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Daily Nashville Patriot Newspaper Archives Jan 21 1857, Page 3

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Daily Nashville Patriot (Newspaper) - January 21, 1857, Nashville, TennesseeNASHVILLE: T. n. GLZXX, Local and Commercial Editor. Wednesday Horning, January 21, 1857. Official Jou i nal for Publishing the Post Office better List. TO AUVI.KTINr.lt. The circulation of the Taily and ly ediuo&i of the Patriot, combined, exceed! largely that of any other newspaper printed tn Xaahviile. It it these coition that are generally need for advertisiag The Patiiot therefore, u the best advertising medium in the city Other news-pap- er may have a larger weekly circulation, but - advertisements do not get into the weeklies an lew under a tpecial contract- - Snow and .S.LriaaisG. The weather moderated f'ipbtl- - yesterday, but enow fVil during the greater portion of tbe day, thereby makirg Ene alei'iMnc. Several turn-out- s on runners have been- coursing the streets, and turnpikes in tli'n city, and vicitiity fir a .iay or two paft. Good eltiiyl.ing is something unusual here aud the aleighere are slaving it as fast a-- i liore fl atij runners can wear it out. The peui'd of the tinkling belli is not mare tinny tlian tbe laush of those other bells whom une of thfc beaux of the city arc treating to the Ijxutt of eleighriJes. IIorsK for Gist. Mr. C. M.Stewart, No. 41, Broad afreet, advertises two comfortable dwelling, three fourths of a mile from the Square, on the Charlotte pike, with five and a half acres of ground in one lot, and two and a half in the other. 2" The ife in tbe vicinity of the Water Work, furni.ihfg a fine field for the tkaters to gratify iheir laat for this description of amusement. Lirrje numlers congregated there y, and in'ulg cd i llieport of tkiting to their heart's content. Mixn Yocr Step. The pavements are so icy that it is with difficulty persons can keep their feet from flying from under them. Numerous were the falla tint pedetritns pot yecterdiy. It would be w-l- ! for every family or business bouse to sprinkle their aches upon the pavement in front of their dwellings and store, as accidents might thereby be avoided. tff" The Wahinrton correspondent of the New Tbrk Timt of the 9th inst., pays: "Letters are in town to day f:orn Mr. Buchanan, in which he says thitt if any individual has he-- filed upon in bis mind for a place in the Cabinet, neither he nor any living person knows it; aril that be will come here and lake advice before actiiij." Tennessee Fa km Kit asd Meciiajiic. The firot Xo of Vol. II. of the above valuable Agricultural and Mechanical Journal is before us. After a tem- porary suKpcnion, which has proved beneficial to it, in placing it on a firm and permanent basis, it re appears under the mot favorable auspices. Hereafter it is to be issued by the publishers of the Patriot. L P. Williams, E-- q , its former efficient and well informed editor, remains in the chair edi- torial, as-itt- by Dr. It. II. Hoil-de- n, of Etst Ten- nessee, and Col. H.J. Cannon, of West Tennefsae. With such talent aud administrative ability, t e nieces of this jouruRl is beyond question. The toiit-ut- s of the present (January) No. are as fol lo: Ee.inr.my of Agriculture, etc. The Horse aud his improvement. Cultivation of jieunuti'. Cashmere G.t, (illustrated) Level Culture," retime Walls How to prevent their falling, Ilcrkuliirc IIi, (illustrated) Accidents! and diseases of the Cotton I'ant, Ordur upon the Farm, Fanner? the Sufferer?, Stewart's Cotton aud Seed Planter, (illustrated) Chinese Sugar Cane, Stump Kxtrai tors, etc Tree Planting a theory for the South, Curing Pork, Tennessee Stock Register, Pedigree of Priuce, ete North Pevon Cattle their jeralir qualities, Na.-hvil- le and her Manufacture", IliuU to lllacksiuiius on Shoeing Horses, Paper Ruling Machine, (illustrated) Improved M;u hiuery for Preparing Cotton, Preserving Hurneti.iug Timber, EJm-nt- Lubor aud bet knowledge at work, Self-actin- Uate, (Ulustrau-d- ) To Parents and Vouug Mechanics, Itccent Patents, etc Horticulture; Grape Culture in Tennessee, Keiuiiving large, tree, etc, Peabody's Seedling Strawberry, (illustrated) Education, PieiMU-in- Sausages, (illustrated) Marketing Poultry, etc The use of the eyes; He courteous at home, etc, Washing Fluid; Time for Painting Houses, eto To the Header, To CorresjHindents, Live Stork Company: Official Compliment, et, Tennessee Spring Fair; Premium List, Value of au Agricultural l'ajier, etc, Tee value of a periodical to lb" agricultu- ral communities iu Tennessee is incalculable. For a Slate with such uJvantages of .oil and climate as is possessed by Tennessee whose chief wealth lies in her agricultural products to y wit.iout an ag riculiurai magazine is ahnost like an engiue withj out a 'driving-whee- l, or a watch without a maiu-spriu- g. It is proper and neco-sar- y to keep pace with the age to profit by the experience and ed- ucation of others, aud in no d partment of inuus try it this more true thin when it applies to the farming interest. No intelligent aud enterprising farmer who understands his interest, doubts the utility and beixCtof such journals, aud such are scarcely ever without out;. Here is o:ie published id this State, conducted ably aud possessing thos adrantagca for giving information to Teno'caee ag- riculturists about its foil, Ac, which attach to no other periodical of a similar character. If the farmers of the State d,j not well sustain the "Farmer aud Mechanic " we shall be mush tnua taken. The typographical appearance of this journal is unsurpassed. It is primed on beautiful while paper, with new type purchased eipressly for it; each No. contains 4i large octavo pages of readiug matter, with numerous illustrations. T .. One copy for one year, in adrtnse, 2; six copies, Jin, leu copies, 13. Address Smith, Alorgaa L Co., Nashviile, Teun. Ma. W. M. WAVrBMriT. We learn that Friday evening next is set apart for lbs Bent Ct of Mr. Ward, who has labored a selnu!y during the present theatrical season for the aruusctueu) of tLe tbeatre-goer- s of this city. A genllemsn of ac kuowleegcd histriouio talent is te appear iu a had- ing part in t'ie play cat for the occaoion, aud can promise from our knowledge of his ability, a rich treat to those who are present. Tub Peak Faut. By request of many of our prominent rilif ens, and delighted listeners of the above named troupe, they have conM-ate- d to re main with us one evening more, w hich will be bailed with delight by our muMC-lovin- g public. Odd Fellows' Hal! a ill be filled ub a crowded aud bril- liant auditory, as It Las been on ths sveuuii pre- vious. Tuiatki Jla G. W. (jbaib. A comp!imen (arv l;iitt Laving been tcridereJ Mr. Grain, thai (NWIiifa iaj) evtcitig liaa bco avlocUd, oil wblcb oceaaioD be prraeiiia a verj attractiv bul, and will pcraoual two of the leaJiug characVera. Y hu. dmland that the SatuliTn II aim iiilana bave iitJ-- j volunteered tlieir irvii-r- t lor tliia creuinjr odIt. Vr. and ilr W'arJ wiil a!.o appear. Mr. Orait hac brca a valu.blo acqutniuon to our Theatre du ring tbe preaeut aeasou, aa Lta txauuful ecoe will bjar evidence. Give blui a bumper, ai be pre-ju- u one o( lh uioat attractive bill ot Uie aoaaou. t?TTLe Alula poi up eteaa, rat off ber lioea and aiioved out yf.ierdaj ptr aJrUcmeol. At f o'clock, Ii0ver, (tie 'atill lutibt, aod it ia more thac prubatle aba caa ba acta, cot verj fr off, tbia BJ0ruin. To OrFicta. V bare juat priutej a lot oi blank gruihrei. GSkt-r- a can tuw bo toppHed 60 aptilicatkm to tbe PitruU stfLi: 3" There was nothing doing in cotton yester- day worthy of mention. The offerings were con- fined to a very few bale, and none bad been sold when we visited the cotton-houses- . Publication r Sobacrlptlevn. Our fellow-citize- n, Mr. Tim. W. Gilman, has the egency for obtaining subscriptions to the following works, which are published by subscription ODly, snd are not for sale in the Book Stores : Tbe Idia Racks or North akd South America. New York: Published by the American Sub- scription House. This work contains an account of tbe principal aboriginal races; a description of their natioual oua-lom- s, mythology and religious ceremonies; a his- tory of ihvir most powerful tribes and their most celebrated chiefs and warriors; their intercourse and wars with the European settlers ; aud a great variety of anecdote and description, illustrative of personal and national character Tbe author is Chas. DeWolf Crownell. Tbe work is illustrated wuh numerous and diversified colored illustrations entirely tew, and many of which ate from original designs. It is al?o accompanied with a chart, which gives statistical references of Interest. The work contains CC6 pages. The Eastkrn or Old World; embracing Ancient and Modern History. By Henry Howard Brown-el- l, A. M. 2 vols. Toronto, C. W. This is also a beautifully prepared work, and illus trated with colored engravings. The first volume treats of the Jews, Assyria, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Persia, India, China, the Mahomedans, Spain, Ger many, Hungary and Russia, with a valuable statis- tical appendix. The second volume opens with France, and the late Revolutions; England, with the history and description of Norway; Sweden and Norway ; Denmark ; the Netherlands ; Switz- erland ; Portugal aud Italy. Mr. Gilman Las the agency for these works, snd will receive tubseribcrs, the books to be delivered in January and February. lie will call upon our citizens aud exhibit specimen copies. Ckoukeb'sMilmxekt Establishment. Yes- terday was the Fall opening t'ay ot the above establishment, and prompted by a desire to see something very" nice as well as to be in fushiuQ (is nearly every body, we thought, was there,) we went along with the tide and looked at the Urge nnd Cue display of millinery and fancy goods there to be seen. ilr. Crooker has brought on a very large and varied ntock, embracing all the articles belonging to the trade, of every tyle and quality. The utoek of bonnets, flow era, ribbons, trimmings, head dresses, ic H far beyond what we expected to see. The liner qualities of these varioosstyles of goods are indeed superb, surpassing any- thing we have ever seen. The bonnets, par- ticularly, we look upon as the prettiest things in that line ever introduced to the notice of the public. Mr. G. is prepared to sell millinery goods at wholesale as well as retail, and country dealers desiring to purchase wil dd well to examine his dock. tf. j Mannv's Celebrated C01IBIXED REAPIXG AXD MOWIXG MACHINES, FOR SALE RY THE UXI) ERSIGXED A T J02LS0. & HOUSE'S, i j. v. cm: ATI I AM, Jan7 General Agent for the Sute- - '"" " aTjT FRANCISCO, r3V- - MlilCrACTCKKB AKD DaALKB IB 5 . HATS, CAPS AND L,AIU:S FUKS, aw o. 23 Public Square nAKIIYIl.l.I., n .. ont iioTjday hat.U7E are re tin up Home brnuuful a'.ylm of the MOLKSKIN HAT for the holi.!y. Tho-- e wt.o are aomet'iiug tsi to ndiirri thrlr eraniuraa will pleafte call and rxmtnr those ueuiiful tv lea at the Hat Knjtortuin, No. IS Pub.ic tvjuara. deeiO A. i. rUANCibCO. LADIES' DRESS FURS. HOLIDAY GIFTS FOIt THE I.ADII.S. riH').-- who are dipo.4 to make Christmaa or New A Year Prv-ent- s to their friend", nw.-tr- t heart and with, muai benr in mini! that the most xnrnpriate present lor inch an ill haml-om- e 'VKTI'Of FCR-S.- " We ti.Tem li.n hand aeverai heauiiful 8- - lt, both for LaJlea,Uiara and Matron, in which we invite tl attention of lovera, huplrtndi aa l frit-ur- at the Hut and Fur t1 m)Mnam of ie.:2i A.J 'KANCIs.CO, JS Public Square Urr. aisi: rosvr.iNTi.v iti t i iv-,- -an.m:hini nrw in 8ofl tl T. er!yle' 5 and q iMlny tube found ut til Faahionable Ht f derSU A. J. FKANUCO. 'nii,int r.rv's hats ami ai's fN every Tnetv and atria, to which we invite the atteotion of th Lkdiea. KKANC'IHOO, decKO Fuhionable HatW, 28 Public SqUre. Ill ETO EE ASS FOR SALE, r.nrt SACKS of eatra hulled BUCK WHEAT FU)CKt'Uu at yiH K A MKAD'S,iat No. 11 foLth Collrgv at.Steam Boats. rWUX cl as Aent for atirh Boat aa mil favor m withhuinrga. UUiacatU.L. Vieaklev'i, Corner Broad aa I I rent ftreeta. 1. W. UL'fSKLL, ao 9 A Hnt. U'i: IIAVi: now in .lore a new alork oT VT(KLlNS.iptrd eepenally to the Winter Trad, whiah we arc aellinn at very low prieea to eline 1hi Cenla irgllsh bl.awU; Itm Strl'a do; i'H piecea Plaid Liasejr; 2(Ki d) Pxlinrlt; 0t tivi Frem-l- i Merino;4 do Englifh dn; i do Hoiid and Faney IeT.a!n; 2 do iiainilton ard M.nohetr DaLaln; 1! bxle roatm, heavy; 4 na Hiai kcta, Ae , Ac. Thee io"d, w.in a very large variety of PUplemi Fancy otioodi, we art oBtru( the Urineet Indurwmeata tc clooeoui A. J. Dl'NCAN A CO.. drc2 No. "0 Pab'io Squara. Teiiiitse I'low Factory MAKE Pl(iw of the best material! and in variety. ,raKht Iron and tie. I Mould boards rifbt anC , ien nauo fiowa. A. W. FL rNAM, Froprietar. Tbm fnue, Manager. aurlS ftn Presents for the Holidays TUEREi no liinj for a holiday preaeot at a of our Irieola. Tbwe liula i.ai aoouiu or procurea aa early aa poaiible at ncoiiES Bitog. AMMIOTTPES ANf M F.I.AINOTTPKP, pat la neat aaaea for Uie aaiali aura of tooeuti, larfe neatn proportloa. WA.TEI). ff nn"l t?8HEIJ dried f.ult, Peaehea anilplea. 6.io ! Gmienr, d.(0 FeatharB, for whicli Ui higUeat market rio will be paid. ctH it. O. BANDT. R. C. Handy will keep aonaUnlly aa hao4 a larft kit of Fifiir.of varinua and Uerior braoda. I'ltKMI AltUIVAL, IC?T NH pair Men'a Heavy Brof ana, aatra aiae a full aitnrtment of all other klnda, all of which wil be aoul oa ihe atoal reasodabla Urou by B. R. CrTTFR, Noa. 84 and ti. Corner, Col. age and Brovlway, deal aahvl la, T.aa 150.000 DAVIDSOir COrJUTT BOSDS. 