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Daily Nevada State Journal Newspaper Archives Jul 25 1879, Page 3

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Daily Nevada State Journal (Newspaper) - July 25, 1879, Reno, Nevada 1879. Yesterday s Stock by foot. Mor Lnu Bora. 491 b k. 4.so a Rillar. I i in l. I l is i it a. N. 1.1 Jaq l i in a. 1 15 1-20 3ih 21-. Tull. 10 i Rill i Ilenin w to i Nijiu p Lii acc. I i a of l "0 s so 3 15 3.05 of 2.10 1to s Hill. 15, 2cj 5.15 2.10 Viire is . W m5 i in Hamon. 1.20 1.13 8m to 7ui 1.13 141 so Spinn. 20 , 40 x con i. J i 9 52v. Trolli. 105 615 Konigin. 4vi s ont a. Con Dorado. Klavun. 5 03 j Al n Lanm Iliyn. 1.45 Ilii Mark by. 114 life m View. 2 to b i Utasi. K Utah 0 Alki Rimoon boar. Kly. .15 3.63 40j 7uo dim. I ii 311 n 1v11-. 4 4141.104 Man zittau. 24j 2 Dafni f. 2 to i i no 4 sin Ark i. I 30 .33 4v ninth to. Ind Miil Nice 183190 s i Riz is 16ii Blu 3.00 con is c.3 p . 1% 1.70 lit. 110 m n a Flor Tubo if. 14 w i i in i 1 1 n l in. 1 in a o i Iii ii. 1.h51 1 100 j j .1.70 4tv snip Iuit. 2 1 Ipp so. 8 3nl Lite Lulf. 5 1 i we 2j u v e. It c 4vt Chulu Nuli. 13 i by ?4 Soli s 200 16c to tiler. 9w Ini s still Ljra a qut ii a 50 8 7 4 7 i go i 1uj Oai Foci be. 7 Cis 18 j unifier Cic sic ump 4ic m 7m i. 1 1 . 1.93 so s 70s so1 i Rajni of 1 n a Kulli. 40j 51 ii 0c Ute at. 4 s a Iii Kuulii 1. -1 Iury. I. Id Luu c Nii b 3 full Stu lilt. Do do Al Willu. 6 b5 sixth annual fair. List of premiums live Stock department. Continued rom yesterday group sleep. No diseased sheep will to admitted to the grounds. Spanish my kilo hams. Best ram two years old and Over. Best ram one year old. 6 Best three Laings under one year 5 ewes Best lot not less than five two years old and Over. Best lot not less than five one . 0 Best lot not less than five under one year. 5 group no Wool. Free to All. Best cotswold year and Over. 5 Best three lambs under one year. 5 cot3wold Kos. Best pen five two years and Over. Beat pen one year old. 5 Best under one year b la Hil Ina. Lincolnshire French Merino and All other distinct Breeds same As Spanish Merino and cotswold. Pro ii Cross Between thoroughbred and other Breeds Best ram two years old and Over. Best ram one year old. 5 Best two years and Over 10 Best pen 5 ewes one year old. 5 Tiro up Coulib Inoko Yohebed. Best Buck two years old and Over. Best Brick two years old. 5 Best 1 year g Best pen 3 does 2 years and under 10 Best pen 3 does one year old. 5 Best pen 3 does under Cue year. 5 graded. Best pen 3 does 2 years and Over. Best pen 3 does one year. 5 Best lambs under 1 year. 5 ump Essex and Berkshire in group what next a of bees yesterday alighted on Suud Ruud s building Piid drove off the who were laying bricks on the Cun Ingtam new building. There will be no work done there until those bees Are got out of the Way. A fight on the platform just when the High icing came in last evening made considerable excitement. One of the combatants was locked up. When he to the police court he refused to his name to go to jail whereupon he officers ironed him and yanked him a Mcrobi the River without ceremony his term l will c me up this morning. W. H. Has a four bit Piec made in oldest to have Ever seen and was in fact Mode in the earlies Days of United states c of inapt. Uncle began Coin ing his own Money on ten yours before the piece coined Havener would not sell it for consider Noble. The Market value of such coins from to Best two years old and 00 Best one year old. 2 50 Best pig under one year. 2 50 sows. Lest two years old and 00 lust one year old. 2 50 jest pig g months and under 1 2 5k 3est pen 6 pigs any age sex. 2 5c Poland China and Chester Whites is no group. Same Premium As Eisei and Berkshire. Sweepstakes. Jest born any age . 5est sow any Agu . Jest pen 6 pigs any age . jest Trio Light jest Trio dark Brno mrs. 3 jest Trio win e Cochins. 2 jest Trio Buff Cochins. S jest Trio Partridge Cochins. Just Trio asiatics. 