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Daily Nashville Patriot Newspaper Archives Jan 21 1857, Page 1

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Daily Nashville Patriot (Newspaper) - January 21, 1857, Nashville, Tennesseesi: 1 s ! fi- ' I ( . . ' , ' ' I NASHVILLE PATRIOT, rUBUiiHKD DAILY, TIH'WEEKLlf & ATKEKLV, BT 8IIITH, HOROAH ft CO., W BT. IHITH. r. KOMil JOUH U. CALLKMDtR, iHtHCII . AI Office, Ko. 16 Deaderlck. Street. - SJS..Daily, per annum, fB 00 per annum 5 00 Weekly, per annum 3 00 On Weekly for two years, or two Weeklies for oneyear, in advance 5 00 HEAL ESTATE SALES. KPLODII) PIIOPERTY F It fi A 1,1". TWILL sell upon fiv.irsMe t?rni, or exchange for city my Sd.--o Tract, e wbraciog about twelve bin-d'e- l -- .! of unl, Tifer;i Ham- -, Sore, Warehouse,Tu-at- Ro.d and Ferry scross Cansv Pork P.lvr.Ta re are abut one hJolrrJaol teitr-av- seres of rim Can-;- , Kirk bv.lm Land, cleared ani in c il ivation.The bilme- - n uaesua 1 well timbered, and a pur' of t is ''"t ri-t- i, and baa up in it a q isrry of very g od M rble.Ii, dm; fork river i nirim to tbii p litit fir soro- - six tv, mtn ji the year, an 1 tli- - iottalion Is an ti'-l-e- nt one f- -r re hug S.lt, Iron, O.y 0,n1, o The Tavern stand is one t.Mlitb-- bttweea Nauhvme and Ktioxvilt. The toil-- g aj in I terry are a cia-inua- i source of income, fin 1 tikeo aa i''h"r,ttiis is one ' Itie mt desirable pieces of pro-- r" v, f r tiie price a teed, la Tennesse I h s wi hing tj bay or exchange would do we'l to call on rae f.,. ihwitti A I,. I; A VI4, -;a tf n. h m nnw. L.and lor Sale.IorreRfjr ie seven h::mkco acre?iyingon ihe Columbia Central Ta.vntke tl;oa ,sevra nines from Colaraoia emlfoi- - ora Hi. i'ie.Hit, !iofr i part of the train on w Icli! . de.Th.s l. --.d ir e'j'ial if no' 'i;erior to anyi n Maury jar.ty t Is Will wau-r'i- l. (the ceienrated Sprii!; being oe the psrtoffe'c.l for ea!t) well ail sc.! iinarove'lt 'I iiere are o:j the priiisi-- ejine beti.ttt'til building Mie. fro.itiue Ins Turnpike avl U.e sootemiil tM Kail ujad. lr wi'l b d'vidsd to .nit i"r;Lai,rs or eld ia a body. for farinerinfurma.ion a.ipiy to ue at A:ih7ooU P. OI.v, Maary cnunty, l'e:i!ieriee. n,'11 tf T.rOIUi4 J POLK. Mount Olivet Cemetery. MVIK Direr ors "f thiiCTnpin ro' ii'i u'.-- e t theX f.i" i;, that this em.:tery his been I ,id off with uit-a'-( aveiues ir.d uai't., an I a i irtlons ol the li sub tiv i l ini y l,oU, wiiii ti are no v olT-r- f .r !e T.ic ol the trroua'is can oe a' tin ot!ice of i.ir.d-1'i-- Ort.'k t, where '.he nubiic are invited to call ani e thr s.na. 1 i.-- Com,i t..y "eel eonfl lunt 'hey could not hve tn .!e a n ore ra.:le l c:'i ni tor a Cemetery la the vicinity cl N chTl ic, ai.d f .1 e U.e to the puli'ic to nare no cicicy i r iiaio to lua"? it eqotl to any Ccoietery in the L.ii .u, ar,d S 'ch a "n- - as N'ivul may fei-- so:ne ;ride iu. '.'eiu'ry u n v in tii; charire of a c nip t'lil :i;er-ln'-pl nt, living oa the rn. utid, under whose direc- - .on in t.r .u-.- .U will in male ia the tet ui inner and at. the usual Ci I'ges Th5 0ire.toM ' f th ComnanT are Jh !r ius that ti t "n snjjH be vi.!rd th.i Cit aea! of Sabv.l.e, fcb'i :i:at pu-"- 5 o mibas wili Uave '.he o :i"e of Liu iltj an I Orocc t, it 4 o'l! h a on l'u-d- y afuTn.i.n ther I m-t- ., an I on e 'ery Ki idy ai'H.a:'iiOjn iherea:ier dl t.i ua'Le Uui Th- es f'l h free.L.'l.saod Kamoies :le:r&as of the wi'! b a ie i t r at f eir rei...n;a, by ew-a- i ih if car jb, lo tt ient of tk Cotrij) my. A. V. fl. t. O.'-i'- . N'a la.See'y. its : y 3 t i Wha woald wrar a Dowdy Uannct ! r" --".a 1 Ir.'iE is now. u txcu-e- , as v VT;3 j . ... . . i ... i' . : s V'ir'tV 'fetof rancy ..n-:t- i, Jit lie y (n'O.-.f- ! oui . i lei e , A.., at piicj. inn, lov i y our t me t i iret doo I it .wr o "n ,,r:e. I ha thought ol u,a-iii(- a fi t' s il?, bJt ttiint I wi I rrste n Or that in ;h' '.ro.'s ol tiei.oui.. I muit an J will c e o'l bv the l- -i (f I'tbru-ar- ., to iuwe rooia forur exUiusne bu-- oi d.rect Im-- ir.-- Pine a J l.nij.i. We ti ive ju.t received a Isrre st-- k. Hd-i-T- , v li ul H' i. It Ha n' Col ari irom Kxh Mttevi t s i f0. wortl-- Kxti I. ora fntii at ti , sror'h 6 W. Krh .ctw a' t J K '", ':!. 3 5'ioC 10, Kicb lu'iari", Sleeve. W irk ttsnlr-- iii,n in-'- i lue's. ac, ut same rvdu ton. A rodZnir.eejt Mo ,i n.' ilio.i I mi' i'ie I II 1 lri, rliw ers aud i uan e t.i 'too.1 f.ir Bridv and Fin-- y H at ix:i priix thai lb. re kiu.i uj-- hr n .tniiknK a brd"1an An ! (.r It mt.ru, ! tre un7 scihtic t o II n u ts a S t ;ti, and lonm-t- f rl 1 U ciitli rr.nl t'.uue s, lull truumc l, lor i ii) to S, worth tri Mi-.- I oni.e'i at a' y r.cc, as 1 a ls-- - Hto. k of I jt ;0"!i.C! 'i'k.. c ,;it .cat b.ira nlor Uasii, a. tht ' i' our laoito tor 1"'.7. V : m i t rr-- p cT'tl v itia i our f rads n f r the l:ii. r.il ipp .it au 1 (. i r na-'- e lor t.lv yer paai at N ishvilie, and trji u one w..l !e-- l oT nd-- d by o ir d .unii a et-i.- -t y 'a b irad-- , bat trn i bypoll:e at enitou ucd Uir d- - ''iu to receive j, cj t r.innce of their . f 1 won bs th ik ul for all bliis f ib'.t i 6e petti"ti i i nme liat y at I waut ui n. y to go t .i ao.jut the .oiii. to call soon ad get bargaiui at E. WISK, Aeent, jsn& No. 45 Pnlnn P! next door lo Mate Hank. m:v viioiai:sALia Ariiw ecu biik jlillincry House. TJ CCTJN'TEY MEUOilAMIS AND MILLINERS. , I A VINU ju't ro'i leted nrranjemeots with rone of the ' larire.t ll in jmct ne of Uraw i l l Finrv r ilk Bon- - n- - ts t ii I Millinery at Nl-- orsand B.'UB we wi I have In Plore a'o.ut I'ie 1 t i t March, a Mo k f o.i'l c as ali iVe i'ff n Commission, an I at prici, f j! y A oenta be- low inr house in the c tv. II vinR t enty jers ex ierieu. e in il.is b mi tees, yo-- j nur pi.ee confidencv in fit nv thelate, i Mj ! an I Fai.loiis, as we entire alt-n- ti u ic'a-i- ly to Goods and cann t bedece.v. das ti.o.e e iia'i d i i dracrtptioti ' f nierchaiidiie. Terms a h. 1 w jaraniee 1.0 tier cent, leas between 0h nd i r. i'. e iru-- t lo r. ce ve a libei'ai I'airo oai.et tii . being exciu.-i'.e:- y a Millinery li luse. E. W Itirl, , No". 4 j L'u'.jii street, mxt door to the K.ate Hank, j : 6 fi:ii UlLLlUEZY'X'Sb D RESsTjI AKIN Gr NO S3, LTPEJl KAEKET STREET. MRS. HO VVEU TON - ill PDCTFl'M.Y fn'orr.isl.ei-c.toinrr- s and i the p .b. c thit nas leceni.y re 0l !Vrd lare lo b r strc'i ol Moti- i.e y uoo all of wind have b--ea ejefuiiy emt racins: the latest stvle. of Bonnet , Trininiiiik., ! i Ii .ii, r lowers, ho.l. Head drtse'. lliai is, caK, etc. .'he i. aim rrnularl. m ric pt of all tl e new and bile i'o'i, fur Ladles' Orci.es, orders for wh.ch are promptly ait 'ide i to. b.i'. sD.i.tiis an eva.om.lion of ber if ei it und '"M "prices. the Ladies""of 'is'abhville! r k.,,v. rt aius. S. J. LLOVI), Fashioaable Silk and SJnnr lilliacr, o. iu croAit sr r0n.it inlorro the Ladies of and v rsnlty. ,h it s.le has J isl iccei.el dir-- rt fioin the Pa'i-- ! the worbt,ibe City of New York, a be.o'b fo; a.so'tuierit of rreoeti Mil. inery t.oo ls, consisting nf La-- r. d.l lltiuneLs. v'hmi al llotiuels, Houneti, HruiJ iiii lets, Kmon l lete I I c Il. nnets, liu.le BonnelH, 1'isaue Hot. nets' K ch Kar.cv Bounels, of the new. et iyie. Misses' aud Chi.dren's bonnets, in great variety, cf a.l soiU and sixes. EIBB0N8-- ' A heaatif d assortment ol ttonnet RiVbons of a'l kinds, snrli as V -- lvrt Uih oos, iush and Belt aUboons, and Trim. Uio.k tv.iibou.ol ail soils. FEEN'CH FLOWERS. F.ftv br xes the n. ist b. am.iul a id lore'Iest F.owers the eye can beflold, Wreaths, Hoses, to,e Uroj s, PiKCeli, EMB.ICIDEHIES A hantlsoTie airitneni ol I m .i.der!es f.ir I.s lle-- , sa;" as Sl'. rmsetts Cud rsleeves, i;ol rjt Worked II m laer-Ki- iil.ives. eil liloves, l.l.ics Veils, au l other arli-ela- . of L He- - ssaer too nu nerous to nirnuon. 'eiiing da) ill be on the 1st of liciooer. sow I a i.e. u your tixe to p. t a i an Isome an I bonnet l i e.. y. lo not b an ley i'ie im.resioii that I'oien street Is the nly pl.ice vos e ,n re: a hand o . e and fahioi.able bonnet. Cad at Jla. l"C- - .ar rl.eel, find sou will aee thst Hie grutl- air rq xl to any in th - citv. 1 on sell u b use i f o n 2 00 to tJo ", a': I h ive swurrd s me of ih best milhri rs in the citv tu wort l .r m . All or. tors lor rleanii.g, a'terii. and reti iio'iiinj; ha! be punctually :t r.d.