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Daily Nashville Patriot Newspaper Archives Jan 20 1857, Page 1

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Daily Nashville Patriot (Newspaper) - January 20, 1857, Nashville, TennesseeNA&OWLLB PATRIOT, PUBLISHED DAILY,TBI-EEKL- r 4: WEEKLY, BY SUITE, KOEGAlf & CO., w. ht. its. mm r. aoieaa0I H. Cll.lt, i.TWoT a. ear Office, No. 16 Deederlck Street. Dally, per annnm gp 00 per annum 5 00 Weekly, per annum, 3 00 One Weeklytfor tojeWi, or two Weeklies for oneyear, in advance, 5 00 HEAL ESTATE SALES. SPLC.fDIO PnOPEItTY FIR SALE.I WILL sell upon firorable terms, or exchange for eUjp'Ojerty, my Sd.--o Tract, embracing twelve hm-A'-.- -i nr. a of l.n I. Tivern Horn., Store, Warehouse, Ta-o:- Road and Kerry across Cao-- y Porx Riv-- r. abojt one fiinlr-dan- d twenty five seres of rtsh Caier fo'k biuUTi Laid, cleared n1 in e .I IWion.TV b llano? u diasuaU well timbered, and a pi.rt.jf liir n h.an l has .;pint aeiarry r.f verr food M .rble. 'fh'. 0n;,-- Fork river i nxv:go e to t'ii p .int fir nnir sixn .. o the year, en1 the location i an ex.-elic- one for fe.ling Silt, Iron, Dry Goils, Ac The Tavern stand is one of ihe b- -t between Sastivi.le. and Kooxvil-- . I he te an 1 ferry are a contina ii source of income, and tak.;n awt'.jr-th-- tliif is "oeifthe in jt desirable pieces of , .r the pr.ce aiel,iti Tenu'-sse- . I'hoe- - wishing to buy or exchange would dowel in ell OD mef Mthwith. A I.. IMVIs, dc-l- if TT. R. M Pdc t Oft".'. Land for Sale. X OFFER fur .Hie (7(XI) S K EN HUNDRED ACTiESOF LAND lyingoalh- - Columbia Cealrai Tcrimike l-- Roa :,fsva mile from Columbia and foi-- ' om jit. Pleas- ant, beius a partof the tract on w tchi de. Tnis Lund ia equal !f not superior to anytn Maury Bounty t is well watered, (the eebated Devers hpriog being or the part eJered for aal-- ) well timbered and well improvedt I here are on the premie aome beautiful building site, fronting th Turnpike and the contemplated Rail Koad. It will be divided to .nit purchas.-!- - or sold in a body. for fjrtb-- r Information ai.piy lo meat Ash wood P. 03ice, Unary county, ''ennessee. Burl 1 tf LUCIUS J POLK. Hount Olivet Cemetery. fMHK Directors of this Comp toy now announce to the JL I'Jblic, that thii im.-ter- h been laid o.f with suit- able avenues and wains, an a p"rtim. of the (rrounis into Kamily !oi, w;iion are now olIt-rr- f .r Tiie t tp ol the ground cn be aen at the ol!ice o( l.ind-le- Cro.-kt-t- , where the public are icviled to call aud Ihr MRie. The Company feel oonfllent 'ley eould not have mde a more saita'jle location for a Cemetery in the vicinity cl Nashville, and pledge tliemselvr: to the p iblie Ui apare no money or to maVi it equal to any Cem.;try ia the I'n.nn, and tch a noe as Ni'.ille n.y feel some prid in. Tr.e ('mrtvy Bow In th'i chir. of a cotnpetnt fuper-Inteniien- t, living on the tmand, uuder whose direc.ion ut. will b male ia the bust manner and at. the usual chart. thn Oirector of the Company are dirou that tl.e (rmuoda ahoald be rkited hy the Citlaen of Nashville, and for that pnrpo an will ivare the olhre 01 Lindley and Croekett, t 4 o'clock on Tuday afternoon the 8rd inst and r.n every fn jaj alleruoon therealter at tne same hour Th- - seats will b- - fr'e. Ladlw and Familieadernus of visiting the trroands, will b alie 1 l'r at their residence, by aeni.nii; thtlr carat, to tk Preident of ;ke Company. A. V. 8. LISDl-LE- President. C.W. Vaxcx.See'y. lot y8 1 1 Who wou'd wrar a ltowdy Dmirt ! TH fcRK i now, Ladis-"- no ex-u-- e, as e y.'. are iii.w urirnniuru wiijt uu.h.i v Hi?2L flfekof Fancy Mi.hnery liooas. t'tiboinT.e, r,. at liaif price. Thi. now is yiurt.ine to ret (ood at your own iintw, I had thought of ma in; a iift iale, but Uiink I will make up for that m th r prices oi tee Good. I tnua and will c "e 0'it by the 1st f Kt bru-ar- to make room f..ronr rxtensive ftork of direct lni.or. tat'ons irom Paris and l.rrid.m. We have jut received a laree lidcx.-o- , ol Blai kliuiral 'ol ars from3J:toJ itl; Kixh 4tw W'J 2 la), worth & m; Kicr. Net-.t- l. work felts at ft ' '. w.irih 6 ix; 11 ch Jaconelt Set at f 1 tHt to U worth 3 Mio 6 W; Rich Cnriars, Sleeves Work H. nJi, Han lerchie's. c, at am redu. lion. A maini'le at of tticn l7p--.e- l II i Ori-s- Hdw em and iiruanient tl (tantii for bridal and Fancy Ball-- , at such kiri.e that tu re i noex :uefor nitmaki.iK a bnl llsrit a'ance. Ami as for Kont.et, we are now ellir.( I tu li'iiaeti at b to 1(1; f 10 and (12 Bonu't f r o'ld 6 K'e'i tb rrid Kunne , lull timtned, for ti 5J to 6, worth li. Chiidr'-r-' llonne'.s at any prce, aad a larv" atM'k of fancy Uoods.CI-'aki'- , AC ,ta great bara D for C b, a iln - our mo'.to for 1.J. Wr miwtre-'- c'ful y thaik our friend and ca-to- rs f ir the liberal supp .rt and pitr naze f ir twelve yesr pt at Nashville, and truat none will l by oar doiux a cUiotiy Ch 1 rade, bat truil by polite at.eution and lair de Hint? to receive acontinuanci- - of their patronage.ty I wou d be tha-jkfu- for ad bills f l5.'