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Daily Richmond Whig (Newspaper) - October 25, 1861, Richmond, Virginia•o mu movie or th* o*m ? on oxuua Cltr AMD THE OTHER COCJi TIES AND Cl TIKI COMPOSING THE THTR1' fXiNGRKSMON At. IMS WOT. The reeolutiaa* adapted by tha people at Charles Ci- ty, so Thursday last, exuitsmvc, also, a* 1 hs*a raaton to kcow, of the wishes of maos oW/.jd* in other portions of this Coaftcsaional Lhstrwt, are higbl* appreciated by • >, and are «u tit lad to a (rank aod ccinli 1 icpiy. The tim « are fa I of parti and of prafeami interest. A Got- frnntnV comped ot 9late* smm separate iudenec- deoo* and roearergaty was teknowiedged by the Treaty f Peso* in 1783, (ths aatd treaty Ving made with each State separately, by aam% aad ,uh ail c .iiaotivaiy), is new d voted, in oppoeitkaa to tbo aoohwured lights of hiavory, to have hern pope ter b Its origin, and altogeth- er so in its oonstroctios aod cp*rstion. This doetrine, as if to mtke it more if igition-, u asserted by the nun woo tw tiecled to his high ofboe, by the Tiles of the dates, as, orufarred by their several Electoral Ojllcke*. aad ebo wanted nearly a million of .tea of the propis to ooostiiue a popultr msjority. This is, doa b tu, done to tmptwt* the world wih the belief that the S xithbPi S atsp bars, and are, guilty of a nnst bare and intaiaoua levolt, and at ibe rams lime, to in- dace tbo miard masese ol the Nortn-rn p-op'e to maintain ij power ths uuprmc'pted Oatal ne*, who, for loag seers, for their own eiuj'utuent, have etirred ap the bitter w iters of ha‘red and ill wtU no ihe part of the North again*’, the Ninth. Tax’ Government. a mere a.;ouoy of tbo State*, wonts territorial per* tsions, as if to Indicate its tine oaareoter, w«io limited to an atra ol but ton miles n\ tan, anted by tbo 8 aica.wich acting saparately and for itsrli U a.rt», wltbcu; the shadow of right, s-Urd vp>a by Bums* composing a soctioo, and is made to war uooq a pirt of its p ioo pals, who bar* quite »# much right to an aid it as other* to perpetuate it. If V irglnia or h*-r oo- 9-ati e base bntt u their oompaot or covenant, than let the ttTmded or ti Jared Brat.s asenge the wrong, not through an agrnoy creeu-d by all tor all, but In tbrir choraoter o' sovwteigoa, through their own means andap*. H ctachuasus, ioraco-.h, undertakes to preain to Virginia long boaiiUje upoq ajtudtutional obligation-, •cd eaud* her arinira to erfo*cr her leeching* upon ns. Aod efan Rhode Island, of whom we had hoped betiar thing*, who stood out two year* before she would gire her assent to ths agtot Uo*<n.meat now under the lead of h-r wealthy manufseturiug G.veroor, wto i* ail auxi jua, doubtlana, to Ad hi* coder* to further and gTaat- tr repie hn, by high taxes cn imports, sen Js tbs elite of her prop's, with *i*ler.d*d batteries ol aru’lert, to cruah oat reb.1 Ion lu VirgmU. It looks rather uosceiuly that • Btats which in lair did uot b« itv« that aha could con- tuiuuoAally send oer mlitia beyond her Smie line to ra- pel an invasion of Other States by a foreign Pom.-, wl>b whoc ths then (Jilted 9'i r* wer.* at ear, sLot il now, ali ot a sadden, came to ihsconclision thtt there was ua cobaiitfuooU barn.r ui her way when the cot qirst and to id ;ation of a a ice ai -ter State was the game on foot, or toat another, who would not a .'opt tha G svernruant, from extras avsisica 'o it, fur two whole yearu, shc.i'd •0 have fallen in 'ore with it that she s.u di fort'u her armed brigands to essiat iu crushing ih* State which ori ginaitd, but who has b come bear if di<g"atei with it, bioati-ie of its perm run Irom its original ol j.vU into *u angles to be ri;J. by a la | why sec.n'n, lor ths < pp.e*- | aied, oo the pvt of the agent Government, by proem d tngr -roe#, tyrannical aid revolting to aii »to have here- lot or? worshipped a- the raw de-ic: ated shrine of public iibvty. It wi< oere fondly believed that ther. aereerr- tain treat principles whiob the re voln'ion in h g'and of lodd. and oar ever glorious revolutioa of 1 74. a»dc«n- nouueJ and r> adered aarred, tut we live itr.*ee the dst wbeo three principle* are d*ri led and trampled upon I, vaia does the victim of oppreeGou iVm ind in the language of our bill oi rigais undid tire Consviiu ion, a tair aa 1 im- partial trial In rain that he invoke* th ■ principle* "1 Mug- na Chan*, whim are as dev to him u they wore to any iord.y baron at Rianjuisdn or any Kugiwbaiaa ainoe la vain the bearpeals to the Judges and the court*. Ths vrr nr .bit- tihiet Jutl.-e, in h attempt to restore the reige of ihe law and the i'oi stliutioo, is mooted at vid bis au- thority despised A provost marshal s i*ps rie piece of the Jiiige.aoJaime u: £ <igedGeneralannum. wan irrv vereabij server of baoisbaest or Imprisonment Squally tala that ths citizen claims hie house to he hit castie— anowd men, without authority oi ltw, arenas him from 0i< •ium’iere at midnight and hurry him away from home and family to be ur.mnr.d in gloomy and distant dungeons ) the freedom of speech and of the pres*, IqDg wl h the freedom of cler-iooe, the guardian-*, a.- heaeiofore fondly supposed, ol (ubfis freedom, have 0*80 cruabod out, legislatures S’O dispersed, their tnart bera oouaigoad to prisons, and those citizens who fuse had the nerve to writ? or speak a word iu opposition ’0 such galling tyranny, are to he louad immured iu mod vm bistii**. where no ray of light cmanatitg from tried oc oooeei-uoe b permitted to enter, t>u jb b, in brief, the night of dspotism whLh now holds ita glootuv r»iga creeai. the North. Those very people who he e’y .mi tnit to a deupoikm sn u-jreieutiug and cruel, invsds our ion without a suadow of right, and deeiaro it tz be ti ^ir pu-pove to force ns hack itto a Coion which they have destroyed, under a Constitution which they have rendered a moi-t- ry v.d made a nullity. Dream they wwa |n our jetca, di r: veil from a glo- rious ancestry when they talk of subjecting us to the aame tvraany to which they thetri'lves are even now snbjced ? A reoewal of their vqtuintaoce without history wool! inairuol them to regard Our subjugation as a dsy-dr«am and nothing more. That history will in- form them that this noble old is late, though nearly tbre? reo’tiries in eiiateic**, lias, iu no instance, yielded to fortfe or ooeriion. Unless I overcrJmstc tho cbatacter of her people, tbey wo 'd sooaer, to use the language of an Irish patriot, ** r*S > every hou*?, buru every Oftry blade of and make the ias: entrench- oieata of i berty their grave," then submit to the wrong and oppression with wuiob ttey Metbreutsned. Formid- able armiee vs sent to at mb her proud sp rit, end to im> p mo tn inac'.ts on her free harm. Through a gnat tnn- apprehension, as I think, of their duly, but as the r o :• oeieed, lo a lolly vp'.Ht of honor, our naval olfio rrs re- signed the ships which they commanded, at the time, of reeiguiog their OJtnm a*ioi a into the hands of Northtra oific :tt, who carried th m into Northern ports. Thus heve we been drived of oarjuva pfonor iw. oi a navy which our m-ane aati*led to build, and wl ioh is now to be used iu tffzr'a to rav.igs and p'n -der cur coast, and bon and Jes.roy our citt •. Surrounded thus sad gKr.-a’- ened ihue, I hold it asau aitom, that no m;o is at lib*- to d.-obo? anv p>*i ioo wti:ch the Hut* or i»s p-’Otne may, by their unsolicited suffrage, rotifer npoa him For myself, wh:le I aevk Dot*ii?g aud aspire to nothing, I will jecziac no »er»tee which Virginia or any portion of h.r peopln may require me to render, {f then, the peope 1 ■ — II _,_.. |., I .hat arsvnt Ibe sta'lon. aod devote my beat energies *o a s'Wceiwtul Urmkatloa of tbe *ar and to advance the permanent intereaw of this great, an t as I doubt cot it S» to be, vio- torlons Confederacy of 3 awa. under who^s parental • way I wish, for one, to lies and die. If however, cither U m? whom I enter* tain the bis fleet regard—who have bee 3 anaonnoed as candidates, shall be e'eoted, I shall be quite content, ard ahaH give to hi* useful and pitriotio labors lr. the ha,y rnigages us, my most hearty,ptunae, andap. THE ILUEII AEI.E DISTHIO'’’. At-Sttumc Cornu, |8d0ek, 18dl. To tb Edit* of lb lynekbvrg Virginian At yoi have done me thu honor to prssaat my oamc to I <U1 highly respectable journal, nno of those irorn whoa cboios may bs ms*a for the rc;r*i«aU lon ot tm. Skirl#* in Coogr .