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Daily Nashville Patriot Newspaper Archives Jan 20 1857, Page 3

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Daily Nashville Patriot (Newspaper) - January 20, 1857, Nashville, TennesseeNASHVILLE: T. B. GIX.VX, Local and Commercial Editor. Tuesday Horning, January 20, 1857. to ADVi:uriM:BS. The circulation cf the Taily and Tri-7eek- ly editions of the Patriot, combined, txceeds largely that of any other newspaper printed in Kashville.It ia these edition that are generally nsed for advertisiaff The Patiiot therefore, ii the best advertising medium in the city. Other news- papers may have a larger weekly circulation, but advertisements do not get into the weeklies un' less under a special contract- - Official Jou rnal for Publishing the Post Office Letter List. Nashvillc Post Ofmci, Jan. e, ISrT. To THbPaiLT Patbiot I have this day derided thtyoo ar .milled to advertise the uncaged fr Letters it thiiOfflee f .r one year, from the 1st or January, in aoeordanc witn the liw, in that cae made and provide!. Yours, very respectfully, B. K. ANDERSON, P. M. yr All Letters advertised are subject to an est aeharge ofonejent. Persons calling for these letters will pleate say tbey are adv.rtieet.Orrll tt brarrtrtivd in " '' Vrfr7,f mgrrf-al.- Uto Ui fulluwiug fctwn of the Anc J't o',To Imicant'ien'ir-piipe- r fairing ti Uirgst ciii-uUttu- of anypnpr jnil.luM in X.tJirUU) . J. &. And be it further enicted. That Lists of Letters remaining uncalled far in any Poet office, in unr e'ty, town, e vil ae where n newspaper shallbe printed, shall hsre-af- er he published once ouiy, in ihe newspaix-- r wbch, being u ;d werkly, or of'ener, shall have the larevst circulation with in tlie rmire of delivery o' id ofhec, lo be decide! byf Poetmas'rr attach otfice. New Post oihce Law.passedMarch i5, 181. Tn ( at a r DirnccLTiis. Owing to difficulties at Hie Tlieatre, occasioned by a misunderstanding, ai we 1 farn, between the mansper and employees, Mies Divenport did not appear last night a ad- vertised, neither was thre any theatrical entertain-Wen- t at all. Duriog last week the theatre was filled with excellent audiences, and it was with no little surprise to every otie that it closed under such unfavorable circumstances. The following card from Miss Davenport was placed In the office at the St. Cloud day before yesterday : Farlwku. Card. Miss Davenport presents her sincere thanks to the patron of t ie drama and l'rros of Xaatitiile, for the very flittering reception extended to her on the occasion of her firat visit, and regrets that circumstances beyond her control will deny her the pleasure of appearing evening, ss requested and announced, but hopes at some early future day to have tue honor of again ajp.-nn- g btfore them. SbU Cloud Hotel, J.n. 18, 1857. Stuck Fast. A lad of about twelve years, iu ditcrvttly placed l.i.i tongue fcpa'i st a bar iu an iron fence on Cheiry street ou Sunday lank The iron being full of frost, held him fast for the time. In his efforts to get loose Lis lips and mouth alco adhered to the iron jwherever they came iu con- tact with it, and the more he struggled the more firmly ho became fixed. While a getitltmuii was getting some water with whic'u to extricate him from his unpleasant and painful situation, he pull- ed looe, leaving the bkiu upon t!iu bar wherever it had touched. Thk Prai: Family. The entertainment of this talented troupe is to be givcu this evening at O ld Fellows' Hall, and we regret they are so coon to leave us. They c.lve unbounded satisfaction and would continue to draw crowded audiences should they prolong their vir-it-, W'e hae not time to their talents E ich and all were excel- lent in their respective parts. They ehould be vimed by every lover of good music. IiiNKKiT or 51a. FkRKox. Mr. Ferdon tikes a benefit tonight at the Theatre. lie is a fiuo actor and has made many warm fiicnds bince his ap- pearance upon the boards of the Kashville. The bill selected is a very good one, and if ha gets what ha deserves, the house will be well filled. For Cairo. The fine steamer AUJi will leave fr Ctlro and all intermediate ports this day, at 10 o'clock. She liss been newly shod with skates as fine as thoe kept by Beaumont, Vauleer k Co. and passengers nay rest assured she will go through without fail. Her officers iu charge are gentlemen of experience, and as clever as they get to be. Her iron bow will breast the ice in triumph, and none need have fear when snrroundad by her energetic and affable officers. Get sloard early, and our attentive friend, the clerk, will give you a room. . RivrR Xkws. Ice plenty no bouts running. The Salli Tl'evr is laid up at Paducah. The Ohio t Hver is full of ice, and no bosU expected for some 'time. Advices from all points ou the Ohio and Upper Mississippi and its tributaries represent the weatfier as excessively cold, and utvittion entire. Iywrended. Several LoaU are at this port firmly froxeu in. Coal. The late cold spell' has caused a con- siderable advance in the price of fuel. Co.il is now selling at 3D and 35 cents per bmhcl, and wood was selling at $3 per cord yesterdcy. At these enormous rates many poor people in the city are doubtless Buffering for fire. Several caes came tinder our observation yesterday, in which the ptuching wauta of the indigent were relieved by the noble generosity of liiid-bearte- d citizens. Thc Cold Term. The weather for the past two or three days may be justly called 'the cold term.' It has been more severe than has been known here for many years. The mercury in the thermometer, we are told, at one time full to ebht degrees be- low zero. At other times it Indicated from one to eix decrees below. The river is entirely close.) at the wbtrf, and for some distance above and below it. Persons were crossing on the ice yesterday. Sijb a thing, we understand, has not been knowa before for thirty years. The weather moderated . aoiaawhat during yesterday. N. k C. K. R. TickkT Oi Ficic We have before mentioned the (act, that the Ticket Office of the Nashvillit and Ciiai'.snooga Unlrosd hai been open- ed at No. 26 College street, under the Sewanee House. Our young friend, Mr. C. L. Anderson who, by the way, is a vety clover, a 3a old aud gentlemin will be fojulatt'iis ' office to furnish passengers with tickets, and give travelers ss; formation about various Hues, time table, JLc, thai they may desire. He sells through tickets to Atlanta, VI aeon, Augusta and 8avannahi ' Ga., Charleston, S. C, Wiiaiingtou, X. C, and Montgomery, Ala., at well as to Chattanooga, or all other point on the N. k C Railroad. From the N. O. lVajruiw, Jan. 11. ITIetalrlf) Alulem Itsire. fCMMABT Pll;T KAl'C. Mitarir OorriHi, N. O., Jan. 11, 18C6. Vru. prittta' 1'urse $200. Mil Heats; oh.q only tt notwwiunera djiing the ineeting. Col W. O. Winn's (Gen. T. J. U t UV) ch. f. Lis Mantis, by tilencoe, dam Fanny G ., Sy .o 5 1 11 J. W. Priee's (Webt.. lt(jss) b, ., broth-- ' " " 'er to Flyit g Putcl.man, S y. o . ... 1 5 J Col. F. A. Luun(W(l. F. KeVner'.) b. til, Melody, -- by Voucher, dam Mou'c, " . b Priam, Kn. o S 3 5 .'