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Daily Nashville Patriot Newspaper Archives Jan 20 1857, Page 4

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Daily Nashville Patriot (Newspaper) - January 20, 1857, Nashville, Tennessee1I i .... - - t - V1 .... Freights Reduced. KATES OF FREIGHT FEOHI CHAELESTONTO NASHVILLE, "'TO OOSTIHC1 WITSOCT ALTKB4TO CSTIL THE '' ";.. First Day of June, 1857. ' ' r . FIRT CLASS. . Piano Fortes, Bocks and Stationery, Boot, Shoes and Hats; Liquors, Oils, Ac., in bottles; Camphine and BpiritsTurpeiitirie, in bols.; Carpeting, Ch na, Glass ' . and ftlaswre, Cigsrs in cases; Clocks, Confrctiona- - rle, Cotlon Cards, Cutlery,lnces, casks and boxes; Dry Qoods in boxes aal boles; Drugs, Fruits, fro I. Tree and PhruMtery, Fur, Oariirn Seeds, l.ooklng Glasse and Looking.!!! Plate, (at ownfrt risk,) Ovsters in cant and jars; taudlery.Tin and Brittania Ware, Teas and Spices, pr 1(K) to. fl.lS ' , EECONDCLAH. , - Hardware, except such ssl-erfl- in rirst and Third " class; Coffee Mills Machinery; Foreign Liquor, In bbl"., and pipes; Tobacco, In boxes; Leather in roll i and boxen; CUs, In bbls. and casks; Crockery and " Qoeensware In and casks; Rice, Whiting,flatter, Blieet Brass, and Copier, per 1(W lb $1.06 ' . THIRD CLASS.' - - A, Shore's, Sprulee. .Sad Irons, Zinc and Tin, In p'gt; i T Auvila, Vires, casks of Chains and Hoes; . Naniils, and Cution &.MKe; Coffee, heavy Canines, and Axle, Chains andSpikes, and fctositi in hbls per 100 lb. 8C-- SPECIAL RATKS. Furniture and Carrlaee boxed: and other t'ghtarlicle not enumerated; alo, Carboy of A- -l Is, or other , i ' . Chemicals, will be charged b actual weight, but at doable K.m Clas Rate, erl001bi ...11.80 Have evenr package piainlv marked with nam ofc.n-- , aignee. dealinaiina and depot cfdeliver-y- . Attenlicn to tt.i matter prerent delayt and losses and insuret a tpeedy de- ll rery. ADYANTAGFS AXO FACILITIES OFFERED BY Till CHARLESTON HOCTE. - Goadt consigned to the Ageat of the Bnu'h Carolina Kailrod at ( barlerton, will be forwarded "Free ofdrayare, wharfage ar.d pntjge only charge I a bill of whira with amount cf fre ght raid revel will be roail-- d to consignees. Mark packages, cars Agent 8. C. R. A., Charle-on,8- . C. t " The Footh Carolina Railroad will advance hlppr , charge, so that those who prefer consigning to a Commis- sion uouse saa do so, and hare their expense-bi- d payablehere. All freight for Nashville and Ftitlonson the Nashvili and i Chattanooga Railroad are sent from Charleston by throughTrains only, and Fhippers mty rely upon the utmott delpatch and promptne-t- . The Rate fronC'h.rleiton to Nub. vtlle will at all timet be as low at by Savannah. I . 1 sua authorized, and will setie pron-ptl- e any over- charge! and (Wmair! that miy occ jr on this line. la cite of lost or missing goods I will t.ke charge ofany correspondence necessary for their recovery, and if not found will pay for the tame within thirty days after notice It given at this office. Merchants along the line of the Nashville and Chatta-- ; aoogt Railroad wul bear in min I that the above rates ap- ply to all goods from Charleston, which are to be delivered at the following Stations, vix: Stevenson, Anderson, Dech ( rd, Tallaboma, Normsndy, Wartrafe, Bhell yvilje, Bell- - Dckle, Fostervule, Marfreetbsm, Mryrns, ana Liver trie i I atiall be prrpired to give every explanation and infor- - nation deured in regard tofr-lht- t and etpense-bill- e. Correspondents tr.av rtly upon prompt answeis to all In- -. qulries; and every attention given to business brought un der my aupervlcica acid control. CHAS. W. AN'DERSOW, Agent, Ja& if No. 25 College at , Nashville. ON PEODUCS TO CHAELESTOU. atharsand Wool, per 100 lbs . 1.4 Saswax, Ginserg, pink Kont, Rope and Bagging, UemD. Btar CanJlea. Soau. Lard and Linseed Oil. per 1W lbs l.W leaf Tobacco, per 100 a 8!) Whisky, per LW 00 Beef and Pork, per bbi tM Floor, perbbl 1.4" Brooms, in lott of 50 doaen and opwards, per doaen... 1"0 Cotton, per bale T 4.00 lb Agent of the Nashville and Chattanooga Railroad will tign receipts at the abave tales un:il Uie lit or Jan next. A dednrtion of the abovj ra' will give the rata to Augusta, Georgia, on the articles al ove f e ifled.Fur infomuaijn In reg trd to rates ob other artio'es not sptc'fled above, call on or address CUA3. W. ANDERSON, Aeent, ' Jao-- tf No. US Colleve street. WESTEKSI FKFIfillT AtiUXCV I'OIt THE CHARLESTON LINE, also roa raa una raox NASHVILLE TO C0LUHBUS, OA., r e - It t " f i (VIA w rT POIKI ) Sixty imiles nearer than any other Eoute. ortier; u. so culll( srnrrx, NASHVILLE, TKNSESSEK. OVESCIIARGE3 by tie Charleston Line promptlyPer.ions desiring information as to rivet ot freight Evtwri or Westward will be f jrniahed with Tariffs upon application at Ue office, or by mail. Uo'ids from M. Ljuis, Loui.ri le and Cinciunatl, to be aenttoCharleaton,&.C, Angmta and Columbus, Ua , Mont, romeyy, Ala or other etatioat on the South Carolina, tieorgia, Atlanta and LaQrange. or Montgomery and Writ Point Riulroails, Wili be forwarde l ireeof charge (except dray age) when consic aed lo me at Nashville. lrayage from the Hirer to the Nashville and Chattanooga Railroad Depot is contracted lor at three atd a t all cent per J 'XI lbs, arid wll not exceed that rate except on lots of freight less than 1000 we'ght lanlliics les than loOOIbs. charged ti cents lor the lot JaL- -tf CHARLES W. ANDERt)N, Agent ,. NOTICE TO PAS SEN GEES. ' CtrxaiHTXKDWTt Cmci, N. k C. R. TL, Nasuvili.s. Jan. 6. l.'.T. f OTf and aft r Monday next, the It.h iust , the Ticket Offlee of the Nathviile A Chattanooga KaiTuad will be esubluhed at No 84 College tirct, under the rewaae H tl. Th Offlra will be open at 7 A. M. and c!ced at o'clock, P.M. Pattn6-e-i thould p acure Ti.ke; tx for going to the car. H. I. ANUIRsCN, Hnp't. C. L. Apaano, Ticket Agent. jar.8 tf TfiZSH ARRIVAL OF SEASONABLE E00TS, SHOES A2TD 0AITES3 T0S LADIES, MISSES AND CHILDREN. LADIJE3 French Lasting Gaiters; " withhee; " Italian Cloth thick sole Gaiters, with beelr; - Congress Booto; Fnglish Calf " " very superior; French Morocco and Kid Welt Boot; 44 Ourocoti Kid stitched hoots, thick sole, very One; tag. Cut, Kid French Walking bUoet: top. r'rencn Calf Boot k Buskius, thick sole, for cold weatl er, " Fine French Kid Flippers, plain and with buckles; . " Fieneli Embroidered Morning flippirs, new ttyloa. Cork fulet, Orercoix--I and Toilette Mipi-ert- , Ac, Ac. Miaset and Ct lldren't dresa and thick sole Oaiters, Boots and Shoe, of French Morocco, Kid, Uoat 'kin and CaX , Fins l)res Broasrd and Black Kid Slippers - Tht above Stock is vary superior, and will be solJ at low price. ' JOUN KAMAtiK, - 4c)t0 t College street COFFEE S48 bags fair and prime Rio Coffee, In storeaale by W. H.UOKuu.S A CO. CANDLES 18 boxes Werk Co's Star CandlesSTAR bcxea UtutLer'i Talluw Candles, la store, and tot aale hj W. H. UORDUN m t o. O0AP 800 boet Pretcott't Extra Family Poap. In ttoraO and for sale by W. U. (iuHDuN A CO. 1)ICKI.F.S MLnO.I A.M Sl l H just re--dee LUNUHLKrT A CO. . V X DER W LAIiT" "XX have now a suprv hMortuicut of seasonable Dn 1 derwear, it eunauw of Phaser tiauavl, Shaker Knitt, " fJegovla, i LmlV Wool, Red Saxony, Merino, .Arnenan, Cashmere, Moeasllk, Canton ricnnel. ' Trilled CwtMn, Aea'l of which w are selling a fair .rate. - J. M. MsOILL. - .. - - . DEKESIKO ROBES. A FEW fiobct,wta waduad, recoivod and for sale by- - J. H. Me.lLL. IRAVELLIKQ E3AWLS AND ETTTFLER3- - A Cert ro4iW1 vn4 Un mie by J. H. MtHilLL. - ' TETTSTTS AND VALISES.T TUT roeelved a supply of bt So.e Leather Trenks andI Valtses.and klargtlotof cheap styles, all for sale low y : j. h. MH4it,i,, KECK TIES AKD STOCSS- - received ever variety of Cravats, Ties and Stock.JCST . . : --. - - i . , J. U. Met) ILL. Ladle' and Cenllemeni'Farnlahlnf Btore, corner of