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Daily Nevada State Journal Newspaper Archives Jan 17 1926, Page 1

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Daily Nevada State Journal (Newspaper) - January 17, 1926, Reno, Nevada Met Al prices bar electrolytic spot futures a tic. Teady. Spot vol.51. No. Full associated Bess news service Reno Nevada sunday january 17, the what Hub highest temperature Reeo Deb yesterday was lowest it. Sunday Cloudy. Sixteen pages five cents Turner jury 1dmts Solon charges Coolidge with violation of Law Norris claims president seeks secret agree ments with various commission members m Cormick suddenly deserts wife As ship leaves n. Y. Dock Gamma Walski served with papers in suit Singer is determined to Triumph in european tour Washington. Jan. Coolidge was charged in the Senate today by senator Norris Republican Nebraska with Violat ing the Laws of the land through secret understandings with his appointees to Independent commis Sions. Speaking in behalf of for Tine investigation of the Tariff commission senator Norris declared that the president belonged to the group that believed the com Mission should be used for partisan purposes and that he had used his High office to misconstrue the let Ter of the Tariff. He charged that or. Coolidge reappointed David j Lewis Democrat Maryland to the commission for political purposes in bad be foil the appoint ment was made the Nebraska Sena Tor said the president requested Otts 5h5expl new York Jan. Two unexpected marked the departure tonight Europe of Ganna Walt a polish opera to Roger and of Harold f. Meco Miek. Mme. Walt a returning determined to Triumph Over the who received her Continental appearance so coldly. The which featured her Depar Ture came after had boarded the first she was served with a sum Mons in a suit for brought by dim try Onofrei san Carlos opera company Tenor. A few minutes later or Mccormack the Harves Ter who had booked passage with his wife and taken his baggage aboard suddenly left the ship had his baggage taken off and declined to say Why he had decided not to sail. Together or Al Ccormick and his wife had posed together for photograph shortly before he left the ship. Miesem Coal and Coke company he was with her in her stateroom Farmington in an Effort to deter Stead act also when she told reporters she cause of the blast which claims of writing a Book that would toll on thursday night Cost lives of the c the truth about Ganna Walske. J of Jug of the 39 men in the work came to give him. A Blanket liter of resignation which the president would be authorized to execute at any time. Although Lewis refused to give the letter the senator added the appointment As made. I wonder How Many More Resig nations president Coolidge is carrying around to Holdover members of Independent he continued. This is a very forceful method of influencing commis a letter from William s. Culbert son former member of the Tariff commission and now minister to Rumania written september 23, 1924, to e. P. Costigan of Colorado a member of the commission was read by senator Norris As an illustration of what he said was Tho condition of affairs regarding the commission. Bugs report to upper House ordered by unanimous vote of solons to 3 acquits one Coroner s jury to caustic in criticism of prohibition statute Gate fatal blast As soon As report is made Fairmont w. A Jan. 16 or Washington. Jan. A m Lambie chief of the West the sixth anniversary of the Rati Verkinia department of mines with fiction of the eighteenth Amend a of inspectors spent today ment today was the or Cas on examining no. 8 mine of the a for a prohibition Field a y in the Sal and Coke company at Senate by to House measure is changed by Senate record established in draft ing legislation for Revenue Washington Jan Senate republicans and democrats on the finance committee compromised their differences on tax reduction today and ordered by unanimous vote a report of the House Revenue Mil to the Senate with considerable modifications. The Compromise which involved principally further reductions in the surtax rates and repeal of the inheritance tax increased the total reduction provided by the House measure for this year from to and Cleareal Ost women Don t like bugs. A Illar gives them a chill and a Centipede a Ner v o u a breakdown not so in the Case of i 8 s Mary c. Fotey pretty Washington d. C., girl. She la an artist in the department of agriculture in Washington and her Job is to paint in their natural colourings ail o i in e i Sargent takes first step to test right to regulate air currents lawmaker new South Wales one of the last stands of men s has fallen. The parliament of that British pos i Awslon in Austraha now Gettys used