Daily Review in Hayward, California
17 Feb 1974

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Daily Review in Hayward, California
17 Feb 1974

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Daily Review (Newspaper) - February 17, 1974, Hayward, California Tit doily review Hoy word. Conf. 44 sunday february . Hay. Bojoh Sandoval an informal history the great portuguese migration the completion of the transcontinental rail Road in California in made it possible to Cul four or More months from inc sailing Lime if a wind Jammer around the Horn to san Francisco. The cheap fan s which later became an inducement to Bruin thousands of easterners and mid westerners to California opened the tide of portuguese immigration from new Bedford. Boston and new York s Ellis is land. Because Oakland was the land terminus of the Central Pacific and because work in the Railroad shops and warehouses was available Lor new portuguese arrivals. West Oakland became he recognized area for the seekers of land and a new Opportunity. Oakland s Estuary also provided jobs in the ship repair and ship outfitting Industry. From Oakland s inner Harbor the Alaska packing Salmon Fleet took off in the Spring for British Columbia and the Salmon fisheries. Many portuguese sailors and fishermen became Mcm decl. The concentration of portuguese new settler families in West Oakland made it inevitable that they should seek spiritual Solace in exist ing Catholic churches. I however. The language Barrier caused the portuguese to seek priests who conduct services and confessions in their own language. The problem resulted in the establishment of a portuguese Church in West Oakland in St. Mary s Parish in the Hall of the same name at the Corner of seventh and Grove streets. Kevend father Fernandes. Of san Miguel. Azores islands was called to Lake charge of the Little flock in Oakland and under his untiring efforts the new congregation grew to goodly eventual la in 1892 the combined efforts of the clergy and portuguese laymen from All of North can California resulted in the building of St. Joseph s portuguese Catholic Church in Oakland Al 1102 seventh Street. Archbishop dedicated the irk seat inline edifice which was Iii feel in length. 52 feel in Width and a ceiling of 45 feet will Rose window of Cali dral Glass and handsome gothic Arch spinning he there was a id fool Bell lower and its Interior Church were Lasle fully frescoes. A in the i ftps and 70s there was also a tide of portuguese immigration 10 inc hawaiian is lands Liy his Lime the whaling Industry had declined and the Plantation system was being developed in the hawaiian kingdom to Export sugar. Whereas in 1852 some ii whalers were listed As anchoring in the islands by 1870 there were less than 50. In 1852 whalers brought175.000 ban Els of whale Oil into hawaiian in its. Hill by 1872 Only 19.ihh barrels were left for transhipment to new Bedford and these mostly from the ships under the hawaiian Flag. The key to this decline was the Scarcity of whales lie tween and 1872 almost whales were killed around inc Globe. Slaughtering these giant mammals was a wasteful Only one whale out of three killed was saved. The reel Sank or were the portuguese whaling Crews who knew the Beautiful climate the Beautiful women and the easy life style of inc hawaiian is lands returned to the or to new bed Ford or to Brazil and extolled the Virtues of living in the Pacific Paradise. Therefore when the hawaiian Economy turned from whaling to sugar cultivation. The portuguese inhabitants of the Western Isles were easily persuaded to Migrate to Hawaii As agricultural labourers on contracts which meant Hal Thev would be Able to work out heir passage Anil first on arrival by working on the sugar plantations for from to Lohre Eyears. Sugar Cane cultivation in volume commenced in the the ibis when irrigation of the Fields was made possible by the building of huge ditches and tunnels to bring to the Rich Fla lands inc -1.000 ions of water which were needed each year to make of sugar. In i Only ions of sugar was produced in Hawaii. In ik75 and the United slates reciprocity treaty which per milled inc import of hawaiian sugar to Cali fornia without duty. Hawaii averaged production of 9.5wilon.s. The first organized importation of Portu Guese labourers to Hawaii began in Hiil when the hawaiian kingdom set up a Bureau of immigration to provide Tabor Lor the plantations. The native hawaiian population and some imported labor from other Pacific is lands such As Pitcairn was not reliable and industrious enough. About 2.500 South sea is Landers we re indentured by 1h70 but most re turned Home after their work term expired. The Bureau til immigration in i8k4 appointed or. William Hilderbrand to go to China and Send in enough labourers to fill immediate needs lie also went to Europe to do research in botany and to seek new plants which would be Root rot res Island in the Lia on his return across the Atlantic he stopped at the Madeira islands. There he found an offshore Folk thai he thought would fit