the f-- pare and College ttreei. dec 10 Fa Abut Ambrotyprft.A IRHUoll I'l.ts la & ask rillJU. by A. LAKUOMBS. Aaskvotypos art) saade sowker ah In Kashvlll than at Asahrotype Roams, Ka.0 Collegs St. Aaibrotypes arc made poa a double plats glaaa, Tsarsaeti. a lly taled,an thus proweted against all possibility of la- - Atabrotype CoBBterWtt r mads en tingle glass, pot ald. and art not so durable a an ordinary daguerreotype. Ambrotypes wars so pawod brine Inveotpr toditttngnsk f from ail oibsr pictures. Other men aorrnw Ike swiaw, appiy II so an m'erier pmsrs snwn laest tu main wssints of as Awilrp and Anrb(liv. Mitt 1 . Sundries 6 boret Pint Appose; t bblt Cuerecta; 1 hhd Cocoa Nun; ' ' 6 bnies t'fttron:(0 bote Oranges; 1 boxes Lemons ; 30 boxst Pecans; 100 txrxet Files; 10 bo ofl Shell Alrneals; ItK) baes w. sLA L. Raitiaa.lCMirU': , asrt4, Largs lot uf Fireworks, at"4; A vanety of Ckrwt.ukt F.xinst and Tersef all sorts, st reee vd aid (ut sale by . J. 6. LOUIRTSOS, s , Tyyy r -- ' S i-- V', 1- - - IASSTTLLE iriL ITO FXAM rOCJDaT - o. 17, tkiuth r'ront Mwl, - t ami m i r. A 2. C00Z, practical BELL and fcitAr.8 FOLNDtRT , JjL aaroeaat-- r so . eiltr A Coo, ts pre;ai d to ananafas-ts-rs too'icr. Bait A r CburUir, SimuuisU aaJ fiabia tious. Also, Stent VfloaUua, UGIuim, Cflu4rr, Uaage, FoaoUia and et"P Cocks. Lose and wall Jutbt,wa Moui.libg, AsU-- f ncuon MrUt. All werk mart by rs with aeataas aad doapatcA, of the post material. at ! pr. axid warrand. )sslt ly AatSEKEXTr3RJl7VrSU.ES. ". determined for torn t ast t try aod serveHATING iruod wuh desuk ud a.faoa we . Lav it now arrsustrd with our eunre bew Ui k of Tets. Confectioner, fire tVoik,e, Ae., to send llio 4 a XTn o alliu ul non ut oi aS i -- 'O vf ... JtlxET.ijt i ' I .':! . SWAN & CIVS LOTTEREISI CAPITA 1 PltlZK 830,000 ! ! ! ' The following Scheme will be drawn by P. gw A Co, Managers of the FoRT GAINES ACADEMT LOTTERY, of and the SOCTHERN Mi LIT ART ACADF-M- LOTTEKT. of Alabama, in each of tbelr Lotterirt for Feb- ruary, lSiT. CLASS 0, T be drawn in th City of Mobile, Alabama. In pnbl on 'SATUItlJAY, FEB. 7th, 18S7. CLASS 24, To be drawn In the C!y of Atlanta, Georgla,in pnblie, on TUU'.SBAV, ItE. 10th, 1857. CLASS 25, To be drawn In the City of Atlanta, Georgia, !n pnVie, oa SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 1857, on tin Plaa SINGLE srjiBicits! 30.COO Tickets 3,260 Prizes ! MORS THAN 05E PRIZE TO EVERY 10 TICKETS nAttSIFJCK.VrM'IIEME. 1 Priae of. IM0O0 is rfl (VO 1 " tll.WKt i S0,W0 1 " lo nw i 10,0 "o ' 1 8,000 is Otifl 1 " " 8 'H O is 0' 1 " ' 7.000 U T,i 0 1 u o.'HO is 4 000 1 " 5 0t0 it fi Oof 1 4,0 '0 1 4,000 1 i. 3,0 itf1 ss 2tsi0is .WI - t l.ooi) it 1.000 101 prlies" li) are 10,000 100 " 50 are bfiW APPIIOXITIATIO.'V PHIZES 4 prixea of 2V Apxm'g to fS.tXiO 4 S'K) " li.Mw 4 M ' 100 44 lU.IMO 4 " 60 9,1.00 4 65 " 8, 00 4 M (t) " 7 (H O 4 f,5 " C 0t0 4 " 60 " 6.WJ0 4 " J 4,om) 4 45 " 8 000 4 " 80 2,000 4 84 M l.y.o 8,000 " 20 are 3.2GO prises amountlngto : 204 OOO Whole TickeU, $10; Halves $5; Quarteri $2.5 PLAN OF TUB LOlTr.P.Y. The Numbers from 1 to 8.iO0. corresponding with those Numbers on tha T:clcets printed on separate tlipj of paper, are eoeircled with small tin tubes and placed in one Wheel. The first 812 Prises, similarly printed and encircled, are plae'd in anolber n heel. The wheels are then revolverJ, and a number U drawn from the Wheel cf Numbers, and at the same time a prise is drawn from the other wheel. The Number snd Prise drawn out are opered and eqhiblted to the audience, and registered by the Commissioners; the Prise being placed against the Number drawn. This operation la repeated anUl all the prises are drawn out. APPROXIMATION PRTZfS. The two preceding and two sueoee ling Numbers fo those drawing the first 11 Prises will be eniiiledto tue8 Approx imation Prises. accordintT to the scheme. 3,000 Prizes of 'iO will be determined by the last figure of the Number that draws the N),ihXI Prise, For example, If the Number drawing the 5iW0 Prise endt with No. 1, then all the Tickets where the number ends in 1 will be entitled to 120. If the Number ends with No 2, then all the Tickets where the Number endt with 2 will be entitled to 20. and so on to 0. Certificate! ot Package will be told at the following ratet which Is the risk: Certificate of Package of 10 Whole Tickets ISO " l' Half " 49 " " 10 Quarter" 20 I ORHKRISO TICKETS Enclose the money to our address for the tickets ordered. on receipt of which they will be forwarded by first mail. Purchasers can have tickets ending in any figure they may designate The list of drawn numbers and prizes will be seat to pur- chasers immediately after the draoiug, E9rPurchasert will please write their signatures plain and give their post oQice, county and suite. pgr" Remember that every Prise payable in full without deduction. 3$fAll Prises of $1,090 and under, paid ImmediatelyafteT the drawing other prises at the usunl time of thirty days. All communications strictly confidential Prise 1 ickets cashed or renewed in other Tickets at either offloe. Address Ordert for Tickets or Certificates either to 8. SWAN A CO , Atlanta, Ga. JanlJ or 8. SWAN, Montgomery, Ala. . K o y a I 11 avail a LotT e r y . THE next ordinary drawing of the Royal Havanaconducted by the Spanish Government, un- der the supervision of the CspUin Ucneral of Cuba, will take place at Unvana. on Saturday, January 24tli, 1857.SsSSSjOQ tortco .Siituero 57o Ordinaries. Capital Vri.c 100,000 lol.Prise of. ..1100,000 8 Triietcf $2,004 50,000 2 " " 1,100 20,000 70 M " 400 10,000 1J9 " 200 5,0 HI 20 Approximations.... 7,204 4 Annroximations to the IHKi.oOo. cf jO K) each; 4 of 4o0 to rwyroo; 4 of 4 to xO.MXi; 4 of 2(Ki to lO.Ooit; 4 of 200 to .0o0 Whole Tickets 20; Halves $IO;Quarters $.. Prises cashed at sight at 5 per cent discount. Billt oa th Nuobville city Ranks taken al par. A drawing will be forwarded at toon at the result become known. IT Communications arldresed to DON RODRIGUEZ(eareof City Post, Charleston, 8. Cn) until Jsnutry 24'.h, will be atSended to. Jan. 4 td ilargjlmtd lotteries TOR JANUARY, 1S57. R. FRAiXCK fc CO., Managers. Drawing conducted under O e saperintendecee of the Sta'.e Lottery Commissioner. Prizu paid as soon as drawn. A Grand Maryland Lottery ON THE HAVANA PLAN. CRAND CONSOLIDATED LOTTERY OF 1 EXTItA CM. ASS Is To be drawn In Baltimore, Md., S&tarday, Jan. 31, 1827 20,000 Knnibers! 1,000 Prizes! In these Lotteries every Prise must tie drawn by someone, as a I the I'r.ses are drawn out rf ihe heel. tSt" T. II. lirKBiHD A Co. are authorised by the Vtan-aje- rt to fill all oroers. 1 prise of.... 4t,8O0 1 prise of.... 12,8-1- 1 prise of.... lo.ooo 1 prises of.. , 5,000 2 prises of... 2,000 S pniesof... 1,500 2 nes of. . 1,000 1S9 prises of... 200 ArrniMTios rsizas. 4 of (ISO approximation lo. 4?.5D0 4 of 1"0 . " , .... . , . 14,8ik) lot VD lU.OHO 8 of . f0 6,0l0 8 of 70 M oo 8 of 40 tot M " 1,000 TUof U H ttMJ l.WO prise .... 182,401' Whole TlckeU lf, Ualret 15, Quarters IJ.50. BRILLIANT SCHEME. GRAND CONSOLIDATED LOTTERY OF MO. clash r, To be drawn lu Baltimore, Ml, Satarday, Jaa. 24, 1337. f c ii i; .it i; . 78 Namtert 15 Drawn Batlolt. 1 prise cf. ifio.noo 1 prise of 9 r-- pnaeeof 10,000 4 prise uf.... 5,000 " '" ( prises of.... , SiU g3F"loo prises of l.ltifl 81 prises ot hOO C$ pnses of... 100 " it prise of . PV 1H piisesof ... , 40 4,48 prise of ; 409,ij prises of. , 10 ' S4,8d3 J.riset, amounting to ll,t0?,lHt W belts J0; Halve 10; Quarters, 5; Eighths 2 M. CertlflcaM of Packaga of 24 Whelee, rest 813 fr8 ii k4 Halve. - 18 60 40 HO 4 Quaruri 44 6 de 84 tlehilu .......... 