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Daily Nevada State Journal (Newspaper) - November 29, 1902, Reno, Nevada Nevada Nevada state journal Beno. Nevada mor Luc monday c. L. Lessee and publisher Uff lox to Jou Haj. Biow 8bcomd Street icbms my Modt i by mall by mall week by Carrier Moo so 15 dlr Man. Carson City. Nevada. Nierad at the Poa Toffice at Reno Nevada Ai John Al. Dennis. Editor his majesty of Jolo in his report on the operations of the army in the Philippines. General Chaffee strongly urges that the Bates treaty with the Sultan of Jolo be abrogated and that Here after no Sultan or King be recognized in what is known a the Jolo or Sulu archipelago if these islands Are to be head under american sovereignty draftee s recommendation should be promptly and favourably acted up on of All Tho obnoxious features of the in american pol icy adopted in the Philippines the Bates treaty with this Petty polygamous slave holding despot was perhaps the very worst by that treaty the Sultan acknowledged the Paramount sovereignty of the United states in other words he became our Vassal As weaker sovereigns some times became assays of stronger ones daring the Middle Ages in Europe in consideration of this formal accept Ance of our sovereignty the United states agreed to pay the Sultan a certain annual stipend with smaller allow ances to some of his chiefs and to leave the Laws Cus Toms and religion of the country undisturbed by american As both and polygamy were lawful there this amounted to a recognition and maintenance of both under the Smer eighty of the United states. Half split Tang technical arguments have been made to show that the american government did not recognize slavery there because the thirteenth amendment to the Constitution prohibits slavery in All places under the jurisdiction of the United states but the cold facts were that there squatted the Sultan in the grotesque trappings of his official dignity there were the plural wives and there were the slaves while the stars and stripes waved in sovereignty the land and this is the situation today the reason Given for treating this awful potentate with so much of deference and consideration was that the sulus were great warriors and their subjugation would be a fearful task these islands Are but a. Few Little specks in the Southern part of the archipelago and their population has been estimated at about one Hundred thousand including the women children and slaves. Two regiments of american troops could have exterminated the Sultan s entire fighting Force in a month but rather than Hazard the conflict a treaty was entered into which violated he most cherished of american traditions and principles and established a Petty Empire under the Aegis of the american Flag the report of general Chaffee explodes every argument by which the Bates treaty has been upheld and proves that those who criticised that treaty were right in doing so the Sultan and his warriors Are just As formidable now As they were four years ago but Chaffee does not seem to fear them in the least indeed he appears to think that the sulus can be deposed and the treaty set aside without any fighting at All As a Broad question of right we have no business in the Sulu s archipelago the supporters of this treaty have claimed that Spain had Only a nominal sovereignty there if this is True then the sovereignty was one which we could not acquire and hold without an utter disregard of fundamental american principle to i so was simply r to make the United states the lord Paramount and Sultan our Vassal this was neither Mote nor less than feudalism if assume absolute Loveie Lanty we taking More than Spain even had and consequently ouf title fails unless make it Good in some other Way but As before observed if we Are to hold the islands at All their should be no Sultan there living in Oriental exercising the Powei of life and death Over his subjects under the american Flag and drawing a salary from the Treasury of the United states Al Al Al i the result and out loot the result of the elections this Yeai has surely been encouraging to the democratic Paity and reason ably inspires a hopeful feeling for a victorious presiden tial Campaign in 1904 their have been heavy democratic Fains in nearly every state and heavy Republican losses two year ago new York went Republican by nearly this year the Republican majority was in the neighbourhood of which proportionately is less than 100 in Nevada in All of the new England states there has been a notable decrease in Republican majorities and Rhode Island elected a democratic governor Delaware is safely democratic in Michigan there have been Large democratic gains and the same is True of Illinois Indi Ana Iowa Wisconsin and Minnesota in Ohio and Penn Sylvania it would seem that the republicans had held their own in regard to the latter state the result is easily explained As it is a notorious fact that in Philadelphia Republican politicians