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Daily Nashville Patriot Newspaper Archives Jan 21 1857, Page 2

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Daily Nashville Patriot (Newspaper) - January 21, 1857, Nashville, Tennessee:fRJasJbillf patriot. DAILY ?8. TM-VESK- $5: "WEEKLY $3: W.HY. ASCITH. JOHX P. XOKSAK. JKO.H. OAI.LI VDEfl. ANTHONY B. CAHf. SMiTir, MORGAN CO., PROPRIoTOM. TT. UT. SMITH & JOUX II. CALLEHDER, FDITOM. OBeo Ko. I, t t i s i Dooderlck Paraet. News Urevities. The Messri. Appletoo announce, in the N. - T. Tribune, a. literary enterprise of magnitude nd general Importance so nnuenal that we depart from our ordinary practice to call to it the widest atten tion. It ia nothing lesi than a 44 New American Encyclopedia," designed to present in a compact form for the practical use of men of all classes and pursuits, a complete surrey and summary of all the facts of human knowledge op to the present day. The Encyclopedia Americana is now more than twenty years old, and, excellent as it was at its time, there is now a pressing necessity for a work which shall contaio the fruit of the immense progress since accomplished in every department of letters, science and industry. If we understand right the plan of the Messrs. Appleton, their work will corer a wider Geld than moat, if not all of iu predecessors. It will be at once a diction- ary of History, Geography, Biography," Thilosophy, Literature, Politics and Practical Science and In- dustry. When it will be published is not stated. .... A late number of the Louisville Journal contains a poetical correspondence between a Miss Brown and Pientice in poetry. The prose of the thing, as it appears upon analysis, U, that Miss Browne invited Prentice to call on ber, and "take omething to drink" in fact, to driuk so deeply as to drown his "mortal ills" which would require htm to be rery drunk indeed and then she prom lead that he should be entertained with good mu- sic. Prentice promises to go, being glad to cct away from the "maddening throng," and was 'so greedy for the driukwbich.was the principal in- ducement offered, that he affirms that he will quench his thirst on the rery vintage of her soul; and he further affirms that, not only will he stay to bear the concert, but he will "wander forth 'oeatb the welkin," where the stars are rolling through the midnight, (quer ( lace) and gaze on the hearen of her glorious soul. We tremble for the cons- equence. .... A late number of the Boston Pott says John Pboenii, Esq., was a.t the Tremont House, a day or two since, and when he retired to his bed chamber left his boots outside of the door. In the morning be found them there with a previous day's dirt upon them. Said John, gravely, to a servant as ha passed, "the people in this bouse are very , honest my boots have remained here at my door all night, aud no one 1it touched titm!n John went to the theatre once, when Mrs. Smith was adver tised to appear in two pieces. After the perform ance he demanded the return of his money, for he - Slid Mrs. Smith appeared vhoU during both per formances. .... A verdict of (25,000 has been obtained in the Common Tleas Court of Stark County, Ohio, by E. ReynolJs, against W. II. Greer, for slander. The slanderous words consisted in reporting, con trary to the facts, that the plaintiff, who is a mar. chant In '.Vaynosburgh, in that County, had failed, and male an assignment a report calculated to injur Lis business standing. .... The Mobile Tribune, of the 14th in St., con tains a copy of the writ in the case of the Mobile and Ohio Railroad vs. John Child, late Chief En giueer and General Superintendent. Plaintiff claims a half million for damages, of defendant, for various malfeasances and misfeasances, in his afore- said capacities, among which is knowingly letting . . . . .. out targe contracts oi construction at exorbitant prices, and retiring to let them to responsible bid. ders.at reasonable rates. These are very grave charges, and the corporation would hardly make them before a legal tribunal, unless those entrusted with its affairs had strong grounds for action. It will be remembered that Captain ChilJe was some months since formally ousted from Lis effice by the Directory of the Road. .... The entire lenrth oi the Blue R'uk'aTun.o o Del is 4,47SJ feet, as heretofore ascertained by measurement over the mountain; and now that the blasting has been so far completed as to get a pret ty accurate measurement inside, it is ascertained to be 4,473 feet. .... Durinc the cast rear 862 nersnna died ofj a f acarlet fever in Boston, 187 of whom were males ' and 175 females. The oldest person deceased of mis disorder was a lemale of forty. Scarlet fever has never before been bo fata! in that city. The largest number of deaths in any one month was in December, when 115 died. At the present time the mortality is decreasing. i . .... Ura. Jusn Paschal, a Cuban lady.was burn, d to severely last Friday night, in Charleston, in rouseqaeuce of ber clothes taking fire while retiring - to bed, as to cause her death, alter lingering in agony till Tuesday evenjng. .... Late newt from Japan is important. A grand convocation of the dignitaries of the empire baa decided to permit DO foreigner to visit the iu ' terior, therefore, the effort of the English, Rus-i- .. aians and Americans to open trade with thatcoun- - try have proved of no avail. The Japanese aim " - pi 'apply our vessel with necessaries, and receive t.,- - in payment only gold and silver. The Dutch, on (' ' . th coutrary, are in bi.h favor, and enpy a monop- oly of foreign traffic. The Japanese are making rapid progress iu naval know 'edge, and they have appropriated two millions and a half of dollar for . getting up a fleet of veasels of war, on the European plan, to be commanded by Dutch naval officer. Four of the vessels are to be ecrew aUamer. .... Th cumber of boat Luilt around th fall of th Ohio last year wa thirty twenty at New Albany; eleven at Louisville, and four at Jef fersoDvill. Cost, $1,055,000. .... An act Las been passed by the Rhode IsU and Legislature prescribing the manner of electing Benatora to represent that Suit in th Congress of th United Slates. It require them to b elected " by a rtra voce vote, instead of by ballot, a here- tofore. .... M. de Coney, French ConsuUGeneral in China (aj the CWrw de Zyunt,) ha receive--! order to demand reparation from the Emperor of Cuua for th death, by violence, of th Abb Chspdelain, Lo fell a martyr to Lis religion. This demand will be supported by the French sqaadroo, charged to compel the Eaiperor of China to allow a teproeentatfv of France to reeiJe at Pekln a privilege which Russia alone ha hitherto enjoyed. .... A man who was.broughi to the Bostou Hoc pital as an invalid, oiaJe lor to one wf th Dure daring Lis elcknrs. When h was able to leer the Hospital, he married bur at oo of th hotels, aud the next morning left, taking all th money hi wife bad, to-w- it: f0O, lea log her eveo to . pay th bi!L In Moretoa, Vermont, th por oU cr hired a pauper of a neighboring town to mar- ry pauper cripple of their owa town