88 U All order for ticket er rkare (n any of tkt Maryland Letter-Mrs- , will receive prompt attention, and the drawing mailed to ail purchasers li' Ttumtr'.y after it it vwr. AAdreas T. Ii. H bBARJ A CO., - i No. 6w Fateu street, or Be. No. 404M MairiiRAre. M nrwrl ' THE TEXXKSSKK Tl Farmer and Mechanic, niiuits tj TK INTERESTS CF THE .FARM AND SH3P, A ileathly lleeord of 4ieeral Agriewltarw, 5lo cbatiUe,' Ktock Ralalng, t rail Urewtng aa4 llea IntorO'U. .J l. r.nrujAsiB. Fnrroa. -r ' rwtfTiT aprrcKX: Pa K H. n,'P0,'N. 'a Tennessee, Cat. U.J CANMOX. West Ten BH e. Aasisled by nosero regular Cootrilnitora. Al AM TXr-"Ts7l- OF "JlTUEiX IXDl'jKT,' It at th diga of the eoodurtort Vomk tt.it itiaraal siaarl, eeervedly, at the bead f the list.ki.d I iakor or effurt wUlbelrtd so BdCMnpltsh th end I a the rtistrvta vhere Farovtig avast pro:Vy o.u tectrd,tk largeet pjimberaf Agra j.mrjl Journals encu'ste, Th iniel; gsrooe they roa y of U Improved meihuds of euiumtniu, tha unpruve-atsn- U Is fanD-str- tt and rf the great nunitxrr of new andjarful labor- - ring maCilaos that are e ..intartlr bclr J la areJoord, rendrr it 'y th every farsrwr sitouiJ Lav the aitact of this Inietligeoc wuh a h.a reach. THlv.IXySEdSJtlC fAlUU AVD MECHANIC Cweiaiu FOITT FIOHT pgef rtnag matter soentfc. rf, aa4 is frtated enik aew aad ksJiJnms t ffs, tgu4 paper, bd 8ae If Uhutra' nih tngrrics. TtSMI OF UMCSJrTIOf. Orteerv.oae ycar.iavanably In ajsance, $14) rut viMk, , - -- . - lu . Ta csysas, - " W 00 ' . . evxru, Mosatx en.; ' Publnhei, Ntvsbrtne.Ttnn. r f" T Jseeary atimtmr will appear ty lb tOth ike enoaiB, aad forihsr aueswr will be ready hif 4Ueiy pruw.'iiy by the Arstsf each moeth. ."" ." aDYASCK 1.1 CCTTC5 TAXTS. ;f'' Mrftdy, 1st !...,., w,OWaoJ th prw eft.M"a Y fcr o u t c f per 4osca. Oar brie will thoa t ar "!. ... lie. . " I la. ' Wl:k 8 vrset fffr lots etf Wirt or mvr. Ketfltretis! Blsi.wed oo order tos '' " ''1 k tias M wfewA tsUi'M --t vis Fe all SKUn fc Mr S5 bar. C,b. m - " f afi aad air tm hf (II 4aya,u as f, aat pr 4 KiMbw.W. U. K(silOM A Cd , . : 4eel . . i ' AC tt f MsauiMtisrwra. NEW DRUG FIR3I. BEECH, BAKER '& CO., No. 20 College S&eet,Sewanee TMlding, ' ' hASHVILLE, TENS. Drugs, Sledicines, Paints, Oils, Dye Stuffs, Perfamery, Fancy Ar- - TICLFS, COMB, RRUSHF?, TOBACCO, FINE CIGARS. Garden and Gras eted. Fishing Tackle c. For trie by the New Firm BEKCU, PAKtR A CO. firxev roit on. riTf m.s rAsisi.iA Medicines. BKECH, B AKf.r. UU. ALVAXIC Cl.fATlVFS. ForsalebyG CO. ."vlttilXES tot the cure of RheaC1AI.VASIC General Nervous Debility, Ac For le hy BFrCH. KAKrK r - K ;if:4IC4 can fndLVKit at BELCH, BARKS A CO'8. ninin TirKI.E. Hooks in rreat variety,P .r.r.rA. 'rm .r.rf rmn l.lnen. Coiton. ea UvBssand Silk Llnet assorted, twivels, sinkers. Trout FUex, Grass Hopper. Fithing WaLett Ae. For sale ty Mllrl JIKTI.V I t l.l llllATI ll Body SupX nrtsr HANMSG'S BODV BR ACF. long and familiarly known as the Best Brace extant, and admiraciy aaapv-e- d to the physical wants of delicate females a'liicted wit general debility, curvature of the spine, falling of the t omb. ,low af , ditpeptia c. ror saie oy uvr -- cw ,m octH BCECH, BARLR A CO. ninir v si'PPf.irS. Post), scrub Brushes, halA1 Brushes, Comb assorted, super Carb Koda, Tartaric Acid, Pepp r, Spice, vinnamon, vioves, nu'mcg, uiujti Mace, Fine Teat and Chocolate, Ao. For sale bv rvtll BEECH, BAKER ACO JO. G. BROWN, DIAUUt II DBTJGS. CHIMICAL8, TAEfTS, OIL?, S, WINDOW GLASS, GLASSWARI, SURGICAL INSTRC5IFNTS, Ac, .ind all tlu Popular ralf.it Medicine of the day. 43 Ccllee-f- l Street. N ASHVILLE. TF.N- N- TN Fancy Goods, the stock is more than usually large, .a. havinz received new supplies, seieciea in person i Eastern market, many new style never before offered it this market. In Perfumery we can furnish Lubins, Basins and Mitchell i Extracts for the handkerchief. Pome of them ere new vari eties. Farina, American and French Cologne, in almost every pattern, Pomades and Hair Oils from i.ubm, " right n: f t u i i, I-- An nillnes A Lubins Pachels, Hair Brushes, Metal, China, Glass and Paper Puff Boxes, neu, fine ana uresMug vijm, .vBs. - -- general aswnment cf sundries in this Une, to which we would call attention. T Ki:CHi:S-10- 00 genuine and fresh 8wedish leeches XJ just received, by ju. u. E VAIiE-40C- O gal. assorted sites, Ac.STO JO. G. BROWN. TAKCII 25 boxes Proctor A Gamble's Pearl Ptarchs superior quality. JU. M. bkuw n. ni'IVF,lli-9- H baskets just arrived, also a f mall lotJ Virgin Tuscany Oil, an extra article for table nse.je23 JO. G. BROWN TSI XJiliA Iarre lot ol Oopern. Fheet and Shred A Isineltss, Sparkling Gelatani.", with all the flavoring M tracts In use. JO. O. BRQWN "HONCSUKSS VA TV. TS ConUntly receiving direct VJ from the Springs, a.to Empire Hater. Jy23 JO. G. BROWN, 1 TTI'S HOW rASS A large lot ranging from 8 by iy 10 u Dy iu, siagie auu uuuu.c iiru.uU.j2 JO. G. BROWN. IC IV IIITF K ker on hand, also White Lead olZ . .. . . .. i T 1) lAH" Vrshnestoca's ana Btocmon-- s praoa. j. i. .- -- lOtC'lI VAKMMI-- A small quantity cf Fnpliah .C ... . a nnuiTOorn arniBn on nana. fPOdrTIIMH with pure Brandy, Madeira, Port, and A Sherry Wines for Medicinal purposes, and a well select- ed stock of Drugs, Chemirals, English Extracts. Color dry, and in Oil. Lime d, Lard and Train Oil, Indigo, Madder. Ae. all of which are oflered by JO. G. BROWN.j23 48 College Street G. W. HENDERSHOTT, WIIOI.ICSALK AND RETAILDRUGGIST rec-lvln- a general assortment of Pure and GenuinIS . imi us vu:oici.i.Warranted as pore as any olJ in thieeity, or any olher. In fact it it only necttsary to say none but the best Medicine! are rffered. Pure Chemiesls vanou brands, Fresh Line Juice, " Cod Liver Oil, Congress Water, Swedish Leeche, Breast Putrps a new and convenient article. Pyringes fme new kinds. Fancy some of the most beautiful kinds, 100 os. Pure eulph. Quinine, bought for cash and will be sold very low. Oat Meal. Teas various kinds alio a lot of Canton Teas, so much admired in this market. Very fine assorted Stock or Prrfumery. Wines, Brandies, GIu, Ac, for Vertical uses. For sale by . W. Ii E.N l K R? HCTT, apis Cor. Cedar st. and Square, Nashville. Iismniirts, v. a. turn WHOLESALE AND RETAIL BRIG AND CHE31ICAL STORE, No. 19, South Side Pcblio Sqcark, Kasltvillr, Tcnti. n having removed to Nashville, and asso-- elated themelTe3 for the purpose of conducting a Wholesale and Retail Drug Business, have recently opened at the noted stiind formerly occupied by Pluiurr.er It Co , a large and complete stoek of fresh and genuine Stiiple Drugs, pure and unadulterated Family Medicines, Choice Perfumery, Funcv Articles, Ac, Ac. all of which, guaranteeing the purity and renuineness of every article, they will sell at the very lowest market price for cash or on the usual time to punctual dealers. They are determined to lend out no article of medicine about whn-- their can be any doubt whatever with reference to its purity. They resjiectful'y solicit a share of the Prescriptions of the Physi.