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Daily Review Newspaper Archives Mar 10 1974, Page 3

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Daily Review (Newspaper) - March 10, 1974, Hayward, California Sla tape Hearst offers crumbs9 san Francisco Puli the terrorist sym Tornese liberation army slam breaking 16 Days of silence with a tape recording containing 11 minutes of kidnapped Patricia Hearst s voice charged saturday that her father offered crumbs instead of an adequate Foid Giveaway to the poor. In this the fourth communique. Miss Hearst said in a soft steady voice that if her father Randolph a. Hearst had met the Sla s original demand for Worth of food for every needy Calif Oman i would be out of i really want to get out of Here. I really want to get out the 20-year-old grand daughter of newspaper Empire founder William Randolph Hearst said on the noisy almost inaudible tape. The tape received by san Francisco pm radio station san began with the voice of a woman identifying herself As an Sla general and calling the million food program the Sla spokeswoman said the people in need food plan showed contempt for people in the initial stages by throwing food at people treating people like dogs and even giving people food that was intended for we will never forget one thing above All else never Trust the words of the the spokeswoman said. The Sla originally demanded that in free food be distributed within a month to All of California s needy before negotiations for miss Hearst s release would be demand that would have Cost nearly Moo million. Miss Hearst said on the tape if you had just done what the Sla wanted the month would be Over with and i d be out of her father told reporters at his suburban Hillsborough Home he had not doubt the voice was that of his daughter who was abducted from her Berkeley apartment feb. 4. We re glad to hear her Hearst said to know that Patty s alive. Well have to study it i the tape before we make any reply. We need an Fri spokesman said the the Agency had fatty a consolidation and continuation of the morning news second front Page Hayward California sunday March demonstrators gather in front of . District court building in Washington yesterday inside the building seven sex Nixon aides were pleading innocent to conspiracy charges the reunion of the brass ends in a basement door exit Washington Lupoli some of the bystanders outside the . District courthouse shouted Sieg Heil and i Hope you get 30 but John n. Mitchell once the nation s top Law enforcement officer did rot acknowledge the taunts. One by one they arrived until shortly before 11 . In courtroom no. 2. Seven of the most powerful men of president Nixon first term were together again this time As persons accused of crime they had Romo to plead to charges growing out of the watergate cover up. Kenneth w. Parkinson lawyer for the committee to reelect the president arrived first. Then came Mitchell the former attorney general and reelection director his face tired and Gray. Then former while House special counsel Charles w. Colson. Who once had a reputation of being Nixon s political Hatchet arrived. Despite his smile he appeared to feel the weight of the charges against him. The last to arrive were . A Haldeman. His Crew Cut now grown out so much that hair covers the top of his ears and John d. Elii Zichman. Jaunty smiling. They came in a taxi. As Nixon s top aides they had Ridden in limousines. A would be wearing a papier mache head of Nixon dropped his trousers but police threw a Raincoat around him and hustled him off in a squad car. Upstairs. Parkinson walked alone past the queue of reporters and spectators waiting to walk through a Metal Detector machine that . Marshals said was placed there to look for guns. As the defendants gathered they Shook hands and spoke quietly and briefly. They wore smiles but there was no atmosphere of a festive reunion. Mitchell sat Down with Laboured Effort in a chair inside the rail in the courtroom. Former assistant attorney general Robert c. Mardian. A Well tanned wealthy Phoenix contractor sat next to him and chatted for a moment. When special prosecutor Leon Jaworski arrived he went to Mardian Shook hands and then approached Mitchell. John How Are you Good to see you Jaworski. Past president of the american bar association and american trial lawyers association said. Are you in Good Mitchell asked Jaworski. Then the defendants sat around the table and the clerk said. All chief u. S. District court judge John .1. Sirica walked in. It was Sirica quickly called them to the front and As clerk James capita no read their names each said not guilty to All Only Parkinson revised his response slightly to say not guilty to the two counts of which i have been assistant special prosecutor Richard Benveniste said he had no objection to releasing Vliem on personal Bond and Sirica ordered them released. By the arraignment was