpeetfitliy Invited lo ealL JOUMO. FAflF. Jr, ocW M Mala hlrc-t, ShLUVN A III LI. Fix, Oo*rrr lain and Oary etrretx, have lu etore a full aenorouent of Uroceilee, Wine* and li- quet*, of rhok* qaalHle*. which they a- e dlep-reed to aril at the lowret narket price, f,.r tli^b, or on the neoul .lae to prompt pay- Inr ortumrr*. Tnclndvd In our «e,or*riiaS *ki be found tlirfiuret 41 entire of brandies and Wine* Import Abito the country, alary* portion of which hare hern Imported k* mrudrm, la *ali *b* wane of ilioke d siring tho Very cho:cr.* Q»~*o. ®hS>_ pOlllilNM’ SOMDlFlFl) OUFAM 'if VlLD'rLoWKUS-roi 1* ShAvln j soil ing can be more *itU wr*. For the ablation -fUifann, pietentiay arapUoM, Ac., a aonerUr to any other »• an lotion or eotmetla. F ir sale by W. PITH mO« A 0*t., Droyyl»t*. mhl* _ led Main fkrert BAtMN. MOO It*. Barry Coauty Horn* «M “"V RoanJ Ba foa. for (Alt' by i«r» fM 11. H.ttABAlfTP. ])04 HCr AhB T.IRLE CliTI.KH1T.-We have In ttoru a large auertmeu*- of f*cke*. end 1a>de Cutlery, which we offer (hr ml* cheep. CLARKSON A 00., unit rr- 10* Male ,l*»-t CIIIAIMN.-Wr hare In rl- re and eff«-for rale.Jivrt pxk, ) trace Ciielr*, all ouallilce; tflrt ghl ra ao*l lop d«*; It) r**k. proof coll do; hack, her*art, u.neue aod well do. V T M 0111’. * * O- ■ in porter, of tfai tear-. 1 tf Mala et. odl CTI K AX iVlcC J. W. RANDOLPH. l»l Main Ft eet, will A puMlblM, mo niny. Cap! V|«lc* ilea 1-Bock for Aetlrr ae.-vlcr ec’.lainlny pronlral Imirurilnn In Camp Dalle*; The 8* mitt ; Ih- Oompooy: The Rrgl *-nt; The Match; The Camr; Guar* And i.nvd Mt.u itlny; Rations, and Modeuf Cooklof Ihctu, with plate*,|*ihte Tbi-t*. ncl6 HANK NOT* ] Al'riK -J. W. RANDOLPH ba* for «ale 2<0*t FhrfU Hank Ante I’*pi r. Note* printed on thl* | nper canno1 be c ante triled. cclB ci r.tlt A*D TinLANSKN.-tA hhd* fng*r, fa’r lo F* chrlec <,aal:l»; ffl hb’u choice uo'a**e», 10 hbl* orn.bed Bo- yar. for ale by llOALOP, MONCT’IF * 00. cc'1—tw CHEAP lASCBANCE.—Herrin*’* Patent Fire Proof Eafc* Inenre moot mere for to* c-art than Insurance Policies, and teat many year* Business men eanent affo** lo b* wilt out them. We hate a yood anortnent la •tore. RNOWLXf A WALFORD, JaSl ISO Main elreot. A AT MliAtkF. A BAKKB’l DRUG STORK 1-ti Main tn cel, oronr almTf Fait Gfllce, At racy.r. and other* w!d find a an* taaortiaasl ti Latin's and otl.arAae do*p«i Pomade*, erhunatr nu Uofuuatique. Ainu, a lasye auustmenl «f the beat Part Mo-ale* and Fane*, Cun'*. Erusb.i, Ciyar Match ci, and all tbs popular Fwieet Mudlnbrn, at ft* l*wrM price* tor Matt, )*4 m GOODS—Cloths, Casslmen uni VnUM, of allr»d« tnm^U lb* following notod mills: Crenshaw MUig. a*"""®* 10o.’l Mill*. Omlpooor oonniy, Va.; Kelley, Ford * Co.1! Mill*, yredmtoklbnrf,Ta;ThomasA alms.’MUM, Marlon,SmithowWi Ya ; lack Island Mills, CbarlotU,N. 0.; whlehw# era prapyad to —... to muitn at the aborted aotloo, and In the latest and and approved style*- goods that >111 compare la every reaped with the bom Northern manufactured goods, aad many of theOroaekaw mode equal la quality to French. There can bo ao langur an **- easo for buying foods manufactured out of the but*, Is adHlion. STtMlhwiu hand * dock efPRFNOli AND ChQLuU OLOTtiS AND CAdBUlERES, not to be surpass *d by any hows* la she ally. W* h*re ihe bed of Onlten, and * oorpe of workmen not to bo enrpaosed by nay house la the Union, with a determina- tion to furnish oar patrons with Southern Clothing malarial ralaod Booth, geode wove South, cal aad mad* Boatth, and we trass to be eald smd worn Booth, ei wo nrndetormlnod to do all la oar power to posh forward gouuitrn lnjtlt«Un.s. Ootklere and Her oh ant Talioee, fedd Ooraar of Mala and ldth dreiSa. 