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Daily Nevada State Journal Newspaper Archives Feb 20 1878, Page 3

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Daily Nevada State Journal (Newspaper) - February 20, 1878, Reno, Nevada Vim heat. .rtt.ttrafctio.itft. Stock report. Rotor no Kobe tffhir.6314 jacket 10 Tine. Is 1.40 b 4 to e. 11% us so us Collar. 83 1mb fed frown Point by 5h jacket 10w too 650 40 3.m s3 4w Bra Char is 4.10 4.u w rub 11 Bill Toni. 300s8i exchequer. 3 45 n m to Overman. Is is . 11 it us bar Cor so a 290 Caledonia my Slater Bill. 1 89 2.m pm Flaat Teofle if Union Oon is Sham Julia 230 40 lad7 m Allee. K Hob w v 10e an bar of. Tea to now Tork Oon 1 to 1 6s Aerator. 3 and Tilto 40eko m70 Wam. 1 1 06 1 10 40c 390 to r toil a. 40o 141 m Star 1.4s so Trojan. Momo 8 Silver so Ido j soles 30e m Borkson most. Lon i 90c fbote8ts his to the end the tragic scene Artru. Siou of evidence shown to convict to that crime. It has been done by the irregularities and erroneous argue tents counsel of the state and then is no Legal Harce Egal Nel me. The charge Lewsi own factored against me. It was Aid All the evidence was placed to indict me Toft wet in tight in and sworn to. I defy any one to Ebow that i committed the crime As god is my witness and it was a Banfe Dutaret Job to defraud me ont of my Saine. This is the whole Nee Tofit. No evidence has brought to the right Ben. Rifle Jet in your Back the murder of Stote Harri son and Boyne Wen All committed by him. Early yesterday morning the court House was crowded with persons who Wen anxious to hear anything and everything pertaining to the Bover matter. The sheriff s jury assembled at and continued in session Nutil when they announced that they Wen enable to agree t against insanity and five for and the sheriff proceeded to execute the sentence of death. The court House was cleared of All spectators and Only such As bad received per mits were allowed to 200. The crowd hovered around and peeped through the Bobb s actions. During monday night Bover slept but Little. He seemed nervous and afraid to be alone. He urged those who were with him to stay and help him pats his time away. He told his Story Over time and again. Me Meadow Valley. 20c ekacnn.4s4sjt Alan. 3 tin i Trodt 60c 4s Patch 3 4 North Belle. 11 Olla b5c hit any. 1 40 1.35 1.3s 1 m Panther h Moo pet a. 4uc 330 is o prize 12 i 13h is non endowment too w5 1 rang Mertra. We me ind earn 1 my 8 pole x 70c tto boat Star. My la ule 70o tie to Hamburg. 349 of be 3fe Ife to new cow. We 1 it Fate. Hotel 10 no Golden Chariot 1 Iso Laeda 2 10 s 08 of Euformia state Bonds 102 my Bank of California. My bid acne Bank bid vent National 91 Aak tar. Man fund. 108 bid c p b a m bid Central St bal Hoed 41 kid Sutler at Railroad my my go ism Trade Dollar. My Overman is Job vial not. Us ass so Baqir. 3 m to Caledonia. 3 401 h Esb Lilon 380 mexican 13 w s Union con 6h 146 Sierra Nevada. 4 10 s 11 Tel Alta. So Point. 64j 1m Woodville. Is up Cir. M0 California 18hit us m Bocc 19 Utah. 10x Jolia 2 30 214 att Saipt Bona much and two Tea Aoler to him look last night an alarm of fire was sounded. The of the alarm we a a Little girl happened to discover a Light in us ban owned by mrs. C. W. Jones and called attention to it. As Tho Light began to get larger they found it was indeed a am. Hastily ran to the barn and throwing open the door smelt Coal Oil very powerfully. A timely bucket of water in the hands of mias Minnie Manns. Pot the fire out. It we then of trend that two the property of or. Norille Semens had been covered with kerosene and one of the horses Tei Bis Throat eat not very deeply two Long gashes. The Bay Wood Abo had the inflammable fluid Orer them. The horses not injured seriously. It was evidently the intention of the Rascal to destroy the horses and the prop erty. Had his fire got started a very extensive conflagration would have resulted. Why is Beoo tons a nosed by a class of Nus Cayots to whom Bover is an Angel in comparison always asserting Bis innocence and never intimating by any act or word that he knew anything differently. He had received the Consolation of religion from father Pettrle and was Obsi obd to his Fate. He talked freely to those admitted and repeatedly said that his life was not Worth a cent to him that the Only desire he had to live waa to shield his aged