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Daily Nashville Patriot Newspaper Archives Jan 21 1857, Page 4

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Daily Nashville Patriot (Newspaper) - January 21, 1857, Nashville, Tennessee1. Having: associated with me in ' bit business Mr. War. H. Misxtti. our Una is ow al below. . , JA3. B. C&AiaaXAD. Naahv.He, May 1, 156.- CRAICKEAD & MiKCKIN, iMrRTiwsorHardware and Cutlery, and deal-e'- H t liolcsalc and Itetaii. Prompt cuioiucr will be allowed the usual time on account, and liber- al inducements offered to cashpurchasers. - Ito. 29 Public Square, Xarimlle. rt1 HEW FIBH, nUI nndersigne I bar tiit day formed ft CoparlaarsfclaX aader the tle of 'AOEL & CO., Tor the pirrt.e of transacting: a Wholesale Groeerr, and forwarding business in this city. Id th large and comm-tii- on Warehouse, No. 1 South lolltge :reet, ewrner of Spring st'eet. We aiil, at rll time, kerp onband a Urge and varied assortment of Grore-tc- s, ueh an this market requires, and at prices which will do dcabtpi. a all who LiTfavorm with their eistom. Oar beet exertion will be elevated to the sale of GroTe-de- . an I iTo-dai- -e consigned to u, and the g and ForwardingLutineM recive ctr prompt attention. We wi'l bay allkind of Country Produce at the hir-he- market price.January 1, 17, c. F. sicP.L, .l,n4 . 8. A. O. NOEL. . tt. ncict. SaeTli. . . QUICK & MEAD, Commission and Forwarding llerchanti, WHOLESALE AND UEIaIL Flour and Feed Store, NO. 11 SOUTH COLLEGE STREET. "tTTniTK TrriKT Unboiled Plour.Bark Wheat flour, fsVcmds, Short, Bran, Corn Meal, Kye Meal, Oats, Corn, and Bye Hominy. In ttore and for aale. Will be deliveree' to any part or the city fr-- of charge.QUICK A MEAD,jnS Mo. 11 Bouih College it. SMITH, LOVE & CO., WUOLKSAlifi GROCE11S AND Commission Merchants, IVo. 58 Market Street, Nasltville. ix f roiti: A.xn i ok sAi.r.. no reel Wheeling KaiU; lbO ban superior Ealtimere AO drsen Wash lloa ds; Coff-- e; 10 dosm VoinU-- Bankets; CO ptgs Brandies, Wine aa 4$(0 hbls Beciifled W'hi.ky; Gin; tO bbls rid Dourbon A Kye 1,000 i k box Sardine. . Whisky; da.8? WHOLESALE GROCER, COMMISSION AND FORWARDING MERCHANT, Aad Dealer in Foreign and Domastie Liquor, No, K Coiiao i rr., umi Bboad, Nawtiu, KEEPS, constantly on hand a full assortas.nt of Crecerliur In part ai follows: 1 0i hhd.Sugar, Fair toCbo eel 10 h jrt Pplce, 8(0 bag Prime Uio Coffi e, 200 bbl. Mackerel, No land, JoiObbl. Molar.se, 10 a do do do x, JOOJfbb,. do KocelliU, 10 kits do co 8,(0 bbi. Loaf Sngtr, 8i) duien Painted BneVetf , 20 14 Powdered do., 80 oes'i do Tubs, 80 " Crushed do , 10ea;,kPoda. 70 boxes Raisins. li) cajea Matchea, SO Tea, lra;. atdG-P.- , 60 doxen Plough Maei, 10 " Peart March, 60 Utd Cordi, 0 Tillow Candle, 10 rerls Cotton Kope, 40 " No. 1 6ap, 1(1 col.i Maniiln do, 400 M Glaatware, 6 Ciaea Clean, $10 reami Paper, 4 bbla. Kectiaed Whiaky, 10 bags Pepper, SO " Vinegar. The hgheKt market price i.ald for ieaL'.en, Bewa Gtnteng, Flazteed, Ac Ac rT Aent for Goose Creek, beard's, and filWer PprlntMtti Flour. P16 U. 1a. WK.VU.1aEY a WJZOLESA tr. GLOCER, PROD ITS VZALSX, C O .! 31 1 SM O . .U I . K t I i A .VA ARO TiKALia IX Fcreiorn and Domestic Liquors, IR ON CA S riXG S, cVc, COSNCR OF tCOSI AKD BROAD TRF.ITS, Kaeiville, Teua. TTtTTVfl nerehued ihe atork and taken the Ftandli. Cfiurch And.riKin, the uudrnnpned li prepared to hia old customers, and such new onts a nay give him a cM, with the Tery beat Groceries that the mar ket will allorcl. will buy all kir.d .f country produce nsoally brought to this market. UJ') K. L. y KAKLtT e . casioo.T. i. tfOTt. T. J. SCOTT & CO., 7holeaale Grocert, CommiB8ion. Seceiving and FOEWAEDING MERCHANTS, AhO SEALERS IN FINE BRANPIKS, WINtS, WlIlfclT, TuBACO, CIGARS, AC, yo. SO ESQAD WAY, NASHVILLE, TESTS- - ..11 COPAETKniSSI? K0TICE. thie lay aaooc'ated with ns Mr. Wiuxam H.HAVTSO In our buninoss, e will conUnue ihe aroe unter the Brwi of I.ELLTtTI', fc,WIS a CO. ori ios LiniTfT-r- . m sirn. ai u. swim, ja LELLYETT, EVING & CO., GROCERS AKDC0WM!SS!0V WERCHANTS AN! IV WINES, LIQUORS AND CIGARS, NOS. 10 A.D U W AKKEI", f'OUTll OI SPRING 81KAET, NASbVlLLL, TIN.. TTft i.ttriwlim. ' C. E. HARDY At CO., GROCERS AND COMMISSION AGENTS AM DKAI.KKA IN Bacon, Lard, Flour, . Fruit, Feathers, and Froduce generally, SO. f EROAD STREET, NASUV1LLE, T8NS13JEK. decl0 cn.vniiUS no vvv jsox(Late of J. G. A C. Roberuon, Broa4 street.)ObnfootionorAND Caudj- - 31auufacturer, ainl Dealer in TrniU, KnU, Cigart, Tobacoo, and Fancy Articla No. IT Market street, opposite Morris A Siratton'a, WQl'LO re.'peci'ully itt rm the citiswoiol Nathville ana f eurroucd.ne ennimuBity th.t lie is ptrmauently loca- ted In the atwre buin and would be pleased to receirt a there of public patronage. tJB Particular attention paid to orders from the cwm-trjT-dec! -- ly d. w. russellT HIAKUrACTUEEtS' AND STEAM BOAT AGUJT, OFF1CK AND STORAGE AT R . L . W 1Z A K L E Y S , Corner of Broid and r"roat U., BaiJjviUa, Tenn. aBFiaBe.as:Brane A Hale, Cioeii nnti; lirafl, hennett A Co. Pitubari Crne, Breed A V-- , rto; C Inuiren A Co., do;f. M. Barrett, do; "miih, outhrie A Ce.. La; H. U. McComaa, ' A; ' Mouarman A bmi h, tt Louis, - And MerchanUof Nahvilie getnerally. f 9 Or4r bao4 eaefor Pitubnrg.Cincinnatt, Lonls-Tllieor-Lout euanufactured articles will be piamptly despatched - - ; daritl Vr HENDERSON BROS., rilACTICAL PLUMBERS, V iSTJ:A3I.AND gas fitters, ' .! k 13 iiCAiiiatM u s'i iii:iri , ' ; rOTeaolaLVlXlo, Toiin.band and for sale. Lend TipU'Ekeepcunsiantlyon' kind; I ha. Wash tUuda, Hydranta, Water Closets, Utt w I rce Pumps, Ac; Wrought trow Pipe, fB h iich apt I och; lroa rutiog. of every kinds te suitdn; evanrcungt, i; Air Cocks, aad Globe alTto uti pip. ariiata Alt cniry can have p p rut aad aerewed k any leugtu, wuii coc aad Atung. u soil, by auiia drawUiNS. ittxMu taken te riear and railroads tree af abarge.tl - VAIWS iSItOga CIIAUI.r.S F. IIKCITI.V, H0CSE, ASS O rn iu c n t ; I'alnte.r, Ka. 12 Coilega ECrcet, cp at sirs, ;poiu 8wanM House, KoAriUe, Tean.jpt It. T. FLi:31IMi, OUXAIV-VVAIaI'aVITEI- V, 63 ruica St., Jf ASHYILLE, (Betw?a Lhirry aod Puainur trect f lf Orler Iluia the CwuLlry pruoiCy ftltenJed to. jBJ ma)r:tr, . Tbooks aiid stationehy. E fasnt Utea'lenlius of MerohanU and Trader, gefr--fUJ aUy W oar iarge aUK.k of : School KocLs and Statitncry; AT WHOLESALE A ItDElTAlL, At prices which ennottIJ to pie, Cur n--xl of - Mlscellaneons Hooks Is alaoUrca, an J we win sell at Tery ltprice to thoa who buy to sell ajrain, r f . j ' iruitm wimiM do well to exai.fije oaf ataek. W will suake .IxC .1 arraniteinent. e up!y Ual. , tlk'vrNMtSi A A S , Agwota, iifji-- lj .. Eli't Pubhe tSianre, SuMi.rtf. - .Pittsburgh Coal and Coke . iju oi.i:n cV fon D'tALERS tn ritnburgh Coal and Coke n4 White PUteoraer of Bad Aod Front Hr, oa toelree, Nashrllie. leon ; whr they Intend keeiarg a eva-Uk- nt suvpty of the aoe rraecabl pneas. Pamilies and Urge consuourr of Coal aad Cvke, eppd ftreoutraM e fe.r ers. - . jtI iUGiIES DROTilERi5, 'i k-- f( tJj KO. 25 UNION 6TIIEET, KASI1VILLX. ncm.Es foVthe joluoss: ; AinnoTVPr am MM AiioTTrciFOR FIFTY CF.TX. p In Crt rate t j le, ice'adiBg ease, fu-- h as athavPUT ar charrig onedeMar we wiil taAe tor lTt ffl'la I trra eitm fiN'K wvv4 ht'ttiir mto-B- . Tlwii at. W. M. IIAHGKAVE, Ai.'D 0A2aXriJLL fAI3TX3., 6tttr t JklillUi EEETCTIOJr OF FSEIGHTS rno.Tj xexv ioiik to ciiaulxstox. MCREERY & HOOK, Cotton Factors, comhssich akd fokwaedixq hzzchajtts, eBUOVV.M WIIAKF, CbmrlCAtou, S. C. X TtTlXL promDt!r attend to the sale of s'l kinds of PRO DCCR, to the RECEIVING AND FORWARDLNG of Goods, and to the filling of orders in this narkrt. The Steam bhip Companies hrrine reluced the freight to eight cents per foot, make this the cheapest and quickest route by wMcn to ship uood to Tennet.ee, Alanjma ana Kentucky from the Northern Cities. All ship and forward' ng charges will follow the goods to their destination,jele tf CARD. Thos. S. Wayne & Son, SA VA NXAH. GEORGIA. WILL gtre strict and prompt attention to receiving andMerchandise of every description, elling and Shipping Cotton , Tobacco, Wheat, Corn, Flour, Bacon, wool, e. supti "i arnxii. LAKira. ik'wk lax ma.LAMAR HOUSE,(t'ormrrhj OJtman ffvtue,) 33Lx3LOzx:7-illo- , Tcnn.S. &. S. LAMER, Proprietors. Ma. "tkbuso LAana, la'e of Lacier Bouse, Macon, Ga. and gmrsoi Laiisr, Ute of Tuskezre, Ala will be happy to meet all frienis and cuatorof n at the Lamar House, wnero wey nave ompie acaomooattont lor persons. wnvT BROWN'S HOTEL, urposin: Tiir: PAssr.