-- J to, uid Jjii to a superior 4vle au i at a reasonable price. N. K Ladies Mr.. Uonuela cleansed aud altered. wl1r4 J A C K O a A I) A M S, Broad Street. WrrcK C'lAiTlNiJOGA I'KPOT.l Lumber Merchants, VSP Msnnf ictuT'S of Doors, 8h, B"n Is, Frsnie",il'ir, Arcni raves. .M .nt ... bie B Mul-- . P., s- -t rs. We Ji r jja .I.n, I'o.i'.a' aud ln l.iunnr, Mi v.n,i..d t Hose i, and ail kin Is i f ,i u ,tr1( nree.rur j k,r It..Iui le tlrfsh of P. a'n- - or M lc i H . of every e.rnpiM.n, or lers from (be surr on Hoc country ..!!. ited, all u.iat. ii 'ly put 0(i o as n.i: tj b? in. are 1 iu p np.iine (i.b prta.ed and giate i if desired. Jau5 Uno wl ir. " THE OHoiSD DIVSIOJf OF THE sons of ti:mh:ka;vci; "t IT 11.1. h Id I's tict Q isrter'y M- -t nr st It.-e- r.inp Grouula uiuer Couui t, en ib llnti cf J.nuarjr, sir. i,e;.reenta'lves a e ed to bipam tual In atten-Ja"c- as kusiness of e wid n tr.ns.cted. by rderof the . T. JUMH.U.I. e. I'ee. lv - t in.ntnw to cuNrjiAcraKs ako othei wamtisq IE0N U OilK. IIIE Rubseriber Intending to visit the South In February L woa'd icrptH tfullv Call tue ati r.uoa of t'oi wanung Iron Katrine, Veeatds., Iron hialrs. Bank Vsulia, Iron iwors and KO't- - Jail Celts or Doors, to lr .p a bu byiiad, wiicb. will nieei will auentain. Refer lo J dm H. M rgtn. Architect, Mempk's; W. D Wilsn. Vieksbnrg; John H. (Jjsi'les, X.'ches, Lids A Uar-riao- Yssjo Uty; Willis I Patrick, J e "o . T. '. UAKtK,25 Fiah street, dee4 4 Sl0w4 Orsnfirtati, I'liio, New Goods. "TTTI aerrelvlrg tvdav fhr ihe Winter trale, a banl-- m lln. of FklUU t.UuLS, embracing FAMCV PHI ST4; CUKCKEU i.lNiolliMS; MKKlNOr1; liLIsCHFn AVr BR. Mrxl.'N; ,. 1U.A'K. AM) FANCY CdUEiiES, JESNS AMI TwatOh; ALfAti'A"; bAHNklTH, II hlS'.:CLi'Il4; m.tcic ftmv ir. . Making our assortm-- nt rr ro rp etc, M hsh a lovito generalai.il 4 Itn, srol rtiCl.Ly Hu. e ,- lo b if lor ea-- h or on shurt tiinr. ILHV XIOuGA A CO. deeg AMERICAN SALE AND HACK STABLE, in ciii ik ii Hritr.irr. 2&HAVE on hanl seme gx.a HOfter which I wldwll low fir the Sl'itisr, and tfa llor is 0"t )4si ht I Mm, tVe moner will he re nrnel. A tew of these Uiorow.li bred IN' 01 ! rViNIKkiare left, aad u )on want not era tn'r ronn oo'ek. Fiiie HACK nd rool FtTRNITlTltF CAR, as well a. In. IIOIO-K- and BL Gii 1M aud bAOOLR IMUbfK, always o. Land h large .owibsws, (al low pnewa.) U k'rs Uik. iwiblbi. s.' . M IS limn, AKCJKBf ENT FOR JUVEfILES deterniined for looie thne pat t) try ac4 serveHtYIfO f fnnds wrli ir.pauh acd satwfacuoa.base It row srr!iei wib.ir entire us : k o4 leysCon!tlonery. fn W'i'.n, icloarnd llunuiiii r .... ts, Botare deut cat Retire, II Me:kt irt.trrii CUAKJ.Ks) tiO.tKI.OX. . If! ifljf HlW JO VOL. XXI. KEV YOHK ADVERTISEMENTS. from 8- - M. PETTING1I.L CO'S ADVEETUIJiG AGENCY 113 Naasau Street, Nrw Yoai, And No.lOState street. Borrow. P. k Co., are AgtaU Lt the most inBaential and larpest circulatinir Commercial Papers both in the Cnited Suites and the Ciifiadas. NEW YORK Clothing Ware-Hous- e. JEHKIHGo. WHEELER & CO., 2IAN!JF CTCEZnS A5D JOEBESS OF CLOTHtKO, '0fLL iav.te the a'ten im of clothes-buyer- s to th-ri- exte'.hive and varied s'o k lor the am'ag S rirgatid Sumin r lr'le, cons'stini in pan of Club t Ca- - i ueie, Twe. d, ' -- t, llin n hn I, Va k M'rte lies, otl er styles of aiid Pania. I e. aisrieil e , i.inen, 1, C l.rr.eie nd tun.lry otl e- - I e stle- - of Vest, with a lo I and o.n.r 'ete amorlin'tit of , Druw-er- Mica. collar. c , ifal w'adts and t' e mi s', tifh-ioi.- a: : til , u-- uo, in the beat manner, acd lCi.i e J to the u U.orah.e terms,j inii.t np Profitable and Honorable Employment far the Winter. in town oTtmntrj in search of smnbymentJ)nR50N'S jree f or l; tl up their l:suie hours, !m iv hear of b t V irc.onnir tso starrip.i, to PV po?taue, to JAvil.'4 1. IIokN., B 'X No. 4 541 New Vors Po t The eu p'oymeut. is fitted to ruh-- r sex Fta-lio- n in iii. immaterial. It is ai ar kle nf d ij e nsun ption, .Ld 'in bj raiin .f.wticted in any peroN del l.Jr; cored by pyi''si:; sa.ei as p maneutas flour. Aa agent i wanied i.j evei y town in the L'nioa.j in ' ln.n c; t) o i iz u ' s EE FIXED SHEET AXD SHRED ISHTGLAS3, It AX j MANt't, TAhl E JF.ILIKS, la. A primeI.""0a lor Conf-c- l mere, hotel sort r'amily use. To be oota'npd. With dirtciiot-- s f. r of U.e principal Or. cers and OrcpgutU llmioiihi ut the Cnited htatsy. ti0VZU8'ur' lM Kil CUJPr.lt, t w a orb. q,lll-i'- . cclrbr-r- c ne ae !n praccal an I pr.if. ta-- X ble ue in all n.i '4 ol tr,e cvn.r.'n or,u. i.i no inn v irions trader-- , at d m sewing every sort ol Ubnc, ei uer r l cloth or leather, they have b.cti fuily tried and ap( roved. ewin n a. him s f ..ther nnuufactureri often fiil to wort, but s'lNOUKV MACHINES ALWtYS cl'KliATK I'.'-.l- t Kt"l 1.V, bein(! HioLir. durable a'.d c.tiip:e in contrivance a ,d wrnrkinauship. A p- - leci eir(j machine kept er..;.lrn-t- d aff jr.lc. a c ear profii jt l,'m a yiar. but an imperlect one u a c iusj of . .Q4ta it vctatiou and loss. The entire an i inn n r f our it.sohinc b one great reason for their u:.paidl.cleii p jj u . i y. KOfl FAMILY PE'rVIT,. of a f ail an rlehcte coii'iruct oo, are rcomraended l y olhti' n at.u.a. to. r. na hints are irale to cat. h the eye, :it lo j ei ' iriu subst-in'ii- l work. The truth is. family .nr l.'its ojla tooe niu-- t trnierthan at.y ( tt.er, b. cu-- ih ty io into es sk'lliul hau ls tt an when sold to jai.u!.ictui e: J. and lire ut,eil f ir (rreiier varu-i- ol Work, 't ! e m . chines hi' h have proved b at for all Oder t.ii'poses ruu. t oe iir. l uir Uoo.y ut.t, .nd they are 8'ner's The fpicd .f o ir n;ic!iiuei hai iaieT been doubled. J0 ol. er o .'. con p ir I. them ij qi'.an.ili of worn. :ew in M'k. lira i.f the 'aK-s- i i mproved atyle will be i i.n lit-- i! e.nni f if 'I ewn.s; machine4 f our o n n.ake, oi o.r . perjtis e ii.ac'uiiet ot i.ihcr oianofactur-ert- . Uca g : wi.r Ltd to ttd our n'.achines.iAj S. H. A 11 p ia on il irmit lull nforinatioti about sewing machines, can obiai i :t by app iit g for a Copy of " I. M. Miiyer A Co.'s a pap.--r U. oted lo the Il will be sent gratis. I. M, HINGKii C'J. l'rtuc.iiii i.fl", Si'S Hioadif iv, New York. 1'1U.L11 I if MCI: 47 Hanover ft., P. 14 1 Ph la. ;i'i V e'stn.iu.-te- r t., Ih ovd'e. lo.r ba'ti nore .., lll;;more. VT4 Kroa.l l., Nerli, N.J. i Kas; Kour.h st , Cincinnati. 87 Broadway A. bny, N. V 'Ire iiro, Iibiiois.(ilovervi le S o k '..' Noi t . Koiirt'i st , St. Loui. Chsnei tt.. New li.iven M M. Claries tl., N. . 11 liu. hanati a.reet, tila gow,!JO laurihiue St., Woi-iie- . cotiLLd. oci2e-8t- np T T "P. R TT AERIVALS.X A sU V A A. . R. OUTTHKNo. so roitrn collehe asd buoam sro. S no re civinp one of Hie FIXEST ni Et'ST tsLLJJt 7Lit .cks ol t I Vw ;uu Winter ul BOOTS AND SHOES aver orojtht to tins mat ket. Cou.sting in part as follows: Ladks' ?uierCii!iies Ga'ters; " Ci l l.e.ee " " kid r'l:,iKT. Tics and Puskln; " Fine Kid and Mor. Bootee, thin and ihlck sole; " " Ucat, tewed and pet.'sed, Itootees; " " " " " t h.lirenN Fiae Kid and Mor Boolees and Ank'eTieg; A lull Mijiiilyof i. till a d (toat tlnote.3, for Cerv.inl's are. Thin toi ii.ic sole Women's extra sixe Kid bootees aau Slill'i rs Oetila ine CalT, Sewed and PepRed Hoots; " ' " " " " Oxford Ties; " P3t.Iithr do do " " Mec's.Biys'and Vo.ithi, Calf and Pat Leather, Buckskin, Kid and Cloth MaK ; Sieu'., rlo;, s' at,J Yo'iths C!f s.rd Kip Brogans; " Caif, Ki'.i and Morocco Bin-per- Boys and Voulin Cu'f and Kip 'A ivu; Cniiiireii's Fine CV.f t'iora Bootf. Men's iieavy Do ib!e Bools ai Brornns: xtra site. hoys' atid V'.O' o1 iJtav'y Bot at d Br. vans. I.ad.er' an i Geutieiaen' and Gum tver f hoes all kiadi. IIATS HATS H A I S I VST Li: "t:IV K be H. P.. Cutler, No. 85 and 19, rri I lro o ai d Cohere street: Lt:"l. .. '!.''' 'VMS lll'V'S VOIII,fHAl4. '.! IKI7.N Mr.S'S hnKT Kl'it HATS, all s.yles. All of which wid be sold very cheap fjr rash. c- - lii . R. CC'TTFR II A TS. 4 LAS 1K St.