parents from the Dis Grace of having their Only son Hung. All the morning his spiritual advisers continued wit a him and he embraced the Catholic religion fully. As the hour of execution approached be became somewhat excited and nervous. But when the sheriff went to his cell for him he quietly submit Ted and was led ont to the scene or Kab cation. He was very Pale and so feeble that he had to be supported As he walked to the scaffold. He very languidly walked up the Steps the Gallows and took the Only Cut that hand. Father Pettit assisted by father to Wormy of Carson continued with him to the Hist talking with him and he with them. On the scaffold were sheriffs Lamb of Osboe Swift of Ormsby Jas. H. A Mead Len. Harris Isaac Chamberlain and the two fathers. Bork a s last wobd8. Have nothing much to say i am so prostrated by this Long persecution that i am enable to say wha i should desire to and the time too i suppose will not admit of it. I thought i was right and there is nothing that i know of or that i have said or thought that was not right. In what i said in regard to this murder. I do not know it if i have erred in any Way for it Bas been unknowing to me and every thing i did i considered was right and just and now i have to suffer for it. I have done what i could in the matter and i consider that i have been unjustly treated. I have used my exertions to explain everything and have been spoken to and solicited by counsel to silence it. Now i have been brought to this. I Don t know that i Ever anything wrong in my life that i know of. I contrary and through this the coun Sel Lor tit state Bas got judgement against we by erroneous argument. This can be proven by t. W. W. Davies now in the supreme oort. If Yon Call this Lew Ana Justice it is b sad commentary. What Bate they done with my mine they Nave Al Lowed to worthy to up on nod work that mine end Ever since i have not refer veil one Picayune from it. And they have allowed him to go on and work the mine and take the proceeds to win Semenea and pay it to the state s attorney to convict Bover. This evidence is on record the Money was paid to the state s attorney to screen the guilty Man and Eon Viet Bover. What for fit defraud him ont of the mine. Gentlemen what i Tell Yon i Don t want Yon to take my word for. If you do not believe what i say i just want Yon to go to the record to the testimony then Yon will see that it is True. If not my life pays the forfeit. I and my counsel have done All we could. I do say this that the trial at Winnemucca of the Case was informal it was irregular and illegal through out and i tried to get those Papen from the first Issue of this ease and it was my intention to have these papers torn to pieces. But no x was overruled and my evidence of no Avail. I bad no possible Chance for a defense. I had no Chance at Winnemucca to Tell my Story and the question of the preliminary never come up in the court at All to show the Rasca Lity which bad been prac tired. I never was permitted to be on the stand for they knew very Well that i would expose the conspiracy and i say it was a Damnable conspiracy that caused me to come to this and j think that my attorneys have been a Little too lenient with the state and allowed them to take advantages that they could not Over come thereafter. There was evidence sent to me showing the character of this Man Mcworthy which was introduced for the court and was ruled ont of the Case by the state s attorney objecting to it. I ask Yoa in the name of almighty Ood if this is Justice i bad no possible Opportunity to vindicate my innocence. What was the result they were go ing to def nud Bover ont of that mine and he was going to get it. The circumstances show that this is True. My life is not Worth a cent i know that. I know i am looked upon As a murderer. I have been branded As such broadcast Over the world. My life is not Worth one Copper to me Bat my aged parents Pray tug to Ood for their Only is the Only desire i save their gentlemen when my fond Lopes dominations but the Boman Catholic Faith. Lieve in it and believe that it is Only True Only perfect re Ligion on the Earth. I am consigned to my Fate notwithstanding the judicial transactions of the whole affair. I the a Fife or tar has been nothing but a farce throughout and the supreme court Bas acknowledged it. Now Yon take no notice of