-inn- s of the city. This department of their business will be under the supervision or competent cnennsis. They trust that their ng:d attention and fidelity to the In terest of thoee who may fHvnr them with their patronage, will merit the approbation of uteir patrons and ensure success to their new enterprise. JuneVO KEllJtt A KAI.N. A. H. RQSC0E, WHOI.rSU.1 11CD SKTAILPXII.KK IX EEUGS, MJCDICINK8, DYE-STUFF- ., ' FEEFU2ILRY, PAI5TS, OILS, CLASS, ERCSRES, WHITE LEAD, c. Corner of Iiri and ."'larlirt Stsimivilm:, xi'.vri, rHATltotistantlyonhnd, alarge and well selected toc with a large asortmrnt of Fancy articles ail of sbich is offered for sale on the most accommodating terms. Alum, 4,"J pcun.is; Arrow Root, loo pound", BonuJa and Florida; Itrimston", .ft0 pounds, reBned; Castor SiH) gallons: Copperas, xt) barrels. Prime Green; Creura Tartar, 8 barrets; Csn-t-ho- 100 pound; Iiidigi, SM pounds, Vine to Common; - . ia4d-r- , 1,("H pounds, first quality; Crb. oda, 4,0t 0 pouad Prime; ' " Flour Puljiliur, X) vounds. All of which is offered at the lowest price. faeM A. H. ROMCOSJ. ' NO IIU3155UG7": 'pilF nnders!ied have purchased the Patent right Of C.L II. WILLIAM?' DO'CELE ACTING B ALL VALVE Force and fiift Pusnp, Fer the Ma teonf Tennessee, North Carolina. Sooth Carolina. Ueorg-.a- , Florida, Alabama, Miedtslppl and Louisiana. t e bav tesie 1 the t ump m au us rec uimenled use lor rrrdl-aar- y purposes in wells, and a Are engines ; and hrtitate not to av that it is superior to anv pump now In nse. It is simple and plain in it construction; can be taken to pieces or put together by anr ordinary man, blark or white, in half a minute, iber lattoia strew or ooitahout tne porrp; ttiere i the least Imaxinable fr ictlo heoe Us durability. It it altrat impossible f- - r it to grA oat of hx by usage. When used fit a well or cistern it cad k con rerud Into a Fire kBf In to one minute, and by one man water on be thrown ever the UiUmiI ktttttr in the eoer.try. It Isluvaiu. able as a Fir lglne, and arveciaily la the eountry or coon-tr- y town. IlUequal'y well adapted lo allmachioery, Railroad TanV s, Ac, aod will, when known, ruprsceJ all other pumps. It oaa be used for eit her hot or old water. tiavtnt htlly sattHfled wnrselvei a lo the capacity, va!u aci oti.lt w of the Pump, we -- rely to make sales of the above territory by counties or State, (except th Western District of this Plata, which has beea We confidently reooertmeod t be Itiiap to the Oi Uwea of th Man-- meti tioned. 1 be Pump are chea, and therefor wiLhia lb roach of every family. - p7 Adtireas FORIkR A BRIEN, Naasrvnxa, Tna. ,..,- - klU W. BPt-- tf J.iHV . HKliN. Tiii:.ini:MiU3i plow of tiii: avi:st. I p t C BK INLET, r S'mpseBvflla, Ky, would In--term th I Aktisaa throntbuat the foutM and rl, that fee keep rwustantl oai bod, any quantity of hislm. proved Merl-f-tubb- an iv-- Plow, whwh hs warrant to gir aaiiaiartioa, or refund ib purer aionry in tvry case, lie would a'so Ii thtra tl at he it manufacturing aa I'PHOEO CCLUVATO't, that nipeTcede all o.hers. It h said by some of th but farmer la (he Mate to Itbaticeetved several preeHums this teaiua tits Plows have received touruea trMclase prrmiuwi in tk Ktu tl u srasoti; also thrc picmiuas at the ltsji a State ti l U:ljesr ARovdrnn-n- t ean, or hit arcrpr, will meet with promp aUenuo, If ou pankd witis the ash. ' 1"K1 Cta ARE AS FOLLOWS i . FwrKo.8 FUwa, wtth rrc nvJs.... Jl P0 For No. 8 Plows, wuh brae rod II it For No. I Psmbs, writKB wrac rust W to Fo. Ao.1 Fr.... 4Fsr Ss, 1' Flow T Ow For Cultntur...... T ouFor Double ehore-- l Flow T v Foretng' (bvel. ..,........ ;..... ........ A W Ag r.u fo' the sale l5.ese pk wtare . alssMra. . H- - BeJkaap A f., Uxil.rille, Ay." M 1. 8. Weiier A tVa, NaMvUsvTena. ' Fuundrr A fcetlh, Lrxig-.D- , Ry. Hoiilh A TLary, Vicksburg, ,,. eimpra , Ky.,Nw. W.ise. r,w tYr.xTio.ii T C.T rVeefv, j THE ifA C IC If 1 N ATTSI C 1 S IT0VEJ ty b IS otia( lu a a4 party ra b vti at ahe (.a turaar, wnb eoaii !, on iy s. XSIFE tUjULWiiia AAD iiiUlUfZ, I AEXX XATCS 8TAX9, a r f a'atAre prre eaiy . v t a sat Foot VIVan a4 F'socH fVo Casw. eell UA4.KKAUS WILAO. Harblonbn fcc7 - TXT Xj. Olaoitoxa hts Mend ci the pebm taINFORSK he it tuiw yinueewUjf U UaaaLB Beats mm, ia lb shp M ( harry ttreat, wl SI door to tl i 4 wiisre he tU be M s'.U-d- lo the iin f all ake una waul murk ia hi Lo duo. U ka tr.i wll keep on It and, a supple cff IPS'; r rnisnft vvs'rnirt! a.w a i.m .v.iv.MMaw, Maala4Krvd or tha Curst ItslisE au t Aa,r m kiaritte. Ir (tit bt st,U ftae ait. Ai-- i .Ml. SSIJ ass srwtk vsa w vartaasad. INSURANCE. TENNESSEE MARINE 1 W T I FIRE INSURANCE CO.Capital $150,000!! OFFICE North-We- st corner of the Public Square, overExchaDge OfT.ce They will take risks on Dwellings and other Houses, GooUi In Store, against Lost ol Damage by Fire. Alto, Marine and River haxarda, from and to ail ports. Also JTegroes against the Dangers of the RiYer. DiaiCTOBS: J0HS M. HII.L, J0SEPTI TACLX, JAMES C0RRKT, THOMPSON ANDERSON, G. M. FOGG, F. A. OWEN, ALEX. ALLISON, JAMES ELLIS R. H. GARDNER, N. E. ALL0WAY, WT. 8. KAKIN. JOSEPH VAl'LX, Pres't. A. W. ECTLKR, Secretary oct4 t NAMIVILLK CO.TIJII.nc:iAI. INSURANCE COMPANY, tapilal ltH,ou.(ALL PAID IN AND SECURED.) rpH13 COMPANY being fully organised, according to charI - 4. :. d.t;.-- u .m;nii I A4lt A. niM. AGE BY FIRE, on Buildings, Goods, Wares and Merchandise generally. Also, on shipments against loss or damage by Seas, Rivers, or Inland Transportation, on the most favora ble terms. Life and Nesrro Policies granted at Current ratet. Office, No. 50 College ttreet, East side, between Union st, and Public Square. DIRICTOXB. ALEXANDER FALL, W. T. BFRRT, ANTHONY W. VANLEER, JAMES WOODS, JOHN KJRKMAN, JOHN II. EWIN, HENRY HART, Ja R. C. McNAIRV, THOS. W. AVANP, HCGO McCREA, WESLEY 6REFN FIELD. ALEXANDER FALL, President. Jiwxa Walkkk, Secretary. my2 The .Etna Insurance Company of Hartford. Chartered 1819 . OASTI CAPITAL J500.000. TH0. A ALEXANDER, Sec'y THO. K. BRACE, Pres't. Btate Mutual F. A H. iDsnrftnce Co. of Pa. CAPITAL Hof'.OOti. A. J. GILLETT, Sec'y J. P. RCTHERFOSD.Pres't Hew York Life Insurance Company. ACCUMULATED CAPITAL O0.non. PLINY FREEMAN, Actuary . . MORRIS FRANKLIN, Pre t' Fire.Marine.Inland Hull and Life risks taken at ermitali rates. Jy23 JOSEPH NABII, Aeent. SCOTCH AND HUSH ii hi:c:t iiii pohtatiox.received a shipment of several Puncheons and KersJUSTthis Fufemor Article, direct from Belfast, Ireland. It will be found far preferable to any everoflfed to the market. . uhjiiw", novlO , i Public Square. " GEXIIIXE CORDON DUFF SUPPLY IN OutatSAL Pacxsom lust receivedAFRE31I sale by B. L. SIMPSON, DovlO 42 Public fqur.re. Alantado Madeira. T'ilHEK Origisal Casks, which I offer as a (.xscins and1 SrrsHioa Wine. li. L. bIt'P.--0N- , RSvlii 43 Tnhl c Sqna-- e. CHARLES HEIOSIOK CHAMPAGNE. MMIE rspid sale with which my last importation if this X article met, has induced me to order a new supply, which arrived this day, being M I'SiKlOlt to any lot everyt-- t offered. I recommend it to the trade as well as for fVmilv ure. B.L.SIMPSON, noTliitf B. F. Shields Cora. House, 42 Public Square. LARGE STOCK OF HAVANA CIGARS, TOBACCO AND FOREIGN WISES, LIQUORS. &C. LYONS & CO, 1 Q CEDAR STRKET, have the pleasure of informing A J their customers ai.d the trade generally, that they are j ist in receipt of the inrgest and mutt cnn.piete assort- ment of goo ls in their line ever efferfd in this city. They alto taktf itis method of thanking Wieir friemls for theveiy liberal patronage hitherto bestowed oo them, and bnpe in consequence r.f the greatt r iiiuuet-nier.t- cow oflered to all, to merit a cin'inuance oltheane. All wl.o may favor us with their orders may rely or. them being promptly attend- ed to, and sa'iff .ctii-- gJarar.tu d in eery Cur .ock consists in part of .he following poj-u,- brands: HAVANA ri;.us Fraganc'as, La I'..tne, Wig Wag, Mhcr.oiia. Concha, I,intire, F!or !e Charleston, 1'os tlijas, Turee tistert Mina Cubana, s ntica, craa lllo, , Operas, Nicut.aaa, ViUu, An1', varior.s others "I OIJACCOS C'laowlngr; aits' SnoUi:j, . Marion's, Shelton'", PoweM's vim. Ptnn, t);pFig. Atkinson's Solace, pevote, Arabian Date, la Itjiu, Natural Leaf, J'e-I'l- Kavorre.l.'-ri- e star, Ches P'.Mers, Anderson's, PK'irn'Ae, , And th"? celebrated brand of POCAHONTAS SMOKING TOUACCC, with severil o hers of the moat popular brauJa. i8c.mii;.n. Beignette, lelroi-en- . Napoleon, United Vineyard Proprietors, Jeraud, Maglory, Otatd Dupuy A Co., Ac, Ac, Ac. Y1"VI'.S-Varl- rti. Burcnn'ly Tort, Crown Port, Duff (lorrfnn fhr"-y- , Amontillado Sherry, Fine OIJ Maderia, Malaja WiLe, Lhauipagne Wine of vtrious brniis. MM1JSI1 s. Holland Gin of various kinds. Jamaica knd Pt. Croix limn, superior quality. Old Seouh and Irish Whisky, very floe. Bourbon, Monon.