-- k nf Me l's, ys' and Children's Soft Fofil a.id ool lltit,, of every uescriptloa, jutt received ana or sale oy b. If. CLiTI Crl. LLssorln;entol I runks frcrn the . l - .VFl qtialiiy ole 15, the r Trsveinij!, 'J.J to oai Pack.n Tmnks; a. so Caxpclaud t-.- V"t .saJuie Lk. v' kinds. . . Jib. rt. cuTrKR'tf, Corner I'road an i Col'e?e its. ic-it-f tier Belting.r Vrfi o' LtATlir.li bcLil.VG, of the fol.MKMIuitwi:IV, icet of n.i i. s ride. s t of 3 Inches wide2i " r " " 1 th ' "2r !4M c l 2 Ml l'.n ?'-- iki V. '.. .) 2.V H tl) V7 8). :4i.t 9 V I) 4 i 4.;n 2lel 4.S' 2' m 13 Al a lire "t of Conper ha.s, and Rivets, and I.ao Lrc'iT cf ail kiiin.. All of which will be solj on the most reasonable terms lot Ca.li, by b. K CUT. fc'K, No. 80 A M, cor. Croad aud College ta , sejua N.eaviut i. i)ii:s' snor.s.t Fii. Ll, r. o,.. nni y some choiceSVYDTR r the L.d es cond.tinE of Lti Sic.' Ti.ich Nue Lasting Gaiters; " " " r retich Lea her " (something new;) M M H it jtf . .i KiJ n " " nsress K d " Thm " " Thee goods are very hanuaorte Call st eNYOfcil A F1It7'I,L, oc-.l- S" I ainic Siunre. ;i: tli-:sii:.n's- ' wi:au. r'f Nl'.s' rn. e C-- ll fuinp.-so- e urols;t.en'.s' Hue 0lf M.l. htd " is' t Ca f tol Mil " " " i at. r prm-- " - CorrreM G"er; - - t. m N Osf 1 Ties,fie'e g od.krt lo.uajr of the best r.isnufactOT i IdPhi a.: ipuaw Call ai i. .0 1'uo.ic piare. oci S e .NV HI A FKIZKLL BOO TiTl SHOES! TRUNKS! r r f ii k lad.t.4. Y AMFj ?up-ri- or Caif Wai.ing Uoo'ees; XJ " " t.o l we.t " Call sn I float welt Bu.klns; " (ul and Fr. Ma. " f " B iotees; " - La-'lr- weit Ga ler., pUln and tlpl, " - " tioigreMi I'.IMUMIN'S OOslDS. Gent', flue Cslf w a'tfiirinl l.tt; " " " li.uMse.H " " " " Ire.s " C. rrsi il.l'rrs, d aS'e A slr.j's sole; -- mm M .ter t r k f ew 1 M.o s;flxljrd T.es, 'bl .i unrls sole; " ir. r ho't i f v. o is d. .fr pti, ni; W th a rimp'rie aoitmcnt ot ti.t.ii. sura's. Boy's, Tout. 'i and Cb .urrcti'e Calf atid K o tio..U aad fh.Iduses an I i'ol.ii'. tl,. at, k'd s oirseTo aud Cadi Boot- ees, all of wh.ca ar eSc-re- rb.tp fir ea-- eel 1 itlli KAUtilK, 41 Co'b-r.s-t. XjooIhIiik Grlnasoo, I 1 ' F bare t la rtoie a Bne .l ak of ale o l eon. Wlsid'iw Hnad.. Art.tts M.icrl.b.ac., sr. I r t.d snanufae- - M si I II uiiug Iu-- ) hl.t.l. ai.4 ad kinds of out Usuk-a- av tccei"v sd'ed tar i j t.t Aur s oca oft.U A tit s t til l liitlOIIH AC.It a w.'d in i.ii.l ia KtkP LP wtlii Tn a Tint. i or en.ion'S at.d IIMil thent lo alro!M ihii .uitta 1 of iriui til abroad. W. Ii, f kkVVlA.!. exili . V rsrtn aiitai. cy riAsas. eerlvsl v 'be snbr.b.-r- , Bve of --rW,Jr4T mtriai.d Pi t Yjvt, ai by A. M. fi--t "seA-- i 1Oale A ltsi.,U '.. slut kow male f J Itnac Ihe Uigwiaiee ia the city, oasi.itae H and I iu p. ao I bt.allrtt 1 car.ee kowtWiawi raws. Aar ! g a .'-- J. 1 brrttsal w..o d d s w tl ka give ie a e.il. k.y 1'iaii oW b ni t. wsrrave4 l vwry peelrular. J. A. EU'CLl Ka. H l iimi sOeeL s. H Jut le'uhI by sac, UK f .h-.- .t , Li(ht at Hoot., St'dira Wa.tl, Tenure e vl..'iih ai--i Li,wjrd kw. a u' lr" ate ve b mU! Ssut-aa- P... en hand. C.L abd gs-- i op, ei ly --:. cl,. w, J. A. M. nunBijcm nuMBTjoin IUUTI N Ta4 ae4 W- - -is- v-ssi,1)IA. ty lh iso U u4 i a im "v-;- -1 thai ciiu 'l le 4u.i.d by n iuie.r !( f I U ttus t i u ol iw-- uli y . Aissi, ai. Aii.sW l klstaMj iaatrv BieUU feoaiied. , , I'iirf.-c- t itirfse'i. glvea or enars. Orders k.t a( lbs k.as'K -- u.re.vf Jaiui WKjona, sw Jasaea A f h.K.tnssM an set, wtl; be 1 1 oal'.ly nul la. ,, . K'ru. - I. eiaii.M NASHVILLE, TENS., NEW YORK ADVERTISEMENTS, from VISCHER OWEN A CO., Gen'l Advertising House, ArrLirroa' BciLiisa,84o isroadwsy, f,ew lora. PATENTED ! PATENTED ! Brother Jonathan's Furniture Polish, Tin only Patented Furniture Polish in th World! IT SSCTJTD BE I2T EVERY FAKLLY. TT has b en admitted by every one ho has ever used It, A u be the best article of the kind ever invented. It it app iel a ith a piece of Canton f isnael or Woilen Cloih, and dries iinmemabjly, rerr.ovinr all stains, grease and dirt, mskieir your furniture look as well as when new. ltwill resi't ti e action of hot and co'd water Beware of Coon- - trrbits! None genuine without Joha L. Brabyn on the laoel. i'nnciial Oeut. 444 broarfway. New York. J0I1.M h. Bit BYN' k CO." Aeeots wnnted in every Connty and Cny throughout the Cnited rtatas. Jan I irr.T Gold Sledal Pianos ! STEIXIVAY .V SO.S, .11 an nfuc Hirers, --s i iFiiurn sTPVir vftr vnnifOl4 deceived the fo'lowin Fib.'T Pjiiik jOgi WrntLS in Competition with the bestmkersT J Mi) fj of Unsmn. New York. I'biladelnbiaand Bal- -' " tloiore: TWO F1P.ST PR'ZS MEDALS at the Melropolitan Fair, Washlrirton. March. 1K. A GOi.O MEKAl. at the Crystal Palace. New York, No vember. 18t5, (bcinir th- - only gold medal given for Pianos within tVe last s i years 1 A GOLD MEDAL at the Maryland Institute, Baltimore, 18. TUE FIUT PR'Z5 MFIAL at the Fai- -, Crystal Palace, New York. November.-U5s- . Amone the judges were the first Mnsical Talent of the Country, such as M. Mason, Hott'chaik. Wolleshauot and many ot esvs. Kt. A 8. Pi anos, (with and without trie Iron Frame.) are warranted for three years, aao a written guarantee given Pianos pae'.ed and shii ped vithout charge, prices moderate. decia-1y- -v " IMPORTANT TO EVEnYBCDY, TO the last three yea's 1 have been engaged in a bni. X ne-- s known only to mse f, and, comiiarative.y, few ethers whom I have intrueted for the ru n of fitsi each, which has averaged rr.e at the r ite of $2,nnn to8 0 pr annum; ani hiving Piatle arrangements 10 go 10 tu'i.p- - m the Kail r.f lsii to erstiuc in the tame business, I ara win- - L g to give full instruC'ons in th? a't to any psr-ot- f in the I'uited Mates or Canadas. who will remit me thesam tf 1 I an induced, from the suc;s I hve been favored with, end t' e msnv thankful acknowledgements I have received from those whom I b ive inetruc'-ed- , and who are making from S tn 15 pkr dat at it. to give any person an opnor- - t.imtv to encuze fu t.i:s business, which is ea iv, pleasant, and verr nr. rtuhle. tt a smad cost. There ii ptilively Nt HcsBiio iu tl'is mat er. Kefercnces of the I e class can be given as regards its churacler, and I eanrif-rt- j nersons wh .m I hsve In't'ueie t, wf o will tesmv mat mey are makinir 1mm 5 to 115 per (av at the sms. It is a buiiness in whieli ei.her ladies or g n lemen c in enKaite, and with oet-fe- ease n ak-- i a v h rd-- o ne income. Several lames m Virh.us parts of New Yirk Mate, I'enn- - sylvr.nla a. d Maryland, whom I have instructed, are nos m akins from i i to 6 ir day by it. lt is a ceskejl iiosi- -sisi a id but a few (.hillings is required tirttrt il. I'ron the recel.it cf $1, I will iinmedUtely send to th applicant a circular cmtaming lull mstruc ljns in ti.e art which ca' be perfect y underst od at once. Ail letters mail be addressed (post paid) to A. T. PAieON'?, d,e'3xlm1-- y 235 Rronlway, N-- w York. NaW ANI IMPORTANT Biscoverv in the Science of Medicine. Er'tAV'NG- - iFTI1K HkALS OF TIIK PA I EN T OF-VI- F (4 1 v A T HT11TAIN, E'OLK de PilAflMACIE I'HtKMsi'lKN r e I's HI.- -. AND IMPERIAL OtlLLECE OF MM)iClNE, IHKNSA, aie atExed upen each wrap per. nd around ech c. ss? or Ti icsemar IN'o. 1, 2, and C. Thn prote-tin- the public fgi:n t iMiriTiosd .which are liable to the severest penal: iea courts 01 i.iw can awaro. T"e!. IT. A. B RtOW, Member of the Imperial College ofJ Vienna, an t Koyal College of London, may be n rsorinlly cocsul e I t his resol' ire, 157 Prince s reel. (few t.in ks res', of Hroa'lwav ) New York, from 11 in tun mom'ne. ti 2 nd fm-- 4 till 9 in the evenins, (Sundays excepted,) miless by tpec.al appointment. TRfKHV-ts- No 1, l the Ktmedv for REHXTION, FP' KM ATOItltlKEA, and all the digressing consequences ar'-in- fn m rsr'y abuse, indiscriminate excess, or too long res d aci in hi t clim'tes. It has invigorated and report a to perf ct he th, tnoisaa.ls cf ihe del iiita'ed who are now n ib prinriwLt of a:l the l"Jiicions of Manhocd; and wha'ev. r mav le the C U'8EI every DlMllTA Llr IC A- - TI'iS for MAKKTA'JE ia effectually subdued by this Wou- - der ul l. iscovery I THIE"EM R, No. 11; completely and enti-e'- y eradicates rl' lrn-e-s of hoe i, bo h in its mild anil agirravaien fnroi. iit eis. Mr et r-- Iri itttinn cf Ihs A adler, non-r- teniioa o' the Urine Pains of the Loin i and Kidneys, and those win re Copi ivi ami Cnb bs h ive to Ion been thought an an'idot-- , lo ihe ruin tf ihe heaiUi o7 a Vast portion of ihe puUtoa. Tfll' .HEMAR, No III Isthe grest Continental Remedy fneSr-.i- ills i n i i e: n irv P mt'toins. It alsococstitutes t ert:.io cure for renrvev. Srrnfn'a. and all impurities from he vital stream, so as sltnge'her to ernlicate the virus of iH'e.