3 jest Trio White leghorn. S jest Trio Brown la horns. Jest Trio Black leghorn. 3 jest Trio Prevc Cours jest Trio he Mali is 3 jest Trio Black. B. R. Games. I jest Trio red Pyle . S jest Trio Duck Wing games. I jest Trio games any variety special. 5 3est Trio polish. S jest Trio Humburgs. 3 jest Trio w. T. Black Spanish. K jest Trio . A bust Trio Guinea fowls. 3 bust Trio turkeys. O Best Trio Bronze turkeys. K Best lot ducks a Best Trio Muscovy ducks. 3 Best Trio Pekin Bucks. Is jest Trio geese. Best Trio Dominique 3 sweepstakes. Best Trio fowls any age a fowls will be judged by the Amer ican Standard of excellence. An item appeared in tuesday s Jour to1 she effect that state treasurer Crockett had gone to Stockton having in Chart o a Lunatic. We were mistaken. . Croc sctt just happened to to on the train arriving in Keno and had to do with the matter. Officers. Tha quarterly conference of the m. E Church held a meeting last evening Ann elected Tho following officers to Servi the coming conference year stewards e. C. Sessions m. Gillis t. F. Lay cock w. H. To Dway j. D. Flemming and w. J. Marsh trustees we. Web Ster j. W. Maddrill a. Banta and. Jacob Sti Iier recording Steward t. F. Laycock District Steward w. H. Tred Way Delegate to annual conference. J. Met Drill. General Church mat ters were discussed after which the meeting adjourned to meet at the Cal. Of the presiding elder. Truckee meet Ting. Editor is great complaint among the Farmers and ditch owners concerning the fluctuating stage of water in the Truckee River. At times the flow of water is suddenly checked so As to cause but a Small Quan Tity to flow in at the head of the ditches and ditch owners Are obliged to go to the head of the ditch and raise a dam in the River so As to produce a necessary sup ply and when the dam is completed and a proper Supply is obtained the River suddenly raises causing the ditches to overflow and break their Banks thus causing great delay and damage this constantly occurring to the great annoyance and damage to Farmers and others who have spent a great Deal of in constructing their ditches and Dumes. Great quantities of old saw lust shavings bark and debris is brought Down with every sudden Rise of he River and is carried through the bitches and onto the lands of the fart ars rendering a portion of almost every farm unfit for cultivation. This is also very troublesome to water Gates pipes Etc., besides it renders the water unfit for household purposes. It is about time this grand nuisance be abated and if All who use water in the Truckee Valley will meet at the court House on Satur Day August 2d at 1 o clock p. Is. All necessary arrangements willbe made for Tho purpose of carrying into effect the following Law passed last Winter an act relating to the flow of water in the Truckee River. Approved March 10th, 1879. The people of the state of Nevada in Senate and Assembly do enact As follows Section 1. The attorney general of state Aud the county commissioners of Washoe county Are hereby a theorized and empowered to commence Juit Tonko such other actions As May necessary to maintain a regular Utu Al flow of water in tha Truo Keo Ivor and in All suits so instituted i accessory to use the name of the state f Nevada Section 2, the sum of three thousand dollars is hereby appropriated out of any moneys in the state Treasury not other a ise specifically appropriated to defray a necessary for carrying into the prevision of Section one o this aet and Tho county commissioners of Washoe county Are hereby authorized my required to appropriate out of the general fund of said county a like sum of free thousand dollars to be used jointly my in equal sums with the Money appropriated by the state for the purpose f carrying into effect the provisions of this act. Section 3. All expenses incurred in Ler the provisions of this act shall be edited by the state