-f;f:i- t depot, E. E. UltOWA, Proprietor. B. F. DENSE, FcriMXTrxLEKT. Keala Seadj on taa Arrival of Every Train. apIT If SOtTI!.lVITEN SEED AND AGRICULTURAL WAREHOUSE 615 3aia Street, Loaisviile, Ey. WE now rffer for t ale, in quantities to.uit purchaser:6,000 bushel Kentucky Ulue Gras teed;S Oiifl Orchard Gras. " 0 " Herri ;ran or Red Tcp " 60J " Tiaiothy A I. S O Pandford' Patent Ftrw 0 otter. No Price tl6 00 " 18 00Little Giant Corn and Co'j Mill, u " 80 00 " 40 ."SO " 60 00 " 60 00 Bouthem Corn Fhel.er, 44 Hi 00 Meat Cutters from tf 00 to 10 00fcausage Ptuffers from 2 00 to 8 60 A liberal discount made to dealer. eeptlrf PITKIN BROTHERS. a. . OociDa. 1M. BLACK GOODE & BLACK, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, a2 m. ,?l'Li:..A.-- i CO I" MX v TEXAS. ectSt dawtf e. FATTta. t. Cf.u.i. t. b. arrrow. PATTEN, HTJTT0N & CO., SAVa:a II. PATTEN, C0LLIK3& CO., Commission McvcUnnts ANDPactora.I XT ILL receive on consignment all kinds of Prodnce. v v Liberal ailv.ne.. .rA-tw- 1 A. H0UK, Recei v I n T, Fo rta rd I ii r and Coiu m i aaloiiiff ere It ant.Decatur, Alabama, 1 T AS alar re and Onmmodion. Vnrehraie In.,. r. ...... ts. a tneaiateiv on tnebank ol tne Kiver. i t J PE2IKIi8 CO., General Commission Merclianls, IV i: W O II E E A A' S . W. M. PERKINM. ril rt(ww w. rsiLur. WM etSftOK. mxos. . aiioa, jr. C. V. PHILLIPS & CQ. PUCCKSSORS TO WILLIAMS, PHILLIPS &. CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS 'ss i iMo.x STiti:rT. ot-- ly Ait W ORLEAXS 1'.io Move i;'alrs. PAYNE, LEE &. C O., Liberty Street, PIT I'MSI it;u. ..AfCFACTrjRKRS of Cookinjr, Parlor arid Ileating Stoves, Cocking Ranges, Grate Front, Fenders. lioi loware, Ac A general awortnieut of Ftove tor Wood or Coal, suitable for the Southern Trade, constantly on baud. rtrdem respwtfully solicited. fh.Wwlv W.H.iMEFFEUT & CO., ao. 5-- Z Market Street, Second door frora tie Square. Hati received a large and desirable stock of STAPLE AND FANCY Dry Goods, Boois, Shoes aod lla(s. Which will be .old low for Cash We have also a e lot ofBHOGANQ on band, which we will tell unJer the Market Price for Cash. Come and look. octS 3m. w28 GIIiBESIT & CO., ' Auction and Commission Merclants, NO. 37 CMJADWaY, cOtfctt COLLtltK tt. JOHN V. GILBERT.. ......Auc:ioaeer. ijMXai GOLD WATCRE9 AND GOLD JEWFLRT on hand, and f r rnie rn better term than any houne in NahviH, Al o, Gilt Jewelry In gre-- t va- riety for sale to dealer oa y. 17" We ft .1 at Auction everv n'ph. We duplicate and sell (iuod iluunt tl:e 3ev at Anc Ion Price. You cm ave fri in lo t 'i j ier cent, in ail the Good JOU wish to buy in our hue, br io-t- c i'l:ng at 1,11 lloiKT A 0.'ji, JanIB No. 87 Broaiwav. FINE GOLD AND SILVER WArCEEu. WE have lut received, by lxpre, from our gert InNew York, a n li 1 a- - ortn ent o' Fine W.trhes,(with lew Co:ii;. ) and tiold J. wtliy, emDra-ir- g nil the new and la e.t ,jle. Port Monae, Lvlies' flr.o Work B io, with Letter, Ni te, 1'ap ai u II il Papei; Accordeotx, Flutes. Vtuiias, I'isiula aad UouO.-Bric- -l M.ot (iuns, tuT sale cheap by CilLll RT A CO., Janlj a tl Dread Ktret. TJ10USATJLS 0? FANCY ARTICLES! 'TI1I! uber!heri have ) jt nc-:v- rd the larcrst trk of A sancy Gco.1-- , In their line, ve' offered fr aa.e in this cilT. Aiunrrt this variety wil. be I. und 100 FaN'CV B Kb 0 AGK, .elected from the hot s.sott-me- nt in New N ort. aOU BVeKtr.i of all kiudu and q4AlI!le. liKAMri, Uroose and Ir'ti fa .il- - Mick. RATTAN, Kocaiiiff an I O tee CI air.. Biin ANiA and illjck 'im Collce and Tea Pots, Chinese Tea Caddie. - ALSO 4 0 Orramenta.for Ftayere. and What Not. Many of Ibex ariielr. acre .ec:. d lorllo itia v . hu: having anivrd Vo la', (or that j ivouh will now be aold at the most ti .flint: a Ivum e epnn tl r t JanlJ W1L.SUM 4 MACKkMlK. IMPORTANT TO EOUSE-EEEPZE- JtTT RECrllVK- O- Bifli Ilrrk, for Cleaning Knives.Otire. t ir preparing turnrure. French TripcL l'od,r, fcrpollLiug rl;ver Ware, Plate, Ac, Ac. Kenovatirg Polish, f r cleaning -. Ccpper, Bteel, Irwn.anlother guod ut that dtfcr'jili! n. . M Yor b- -' J oin h, lor renrwui it Id Furclture, Carriage Bides, iiarn-a- i, Ac , nhYb ha i '.C t!-- c lit making otJ CArnr-- t, barn-- or furniture lo k it to i a new.JuulJ MAGuOZlK A WILSON NOTICE. II T. BRAP?nW and A. V. KCrHNl) have pureha-JA- . edt'ora 'tri, Koaaav.oa k t Aniti L their ri tire Mock of I oj ., Mju.i, Ham. Truu.s. Ac, aod would mfiTiu ihe olil pir,,it ol the laie brm and the public gmeraiiy, tat th y inlead kerp.rg at the oid land, So. U, Cc lte Mitel, rl: wUc'.di luiail Mock for La-d'- e trntterrefi's, rnd Ch W.r B' wrar, which thev will ret lorCArli au.i CArli l'N L V. V l.cpe, by atn t to bau.ci, to mciit a harj ol th pub..c pairon-- . Af fVIt I J ATINU d rpoi f ojrfticc f tt ts.!ion,l.,U11 lo Mi itl, tADHAW a Ki'TLssp, e lake great pleas- ure in their te ti e! I vatrom of the late n.m, aad letjuak Ivr tlicui a b re r,r ti e patrctiage of the SHU.ilrg. jjrAly. k rbtiil.-O.- A DAsUiSLL. fan" the EXTrrrrsT ct aeat3 at NICHOLSON'S, X1TF. sLlt have on nd tr of tb-- s beaut. fuli.uuss ;oons, Aod bring uf el mt set cur pre--- st tl bef C w griogr l'l(l. "i-- l oler iuareturnu to all fc t:iay fator a t"i a Ca.'l. liejdct Dat.--a OOuDd, w iMtagd aaaortjkaat fcf x: ji it it o i i r. it i x: s AVrappius and Staple Coodt, AH of ah eh we will sell Very cheap. fir We will a!.-- andcr many ebllgstion to oarcawers if Otey will eali an4 aettla up all t Aeeoaala, as It w.U Mb4 us to d. buauis prMptlr.jaal 1- - C. .MCIIUWN k CO. , KEaIIOVAL. THQ MPsTh & 00 EXraVED TO K3 53 CCLLIQE STILE IT. er tawadrd and enasMttiy losrtaaing trad sgOL' awe rta lba w bad At r Mr eld laa4. we fcav ftHK.rd to U. apac oui and aicgaat Btw r-- ra ly ertetcA Ijr as oa Colltf SttteU here we will be ha; py te aur I lobds ao4 .aatoutrn.. m 4 tiM take thw weoaatua to say u the poh!l tat we w!U eoaiieue our eery aerell state ef rapid AAlr At a araall aivAata ca ext-- d aa we ! t riiy lucnuiawr fur purhaa,we w;H f rciae be rot4 i buy e)wai er, and rsnarueouy soil rbaar IK.c ever nd T eur cuaiucier wiil uiauirurai t!ie Ntw t'oar br A pexanpt e4' rf t' aceuunu tb a, tbey r.ayasticipAA great tb j is L future la the way ef vcluae aad bargaiua. e h- - pe, threfc.-e- , l have aa sar ji call frxsall wlto Are Uitetu4 M Her wnf.re an4 '.lluiliM A Cm.. ho. 11 t'kn rarest. Oi-dcr- s, Orders. bu d fr P.iut.arg, C aciuae'l, UeJO'SBKHI g t, Louis au'a. ian--4 li J wt4 b poi!. ly atur,ir4 to- - oa.ee A R. U H ..kv". Corner Bro.4 sua Frabttkiste. U. ALaolLL, A, '6. -- I IVEW DIIUG FIRBI. BEECH, BAKER & CO., lTo. 20 College Street, Sewanee Building, hASUVILLE, TEXS. CZ) Drags, Hedicines,frl Paints, Oils, Dye Stuffs,LiaQi Perfumery, Fancy Ar-- TICLES, COMBS r.RrSBr)", TOBACOO, FINE CIRAR3. Garden and Graas Feed., Tackle Ac. For !e b y the New Firni fcZr.CH, BAKER A CO. A EXCV IOK DIt. FITCIII 'S VAlll.l Medicine.. BKF.CH, BARER k CO. A L V A M C CJ X ATI ITS. For lc byT BELCH, BAKER A C0. , for the cure of Rheu iriatusm, Paralysis, General Nervous rtW!ity,c. For sale by XiEKCH. BAKFR A CO. of CIIOK K UJAItS can odLovi:ks at EKECH, BAKER A C0'S. TATKI.r. nook In great Tariety,FIMIIM'. ard sritrp. Linen. Cotton, Pea drassand Pi k Lines anx.rted, nwivel", .inkers. Trout File, Grass HopFer, lishing Wallets Ac. Forale by P.FTCTT BAKFH A rft. 