-e- , an I is a never lading Htm-rd- fir thst clais of dis. o'd.'rs whnli un'ortunntelv the English phy-icin- treats wiih Mereurv. to the inevitab'e iiestrnction ol tn paien'. r.mstitii inn. anj wiuth ad the Sarapa' ilia in the wo. Id e.iiiooi remove. l No. 1.2 and 8. sr prcpired in the form of a lot.ence, dev .id of t.i'-t-e or arid cm ba carried in the wj.s'c.) .1) ockit. Soldtn tin cise-- , and divirteil into tepar- - iilos.a asadini ist-red bv Val;ia'i. I.a Im in. boux, Hi rnril Ac. Ac Price i3 ech. or f. ur esses in one for 9. whicii saves 3: and in 27 cases, whereby there is a saving fjieclal arrsnfements having been msde with the vsr oas Exi'ruse-- , ti'e nine Uoiiar c sol i r cririi,siiu me a'g- - r . are bv Vr. b'ar.ow, tai nate psld, imme- - liiutely on receiving a rei.s ttiLCe, to ativ pari of ihe world, see ireiy ptc.ed atid addressed ace ird nf the instructions of the writer, mil- securing 10 ine punnu Tnmu. r.uropesii nn narations. an I eCecluaiiy pi oteeiing mem iroin spuri ous nerni :ious unit .ii n-- .. The three dollar cases sent a 1) 411 . I. but free of c.n iaee. To t e hadsl-w.f-o- or. 11 irrow, th it bamif illy Illustrat ed n..l p pi ar w irk, "lit si AN Fit A I LT Y, or PliYMUL nuts I. .itst.tAKCns.t1 " I: decr.b stn a e'eir and .uc d manner the ca .se and effects ol the s above enunicr- httd, with insiruclions for laeir pii )r treatment and cure. I'm-- e VJS rent lr e lo any add.ess. Address OK. BAltUOA', 117 i'rinoe Street, (few b'ocUi west of Proadway.) New 1 ork noio lydy. A VVVAIilrilXi KliVaMKXT TO C'OriSUStPTlVES. A Physiclinofhigh -- tmidinisnnd formerly a Profesiorln ene of the Meitlcal Institutions of this country, now retired from active practice, who has been sufferini' I cm Pulmcnary Oisea'e. discovered, while t avelhng in houth Aiuerica for bis health, a cure for I'm.suni tion, Bronchitis. Coughs, Col fs. and eenrral drbi itv: and being aware that Thousands from tins most drradiul ofare snff nng and dyir.j: annually all liiseaae-- , he H d stron", ;rota me principles oi numauny, of risking known this most valuable rep-edy- . I'.oon receipt of Kilteen Cents, in Postaire Stamps, or tlhanue, he wdi end i with full direciians lor making and successfaily usi: g il. The amount required. Is applied for Postage, and the pay- - tueutol this advert irement. Address B. F. Or.VEROC'II, M. 1), oneSl v Ilox 23, V. ., Ilreuklyn, X.V. PIANOS HELODEONS, and MUSIC. Till: t'AMI !VM'i:U .WIOPIEII, PRICES GREATLY REDUCED! rii NO. S33 BROADWAY. NEW TOliX. .tircnt (or Ibe lit l lloaton and New Vork i n r u i; .ti i; Ms. Largest assortment of Pianos, Melodeons, MusicalTsllR end Musical Merchandise of ail kind., in Ui L'uiled Stales. Piano. fi oiu T ca d.fferent Manufactot ier. empnsing tboe of eery variety of sty e, rom the p.ain, neat and substantial t ocUves, ia Wiluol or Hose wood Cases, from I'.V to f2 those ef the mos'. elegant finish d to owe la Tsuo Ooixaes. No hon-- e In the Lnioo can compete wlih the above In the number, variety, and cele- brity ftu tnstremenu, nor In the lxrasaiu.T Low Paioae at which they are bt. UOSACE WATERS' KODE 2N I"FE0TED PIANOS Wiihoi witVut Iroa Frames, possessing in tV-i- r improve ment of over-strt-rp ard aad action, a lergih of scale, power, an t compass .f lone eqml to the Orsnd rtano, unite.! with the beauty ana uurati.iiir oi riruviure oi iss square Piano. Tby arem-tt- y pronounced by the Press and by the flrt Musical Master, to be equal to Owe oany oilier mamii They re built of the best and most thorough- ly seasoned material, and guaranteed to stand the acuea f every climate. Each rrantej l rlv or pur-ens- -e rooe-- y refun t d. l OMAXfri.t.OSJ7 G'ftlT.i rJVb-.-Yjf,eoiutaau- la store, price Iroia f iQ u uo. iforncs "il fstrra 'telodeiyn, sar-- lor Inst,., tents In tone, tutu h and darshdity cf make. (Tened to the euual teoioevaare-n-t ) H oe an other sijles and bum, Prwe i5, H. ', 12 '., d uule Reedsaod two b.uks of it v.. .iw. Es. a l.beral discount. Clergymen spd and Churches an extra discount. 'irli Oiiitura.. LmwB's Harp, F;ates, Fla-t'a-A icsirdlsns, Vio!mf aad Muideal lo.tmments ef all kinds, t lower priors than ever heftwe offered te the srunlie. A le ge di eoar.l to Teacbvrs aod esJtouia. The trade SUa-ph- ed i . the rrot liberal terms. M ui( I One of the Urgeet aod hestseiertrdeatAirgaee ef Masie nowrx.bli.kesl. ..astnuae masy oftheehe e and snoat airanf Uie day.aad will be sold al one third oS froia the TCp-ul- prir rt. lu.w senl by mailt al parts of In.eoootry.post-palA- . w aesl penstoal itUsuvl pal 1 ksal: Orders received . y ruail. Haiasoscuoa guaranty la every lestance. Fianos and Mslodcn lor re it, and rent abvel on txircnaM. Pisnoa a n--1 Meo4nre fur tale ca Moflhiy ptyracnta. Bee ttiit-han- d Pianos Ukea 1 esehaa (or a. (jieral a'-- seleel Catatusrea aad sche Inks of price lor wanted u all pan. ef the country by nail. , sCreU tndu wsaenta olseed te A rents ta aQ parte ef the fseaatry, to sell the Meaaoe WaTa' Fiaaue, XiaAxlrons, and Cataifuwf kJa-l- Jy lt Will: ATS Will: AT!! 1WAr te purcAaas ry qtauty tif gasei Wheat, foeI .III pa IAS hi. acsu pric, a-- l K. C. BANDT. 't siuisr.u ritti..i .tUixIay a baa le re orr)s reftRtrriVEr LtirMiuaa frsecet., sack as rtih j I'a, rae nig Oassra, TA tu k, , J.ar.ry CVbas, Owor B ixrt. a4 a T.r.iy uf tnmgs taa teome as tr.eei Utt a.iio er ea'Jrtwsv eeti J. U. alcU.lL. LAt i; a, "r.ATiii'.tt a 1. 1; a riii ii it i: ii- - Jr f r. t.ivt l a lot ef veer est'A taew Lamiae, al xhesvy stuck of the verg bast Lastr EeHtng Iress leli Iti.-h-e vle, mux wi besesU te j torn Lr (i-- k by H. K. CtTTEH,.. etf fVseesr C4 aad I nO FCNCalL t":tEIiKt ia he ty and eotiatry.1 csisl's FAT'Mr MtraLlO bl HI AL CAsKaTAoaa We aad, V) tisMvaeit e Kelail. apptyr te U. . k fa'Fl L, Af6t. Al R. lK Wet(ieT,eorwe ftresdsal Irsll st (deeia If.s U ttJ-U- A e,w Pitiasvvig rsiriMf.ii4ssiSWW ii. 0. IHVXXl. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY CINCINNATI ADVERTISEMENTS. Great "Western Triink Store, Xo. 2 5 RROAUWAY, CIXC1XMATI. O. Ecn-r- y TT1 so, H TANCFACTURER of all kinds of Trav- - IV I -l- .-. D..ll..TMnl. V.lt.a V. V . k dies' Bonnet Boxea, Carpet Bags, Satchels, J-."- Is A Ac. All orders from abroad promptly attend-- , n ill "d to. We are determined our work shall not be surpassed In tha Union. apt 6 iX IRON RAILIMGS, X 13 II A IV O A SI3anLL "V rv tlx 1 "t G ,JAIL WORK,IRO.K DOOIiS AM SIH TXritS. Specimen Book of Kailinps sent bv Mail. T. F.BAKEB, Jan23 275 Fiftb Strskt, CINCINNATI, 0. "IlAIL ROAD SPIKEST" POTTER, ROLFE ft 8TVETTo '. Made of Ponieroy Iron. Constantly for sale by L. F. POTTER. No. 6 East Front Street, opposite Public Landing, Jan22 12m Cincinnati, Ohio. SPENCER HOUSE, PRATT & MIsTCALF, Proprietors, Corner of Broadway and Front Streets, ca.-vti.vA-'i i, oiiio. 'THE Central Preition, large and airy rooms of this Hotel,X commend it to 'be traveling public. aplfi-l- y W. Be SPARKES a CO. (aCCCS?OhS TO BOlXAJiD A SHITH.) No. 13 Sycamore St, Between Front and Colombia. WHOLESALE DEALERS IN Port, Malaga and Muscat Wines, I50CHD0N, RYE, MON'OXGAHELA A X 1 K EOTII'I r. I V II I Mi E Y S, BRANDY, GIN, PURE SPIRITS, Ac, ic, ap23-8- m CINCINNATI, OHIO Cheap Cash Store. COEJfES CF WALNUT AND 1E0ST STUEETS, CIACIXNATI, OIIIO. Wood and "Willow Ware, Paper Cordage, llooiiiisr. Material, &c. WOOD IVAIir, 2H) pkrsccv'd Buckets; W dot Bind Boxes; 8."Kldoien Hail Bxts; 2oi) " Haraes; 2iK) nests Tubs, pain ed; I fcK Zinc Vi'sdi Poards: 2i5 uox Varnished and Three l.i.OOn Piow Hsn lies; Moon Buckets: To nesis VV'hite Pine Tubs: 21 .Ouy asj'ed Broom Hand'.es;i I2.0U0 Cine Fishing Poles; 75 .Jos white Cedar Buckets of tss'ied 2otidoi Tar Cms; 10 liot H BCedirCans; 800 pkes Half Bu.