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Daily Nevada State Journal Newspaper Archives Jan 1 1878, Page 7

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Daily Nevada State Journal (Newspaper) - January 1, 1878, Reno, Nevada History of the Washoe county press. In october 1862, the first news paper published in Washoe county was issued at Washoe City. It was called the Washoe weekly times Geo. Derrikson proprietor and Gen. James Allen editor. In Jan nary 1863, Derrikson was killed and the paper was continued under the same name by Gen. Allen As proprietor and editor. In october 1863, Gen. Allen suddenly fell dead one morning in his office. After that the paper was published by j. K. Lovejoy As editor and proprietor and was called tie old flute. In 18g1 the paper changed Hinds and afterwards published As the Wasj toe weekly Star by e. B. Wil son As editor and proprietor. On january 28, 18c5, the paper again changed hands and was thereafter published As the Washoe weekly by Delashmutt co., proprietors and Chas. Spencer Clarke Edi Tor. On August 2g, 18g5, the paper again changed hands and waa there after published by Prentice co., proprietors with in c. Lewis As editor. On december 9, 1865, the paper again changed hands and was thereafter published As the Eastern slope every saturday by j. C. Lewis As editor and proprietor until july 4, 1868, when the paper was re moved to Reno and issued every saturday As the Reno Crescent j. C. Lewis editor and proprietor until the 3ist Day of March 1874, when it was issued As a daily by the same proprietor until May 10, 1875, after which it changed hands and wus published As the Democrat by col. J. C. Dow editor proprietor. It Only lived a couple of months and that was the end of the first news paper published in Washoe county. On november 23, 1870, the first num Ber of the Nevada state Jot onal was weekly published and edited by e. A. Littlefield w. H. H. Fellows and j. G. Law. On Satur Day Juno 15, 1872, messes. Fellows and Powning became tie proprietors of the state journal and it was continued As a weekly by them until february 19, 1873, when if. Was issued a Semi weekly till april 1, 1871, when it was issued As a daily and weekly thereafter. On septem Ber 5, 1874, c. C. To Truing became the sole owner publisher and proprietor of the Nevada state Jour and it has been continued by or. Powning us editor and proprietor to Tho i Ebony time. On March 28, 1876, the first number of the Reno i eni if was issued by Alex Ander and Slayden As publishers and proprietors and has Bucu continued As a daily to the present time by the Samo proprietors. A weekly was also commenced a few months later than the daily. So Reno now boasts two dailies and two weeklies. Xci year s Calls below will be found a list of those ladies who will be pleased to receive their friends new year s mrs. A. H. Manning assisted by mrs. B. P. Clete miss Emma Crock or and miss Saida Bragg. From 3 to 7 p. M. Mrs. . H. Kinkead assisted by mrs. Mark Parish mrs. Geo. Clark miss Minnie Gibbs and miss Hattie Lewis from 1 to 10 p. M. Mrs. We. Lucas assisted by miss Adams and miss Emery will receive friends at the rectory. From 1 to 9 p. M. Mrs. Hobart and mrs. Jones assisted by miss Julia alien will receive callers at the residence of j. E. Jones. 3 to 10 p. M. Mrs. A. J. Hatch assisted by mrs. W. F. Rouos and miss Gertie Hatch will receive callers during the after noon. Mrs. V. B. Williams assisted by misses l. And e. Dixon and miss Jennie , will receive new year s callers during the afternoon. Mrs. J. H. Borland assisted by mrs. Allen Bragg and mrs Walker will keep open House during the afternoon. Mili of o 0 o o 0 1 i r i a o o o o o o i in o o w to 0 00 5 t c 93 o jt1 1 a i 5 to i-1 i x m 1-4. 5 3 00 c c o 1 c r m n 1 Osi a 2. R 5 w county real property per list 00 personal to do do 50 50 Bate at taxation for 1877. 1 80 amount of tales collected. 21 amount of Tiixc-3 delinquent. 