- - Tluie 1:(.3J ; 1:52J ; 1:54. . ' K UUAUV. ' Srcosp Rc Sam Dat. Porse, ( J?CM Two mile beats opn to only non-wlcn- era during tiie meeting: CoL A. L. Uingaman's (T. B. Polndex-ter'- s) ch. f. Maiy 11, by (;iti.ce. dsra Marietta, by Pn.r, t r t t i CoL W. O. W ini.'s (Gen. T. J. Well.') ' h. g. Mole, ty t'at. E'see, daw by . Ruby, '4 j. o. 3 s Col. 11. O. Colour's rb. h. Ked Fox, by Pat Galls way, darn Halfpenny, 4 y. e. "di. . - Time. - Firt UeaL Fecotid Heat, " ' First Mile...'.. 1;53 1.61 Second Mile 1:56, 15S r. ' - Y ALU ABLE F0S IALE. ImTt'tnr sal, prirateiy, oue f th. bhiM (JeelrstJaLOTS In thr city if N.abtU e.al Ih.eort-.- r el Pots Aenu, fronting 60 leet Ml Cbamh atrt ar4 rus nlngback tM or Uo fi to aa alley. Tr.. lui jiaa laerret. d-- nc of 1 C Ntchulwo.aad will M K.I 1 SI a Striata. Par prt"-ii!ric- il oo me. . A. liLASUu., J'"'9 .. k i,... ... ., 'a wt V COMMERCIAL. DAILT FATRrOr OFPICTV JABDABV 30, lK7. Cottos The Inclement weather yesterday caused the to be I.ght. We h.ard of about 85 biles only at 10,Jtf all 89. - Retail Domestic Market. rrraa Per pound, 2(a2ic. Eos Per doaeB, 15S0c- - Baco Hams vVlOc ; rhouldera tile; Bides Ta8c. Lard Selling- - at 8.1 a9c per pound; dyll. UaiL We quote it at &ua6oe per bushel from wsg.as; 75 lo retail. fvuvt Selling at IS 50 per 100 pounds for superfine. Diciwhbat Fixes i 25 for M lb sacks. Coal We quote corn at 49c per bushel. miit Wheat commands Voc. . Dp.itD Fanr Apples command 1 60 per buaeel. Peeled Peaches are worth IS 50; unpeeled 2 50. Potatoes Irish Potatoes art worth )c from wagons; tla 1 80 in retail. Sweet PoUtoes are selling at SI &0a3 00. Tcasipa 25c per bujjtl. w Orlennt 7Iarketa Jit-- 1fi Crrrres-Sal- ej 11,000 bales, and yes- terday 27 0 ra'rs, the fvt number erer reported; saler tue three !av44,0JO biles, ai 1 ma-k- 't firm, g agar isdu;iatc. .Mcla-'U- . M. zed corn 8c. Pork i quiet. ax.ange on Londod Freights steady. Ciucinnati JTIarket. 3m. 10. Whiv The speculative demand continues, and prices gam ad r a need ibis a'temooo, closing at 22c The ralei were 1000 Larrels. Cerretpondente, Nsbtiu.i, January 19, 1S57. Ha Q. f. Gai$: Sm: Having been desirous for some time pa it at a testimonial of our appreciation of your tal- ents ai an Artist of stifling a time for tendering you a Complimentary Benefit on behalf of many artist) and citl sens, among whom you have made ir.any f iends during yeur roaneetion wiih the Na.tiville lh'Btr. ai Scenic Artist, and having acer'a ned that the present week closes the season, we propose Wednesday evening, theSlst, as the time select el by in lor thtt purpose. Hoping that this arrangement will meet your approbation, we rema n Tours, respectfully, A. IIiimas, F. Etsicilaitd, T. T. Hmil'.v, Jo. Baows, A. A. Ak.b td, J. B. SsowDia And ma".y others. Nashvillk, Januiry 19, 1'67. Mrrs. TfsisiAS, Stbicklisd, and otbkrs: Having re- ceived ycur very kind and flattering note of the 19ih, in which you very courteously tender me a Complimentary Bsneflt, raming Wednesday evenirp, Ihe 2Ut inft. In re- turn, I mut tay that.bein entitled to a Benefit, the gentle-mar.l- y Manarer had selected the time mentioned in ycur ntte, therefore, I thank'ull7 accept the tendered compliment. II '.p ng that 1 mayal rays merit t'ne kind fetlicgsyoa tave been pLaed to evince towards me, I remain, Tours, respectfully, G. W. GRAIN. tW Chicago, 111., with 80,000 inhabitant?, pays its Mayor acalary of $1,200 a year; Phil- adelphia, with 500,000 people, pays its Mayor $3,000; New York, C2'J,000 people, says its Mayor $3000; Huston, Ma., with 105,000 eople; pays its Mayor $4,000 Baltimore, Md., with 200,000 people, pays its Mayor $2,000 a year; and Cincinnati, Ohio, with 210.000 peo- ple, pays its Mayor $2,000. The police of ChU cngo costs $87,218 a year, that of Philadelphia $545,345; that of New York $825,500: that of liostoti $166,285; that of Baltimore $45,000 and that of Cincinnati $73,103. Kashville pays her Mayor a salary of $l,G00f and her police at present costs her at the ram of $17,500 per year. The San Francisco Bulletin of the 20th DeceinLer says: "The culture of the grape hai never been carried on go extensively iu any previous year as during the preeent. In Los Angeles city and its immediate vicinity, it is csiitnuted that at least one hundred and fifty thousand gallons of wine have been man- ufactured, one half of it, or thereabout, is the product of the viueyards of Don Sausevane. Dr. T. J. White, formerly a resident of this city, has also been engaged in this business and imnufaciurcd several thousand gallons of wine. California brandy of very fair quality, has also been made this tieasoL inconsiderable qnantitiis." Supreme Court December Term, 18iG. L llullccks, ailrn'r, Jc..vs (1 Poster. Opinion by Judge Mcliioney, sflirmtiig decree of Chancellor. R White, age tit, t O O Love Oin!on by Judge rever.-iii- ludtioent kad dismi.. ur petition. Ji'bn 1 hiruion Nat riupts et al.. Opinion by Judge Harris, aflirn.ing decree of Chancellor. J no VI Allixn vs L' H H.phsis et ala. Opinion by Judge Karris, r.reraing decree and remanding cauaa (or reU.iognc-oun- t Jno K Uair. ex'r, vs fatrl Ptaper et als. opinion by Judge Oaruther., re versiDg decree and remandiog cause for farther proceedings. tW 0. T. R. Fhehane, of Notasulga, Alaii now a b' y newspaper at tl a year, iu advance. It treats ou RcMl.m, MoraN, the Arts, aud $c;eui e. Address him at the above (.Aire. Publicatioua by Subscription. Our fellow-citize- Mr. Tim. W. Gilman, has the' sgcucy for obtaining subscriptions to the following works, which are puhlirbed by subscription only, and are not for sale iu the Book Floras: Tut Im'Uk Kacis or North and South America. New York: Published by the American Sub- scription House. This work contains an account of the principal aboriginal races; a description of their national cus toiin, mythology and religious ceremonies; a his- tory of their mofti poweiful tribes and their most celebrated chiefs and warriors; their intercourse aud wais with the European settlers; aud a great variety of anecdote and description, illu.trativa of pereons! and national character The author is Chai. DeWolf Drownell. The work is illustrated wilh numerous and diversified colored illustrations entirely new, and many of which are from original designs. It is also accompanied with a chart, which gives sUtixtical references of interest. The work contains 636 ptgt-s- Thi Etxr oa Olji Worlh; embracing Ancisnl and Modern History, lij Hanry Howard Hrcwo-ell- , A. M. i vols. Toronto, C. YV. This is also a beautifully prepared wotk, sod illus- trated with colored engravings. The first volume treats of the Jews, Assyria, Kypt, Greece, Rome, 1'triia, India, Chia, the Mahoiuedana, Spain, Ger- many, Hungary and Ruae'u, with a valuable statis- tical appendix. The second volume opens with Franee, and the Iste Revolutions; England, with thehirilory and description of Norway; Sweden and Norway ; Denmark ; the Netherlands ; Switz erland ; Portugal aud Italy. Mr. GilmiQ has lbs agency for these works, and will receive subscribers, the books to be delivered in January aud February, lie will call upon oar cilisi ns stid exhibit specimen copies. Cuiokku'sM.unkkyIvitabm.miiikt. Yes- terday was the Vail opening day of the above establishment, and prompted by a deeire to ee something very tice aa well as to be ia fashion (aa nearly tvery body, we thought, wsthcrej we went along with the tide and looked, at