lb price) N bsiog $40 o as U snake th cripple a charg up- on th to wo view the male pauper belonged. Th rnan married th cripple out of spite towartiahi own town, S3 to iiscreaae th poor expenses thereof, and after three week abandoned Lis wlf. ' Be it rrtneniWed 'the things happened in Yank Land. ' - . Toe St. Loiti Democrat, of th 14tb iasf, iya 'IncluJir.g th sales for December (t C 80,- - O0O) th grand total of sale by the company Iron ' tL comiuocemebi, foot up 1 10,7 11,000, and f 5, 114,0'Ji) lot th jear 1858 alone. Th re:caioluf lands ar worth much more than th entire two aad-a-ba- lf million acres wer wbeo th rt sal wa made. TL prospect 1 that th sale it 1657 will greatly exceed la amount those of list year. This rapid transfer of th land of th Compear to actual settlers, at constantly advancing puce, ic Q unmistakable index of th astonUhlng progress of tbSut in populsiioii auJ wca!tL" "WEDNESDAY, JAN. 21, 1857.' Oar Book Table. - Tax Apostate Mitbodist Friachib. By Thos. Maddib, D. D. Nashville : Stevenson k Owen. The author of the above work has ac quired an enviable repatation as a Minis- - r of the Christian Religion. There does not belonsr to the Methodist Church a Minister whose career, in the pulpit and out of it, in all the walks of life, has fur- nished a brighter example of .the beauty and excellence of true christian character. We know of no messenger of the Most High for whom we entertain' a profounder reverence. Richly endowed by nature, he has constantly cultivated her rare gifts of intellect and heart, leaving little, if any- thing, undone, to render himself an ac- ceptable teacher of the Faith to which he dedicated himself in early life. We have long known him as an able and unselfish divine ; but we believe this is the first offering he has made upon the altar of Lit- erature. To the mere critic it may not present those points of excellence which they desire ; but to the reader whose search is for something to give him a high- er appreciation "of the Ministry of Christ something to make him a better man and a purer christian it offers much that he may treasure up. The style is somewhat irregular, aud of unequal merit; at times heavy and prosaic, and at others eloquent aud highly imaginative ; occasionally we noted in our transit through the book, passages of great beauty and vigor. The hero of the work, as the title indicates, is a Minister of the Methodist Church. lie finds him, a mere boy, the associate of vicious youths in a city, who becomes, on his approach to manhood, a member of the church emigrates to the west, be- comes an exhorter, and subsequently is ad- mitted as a candidate for the Ministry. Uneducated, grossly ignorant, his struggle to make himself useful is severe, but he gradually overcomes all obstacles, is ad- mitted as a preacher, and attains distinc- tion. Up to this time he has been an up- right, conscientious and pious christian. But elated with his success and led astray by the attentions and flatteries bestowed upon him when he escapes from the cares and drudgery of the circuit to be thrown amid the gayeties and blandishments of the city station, he begins a descent as rapid as was his rise. Engaged to marry a deser- ving girl in humble life, a member of his church, he deserts her, "Crooks the pregnant iingc of the knee, Where thrift may follow fawning," Wins the regard and marries a wealthy heiress outside of the pale of the church. The circumstances attending this desertion of his first love are of such a character, that he is impeached before Conference, degraded from the Ministry, and expelled from the Cb'irch. From this epoch his decline is accelerated, until having passed through numerous phases, squandering his wife's estate in the meantime, aud redu- cing her and his children to want, he be- comes a vagabond, and dies an object of commiseration and contempt. The lessou which his rite and decline af- fords is one which the ambitious young preacher may study to advantage. If prop- erly considered and acted upon, it will aid him in overcoming the thousand tempta- tions which lurk about his path, inviting him to compromise his principles and wreck his religion and reputation. Iu one of the episodes to be found in this, work, Dr. Maddin rebukes the depart ures which have been made from the early customs and habits cf Methodism, and the concessions to the worldly-minde- d and fash- ionable which now painfully distinguish ma- ny congregations. These are subjects which have a deep interest for those who have been reared in the faith of the Methodist Church; but they are not such as are suit- ed to the discussions of these columns, and we pass them by. In conclusion we would add that the book is handsomely printed and bound, and is for sale at the Methodist Book Coucern iu this City. ('Mlifornln Krpudlatc. The most important item of news by the George Law, arrived at this port yesterday, with a fort night later advices foom the Pacific, is the virtual repudiation of the State debt of California. The constitution of that State provide that the debt hall never exceed three hundred thousand dol- lars, but it appears that some of th official specu- lator have allowed il to increase to th amount of several million, trusting to an amendment of the constitution to pay it. It will be remembered that our couslitutiou had to be opened to rais the nine million canal loan, which we ladily opposed at th lime. The organic law of a Slate i a sacred thing, and should net be altered or disturbed to put a few dollars iu the pockets of small-pota- to financiers. In California there baa been an immense amount of official swindling, and the matter ha beea brought to a cribis by a decision of th Su- preme Court declaring the unconstitutionality of a bill which passed the Legislature last session, and which appropriate one hundred thousand dollar for a wagoa road across the Sierra Nevada. This decision carries with it the unconstitutionality of all the Slate indebtedness, over aud above three hundred thousand dollar. The State bonds ar held chiefly in the East, and the effect upon them will be distressing to the holders. They decliued ten par cent, in Wall street yesterday. No doubt th people of Cahtornia will role against repudia tioo, but the remedy ia aliuott a bad a the dis- ease. V. Y. UerLL The Ceatral fcwutbera ICalircaid. ar pleased to Kara that tnis JUad ba bein let to contract a far a to Pulaski, to be comple- ted In two year ; and that the remainder of the road will be lei in time to meet our Alabama friend at the Sui hu. They are already at work. V e alao that th Tennessee r.d Alabama R. R. company has advertised to Ut lb road from Ttiompeou' depot to th juuc'.ioa with the Central road, oo tb 10th ol February, so that a railroad connection bctwrea Nbvi!l aud UernpLU through ibis section, will b teedily had. Il U graiiljmf to rvflect that Vanry county ha the fr redeemed bersttlf, and that ah oo longer und an obstruction to a connection between the two point of trade. Maury ha taken a step ia ih rijtlil direction, and the ia already reaping 111 brotfct of pro;reiir spirit. Stranger