* 1 bag 'cave to ter to job, and throng 1 you to my fellow citizens la rests I h 11 0 wee- tt at. that three gent’ema-', well known to lh- District frf their talent and abUitla* having already nanoinc-d th-maclve* to ta tot my wUh to bv c mtld.-rad In any way a eompaltor. 0 r of *hs d.slin- eu ahrd gentlemen Ulore the District, S choke, I tm lerauaird, can hs'ffiai# iMiaim.; 'J ’« * of ,u vaon, and conduct.* at the .nme via*, to the Uneui of the oiitnoa coute.U of the At kdeaev. I have bad my s itre of the public hone is of the coun- « v for which I am profoundly grsteful; and amotg ibem, not* U mate dear to my memcrj and ff otions thao that of having rtpr.seated, for a kog stiles d -nrr, without oppi*1 ion, or any spearent division nf ibirf! sentiment, this ay native Dlstrkf. Wn! J no nnc, a aa sure, can feel a dmp*r sshcixde than I 4 for *t# speedy end glariocs Ufeuphof the giaat o«* la which %c wrs embukt-f, or will more freely coalribute whvt- s*er e'ability or means h* may posses’, «o its aivaace- =*nt, than I than, at all times, be reedy and ;.>*loui to do I am y*< eenaibia that th* pniiilcal arena uaUra..y, demand* younger end mats vigorous chair pan. Prating you to accept my beat acknowledgment* fur two d itterisw prefer* oc? y<* have b*o P^ucJ to a ,_ ter Md tendering my oordi.1 thanks to any o la. tallow-citi: -ns who way bavo bean u,c ia-*4 to honor b,, by their vow* I raepectfnlly nqurtt that oo foil he •poedfarw at the *pr°^t gma DOtfROTO M30CH0S3 OF VlBGInTl-PRODCC wir or bay. potatoes, ran* Ac. Jo tb tator of lb WMf: Um*+ti tat lesg Sg* vary property ajaeswasd o-.« gaud lolfca M to hew they might yvwtuauty au|>|Uy •h* city market* with foe. Allow me to add eowethtng, by *»T of introdnoing a genera! eratewi fer supplying crntflrea with what wrjh«>c so long patwhased of the detestable race from whom w# are now separated—I trait forever— promote ottr domestic Industry, and Weep our mouey at home. 1 have mentioned shore hut three of many artie'es which uow commtud enormous priors, and always 70-ij j pices in the Richmond market. If hay in ba'e<cau be brought lrom tb* remotest inland prinu of Ysnkeeknd, Vjippid to all the Southern port*, K chmoud p irkoulariy, and sold at a profit, why cannot It be sent here In any quantity by oar own farmers, by the Jamas River canal, and even by the railroads * rotates*.— None liusr ar* growu In the worlithan ean be produced In portions of the State now penetrated by tbo canal and some of tbs railroad*. It would be a profitable crop at *0 cent* per bushel—is never less than it, and at this time command* |1.7ft, and advincing. Fruit*.—Abac the lines of railroad arc thousands of acres of uncultivated land, which might profitably te applied to the production of moat kind* of bruits. No better apple-growirg region con be found than that which is UyOu and within itaoh of the great lines of im- prjreuient; at.d yet, until now, nearly all the appha •oil in Southern market* were grown and sold here hy our worst anemic*. Fortunately, that supply ia cut elf, but'the fruit commands enormous price*. From this time until the month of March, fruit tree# may be planted with certainty of success, with tolerable rare. Tbe nurseries of Me-a.-s. 3 a ton A Sons,* Janus Via, and Jamaa Quest, which I have lately seen, ar* niw filled with tbe finest ycung trees, as are doubtless othrr ncrserlea In the vicinity, which I hare not seen and the pr .-ss are labdcntte. At the nursery of Slaton A Sons 1 saw in one lot not leas than Ik 000 of tbe finest your? apple tree-—besides a large collection of others, coir- pricing every var etf. I Anew from < tperWno* and onsei va'ion, that trees grown booth are lar preferable to those rase 1 North. 1 have not mentienedapsar*. pettehea, or other atone fruits, but ail mag be easily produced and sent to mar- ket with advantage to the growers. If our farmer- and other land owner* will ruus* them s Ire* aid aecettaia total they tan grow now, that they never grew before, many other articles mar, a* they will find, he t died to tbs laws The* will aiioa me to address to them ihe charge of tae old Seo'cll Ltird to hn sot.—"B.* aye putiiag ia a tree— will ba giotvlng a hen j« are sleeping.’ VIRGINIA. •Tne fi ,e»i sprottneo* ot appiraetee exhibited at the Fti’ « in Richmond ««re groan in Augusta, trorn ire** ol tte n ir«cr/ oz »inioc»—ir.« wiaca'. proDAmy, in the SfaU ______ ▲ Co4ru»uuTC FaiYAfiia iv ruil'd'-* Haas.—A private* letter o * m-react lie to-s* of San Franc lit so, •iaied Hong hnug, August 11th, contain* the following *‘a private* *u fitli gout atShanghae al the Um da ce Uipl. A He? who took th* reamer Surpria* to Shai g a ; Cap* I.vntb, former!/ a (steamer cap*am on Uw China rout; Mr Ward, who hat h«U a in tha C iueae I operial rank* and Mr. (Her/, Talced 8'area Naval Store k*ep*r at Shar-gloe, are u gsged in the piracy. I* ia asid that the schooner hsa beeu equipped irora the Toi*d State* Naval Store*. I thin* there wav only coal therein.” CHAtlOtt O# iCIflEDIiLK- Trav Utnr lac flout* will obaervr that U,* after noon for Pnervburg, ‘are# this Hly »t tu\p\, r. a., Instead of 'uw an f« riarrly. o.-et—lm T. H. WTHNK. Popt. VUih 4 ouk roo.tonal Dlatrlrt. J "IHN * 0004 JH Soq 7>tkt M'U'orqf lAe UMj H r—It Is rT»tl yla* to the ncir*rous fHeo »• of this lalianl anJ di«tlo'e!.1- fvnii*tstu to h*ar th.; at the toll?.!* loo of o cor.* 0. drrAbl* number of tre iQUwtof »'U snd other eoiitlw *f the 41 wlrt. t:» h*« anoouoc. J M*ns*lr a racdlda*.# for Co orcst.— I is, hAvtvrr, to be ref *t’*d that hi. posldoo In the C4U.* of the Ai r.y of toe Cisfedera'e flute* prerlad the p»al Mine ef h*» freestc » !*• this a*a other rnantUo of the DUirt t, • li re t* p^f^jn-ily hu- rttUe knows, and, e.p< Hally, to sl*w of thel*jn* eaejgbt to be rab*4 by Mr I7e*dw«y kmwn hereto- fj e la th* tualarr u t\* Treadway— *e* of h’.e rropfllton ai H*a<y Conr, to Hondo? laft. afWr Mr Treadway ha1 har ra*«u*d the p*op c at feat length an < Mr K*v-»r.y Oat *. also a oaadUale, L%d a jdr»c***4 <h*tn Mr. Jaa. T Wool* '0 briefly an* nwi %»r flood* I Mr uyitqu •», as a c ind.iiaie, and ex* pi .!u-1 »h* ''%-•# of h’s ah score. TM* »m.\auo**nr *t wa* toads I 0 etttg ntluaMgkw* •*• gr poaeSthee the ©tit ind.d »l*s or ia*uin*r a y aiiel'o* un««s w*a made lu tha C4tcMa|l ;» 106Of Me r*B*i -. 4, .n wh: h h* said, VI.. (fioue was oe of the i.ret ux-oUh-u cf the CoDTap 1. 3 W *<;, lars for ti;r senesstea of ? rgfnla, *ad th** lodepe-d oe-r <f the 8©u.h, Abd wao atuoba the #M to <lrav hla a word la tapport tth *r (! 1. a*!oo.,% Mhtf'eopeo Mr. Trra-iway. reyvi lew of th* i>-ieiy due trim nno grovroan to aooticr aud •• pcclallr of wh it la dot *0 au abaveot au^t’er, atoi^ar.d with arodc* BMi l.l-becoad a ‘lra« «hcp, wtah dto know a by It aas il .fined i.eCfMsrr, by .i**t Woetton, a e un t p ItiUu, to anu^u rs Ji?i Clocde a caniiJate, when he had al aady dune to '—why Mr W\>o‘t^o aai other fl» <* ,-clonlsta were not'.oUi- Army— <'hst'Rlog thil Ilk- flr ea-lon..t Wanted all Ae cfhcci of the country- ipol# or Mr W a* the defeated esMon eaad l»te for the flor.vemlic, and lo a »' *ala, 'ar tn 're c*.d tab e 11 Ms ingenuity a« a tv !!tl- elan than sndcr a< a mao, evttl- it y wiifM to divide the l> opie a* they were dtvlde-l In Ve'ru ry ia t, h 1 ■* »;<bt ral»/ It > TnUn a- of that d<v to h!« support ta me pruch ng e!e;- inn. ihi» h his pojev, undb* the p *'e«t, tb »hePec^»*!o lit ant to monopcl e all *hc tifl 'e. of the nniry. X had hoped mat 4 ioIui were Secessionist oow—thi. man Include e—and cat- notbnthOf h« wi.l sigoAlly lad, l» l.w persona 1 fat to ale dlvlsl «k anotr tbr old and rompar% !veli r<.’