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Daily Review Newspaper Archives Feb 28 1958, Page 14

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Daily Review (Newspaper) - February 28, 1958, Hayward, California Trial run for deep lot Compromise a comfortable nest1 county planners this week a trial run on an answer to one of a outliers Alameda county s thorniest deep lots. Running 500 feet or More in depth lie lots were Laid out Early in this Cen tier a when it was believed the Hayward area would develop into a great poultry pjs clucking Region. Each lot was big to hold Small Chicken ranch. Then the unforeseen happened. The it act Bay bes ran a rapid growth which suddenly exploded in a surge to the suburbs after the second world War. Too late it was realized Hayward Cas Tro Valley Ashland and Cherry Lance were to be residential area5. That left hundreds of homeowners lots for two or More a irises instead of one. It left blocks Only Hall developed with in their in tetors for another Street of Homes at first homeowners answered the problem by building other houses be Hind the first. Narrow lanes led Back to them causing police fire and health problems. Zoning helped Stop that trend but Sti to left the communities with vast amounts of undeveloped land in their midst. The problem was not unique to South county but nowhere had an answer been found. As an answer the county planning staff has come up with a Compromise. It is a new zoning District which makes easier development of deep lot interiors by easing some requirements including lot size and Street widths. County planners Hope the new District will encourage joint development of the lots with Small subdivisions. To test that Hope they have designated an area along a St. Bounded by East Shore free was and hesperian blvd. a Pilot project. As a Compromise the new District sacrifices some vital Points in Good plan Ning. It does so however knowing these Points were violated Long ago to set a now unchangeable pattern in Many areas. The biggest weakness is in Street requirements which leap from a far below Standard 16 foot Width for four or less houses to 50 for five or More. Unless corrected this loophole will Lead to abuse of the deep lot checklist for school trustees the hot potato of education has been tossed right Back to local school trustees by the statewide conference on science and mathematics education in Sacramento earlier this week. Despite a Lack of Unity among its conference did provide some ideas for piercing the fog of mis. Understanding and complacency which has marked sputnik boosted interest in education. Some of the conference suggestions were 1. Increased science study be required of teachers. The Validity of this proposal has been shown in several. Southern Alameda county districts whose science work is above average due to administrators and principals who. Have training and interest in science. 2. Science study be started in first Grade. This is being clone in some South county districts. 3. Classes be decreased in size. The importance of this for All students Ision Vious. If further teacher pay increases also suggested by the conference were delayed More teachers could be hired and smaller classes taught. 4. More time in school with greater emphasis on the 3 is. Most South county schools operate above state minimums four hours a Day for fifth through eighth grades for where the state Calls for minimum 50 per cent of that Lime to be devoted to the 3 is most area schools run closer to 70 per cent. Thus the conference has furnished school trustees with a Check list As a starting Point for revaluation of their districts work. It is a reminder that trustees Are not merely financial Over seers but also planners of the future for the District s new the persons entrusted with setting education Al policy. Robert alien nuclear plan project to get review Washington the i2-Ycar Lon again off again atomic powered plane project is once More up in the its Fate has been put up to or. James Killian White House advisor. Direction of president Eisenhower this immensely difficult project on which some s500 million has Al ready been spent is to be reviewed by Killian. To con duct this event Ful study he is organizing a special staff of scientists and engineers. J Pic outcome of the i s unannounced a e View will largely determine what is done about trying to beat Russia into the air with a Nur Clear plane. It 3s now definitely known the soviet is putting the same priority Effort into this Field that was done to orbit the first sput Nik in outer space the White House and defense Secretary Mcelroy have been formally warned of that. This was done by representative Melvin of the joint atomic research subcommittee following a trip to Russia last fall. Three key questions Are to be passed on by or. Killian should the u. A. Rush to completion a demonstration Type atomic plane primarily for propaganda purposes or should the existing slow moving develop ment program be continued under which a practical nuclear plane would be evolved by 1965? should the Navy be allowed to enter this Field Admiral Burke chief of naval operations is vigorously urging that wants s100 million for this purpose in the new budget. Currently the atomic plane project is con ducted by the air Force and atomic Energy commission. Their combined expenditures for it this year will be approximately s150 million. Should this Long pending project