'piiu i,v i.i.r.iKri:t Body sup--1 porter or BANMH'8 PODY URACE.loni nd ft mil-larl- y known athe Beet P.raeeemant.and admirably adapt- ed to the phvs:cil wants of delirale leme atiicted wit general deuili'y.cnrvature of the .pine, f:Jlin:of the omb, lot af ap;tite, uitpepsia Ac. For tale t y the New Firm, octll liF.KCH, BAKER A CO. IK.Y Sf.'PPLir.S. Sop,fcrub Brushes, haiF?A!I Comb aborted, super Carb Poda, Tartatic Acid, Pepp r, Pptre. Cinnamon, Clore. Nutmeg, Ginger Mace, Kine Tea and Chocolate, Ao. For f ale hv Oct 11 LEECH, BARER k CO JO. G. BROWN, DiAi.ra is CHUG 3, CBZMICALS, 'PADTTS, OILS. DYK WOODS, WINDOW GLASS, GLAfiSWARE, PCRGICAL INSTRUMFNTS, Ac, And all Vte rojmlar Taint MtdlHne oftht day. 43 College Street, N '.EUVIlLE, TENN., Fancy Goods, the stock Is more than usually large,TN received new euppliei, eelccted in person 'rem the Eastern market, many new style never before offered in this ire.rket. In Perfumery we can furnish Luhins.Bvtin anrlMi'chell Extiact. for the liatid.-ercbief- . fsme of tVtn are new vari-e,(e- Farina, American and French Cologne, in almost every pattern, Pomade and Ilair Oils from l.nbin, v-- right, Piver, Basin, tilerca, Hauel, Ac. Ac, Ac Diilue A Lubin' Sachets, Hair Bruhes, Metal, China, Glasa and Paper Puff Boiei, Shell, Fine and Drea-iii- g Comb, together with general of sundrie in thi line, to which we would call attention. T Fl. III ? 1000 genuine and fre.h Swedish LeecheXJ just received, by JU. u. iinun.1. C'lUMi VAItK.-40f0g- al. assorted siies, Ac.O Jy23 JO. G. KROWN. 29 boxes Proctor A Gamble' Pesrl Ftarch,STAUCII JO. G. BROWN. rt,lVK Olli fiO baskets just arrived, alo a f mall lotKJ Virein Tuscany Oil, hn extra article for table ce.je23 JO. G. BROWN. large lot ol Coopen, Pheet and PhredISI!NliIAi GelaUnc, with all the Flavoring in ue. JO.G. BilOWN. M:'Glxri WATF.lt Con'tantlyreceiving directJ from the Pprings, also Empire n ater.jF2i JO. G. BROWN. TI DOW J I. l A Urtre lot ranring from 8 byV 10 to 40 by 10, single and double renpih. J2? JO. G. BROWN 'IVC, WIIITK-1- M kernonhand, also Wh'te Lead ol J Fnhnestock' and Ptocktotr crann. ju. . nr.uxn. COH'II VAtlMSII A small quantity of Fnirlishrn hand. J0. G. BROW N f0; i.'I'M i:il with pure Brandy, Madeira, Port, andJ. Pherry Wine for Medicinal purposes, and a well elect- ed stock of Druirs, Chemicals, Englih Extracts, Colors dry, and in Oil. Linsed. Lard and Train Oil, Indigo, Madder. Ac all o' which are offered by JO. G. BKOWN.j523 43 College Street G. W. HENDERSHOTT, V.iini.KS.M.K AND RETAIL IPIZU & G 1 aV 7 rS receivine a general asortment of lre and Genuinires I .s a.m ?ii iicim:sWarranted a? pure as any sold in thiseity.or aryother. T fart it is only necessary to say none tut the best Medicin are rnVred. Pare Chemicals various brands, Fre-- h Line Jii'ce, " Cod l iver Oil, Congress Waer, Leeches, Breast Purrps a new and convenient article. Pvrini'ea sorre new lir'l, Fsnry Arlicles soie of the mot heantlful kiDdi, 1 '! ,,g. pUre fculph. Qaiaiae, bought for cash and will be sold vi ry low. Oat Meal. Teas various kinds also a lot of Canton Teas, eo much admired in thi market. Very fine assorted Ftock of Perfumery. Wines, Brandies, Gir, Ac, for Medical nses. For sale by G. W. II f.N Ik R3H0TT, apli Cor. Cedar rt. and Square, Nashville. Jit ITKRlI, T. B. RAID WHOLES ALh ANT) RETAIL DRFG AM) t'UlsjilCAIi STOKE, JCo. 19, Soctu Side Prm.io pQrAiiE, Hslavlllc, Trim. 'lHE undersigned, havinir removed to Nashville, and asso-- 1 ciaied them-clv- for the puiMie of a a Wholesale and Retail lru liuiiiKji-- , have recently opened at the noted t ind ly occupied by Plummer A Co , a large and con:p!eie stoeU of fresh ami genuine staple Drugs, pure and iinmlulteratc I Family Medicines, Choice IVrfuim ry, Fancy Articles, Ac., Ac. all of which, guaranteeing the purity and getiuiiieii'r of every article, tlicy wills. II ui the very lowest market price for cah or ou the uaual time to puuetua' dealers. Th-- are determined to send out no article of medicine about hi h their cau be ai.y duubt whatever wit!; .'cfcreuce to its purity. They respectfully solicit a share of Ine Prescriptions of the l"h k iaus of the cily. This department of their buine will be under the supervision ot comprfent chomists. They trust thai their ru?id at:etition and lideuty to Hie In terest of those who mar fivor them with their palronaire, will merit the approbation of their patrons and eusure success to their new enterprise. June"6 KKKNAN A RAINJ. A. II. I10SC0E, wfot.ri it avt airrtiL rsn.ra isEEHOB, SIKDICINiiS, DYE-STTTFr- s, PES TO K EEY, PAINTS, CILS, GLAS3, BBUS3E3, "VFHITE LEAD, sc., CertM-- r of Itroiiil nml Market M. x xmivii.i.i:. ri:.N. alar;e ami weil selected stocifFVEcotitant'yonhTnd, with a large aeortmem o! Fancv articles til ol hicii is offered for aie on the mosl accommodittmir terms. Alum, S.Oti) pounds; Arrow Koot, I'm pounds, Rcrrrnda and Florida; Dritr.tone, f 00 ponds, nfined; Castor " gaUrnif- Copperas, 80 barrels. Prime Green; Cr-"- Tartar, ft barrels; - (iura Caroj iior, 1W ionds; lndi-- , 6) pTUCda, Fine to Common; Madder, l,ot' t first qnaiity; Pitper Carh. tot, 4,ta0 pound Prime; PlMr Su!pho, '0 pcnaJs. All f whin i.offdred at the lowest prices. lawtS A. H. RQ8Qt. xo iiUaIskugTT 'PITR Tidev"d have purchased the Patent rit-h- t of C. A. ii. n ibLIAJis- - D0UELE ACTING BALL VALVE 1? M. Gi'cc and IAit Pump, TuT :he?;lejoTeniieee. T?oth Carolina. South Carol.na. irorr a, KloiidA, Aiah-CJ- i, Mia:t-ip- pi and I.ouitiaa. tte have toteil the Pump lu all i1 recrciuended uses for ordi- nary purpose' n r.!s, and aa fire rnxine. ; and btaiiate not tJ ra that il is superior to aur pump now in use. It i simple and plain in it conMr.icti.ir; can Ik taken to pieces or put toge.her by an ordinary man, biack or white, in hall a minute There i. net a screw or bolt about the pur p; there is the least imaginable frictio. hence its durability. It il ahncst iuio'-ibl- e f.Tit to get out of fix by us,ire. H ben ured for a well or cUicra it can b converted into a Fire r nrine In one minute, and by one man witer can be thrown ut the Utlvettkmuu in tt.e rtiuntry. It isinvaiu-sol- e a a Fire ingioe, and especially in U.eooeBtry ore, an. trv towns. It i equally well adapted to all mscl inery, Railroad Tanks, Ac , and w.U, when kr.own, uprsoede all other puoips. Il can be u.ed fur either l ot or ejld water. tUvtiiif fully satUSrd ouraelve a to the capacity, value an i otihiy of the Pump, we are ready to maae sale of the above territory by counties or Mate, (except the W estern Lii.ii K tof tills S'a'e. which has been s.h.) Weccnfl ltr liy reeoirmend I be Pump toUie c tiuti of the eta tea memoneJ. lbe l'umj.sare cheap, and liierrfure within the reach ol everv faiBilv. rjfAdareaa PORTES A 3U2.V, Nisariiii, T.nn ML" W. POKTtIL ar--1 tf a JHV H. TllEPKEMIUM PLOW OF THE WEST. y E. C E! INLET, nf rJJusr'"B'Il. Ky wouM In-- X lorti Die Fiiataa fhout the rouin and Wet, that he keep eoust;auv on kana, any quantity of hision-provt- d Met I rHuiib.e and hMt t'.oirs, whuu he warrants te fire satis'sctien, or relins) ihe a ctar anoney in every ca-e- . 1'e wonhi a1 no ii trm '.htNU that be Is manufactori&g an IMPbCVhD CULIIVAIO i'.a'. .utvrerde.