-- Measaref' 5 " Nest Boxes, varn'ssh'd 7. dot Pine burns, assorted 2"0 Painted Tubs and15" BB Cedar " Keelerst 1UU nests white Cedar Tubs; l'io dox Weil Buckets, ass'ied. IIASKJKT WAItK. 2(V Willow Wagons, common j7"0 nests Oennan Market do. I0i " " extra; 80 Clothes (10; Soi) " Carts, common; too dor. ed n storefj"" " " ex.Ialitops nndtoarrive: 75 Fmpire Cabs i() ricien assorted Market 100 Willow Cradles; Baskets: 2fK) extra " 25 dox Children's Rattan and ISO dozen Willow and Rattan Willow Chairs Pick Basket; 5 dot as'ted Office Chairs, Rattan and Willow, very nice and cool for Isumn er, Also Clo. Hampers; imported fancy B;uvket; Work. Fruit and Flower Stand.. Also Wiliow Work madetoordea. FANCY (iOOUS. 100 dox Feather Dusters; ,100 bales Aiic.mt Mats:5.1" asb'ted fhoe Brushes; in Jute and Skeleton 100 " ex. " Mats: 45 Rocking Ilorsrs; dox Toy Air I'is'ols. CU 11 liA a i:, T W I n i;n, A c. l'Mlcolis IV and 1 inch Manila Rope, P I feet; lOcoi's 1 tn 8 inch do do litKt do; IN) col s y:, f to inch do do, assurted; 25 reels Bed Cord and Plow Line Miinid.i; !5o dox Cotton Plow Lines and Bed Cord; 100 dos Hemp lied Cords; lno hales Carpel Chain; l.OOii lbs Broom Twine Hemp; 1,5001ns Wool Twine, l.ryKI lbs Flax u " b00 I s Seine Twine; 75 bales Batting; 1M re-- Is Hemp Packing; S5 " sVickme; 75 ccili Tarred Hope; 400 " Wrapping Twine; 1AU 14 Jute Hope; F.U'ER. 1,500 bundles (Frnnd) 1 argermaa's Wrapping Paper; 1 soil " Mcre.'or'i do do; 2,'.MKl reams Loekiand do do: 150 reams Tea Paner; I T.i reams Fhoe Paper; 175 " Uam " 70 " Batting do: W.hOO lbs Roofing do, dry; 15.000 lbs RooUug do, satu'ted; CAMIIiES, Ac. Star CaDdles, Lard Oil, Opal Candies, Stearine Candles. Starch, Gel man oap, 4c. lit V. WOltK, Eeives, Riddles, Sand and Lime Screens, assorted. CLOAll FAlCIr.", Assorted sizes of be it qualities, in Iota to suit. Auo Bench Fcrews. in half doxen iiackare.. In lots. Wood Maws, Caw Bucks, Curry Combs, Card", Crushes Tacks, Rivets, Ac. IKO IIOI NDKLLS, A full stock, a.isorted s:xes. for DragKis'.' and Liuuor Deal ers' use, constantly ou band. HneChnrns,!1! 20, 22, 2.ini Ii lied Odnrdo 16.19 SO. 22 do Cerdar do 16, IS, iii,22 iloji'ainled di'n,22,24 do Brass Hoop do14 " do (Barrel do 1C, IS, 20, 22 do 1I.?IF.N Oiled Root, Black Ttp and Blue do ; Steam Bent Top; I'lar.kTop; ' Forsaleby S. 5T. BARRETT. may 14 cor. Walnut and front sis., C.LCiuuati, 0 Cheap Cash Store, CIIAS. II. WATERS Si CO., (icrr-.rir- to V. RinJuall & Co.) Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealer tn WOOD AND WILLOW WARE, BROOMS, CORDAGE, TWINES, k C. RAVING largely replenished our stock, and also Intromany artielrs n. t heretofore keel in Ibis estsh. lishmrn', we are nw able to ourindueem-n:st- o the fi rmer patrons of this house, and d aiers verier illy, riot surpassed by anyotner bouse inttil-cit- y We shall ke-- p eonstanOv on hand a full and c implete assortment of every article in t) 1 line of business, and we are determined to sustain the reputation of the od Crm.snd not to be outdone by any one in this bus:nes; and it will be our greatest endeavor to live satisfaction to Wood and Willow Wsre manufactured to order at the shortest notice. The following list, though not com pie te. will give a more general Id's of our stock in store. Is room h. Sol dosen large Fhaker Brooms; 4' Mi do. small do rlo.; 8T5 do. stesmhnat do ; sui erior quality-- ; 200 do. do.; do.; common; 6o0 do. fancy co.; 450 do. plain and common Brooms; SoO do. fancy hf Brooms and vt h s W are prepared at ad tinea lo furn'sh Brooms ef every varle'ystud la any quantity; ail orders wdliecclv prompt attention. Cedar tt are. Iron bound re.1 Cedar Buckets. Tub. and Onrns; brase hound red Ced.r Pu.;kets iron bound white Crdsr Tubs, Churns, I'lyrltl". Bucket-- . Kes.er-- ; hrars bound while Cedar Churns, Buckets. Water Cans arid Ke erf. Cedar Fauecls. Cordage. Of everv drrintlon.eriiatini m Drt of Manilla: Pemn. Crt nnandJu'e Kope, . II Ixrs; HeTip Be I Cords, sash Cord, and Piow Lines, Ileum Packing and Lead Lines; Cotton Bed Cords. Plow Lines and fau I'cnls. Mao.Ua Bed Cords and Clothes Lin's; Hpun Tarns. Mar. In. Buckets, Ctiurns.Tubs, Keepers Fasey Cabs. Covered Buk- - ets, Hmlent Churns H agfi"","A hetlbarrow., Ac., Ac.Mat.Alicante, Jute. Manilla Cocoa. Oust. Corn and Rone Mat. Pino an i Fancy Door Hujs: Sheep tkin. I'aiia Leaf. Table and Buggy Mats, Ac, Ac. Urmltes. Phoe. llore. Scrub, fiutve. rntewash Hit. Clothes a Whisk Br ..aLea, tares Feather Floor and Uearth Dusters. White U are.Dish Churrjs. Covered rlJJ.els Tub-- . rtave ITalf Rnsbala florae aad Ct.tera iiu ket. Barrel Churns. Keir.. Deek Buckets, ha t Poxea. Well Ba. keti. Bucsevr. Poolarand Maple Rowls. Cl.oin.inj Trave. Patent Churns. Hail Haim Zisuj FusUiiMnit, Ac. Ia6laeta. A roo 1 assortment eoo.taiit y oa hsr.l- - th best stock of Freocn and Fancy llaskeie in the city. Willow Clothes. Mar. ket, Hamper.rschoo', Ihnner a id Work oi,ow I ra. dies. Cabs, Wagons. Chairs, Oak Fred. Prarn. Clothes Besik-- . Corn, EfcHan, rtaekrt, Faaey tmbroi.l.-e- d Vtork, Fringed, N 4tee.Muk,0m e, Trieste, IUucule, French ivnife, Tiuiib at, Card, Fruit, A., Ac Pleasure.Irea B.ndard Pleia Ha f Huai ek. Sets Fmall UumCedar liaif LaaheU, freaied al.asare ol every kind. ' Handles. Poplar, FotroT Tree anil bleamboa'.s Broom Randies la any rtai ty. Axe iiand.a, 1 arusrd and fhsvrd. Pt-k-. Fork and Horn l 4iitl.es. Minuries. Matdies. Pelves, Hl.ck.ng, koi .nt Pins. Fntt.e Tvi... Ma.tde aaA ead-Oe- ., Ueo Haasee, W rappit g Paper, Cit e. PS vwrry vou.os, fsara, rosaio Mashers. C.oa In.per. Knife, Trays, Tar Can., Scap, arsreb, CaudUs, tinesLemeo fltiuersers, lewell ".oiler.. Sat Traps, Canei Cover, Bang Marts, toy amkeia, Tacks. Ae , A CHte, H. WAT ' Rhi a Cd. We. IB Male cU,bt veeta freel aad Cbiaaai U. Cine an a I Ojt.le.-t- fl. CI 1 PT. t.-O- W I ; W II AT A n 1 1'-A- .OA-- M HATaJlU.tA- - AUUltil. Joy to Oe wired that Back wheal's soa, Let touag ant oil relolce; Co re' a .f and lake it bocna,Pcr'ttim m Lae Ihe pr.ee. trtra Hu'fesd sivd B'td Barkehaat fljar.f- r- (.sjlvan a, baa entree al (decll) itL'Msvsj, SnOKVa IIALLini T aiM. r,4kLMsrra.,t "oTtSTtUM, uin:us vrlu.C A MALTBT A CO ft BALTIUOXS 0T4TE4 AGISCT, S 1 Ciaa,s, Lstbeter. Pffbv Toot a lor t, Cos Ovsser . rklst Cyxrrs, .ad ftsb O.iut a, nuke! iato. Haeisg a-- ed the A eaef 1 1 lfaeakeve aiisaew Arta, 1 mm Mer.e to lrst buad kta aad tt,e trasie via.ibe above ariawia) ia My sjuaaiU jr, at low prisssa. '' i .. MS IT. tf i i.ic i ktifnixi;. IUAYKtt Kwnai tesell. asaeegsi Pta servral rdaad iwe M U.re esua faaev gul. wuisnlLarg.injie saca be j usg t leepta Uri, ak blkj F. TfCtTs.. 21. 1857. CINCINNATI ADVERTISEMENTS. CINCINNATI Eagle Candle and Lard Oil Works. GEO. 1- -t i I iXiJTrO.MANCFACTUMEK OF STAI CAjVDL.CS, AD A MATIN E do.,i.auii oir..OETINE, GERMAN AND PAL 51 SOAP. arlS --ly A CARD. qTlE partnership of W. A T. H. GREENFIELD A CO., having expired by limitation, we have this day sold our interests in the entire stock of Furniture, Carpeting, Pianos, Ac, to THOMAS H. CREfcNPIa'LD and J.H1N PATTKRboN, whom we take pleasure in recommending to our old customers, and doubt not they will give general sat- isfaction to all who may favor them with a cad. W. GRKrNFIEL'r,jar 6 A. A. FillEMAN. All those Indebted to W. A T. II. Greenfield A Co., are Invited to call at their old stand and settle. IN' EAV tlU.tl. T. R. OElIinXLD. J H PATTXaAOH. GREENFIELD & PATTERSON. HAVING purchased the entire Stock of Furniture,Oil Clotb, Pianos, Ac, of W. A T. H. Green- field A Co , and having als united the Stock of John Pat. terion, with cur new purchase, we have now the most ex- tensive assortment of everything incur line ever offered to the citizens o' Nashville, and respectfully solicit a continu- ance of the favorsso liberally bestowed by our friends. It will be our aim to render the utmost satisfaction to alt who may be pleased to cad on us. jinS-l- m UaKENFIICLD A PATTKtSON. WM HTFWAST. sr w owxa. STEWAET & OWEN, MANUFACTURERS OF Copper, Tin