be dropped altogether and the funds and personnel be shifted to developing atomic Powei missiles several highly secret missile projects of this kind already Are underway and important members of the joint atomic committee contend they Are far More profitable for or. Tweedy by Ned Riddle purposes than a nuclear plane would be. Representative Price insists both projects should be Force fully pushed. On that he has the sup port of senator Clinton Ander son d., n. Vice chairman of the joint committee. How they it proposes done by con cent rating on developing a demonstration Type atomic. Plane by using the air Force s giant Jet tankers. The powerful Jet engines would get this plane off the ground after which the nuclear reactor would provide the tremendous Power needed to Fly the huge Craft with its massive shield for the reactor. The problem of this shield to protect both the Crew and Polarie from deadly the e Crux of a practical atomic plane. The Navy contends that a sea plane offers the. Readiest Solu Tion of this key problem. Some research along this line already is being done by the Navy. In its new budget there is a 000 item for this purpose. Admiral Burke wants to increase that to for full scale development Effort. Representative Price after his extended russian trip sent his warning to the White House and defense Secretary Mcelroy in a lengthy letter. He stressed the great military potentialities of a nuclear plane which he com pared to the growing. . Fleet of powerful atomic submarines. If the russians get the jump on us with an atomic Price not Only would that immensely expand their striking Power but it would also give them equally important advantages in commercial aviation. Above All their world prestige would be incalculably enhanced. Coming on top of their. Beating us in orbiting satellites their out doing us on an atomic plane would be a profoundly shattering blow. The . Simply cannot be topped by the soviet in this supremely important one counter move . Is acting to meet soviet Competition in one important atoms for peace Field. Friendly foreign nation will be to buy nuclear a such As uranium and enriched uranium isotopes and other peaceful products without obtaining . Reactors and other equipment. Is that wild animals cure themselves by Eugene Burns he a 1 i n g and self doctoring among creatures of the wild Are astonishing. The gaping wounds of a Bull fur Seal perhaps even an ear or an Eye missing will close and heal fresh and clean. The broken leg of a Deer will Shough off the decayed flesh and knit the Bone whole again. Well that it does. In the wild injuries occur often. And almost every mammal which lives to maturity will have scars bearing mute evidence of the recovery from grave injury. In every collection of skeletons whether recent or prehistoric there will be Bones which have been broken and Ile aled. One study of mammalian Bone heal ing in the wild is truly amazing. Of 95 opossum skeletons taken at random near Lawrence. Kansas. 39 had broken Bones which had healed completely. Several of these had survived broken ribs and shoulders. In fact one opos sum recovered from a total of two broken shoulders 11 broken ribs of these two had been broken in 3 places and two others had been broken twice and. A badly damaged vertebral column. Occasionally a wild creature s broken Bone will knit with Only a slight thickening and roughening of the area of the fracture. More often the broken parts Are pulled past each other by the action of the Muscles making for Shorter and slightly misshapen or an Gular Bones. Sometimes the Bone knit at broken ends each Healing Over and becoming rounded forming a false joint. This frequently Hap pens with broken ribs. But it is in Seif doctoring that the animal ii Eins to express a Knowin Jenesis about what s Good for thai what ails him. In taking care of wounds Ani Mals lick them. Even when the animal Lias the wound cleansed by a human and band aged it will often tear off the Bandage to lick the hair away from the wound and expose it to the air and sunlight. As usual there is a reason. Recently it was found that in their animals possess a first rate anti septic which acts As a mild Ger Ray Tucker Israel stands firm on Arab unions Tucker statesmen Are not seriously concerned or worried Over their prospective encirclement As a result of the Union of several Arab and neigh Boring states. They have lived with and survived the same men Ace for 10 years. Like the West Ern Powers especially the United states the Little Republic s leaders Are standing firm and keeping their powder no states Man Here or in the West knows precisely yet. What this realignment of Arab forces May signify poor is generally believed Here however although top officials Are reluctant to comment publicly that the mergers of Egypt and Syria presumably pro communist and of Iran and Jordan supposedly pro West not increase their combined strength or their men Ace to the West Israel and the general Middle East situation. Egypt and Jordan Are in mid dle East terminology just a Cou ple of poor relations " in the Arab family despite colonel Gamal Abdel Nasser s several attempts to seize the leadership of the Arab Peoples. It is extremely pertinent to Middle East diplomats As Well As to Western representatives that his seeming Suez canal incident the arms Deal with Russia the Union with Syria and now the threat against the not yet enabled him to attain his