- - a i o'hers. It it aai.l by tmt of th test (arauers in the stale t be Ithasi.c--ivr- asveral premium litis Max n tilt fiow have rvevived Kiurta ftrstcUM ptew-iusa- s la tie ctate this kea-o- a u ihr preuiuss at tb Indiana Slat, far this yrr. Al. rdi rt t Lira, or hi ageata, will cseet wiik prjcog atiuauo,if aeeaw phumaI wiia tht.ah. - PRICES ARK AS ft LLOWi: ' rorTTo.8 Plows, with rr rvi til 90ger No. I f '.owt, with braew rod.. 11 w For No. Plow, wub-ju- brace rt4i li 60 For No. 1 Plo Fo-N- 1V Plow r For CaitKstor ; r eo For Doulle PLorel P.jW T m IcrSmi e Shovel t e AgrbU H the sale el tb. plows are Alesars. U. M. iuilkoap A Co.. lrf.l:vUc, Ky. . B P. WctierA CU'B, Naakvili, leaa. M bauader k Keith, L.acf ;o, Ky, " IttuA A ILa.p. V'KAUiorg. kaM. dee 8a loiavuie, Ay., Nov. t,1.M m:u ivl.vtio.s. TUFT ree!Trf THE MAGIC ATT E GAS STOVE al by wbiJi tii eoo.itg t r a oau tarvy o bat.e at the Kuibt, w:b r- - kl' g ! i.. cn'y 11. JSirE tiiA&PO'Lii AhD POLhilUt, gr.t SSM.'rivJneo. YAKXEEVATCH ITAXD, a real Mearity agaMSie prK. m'T a at Foot WaitMr ar.d freueh C w Cutca. Aerll IIACAIMJI A W1L0. Harble fiomments &c7 T-- S- Xj-- Oliolton mead aa4 th pub;. laISfORUa 55ke Is wow eruvwuung the k! aaaiBntM, ta th stiep Cherry si: set, tmak Auor t Ut L si Am-uu- tkrrik wiU be saw! ta aa--- i w ti Mii ef ail who sway wast wcrk in his Uu done, it baa aad wid keep oa fcaa.l, a amipl? f MAEELS KaSCS E3TS, TOiTSS, te., NanarMturd t! U.s r.Dr.l luhaa aaJ Aaie. n UasV. ta Ui beat tyt o ihe art,MkivMMiMrvMtM, INSURANCE. TENNESSEE MARINE FIRE INSURANCE CO.Capital $150,000!! OFFICE North-We'- t corner cf the Public Square, overPearl. Exchange OfHc They wiil take riskson Dwellings and other Houes, Good, in ptore, anainst Los vt Damage by Fire. Also, Marine and Riter haaards, from and to all porta. Aio Negroes against the Dangers of tie Elver. DIBICIOS8 : JOHX M. HILL, JOfEPfT VAtXX. JAMK COR SET, THOMPSON o. m. Fooo, r. a. owes, ALEX. ALLISON, JAME8 EI.Un R. H. GARDNER, N. K. ALU) WAT, W. 8. EAKIN. JOSKPH VAI LX, Prc.H. A. W. BCTLER, Pecretary. oc'4 t IV ASH VI T.I. V. C03 3S V. K ' I A I . INSURANCE COMPANY. 'Hpil.il fjlOO.MOO.(ALL PAID IN AND SECURED.) rp31S COMPANY beitur fully organized, according to char X ter, is prepared to write Policies against LOSS or DAM- AGE BY FIRE, on Buildings, Goods, .Wares and Merchandise generally. Al?o, on shipment aeainst loss or d imsie by Peas, Rivers.or Inland Iransportation, on the most favora- ble term. Life and Negro Policies granted at Current rates. Ofice, No. W) College street, East side, between Union St. and Public bquare. niBkCToaa. AtETANDFR FALL, W. T. BTRPT, ANTHONY W. VANLEER, JAMr'S WOOtiu, JOHV KIRRMAN, JOHN H. KWiN, HENRY HART, Jr., R. C. McN.AlRY, TUOd. W. EVANS, HtTOlI McCREA, WESLEY GRFENFlKLTj. ALEXANDER FALL, President. Jamks Walk, Secretary. t-- . Tte iEtna Insarar.ee Company of Hartford. . Chartered 1B19." OAS I' CAPITAL rj!00. TH0. A ALEXANDER, Sec'y THO. K. BRACE, Pres't. State Mutaal F. ft M. Insurance Co. cl Fa. CAPITAL $lV,a'. A. J. GILLETT.fec'y J. P. RUTIIERFOiTJ.Pres't Kew Tork Life Insurance Comrany. ACCUMULATED CAPITAL tsl.fkKt. PLINY FREEMAN, Actuary.. MORRIS FBANKUN.Pre' Fire, Marine, Inland Hull and Life rirks taVen at equital rate. Uy23 JOSEPH NASIl.Aeent. SCOTCH AND IKIsFl "V EC X XS. 23 "5T . DIltKCT IMI'OKTATIOV. received a shipment of several Pjnrheon and KegsJUSTthis Ktehior Article, di:ect fiom Belfast, I e'and. It wi.l be found far preferable to any ever otlered to the marKet. - FIVPi'ON, novlO t'unjic ."qnare. nENUINE nORDOX PUFF PL'PPLY IS Ohiqinal PACXAOrs nst receivedAFP.EU sale by B 1. MMPmiN, oovlO 42 Public Mia.re. Alanlado Madeira. rfllltEK Cbioinal Casks, which lofier as a t'.tscixK and1 KcraWOB Wine. B. L. hn PO.N, t.a1" 4? I'll!.' C S.inre. CHARLES HEIDSIGK CHAMPAGNE. rpiIE rspid sale with which my l is' im .ortati. n f thisJ article met, has indt ced me to order a new supply, which arrived th day, being M I'MCIOIt to any lot everytt offeied. 1 recommend it to the trad' as well as forf.n ilv ue. B. I. M.MIVOS, nuvli tf B. V. Phiclrls Com. IIouae,4i Public Square. LAEGE STOCK OF HAVANA CIGARS. TOBACCO AND FOREIGN W!eO, LIQUORS, LYONS & CO., CEDAR bTRKET, have tie p'e.isure rf informingLO their enstrmers and tl.e tmrif pener:illv, that th y are j tst in receipt of the hr,?! t and trie-- e n j. te of g O'is in their Imt ever c der. il in this city. 1 hey also take 'his method of thar.t ir.p H eir Iri- - mi for 'he vey libera! patron lire hMlierta bestowed on tin, and hope in consequence f th greater iniluceii-e:.:- . nowoPered lo all, to merit a eon'itiuarce olthe-ani- e Ail to may favor us with their orders may reiy on them 1 trig i n niptly attend- ed to, and Kaiif'Ctii n in every instance, tlur Etock cousitta in part of the following popn.ar brands: HAVANA 1'lt.AKS. Fiagnncias, La Patrie, Wu Wag, Vagioiia. Concha, Iir.dres, Flor de Charleston, I'os llijas, Three Kilters Mina Cubana, F mtica, aniciito, , Operas, Nicot.aua, Li P.lcu, And various o'hers. TOItAtCON Ciirwiuff nnJ Smoltitijr. Marion's, bheit.n's, Wm. I'tnn, Olive Fig. " Alkin-on'- s Solace, Devote, An.bi n Date, l.a Bj'.u, Natural Leaf. 1'e pie's "Lc Star, Chess I'):. vers, Amier-onV- , fancai-e- , An i th's ci lehra'cd br.iid f HOCAHON I' Af TOBACCO, with several o.hers of the most popular brauJs. m:AMi;s. Seignelte, l'e!voi-en- , Napoleon, United Vineyard Proprietors, Jeraud, Maloty, Otard Dut uy A Co.,lie, Ac, Ac. UIM-Vnrl- !n. Enrrundy Port, Crown port, Du:r C.ordon Pherry, AmoutiilauoP' e:ry, Fine Old Maiieriu, Maiug Vilu". Champagne V ine of various brauus. MMIiill.S Ilnllard Gin of varieus vimis. J.imaiia aDd ft. Croix hum, superior quality. Oid h ar.d Irirh Wl.irky. very fine. hourbon, Moni ii. nhel:i ar.d Tenn. Whiskr, various qualities Freuch Pickles; French Mustard, Ohvcs, Capers. PAidmei.Oi.ve Oil, assorted Cordials. Scotch, M iccahu and Kappe Hnuff. Ol ie l, E.iamel and a splcudtd lotcf Mctrchauiu Pipessnd pt.ms. liV(l.A O.'S AROMATIC FCIIEIDAU SC11 .A)')'s, warran:ed a pure artic e, in Pints or Qa iris. Miils anu Il tet el' B. Iters. Dr. Creen's Arot.iatic Fan. Walking Cane a new lot just rece.ved, anu various other articles too numeiou to ia.We are c instantly making Iitr;e uddiiiona to ours.ee.-- , and will not be cnrlersoht by an v one. All of the above we oner to sell iu quintities to sal: pur- chasers. To Vholeale and Country Dealer every inducement wil be offered. LiONS A Ca., .U Cedar uovI'J Near the i'o'. f'o'-ce- . Elraiit Fall r.nd Winter (if'ods. VI A. & J. 0, M'CLELLAKD, ARK nowprejarcd to offer to the tr.ie a v.rv l:.re and 'Io.k of F.ireiKn and Domestic Hry di- rect from the iniKirter, andatpr.ee. thtt eaiiuot fa.i to give entire aiis;c!,oii. lbe aiu.-n;;'i- i oi ra.--h bajcr.i is paft.ct:lai ly iiiviied to this tock,a.s veiy great inJuccmeuU 1U bs cercd to lh. c'iaaor buyers. MEI ROI'OLITAN T0Kf., il and to Coi.vge ure--t. r.ICE DEES8 GOODS. Elecant Press o.iks ofevtry quau;y, many cf wloc cane throcfp ihe lare auction sale, in New York, an o.a be sold vi ry low. iuch Cahmeres aod DeLanes; " plain ashmeres; n .io I'riLted Merinos; fupeifir.e black tin. De nine.; Peraian Merino, and De Lam s. Ac, Ac LACE GOO IS, KlliliC.i, Ac Ei:1i Val. l.j.ce . i;.. 44 " Collar; Val. Laces, Figiiig and Inserting s; J icaoritt md ta .ss t Jtiiigs, lnseriin:: and FiiuiicirgS Lklj 1: b''f tn and Tnt'.nnrs in gica: var.e.y, Ac, lc. cloaes, f n.'.ms akd ecaees. Just o,t ii ir g a vriat tarir'y cftn-a- , in Cieths and VeUei., i K l ueMgna; Ca Iicieie ai.a bey I.ongfhaab. ir. fr 'Ht variety; 1 raveiu g ehaala and BUuket kr Ceuia; Cashmere and m be fcnrs A c. CDTALN GOODS, fa.tn Latnes, Daiuaaas, aud i:u..ia Curtains, wh.t'a we ar rehir.; Very etieap. tlAPLE CC0DS. Oar ttnek cf ftaple Oooiis Very urge and eotrpkte in Cloths, Cat). mere., ea.ngs, iat,l.e:t, K cc ci- -. l ii..