in Well in Hawaii and he arranged Hal a band of them should emigrate there in 1878. There after Many a shipload of portuguese families came from the Atlantic islands to make their Homes in the Pacific by the end of the Century the local had reached 18.000. They look to Plantation life with zest and became eager citizens hut us eos of bringing them from Lur Nedlo Japan for its agricultural labourers. The Portu Guese immigrants became Lunas Tor overseers in he Fields and factories. Bui Lehi Sands of these families once they worked out heir hawaiian passage Money saved i Singh to sail to san Francisco Harbor and Start life Over again in Oakland and Southern Alameda county. The hawaiian census in i90u. After annexation to the United slates showed Hawaii to be a True melting pot will id per cent of its popu Lalion of japanese ancestry a hawaiians and. Part a hawaiians 25 per cent. Chinese i per cent and portuguese 12 per cent. Less hum 5 pit cent were of Anglo Saxon blood. Total population was 154.000. The portuguese who emigrated to the Bay via the hawaiian islands brought with them their skill in crop growing and agricultural processing. Many became share crop pers on truck farms around san . Layward. Acid Centerville. Others worked Dur Summers in the canneries of Southern Alameda county and Santa Clara county. Many became skilled Orchards is who raised cherries apricots and prunes. Some got into the Dairying business others maintained beef cattle ranches in the live orc Hills Aid a Long i he san Mai to coast. Wherever i hey settled their Colonias pre served its religious fraternal. And cultural heritage. Portuguese language newspapers were published Al first in san Francisco and later in Southern Alameda county. Hel Gicas celebrations such holy ghost celebrations and fiestas were continued. Gradually the portuguese immigrants entered the Law and medical professions and some be came of Tail merchants. One Man bureaucracy away from it All and then some Portland. Ore. Lupin after 25 years As a food products Salesman based in Santa Barbara Calif., George h. Madsen decided to leave the rat race and came to Oregon. After a year Here he hated Portland so much he was fair game for a Small classified and offering for Sale a general store at Mikkalo Ore. Three weeks later Madsen and his wife Harriet had bought the store making them the sole residents of the unincorporated Community Halfway Between Arlington population 375, and Condon the county seat population 973, in the wheat country of Eastern Oregon. In addition to becoming the owner operator of a food and general merchandise store Madsen took on the titles of postmaster in jest mayor patrolman and Park commissioner. There really is a Park built by the mad Sens next to their store. There also is a Grain elevator. "1 run that said Madsen in a Telephone interview from his Domain. As if that weren t enough a few weeks ago he took on the Job of Mikkalo correspondent for the weekly Condon glob times to record the goings on of his Busy Community. One of the first reports concerned the first meeting of 1974" of the Mikkalo at which irate citizen Harriet Madsen protested plans to install the town s first parking meter was ruled out of order by mayor g. Madsen and forcibly ejected from the Council Chambers by patrolman the parking meter Issue remains unsettled but not Madsen. Except for missing the nearby Golf courses and Long golfing season of Southern California he s perfectly Happy in Mikkalo which lies two Miles West of state Highway 19 about 135 Miles East of Portland in dry farming country. The store and elevator Are All that remain of a once thriving farm town which supported a hotel and Railroad station along with other businesses. Now the Post office zip code 97861, serves just 13 families in the surrounding farm lands. Arlington and Condon both Are about 20 Miles away. We go to the Dalles 50 Miles away population to have dinner and go to a movie once in a Madsen said. We went Over just recently to see last tango in Paris there Are several Golf courses within 50 considered just a Stone s throw in the wide open spaces of Eastern Oregon. There is fishing in the Columbia River 20 Miles to the North and in other streams. There also Are Auto races at Hermiston 60 Miles away. Sometimes we close up the store at noon on saturday and take a weekend off and Don t come Back until Madsen said. Each summer they take two or three weeks off turning their store and other duties Over to a retired couple who formerly lived in the area. After four years As half the population of Mikkalo Madsen said i be gotten he admitted however the other half of the wife is not quite As Content As i author campaigns for right to die new York i api bit by bit we re demanding the rights of the individual Over the use of his own body and one of these rights is that of dying with dignity says Marya Mamie author of last rights a Case for the Good and the Way to achieve it. She adds is through euthanasia which translated from the greek Means a Good it s entirely voluntary no