**3t •r« efdrnUt«. Mr. Wooiton (clicked Us Insolence at the live, ar t eapoeed this b'i ln« vitoni *t* lya fly this w* baow w© have p-ssed from the death of the Feder I Tnlen. to iIt life of He C infederate flta'er, bioaus* we 1 re th* {.lends of ibo Conie-'^rat s flutes Try Mr. Tre«d *ay to this tale, and frma bis tbtnifee'adoas cf bit r&rsi and hate to wards fleet*! or!»U cn Mnday.we night we I quea* tl’t Ms to th*se fltataa Indulge mo. how. rer, »naf%w fa ther obse.vat ens upon hts assault on mr Woctt^n and fleets- .ivnlsts H sp*benfMr W. as "adefbnot poUtsalsn." To be dcfesteJ, a c rdlrg » Mr Treadwaj, or pvlltl'al offlte, coos«itatr« coe a •IrfuDctp III Irian.” rpu this scljert. i.o one wh'« too** Mr. Tteadway, will yainsas h * autvrlty. Far It man ever lived who kuf»*l pt'Q- fu* y what corsiltu'es a ‘‘defonct politio’an Tread- way i. tne The people seem to have ^e-n slow In appreclt- ting the merits cf Mr T and be has tlped*i.oed tMf death In a t<, o; »a. from hii earll*et manhood to a very r** nt period, ard, on e a he had h*-n endowed with as many ttvet a. a ca'. It said to bava, be wcaid louy since havebeon, not in rely “defi de* ye»l In every uiascb.’S vv and boot, be was f;t*i call/ healan’t hU **110 te w repras- otthe ooas'f of PliUylvama, In lb* House of D I Raiee—*-e tm by VYr.ltmel P TuaHai!, for Ae £ -n- au- heataa t'tbos H ?. orooy, for Oobgreis- boaton b» Jot. Martin, I Cowra »owealtb e attorney-b**at n by 0*orge H. 011- a • of the Hood of ruU e Woikt Thill he has been be.tenln Jonib beaten In middle ege, and! tten In d*rl a-—beatra ta a pa te'man, an.l hea-ro u > do pa ij man -beat-ea f- but# and p. feral, Legbiatlne. Jod dal and mlnlaWr.aJ tiBeee; n»y. more, » »ieo nt S mo, nod beaten nbredd. ror; »T ough, always before the pe-ple, >01*1* eh trader cf fropbet. be haa been with mt bo or la h) own o another'! --urn ry Aud -e« HUs man baa the andc tj total! abaut dr'onct p It'.-lask." •at the Sicead I he «iy» want a mnoopdf oflhe ottoea. Af- ter Ise d-a 1) If Mr M .ti n, Mr Tread fay wit *l,o ed Aturnty {.ribeO maionweaUn in ruteyl-aala, apd upon’te ltd* if l/r- i, ia n vaa borne li.t the CooeanU- 0, In rbraary a*', and new, with the dec!'ration n b'eltp that the »e-re want all tn« fSres h- met b» ore the peop'e of thle C ngretel nat bla u'4t ar.tb the dice of 0onus ;nw .alibi Attorney, ylildlngel ut pT» ayea'in roe land, arl a ee't 1 'bo Ceurro Ion at 14 a d y n ie other hand aodailb hie sootf, el le upon begg'og f a H4t Is Conrreat at to day. Asd yet he eayt the Saere Ion! U I wnnt ell the oX>w Who l» nble to oorJcCur* h w n>in»w;ll I 4 »fy this to ceial.nlet VtrUi t te appe It* of this rota {row» by aha' It fee.lio* But II l.p rUj». due t Mr. Trcauny U I., ,t,4i aooie afl trance ro.1.11 ■ be u> ,de for this hie In*'little thirst'or the • «!!• ti o*ie. Tb people bare he»n elwtoap- i,it-, h e afcil'lts to lire H em, and he dosbtleel iMai' thry 5 ent BOW to make air e -dr for th.!r eUy'.dPy In tali ny to iibeoT,r thanateneaiUerday. _..... B it he net Mr Wo oiob. who had ac marts, y ortedeo rus 1c •tmrly assoc-d-g ktr.eoid;, Why be (Mr Wjwat not la the a-my Ib'pni-i'i art la»t now e-ne ratal tc knowye rcusriu ■Izt-dbiMr Wcottoo far hb abaeaer from theatstr. B.tltmoy b* a<k*d, and w.l a i-rd, any Mr. Treaiway wae r.ot by the e de si Mr ftoodr to the tent-1 t Id, laetea > of veilsr the f'p .tar ear from o'usty to .only with he rrl a fc- esc oce nlr. e *r Treadway t* It n» hl» «oa» ire then ,n 5 thle IrUUiyace ha br’sgl u .ell rd as a gratuity I the publla- It te a • aple w.leh be CeasU la the ace ol 'he public w i. teier he appear! upon U.t hue- •Inga The fa-her -.c ould be ec a ed 111 eonj air there, and a, aught to be fiitfu' ’fce t,etb Is Mr. Tiead* v’< genlm Ilea Id L diJe.ent ol d rf di'fare Wbenayer a *e> it:cm of eljH d I- L.™ 'OB. Iwlfcip Iis, he til *i«a>l shown hlne.-i revlf tx *1- fiikl plA iv’.iw. t !» beta M ti 1* tfriaUttdvr Mr Trt^ir'tUlU lAodpof Y*j.kew bnlleU~ Wn»t a rebate do aieooh o*a lolls the let e-t of linn. Jao.ej A 8 dies and Mr. Jam Be boor, prbl a ed lothciait Eiehotod p net* Thai ear', greed t oOse, asd au-h mean, to o. tain It, v; be rets' • I by the people, theta sun be b.t Ittle doutl Is •-n: eettea w lh Str. r.adr-.y e res "t appeal* tc Uebji tr ia t keg t > trgal'e why U u that a e hare n-t thr t.arth centB- 4 t- In th feldf Wbe U tte grotUsac (and a>klilop^ -;1- ;'.t of' to hla I e-utd open IA.- Ofh the paper* bat afr* wekiag'i ttly wot t eoirniood Hath* ».ul«b* 4 ctndldeta tr 3'rei.r..-ay uo* a.ff Mo* long haate and Tteodway been co- il leal baj-fellowe f la wlut w rd they eyer tow eaoepi ca U-.vm ttea and It Me Tro dweyib-nteg alca* te eaold a tf.«*« cn l/ l\f “aijarcref l.Itp -e-llie that w* » 111 haye a tlal n party act-ag o*. or a par.7 Mill hell tog* her by paft eygpklhli* f>r pslon with the No tnt M'eeheiiees tlr.e. ft 1 e® lar not I, lg a prtyeto to the rank* of tbJ Arcy Oft * Potomac, ah'vfrg the earyert'i nd pileatcone of ti amp *1 L the ether gel aet e «J patrl tin Telaater e from thla Wet ct AoderhlitMra-nt Par and Treadway are at rcnptlay t. anPel the p toe eedabl 'hm*' t, at ho-oe. tn *h'lr bn alf, will not yy.ry camp from Oareoli. Botr rk Henry, Htteyleosla, grant In acj Bedfo 4 t.Uy totheenpportcfthelr dl.tlogalebodooairadr la area, Mr. tyrede Toarr.Ao, BC-IBi. 006-11 __ NOTICE.-1 fu>-u who are eesdlcg olothlng asd eappUea to trr.o • In the Bald, are re tnetted In mirk dMnrtly on the package with marklr* Ink the menu of rAeyurrfy fir cc\am in. fraJe.f f‘e Rtaltnar.fa which be kelocra. an Uio p are of <Uitt- rjitlM carrol tha le-taruraamar, at lL'..iund, ta whom the natal r’allroan r»selpl ihoald ho forwarded ky .he ehlnt-er. n. Hauy psckapM amtt at too Depnta cJ the Ballrotde In Blthfc-n.l, with paierr mark* rubbed at Of courao tbetr deettam Jocteaaatdkokaewoby the tluarwrmaatm; oUereareImpermn ill’kr5a*M*I»»*^iaMhToturSenB»mer,a>>Boe la BUh- ter • 0 w, r iMveMTZipZitkBttMMt. wa JU WAJUW, tTt> Gaps tad Ami 4- M. 4*r>»»L or PstaoNtn*—Yesterday morn- ing, it wit rumored shoot the street* that the Federal prisoner*, captured a*. Lre"bu'g, wontd arrive In this city on an eitra train at 10 o’Jock A. M. Long before that hour, people benn to aeseo.hla in the ricioity of the Central depot, and the crowd rrctlred constant sreef- sions until the arrival of the train. A detachment of Brqularv, under the ootcnimd of Lien! Bradford, were ported to keep the crowd < fV front the track, »od the ad- j iceul rpioe between Broad aud Marshall rlreets. About bai'-pait lo o'liuck, tbe traiu attired, und aa soon aa practioablr, the prisoners wtre removed from the nre to Broad street, wheie they wetc formed into a column, eight abreast, and eurrouoded by a guard, foraiiug a "aquare " The commit coned itfisera, twenty-five in number, were placed at lb# boad ot lb* ooluuiu. Their Dam a and rank, and th: Krgiment* lo which they ware respectfully attached, are a* lolloivt: Colontl* —Cogswell 44d New York; W. R. Lee, !f>th Mass ichusette. My * R J. Revere, Sil'.h Maisachurett*. A in'ant Charles L P. arson, 2.1 Ji Mawuekuaetts. Atii.tant K H. R Revere, 2u.h Mawachn MU*. Captain*.—Fraocit J. K ft'if, lit ‘‘Californii; John tf.Kral, do; J M. Bmdlry, 16Jt Masiach'isettf; Hrnry Bowutau, do; Chsa 3. Simmon-., do; Timothy Ornairo, 441. New York—6 in a I. Litu'man * — 0 B Perry, *0!h Man .3tnii (iibver- soc, 4* I N' Y., Henry Van Watt, do., J. E llreen. 16 h Man, J H lltop'r, do., R B. Vasa all. do., W. 0. Harrv, latUal, C. M. Hooper, d>, Frank A Park-r, do., W U. Kearns, do, and 0. W. K arm y, do — 11. The whole number of prisoners brought down on 'he train was hnndtrd and fwrnfv rrc., v z 182 of tl.c l«t Calitoruis. 160 ot the 15tb M uu., tlU uf the 4id 1. Y., 7! or the 4‘Ah Mas*., iiiolnd ng one negro, and Ole each trout lh-i 40th N. 1., let N* J., 3d R 1 and Peon- srlrania cavalry. Tbo so called *’ C* i.oruis U giu.rnt wai compet 'd of eight companUM raised in Puiladt-lphu, and tao in Sew York. The gu trd which aeootupuilod the pi 1 toners to this city consisted ol il mrn,detailed front th" 4 .h North Carolina, Id h 0 orgia. and 4-r b Virginia R.'gimeOfi. nr.der tte command of Lt. Col T C. Johnson, ot the l»:h 0*., aud J B. Ai.difW.