are already cuuilug among ua, ekuig for bomee; and both our tow a property aud or UaJs throughout th county ar advancing la value. Uor real es- tate baa changed hand iu the town of Columbia, with tn hat two months, tlaa h J for any previous two years d all at good price, loo. Tber U not a sum boas or de;iing iu th town aoocca-pied- ; od thr iii Uetuaud lor mora of both. During th year 16i0 there wer built is th lath dlatriot forty twotLipa, fjv barque, ua lri, Mtea cchoouer and wight osU tota!, ixty-tbr- e YeU, with a aggregate of 8J,65tJ too. Ia th llaogor district, forty-te- a Lijr, four barques, .i trigs, seven chooEn, ofcw tteaiuer acd tven lo&u total veotjtwo Tieli wiib a arejau of S0.000 ton. America a One of the Great Power. The Journal des Debats, of Dec. 23d, in an article, on the President's Message, signed by S. De Sacy, makes use of the following language : The political relation between North America and Europe ere daily developing theuiwlyes. Com- merce is the sole cause ; but what is the'xtent of the field which it occupies at this moment, and what subject does it not affect? The message men- tions two subjscts which indicate bow America penetrates, day hy day, deeper into the heart of European questions. The first is the question of the pavment of the Sound Dues. Undoubtedly, at the instigation of American shipowners the gov- ernment of the United States, taking here.'contrary to enetom.the initiative, makes known to Denmark that it did not understand that the raerehnt fhs of the United Suites was obliged to recognise these rights. The cabinet of Europe have been compelled to a greater or lesB extent, to follow the course of America on this point. In consequence of the policy of the cabinet at Washington, conferences have been held, negotiations have followed, and we are compelled to submit ourselves to the will of America. The Sound Due?, a feudal institution, for which no proportionate equivalent is returned, but respectable (rom its antiquity, will be abolish- ed. So far as Europeans are concrrned, it will be at the price of a considerable indemnity, but there is reason to believe that the Americana will escape without anv indemnity. The other subject, which hiS a more general im- port, is the abohtiou of the right of privateering in time of war, a well as a more exact definition of what constitutes a blockade. The Congress of Paiis, by a resolution, which will redound in his- tory to the honor of our age, as we well remember, rallied unanimously upon the principles of ruuri time right for which France, under the old regime and the first Empire, had so urgently insisted. There will be no more letters of marque, and the n utral flag will be respected. The United States taking the lead again in this path of progress and security for private property, have demanded that not only shall blockades be defined with the utjiost exactness, thus doing away with all paper block- ades, but that vessels of war shall no longer exer cise the right of making reprisals upon commerce. This complete assimilation between war oti land and naval warfare, so far as private property is con- cerned, hs received the assent of Uussia, and, as wo are informed by the message of President Pierce, th itof the Emperor of the French, although the official solution of this new proposition w yet to tike place. Under the present circumstances, on the question of the Souud Dues, the American Union, as we see, begins to exercise a remarksble i.iflu. nee on the definite divisions of the European cabinet. In fact it enters thus at once into con- cert with the powers in a manner most flattering to its self esteem and its reputation, lor, as its fl will not fail to tell it, iu actions seem to im- ply a riht of control or even a jurisdiction in cases of appeal. The moment has come when we must ask our selves il it does not concern the whole world that America should enter into the European system iu an open and official manner. It is a great Christian power, whose relations have become inseparably connected with those of Europe, and which virtu- ally fulfills the condition of possessing great mili- tary resources on sea and on land. It undoubtedly has distinct interests, but all great powers have them; end the State which has no special, well de- fined ititerests, with the resources to make them re- spected, will be, lor that very reason, but a satel- lite to the others. Uut the American Union has a'so great and common interests with all of us. On the day on which she took her official place in the ConsjrefS of European powers, the peace of the world would have acquired one precious guarantee more, and could be secured against many accident For the Americans themselves this would be an in. comparable advantage. If, up to this period they have not entered into those political association which obtain from time to time i:t the governments of great civilized State?, it has bceu Irom fauses which have ceased to exist. Formerly the United States were weak, distant and without exterior ins fluence; at present they are strong, their extenor influence is becoming more apparent, and by the improved facilities of communication, they are now only a few day distant Irom us. Fe themselves, ih.t UnLtion whieh mitrht at first cUnce seem a charming position, is really tMeii wnn uisauva.i-taue- s which, at any given moment, may turn, into danger. Naturalization in England. The Enelieh paper are beginning to discuss the r.f i.rfifietf of naturalizition. A French man named De Chatelain, having married an Eng lish woman and taken up hit abode in England, be- - .,. n.np.i;d tture in 1843. From that timetn w uwu a " - - he has exercised the right of suffrage both at ves ir. nd Parliamentary elections. lie has conse quently believed himself to be an English subject until recently he received the following letter from the office of th Home Secretary: Whitkhill, Nor. 20. Pir- - As there is reason to believe that some misconception prevails as to the extent of the priv-iWe- s couferred br a certificate of naturalizition, I am directed by Secretary Sir George Grey to ex nlain to tou that no certificate, or other act of oat urulimion, granted by the British Government to ... r .p.i h m ripvond ine awiut power auu control o! native country, unless he has rectiv pd from the Government ol such country a cerlifi rata of denationalization, or been released from his original o'nli-atio- us a a suhj jot or citizen iu some other legal way. I am, sir, your obedient servant, II. Waddisotov. This aDDears to be a circular letter addressed to all who have received E iglish certificates of natu ralization, and Mr. De Chatelaia attributes it to the secret influence of Louis Napoleon, who desires to take steps against Frenchmen being naturalized iu other countries siuce his famous coup iTeiat. How FEorLE Taks Cold. The time tor ta king cold is after your exercise; the place U in your owu house, or office, or counting room. It ia not the act of exercise which gives the e Id, but it the getting cool too quick after exercisiug- - For exHinple, you walk very fast to get to the railway