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Daily Review Newspaper Archives Mar 10 1974, Page 5

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Daily Review (Newspaper) - March 10, 1974, Hayward, California r sunday March d Alvarado our own Brigadoon klan says it has infiltrated police continued from Page 1 the area with its oddly moving mixture of decay and stubborn Charm seems so much out of joint with its surroundings that it All begins to take on aspects of an old postcard found in grandmother s attic its Corners rolled up the emulsion faded into Brown but its details vivid in a Way that hurts. Something in the Alvarado air makes you want to say Goodby even As you enter. To walk crisscross through the Small Side streets the Tri Corner at Smith Street and Union City b ast Green cluttered Flower Deco rated Yards past r hings growing is to feel an urgent need to capture ails. Small noises Are magnified into Here. Cracks in a window seem like some jagged Tea Ren still move at their own brisk Pace ignoring s like history and Progress. A Man at the eight present Here. Naw it will All b he says. Soon things Are beginning to get cramped Al ready ique and past filled about Alvarado is beginning t gated by what is going on around it. There Are to Clear if unmarked setting Alvarado off As if with Jar edges making it seem like a couple lost Amy Waltz at a Rock concert. All around it on three sides lie the Settle ments of today in Sharp and fast encroaching contrast banners flying. To the North grind and crunch Small industries filling a Long Smoky Street. You can hear jackhammers pounding along this Street All the Way up Union City Boulevard and smell the smells in the bakery watch the trucks gear by endlessly. The triple drive in screens so Jazzy and out of tune with Alvarado who invented blood hounds from Here it is 19 Miles to Oakland and the future. To the South civilization is a matter of com pact organization. The k and b developments growing faster every Day form another cutoff Point and they Are getting closer to the heart of Alvarado. From Priego s Corner grocery Story from the Barber shop and the eight Ball bar even As far away As the still and quiet Alvarado hotel and the washing machines near the historic landmark you can see the yellow and Orange k and b flags flying. They look from that distance like storm warnings. The Lay of the land and the Way of the life is different there. Bright colors and sidewalks that show no cracks and Little dirt. Lawns landscaped fences evenly coloured denoting a Block of sameness. More condominiums going up half finished insulation Laid naked the Skeleton of the future. Maps followed to the letter almost you can see the plans devised inside some insular head drawn on a Board. From there Alvarado looks like an almost ghost softly clinging to life. Even viewing Alvarado s backside from there you can feel a breath of warmth remind ing of How once something hummed loudly. And is now in the Middle of a soft and be title Dirge. And you can see children far away playing in the Alvarado schoolyard without hearing their laughter their squeals. The Back Side of Smith Street reveals empty cars and buses stairways leading up clotheslines full. The places seem huddled inward As if warding off sameness in other places. No two houses alike standing together linked Only by the profuse vegetation that seems surprising Here. All kinds of Trees some gnarled some Blooming this Spring Day. And Flowers grow ing carefully or accidentally but mostly insistently. Alvarado is a Corner that seems reduced to the Bare necessities with nothing in Abun dance. The smokestack of Holly sugar looms Over it like a landmark. Three or four bars three churches one school one Post office one genuine Gas station antique shop one Thrift shop a used car lot consisting mostly of old school buses and Beer trucks hotel softly quiet several Small markets a meat process ing Plant a defunct theater fire station Community Center furniture store Small Pinkly faded Beauty Salon. Meat Market and no toy shops. Yet even dying As it is. And it is dying. Alvarado seems to be More alive than most Flag filled places. Something moves and flows Here in addition to the traffic. Posters Dot the place from last tuesday s City Council and mayor s election on windows and Telephone poles at the end of dead end streets. And a vote for o Hagan sign shares the morning seen with a free manure sign at he meat processing Plant. The Speed limit which will get you through Alvarado in a matter of seconds is 25 Miles an hour which somehow seems fast. Cars roam heavily through at the t convergence at Union City Boulevard and Smith Street and it takes a while to notice that most Are on their Way to somewhere else from trucks to Little Mazda going hmm Man. You remember this place More than most. Even the bark on a tree Means More Here Titan it does in a Forest. The chinese grocery store on Smith Street is a mall and dark place full of produce and Bribble gum. And nervous bouncing boys. Woman minding the store cautions the boys that this is a place to sell and buy not i to Are strange. While everything else in slow Here they retain their nervous Energy their Speed and motion their Quick noises and darting eyes. Always running it seems. Even Hwe. In Yogi know anybody that s interested in e the freckle faced 9-year-old asks. Hell him. We found a dead Gopher and put him i Jiulie big he says. Is that chocolate i j the afternoon spirit has set in. Ond and below the Waist i j Why them girls work to the the bar Nigger red haired Guy says. Come in the bar every Day they get their paychecks. Sure stacks of old. Papers neatly along the Way. Stove on the other Wall Black and old. Off color talk tease the waitress borderline warmth. Some often followed ritual. Well his wife sure did get a off at the redhead says. Stayed at the pizza place til 3 in the morning. Cai it say a blame there Are empty houses Here and empty cars and empty buildings the warmth softly taken away in spots. Tall grass grows in the vacant lots once