-e)- Kerttva, i nut, b esci.eO and brcan I'oi: e.ilici, M hi d;;,l'.ble I rn ns, Towehnrs, Canton FianneiH, '1 clirirfs, IriMi Lilians, Nero blank-I- s, Blue hunkets, piare u.d itlaiia-kt- a, wi ti nauy other gotla, wrucu we are oCe.i:Ig at Vjry low prices Ic r caii. U"ool aud Cottca Hcsiery, CloTea, &c Wehave the mot eomi lete l.ne of Ilmery Gcxds ever offered in Uu mararlfor LaJie-- , si:e, ruis, .nd Boys, heavy tulosoa ul ry kiod AT Jio. cpuU s a Ai and H tollece at. STEalI Iaa(;LE5J AND IVXill Llacliinory, ELLIS t MUOUE, HAYING inaue loipurtant adn.uoa lo oar machinery,iuvreaaeO our lacii.tiet. for manu;sciuritxfjrsaa EiQlMsai and M hinery of every description, are now prepare to manufacture IPteaa Anginrs and boiler equal in paint of Ani.li s4 durability lo any caie in ti e W et, and at a io price. Harms; beeu piartu'aly engaged in lbe Manufacture of Mas-- nary in ba.bvilie for the last fif- teen years, fcLd giving our perscoui a:t-nU- io the ir.a..u-act::nn- g Departnisiit, w f.l colS lent that w can iv etiou to all who ma , favor a. wub mcir order ai our oid iUcJ, No, sa and X Market .treel, ntar Broad, Nash-- Ti le. lean. Ad ul of work for Flour Mil!, Ptesra P b's Paw Mills, Tobtero Fseloiie, Jails, Ae.,AcH execeied prumpuy, aad at the lowest rub prices. 'HEW IEON F0UNDE7. KLL1S & MOOItC BEG leave to tntorni their fhet.d aa J the public that theyj now is iteration. large and riiruin 1 U NFOUNDRY, our Maahic ihop and are pre- pared to FILL ALL CUDEEJ PROaPTLT. For very drscrtption of I'. Vll .S atmay be exiledfor, and a cheap aa it eaa be done weat cf U.e mountain. Mux tisaajsu, Uota Poexaa, fasx W i;im,BaafYAOi-rg-, la now SiuA and Lianas, CaATl Bajsi, Wartsa M luis, t as I ktuiu, au I all Carrtxia, aard im the eofuirutUon ef I torn Milla, aw Mi. la, Furaaoe, aad U.tU'uji, BwJa lo order at shurt noiw-e- . We wl ao furri.h ever dearrtptioa of MrtnttJ Water Machinery at the iw j;ni.rw Pat wis ma U order aod oeraarg tur ne of pallerns whlen w have le oar FouAUry lUe biaheat prices paaal ta Vufk for eid tmsllu a w .onr.Fl Market street, erar bread, Jaa. T, "5T 1 . Nashi:i. Tew. SWEET HAVANA OSiSwEi. 30 E'S F'.Ttk.T I1AYASA GU.NGii; Jfr Uxe Fi-- e CracVrrs; A giM Cay fccaAelv aaswr'eJi 1 ' Rotas Candies,t p a Wheels, " A " kits Ltlat, .lai Torpesloee;M bure W. Cfcreac; 1 - Ltaxeaa; 14 dosea taut Oyttert, FrcAb; fvo bus raJuiM, a SMi kMt brand.lFor uiaaA J, U. aATssi' Ca'eetl.Miarw f T' d hiev. oni en.Miy Fire Cracker! I (If I s reeel an J far sal klJJ I. ti. kCiHAkwr,4. STEAMBOATtS. RAILROADS & SHIPS. lieulas 4ew Orleans Packet.THE substantial steamer CL'MBKR- - rTtfrVjl LAND, Captaia W. Dcrrvtt, having mtfti- i j'ljt''taiupe-io- r accommodatio'is for Pa-e- gers, Freight and r'tock, will ply during the se?r.n a alove and all iuu-r- ediate landings. Ilertxceeding liirhtdraught will insure in the most of ruses direct shipments. Mesr. W. A. JOHNSuX A CO., of New Orleans, will act as Airents in conjunction wi h Capt. M. D. F. li. BROOKS, whs will Orleans, at No. 27 Carondelet St., duri: g the busiue-- s season, for'be parpote of snving his en- tire at teuton to the filling of all purchase orders at the low- est figures. a. u. IIARhlaUN, dec Cm Age t .visiiviLi.r., Cairo aivi srw o- - LEASX DAILY I.lr.fliZvL "HE followinglVtI3,i. i steamers form rr, Ta- - .t the Pailv Unit- - wetjfa ed Mate Mail line between Nashville and Cairo, leaving Na'hvnle at P3 oV'ock, M., and Cairo at 6 A. M. J. G. f'l.INE, llira Master: CITY CF liU.NlSniLE, WiAVKB Mastet; AM IIASiADOR, Wtatt MasU;r; AL1DA, Uahmox Master. 1 is bne forms dailv eonrections 't Ca'ro with the Cairo and New Orleans i ai!y Mail fteair.er, the I and Pt. Louis D uly Roals, and alo with the Centra! Railroadtit. l.cu-- ati'l Chicago. Passengers by this I ne can re ic"iNew Orleans, Memphis, Pt. Louia and Louisville in tnech leu time than by any other Boats. For pMMge or fr light ap; ly at the Mad Packet Oilice of A. L. i svi'. O. W. IUVH. President, deel tr N. A M. U. S. Ma i Pact et Company. 1UGI LAH WEEKLY CINCINNATI & .NASilVU.I.i: PACKLiS. a , Tlf new light, dr:ii"'lr. s'e.iir HJX-- erGfN. PIKE, eatuL-iU- Jj. irS3Bf OaACK. Master, being expressly I uili for this i.radd, w ih ail the rroi in improvement", wph the l'ght draught .l and new steamer PAMUtL P. MbBARD, SAat:m. P. li'rtBtKD, Master, will run a regnlir Pa i the ensuing seaon between the aliove ports one of the boa's being in port every week. These boats being in cemtnand of i .il acii experienced commandants, and with superior facliii ie fcr p is'encers and freights, so icits a share of pub- lic patronage. For pa3taDe or freight apnlv on li'.r I, or to U. U. ilAHRlSON, Avent, oc'.8! 6n Front atr-c- t. FCR NASHVILLE AND NEW 0ELEAN3 TEADZ. 'I'liE new andii?htdra"iirlitsteamerr 1 CCF.PCENT, W. Holmes, Master, !T will run reiru;aily in the above iradtts&a 'ttirirg the tires-u- t seasun, commencing on the first rie in the Cumberland river, the has excellent accon-modat- s, and in point of soeed and (afety is na"irpissed. i'nr Leiuhtcr paa.age, apply to II. H. 11ARRIM)V, oci;l .Itf r i I a Atfent. 185G. ISIO.YM.MIOF IS57. Nashville & New Orleans Packets. JAKFS JOHXSON, Capt Jesse Johnson. HUBIEOLDT Wm- - Strnsr. rCCTLAND... Capt- - R. L- - Dismnkes. NASHVILLE, " Thos Eellsnyder. T'il E above steame-- s will run regularly In the N w Or- - 1. ha'i and Nashville tr:j.de One of the-- n btinfinta'h port every ay during th boating seao:i. Thse s re all owned in S'nshvdle, and hnilt e'pe ia ly for this trade. C;.pt. b. iliirie d will art ai their Aeent in New Orleans, and wili a'ttnd any business connected with th" line I re-s.- ,e .fully so'ieit the patronage o' the Mercantile an i 1 r eomn utiitv. well s itist e ih it the ' 11". er and Agebts will t are no exertions lo ils:re ;heir fMors. A. HAMILTON, Agent, Nhvii:e. oct'21 tf U. DL'H KLI), Airei.t, t ev urltans. ?Ii:.tIPIIIK AMI MMIVH I.i; PU KLT. I'.' K fire t asenrer steamer ALEC A IA, "JffiC:i:.t Jamks MllLKK. will run in t'ie .' above trade t'u- - e.l'ln. leaving Nnshviila eve.y MUrAY 4 o'e'e. k, P. M., and Me.i phis every TiiL'RDAY at 4 o'clock, P. M. irers may rely on he ilmve boat leaving each on the nay aui at t. e aau.e time aUvertireil. U. If. IIARRIO' ,ar 1 or:21-- lf A. II AMILlON Ag-r.t- iii t.i i.iic i icriciiT v pasi:m;i:u mm: mu st. i oi is.P'LI 'S WE.--T Capt. J. V. CrptttTT. I LI. A " Jam s Lnvux. '? ' i K- I' boa' w! be ti e regular paektts "'jp f. .tt,.,.i I ouls . rid Na-h- v lie this .' .'.'if. ses' P. an.i wi'.l commerce their t'ips im- - vL'' L' n'e' "t'iy after the first fire In utr:bcr-- -. land river. 1h-- v wi r. ale their trips aa recrnl-iri- rs the business wiU alV'. One icavinj? esch port ati.iut ev-t- v)!. H. HARTlIs-iiN-, and fiveeay. octet tf A. IIAMII.VOM, Atm's. lf156. Oll.'!liM IMi .'ION lA , ?i A V IDIIi. AMI COLUMBUS AND XENIA EAILRA0D. EX 'LTJIVELY AN EASTERN E0UIE. On ami alter this date, the LITTLE TWfAMI, VIA C0LTJIIIDS. Is THE OXl. V I) lit ErT If'l TE to an 1 from Cincinnati and Clevelnml. the only route runnintr car. into I ake Shore I'ep-i- t at Clevehmd, ami Ihe only route Willi uniform from Cinrinnat' to Cleveland, liunkirk and Unil .lo. It ' .V )' UTl'Elt It" I' IK (ilevehnel passent'T. p vi.i Fandusky, nml depend on trains fn.in Cbicao nn.i Toledo to eo East, break image at Sandusky and ferry from Oid Ohio City to Cleveland. THE LITTI 7. MIAT.TI. VIA C0LTJXET7S, I- ti: finty Tv!i.it!o coiiiR-ctiut- i aiat froi.i CIX-t'lN- N AT Inn. I I'lTTMIT K',. ;" a!.v' mu:n j;irrr9 rittsi.tirc vzwr - perci at !;!!. f t!it:iiin or F"rrtdt, on tr.uiit fruii linaaiuijuilia t ml Fort W;iyi)f to pi Kast, TME LITTI E aTAXI. VI CCL'-fBTJ?- . IS THE n I.Y Iti'l il' to and from Cincinnati and WHEELING OR STEl liEM ll.l.K. T'IE LITTf E V 1 MI. VIA COLTJMBTT?, .' THE "A. 1 It'll ! ti, mi,l from Cincinnati. Cn'nin- - Crestline and Cleveland, with lightning cxpre.s aithout cha'iu'e of cars. 