Board of examiners in the same manner As Are other Docu neuts against the state and after the Bills Are so audited they shall to paid is Are other Bills against Tho state. Section 4. The state Board of exam Iners shall notify the Board of county Goa missioners of Washoe county of the i Piunt of Bills so audited As expenses incurred under the provisions of this vat and upon the receipt of said notice mid Board of county commissioners shall immediately pay one half of said amount into Tho state Treasury provided Tho total amount expended shall no exceed the sum of six thousand dollars. Section 5. This act shall take effect Aid be in Force from and after its an Odessa dispatch says the trial of 200 nihilists by court martial begins in August Lesseps has written to the Emper of Brazil for labourers Foshe Darien telegraphic Sparks i fourteen new cases of yellow fever in Memphis. The usual distressing news s telegraphed. The new York Republican state convention will be held at Saratoga on september 3d. German capitalists have petitioned he government for permission to con. Struck an electric railway. The sword of the Prince Imperial has been delivered to the brith commander by a messenger from Cetewayo. Sir Carnet Wolseley thinks the Zulu War about Over. He telegraphed that he expected to meet Cetewayo on the itch and discuss terms of peace with him. A Havana Telegram states that there Avo been ninety nine deaths from Yel Low fever during the week ending july 19, a decrease of Nineteen As compared with the previous week. Gen. Miles has been ordered to proceed Cut Iausly and avoid a conflict with the Sioux As the War department does not think a War necessary. Tho venerable Donald Mcleod a vet eran of the Battle of Waterloo died at his residence in Cleveland wednesday night aged 100 years six months and 21 Days. Tho chilian minister at Paris denies that there has been an engagement be tween the chilian and the Allied Peru Vian and bolivian armies at Calama. To says there has been no fighting Sinco the naval Battle at Iquique. At Austin yesterday morning at half talk is so Are Fine clothing boots shoes acid gentlemen s and boys Fine furnishing goods if you go to Tho right place to get them. This is a mighty important Point for people who insert that they sell cheap to nothing of the kind. I do not boast when i say that i defy Competition in prices in anything in my line. Besides this i have Only one Price. I have no preferred customers. Everybody is treated alike at my establishment. My Stock is the largest and most Complete Ever offered in any part of this state. Everything i have is new. No old Musty and out of Date goods can to found on my shelves. I receive daily by rail and express the latest Aud Best goods which Are obtained at first bind and sold at prices below those now prevailing in new York Aud Chicago. Let the people come and judge of my prices Aud examine my Stock before going into those hum bugging cheap John shops in which they drum into the ear of the customer that sell at Cost and even below Cost anybody with common sense must know that they lie. No store keeper Sells goods for the fim of the thing. I make a profit on everything i sell As every honest merchant does Aud Don t print foolish falsehoods in the vain Hope of deceiving the Public. One must make a profit to live. I Partick i Early Call attention to my full Stock of. Fancy underwear Stich As is kept no where else in Reno. This class of goods forms one of my specialities. Remember Tho place. The White House no. 19., commercial Row. Orders from the country promptly at tended to. L. Abrahams bios. Co. White House Reno. All goods marked in Plain figures. All goods sold strictly for Cash. New goods received twice a week and sold at new York prices at sol Levy s dry goods stores. Lovely brocaded nil parasols Trenine with French lace it sol i would advise Yon mrs. Doubtful buy All your dry goods mid