-, Of the 4 h N" C. The rnly Incidtin that ocoumd before 'he * ri-oners teit the ears wai a quarrel between tao of then, which th: g’t*rd promptly supprenttd Oneofthim wmdiiuk- ii,q water from » b'toket, when ano'her gave him a kx.k in the bread-basket, which evoked « volley of oath? and a violent throat to duck tha kicker with the temnaui of the water in the bucket The kioicr merely replied, la Bowery vernacular, " Weil, wbal (la you slobber in rt< outklt for, -ay V The tir-l tqiad of prisoners will'll wets marched tntfce front, imbrartda lew insolent dega, who reuiarkad aloud, In cur bearing. ** We i>«n whip you tigs Irlilipotatoes ** Pamayou, you a 11 ace uvmin." oic. at.«r tub. itnpertii.eoce we old not egret ibat it-e crowd, on Broad I'.rret, haded them, a mlm eafierward., with a cbeer of rvul ailon. The .quads whlc't fcMowt.l oehsved with moie deroruot The prevailing opinion ot tie by atan.leri, in regvrd to tbo ptitoneia that they are ij lk: agqrcgite 10- oes' i toklug icl of " Yankee, that hat vet Ueet. brought to the citv, but vcoordiug to ___ ..LI.. __.. ... ......... | roncln.-fop, unless it be that a to jority o* tl.e gang had un the new winter uuiiorms w h wntch thrv were recent- |, furnished ; but tbcir Appare! could not di'gnlsc the r foreign na-ieity and rouga, lepuieire, personal appeat- an.'c The trtlcera were mostly good lot king men. Tne prisoner* were lOtidticutd to tie tobacco tactory n! Mr. it ibcrt A. Mayo, at tl.o corner of La y aud 25 Ji (tr eu, which hat keen appropriated for tits pittpstw, by order of Gen. Winder. The proocosfoo was viewtd with great interest aud siUsfaotion by croa dt of persona, who tbionged the, bm there wsa no I-iltattoo, ei- >-pt the cheering beer the depot, a* foe ptinouere wet* brought into view, and the glc< ful laughter ol the spec- tators, whilst oberoreiag wi.h one another. Tac tegular mail trait. waith arrived about 4 o’clock I*. M brought duwu cr.e huudred and tb fty-two mon- prisoners raptured *t Lttsbttrg, Axon; them were two e ruaiaaiou d < thee rs, Lap:. G. W. Rock well, of the IStb Mai*«arhi» K ginienf and L eu Chss MiTuer- son, of the—th N. Y. ('•Tammai /’) Regiment. They were matched to prison, guarded bv a detacbmen' ol the 14 h Georgia K g-tueut, idem. L«w» commanding. Coxvirniov of Mrsrnr.—The trial of Obas. Murphy, charged with the murdtr ol AltH-ri, a slave, was conclu- ded yesterday evening, ia Judge Lyons' Court. The jury rsnuered a verd'et ot “guilty of murder in the *ei-on J-gree,'' and filed the term of imprisonment in the Petti- temiary at live years. Th* prisoner's wife, who wv* preseLt, shrieked and fuinfod u|>oq the anunanoement of the verdict, pioduetng quite vs.ene." Murphy's cotio- eel moved for a t cw tttai, aud the Court adjourned tint'd llis tnerning, when the JoJgn wlh .ntioutee his drcieV up tit tbs (notion submitted Murphv was an overseer iu the mulny-uent of the Vtrgi is Cen'ral Ktdroad Company, and put tshed Albert srvereiv d r c'.ly after he bad b. cn whipped, by ordc- ol Aid rtnau Saxay, 6u conviction of petty larceny. Th* "egro died within an hour after ha wa« released by Mur- phy. _ 8an AcanssT —Ye* morning a distressing art 'cidsnt occurred, neat the Intersection of Lnigh street, with Brook Avenue. The 1*'. X. 0. Regiment ot Cuval- rr bad just passed down Leigh street, when a little boy, abrut eleven years of sge, son ol Mr. 9pot«wood Klrg, ran iato the street, to pick up an apple, A trooper was galloping t>y ai the mqra-nt to overtake the Regiment, and ran over the little follow, fracturing his left leg so badly 'hit it was thought amputation wcuid bo necessa- ry. Mr. King, the father of the unfortunate lad, died about ten days ago. Cortnr Flsctiow.—A special election of S;nator for the coumieo ol Henrico and Hanover, and of a toerubot of the State Convention, for the coonty of Hecrlco, took place yesterday. Roth Dices wetc recently vacated by the reeigrathn of Col Williams C. Wickham. At Hen- rico 0. U., the only precinct we have heard from, a very light vote was p died. For the Conventior, Mr. John B. Young reo*ivea 1S4 tores. For tha Senate, Dr. Garnett oetveJ 11*. and Mr John N. Divi* 24 voles. Th-rc is no doubt of the election of Mr. Yeung and Dr. Garnett. Reruns or Pennies—^tnoi g the rmlpts by cant 1 end rsllroode, ia 8‘ptrmber, not previously meclieted, were 640 cask*, and one million of pound* Bacon. 737 hods. 8ug«r 6.337 hbls. Fleur, 1.000 roll* and 16 000 lbs leather, 81,000 lbs. Butter, 2,47» balca Hay, 18.000 More y»ia«iEif«.—fi»e prisoner* were brought up, yesterday afternoon, from the Peninsula. We were un- able to learn auy particulars of their csrtnre. The Haavoseons —4a Attnotire bill 1* p etented to- night. Tho-e tyho dcalre R E<xxl rent should go etrly. Mstoa's Cocai.—Tbcro wat nothing done, yesterday, wonbv if notice. Only t*o case* were on the docket gr .. T » THE VQTEK# OF THE wOSK JSV» *7H 0 tNflRRsRIOSAl. DIsrRtiir, .vtnpoaed of the T.cul cl of Cempbel., A ui.c « Net on, Baostncbam, AlW- maiia an E uvaons At Ihe a-J 'tattoo of a number of g ntla- oar., of dtdsraot partt.M, t*iMa<! the .Patriot, I announi'e mj trif a candidate to rmreient you to ike dmt roni a a ofthaDo-• f lerate Bute* nod U. lr Pen, anen:!toi.n. I lit tab* au -arli opportunity to aJJi.u the .top c at tbalr ratpsoUae 0'hP-!lV' J.kUfcd P, UftlflOMB. i^illOTME VOTERS OF SPOT- W aykvanla King Ccorge, MalTord, tar*' ilor, (.oaia* itlugiaon, Orecne, Vraage wail Cu’p peg -t*c are au h-.rtcej to announce Mator J HORACE UACt aa a randl.lfl' to reOfbStM .he ngjth PleUM ic tbe Con gi»aa c. the Oocfederetc States noo- Jte 1| HR T roi«UKE«SIO.V4L UISTHJCT.-JOHN OairC If eft Of we.,Bor.ia-‘. Is a randllale to rrpmeut the ri-jt t In >La tan t’or.f-it- ra»o t’oograa^>—ebt a^._.,fyO J. IsIMeKI 1>, of Southaroo- Rt ton county,!» a -acdl lau ter fjcngic a to the Sr coed ntftftrt 0Cl8—otf BY TH finvRRIOR OF VIROIRU.-A riiOCUilATJO.V —Wtrc«s, a vacatur hat ocotnsi in tbr Oooa.DUoe >1 Vleguda, or.-telined tv tha r.wtgiiativo o vppB.ol.r, lat. o. abrr for t;« countj of Pr acn Wiioan: there or. the ,ce;Uf of lb- -all owniv It hereby required to bold a' ela-tl. n at tbr sevrt lpl.oca j Mlibg jnarr'beJ hy lav Ic laid wttCly, uctie a »t •EeJneeda) itlag lbs nix, day u N tea. her nett for a Btmaat if the Oeatcall-.a to eapply tbr rscincy a'.roeU ... 1 te.l.C aider d>> baCj, U Oortrtot. eCO UP Jit the task ° loi the Cumuoava th. si Rl.b!cead, >Ua aid day «’Oct f__— i otter, log’, an. Ic tha |;.r of tb| Commaas abb tba Stth IOati LaTvfit R •r ibsQuyattnii Giutoi #. kfruruai, gets, elds ke.-r«tary of its CoBiaacwtat b CONEEPERATE SI A1ES Of AVER Cd.l Ersclwus iliycaniSAT, fu:ri B.atatJ, alcb m< od Oot iftb, 1««1. t Net ice to Foaistsalira OWiNi, P. ih-sryent c-etvl r and areatd mand lot post ty. staoipa at po.itI vber*large bodtraof our troopa are ».«. Stationed it will t« Impulbln, at prem-.t, to supply tuanv of the ether offers lo >hi CoofeUra y wltn -tamps." n a short lime lb f* -iill’es P- them wtl. brrreatly Inert ut i, an 1 every oJL-r tHU then t»« furnlahed wuh on ample supply r ua JOHN L HasRELL, ceyi_]* Chief of Flnnoe Buraev TirANTKO TO HIHK.-*" ll« hodisd segro mectpbe \Y aenplayed la nhopylng we ad and vorblag at an Iron fur. onaos, dre mil's SaOrr It ./.mood. Aljo. a: expert reed Ovaraeer to macaas tbeSL Atp*y at <b* oRce of Crenahaw A Co., on th* Basis Bant, betor* tw* o’olorS «aeh day for otts wa.^ w 0. oirssiuw, »ci»—«t yen-a 'e -» f»ul» jSIBm 0*.!SKW-' ““ Jp wrnmmmmmmm&mmm V i> M tt * M c / > t. ftmicl or vet Bn**eo*r> W0*e. Ovt 'A* MA. teOi*T AND NTOCK* Them h m tswwet eon'* inonmnu in the »tofk raerhwt tide work, * lb » ferlker advmee in lb* of TlrgtMa aises, sals* havttg barn uadi. Al MX We glao hearrf «Ie» °f Bl<b- ! man I city bonds *1 #0; Exchange Bank stock K; I'SiSWb' W. and Book af MrgloUW Nothing dtlu* In other elorse. T).