Basic and Long Range objective which is the sole and recognized Sovereign of the Arab Peoples. Napoleonic posturing Nasser has not yet convinced the Arab world that despite his Napoleonic posturing he is the Man to Lead them to Unity greatness and orderly Progress. King Saud of saudi Arabia the wealthiest potentate in this area wants no conflict with the West. Neither Iran nor Iraq which Shaft with King Saud in the vast income they receive for Oil from Anglo american firms. To embrace Nasser s anti West policy would be Cut off this reve nue of several Hundred millions a for King Saud it would mean curtailment of Pendi Tures on his extravagant household his Hariri and his Reade in the United states trailers. Egyptian f 0 Iraq and Iran which make some pretence of spending a Small por Tion of their Oil riches for their miserably poor population it would mean reversion to an Economy and state As tragic As the conditions which prevail in the land of the pharaohs. In scribing conditions there an experienced Middle East reporter for the London observer recently made this comment the real strength of the egyptian Economy is based on the in describable poverty of the egyptian enemies in Arab world although an emotional and stimulating figure to the Arab populace has his enemies throughout the Arab world As Well As inside Egypt. In fact his various anti West Maneu vers beginning with the seizure of the Suez canal Are designed partially to counteract their _ conspiracies. Although logic and Normal diplomatic factors and considerations must be shelved in any discussion of _ Middle East Pas Sions politics and economics it is quite conceivable that the cur rent ferment in this area will operate favourably for the West and for Israel in the Long run. Nations last 10 years have demonstrated that deep and Basic cleavages Divide the Arab nations. The events of that decade recall that they have never been United except during. The period of fierce islamic Cori quest More than a thousand years ago and when under the Stern Dominion of Strong Western Powers like Britain and France. In Short an1 arabian gang up against the West and Israel is still an arabian nights dream in the face of these realities. Nevertheless it is a situation which should Bear watching by the United nations and the United states. Their apparent joint in difference to recent happenings Here disappoints our allies and encourages our enemies especially the russians. Released by Mcclure Syndicate people Are saying by International service Washington president i. Benhower calling on soviet Lead ers to engage in less formal and less publicized contacts through diplomatic channels if our two countries Are to move ahead to the establishment of better we find some ways other than prolongation of repetitive Public Chicago army rocket expert or. Wernher von Braun i would recommend that we Brace ourselves for other. Soviet firsts in the new Field of astronautics. We Are behind we cannot catch in a Day or two since major technological projects necessarily involve some serving Southern Alameda county George lower editor Leona Ward Assoc ifs editor. Richard Hafner news editor Delmar Nelson. City editor Page 14 Friday february 28, 1958 editorial research Micides and reduces harmful Bac Teria. Should blow Fly larvae develop in an open wound animals will usually leave them to flourish. Again there is a purpose in this. Although primitive Peoples have done this for Ages it was not until world War ii that our doctors found that untended human wounds containing maggots cleared and healed More quickly than others treated with orthodox methods. That s because mag gots Only devour the put relying flesh never attacking live tissue. When a leg is Hap pens quite frequently with Deer either through a mishap or a bul Deer can still run swiftly on three legs. But usually the animal will hide away perhaps for a week to ten Days keeping the leg motionless until the Bone Only Way. Of course to get a broken Shin Bone to knit with Only a slight thickening copyright 1958, by Eugene Burns released by Mcclure Syndicate free by special arrangement with the editors of the encyclopedia americana my panel of judges will award each week to the. Reader who sends me the Best True life nature adventure the Best nature observation or the Best question on nature and wild late. A Complete 30-volume set of this world famous reference work in a handsome sea Craft binding. Each week new submissions will be considered. Sorry i simply can t answer your Many Friendly letters. Please address your letters to is that so Box 575, Sausalito Calif. Ike hot rift Eric Johnston eign policy Man of All work for both president Eisenhower and his have a Spect for both men extending beyond Mere tact. Commissioned Jan. 11, to set up a bipartisan Washington conference to push Byrich Abd Spang a kind of for who were to be drafted into the army to break a strike. Truman denied that he had Ever Given Gen Eisenhower then chief of staff such a directive. Truman later attacked Eisen Hower As a front Man for the and charged him with foreign Aid As a Means of bolster having endorsed William ing National Security Johnston managed to arrange for addresses by both without a face to face meeting Between his two distinguished speakers. In doing so Johnston was Tak ing into account an antipathy that comes More and More into the open. The most recent Evi Dence was Truman s denial in a television