to worthy s 4eeis no Borer is the Man. Ton want to give to worthy a free list n Olear receipt and let him go. I understand that Mcworthy cannot be found but if i had my Liberty i could find bin and i Woald find him too if it Cost me everything in the i would bring him to Justice and if the Law could not reach my gentlemen i would find a Justice that would reach image of the a fart Mary and a to tidal around Bis not when Bong. Disturb Knob was Cre ated by the crowd on the outside who All they could to Nee the him. Now i am to be sacrificed Hen upon his account i have to atone for the blood of Bis wickedness. Gentlemen i think it is wrong Al though the courts have decided against me and then is no Opportunity for an impartial trial in this Case not one. I do not profess to be a Jurist or collegian but i do know what is right and wrong and just and i say that i never Bud an impartial trial during this whole Szejd of three years. If to worthy but on trial in that court room the evidence that was prod need against him in the last trial would be sufficient to convict him. Well gentlemen i Don t know i have worn your attention More than i thought i could do before i came Here and i will say this that what Yon charge me with and i Call the almighty god to witness is not True. Gentlemen i bid Yon. Good Bye. Yon will be sorry for this Yon will discover that you have done wrong and say that that Man was executed for that scoundrel but what redress is that for me after i am Hung and gone gentlemen i bid Yon Good Bye. I Hope Yon will have Many Happy Days hereafter and in future look to the almighty Pray to him and i know that he will save Yon. I May see Yon in the other world in heaven. My life is not Worth n cop per. Gentlemen i forgive my ene Mia. I forgive All end ask forgive Ness of Bover spoke about fifty two min utes then turned and took a seat where the fathers once More con Soled him and having kissed the Cross he Rose to his feet and was led to the proper position. Sheriffs Swift and Lamb tried Bis bands and feet and Wen about to place the rope when be failed for or. Bergman who vent up to him. He asked him to look after his mining interests and give All he had in the world to his aged parents. He then called for Bis attorney or. M. A Bonnifield and said to him take my Hurt love to mrs. Bonnifield and her children. Of i the frequently them to jump quiet. Once Bontos boosted one Man who climbed Owr. Tub Gai Lowb. The scaffold was made by j. Of. Hou Arday. It had a eight feet tall. Tote rope was a one trap we held tap by two bots which pro to raided ont under the trap and which could be drawn Back by a Leveri the body was allowed to full sir his neck was broken in the fall. And so ends the life of j. W. Bover a Man who had four trials for Bis life and at last gave it for a murder committed very nearly three years ago. That Bis attorneys have fought for him Long ably and persistently Bone will question. Bat the charac Ter of the testimony was snob that with All their skill they could not break Down the evidence which piled itself against him. Bover has gone and with his death the Law is satisfied. Lat a All think so charitably As Poi Elble of the de patted who has gone when none but Bis god can judge him. I. N. Sharp the murdered Man left a wife and three children in Oak land who Wen thus left friendless and alone. A Cheuk arrested. From the Enterprise of the 19th we learn that a ohning the chinaman accused of killing a fellow country Man at Beno and then burning his Wash House was arrested in this City lost saturday night by officer Brad Ley. He was taken to Beno by chief Breen last sunday night. A Cheung is a member of the Sam sing com Pany and Bis friends Here Wen anxious to get him off biter he was arrested offering Captain Byrne of the police if he would let him ont and put another chinaman in Bis place. A Chueng is the chinaman it is said who on one occasion fired several shots at officer Simpson. The chinaman killed at Bano did the washing for Bishop Whitaker s school for girls situated at that place and by the burning of the Wash House some sixty Young indies Wen losers of More or less clothing. The arrest of a Chueng appears to have caused quite a sensation in Chinatown and it is said that there is danger of trouble Between the Sam sing and hop sing men. It is reported that some strange men