'i'hi a trreat comfort to Ladiesaml Families. T 'F, LITT' K IAWI. VIA cor.TTrTr.u?, BEING THE P HOLIEST KOl'TE from Cittcmnati to the Ea.-- t, a in. il. u ili ami safe tp-e- is maitiuiiued. Connc. tionA are I'erta n. .' )' )' OT.'ER ROETE from Cincinati a .lan-.-ro- iis spe. d is rcpiu-ei- l t.i ove.oiine distance atel th lavs in eh. hi mi,; p.t 'eiigers and leitir,iire at beiifotitaiiic, Fornat, caiidu Ay, and terrymg at O d Ohio Cify. 'llituiiIt 'liclvcls V I A WHEELING. I'll i'ifLTRG, DLMvlSK. Lf FFALO and , NIAGARA FA LU. To nil the Fast.'rn citfes. Three d.suy i atern Trains at A w., 10 a.m., and 6 r v TiKsT TWAIN Clevelt.nd, Pittsbtir. MeiibtDV.!:.- au.i W he!irg, 1 ightnii.g I aprtsf, leave I ineL.uat' a' 6 o'ch.ek A. tl., fer ali the Eastern cities; also, Detroit via Cievt. land,fnr.ru fiehi, W i niingiun, CircUv.he, Lancaster and Z Chill cot he and Athena. 1 Ins train sb is heiaeen t aLd Co.nmbus all.ovelaod Morrow, Xtma aud Lon- don onlv. f i C 'N D TRAIN Cleveland, Titt-bur- ? and Uhefin Fxprrst Mail, Irate Cincinnati at lo oV.ock. a.m., via Ci. Ln.l, Pit'sbi-egan- Wi.eeltng, f.T all the Ihii tra.n stops at ail the point belwetu tinciutiaii And CjIuoi-bu- THIRf) TRtIN Accommodation, leaves Cincinnati at S:io o'cio' k, r. m.. tor SpringfeK), VVitr.tr.gton, Circle vi le and Larimer, Chilllc-xh- and llillsboroncb. This train stoi-- s at all p ints hetve-- Cincinnati and S;u tnfield.FOt rtTHl RAIN Cleveland ai..l Pitirbu gNu-h-t kxi rrssleaves i i:,eii i,ti at 6 o'clock, P. K., vi i CieveUr.d and I'l -- hurt', for all Hie Eastern cities. 1 rn, train. loos at all!Mi',;a be en i uu innaii aim lolun bus liar i rain on Sunday at ! 3o o'cloeV, P. M., for Colua.t.n. 1 nins run by Columbus Time 7 Minuu faster than Cin- cinnati. Fare as Lew as by any other Eoute. Fu;; Tiir.uiGH ncKtrs,And all ir.f..rmatpiti, please ai plv at ihe oA'cs No 1 rnrnet a, second coor Weri of ice sttret ; Nu. 177, Ciit House h iii and old oll.ee, Soutl.. xl .ornrr ol hroa l v. a.v and Er. nt street pp!.t- - lie-.ae- rr al it.Eater" i Life Miami) ! pot. East 1 nit te.-t- . V--t bur rtvir. 4 V A. J.. '. ST. P. W. S1;:!1 ', Gtn'l Ag"t.l'.;r ovMi.i s i.i v Calls for ravsen,-ersa- t a'l in. pru cipal Viotel., for each and every Ir.i'n. Ly leavit.r (nrrcilons at el:her c f tl e abovefr. will call for r ir. a. part, of Ihe city, with- out fail. lu.syx;j II. B. HI (.til..--, Cenilueior. 4'.I!IN I'ASSAI.j;Fiom Charleston to Ae.v Vorl. a it ii t y Fie Dollars. S 2 t) a ' t . rerr s"t i MTr.r stitis 't.ii, r im-- .NEW YUEX AND rilELEMO" STEAJtSSLTS.Tcrougs in 4S to 32 Hour. S ' J i. ir E K K L r. NATTTIMF M. Berry. CommanlerjAMti AUvitit,....! M " KC.Ta-ne- r, , MAKION I.MO W.J.Fo-ter- , do; iM'tlrtFRNER... .l.-O- tJ T. I w- -. do- - I EAVV Alf-r- ' Vharree every WEDNESDAY andlA SATlTRDAY, ft" tharnvaitf luc urn o theKuto an 1 tVtst, "at hi,-- water." i !.e-- e .:eac.i.'.!ps were ail built expree'y ft r tMs line, acu f .sat. ty.roiuiort and speed, art aunt ailed on 'Jie cvaat.latles s i( p. ird wuh every luxury. Attcti i.e and courteous rorr.nisnders will Insure travelerby this fli e rvi-r- comfo.--l and kor.mn.ouai a.c.Cabin l'as.aga n r'eri.g-- , g For Fre sht or Pa. .e, having elejam s'a'e r on aom-tnod.t.o- appl. to HENKY MIssSimiV, Comer East Bxy and AJger's ailt Hbaef, C.ASL.jTCf. I. C Jl NT IIEI IIVI U per Isteaaser Dr. RobertjwB.' sac f st Pall;M " sw ily ei.ia-- Cotlee;(O f kit pnrse begar; 3 I t .s e.O. AUiiklida; 1 A t tpper; 10 b irs "ptttv; Ut puuitn I oba-xr-- N3 tta,a Le.aiw6 Ur, atra I. C. BANDY. ADriTTOSAL 8ITPPLIES FO-TT- g ESTLEH2H."" Ill AVCevs. srthHinvnrf!ntoek f Winter WearPreach La'fst.U'JlvalDoubl Sole bv U; Haltcsa; " Tre Hoot.; " " Ptnt U ilher. sad D.i. Gaiier; "ep-- r Fr.r.--h riuih Dis--e " " Ca f cfc,rd T,e. dsbU so!; " " T.'rt Jpper,. new 1 e. aod patterns. ' B ard Y.b.bi'i.uiil M iaier aad l'r shoes, Pnatp. aod ir.!!,. JVUS P tMAt.b,3 t'o tn lEASa AEEIVAL OF SIASOIfABLE E00IS, SOU AND UAITZES FOE LADIES, KISSES AND CHILDHEN. LAT)!FiFre:eiLaatiDGa.ter, wilhhetV. ' " Italian n-t- ttick le Ga Ufa, WiiA keeU: " Coi.greaa ttatla; Tug 1h Calf - - very super-- r; " Fr.t.ch orce aed 14 Hail tovS.;Ctr i Ml .ntftr4 ws, tL a. le. very fb." :g. Cat, K.d freteti Waikii rfbr-e-r 8up.FreKa CJ Ea.u k Haakias, th-c- a le, far 4 wsais rJo bo.-a.ts- kaubrobisresl Horu.ns H pcrs, sea alyiae.Crk Sa!w, Over.o anu tot e(t, plippt r, A. Asub' nc and Cf Mr-u- 't drr and irjc avl. tiaiiera, & U ul m.m rnracd aioroeeo, tid, ioat taia ajut Ca (F.ns I broi.acd aad tiiw c Kulairppera Tk ! tii at ai jf cjrH,r. aad wiU be m.'JI at low ri.M Jo.iN liViiui, iteral 1 Cudrge M.et I) A t l . Tbs ui;d.rsi,pet it pas iu g Wi- - uar.ap'tce Kk cu4 bAWCM. it.lt I H air, I an S. CwAa-- jw ti. WHOLESALE HOUSES. lOOG. 3T.VT-jXj-w 18SO. T.&W. EAKIi & CO.,Itupwrtcrv aud. Wliolcswile frialer in titvt ui A au.XAMilVIf.LK, TI S. THE large increase in the Dry tsoo-i- s trad of thi place,corresponding large Stocks, and we take plea- sure in assuring ourcostomers and the trade lenerally, th' we have now iu store one of the most extensive FALL AND WJNTEU STOCKS ever .!er('d in this market, ahicn we will sell to piomP time dealers.or for Ca-- at such price a will cive satis- faction and en ible our Custo-ner- s to compete succits.fulij with merchants parcharg in ny other w.ar.et. Our Stork "f READY MADE! CLOTHING isalso unusually large and attractive. We 'oic't a call. T. A W. E'.KIN A CO.re have arrane-men- ts that will enable a to keeponrS'.ock nr throughout the season. au.AA-- m T. A W. K. A Co. hu, douqlTa s , vvuoiaKsa.ii: ia viav:u, IN'ortu Uarket Street, liviile, Tenn. rAM arrarT;ng for sale a perfectlv new toc k of Ooods inlre Ware Rooms oi H. A B. Dougias, j.tuated a few steps below the Inn Let. i his Muck American ind imported DRY GOOD' in larj-- assortments, S'.i LL WAiiES iu ;rt.At variety and aa A No. 1 of lials. Itoitls, Mi srss, Urrcrnni. Ar, Al! of which I will se at less than M irktt v.vu- - witri the view of c'osing the entire stCK before removing to the former S;.uol. Retail Dealers ire To5t resn-ctrul- rerjtiested 'o examine this S.cck, and are assured that they can ai.ike money by doinpso. "7l9 "VA liolcsalo i'.'.aj' sj A. .1. RUaCA1 & CO., I2IP0STE33 OF FANCY AND STAPLE DiY CO 3D 3, NO. 7'' PUr.LIC syjAllE, Nt'VILLI.IT'E have now in store a very lar.e 3 "'i cf F r.ndStaple Dry of iai ir;-- irta'in;'. re"eiveiin the !a4' lew diys for tne iviater trauc, which w are se.l.n; At the very lnwt prices. New istjlo Paris De Lanes; " " Fancy and M tick ?ilks; u i .. pr,nl,. Clithest, Ciss;ni"res ar.i ; Pafinet's, J ans, Tweed ami U- rse.'s tied H aiL.e;s ana Cot iil.inkets; Heavy col'd bl inf,e.s,(te.. c. Our S'toc' cumnrifesj the larg -- st arsrrtment of NtwStyl Goo is, Trimmit-gs- Ac , to winch we iafit- - the a'tentlon of Ca h and prompt time dealers to an examinaiion of our Stoci and price-- , be tevir.g nec.a inane it 't onr in teres, to do b .sit fs with m. A. J UN AN CO. - N. H - We nr.? rece.ving Nef Goo.ls by every Stovner during the winter. tovlf) A. J. D. CO. ZsTHTTT GOOD5. a. iiioi2s:sso. tw CO., WltOLKr I Ii' A'.KH.S cojir., nrt'Mrs. nnroYs. run ems. cEsryEi'RSsiiMi (to"is, u ili it: ,":, EaLrciuer.es, Itcsiery, Giovcs. Jewelry Toys, Ac, NO. Vi EAST fclDE 1! I S. 10 syCAKE, ;lkv lilt, '1 K wo't' l ;fom orr is, and tl tr adt tr:'nral!7, that a'e ate ik.v prct-uro- to exhil .t ii e .".nc-- .t . ar.d beat our hue. t v I ' t ' :.ir v .He i si ket W i' Oiitit an ex m,in tti n f he o-k and p ic- - s, betit-v.- f that we c n uiVr induct me .:ts etp.al to an Job bine llou-- e in the V.,rie'y l.ne, or tt 'est. I l ose . ii n to pu:cl.ae tt i.l ooi.-- e us to call, examine our S'ttt k and li ice. and judge uir ilo in eiVes. aui.il A. Vim:. SCS A CO. DRY GOODS. 