the largij and Cue display of rnillioerj and fancy there U he seen. Mr. Oookcr Las brought on a very large and Ysried stock, embracing all the arlk'ea bwlorging to the trade, of every stylo and rjaality. The stock of bonnets, flower, rlbb-o-s, trimmings, head dres-e- s, Ac,, i lar teyond what w txpeoied to see. The liner tjuaJiUe of these various at) lee of gmxls are Indeed faperb, anrpasslng any- thing wa have ever een. The btwneta, par- ticularly, we look cpon aa the prettiest thinga in that Hue ever introduced lo the cotice of the public. Mr. C. is prepared to alt tnillioerT pxds at wLoieiw well as retail, and country dealera desiring to pnichaae m il do wU to examloe hisswk. tf. t- - ." Manny ilebrated C01IBI.YED BEAPIX6 AXD EOWISC I on SALznr the uxheksigxedat 11. P. CIIIUTIFAST, JaoT OeneraJ Ajaat far u BtaU. AUV.tMIDTalfH, CORf-OtATlu- TXtA fe tie year li.'T.eanvss SuiAa l Ln LVilorlur, al bis klhc, tart ef Cbcrrr au4 L ulew imtii, la a4aau at lb rau stuu pet Mat f Muiiitt leurnt. A litis is ihe bt lnim.t that t b asaAa, U bs !MetMt I sal 1 l'rrs Witt k prempt la s'!iir. lA-i- m ... , , .j . -- A. eULrOtS, i'Wrte.' BY TELEGRAPH. BY TIIE NATIONAL , I Reports Famished by the Associated Press. Halifax, January 10. The Cunard steamip America has arrived from Liverpool, with dates to the 8d. . Money unchanged and active. Consols on ac- count 94a94i. All qoalities of cotton considerably advanced; advance on the week, Jd ' Sales of two days 25,000 bales fpeculators and exporters taking 600 bale". Fair Orleans 74,; middling Orleans 1; fair Mobile?; middling Mobile 7; stock at Liverpool 200,000 bales, of wtiich 173,000 are American. Sales of Friday are estimated at 10,00OJba!es closing firm. Breadstuff are steady. Wheat generally ad- vanced 3 1. Corn Is. Provisions are dull. Naval storea unchanged and inactive. Manchester advices are favorable. Baring Bros. & Co. quote iron firm, with an advancing tendency. At Havre cotton is quoted at 1 08 faanca for New Orleans 7res Ordinaire. Bullion in the Bank of England baa decreased 200,000. Tea has advanced 1 Js. Sugar steady. Chinese news isfullv confirmed. The Americana were also engaged ajainst the Chinese. The U. S. ship Portsmouth had destroyed one of their forts in consequence of an insult given the American fisg. " . The Congress at Paris was proceeding satisfao torily. The Swiss difficulties was clearing up. Cikcikhati, Jan. 19. Flour firm, at $5 40. Whieky active, at 23 a 23g Provisions, Wheat and Corn firm. Groceries in moderate demand. further bt Tnc city or washingtos. New York, Jn. 17. China Bogue forts were captured. The foreign factories were evacuated, and much property was burned, and commerce oaralvzed. Recent tntellijenre from Prossia and Switzerland is favorable; although they were making warlike Drenarations. Tbe demands of Prussia were d!iishing. It is said that Napoleon has made concatory offers of arrangement to the federal authorities. The American Envoy offered a loan of 20,000, 000 to Sw txerland. Austria strongly protests against the war. Tbe Wertemherg Chambers protest sgaint troops crossing their territory. The first troops passed through Berne on the 22 1, tn route to Eaele. 15,000 are en route to Rheinntadt, and the same number to Schaffhausen, Count Kidselff, the Russian Ambassador to Paris, has formally agreed to the Bessarabian froutier, as proposed bv the Allies. The new Minister to Washington has been se' lected. He will be here about the 4th of March; bis name has not vet transpired. There are rumors in France of another loan of 180.000,000. The Swis residents "at Paris have demanded their passports home. Several French hips of war are fitting out for China. Washington, Jan. 17. Kiticman and Pike, cor respondents for the press, and Chase, of New York, were examined to-d- ay before the committee. The House was brought to an abrupt adjourn- ment this afternoon by Giddinjs, while speaking on a private bill, being teized with atrophy of the heart, he fell and was carried to the lobby, and from thence to the Speakers room. He was at tended by medical men in Congress then by the city physicians. He was removed to his lodgings iu the evenfng, when there were pro-pec- ts of his recovery and he was improving, when ne had a second attack much more severe than the former one. BREWER & CALDWELL, KTow Yorlt, GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS ANDUrain factors.1VO. 20 Ol.If SI. IP. Refer to J. K. Sara, E'fj., President Bank of Charleston fi. C ; Messrs. Jobs Vsimi a Co.; J. W. Caldwbu., Esq. J. T. rViDTaa. Freirldeut Bank Republic, New York. ; V. K8Tyaao, Nashville. Iaug26 6m WE INVITE TIIE ATTENTION OF COUNTRY DEALERS TO OCR LARGE STOCK OF Vorcssn a ml Domestic DRY GOODS. inta LH9i Bursas at thi AUCTION SALES IN THIS CITY ASD NEW YORK, WE CAN OFFER GREAT ISDDCEMEST3 TO TIIE TRADE TO SELECT FROM OCR STOCK. PHILLIPS, STRYKER & JENNINGS, Nos. 1 and 3 Bank Street, below Market, SECOND A THIRD ST3., janlU lAVVi)m. A. o. smith. a. T. ecmaie. Qto J. iowuid. SMITH, GUTHUIE &'CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS, WHOLESALE GR0CEHS, DEALERS TN FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC LIQUORS, akd ieisTS roa trb silb or vmr;iEA & ti:i!i;ssf.i: rontrco. No. 564 Stain St , Between Second and Third, LOCI3V11.LE, KV. JanlO-dl- Wtf C OPAT.r.KSll!P M)Tirr. MR. L. A. LANIER and CtKO. MIZELL havin? becomewith the unuVi-Kifner- ! in the Wholnahi Grocery and Llqoor Busineu, tbe style of th Arm will re- main as herlof.ire. B. LANIER k CO. December lt, lSi. ec5 BO. SIlttL. Li US tl. B. LiKlSa. B. LANIER & CO. (Sluecessors to Hart Holliripiworth,) 2V. 5 ."Market .Street, vtlle, WHOLESALE GROCERS, AND DEALERS IN Foreign k Dompstic Liquors. CA Sir AXD CIi'eA P SYSTEM A D OPTFDl fresson's Model Clothing Bazaar. KO.T I'NION STREET NASHVILLE. With an entirelv fresh ttock of U&ad y-- M : d ctKOiris-tu- i roa BLtOAxci ASBcaBirasss. Together with a eonple'e astortmaot of Gentlemen FurnialiinK Goods, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL At the .Lowest Cash Pricea!! TO vnnTKus. COPPER-FACE- D TYPE. 'fOKxruoi's MEV YORK TYPE FOUNDRY, . AXDrillXTEn? WAREHOUSE, ratawllabed In I 823s . 29 Spruce street, Four doors below William street. ' IIE subscriber Is pr.are4 tofurolih kls wel-snow- a an41 supv'or book and Newspaper Printing Typea la founis tn salt fehae(S. ANm, Uermat and Ornamental Tjpre, ttreck. Hi brew, OraaaMBta, Mesia, traM Rules, e., SDadufaetarra ( f M.uua equal to anjr in thla and SauLed Is the aioet aoourai manner. He alM furniibsPree, CbaM, CompwiRK rucis, ttanl,, Cars, Farni-tar- e, Iak, o WOOD AXD METAL TYPE. fr.ra other frountiHrs, tori esery article required It. a print. tnf elfne, at the lwet priee fur rb or approved paper.Tt p. erper fcd b the NrWton Coapaujr, furn;slie4 lo order. Old l( r'f'ivrd at nine eeUper pound ia ehnre fir nrw. ttiauUrt T r prlnUne eilab iilioi-n- ts .d os arp Vatl. Second baud Priuticg MaterUla boufit and soldy"prl iTef Newspapers who will rnert (Ms advertise-tar- at three tine, linnol iiitlhls boU,) b. f.