.fi to be aettl ap nBmndiale'y, a I want inon- - y to ro i-- about the 20. u. N call soon and get bargains at K. WISE, Agent, Jar No. 46 Cnioo Kt. text door to riato dkiik. A'CW WIlOLCSALi: Straw and Silk Miilincrv Ifoasc. TO C0TJSTRY JdEiCHANTS AND MILLISE23. I I AVING Just ravntilete! arrnngements tith some of I he la-c- at Manufact r.ea of KTraw and Fancy tfiik I) n- - neta u Millinery at New Yor and Boston we will hare in store a.ut the lt of March, sto-- "f &rtl ca a abore ( 1f" . n Onniintsaion. and at price f il y li.'ioents be-T- any house in the c ty. H jv ng t'en'y years e in this b I'toees, yoi may place con6deuc in sett ng theliet .!yl-- s and Fashtous, as we rive out entire attention xc.uaiv-l- y to Milunery Goods and cannot lie deceived a th- - engaged in rvry d hci iit on . f merchn li. Term i a-- s gaarantee 30 er cent, lem between Ch and Cr it W - ir jat to rei e vr a liherai patronage, this being exclusive' a Millinery House. K. VWhiv, No. 4li Cniou street, ntxt door to the Slate Bank. J.i.C-5- m klLLINERY AND DRESS MAKING M0 36. UPPEi KAEiiET ETSI'ET- - MRS. HOWE 11 TON RKM'KCrFL'I.LY informs her customer aud the polihc generally that she has recently re. - Ei 1 uerv (rood., all of which have been caiefully k3sJ aeh tied, embracing the iat.Kt .tylesof Hi nnet, Trimmings, liibboos, flowers. Roils, Head .Irenes Braiia, caps, eto. fbe i. Kio regulnrlr in rc pt ol stlllhe new and lte faahions for La'h'V irese, oi.teis lor wu.rn are promptly atlen'ied lo, f Uc soiicil an examiualion of her fooum aud price. o.:tl-- ir Tf the Ladies of Nashville! 31 US. S. J. LLOYJ), Fasliioaable Silk mid StraiT Milliner, .0. 10 CEIIAK JsT. XTOl'LU re.sjiect fully inform th Ladies of Na hville and fV rsciaity, ihat she has JKt received direct from the second Pans of the world, the City or New York, a beauti. fill awortment if French Mihinery Ooo1, consisting of L- - 4ie Pedal Bonn-- t, Chme il r.ot.mta, rput Hot. net i, braid P'iniicU, Einlirui tere l I.KCe Bouocls, b'ikU Bouurta, Tisaae Botnet:.' R.ch sancy Bontiels, of the' new- est styles, M .' an J Cur.dreu' buuneta, in great variety, of all sort and .tie. EIEE0NS.: A beautiful assortmeiit til bo nut Ribbons of aQ kinds, f jeh as Velvet kihboua, Saab and Belt Kibouna, and lrias cuing tt.bbou 01 all sorts. ERENCII FLOWEE.- - Fifty boxe the ant and loveiiest Flowe-- s th ee Can benoid, Wreeiha, Bows, koe uiopa, I'ltnsis, EMBS0IDERIE3. A hndome asortaieni ol rmoreiueries for I a 1e, -- k ft flhetriyset, Collars, Worked Haajker-Ki- d Gknre. rnlk Gssves, Blaok .Sik Veils, and other arti- cles of Lewies' waer too nu to msnuoo. t'penin day wiO be on th 1st of Oetobur. Now I ade iiyour time to gft a handsome and fahio!ao!e bonnet ceay. Io not t unier the iinres1nn Uiat I'mnn street l the only place yo can get a had-o- a and kKMiaet. Call at Mo. 10 Cedar street, aa4 jou will see that Ihe gno.is are equal to any in the ciy. I can sell yoa b meets f on t- - 00 to (25 ao l have secured some of ih best milhn. r lo the city to work for mi. All or.ler tor cleaning, a I' rmg and rrtrimminr har be iunotui.:v attended te, and done In a superior siyle aud at a reasonable pr.ee. N. H. Ladioaduaw Bonuet aieauacd and a)tre. Miia . j CUAXCERT SALE OF REAL ESTATE- - 1)Y virtue of a de ne of the Chan-e'- y Court at Nash.1) vllle, at 'be November Term, !, In the raae ofBrown vs. Enil.rv el a.- -, I wid oiler f r sale, ai Ue a te ol the old Court llou-- e ia Nsshvi'.e, on th lt'.h of Feurotry, at 11 oV--l wti, tne lol owing dracrib-a- l Ra'AL Ldi A I E, Situated lu the 19. h Civil liistn.-- t of l)v, suo CuJiuy. and boaade.l as foloas: C .mmtn.-in- at a suae in U.e e--i fe of No.ly's Beui Koa I at t!i n."ili e- -t co'tier of U F. Foster's land aed running . u:li 14 degrees, rs t s'mitt M po!e to a at tk at th- - n 'th-we- st corner of Banh w 's land. thence out1 l'o pole, to amall sve more neir I w water raara of tu sliril.ail K.ver au 1 atm it forty vards below ' the m ath ol CeJ.tr Creet, ti.en- - down Cumberland l.iver so ith 61) d 'gr.wa, weal IS !. I a cedar and h t4 Oax, UirB 'e noritt 1 degree, eat 116 i Ae, to tiie Ivg on ng.la. -- A ere lu of jut an l lo y.ar, wi.n i.ou 1 anl r 'r.ad ia retained lesccuie the p lyntuts of tha purchase money. J 4 Vf.j. V lOU.i, Fprcial" CjiOiuiM.ober. JanS dlw oawtl wps !1 w HCJiWiN cSc A 1) A aM Broad Street, WEST OF CHATTANOOGA MT0T. Lumber Merchauts, Manufacturer of lK.sra, Caih, B'fnds, Framea,VKD ArclJ raves, Maut'es, Hae b atrds, Pna. --r, We Jiernoaedi!ig, Poplar and Pine Fiounug, M. wring. Goods Boxesaaad ali ain.ia of stood Work, nrresaar for IL Inside fla'ah of Frame or B' tc House of every crlpt:ci, rrferi.fT.ies the sure un-iia- f country rarlieiied, art wwikearr-fu- U sut upo as est lu b uijered in hhipM"( Sash p'l-ue- d and gUaed if desired. . l.w-- ii hs wlyy. THE GSAVD DIYSI05 OF THE SIINS- UK TliaYiriiUAaM:ji Tl TILL h.!d Its next Qjarterly Meet tig at Be-c- k Camp V iruttnV'B titumaer Couaty, a the UJ tf Janaary, 1S57. tierrearnUUve Ae reque tA to be pmctual la aHea-aa"ei,it- s bus.. wf iitpjruiioe wU lie By rdrr of the It. w f. M P. Jv i, u. n.!. rose. tn. 1&M tlltsn'Aw TO AMD UliitiiJ WASTLttO IRC5W0SIT. IHE SuUtcriher Intro lii.g to visit tr rSouth la FnhrusryI wou'. l iepectfull.y c:i ti.e att'Otxii u' tose waii'.og Jroa Kai lor. Veraidaa, 'n Ma'r., I'.auk VauI'R. Iruia iWor :i Shauvars, Jail t'rha or f x.rs, tJ Jr p a hue by mail, w'.ico aid tnet aiti sormius. . Refor lo J k k. M vrga-- .. Aichiteet, Mewiph; W. D Wiiko. Vioaeourg; Jt.!ia t. tiurylea, Natcbea, Liaa M )af-riao- YaSJo City; rY.Uta ft P.truk, Jartaoa. T, F. BAKER, SL Flftaotret, dae1! 