01880LCTION OF CO-FAHTaKHSHIP. THd Oo Partnership of Clarktoa. Audtrtoa tfe-i was dlteolrod on July lit ay malaal ecneent. J. A. Ouas- aon wlUedtle the toelneea, though either partaet will tlgn In liqui- dation. The book! and accounts can be found at the oMs* of ourhacn *Co.,No. IddMalasDM J ^ nr.A..MMI[ J. M. AHDklUWN, lt( tf I. LEOWNYlL. notTojc. ON and after this date «*i sale* win be fee CdM. or pafabl. wUhia thirty OLAEfcpON A 00, ll4 So. luAMIa trot bADDLES AfllHMlUTAEY E00DS, At 102 Main Street. KINO Sc LAMBBTK. s i> A DRACOON Saddle* and Dragoon Bltta X 0 VP Braae aad 811 ver plated Spar* Military Capas Rn sinned Oroih, best quality gllrer Putted aad Wood Stirrup* Blue Cloths, medium to Baa quality Patant hklrtln* aad Dash Leather plage llamas aad Ohalui Cold Luce and Braid Military Buttons Coarse Thread for dewing Machines And Military Accoutrements of all kinds. WANTED -Two daJJfs fluids, and a man sort a Lady lo ass •ewtof Ms chin cs, to whom we will pay liberal waged j*M .1EW Al'CTIUI IIU18K, FOR THE BALE OP NEGROES. I ft III aoderslgned ha* thD day commenced the Auction haelnees, X for tha sale of NYOROKR, at the Aortloa toon on PraakBn street, lately occupied by BKlTfl A ORtOORY. U* will toll Negroes both publicly and privately, and solicits thr pafror age or Me Meade and the public geuerally. He pledge* his eSrrtsln promote the lolerret of his patrons and flatters mmtell ! that from hit Ion* ekperlence In the trad*, ho will be enabled to obtain the highest nr arks', prices. He wltl make liberal ad ranee, | no all property In hand—and la prepared to board prraoua ea moditloDi for both. Y. H HfOKOB, On fronkllo, *rd door kotow Woll ilrrrt. i April Itlh, 1941. ___ NOTICE. EUGENE CARRINGTON, LUMBER DEALER. OORNkR fRANKLIN AND N1NITRRNTU fTRIttf, Rwkwokk, V uiiu. ALWAYS ON U AND o In. of oil Hull of L UMBRA, rU ] WlAt Puo, Aik, Milmfoiy, lll'kory. Block Wilnol, Oik, flhorry, M.plc, PopUr, Button Wood. TB1.LOW PIN!. 1 loch Bvordf, WooIbcr-BoordlAg, t do do iinr'. P no, Mcp Plonk, Rordoo Ritli, flooring, dconUlok, Ae. -ALSO— Otliloi Boordi, Belli ood Sop Bbloklet, Lolba,_ Oodir ind Oik Potto, old NOTICE. PROM nod *n«r this dole, our Mia will bt nodt for otto onl. except by •poclol contract. | oiyf__ RTVT. PAIICIAOO. CA1VEUDK UlMXOw THE uoderxigned offer tor vale 10** tone 0ay Verde Gaano, and annex report of an ansl/sb made by Professor Liebig. Report:—Thy sample of Gaano tent pa, upon aoalyvla, wai fcoL J u* contain | Inorganic Mailer, 43.*4 Tloi&r.jf Hat.d and Ineolablv sohstan.*, 1J1 Phot. Iron and Atumloa, 0.T1 Phoei orio add combined with Lime on J Maf* oaaia, 44 -m J Organic Matter. * U.T9 ! Oapable of produelng|Ammunla, fif Water ae moletore, 44.01 IMlM The Phosphoric Add ae qioud above, combined with has and magnesia b equal to M, 17 jf per cent of Bone Phosphate of Lime. Signed, G. A. LXlHld, Ph Dr. We hare, With the above Guauo, 90 per cent of the best Psruvl an Gaano, and brine «!e*lrode of Introducing It among ths Farm •n, off or It fer tale, In email lot* at $40 perron. WM BRENT A 00., _JsT lftth Street, near Cary. RICHMOND I’OTTERIES^ Qp foot or Jins street, hoiketts, AND OORN'EB OF GARY AND 18TH