-r-e Just I, IS!T, aid tendtag ear one of tKe piart, w:U be paid to pristiuf tjpe. whea ptrtl.lr fbar llrce t amoant f their b U.I'K.tUO OOItTALViir. Vlrsl Class Uonrdlns House NO. 31 CEDAR STREET, M ifH TILLS, TF--S Jl ESSIE. rpitt gutMrrlbar rpes:u'ly Naaa-- 1 Tills 'rjJ iu Tk-ioi- that tie H saw prrparrd to aeeoea WMMtaia an thw Day Ruwarrs that will e ill en bio. Mis booM Is alwevs open la ti farrlirjf comfaanlt; aad kmc that blcrrteads aad aerJaiaUBeea wiu give biai 4 tall whoa tby vtaii Uie ety tana ,1 - r. yr. whtttin aTON. aw fioo iti:VAiii). ATAT Irwea ! swbarrrtr, reiitlrf la rTafcin. twsiwsr.stiwt ek. 1 o OcRbr twat, a dark n.lor.4 Nef-- r Ha uiwl J 1 l . Pd StT Maa ts abmM tS e.art(, ww(-h- a absat 1 puwodA, St mtumt t (tret fcifh, epeaksplcaaanlif wbew poa It. t'aii Ngm was tarnished wuk a pa ,u tad a wteutor, Wr a. W. Strata aboat lb. Uire hm left to JLrtisui.) and did at rewira. 1 will pre ihe abuse reward Aw said bar, wbea takta awoeaed ta Jalt sa (Ml I get Blaa. ocl loa t.A. FABNO. T?OII ItHIT. Tb baa at prwieet c ewpied by tka A Traders Bank, la tor teat tor tb easutcg t. Pa eloa g.sea 1st Jaaaarv. Appl.r h deoo w. it. rotnoN a co. iXIXlXQ Or 4T P1ICX3. BLACK. Ma a fhv. Co-.hs- , DoMkta aad Fancy Pla-- h Vlrt. ftis and eda Yamt7, l.loea tdao4 funii,r.;i Ca MeeiaaTail aa4 Prawe. Basin. axt tir Catta aad Hall, wlk aii!Tf Triair , r Sr4 tur a1 al Kast era Frtew fur Cash, la I u to .art purchasers, A smjla pallors of t Cat a Faata sotd and cut t atearo, tf aw. Ibis rare opptrtualty af Waring fin ciotht to HUl toor.v 1 stTtJ atSa. ?! C'r? str?t. 1 BU4-- Bf. iM Uw Meretaut Tutunng CUtb.uIiaai ef tttt-l- wl J'HN OHLT. T3 mC2I2S-rC- S SALS. . Will uriLOlKlt aw wtews by lb mk with1 iu liaiiQi, aad a haticfcl and fhlloswpaiaal Arvi-- . lsiaidttr'Uoaswsi M evoewtrr. , iJ-lw.t.o- J3iA JLUlt5Ur 1. A t.J it SPECIAL NOTICES. Rheumatism, taltamost aggravated form, disappeai from tbe system like frost before the rising sun, when Cas vaa's Eravpa MuTcas is brought to bear upon it. Th great purifier of tbe blocd dives at ODce to the root of s , inch diseases, and drives it from hob to limb, and joint t Joint, until its stronghold is raptured, and it is forced out 1 tbe system through the pores of the skin. Let the snjTer.n try it and become healed. janU tw r Hclloway's Pills. Seekers of health, thoaa dyspeptio orsuSering from weakness, or debility of any kind, should take a course af these fine medicines, which will quickly re- store them to health, as tbey sever fail to cure if used ac- cording to the directions which accompany each box. Sold at the maoafactories. No. 80 Maidea Lane, New York, and No. m Strand, London; and by all drngtfsu, at SSc, C2X-- , and tl per pot or box. Janli lw Great Care of Eheumatism- - The editors of tbe Richmond Republican, of Dec. M.h, 185. says that Car- ter's 8paniah Mixture is no quack menierbe. They had a man in their press-loo- m who was affiicted with violent Mercurial Rheumatism, who was eietinually complaining of misery in the back, limbs and joints; his eyes bad become feverish and mattery, neck swollen, throat sore, and all the symptoms of Rhaamatism, combined with Serofula. Two bott.'es ot Carter's Spanish Mixture cured him, and, in an editorial notice as above, tbey bear testimony to its wonderful effects, ad say their only re- gret is, that all suffering with disease of the blood are not aware of the existence of such a medicine. They cheerfully recomend it. 8ee their certificate, and notice in full areond the bottle. Janlw 8w BEST HAIR DTE IN TUB WORLD. This is steorg language, yet Boslb's Elsctbic Hub Dvs (recently improved) was proved to be so, by tbe judges at the late Mechanic's Fair, held in Boston, (among whom was Dr. Hays, tbe eminent chemist and Stale assayer)who awarded It the PRIZE MEDAL AND DIPLOMA, over the choicest Hair Dyes on exhibition from all parti of the Union. IU unparalleled superiority consists in, 1st. The ingredients sre nourishing to the hair, net destructive, as others. Sd. Doea not stain nor hurt the skin. 8d. Is easily applied and dyes the hair any color required, from a delicate brown to a deep black, so natural as to appear marvellous. Manu- factured, sold and applied by WM. BOGLE, 277 Washington street, Boston. declO tillma81 A PERFUMED BREATH. What lady or gentleman would remain under the curse of a disagreeab'e breath when by nsing the "Balm or a Tbocsasd Flo wins" as a dentri-fle- e, would not only render it sweet but leave the teeth white as alabaster? Many persons do not know that their breath is bad, and the subject is so delicate their friends will never mention It. Ponr a single drop of "Balm" on your tooth brush and wash the teeth night and morning. A fifty cent bottle will last a year. A BEAUTIFUL COMPLEXION may eaMly be acquired by nsing the "Balm or a Thousand Flows." It will re- move tan, pimples and freckles from tbe skin, leaving it of a oft and roseate hue. et a towel, pour on two or three drops, and wash the face night and morning. SHAVING MADE EAST. Wet your shaving brush In either warm or cold water, pour on two or three drops of "Balm or a Tboosakd Flowkbs, rub the beard well, and it will make a beautiful toft Uther, much facilitating the operation of ebtving. Price only fifty cents. Forsa'eby all Druggists. Beware of oonterfeita. None genuine unless signed by W. P. FET RIDGE o CO. Sept2-dw6- m Franklio Square, N. T. Williams' Pulmonic Balsam of Wild Cherry and Wood ffaptha. THE GREAT SOUTHERN REMEDY. A speedy and positive enre for consumption. It is a cer- tain remedy for Phenmonies, Asthma, Spitting of Blood, night 8weats, Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds, Plurlsy, Whooping Cough, and all diseases of the chest and lungs, together with all the afections which pred spore to the above earned com- plaints. All persons who have nsed it in the above nnmed complaints attest to its efficacy in the mo-.- t unqualified terms. This invaluable medicine is for sale by al) the drug, gists throughout the Southern and Western Siates. Manu. factured by A. L. WILKINSON A CO., Uuauville, Ala., to whom all orders must be addressed. Hear what the Hon. Jxrb Clkmins says of its nature. Persons who buy one bottle are sure to get a second. IIcstsvillb, March 6, 1356. Gvhts: I have nsed Dr. Charles Williams' Pulmonic Bal- sam of Wild Cherry and Wood Naptha with the happiest efecta. A negro man, now belonging to my lather, whobaa been for several years afflicted wi h a distressing con.ch, is apparently restored to good health by the use oi one bottle alone. I have nsed it also in other cases, and none without de- cided benefit to the patient. Very respectfully, JERE CLEMENS. Messrs. A. L WiLiwaoa ACo.,nuDtsville, A'a. Da. Chas. Williams: DbabSib: 1 take pleasure in giving my testimony to the virtues of jour excellent "Pulmonic Balsam of Wild Cher- ry." Having nsed several battles in myfimily, with de cided advantage in every case, I can recommend it aa the best and most pleasant medicine I have ever seen. W. D. F. SAWRIE. Tuscumbia. March 22,1848. For sale by Kernan A Rains, Berry A Demoville, G. W. Hendershott, A. R. Roscoe, Swing A Brother, wholesale, Josiah G. Brown. sept27 dAwSin Thb Rbiqs or Abt. In this wonderful age, Art lays her master touches on almost every thins . The ceilings over ns and the carpets we tread on, are hallowed by Art. Art winds the railway through the mountains and the mud; makes her machines of wood and Iron, to act as if with knowledge and annihilates space with lightning tamed