7 C will pay aeventy-D- v cata la Merehandiw for Da I viuaun County konda. ovKl A. J. DUNCAN OO. . LARD WAKRASTS" V' E " baV u l WnuU of aa aeuowiinatiotie, at ' I ha bt autrket prioe.t21 A. J. DCNCAX A CO. THE TKXNKSSKK Fanner andB Mechanic, THE INTERESTS CF THE'fARM AND SHOP. A Monthly Kervrd f Uaaaral Acrvratltairw, Ma-rhaal- ra, Much. Hatalai;, Frwlt Wrawtaf .a4 llama latrre.u. L, P. WILUAMd. ltToa. aarus-TAB- T acm aa: Ta K. H. Hort0S. Ka.tTeaB touli.J CANNON. Wm Tiauun. Aurd by namaron rf ar Caatrtbolara. a an fxr sisr or oi-thk-n indutt.It U i'. a . f ofiS. citidurtor. ioak' Ihia J.Hi'aal ataaA,devrvMtiv, at th. ha.Jofiha ItM, and e rabar ar rffart aiU fc ( nl to uraniiiuli thB and la tha doirkMa wbara farm t ! not prn.iiy coa4artrd. lb. rge. aaaaar afA(rvaiiur.l J.Miraaw eimaiata. Tti. iatetlfoa tkry aw .y at U.a taaprovrd etvthwia of euiUvaliaa, Uia laiprava eau ia rvatwk, and cf the fraat aaahar ot a.w andtTjI Ubue-aavi- a auaeuoaa ttat ara Mutuilf ali ratMtee it BeM J thai av.ry (Aaaid aava tkta bmbm trf Uu. xztMiifm anbia k. ra.ck. THE TEXXESSEK TlUIJ AND MICUAXI0 CantaloaFOKTr C1GUT papvaaf raadiag ataitar aaaath.y, and ia printed wua arw and kaadaaoia typa, aa uo4 rapr, and taaljr lllutraiad wah aparaprtata sgravtae. Tta4 OF ai'BSCKlFTIOt.OotepT.uae ycar.iavanafeiy ia adraaea, I M(iiCuptM, in ia) Tea ovplca. " IA aw(ITU, MOKOkS A CO.; fu.Ub.r, Naabvt!ta,Ta. tW Tha Jaaaary aawW wtll ariaar ky tba I9th taa Btoaik. t4 fartker aaaHwrs wa aa raay for aajlvarf evaapUy by Ow arai arf each auaUk. KAII tSa tacia.ra Kaiuna, kiiaaa. haivaa 14reaiva4 at a. by . kictLL A TaorrOT(, t" ...... BY TELEGRAPH. BY THE ATIOXAL LINE. Report furnished by the Associated Presa. New ToKK,"Jan. 19 The eteanr Geo. Law will not leave for Aspinwall till the 25th, because ot tbe late storm. Washington, Jan. 19. Senate An ineffectual attempt was made to restore the appropriation giv ing 5,000 dollars salary to each ot the twent?-n- e Ooneilar Pupils, which tbe House had stricken out. Adjourned. House On motion of Mr. Taylor, the post offise committee was directed to enquire into the expe diency of weekly mails from New Orleans and New Yoik to San (rancisco, by the Tehuautepec route, as soon as tbe road is completed. Also, anoiher resolution by Mr. Walker, was adopted, making similar enquiry as to a weekly mail from Mobile to Han Francisco. Mr. Worrell's resolution was adopted, aking the President whether resiiianc? had been made or is apprehended against tbe official authorities of Ltah, and for all correspondence respecting the appointment or declination of officers of that Terri- tory since Jmuary, 1S52, and whether tbe laws thereof are practicably aud impartially adminis- tered. The first Tuesday in February was set apart for the consideration of busiuesg relative to the Dis- trict of Columbia. Campbell, of Ohio, from the committee on ways and means, reported a bill for the relief of sick aud disabled seamen. Fuller entered into an explanation of tbe bill e tablishing collection districts in the United Slates. On motion of Mr. Kelsey, the investigating com- mittee were allowed to sit during tbe House ses- sions. Adjourned. New Orleans, Jan. 19. Cotton unchanged sales of 6,500 bales, glasses, 62c. Flour, $7 a 7J. Mixed Corn, 90c. Pork firm, at $20 a 20 J. WasnisGtos, Jan. 20. Tbe Presidenfelect has accepted an invitation to be present at the inau- guration ball. Giddings has nearly recovered. Montreal, Jan. 19. The Thermometer was 22 degrees below zero yesterday to-d- ay it is 15 be- low. From Quebec to Washington there wasa terrible snow storm on the 1 8th and 19tb. Throughout tbe whole course on the seaboard tbe snow is two feet on a level, and from six to ten feet deep in drifts, stopping Railroad trains, and making streets impassable for vehicles. The China news of the capture of the forts and storming is confirmed; but the details are unimpor- tant and prolix. The English aud American ladies were removed to Dong Kong together with the treasure, before hostilities were commenced. It is said that a French armv of 60,000 men un-- dir Canrobert are to be assembled on the frontier of Switzerland to meet emergencies. Plenipotentiarii s with power to sign a treaty of peace met at Paris on the 31st. A programme was read stating that difficulties had arisen in eie.. cuting article 20tb of the treaty; tbe parties bad met to consider. A new line will be traced out as regards the Bessaratian Irontier. Russia renouncing her pre tensions to Belgrade and the Isle of Serpents. Tbe Delta of the Danube being given up to Tur- key, in compensation of which the district of land to be acceded to Russia toward the uorth of Mo- ldavia. A letter from St Petersburg, in the Debatt, con- firms the account that a considerable military force was near Bakeno on the Caspian Sea. It says the whole Circassian army is called upon to ra ate. Quite a number of Railroad accidents bave oc- curred, caused by the storms the cars running off the tracks. These ir jurcd, so far as heard from, are break men and firemen, and one or two indi- viduals belonging in the Northern States. COMMERCIAL. ( liarli-aioi- i Itlarket. PiTraDiV. Jan. IT. 1 P. M- .- Cottoh The market Is d ll.atid t.ut very f w Hula tuquiry. S.rict Mid- - d.ing to Middling Fa r 12 to l'2'c. Aiifiiatu .Vrkrt. PiTruDiT, Jan. IT, P. M CivrroNTI.e demand !a mod-era- ie wub limited aalr. Mid Indg Flr 12.V3- - BREWER & CALDWELL, GENERAL COilLXISSIOIT 1IEECHAKTS AND U r a i n factors. IV O. 20 I.I SI. II'. Refer to J. K. Fiss, Ejq., President Bank of Charleston).C; Meann. Joax tuMi A Co.; J. W. Cildwull, Kq. 1. T. Prreident bank itepublic, New York. ; V. KjTBV)iSi, Nashville. au6 6m. WE INTITBinrATfTIONOP COUNTRV DEALERS TO OUR LARGE STOCK OfForeign : n i Domestic DRY GOODS . " " "IvctVox sales IX THIS CITV AND NEW Y0.1K, WE CAN OFFER GSEAT INDUCEMENTS TO THE T2ADB TO SELECT FROM OUR 8T0CK. PHILLIPS, STRYKER & JENNINGS, Noi. 1 and 3 Bank Street, below Market, PETWEEN iCOND A THIRDSTS., 3Plilloc3LclDlxio,f JPctmjanlo ilni. a. o. eaiTH. a. r. ootbbib. obo. j. bowlid. . S3IITH, GUTIIIUK &. CO., COMMISSIOx MERCHANTS, WHOLESALE GROCERS, TEJ ERS TV FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC LIQUORS, Ako aaiTs roa tbb bilb or VIIK-IM- A A-- TI''..'MISi:U TOniCCO. Ho- - 564 Mala St , Between Second and Third, LOUiaviiXK, Kir. JanlO-dA- Wtf COPT.M:it!IIII KOTIC'E. L. A. LANIER and GEO. MIZF.LL havinf becomeMR. wi.h the nnd-ni(n- in the Wtiolslo grocery and Liqoor Buhiucm, Uie atyl of the firm will aa heretofore B. LAMER A CO. December lit, 1S5(. deed eao. B1ICBLL. Li Lil ll. . LIBIBB. 