-ahel- a and Tenn. Whitky, various qualities French Picklrt; French MusUrd, Oiives, Capers. Sardines, Olive Oil, assorted Conlials. Scotch, Maccaba and Rappee MiutT'. 01 ire l, Enamel and a splendid lot of Meerchauui Pipes ami tten..I,VS A t O.'N AROMATIC SCHEI0AM SC1I API'S, warranted a pure ar'.lc e, in Pints or Quarts. Mills and Host tier's Ritfr-rs- . Tr. Green's Aromatic Sap. Walking Cautu a new let just received, and var.ou other articles too uuuieuns to i.sn-.e- . We are m iking lari,--e ailtlitions to our stoek, and will not be i:mlerold bv anyone. All of the above we oiltr to sell la quantities to sjit pur- chaser. To W holesale and Coui-'r- every wll beeffered. LYONS A CO., ;9 C..l.rt., nov13 Near the l'ot frfl.ee. Elegant Fnli and Winter Goods, W. A. & J. G, M'SLELLAKD, VRE nowprpsre! to off.-- to the trvle a vrry larce andk of Foreign and Domestic Dry Oood?, di- rect from the imiMirlers, and at prices that rannol f:l to give entire satin taction. The attention cf cash buyers is purlieu laiiy invited t this stock, as very great inducements Ui be ottered to this clan of buyers. METROPOLITAN 5T0KF, 61 and 63 Cca.ce itwL rich rjEss C00D3. Elegsnt Dress ,ik of evt-r- qua uy, many of whie ame through the large auction sale in New York, an can b sold very low. Lith Caihueres and DeLanes; plain Plain and Printed Merinos; Superdo black Gro. De Kinet; Persian Merinos snd I Leors. An., Ac. LACS G00D8, KLEEOKS, Ac Rich Val. jre rvtt: " ' toliar; Val. Lares, Fdginis and Inserting; J t. kret cd s I lusrri'ngsand Flconcirtp; Rich ltibtons and Truumags in great t snety, c, Ac. CLOCKS, SHAWLS AKD ECAEFS. Jnst opt-nir.- a great variety t( Ckaks, in cloth and Velvets, and heavy Longfhawl. In great variety; Trave'ur g Shawl tnd Wanksts for (.ebis; Caakniere and Hnx-h- e ecarfs, Ae. CCKTA1N COOES. Satin Lalces, Damaas, Laceaud iiua.iu CurUi.n, whkX we ar telling vry cheap. STAPLE CC0LS. Our stork of Staple ois is vr large sad carrplete ia Cloths, Oasimer, Vet-ngs- , Satmetts, F anneK I Kersvv, rnwu, bleached and brown Dritic-- , Sheetings, Table Linens, looeTng, Cotn Fiani.ets, l.ckir.gt, lrtb Linens, Negro Blankets, Jlu Ilisnkcts, t'juare Red tiUat. eta, wi h many olher good, which ae are at vary lew pncs icr case. Wool and Cotton Hosiery, Glfrre a, Ac- - We have the most comi tete l.oe of Hi siery Good ever offend la this market k-- r Ladies, Wia.es, Genu, snd Beys, heavy Litotes ol every kind AT McCLl- LLAND'S, septi-- BOB tl and M Cnl: s. " STEAM KNGINES AND KLLIS & MOORE, HATING made important addliloas to our machinery,increased our !aotI.tie& for manufacturing SraAM Llutaxa and Machinery of every dacripisoa, are now perpsree to maui-l- a. tore Steam Ing-.n-rt and Boilers eqaal IB point of Anua and daraHUty to any iratle in the VI eel, aa at as loo prices. Having been praci.r ly engiged In tlie Manufacture of Slfci itirv In bi,iV.,c for Uie last tf--i n rears, and giving our personal attention to the rcma-fieturiu- g Depar-jncnt- , w onuCdcnt U:at we an civ i.luXjcuvo loall who sua y r us with their order at our old slartd. Nut. Si and Market street, near Broad, Nash- ville, rt04. i Au kind of wort for Floor Mills, Steam t Saw Mills, - cc Fctotic, Hauks, JaUi, enAc sxecutod proifapUy, ud al lb loweet rash price. HEW iEoouiroaY. ELUS i. V0OKK Br.3 leave U Inlrm tl.elr frieuds tn I the public thai thryBow in bperatioa t Urgeaod exunsive I KU IFOUNDRY, a'dutii!D oar Juachic tkop aa4 ar prw pared to " JILL ALL (T2SZSS PEOXPTLY. For every descript " A T I !a UH tha t raay be cal!4 fur. and a cheap a H can be dwic wost of U aiovDtjt.a. Uiu. ttssaiaa, liuaa P.iw, aa M tiuar, sji(VFvv, Wixdiiw ?ilu and Larnjat, eTsBi, vWavaa V asBtA, Coa a Cars saa, and afJ Cavnpwk ae ta th ovaetrweuoa al Fluwr MiDa, Daw Mm, FarBaoat, ao-- Dwilga, sua to order at short notice. We wili aao f.inh tverj description of f teara an J Water Sfatiuovry al li. ltoM prUMt Patter man te eeHer.aad oebarg sue ate el pattraBsa w have ta oar Foaattry TA a.bet pricw in won for eld Iron , tLLM A MvORT, ' St Xarkcl tweet, near broai; Jaa. T. IT 1 y , . . . . tavlll. Tear.. IWrrT HAYA5A0AA50XS. OH tr.!4 BWttT UATANA CaUNGIS, . ,tJ S bb!s Ptean-JM bxe Fir Cracker; ,i (roe fly Ror,:, aMOrtest; . ' . ,t Row so Candiea. - IV Pp.a w kee, " ', 44 " Hue L!U, tW'i Toratrdoet, .' ' t 60 loirs W. S. Ctrc; . i - ,. lo " Leatoo; " 1 s dues Ct tiytlera. Fresh; ".-.- ,b4 lull! tSfjlLSi. StMlkJ tut trant, I J. U. RUUkaT?uN' 4.'ieUBer' ; evtl 4 kUtsey, ea lr .y. ' I'lrn Crsk...! ' 1 i 100 Dir f abvv i reew4 aad Vr aal yaeoll A. 4k sWtTUt, Isrvwa. STEAMBOATS,, RAILROADS & SHIPS Keular Aew Orleans Packet. f TTIV 1 THE substantial steamer CUMBER-rwTM'V- 'r ' LAND, Captain Ws. Dcrritt, having asrfVV .A",.::n7Sanpell accommodation for Pa,?en- -ger, Freight and Hock, will ply during the season as al ove and all imtn ediate landings. Her exceeding liicht draught will insure in the n:oit of esses direct shimrent. Sle srs. W. A. JOIIHSON A CO., of New Orlens, will ct as Aeents in eorjacctio'i wi h Capt. M. D. F. H. BROOKS, who will re- side permanently in New Orleans, at No. 2T CarondeM St., durirg the buines fea?OT),fir the purpose cf giving his en- tire attention to the tihcg of all purchase onV' s at the low- est fgnre.. II. U. HARRISON, deed 6m ' Age t XASIJVILI.r. CMIUO AiD NCIV OIS-LH- DAILY I.IT.ittioi.owing fIJ',i Tit mVr3 i steamers rorm W'i wt ttss i the Dailv Unit- - cd States Mi line betwern Nashville and Caro, leaving Nashvilie at 12 oVtock, M., and Cairo at 6 A M. J. G. t'LI.NE. Hit Master: CITY OF HUNTS VTLI.E, WKiVEB Muster; AMBAosADOR, WtaTT Master; AL1DA, Harmon Master. T'is line forms daily connection at Cairo with the Cairo and New Orleans Daily Mail Steamers, the I ouivtl!e and St. Louis ly Poats, and al?o with the Central Ra.lroad to St. Louis and Chicago. Passengers by this line can reach New Orleans, Memphis, St. Louis and Louisville in much less time than by any otner Coats. For passage or freight apply at the Ma.l Packet OiCce of A. L. Uavi?. O. W. DAVI. President, dee1 tf N. M. U. 8. Mail Paclet Company. It Lit. M, Alt wr.EKLV CIXCISJIATI & NANIU'JI.I.i: l'ACKKTS. TIIEnewlirht drioght steam- er GKN. PIKE, Gkack, Master, being expressly huilifor this trade, with ail the modern improvement', with the light draught new steamer SAMUtiL P. HIBBAKD, Samcxl P. Uibbabd, Masttr, w.ll ruu as regular Pa ket3 during the ensuing jea.wn helween the above port" one of the boats being in port every week. These boats being in command of old and experienced commandants, and with superior facilities for passengers and frei 'hts. solicits a share of pub- lic patronage. For passage or freight spplv on board, or lo H. U. HARRISON, Agent, oetfil 6ci Front Etret. FOR NAS3VIIXS AND KE'W 0ELEAXS T2ADE. VI'IIE new sndliehtrtraughtsteamer. v"" CRKSCENT, W. KoLBSS. Master, p5fjprtl will run repu'ar'v in the above tradesQCSiiHw during the pre--n- t reason, comnnncirg on the first ri?e in the Cucit er'and river. She has excellent accoajmodatiors, and in point of speed and safety is unsurpassed, for freicht or passage, apply to II. U. HARRISON, ocl3 ltf r p a o Agent. 185C. i'vio lim; ot' 1857. Nashville & New Orleans Packets. JATES JOHKSON,. Capt Jesse Johnson-- . IITJSIEOLDT " Vm. String- - f GOTLAND Capt. E. L. Disniukes. HASKVILLE, . " Thos- - Bellsnyder. rrilE above '"'ame'S will run regularly in the N-- w Or- -L and Nahville (rude One of tliem btingio ea-- port every 'ay ilurin-- r the boating season. These Hoa'si-r- all owned in Nasliv-ile- and built espe.'iaily for this tra-ie- . Capt. IT Durieid siil a t is their Aeent in NVw Orl-an- s, and will attend to ary bUMness connected wiih the line 1 so ie't the patronage of the Mercantile and Trv-eTn- ir community, well satisfied lhat the t flieers and Agents will s; are no exertions to rtlre iheir favors. A. HAMILTON, Arrent, Nashvil e. ort'24 tf H. IL'KII LO, Areut, ew Urieans. irTilMIlS AMI .VMII !IX1 VACUO'. ri l;i K fine pas.eneersteamer ALE0NIA, ff: K1 Capt. Jams.