1 V.y. rnd-r-ign- el are now rt eivin, and wi.l have readf'r the ex'.ib lion by the'J' h ins:., ti e I.MtuEST A i Bt.sT srorK vr AMERICAN, ENGLISH. FRENCH, GERMAN AN SWISS Tl ev hv cV'-- r h .i th p!iM-va- to !iof to tv. i; t;til Mr rhant. 'Ihe h v- - pare-- n- puius ror e;irnsr in erti p st''Ck v. li'v S itll Ci-rV- 4 if eu !, cn thru They have ma ie :er i:ive.-.i.ioia;- tl is oa in XT'XrJJJT GOODS,Than ihev hay--v- er none bef. re, and solir it an cxannnHUen of iheirtoek f .i th- - rctailtr, when viail-in- g tne citv believiiiir that witii theVery liarc Assuviuonl And LOW Pi.lCt--- , they wnl be able to ouVr indujeraea ti tj all. Mob CAN .t CO., N j. A'J Pahhu Siaare. Nasiivfl'.', Am?. 1!, 15f5. I. A. ClKI'NrR r. A.eBKrmkU (iAKILNER. SHEPIIEKD & CO., VVIIUI.KSALE dki.ki;s IX Shoes, Hats and Straw Goods, .. 5.i ITLI '.li' .sijCARE, SASI1Y11.LE, Tf.y.V. ' t iuve n.-- in More at ota old : Taa, a very large I V und snperuir st...-l- ef BGOiS AND SHOES, H.VTiJ AND CAFS, suitah e im il '..t r a tb, ah louldle loeabiLilt n.' rchanls I li:ii n: .rn '. stjtj ly tjAKi.NK'i PliU'ilK:.!) A CO. INEVV WHOLESALE HOUSE. Allks II. Wasuisotcx. oo:,o G. C'iiaiA (l a e i:h Morgan .t I o.) CiiakifsB Uuian, late i f W. U G.udon A Co. AVASi!!N(.T0N, UKYAN & 10., Importers aud Wholesale Dealer ia Linens, Whit fcoo-ls- , Emtroidurics, Hosiery end VaritUts. . o. G.j . ii. C r. I'u Mu i tj biiit'i NA. iiViLLr , Tr NMiS.-- i K. A uoimt.g Methodist P..uiish.ng House. invite lha attention of MerchanU v - Il Na.hvil.e to ttie abave Lard, und Infoim ihcm thai e are no optn.ii a LARGE AKD DESIRABLE STOCK, whicll will be arrange I and r. S'ly for sale .L011t llir UOt!, itiHtiiitl. We have piirchased oar .'o. k witn ureal care, rn'f mosf-'- .r ...A. an.i hVing had the benefit of Ion-,-- xpcnetiC 10 the t usint s, we feci infidet.t that we can oi'er su nrior induc-ii.en- t. to ary mert li .nt pnn-- io this r;iatk. auclS WAsilI.NUl' j.N, Htii AN A CO. VKOLESALE HAF.DVV, Ai.a-- STORE MiliX Oh' THE lilt; FAD I.ofK, 4 doo:$ Jrom tht .jiiret South Mirktt Street, --NasliviMc, Ten n. WF. are Just open ng the largest and Ust assorted stock of K.ite Tot.'ls, tiuns, I'utiery, and Fancy Hard at are ever brought h market, and we resjiectfariy soiicit a eaii from ery nurchact vii;ing the city. eri!- -n BKACMONT. VAXLFFR A CO. 1 V. MAXKV aTv- - CO., M!ALFK.t It Tin Plalc, Slock Tin. Copper, Ssr r t Iron. LeAd Tipti, WiEE, JltoX A.tt 71X 1:1 i l IS, Plumpers' Teds A ITaterisl?, Maihl.ized Iron itaa'.lcs, Tarlor GriU, Coolt 7rr, Jratinj Flora, for WoJ or Coal, J n ji.nt iKiI A. win in on lin Hnrr, ?.o. --10, lla.f Side of .Market Street, JiA5".VILLK, ipT" P. F 'Ve wni keep on hau l Machines and Teols, being Areuts for per., se-it- h A tu., tlOnon, Cnn oAri J V. W. M. tt CO. ,5oS:IaSOI., nrr.e aV()., COilNKS EKOAD AND MARK FT ST1.FVTH, a:.vi;id, Teoo. UT ILL give prompt att n'I'tn torece.ei: g, tmrii g por.rhasrnjr, .elline-o- r shipping C tt , 1 iba:o. Wheat, Vtour and Haeoo.and wiil alM dev. tr atlen-ln- . id rrceivinr, stor Eg ao4 forwad ng merchandise of every d.scr.pti n. ror a iu point of room Bvenlence are ecoaJ t any ia tne en.'. Jiflttl Groceries. E are prep.re.! 10 furth piantalana nr.r'''es ef every tit d, anu m.d inxle U.e alitniiun tif Merchants a' d Iea.ers to ot.r .t' k. whi. 1. w.U a' a'l times be comgiiete, anJ dual is bi ; art. at raat, of the I liu.ir r arltc.t; Ja' t.i.U sur; hi'trs Colee; I.Vs: ba.. ."" barrels - tit; Jill) boirs v.r Can lie; Itnlurrv' MKt.kev; i pieces i'aving; hall pire Kairg-ng- ; S- i At ach b.etnir; fta) coi . Kito; mirtiher with all other aruc.es u.uailv kept in ueh estbtt.hmccts. J liNHN, HuESK a C'l j 3 1 er.iOrrllroidaa.iilarkct.tr urT a.ar, ja . W. HIC.AI, JB. i 'MS . (JAKT. HART. MACUAi; & CO., W1IOIX54LS OR0CECA, COMMl.-ilO-N MfUCaANT?, AxD CXAi-U- 1 a WINEa. 1RA5DIZ3. LIQ1702S, tC, No. 7 nud l South 31arket Street, nashviu.l, tins a.w has-- , la teve and Jje tj the tea's 1 1 (bHewi bhrte W. O. lurtr, Im) c dl Ci.i kep--, v1 totn Hat ana raaar; ' git ktic'.e. : rl. N. IT Crusb'd-iifar.- i -- 1 jruii..i ti bbie da Pueder.il .0, i--t aost. 1. PaintcJ Tabs, Ni do N ilj, Jii e x- - stone P.pea, ttl do do Maia-sses- , Bt 10 boses TencvM Axe, in- ert' p, per k.r nea.itv, '.' bif .e aK-- tt WalUCcr--e, ft" bees site Lea.', tort do H. O. JL evs I "ki kew Kana, aaed staee, li. ll;ari list, fe- eroe LI k B, V) !. I'l l bov. Java dr Usl boaes raja aa4 Oermaa Via a. i eppvr, TJ tu rsaee, l' eas.Caf.i! na Ra-- e, Itai ea ruprr Crb. ftoda, to A. lot aah r.!a, AJ bf rb'. loixnal aaa & v rraea. s.perwr WrappangttH( T.a. Paasrr, llt bs Va. A sty. Tulare, f wi . u U. Clpa, A a aaaortawet ef lhs tta faa-t- , - eaaw . Baa 1 laara. 111 brar star Lead, IM bo - oarret l a rMtca I'M btM. Oover swsvd. f n-- 2. AW bMBeA4arrAAVad4Cr.es V) boxr. n kiog Tolece, .rs, to eoU Man tia , !' bbla Rre'iSeJ Ttbkr.; kuie r'earl S utx. IH II OH .MifKm Aa.15 eaan .tarr'ns--, J5 tbls . aoctxt-r- t A Oil be ea-- et Ovssers I V Whi.ky, 5--1 boles ajanrtrd rVk'ee, M bt'i Kobcrisoa eou.'y to boxe 1'aA.up aa i Pepowr Wbskv. Saura. 15 btas tttt LisrrsVa Wbiakv, fr brtd Pi Fa 1, 4 ,r eaU Pare frvack 'AO eaa-- . fcrn.iy I't-m-cj, fratdv, t bex V. Cbaree, 59 Ca aa Pur Port Win,ti t K. t. de, t do o MaAaaa Wlae, J pav a e. i .ar CJI i', A tiw 4. Sis"Tttl ! T.l-u- Usi, A ii-- t a UilHciba 11 ban. rni'.i rVstd 8J bb. Native swvwt Asa, Sl I. let I'lilu ill Wr( ja d llxUast uia, lJts iu X.U sat lcIU M ds AoI ind.w Im. 1 t 00 A,o.t , st atti-cie- I ex., srn, 1 do PvaeA ' tla, l I --a. kajas . Jt. slaiaUM, A b Jamafe-a- , lomjaa f U Mt, M AC AA I k CO. Jr RAILROADS & STAGES ...sa- c- .T, rJ,rv TJT Freights Reduced. hates or rssr.i4.iiT F20LI CHARLESTON TO 17ASHVILLE, TO WITHOUT ALTK8.1TOS TSTH. TUB First Day of June. FI1ST CLA. Piano Foet'ti. Bioks and Sta'ionery, Poo'., Fhoes and H's; Liq lors, nils, te., iu ho'tles; Cm;ihine sal Spirits Tarpentic?, m b 1.; Carpe'inj, C.- na, Ga and GUssW.ire, i'iv-ir- s ii casvs: t'onf c'iona-ri- s, C"i'on C rds, Cj' lery, in C"es, cask, and bove.; D-- y iioo-l- in boxes an-- l ba'es; Drugs, Fruits, t'm Trees and Furs, Garden Seeds, looktnf Ols-e- s ind Look Plate, fat owner's ,! Oysters in can. an i ja-- s; Sa Mlery.Tia nd Briltania Ware, Teas aud Spice, p. r HKi lbs.... 1 13 ?ECi'Vr CLtS-- . Hardware. ex.-- n' such as i ncii m First and Th;r-- l c'hss; Coee Mill--- , Murhinerr; Foreign Liquors, tu bhls., and pipe.; T..hcv. ia b.'X'; Leather m ro'U and hose: 'ti s, iu bhl- -. ail casks; Cr.cie-- y andQaeensisare in crate, and Casks; Hiw, WhitioT, Piaster, S.'ieei Mrv?, srd 0 prter, per loo lbs $l.u0 T'll' r CLA-i.-- Ave., Phove'f. 'b s, s a I Irns, Zirc-- an 1 Tin, in p'rK T A ivis, , t f Ciainsan l line.; Manilla and C fon C-- r ..-..-; CoJi. heavv M. iro '.Whre's and A xies, Chains and Spikes, au t tC'sin i i hb.s., p- -r !" !bs.... 60 ??KCI.kL ::t.-'?- . Fu'n't'ire snd Cirri res boxed, ani! other l'eh tar ides itt e:tLl.T:e.lf-'.- , ; al o, Ca-b- - ys of Aei Is, or otb-- r Ch -- res. wi'l b - c ".i d tiv artnU weight, but atKir; I.' n-- - 'l.u.s, p- -r Itti hs " 81 Hive f;'jr pac-t-- e p a:,ilt el wih name ofem-sijne- e lit aii n anc -! c r f '.hvey. At'e: tt-- n to t i n--a icr prevents lie.'a,' a:i:l losses and nurt a !pcci de- livery. A D V A N T A Li 1 3 AN i) F TIL! TTE? OFFERED B THE c i :;iE-- r r.ci'TF rools eor.'i ;n--- .l lo th- - A es of ron'h Carolina Rs.'ro.I ai i hirle t i i le f.irw "tree cf C m m'"i n" i'' ava.', i l;n I ge enlll ei.irP. bi.I of w'.i--- . th amonr.t i f frc ght I d vessel a .ii be mail d t con iw ne-s- . M.ra au.fees, care Agentd.C.it. R., Cliar!es-,.L- , s. C. lh- So :t'i I'm In R.ii'rmd w:;! a !vmce s!.lpp r chart's, so that tlnte wlir ir U a t.o:io:s- - -- I .n n"u-- can Co o, and h v- - t'.j.r eipt n0-- t 1 ayalie j he--- . All frc.