to having a woman in its midst. The first woman i colourings Aii in sub n Kin in of crawling things. Broadcasting place she likes the Job c Totev very much she1 the paintings Are used in on warning and All Ner of records and circulars shed by the department. Vigorously the Way for Early passage of the Bill by the Senate. In report tuesday Tea chairman Smoot said report the measure to the Senate tuesday but would hold up its consideration for a couple of Days at least if the. Cloture Rule was invoked to permit an Early vote on the world court. Spokesmen of the two parties in the Senate expressed satisfaction with the Compromise and declared a final vote on the Bill by the Ben ate Early in february was almost general believes plebiscite in South America will fail Felca. Chile Jan. Gen Pershing is returning to the Ted states without much Hope his successor major then he leaving the i o e s a Inai Check shows 20 is opened in mid afternoon by Sena nos. N eased Auer having been entombed Tor Jones Republican Washington Cape Auer Navine wended the enforcement act horned a jury to and before it ended the night was Butterfly in Paris and or More Square was affected which then to tour Poland in a concert prevented exploration in a very sex Prog run with a famous Basso whose tenf1vc scale name she would not divulge. She the men who barricaded them said one had engaged a famous in veterans and knew japanese wrestler to teach her the the explosion had taken place be prompt methods for simulating the mine lights went out. Ings. Apparently perturbed. Cape he would Noin Irig and More than 18 hours. Told it no the Coroner has to what you write 8lt at an inquest which will be held Well under Way and the Many after examination of the mine has chamber had Toft about been completed by the experts. The sorted Only Eigert by ten mme Walska had previously said expi0sion. Investigators tonight being on hand she intended to sing the Lead in that an area of about a mile senators Jones and Democrat Texas a dry ried the Burden of defending prohibition with the assistance occasionally of senator fees Republican Ohio. Senators Edge Republican. New Jersey Bruce demo crat Maryland and Broussard. Democrat Louisiana moved vigorously to the offensive. Sharp exch Jig is were frequent. Senator fess said he wanted to Amend the volstead act but Only to make it More stringent and that amendments to that end would be offered in due time. Senator Broussard wanted to khow if the Ohio senator favored capital punishment for violations of the vol Stead act apparently Homo Sena tors understood him to say that he would but later he denied it say ing he thought the inquiry waa As to whether he favored capital punishment for any crime. Hari Kari the form of suicide re their Only fear was from the car quire in the operatic role. The suit brought by Onofrei was Lor alleged due As salary for Tor rehearsing with her a week in Romeo and jul he maintained that he cancelled engagements at her request to take part in rehearsals in Pittsburgh and that she aft towards refuted to pay him. Cool reception during mme. Walska s last oper Atic invasion of Europe the critics were almost uniformly cold in their appraisal of her work and Cable dispatches reported that the mayor Bon monoxide Gas or after Damp Evan Griffith a mine inspect s aimed 5 the theatre Des posed increases la Western Railroad went to on a Tive Walska s Home on Park Avenue this cent Advance Here afternoon in the Hope of Clearing w h. Wagner examiner and afternoon m the mccormlck.8 j b. Koeler attorney examiner not to sail with of the commission in two sessions found Only a caretaker of the hearings heard the last of said he was closing the place the complaint from municipalities to for the Winter. This Man said and will devote the next two that All the servants had left at weeks to the protests of Western noon and that or. My Corrick had agricultural and livestock inter in to the House but had left with ests. Suitcases. He said the Exerv Hospital ordered where he had taken at Pyramid Lake a Tram presumably for Chicago. By Leo a. Mclatchy Washington correspondent the Nevada state journal Washington. Jan. New Hospital and Sanatorium for Pyra mid Lake and other indians residing in Nevada and adjoining reservations will be ready for the recep Tion and care of patients within 30 Days. This was announced today by the Interior department. Certain. The agreement came suddenly and the committee concluded its consideration of the Bill in a Cor dial spirit establish record ending its work within two weeks after the Bill was taken up the committee established a new record in the consideration of Revenue legislation. The following changes in the House Bill were further reduction on surtax