05 total. He no. Poll taxes collected. No. Registered voters. List of officers of Washoe county. Members of territorial odder Solomon of Council Edward c. Ing i member of House of h. Sturtevant representatives judicial officers in Hon. O. N. u. S. District court Hon. D. . S. District attorney Hod. D. M. Hanson clerk u. B. District court on the 10th Day of december 18g1. F. H. Bur roughs h. F. Pierce and cab. C. Smith having been previously appointed nov. . Vav. Nye to the office of county commissioners of Washoe county met and the oath of office was administered to them by a. J. Hatch Justice of the peace. The county commissioners then proceeded to take to organize Washoe county. Tto county was then divided into election members of the Assembly t. H. superintend in . . P. For Zubee township c. Sessions i. N. Anndell commit Iivonen d. S. Lloyd members oath of Lambert men Lars of the Senate . Surge Imd h. H. Beck Felix o Letl members of the Alse Zulj t. B. Prince members of on of 1867 c. H. Eme Mon members of sol. Oeller j Wallace Caldwell o. N. Folsom t. B. Prince county official elect a . N. w. H. . e. L. Jno. P. t. A. d. B. Nat administrator a. of schools we. attorney John Snodgrass. H. M. Frost commissioners a. C. Cleveland county Obj Lyiah elected november c. W. . . Kutz District attorney . k. A. we. Nat Warren of schools . h. Jno. A. M cd commissioners m. J. Smith t. B. of the Senate a. C. Cleveland 3. A. Moulton members of the Assembly x. E. Hunker this was the first election in the town of Reno. Jno. 8. Bowker was elected Justice of the peace and w. S. Edwards Constable for Reno town ship. County elected to ozember c. K. c. W. j. I. r. e. L. we. Thompson., assessor we. M. attorney e. L. Nat a. F. of schools t. K. Hymera r. G. Herman commissioners Geo. Lob Sueon h. of Senate h. A. . Hatch members of the asset . Beck . P. Of Reno township count in officials elected member j. E. j. S c. A. r. we. attorney we. administrator of schools . Pek a Brown Long commissioners e. Tull. Short term j. J. , p. Of Beno township . Peers. S. M. Jamison Jok. Debell a. J. Hatch of Senate ably Constable school trustees of Reno members of the Assembly we. Thompson. E. C. Sessions w. E. Price f. Jeramon of Unity officials elected nov Ember h. Wright. J. E. Jones. Sheriff t. S. Jno. B. k. Frank a b. attorney c. W. administrator precincts Aud judges a panted for the different Orvis no superintendent of schools Prem cts tract for in Especial election to beheld w Surveyor commissioners february or March 1802. The following Ela w. Skinner. County officers were elected to serve till septem Ber s. G. Serwell 3. G. 1. A. Liend. To commissioners c. C. h. F. clerk . recorder win. collector l. C. d. D. Scott. Suire Yot John . P. Of Washoe township members of territorial session . H. Start event members of Council members of House irrigation ditches. For n Long time it was thought that the soil of Nevada composed As it is of Sand and boulders could not Avail anything but Sagebrush i and thus agriculture was neglected. I fortunately however this idea was j exploded by the True discovery that All that was needed was water to make the waste places Blossom its the Rose. This gave Rise to Marriga Tion system which has Etc Luinie thousands of acres and will reclaim i thousands More. Several ditches i hive been completed spreading the water of Tho Truckee Over this Val Ley and Many More Are now being built. Oae or two Are sufficiently High to water All the land of value in this neighbourhood. This is another1 Sourjo of profit to Thia Section. J Solomon Teller Theodore Winters 1 k. W. 1 Eikens j c. Hon. O. N. District court Hon. D. attorney c. C. clerk District court s. C. . Internal Bevenga assessor Jno. S. Liow Ker do do do collector Cmunt j optic res Altrui 3d, c. S. t. A. c. C. Fred p. E. s. C. Win. collector . j. L. superintendent Samuel Mcfarland d. J. Olny commissioners g. N. Folsom. L. D. . P. For it Auoe township Fly territorial elected sri to. 2ti, session january t g. Is j members of Council j Hiram members of House d. c. county judge r. A rials Hon. J. W. District court Hon. D. attorney j. S. clerk District court s. C. Jolly. Deputy internal Ile venue assessor j. S. Bowkor. Do do do collector of the Al com a social o Mier. J. S. Slin Sorland i members of the Chas. Lau Lutri ii. H. , f members 01 the House j. A. k. M. In 1sij3. Hon. C. C. Of on in a sect District state org Niz Rivion. Comity finals Al Ftp a Surj Fullr to. S. A Cit of. C. 3 c. d. B. r h.li.j3rr.dy.to collector i 3j. E. Clip Rob o. C. Rohs e. Owens . Gilson. A. P. Of Reno township h. school trustees member of Senate members of Assembly . Debell w. Dick. J. R. Knox w. L. Ross h. H. Clothing. Great bargains Branch White House Cohn Isaacs no. 19, commercial Row Reno next door to the Postoff Eccl Fob the Best and cheapest clothing gents furnishing goods. Hats and Caps boots and shoes blankets