and Sheet Iron Ware, NO. 14 MAEEET STREET, NT AS II VILLE, Ten n. HAVING returned to ourold stand, from which we wereby fire, re are now prepared to attend to all our old customers and as many new ones as will favor as with a rail. Our house has been rebuilt upon an improved plan. af fording us extended facilit'e.. Oorw orln JBIaojpIs cow capacious anu extensive, and adequate tu every emer- gency. Our STOIti: H003IS Are large, s- -d especially adapted to our purpose. We have in store, snd are con'tantly receiving, an pie suppllesofStoves, Wares, and Grates, ri-i- a and Ename ed Mskblkizsu Iaoa MaKTLaa and Gardci Stitcxs; and in short, everything luually kept in similar el tablishtnenti. Our assortment of Ftovee challenges competition ,compris ing evcrv styie ami va'ieiy. v. e nave tne Wrought Iron Cooking Stove, Among others an article which is in great d mand. We mannfacture for the trade ar d for retail, and toorder, all kinds nf Tin smiSheet lion Ware, and keepconstantly on nann a large assortment. We invite tae attention of all tn our establishment, pledg ing ourselves to give enure satisfaction. hTtWART AOWIN, march 23 No. 14 Market st, MOKE NEW GOODS. Tf-- have iust receivtti persiesmer tlarmocla: VV 1 doxeu LARGK PL rtOKM fcCAI.U; 4 " hATCH'riCOrNTER do; 24 " Assorted COFFEE MILL. Together with a large assortmrn of HOLLOW WAEE Wholesale or keta'l. ' We have also the mpt extensive and well selected assortment of Cookii g ami Heating to befoun.l in the city. bl tn AKT A OVt.rs le.-H- -tf I" AM n annfactttring daily at my Eclipse StOYd Foaildry - lntnisc'ty, a goon asorrment oi Stoves and Hollow-War- e, Ovens, PlT, Bkillets and Lids, 9ad-Irn- and Andirons ol diGerent patterns, for the wholesale and retail trade, a small tiroLL". Also, Tin, Copper and Sheet Ircn Ware, of the best quality. at lew Cenres. A ew fine chamber setts ol Hrittama War and No. 1 Refrigerators, on band for sale low. Particular attention paid to RooSng and Out'sring witk lin or uonper I er Old Copper, Pewter, Brass and Scrap Iron taken in ge lor ny manufactures. IT. P. DORRIS, JyfUltlm No. 8 College ft . near Church st fi. 8TT"C7).'" REPRINT OF TIIE British Periodicals, AM) TIIE V A I aI l-- a U ' s ; V 1 1 - K . GEEiT EELTJCTI0N IN THE PRICE OF THE LATTER PUBLICATION. LFC0TT A CO.. NKW YORK, cinlinne to publish theleading Brilbh Periodicals, vix : 1. THE LONDON QUARTERLY (Conservative.) 2. THE EDINBURGH REVIEW (Whig.) 8. THE NORTH BRITISH REVIEW (Free Church.) 4 THE WESTMINSTER RKYIF.W (Liberal) 0 BLACKWOOD'S EDINrrR',11 MAOtZINK (Tory.) These Periodlcils ably r- pieteni the three great political i a'i es oi it real Br.tan -- wing, lory an.t Kadical, but tolit'es firm only one feature of their character. As Organs oi memost pm'ouod writers on.icien e, Literature, Moralityan.l Religion, they staud, as tleyeverhav? stood, un- - r vailed in ihe world of letters, being conii!cred Indi-o-- n sable to the scholar and the prolesu nal mm, wl.i e tu lhs inieiiiitent resder of every class they furnish a more cor net and st;sfactorv record c f ihe current li eralure of thed.y, throughout the world, than can be possibly obtained irom acy oilier source. EARLY COPIED. The receipt of Advance Sheets from the British pub- - iituers gives aa niion.i value to trieee Krprints, Inasr. uch as they can now lie place-- in thel.au4of tuiiMtribers about at soon as the or, g, a J editions. TERMS. Per annum For sny one or the four Reviews.. ...'l 00For any two of the four Keviews ft no or anv three ot ihe b ur Keviews T 00 For all fonr ol the Kevies g Oil For Kisrkwood's Magaslre ,1 isj For 111 ok woo i and three Keviews t CO For II ackwot d andthefcur Revieas 10 00 rev Payments to be made in all eases In advance Money current in the stale where issued will be received at par. .ail CLUBBING. A discount of twenty five percent, from the above prices win ie aiiowen to utuos ordering fofjaor more copies of any one or more of the above . Thus: Four copies of maexwoor, or of one Review, will be sent o one address f .r t J; four copies cf the four Review and Blackwood for idO; uj so oa. POSTAGE. In all the principal c tles and towns, these works will be delivered Free of Posiaee. When sent by mall, the Post- age to any part of the Cnited States will be but Twenty- - i.iur renra a yrar Uir "Blackwoo ," and but Fourteen cents a rear for each of the keviews. N B. The price la Great Britain of the fire Periodicals above named ia about ft 11 per annum. tiik FATiiZiiirf,uinE TO SCIENCE AND PRACTICAL AGRICULTURE. By Henry Stephen, F. R. ., of E Lnburgh, and th. lataJ. P. Notion, Piofessor of rcirnt.tle. Agneaiture la Yale Col ege. New Have". I vols. Koyal 1W paxes. ami numerous Wood and irel Ccgravinn. Tins is. conk ly, the moat ctMnpteie work oa Agrtcul-lur-e ever pub and in order lo give a wider ctieuia- - tion the pui!i.hrs Lave resolved to reduce the price to FIVE DOLLARS FOB THE TWO YOLUMln !t When sent by mail (post-pai- d) to California and Oresra the price in be 17. To every other part ef the Union and to Canada (posl-patd- .) 4. This workia not the old "B ivk of :be Fariu." Eemittancesf r any of the above poblieatioos should al- ways bs addreased, post p.lJ lo U, Fub l.bers, LION t KD fCOTT A CO., tletSl No, -l Oo'd street. Mew fork.MTFATIO WA.tTlUU, VS Clerk in some respectable boose la th. city. AWholesale business preferred. Kefere nee given. Ad- dress il.i.oiCee. aov27 tf. II INK V.-- nO bbls Dean's Aurora Whisky; Ml bbls WeUer's Old keuluc.y do; (k) bbla Old rourboa do la store and for sale by W. II. G0R0O! A CO, 1)K AC II i:.-t0caa- ee Peaches put ap lo ibcirowajaicet10 eases TnmalUiM - 10 eases r.reen Corn. " - " la store and Inr by W. II. COR ON A CO. Sf'AI.I K. All suws, Fairbanks' eelewrat Dorsaaa,Counter, aad Grocers' rVakrs. I. tere aas) lor sale at Atacalacturers price bv their age',dti W. IL IsoRIhjN I CO. S. I F4. A fttS deck ef Ft.ara. A Marrlns ecttearatewWelder Paleut Fire Proof Mlata ' BtUr fairs, for sale at Factory prices and freight, la sto'e aut for s.le by toetr agent. 4eck W H. UOKDON A CO. T0jrlRTiB"b'leFaTrrraa4 Choice Besr Furtr ifi boss rewdcrcti Csirar. ta store aad tor sale by ectA W. U. GOliDON CaCement. IA A T!BU LoalrvHie Cev.nl, f"r ,!e te th trade ateo--1 aad eamar. by fjt W k(ILL, Agrat. At K L W a xls t'e. essreer Broad asvl Front sta. (darlt Canal Warrant.! I.aa4 Uarraalat Ur x will pay the higheM ssarket sr-i-e. la CjM erlor Land wKAloFOkD, McWHTRTEa A 00,, . jrtt tf No. ft East side PabiKj rktaara, fsashri'ilev. HTAT C'I'TTKIIVWi kav. lb or staae ef .I sage Caiters, by wbieb ens bead sa prepare SM bFaMi(Mat la eae hear aaeaa be done ia a day la Ike el tysieto SAUSAGE ITJFrZES. M.ci.oes Kr BtuiSaf Iaa aar". te .. rCCNO CAKE Taries,. s aod aeAtasrsia.AM) PUrOISO TTOCIDI. eOtFZX GBCCUF5 ANO BtOUiXS. TE. AND CJirVtZ F'jl. " " 4 iltualafocp Tna:-.- khj corrcz Tjiisi- - CbV CEXO YisMas, iemta.e Aesamc aaj Ia aertal P.llaros. TITER CIJTTT. TUSC!I PITCH TSS, AC. CU AAUliUk vub e ea sweat peuersM, U M A C a k t. A a Wt A il. White anil Opera UU (.'lores. IYtt ilTgll this day. a iart Msrtri U ttk.bsCsskwed b.e tWvse. J. II. MrfllU IUk)i I M.A.MS Ml.T.-li- wt bsis tarks U1 a ii ceil la sssu-saa-d Mi sa.e )w k cue. rtl- - . . O ' rtl il CPy. i NEW SER1ES.--N- 0. 350. ST. LOUIS ADVERTISEMENTS. From the Newspaper Advertising Aiency ef W.B. 8WT?s MIS, No. 14 Second Slreet, ST. LOL13, Mo. liUl Furnishiuff ESTABLISHED IN 18S5. G. & C. TODD & CO., (.SuccAioor fi Ira Todd d Aion,) Wo. 212 7IAI sritlTT.for.oI CTorKan, 8AINT L0Ci3, M0., Tmtfirtrr firtJ Xanrifuftuntre ef FHEJ.CH EUE2 MILL ST05ES, llnlcji Am lior Itol tiny lolli.PORTABLE GEAIN HILLS, PLASTER OF PARI., MILL PICKS. LEATHER F.FLTTXG, MILL 8P1NPLE3, RU iBER BM.T1NG, MILL SCREWtS, RUBI'-k- HO.-- EHi.lLATlNG SCREWS, h:mp I'ackino. DtM?AL IRONS; rcpber packing, COPPER PJY1TS, iron proof 8taff3, ETC., ETC. Our asssortuient of Mi.'