rates applying on incomes of not More than repeal of the present alcohol Lav Lea which the House had voted to Cut in half. Agree on House action for pealing the gift tax. Minority program the increased reductions in the surtax rates would involve an additional estimated lose of 000 from this source this year. Sen Ator Simmons of North Carolina ranking Democrat on the commit tee has presented a program for the minority members calling for additional reductions in these rates amounting to the democratic program which also called for repeal of the taxes on capital Stock admissions Ami dues have increased the to Tal reduction to the reductions on sur taxes voted by the commission went consider ably below the minimum in the House schedule which called for a Cut in these rates on incomes Over will see affairs so shape themselves that a plebiscite can be carried Cut in Tacna arid Arica he in said to feel that failure can in the Only result unless there la a decided change in the conduct of the chilean residents of this Terri tory to bring about which a re Strain Long influence by the representatives of their government seem it necessary. President Coolidge s denial of Chile s1 Appeal leaves the situation just As it was a month ago when the chileans appealing sought to end the plebiscite by withdrawing from the plebiscite commission. Rulings Laid Down Pershing by general _ e a of the chilean representative will stand. Changes wave length wuss future elections win Sullivan and Swenson guilty Stanley feels a of Ftp great Ripon mall of Dalos of injuries caused his eath late tonight tha tank which blew up the end of a Loni alters and 200 feet _ Earest firemen ghee or Forslun Eravio at night Sev conspiracy to violate the Federal o three Days will be required for believed to have been lev Law. Bal Tulare or. Jan. W of 9107.550 from Garrett and banking and brokerage House disclosed to Day with the of Clarence 40 vials of the firm and repeated his confession to i first suspected with the begin Ning of an audit at the Cloee of justness december 31, Dix told police he lost it in Stock speculation and horse racing. As he completed his confession he handed to detective Captain Burns his wat Oft Ana Chain and Bank books shown total deposits of. Now you can to to my Home and take the he that s All i Dix is eral men were believed to have been dry Law. Sleeping in the building at the Elmo the fire started and none had been seen coming out. That led to the report that some had lost their lives. A thorough search of the ruins will be made tomorrow. Fire chief Walter j. Plllard who is taking a leading part in the investigation said tonight that from 10 to is men nightly have been making the barn their sleeping quarters. The fire occurred at 4 a. M according to Lillard bodies i Pocatello Idaho Jan. May be hidden in the ashes. It is representatives from Idaho not definitely known he said and Nevada met saturday after whether any men perished in the noon at the thu inner of Commerce flames. And of med the Yosem to yellow Teller Dix the ruins were 8lll too hot ate Stone Highway Aseo Clation which tonight for a close examination. The in designed to promote travel be i Hin will be undertaken Tomor tween the two Best known Parka Winnipeg threatened by destroying flame Winnipeg. Which was the City s retail business a strict eating its Way through the Tobart apart ment and office Woch tonight. The origin of the by face u unknown. Row capable Monkey of the National Park association prominent officials of the Nevada Highway department representatives of Idaho of Commerce representatives of Idaho Pawtucket r. I., Jan. Rosle is a very capable pet Mon i Chambers of Commerce and Onera key. Ther screams so hatches and bites helped Nicholas drive six burglars out of the House. Divides 6statc Philadelphia Jan. Interested were present. An appropriation of for publicity definitely upon. This amount will be raised through in the various Lowrim along the route of one miss Mary r. Maxwell is to Divide per capita _. The w2b.ooo estate of Elwell Hugh Bankin of made a Eldridge with mrs. Earl dare under report of the Progrebe on the his will. Maxwell a. The Bechler River cutoff from Ashton bookkeeper for 11 year to the Yellowstone Park which Elm inmates the Teton Pem in the berrie8 in Alaska Eon country and the Seward Alarica. Jan. 16.-ow 46 a Resolution Strawberry Plant and crop. De by the new aae Odaion endors Are flourishing in mild i prong like weather. A year ago rotary Enow plow Crew were fighting it rained yesterday and there the uie cutoff. E. Land of twin fall elected president of the Yellowstone Highway and w. M. The a elea. Mountain David of Keno Nevada manager
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