13. L A N I E It &, C O. (Sueceanora to Hart A tloUirpworth,) No. 6 TOarket Mrccl, aalivillr, WHOLESALE GROCERS, AND DEALERS IN Forrten & Domestic Liquors. CASHAXD CHEAP SYSTEM AD OrTFD Cresson's Model Clothing Uazasr, KO. 7 UNION STREET NASHVILLE. With an entirely freah atock of UcaA a i c-- C I o t i I n S rBi"cariBa roa aLtoaBca o caainua. Tofelher with a eoup'e1 aaaortmeatof Geutlruiru FurnUliius Goods, WIIOLE8ALK AND RETAIL, At the Lowest Cash Price ! ! dertllrao . APfLES-5SEEWAPP- LE8. O A BBL8 of the abort In Mora and for a a la b vJ. G. UOBtRTCON, JanlS Broad a ay. . CHEESE W. K CHEESE. BOXUellaabovatnaVireand foraa'eby1ff J. U. KOkRT:V,jaalJ Broad aay. YKITXkEr ti CO., (aoccaa-a- to wain.tr a aaa,) FA.MILV GROCERS, 80UTS BIDE PUBLIC EQtTAEE, SA3HVILXE, above Urea havina lnr, hd tha atock of FamilyTHE ete of Wattley A R., ara prepared to apply thaaa wha may lor Ui.m with p iiroiaf e, upon vrrytraa, A aouataat .apply f aruciae io the Family Oroeary lina. J" i 1 oi "c. i. sotrasvou,MANIFACTI KEB OF Coach and Wapon Harness, SO. 14 CEArJEJUCZ 8T&ZET, 5ASHVILLZ, TE3KE3SEK, withdrawn from U. firea at Ho'wrtaa AHATING kctedal iha aaav. plaae, a bar a. will a glad taaca ait bt. U hiaad. aadattiertla want el any thing iBLh way al kaaiaaaa. aUpairiai mm at lha aaurtaH aa- -jaaltt in TEA THATI ! WAXTEL4! IT I have a a far aaanrta-en- t and a awaUf variety afV Tea Tvaya a--d mmi u.a aaa a fro4 aiaaabara. ranfiM ta ynet traai ISwt pwarda. atACa.Ki VtiLU3. fAAflU4(.-- M boic fteah Kacearaal, a priaaa A a arwaat, luv aaia by aie WlS&n A TU0klF0N. fVSTritSI KM oa W..ri rear.ua OvHert terW aaiaky Vrel H LV1L4 Tii0ktrON. plAUV- - rC(prt,3 aaaerted, at4 taU ta aaiar M raw ?r,c, fee el9 Wr?SEl, A THOMPSON. fc.rraiG aswk 4ia, Tm-r- and --r rae vAL:. H iU&U. A TUUAtrtn)N. CIIKI'K- - m ktio Wira terv aa4 Kf kaktav.ivtdaad fcr ' at 4arl9 VI tSlt A THOUf SON. 'j.SJ M 4 r r SPECIAL NOTICES. 0. f. It. Ebebane, ot NoUaolga, Ala i now pnb listing a beaatifal Semi-month- neaapaper at II a year, in advance. It treata on Religion, Morali, the Arts, and Science. Addreaa him at the above rfflce. Shenmitiaia, Inltamost aggravated fonr., disappeara from tbe ayatem like froat before the riling inn, when Cia-ita'- a irxnita Mixvwai it brought to bear upon it. This great purifier of tbe blood divea atonaeto tha root of all inch diaeasei, and drivet it from limb to lircb, and joint to joint, antll IU atronghold if captured, and it la forced out of the ayatem thrdegh the porea of the akin. Let the suffering try It and become healed. janl4 Sw Hollovay'l Pills. Seekeri of health, hoe dyipeptie or anSering from weakness, or debility of any kind, should take a course of these tine medicines, which will quickly re- store them ta health, as they never fail to cure if ased ac- cording to the directions which accompany each box. Sold at the manaractories. No. 80 Maiden Lane, New Tork, and Nn. 244 Strand, London; and by all druggists, at 25c, ttXc and tl per pot or box. Jml4 lw Great Care of Eieumatiim- - The editors of the Richmond Republican, of Dec. 84th, 1S5. says that Car- ter's Spanlsn Mixture is no quack medicine. They had a man ia their preat-roo- who was afflicted with violent Mercurial Rheumatism, who was continually complaining of misery in the back, limbs and joints; hit eyes had become feverish and mattery, neck ewollen, thro it sore, and all the symptoms of Rheumatism, combined with Bercfula. Two bott'ee of Carter's Spanish Mixture cured him, and, in an editorial notice as above, they bear teitimony to ita wonderful effects, and say their only that all suffering with disease of the blood are not aware of the existence of such a medicine. Thay cheerfully recomend it. See their certificate, and notice in full araand tha bottle. janIO 8 w BEST HAIR DTK IN THE WORLD. This is strong language, yet Boaxa'a Elbctbio Hub Dtb (recently improved) was proved to be so, by the judges at the late Mechanic's Fair, held in Boston, (among whom was Dr. Hays, the eminent chemist and Sute asaayer)who awarded It the PRIZB MEDAL AND DIPLOMA, over the choicest Hair Dyes on exhibition from all parts of the Union. Its unparalleled superiority consists in, 1st. The ingredients sre nourishing to the hair, not destructive, as others. 2d. Does not stain nor hurt the skin. 8d. Ia easily applied and dyes the bair any color required, from a delicate brown to a deep black, so natural as to appear marvellous. Mann-lacture- d, sold and applied by WM. BOGLE, 277 Washington street, Boston. declO Ullmay31 A PERFUMED BREATH. What lady or gentleman would remain under the corse of a diaagreeable breath when by using the "Balm or A Thousasd Flowbks" aa a dentri-fic- e, would not onl y render it tweet but leave the teeth white as alabaster? Many persona do not know that their breath is bad, and the subject ia so delicate their friends will never mention it. Tour a single drop of "Balm" on your tooth brush and wash the teeth night and morning. A fifty cent bottle will last a year. A BEAUTIFUL COMPLEXION may easily be acquired by using the "Balm or a Thousand Flows. " It will re- move tan.pioiplesand freckles from the skin, leaving it of a soft and roseate hue. et a towel, pour on two or three drops, and wash the face night and morning. SHAVING MADE EAST. Wet your shaving brush In either warm or co'.d water, pour on two or three drops of "Balm or a Thousand Flowejls, rub the beard well, and it will make a beautiful soft lather, much facilitating the operation of shaving. Price only fifty cents. For aa'e by all Druggists. Beware of counterfeits. None genuine nnlesa signed by W. P. FET RIDGE A CO. Eept2-daw6- m Franklin Square, N. T. Williams' Pulmonic Balaim of Wild Cherry and Wood Naptha. THE GREAT SOUTHERN REMEDY. A speedy and positive cure for consumption. It is a cer- tain remedy for Pheumonies, Aslhma, Spitting of Blood, night Sweats, Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds, Plurisy, Whooping Cough, and all diseases of tbe chest and lungs, together with all the afections which pred apose to the above named com plaints. All persons who have used it in the above named complaints attest to its efficacy in the most unqualified terms. This invaluable medicine is for sale by ail tbe drug- gists throughout the Southern and Western S'atea. Manu. factured by A. L. WILKINSON A CO., Huntaville, Aia., to whom all orders most be addressed. Hear what the Hon. Juts Clbmiss says of its nature. Persons who buy one bottle are sure to get a secoml. Hcstsvills, March 6, 1S56. Gnrr: I have used Dr. Charles Williams' Pulmonic Bal sam of Wild Cherry and Wood Naptha with the happiest efects. A negro man, now belonging to my lather, who baa been for several years afnicted wi h a distressing cough, is apparently restored to good health by the use of one bottle alone. I have used it also in other cases, and none without de cided benefit tu tire patient. Very respectfully, JERE CLEMENS. Messrs. A. L Wii.iixaoa A Co., Huntaville, Ala. Da. Chas. Williams: DbabSib: I take pleasure in giving my testimony to the virtues of jonr excellent "Pulmonic Balaam of Wild Cher- ry." Having used several b ttles in my family, with de cided advantage In every case, I can recommend it aa the best and most pleasant medicine I bave ever aeen. W. D. F. SAWRIE. Tnscumbia. March 22.1S43. For sale by Eernan A Ruins, Berry A Demoville, G. JV. Henderihott, A. R. Roacoe, Ewing A Brother, wholesale. Josiah G. Brown. sept27-dAw- 6.