not empty. A Studebaker clean but rusting into soft red Brown sits on blocks in front of the Alvarado hotel White walled tires like a Monument. And the Alvarado theater which once showed Spanish language films for the Community is a broken tiled Hull showing scribblings made in the time of Long gone matinees. But parked in front of it smartly like a Brand new act in a Brand new show is a spar Kling Blue car sitting on up raised haunches. Ladies and gentlemen presenting the Blue which is right behind a 55 Chevy for Sale on its Flat tire. They re Selling Coors trucks at the used car lot and an in Good condition it runs Well school bus. Plus Odds and ends. Across the Street it s washers and dryers in the place that is a historical landmark. It Marks the site Long ago of the first Ala Meda county county seat. So it says on the sign which is right next to one Well worn Washer and a garbage can. Past mingling with present use. Disuse mixed with Beauty in a Field full of half tires and crushed cans yesterday s Carton of More expensive milk to catch Green eyes of a startled cat raising its head. As pigeons erupt from a Palm tree after invisibly cooing. And carefully raised roses in of a House that is almost Tilting. Worn houses mix Here with those freshly painted neatly cared for. As if to say we live Here and stay. Servera Burshie. At the Copacabana. Which is after All open. And a Model spa air plane frailly wrought Glass and some 1910 or 1920 sign denoting that lovemaking is All the rage in the antique shop. Closed on monday As is the White elephant House Selling Odds and ends receipts of which will go to Suanne s Church. Peace to All who enter the Church. Which i think they have anyway. But stillness on an afternoon is Stiller still at st. Anne s. Who protects the Entrance Marble or Clay arms stretched out. Small altar stained Glass win Dows sunlight coming through sifting care fully among the ragged bibles and this quiet peace in Here. St. Francis too. In this town which has Many Birds. Herm s country and Western place Jam session predicted but not yet open. And the Pink of the Beauty Salon softly aged. The bricks at Herm s Are not bricks after All. And you can see what it would be like on Friday night. Hooping and Hollerin. To some music. Stucco roofs. And Here lives everybody Anglo Spanish filipino and Oriental. In this singular place in the Spring Sun. Sidewalks uneven like some of the houses. Small streets hiding soft secrets of the Way people live and children play. Dead end streets becoming playgrounds because the main Street is full of cars and trucks rambling through. Saw a Virgin Madonna in a window. Wine bottles on a porch Small White picket fences and siamese cats. Christmas decorations Santa dangling from the top of a porch. Like some rusted Star the town lays there stubbornly refusing to be anything other than what it is. Carrying its age and history and Small future like a Good Luck Charm. No Long lines at the Shell station but cars parked by 4 o clock fully behind the Silver Dollar men staring out from their darkness. You Are a designated visitor with no sweaty to shirt wearing the wrong uniform and Chil Dren have been told not to smile at strangers. But nobody Ever said that in a bar. At least not in the eight you know this place this town there s so Many Good the wife of the owner tells me. Boss Dice. And feed the fish in the aquarium. The Ink spots and Hank Williams on the Jukebox. The Price of Beer has gone up. And everybody talks about gasoline running out of Gas. And a Small Chihuahua sits Down next to me on a bar Stool. And the Man puts his false Teeth on the bar. Because they were bothering him. As was told to me that a Man with a wooden leg a i e dancer put it on the bar Stool once because the leg refused to get drunk with him. The men Are democrats working hard. They laugh Hearty and bang Boss Dice As if it were music and they rattle the foam in the Glass. And they can watch things pass by outside through the half door. Like a Parade. Why this used to be like Hayward 20 years the Man tells me. It s Small it sept its own personality and people know each other. You can wave to a cop and a firemen and they wave Back you know what i mean. It s a Good try 10 years his bartender says. As if thinking that it will happen Here too. Future flying its Flag Over Alvarado. I think i got to go Back to the the older Man says. And Herm is in Here booming laughter Pool balls clacking with one smooth stroke. A warm place. It used to be a she tells me. Be fore that it was a House i guess. It goes Way like everything else it has a history. And now. The traffic thins out. Dusk and Moon up. And you wonder what it was like some Friday night Day is done or the week. Yogi think strangely of fiddle music. Trains passing. And the smell of roses growing despite themselves. Houston Upil the head of the Texas fiery knights a splinter group of the Kun flux klan saturday said his group had infiltrated the police department More successfully than undercover agents had penetrated his organization s ranks. Imperial wizard Scott Nelson said the fiery knights had More than a dozen Active police officers some of them located in key divisions. Nelson disclosed his group s activities in response to re Marks made Friday by Joe Singleton head of the criminal intelligence division. Singleton said police had used undercover agents to infiltrate the klan the socialist workers party and people s party a now inactive Black organization. Chief c. M. Lynn said he was investigating Nelson s claim. I Don t know of any officer who is a member of the said Lynn. Lynn said he disapproved of any officer belonging to an organization either left or right Wing that could hamper his work As a Law enforcement officer. He said the department would not hire anyone who was know to be a member of such an organization. After a Man is in the department. I Don t think we can walk up to him and say that because he is a member of the klan. He can t be a police said Lynn. 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