Over. A Haldeman and Ehrlichman stayed inside the courtroom for More than 15 minutes. On their Way out. They refused to talk to reporters but they did pose smilingly for network artists. The crowd out front did not see them again. Illey left through the courthouse basement. New naked fad will soon be clothed san Francisco in Pii like Pantie raids goldfish swallowing and Telephone Booth stuffing student dashing in the nude is a Spring madness that will Streak away As fast it came. This is the View of behavioural scientists across the nation who generally see streaking Las a harmless if tasteless fad Best ignored. Most ads Are efforts to gain status says Albert Bandera. Stanford Pirp Fessor and president of the american psychological association. That s Why fads die so lie says. I a they die from i Christina Maslach. University of California initial psychologist suggests possible reasons in hit people Streak. A part of in is to get attention she says. 1-l perhaps it is to do something risky and not get caught. Perhaps it is to do something novel and see what it is it s fun. I m not really "1 Don t find the motives too deep or says Caroline e. Preston a University of Washington psychiatrist. Like other experts she says "1 think it has nothing to do with sexuality at All. If anything it s a kind of denial of Paul Blaney. A psychologist at the University of Texas. Austin adds that streaking is different from sexual exhibitionism. The motivations behind streaking arc trivial whereas exhibitionism is a reflection of emotional he says. Dandura says. Most social contagion Phenomena decline before counter measures arc applied. Then the counter measures become overkill. I imagine thai next month streaking will die Down and hint will lie the. End of Nevil Sanford. Director of the Wright Institute. Berkeley calif., says officials should ignore streaking if they can the streakers surely would be if officials Don t express a lot of so far. Perhaps surprisingly officials most often have ignored the fad. But perhaps Only because streakers run in and out too fast to be caught. To me the striking aspect of says Norm Ectman. University of Kansas sociologist is the attitude of authorities Wlinich has Iwen to look the other Way. This seems to illustrate the fart that streaking is apolitical and not a threat to the existing mass i Rilchard. President of a local College for women. Frederick mil., says. My initial reaction to this new springtime ritual is dial in is less Chr catering to health than the ingestion of live goldfish and not nearly As suffocating us crowded Telephone for social scientists Spring madness on College campuses is no comment and had not heard the tape. One of the demands made in the communique was that in not be turned Over to the Fri. The woman general said on the tape that whether miss Hearst faces execution or Freedom was totally the responsibility of her the Hersl Empire has tried to Divide the people by giving them crumbs to fight she said. Miss Hearst s voice followed in the Middle of the 25-minute tape with her making a plea to her family not to Aid the Fri in their investigation. Only the Fri and certain people can gain anything by my the tape which also contained a Brief statement by Sla Field marshal said the Fri wanted to set up two alleged members of the organization Russell Little and Joseph Remiro to be killed. The pair Are being held on charges of assassinating Oakland school superintendent Marcus Foster last november. The Sla demanded that Little and Remiro be allowed to give a live televised news conference. The pair earlier requested the appearance so they could outline a proposal that they said could Lead to miss Hearst s release. Miss Hearst said on the tape that because of Sla intelligence reports that Little and Remiro might be executed in prison her captives have Given her instructions on How to use a will arabs end embargo today Beirut i up an egyptian newspaper predicted saturday that sunday s meeting of Arab Oil producing countries in Cairo will lift the embargo against the United states. But three of the biggest Arab Oil exporting nations said they would refuse to attend the conclave. The sem official Cairo newspaper Al ashram said the conference organized by Egypt is expected to decide to lift the embargo imposed during the october Middle East War. Oil Industry sources in the egyptian capital said however they doubted the whole Boycott would be lifted. They said the Arab Oil ministers might ease the embargo to the extent of treating the United states As other Western nations now subject to the 15 per cent production Cut the Arab Oil producers have maintained. But Middle East Oil sources said the scheduled meeting faces a potentially serious split Over the Issue of lifting the Arab Oil embargo on Oil supplies to the United states res said Libya. Algeria and Iraq have refused to take part in the Cairo meeting. Iraq s official news Agency announced late saturday Iraq is opposed to any efforts to lift or even ease the embargo and thus would not attend. . Backed by Algeria tried to have the conference held in the libyan capital of Tripoli next wednesday. The sources said these three countries might go through with a counter conference in Tripoli to oppose any lifting of the embargo that might be decided in Cairo. The Oil sources said the move to lift the Boycott stemmed from . Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger s diplomatic efforts in the Middle East. Earlier an egyptian Oil ministry spokesman said the ministers would meet sunday evening at the Sheraton hotel in for three Days there were conflicting reports about tile time and place of the conference. The libyan regime of col. Moa mar khad Afy had proposed holding it in Tripoli wednesday. The Oil ministry spokesman said the ministers Are expected to review the Arab embargo on Oil supplies to the United states. Energy wars loom in world s future la Cruces . A the 21st Century will probably bring International alliances restructured around Energy resources says a College professor whose speciality is the future. New Mexico slate University assistant pro Fessor Stephen c. Ropp said that with the Price of crude Oil now three or four times what it was Only a Short while ago. There is a very real possibility thai Arab countries Are going to become Bankers of the world by the year 2000." the Energy crisis which Ropp said he expects will continue through the next Quarter Century might Divide nations along entirely new lines. The traditional East West lines he said could give Way to alignments of Energy Rich nations versus Energy poor nations in terms of consumption in relation to resources. Ropp. Calls his discipline futurology and teaches a government class entitled the year2000." he said he sees the possibility of Energy War. For instance Indonesia is Energy Rich while Japan is Energy poor. If Japan is pushed to the Wall there could be a repeat of the world War ii the professor emphasized he is speculating rather than predicting. It s a kind of modern pro Galisim. We pre dict the probability of a certain he said. The Energy Rich alliances he said might bring together the soviet Union the Middle East Venezuela Ecuador Peru Nigeria Scotland and Indonesia. Among the Energy poor countries would be Western Europe most of Eastern Europe England Japan India and Brazil. If this possible realignment results in Energy wars he said. You might see Brazil pitted against Peru and Venezuela which both Bor Der on Brazil. Or perhaps England against Scotland which is seeing its Energy reserves tapped by England. Eastern Europe might even be pitted against the massive flow of Oil Money into the Middle East by 1980. Saudi Arabia is go Ingo have billion in foreign Exchange reserves could shake the foundations of International politics. The really Basic question is whether these countries will become part of the world poli tical establishment and put this Money to conservative uses or will they be More Radical. Do they Purchase highly sophisticated Wea Pons and finance revolutionary Ropp said. He said such speculation in t Way out of the Ballpark. Panama already has talked with Libya about getting them to build a new. Jointly owned Panama canal. A lot of Western control has been More or less financial control. When we no longer have it. And when the Arab countries can buy sophisticated new military hardware and build Panama canals All bets Are Leonard Seeley former san Leandro mayor Dies Hayward Leonard Seeley a realtor former mayor of san Leandro and prominent local Democrat died of a heart attack Satur Day. He was 65. Seeley was born in Nyack new York. He moved to san Leandro after service in world War ii and entered the real estate business. He was elected to the san City Council in 1948 and served As mayor of san Leandro from 1950 until 1952. He moved to Hayward in 1953, and in 1955 was appointed to the City planning commis Sion where he served for eight years. Seeley was appointed to the slate real estate commission in 1961 by governor Edmund g. Brown and was elected president of the Southern Alameda county Board of realtors in 1962. He was appointed a state inheritance tax appraiser in 1964 by Alan Cranston who at the time was slate controller. Also in 1864 Seeley founded South Hayward democratic club in which he was Active until his death. He was also a member of the knights of Columbus no. 1615 of Hayward and american legion Post no. 117 of Sanicandro. Seeley was appointed to the City Board of adjustments in 1971. He resigned his Post last month because of poor health. Seeley is survived by his wife Harriet and Leon arc buy shown if i9v3 photo Kopti a daughter Dorothy Mcclintock of Suffern new York. Services will be held wednesday at . At the Hayward mortuary 22297 Mission blvd

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