STREETS, nirnnoND, va. KEB8EB <Sc PAHB, PRufRirrORA TUX tub* ilbort reopen "Lily irfono th. oMrehostt of Virginia, North Cirollri ind Tem-awo, that they Art aonofoetorln, tht be*. quality of STONE-WARE, Which L'.iy will toll it tho Tory Icwort prtca, tdW< a Moral dU- Count for .vuA. %tt~ All Wir. .old by <u will k. dollvorod lo no* port of U. Clly freo of share THO0. W. KEBBBB, __ DAVID FABK WILCOX 6c Q-IBBS’ 8EW1NG MACHINES. urnrrAS or j. k, mhiss, nin Palm, POOAIIONTAB OOrNTT, VA., A ND li BAOufACAorrd under client. granted to Ida OAd Jama J\ Wtllcox, dated Jane t. Ibft7, rwdseued Jaly 14, |Sfl& Patented Angus! 10,166s, February 91, IS40. Abo ilnceoeed under slsoihev Fount'#, covering the entire ronett u tlon of the Machine ; rooae* qucnlly, there ean be no litigation in regard to the patent right. It b leee complicated and the most perfect working Sewing Ma ohlne now in nee. It forme a Sat, even and elastic team, whlob b warranted not te rh» In wear, and U reliable upon all kinds of fabrics. Friot $dit to $75. Bvery Machine warranted. u JOM A BILTW, Beivtn's Block, •epk _,~***~_IWth aad OnvpnioF -* —m. 1 tinn I’K K UKtl MSWUrAmiHBUT*- Xetl" "V/ H %COU.—We ha/e Instore ljfcV) parkier* c.a*. ufacturnl Tobacco, of variouv brands and ijutUll*x, which irv wtu a !! sad tike in pajoent bank of Pltisjlvacla outc*, at ae 1 m prices m for the notes of any Bank lu our State. UUN a Ml v.j SOTDSC Va ar.d 0*ry atresia. a*1$ Cl SO I irvM HAVANA CTClAHfl, ofthefiaeetlraade, V jut received '.cm New Orleans and rbar!«xton; a'*o, a ft a reel 1? a telle*, and >Le cneai Lranuj of smoking an 1 obtwing I. birce. for sale At MffdOI A B4BI & d Drug Etoic.ltC Main meet, cot above Poet “Ui'.e. «•££ n*VBLOPBI.-J. w. RANDOLPH, 19! Main struct,can 1 jjj^ly any quantity of home raid* Cr.rei.iprs. Tba price !s j -v c?§» per huoJrsd or 96 p«r tboassed._cc§ J A OT* ANO Rf 40j#UTf0NR of fhstbird scssi'a of ths Prortrlo-- I A. ul Congteji of the C yofederate jtales. price CO cents, fur sale j st RANDOLPH’* Bookstore iid BIqJcit.<x~3 Soi tiikkn wr*HV-J.w. Randolph,i$« Mm 8^ Ik* ju op-L* I a lo: of new Music, pub.lhtd at the Bvoth — Dili- War Kong, atari of Our Rsnner, Confederate Grand Kerch, routhern Marseillaise, Bonn!* Bine fay, Oar First Presidents I Qolckstep. BrAnrusard bantisss winks'*-!*. * o.**^ 8I-C3AH.-] ms lib*** choir*!* 0 Rwgtr, Just re**e! red and fur •ate by OllaK. T WORTH All A Co. a«*4-9t F.HOTIR*- luObl.'s Family Fir* F*tr* Kopetflne Hour, for sals nn aonslgnment, by A. T HTOHK*4cO **I4 StKOIN lift- to cases Raidtnes, whole half and quarter Pos- es, Ju.4l reerlrad and for sale by KKI DJStf A MILLAR, | Oarwwrfdtl awAflar? NnAi SOIINAPPft Ml d cer. ft.i'fSi cilu■•»•»■! b. bledam fteimapp*. lotaal* by W PKTKKAON ft CO.. Drugrtat*._ WILSON’S DANDELION I OFFEB.-TbliU • d- IMv.. btyortg .and »v*.'|n remedy for byapapala, Blilniu adeeuona, .1' iIIhun of lb* lit i, and Inltakla eu ditto u of tho .lowaeb nod boaala. I ante by W. PETCKAON ft CO., Ilragglat*. 1W Main atreel. INDIGO. If IMG©.— * aupoly of tuuerh.r Indigo, now lu «fnr, and f >r *aie »y W. PBTkKION ft •*, l»ft Malu air ret. [ jteVd____ f \ INEPT—W hotel ftnubd Alngcr, for ante by Y PCTktftOR It ft CO .DrnryiH._Ot9_ (TOPpkKAO r.,INV> Ibi Copper.