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Daily Review Newspaper Archives Mar 10 1974, Page 4

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Daily Review (Newspaper) - March 10, 1974, Hayward, California 4 Only review Hoy word Caw. Sunday March in Gorrek you and me and the tube when i was in College i once decided to keep a diary writing a full Page every Day for a year. This was the sort of grandiose decision i was Al ways making but Seldom following through on. But to my great Surprise i did it. A full Binder paper sized Page every Day for an entire year. What saved me i think was a decision some time around april to Start having guest writers every monday. It made for interesting Reading and gave the diary a certain unique character that was 25 years ago. And the very first line in that diary entered on Jan. 1, 1949 reads i saw my first television it was a telecast of the East West shrine game viewed through the plate Glass window of an appliance store in my Hometown. Television has come a Long Way since then. Which is a question we must All answer ourselves the huge boxes with the Little 10-Inch screens and the reflecting Mirror lops and even some of the once heralded networks remember have passed on to that great trivia game in the sky and been replaced by humming snapping works in a drawer Quas ared instant on machines bringing us a nightly 27-Inch Panorama of electronic drama Coy commercials pre laughed at comedy tragedy on tape and Calam Ity in color. At a time when it seems that none of the news is Good news and nostalgia has developed into a sort of mental Security Blanket it s easy to think of Early Day to programming As the Golden age of television. With a few exceptions however i suspect that if we were to View those Kin Scopes to Day we would find them technically inept and embarrassingly bad. Treating the Good old Days with the same reverence As their initials is usually a mistake. Television has taken Over however no doubt about it. In 1938, when there was no television a Gallup poll was taken to determine what americans regarded As their favorite Way to spend an evening. Reading won followed by the movies the the Ater and dancing. There was no similar poll conducted Over the next n years the heyday of radio and motion pictures. But in 1960 George Gallup again surveyed. . Preferences on the most enjoyable Way to spend an evening. This time television grabbed the top spot with 28 per cent of those polled indicating that they d rather watch television than do any thing else they could think of. That was mildly frightening but it soon turned into a terror tale. A 1966 Survey again found Tele vision viewing in the top spot but this time with 46 per cent of the population. And the results of the 1974 Gallup foil have just come in showing to still heading the list of after dark divertissement and still with 46 per cent. The tube has not Only take Over the night but appears firmly entrenched. In 1974, Reading is still in second place but with less than one third the advocates that Tele vision boasts. I owe a personal debt to television. 1 got into new papering by doing editorial car Toons for a Small East Bay paper. One Day the editor informed me that the paper was in the mar Ket Tor a to column and offered me the Post of critic in residence. Which 1 accepted. I soon discovered however that having to watch television in order to write about it was the sort of Pursuit that that turned the brain to voip n chill and converted nerve endings to piano wires. In retrospect i really Don t think it was watching Tele vision that did in it was having to watch Tele vision. After about a year of this ocular equivalent of the chinese water torture. I was on the Point of committing myself to a private sanitarium and decided some sort of change was in order. So i just began writing about anything that came into my head. The column titled Orrock on but what followed usually had no bearing on television at All. The editor finally sighed a deep sigh and changed the title and the column eventually be came the sort o wooly word age you re Reading right now. Shau once observed that work is what you have to do play is what you Don t have to do. I can vouch for the fact that when it comes to television viewing the play s the thing. It May have struck you As a Little strange in Reading the results of All those Gallup polls that in answer to the question what s your favorite eve Ning nobody seems to have mentioned the first thing to you and to i can Only you that it appears nowhere on the list. Either these Are expurgated Gallup polls or the society is in even worse shape than we thought. Navy ends search for missing Pilot Solon s Oil economics if you want Gas it ii Cost you taking it All off biology teacher Lloyd Bergman of Vancouver streaks Van Couver High school with the Best Streaker of them All his Skeleton a truly naked Streaker who lets