-h- fr N and St I'i jnson tlie Na.'h'ilie sn IThat anci - i II ill ,! are n: Irorr. t lurl-sto- n Of thrcu fi j Trsiu. oai', an I Shinpe.s m ay r- - ly upon lbe u:roojl ots-pstc- h ".! t: e;s. The It 1'e trum h rle.-'oa to N .! hvihe will at a 1 ti.i.e ha as 'o a- - by av nn:.h. Iain ai Iti n-il- , ani will s- -t le prmrptV any over- charge' and d ima,"s tti ti in ty o c it in: hi I. tie.lie. tiiVn-ti- i; tils I wi.l t ke cnr.e of any ecrre-po- n neit-sar- y or t'lir recovery, .niif noi faa'vl wil psv f me w thin thic.y day.H a'.er uoticj is yiyen at this ofrce.)i' t' ants !o t 'h ! rf 0i Si hvi' e anlCha't.i-nt- v gt Kai r a I wi.l i i ":.n i th t t ie i.b v ra'es ap- ply ail iroo Is f cni arv-t- . n, w i h are 'o I a', the f w iu S a i . . vet-sen- , An1r n. Pa,--, .'d, TiiUii.i e. .., N. -- n !v. W art a e. Si e!' y vi'.e, Im -- boekle. "t te-v- e, sj h r t n vrn , a:i L v- r i.e. 1 .'m l be r to gi-r- rv ry rx ana tin and rVr-rrali u; ce.rcl i a to fr . h;s ant espeii-c-bhl- s . C' rfespeMirn rr.tv "y m n pr. mj t r;s. e' ies; in I t rc t.e:-- . i. t a lo bu.iu.sa in on ait - uu-c- er ni . sicrini n a. .1 o .'i Ctii-- . W. ANTFUJON. tg-rt- ,jat.l tf N '. -- i Co . , Najavi le. liAl l N OA' FKI.li.lli' CN PRODUCE TO CiiAHLESTC:. Feathers an I Wiml p-- r 1th n .. A'-.- Bi'taii, t.ir -- e g. i in I'.oot, p- - ! F.i. git t, Hemp, Siar Car. ties, poj , l i aud Ltti.-e-- 1 11.. p-- r inn 1 ."i Leal ToOt-c- . it, er D S W hi-t- p.-- 1.1,1 to Ke.f and Porn, ter bt l 2..foar 1.4 Br oi j, in ' of I ilot n and ttrwaitls, p r dosen .. . 1 Cm u , v.-- ba!t( .. ...... - 4 I'O Tl.e A.rt.i t l' e N.fh.i I.-- atd ih.st'aiurg, .ta:.roal wi-- :; rtvij ta at lh al rate ua .1 lli lat o Jan. next. A d-- 'ti ,; tr, i f - nr'h th hov rati ii' ive the rate to A tir i"i, i.eo j a, on th- - at l.des ai c e s etirtrd. F r tif ,t. n i i e.g.- l. r .ies on o.lu-- irticV. uot spc ff? t a", ve ca.l ou if a d t " tl.lj. W. ANPrroV. Aeent,jani-l- f Ni. o i' H eel. : cm i- - tt.i: .( v toit TllX C2ASLZST0N li:.e, a i it ma T.n usx rs 'M KASnVILLU TO C0LUI2TJ3, OA., (via t ) Sixty miles nearer thaa any other Ecute. oi'Mi i. t. ut ci.m:i.i: siiiu.1,n 1; vii. i.j, 7i.NE-:-- n :. OV'ilC! byte Ch rle t n Line promnf'y at!,at this o'liee. I'- -r tiet.rn- In ur.t'a.mri a to rste t.i fcV''.t Ki t r!"r v,;t:.,tr. wiil be f. rni.be 1 wiilt 1' .r. :ri upo a- i ratio i af t e i. It.. v, or by nihi I. ltii-d- s foil st.Iee.ii, Ls.ivile an! Cncin to be sent t.i O. sr. ot. C Aniru.t md t'oiun.bus. li,.., .. Alt. r oi't. r Ms!i ns i n tn- - Sonib Caral-na- Atlanta-- d l.a'.i a. i.e. or M .Ltt.mery I'n ni lisil'ii i n be f.iwar'el ire-- if ch nice vexct ptlrai:e wh n ued lo me at Ns vibe. t. ay..- - the U.v. r m i.,e Nathville ami CUa'tancoaa. Raitrt-at- i i.ep. t i riivraein! tor at tl r e . t d a I ait cnn.i' hu n. t il. I. t:i d th tt rat exrent on ti of Tr i.hi si tnaa RUu w g .1 ijiai.ti.ic lt; than lnoolba. chai en t: cent ; r l ie otjaH-- .f t:il titl.KS W. ANDl-'R- N, Ayent. 2I0TICE TO PASSESGEitS. Si'ea.s.ix:apgr's) rru's, N. A C. R K.,1 .N v t.: k Jan. K, Of snd ft r Mondav .1 e 1 : h i si , ih- - T.rt.t Of-fe- e. f i e Nahiir A L i a t ;i t. ui , a Rai r. ad wi I be .tsih h- -t iiVn .'ti C .Me.e r. t, uie.er the tc.i.rsII ,;el I h O.I.- e will be open at 1 A. M. ar eirae i : 9 o'clock, P. M. I'a .1 n-- er ali. u 1 p e- ure ii, Sets n.for. .on 1,1 the evrs il. I. A.IOl'JtsoN. S ip'i C. L. Asi B.u.1, 1 gr.t. jai.V-- tf KASKViLLE EXFF.ESS WAIL LIKE : .. . -- r ,rT, vi. u Heraphisf IT. Orleans & the South! 0M.Y CI1) TO EMPSrS. Tliri-.uu- h in Hours!O AN'il !f ItOi s T'MF. cAWDt Corn-e'.- rs with -- ' Memphis ai.h u amers :ur New Or ear. and w lafSt'h. Tlte ehe pes', be-- t aril rpii.-W- rente by Tennessee anlA'a' a na Hai'r.-...- l t pr r. .ii.i. ro- - n t titiar S'.ir. w ihthe Men pi. is un 1 tharirs iri l.ai.rr 1 C rin.h, d'rei.tf ir Memphia, leaves Vi.,vi" SUNDAYS, WfcDNLSDAYS and IKl-D- A s t H:?ii A.M.rr F'-- part'culirv. e small hills. tT" For rnr..oKh T.ckets, apply at the General Flag.01 ce, Verandah Hotel. ct"T''n, TiioMAf, iiorcn k CO.J. E. VFRRTAM, Afenf. n,li oi.:x to ur.oAD sti:i:i:t. ON a .d a.'ter Monday, Sept. 1st, Train wiil run as fol-Io- GO'INvi S0CTII. raxiuuT rtssnt'isa.Leave .N (J rn p, 3 np.ra. Arrive at Th. nip., n i'o m. C.1J titllNli NDriTTT Le ve Thompson D.i'tt a. J to .t Arrive at vt'V l1 ,"ia.m. J is, 'P:.ier frotu Ka hvnlc by th. Mornlrg train, break-f-- tst I r - kin. At Thomnson's. the St irt of Crter. Thomas A Iloagh connect it!: Trains. Ttr..nr'i Th k - f, r e..lls. ir vne.br ro', Jackon ,Tascun-ui- a. F Pulaski a a 4 Colurrbia, can r. ei at the General -t -- e Ott.ce. under f-- VerxndAIft.tel A. AXDKItsfise. R. Df. and Super'nt. I.iprrsH Notice. . -- sAe i.iA ue::ehi3 and chaelesiox KAILE0AD. ' I 'II r. "A i'A lv" kXPRKsj C'MPANY ' have mad. ar. a ranee men's with h ,1,., sr.jt.n.a a... , nit. rBral ire, an are now nr. i.rI 1,, rrr, te and forw.rd freight.Partner , te.. br Pisyr 1 r - ii . to l'uot-vill- P.raw,rusvun bi., and b bTn.e.1;a'e staiions on the MAC. and X.A C Jo'r-' 's. rr.,al Hi,.-!- . at r-- lnceal rates,t Ms.rrk'er L ave Naai.vl le da-i- ,.t ToVinrk, A. '' Irei-ilu- s to bst v.iwtr.le.1 by Kiprers wiil ba4nrw-ioti- t r,trrh.r.-e- . n'i-t- f A. K. H )LT, Ag.al. TISXI3SZZ AXD ALABA2A SAIXSOAD. TO coi. v "i 1:1 v. v i:m:or o, j ac kso.t, I H.IMMIi: A."siD .'IK..'nPIlIS. OPTEM'lit four II re rnarkrs fam Prarkn. f, ta--Og'are, conne-tin- g at th e p..mu w b th Kai road la Tujcnrrhii, Ilorerca ani JCcnemery, Ala-- , And AberrJren, CdrtTabTii ci CAttor, Xiu- - The Ir ur Horse I -- ath Line, te (base p. art. S'e U iaerer. r r.ier, m king a c ere cont.ct un w.ih theiU-lroa- d at P. aakon, 1 eon. Ax, reae Ifaau leave tl lenot at LS TO Pulatki aid Elkton, A nd all plifi thr nubuut the Siuth.ra , We hare .i.irnuid hue runiang.coontcutig wi.b tb EA road at franalin. Paaaerg.-r- t fr Pulatki and r.ltoa Will 1. are Nah. file oa the i oUock, P. M. Traia, Menday,Wednesday and Pridar. AClO.n.TIOUATIOX I.I.E teavea Kashville dtllv al f e'rlnrk P. eon res tlef at rr-.- wiib a Daily tour H rr Coach Line te Co na.sa.7ov all tnfbrfati. n, thr.osh TV ktta. A , at p v at ta.GBrai Uatirl. e iaa anl Onoin Cflee, Ne '4 CeAaAtre. ot'W.'lr the Irsl Tee. I'BT" Cfaniboase wid rail lor passenger lo ao part of ta. el'y. tf NEW FIRM. tai. s ia aa u r-j- sc. a1j. t,fl a partnarsb.p ...ler lbs Bam Jaa t syle t f r. J Seatary A Co , an4akw tb. clock nl raid of J. irv A C . la Cjrpr' M.-r,l- jl Cbefv .trret: ao4 an' -- ie te their fnrud. aod te I so.m, thai they at iinnJ t eaeeute e--y rerlpttia ef wwrfc in the ri CM Hi Bl'SlNrSs. ia 'he BeaU---l a- 4 atoat ak taatial riuiarr. TS.f wti alsst ftiraiab and p Ga Put. l.rr in ib k.a lasMiwsi s yl.s. liy rwp-et."- !! aoiissa a share f reM rafrraife. f jau: J Fae Abut Anibroty pea. 1 HUUUl l f. war. i, aAbvillA. kg A. LAbCGMBC. aataeotyv. ar. waauw oo-- b r. a. ta NaabvtU. taa at , e Aesbaearw. tMi, t CVts C Aasr.tytx are made ub p U giaaa, ! aJvA,aa4 ikci prUra e--J aga-ut-l ad ps.bui of la lr .aaarwlyw. CwtnterVtW r autvJ. a s 0 c'--e gtasa, a4 paj . aat J are aot so daracla a. an erd'uary daciMrvotyi, Aaabrrtijipw ware aava-et- t b Me lavwal.r te dtatlngaiast km trvm ail o'.uer y. tarra. tftar men borrow tk astrne, wait apeg t aa aa ia'war aAoaor haeA tb. r-a-a wsa e. 4stt.rrrr vsts aavl KintA.tl.tv ahl$ . Suudriev I V01- - Pin itnv'as, I kctik4 Cor.s. sl -- u, ft Cittrwe; t baiaa t'taiira; It boxe I emoa; 1 but rVea 11 bet P1; 1 beaaaeft fKala llwieada; low ksxe t S. A I. vJia, 10 k 1 e aaavrteti, lar. ef P'tework, a'i; A .ar-.- f Cbrtst ..aa I S'ng aad Tait f a1 anvat, (aat rwas.tvdae.Afviraa.eky J. 1. A.' K r--(. v f ta v ft - f. 4r t
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