Valise Etc. Etc Ete Call at Cohn isaacs10 commercial Row next to the poit office Reno. Hats and gaps. Hats Caps at Geo. Alt h. H. Beck. County officials elected fou Ember 187g . Lamb t sheriff a b. Comstock. B. B. Norton. J. B. Williams . Fish. We. . . Kaalund. Orvis ring. . Hatch. Clerk treasurer recorder District attorney Public administrator superintendent of schools Surveyor t. K. Hymers i commissioners w. H. Joy c. A. .richardson.j. P. Of Reno township n. W. s. M. Jamison j , trustees . Debell we. W. of Senate j. S. Shoemaker j j. P. Gladding of the Assembly j. K. Everett just purchased in cosi prising the a splendid party. Smith s Academy of music presented a scene last night. The youth and Beauty and elegance and Grace of Keno s fair ones the be witching music of Varney s band the Gayety of the invited guests All combined made the new year part of the Riverside club one of the grandest affairs in the history of the town. To journal 1 of Morrow. In accordance with the usual Cus Tom of the press to shall take advantage of this Legal Holiday. Consequently no paper will be issued from this office to Morrow morning. Is full and sell at prices lower than Tho same can be a runaway yesterday afternoon bought in Gan Francisco resulted in a italian being severely injured internally another one badly Call. Am examine these goods. Scared Aud a Wagon mashed no. The Accident occurred at Iii Curie or John Sunderland s 29 Virginia Street Large and Well assorted took of Keats Caps very latest styles and of the finest Quality. Ore is silk hats made to order. John sub Esland. Of Yirgu Bow. Street and commercial booms to let. Mrs. John Beck announces that she ui4u i has several Nice rooms in the Rock Louiw near the depot or rat. Tie rooms Are w. 11 c. Graj Tinera were do services at the neat clean Aud warm. Everything and commodious. Call and Nee the of ones j5-2w lbs. Jux Beck. J. Prescott s Holiday proclamation. Jacob Prescott Holiday proclamation Christmas 1877 new years 1878 deferred on purchases of fall and Winter goods till lot in the season we were enabled to take advantage of the dullness in the Market and have Laid in the largest and Best selected Stock of goods which we Ever brought to Reno. These goods offered to the Holiday Trade Low prices consist in part of As follows Basket and Beaver cloak s dress goods domestics flannels sheeting towels table Linen napkins Nottingham lace and Wall paper. Also a full line of ladies and children s unde Warb and a Large variety of fancy goods suitable for the holidays the ladies of Reno and Vicinity will do Well to Call upon 1110 Bosforo making their purchases. N. addition to the above mrs. Julia Prescott wishes to dispose of entire Stock of leery goods at prices to suit everybody and asks an inspection of her Stock before Pur chases Are made elsewhere. Is i h a 0 9. S i o 0 e 9 f e ii 9 i of i s is if s g poll 02 to g i o w w Jaq _ d2 o s e s do g life w is w t t r-3 sgd fed t a Coli is h so of p n. Pm o w z of o cd w m e w w o i 5 0 i 0 in o h is o g o 0 15-34 i 3 c a i o it w m o k o o t. S 3 2 b o h 9 d r k q k sri to 02 it r-3 we q o o a 02 o a o w 02 o to s b o h w. ?j8 so of a o cd o i 5 0 h co 3 m 7 m 2 t 3d m 7 m h 7 toys toys toys books x after searching All through the City for anything in the music fancy goods toy line without ii Vlaj lilo lipid it alien go to s. M. Jamison s. Books books books they amuse am instruct. Always in out of season. Nothing so fur Holiday land Ned War leu. In of Jap bind Icib put tical works in Khiu him Liugi. Illustrated Woike Civ. Liblen and prayer a. Chilton n s in Indk Fri variety. Pic Wal Iii pick Auto Raili nil Al unit. Jen. From 25 cents to each. Gold pens mud no ill. Pc Arl car a incs. To Trissia la that. Gamt t Atul Alp Labot Slockb oct. Largest Ami Best o Stock e in toy Hue am Pmj had at the Low fit rates of s. M. Jamison bookseller stationed w. 8axdl1u. A. C. Niaj i Sanders co., Odd Fellows Euil Danu Virginia Street Ink Alexir in a bedd1xo, coffins caskets and undertake it goods atm Tor the Champion ant in Only Flower pots Etc., Etc Mac a Hymers Ai Chism s t r u c k b k Lively feed and Sale stable1 i ror. Sierra and second str of i Reno. N e h horses a Goies and to let and horses Boarder by of week or month. Tenon to Rait the also have att talk a it Good 3tsbli-fi. Alto Tor Lio aae Stock Well watered. To is e spa pee

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