it All show. Bergman decided to Streak the assembled students when live streakers did t show at the advertised time. Ribicoff feels Pinch of crisis favors Charters Washington Upil sen. Abraham a. Ribicoff d-conn., now drives a Comet instead of a Mercury. He has Felt the Impact of the fuel crisis like everyone else when i go Back to Connecticut i have to be very he said in an interview. All my engage ments on any weekend Are taken on the basis of what i can do on one tank of Gas. "1 Don t have a Gas tank in my Back Yard. I have to go to the filling station like everyone else. I Don t have any special privileges and 1 Don t have any special gasoline station that takes care of while Ribicoff May be like everyone else when it comes to waiting in the gasoline line lie differs from the average person in that he is in a position to shape the Laws to Deal with the Energy crisis. I m not for nationalization but 1 am for requiring National Charters for the Oil he said. I would be for putting Oil companies on the basis of a Public Utility As you have Gas. Electricity and transportation. I think Oil is so vital to people of this country that i Don t think a Small group of companies should be Able to do anything they want at will with a Public be damned Ribicoff said the Oil Industry needs to be controlled at a time when it seems to be reaping High profits while the consumer digs deeper and deeper into his pocket to pay for enough Gas to go about his daily life. The Oil companies have been making unprecedented profits at a time of supposed shortages and inconvenience to the overwhelming number of american Ribicoff said. Oil company sales have increased Only slightly while their profits have gone up astronomically indicating that they re not making Money on the volume of business but on the inflated prices we have. A year ago Oil sold for s3.40 a barrel. In december. 1973. The National Petroleum said that if Oil went up to it would be More than enough to encourage exploration and also allow them to make a Good profit. Said the lawmaker old Oil is up to a barrel. The Energy Bill that Nixon vetoed gave them a right to go up to a barrel. I think the president and i Federal Energy chief William Simon Are making their decisions looking at what is for the Best interests of the Oil Ribicoff said. He also said he found no difficulties in working with lawmakers from Oil producing states in trying to find a legislative Way to resolve the Energy crisis. Ribicoff noted however that a Small group of powerful senators and congressmen Are working to protect the Oil producing states and the Oil Industry but he said their position May weakening. My feeling is that Public opinion nationwide has finally overwhelmed the special interest of Oil state senators and eventually Laws will be passed to protect the Public and to deprive Many of the major Oil companies of the huge Breaks they be been getting and of the privileged position they be he said. Ribicoff said the major Oil firms should be banned from freezing out Independent and Washington up americans want enough Gaso line to avoid inconvenience they will have to pay for it and Price controls will not work at the pump according to the Oil state economics of sen. John Tower. A Tex. His Home state leads the nation in Domestic Oil production with a daily output of barrels. While other congressmen and senators face angry constituents and grapple with Federal Energy officials to obtain More sup plies. Tower and the Oil state lawmakers face a different kind of frustration. We re frustrated by the Complete inability of the people to understand the economics of the Oil he explained in an interview. We Don t get the so called consumer com plaints from Texas and the other Oil states because the economics of the Industry is better Tower who recalls his boyhood Days when gasoline was burned As a waste product because it was so abundant said the substance of the difference Between the Oil states and other areas of the country is the Issue of Petroleum Price controls. The locus should be on expanding the Supply but they worry about somebody gouging on the said Tower of congressional efforts to resolve the Energy shortage. When you re confronted with a shortage situation your first concern is not who s making Money off it but How you can expand the Supply because the More the Supply and demand curves coincide the More Likely you re going to have stable by controlling prices. Tower said you eliminate the competitive aspects i m certain that we can expand the he said. If we let the Market mechanism regulate the Price of crude and the Price of natural Gas. There la be a hell of a lot More of it produced in this Tower objects to the Gar two suspects in . Rape Case Santa Maria up ii police working on information supplied by the county sheriffs office have arrested the last two suspects in the gang Kidnap rape of a Young san Francisco woman earlier this week. William Mungia. 