station, or to the steam boat, or to catch an omnibus, or to make time for an apiointirient; your mind being ahead of yon, the body makes an over ctiort to keep up with Jt: and when you get to ttie desired sikh, vou raiso your hat aud tind yourself in a per spiration. You take a seat, and feeling quit comfortable aa to temperature, you uegiu to talk with ft friend, or read a newspaper, and before vou are aware of it, you experience a sensation of chilliness, and the thing is done. You look around to see where the cold comes from, acd find a window open rrear you, or a door, or that you have taken a seat at the for ward rart of the carriage, and as it is moving against the wind, joa are soon made aware of the presencce of a strong draft. Ur, it may be. you meet a friend at the corner of the streer, who wanted al an, and was qiile com plimentaryalmost loving; you did not like to be rude in the delivery ol a two-lettere- d mouosyllable, and while you were contriving to be truthful, polite and safe, all at the same time, on eotue the chilly feeling from a raw wind at the corner of the streer, or the slush of mud and wa'er in which for the fir.t time yon noticed yourself standing. After any kind of exercise, dont yon stand a moment at the corner of a street fur anybody or anything, nor at au open door or window. FroAP. Aoais. Ia tine ooontry tlie con- - autniitioti of sugar average almost SO poutida a bead t the rKiiuUtion. In t'ie Lest scisoti, ouik-- r the riioet favorable oireonistaoee, the hotue production lias not equalled one-ba!t't- he criniinj)t!on. tor oneiaii, liio, tiiai lor 450,OoO,OoO of iK)arit!, in the bet of eions, we have been obliged to deeud oq lurvin countries, paying thirty per csnt taxation. At tins time, allow in n that the Louie supply will out reach 200.000,000 ound and that our population is a!inot 23 000,000, Vr 0cd ome Ci0,000,OO ououa from aOroaU aod on tl.u, too, we must be taxed o) per cen- t- bile our Treasury U ao full, that we do nut knotr what to do with the money. VThat a wiie people we are takirg uioiiey tt our own rxtckeU, aud ud;r! it tu aa iron ia o at to aiitaulate the greed of plunder era! Aut. Jura, . day or two aioee the Goteruor of Hclu actti aent inui the Ileuae of UDrCFe&UtiTe of that State a corouiurJcaUoa teuittj lorth ceruio ir(ralar facta rf carding lb clerk of the llosne Ut jrar, Vr. Ilstke'L It ppata from tLIa paper tkat tbe dark wti anlhoritd to prepare aa iaJti of tLe kcaae journal and paper for tome year past, at aa eipe&ae cot neeeJiog 1.0l0 ia all; that the Goearuor reiuied to i;? a war ram (ur lit pa teen I of tbe tatii a. ia BioatiJy iuau!t&u, ltioat ct r-- tcat? liiat the work a rroceediog it pr-yr- tn to the peytmen.'i, ere circa (rota time 10 time, t'H thd J"t, hen it tarue J out tUl cot cm ball f (be work u dooe, and yt that tLe who! fS.Lx.'O wai cahatuud. Ur. L'aAili, u pre parin- - a taettioiU! to justify hit course. For the Patriot. " I cannot, I must confess, refrain fmm telling you in all the, kindly frankness of a friend, how much I have been delighted in reading, in this morning's ''o-- . triut,' your Poem, 'The Cloe of the Year.' It is beau- tiful, mournful, glorious. Being myself aa humble worshipper at the shrine of the beautiful and the good, I cannot but thus give expression to my appre- ciation, and lay at your feet a laurel, simple and poor, though true and ever-living- ." Xote from a Friend. As gracefully and softly As the gentle April showers, Upon the arid, thirsty earth, Upon the drooping flowers, Fall thy sweet words of kindness Upon my heart and brain, Causing many a bud to blossom, With joy and hope again. Thanks for the "Laurel'' you've thus twined In "Friendship's" wreath for ine, More precious than the " Koo-i-noo- ' Each emerald leaf shall be ; Or snowy " pearls" from ' Ceylon," . To braid my raven hair, Yet, I would I were more worthy, The u Poet's" crown to wear. And I would I were some "fairy," Then I'd twine one, too, for (7cc; And the "Honey-suckles- " tendrils Should thy fragrant fetters be; And in rose-leav- I'd fold thee, And lay 'thee down to sleep, And with music, liko "Titmia," Fond watch around thee keep. But I'm dreaming. As the hours go floating by, And the " Stars" are brightly gleaming In the midnight serene sky Of a young, brave, ardent Spirit, Who will yet inscribe hie name With the tcite, the good, tho "gifted" On the highest "niche" of "a.e." CLAKA. Biko's-nks- t Cottage, Nashville, Jan. ISth, lsi7. i Iadie II ii rut to reulh. Oar lady readers cannot have failed to no tice that recently there have been a remarka- ble number of instatioes of the dresses of la dies taking fire with fatal results. For ladies, dresses to be on fire lias become an every day incident, aud the cases ia which death ensues are frequent. The reason for this deplorable state of alFairs is to be found in the absurd fashion of wearing such an enormus expanse of 6kirts and exuberance of flounces. In Paris, where the style of inverted balloon dressing is most extravagantly developed, accidents by fire have become 60 frequent as to produce much alarm. A correspondent of the New- - York W, writing from Taris under date of Dec. 21st, gays : We have many accidents to lament, some of a very serious nature, ilie Uount de for instance, who had rented and speudidiy de corateil a hotel where he was to receive the elite of the Parisian world, has just met with a irigniiui misiortune. ins wile, ttie young, beautiful and charming Countess de was making a farewell visit to one of her friends the evening preceding Jjer departure t'r Paris, and while standing before the fireplace. turned suddenly, and in a moment the floun ces of her dress were in Humes. Several per sons rushed to lier awl, and the tl;itnes were promptly extinguished that Madame Y was not touched by them. Hat her fright wns too great tor lier delicate nerves. She was seized with violent cramps, which carried her oil in a few hours, iler death lias failed the Parisian world with consternation, for k is scarcely two months siuce the Countess Fitz Jutiies tell a victim to alike fate. A third .c- - cident of the sort, less terrible, but which might have had as fatal a termination, occurred h few days ago to Madame de Xunieuil, the daughter of if. Pascahs, councilor of the Court of Cassation, and staler t.f Madame lor-ton-l, widow of the former Minister of Public Instruction. Madame de Nanteuil morefortt nate than the Countess de W , was cot only rescued iu time, tut preserved 4 presence of mind which prevented any disastrous con sequences. Slkioh Rioino is New York. A Good Story. The New York correspouJcnt of the Charleston A'?tf gives the following amusing aocount of what would be couniJered rather a bad enap," in which a would-b- e Lothario was caught by hi;1 neglected wife: Snow ha.s been falling since yesterday after noon at 5 o'clock, and tliesle'uliing i.i glorious. Many t night, leartul hat it would not list took time by the forelock, and by 12 o'clock the rifr.li Avenue, the Bloomingdale road, anl the road to Highbridge, were resonant witli the pleasant jingle of belN, the hay hay lit! of