« demand for epvclr rootiaute bctlvs A IrrcgAar ratA. We emrt »• qu't Alnca if four bo V»te In ibis city It. v'nv Tt.t.. F‘ll[*c it"M tn»T. i*«M r- :iais U !? It w » r » The-it prices ought to dm* cut tks rsevrvsa hstrdsd a*ayhy st- rrsctl' u« paiq.i An eicbtogre A epeelu for bank notes, ‘no* | Tsstlbla Into Tita ury Bolts, b bring t per cent lat'reet, woeldte j far more ptufUA’ls than lli* retefitlr n cf g II aed silver coin In J placet t.f concealment or eupp s*i safety Toe ehtac* of real s- | tag so Itemtlvs p *mlu o miy not occcr tgepi RICHMOND MttRMT*, Oct. Mth.'W. Ths mtrkrt It sit »ked »lth Arv as, but rec Ivet* msnsgs to ab- j tAn file rices We qtetc at |W SO-tlis Utter foraceHed. ] B»:of la hrld Brmly tt tMkltt -til.r Ho* 1U un.l. aotr.t hoi Jell ask So eta fur pi Ime Iota I »ro Is quot'd at V2nta. j Ct'itv rts ao upeard trndrnry. Wa hear 0/ eales^sl dliektrSO ds, Put these prices would probably no« he nc» accepted. I A further advance In I ettta hasteea c*laiHihtJ. fio-kaarr gwt'ly t«dnecl, and is suppl es we couotng In very slowly, the 1 upward 1 tnditicv continues W' q tote tt 3s>*uiebd CM—ths Utter ] tar prime. Ths mark't has been vary tolmti'2 for several days ! Bs an- to w toted. Buy en srt oBerlcg fl tl prr but. fuct Is tt ffjr. Ws quote Super At* **, T*tra g&38 SS.— I These Afuts rtpte»«s»t the rttAl pliers. Thera havt been no ! wholesale operation*, eeeopt with the (lovemiueot, fur time lime pis! Occasional outside lote may bring an eighth tt quarter bt I >w our qu ittUone. I There b some Inquiry f <r Fitxxtn Ws quote A |l *0. y.V4 it In demand for mlatarc ullh roffee and other pirpostt — Ws quite A *e$:«b rts. Ws qntv Rica »**X®8iX He. Warkat well supplied. 6sXL! are wanted. Tbersbno Clover h ore, b.t am: II bU ofT'm aihy have been received tad cold A I Ws bear «f lurthr: stlef of Os.sai at e*&S pci bun Oats ere iHBng at f 0 ou, ullh a dull market. Thw season far a Inter Oats Is aWt chard. Lett *ilea TO j W e quot Cl ivsr Wav, As 1, A ft 99; Tlriothy (1 02 iTke Inis market It W* quote >1 bit oil Bedn'ry CoSe Sigte A 1GK rts for No 1; 18 e's for K.1.S, — rts for No. f iltloe-. gytupfo ets. These figure* represent the ptl esbrlou i of me l<M that 20 hbb. Wn.vr has sdvsneed OuKimt-o.W per ct,U new held At.1 I At W» arila quote OU MoantAn WVaky tt|r per gnil W.nrlti.o oingtd. Last qumatlone eta fox red, iOG£ j 2V stg for wl'ts. H unt A'.o wnstT. The VtahvlUe Fnlonof thw !vb itut.. ohy* i(••'i 1.4" * L oa»c< l-^(f pauu In u i-aikH 1, j U.** eafif part of th* weak p.-'cai were nJv.n cd Nk&fl 4* tM » fbe r*a$ >o ms c°* 1 for lilt ad *%z~* L* the *y c a8«j cpllve I Atman 1 from »b«* u 1 %nJ the Army, and tl,v tn*b Uty ofti* ml :<* lie 0.‘0federal* fr»t*-t t grit J up vh W teat co m •« ketp »w>. h’ -a Ml'. 1 ’* -. IN Itua* reaa oivly ivpaM ti pa/ hV. ^Ict* ‘herein an tn rrra/M* of mJi » Hr i«'t- 6oj «• taa *t fa •; Vsfco %) and 4 sue at tl&T.Su 3».'Uv fS*lti ati.tfrc.^4 «» to f L *• or Wh *at mart hat I .->n corvMw.hi *~it«4 and pr4.- a harr goii« up U£&26c ?? bu*b‘i H:r« L*. ooe’! .*• hie ma*». l>e n* a iftovkfrtf boM.ce and * uyera acd er piot* the ia tract C* fW» >wt W‘J?e$' W uod gtftl *•<*, and Me Uterraoeaa W&.'b: \1 biW.rl W.»undr aoJ taai the na bare breo prr*.'> finely paid June* t careen [ *)at of ojr It’fcf* albert Inrur**ud ci to d«y .at he h**t p I vna«e1 It e‘.o. I of Rbea: an I wae cow .u o( the mark*'. I* U pf*t abl« th»t ctbrrt bavetUo *U?>J i’»1 Ueratelvet, ted tke *»* aJatlre whl-b hit been ra*n!fes*.*l will p'cbaiiy aba!- •'.«rv»,\i u cootnopora-r, lie G«/a;tr, flat*« from rtliabl* • lofonnuSr ti tf util.or- ^ oot nii’lon bi:th,*lj Wbr-« on the tine i of railroad Hrtw*ea F*rt jr an Howling Grrre, K t, b /t fct:a .LrJ tl.-.u«ar d butl e!# ttr * aahfill- and < h*U .uucvt ».'atlr. a*i 1 U. ;.ari; fl?e t c~drrd ertand buahali b*iw« Vasbr l!** «ud Co’ao*tt • on * ft e haadr^u th .jeand In V c •ut*,e.-, l#*ng on th* t'pj Com nr Ian \ making It* gc» oJ total of two n II loti f re hua red lb*» land b it of wheat that It uec»«*ai! | 1/ op npetiid to roe to thb auVA It app*ara to Q! that the reaaoa aatlgucd fst the advance in I FiOu' U very IntutlMeW. Thar- art ml b In Rkhtn new <*«b j '•araUvtlyldle, which noljrne :tov*r 1,0-*) i-Mt of Hour day. N4BHYJLLI m7« IC3T8, Crt 10. W* hrar of torn* aalrt of new dern at 40^4* c#q*, p*r » a»b«rl J»/t Is {S A .*d at cti aailey at eta; and oata 43 e • TVllgM o.gpiy n* Picon and heavy dtmard render the mar- ket ?*'v d*m. We env»a haok1«r» at M rtj; liaoa e«a, and c|*ar rt le« if "fa ^cfiperlb U e have beard if e-gigrTOrnta of PniW al #^t®7 *:• jrroat and tOe^e dm GooJ fit hee-f CaiUe r-ad> eilt at rt« per l*» fmo. Bf erp ar^ lr« Inrard 01 V<klJ4 If* per heirn Tbr it ck off-. Gar. ilee ’• very mu b re lo.-*d, aixl bolder art d ^aading 4f> cj p«r lo. Hard pr» vl ttltow aie hold it ©Wm*. Llate- d oil l# hrtd ml fir /.wjgi «r per ga Jen, wlili a U<nt tlo.k oc the market. Lard It held e* |I 7S#j>?. Rail: ar** *ott|i COOXO yrr keg. i»ack Balt \* btl at tw W fur wau*e an 1 B4 to for ftue. Band la flrci at 41 f«u per both. The n ci of l^ati^r it lighi, with a heavy demand, and fnreet- era! dea*'Hpl!'A« our i,uM»tl l» are r.c Tdaai. trota tie fact that dr ii. ,4 rmom fill t e or 1«rw <1 their curtomeVi* kom^ri* ar« i.. 1.«IU deroucd a; SC rta per lb. Wool l« ready ta’e at '***& V» cto pe* to. P hlakf It iuJ m* %\GL\ 'll per gallon far count»y# and 79^>69c hr Nat1 fl’le rectlfted. time U held at r»» rte j»er hual.el for elacked, and lo eU for un alaeked. I \ 1,1. ELECTIO.VK. A CAtUi. 11 tb« oftlic Ate >nJ C jufr*-- liOBAl DUlrt-i, VlrjflrJs.c'i'n. nor f th. coimUe* at Priccwl Aar.f, Norf'.U, Naowbo :d, I»ls of Wight, gjrrj-, (ua«, G.. «u»lUe »nd FouJismptao, Ah 1th. cl !<■» o' Norfolt Hu! Pc-'.Bonl. Ac.- r.lirix tjthc.x .'->■« t wl.hM o( • OBint 'f •■( of the Di«rie', t.crt} fCBouof* iry*»'' at * r.ridlil.t. f>f «*'. id ih* hilt r»H,-i<lfc- JoDgi eu ol the t'unfeJcrst* I flu oot x|.eot (ode*, o rcBm*Uncc« Jemmd lv.> to cwtui the 1>I. rlct, .* <1 m»y pcr».,a« *re ahsent froit th Ir rwi sctl.e oocotu., .n;i m ther* are »9 p»r;lcutar la a.f divldlag the Bla* trtci. I pte'ex tud ch»‘l cordially support the election of Jefferson Dsrls sail A H. Mirpheu, (or toe offices of Prssldsnt sod Vies Presides! of the Ccifrd.rst. hist ft uf ABsrks ss they hsre Uit ■ fn |y d'tchsj -td thr dutl*«of Ihet: pesfioc. sad sre emUeotly worthy of Pi fiber tewpori; and If thonlil be dieted. I sh-ll s>sl- only mpport sod sdroctU s>> o.ssurse which shall tend Is ras.e the Ooa'ederal. RlsUi lodrp.odent sad peo.percDi, 7 Ibcul s*y rroectstl.ii or drtlre syer to be s*slt> unl'ed with the Ute got- eroneot JOHN ». KII.BV, ocl—ctds ScffolS. Vs FfOh fgBins*l9H«l Blsirlct. In iMrofM lo » cs 1 imrorroiul. yard y volets of Lynchburg and o.-pbell oounty, B O if KKAN hat conten-ed to be a onr- lldsle torrprticnt the Pi'.th DUirl.t In the ant Coigiecs of the ConfclT.te sutet Hit duty si s soldier, sen log In the .nh*, will not perm) him to c*neat« the Klitilel. o«^—Id Jasaow I jobs, * «*., Is aosidlds'e to represent me pro. D> or the 1d Iniul. t. roS7 «ed of he rountlee cl Hmrlro "so o»er Phsrlre C.iy, l*ew Kent, Illssheth City, Warwick snd Twk, snJ the oUleior Al.hmnnl sod WlUlss.bnry, la t-»Coogreti of the Ooofederste glatea. «tf- •art Wllllainabiira, atirtof •!>*■ ronnllea ofHt n- rlio, Igunovcr, pharma CHy, Sew Kent, Kllsa* belli cSlr.WMW «•!», Jamei CUf V<*rk.- n to th: duly of every eltlnoo, at aook a ;uoi>Ura, to In^rpoae nn peraoral ohjectlni to a call of hlj fellow oJU. >n> to any reapniitlla poalU o, where a they may think he can aorre the coont-y U wat wltt tint eoBTtr'lou I aocplod 'he eeat I bar* now tlx hoonr to hold In Ccrgrraa, and wilt whlnh I Pave applteJ myiilf. and than continue to apply rneielf, until the clou, to It* Ubori and dutlee. Tbe only dlatloctbn to which I aeplr* to that my labor* mey do- terresul obtain lb: pat He approbation. X cnonot be iadlffereni to ih* arpi lttlcni from lb* dtotr* tn oTermreelf at th* apprcnshlog tlerMna, aod now declare myaetf a Candida's. Should von, my feUcw-sK'iaoa, honor me Wtt jour aopport, my bee' effort* thall he derottd to the lot 're and duller of the hlfbpoaltUo grl-trt* __Wu.HMtOraM.ASr>. TOTHiVOTrii* Of 1 HSSSD OOKa«k88iONAL OisTUOf In ohedlenew to Icvlla itix addreaeed to ne tone psuWud la ! tba aowipapotl, and eotne otbarwtoe common! jatfd, ! announce mytalfa candidate to raprteenl you la tbe 6 *1 Oocgreaaof the Wcnfedcrate Stats* .... teat la the Nati on Aaatmbiy Jp ‘/da Lour of oar country’! trouble L> act to be coveted, jet ntTman jbou'd dscltne t> lend bit ; aU whan tbe poop .»l, for bit eervt «. Ttia MaUnf bal 1-ter- mined me to tbs core* 1 bare rooasntad to iuxu. It le not etpncted, I presume, that there emuld be any active 1 -aavueeln tbe dl<ieln, wh*u tie elJune ar« cngcuel alth U.