down to the tuteledge of a boy. Nothing is too lofty for her touch and nothing too humble. A new proof of this old conviction has Just fallea under our notice, ia the shape of a Catbab-n- o Pill, from the Laboratory of that world renowned Chemitt, Dr. C. J. Aria. If we understand the subject, he has carried that article lo the farthest perfection of which it is capable. Instead of employing Drags .0 its composition, as we have always thought the necessary and only way, he has with consum- mate skill extracted the rtrfi of the medicine to be em- ployed and ec mbined them alone In their purity together. The composition is then mixed and rolled by machinery and steam power Into a sperod pill which Is wrapped in an en- velope of gelatine, for protec ion from the effects of weather or time, and then thickly coated with suirar, to serTe as its passport over the palate. Notwithstanding all the labored perfection they are offered to the Public at less than one eenteach. However humble the department, we think this may be tafe'y characterised as U e consummation of Art in its line. Jloruiig Xmo. RiJ. Are u Uettlnir Ita Id 7 Is yoar hair turning grey f Do yon wish to cultivate good whiokers and moustaches f Tour hair to be soft, silky and glossy f Your bead to be cool, comfortable and free of lf Mothers! are your children to have luxuriant heads of hair f Then use Boole's Hvrsaioa Fluid, which ettr 'ail In Us unerring effects. Prices 26 eta, 50 eta, 75 eta, and II 50 per bottle. Bogle's Balm of Cytheila stands unri- valled for eradicating tan aid pimples, and beautifying the complexion. Price 50 eta. Inventor and proprietor, W. Bode, Boston, and sold by Druggist everywhere. tnj81 ly. Pianos and Muic,-- W, learn that Tforace Waters, of b83 Broadway, N Y., agent for the tale of many of the naot celebrated makers of Pianos and Melodeooa, it offering them at price which we advise all who desire to purchase to avail themelve of. He Is also telling his largo and well-kno- Catalogue ef Music at ene-tMr- d off from the regular prices, and will forward the same free of pnatago. Ills offers to the trade, teachers, and schools, are of the most favorable character all of which he wtl able to fill to the leiter, for having wisely adopted the cash system. The Horace Water' Piano are known as among the very beat. W are enabled to apeak of those Instruments with some degree of confidence, from personal knowledge of their ex cellent tone aad durable quality. .V. I. twngtiisLSliarp's Rifles.ALL Sportsmen who are In want of a good and reliable Gun, especially adapted tor largo game, Deer, Ac. are In- vited to call at th ator of Fall and Cunningham, No. T Public Square, aad examine "Sharp's Patent Sperling Rifle," which In rapidity of Firing, accuracy of aim, and length of range is far toperior to any Gnu ever invented, and anlik any other Patent Goa heretofore Introduced Its eonstnjctton 1 so exceedingly simple that It la not mor liable to "get oat of order" than th common Kentoeky Rifle. V. A C. have also a tew Shot Gun mad oa th same Pa tent, lyts em. CONSUMPTION CURED. Be aotdecivd by haa imitation. UEG SMAf, CLARK A CO S GKNCINE CO! LITER OIL, never diaappoioU aad nine yean experience ha proved tt superior to all others, and the only reliable ear. fur CONSUMPTION. At there ia a great deal of spat lows oil la th arkct adul terated with seal oil, whale oil, sc., Ac, too soach ear can not be taken to procor Ihe Gaealoo. Our OU I miA at oar w factory la NwfeB!iand, and each hot lo hat oar signature over the cork, be careful to get Haesa.B, Clam A Co., for tine the death of Mr. Rrsaroa, ow tate partner, there has been an article Intra- - clsedald Bashtoa'a, which is iaao way oanct4 with ft. 0. A Ca, or H. C. Co. , Sold by J. 0. Brows, twin Bros- -, and by Pjaaar'tU gea rally ot3T Asa ADistinguislied Stranger. IIMlYi:i t the great rjhadeltAla'-CCTTEt,- Mag hHged to a a geaiaJ trTmat ia ooseqetc of mpairod health, has tocatod himself at our Booca, IS Ctiar atrnt, and will Uk saaantrwi and chow cwato sacra Ototaa, Cascisaer aad TMtiag la groat variety, frwoi which they may te'ect to salt thet&Mtvca. Our Store it fafl of al ktadaof UKADY I A DC CLOTH I NG. aad thc Stock tt tanlsblof go4s was aovwr arp.ad la KuhTCia. rMtr QirroN a aebott. TAM'JtULC'LilXD rOB SALfJ. lit. for sa that pota of th rrart ofrCt w htefc 1 lv. lyios Sank tl th Ufca-ao- a Taropik opthmIU th ttemttart, oooiainlr.g abowt Sa Haa4rd Aorew. Tbta trt has aWulluar haadrwA ara ka cultivaliaa, leaving bjt lfl' baa- - 4n4 aerwt ot wawJa. TSC WhoM Baely 0pll lo ttock tatstof. 1 tul also so" aboat Treo IIaedr4at Twccty Aeros foaii of BBS prei rhUK, traotig hail a ait a ts Laaaaa Tarapia. Tata cl a wU Waleiod aad raarkab:y (avwrcd Vrctack raHna. Tbw iMma of parrk.-- j ar nf rred to Mrocra. LlP'lHey A Ciifti,il ubtiiio. IV th Unet of paysMBl ae4for inn artU-ll- 4wipUoa f tbe fr-- irtr.JB a-- JA. A. J. DOSiLiSOW. TAII. J51 parkair Kiwi, Was, halve aadAt ;nv( ree-- l Bi r tv 1 f "". v-- -- ,,." ,,, "'SZ ' . V A AUCTION SALES. REGULAR ATJCTI0IT SALE 0? GS0CESLE3 BT II. S. FRENCH & SON. ON TUESDAY, Jan. 20, 1S5T, at 10 o'clock, A. Mn w willoffer le in front of our Warehouse, comer of Mar- ket and Claik streets, the following articles, to wit: 100 bbds Ho car. inn ox uesi 1 aiiow candles, S5 bbls Loat 6urar, 100 boxes Cheese, 60 bbls Crushed Sugar; 600 bnla Whisky, assorted 200 bags Kio Coffee; brsnla, SO bags Lagayra Coffee; 25 bbls American Brandy, 25 bags Java Coffee; 10 X bbls do . do, 50 ca-k-s super Carbonate 10 bbls Gin, cfBoda, 10 bbls O. Ram, 1000 kegs Nal's, 50 bbl JaMasU. Smith's old 50 bblsVinegtr, Reserve Whisky, Iimi aoa Buckets 25 bbls Old Bourbon Whtiky, 100 bbls Molasses. xu Doiauia tye wnissy, 50 bbls Haekerel, No. 1, 1, iuv,uuu extra Clgara, various and 8, brands. 10 bags Perjper, 100 boxes Melee Cigars, 50 baxs G inner, 100 boxes Cheroots, 3 ceroons Indigo, 101 boxes Tobacco, W. H. 8"0 boxes Star Candles, House aad other brands, 210 M boxes do; 50 boxes Jars, 200 do do, 100 boxes Tumblers. Together with Vrioua other article in our line. Jan. 15 U. S. FRENCH A SOW, Auction Sale of Groceries JOHKSOIT, HOEN & CO. ON THURSDAY, th 24d, Uist., at 10 o'clock, A. M., wewill offer for cash, in front of oar store, the followino articles, to which we would Invite the special attention of the trade : 100 hhds Prime and Choice Sugar: . 4 S) bags choice Rio Coffee: lOobarreia Molaasea 60 bbls coshel Sugar. 2O0 bbls Whisky; 600 Reams Wrapping Paper: and tondry other articles. JOHNSON, HORN A CO , S,n 12 td Corner Broad and Market sts. Large Auction Sale by T It A B U E & LUCAS , K0. 74 PUBLIC SQUAKZ, KASHVILLE. TENlf. WE will sell 00 TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY, 20th and21st, on account of all concerned, a large and well as orted or Stock of Stap'e and Fancy Dry Goods, Ready-Mad- e Clothing, Boots, Shoe. Brogans, Soft For and Wool Hat, Hardware, Cutlery, Queensware, Wrapping Paper, Ac The Stcck consists in part aa follows: CLOTHS, CASSIMEEE3 AND VE3TIHG3, Jeans, Tweed", Kerseys: 2,000 pieces Pr.rU, assorted kinds; Red and White Flannels; Plaid l.inseys; Pe Lanes and Cassiraeres; Merinos tnd Alpacas; Plaids, Alpacas and Solid Delaines; Debuges and Poplius; Black Bil s; Plaid and Brocade Silks; Embroidered Collars and Underaleevet; Jaconts and Book Muslins; Shirt Bosoms; Linen and Cambric Handkerchiefs; Cotton Flannel, Towel and Table Diapers; Needles, Pins, Threads of a I kinds; Wool and Cotton Hoisery; Silk Hosiery, Ac. And in fact we will offer almost everv article wanted in a Retail Store. BOOTS AFD SHOES. Onr Stork of Boots and Shoes Is unusual! larra: we hare Ten Thousand Del ars in Boots and Shoes, of the beat kinds, and almost every description of Boot and Shoes wanted. CLOTHING AND HATS-- rood assortment of Coats, Pants and Tests; Fine L. B. Shirts; Supenders, Cravats, Glovet.Half Hose; Under Shirts, Ac, Ac; Soft, Fur, Cassimere and Wool Hats In great variety. HASDWABZ. 