-n Thb Rsiob or Art. In this wonderful age, Art lays her masver touches on almost everything. The ceilings over ns and the carpets we tread on, are hallowed by Art. Art winds the railway through the mountains and the mud; makea her machines of wood and iron, to act as if with knowledge and annihilates space with lightning tamed down to the toteledge of a boy. Nothing ia too lofty for her touch and nothiDg too humhie. A new proof of this old conviction has just fallen under our notice, in the shape of a Cathab-ti- o Pnx, from the Laboratory of that world renowned Chemitt, Dr. C.J. Aria. If we understand the subject, he has carried that article to the farthest perfection of which it Is capable. Instead of employing Drug m its composition, aa we hare alwaya thought the necessary and only way, he has with consum mate skill extracted thevirtua of the medicine to be em- ployed and combined them alone in their purity together. The composition Is then mixed and rolled by machinery and steam power into a sperold pill which ia wrapped in an en- velope of gelatine, for protection from the effects of weather or time, and tbenthickly coated with sugar, to serve as its passport over the palate. Notwithstanding all the labored perfection they are offered to the Public at less than ona cent each. However humble the department, we think this may be tafe'y characterised as tLe consummation of Art in Its line. ilontOig Kv- - HoU. Are jU Getting llnld 7 Is your hair turning grey T Do yoa wish to cultivate good whbkersand moustache? Tour hair to be aoft, silky and glossy f Tour head to be cool, comfortable and free of od- - rufff Mothers I are your children to have luxuriant beads of hair f Thaw ue Boolb's Uvraaioa Fldid, which ix--rr 'uiltn IU unerring effect.. Price. 23 eta. 50 ct. 73 eta, and tl 50 per bottle. Bogle's Balm of Cytheiia stands unri valled for eradicating tan aid pimples, and beautifying the complexion. Price CO eta. Inventor and proprietar, W. Bode, Boatca. and sold by Druggists everywhere. m81 ly. ritnai and 71itsic.-- W learn that Horace Waters, of 888 Broadway, N T., agent tor tbe aale of many of the most celebrated maker of Pianos an i Melodeoaa, la offering them at price, which we adviae all who desire to purchase to avail themselves of. He is also selling his large and n Catalogue of Music at one-thir- d off from the regular prices, and will forward the same tree of postage. Hit offers to the trade, teachers, and schools, are of the moat favorable character all of which he wil ibe able to 811 to the latter, for having wisely adopted tbe cash system. The Horace Waters' Pianos are known aa among the very beet. Wa ara enabled to speak of thoaa Instrument, with tome degree of confidence, from personal knowledge of their ex- cellent tone and durable quality. Jf. Y. EvtingtlM. ALL Sportsmen who are In want af a good and reliable Gun, especially adapted for large game, Dear, Ac. are in- vited ts call at the store of Fall and Cnnnlnghtm, No. 47 Public Square, and examine "Sharp's Patent Sporting Rifle,", which In rapidity of Firing, accuracy of aim, and length of range fa far aupertor to any Gnn ever invented, and unlike aay ether Patent Can aeretofora Introduced its construction Is so exceedingly simple that It ia not more liable to "get ont of order" than the common Kentucky Rifle. t. A C. have alao a tew Shot Guns made oa the aaaa Ta ent. lyla 4m. C0NSXJMPTI0NCUEED. Be not deer I red by kM imitation. IIEGEMAH, CLARK A CO'8 G INLINE CO! LITER OIL, a.ver disappoints and nine years experience has proved It so per! or to all others, and the only reliable cur fir CONSUMPTION. Aa there la a great deal of aatoa oil ia the market adul- terated with tea! oil, whale oil, Ac, Ac, toe sanca care eaa-n- ot be taken ta procure the Oeaoine. Our Oil ia made at ear own factory la Newfoandland, and each bottle has oar aignatare ever the cork, be careful to get BeatMAB, Clasb A Co , for eiaea the death af Mr. Rcaarroa, ear late partner, there baa been an article Intro doeed called Rushtno's, which It la ao way eoaaectad with &. C. A Ca., er H. C A Ce. &Jd by J. U. brown, kwin Broa., and by Djoar'rts gen- erally octal Sat A Distinguished Stranger. IIAUVKY, Ua great bilged ta aeak a mare geaitJ climate la'aonarqaencw of tepairwd health, baa lcal4 htsacif al our Kooav, It Oa-ta- r atraai, and will take saaamraa and aaav aaataaaava Cloths, Caaaimara and Taattnp ia great variety, frosa ahica thay avay eeleel ta anil the steel vae. Oar Stare la fall af al kmda af BIIADV HADE CLO TU IXVa and Iha Stack of fuxaiaaiag goads waa never sorpatard ia NaahviLa. aettl CLIFTON A ABBOTT. 11 " ii . ADTA5CS IS COTT03 YA3J3. Naad after M . v, 1st Dee. e bar. I5C. wewSlaA- - vaaca the ofceiiaa Tar. u Itlif ar aoaea.Oar artcaa wia u-- aa 'r e. im, - Ha. " s Ha. t.a lo. With SBererflteff tor tetsef 13 atace. Kodleeeaat alinwvd ea ertn fee leaa lltaa XS bag Tha Tlata aa wbtrh wa aeU Maie aa hawtelbrw, via 1 Far aa enter tor thaa ti baa. Caaa. " kif. a4 ttiicr kaft, ti 4 ays. ta m t t. ar evr, 4 matiina.W U. tiOktXl.U A () . deel iftBte tor Twusm rtaaafaatoicra. Msr4ZZ!ZTS eeral food im I;.' N (' ;., GREAT ENTERPRISE, . Watson's Patent Ten-Holl- ar On Exhibition at the Sewanee House Nashville, Tenn. Is not deemed necessary to go Into further particularsITrelative to this macMne. Its advantages muft be ob- vious tc the minds of all intelligent persons. With the view of bringing the Invention into general and immediate nse, the proprietors have made arrangements to manufac- ture the Machines in quantities according to demand. State and County Rights may be purchased of the subscriber, who is authorised todiiposeof the same. To persona of ability and energy, an opportunity is offered, whereby, with a moderate outlay of means, sure and most ample profits may rapidly be real sed. The enterprixe ia one which com-men- da itself to the notice of those who are seeking for safe and profitable investments. If possible, applicants for Righta should viait na in person, in order not only to ex- amine ani satis'y themselves in regard to the merits ot this AUCTION SALES. Auction Sale of Groceries BT JOHXSON, HORN & CO. ON THURSDAY, the 22J, icat., at 10 o'clock. A. M., wewill offer for cash, in front of onr store, the followine articles, to which we would invite the special attention of the trade : 100 hhds Prime and Choice Sugar: 41) bags choice Rio Coffee: 100 barrels Molasset SO bblt crushed Sugar, SOObbls Whisky; 600 Reams Wrapping Paper: and sunrlry other articles. JOHNSON, UORNACO.,jan 12 td Corner Broad and Market its. Large Auction Sale by TUABUE & LUCAS, K0. 