* j more Imp ;rtan; and sban.htag, anvleobol war aad It atirrtrf ”o»sgr*wt ..biort aton'd be heptitea-IUy In rlew by u all. Li tbe I .rooble-unity cftbisght, feeing and a tlsn Let there U or du. ord amnr.g th# peoplo.tat p wot nailed c,carte 1 anlb«.Je and If my name U 'Iiely to dlitract the haitaoiy tat ,hould prevail, then c*it your yotm for «.tne ope 'toe Should yee tlccl me, ail my talent* and eijcrglae aball le talttfolly d<v voted to ynur i«rv|ne. Tour feliaw ’'tU*a, I JOBS S CHAMBLIH, 8*. THE YOTGKS OF Tilt K, Ji nil, on, rewalonat Dlatrlcl, coatyeerd III Ibe tdanitrr ol Carol I Mr, Lmtoa, Naotayl* (tula, lUford, Kiagtleonc, Uraaf.,leteea«, Sf ail ley a uiert V«tp«Hwr t Ian thd'ycsd, by bettering eolicHaUjrj larcagb paid. U4 Will at p Irate ohcn.eU, to cJjr myself a aaudldatg for tba tame pert- tlon'n be OoofedrraM which 1 Bald ta tbe laat Oougiwu of tha ratted nut** I an gratia*! to talter* that <lj announcetLibtli Is accord- ! uto* with tbe wither and eapecUllona of th-xwef melt » ooo- i (Jlueota who ar* embraced to DUitrt vo the pe pie of Ibe remainder nf the Diet, lot I am uaraoneliy unknown, and In or A- i oary timer I rbonld hare awaited eueb d>tr<n-lriUeui of thetr 1 wtrLes at I here received from my laic cooeillucn'a I premia d them thing but ao hr cable, bonce and pe-<r« cling effort to do 1 nr duly a-in it to all that I nan prnmUe yoa, u. met 1 know Uw 1 time la trull b we lira, 1/ time* tr>r did, c aU for ter rloea whir b are ! act tamleal but reaL ... _ Called ft OB the pixt of duty by tbe protracted Ulaeaa of : htr cf my familr, 1 Mia)' return <n It aa anon ae poa IM*. u 1 oaa 1 tot 0 naert to enter a ruaraaa wbleb might In th* ei'ghteot depee dlre th# wnergM* of tbe peopU Wpj* ta* yr-ae 1X11*1 af Uito h ly " U tha political auteeadaat* of tboae who eoart your fbaor ar* j I, »alinli»d 1 lurlte your icrut ay to tba record of my eight T*an of nnbUc irrrtre A* pertlaent tj the time*. I r« er yoa »J wy •pa* in ObWgrsaa. on the 10th wf January laat, ta gedewnt of tha rights; peaa.abiaaweculon a. To py Ute aoeartteeata. who bare ant only reowoaaly riven ms art 1 *« ynssmid to tak, hat by molatloi*, sesnlmnaaty sdop ted, voted ma tbate yxowaL 1 aa aad ewcw «U bo fratalM. gPTPHB MYI. »r eopiiiN a appibsonVatcib. THKKB T ALIA BIB buck TMMUTf oa Franklin and 23d Ha, f.rulr«| Ann non -»!!.nei«,(s.i:nr Jser.Maan ,w«•halituilai p*e-i. Auction, on t p.tiaiAe*, oa Friday af atnoon, the *u O-lr I*«r, i**61, at 4 o'clock, Uto*c Hat* brick Tttcmc&u, ioc*t*4 abr t», (.couple,I reepectiv. 1/ ty Mi-urn Peter Truebcaii lion aotl kcfnrdy. Three lenrm'n’i at remarkable w--I u It, **• are wd; su’te.l for the aero- mnU-'on of large l-m"'e- -ea;l home I s In, about'on tf ms daaao uue hiurlh ca ll the balance et A, 1, and 1? months, fo negotiable n tea. in'oree, add,.', tec-urd l»/ a tru t deni c~.‘l -tda __liOf>, Ik A APPBBOX Anus L* NO FOB DALE — 1 eLi la., tu the tug* as*. nld-ler, o lbs Wi da/ of Sormp-et naat. If fair, «f not, the test far day upon a eredlt of oas am two era s a irsel of f.snd e.nta'nl; •li bund ed and all a re. a- late rsaldacce «f Join Pankej deces.rd, V, Is land U conrsnl-nt o th» Jam*! II rerand Ktntwha Cons be n, Tour miles Fou lie*, o Bent CrreV.aai adjoining tow* fill!, the lands of A Thornhill, John ft. Johnson, and ethers. It b s EJH,1 It a rood Dwelling and all asoetiary out house* I goo-lrepur. a young and Uirlf epp'eOrrhsrd. There a eabrut aerenty-nre *,-•« «tgn de eel ba t un*-goo. Tof-tcoo landnp-n !; TiecaUnceo/ the aol Usnsreptl-b luip owned, an I w II adapted to the growth of Whea Corn an Tot>ftc&' This lard Is in a roe I *i«',vnorboo.l, oonrenleot lo seeert churcbes, aid c,jnret.,rnl to a e iar mo ans reer*. g-t.t mils It Is rare./ lard hiring to many advantage! Is o3-.-rd lo ma- tel Ary one matin, to ouy will [Jesse examine the land before da- ofa-le fall sell at the same tlm* pis on and all th* Scoc* of erer kind, flrrpt, Au. The are sjoir eery ral.-ab'r males and hois among them. Wit. T. PAN**,, Ad ml a*-, jrt-tMl rf J-hnPankry, dee‘4. PS- A noor af ibe I gatsea are wanting th# land, and a poe- tise tale will b made, ba'ga'r may be bad. P aaiaslonfires stair o as aold. W. T P. JS^'hsaoo rile la po tpnneJ lo 3d Wodaeadai ,1 fate. !■’ n el, then p-e mu fair day. T. T. T osBI—tAs I ANA. A'll glaV8h FOB SALF.-l wd 1 ■* I, J pshil; auction, lag tbuilue>il»y of Ntiwemaber,th ft *i of Laa 1 and the *vrf. at d, also, the Crops, Storks, Ac td r.glng to the rsiate of th'late Moan Trcgway, of Priors ltd ward That tract contain', abut rterns, lire oa t! e Snath af Buffs! adjoining th- lands cf it S. College uid Union Seminary; has good I so el try Dwelling, go.,J aapoly cf wood and tatBO rains Me bktlosi. Terms made know, at th* sals T T. TBEDWAT, AsrcBlor, Ac.. stM-tld P'.s.eit Mnes Edward. BY TBI « iVKHTtlH OF iiBUIIklA.-r- PS AXA —kThertAs, la the ole- tloiij about lo P b -1 la IMs nst' for al-clor* of Piso'dc | and troe-Prea! trot an. airr'r*j ofilo p not lire Denied.rats d.sisa, and als for u.. tn-ais of the flip Cor.rerllia, and of f- p-.aae of Deb fllT r.r-1 r.-r Vr, to tjip'j **;»r •t,.i a w -Mint It (ppea-s t •n* Kn ativc tha: sarr.sri (he conntlr*. ealltlcd In make gal lehr ttoru, are r.ow. of ma be, 111 epou von of the men.,, or of bc» e per os, a- that. It. ronee.}.o n! sj*h p .ration, It maj t liopraetlcabls ta hoi 1 raid tie -ons the jlae-s au bothed b law ; and the (learrtl Assembly .oil t). Convention hartrg maa. r.r u --.'re for sitth rmc-jenry: B-U, U.eta'f, I, J^h* LZTtJliKc. •! rrraor ki'Utr Oonm. neetlth of Vt'gdkl t, do I.ertb preaei1*., the following regulation- for hoi Hag said air :aou,at:t 1 set Is If e rat £ allon .,* t!' legislature or th* O-iorsndoa ft't!*s j: the tn©mv, It oe lonpr** leaf* to bold the I vuon • any Dir 1©atgna*©<t by law fee fcciJin** tf.« •a®r. ai/ p«#i»i aliLDt t»? ©cunty may **n«e at anv other p«a;- tfcM-tn at «tu i\»i*«IU\y be fair ©a. And In ti e ’\|* 'J ar y D1«l0!t *1 rtloa,o tl at am Ik b J' v f or jw of U*« D>u«©t, au> wo* wherein may rote In any *tb® oftfc# MaUfolla whir* oi may '•# liken to j.iulAi or i/istii « hi ivkt'b no ©iectUa iau U# Lali, an roirr I the *1017 or D»u .*» may p*©a©nt h ma-ff to the Cow mbalooai* a* »:.© 0©r."iH©rn ©f ao/ otbar toufity r.r ©iporatio- or hr Co-BOiiVoyfri t. ar.y>. oart al whJ b he may bt ao.i a*- 'Vat a para*- pell k* rpenvi 'or lie ©leMlon ©»• Her i' »tu aurhcthM t*fc'i ronfity aid n 1*4 h poi 1/ b •bow t). «t b? »*• eni tl. 1 t.*,'h' (VaxmDi'.on©.:* •' *L acae h! nuirr- hero'dfdt-l If 1. were In h!t *ou ty. t r du#yIt litre tma ©f *!c'i]on* aba' f "> r* ? w*lh alike nri <a ©a .<f the dr-' iJt. oura Mini »:pa.‘il In tiMrg fill »ucli *pe-*,al P©1 the mti pr-v dla/i shall b 1 kuauteri gu wm tibtdftrutlarrltd on, I »| lACf • *T« raturaloi Sta rt may Mt Ud U pradfrabl t‘rr.eietiiBJ»f*r« -d^nai* * ©vlai they oav return th' 1 0 Maluti and la iketr, ij ik©8f,.r ».f the Co monw«*ith. I —— 1 (r .tc oader my hand, a# C.overrcr, ar t un-Wlted* 1 a J <-f i? C'mmor.wa.l I. «• ttlrkrornd, till 1 day ©f Ae f | toWr, A. D., mi,aa-l In th* *»Ath jr u of the we irb JOHH 1 aTCHKJL By rh© Governor: Gr» »‘*t W If rvnan, *<!Sf Iw.-T^ary of the c mm<r wealth. B\ iH* « V KNOK OK VIRUINIA.