10 boxes Axes; 10 Shovel and Spades; 2 0 setts Knives and Forks: Pad Locks, Plaining BitU, Ac, Ac QUEENSWARE. 15 crates Queensware, assorted In crates of common and gran te ware; Wrapping Paper, Letter Paper; 10 boxes of Tacks assorted, 100 papars tn a bor. All of the above good are consigned to es without limit. and will be offered freely to Merchants 00 ly. Terms liberal. Jans TRA HUE A LrC8 Valuable city Vropcrty FOR BALE IPxiIollo AuctionIN pursuance of a Deed of Trust, executed to me by J. C.Leak, on the 14th of March, 135S, for the purpose of se curing certain debta therein set forth, I shall proceed to sell, at Public Auction, for Cash, on SATURDAY, the Slat day cf January, 1RS7, at the Court House Gate, in the city of Nashville, Ihe following described properly, vis: A Houte ana .Lot at the turner of Broad and Market tl .bein; lot No. 1 ia the College Lota, now occupitd as a lruir (tore 0 ::nscce. ALt-- A lot of Ground In the eity of Nashville, front- - ing4l feet on Spruce street, being lot No. 6 in d. V. D. Stout's plan. ALf-O- . A vacant Lot on Cedar street, beinr lot No T in tame plan. AI.&O A Lot on Cedar street extended, at the edre of the Corporate limits, and on the Charlotte turnpike, front- - 40 feeton said turnpike and running back 150 feet. ALSO The undivided half of a Lot In South Nashville. fronting 5S feet on College street: J. B. Watson owning Ihe other half. ALSO. An Interest of $3,500 In a debt due from Jesse Page and secured by Deed of Tru-t- . Saie to take place within thc hours prescribed bv law. iau6 td it. A. COLK, Trustee. KEMOVAL. rjIIE FUNKKAL UN DER TAKING IST A BU8HMENT A OF J. W. M'CUMBU, it removed to Church street, op- posite the old stand, In the new houe recently built by Dr. Ynung, where we are ready, as usual to give our attention when called on. J. W. M'COMBS. ian8 sr w. . coaxsuvs. BANDUSIA SEMlXAItY. THE undersigned, late Professor of Languages in theUniversity, hiving sold his Farm on the Mid- dle Franklin Turnpike, i ut to remove to the place he bas purchased on the Gallatin Turnpike, IV milt s from the Na.hvill Bridge. The next session of the Seminarv will therefore be opened there on Monday, the 21 of Febru- ary, 1857, and continue to the 1st of July For heaiin aud moral a belter neighborhood can no where be Igund. All the b anches, constituting a thorough tup lnh. Classical and Mathematical Kducstion, wtil be diligently taught, and such a course of intellectual discipline pursued at will be best calculated to develop harmoniously all the 'acuities cf the mind. Uriel parental attention will be paid to the morals, manners, habits and health of pupils. A few addi- tional Boarding Pupils can be received. Day Scholars ar also respectfully solicited. Term, lor the former, flOOper five months, parable in advance; for the latter,l. janl 8w NA1HL. CROi-8-. (SDCCKSSJB TO WBlTLBV BBBtfB,) FAMILY GROCERS, SOUTH SIDE PUBLIC SQUARE, NASHTILLE, TENNESSEE- - THE above firm having purchased the stock of Familycerles of Whitley A Reese, are prepared to supply those who may favor them with pitronage, upon very fa- vorable A constant supply of articles In the Family Grocery line. JanlO lrc . &. Kowan to a fMANUFACTURER OF Coach ami Wagon Harness, NO. 14 DEADER! CK STREET, NASHVILLE, TEN3ESSEK, HATING withdrawn from the firm of Howerton alocated at the abov place, where h will be ?;lad to see all hi old friends'and ethers in want of any thing way of business. Repairing done at the shortest no- tice, j an 10 la C. M. STEWAET, Wholesale and 11 e t a i 1 GKOCEK& tonvtivsio irc Ellchant, NO. 41 BROADWAY, NASHTILLE. W Th highest Market price paid for Country Pro- duce of aU kinds. 0rt JaalT daWly NEGROES FOB SALE-- I HATE a large number ef NKiROtS for tale, and amongthem tone very valuable ene. A first-r- at Blacknalth, also a Ston Htina and seves al Carpenters. Soot of the nee-re- r cannot ec so hi to leave to country JaolS REEM W. PORT 1 5. NOTICE TO WHOM IT MAT CONCERN. T E xpct to tart Fast oa th 20th, and waat all thaili I So a on "Od aoeoanta. Ptraa cail and itle bfcreToiU sut Jaald St W. W. FINM. Sale ot Weal Kstatc. WILL b sold oo SATURDAY. FKBRCART 11. 1V7. a valuable pio af ground, wiaatrd oa Cbbab Bvbut, oppo.it the BswABaa Coal bmv. withimp'ovemeau. aaH property ts to be sold for th purpot of making a oivkfton among ta n-- rs r nni. i. t abler, dec'a. .TkhtMj. Oo third cash; lb halaacw oa one and Iwc years lira J.n.ls, ;. td JNO. M. CABLFR. ItHMOVAL. FLEMMING ha removed hi Paint Show from 29RT. Si Union Sue, between Cherry and Smar. II respectfully solicit a COBKrtuaunn of thc patroaacc hcro-toto- rc cxKoded to him, and will be plaaacd lo sec hi caa-cu- er at hi new stand. janA 1st PA RTiN E RS 1 1 i P. X. C. K. MARTIN and T A. ATCHISON kavsDS. a aartactwbip ia th wraotio af McsUdaci, Otfiec oa Cherry near the oaracv of Lalua strwcCjalwd L'lllt ItLIT-- t U'rs Rob or Mr. . DryP Good htr ca tMlege street fowl loot and sw fect wide Apply l J.H.GOOHlJi,Vbaaua JanlS-- tf A FOETUS CF .0 0 0,0002!!te he had by risking the atuaa tats of tJ5llJ!!aaSwan's lAOllery. To he drawn FRIDAY, JANUARY, &JTH, 1S37. 1 Prise af GOvOOOt 1 Prtae eft 3,000 !! 1 fra of I O.000 ! M . t rriaectf f,000!!tl Prise, ,42,000!!!!! t rriaa af l4K0!!!!!t Ae Vr Ac- -. dVc. K0R1 TIA ONI rtrill TO IT 1ST TIN TICItT. Wh4cTikA,t:a, fislvccfi; Qaamra, It, Xlgtiha, ft. Addrcca Order t Tsrk.t to . 11 A CO , Atfaata, Oa.J15--l or a. WAN, Moai(rwry, Auw at parueu'arv, tew rch ia .aAhr4sBa. nr rroax AND FOR fALE. rnfl cf iua bailed CCK WHFaT PL0C1JUU at CUS A Ml AC.t ' N. 11 ot i i'r .Steam Boats. rWILL act aj Agat lot sarfc Boat at aaav fame sa with mtBeM. fffo at A, L. WsakSev't, Corner Croad aad Frwstcuw!. U. W. ttWUi, CNll ant. JH 1 1: t II fr t IV -- I caw tied Feef, aad f v gchm! JiijaalTc-sit.tat;- jr s;t . ( REDUCTION OF FRHQHT3 rHO.TT NEW VOUR TO CXIARLXSTON. ; M'CREERY & HOOK, . Cotton Factors, 002L1QSSION AND F0RWA2DI5O JtESCHANTS, BROWN'S WHARFi . Cbatrlcatons S. C. W1 promptly attend to the tale of all kind of PRO-DUCE, to the RECEIVING AND FORWARDING of Goods, and to the filling of order in this carket.