4?w4 CtiasionaU. Uiia. New Goods. "It K are res elvlr g f ir the Winter trade, taod-- I f sonisliiii.rf lUtfill oOvL.tiibfaa.og . - FANCY PHINT; 1 . . CliFCKtO I.INGUAMS;4RI.s, - . KLKACilKO Af BR. Mrif T; aiLAi'K AMI! FANCT CS aMCEE?; ' JKtNi AND TlAEiI, ALPACt'AH; ' HAflNKtlS; TI sU!; . , CLOTHH, BLAC1C SILKS. Ae. A. Waking eor aaeort-aen- t wery eomp 's to whirk we iavita smeierslalteatioa, sod espedaJi ' desiring to y fcir i..h wr ee short time, UBY KO AS A CO. de A. . . r VOL. HI. KEW YORK ADVERTISEMENTS. Tom 8. M. PETTINGiLL CO'S ADVERTISING AGENCY lli Nassau Street, Nw Yon,And No. 10 State street, Bosroa. P. k Co., are Agents for the most inBuential and largest eircnlating Commercial Papers both in the United Suites and the Canada. EEFI5ED SHEET AKD SHRED ISINGLASS, FOR BI.ANC MANGE, TAI'lK JELLIES, Ao. A primefor Confectioners. Hotel and Family use To be oMained, with direction for uln, cf the principal Gro- cers and OruggiU throughout the t'nited Htatea. novidO 8ar PtlER COOPtli, ew York. , nni-- celebrated machines are in practical and profita-- X ble use in all parts of the civilized world. In all the Various trades, ard in sewing every sort of fabric, either of cloth r leather, they have been foily tried and approved. Sewinr machines rf other manufacturer often fail to work, but fclNGEk'S MACHINES ALWAYS OPERATE PER lKCTLV, being strong, durable and completein contrivance and workmanship. A perfest sewing machine kept employ- ed an irda a e ear profit of II.(KX) a year, but an imperfect one is a cause of constant vexation and loss. The eDtire bxlubilitt of our i X'. hi oes is one great reason for their unparalleled popular V.- - MC!IIVEpC FAMILY FEWIXG. of a frail and delicate eoaftr.'nton, are recommended by oiher manuiacturem. FutVm.xhine are trade to catch theeye, nt to perform sulHulHoI work. The truth is.family sewing machines ought vbe viucb strongerthan aoy ottir, bciuse they go into lex iyMul hand than when sold to manufacturers, and are used for a greater variety of work. 1'he machine which have proved best for all other purposes mut he b;-- t tor family ue, and they are 8'nger's. The spit J cf oar machines has la'e'y been doubled. No oth-;- r encoti;pare witL them in quaa:it.y of work. J.T" New machines of the latest improved style will be exchanged on iiixral terms for old ewu.g machines of our own make, orfjr optr'itive machines o( other manufactur- ers. Local agent wanted to sell our machines.gj N. B. All ptTSonbdt.-firiugiul-l nformation about sewing machine, can obtain it by appl)liigfor a copy of "I. M. Singer A Co.'s tiasette," a paper devoted to the subject. It will be sent gratis. I. M. SINGER A CO. Principal Office, 823 Brnsdwar, New York. BRANCH OFFICES. 47 Hanover ft., Boston. Aii Chei-nutst- Ph la. K2 eatmin!'teri.t.,Provid'e. lo5 Baltioiore t., Baltimore. KJ4 Kroad et., Newark, N.J. H East Founh t., Cincinnati. 8it Broadway Albany, N. Y.l' hicago, Minoia. Olovt rsviile. New York. i t& Nortti Fourth at , St. Louis. Sj (;)ial at.. New Haven. 6 St. Ciiarlr t., N. O. 11 tiacnanaii oia'gow, ,0 Dauphiue st, Mobile, hcotland. oetS-8- mp FSESH AREIVALS. . No. 86 A W CORNER COLLKUK AND LROAU bC'd. now receiving one of the FlSEbTmna BrJsl18HELEUTKl) !iocks of l ami Winter BOOTS AND SHOES e,ver brourht to this mai ket. Consisting in part as follows: i,aiii. ' super Cniii.'re.'is Gaiters; " ' ' "H ie Lace " " KiJ Mippers, Tie tnd Huskin'; " Fine Kid and Wor. Boou-es- , thin and thick sole; " Goat, ewed and pegged, Bootees; " " " " "Mines'" Chil Iren's Fine Ki t and Mor Bwiteeand Ankle Ties; A tull supply .f a d Goat bootees, for Servant' are, Thin and thick sole Women' extra ixe Kid Bootees and Slippers. Genu' Fine Cslf, Sewed and Pegged Boots; " Oxford Ties; " " da " "Pat. Leitl er do Men', Boya'and Youths, Calf and Pat.Leth.;r, Buckskin, Kid and Clo'th tiaiters; Men'ojkrtoys' at.d Youths' Calf and Kip Brogans; " t a'f. Kip and Monaco Supper; Boy an. I Youihf Calf aud Kip B ail; Children's Fine Calf Opera boots. Men's Heavy lioobie Boois an 1 Brogan, extra tixes Koy' and YoVhs' Heavy eiolfl Boots and Bri gan. La.iiei' and Geatitmens' Bullalo and Gum Over Shoes ail kinds. HATS, HATS, HATS. TrST RS3fc!Vtn, bv R. K. Cutter, No. 86 and