74 PUBLIC SQTJARE, NASHVILLE, TESX WE will sell on TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY, 20th and21st, on account of all concerned, a large and well assorted of Stock of Ptap'e and Fancy Dry Goods, Ready-Mad- e Clothing, Boots, Mioet. Brogans, toft Far and Cat-aime- re and Wool Hats, Hardware, Cutlery, Queensware, Wrapping Paper, Ac The Stick consists in part as follows: CLOTHS, CASSIMEHES AND VESTING 3, Jeans, Tweed", Kerfeys: 2,'WO pieces Pr.nts, assorted kinds; Red and White Flannels; Plaid I.inseys; Del.anes and Cassimeres; Merinos and Alpacis; Plaids, Alpacas and Solid Delaines; Pebtgea and Poplins; Black Sil s; Plaid and Brocade Bilks; F.mbroMered Collars and Undersleeves; Jaconts and iiook Muslim; Shirt Bosoms; Linen and Cambric Handkerchiefs: Cotton Flannel. Towel and Table Diapers; Need lea. Pins, Threads of a 1 1 ind; Wool and Cotton Hoi.sery; Silk Hosiery, Ac. And in fact we will offer almost every article wanted In a Retail Store. E00T3 AFD SHOES. Onr Stock of Boots and Shoes Is unusually larre; we have Ten Tiousand Dol ara in Boots and Sho-s,o- f the beat kinds, and almost every description of Boota aud Shoea wanted. CLOTHING AND HATS. A good assortment of Coats, Pants and Tests; Fine I.. B. Miirts; Sufpen lrrs, Cravats, Oloves.Half Hose; I'niler Shirts, Ac, Ac: Soft, Fur, Catsimere and Wool Hata in great variety. HARDWARE. 10 boves Axes; 10 d' sen Shovels and Spades; 1 hi setts Knives and F rks: Pad Locks, Plainins bilts, Ac, Ac, QUEENSWARE. 13 crates Queensware, assorted in crates of common and gr:a te ware; Wrapping Prer, Letter Paper; 10 boies of Tacks assorted, MO papers In a box. All of the above roods are consigned to na without limit, and will be offered freely to Merchant, only. Terms liberal.janS TKABL'K A LfC tS, Valuable City Vroucrty FOR SALE --A.t DEPrxTolio Auction IN pursuance of a Deed of Trust, executed to me by J. O.Leak, on the 14th of March, 1SSH, for the purpose of se- curing certain dfhts therein set forth, t thull proceed ta sell, at Public Auction, for Cash, on SATURDAY, the 81st day of January, 16.'i7, at the Court House Gate, in the city of Nashville, the following described property, vis: A Houhe and Lot at the Corner of broad and Markettta, bein? lot No. 1 in the College Lou, now occupied aa a Drug Store bv Roscce. AL.aO A lot of Ground In the eity of Na'hvllle, front- ing 41 feet on Spruce street, being lot No. t in S. V. D. Stout's plan. ALSO. A vacant Lot on Cedar street, being lot No Tin same plan. ALSO A Lot on Cedar street extended, at the edge of the Corporate limits, n 1 on the Charlotte turnpike, front-4- 0 feetou aaid turnpike and running bat-- l.")0 feet. ALSO The undivided half or a Lot in Sauth Nashvi le, fronting 59 feet on College street: J. B. Watson owning the other half. ALSO An interest of 3.5K In a debt due from Jeaae Page and secured by Deed of Tru-- t. Sale to take place within the hours prescribed by law. laiifj Id K. A. COLt, Trustee. Guns! Guns!! Guns!!! I.ALL A CI SNINGHiM, No. 47 Publie Seuare, havereceived and opened a splendid auortment of Single and Doubie Bird and Deer Gane, among wk ah are a lew of i he celebrated "Wettley RiehardV'manwfactare.and other fine Guns In ea-- a complete. The. Gun. ara all ef their own importation direct from tasUnd, and were all made to their own order expressly for tl l market. Also, Sharp's Rifl s and Shot Gnns: t'olt's KVpeaterr, Al len's Self Cocking Pistols, together with the fineat aatrrt-sne- nt of Powier Flasks, Shot Poachee aod Bella ever open- ed ua haahvala. aow13 dJaa. faff' "1 iasxthzje bell and brass tounjxt o. 17, aouUt front Mreet, KAMI VII IF. AB. C00Z. practical BILL and BMASerOCSDF.ITto Waller A Ooek, ta prepared to SBaaafne-taratoarde- r, BeliS t r Charcbea, Itaamaoata and Pla Bu- llous. Aiao, Staata WhiaUea, OJOIoeee, Cylinder, Gaaja, Faaatain and Stop Cocaa, Hoae and SaJt-w.-ll folate, faaa MaaoUog. Metai. Ail work made by ate wita aaataeaa aad daepaata, af the ,aa taw avtaat. aa4 werraatew. jaata ewl COFTEE-- 4fi bags fair aad prima Rio CeAVa. Ia atore aaia y W. M.OORnoN A CO. CANDLES -- 10 bose W.rk A Cat Star CaadleaSTAR buxM uaataer'e Taiiow Caadles. ta tkara, aad rwr aatoby V. ft. UP ttMt k U) C'OAP i0 aoaae Praaaoil'e Ratra Family Boaa. I a MoraO and for sale by W. it. GOtlnjX A CO. H KIJ Si sAI IOM A.1U AI CI . Jaetra. aaivedky weeti LOMlHL'lUsT A CO. CRD LEW EAU. TI have new atupare aaaortmeat af eeaaaaakle Ca t darwaar,ttaaaslA af faaaar naaaat, Shaker Ealtt, Rfana, Laaafea waat. Ami aaaoay, Arsanaa, atertaa, Caahaera, Uaaetulk. Caaiaa Flaaeet, TriUasi Coaao, Aa aU wf Valea we ara aaiAa at aUr rata.. i. H. MyillX. EKisirxa K03SS. Vt IW Aebae, w4 wa4a, reewiva4 and iar aale bvJ. M. kte TBAV1X1I50 SHAWLS AND aTCTFLXESkju( baavy TravaUisf Shawia au4AklAMiNHatt aad tor aa.. ky J. H. MbLLL. TSrTIS AND TALISES- - rwaatvwd a Mtv7 kt Xkb Laatbar Trackt aadJrrf a larga t af taeep stylaa. a J toe ' ta kf J. H. Ul.K NECXTlis AND STOCXS. raeaiatvry vaaaaty f Craa, Tva and tHnaka.JEST i. M. at'.ILU Laiae aad Gest!eat'frabh.ief Iu-t-, acraar af tkafawaaadCliep suta-- . datli ' f Wk-t- o And I ' a'tjd Closea. I invention, but to be made acquainted with our plan of ope- rations. In addition to the profit, from sales of Machinea(which are fully one hundred per cent.) another, and rr-hap- s,greater indncem.nt i offered, which wa will explain and demonstrate to thoe who may favor ns with a call. Partiea who bur Hunts can be supplied with Machinea, an4 to i hem we refer o'hera who may with to provide them-selv- es with the article. The reader is particulaMv request- ed to notice that vi do hot irroisT Aqbbts, that Machinea wil' not be Retailed ty us, or aent out for exhibition. We will cheerfully exhihit them to any who feel ufEcienilv in- terested to ChII at our Mmi. further partiea art will be communicated by letter, if the above is not sufficiently ex- plicit. P. H. WlIWTfcii, Agent,janlS tf Room S3. SOUTHERN LOTTERY Ou the Havana Plan! Jasper County Academy Lottery. BT AUTHORITY OF THE STATS OF GIOKGIA CLASS T , To le Drawn February 15th, 1857 la public, at Macon, Ga nder Ihe sworn superinten- dence of Col. O. M. Logan and W. O. Anderson, Cm. Nearly One Prize to every Nine Ticket! 15,000 Tickets-1,7- 12 Prizes.: JSP" Remember this Lottery has only Fifteen Thousand Number less than any Lattery in the war Id I PRIZES PATABLE WITHOUT DEDUCTION. BRILLIANT SCUXMX 1 Prise of 113,000 1 do .. s.i'Oo 1 do .. 