the driver", and thejuily laughter ot the merry sleighers. Your correspondent, too. cittitiht t!iu infection, and could not resist the temptat ion of a run to Macomb's Dam and a good supper. lule at the Dam I learned the particulars of a little nlTairover which "our party" chuckled mightily. Oneof our last men, who lives in fta elegant '"free stone front," and who is the titisbacid of a very pretty wife, upon whose peace of mind ''the green-eye- d monster" l as made dreadful inroads, K-l-t, oozy pari r about 10 o'clock, aud having, ns he thought, thrown dirt into the eyes of his pouse, by tel ling ber that he had an appointment at the Club, proceeded to a livery stable in Fourth street, and engaging the prettiest "pony" he could procure, and, filling it with nice warm robes, drove to the resilience of a Judy, ot whom Ii is wile had good cause to be jealous and started for .YcComb'a Dam for "a good sleigh-rid- e and a jolly lurk." His w ife, however, suspected his appointment was all sham, and after a tear or two, a pat or two of her little foot upon the "royal medalion"' carpet, made up her mind that fhe would statu! it no longer," no inutning lierselt upas warmly as she could, the started in company of the coachman, and procuring a bleigh, went iu pursuit ot ber liege lord. bhe drove uri to 'Jiurnhatn and sending the coachman into the bar room, l e.ird that her mtnait spou-- e had left live minutes before for "Jones'." To Jone' she followed as fast as the horses could "put in," and arrived there just as the truant was leaving for the " Dam," whither she proceeded, aDd getting out of the sleigh, was bhowu into the "ladies parlor. She sent the coachman out to reconnoitre, and he soon returned with the information that her husband aud Miss C. had ordered upper, and were then in the parlor awaiting it prepara tion, tncer the instructions, ot ttie wile, the coachman peeped into the back parlor, and buding the lady alone, l!e gentleman having gone to the bar to take a "nip," told Miss U. that there was the devil to pay, and that to void a seen she bad better take a seat in the sleigh he had come ia and go quietly back. Mtsa C, tearful of a row export re, and ad that complied, and the wife, after seeit g her oil" through the window, rung lor the servant aud requested to be ahown into the room where Mr. 11., fief liuebanc; lau ordered supper to be served. She was accordingly couJucied to tbe room, where in a short time Mr. 11., after having looked in the parlor for bis I.tdy lore, finding her missing, aud thinking rthe Lad al- ready gone to rupper, made bis appearance. It i Dot necessary to tell the the rest i f the atory; yoo can easily "pliancy the pueiiuKi of Mr. 11. on bis finding that Lis owu wt.'e was his cw a tu, aud the scene w hich fallowed. Suili.-- e it to aay, that Mr. and Mrs. II. return! in the same oieigh, and that the iace ot J.r. 11. bad lengthened considerably siuce the time of bis arrival at the Dam. It is to bo hoped U will prove a le son to Liua. CST An Etern eicbance sv : We taw on Saturday some apples, of guol aUs aoJ fltvor, anil tbo bb bluoJ led, alihouga the akin was a bright friUyer, allowing oo trace of ta rJ udtrn-ai- h. which surprised verv ouw woo cut into the It j;l Tbcae apples ams. from iist'Js Creek, XI kLigia Th tree are ii lo be proAiclire, and well wor thy ol cultivation." TTp The Boator Trerii4 Mjs that a latter La be received in tiial city Irein liavaua, which five loribcr parti:uUri Iu relation to tb betlsJi d ut. Kii, His dia I li.il smatory rbvaat. a conlracud ou bis first Arcue voyage, and lrt a which be wa iulfrrttis severely when he tailed iL second time. His indomi:aole perseverance and aaiirtng toerrv woutj not yi'ld to foe which cocutmud bin during th whole of kit Ut tipeuitioB,r4 wa mors Urnbie tbaa las horrors ot a i.ur wmu-r- . It bas now attat-ns- ine bewrt. and Uiom wbo love him teat bave but lm!s bo ye (bit hs will La tpircJ to tixoi aad to C country. . . . .t. i 1. r-- sua muii aJtoc. nowevcr. icaa oi a l.i.i ta ptevctBCLt iu Lis braltti. Eeduction in Freights ! M W E have the pleasure to announce that the Baitroiutibavs reduced U.eir freights via Cbaklutcs. We of also congratulate the pple of Tennessee that in a very horttimv, the Car will pa's from this plsc to AiUnti ithiut breaking bulk. This route wnl ta?a De at Ica.--t two Uars in advance tf sivann&h. Take particular notice tkiat we roawiKD ivibt thisq skkt vs. dt"nsd for ihe interior, at the verv o rate of Vl-i- a. for ordinary packaro; and that wa vuscrk ivjkt tbiso, thereby securing to you, always, at lean four times ojr eommi s;oo. Wa pat xo mlw rxLESS wa iow tiikt ARB riobt. The Kailiod Ajjeuin, both ai Savannah and Charlton, SO SOT HETASCRK E2Our expense-bill- j are pail here, therefore jou need uot in rvnrt. W- - also - en I you dapiicatei cf our bi!!f. We never let a psckie l:e over here. Vt e pay etrirt personal a'tsntion to our busina, ana no hin? shall ever be waolinjr.on our part, to promote the in'erot of all who ratroniie 03. We are now co tending against two mighty Corporations we ask the puU.c to eustain us, and if our wor H n d'Hie as wll, and our bills le.--s tnin theira, tLen take il from u ard give it to thern. Any inform it:on about l t gootls, and any tnitg perwia-I--g to tte brines-- , chterfuli given. Kiti 10 Messrs. W. II. GorJ..n k Co, SaghviUe; " Gardner, Sbepherd A Co. " " Coot. Hi ty A Co., " " Nichol, dretn A liai'y, " ' Moniso A .o., " Ptrickl r. E! is Co., " " A. II. li'C'B A Co., " " W. W. llerry A " " Cheatham, Watson Oo , " And 1 is', but n't lrat, our good oM friend, Jof n Cald-wel- '. Via-- , President ol the a. C. K. R , Char eton. TWO DWELLING H3USSS FOR BENT- - OfA, I II VVK for iei t two comfortable Dwel.ings en the tharlotts Pike, about ra lef'-omih-e 'f .jtM. Square. One house has 9inoim; with kiich-- en and rooms, ftaoles, Ac, and 1 acres of p.ound. The other is a fmll l.o. se, with two rooms, and aeriS of ground. Iinmeiiia'e given. Apjl to jaL2. C. M. STKWAKT, 41 Broidwuy 1ADIIS AND GENTLEMEN. XrKetn a few single hoarders and V two ima l f.iiti:i-- s with sood rooms, in a i - is-- ant p irtof t'ie ci'y. I: is a dfliph ful retreat for Winter orgumnu r. Call at th- - "Conarain II 'use," So. M Vine st., CauiKl Hi I. j il 2 2 l w J A ll. M ATTl-'OS- . JOHNHUGHSMITH, Attorney and Counselor at Law, WO. 14 CEDAE ST3EET, NASHVILLE, TENS. jan'22 fim NASHVILLE INSURANCE OFFICE. JETJVA INSURANCE COJIPANY, C1I ARTERf D 1S19, CASH CAPITAL AND ASSETS, tl.300,000. HARTFORD FiRE INSURANCE COMPANY, ClHRTKRED 11(1. CASH CAPITAL AND ASSETS, I521.C0O. PHOENIX INSURANCE CO , CASH CAPITAL AND ASSETS, 1265,003- - Farmer's and Mechanic's Insurance Co., PHILADELPHIA, CAPITAL, $l,Ifll,CGO-PAI- D CP AND ASSETS, $125,000. New York Lire Insurance Company. ACCUMULATED CAPITAL l,U0,0yO. Fire, Marine, Inland Hull and Life r skstkennn equitable terms. JOSEPH NAKIT, No. 2" foil- "tree, "pjiasite the Scnatiea Hou.e. N.iehviile, Jan. 'iil, RICE.-S- 1) atW landing fron Railroad, ar.d for sie by2i JOJKr-- SMfll, No. College St. KOEL & ca, Vholesale Grocers, Commission and Forwarding Merchants, A N t PKODl'Ci: DHAT.KRS, COS. COLLEGE AND SPRtNG 8TS , NASH7ILLE- - RI9 C0FFES.