f9, paBroad and Coi'ege str:-et-: 7i. 120 : ni:'.s .m itav's woolp li AT d. 25 DOZES MEN'd SOFT F'"R HATS, ail style. All of whh will be i.ild very cheap for cash, octin B. R. CTTTTR II ATS. Flock of Ve:is, It-- and CliiMren' Soft FuVlAftTE llats. of everv description. jott received an) or iikle hy U. R. CCTTFR. Trunks, Trunks. Hvrtn3tut ol Trunks fr-- thAFULX m'ilrv Hnlak I I h r Tr a tr. to t'carre I'at k ng Trm.kt; also Carpet aud ar-- T It baddie Las ol all Unas. aui.'Ai B. R. CUTTER'S, Onmer Hmd anl Ooliere st. L.eather Heltinc. FtEi ol LEATHER BELTING, of the lol. ing tisea: lea feet of feet of 0 laches wideil " "IV 44 " 1W " " 6)tfir " t u 440 " 6W " Sl( " HW " " 6X 1M) " " " 44 8 T HI 44 44 4 V 44 44 ISO 44 44 1 2M 44 44 8 44 4 4 4 20 44 44 6 4iT 44 44 83, 44 44 x40 44 44 txni 4 44 44 4a 44 44 lo sou 44 44 4X 44 44 xoo 44 44 18 Also a Urge lot of Copper Burs, and Rivets, and Las Leather of all kinds. All of which will be sold en the most reasonable terms lor Cash, by B. K Cl Tl ER, No. 86 A 19, cor. Broad and College ts , sepl'25 NafHvrLts IaADIi:S hllOKS.QNYPFR A Fii6.r Li. are opening y some choice i ; w.-a- r f r the Ladies, oonsisting of Lihea' Thick fto'e Lasting li alters; " " " French Lea'her " (something new;) f, sf tw hf ,, .. Kl n - . H Congress Kid " Thin " Lasting half " These goods are Terr handsome. Call at SNTUER FRIZZrLL, octlS 8li l'uliltc Square. ; EXTL.K3I i:XS WCAll. rFNTy fine Call Pump So e boot;Fine Calf Stitched " Genu' Fine Ca f Double Co e . " " Wsier proof " " " Congress Gaiters; - si n it double sole; as " Oxford Ties, " " These g are from one of the best manufactories la Pl.l a h Ip.ua. Call at No. iiO Puue wu.ire, octlS v SNY'Ei; A FRIZZ FIX. E00TS1 SHOES! TEUNKSI F'Ht TH K LAOIRS. LAMEa Superior Calf Walking Jtooteei; " fioatwelt " - Calf and Goat welt Busklnr, 44 Kid and Fr. Mo. " n h m Ewtee; Lastlrg welt Ga'ters, p!iin aad tlpt; " "t'oiigrris GK.fTLKMEN'S GOODS. Gent's fine Calf water-pro- Boot; ' " IViuhle-sol- e " , " Dres " " Congress Gaiters, double A single sole; " " " W,ter proof sewed Shoes; " " Ox lord Ties, doable end smrle sole; H Dress th of vai ions desjnjitlons; With a ortnplele s.'.orutieut of Gentlemen's, Boy's, Youth's and Children's Calf and Kip boots and H.or ia.a.c snJ Children's Ooal, Kid Miorrorre and Calf Boot ee, all of WDicn are on erea rneap ior caan. oel.il JUul KAMAtiE, 4a College sw lioo.clns Glasses,CS30.., Uf r. tiara now la Wore a Cdo stork of ,P'aooa, Meiodeooa Window Snaxie. laaaikiArtists Materials, Ac, and are still maeufao- - T 4 t II taring lnii.te Bluids and a1 1 kinds of out Works aave recently ad to "Or sioce ofUftAniAI ''! r4llllll, AC.In a wid we .otend to KitaiP I P ITH TUB TI!.please our euaioaner and laotJO them to patron wkbi im lead uf acuditig abroad. W. R. FtaA.kMAN. r a FEZSH ARRIVAL 07 PIAXC. ceived by the ub.cr:ber, five of jss".r't ssyisJCTrf uanvais-- Pi ANtMs, in id. by A. II. I v" CYlUale a Co., of .G Yo'k. which Bow n.a. s II m.nc the latga.--t Smck in G city, eonsiaun of fv and 7 oraes,ln p a n and be tutlfn lie carved Rissxw.aio eaaw. Any one wihiti( a No. I li.simraeut wou:J d l wt II ta g y ueaea'l. iy.ry Plane sold by m is wsrra-r- d iu every J. A. kict'LCRs;, A3 Cn'on street. P. . Jut pabDshcd be sae, th. t d'owti ( : I ht at Ilutue, WeJora Wails, Tenns-- ee tV hou h aud tnward slow. A fo I u p y of :he aUire eaul.l j! a0ng and Piecae a hand. Call and get a Copy, ut !l iCaj. each.- Irc4 J. A. , HUHBUO lT niJLIBVa' 1 ! I " 1)!. Tuned and l- - '"paired by the aodee gned in a manner r iJa4v-"- i Jthaleanaol re eqmlb-- by any rrV--r Tuner ' fla this se-- 0 .: ol country. Also, all kinds of UcaicaJ lustra, sueau repairvl. Pert s i'ffe.l"sj given wr ehaegaOrder fcc.t at the Music fi-e- e of J saws Liggons,er Jasaat A. SJci Urc, l tuou sneet, wUI be uruoip l attended to. ,ri K. MuRTU?!. 50.0OO"DAVlt01Caj:srT' IQSlii. J t w.U par swvntf eetit la Uocchaadiae lor Pa--i v i. i Coauty Bonds, ksr?l A. J. TrCA A CO. LAVD WARiiASTS w E wdl bar Lan4 WerrauU ui ad dioomlaatioas, atttie beat suarkcl arute. e.Jl A. i. DCXCA5 A CO. TEA TEATS! WAITERS ! TF have r asimrtsB.nl and a gater eartety of y V Tie T'sys aivJ w a tna ihaa cab be foun4 aace Lare, ratigttw m snet iraaa lu tipwanta It A WlLiVOS. f,CrtO4l.-6- 0 Vxestrtsh WacearenJ.apr'.aat a A t.alr, lor sale by wrjptL a Tnoiipaos. teo Wnh"s reVbrated .rs terOVfTEUS.-'-W I:ML A TllOMP; OS. A X. tXaVim" Cigars, well aaoorud, aej a'4 to rsealera at sow prr, k wr ?CL A TnOMWOS. A barti tA 41e,rs'ved and r hs-- OertO . t EL A TalCUrtalW. !H se Weatera Rerr sol FrjkakCfrrl-- . aad "r s uy itr WML A TIIOMP'OI. rtOTTO BATTISC.-MlssOi,!