8,00tl 4 do l,tX'0are ,. 4.00i & do 5"'are.. .. i.N0 SO do 100 are ,. 8H0100 do 4t)are 0,000 APPROXIMATION PRIZES. ?0 Approximations of In. ...are. ..13.00050 do 60 are. ....N0 DO do 20 are. .. 1.000 1,712 Prises amounting to lox,(00 Certificates of pckag-- a of ten Tickets, whete 'he a um- bers earl io 1, 2, tf. 4, 5, 6. S. 8, k.t), are sold at the fol.ew-tc-g ratts, which is ihe risk : 10 Whole Tickets f SO 00 10 II tlf do 80 00 10 Quarter do IS 00 It will be peiceived, by this plan, thit fir $'0 the pur- chaser has a cvrtinca'e of In tickrti, when, if he buys single tickets, he would only get f .r that sum six whole.. Thus, bv buyin; Certilic uei he has four more chances for larger prize. Halves and Qjarte a pickagea in proportion. Tickets $10 00: Halves $5.00; Quarter S2-6- JGT Bank Notes of sound banks taken at par. Aiiilresa orders for tickrts or certincati-- a of packages of tickets to JAM KS V. WINTsK, Manager. Maeon.Oa., nrto, G. li. WINTtH, P. O. Box 833, Maahvula.(anil watw ST0VES7 STOVESr CONLEY & JOHNSON MANUFACTURERS OF Tin, Copper aud Sheet Iron Wares, No. 10 Broad st , and 94 South Market it, .NAMlVII.I.r., TIl.KJI., ARE new receiving one of the largestmost deeirable lota of Stoves and Urates ot oil kn.ds ami pattern. Uia. Eaa JT.I ever Deen Drouznt to tne market. AVlioIesale and lletail. Also All kmUa of COP kit AND BHEtT IRON WORK for all kind's or Machinery such as, 8teamboals, Rolling Mills, Furnaces, Foumleries, Faoloriea, Railroads, Btlll aad Distillery Works, Ac, Ac. Genrators and cod Founts made and repaired at the shortest notice. As they do not intend to be undersold by any, all would do well to give thrm a call before purchasing elsewhere. All k nds of job work is solicited, and done with irimen and rii.ixn marchl The latest Arrivals! LOXGIIUKST & CO., NO. 45 USiON STREET, NASHVILLE, THIBD IXIOR BUM CUKAKt ST., A RKin receipt of large supplies in their line comprisingli. all theliuxuvies of llic Season. A few of which are enumerated below. They are prepared at all limes to furnish every article ne cessary for Wbodibq PABTtBs and Balla. Attention ia di rected to the beautiful specimens ot Pyramids, Uatee, at now in store, winch are aald to be equal to any ever mana. factured in the Pouihweat. N. B. Country Merchants are invited to examine car stock ueTire purchasing elsewhere. I)RF.SER'i"D Pine Apples, Peaches Ac, just received aadLUNQliUKaT A CO. C'KEflU Baltimore Oysters, Just received byr LONGMCRSTACO. UORCK8TIKSHIRK, Caper's, John Bull's, aad other wuh Tomato and Walont Catsupe, ust received by LONftHL'RfiT A CO. L0BSTER3, Clams, Bardinaa, Palmon, ie.. In store and fortale by m.-vont-. ar a to. CUl(ll Alfs ol every variety, juat rec.ived by ipDA S We have juat received a large stock of tbe vTy A. noettTeaa, emDracing uunpowaer, imperial, nyson. Oolong, Ac, which are warranted to be a aupertor artiola.i.iiv;H:nsTirii AND TOBACCO We have In store, aad willCIQAE5 on hand, the very finest brand of Ha- vana Cigara, with Langhorne A Armstead'a best Tobaoea, aad other braada. LONGilLEJT A CO. Lmw IVotice. R. EAKIN. formerly of Naakvdle, hae resiiiaad theTNO. uf taw In the several Law aad Equity CoerU ef itaseoan, Corrta and Faaaiua coaatiav. Oliectlon. will receive promet attention.fT Poet Olsea and reetdeora at Wararaew Dawot, Sed-er amaa awla tt 51. M. HEKLE, Jr., ATTORN KY AT L. A W , NASHVILLE, TZNNE3SXX, OFFICE MO. 4S CUEltKT drain, CP MAIM, THE ONE FORMEKLV OCCLT1ED BT DR. TU01IPW3!.f Particular attenuon given to tbe eoHeettoa af Claiaaa.HT" All baainras eut.-tt.ia-d to his care will saaet wikb prompt attcuiiua. Judge J. 8. TiBiai. Kev. A. L. T. flsaBW, Dr. i. B. AlcFaaaia, W. A T. U. OaaaBrtaU A Ce Liflseiar A CaocasTT. deelS ly j.naa wixwa. a. e. aauuTv. WOODS 4 HXHEITT, ATTOllNE YS AT LAW, HASH VILLAC, Office Ne. 69 Cherry lU-aa- t, IsyttA-w- w . D 11 . It . M A It T I W 10. N02TH 8FSTJCZ ST., 19- - H ATM VI . I.e.'.. TEIv. DK. JOHN II. CALLENDEIt, will davoU himself te his arataaaioa. OmCX WITH DOS-- XELLT a masoin. IO. S9 C1IKUIIV srilLCT.lPtTAIRI. dec 10 Dlt. JOIL II. MORTOa teodera kit Prufnaeioeal Aerwicea to the RFPFF-CTFCLL- of Naihvuie and vicinity, O&ea S a. II Cher- ry a treat. )aa4-- 41 a e. caavta. raux. a. a'xtr. a. rteunasB. CARTER, M'KAY & CO,, (9noeetiMrs to Tavit, Pllchar A Co.) AUCTION AND COM XLS3I05, WH0LXSALS CX-0- CX33. sxcriTiaa and roKWAUiia MERCHANTS, ABU DBAIXa ta f!5E BIAS DIES, WISED AND AKMEA'TtO UQCOtS. l'o. 73, Public Square andemigned have torsavd a aarpartaatthlp fcr thaT3E af a Whuleaaie Gnxvwy, Aaettaa and Caasaiia.ioa ktaataeaa, and hraw, by g!ns ewe Bpt ta ail BaataaM eairate ta aa, that law aid patreae a 94 Friend, af ear aradkeeaaor will give at a ea t aad ta-atai-ae ear ttoek. a. 0. OAETIK.HJt tf. M'KAT, Kathvtre, JaaJT m K. FaCLCOSEJL SXITEwaiiwiaitl.8 riTTsSUS3 AIX-I- O- 4.1a j rweatvadjaall . CARTER. atlAT A CO. mTkCrVTLZa TCaACCO kaaaa, asa.ritd brai4a, wa aBaMaaaaaai. taalT CkRTll, MXAT A CCk. T.'EXSH Aai.ITAi.S- - --' raeaivwd pr weeiaiaf Haav 1 a--J ia AH kkii. aaw ftarart M k new Meliam; ) tiO Aie Coffea; 1 ts wa tahi Au im cew alataaaa li ktMt Paraaa.jaali CAATks, hi CAT A CO. JTST T.TCZXYZD and aaw iaO n c t art. asartd kf4r, W CaaA gai, --wta tk. t mat mnr: kbw eauta'a Old Eaeerve t k Sit. aartad ; rukr, N tack io: "jasif CAITJavhfJiT AW. lsta .rwinirr,LiViuMa,tiI,4 a r. , l ..tberr SWAM & C0,S L0TTERE1S! , CAPITAL PRIZE 850,000!!! The foUowing Scheme will be drawn by . Swa Manageraofthe FORT GAINES ACADEMT LOTTERT ef Oerg-a- , and tha SOUTHERN MIL1TART ICADEwT LOTTEltT, of Alabama, in each of their Lotteries tor Feb- ruary, ls67. CLASS 0, To be drawn In the City of MobPe. Alabama, ta pabHeow SATCBUAYt FEB. Ttll, I8t. CLASS 24, Te be drawn In the CHy of Atlaeta, Georflaja wabrie, aa Tlll'HSOAV, FEB. 19tlk, I$T. CLASS 25, To be drawn in the City of Atlanta. Georgia, la pabl'e,, an SATTTSDAT, FEBBTJART 28, 1857, oa tie Flan SI.tULE CJIBEKSl 30,000 Tickets 3,260 friiei ! HOSE THAN ONE FSIZ2 TO XTXRT 10 TICXXT8. 1 Pr"aa of. M 000 la ...IMOrO 1 to " in f 00 is ... J9.000 1 w " lrt.OOO is ... ia,o" I J.lix) Is ... ooo 1 ' 8 .1X 0 is ... 8n0 1 ftt u M. T.0' 1 M d.O'lu is ... toon 1 u S 000 Is..... ... m 1 M t.tm u ... I 3,' "XI is ... ,coo I to a win u ... .f0w 1 M l,lx0 is ... p'i ld are ... lo.oee " SO are ... W 10 100 APPKOXin AT iOH PHIZES 4 Dru?s of $250 Apxm'g to 30,000 pr aeare ', 4 x tne 10 " JO.OtO . M " ,i 00 44 " . .... 6.1 " S. 00 .... tae 60 " rooe .... 4 63 " .... 60 " .... 5 " 4,0 .... I9 45 " .... 10 J .oeo .... 1" ti " 1.0C0 .... 