shoos of sol Levy there is no use in talking he he undersell All. Mrs at Pinniger Queen s new drug store May be found the largest and Best assortment of the purest drugs medi Cines wines and brandies at the logos figures even known in Reno. Prescriptions scientifically compounded from ingredients of known purity and full strength. Fob Best Beer made in county is in ado in Crystal Peak. Leave your orders at j. .1. Beckers where you will be sep paid by h. F. Rohrs agent the Best Wotch work done in town is Goeggel mechanical workshop West Ide of Viginia Street Reno nov. Y the cheapest place in Reno for Ledic incs and Patent medicines is at flyers drug store two doors West of he celebrated cigarettes having a fac simile of sign Arnm on very Pikago. -1 heir hindi urn All wnm.nle.1. Tobacco pure Pap kit. Amoral Caprul . A Monua Ilert Matlen m. Anniea is. 1-3, nol Lenira bal re los past 8 o clock m. Marks stabbed n. S. Gallagher a Little to the front of the left Side below the ribs and also in. Flicked a severe wound on the left . Gallagher will probably die. The quarrel grew out of u game of cards. Singer sewing machines for Sale on the instalment plan at Davidson s. I Cash and per month. Address of Sec rotary Sueo asian co.1mikhcial. Of Boh i on. Follett the v. T. Conductor who was knocked of j he head by a Timber a few d is ago wih1 j e about soon. Fortu Nate for him the train Wols slow it Tho time. Tho Gas company Are Only charging s3 p2i is tn3 Lute Only who use Over 200 per week. Tho Gas furnished by the Pany is better now than it Ever h been. Passage. At the meeting to be held at the court House on saturday August 2d, there should to committees appointed to col Lect evidence to visit Tho of if necessary have a Survey Lake Tahoe and a map of the Valley with the various irrigating ditches shown thereon and if required to employ some my of Tho county it the outlet of attorney to assist Tho attorney general in tha prosecution of the suits. Fiat just Iii. The Boston commercial club entertained Secretary Sherman at the Parker House afternoon . Cruelle i introduced the Secretary who Brief address. After referring to Finan Cial mutters . Sherman Suid that Mure important than Gold Silver wheat Cotton ships rail roads Are the rights liberties and franchises enjoyed by our people. In theory our system of government is As free As can possibly be prescribed. I Isaacs feb Kubick s new Stock of jewelry watches clocks Etc., is the most Complete and finest Ever brought to Reno. Hoyo thirsty Ion cold Fountain soda with choicest syrup at Osburn sue Viuker s. The choicest toilet and fancy articles made a it prices cheaper than the cheapest at Osburn Shoemaker s. I the Only place to buy carpets lace 1 curtains window shades and lace tidies is at sol Levy s. To Sells them at Bedrock prices. All Are free Ami equal with no other restraints Thau Are necessary to preserve picture frames pictures and Cornice the peace and Good order of society and Mouth c lamps and equal Opportunity to acquire wealth diet function. While the is True in 1 fixings at Low Down prices at theory i am sorry to soy it is not in Osburn Shoemaker s. Tirely True in fact. All lieu do not enjoy equal rights. The same love of for drugs medicines Prescript toilet articles go to John f Myers drug store two doors West o the Posto fico. Win. Goeggel our watchmaker undoubtedly Sells the finest and most tasteful jewelry for the least Money Call see and Price his Stock on West Side of Virginia Street Reno. Colleges which you enjoy and which Are the foundation of your not established in All parts of our coun try but other sections have advantages Wlinich you have not. They have a far i More fruitful soil a More genial Cli mate vast uncultivated areas ready for j the plow undeveloped mines Aud a capacity of production compared to which Tho valleys of the Nizio and Dan ube Are insignificant Over All these q d Camino the new