- - Tne Steam Ship Companies having reiuced the freight to eight cents per foot, make thi th cheapeat and quickest route by which to ship Goods to Tennes.ee, Alabama and Kentucky from the Northern Cities. All ship and forward-n- g charge will follow the goods to their destination iel4 tf CARD. Thos. S. Wayne & Son, SAYAXXAII, GEORGIA. WILL give strict and prompt attention to receiving aadMerchandise of every description, s.l'.iog and Shipping Cotton, Tobacco, Wheat, Corn, Flour, Bacon, Wool, Ae. ' . - antjll 6ia sraaxii'a labtsb. sabtwit lajubb. JLAiHAK HOUSE, (Formerly QAtman Htu,)Knoxvlllo, Tonn.S. &. S. LAM Ell, Proprietors. Mb. Stikiibo Latiis., late of Lanier House, Macon, Ga., and SiMrsa Lavish, late of Tusxegre, Ala., will be happy lo meet aU friend aud customers at the Lamar Hoiua, where they have ample accomodation lor 2M aersoa. wovT BROWN'S HOTEL, OPPOSITE THR PASSEVfJRK DEPOTMacon, G-cv- .E. E. UKOiVA, Proprietor. B. T. DENS E, bcrsiusTsaDSJiT. Keala Beady on the Arrival tt Every Train. aplf- -tr soi;ti:-westeii!- v SEED AND AGRICULTURAL WAREHOUSE (15 Main Street, Louisville, Ey. WE now (Her for rale, in quantities to suit purchasers:5.000 bushels Kentucky Blue Grass Seed; ,0(Kl Orchard Grass 600 " Herdii Gras or Red Top " 600 " Timothy " A I. 8 0 Sandtord's Patent Straw Cutter, No. Price $14 00 II 00 Little Giant Corn and Cob Mill, u 80 00 40 AO 60 i0 60 00 Southern Cora Shel.er, " io no Meat Cutters from t 00 to 10 00 Sausage Siutfers from 8 00 to 50 A liberal discount mad to dealer. sepi27 PITKIN BROTHERS. a. a. eooDB. SAM. BLACK G00DE & BLACK, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, AVwsr aa. CJC3 es , m'lrxha:; cor.nTii texas. oetSI dawtf a. PArvBS. j. coixnts. J. s. srrrvoB. PATTEN, nUTTOlv" & CO., WAVAViAII . PATTEN, COLLINS & CO., yt a tjo p, . Commission Wcrchanis AMD2?notors. UTILL receive on consignment all kinds ef Produce. ailvane. mt A. H0UK, Recelw Ins;, Forward ltiaadCorjitmlsalcB M Decatur, Alabama, HASalarg and Commodious Warehoatetsi on the bank of the River. mvtA trvw rEKKli8 & CO., General Commission Merchants, i i: u on EE A AS.W. M. PFRKJNS. ,L3ft dtwaw w. ranjjra. wa atasosi. a. lnoi, . snxo, jr. C. W. PHILLIPS & COt SUCCE!S')R3 TO WILLI A3IS, PHILLIPS & CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS 38 tSIM STltEET, ootJ ly SKW ORLKASS To Store Dcalrrs. PAY N e7 l7lfESt C 0 TUri gtIo Foundry,Bo. 235 Liberty Street, PITA'S III It Gil, Pa., MANUFACTURERS of Cooking. Parlor and HeatingRanges, Grate Fronts, Fenders, UoU loware, Ac. A general assortment of Stoves for Wood or Coal, suitable for tbe Southern Traile, constantly on hand. ,jre trilerreiectriilly aollcitMl. IbbK-daw- lv VV.li. MKFFERT & CO., IVo. 5'Z Market Street, Second door from th Square. Hivs received a large and desirable ttock of STAPLE AND FANCY Dry (ooils, Cools, Shoes and Hats. Which will be sold low for Cash. We have also a larre lot cfBIIOGANSon hand, which we will tell under the Market Price for Cash. Com and look. oetS 8m. wtd GILBERT & CO., Auction and Commission Merchant!, NO. 87 BROADWAY, CORNER C0LLEGI BT. JOHX V. GILBEST.. Anctioneer. FIN GOLO WATCHES AND O0LD JXWELRT kepion hand, and fir sale on better terms than anv house in Nashvlll-- , Alo, Gilt Jewelry in great va- riety for sale to dealer on y. TP We t lat Auction every night. We duplicate and ceil Goods duiing th dey at Auction Prices. Vou can save from 10 l pr cent. In all thc Goods yon wish to buy in our liae, by iut calling at GILBKHT CO.'S, Jan15 No. T Broadwav. VISE GOLD AKD SaTZa WATCESS. WI have iunt received, by Kxpreac, from oar Agent InNew York, a tplen lid attortmentof Fine Watrhe,(with a few Compa.) and Gold Jeweliy, m bracing all th new aad latest style. Port Monaies, Ladies fin WorkBox, with Letter, Note, Csp and B II Paper; Accordecac, Flute, Violin, Piatoi and iotib.-narr- Shot Gun, for talecheapby GII A CO., Janlj o H Broad itrct. TH0U3AND3 OF FANCY ARTICLES! TIIKsubvriber haveju.t received the largcal stock efIn their line, "vee tfercd for laic ia this citv. Amongst this great variety will be towad 10 FANtY BlKt OaGsv", selected froea the best assort ment in New York. 0 BASKETS of all kinds and qnaHUcs. USA-fl- , Urooa aitd iron taidl. mieka. RATTAN, Rock in and O tee Chairs. BRITTAMA and UlvKk Tiu Coffe and Tea Pets, Chin Tea Caddies. Al4U 4 0 Ornaments, for Ttagere and What Wot. Many ef the articles were (elected for Holiday Palae, bat having arrived too late lor that Joyoo eccaatoa will now be sold at lb most triSmg advance apon tb --A. Janli WILSON t M ACRtSZlK. IKP0STAKT TO SOUSE-RZFZS- JUST MCUVEO-B- uh Bnc for CUaniag Knivec "Glu, frr preparing oraitar. French Tripoli Fod r, f r polishing BUvtr Ware, Plate, Ae., Ae. Renovating Polish, f r cleaning Bras. Copper, Steel, Iron, and other goods of thai drwnption. M'Joecbe't Folia b, It.r r.newtn g eld Farnltarc, Carriage tlodiec, Haroe, Ae . wh'ch bas the effect cf making old carnaf ee, harncs or furuiiure look a foot aa aw. Jania ; MAO RRNZit A WILSON. NOTICE. AT. BRAD8IIAW and A. T. RSTLAND have parehaa- -Ki tsarvoc A aiaaaisaA ihsMr coclrc Stock of Sooia, Shuoa, Haca, Tranka, Ac, aad woaid infrna th old patron ef lb. laic an aad the public geaerally, that UK y inland kecptsg at th 4 Maad, Ma. td, Coiieg c Street, a well selected Retail tlwi tar sud Cb'ljr.n1 wear, which the wtkl scilfor CArii tXid CArll 0LT. We hope, by (trtet aa. teatiua to basin c, to a.til a share cf lac public sua- - NOTICE. HATINO diapered of cor Stock of Boot. Shew, Sc.. toBaaObjiAwa S.trruAu, w UU grat !. ar ia rweoomeutl-o- Ut.ea to IU eld patroa f the laic Bra, and bstpsraA tor theai a (bare cf th patrcaagc cith. pobllegeB.rA.ly. RJBERTSON A UAAalAU. lap I . T2Z ZXCITZaEXT J OT ABAT23 AT NICHOLSON'S, SO.IT HLIOUlAltr, IITKtUS hav aa hand torn of thee, hasal .fwj nnisss c.ttows. And betar dtwlrwa ofrlocingcwt carpreaeat ioe1i befbre w get oar MrRI Mti t.l)OIIl, w win offer iiv'wmciU M all ah seay favar as ith a ca'd. Becida DA LAS wOOOS, w have a gud asortaiai of L.UIUKIIDCUICI. .Wrapplut; anil Staple Goods, AM f watch, w orilt tell Very cheap. ,IV W will also itel aader saaav abllntaaM sa tsiuaeri If they w.11 rail an J aetUc aa aU yMl bsqsusis. a. li u iisowas w a. cuiikm vrvmy'-.w- an1 L C. Mt.iiOtJO.t A CO. STOVES. ST0VS;" CONLEY & JOHNSON MAxrFACTuain3 or Tin, Copper and Sheet Irca Warts. JTt 10 JircaJ tt, asl 9& Ioaa Xarxattrjtx Alt aow reerhhre br th targoAbum 4,--h K it cf tievta a4Grata of li kwtaad pattern, ttat ha . kw araaiins t vn toart.. " Wholesale ami lletail. ; ' - ' A AU kuvl af Cut 14 AA :IA AT t Af WOIK tW aU kb'a af fctachiM-- y mch as, su.sai toaca, atuat M l, ParwiM, Scjb-t- u, sSonn, Isitril, UA aad Dwtaievy Wwrks. Ae., Ac - ttoacaiM aad awa M snad aad ad tV tWktl loik. As lK y U tulcstd h andwrmid by air.aUwMidddWwilWtivwtb-w- s a cad bsw MccAaaiacMker. A4 a wwra ss siiitsvlast, aad Ac wiA iaiai- - aad ! Csajchlp It Cf-n- ! tij!9g 1h4 ssaslc"p-- w.fl vwc-.- BACv'N. 0. D. DICAfY, , CS3 - ITaTing P83odated with me in my buainea Mr. V. H. Mivrwrs, our finsi ks now as below. - - J A3. B. t -Ai-li-XAJ. Naahvle, May 1, 1W6. " - jaxbs a caa iohbaw w. w. iroicww. - CRAIGHEAD & M1KCK1N, . inmBTaas CF ". Hardware and Cutlery and oeal-- e' i v holesale and lletail. - Prompt customers will be allowed the usual time on account, and ll-er- -al inducements offered to cashpurchasers. , "So. 29 Public Square, lTaTill. wp'1 ' . NEW FIEH. Tin undersigned have thi day formed a CprtaartJpth ttylc ef JVOEL. & CO., For the parpos of transarting a Wholesale Grevery, -- snisaion and Forwardicv Busice. in thi city, ia th large and eoromcrtioaa Warcbop, No. 1 Sooth allege strict, corner tf Spring meet. We will, at ll time, kpa hand a Urge and varied assortment f Grotcrie. soch aa thi market requires, and at price which witt a drwbt pic se ail who may favor us with their eustcm. Oar beet xertions will be cevtted t the sale of Grocerie sad Frc-dsK- w consigned to us, and the Feceiving and Forwarding Business receive eur protrpt attention W wi l bay aU kind.' of Conn'.rv Produce at Ihe highest market prices. January 1, iT, O. F. KC EL, a5 B. A. 6. NOIL. v. . qi-tc- to. a. aaaa.QUICK &. 