! Material 'j the largest to t) rm'.'erf Mutt. At present we l ave on hand 250 pairs . MILLSTONES. Oniers promptly filled and all articles war-aante- maryl lyl G. A C. TODD A CO. SCAI.C OF PUICCS rod TB PKINCIPAL TOILET xRTICLES ata'craCTDaiD itWHaIsIAM HOGLili, 227 Valiliiloii Street, Uoaton. SIX KONTHS PBICES. Eogli's nrrxmn s Kxrio, :lc, 60c, 75c, $10 die, at I ,It. . T12 pcrdtAeu. BocLi'e Elxcthio Haiti l yr, (liquid,) JO., $1., I'.sJ (lie, l 4, f i, 1'2 per dcien. Boclx'b Ukbsho a, cb Balk or Cttbsjua, retail 50e., sises $4 per dczea. To Wholesale Druggistsand other large dealer. a discount of 15 per ct.. Irom thete prices will be made, p'ov.dcd ineir purchases duiine the six rnonths .ball exceed , 100.l(JvlST CASH PRICES. A IHcount for I AU t il! I - uiadtfrvm lin tbo prU ; ri..(.e.- - On orders amounting; to '..Vir over, at one time, adissoent of 5 per cent wnl be On ardtrs atr.ouctii'g to .0 or over, at onetime, a discount of 10 perceut will he ma.ie. On orders amount, rt to 1 73 or over, at one time, a discount of 13 per cent ul be made. On order- - amount me to il.V'orover, at one time, a diseoaat of 25 per cent aiil be mule. On orders amounting to f 'li'it r rover, at onetime,, discount of 150 per rent a ill be UKile. These are the lowest terras, and from which no variatloa can be made in any rase. Prices of othtr artie'es mty be had on aprlica'lon. Hr.ton, Aug. 'btii, Ib.'C. WILLIAM BuGLK. Refer to Oso. Grs.o. Nahvi'.le, Tenn. aun'iS ly Carter's Spanish Mixture. THE CHEAT PUSUIES CF THE BLOOD. Tin: itF.vr ai.ti it.vTivr. kmou.mi NOT A PARTICLE OF MERCURY IN IT. An Ia fallible Remedy For Scrofula, King's Evil, Hheumatim, Obstinate Cutanea Eruptions, l'tuples or 1'tisiuies on the Face, Blolohee,. Btti'.s, Aiue aitd Fever, Chronic rore Eye, Ring- worm or Tetter, Enlargement and Pain of the Hones aad Joints, Jail Kheum, Utubborn l:lcers Syphilitic Disorder, and all diseases arising from aa lujud.cious use of Mercury, imprudence in Life, or In urity of The B'ood. This Great alterative Medicine and Purifier efth blood It new used by thousands of rrme.'ui patients from all part of th Cnited states, who trs iry iiaily to the remarkable cure iierformed bv the i or all medicine. "CARTER'S SPANISH MIX I TRE." Ncuralitia, hheuroatism. Scrofula, Eruptions or tne Skin, Ln tr unease, l leers. Obi Sores, Af- fection of the Kidneys. Diseases of thT roat. Female Com plaints, pains and aching of the Bones and Joints, are speed- ily put to flight by using this inestimable remedy. For all diseasesot the blood nothing has yet been found to compre wi'h it. It cleans-- s the system of all impurities, "eta gently and eminently on the Liver and Kidneys, and strengthens the diyestion; gives tone to the stomach; makes the sain clear and healthy, at d restores the constitution, enleeb'ed by Urease, or broken uown by tn. excesses of youth, to iu prittire viror and strength. For the Mntasrs or rsxiiult is peeuiiar'y applicable, and wherever it has become is regularly prescribed with the happiest effects, lt invigorates the weak and debilitated, . .. .. , . . . ...1 lm.,.r.iua..itv I., li,. worn nn I ft.m. y. - r-- - and leaves the palien'. fresh and healthy t a single bottle ol thisines'imable remedy sorifl all the aarsaparUla In The larce number of certificate which w have received from persons from all par's of the United States, Is the best evidence that there is no llnrpbng about it. The pre, hot. keepers, magistrates, physt, tans, and public men, well know, to the community, a'l a. I I their testimony to th. wooderfu effects ot this GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER. Call no the Agent and get an Almanac, and read the de- tails of astonishing cures perf.-mi- t d by CA RTEU'8 SPANISH MIX TI'KF.. Hn miMt rre tcoer eeerw thing tU la tig. unlit rui.'it.) The limits of an advertisement will not adV aalt their full insertion WM. 8. EEZES A CO. , Proprietor, No. otel Broadway, Naw Yoac. To whom al) orders must be addressed. For sale by Druggists and Country Merchant lo all part of the Cnited Stales and the Cans.ias, and by arl.iwaw w. y. uraY. Nt.aviuv. e?".1- - . s,?.V.O ... .... v ..jt, tf t eySiTtlsJ s.-- Corner Six'.l and Wa:sut Sireeu, Cincinnati. THE COURfE OF FTUr-- IN TMI8 INSTITUTION Id thorough and prartic !, embracing all that le rsstnawte youp nien for 111 active dutieeol ihe Counting ttooea. among wbicb Book serpiog by luo e cn'ry, tjotnraercsajCalculation, Pennmaosh p, Commercial Law, klercanlile Forms and Correp'nd-nc- e, receive rpeclal attention. The former Prlncinst, R. 3. Ms con, bsvtng associated witk him I. J. Allen, s.q., late P resident ef FannerH t'eirege. aa a partner, a regular se. ir.of lectures wil. be fives by Mr. Allen, in the Coll. s I rcture Room, ob various topic con- nected with Mercan'll embracing the subject, of Commercial Law, Political tconomv In lie application b Ootnmrrcial and Correi.ry, Commercial Geography, His lory ofCommeiee. the Con.u ar sistero of Europe aad Aaiertca, the characteristic r.f American Commrrre, Ae other lectures will aLo b octaaiooally gtven by erala! lecture's. lb hour of ins'rorthn are irom 8 to 1 A. M., Iroa I te 4, and from T 10 V P M. T aau For mil eonr-- e, Inclu ling lecture, 40 Foe Penumaitaeip. per month.............. I Bovll dmdAw BACON A ALLKN, Priocipala. , r-J Iff 7f AYER'S PUIS. The I'oc-trj- r al Pbfklc. AYER'S P1LI-- . r Ide. sitsr rhod. over the palate, bat thHr energy, a'th rnigh wraiipnl bb, to lAere, and tells wtta giant force ea Ihe very tiundatlotis of diaeaa. Them ar. ihosuaedsof stiCrrer who would Dot wear their dastesa-pe- rs if they knew iher eould be cured Aar 11 eta. Try Aver4, Fi!ia,atid you will know it. 1'unfy the blood ant il.irtH will be ('arvesfout. Cleanse ihe ry.tesa Irom Impuriliee aad you are ered Alrmd. Take ibis beat of all Purgatives, aed ncroruia. la.riree-- tieo, Wrasaeas, Heataeh. Barkarhe. fid. acres, Jsaadxe, kbeumausm, deraageTeota ef the Uvee, stMaeya, aad IWwcla. ad derangement an i ail ditaiaaea which a pssrsa-- tlv. reme y can reach, Cy bcor these Use darkest be- fore the Swa. Aeader. tf yoa ae suJeHsi Ireta any im aawMroee entrplaiDl cure .uiTer aa more ihe rwsaedy haa been provided I t you, an.) it Is ertmmaJ ts .'gleet It. ' Taat Avtr't Crry I'r.-trm- I lb. week ra.ttelBe ase a Csmgb, at k bow a to the whle world, aad that Jlysw-- . J' ar. the fecet ef ail PlJa, u kaowa le tbce. wt ) kave m-- d theeo. Fr-pe-red by Di-- J. C. ATES, PraeUcal CMnULuvtl Ma., and bold, Wbosesai. by W. W. HIT A PIVOTaiE. Retail, by J'J. G BiloWN, Nabvil)e. T. and by all Druggists bus Dealer la MesUciac lArwugh Uu. eeeijoa. NOTICE.Subecriber ar.nuacw. 'hat he a d1rl!l a ae tMs ef fit latere la Orssseaweef MedKnoe. Mr li sxea. Baacwrra. 4 NaeavltA, aabt.U,D. 1,1-i- . ALli. Jtl.Aiia. Aiaa. w irv rsra snsss M ACKK.NZI K --v HECK WITH, CO LI.KCT I N O A O ITVTS,jsaihyille. Trass, AND tl i:KlvA la AGISTS FOR THE GRFENCERS COV.PASY CF KEW YORK fniIWMfV)E ALABAMA 1x9 QSOROIA- - arrati, reseats sus-t- a atb th. ersssenbwf CVsspaaF.BYw. aadtrvake le visit i raui aaoaai'ly taa.y aa Acvat resiling t every rstnair, le. aod city us the lb reelaMsd tb s. weksa til be e.rewaail t Mfeeriaieaded y ttr. Heckwiib. we oa.r oor rvee a CeUswtnre s" " sits, a repatstrrm. le , le . a-- aresnis. la f ete. auea- - twa le tatereese tbs w wha wtaA l aasptary sav e are perwiUrd te ,ie tae a.ieeiug rverrvwalilW.I iMi.UrulM.MItni K etchers A Co, A sis--r street. New J art; ftntaed Parry, Ami , t M, Ftwia-ktiyt- ia, F ass last:i I 1st.,lit MM.iw.Ct.ix aod A Ct , Piiijbanp CvtiiaiH.baia iu.. kuue FseSaryj .. kt. ly i. Ai"t-- - at La. NaaJksilw, K. II. M istt A Viii.m, aiasaws. AtvlarasKt. A uavB V , C0F1S! V 3 PHILADELPHIA AI)VEBTISE?E?iTS iTJIMrAItY tOODS. REGALIAS cVO. W3I. II. IIOUST3IANX & SOS, 223 Cliestant Sto-ee- t, adjoining lie Mfawttci Hall, PHILADELPHIA. ANUFACTrRERs and ImporUrs of all kiada f tdessa TAir Good, vis: S WORDS. lAEU. KPALnjsTeVPLCMhS, LACta, CAP8.dC. Also, RKiiALIA or every style for Fry. Masena, Odd rllows, Ac, via: APRONS, SaSUU, C0LLAKA, JIWaXA. EOBE8, Ac. A'so, THE ITS CAT. DEC0RATT0N8 la Urge varbMju FLAi.s and BANNERS ea hand er mad. te erder. L'av ni a 11 assortment of th. above, taahlce saeea aBllordeis at al ort notice. uova eodtra. THE MOST EXTENSIVE ELEGANT ASS0ET1IOT OF OTTi PA1IM TJJTGO, LOOKING GLASSES, EIMCRAVIWCS AND PICTURE