*, on* loitcre ftbd for *ate hy W J J PKrhRMlN ft W IM Mala fl._or* I.TSEltE VOI R LIFE AT 1IO.WE! j TH8 VIR8IHI1 LIFETvfU BlBrE rOMPiSY, (orric« count 1 or haw and eleventh iritm.) INftl’RP while ptraoai f Ufa or far ft ters of yean, Bad llnttt for one or more (not txcirdlog fOor) yearn OtftDli Aanu'tln aad In.lewnrut* oa the mo*t equitable Umi The Yankee rompaolee haring mad* known tbelr latentioo ic repudiate «ba pwBeU* of .otr fellow-dt‘n*n« wbo Day be killed in defence of Ibelr hooey, either betaking up aitna, or bynope- liking hy lending old aad eomiort to ftowthera EebeS, every prudent uian, lniurod by Iham, ought at one* to cancel hi* policy and lnanre at home Book* containing Ui« aeceuary lofonaafUm are furalnied at tb* o#ee of the Oompaoy. _.. ft AM UAL J. HARRISON, President i. ADAIR PLtAftANTB, Secretary. Blau Bmwnz, M. D., Medical titmlner. J. FI. McCaw, M. D., CoaaalUog PhyMelan. Intno* H. 'Uith. Legal Adyltor.|TS_ R* OBRi n' H AND*HOOK OF AHT1LLBHY. —TWa Util* »*r« coodala of a afttlea yf c)aa*lft*d <|u*«U*n» and aaiwer- •*pla at*rr of piaetlcal Itinnery, and of all t*eb a'.ealHha of the artillery »erylre. It ooneey*. In a tmall eompaaw uiuoh valuable Information _ The nand Luft of ftiltllory, by Capl Jowpb Robert*, U ft. Art.,: Id *diUaa; p.lo* W e«aU by 1SEW ifllLITABY WORK. JW. RANDOLPH Wtu publlah la tan day.- ._, • iBstrur'loDS for Olllcrrs and Hoc cntrmLiiioora C®£«r* af Casalryat* Out-post duty, by Llcat Cob Von ArratsrMlat, First Hmur*. EI i'o Oere.ftn Logic3, whh an al.rl l*meat*f Uuo by LltnL Col tb* Hon. P Poaftoaky, lltb Light DrapUM. It win k« aiall*.l paakpald lor RY )a*ft rWiSSW! 8S*“ 1 Wo. 18©. Main Street. MOBIMB. ta. hr a Ml "Ull-MJ. W urn. frtaulpal A rrofrUior. 1861. HARDWARE. 1861. VAK LEW, TAYLOK A CO., MO. 14 MAIM arurr "Kiohiuond, Va.. a EM os* la ra-itet, par ehlpo AluuJw aad \ Pat sa, from Ll.erpool, aad are reo«l?lug from U.C Anerl as M»nu facto rim their Spring taaalj of Harlaara, vbicb oaaMftln part of Onilerp. VUra tad IdfH Tool*, t iw aad Tabu Ppocne aad W altera, Ttaea, Halter, 0»U and Waggon (Altai, nunc. Warding and Gardes Horn, Pad, Cheat, Mock aad Elm Unto, brldiu, Oouara and Whlna, gsadcf, flbofaU and Purka, HUilsj and Weeding Hem, Bone Bfrioas tad Nilis, armch tbip *U1 aell to U.« Goo cup trad, a* W» M asp iiarrmi al*o U attention to tholr larga atoaA of Ano kprtng*, .lam.EpokM, Folium, atafw, b-lu, Leaf bar, AaaaaUd Cloth. aad 3»hl* “l0*,‘ _VAN UV, TAYLOE E 00. 1861 SPRING TRADE. 1861* W. ft. A «. DOMASI. NEW IRON FRONT BLOCK, GOVERNOR 8T., KKHNOND, 1MP0 RTERSOFHARD HARE. CUTLER E.fco. BIO to Inform thrlr Mend, and lb. public that, notwHbauad- Ing lb. aomtiled condlUon of lb. ooaatrj, tb.f her. Import id their tuna) .took of Good, far tb. eaaoon, and are -h. refer. pr.oared Is oker to tb. Mereaaam •( Virginia, North Carolina and Ten..mace, flailing sar markot, a Ml and .omplata Mortment of ariuloa la tbofr tint. Of 0HA1RE. SB krmiMi. MMM si ml, boisi anon, ill ID OtADUU. O0TLi.IT, ul at: ether Staple and eessounbl roodn. Oar uscrtment It eery complete, tod or reepectfally enttctt on istmlnatl u W. 8. A G. DOMNAH. All order* will receWe out beet CATS _«oba_ Din O V A L. V. T. MOORE & CO., I'tPOKTEEN UTU DEALERS IS FOREtM All) P0MI8 ! TIC HARDWARE, Here remoTtd to Ml Mots street, the etort reoeatly ocoapled by Nuere. Wm. P. Portia* A 0«., where they wtl! be happy to it* Iheir trteodi and customer*. | They beer now oa band A large utortment of IngUek and American HABDWABE, aad are dally receiving farther addition! 