body is going to impose it on you. 1 just want to make the option adds miss Mamie who during her re search in terminal wards saw people who were really Only , who had no Joy in life and were being kept alive by artificial Means. Most people of sound mind if they could imagine themselves Strung up to lubes and wires and machines indefinitely would say no. But they have no Choice. The More in seems Hal we invent miraculous machines and the More Hal doctors become technicians the tendency for too Many years Lias been to use them just for prolongation what tin1 real of cation she says is what is life should the life in a body with Gritl Rie ably damaged organs a brain in n coma that has no reasonable prognosis Over to return to health he miss Mamie who reluctantly undertook to write Al the suggestion of her publishers says her own fear of death impelled her in Lake the wraps off the subject. "1 came Mil strangely enough with less fear than when i started. I still have fear of the kind of dying i Don t want but death itself i can face now. I wanted to open up the dialogue about death to show people it is not the she explains. There has been such a taboo in our culture. We use euphemisms like passed away and children Are not permitted to visit hospitals. We should become acquainted with what is. After All. An inevitable process. It should t be cosmetic Zed and the author who spent months going through years of interviewed doctors and psychiatrists and visited nursing Homes both Good and bad. She saw intensive care units where they keep the organs alive in people who from various causes Are very near it in t do something to end life it s Don t do something to extend says miss Mamie who differentiates Between that and mercy killing which is illegal for whatever benevolent reason it lakes a life. She sees a need for similar decisions on the other end of life where a new Lorn baby has brain damage or deformity. In this Case should l the Mother and doctor have the right in decide with All the implications in mind would t in be an act of mercy for he deformed life in be released rather than to Lei the child face a tragic existence i Don l even want to Call in she thinks doctors Are More and More changing their attitudes and facing up to the fact that instead of helping to extend the life of a person with no possible Chance of regaining health or even a stale of being it is not Only Wiser but Kinder to let them die. Miss Mamie Hopes there eventually May be an alteration of Law to cover euthanasia or mercy killings that Are clearly compassionate and where the patient was going to die any Way in a matter of weeks. Meanwhile she cites As encouraging the fact that last year More than 50.000 americans wrote the Kun Tanasia educational fund in new York for copies of a living addressed to family physician Clergyman and lawyer in says in part. If there is no reasonable expectation of my recovery from physical or be by artificial Means or heroic if it is signed again every year to show that it was done in a state of lucidity it has moral though not Legal says miss Mamie who is in her 60s and has prepared a More detailed version of her own. I have always fell there is a great Universal design in nature s h e s a y s everything has a pattern. Everything has a meaning. Death is a part of Hal pattern and should not be forcefully resisted just because it is possible to do so. We Are fighting nature with tragic Martha Marshall models costume worn by macedonian peasants Manikin wears another Type of costume from Yugoslavia Irish dancer sings slavic with drawl Pittsburgh up ii Martha Marshall is a talented performer of scotch Irish descent who dances plays the violin Organ and Tam Buritza and sings slav Folk songs with a Southern drawl. When the Duquesne University Tam Buritza orchestra presented a concert at Huntsville. Ala., four years ago. Miss Marshall was entranced by the music and Folk dances. She applied for an audition. Walter Kolar director of the group was impressed by her audition and recommended her for a four year scholarship Worth that was the first time i Ever heard Samo Nemo to Don t Tell your Mother i love you i a croatian love song Sung with a you All Kolar said. Now a Junior music student at Duquesne miss Marshall has Learned slav dances and can play the Tam Buritza. She learns the songs by phonetics. The Tam Uritza is a stringed instrument of the Lute family originated about years ago in Persia and developed in Croatia one of the yugoslav nations. Five instruments make up the la Buritza family. The Prim is a Small High pitched instrument comparable to the flute in a symphony orchestra. The Melody is carried by the Brae and inc cello provides Harmony and frequently Melody. The Bugarija functions As a guitar and the other Tam Buritza is inc Bass. Secret marriage a bargain san Diego Calif. Up officials Here hate to talk about it but the figures plainly show the secret s out about what May be the biggest bargain around in these inflation weary times. In san Diego they Call it the secret marriage. In