-- 3 0 sicks B.liiuiore prim- - RioCTee,stire and for s.ilby N'jKt. A CO, V-- OXLEAKS SUQAS- - 25 hhds In store nd for x rale by NOLL t C' 0LASSE3.- - 5u bbls Molasses; 80 half U,U Mil-.s-e- s, Si'e hy NOKL A CO. SALT 300 b'ul-- ia store atiJ for snle by NOEL 4 CO. TTJST EECEIVED W b'ola and halves Mackerel;fl & li s Matkerer, liHl lioxfs Mil Caml e; M rfruiis f ;f'l !oi I'int-- d liuik's; S' Iim "Vs rs;l'l fai' TLb: !) j nn'l box: Rii.inn; 8 b'Cf Aimori'ls V ith Perptr: . lsii oi , Ir;.Iu'n, Ma-- I ot-- (' nj.--. r, S ,np, C'gan", 1 otT?, 'hot, Ltal, t'ajier, wah a r llaii t complete sto.-- to arrive, Ja: n n a co. One Aight More, by Kcqucsti 1'os- - llvelv the Last. 7 isJ-- Lsr -- . t V? '..4' - ' qIII" OICHdMI. I'EAK r. 1 1 E V. Voeat--is'. Harp sis, tni Lancashire Hell Kinirers, wonld re-- snecfiilly ann-xinc- to the cit'lens i f N ihvdle that thev wj't rive one of tfci-j- r ponol-t- at OflD FELLOWS' HALT., on thi, WLDN'tSDA I EVtMNii, JAI'ARY. 2ISV, 157. JV F r p.r t r l'ars tee Prniframmes.iff lirki'ts SOc. Srtti rin be secure"! Inithiut extra cinrae, at tue M isie Store of J. A. McClure, ii'-r- a plan f ihe II ail m iv he i"e-- :tY loot open at Concert to eomtnhnee t IX o'. ! iek. JUll u mi.. J m 21 It Oeneral HutineM Autnt. C. M. STEVART, Wholmale and It e t a i I GHOCEIC la. I'OTIIISSIOX ."TirKCIIA r, NO. 41 BROADWAY, NASHVILLE. ITT" The Jiigheat Market price paid for Country Pro- - duceorallkiuds. JX jaul. KE3R0E3 FOE SALE- - I HAVE a lirce numler ofNN.ROlS f..r sate, and amort;them some yery yuliub'e one. A Brst-ra- te I(lf ksmith. also aSione Mhsoi and seyeial Carpenters, gjme of lhe Neuron cannot ba aold te leave the countryjn15 Har,t W. PORTrt. NOTICE TO WHOM IT MaY C0KCERN- - WE expect to i!-- t i ast on tbe 20th, and want all thatis cut us on i accounts. I'Uas ca ) and se'tle te bre Tuesday diu junl- -l W. W. V1NN. Sale of le:v Instate. WILL be s d I on SATURDAY, FEBRUARY II, IV 7 a yilu.iiile piece of fronn 1, itaat'-- on CiCAa Miiit. oDuosite the WAaaa Coil. DsruT. w.tti Caiit proK-rt-y is to be told f.r the purpose rf maklns; a diyl-io- n anionif the hetrs cf Beni. ti. ( abler, dee'd. TERM'. Oue third ch ; the baiauce ou one aud twoyews' time Jau 1. 7. tJ JSX M. CABLKR. IIKMOVAL. Fl.EMMIN'i hs retDoyed his Plnt 8hop from 9RT. tl Uu on (street, between Cherry aa I Pumaier. lie respectfully solicits a cent iiDation of Hie patronage fcere-tuto- extended 10 him, and will be plaaMj to see his rs at his new stt.d. . PAItTNERSIIiP. R. O. K. MARTIV aid T A. ATCHfSf?f hyIT tonne t a partnership tn the pncllce ef Mediciue OHi e on berry nrr the oorner ot Cbton streecjsul 8a IiOU III T.--t U'e R.iom over r. Ketxh's Dryh! Stor; on C.l tit a.reet y feet loo and ') feetile. Apt ly to J. U. GOOiiH 1M, lh.Airs JrlS - tf a foethne c?o . o o o ! i be bai by rikisg the suia I sum ef VS" S I (i ! ! !J2JSwan's liOttery, To be drawn FRIDAY, JANCART, JrU, lsj:. 1 Pr.ae of 4GU.OOO! 1 Pr:ie of 3 OfK) !T 1 Prise ot ttO.OOOt!! S Prl.f ti.OOOItJI t Pra-ef- t. ,000!r:i! t PrUes ef l,OOOI!!!I! A.rM aci Ac. Ar. UOPiE Til AH C1E PRI2 TO tYERY Tf TICKETS. Whole Titk.ls, J;. a, ; Qarwr,it, ligbUu, II. Ad .rsas OidcrsLr Tkketa ts K ilivtl CO, At'anta.fia. Jo'i5 tw or S. tWAl, MutsraeT,fr pmniiar, ee reSeB ia eaiuma. Cabin Passage to Sew Vork --i e , e-- i Weekly TJjiited SUtes iliil liat. IUE MEW ASD CPLENDIO glOf-Wlltk- L ITEAil- -l aatre AI til oT.ls 1aM CapV . Wooowmj.I.MIt 1 1 Is '- toa.....tart. lti laowru.ALAUA 3iXt 1J UM Oax-i- . Ay. ik. oaasKaj u LtATa AAyAieta EVERY SATURDAY. Theae ship are aneoff tb larfeal the euoat, ir- - taeed la speed, aaArty ar euoiluikmajtiiii; taeir pNt-- e tabu te ai hour, aad areftottirrraadrd uf A.:.ru!.caf'ul ad polite othcera. Has a$ eteiaaisw room sretaui-.iuua- , Lhey -- Svr a sari (.. r -- I . oyyaiM: lo New Tei. Cabia pa to Kew X o t. .....338'.ecrc pMAg: to sirw Yoet.. al(iiUi FAtitUMKO, FAY A CO, rAiaai,iAU'L L. UlTCuiLL, 11 raJwsf,irj' Weej lc. VrHl5XY.- -l karyU kiei.Sed ny; 1I krr.V u.a Mtno Ut y. ia s. aa t r a! kyd W.M. iiCHin;.. A CO FOR RENT. A Small noose 'rVan 11 ! U.1:bm!.'. A O.I .t i.nn&inin thrw roomf, paasaga aa porcu, wiir. a 1 irgn j For par- - ticulars, enquire of W. R. Mc'ARLAND.jn21 tf No. 13 Crll-g- e t. IVQ.L00K OUT. The under'sisnetliii"" will give the'r entir attention toCdiecfcnirOaims iuteitvaod out. Also hi in outran. Ac. Otfw--e over F. B. Foga'.. Isq . Cnerr. trf, i HnU-t- in. tJRTAHLNrKR. SKATES! Skates! Skates! J it a large and wcl! assorted lot fcKATE-- S which w are oiTerini very low UEAOI )vT, vamei a ro., nft- -l i P'-- Street. tS5 RAGS I will pay oi cents Cash for good Cotton and wn'n lieredat mv Rg !to-- e " the Jtortn east crurr ui ilCgqwe. MTooien and SiU Rag are .tem AS. TO PR INTERS. We have Jfcif"--- i , ptv-.-i upf , Koyal Prvs. cew and wrffi ord.-r-. waica we will e'l a a t irra"i. dec20- -tf SVltrtI, MOR iS t CO. A I V A c t: dt.i:sTAX S3 fjr thi er 117, n naw beCilRPO.VTIOM CMIe tor. a' his officu, corner of Cherry anl Vn'mn sret., in advance a: the rate ofoce per cf-- per rtf-nt- iriti-rMt- . Asthis is the nt tht ccn b trade, i: is that Tax I'jy.rs will b jproxpt - ca 'in?, i I -- i A. Mrs. Fellowes and Itliss Sclioles in "WILC CPES THEIR SCHOOL. FOR THE RKrEl'TIOM OF rUPIL At 5o- - 24 Via?, between Chnrta and uro?a a.s, On tlie Secoutl of February, 1S.V7.pkicks FBa sios ?"orml repartient. ..50 no Per.ior t'l i'S .. : OH Jjnior Ciai .. 20 W) Drawinr, i'rench and Mutic, extr, jir.l9-- tf 2P jz3rrrc2 JSHIP. NEW PrtlLS ARE DAILY RECEIVED AT THE Writing Satoon oV A 31 R 'o. 43 I nion stieet. 0VES WESSEL & THOMPSON'S, WHriRfcl'r asOSd fl'-- T SIXTY YEA 143 OF Ar.E Can ' rhmce Ihe mi st st'0".'lw and cranp-- d hand TO OSE or EASE, LLKGASCS JXD KM'WITY. the country c in finish th-- ir lesoi in one1)RStN'froTi unac itiajiitr J i'ti the merit of Mr. O.'s np are re'erreil to the tts'imony tf mri o' the first rit!i-- n in the Vnittil S'atei, in Ut larve cnc ilirs.or to humlrf ili of pupiis ts'iht bv him in Ihis piare. llour--- 9 lo 1 1 A. M and V to 4 P. AI and 7 to 9 at nitht. All who w.sh to join LU ciaa- should d' ?o nmeIiately.jiolS " UK3IOVAL.. ""NTDER FKI7.ZKLL hiivini reni vsd tt he old star & of Th'imp-o- n Co., No. 8t PuMic Siire, x. d or to the r former U cition,) thev are now ottering a well m ort-e- stock if Ucou, hoes, Trunks, Viise, Ac, suitable to th- - KetHil Trade. Their facilities for pettm oods enables th'tu to have a!fvs h!ver m:iv be c illeii fur in their line. They would he itUI to jee their lriends and the t, ie Cl! at N J. 41 PublicjalV SN YDE.t KRIZZFt.I jTias D. Jios, PreVt. . I. Jamk, Cahter. IJAMv OF coAiAiiatc; Desii in S'ght and time B i s, Gold and Si'.ver an I Cnw-rc- nt Bank Notes, ui ikes eoIL-cti.- in ah pa-ts- :he coun- try, wiil liive ttie t market price for Laud Warrants and p y;ite'et on rt'"sites. jani5. ' A D'WELLIVU HOUSE FOi SENT- - Hltli'K DWKId.l.N'ti en Market str. et, a , ,T"r dmance b I iw the eld Neville Inn, is o'f- - red for rent, to a pond tenant, f r the ear lT. I .! App'yto rt! tfl B :.J F. SUKLiH, Aent THEKANUFACTUSIVO ESrABLISHMENTTOR RESi". riIIF LAROK WAREHOOIS on Market street isX otT 'rod fir rent for the ye ir K'T. Apply to ? :; iler'j::-- ;f MKSi. F. SltlKLI.