- ... aU anSlCT sat by p. t. P.Csvttb 1 laWai es i. f I NASHVILLE, TENN., NEW YORK ADVERTISEMENTS. From VISCHER OWEN A CO., Gen'l Advertising Honse, Arrurroa' BciLDio,&4e Broadway, New York. PATENTED I PATENTED ! Brother Jonathan's Furniture Polish. a The only Patented Furniture Polish in the World! IT SHOULD BE IN EVERT FAMILY. TT has been admitted by every one Who has ever used It, X to be the best article of the kind ever Invented. It is applied with a piece of Canton Flannel or Wollen Cloth, and dries immediately, removing all stains, grease and dirt, making yenr furniture look as well a when new. II will resist the action o! hot and cold water. Beware of Ooun terfcits! None genuine without John L. Brabyn on the labeL Principal Depot, 444 Broadway, New York. JOHN L. KRtBYN A CO. Agents wanted in every Connty and City thrcuphout the United States. janl emr , Gold Medal Pianos! " STE1XWAY A: SOS, irrantifadorers, 4 WALKER STREET, NEW TORK.8 lh Peceived the following Fntsr Psrasf JdtDtLS in Compel itlcc with the best makers of Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Bal- timore: TWO FIB ST PRZE MEDALS at the Metropolitan Fair, Washington, Wsrch, JNV5. A GOLD MEDAL at the Crystal Palace, New York.No' vember, lSU, (being the only gold medal given for Pianos within the last six years ) A ;0H UEDAL at the Matjland Institute, Baltimore, 18.r.6 THF. FIR3T PR'Zt MEDAL at the Fair, Crystal Palace, New Yorr, November, lffS. Among the judges were the first Musical Tab-n- t of the Country, such laa M. Macn, Gotttchalk, Wollenhunpt and many others. St. A S. P- iano, (with and without the Iron Frame,) are warranted for three years, and a written guarantee given Piano pacV.ed and shipped without charge. Price moderate, declfc-l- yr IMPORTANT TO EVERYBODY. I JR the last three yea's I htre been engaged In a bus!,net known only to myself, and, comparatively, few others, whom I have instructed for the rum of $20u each, which ha averaged me at the rate of ,000 to 8,000 per annum; and having made arrangements to go to Europe In the Fall of IS." ' to engage in the same business, I am will-- 1' g to give full Instructions In the art to any person in the United states or Canada, who willremit me thesum of 1 1 I an indu-e- d, from the success I have been favored with, and the many thankful acknowledgements I hare received from those whom I have instructed, and who are making from 5 to $15 raa DAT at it, to give any person an oppor tunity to engage in tms business, which is easy, pieaaant, and very at a small cost. There is positively No HoaBtro in this matter. References of the re-i- t class can be given as regards its character, and I can ref.-- r tl persons whom I have instructed, w! o will testify that they are making from $.ito15 per day at the same. Hiss business in a hich either ladies or gen'lemen cm engage, and with perfect ease n.aki a very h ndsorae income. Several LAnisa :n various parts of New York State, Penn- sylvania and Maryland, whom I hare instructed, are now making from 8 to6 per day by it. It Is a cxssaaL aosi-M1.- and but a few shilling is required to start iu I'pon the receipt of f I, I will immediately send to the applicant a pointed circular containing full instruction in the art which car, be perfectly understood at once. Ail letters must be addrewed ipost rai') " A. T. PARSONS, 235 Broadway, New York. NEW AND IMPORTANT Discovery in the Science of Medicine. ENGKAVINGS OF THE SEALS OF THE PATENT OF-Pir- jK. CF GRF.AT BRITAIN, KCOL8 de PHA B M ACIK PHARMtCIKS le PHIS, AND IMPEIAL COLLEGE OF MEDICINE, VIF.NXA, are afExed upon each wrap per, xud around each cae of Tiiesemar .No. 1, 2, and 3. Thus protecting the public galn t ImTiTiONS, which are Labia to the severest pe.nal.ies court of law can award. II. A. BAP.ROW, Member of the Imperial Collere ofDS. and Royal College of Surgeoa, London, may hep rson..lly consn'.ie I at his r;sidi ti e, 157 Princj sireet, (few Mo k estof Broadway) New Y'ork, from 11 in the n.orninz ii 1 2 and from 4 till b in the evening, (Sundays excepted,) unless by special appointment. TRIES! MtR No 1, la the Remedy for KELAXTIOJf, SPERM ATO llRIKF.A, and all the distressing consequences arWng fr m ear'y abu.s, iniliscrimloate excess, or too long res drncs in tir.t climates. II has invieorated and restored o p-- rf. ct health, thousands of the del ilitated who are now n'he erji.yment of all the Fonc'ions of Manhood; and whu ever may be the CACS El , every DIylJALIFIGA-Tl- N for MAHlllAGE is effectually subdued by this Won- derful i iscovery 1 THEEMAR, No.11; completely and entirely eradicates all traces of Gonorrhoea, both in its mild and aggrirated forms, Cleels, Stri' tr-s- , Initttion of ths A'ad-ler- noo.re tetnion o' the Urine. Pains of the Loins and Kidnejs, snd tVose dinordr.1 where Copaiva and Cub..bs have o iong been thou :1. tan antidote, to the ruin cf the health of a vast poniou of he population. TRIKSFM AR, No lit Isthe great Continental Remedy for Syiil ilii. and ec' n lary Sjmptoras. It also constitutes a certaii. cure fur fcurvey. Scrofula, and all impurities from the vital rtream,so as al'ogeiher to eradicate the virus of ilis-if- e, and is a never failing Remedy for that class of which nnortunatelv the English phy-icia- n treats with Mercury , to the inevitable deatruction of the patient's constitu inn, ami wi.ich a l the Sarsaparilla in the woild cannot remove. TKIEKMAK, No. 1,9 and 8. are prepired in the form of a lozenge, devoid of taste or smell, and can be carried in the waistcoat pocket, Sold in tin cases, aud divided into separ- ate doses, as administered by Valiean, La lmtn, Hoax, d, Ac. Ac. Price each, or four cases in one for 19, which saves 3; aud in 27 case, whereby there 1 a saving of ' Special arrangement having been made with Ihe var ous Exprerse, the nine dollar cas. sof Tr,esemar,and the larg- er us s, are forwarded by Dr. Bar.ow, carriage paid, imme- diately on receiving a remittance, to any part of the world, ecurely packed and addressed according tbs instructions of the writer, thus securing to the public genuine Eurrpetn j wparatinns, and effectually protecting them from fpuii-- o s pernicious imittlioni. The three dollar cases sent as us til, but not free of carriage. To be had al-- e, from Or. Barrow, thxt beautifully Illustrat ed and p puarw rk, "HCM AN FRAILTY, or PHVMOLtJ-GtCt- l. RESEARCH E8." It describ- - in a ciear and iDCid manner the cause and effects of the dleaes above enumer- ated, with instructions for tneir preper trealinenl and cure. Price 20 cents. Sent free to any address. Address DR. BARROW, 157 Prince Street, (few block west of Broadway,) New York. nov5 1ydv. AV1T AlA,Zi. KliValVa?T A Phyatclannf high Handing, and formerly a Professorln one of the Medical lnatitutionsof this country, now retired from active practice, who has been suffering I om Pulmonary Disease, discovered, while tiavelling in South America for hi health, a cure for Catisumi tion. Bronchitis. Coughs, Col 's, and general debi.ity; and being aware that Thousands are suffering and dying annually from this mint dreadful of all rtiaee, he Is desirous, from the principle of hnmanity, nf making known this most valuable remedy. Upon receipt of t ifteen Cents, in Postage Stamps, or Change, he will send a Recipe, with full directions for making and successfully nsing it. The amount required. Is applied for g e, and tha pay-me- n t of this a ivertisemrnt. Adlress-- a. F. DEVEROUOn, M. D, oce21 t liox 23, 1. --. IJrooklyny N.V. P I A NO S , MEL0DE0HS, and HUSIC. Tin: vit aisi .n Anoi;n:ii. miCES GHEATLYJiEDUCED! K0. 3S3 BEOADWAT. KEW Y0EIC, Atent for the Keafi Heaton aad Kewv York TnT. largest assortment of Pianos, Metedeons, Mnsieal JL Instruments, and Musical Merchandise of all kinds, in tha Onlted Slates. Pianos from Ts different Manufactoi ire, aompnsmg thoca al every variety of sty ia, from the plain, neat and substantial tH oetaves, in Walcnt or Kosewood Caaes, from $'.-j- 0 10 ti U, to thoae of It most elegant finish ap to Ost laotKaSD Dnixats. No hoo.-- e in ice colon caq compete with the above In the number, variety, and cele- brity ef its Instruments; nor in tha AzraaaiLr Low Pmtosj at which tbry are sold. HO SACS W ATEES' KOnERK IXFE0 VZ3 PIAXC3 With or without Iron Frames, nossewsing In their improve ment of arrr-strln- and and action, a length of acale, power, and compass of tone eqaal to tha Orand nano, aniled with the beauty and durability of structure of the quart Piaoo. Thay are lastly pronounced by the Presaand by the first Musical Masters to be equal to those of any other manufacturer. Thryr built of the bee and most thorough- ly seasoned material, and goaraateed to stand the aouoa of every elimate. Kack laatraanent gaarantea-- l ts kive satlsfaetion. or pur-eha- money refond d. AAV'A7 JU.IM J'JLSOS A T UK&Jk T JiAltii A ISJ, eviuimnU j in story, pr.es from 30 lol 111.Horace Waiter a inrIedena.sup'ior lostro-a.n- ls ia tone, touch and durability of make. (Toned to lAe equal tmperam-o- t ) Melodeons or ail other styles aad make. Pric J,iW,I&,l,lt140: double Re.ds and two bank of Keys, )uV laeaa a liberal discount. Cirrgytsea and aad Ctiarcae, a extra dnaoanU nartiue' (.tiltarav. brown's barpa. Flute, PIllnas Aconrdiacs, Yuiias and Musical ia.Vruroents of all kind, at lower prices than ever before efT-r- ed to the public. A laeg dlscoctnt to Tea--tir- s and So boois. The trad saw. plied ok th meat liberal tarsal. - 7t MJr I One of tkt largeal and baat selected of Maua now pubUabasi, e aBprag saany at Ua can a aad mast rpuiar a.rs of ib dajr,aad will be aold at aaa- - Hard od frera the regular prices, . Iluaic snt b mailta ail parts ci i.t country, post-paid- . Partk-ala- r and paraoftal ktUnGoo paid te all order ree-- i vad by aaalL Sasxiatnarantil ia avssry instanea. Pi anas and Meiodewavs lor raat, and rest adowad on purchase. Pianos and oJus for on asoauiy bsraaeata. .teoon I hand Pia.ios Ukea ia eiohsng. for sew. lieaertl aadaalact CataiogMa aad scnadala ol prtaa tut Warded to all part, af th atmatr y ty Baii. er"". real iadaiemanta a9r.l te Agents la all Darts af the emintry, ta aril the tioaaCa Warsaw1 Pianos, Meiodeooa. aad Caualoe af Maaic. Jy!t ' r WIir.AT! UlIKATTT 7" r W1T to purihaae any qaaatuy of gaud iTLaat, fur 4 ihteb I wali ray Ihe hi. heal p IKS. ai-g-lt . C. BiroT. tiiuisrjiAis rurjit'aT. UECMYES thirday abaadaasteasabnayaot or Gnods .sailtknrtaias praaauia., terb Sw Wr'dieg Iwks, ' "Te.l::g Case. Vt'oik Biaea, ertry Caaketa, C&aaa. Oder B xs, and artt of tMaga baa oe aa presentftir tatias orgentletnra. J. H. ktcii.Li.. I L.AC1. l.liATli:ot LliATUCR BELTIX.. . JTST rw!v4 a lot nt raty ssl-- a Lara Laathe, al-w- , al.a-- k of tr.e very bast Lestl.tr & & j II l&cbja Uiataaauus nusacatMas ra-- j tow tr a. ty . 