Stock of Larj Broad regions the Power of Tho National government is acknowledged and will goods clothing furnishing goods be asserted More and Mere with Tho boots shoes Etc., daily arriving at the growing of Tho population and the and great Eastern Ixl All at Tho lowest Vance of Prosperity. We All know that the business men of Boston and other cities have interests in every part of our country that their Energy and Money j if want your watch repaired to the too Market generally was better yesterday though Union was an exception and sold As Low As the Bodio stocks made quite an Advance Tho news f n in the Camp being Good. A countryman s horse and express Wagon in adj a hop skip and a jump yesterday but it was not a first class y item. E. L. Bridges and a corps of assist ants have gone to make a Survey of diam Ond Valley. There a but very Little of interest going on around town yesterday. For Nice Bill Heads letter Heads cards Call fit the jou2n.u, office. Two More surgeons. From the National surgical Iusti Tut will be at the International hotel Vir Ginia City Nevada on the 7th and 8th of August and Golden Eagle hotel Reno Nevada on the 9th of August 1879 persons afflicted with spinal curvature hip disease crooked limbs club feet diseased joints piles fistula and other bodily deformity should not fail to those surgeons while Here. The institution which they represent ii unrivalled in Tho treatment of these Dis colonel g. Fair is once More on the Coc Istock after his visit to the Sandwich islands. To is much improved in health and expresses Himsel. Delighted with the climate and people of the Island have aided to build up Tho great cities give satisfaction go to Davidson s jew of the West to extend the lines of rail Elry store two doors West of Post office. Roads reaching into every state and i territory. That your Active surplus population have found Homes in every the Best and most Complete Stock o Community and the influence of your jewelry watches Etc., Ever received in institutions is Felt everywhere. What _ we desire in this country is to cultivate Reno. At Davidson s. The broadest National feeling so that Tho men and women and children of Tho wishing elegant toilet Arti United states everywhere respected i Clos will find the latest styles and at the Bernini troupe want East last night. Just opened a Choice assortment of White goods at astonishing Low at sol Levy hot cold Nna Baths at All hours it Culeman on Only a Are not Udvare of a single paper in new York City having come to the help of our Del gation in Congress when it was exerting to procure the passage of Tho anti chinese Bill. On the contrary a major to of these journals if not All of them Ipp landed the president for his veto of that measure. Naturally enough the chinamen believe that they have friends in new York and they Are beginning to crowd into that City and establish in business. The Sun says that Jne year ago there was not one chinese rash House in new York and now Iacre Are Over two Hundred. This shows Tho rapidity with which the Groat evil of chinese immigration is spreading. There m no longer occupation to to found for he mongols in this City and Only temporary employment in the Interior of he state for the reason that their num ers Are greater thin the demand for heir labor. They fill every place adapted to their talents that was to be dulled Aud now the new arrivals seek Aew Fields which they Are doing by emigrating to Tho Atlantic states. The Eastern people will after awhile have their experiences and then will be Able to appreciate the everywhere protected equal to each other and by mingling their ideas their industries Aud their principles they May make real and actual All the great ideas of the founders of our govern ment so that Liberty and Equality May exist among american citizens and that All alike from the North and South will look upon the National government As he supreme