3IEAD, Comirission and rorwardiag Mercian t. WHOLESALE AND REIalL Flour and Feed Store. NO. 11 SOUTH COLLEGE STRUT. T TTnTTS WHEAT LOUR, Unbolted r.onr.Bnth Wha v V Fh.ur, Seconds, Shorts, Bran, Corn Mai, By Meal, Oats. Corn, nd Rye Hominy In store and for sale. Will be delivered to any part of the cay free cf charge.QUICK A MKAD, JanS Ho. 11 Socio College t. SlWlILOVE & COT, WHOLESALE GROCERS AND Commission Mevcliants, IVo. oS 31arkct Street, IN'asliTiHw. IV STOItR A.Hn FOR AI.F. tOO keirs Wheeling Nail. 100 b superior Baltimore 60 dozen Wash Boa ds; Cufff-e- ; 10 Painted Bucket; tO plf Brandlea, Win aad fi0 hiii Rectified Whisky; Gin; 60 bbls cH Bourbon A Ky 1,000 )4X hex Sardtna. Whisky; dotta la. C. I5AaDY, WHOLESALE GROCER, COMMISSION AND FORWARDING M1RCHANT, And Teller ia Foreirn and Demattia Lianor , No. 60 CotXBCB ST, SCAB BBOAO, NASBmlXB, K EEP3 constantly on hand a mil ortsn.alof Croceflconsul in in part a follow. 100 hbdif uirar. Fair toCbo c til ban Bn'e. SiW baus Prime Rio Coffee, SCO bbi. BLckrl,aaad, SOObb's. Uolaacet, it-- X do do do , too X bWt. do Bo Bill, 10 kit do Sol, 0 ibis. Loaf Sugar. 90 dotcn Painted Buekets, 50 " Powdered do., 80 neat do Tab, SO " Crushed do, lOeaaks "o!a. TO boxes Raisins. 10 cases Match, SO Tea, Imp. and G. P., 80 doi.n Plouirh Lla., 10 " Fearl S"tarcn, 60 " Bed Cord. 0 " Tallow Candles, 10 reels Cotton Rp, 40 M No. 1 Soap, 10 coii Manilla d, 4 f0 " Giasswar, 9 caes Cliara, 900 reams Puper, 40 bbla. Rectified Whisky, 10 bags Pepir, SO " Vinegar. The hlhet market price paid for Falhr, Bwa Ginseng, i laxseed, Ao., Ac. (W-- Agent for Goo Creeli, Beard', and Silver Spring U SI. Flour. af1 WJIOIKSAI.K GHOCKX, PRODUfK DXJLMB, CO.MIUIJsMO.X JILItCUA.lT, ABD BBALaB IB Foreign and Domestic Liquors, IROX CASTINGS, ,c, CORMta OF IROST ASB BROAD ST EI ITS, Hashville, Tann. purrhase.1 tb stock and takan th FundHAVING Anderson, th undersigned is prepared to his old customer, and snch nw aec aa F give him a call, with th vry but Grocria that th mar ket win auora. will bov all kinds i f country produce, wswaily brougM to this market. I)y14 R L WBAKLCT. V. 1. tcort. .. B. CIB10O. T. .T. SCOTT & CO.. Wholesala Grocers, Commlaaion. Sseelving aa FOEWAEDING SIEECHANTS. AND DEALERS IN FINI BRANDIEU, WINM.WHIIIT, 1MEACCO, CIGARS, AC, K0. 50 BaOADWAT, HASHVLLLX, I3T)f. oisl . coPAETsrasinp aones. this day aasoeiated with as Mr. Wbuxaji R.HATINGin our busines. we srill oaOna la. tarn. and th6rm of LLLLTKTt. EWING A CO. , Bia JOB LSLLTkTT. W . SHITB. BB I. BWIw., a. LELLYETT, EWING & CO., WHOl.tSALE GROCERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS ANH lEI,ER IN Y7EJES, LiaUORS AND CIGARS, NOS. U AD 11 MARK IT, FOUT II Oi IPRlNa ITaMIT. NASUV1LLK, TtNI . mil d.ttriwSm. U. U. HAUL)! Ot VV7., GROCERS AND C0OiISSI0N AGENTS AND DIALER IN - Bacon, lard, Flour, Fruit, leatheri, and Produce generally, NO. M EaOAD STREET, NASHTILLE, TINNMSIR. declo . STIt,lVED. PUCK HEIFER, thr. year old, and on. 1190S7 also three year old, from Grncrs k)l.c Market street. They were bought the day before 7wlr-da- y trorc O Rhea, In the victutiy of NolnvUi.. Liberal reward is given for bringing them hick tc JACOB GENTNI8, Janl lw Near the Bathvillc Porh-hoac- " US- - ETjrOS H. J0S5S0S, ' 0CCULI3T AND AURloT, OF HEMPUU, TtNNIS?II, IITH.L visit Nashsllleandbcfownd ai the City Hotel ca V V Katun! av, tbe tilth J anoary, to remain a tow day and give attention lo all dicas ol th Eye aad Ear Opera- tions, the adaptation cf Artificial Eye, Ac, Ae. til Ear Lamp, a curious Inurement tor deteetlrg th aa-to- re of disease, of th tar, by throwing a stream of par. light a tar into the Bar as Ihe Draw or TympaBBOi Meta-bra- nc ennbl. him so delermiec the kind ef dMcaa xiHBg and treat it sucefully. Id artifk ial Eyec are Ih. hfanofaetnry .f M. Boi. snnoeder of Paris, which look th pnac modal ai lb. World's Exhibition, London. Dr. J bring, teeiiraiais nd tetter of reference front Pbyeiciana and ettiscn oi Mcmphia, which he deal a ail to peruiM,. dci dAw VALUABLE I.timoVED CITT LOW rou SALE. K Lei fronting ca Maple street, tO reet, raanlngaaekON1M, wiih a Superb Brick Dwelling, ccataiaiag K 1 rooai, agood Cutcra.Saok UooM.Aa. Alva, oo i ol fronting IS. too on Pearl street aad lit feet det with a rood two story Brick Howe. oaUlamg or 10 roo-,v- val roosaa, kllcb.a, a sood wtll. s k. kouw, Ac Botii lots 1 arty mi with tb rubbery, shade aad fruit Uki, asd wlil b M B aomavdt'Bg ler. Ap-- m,xo tiANog a woodward, - JAMES M. MURAUCLL r I. L-- NANCB. fevera! good farsas, well warrwvcd,acM Utah villa. A lar, number al ln proved Iota. . Beserai Garden lou. 'rota 5 la 12 acre, near ih eitp. Those wishing toparcbaac wtil da w.U tw evil ooaa XANCB A WOODWARD. KEHIOVAL. L thompsTh & CO'. , ' - E0TZTJ TO SO. to C0LLXGZ STXT. verv utaaded aad coaaUatly hMrwactng tradeOUR more twos than we tad at car oar old stand, arc have r.ia.vrd to the --paenxt aad eiejsal 2 lor r. al-ly (rtcted for a aa Caileg-- lUaat, where wc will h. happy to sr car fHsoda aad iutora. also Uk this isca t to say t th pahle thai WW wl'J cou'inae oar very aaocoaafui sytucas of rapid lalog at a caaU ad vane oa aoat-a- ad a w xtt t. tnfiocr..M our futur purehasw, w wlU --f ccartc be enabled to bov cheaper, and oaequnt!j Mil cheaper thaa ever, aad if t CBAtom or will taauguraie th New Ttarbvapravl aatOMBoal of t acaouau af lac ati, taey say aai- -. pat great thla ft rathe futarw ia thc way of Bia. aad W hue, ihrar. ta hav aa carry call troosaii aa ar InMircMcd ia their tss wetter and oar.THUbMOK A Ct'.-j- aat ' No. tt Cwttegc Btecc. ' TheTlatest ArTivab! LOaVGIIUKST & CO., AO. 4 CJii- U- flUXT. JIAAIinLLZ, . TMiatt tfuua rawst caiaaai rr., ia rcooipt cf Urf soppiwa ia k Has csB,fw it Luxuries or tbe Season. A tow af wbiea ar eaasMratod III.. They are preparwd a til utac to tarn li every artast rinai-- y iu Wasatae PAcvtaa aad aUixa. AU.au dW fweled to Ih. kwacHMI spmsew at fyramWa, t.Os ds now to si.., wsuoa ar satd to h. ccjnai to aa rvcr . laraurwd iu to. Aoaihwert. N. B.Co aery ktarcaou ae lavttod to cxa-- la. cenr Aock bef" r pantoMibg -- lerc tnacApp M,ra- - Ac, Ja.1PltJKiVfJ LoaCUT A OO- - 0dCLTIS3U:&I, CaprfX J-- Aa !!, aad MharU7 wuh tewsate cd .!; taswpa, ast rw.nV A CO. TE3JL C . Bardiaea, rwea, 'a store and forLOBf bv UGHCHta CO. LHitirA AJIt every varioy, iri r ,4 kyLON tiki CIS? 4 CO, f : ts--Vi have ;tir4vd a targe tacch cf thc very X tt TM, aBa4rt Gupwwdr, laiperiai, ifycaa, Octem. Ao.. aaa an ncrraatod to be a wtesor artbsiskLOM.au -- T a co. !0A8 AX3 TOSACtt) Wc hawe ta ., aad wniUim causaatry va aa4, tb vf sfwaaa Vara, with LaagtKira. A Arm1 s Tco, " Law IN'fttlce. PFO. ILTJLXTX, H'f''' f Switv as rtsumedtaa4s is M ssswvl Us is4 t- -t CurtoafBewiua. Cova aat lunul eatls , ,; ea wsli rwviv. prawwl liteein. , t jy rM OVm aad ruuAeo.- - at w art; smm. svn.a ..li , .I. W - W. M. II AUG RAVE, UHU.tHilliiI.Ii IH IAa.aivtUa. laaa
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