-- , Aent. It That e Sr'itE i:i)inUI;u- -IOIS myottkeon C: erry sfe.-t- , foe ttie veir 'o, that Tcry rtusiratdn DWELLING onijh- - rry street, fiuith .if HV'iH I, cn:i:nin(r some S or V m mf, art will be put i i toruuli repair. A;)ply io M ILL. I. liOYt),d,. ro ('h.-rr- treet. Mi'V. unders:u'Ded ke-n- s a Hous on C'i ir1. ytret t, next to the Venn lull II tel here he is re l , at all u ics, to ) lt trin-ien- t or permareit loailers ut fiir rates, lliat.bleia tlti.n prontltd with the lt Ihe Diiiiket i.ffuri!s.j,n17 lit l. w. iui.tiii.v FOR SALE. A PEfONIJ-TIAX- O PL A IN IN 1 M VCH!NE (Dniel'. rat- - j. V nOin v')""l runiii e . tt p. ine twe t r."ur li.c'ica ta.de, an J will be uiposel i f at u r- - Ine- -. I p' 1 e. V1. It M. KsKLVMi.jailo - W No 71 i'o lee St. Kl.ACK IIFIFKK, three yeirs oil, and io "EO TEEU al.-x- three yar M Iroiu (Ireener-- s lot, on Market trei-t- . Ti e wire bou ht the riny before yeler-- .i.u tni.r ii I'tir.i. in the viriuitvef Ni.lt ihe. L.biral icw.ird id cive-- i fur bringing th-- ui b ic t JAlOHOKNTNE't. jan'i5-1- w Near the r..rk-h-u- s DR RUFUS H. J0EN.CN, OCCfLI T AND Al"KIT, OP M!f ill-- , TENS E'l-E- visit be f und a' the C ty Hotel on itur av. tie ! h Jatibarv. to rex mi it 'ti ana(iTeaMeiilii.il lo :.il ili- - ;m--s l tt - h,e uml Er Upera' ti :i,t!i"- - xil.ip'.iti. n i f Amtkis.1 Eei. Ac, c. His K .r l..iim'. f .r detect!- - g the ra tnre i ,!lie:i-e- i of tlie I... r. I v threw. n 1 a ;rem ot nori .i.-- t t ur nr." t ie Kr tu !rum or Vrtn brai.e ennhles hi n to iletcrmiLe the kind of liseAe exi.-tin- g an l ire it it f iltv'. II a Artit'.'-irt- l E.-- i:re 'ron thi I innf Jct.iry o' M. Ho s .rm-t r ot Pan-- , which tooi tiitf prue 1ned.1l at the WurM's rxhit. tion. Lon Inn. Or J til i ti'iii"ni:iH lettera of refo'ence from anJ cit.ieui ol Meui:dii. which h des.tei all lo peruse. d r.'J-d- sw 10 ?:a ; ikH. C 0 P P E II - V A C 11 I) TYPE. OICTEI.Ot S i;EV7 YORK HPE FOUNDRY, .1 xu rniSTEK wa n 1:110 usi:, IXablUhcil in IS'J3s "So. Jlllprure atrt et, Four doors W 1 iam street. 1 1 'il K obsrriher U prenareil t" furnih his we acdJ superior think and News.iiperl'r titma Ties in iounU to Jiilt puie'"'e.f. A'o,6eriPn aid timmvot:il Types,(irrtk, ll.h'rw, Ornmients, Mcsie, frs Rules, c. muT.ufict.ired rf MetataUl to any 10 lids cmrir, ud flniil.el in the mt Tiiri:e niaim-r- . He also furp'h Pres- -. t I H'!t, CouilHiitig rticl'S, Haa s, Caes, FurLl- - ur'Ux'n:oon axd 21 ltal type. froir other frmi'iries, nd every art'c: reU'rrd to punt-ins- ; o:l re, at the pr ce hr ca-- h or i,'r"Ted pa.rr T,te,coi p- -r f eel by the N.wtnn toirpany. fu'nitled to orii.-r- . Oldtvpe nc-iye- at nine e- -' t per p..n;.d in f .r f r printing e.ib'i .t.unts on a.'p icatioo. Ceeood bmid Prilling JUuerUls t .00 ar ' s"d S'lld i T'ri Xew-- p iperswho w;li in ertiM" a lyertls-rui-- ni thr time, (inclu iini tMs note,) bf re Jitue 1 . 1 S . a i.l .eiititu ma o.ie ot te pii'e's, will re tiJ m prm io tpe wheu purchasing four tin es t1 vnouat ' f their o ll.iv.' Kit o c j ;t i yni:. ssioo u kwakij. 1 AN AA'AY t' e sulex-rib-- resi ling in N'ashy He. Ik. Tennessee, stK.at. he li4of OeUl r lt. a 1ra eolored Ncfra Mn nsruel JIM. S.d Neitro Mn is aboal ii jr ot se, weighs about 174 poonds, i about i feet h'h, speaka pleasantly when spoil n ti. t.-- ai t Neyr-- i was lorn. she I Willi a psst.ifin'la ms-,ei-- by K. W. B trues aixiut the time he -ft Arkanju .) nd did not return. I wiil rye 'he shoye rcwurd lor said boy, when taken r i In ;liuUit I get him. dec'.s- -l n - "!. T It E'T. The ho lse at present oi cupied hy theJ Trailer's k, Is lor lent for trie e.isutag yer. ros- - se'ion sr.yeu 1st Jinnary. Apply to W. H. rOPftt k fft. silZloTflT)iKiCt.KH AICS. I'.l'ie an I Oliye Co hs, Iv.e.kin so I Fr.cyHLICK, l"u h Ve'yet, .H.Ik nl S 'n Ves-ins- , l.tneo Cmssim-re- t'n lersiirts, Vetaol Driw'. Hudnei a-- 'res Cl an I Vesis, w t'l a variety of a nns are oTer'd for siiealS.ui ero Prices fur Cxsh, ia I0.4 to suit pur.--h ir. A itiie ps't-rn- of CjaI aal Pao'j i 1 and eit le This rire ODnirMnity of biyins; fin clothes f- - Itttte money ii olerel at No. M Cherry it'e-t- . Conper"! Battd-Ine- s, 'l e Ut Mrch it rilonng tsiablishmeni of ,nl - Iwd JOU OHI Y. T3 TEACSraS -- FOR SALE. 'I'HH ril.TIN'i Bw ei-i"- 1 by the eib-fK- with L its f jrn tore, an I a iro d Chen c U sa l i'liIloophul Apoa'-u- . ltnmeni.a:e application is nresirv. jlu;-l- w JO. KIMBERLT. KEVT ASD PASTST COOt I0K SALS 'fiiE robs.riber offer for sale his waraAt TkMPf. asI etx-- aCoiik, IVuh'r and Ironer as there is in th Hi ate. i att iors.ac Is Piakliag ail I Hreeervlrf l.nli At E I M AlKBNZIE. VALUABLE LOT F0S SALE-- f t s- -. peivAfely, o of 'Mi nut Ws'rabUrtTAVF. L')T la the ei'yof Na.hy.l'e, at the eoraer ol P ls Ayn-ie- . tJ 'eet on t'kireh steeel and rua n'ne bv-- k I" rr 1 f.t to an :. The Uii vi th of I C Ni :tioinja, and will lew 1 1 at a Mrju. Fjr psrt'. 'ilartcs i oa me. t. K OLAaCsKJK, ja-.l- l AewuU " UIMIOVAL. mrtlt Ft"N i H A L I NOKir ARIZ'S tSrH'.ITVl:?T X Of J W. M'iNjMHi.U rsmieedto Cbareh Mrewt, ap-m--ie Ui a o.--l sUts-l- , ta the Bee bns reeentty but Tr, Y' unt, where we are ready, aaaeusl ffe mihestCAkdca. J W. MTOWBI ie T.T sr. a. CSLsaUCS. H A Dl'S I A S HM I X All Ye 'EMIR wnl -- r fne-J- . Iv rr fese.tr of l in(M hs 'heI Nsh Ue liin:t r, h in i.il t Vs Firm e tke Ma Tjrn 'ike Is t nt to te the pi." ho bss trehs4 on Li Ut Ul n TrpUe, I w from theNaoi e tlrtiis. The neit h of '.be )ie-it- W'ttbre x ot'ied there ea tia 5 Ay, t'l a 2 I cf Febr- -arr, 18)7, anJ ocVaoe to tie Ut cf Jaiy 1 b a ! a h--t-r b iii tnhi,ifn no wa-- r b t.nA Aii the ane.-se- o i:'4tio a'hr " Ci.ihtb, C'.aasical ail Vii-r-- it e AJcslne, ws I be itiliea Is ua.ht. and neh a c f UiUli-vt'i- d puiso ssiwii s wi bobet e !f to Jeekp bArmoa cas'y ail be t e if UiOBtnd. einv--s psnrnvil "tnik.o il bs - to tho snnra's, ovaairrs. hMt n I tealtS of put , ttnoetief ih3i.it i be r --- .. Ijy svi'ss areMiii Uil.)k.M.tfd. Trrsss, tor lb fcrfeef, glwsef a ol sanatbs, rb.e U Jvn-'-. ' er,IA. li s) ssariiu CKOfA VHMHLFLID I'Oll SlI Ks TCFFs'S hr ao iht put ton ef lh Tioc ef . . . . . a. la .ie.i oaea 1 l,ye,ljfi4 rx OS ioa taa- - a- j P'O inrupiie "tixiIU IM Ua'iUaje. ooiai:'i! :t ; -i ab-x- il -- a HjiiWJ Ae-e- s. T' .s trc h ai fc.r till a trv t acreata nUt:io, UASiHg aVw.1 le,ree -- dre4 wee woo4e. Ttie vb. Sai aUpt4 Aw elect ta; cf I wi.l aha ton abocl Three 0bJtIsI TwfT A ore FwoiN, at myrerst w4nt. woatles; ksllatnilo ua lit !! Titrisiak. Tin Inuttt also well wateteia4 reosArttb y Iaw eo Ae at-- raisie. 1 f parrt-o-tB- g are iyf rr 4 Mi aera. Lin tley A C'wut!. f Kmrnk. Suf th ursas el psyiusiil , r arw.-ik!- . ttecv.p-ioa- f th or.priy. Ja.-A- 4. A.J. S.t1Ujn!f. mew Publications. The Stories cf Hendrick Conscience. THE MISER, KlCKETICKr.TACK, THE TOOK CJr.XTLr.IAI t THR1BTALF.3 IN ONE VOLUME BY UENDUCK CONSCIENCr. II the c i r:sr, or the vim.agi , THE ISAPI'ISI SS or Ili nG ItlCII, n itON.t : TFIREE T ALT'S IN ONE TOLCVE liY HENDRICK CJ.VCItNCE. lit Tales of Old Flanders. cotsT rr;:i or ct r.Mivj , noi)i; ri.4i:.tvthe vii i. iv iKt;i:ri:n : THS-- E TALL5 F tOM TIIS FLEMISH, BY CONCIF.NCR. rxtr.ict from the Translator The F'esii-- h Atrtor fcie W. rks we sr about to pre-se- nt to Anier'ca!i re i.'