- Mp.xkh, will run in the f Lxaajxi above tra-l- thi-- i je:i-on- , leaviDg Nsshville 'yvf'i"? every MONDAY at 4 o'clock, P. M.. snd a3I'i4tf Men p'.ii every Till at 4 o'clock, P. M. l'.issen-eer- s muy rely on the above boat leaving each place on the day anl at li e sa.e lime advertised. H.H. HAP.r.IsOV.and oct24 tf A. HAMILTON. Agents. ick;i la!: mi'.K.iir &. v.ssi:?wi:u I ?S: FOIl ST. MM K. FA1.LIE WKsT CArr. J. N. Cobhitt. ILLs " JaXKtt Lr.'VKLL. rl 'H KSK boats wi'l be tlie reT'Tir pickets f?7JWL biwi-e- n Ft, Louis ind Nashville t"is -- t seacn, and will eomrr- - r.ee thir ttps after the first ri-- e in I uiuher-lan- d river. 1 hev wiil mate thir trips as rerularly r.s the business Bill allow. Or.e leaving each port about . vciy Ii. II. HARRISON, and flverfav. A. HAMILTON, s. 13.K-- ' Sr:-Trc-- AfcRATCr-F.MF'N- 1856. :.i t t:ii."t5i:.'.tii; .ia , .hay mill. COLTiriEUS ai;d xekia eaileaod. FXLUSIVFLV AN EASTERN K0TJIE. On and aftt-- tins date, the LITTLE STTAMI. VTA COLTTMtrS, Is TITKOXr Y T1I7KT Rf'l'TK to an l from Cincinnati and I levelanil. tlie only route runnine cars into I akeJ-lmr- Pepc-- lit Ckvel.'ir. l, and the only route with uniform gunge- from ( lincinn:iti to Cleveland. Dunkirk ami Itiifliiio. 11 ' 4.VV OTHER .''' 7"A (l levelanil piuwemrers iro viapariiliikv, ami djiend on trains from and T'.leili. to g- - East, brt-ii- ruage at andutiky and ferry fn-i- Oid Ohio C ity to CU THE LITTLE KTAMI. VIA CCLTTvTPTTS. Is tlieor.lv route stith reli ible connection to and from CIN CINNATI and I'lTTsrrilC. l.Y A.S Y OTHEK H'H'TE, Pitt-hnr- rr I'a.-ra-.-- do.pnd ut or Forrest, on trains froa Iuiii,tnaiolis and Fort Wayne to go L"a.st. THE LITTLE MIAMI. VIA COLTTWiTJ?. I THE iM.Y l!rTE. to nnd from Ciiiciiuuii and WHEELING OR STEUHKN VILLK. TKELlTTi'.E MIAMI. VIACOLCMBUS. THE .t.Y l.'i'l IE to and from Cin.-i'inat- Cnlnm- - bus, Cn stline and Cleveland, with lightning expre without change of euriJ. TliLs a great comfort to Ladies and Families. TJ-- E LITTLE MIAKT. VIA COLTTSTT.r P.F.IXG THE .ilomF.T KOl'TE from Cuiciim.-it- to the E.ist, a nniloi tn and sufv. speed is niiiutained. Connections are r,Y ASY OTHER ROUTE from Cinnnati a d.irc-roi- is spec ! is to overcome distance and delay ss,ir in changing rserigers and Imirgdge at llrllfotitalni-- , l urrLfet, SauduaAy, and Ferrying at O d Ohio City. Xbrousli Tic Let v I i wnEn.iNO. l'lTTSBURG, DUNKIRK. liUFFALO ar t NIAGARA FAILS. To all the Fstern cities. Thrr e Unity astern Trains t S A M , 10 A. u., an.! 6 r. w.TIR.'T TRAIN Cleveland. Pittsborc. Steuhenviile and Wheeling, Lighta'ng x press, havrs t.inclnnati at 6 o'c'ock A. M ., ell th- - K iitfr.i cities; also, Detroit via Spriiu-n-M- , Wl rr.'rftou, Circlt vilie, Lancaster and Z.nes-- ri lie, Chiiiic-.it.-e ut.d AtLcr.. '1 hi triiri stuns bet wet n Cin cinnati and Co '.rr.l.us at Lovclautl Morrow, Xinia aad Lon-don o.ly. SI t'ft.Mli TR TV- -ri. velnnd, Pit:.-bcr- g and V, heelinr Ex pres' "ml, leav. s Tinnnnati at In o'c'neic . A. M . via Cleve- - iand, Pittsburiaml Y p. f..r all the Fastern cit a. This train stops at ail tha puictt betaeen Ciricinnati and Colum- bus. THIRli TRAIN Acccamodttion, leaves Cincinnati at!:. oV!o k, . .. lor .nnsrfirl.J, Wilmington, C rcteviile and Lacesster, Cl.ilHcotlie and This txiin ttois hi nil points bet seen Cincinnati and gpifrgfleld. FOUR! ii 1 RAIN Cleveland and Pittsbuig Nighf Kx;reas leaves Cii.ciT.r.nti at 6 o'clock, r. Vi t'levland and Pit's-bnri- r, fir a I' ihe I t'lern cities. TIJs Iraiusto; latailpoir.t bet wren Cincinnati anJ Columbus. One Tram on Sunday at 11 lid o'clock, P. M., for Crhimbus. Trails run by Cwuralus Time 7 Minutrs faster than Fara o Lew as by any other Eoato. Jil TlIUOliJH 1ICRITS, And all :n'"rmai-- .r, i l. arc apply at the offre Pnrnet il uve, seotiJ uu.r ,siof a,e street; No. 177. Cibs-.t-t I'nu'e Ilii.l i.n.-- . and old S.uil a- -t enrner ft liroad way and I'nnt street, ..ppo.i:e Starrer lioue, tra; ILEastern (L.itie Miami) Urpot, I sst Front truet. ' t'ce Ai.r.i Jtvi;. 4 A. A., tin.'..' '. if. V. W. STH AL'Eli, G.n'l Art. THE OMNI81 S IJNH Call" for Pr' rr-rsa- t all tl e pri c:pl L'ot-l- s, for each and every tr.r.. ty leaving o.:Vclioi.s al ei her of the above onVes, will call for pssaengt rs h: al' part 1 1 the ntr, with- out fail. (mvv7 II. B. RUCi'irtS, Con.iurier. cm i'As.mi:From Charleston to ie- - York, Twtuti-Fiv- o Dollars. IMTO) ST ATI' ?IAI, I l:.NEW YCKX A5D CUARLEf'TOI STEAJLSHirS. Thrtraga ia 4d 10 32 Eoari, S M I- - W E K K L Y, NASITYILLK l,SToo M. fVrry, Comoaadar;jA.Ms.-- AlAi JV'O - .,. C. Tamer, do; MAHION 1Xk " W.j rur, do;SvL'TillRMK... .1,V T. 1. Kwtn. lo; A.lu-r-r' Wh.rve eeery WEDKESDAT andSAiry.L'AT, sH- -r the arrtra! of th 11 s l.ora ihe So-- anil lies-.- , -- at M-- watir." Tl-- StearrsMps were all built expressly fir this lin, !td for raf.-- t v,c. mf..rt and speed, are BurivsXedoa U.e eoasl. Tar-'e- fippllrd w th erery luxury. Attrolve and courte. nscon m.o-irr- will Insure traveler by this lir e every p-s- le comfort and accimmo.iatioo.Cbia Patjagt- - jj5 Stcersg--, tFor Fir 1 or Passat e, having elegsnt state rrr-- aoouen-modct- lo App' lo iiENsr KK-S'Ju- Cot net Fat Ety and Auger's Sou;h V .rf,fliLSW,K.C Cabiu ruwage to Aeiv York ; f? C05 ()() Semi-Weekl- y United Sixies rail Lite. rriir MA' A0 hl'LANDIO Hbw-WUaA- L ktTKAM-- X aairk(lVVII.I.L, ltoc Capt. C. D. Lmtow.A I ' r.A, l.: u toM Cap. T. Lv,LOIililA 1t.sitoo Can. M. n. tl.waaru.Al.AttA.YtA l,tK-- J um apt. O. . Bcaaactj, Wua. taais avassa KVJiUY WZbMJibAY ASD SATURDAY These 1. p are tfiacf th largest oa ta eat, aasar Paaw-- spnl, talsty areoasit,.- -. anatxe their wsag aa& i Ui to borti. anu ar oosnaiarfclew by skilkiaJ, carnal u4pul.UofKcwrv Having (leganittaA room avaiselath.t,taU.v .tWi a ts( dcetneia eooacyax lo New I art.Cl.iiMiNr Fork.. ......SS .fiwrar aww tesiew Tor... . aAgecu: PALU.Fk.aD, Far A C11., Faesanaa, ' AM'L L. A111CUI1X, l.r-4-w, fcbU ! . Tltr lti: I IVi:D perFtar fir.tooeruoar--. a V'-- ui t f,.i; - ptrk uy eaosce CotVaj W kd prir S.;fr; r8 bbi, r.8. .Mbeaaa; 1" br Pepper; ' ' ' '1 'wig pie; t . '& p- - t I M twig LcbaiB (Vactktra, JsvvvM 8 CBI NT)T. ADD ITI 0 SALt CPfLJ ZS fOS G XXTltXZS . XnkVt eea eJ ihr.;!ir.g Ju stock f Wiaier Wearf ?t.iefeed fcuut-.- f Uh4a; - - -, G.u;Jjpj Bsx . " " Paxsot Uthr - aa U.I. Oaltara; " isoer Pret- - Cioik Wre-- a " , " t'if UsS-r- d Tx-s- , .! ele; " .kr But-pe- . aew ytatMi ftsMers. ' . a4 Imki'iwet tVUtwr jb4 Mb, Pwwat,BAjft.iur,. JOa tAXtit. 41 kwik s. WHOLESALE HOUSES. 1856. FATiIj, !OS(E3. T.& W. EAIillV & CO.,Importers and Xtliolcsalei realer in . 3Waj 9 THF large increase in the Dry Goo-l- s trade ol this place,correponuinglarge Stock', ar-- we ake plea-tur- e in assuring oureustomersandlhe trade zeneraSly,thi we have now in store one of the most extensive FALL AND AVIXTEU STOCKS ever offered ia this market, whi.-- we .:!! '" to proroP time dealers, or fir Ca?h, at such prices at wll cive tati faction, and emble our Ciisto-ner- s to compete sucocssfullj ith merchants purchasing in any other market. Our Stock ..f READY MADS CLOTHING Is also unusually large and attractive. We o'icit a cail. T. A W. EAKIN A CO. r"W"ehave arrangements that will enable us to keep our Stock up throughout the teaaon. aog2S-R- :n T. A W. R. A Co. HU. DOUGLAS, Xortu Market Street, ashville, Tenn. rAM arrannr for sa'e a perfectly new stock of Oooo inlarue Ware Rooms ol H. A B. Douglas, situated a few steps below the Nahvill Inn l.ot. This Stock American imwrted DRT GOODS in large assortments, svM 1 LL WAUE in great variety and an A No. 1 assortment of Mitts. I too Is, siis, Hroirant. Ae.All of which I will sell al less than Market vaiue witn the view of c'osing the entire st .ck before reu.cviog to the former Retail Dealers are most respectfully requested to examint this y.cck, aad are atsureJ that they cj make money by doing so. Av liolcsaloAS TkV t asaJt' aU A. J. swxca?; & CO., IMP0ETEE3 OF 1ANCY ASD STAPLE ESY GO0D3, NO. 70 PUBLIC fQ'JAkE, NAS'IVIILP. 