protected and preserver of All their rights Aud privileges As citizens of a common country. The steamship great Eastern which has Long been lying it Milford Hiven is soon to be fitted up at a Cost of about of a Oattilo Steamer. Her capacity is estimated at head of cattle and sheep acid she will Trada Between London Aud to Texas. The Public is hereby notified that b. 3. Finn is no longer in my employ. J. D. Shaw. Lowest prices at Pinniger Qucen i drug store West Side of Virginia Street Keno. Spinney no 11 Kearney Street. Treats All chronic and special Dubai i Vouno men Watho May be Sui Krino from the we eff ctr of Youthful Follich will do Well to must ivc of Ihm Kim item Boon Al Thi. Altar i f curl urls the meanest Ami neatest Bath House humanity. In. Spinney will o fur in Tho state i. Kept by Coloman Pao Huer Block Virginia to . Street. Baths it All hours. Fresh fruits daily received at Bur Chard he Clelland s. This is the weather to eat ice Cream. Burchard Mcclelland have the Choice article. Our Grandfather s clock is All right As Long by it goes Well but when it ceases to do so take it to his grandson we Goeggel the watchmaker of Reno. For a number one bit Cigar go to Bur hard Mcclelland s. Men. There Are a Uriani tie if thirty to next Olio to Bletl sub too m Quint pvt Canulli of the . U Ucros Mahli a by n femur Tang Burn Iii and a a taken of the a in Hiir Ilio pit Talent of and Cou Klemt to. Yorong Hebrert Fine Havana of tobacco. It Sweet Chi Iorns. Flue mild bold by All dealers. Granite Saloon d lodging House commercial Kov Reno the fluent brands of at wholesale and retail. Kurt door to Manor in building. Boca and Sci Samento fees oppt in ice mid old by the i b due a Bot Law Pine Lun Clim pm pand of swim claw. My. Tinl Utler Miracle. Come Aroi Cuil and ush Yui Isuf. Us Cut. I ii re Cir. J. J. Becker Tab Oak Ned Saloon on commercial Row a Cloven re iceman s and Ibe masonic Ludw Kiker Prancirc-0 Flora Chicago brewery bbk1i, All Fine liquor s and cigars on Lund. Hold by the Bottlo Ord in new grocery store. 0. T. Oil of quo. W. . Cunningham do Lnu in a full of fresh groceries Ham Natl Enron. Flour. Of annul ,.r All Muiren. must it All Ali i oimmivitr.-. 1 Ninvi o null Pernu and -.h All in Hui ii pm Kvil Nurt beast Side of Virginia Street Beno. Notice. In of Ruby gives that i i l any no b 11s Roarx Tail in my Nan e by by it lit pit Guu Thun Nie Iuler of my la Tilljr. Aliu Lhito i Ali a to have a Liik Ell my no court will to Pirn i order. Jas. Sullivan. D. H. Baeker c. E. County and v. 8. Mineral puny. Of dec at the court Loute Feno Rev. D. . Of Puly Hannal in duly authorized to at ipod to All Bia. Of my of Loci. Jyll a Fine property for Sale. House and lot. And Hod Fevold Pyk. No uric Luck John. N us. Ace Gnu Etc. All of to u will u cold for apply to k. V. Eor Dex. Ileno Juno 95.1879 1m farm for Sale. Tami a Naii Purl ii n of album an will d i the color will a him will Klubb to a Dink Ana torpid Arne it 1 liboro Aie Many leu Olio die of a diff Loulli cum in All Mich Balth prescriptions carefully compounded at John of my org drug from in to h . A Iii not Nylon free. Tour mukti Rita Luallin Aud Art ice for Call . Pix nay it co., no. 11 Kornov tt., san . In to Fob Pink Job up Intiso Call of so Acker plan turd at one Inelli. Int of it vol. On Ibe Pika of ibo i in Allun in i k our f to e n to Tut a the Rev. R dwell tug. Learn one lion Cirini Laflie Kilip Iraq k k Lor ill Ami a round will vat Ord partly in Al Aifa. B to kind Cli Fau Cetih. 01 by changed Lor town property in Llano. Inquire of 3. P. Foulton Rel. Partner Wantt. Mob Man of Good Hill. With Jin 000 5 him in club Winti d for a. Kill Bulf of my ready stuck Hind and Hildino i for tit. In Jirah. I Lisle comr Hlatt and Utoca on d find bin a a re that will yn prop Raj a. To 8tkpiikn Cipr Flor of Lam mount Llope Toner 7 the Hviid in Rory. Kiv in Lar a Kos paper
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