can name whatever majority they wish and there is none to say them nay to their returns a the leaders on both sides Are members of the same Boodle no machine and because of this it is practically impossible to obtain results otherwise than they have been and Are. Congress continues Republican but by a greatly de creased a Safe working one probably it la beef that is so. The executive is Republican the Senate la Republican and by having the House Republican there can be no do vision of responsibility if vicious Laws Are passed the republicans will have to shoulder the blame and if Good Laws Are passed thet party will have the credit. If the House of representatives was demo cratic the exec Atlee being Republican each Side would try to shut the responsibility for wrong doing onto the other and the result would be that nothing satisfactory to the people would come out of it from a political standpoint All shrewd politicians agree that the party in the minority in the lower House at the sessions preceding a presidential election year has the advantage and political history of the country proves in a great Mea sure the correctness of their opinion to generally the democratic Prospect la Bright and hopeful. It a evident that the leaven la working. One fourth of the change has taken place in the pact two years if continued for the succeeding two will in sure to the democracy every heretofore doubtful besides bringing into the column a number of others that have for Many years been regarded by the a hopelessly Republican. The present Prospect far More than an even Chance that on the fourth of March 1895, a democratic president will1 take Pola Etalon of the White House at Washington. The amount required congressman elect Van Duzer tells us that it was Silver that won in Nevada but he Doea state the amount that waa Lake Tribune. It required the moral effect of All of the Silver Bullion lying Idle in the u. S. Treasury vaults which should be in circulation in the shape of dollars and Silver certificates. Thank god if proved More potent than the Bale of Green backs furnished by Hanna and brought Here by Stewart to buy up the voters for the Republican congressional and legislative tickets in this no longer Rotten Al Al Al Al the lord knows that a couple of sentences in a re cent article on constitutional convention were jumbled badly enough As they originally appeared in this paper.1 but the Appeal makes confusion worse confounded in its the same. It chucks in a whole lot of additional transpositions and other incentives to suicide or hard drink which Render life a Burden to the careful and conscientious writer who is at the mercy of an automatic machine and non professional and perhaps Over tasked proof Reader. It Al it Al the vote All the country proves that the socialists Are gaining strength everywhere. There Are a whole lot of Good things in the socialist doctrine among the Many that Are impracticable at the present time although some of the latter will come into use later on. The democratic party has adopted a number of ideas originated by the socialists and has lost none of us strength by doing so. Just received a delayed shipment of boys heavy fleece lined under Wear As they Are late in arriving we put the entire Tot on Sale this week at 50c a garment they Are regular 65c garments see our line of 25c underwear full value we have 10-4 Cotton Blanket for 85c each in White Ana Grey renor department store 123 Virginia Street phone obkcn.1t Keno i cd cult and a Farsi relay a h inn Ter of a million How ready Roe Market at the Price of common Brick. There Brick am open oiled in the Market for fronts and general solid Long a ipe fealty of sidewalk and panne Bractt. Far further information Call on or a diem t Reno. Pressed Brick company j. K Monroe be Nerva manager. Reno. Church directory congregational Church Virginia and Firth Streeta charges e. Chaae every div m 11 a. M and 7 30 p. Sunday Bible school at 12 15 and Christianen Eavor at 6.30 p. Mid week meeting for and wed Leaday at 7 30 p m. Junior Endeavor Friday at p. M pastor s residence 412 South Virginia Street. Telephone Black 135. Trinity episcopal Church Coiner second and Sierra streets Rev. Samuel Unsworth com Munion every sunday and All holy Saint s Days at i m morning prayer and Sermon every sunday at -11 o clock full surplice choir sunday shoo at 1e.3p p m. Ening song and Sermon at t 30 Rector s Resi Dence 110 second Stites adjoining Church methodist episcopal Church Sieria Street near first j w Phelps Sabbath at 11 a m. And 7 30 p. Sunday school at 10 a. Epworth league services at 6 30 p. Prayer meeting wednesday evening at 7 30 pastor s residence 113 West Street. Baptist Church second and Chestnut streets w c. Driver at 11 a. And p. Sundays b. T. P. U. At 6 30 p. Junior b. Y. P. U at 3 p m sunday school at 12 is prayer meeting at p m sunday school at 12 15 prayer meet ing at 7 30 p pastor s residence 411 Center Street. Catholic Church Corner sixth