1 7E have now in store a very iar. e Stock of Fancv ard Staple Dry (rHxls of U'e irrpor-ation- , receiveiin the las' few days for the w.nte: traue, which we are seil.ts at the vry lowest prices. New Stvle Pns. De I.anei; " Fancv ad Black Silks; " " Prints; Coths, Cassimeres and VeMirgs; ?attinet's, Jesns, Tweed and Rersev'a bed lllaukets and Coat lilankets; Heavy col'd tllankets.Ac c. Our s'tock timpries the largest assortment of NtwStyl Goout, Trimmings, Ac., to winch we invite the attniinn of Ca h and trorrpttime dealers to an examination of our Stock and price-- , blievicif we can make it to jour interes. to do business aithus. A. J. I UNCAN A CO. N. B We are receiving New Goods by every Pteamei during the winitr. covi9 A. J. i). A CO. lO'EW G-OQ33-S. A. ilSOKIUOIV & CO., WilOLkfAr.t PKALKRSI ItFfV AM) VAHILiY COftDS. comb.. rrtrrEs. snroxs. thheahs. vestsEUlSIliI.t; i,oiDS, WHITE t.ooI'S, Embroideries, Eosiery, Gloves, Jewelry, Toys, tic, NO. 7U EAsT MDE PCHI IC rQUARE, Aaslivillc, knn. "VE wo-l- ir.fcm :ir frirnds, and the tr..fl-- : urnerally, I tJ'itt w. are new prepared torn! il.it the finest, and best assorted S'otk.in our l.ne. vi-- r Trou ;'.t to t Market At e solicit an n of the stuc and price, bli-vin- g that we csn otVr inilur.-me-..?- s cpial to any Job- bing House in the Variety line, h H3t or est. T.'.ose i: t" ( U'cl.us- - ii) oiict us m call, examine our ttock ana fricesnl ju.lge lor Ih.m.-eive- aag-- J A. Mni;.tlSON A CO.My goods. VT'ITE undrrsigne 1 are now i in, and will have read A for the ex no tit u i.y the 'J th t:.e LAMEST AS l JlE.sT ASSORTED STOCK OF AMERICAN, ENGLISH, FRENCH, CERMAM AN TheT hve t v rhs l th plranart ta how to the Pet.til Mr-chkot- . 'i lit t h ivt- - fp.ir;.! no pains nor eii'-ris- e iu n'Unf up a stooia oviiU'i aIi c'ast-- rf curtniT-;r-- i chu icitt thiittd. Thty have macie ia cr i::vtmen,a V. ia 'TUSS-- GOODS,Than thev have ever .ione l.ef.n-e- , au-- res;wclfn!!y solic .t aa ix.iairaii- n of froti the reUtlcr, wtieu visit- ing Hie that with theVery lA-.w- e Assorment And lurt l'TJCr-- j, Ihey wul be aSle to oif-- iiiilucement to all. :.ii; HAN A CO., No. 49 Pubbc Sipare. Nahvni-?- , Aug. 15, 1v'-8- . b. 8 OiH' stis. r. a. buxi-Bxa- a GARDaNER. SIIEniERI) & CO., W HOLLOA LK DKAl.EKS IN Shoes, Hats and Stray Goods, .0.!, HIB'.IC StjCARK, SASH YII.LE, I ESS. ; i. l,,.ve now in kio. e at 01a uui Si and, a very large ai l siiiM-ri- r st. k of BJOiS AXi SK0S3, HATS AKD CArS, suHtibie tor t tier fa cs, tmii w would i.e to exhibit I a. rchauis visiting li'a 111.. r..t sepis .y tiAKiNRP, f iitiTHE.tK A CO. Aixra li. Wasuisotos. Cxor.aa G. O'lisrA tl.ate wlih Morrati A c.)Chae; c b. tlH'. AR, Ut cf W. II Gordon A Co. WASs.ItT0, ERYA!V & CO., Importers and Wlioltsale Dealers ia Liuecs, White lioor.3, 1 ir.broideries. Hosiery and Yarialits. Au, (j j t.. Cor. I u III it-- M 11 lire, na.'m vtLLr , T'?.JK,Adjoining Kctho-ti?i- t Pi.biishirg noil". XJ I i ivite th-- a'.ti-utic- of Merchants visiting Nashvill ' to the above Card, and ii.foi a Jieui IIiaI we are no opening a LAFGE m CESL1AELE STOCK, ahicn will bearrMnre lard read for sale .tl'out tisc ij'iIa Instant.We have purchase'! nur slock witli k.'i at care, rrn.f mt-t'- '.r ;.'., hail tl.e brn..i of lung ia Ui busms, w feel Confident that we ran inducen.eula to any merchant pnrchasisgin this market. auglr) WA.SIllNUTO.N, IJiiTAN A CO. WHOLESALE HARDVAEE STORE SIGN OF the mr. PAD lock, 4 doori Jruvn the Sya.irt, Souih M.irttt Street, IN'ashville, Ttim. WE are Jest cprnii g the largest and best a'torted stoek of LdgoTonU, Ouusr, Cutlery, an4 Fancy Ifariiwar ever brujgM to this maract, aul w rr.xt.'jlty solkil eaJ from every merchant s.s.Ung the city. - " s pilo-6- m BSADMONT. VANLfTER A CO. . P. V. MAXEV t, CO., DKALEKH 1M Tin Kate, r'.cck Tin. Copper, Sheet Iron. Lead fija, WIRE, JROS ASU 7JS RJVJJS, Fianben' Tools A ITatorUls, Karbleized Iron Hantles, Parlor G rites, Cofl cif lug tote.foT TTwIor Coal, Japunnrd .V Com in on 'I In Uarr, o. 40, Kat Side or larliet Street, WASHVILLr, TE.fK ESSE2- - fsT" P. S. We will keepeen.'.ant'y on hand Tli-mit- l acN-ie- s ad Teols, bnue Aci tor I'-- e fr th a 1:0.foo'htntum. Cenn. lrprr. rln J W. M. A .5o!.nso.:,ironic & Co., C0RNL1 LROAD AND MAK.KtT JHTun. KaiLville, Tea a. UrILL rive prompt a'teo'l'.n tnrereii r, sti.rl. g, paistellii'S o shi.fntig Cot! n, TuOaec-- , H heal.Corn, Flour and and i.l alu. devote stieo to a to ri ttor Cf aod Sarwartl.r.g aterehandisw ol every drwri . Oar facilities In petal of room cvtalroc are e,aal toaaylutiwe.tr. jyttltl firoccncs.1 T E ar preparer! to omM, plantation surpHr of every I I k od. a tol would Invite I tip ati.nuoa of slerehaou a d D ers tveek, which iil at ailtimea kwoowipiele, andconsi-t- s in part, at present, 0 t'.e articles; 6 hhds furar; hgn 0.;15 hats ?.:. l"3 birelssii; Is.xess'ar fanl'ev; t3i karrt Whiskey;10 rev. Tagging; t- half ptree Latrg pg: .? s u K'lrr; fill e..il ,up ; with all other article axiajiv kept tn suclt esUtxlrfaawttta.J.il..), HyUNK m ci.,JySl e jt a.r bmaJ and Market sir IUIT SIM, B. W. ,cA, BAST IIAHT. MACIiAK .V CO., WHOLUALB GR0CE1S, C('.VM:?rI0!l JbESCHANTS, A Ot.Ltas) wnris, iSAircirs. licoss, c, r'o, 7 and 9 South Market Street. rAjliTlLLK, Tt.S. We now hsv 'a tor and oSer t--i th trad t Ibfleala 3 hht IS. f Rog&r, 1"I e- - (' f 11. a Hep,'ft boin lUvan sottr; goM Mklchea, ' Ctissh'd !lgv .'Ptir:!Mli CMttia 1 Peelend , oO K. falntel Ttbi, . --(VI dsi N. U. Ltsaf Ou, M ts Sc Man. r.-e- tit dw ) Maw, Mf tl ksia fnipu iia, H. rr.-i- t nor .ua.it,54) Vsww'ortrA BH.Cef-- , St l.i Wht: tar,m si N, u. L s 1 'svt sryu s,i. tt,'i t aas.Nl eo last'iyra d s S, ,rvM Rl. k ag, OfcA our. Java sto, low box rate aoj Certaaa1 r I rs N aj,t d .p, "14 e., Car-wla- a Rica, 1. e. . .Mpre Crb. fedt S- - 4. 1 Z ue "A a. KiM, W kf etn Isspertal and 6 rra atjperiur Wrap.gblv k Tea. Pass-r- , IM btt V v A k'y. Tuhacen, S1 M. , D. Csp, - - A twaw - amirs l PH tsif. f bet, - A 1 iar, la k H.r LeaJ. 150 boa sarvU'a Foot ! tt bCuvr W1. A s.4a Crack-- kvits mf klr T e, er, W tail I ai ; . a" kwt Iret-'r- WLfckr, M luiK rn riuna,, . a 4s u - a. ta o,S3 Cam fnp . ; li, nor.ilw-- a A OiA4 rai (.' r tire wt .tr.M fciJ asirid Plrk'r, M kk K.4Mrtavaj eoaaty 14 ks Laxp aad t'tjmt - Vi.,v, paacsa, 15 k Lrm't Wkitkv,fl b. aarV4 Jte Prn aj, ' 4 jr Para Frsa - si)! fieTie. krasuir, WM '. K. Ciprse. 11 'k Pwr rVrt W!e. 's d k. r. d ., & 4j t s MaUga i,44 p.kageAHeatie, A .to r..-r- r b, - i-i Ti.uw ap, a do vi ttwte.ra tl btt T'lis-H-; Aw. Is sts.lwsiiewl Ae, A d ks sm u.A a-- SB k" rl4 ol,lv k fX't auj UIU a.) ii aawritaa n4y, - Vt imim tM. M w Appiw rf l. l- - .., v w Pwt WAS tvO reKtPt it. a. nia, A 4 JaiMi Rata. bV--f UkRT, WAvkAl m CO, RAILROADS & STAGES HASHV K0R Memphis, K". Orleans & the South! CSLY tlO TO MrXFHIS. Throv.sn in M Honrs! Sr. AND IS HOr-r.- T1VE SAVlDt Cnnnee-n- g wltHwith Steamers for N.wCreacs and with florfh. The cTe-pes- t, be t and q'.icl;t route hy Tennessee an A'aba-- Raiirx.i apr-n- i Hi;!, ro' y Sv-g-e with the Memphis and Charles en J ailrcad at Corinth, dirott for Memphis. I.avi-.- - SCVD.IY5, WEDNESDAYS axd FRI-PA- Ys at l:8- A. M. Pt-- parfcul trs. see small bi!;s. t For Through TicieLs, tpply at Ihe General StagOSce, TerauJjh iiotT. CARTr P THOMAS, UOCOn A CO. novia . TETITESSEE & ALABAMA EAILROAD OPKX TO nilOAI) STRKKT. ON ar.d a.'ler Monday, Sspt. 1st, Trains will rnn as fol-lows: GPINO SOCTU. ?issnu'-i- . rtuctrr rs?rvTrx.Leavs Na.'t'vilte an. S in p. ru. Arrive at Th, oip-o- n 3 ? a. tn. 5.15 ' GOi.NQ NORTH. i 9.r rc. ft SO ' Arrive at 'shviil in a.rn. 7.1 Paseerirers f'm-- j bv the Morr.irg train, break- fast at trviklin At Thompson's, the Stages of Carter. Thomas A Iloagi connect th- - Tra ns. Thn-rr- Ti. ts MempMs. W,Tn,,boro', Jackson , F.t.re-e- -, Pulaski srd Colcmbia. csn be rr-cu- at the General S;ae Cflice, under WrandahHotel. A. ANPFR.