23, and his franchised dealers which brother. Arthur. 20. They have and. Contrary to the View of at least one Oil state lawmaker. Ribicoff said he Felt that a Price Rollback on Oil would not shatter the nation s Oil Industry which he insisted has been protected Over the years. Charged with sex perversion Kidnap and rape. Bail was set at each. Police said the pair was captured Friday on the roof of a Motel where they had been hiding from officers. Three other men and two juveniles were arrested earlier on similar charges. Pice a Winner a k key West. A. Lui l the . Navy said saturday it had abandoned its search for it. Frank j. Orson. A 29 Carold Pilot who ejected last tuesday from his crippled reconnaissance Jet near the Marquesas keys. Carsons s body was not recovered after a three and a half Day search. Carson s navigator. Cmdr. William Comstock. Also ejected from the vigilante Jet but was rescued by a shrimp boat plying the Waters about 35 Miles West of key West. Comstock said he saw car son s Parachute open but lost sight of the Pilot when he plunged into the Gulf of Mexico. Navy officials speculated Carson a native of Linker shield. Calif., was unable to free himself from his Parachute and was dragged under the water. Navy officials said Carson s Jet had just undergone mechanical repairs and was being flight tested tuesday when the Crew radioed the plane was experiencing mechanical tumbles and they were going to ditch. The Dai a consolidation and continuation of the morning news published by the daily review inc. Floyd spark president and publisher William Chile Oie but new manager entered of poit Ollie. Hoy word Cali fornia at second Doss matter under the act of Congre ii March 3. 1897. Address All communications to 116 w. Winton . Box 31 27, Hoyward co. 94540. Suggested subscription rates is Centi per copy weekdays 35cenlisundoy one month 13.25 publishing daily including sundays 1 1 6 w. Winton ave., Hayward Alameda county co., 94544 Hayward office. Phone 3516210 san Peandro office 125parrott5t., son Leondro co., 94577 phone 357-3800 Fremont office 122 Confer Square Fremont co., 94536 phone 773-121? member audit Bureau circulation Sears textured coating 20 times thicker than paint Renews the Beauty of your Home scare Why j if wll Hin the 15 year guarantee period r Skars coating should Phlp. Perl or i of p or Hull Miu Riali we Hill i Lalmer it no charge to the Anil Omar. Doth material if Watt no. 379169 Call now collect Lor your free estimate Call 415 965-3740 no obligation of course Bage being tossed out by Oil Industry critics who seek to the corporate Struc Ture of the United states under the auspices of solving the Energy crisis. The very system that has Given us cheap Energy for so Long is now the system they want to destroy simply because our demand has outstripped the he said. That really makes a lot of sense does t it met All our demands for All these years and provided us with the Best Standard of living in the world. Now because we re putting additional demands on it that maybe can t always be met we re going to destroy it. But what Are we going to replace it if he were in charge of solving the Energy crisis what would Tower do i d raise the depletion allowance. I d Lake the controls off the Price of crude and deregulate the Price of natural Gas. No strings attached and let the mechanism of the marketplace he disagrees with those who seek to control Oil Industry they re making Money but they re not making any More Money than anyone he said " if you think in terms of their return on per cent of equity they re not doing any better than the major Industrial corporations in the and he believes nationalization of the Oil Industry would mean institutionalization. A shortage and army wants end to Galley bail Columbus. A. Upil charging that 1st it. William Calley or. Was freed improperly the army has asked the Federal judge who set bail for him to reverse his decision. A motion was filed Friday in the Georgia Middle District court by government lawyers asking . District court judge j. Robert Elliott to revoke bail. It was filed on behalf of army Secretary Howard to Galloway. Maj. Gen. Thomas m. Tarpley. The it. Earning commander and maj. Gen. George Prugh. Army judge advocate general. Calley. Who was convicted of the 1968 murders of 22 vietnamese civilians at my Lai. Was freed less than two weeks ago after being confined at it. Benning since his 1971 conviction. The army had tried to have him sent to Federal prison at fort Leavenworth. Kansas. Contending that Calley was convicted of one of the most serious crimes in the annals of military the army said Elliott did not state proper justification for granting bail. In his release order. Elliott said Galloway is reviewing the Case and May order the sentence reduced and that president May reduce it further. 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