and Lake f. A. Reynolds every sunday except second which is held in Wadsworth. Services at 10 30 a. And 7 30 p m sunday school after mass first presbyterian Church in kindergarten Hall Corner Walnut and West worship at 11 a. And 7 p. Sunday school at a. Christian Endeavor at s.30 p. Prayer meeting wednesday p. Rev. Leo. R Bird. Residence 4w Utt Oton Street. Mortuary Parlours 220-22s Street a net is professional physicians. I j. A. Hamilton m. D., f physician and Swaton confinements. swim of women 1 surgery. Dialo j f cation. Than j of experience. J store Reno Nev. I Telephone Brown u. A j. Psi Dot l. Doll first of pendent a.t.8.wtb.assistant cashier a Dom Pond Enta Sam francises dearer Kansas City St. Awl Nev York. Self heat Cems i Virginia so. Reno Nevada Washoe county Bank Uno Nevada Capluci fully paid surplus Geo. B. W d. Q. With a Lane capital a flae Thea Bank la to extend Bank of Nevada Meyer Herbert feel no Hook prof Saa Scheeline Geo. F. i Al Matt w Gorham j. B. J. B. Of Virginia City. Patt up capital of Baa jul and Indi Vida Ali received on favourable terms. Pow 4m1 time deposits ii Tom principal mad m he and Ihler in purity Teia or Tor Mau or i Xep no Quick ill. Card to the Public from Arcade r Boot Lack. Kis Anc the Public for past patronage and asks for a continuance of the same and la return guarantees the Best Shine to be ha4 in Call at either the Arcade or Palace Black stands and in addition a Good Shine win remove spats Froia your clothing and go e a Spray of jockey club perfume. Daily papers and periodicals on flit at both stands. Information of kinds cheerfully Given to strangers. Topeka until t. To. W chop meals and Short orders. Rect Lar is lunch ii to2 a n. M of the French. Kyj pay suit and s new Ittis Lluc. T. Henri u to 12 a. M., it to 4 kind t 10 8 p d. Physician oni surgeon. Office hours to 4 and ?to8r m sundays 19 office and residence Ono Attar Blok second meet Black 944 w. P Burnett if. Prysi. Iou and surgeon. Such eur to q. B. Terino Olloe a Erldene new Martin b ldf., a Lidia it 8 to w a. 1 to s and 7 to p. M phone main Nevada Vivi co. Consultation free b. E. Hunter to charge. So fourth Street. Telephone is Green. Reno general Hospital excellent service throughout. Patients a celled from All fractal Lanere on venal terns. To resident physician. Every Comfort and convenience of a modern Cordelia 8 Wentworth sup. C. U Woods m d. Pity Simian Ana surgeon. Of Nevada building. Resi Dence 108 Sierra by hours b to 11 a. A. 1 to s and 7 to 8 p. A Bonner orate ked is Black 52 r Jos. C c veterinary surgeon. And contagious it Wales of cattle a Peel Alt office Comer Sierra and i Tea Treem Telephone. Black m i Den t f. P Quinn office in new quran building 282 North Virginia Street Chato a. Coffia dentist office m investment build Lux Over i a Moklev shirt h j. U. Lox Ajtal dentist dentistry to All in brandies Doue in n Workmanlike manner for living in Quinn bldg h to 12 a. I to 6 d. In. W. Rolison d. 8., Helen u. Rulison d. 8. Dentists. Oslter an Viig Lnla Street. Reno be Vato. Phone red architect and alter e. Rice contractor and builder. Famished. Of made new. Room 718 Center 8 m cem4 Sierra Street. Surveyors j. H. Drips United states Deputy Surveyor of Nevada bldg special attention paid to govern ment work. Fewry a Kew by Surveyor. U. 8. Deputy Mineral Surveyor county in Reyor Deputy state land it Eguther office Winnemucca Nevada Dodge Parkjr Bank building Reno Nevada. Professional a Kab James of web lawyer offrim. Dowgul to i Bank building. So voter Cotta kill attorney at Law will practice in All of the state. Office no. 1st. Jhako l. It Voje. Attorney. Will pwt toe to All of onto. Pow mind Bui mind building. Ate mar Crada. T e f. Deal Atto Tuy at Taw. Of Nevada building. Ali Block san Pran Cifuo. Cat will practice in All mate and Federal con run the of Nevada and California and in the supreme court of the Xun loud d. King attorney at l in. Legal bin Leer promptly and Al p. Of. Packard attorney counsellor at Law Legal Bucl nem of All attended to. Reno Nev a Cooke attorneys at Law. Tie ueral practice room n Kolh Irnell Dinv. Sired Nevada. Real estate John t. Read real estate fire and life Ranee collections j rooms it and it o Connor Block i phone Black 244 Reno Nev. J abstracts. C. L. Kosoi h. L a k Washoe county title co. Of title on Short Nolle for any mind run county. Many in Washoe county Are do not up Rouamie Wilhour an Lorn 9, 2r Virjinia St., Nevada a3 yers. Of Reno Nevada. In made b any its bran lies to Bullon Tonj in Una a t on commission n mall attn Del to Wrath company 113 Plata 9t for Sale registered Hereford bulls and heifers Alamo Hereford Stock ram John spares. Prep breweries John Wieland brewery san Francisco Cal extra Pale lager Beer Fredericksburg brewery san Jose Cal. Export Anheuser Busch brewing association St Loula to. Beer Coal leave orders at Weiland Agency pull weight guaranteed amt Mineral water Otto g. 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