Are arriving and that arms Are being taken into Chinatown. Intbbnati6nal hotel. . Non Rob. D 8 Oakland of i Boaber hotel. Btu toe Dave m Jake leu o Bartow whoe duh Prenon. Manoa p6llabd House. M4bt Wall. 0 Chandler Nckee t Chandler Pyramid h Hun Sia fran j h very. Barmab Btty Zub vane. I a Barnard Tau net House cd. Vk0bt. to Nita cd Ottoa. To b Fra Tebner Wynn m Hay. Franktown 0 8 Bebout both Bra. Do Hoo a hair tonic will pre vent your Bair from falling oat cleanse the Scalp of Dandruff and re new its growth. It is a splendid Bair dressing. Try it. Hoole 4 co s Mystic Balm will prevent or ours chapped hands of them soft As velvet and White As Snow. Warranted to Core or Money returned. Hoole 4 co s Moth and freckle Yeradi eater will beautify the Complex Ion remove freckles end Moth a harmless and splendid com Pound for the toilet. Prescriptions accurately compounded by a scientific Grad uate of Twenty Yean the lowest rates. Hoole 4 co s Phat Matt commercial moved moved City drug store will now be found on commercial Bow where we will be pleased to see All our old patrons and Ai Many new ones As have any for anything in our line. Mew drugs and Are Hoines and sold Hwy cheap. Matt Blok it Mortn. N. B. Prescriptions Carer Nelly o impounded Day or eight Bijj grf inv ate of pharmacy. Yoa that Are Filic Ted give is a Call. Fall be pert. Is Call attention to the full quotations we give this morning in the afternoon Stock Board. In it will be found sales of Many of the Banks stocks railroads Gas work Etc. Bead it and see How these things Are quoted. Ease of Banting is. 0. P. B b., the growing tip collision bet Cen Bunting s Wagon and the lightning in which the for Mer was decide Day worsted will come no in the Date Truoi oort shortly. Never committed that crime i never committed that crime gentle Man i never banned the hair of a Man s head that i know of and i Challenge record to the contradiction. I arrived in California in the Spring of 50 have been no and Down in California and Nevada Ever since and i consider that i have been As instrumental and Active a any living Man that now walks the free of the Earth in developing California to what Reheis to Day. Although i say it myself i presume there is credit to be placed to it Bat my rec Ord will show that it is True and i an not ashamed. If i have erred in this matter i did not know it. I do not know that i have any Otner redemption than being hang. My aged parents Are prostrated upon their backs at the news of that decision. If there was anything positive pro Noedin the preliminary Examina Tion i never Baa the pleasure of see ing it. But 1bnt i bang and i most suffer for another Man s crime. I do say that it is cruel i never committed that crime and i do say that there was not a is triole were about to be realized from that mine a terrible Demon showed Bis face in the land and poured his voice in torrents Over the land and sought to Rob me. In the hereafter when he is called to that Plica where All Are judged his name will be pro tested on the Book. It was never my intent to destroy what god put in this world but i am Hen to be bang and can any one of you Tell Why it is so if Yon can do so Yon can do More than one else has done. I say to Yon. Gentlemen if desire it you can Trace my record Back to the 6th of june rate id see when i stand and so if then is Ady Crim Inal spot urged against me. Trace it Back to my companions Trace it Beck to my neighbor when i have lived that is the place to find a Man s character. This men Mcworthy shewed that be dare not show his need. -1 new tone Man my worthy in the world until the time i made the proposition Lodi to or Spencer and said if be wanted to buy an interest in the mine i offered him an undivided half of it. He said that he bad not the Money to Span and could not take it oat of Bis business. Motor Thor who was sit Ting in the room baft to a if or. I will far Nish All the Money Yoa want. This was the first Intro naion i had to this Damnable Mcworthy. For All know the reputation of Hisa. But it looks a if then Van a secret organisation backing him up for he committed five murders and Job take no Notke of these committed did love them so much i did love those children mrs. Bonnifield. I never did that never committed that crime. Give my last love to those then turning his eyes heavenward said in the tones of a