1 lo thtlr flock. I rwery effort %h\X\ bf m%4« to mtkf prW• tad qaoJtty of foodi »Usfoct3rj to oi. who n*y Utor k‘ito wHh U»elx ptlrootff*. | nhl I ROBERT J. DENNY Buler In Hardwara, lUllcry, Tools, *«., Mmkrac^ruj every wir*>fy of ortian adapted f* B UlLDXKb,MA CUIXrSTS, A HO UAEKMKPKRB Mo. tVS. Aeon ne Basu. I HAY! new to etort lb* Uigett sad moot com- piece dock of English, Oermas sod American WmHW Hardware ! bare erer had the pleasureto of- for, and reepectfally larlte all In want to examine the tame before parchaalng elsewhere. My good* are frrah, and basing been purchased ezelaMrtly far aoeh, 1 am prepared totf far them apon the lowest terms. Id Panning ImtplrmermU I enumerate Hots,Hand-Plows ■hot els. Mpadea, Porhee, Bake, Scythe*. Snathe, Axes and Chain* Together with 0 ARDINING TOOLS of all kind*. In Houae-Furulalilug (loodi my ttook le alao sery tomplete—rti: Hue Tea Tray* and WalUri.alngl* and luletu; Japan’d TolltU 8eU; Tic-Ware; Sauce-Pans; Tea and Preserving Kettlcr OaUery; fLue Ivory Handle Unites; (Indot. and rusetaj Doable Plated Porks and Ipoooa; Brushes; Hair aad feather Duet- era; Tabs; Bsckete; Mate: Broome; Cooking Cteoella, Ac., Ac. And In Building Ante rials, particularly, I am constantly prepared with a large and complete stock—fit: Lock! of terry de- scription; Balia; Hinges; Acre we; Iron aad Brass Ball: dheasemBcrsw, ■daand All* PaUeyt;Ensh Cord,Screw Wr*aebt*;Catnad Wroach! Balk and d pikes, aad all other a: dole* for bonding psrpeeea; to- gether with Tool* of all kinds. ^Osdon onrsAally aad promptly attended U. EOBBBT J. DIF NT, -sen OPS Main stirs*, those the Sanaa. TO THEJRADE. nnettll call the attention of merchants vtMUosr the m SS city, to oar large aad well selected stock of DkCOA,MH “■fevfetxssj&s"* ■ Aloft, GiOffer Afrltf, ▲aAfflWs Gltf, Aminv Gam Arabia, imefUda, Iadlgo, AleSiof,’ K.rcieoe OU, ■tasking. Logwood, Bine Stone, UnteeJ OIL BrtsMoci, Madder, Burning flail, fMM£t lrnihre of S3 hlilL Bed Wool, Oamphlao, JaLBola, Oampbor, Mf- Cork, Soda, Oaxvruil, geldlrte Powdrra, (low tt. feuMlre«i| &V Oon.-octratedLy*. TainUhee, Boforn pUHa, WMlt LiiJ, EtLogwoid, Window Ol-s. of sari ewe Ra^ng fately re-CUed car etor* with aU the modern lmpr*ss atott for ctrryl&f on ihf butt or at, wt nrf rntblrd to gift the tV ■ottdltpnleb lo tU order* rolnuveJ lo ufl.promlalnf otr lodlwlio 01 attention, tided b, competent a-MUata QtAT Dl ^ el,li Mo. 14t Mala a*., BlohmoadTss. ALL TUB PREMICns. PLOWS! PLOWS!! PLOWS!!! HTiHKER PATEUT SOUTHER! PIOW WAfl awarded a Patenl by Ihe Patent Ocm- *V. mluleccr at Washington, on the Kith wn 1 day of Aagost, lbdO, and at the late fair of ^ I the Virginia HUtc and Oemral Agrlcaltaral VI awarded the Premium for being tile beat one- "ir bene Plow, the Lett two hone Plow, and ibe beet three hone or lonr-huM Ploe on exhibition, over all the meet popular uaaen of Howe l_ the Mate, and Tie ewer Jed the Klees ti.ial at Ibe ralr of tac Mechanise' Inet.tati of the Stale, held at HlchmeoJ at the tame time. The Farmor wbo Joel bad FlavlOf maker a bad craft *... afore, land peer ordere and gat the beet to be had F. B. BTASSK, Bo. («. I Joon abort It Oharlee Hotel ■alt _Kchmeu4, fa._ Mill, hThIIN A HD l>OORS SaWlMU ANI> WUMING. TllOldeet Petal Met. uent In Klchmond, wbere map be be bad the abort artlrlee, in par/actLjn, at the ahurtcet notice. Suing confident of firing entire tallifaction, the eubacrlber toll cite, ae herrtofore, the nubile patronage. Baring receollp aJded cabinet «n J carpet,ten' Taming