other places it s tainted marriage. Under the Law it has no real name. But whatever you Call it More and More californians Are learning the magic words that guarantee a marriage with no waiting no witnesses no publicity and no tests. But before you Rush in to sign up Here s Why the state agrees to keep your marriage a secret. You have to swear to a minister that you have been living together As Man and wife and want to legalize the situation. And that s just what lost of californians Are their living in sin has gone on for a Day or a decade. And that s just what annoys the state. In ,1972 the legislature adopted the Little known statute and for some very definite reasons. Seems Many older couples arrived in California from other states Only to find the state did t recognize their Long standing common Law relationships. Without a valid marriage All kinds of Legal problems developed. So Presto the secret marriage a ceremony so secret that it takes a court order for the neighbors to find out you d lived All those years without a License. But instead of older couples licensing officials Here say a growing Hood of youth in search of a bargain marriage has developed. Going the secret route can save most couples about 850 for tests plus the inconveniences of some of the Law s other requirements. Under the secret Law no health certificates Are needed that Means no blood tests about s6 each and no Check of the Bride for immunity to German measles up to s30i. And on top of that the License fee is 85 instead of the usual in san Diego county secret marriages in the last half of 1972 totalled 56. A year later the secret was out and the total jumped to 623. Now about 125 a month Are recorded and the figures keep climbing. We think in terms of the offspring of these said Wolford Weiner chief of the county s business division which governs issuance of licenses. Since there s no requirement that the couple be tested for syphilis and the Bride for immunity to rubella some innocent children will be brought into the world diseased. That s what Burns us Bounty Public health director or. J. B. Askew puts it even stronger. "1 think this is bypassing the intent of the original Law perhaps this matter should go Back before the at least one san Diegan already is capitalizing on the Legal loophole. In the classified pages of daily newspapers Here an and reads marry legally today. No publicity or tests Rev w Joseph Rev. Joseph who is the sole member of the United family Community Church inc., performs secret marriages at a local hotel for each. He says he does about 20 a week and has for the past year. There s no California Law against these ministers and there s never been a turndown on any marriages performed by says Weiner. The state requires no registration or the Duquesne University group known popularly As the Tammie is composed of 38 members who carry on a tradition started at the school 37 years ago. Auditions Are held each year to replace graduating Tammie. Although Only six will graduate in june Kolar has received 350 applications for auditions. Despite a rigorous tour schedule All the Tammie carry 15 to 20 credits at Duquesne and must keep up with their studies. During 4 the nine month school term we have so Many Aust icons marry pregnant concerts scheduled including seven in California and two in Kolar said. Kach summer the Tammie go on a concert tour abroad. They have played to cheering audiences in Yugoslavia Greece Czechoslovakia Bulgaria Romania Poland the soviet Union Italy France Mexico and latin America. The state department financed All trips abroad but two. The Tammie experience sentimental meetings abroad with relatives they had never seen before. Mrs. Patricia French a with the Tammie about 25 years ago and now the group s publicity director recalls a tearful meeting with an aunt in Bulgaria. Ii was the first time i had Over seen my she said. She could not do enough for us. She prepared a wonderful dinner for the Tammie and about 100 other Vienna Iasi forty six per cent of the austrians marry when their first child is already on the Way a research Institute noted in a recent Survey. Fifteen per cent marry after the child is born. In 1915, the percentage of babies Horn out of Wedlock or shortly after the wedding ceremony was Only 27. The research Institute Drew no conclusions from these find Ings nor did it try to determine whether the babies born Lic forc or shortly after the wedding ceremony were unwanted. The Survey was made amid a heated debate on whether or not to legalize abortions. The austrian parliament recently adopted a Bill which legalizes abortions if they arc carried out within three months after Conception. This ran into bitter criticism from the two opposition parties and from the Catholic Church All parties agreed on the other hand that a Campaign on methods of contraception should minimize the need for abortion. The purpose of the research Institute was to investigate the attitude of regarding children generally

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