-y J7f M*£.f Jf.1 f/d.V. -ffterru, a vacwicy b"i occurred I !) e llocv ©f l“«rg.;ea or Tir.IflJi, ofraa! fed I / the rv«lgtiaik>< of Taooai Vfood, one ©f the©* elect f lie © not «f aI arai-k thereto the therV! of ia. 1 © u »y li Iere©y rejwN* t* U. an election a the ©ev'ra1 place* cl vo>1 k power*-1 » la* In said r-doty,on tL© C**i WEDNESDAY r>Hn- tke£L4*y rf November oe for a Delegate t© All 11« yaracr/ af.reaa'd. (l!ffnto«!e c») hand a^ fN reroor. and codertka a#» 1 • a I aftbe Oommonwealtb, at ub* xcod. thUlIth dtyofOec 5 B her, an 1 la toe err of th# f’'jrutpnw -al b th ■‘Aih J..H> Lhroh ». By the f»'vetnor GsuHot, W. MwNroao, .Ncr-Un of the Co«, joaw ••> B% THK C«>\U|INOB OK VIRUNA^ PNOi'J.A YA —lot >rmulofi h *rtag »*eeo rec*!rr 1 b» me, that lw* ©cgroe», *>*** al1.^ b«TTi, a free refto under aeot ore ©• tfsa I on eot In ifce Raaltr&r^ry, and ?•«.» c ivtet bl cBOtpaiffl n 'wr r.:a. a UUI tew Fa r»ie u up-n w* irh w ere work under r.rdera ©f l.e Raf.-'utlre, ao< *• e nnw gwdrji at 1 r*e > '“cfire I do ter-hy m reward 0 f .fty Delta.** to an? p"iv>j ah »• .all arr»^- the laid ne rroea, an I det’wer them In*© the PenltetUary, or Twen** FIva Ur.U^m ior ioc» a*:* ta IMf a fid mirtom rt#* ■ officer* o tl/* Cominooweal h civil and military. and request t*. r*ecple grr cral jr to u ■< th :'r bnt exertlaaa lo procure lie appr« oe8>l©L 1! the sal c frne* 1 Given uodrr toy ban « a* Covernor, and cr. lev ihe '.<* »l 1 -leal of tfce Cou ciorwe^Hb, al tUrKmoad. thli day© | 1 i»etober. In the year H*». JOHN LCTCffia By the Governor: G*a .t w. Nrtvovfi, Bc'cretj*rv ©f th© nweaHh. T« Mi* Hakt'T, alias wat borr. In Atco'nac ooua*y.?fe't 10b£ lcche* Ugh. it’yean oM, blvn coi>r, eyca and hair bla-k ho*h ea*« pi-reed 9t« tr«* recjvc 1 ln*o the feclfent'ary rro*u N.*.tt©way oouMj U bfa- It hah and eye« f, ack hu ke ght la fi ft?et f ** uchv*; ha- a tear on top of tbe rig wrUU ©rtf -edw V T|(b GOVERNOR OP t Un.lMA. l'Rf*CLAMATlf»N —VSI rai a vacanc. .hai ncourreJ L tueFcoateof Virgin Ljr the death tf Gsoi-i To«it*, lh« bwo tor for tnc Dia'rlet 0 niprMng the c.iunty of PUtaylvaala Tbrrv fore, th*flh-ildo* tn« at d *j#«nty lelttril-y regret to held ai •le«t|on a' th* irrival la -nf voting nre*C'lboi l-y law In tb ! said couity, ca *be fi -t H fvkuiui in N*vetaner nut, to Mpfl. | th© vara'.cy aforriiM. Given a der my Land as tiovtv-or, and under th* test I it •. -&f the Uimmwtwe^lth. thl* 7th day of Oct^b©*, and | I S in the y* ar of the r.»maicaw«alik tht ©•thtj akxth. JOBR LKTCBCR. | By th© Govern©' Quasi W. Mrjiroan, fd Secretary of the Ooramocweatth__ I llEfclCk A H D A LL VI HO FKi.L AN 1 T*RK*T IU THRU -1 am now mono UCwtk.iPg »be ©*ii c »®r.lete aitlc e for th© relief of the at«k an oovenict ce ©f this .- wu© nur©e r* ih^t vat ever Invtfitea. 1 |0< I b**H m iRial fit kfif r*.iug M aud wav invented an- p*len'e hy Dr P D. Wopktli©, ©f »t t D, V ». The appro* a of tl li Bed, or Being, by a I who have irtn It, opt ally by A«cl men el Ur BiribJ ’'.d,« f lb© Wale c tfittl' Aiyium, Ur. Tanbar of Bal Imc-r *, anJ rro'o-or C*«nj bell, of WtaUngton Coil©**, L p.-onf of !:• great tu e torily. Hide g nu-®»a i^v* allglv«t writ ten »'itl not la'* »f their evttm*te ©t ft® va:u© over any o hti itnprovtm-ot ©f th« kind. In ad dill* a to »ne*e, the 'Mar laru \I»rba© i-' In.tltnte c»eatrdtrc lrTefllor w ill: a QaiJ M© *a! TM- 3»log etmWm-c i%» y it.ulallr for adding 10 the cca on ofthoai With It ihe;»a*t"i* can be remired from rcr bed another, p!a-i iVcfthatlool So brat 'I'faWd a:.u I he feet loe- ered to lilting raitjou indeed, t e belplrea can b- p'acetil | hnypn.iiiu -'or 0 c, and by price the ee rg a Rootle motloi to and froiov-hda can rrrctvo thumojl retfa-b g nrrclaa vlit. out an oitnri, nu tnrtr part j'-llbH .-an '• door bp a mere child cftin tr twain Iran, lolrg more by this wonderful Inter tint than lie mo.l eeporlio.-d suite is eei-otnpllal'otie.wiae Ian r.nv a Ian order lor »he Al t R ? rpeon OeoOrBt of theC'en IrdriaUotat ir.| Arr rira, Bod uu-nd I .flic tlie pabl e tora'l ai my ttoie an kali, ft tbeir.telvte U tt"ard to the tuitlly -nd yr.ln dl -i oet bnmene lofnlon. lam autb .r'r-*-l by the Inventor In r-ntrait f>r aid make lie Mi- ban c U Nu tint be!. la rrder land kite InVrrr t! cte In rerdof a iupplj.ll at I have a artriy of C- mp IVile and halii. o 1 the mna*. inveuirtt -Ld Improve) ety’e. o. 0 Hfiwr, Ijcfapw alytel a ad m Irimteti, ta DIVIliKMt NOITCK.—Tbn Beard ol Dlrectora, if tbi VlrRtn r. UiDttal all rut I Company, have doo'arvd a d.'r deid of tnite per cent ..j on 'be tlayKil Btota of the Company pa table u the 61' citbo l*ra, •» aad :fur the ICih 1 it ,la hood, of >.» Oinicdeia e B.aiw of America Tha bom of t»ei ri«r -Ml be o dead unt}. ihvadycurtmuti of tin *.Mttal Hut-i of ISetto..bolder* J. QAAEdirr, Iruranr Office 7a. Ceafral S S. Cempaa7, ( ai: acsi, oct.111. HI. 1 cr**—it NOTICE -To the atockbeldtia of taa VI.- .tula (Valral Ha Iroad < mriapany.—The *» Dt.a me.-Joy uf il.r elw tholden m tar Vtr-lcj* Costal Bal.rrao C:mpat.y mil tob»! In t.: :y ai E luaos t, ■ s TUaraduy, the 5b b dove nr»r, 1-M. T6 5 attention rf Ute ct;ck;.lier« u a^»J to ibe f.d using « tia.t from t' tj i,a« of the ripen/ h: all praJc* to re>rv,aat ttjnac Hark at a general meetirg khai b Is vrlilsr and rlgn I by theperje. that iratufrrrlng t»« power ? vma .Mpe may ilsn in t..* "erne of-be partner L j,, ane Hie oleil-Vr cieml- c. Ite Bm •hallh va.n1 horror/ •ball b relit, given m-re thanelx y d.ykprlur to Ut mretbifoi )♦ nopr. ar for !odlv,.Js*l»t.vkbrlde:i kbail pamfrrv. gclngto cr r-tnmLr it.tu lb* me-hai* « IU •eif ae’OOehittir. J. OAKR1TT, Traea. Office 7* l>*otr»l railroad OrTh*’7. t ...nean Slrbmetd, A g Bl.IhCi >_cciA—fawttt9M NOTICE."-1^* pt-«!» kf* ItltbJ Mblel that I am Lot bnuod for any contract or creclt Riven ay tri/a, Mary A B Hmktf, abebetlng dcavtttJ *y ltd and board niju--oi*____down bwiai. G” I'AtO AND B*l iHTK .—Waal, elated Gome iombreio‘’oino ; El.-t-rct Or .asd Pluiet for tale by tUMONfl, ^Vi' «kN)k>f a CO_»”* QTIfk AMD MAM UVORIOP.-PA d O rtc>; .ljo, sta L ccrltc, trr ta 11; MinOhD, U4v*hP| t g 00._”*_ k^ktVEWI L TAKE ALL NOTES »* r.f the M- Irr.p Htao ti-r.-.• Bath* for g»de, and for droll rl.JMtt tVATK I Ml « VlCBl.BN._*<!«_ GHK VN AND HLHk TEA«t »»• ®*d Mao rira Wtaa, In le> ehelee tlo Rte Whlaky. and uoa care otter- iy-Btor rr»ndy, for aale by A It M ^ KA Aaent. pr’I < ridav?o<ea*aad otbrr work- f Urn tame Unit, vc Bill glre tatp tv- rrnt u vorkaoo of b itli hvasc a) that U, ladDa', gcatlaa*iiV mfm'A', and ohiltW. ?*£ __Km m Mala e«w< 8tlTL-(00 Sark, Oroand Ahua lalt> «Mr« »«d tm AT-tr»K—AOO *^* nKDHIIB MAVKglEdBi la •!•*»•« AM. CajbbiUvIdap aad K. T. Km 'af** Aritai** C*PA»T, fw gal* by Wa WaUbOK iQM, o»»«» faarl aad Arf ri* _ EDUCATm IIHK * XKIICIMt* HP HI** in. A- ALLIA't PCBOOu *lLLOOBWfl.C«tN T*r PlBfl Air OOn, 4 U her teeldeux-e, n lit tmr.WvMl Cl if Bed W.-j iej> » tf .UK. IJEFeiuR liwiuwiu [• RICBMON VI.OtMA | IlflIB Ikrtttstli'ii *!li he opened .sell! on i'll it. .. I,r of 1 n x (. hot, 11*1,1 .r the re-y Co# k*tb of KilHtfin .If “vttol. * r*. P.r |Mn!<nlin, Bfyl; to ___;!CB«':? p. urc.>»>. i tiiimoiD rcn iu; i.VbTi'tiTi:. ruk nest fretl- II of tide»0.* will k-r*4 tv tbna* »-f tnr* tr year*. The Kwir faculty oil1 r»m»lo PI- tern* WiU be as »r .1 tfc* »**< lib-ral pa’io/ * omihM »c4 the Bocih to lor 0TH I M b*en decided to yl7*to thr dans* trrt of fo.uafc* • the Nerrtcoof u.- Cent. 1*r*re ttaica, w loi:« ir^ki rmocbc« rmaa ne imaaet CatalojfJc* may be fnuod at all the fi vkit .m for icriwer lu/r.n&aUua a{ dy to * ** _fw »»■ p Wf* IT K. P-en»Teot._ bViMUlilb A.til MAY SCHOOL P0« TOONS UDirj. »fM PfGRAM wtU rnaai l.« aUee of her school, oc tiiP. 0 »t day if Octoker c.U. nfce irill be 1 -d hr m-.rtent seeii'aote to eech do ere not. The Preorb iBniiaegr wl’l continue to eel.* e/iru, utt.o .ou *der Ce insert is!* of Undent IKriiid The Bellet l.tee CUes Bill. Be ten: if,.re fn-tn e prt Bi- ol Bad lUlerce’J is feat ire a the e/etrra of the & ho I C-reulsre co.tolulax further lafonatti >a nIJ hr hut ob *nc.i ‘loan 111 J « ll BAS! •" »-■•'«’'Ifa*» "o« T I -Ale »l I lrATlOft» WAAl'l I> rWO VlryUl* lad rs d< *1re iltoilloai at teach* la a r I ata ftciliy or ««a a ad- xy ooenfthts Isq itiJii 4:ote*r» la I ^ rerch M<1 the In ah UtMtVf#, aaJ I at had fiiir y«*e S k|»«* tcara Tb- other uit*l)<« Mu.';, IfrtCiL u.J l; & •raachaa MUtfactory laaiioaoalalA *tv«a *c.J rcqaLtl. hddraaa, p ft. •*$—ctf Oar# of Hu&i t Jawra, £.'Jmon \ va. A»llld/i1A> ILn.UeL ^hijuakv. rHKat.bK'loer, Inc r.Draiuc wf'.b Ida t» -/h?cr, ah #n eds* e ted by Mr LaMifn, n ibi city of ttich&o&d,r--. > this ’i.hocl, Troa lb« 1st of c :lober t'XV Terms, per a-aa^na of tr* so lbs: Primary f.