broadcast of feb. 2, that he had Ever offered the presidency to Gen. Eisenhower at Potsdam. I told him that a great Many people who had been in his position had been willing to run for the tru Man said but it was my opinion that a Man at the top with a military reputation could Only have that reputation smeared if he went into this appeared to be a Flat contradiction of the Eisenhower ver Sion. The general who found president Truman in 1945 sin Cere Earnest and a most pleas ant person with whom to goes on to state that Truman had said general there is nothing that you May want that i won t try to help you get. That definitely and specifically includes the presidency in 1948." Ike said he could nothing other than to treat it As a very splendid if Wjk w probably the Truman Eisen. Hower antagonism stems from the 1952 Campaign. The first Exchange came when Gen. Eisen Hower said that in 1946 he had refused a directive to assume command of Railroad workers Jenner r., ind and Joseph Mccarthy r., despite their infamous attack on Gen. George c. Marshall because Eisenhower thought they would bring him what appears to have Hurt worst however was when Truman added to the list of endorsements the name of endorsements the name of for Mer sen. Chapman Revercomb r., Champion of the anti Catholic anti jewish pro visions of the original displaced persons Truman charged oct. 17, that the . Candi Date an attack of moral blindness for today he is willing to accept the very practices that identified the so called master race although he took a leading part in liberating Europe from their thoroughly angry Eisenhower replied oct. 20, that the opposition had overstepped itself in calling him anti semitic and he said that he would leave the answers to his Good friends Cardinal Spellman rabbi Silver and Bernard a after the election Gen. Eisen Hower accepted president tru Man s invitation to attend a White House briefing but he turned Down the offer of tru Man s personal plane for his trip to Korea. At Eisenhower s inauguration Jan. 20. 1953, Truman arranged a furlough so that major John Eisenhower might at tend. Famous fables bargain table by e. E. Edgar but come Back Here As. Coon As you finish your game of j he said. I can t said the writer. I have an appointment after that with Cecil b. again the Universal Boss raised his offer. When the writer finally left the office he had Story for that evening when he met Zukor he gleefully related what had taken place. Zukor listened without amusement. You were a he said. If you had mentioned that you were going to meet me for Din Ner he would have Given you during the Early Days of the movies Adolph Zukor was one of the Kingpins of the Industry and no one knew it better than he one night in Hollywood he was to have dinner with a Well known writer. Earlier in Day. The writer met with the head of Universal who offered him for the rights to one of his stories. The writer was More than pleased with this offer but said he could not Dawdle to sign a contract As he had to play Golf with Louis b. Mayer. Upon hear ing Universal chief up Ped the Price to strictly National types by Sydney j. Harris personalities Are shaped by the culture they grow up in and often the Man who seems most representative of a National Type is a newcomer to the nation. Thought of this in connection with the recent Pacific tour of i Camps by Bob Hope the comedian. Hope has come to symbolize much of the american the Breezy Wise racking but Friendly and warmhearted 1 Type that both baffles and amuses the rest of the world. Yet Hope is not an american in a technical sense. He was born in England and came Here As a Young boy. But nothing distinctively English remains in his Bear ing or his. Attitude toward life and no one who did not know it could possibly guess that he was an immigrant. An even More startling example was the late film actor Leslie Howard who typified for millions the lean Calm soft spoken aristocratic English Type. But How Ard s parents were hungarian jews whose roots and culture were As different from Mayfair As Howard was different from Hope. Napoleon of course was not a Frenchman but a promptly think of him As a Symbol of French glory. St. Patrick was not an irishman either by birth or train by assignment. Winston Churchill is half american yet i defy any one to characteristics in this fender of the Empire. He even looks like the representation of John Bull. Such examples could be multiplied Many tunes Over. It is the imprint of a culture that determines much of the outward personality rather than the biological or ethnic background. While making College lectures for instance i often run across chinese students on Campus. Except for their obvious physical characteristics they behave exactly like american College students and display none of the social traits we have come to associate with the older generation of chinese immigrants. I have known men whose fathers were missionaries Orient and who were schooled there during their formative years. These men when they return to Bear an attitude that Marks them off from their Are splendid men but the personal atmosphere that surrounds them does not give off. That authentic odor of hot dogs and Popcorn arid informal sings at rotary luncheons. National made not born. If Bob Hope m England his Demeanour to us would. Seem British As Maurice Chevalier s seems French

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