100 t.oou SO are.. ....W.ooe 3.260 prises amoantingto ?04 004J Whole TicteU, $10; HaiTei $5; ftnartere S2.5. PLAN OF Tlirt L0TTIET. The Xumhers from 1 to 8,1-0- corresponding with these Numbers on tha T.eets printed oa separate slips of psper, are ecorcied with sma'.I tin tubes and placed in ene Wheel. The first 213 Prise, similarly printed and eneirelrd.ara plaerd in another Wheel. Tna wheels are then revolved, and a nambtr ia drawn from the Wheel of Numbers, and at theaame time eprtae ia drawn from the other wheel. Tha Number and Prise drawn out are opeced and exhibited to the audience, and registered by the Coramisaioiiere; the Prise being placed against the Number drawn. This operation ia repeated until all the priaea ara drawn oat. APPROXIMATION PRIJF". The two preceding and two suceeeding Numbers to these drawing the fint 12 Prises will be entitled to the 41 Approx- imation Prixes,accordin to the schema. 3,000 l'rlaea f 20 will be determined by Ua last r.gure of the Number that draws the t:e,000 Prise. For exauiple, if the Number drawing the $,W0 Prtie ends wiO No. 1, then all Ihe Tickets where Uie number anda in 1 will be entitled to 0. It the Number cada with 5a 1, then all the Tickete where the Number ends with will ao entitled to and to on to 0. Ctrtificaiea ot Pa.kagea wiU be sold at the following ratea which i.1 iLe riak: Certificate of Package of 10 Whole Ticket " 10 HaJ h m 10 Qurter" IM 0arK8IN( TICKETS Enclose the money to our address for the tickets ordered, nn rece.pt of whieh ihe will be forwarded be nrtt mall Purcha.-r- s can bave tickets ending ia any figure tbey ma detonate. The list of drawn numbers and prises will be sent to per-ehai-- imuiediateiy after the drawing, fSPurchaaers will pleaae write their slgaatarea plata ami nve their pott office, county and frtate.y Remember that every Priae UJrawn.aad payable la fall without deduction. ttWAII Prises of$l,C0 and BDder.paldlmaiedlaUlyafttr the drawing other pnaee at the n.ual lime af thirty day a. All oouiniunicaUoua strictly confidential Priae TickeU sat Bed or renewed In other Tieketo at lwe OlEce. Addraas Orders for Tickets or CertiflcstB either to 8. SWAN A CO , Atlanta, ta. Janl3 or a. BW AN, Montgomery, Ara. Jlaryland Lotteries roil JANUARY, 1857. R. FItANCK & CO.. Managers, Orawingi conducted under the superintendeaee of the tta Lottery Commlaaioner. Prizes paid as soon as dravn. A (.rand Maryland Lottery OH THE HAVANA PLA. GRAND CONSOLIDATED LOTTERY CF MD. i: ritA class i. Te be drawn ia Baltimore, Md., Saturday, Jam. U, HIT 20,000 Numbers! 1,000 Prizei! Ia these Lotteries every Prise most be drawn by soma eaa, a. a I the Pnaet are drawn out of the waeeL f- t. 11. Ilea. mo 4 Co. are aathoriBod by the Maa-age- ra to till all orders. SCHC7IE. 1 prise of MM 1 pr teof HJtie 1 prise of IO, S prises of --- B,oe X prixee of ,0 9 prises of - li8'w i prises of 1,09 1S9 prises of w irraoxiHATioa raiaan, 4 of 150 approximation to $41,100 4 of loo " ll,ao 4 of o lo,to 9 of N) " - 8 of 70 'got 0 - .ot H of 6 " - L0 T66 of 10 X 1,000 prises ....tat,l Whole TiekeU 110; Baltee IS; Quarters I1A0. BRILLIANT SCIIExME. GRAND CONSOLIDATED LOTTERY OF MD. CLASS C, Te be drawn in Baltimore, Md., Saturday, Ju. 24, 1347. sen i: jie. 78 Namtera 13 Crawa BaOoas. 1 prise of .' 1 brlma of ........... av 1 priseeof.... . looe 4 priaea of ,oe s prises of- - . toe gyiM) puses of.... X,wt priseaof..... iee 6H priaea or. lee 6.1 priseaof ......... prises of d,H6d priaceof 8k,: priaea of UJSti yriwn, amoaating to 1 1,101,006 Whales llO, Ualvee 10;Qoartars, 3; Bghtaa tl Certificate 'of Paekage of 26 Wkales, eaat 1U M o do idtlaivaa, " -- 1166 do do x4 Qaarlore M 6616 da do 16 Aighiae M IS It MT AU order tor tkketa or package ta aa of the Marylaad Louertee, will raaaive prompt alien Hon, aad Ik e drawing mailed to ail parcaaaere rmmerfleiely after U t evar. AdUreaa T. H. HLB1AEO CO.. Na. 21 Faj.ua atraet, or Das, Na. A de33 -- 'aw aartl ra. kmlwi. Havana Plan Lottery. By Authority of tht Slate of Georgia. PV.ll fOlJITT ICtPF.JIt LOT-TkK- Y CLAAe 1, to be drawn at Coacanv aUut, Maewn. (ia--, nrtiiar t e ewora sanorlntendeneo of Cot. Oeoaea M. Looab aad W. C. Aaixaaoa.aaa, oa wAlHrelaay, galas J at n.. 1 NAT -SATTXDAT 831AIL 8CTIKI. 12004 Nomocrw fnaas payaoia withowl WBatiaa.CAPITAL PltlZEi wAvOOOl BCHEAtK. 1 prise ef... ..I3 00O 1 " "... e taoe - alw 1 "... .... ll0O 1 aa0ewa0) ,lHg priaea' .fJOO are.. 10 . loo are.. B.oow 100 " . 66 are.. txtw IJbW . Mai.. K"" IfiiT wilvw Tickete. It-nar- vee, tl-Qo- arter 1. PLAN OF TUB LOTTSKT Fame as the Eayal Lottory f Ouba wttJk Ihia dtrTorenoat the Havaaa Lottery aaa BS.OOv Waaikera Ihia baa only L.0uu. There are two wheels, oa each of which lhare are plaaad two Lock.. The Superintendent aavo each a key to Ua Lorka, aa ' the wheal, eeaaot opeaod aaleaa both are praetX Tb are are plaae ta the wheel ef earn here tua tube. eintaiAilng alip of paper with tbe anmacre frosB So. 1 tu li.UuO. ta tha abeoi ol priaa there ar ptaoad tie labaa con lain mg .Hue of paper wits the ana laeax ranging f"ea lo,0 to IHw. Whea Ihe drawing taac pioco. ohklk wtB bela pablio. tha wteels are anloeaed. and after revolving laeaa,a aaaa-b- ar ia draoa eat of the wbaal wf anaaaera, ao at the aaate state oce it draaa out of the Prse wheel hy boy with arm bared ta the sneakier and btiadtokWd ta tab la arippodl aaT, aad tba aaaar kaid ap aad ettreiled, aa taa the who aadtence aa aaa it tbe aeatbor at uta aaaa aa aaa rer-- ed by the aaerintandoou. The Priae drawn kt aredik to the number erava at tho aaaa uaao, aad aa ao aaUl all the prutea are drawn enk. A aopy wf ka arawlog la taaa eat to the priatare, aad aAar rowtaanaost Ua Bapertalea deau certify to 'bo eerroetoeea of tao drawtag. Theae a eworn to par 'oral tbsir daty vttkooA fear or lavor. It will b pereaived that ta Ul pita every aria I drawn out, aad af eowrwe oeete nora maat gat taooa; a drawing la Mat to every one oedarwf lick eta. Tte priaea are payable thirty daya after drawug. ia baU, wttboat ot. Uf" Dva'lag laaee plaaoevary Batarway.lr order far Ucaet addraaeed to 0. H-- WITTCABoa --'i, NahvU,Tee, wUI be preaaaTy eOeedwd ke JAMSJ f. dri.NTEA.Maaagar, an , IT-- lw. Maeoa. Sa. 1,0 yal HaTana Lottery. Best erdaary drawiir of lao loyal BaraaavTBB eoedwfd by tho aWA eoeoramaas aa- aa Ua aporro ol Ua Catai tsoaora. af Ca, Wat aaae place a bUeaaa. eat Saturday, Januarr Siih, 1837.ssss,ooo- - rto ataaier TA Ordliaaurt Capital V-r- ie 100,000 Doll. .Prae of, lw,Xid i a rriaaeof teA tv Te ...... lt " - . . 1 A - .. .,ki A. Aftf aV bu UBke ABvrotsnauoaa at tne t iw, a " TJT tO.OiJwi 4 al to 0.t; 4 of va to 10,. 4 ol u la 63 . . . . . . . . . ii.iv A ca 1 1 1 1 . . . ea C IMwaa eathod at t at 6 r oaot DwaaL Buie eat U e.:y iaaU lakea at par. a anawtaa wu be lurwardad aa ooom a Uo reeali tistst i Jrarf. tM, rw. taorle. A. v.J aaul '7 tlke:sa-tw- 4 a. - Fed. Plata aad P.lail FaiWia; iat aad aV)jttf tie lln-t'.- -
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