^tfSat branch'*.$1.0 OC Hleh kagi*h bra-.'br*.]f. •/) Praanri 7 10 Nut e i?a U»e U*»o. W> ta; P^atlTi*. iv lr. Vlo4/-i caa tf ha !o eo,i»*nirrt uJ rcspsotehie faa.dmi for | « •er BacJi. IHot-ht ns f TB'i'uatfAra 1& -l cerrlcs of «ha caactr> rtl v lucatc.! (rate *cusir. Oil) %7 h»J/KV. • nd Set*. ’-wt ilCleliACtUI LLOL or YIRUi tU. 3SS?!O.V IW1-‘C2. rBRu si .luhuu Ooune of Ceitures BlU ocrHSeBo* u Ui-I Mi 'NDaT lo Natressh*r, lsd!, bb! ocaunue until • lie tf Bred rn .lug casiUi inj M D, Pl.f.isyr X faeg ;j 1b»ID I TTVdhK M |t, Profunior of Iheory nad Frts::i I UeJi toe BE v»!it/i n w u L, Vv.'imc: cf hediu n Thft»[»wi- • A K FFrif Jl 1$, M i», o f Ar«u>oiV L S JoVMx, M |i, Frc'MK-r r* M tdV.. As* JAMFn M fnVAT. M P,fMtoi ,‘i|ter J 1X» 8 H 4 c. JA v> M n, Froft *ecr cl Cft*.i et / H 4X\ »N H )W4R W 1> Umeux^r & Anal a./ UoJ/t 4 ilbcrax appxcprVti*r. n# the Bute lerf'.t’rra tb~ letna Of 'Aftrurtion It%v« been grratij tcpr Ft*. l*rri» • 1 *»» at.« AditWrdl hat* b*er. tr ad.* to the Au.^ v Mi.- * * broil-'il Apparelae. New Ula*tx tf r.% » ave ♦ -»»g add* #j 11 t! a •*n*r*tncA in c*rnr A'^artr rat lad a aev il he heat*. na« for eavtrai coc'Jvi to tt c **fw *.,». ra8«4 /dsx a* flrty k.Uxe rAc.'i ax a .\red td a rr> i.r'.B .t'arCwi. Ftre*. It *!>••: Kara, ou 43) at dp ig « »F.e ILcoi nr PretiUrc nf BoouJ. ee y 0 any eti*J .*t «.f Barja-y o-t *»t tr!ca. Fv»*-T <*ar^ Frc’r** #!.* D-a».',oauatr‘r of Ad*.»*'.) fi»* (AtrlraUtloo $•': Gr\ oailga f i* Forftxrrhrr Inforaatiif^ tr a rr pj of the ratal “for. A rt+i L. B : ■ A h’S M D, grfci..,). xwVaAr-o l»«en f th-Fc?r:tT kill %«a 1 i*« IN II L DV, wtr h * f«*d r. rir- c to i-aVos, 1 tlr » aedootJoa In a Frlra* Fan y — lie te<ehrt the u nai in, to brar.a:* M tie <*o it* lei d iImmAI y Frtnrl »*li rrte ai j. rj car of 1 A a. r«« H*‘-r ®r*^“re W Ve Jf dU *t WabTx AftotaMOf *i«y- rt 1 e <V. k. 1-tcfJoo l«e outL'i, IUt' *aaJce aad na &i T iih t ran h#«, ■» d a Virgin! o 1/ tlrb nJ nux. •« > ta'ti 4 It^.l’f Jknr«c and teyo! J * > e I)1 **•>(,»•** Cac H<VI Fa riflf 4 GoVeMNEaM Wt?rr»ll-A U«V ocatVtiJ* V leach M-j! Frcnet and all cfcr fL^iofc Far tit* **•. ttl o tea.* F* #nho are la cy family; r>7i« cf ifc»n wei< e*i .* < d id irrff AO Ft U /, |oo«l—r a Bmad Her. £ otloa. M. A A kl,r >TtD iaardUt«le(arUBStllTTSfortt«4 oy,r; Tf a Itorrel »mp>i»ai'o*'. will Se r*T,*o- 4d Lpni F tr-.. ow. l^<n etreej, moth ci t'ure. 4.000 HULK. UlllHKI. VriilHNU MCH NTXlN-wnirh V Is •ti’rn Oasbnr M, '3®'. 2J>.j barrns 4tul B*iu:y ®U *ol bimicsj. w rsdaf— W. »'«l an.’« pur» M»s’l»ln Dsw, ®f »»a B-m' .n Cojsty. Ef!.».-3 ea‘< I'-V Lfvlfsrb*, itcssl »ok'». n^ru/t: la<< S TirV/.i oiher bibu u si ^-nur.'.sls .lxUi.A. fur <x» tf n i.ti m h ai AOr ? s>. »eft— ■«!Csrosf P-s.l C«.-> *lrt -t4. ]HM'r |SDI CKt M il) p-rsii Uitlilig ■Jr to Hf«w Into ibr Inlrrtor ofti.c «! Id.-* try —I »3«r fsr »il. »«» bscJi-11 .J Is»i.!t 43 t< f I.. 1 L. toi\ Dlttr l, Bnu'.h Cj. .:1l .. sis t:om t'ork'I.U, uJtu rocs B/cs Mill Herd Ton n nsicrn ir-s*! Sanlhcr piece ef h.is4.e>i sn4 ulae«v ill seres Is C —■ Xs'tl.-I, Bos h Csroi ss sbci t faur*-»t si t. Vu 'j-t.l si ijC. « I'll Dc(. I, to the('b-.rlMts tad I'oIaaM* Ks’!-os>!. fre ftm'se psrt'c-*.sr- sjsrese m-«i Tower liiil. Apr-aVtrs *» V4 wiers I rasy b1 fanc-l ustll s*tcr dee. cfw e.r--er -tww.y selft-eil N. v* HMtMIXK VUH SALK. IOVH K for »stf 4 *cry L-'.e jesillog Bull, 4ri li s'* 1' flrtl be l:.s tfior vi|B br.d ll uf.iD B«'l, f.rrd B«-rlri“oB. v •ibtr by Mr. flckl s’s Sse'.u kr nurf.ssi, i4»h «ut <f s- b» •iusd * Uslrl 1 w, f er d» Hi b} H'lSenas s Itopf rtsd A) sV ■■ ulh of which ctuM resdlly l.sts -old si tlikius s. ouoi of 1U.1 loe islHBar r;asl: Us prio* $6', 40 >1 *1S, cl.esdlogly obesp for s' lb. Ir ».<■ ietoilful sp|-4rssss sad p*.siUr sCsptslir-: lo; woekl'4 x Also, * vetsl Bu»rs remdy far servlor, *n.J pti-t l'-r del < -• la h« wsebt-floe I nrve t«w—gotles by two bssrs l.«r £ '. a-ky.which -ost eats shosts V Piles 3.(.rdlap o« f: ■1 JoltV U »001.1.t selA-otw try Bepot * 0., A.hras Is (tasty, 14. M at K'lBAflBN AIT. H41 ISO hero appolitsd h» the Judg; of Its Dlstrt * C.iuil .J the Ronfedersl' S ta 0' Awerpu, far the ksit -o IH.UI Tlrgsls, lh' K..'elver fer the Dstrlci, dejgosloi U lie sii- I .'sloe of -sis Esrte.n District tf Hrjols. Bsdc by is In C> u la 1 sod omprLlcglhe roantUI cf Uad U“, P.lrfat A! Isi- I'ls.licladlrf the town of AUxsudns, WllUsn., »su is>s Mppshsi nn-«. Co. .»l-er Hi s> 1 Orrrc; I h-re>> oot cy very Attorney, sgeii, f.-rroe frrtcer trt«ue cr other p r- 1 Id sp or c* ntrollsg wlthlu r*!d llitlr'ci so> *43.':, if. *0.-n e, ereult4tt>nt«, yoodj or els'tles, iVh't ar cr.diu or soy .. e esis if.srclo of.rlorsry sUi.esrmy of th*Co.fe.'s »te u:es f America, speedily Ultf t» me cf the etc ** d l. s-i -' ,S sn sec not thereof, sod st for at prscfrsb r. to Hsce s it, la »» ba'dt Aog iuih pen 0 fung minim to co *. r.i >e mlltg of a high mirdeim cir, and liable to ha lnd' ctd, fiord ar.d Imprisoned, and t be toed bg tleCocfrd'f 'mte*, rr proa ded by taw. And I alio art Ig each nod rim (to of tat CoofaftrataSlalt tofrli'lpe'dllgll Ijrnmhen loot i»l • r,; rod bg )aw)of.ngand all land*, t-orai* r.*e n btr. km tnta. rood* and chatUra ruiMa and rrrdttj «!•. ! > tl— rlt* anriof eterg right tad lauront tan-In held, wo. d nod p-'-A* taa.'t. cr trj'tad If or tor au-l. atlaa r’.ra,* fkavcifl I. fttirH, or-r ola* 4a Srcelftr for Cl trh-t isp L p(rvi, illir.r li al Warttc'an. ftc-.qltr ,t, otg, t a NteTM IS. The annual Bt'etlcy of tat Sleep hr Id*.•* ,f lb* L! opd aad Yc k hint Raii'OsJ C- mtaof, » a t« hr 4 ■t ihr r:h<v* P the 0. a pery, la lie C tg of Bfchrac.,% eu Wr,luro!*g IteCta J.f •fff.icc.*'.. c at. The pur ton' atuadarotof S oekui/deta in pma or hg jrr r, la rrtp, duly reqns U1 oeik-ertN sd *. W *»0&T Tf. pee’c. KPECIAI* »6TIti;.-T • •• 9aogSa ohaata of Richmond art hr reb; ootid d lha.‘ oft or 1 ..Ur tlda date, tar bright aad rhargra dor a a'i fv-J', a ,td m,r hvedt—• r»**.lred »t tar D-pct or. p»n> >r a lading kallnadr will be yu'r* 1 to br paid bthjr. otbrrig L,i hr Lirrt Bg trier cf the »*.rrlatrrdrnP I J 3 JfPEfiT. 0-3 dim Ota, gr.t Jtl Agent K A j. F. S ^t».a*.-t,0* tbr. dal .USA, f*l aaTTig ^ 4 f(J * r«%» * *c. AXE* PUK RAlrfc, *AA dozen aid, of Virginia roaanfartaro, oat-fcaf* r* M/U »*tb Nor. t and i, wef-tUm f- m J9 to 75 poaedt to J;. oara, as made of fer^fr-Mt, A cb *a ht f '""id -deu. tor role la ganttHl** ta anlt pu-rhatert, bg <* I to DONTAr. Irwi front Clock, ©oreraor r* rX, |gat _Kirboacd, ra 1*YR.**RJK.- W kbit Rr*r» Rinnan llur, fv-> bb'a ’up tit* p fUmr JO# bblr Ourertor Fanllr lour, far rale b/ Hti A MM.__ IOD1DK PtkTAIkim —1M Ibr. K««r Matrlora, lot •alt bg f»*YX a IV* f. 4 DrcioclHi. rs^2>l AIM M ii'IF. MUAV n s». VVaJPk ITAttY CAtutlkiCiU. i'.’tt r. mtrad, at kr prV.- Prat Olota rad MUnarf tiawattakt mpo _WATS/hf* A MCirryS C ’WrUPf ^^Sf^tatJoLEY ra*> fir fnllUrr' P:.U. war woTinia a f.zs. *> WH*AT — tarty Whtta Arabia. (add Wnttl, at tan bg ». *. MOOIR. agaat, Oarg W—*t rj a WkllRIR VIBUI Ik HIT. 10 rrtnt Tlrtlaia Salt, eo ronrlgnmapa, bg A t. ‘Milt a CO w car 1 Pth aad Oarg riraau. _ ■! * TBH and rdae-dbar* form d a ro-partaweMri for ih« g-r w < ef raootnlna taa falir cf ilietr late an] orttrr rc.r.i) dottmgtd, kg tat toemg la Raa^in Tha »‘Z * pram lit af.tatloo to ail eaaw tatru.itd to tatir ear. Far i*r» t. ,o, aup,g to Oob Oil AS. B. M > IORV, at York! wr, ur to tf*. t. MONTA'IC*, at Jamaica, Hlddltar* eaaakg, lid a ha af Nog'sbtt, aad after that lima a* alcfeatood OllARLW K HALVlkY, aalfi-tf_Btr. I. *o TtO"E. IT db. n*l «IRRBII ANBMTKAN Ma V larpra; bf> bhdaN. O. rata, frr u eb» uJt_li)kOND, bATONPgiT.R tV*. 1 uitr hbbn nwuie th»ap, wj'm *? 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