to hie buslneu.thr pubB. can now hare the1' «ark wltknwf tiiaarrofuStagiaf or delap. CHremeaeal!. •ad-l' wll.SC Ham Area*. ■BAH D U TTMG. TUI nawdmM haring remored' bit (hop next door te the OOMUM4BA* HOI CL, (he hoe Clip, bege leave te taJorm bit ewtnaaa xma IBo Public yeaerellj, that he la new aita- ated ee — «» »mti aB wort (Wtlrl he map be favored with) la the btetomwww* waocr.aoi at thr eboeteet ouwlblraulloo. IP poa nw a awe me Tobeow,Floar,Grala baga.Manhloerj,at aap other arWetao a*a cav mauofactiire, toad !a pear u.darm aad wa wUI aocwaaawwao voy on Ihe moat raaaoaahte tenm, aad guaraa- lee to gl» ptei fcewre tail (action. Aim, a cat HI ol Branding Bryihee, Hap Ohyota, Brace Letten, V X M. OEiHAM, *rY^£Sd,,Ti. mo 1 ■ MBCIANN. -The Sub Oarlonata Blymnt'i la olfer. X id la pe n at a perfect mbttli tie for ibe bub nitrate, uhldi It nearer MM, and a >r«e. The comrllere oflbe U B Wipe-Watotp (vide pimUK) arrert (f lh* Bob t ar rnalv man; rerp |> a I- n-nt ad ••'•to aver Ibe Sob Mlrate, and masp pmerlueni prya- hln-rtt aeeerr K. A rulf drol Jtirp'P frelTeJ to fi'l al pre«rr1p- •lent; a *u. a fal< eunp'/ rf the bt.l cbemteala and pharma to etlral Rr:duct*..te«rable us. »> bentoterr, io eu ply. In the moet rart il rjahree.Wm ►•aebrlidioii of oar pat one. MKAOK A BAKCB, Pl.aratf—«lytv, V« Mi'n it, e -D-r obrre Poel-OHRo e>»« ALBERT Hli-WPAPGH, PRODOOR COMMISSION MERCHANT OOBMIB CAST ABB leTB XTBBBTB, BICHHOIO, V A. Wfl W KUWAIT). BM T"rV note INR ( ASSI.HMl*I'. OVFRIIIIBTI.-Mnntlei reallp xb-e, for talc at 114 Main etreat tnr?l _ w e. ISA BMITH. Richmond badk BowiBKNiVBB,iiraBa ed prlora Mlil,Cm«e-Out, Hand, rannel ami TeaoaBam. of alrbmond, manafaaUrt. BrltUnala Tea aad Table Sooana, for (ale bp CLABKCON A 00 aob Mo. 1"h Main Street BtSB SIIAKO,-* toae Baeee (ICABO fer sair lew te rko a. ▼. arr.gXM a e>n__ TTOPS, HOPS, Hope, Ifopa, Rope, HBRW. A XL tupplj of freel Hope.Jyit received and far eale bv K.A. P.DAKNPT, Wh’leealc end Petal!, tell Oorerr of Broad and Tlh vtreetA 1A H bhle. Famflr Koe da. U M hhk. No. 1BHAD uenin guru wwaa.-av^.hg,-™ t My 'w* 1 -# ff'* —«gs« jw'lr.j. ,y .JfA*,'""* f A. fflAUOTT A BROTHER, Proprietor of the abort WOSBI 1 art SAW heUdUtf PORTABLE ETIAJf INOINM, cf AA la pn«ad eeartraclln, of all rtaee, from rtz to forty errs I'cwa •ahaMo for Okcwlar Saw Mill., TrT.ilIn, lu'.lim, and athet yatpi.ia, wbkb tboy (attar Unuiliw an filly aqca!,!.' art rw •artar M aay Ratface kaUt km ar elrewbert. • They wttl alro furnish STATIONARY ST AIM HSCIXIS, fra. Is Mon* to aay requred pa war. OUOULAB RAW MILLS, of tt. SMI approved eonrlrarttsk A W #1 ?4riM> lAMt> 8 POMPS aad WHS (LA far WATBR WORKS, PORTAJAR 9101 MfLUL aad I BOBS far MOLI of all ktedi. RAILROAD WOBB of every deecrlptloe TOBAOOO PBBSSRS, ELATTENf Nu MILlA, aad all irtlelee MSd a ■aaafartwrlpzTckceioo.lozctber with every Usd of RBAASaad BOH OASWBfll aad WROUGHT IRON wr'tr_ WATT'S CUFF BRACE PLOUGHS. Gheo Watt <Sc Co. BSTAJdLIBIiEr) IN 1348. GEORG! WATT harlas ohulae I at dlceteoi ilui f ar up ante patent*, on Mr Oof Brace Plow., At'«r.e»ledxeJ ta embrace tbe nort reliable laproveneaia ever raa.leto iblj Ir.;la- ment, three ol wbkb paicota have to rna reepeui.uUy 10, IS mi 1R yean, and bavlaf teen aearded at ih» late Me-budct fair, la Bkbaoad.a certUeala of Silver Medal, for ODHtlMTID rOPARI- ORITY IN PLOWS, (the hlzbi-et Premium ylran,', sal at Ibrlart Male Pair. AreeUae. on Mr muu, la