despairing Man my god i am i never to see those i love mrs Bonnifield sympathized with me and if there Ever was a lady sue is one and i do Send my love to her and her children and i desire that you take it. Gentlemen i will forgive Yon for this wrong that you have done. I will forgive Yon everything and i ask forgiveness. Gentlemen i am not guilty of that crime. I am about to be sacrificed although i did not commit it and now i am Nicut to atone for the blood and wickedness of another Man my i cannot help it sheriff go and do your duty and get me out of this torture As soon As possible. Obi i ask from sheriff Lamb put the rope around Hie Neok. And As Jas. H. Kindest placed the Black Cap Over bin Bead be said of the trap was sprung at and he was suspended until one minute past three when drs. Bergman and Dawson pronounced him dead. He was 48 years old and a native of new York. The body was taken charge of by Ward undertaker and placed in Acorn. The body will be buried to Day at 12 o clock from Ward s undertaking rooms in the Catholic cemetery. The prisoners in the jail made full que Ottum Small above Rifae Iron of . Irani jurors. The following named persons who have been acting As jury men in the United states circuit oort. District of Nevada for the november term of 1877, can receive on and after the 10th, their fees by calling on mar Shal Ash at Bis office room no. 1, Over the Bank of Virginia City j. P. Foulks Joseph Beera g. W. Huff Faker e. B. Smith l. T Fox f. A. Park j. E. Jones George Alt j. P. Becker w. T. Werren Warren w. H. Day Martin Ford Philo Enapp. 1. D. George w. Likens. C. A. Brown. C. H. Steg Man Fred and F. Lecce. Fink mathematical instruments n brass. German Silver Needle Point id Swiss end ail the finest makes Rice from to from. 12 to at Uncle Harris. Kearney Street four doors from the Ity Hall san Francisco. Kemens Ber. These Wen taken in Aune Eig bib heir value so if Yoa want a Nice set. Send for one. Job town was full of strangers yesterday coming from far and near to witness first execution Ever held in Washoe county. Notable among them wore sheriff Swift of Orui Aby detective Len Harris con stable Pryor of Winnemucca who brought Bover to Belo Chinti Wright the owner of the Sulphur mine about which no has been said in the Rover Mil chief Breen of Virginia and a bout of others. A serb Saliby is nearly covered with Snow and water Aud the sur rounding have a Chilly look while the very Snow Mist s Clouds overhanging their Reggec Heights seem to shudder in dreary stillness. To film meth Odist Ohn Reh to Njagu the pro gramme will consist of songs dialogues. And Tab Tetus. Al Are invited. A bios body of Sulphide and Oblo ride of Mercury has just been uncovered at the Nevada quicksilver min at Steamboat. Covering Over to mkt window the county jail to witness the Miragio scene. 0. W jokes has been selected a tie Anditon of the is ate of h. Wan bankrupt. A has not yet signified Bis acceptance. To Trot no session of the Lyoens last night. Owing to then be a fan sidewalk has boil Bover bad a Small Crucifix an 1 around the episcopal Church Corner a Bap desiring to Purchase Good Bay will find it to heir advantage to Oill upon Jno. Do Combe Comer of second and Sierra streets who Bas on band a arge Quantity of the Best Timothy and Alfalfa Hay. Which be will sell in quantities to suit cheap for Cash. Osburn 4 Shoemaker whole Eato and retail druggists Costa Krotai Bow Beno removed to one door West of their of stand now offer Grything in their line at the lowest possible paints oils varnishes and glassware Patent Cines fancy and toilet articles Bird cages lamps and lamp fixtures. B. E. Sub by practical druggist and manufacturing chemist. A medicinal and toilet preparations made in Triy Laboratory till be of first Quality told at reasonable prices. Personal byte whoa Given to physicians Prescript. The National Gold medal awarded to Bradley sad the besi photographs in the states and the Vienna medal for the it sob Habb have for Sale their new Ston the most Complete Stock of a Jotun for times picture Cornice moulding Ever of flared to Market at prices to suit pubs Brrooks carefully de by a of a College of phar Macy at All boars of the Day and night at rates to suit times the drugstore of so Abbai will take to the its Siobal Ines Dav. My raps w
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