.er hn lor g enjoyed an Furopeai repu:atinn. His were 'arfely trans- lated in an i Fjlljwed hy eciti ns in Fnjrli-- h at London, Frtnrtiat Pr:, Dni-- h at n, Itaiiaa tuly, and even in Buher-- n ft Prague. FOR 5U.E ltY T7. & CO , p. hi; rqnre. LITTLE DORKIT, i:v ciiAKi.r.t n!(KL. .Tr?T KECtlTED 71Y W. T. srrry u fc, Vuhllc Sqnar?. G.,: inch's ("f.v Parry") Ri:CCLI.ECT20XS OF A UFETHiE XE'.V WORK t NKIVAI.LH) FOR INTFF E8T, VALUE, AMUSEMENT, AND IXS i KUCTIOX. If. T L.Kr.r.Y .( C have just received KECOLLEaiO-X- S OF A LIFETIME : O K , Iiii.it rnJ liii'Uo HAVE SEEN IN EliRCFa Tii-.- J r.iii;iua.By N. ti. tittodvleh. Anthor of Peter Pai-l-y'- s Ta'cs, and lte Cocml of the Cnit-r.- Kt.ites at I'.ri, Frsnce. The A'ltobioxnphy of one t hose recollections err hr-r- e the whole of the la- -t hlf century; one wbo h is jriSssrtl the .'t'iir.tjc sixteen tin e, ami teen and known many of the master spiri's of thea.-e-, on both 'idej of the water: one ho is the author and editor of 170 yolnroes, and of which 3i?VFN MILLION'S hireb-e- ti sold -- csnnot bu'e bailed with ent! hy ti e pu i.c pe i.eraily, and espec'sl y by the miiiims offr;ead, o:i:is; and ol I, of tb veritable Peter Parley. This work n"-- on'y cornt ri.-e-s a full aotohirfraphiral yiewofthe Author's life, hi dsvs, hij educaswm, and his liter iry car-e- r, hut a vivid and interesting ac count of ni re"-u-s p;i:ii evenls which bave hsDoenet in the Author's l;f 'l:ne, aid of v. h;c'i he hs been aw;:n.s ora prticip-.t.-.- r. Arrorr tves8 are TIIS WAR WITTI ENGL I N D OF lt.'-- H, in wh ch Air. Good rich was private so'dier: Til K HtRTFOSD CtIN VENTION, whi..e operations tii, p'ncetin'IerhLs in inediate j with most of ihe inem' em of which he wa personally etiriors and inferestirr details re- - pec'in? OU Jefforson Eemocracy, Old Federalisnj, Connecticut Blaa LillU. curious and marvellous events connected wi'h theRi?erd Prrrresi ef Keliijieui ?ects in the I'ri'ed MOcs; with ilescr"ptions of the FrentL Eeyolatioa of 1S43, and Louis Napolroa't Conp D'EtAt, b thof w le aut1 or witnessed. With a full aero'i.:t of the "PKIER PAKLLY TALES," of wh.ch Four miliious Lave ben id. In the coiire of the wo- - k i'l he foand a fta'lery of Pea and Ink Portrait oi over Two Hundred Celebra- ted Pertor.s-Prc-iidei- it", Vice Preilen , Kinrs, Aioeens, t'mperori, Soldiers, fail.irs. Poets, Wits, FnthusiAAts, Phy sicians, Prr&i L i r rs. To! ,t l iar--- , D;Dionitist, Ac, Ac. All dcscrioed froai per nal Dee or ebeerva- - tion. T Ccn..iinin-- ; an amount of org:nt,eurioo and val- - usble Personal Inc :et.t. Aiireiio'e and Crscrii ti"n. fl-- doni, if ever, met an h in jirgie work. Tj ail which Will be A Mr 1 the Author's recent AAI XDO I KS OF TKAVKL ' IN EXSLAMD, SCOTLAND, IRELAND, FRANCE ITALY.JGiC. W. T. B. A CO. alio jat 'LENA RIVERS, A Novel. I!j MARY J. HOLMk!. Authir of "Tontpesl . and M ii.it.ine," "The In'i-- h Oiiihans," "The Honiestea.1 i n the l'l;l-ide,- " ic. In one vutunie, 4'6 pp. 12tuo. C!4h. Retiil, tl Uu. dec-- i ELEGANT GIFT BOOKS Tin: holidays. 41 College 3troot. l- - "Tho Most Superbly Ii'.uutrated Book eer Pro-Uuc- ed in Amiirica." Coot nf I irt l ilitioii orer 130,000. Tin: coriiT or nai'olcox, OR SU:iHT7 TJ.ID'JS THE PIKST EMPIRE, With of its tlet itl s, its and Heieiass. By Kas tiiemaifa (' I Tinto.) Rnyal Quarto, Turkey Antique. Tlie s.bveiHer rep-ci'u'!- y invites a'.'entloa to th nbore Pre.-- nt ti"n I'.) .k, wh.ch un lonbtedly will be the most popj r, T it e und saccessfJl Oifl Book, for it sie in'1 ye' ru luce 1 in his country. 2 TH2 CJSXr; Or, Society in tt 0 iv of Vi.tiiii:.m. Twinty one Portrait. , 3. TJS 20LT C33PEL. Iliustr.iel wnk forty Ktjra-- f ii, its. 4. 0SMAIE.TT3 0? iTEXOT; Or, Boauti.s cf . llls'oty, Ro.iiAn.'e and Poetry, w th eighteen frun Oruinal liesins. 3. THE Mt0:tE GJLLLEllT. A series of f:rty e IfM tiitf 1 t.i.n 'ATias of PorlraiLs, Land capes, AiJ , iilustr Alive kf th snoot beautiful paaea of Li Poems. G. HOME ATJTE02S AND HOME AHTISTS; Or, Atirnoao hcenery, Art and Literature, with thirtera Fteel nrravlrir. I. THE FL0SAL SEEPS A EE Tiirt Insravmt. , elessntly colcred from Nature. 8. HZ GES Oi THE SEASON. Tea boaotiful !U- - tratii o 9. LEAVLET3 OF XEJ102Y. Ten Ie(aat Injra-- vinirs. 10. THE S0U7ESIR Of TRIESDSHIP. A Christ-- ra u an l New Ybats Present. Blegantty Illustrated. , II. THE KEEPaAZE. A Chrialiuaa GilU By J. T. HAil!ey. 12. TSE BOOS 0? BZATTTT. Vijht aplendld Fnrra-- ViliSTS. 11 TAZ Wi:irE2 WREATH. Twelvo Kmboilish-- men's. 14. THE Cirr OF 0EX3. By U.V.l.Cf'.u 'loe 15. P3ETaT OF T32 IIELCS. Paire from tn P v, ilrscrip'iv of Pastoral Sceaea. Ilegaatly Il- lustrated, 13. POSraT OF THE Paaeace from the Poet.--, descriptive of fuest Scones, tlefanliy Uiua-t- rt. . 17. SABBATH BELLS. Ohi oodby tho Pootr, TlnuJ t Paper. Hjtu'.ifuily Illustrated. Sunday observe: Th nk when th Bella do Chime Tit ancrlj rouilc." IS. THCSV0W FLAKE. ?1 Cngravinn. 19. MEOBT'S GIFT. " 20. THE PHILOPiENA. M 22. FRIE.TD3HirS0?FEai50. F. lafrarioi. 23 THE F0231T-3SE-N- 0. 24. TE2CEC1L1AS GIFT. fwti 25. A WlMTEi SEB3S0X. Froa Iloosehold Wore. On toted paper. Elefaut. tagraviaaw. 23 T3Z BI2DS 0? TSE BIBLE- - Color! Plato. 27. THE PET A5XCAL- - A 6A all aaaoona. 2S- - TH2UDSS ! Farrafi- - 29- - THE VIOLET B a Fngraving. 30. THEnrjI3IJ BUD. w lacravipn. 31. COLDSriTlTS TiCAS 0? WAlAtFlXLI). Ty ei Parr. 32 PILGRI'tf'S PE03BF5S- - TlnteJ faper.jLjrj V .is beAjtifUl Jjvra '.e Books, sreil adapU ed lo ihe youoa. and ib e toy CkristavaeFreseaio. t AJ.S3 . tiM Ousford Bibe ro Ylvet ani Tarfcey BiaeV Ibas. Pray' and H sso Hooka ta Moroeca aasl Yolvoa. ALIO A a elerant Alboeae, Pmpior Maeho Writing Desk', fjr.fulW, HaCAgaoiuos Boordo. Work!., aewaod sod Motogaoy Soaks Lasliew Cabao,f ,iol loss Gaines, e , Ao. .eeaokiae the boy Uil bofofThe evb ic are invite,! lo mntnr ebr t or sale by t CUA. W. SMITH. VALIABLK I IPUItVI'll CITY LOTS toit sin:. XfU frsotfr.t ?' roes, raaalBf back11. WiiH jpr Uii Doel'iog. CuOlaUliD t or It Too'sie. a l Ilfra Hooao.ae. A , eo lo '.ii ktl on PearS street and l eot deep wiih a md to st-ir- Krua lloisso. ocotiieioi or lerou'oa.serv.u' rouan.kittkeo.ie., a Jt Wift,BHkO fcoaae, t. k feitt surly l wi.h shi aboory. abodo and rra.l Uoa.a3d sill boooklon aceosasdnf levsn. Ap-BJ-NtVI A O.HlWij,JHU M. Ui'RXXLL- - e . L SASCH-Ftver- al r-- 1 farms, ws.i iai rosed, aaar MAAavula. A la's lussaer of aui p'ove" Wye, ) O r d-- a lo'--i. 'rom W 11 !rf . Br tV alty. Tho. w.ticg I j pun. .H d j w:l IJ id SIAXCK A WOOWAiVO. Vlrsl riasH lioariAlns; House SO. 31 CEDAR STREET, XAdHYUXX, TlSKSi'tB-'Im- n abaer;bor rets'fs Iv taro tAoatitseBaof aa-- 1 il: aa t in v . iu t ihA.hiaaw prepares! aoaoessssi-osoit- a l the I)v ir.-- r thai w,U Ul oo h . Hit fceoso t a wiv va i ti eo oioaaiiy: as l b .r-L-i-.i. - t v i lAtntAttCA will j;v hi us a ewJiee 'fcy j.li:.i( ft.'
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