addition in* awarded at all tbe preceding Pah. Mr yean Within two mocthe part Lr bar added other valuable Improve- lull, aad we sow lnvtte all la want of plowe, warrv.tai In a very respect roperior to all eUtn, to call aad cearn.Cl esr larjr* aad varied Stock of Plow., Caatlon and lurlcaMaral taptmuau, aad freehand Prime Garden and PlelJ Seeds, de.. Am. abrek we e*hr for sale «o oar aeaal eeeomaodatlas term* GEORGS WATTAOa, dal Oae Sqaare Belcw P.icbaafe Hotel, Rioha-ad, Vs. mr SBWINO .nACHINBS. _iM| BLOAT3 CIUBKimi BLUPTIf LOCK STITCH SEWING MACHINES, aaaaow aazer.oreain avna UNION MANTPAOTURINO 00., Of Richmond, Virginia, AND ABB POB SALB AT (TORS No. 431 mails ftlruetlf These Meehltt* el Home Manefaotara, are warraatod *A h*M la sea. PLUM _CALL AND EXA.VIINB THEM._M WHEELER * WILSON’S SEWING MACHINES moOE the hlgheat PEKMUTM at MfCHAfflCT’ 111* la BIOL A MONO, 18GO. ALL TSI POPULAB MACHINtfc OP THE DAT IN COMPE- TITION! V* New Improweuirnta. HMocrtl Prlrta. JH f4A-|A0-8*b-8TO-8A>-flvu Ot TABTiEB, «r !n CAEIItrT CABES, adapted to aii parpoeem of the PA MIL? or PLANTATION, The BctmUt/c An trim:. u;i; ■' They bar* do rftrai 1” < wr Bin) rca circulars, jm T ft.O • 0 HAVE BEEN SOLDI lamtractlaoi—free. Bo charge for packing or Mpptas- Werr anted for three gran. A B. CEAIOR, AgtfiL ■T Main elreet, Uehmoad; Jotoaoei Hall, Huclolk; **K Proa* cere etrart, Pelertbcrg. HKEULBt, BILK, COTTON, Be., al' In went price* }.A A. Y. STORES Ac, COM WH0LBBA1.B OUOCZXr, Forwarding and Commission MERCHANTS, Omnaar 1 AUt and Can Hre*!*, RICHMOND, VA. A. t. W,_(Ja**J aiut «- wmxywog. AfIILI».nrLK«AM) HOHNE8.-I ban Jtv-T ill (net receleed, direct from Eentaek), a Terr ck.Icc JpW and inperior lot of Aleck I hire MIMA treO •uiteJM Iron marten, railroad parpoeem, rtreet and piaUttirn ut, all ed ableh I will sell, exchange, break and deliver la the city or good* y, on or anal arcootowxLrtov lenru, it Dirta B Uov-bUert. be Bardm'i M eLarntf. aelt-U K>WIJf WAIXUL B. A I hall be le receipt of freab Btoak, direct free Ken'aakfl eery tioath Eoqnlr- at Abort _1. W, W OOD AND I I JUH H HATING a Wood and Lumber Var-J, on the bn* of the Tort Hirer Bailrrad, oppotltc my WarehoCi e, I have made ar rangcaenu for a conettnt nppl) of Oak and Pile Wo 1, wtdah will be delivered to famlilee, -1 the very Invert teat it pr*)a. Buildcn trill alio Dnd a good, auortmer.'. of tie beet VirglaU Lambs, which will be laid on accomodating term, fed A. 8. in. •ASH, BLIND AND IMJUK Manufactory* OO&KXB In AND MAIN BTRKKTy, RKRLeiOND, VA. MERCER tfc H1 lala ABB prepared to eupply, et lie el.ortcet cacti, — cry iletctSp lion of work in their lieu. Operntlog with the approved machinery aad the bed quality of material!, they will war aal their wort to be of lie bait order. Peraonj who are eilhar bolidlng or repairing, are reepeoCeiij la- Tiled to give ae a call ■W~ Orden from the country will receive protcyt attenUon. We parihaee Glue at factory prlcid, and are ccabled to fe.-nlah Baeh a lamed at the lowed ratee. IfE ly_bltKCP.B B UUL. VINE LltH’OHN. More, Imported direct from ance, by the“Lea* lth eaaee See Glare* Wine to baakrti Ohampaglae Win* 8 eaeke Ane Precch Hrandy b Ml lew a large lot of very inperior old wine* aad BrtTflei, qwertbeaable ae to age aad putty, bartag been bougt.tln load.