-O- N. 'M R. t ng. and Snrr'nt. Kxprrs Notice. i Sf3f I'EMFKIS AKD CHASLISTON EAILK0AD. 'PHF "APAVs rxPSKft COMPANY" hiv mede ar--1 rnr.teru-nt- s with the a'-o- . e Eairo.! f r a l)a ly Laurea Line, an l are now prepared tn receive an ! forward Fre.gwt, Harkni--- , Ac, bv P.usenirer 1 rains to llotvi!te, Oeetssar, tla, an. I int. rrre-i'ai- stations on O e M. A C. Bad M. A C. R li'rnn.ls. hniall Prkatf s at reduced rates. lswnifer daily at I o'clock, a. f-- to be 'orwiir.'cl bv Kxpres will hi .ailed or w tho.it extra charve. (ntt-t- f) A. K. HOLT, AgBt. TSSESSZE AND ALA3AMA RAILE0AD. . TO COH IllM, AV.VrsBOItO,JACKJOX, LAC.IlAXii: ,M ?1F.?IP!IIS. OPT.K'DIi fni-- r !le Coaches Pnnkl;n to La--Ogrange, connecting at tho?e pi.it. ts with the IUiirod to Tuacusibia, Florerce Rarl STontfromery, Ala-- , aad Aberdeen, Columbus acd Cantsn, Uis. Th lour ll.vesfl C acb Lire to the--e . are til la etrll- - rt ori!. r. rjikirg a elite connect on with the Kai'.rtaA at lenn. Ex;irea 1rA leaves the repot at At.sO Tit Tnlnski snd Elktnn, And all plner- - thr ut tbe Snc'hrrn cun'ry . We have lints runuing, connecting wi-.- the BaA-- roa-- at Tran'niin. i'assecgen f.r Faliski and Zlkton Willlf ave Nashville nu ihe i oVii-ck- , P. M. Train, Voaday, WnLmlif ai d Kri.lay. A rovj.VKIIl.lT' tl I l.Yf Irae.s Nahv iljily at 2 o'cl.-r- P M., ennreetirg at i with a Pally Four H- - rse Coach Line to Colun tu.k'r rnll iiiforiaii. o, through . Ae.. s, p: ai theGeneral Kail'oad, an.l Oruuibus lifl.ee. No 54 Cedar street, opposite the Fcst It ee. f'fr"" Onmihuset ii! cail for passenger in anv part of th city. marT tf NEW FIR !V .T J- - Mlt?l JIV A IJ. f. Fli.tCII.. ht a nn.lrr t name T tnd svie cf T.J. itearary Co , ami taken the stock and s'ar.l of J. M. A C ... In Cooper's Hl. k. f9Cherry strret; a.ni anrmano-- to their friends and the 1 ut.iic, thnt thev an-- pr. n ire-- t.- - cs.-cut- evcy desrrif ti'in of work in the IM.l'MI'.iMi KLSSNsS.-- -. i:. he a d most sab stant. .1 m nn.-r- . T1.t will al o ft and fit nr tij. Fix-tu- n s In thr h nie.--i s'yle. lhey repeetfu!ly solicit a 'bare nr puM.e ig- -. (jan'.' IF YOU VfAST A C00a T SU3SCELSE F0S "THE KATSOSM," The Dost fo u.r Wn-VI- It America, which ha, immedi- - T' ' P u issue, Into an iMn::tSi: t inn i.atiox.Ths rapid is i'M'-:nll'.i,T- " in ;he IITi-- ItMtT, Jl.l li tl,lti, si.lcin only befur i.r Hie t 'Ii it have ruipK-yed- , without r I to n, tbe UTAH U'UITKns OF AMERICA. Till. VVriON ts the .V I'si-e- r whi,he-.n- . tain- - ibe V, ITTY, IIVM.)StC- - ar.d flliK-TI.I- ltBKKTf'l!E& of th tt Comical ur.itcs, and CcriYailed fil-- m ori at, KIxICHT RUSS 0CSSIDE, M. D. Of wh'ch series. oa-k."- al 13 wrUi tut: wbola jrarSubacrii tH.B. It I 111 I TP ICs. i?z. J3k;:low9 HIrs.S.B. E. H.Soiithwortli, Wh.. I, WKIL KVct- - N as i r.e of the MOST PC?L!LAR WRITERS IN AMERICA. In addition t the above wr T.w- - engi.--. J a Coi tr.butor-r- : CLARA Mi'KrToN, li kN HY W. H KI'BFItT, All-- : t'.tbV, W. W. FOft'Ii K, MRr--. . r. T AW, c. A. PACK, MSJ. K. f. tl.I.S.T, bk CA.sKrAT, PVKK LKNJAMIN, W P.CStN.VAS Acd oum"oua r i'iers. TO XIIE We v rwi'"-r:i- , . i.r Ttie.r u.par'.ment wih b'- K.ltte i n ti e u::n-- t care an-- no esp-nr- e or t, ar.il ti rm.ier tl e co.uu ns deVvted to u.-,- rs; ecial beneCt.uu scai y EriUiant AUr.-ct.- Inatructiv and Craameatal THE FARMERS' AND PLANTERS' CORNER W ill Practical fu, atid lu'al Hints, con r uted an l eu le-- l fr.un s. ur.-- the most reii. bie, and combining iutoi u.lI.od whj-- wiil prove 10 them In tha court of a sinyie jr.r, cf a'n..t Benedt. T-- rtiher d. parrmei tj rf ur j vper will rceiv the at- tentien thejr ly ,!,rr vi 1, e u.--i l ng spcially and careiutv rr- -, r,- -t to trieer ,h ; v .rie-- l ol Ihe V Vtral ot ts rt-- ..lcr. m.hi( tfr.se a irn mentionOrithitil .Vri. Tt ri.iJt, IUliti-ri.i- R irilin.j itdbi'trLinijn, Sj-- y .y .r.rs, li.j.-wn- t,-Sue Y.trt I ! it r"A,;C, Me i.iltt Run, f, i',..ia, l R tor if a R.wm,l.l andTl''. " 7 ,e lit:! ('.'" Irjtirtmitt OeiMt r'ri.in i'ro ittuS Rrtr. .'etu.'.7' tiu-lf- lllHnrinil Skrt.ht,Trtini !tiKK, tV., de., ti e. The SA Ti"X .t issued in tiu.no form, (eight pares.) and tach cor,tK.n :lt jwo orieiral rur- - ving. tha. turtiit'tg our at the end of iha year with a v u tr (.oulamiii 1 1 U large iiae, beautjully pr.nte I pag-- s of Unsurpassed Xovpllrltps, Sketches, ftC , AC , TCCLTHIE WITH OVI.IC Kill Otill.l V. a. 1 1.1,1 TIATIOsTbe NaTItiN is sent al tie lluwn.g rnuirkully Una rtS'"llll'10N AND CLsBttINO 1 SivJ.i : u.vaiB.yla aovaace: ffi'.Ln c:pus, - 1 ft per annum. TWO ... - - i 5o TUUEK " - - - - tX " - tiKj "TN u ia eo Aad one copy free to the gtUer up o' the Club f TA".. Ail letters ewntainlng rtny shoold be re!terp4, and) J. recti--. I i Uii.'t, r..i il.ty ;li com atour ruk, sthcswisa w - resf oul!e h.i ! tr.(.tf tl ei'i eo Co ies Wilt be sect free to Post Martrr,IlitiU. til nil li" wrh o rel up a club, to all others, ea rtcnpt "f l .ureenta ut stamps. Tk xpoof rrir-i- ni . C cent. Audre 'K-irL't A BIGITLOW, T SJ Hot U street, ritllatielpblt), Pm. Amon ike hen Ire Is of complimentary u.Hict., wtkat reeei.ej from riews...rr in eve y src.iwuA uf lb country, we itot the f Hist iug extra-- t rreta: "The Ns-.'.- t'pfr in clear la.ge typeoa titewwh tpaper, aJ I ricLly alorned with lliu. tratioo." S. J"t'. . l'l sf.ain a bi,h po.it'on in th literary world. "It is i. ne of ike nest wtetlhnnow pt.bllthpj, aa4 a takepleasure lo trir gin it to t aotic of n. reading ptAo-AC- . &ritfirf, p,i , frnuLf. The U:i:t aad siwrj of the proprietor, ilor g inal and Inferr-aic- tontcuis, an.l it.e btauty cf ire Ij i oti be caaa A Ul to preur tur il a cucalatiua.' iUoN toV. Jt J'iH-n- ii r. "Asa larynd f .mi y w hav ac kt.ilttlua la proostucr ng it th. lest arUMT; our warbaog. W iw t t adie. to procure it uimul delay " EulUnA, 7"an . .. liisiis rnTng city csianat'obr, but in Ibis rasa atvkouad to gv wav tt aterit. tmite many tuy c. tt-por.r- .t, lh Ntlk j I. eons. cd il sound sulMteaual andf;ln:'tr, l:; i i i ih f.i .jup an over.l..5e of am sv wltcy-watti- g .tuff rtnth baoO. of era pra!alaa-tbots- ."i.r, i i.'y l tUk. "Il has the mijit beauiuul head we ever aawt and Its mxir utr .p 'y eo' tainmg, tm y Uetaoaaa acd aooi a oroirg W.Uwirr, la , tv'a). Theie w rxitn f ir ju-- t such a p. per, and it ba seeorr4 two a tra bewd md hca.-'-- s t evn.t-.- i t relamnsa tha. narwrr aad toe: al wo. id JLo.d. k s.,Ws.A, J a , " Ii wit - beeow a lesdlc; fpt at the Srvslde-- "jKsMirk'., Jo , err. k e se dora en.'. M riber papers, bat ia thia iSAftanew we ate lure4 to .nrom. str f rtiaJire tt ceaaicBA tha MtMa laoor read Ai , Jtlitn. . 4sell-- 4t .(inns: f.uns!! Guns!!! A r - " wja sSSas, A C NNlNSliAV. No. 4T Public rsaar,-ka- vIALL anl tiprnej a aplrudit rtD af tagW aA a.r--t ad liver Ham, asDoeg k a ar a aw 1 tm r. asl ' 4 si.s kte)irs V aatBni, u elArr lao Ijsrx .a e. ouati-Ws-. TSoso Jas ar A sf 1M rtss J.tni ftutu Issl.ti, aa4 werw a4d. te ikele tea .! r tprM r fbr teas rt,i. A wo, BVArt K 9 aaaitiiot Oaa. tuU K.pwaMrt; o' iSrif Cvraia tmhiia. v.tkr wufe IA Aarst . Tt-a- of Pw4er k.AMa, phot tfrwche aad belt ever upe. ti ta uale. a--t as, " nERicAM salTahacITstaele, sTurncii rmEfT. 7Bx THAY8 t.J some gl T VcH 1 wiUpjIHow w..iT, aJ jf a Hers Is a--a JJt whA 1 repeeeeal biss, U s,n( '.; V t ureed. A of Am Ckmbrt ISft tf PtjMIiar ht, aaj J j tsaiuastf pule, eo-s- ! tin ek, p . h c e.i rx.j trsiTr CA .:i a Sa BOKsti aasj H t.tllkJ rd aAt't'LK 11 1.st A.est.aakt4 . iswMt, il saw iicaaj to k'r ib. vit,ett . m. ti-r- . f ; il s'J i f r 5 a i v 1
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