FKAHIES.IZarie's Gallery Ko. 212 Chestnut Street, P1III.A1A1.1I1IA. riov2 eodtm. JUST PCBLI3HED, BY THE HOWARD ASE0CIATIC5, PB ILA DELPHI A. T10PCKT ON fTf KM.sTORRHiKA, or ferr.iaal Weafs.IV Impotence, the Vice of Onanism, Masturbatiea, or Seif-Atus-e. and other liiseasee ef the Fexoal Orgaaa with an ccouot cfthe errors srd dteeptton. QuaeAja, and valuable Advice to the Afflicted, by 6F0. Tt CAAe HOCN.M. D.,C0NtCLTINO PLRGkON ef the BOW AAA ASSufllTICN FM aoelptia. Pa , a benevolent laslitaitaa estab ithed by iptcial endt th. relief .1 Ike sta. and d stressed, aWicted ith "Virulent sad Epidemic Dta. eases." A ctpy of the above Report wl!) be sent by maM(in a sealed envelope ) Frit EOF CHARGE, i thereeeade ITWO tor postage. Addiess DR. 6EO. E. CAaUOL'N, No i South NINTH 8u, Philadeiptia, Fa. aevtrnoSm HAVE YOU SUBSCRIBED IN TBS Cosmopolitan Art Association rou Tin-- : Ttnitn i kah tCEE THE KARK 1NDLCEM IMS 11 be --rar.resseetO have t he pleasure of annc.nrir.g that the .olleeiioa egWorks of Art designed lor distiibulioa among tb sebtcrt-ber- s, whosenames are received previous ta th laibefJanuary, '17, iamcch larger and mor costly thsa an aasy prtvtOLs year. Ami ng ti e leading weik in tea ptare executed iu the finest Marbie is th new aad IsaaualDtaiuc cfilie "ivflon "yjiph,"Tie FutUof the Three Great America, flatsesssa.CI.Ai, Hl.liMtn AM a'ALlAOlST, AL-- th etqu'site Ideal Bast, 1 111AI'OM.d AND I I A H A ,I MARBLE, LIFE 8 MIS. Tt si iher wdh the foiicwinfUroapsaadaaiaeaia Caryrara Marl-'.- of the bTULLCI E FOR THE Ii F A ST, Ol'S AND ArPLE; PSYCHE; MACVAIU; CU1LD OF Til K bKA; lNNOCkUCa: CAPTIVE BlkO, and LITTLE 1ECAIT. With wnr-si- n Bronxe, and a ealieel.ea ef ..v av- al hunored FINE OIL PAINT l.SOS. by leadiaf Arwals.The hole of vl.ic'u are te be die'ribuwd cr ai sad amonc the subtcril er whose name are received previeaa to Uie 1 WINTY ElOt TH OF JANLAKt, 'T, wk.a taaDiatr.luucn will take plee. Tfch'M.s I t SCPFCRIPTIOIC.Erery subscriber ol force doi.'urt is e.litled le A c ny of the rplendid bierl Engrsvirf, "lATraasT NtoiiT," cr a copy ol the followicg Msgaaiaee cne yeasH al.o a copy ot tne Art Jorss.L one yA', atd a Ticket la the Annual Di nl ution of Works of Art. Thut,for every U pa.d, a ro rot ealy gu twillful Magasine one year, but also receiv. aas) Art Jou-- r alone year, and a Ji-- lt iu the Aar aal Dleirtka-tio- n, rt.a'.ing t.'t'bir vertA of rendu. wiaasr ticket, by which a va u.ble pa.auag er pieea ef sta uaiy nutj be received In adiiuicn. Tb who prefer klagaslne to the Itgrsving 'FstardafNi.hi,' can haveeiibrr ol the lullow.ng one year: helper. Mau't x t.e; Oode's Lad's Book; Cnited Stairs Msfseiae; mocker Magi.s ne; Oraham's Msgsams; aeteeed' alairstiiie; Southern Lueraiy Messenger. No penton is restricted lo a stare. Tkcse taklag five lotuiberships, remitting f 13, are entitled teaxwa-gravirc-- s, a nd lo six ti krt in ti e distnhuuoii, er any Irs) cf Lie De yrar, and rrj- licit U. l ei m ii , in ren in.i g fuinia lor niembcnhlp, will please ren-ste- ihe leiler at the Post to prevent leas; oa ra-- c i,.l if which, acer.ilt'al. of Membership, together wlias the I niraving cr M.'iiti-xtn- . desired, will fur warded laacy .s-- , f be country. Fi further parteul.rs, seethe Novmbr Art Jearaal, sent fiee on a:ito;ciii n. for n emhrrsbip, aoilreas C L DKRBT, Aetaary C. A. 348 rrointaay. New i'ora, or V. est.rn 0.ce, lid Water St., Saitiiu-n- t hio. It r. WILE IN, Ni aerart fee'y,to Nashsil c, T.a LIVLEY STABLE TOR EEXTP0E1S57. "SI The well known LIVERY STABL1 aafe Jr?C on Lower Market etrtet, bow occu-d- fcsTJJ P'd by Joha U. SI-.- wili be ,.n. 1 red next year. The sise aad locatiea this y 1. lie make it one of tne n on de.lrble la tke city. AL.tl lh lre AKEUOLSE now occupied bv 1. 1.Fee. as a Car luge Shop. For iuriher part cuiars apply le .itheir ef th end.rslga en on ' si ket street. MRS M. SLOAN, er novls-- if IKED SLOAN. AISO. The ICE HOCfE occupied by a a. IL Martta will Le rented on faveranla terms. msNoi.inot.FpilE copartnership heretofore existing fsetwee. at a.X l, unUrr the nam and style ef S. A. CtoCaV P!l AN KS CO., ts this dty dissolved by ntatual eeaaeat, The arctunis due se d firm and babiiibe. ef lb. saa. allbe letlied ly Frcderica Sloao. f. K. CB0OEHA5EA,Na.hiuie, Dec.lf5,ls:. IRkD. aLOAJI. .tone-1:- . HATIN0 purrhaed the interest of A X CrwoUhaaaa atManufactory en Market street, Ibe aa.derstr.rd will contiuue said busine. at Ihe same f wttathe shine workmen, Ac, a heretofore. d t FRED. ILOA. TO TllOSIi VHO KIDi:! FIZEiK AX 0'M ili.--iacture- of CarriAges, Coachee Safjiad, Liht-Wagrron- i, Ae. 'o. CO l ower tlarkel ftrcea Ia.hllliU' L are now manufacturing every vart-- ef" Vety and style of vehicle, from tb. tVTiplainest '..o a the most bcaaU.ui and .ia-- KUSFboratly I nished tu-- r out. ' Uarmg engaged Brst-d- a. workmea, and obtained a large amount ol the best of stock,. are prepared ta de wer which wiil compare with any tn the who! country, eiikwr far styie or uurahiuty. All kin.ls of vehicle kept conataa .ahand, or promptly made to order.f.verctt. Patent Canalins;.This important improvement ia th ewapting ef r.niag.ele. has awakened much interest throughout tke eeeasry, nd irlot with the mot favorwkerell is best knew aknown. Having the exclusive right for taasclty, we are a makinr use of them in eoostrocline Camagea, Berrec. Ae. irtT r the place at the Old atsusd cf SleaaN 5J le.wer Market Sir set. rinei-ot- GAS FOK CQUmiY HOUSES ANDStcaxxiloodTXtja. PATENT IJK.VZOIaK GAS. norTRT Right, ard State Right fore. Ta.earyIJ Brnaiie Machine that will gve a good light. The enure spparatusia sUSDie.oecBptes bat lloi rwaaa aJrequires little er an atteuuoo except wuidtag .a aaUar tea clock. The (j ona tbfrt Ire thaa crdinar Ceal flaau aad makes U.e faaodeomeet and chespect Ught la th. acrid. Itcan be sera lo practical opera a at Header tea A sTreeDeadr nek street- - Any pereoa wanting laetr Uoaaec lie hWd! cao be sunpUest las mrd lately, they aanag Bad a eoalract sbi the ftin ishiogof Davidaaa Coanly, aad solieil ardersj.laforniattoa sorjeeraing Stale aad County kighes saa ad by aoialying ta WM. TsTAKMI. auin i ti Cherry aureat, II sstsj vase, Kl.r i. iYI.U A.M t uli lALi't at J. ti. Ed I' u So sea W. It. Cheese, a saUd, frtak arWaj S" bi la Swswt llavast Oraegtra,f bhd. Cocoa at--; i') bb s Soft en.li Aiarsoade; . . 1" lie FUb-r-- u: 1 do CrraraNuta; ' M do tranl.rr.es; & I de Ale, difl-rr- nl b B tie; lo case Pua aed Swswt CaiaoaaWiaa 1' t'o Cherry Hraady; 1) da lliew'4lBFi i! f C i?rs, suitable lof Coentry TradeclO.uts) de de da City Brtail; 1 dseea AVle ftUB.B- - l.. v... ...- ' - r- -. - . w viaeld cheap at J. O. KOBERTSOM 1. .an a Oa Br.a.t... I' lrsV.' ' ll A . '1 I n At: it it.A'iiii',to kews DL'POM'd JUJL rvWDEA, Iksr - baaters' " lai " Ecatacky Al. "1J " BiaetagKe.aiO feet aeiesy W T. A. MaCAXX, Afeai, ' CatniTba Wine. JWILl keep aatayj aa bead, a eat ety f Dry Ain, wbiek 1 edl feraiae ua Ira s al Oe-aa- af awscst.. hreigha sdad. (asl ) F. A. tseCdt A&AITA3 AT LA IT. A FINE letef aWWaed Irea MaotJea; Paries', Cetatsrar t 4 ro.6ro.ee, aad kw sal Ums by decie-- U , p w. AtAXir A CO. liLOVEUAttO. PACE Ati) S. FAECflA, A BAOOtOS deltveead a, eaFnfOixuy vn aa4 sa,ly. Fee u g thai earb aa eawrpaese wa very aaeh aeeAed, ttey ha.e isara-re- eev u? aee ta gva a aeataad k euaveyaaae, aa aepa r r aiieatlea te eeaa. se deaef. tae rejaade ef Uka baataeaa area cl kfc r- - Mr. A. L-- Weesaessak, lata wee.eager d Adaaa Tarprav. Cosspaar, wi3 have Msarg ef ear wagoa aad reeie aaddetM at any petal la tea ei- - i4 saber be. .barge wry eanderala. . V4 Ot Sie. M Cbetry strejet, tp stair., CvsW W. L TArda Jv. ,i alwaK1A4I1TSI 1 iXXHl Ehsvc past evened a Sac asesn-sne-et ef Fa ay Tea. svs, vf aM d.eerituseaa. erevMsiHiger . Paper BaaActa, Far AaaA aad Dico. oa Js ttool B kela. FrfuTrasei f Hwcetr; "ft tne tsj Coe-m- Nerwey leaketa; Osl aaet Eu'd task'tet Eel. Plaia aad Painted ak.aa,grttot.tr. r.i o and faaey;lie is4ks stastna; C t.tbra w.k.is aad aevail; t In l ea kt.utt ra, a I pJaey ul Cm t,'.. - l"'"1"4' - s f a ii i i i ( IV.
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