— ilea, lertee Porter. Beach Ale, Utah aad Eeeteli Wbieby. <44 Jamaica Earn, An. Our a lock of Tlralnla Bye WLIaky coanrleet mart of the beet bran4e,» pan of which li very old aad -ir trier, ell •( which we will eetlal a loall advance, Id Intale (alt tar* ohaeera. JOHNhON, TOUNGKE B OTET, lalt Ee. IB Pearl ptraet, EMSjron L va. NEW SPRING STOCK! BOOTS, SIlOjES. THUNKS. ^jj^B are anw opening, from different pecksla, an hundred eaeeq BOGIE, UOM, • ac.1 TBlTIif!, Come riming ane ef tl,e Lee* eeeo.-tir«ct> ’hat we hare ever had. parehued It toe iaet few vcelg fram the beat Benda icr«re M the North, noon the t<rj beet i.nca, we offer u our t:em4| asd toe pybue et very low pric e We ahail melee new tappuei t-rtry wc-k, thereby keeping By ear ua*< iment We hive had the of err Gicdi b»do to order, end arm c4 the beat q.mlt!->. Wt (ball be glad to eee etr frieoda, or receive tb.-lr nrden. mail Pin.NET 4 WATTE. CKr.tT SAM? 4T KKflt’CED I'UIftS! Of A LARGS POBTION Cl OCK 8TOCK Of HI Oil PRE88GOODR, Oh cur own ceot-Ure, la oar large Cloak Rn ur, to barb THIS DAP, end cool!; tie till aii ti.o Ge ii -ere, to t« Juo* -ur ACvk aoJ boilcea I) the eondWne of the Cue*. Among the Good. now rtfeeed, ai — BeanlBti hill IIjhom *1 Slthfli.lldnhd Ini UeaatlM Bin «•.!>•- at Slit to »“«. Bar eg-* BoheO at $S and #10. tplccdld Hcroard Ur- ere* at S1& A great rertety of BaiegM, Oranadlcea, Chaldee, Poplin., Organdiea. L.wu, to ha aold without regard la reft. f AM'L M PBfOK A 00. 8. B.—Tha pan Goode cf tha »caeca Iiceir'r.i b> ctery .tease. HARRIS’ JOOKKYOLUB fMCSthO TOBACCO, »o mTcJk •ooght aher i.y emot*re. for «H» hy mu_ » mrnioN p oo 1st Man at«a»i. riYUK HANVBVOB UK A B1 ILL HU V. by C'r.pT. A John Roberta. 4th Regiment Artillery, C. r. ; 1 votanar. lBuo. Baafa. Prve fl A «-w edition hr rr.dy (he laet of duly. To ha publlal ad July doth, a 3c* pork.a MAP of Virginia: nr! :e IB casta la prtearalloD, a poeket TESTAMENT, la rite at 1 atyig to lha Bible Boriny e*»te, Bfgio aid ar Doer tike tt u poailhla. It will he ready for delivery to edvati.u* order* la Bep.etaber.— Price I’tt par hundred. Aft-r ih# advance order* ar* died, tha prloo will be f I* M per baedred. and IS eta at ra*aIL Jj*i tV Valrairert. Map or tub btatss <jp viuuimi. * WKCT k JOHNSTON, FntUatera, Bookeellora and Bu it-.vr*, >*0. 15 Main itrvet. Rave parr baaed the ca»ira edition of W.tMe k Dsnoaraai'a Ultlas of the Map of ilia Bute af Virginia. It U the moat a- rale nap of lb* Buie ever publltko-l. ft eontaiai >U tka erven. Uea principal lowaa, raltroada, rlvava, ranale, and ail olh-e tuter. ulhaarovaBawta, pat op la atat parked fcrs, price glXo. oa Mo aiao pablUn Hacdoo's Ltfht Infanlry Tactlea. aaaatece ■ oa* vohrate, with pUtaa tad map* 1 60. muwptw. a no VobioUer rR*nd Book, by OapV Jaa w IH .fik, *,tu ■rjlamat Virginia Votaalrevt; Tib; tS± Oaafc soot be a ant with the crd.n fa ai cere* ■•**-w*i“»o,«> preaa, aad will pablMh ahrrtly, failhaut Kananlfcr Volunteer. aad MlflUa, oooUinlogBMpa^ea aed AG fkinolabaV OrlU aad Bayonet limb a, profanely Uiaeuaud. ™ 01 nrr*tl1 T-“a Iddr.B order, to piimnaN hook.-. Ml PLANTATION AND fABM INNIRCCTI08, RBGCLAYlflH, BfCOKH, hrtk..u.tM.. _ UIVlhTOAY, AND AC43 I NI k OK. *•*'•**•» for u>« belter tx-inia* atatc .a#ol cfpU&4itoo m4 bn U> mju.y r*ril& ^ VaSSuW a"1".- ,cc°^r “ U“"» • «»• « 1 i.. pal.Uabed new aed Improved vIrdor.* The Mae and price* far naa year W.CA; lor rwo year* ♦*J4>, Mr kr f«ara 4 50; Ur it, yaara f 1 m, ••H"0* Paetikulaxly adapted for C.itoa Pwtu -caa!

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