8. R. anti,"W1 W fd'., ! FrN8Hr,r'rTsFS to O.!- - and ceiBtry.rCHAN aH PATJt MITAUO Si RIAL CAMk.Tcabe bad,Wfeoiaaiaar Etl, appiy.ng ! ...... U. a. KlMUIa AassyiJ. . . At R. U 7ataT,a.eree FraaJaad Frot su iwe!t I, l.O V4 Uail A far- - Plilansi Piawi m aasa'walar ssua bw dee D. W, PlOLtt. M4 x Vss TUESDAY, JANUARY Great Western Trunk Store, No. 2 5 HROABWAV) CICIATI, O.3ECoTiTy TT1so, "Pt CANCTACTCRER of all kinds of Trav- - e. k VIVX eling and Packing Trunks, Valises, La dies' Bonnet Boxes, Carpet Bags, Satchels, Ac. All orders from abroad promptly attend ad to. We are determined our work shall not be surpassed In the Union. apie tr IRON RAILINGS, .. VERANDAS, X3 rt xx Is. V aults,JAIL WORK, - IRO.V BOOKS AND SIIf!TTrR5. Specimen Book of Ilailinrrs sent by Mail. T. F. BAKES, Jan29 275 Firm Frairr, CINCINNATI, 0. RAILROAD SPIKES. POTTER, ROLFE A 8WETT8'. Made of Porneroy Iron. Constantly for sale by L. F. POTTER, No. 6 East Front Street, opposite Pnbhc Landing, Jan22 12m Cincinnati, Ohio. SPENCER HOUSE, PRATT & 3IETCAL.F, Proprietors, Corner of Broadway and Front Streets, CINCINNATI, OHIO. 'THE Central Pcsition, large and airy rooms of this Hotel, A. commend it to he traveling public. aplo-i-y W. B, SPARKES & CO. (3UCCKSSOB8 TO HOLLAND A SMITH.) No. 13 Sycamore St., Between Front and Colombia. WHOLESALE DEALERS IN Port, Malaga aud Muscat Wines, BOURBON, RYE, M0N0NGAIIELA AN I RECTIFIED WHISKEYS, BRANDY, GIN, PCKE SPIRITS, Ac, Ac, aP23-- 8m CINCINNATI, OHIO Cheap Cash Store. C0ENEB OF WALNUT AND IB0NT STREETS, ClACLViVATI, OHIO. Wood and Willow Ware, Paper Cordage, Roofing Material, &c. ivoou HARE, 10 pkgscov'd Buckets; 125 ox B ind Boxes; 850 doaen Bail Bixes; 200 44 Uames; 200 nests Tubs, pain'ed; 1.400 Zinc Wah Boards; 275 uox Varnished and Three' 15,000 Plow Handles; Hoop Buckets; id nests White Pine Tuns; 21,000 ass'ed Broom ITandle;' 125,000 Cane Fishing Poles; 175 dos white Cedar Bucketa;,300 asi'ted Liquor Kegs: 200 do Tar C ms; 10 dnz B B Cedar Cans; 800 pkgs Half Buih. Measures' t!5 44 Nest Boxes, varnlfh'd iz dos Pine t burns, assorted 'ioo 44 Fainted Tubs and 15 44 B B Cedar - Keelers: 100 nest white Cedar Tubs; 125 dos Well Buckets, aas'ted. IIASKKT WARE. 50OWiI1o Wagons, common, 7o0 nests German Market do. 150 44 44 extra; 80 44 Clothes do; 800 44 Carts, common; too dot Feed Lakets,in store 500 " " ex.lalltop and to arrive; 75 Empire Cabs; 200 doxen assorted Market H.'O Willow Cradles; Baskets; 2fH) extra 44 25dox Children's Rattan and 150 doxen Willow and Eattan Willow Chairs: Pick BA'ketF.; 8 dox aas'ted CfSce Chairs, Rattan and Willow, very cice and cool for Summer, Also Clo. Hampers; imported fancy Baskets: Work. Fruit and Flower Stands. Abo Willow '.VurU made to ordea. FANCY 4.00DS. 100 dot Feather Dusters; .100 bales Alicant Mats: 51) 44 Shoe Brushes; 5'' Jute Hark and Skeleton 100 44 ex. Scrub - 44 Mats; 45 Rocking Horses; ( 25 dos Toy Air Pistols. CORDAGE, TWINES, Ac. 1M coils 1 V and inch Manila Rope, C9n feet; 10 coils I V to 8 inch do do 6W do; 150 colls , Ji' to inh do do, snorted; 25 reels Bed Cord and Plow Line Manilla; 250 dot Cotton Plow Lines and Bed Cord: 100 dox liemp Bed Cords; .l.to bales Carpet Chain; 1,000 lbs Broom Twine Hemp; i 1 ,600 lbs Wool Twine, l,5o0 lbs Flax 44 41 8no Irs Seine Twine; 7S bales Batting; i!5n reels Kemp Packing; 24 44 isickinn; ( 75 coils Tarred Kope: 450 44 Wrapping Twine; ' '150 44 Jute Rope; PAVER. 1,N)rt bundles (Frond) 1 angermau's Wrapping Paper; 1,800 44 Mcgret'or's do do; 2, L",HJ reams Loc.iand do do: 15n reams Tea Paper; I 75 reams Shoe Paner; 175 44 Ham 44 70 44 Batting do: 54,000 lbs Roofing do, dry; 15,000 lbs Roofing do, satu'ted; CANDLES, Arc. Star Candles, Lard Oil. Opal Candies, Stearine Candles. Starch, Gel man Soap, As. W1UE WORK. Selves, Riddles, Sand and Lime Screens, assorted. CEDAR FAUCETS, Assorted sites of best qualities, in lots to suit. Also Bench Screws, In half doxen packages. In lots. Wood Saw, Saw Bucks, Cnrry Combs, Cards, Brushes Tacks, Rivets, Ae. IltU.--s It'll :W KEf.S, A full stock, assorted sixes, for Druggists' and Liquor Deal ers' use, constantly on hand. niricNs.Pine Churns, 13 20, 22, ! t inrb Red Cedar do 1. 1 3. 80.52 doCerdar do 16, IS, no, 22 do, Painted do20.22.24 do Brass Hoop do44 44 44 44 do IBarrel do 16, IS, 20,83 do II AMES. Oiled Root, Black Tcp and Blue da; Steam Bent Top; Plank Top; Forsaieby S. M! BARRETT. may 14 cor. Walnut and Front sts.. Cincinnati, 0 VtictWJpasfo Store CIIAS. II. WATERS & CO., (Successors to F. Eird9all & Co.) Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealer In WOOD AND WILLOW WARE, BROOM 8, CORDAGE, TWINES, AC. HAYING largely replenished our stock, and alsomany articles nut heretofore kept in this estab lishment, we are now able to offer inducements to the former patrons of this house, and dealers generally, not surpassed by any other Douse In mis city w s shall keep constantly on hand a tull and complete assortment of every article In tMs line nf business, and wa are ilcterniined to sustain the reputation of the old firm, and not to be outdone by any one in this business; and it will be our greatest endeavor lo give satisfaction to all. Wood and Willow Ware manufactured to order at the shortest notice. The following list, though not complete, will gire a more general idea of our stock in store. is rooms. 850 doaen large Shaker Brooms; 4i0 do. small do do.; 875 do. steamboat do superior quality; oo do. do.; do. commoa; OK) do. fancy do, 450 do. plain and common Broom; 800 do. fancy hf Brooms aad Wh'sks W are prepared at all times to furnish Brooms of every raeiety, and in any quantity; all orders wiilieosiv prompt attention. Lfdar are.Iron hound red Cedar Buckets. Tub and Oorar bras bound red Cedi.r PuckeU iron bound white Cedar Tub, Churn, Pigrina, Buckets, Kealerr; bras bound white Cedar Churns, Buckets. Water Cans and Cedar Faucet. Cordage. Of every dcrrintlon. consisting in part of Manilla: Hemn. Cct'on and Ju'.e Hope, all sixes; Hemp Be 1 Cords, sash Cords and Plow Line. Hemp Parkin.-an- d Lines; Cotton Bed Corrfa, Flow Line and Sash Cords; Manilla Bed Cord and Clothe Line; Spun Yarn, Marlln. HoekeU.Churns.Tabs, Keel ere, Fane, Cab. Corered Bilk- - eta, fasten! Cham Tftagons.W heelbarrow, Ac, Ac Mats. AUeanta, Jate, Manilla Coo. Mask, Corn and Rope Mat; Plain and Fancy Dour Rugs; Sbeep rkin, Palm Lea, Table and buggy Mat, Ac, Ac Hrmlies. Shoe, Horn, Scrub, Store, hitewaah. Hat, Clothe a Whisk Brushes, Fanev Feather Floor and Hearth Dustars.White Ware. Dash Chums, Covered Backet Tabs, Mtav Half Bashela, Horse and C intern Bu kela. Barrel C.ura, Kegs, Deck Buckets, Salt Boxes, Well Backets, Buckeyes, Poplar aad Maple Bow', Chopping Traj, Pateat Ccuras, Bail Boxas, ftaxi H'ua.Vouvo', Ac Bankets. A rool assortment constantly oa band; the best stock of Franco and Fancy backet ia the city. H illow Clothes, M Uamper.SUiool, D.nner and Wark Ba.krtr; illow Cra-dle- a. Cabs, Wagnoa. Chairs, Oak Fred. Peach, Clothes Book", Corn, Rattan, Maskelv Fancy kmbraitered Work, Fringeel, Naltae. Stick, Ottce, Trtaata, Jteucule, Frauah Aaia.Tusub-Ic- r, Card, Fruit, A, Ae. Meaiires. Iron Bound and Pbua Half Beah.ela, Set Small Maaaaraj, Cedar Uaif Baabais, Sea.ed Maasnraa ef tvery kuxl. Handles. Poplar, Fagar Tree ana FWamboai Broom Handle la any quantity. Ax HaadJ a, Turned and Shaves', Pick, Fork and Mop lj audi. Sundries. Matches, Mres, Blacking, Rolling Pint, Butter Pria4, MftakiaaBdBedaax, ttot l(au, Wrappirg Paper, Cot sa llimc Curry Comb. Oakonv, Potato Slaaber. Cocaa Dta. Kniss, Trays, Tar Can, S ap, Starch, Candle. Upaa,nra. 9qaosr, Towail HoOers, Rat Traps, Barrel Covsrs, Bang Btarls, Toy He. tels. Tacts. A,A CH. U. WAT I ERA A CO1.1 MaraaC.batwaoa f ral aaoOomaatia, CincaaaU.Oc.13 d!. CII4PT. lMIOHIXiWIUTAnillVWIIATDlDNr ARItilE. . Joy U U w.rld that Bacfcwboai4 aoasa. Let you ag anl ail rejoice; Ca get a bag and take it house, Fer"rUia yvu like the ortco, Extra Baled and tV.u4 Bqcwi.al Flar, feoas Pena-ylvaai- a, bM arrived at (4e17) ACMjEVB. 'MOULD ItAELIUl T alaaa rtvad at Well EL MS ITT. OimUia lUfSTEtt, OYULUS. C A M ALTS T A CO 1 1ALT123120TSTX3 AGOCT. FR'SI ctaast, loJ-s- . Pvoebaa, Tataaioea, Cava OyatenOyairra, abd wlat4 fidt Oysters, packad ialea. Stancf aoasp'edth Agvacy cf tbeioov wen saowa rax, I aaa pnpa'ad to tak taanili, aad tbe traJa wilktoo ass.v artaauas ka tJ qaauU y, (4 low ariawa. "If l. 0. ACWsBT. 111 t: tt l lllini.,I BATE t traaa ktsall, anvwira iKoai swwrral raadsswcaisaa4 iwaartlirew eitra faaa gtrU. lsliiaibargews to Bt.a ksjuig ta Aaevia tha aiy. stA&a w. roiiiR. aaai -- - t TfltftPNJ .. ,a5i."a tail a aJ a.a V A A 20. 1857. CINCINNATI ADVERTISEMENTS. CINCINNATI Eagle Candle and Lard Oil Works. GHETTO, Hiiro, atANUFACTUaea or S T A It C A N D E E S, ADAMATIKE do., EAR D Oils OETINE, GEPwMAN AND PALM SOAP. anl --lv A CAKD. THE partnership of W. A T. H. GREENFIELD A CO.,expired by limitation, we have thi day sold onr interests in the entire stock of Fjrnitnrr, Carpeting, Pianos, Ac , to THOMAS H. GREENFIELD and JOHN PATTERSON, whom we take pleasure in recommending to our old customers, and doubt not they wilf give general sat- isfaction to all who may favor them wilh a call. W. GREENFIELD, JanS A. A. FREEMAN. All those Indebted to W. A T. II. Greenfield A Co., are Invited to call at their old stand and settle. NEW FIR7I.t. h. oxxxsnsxD. JOBS PATTiaSOg. GREENFIELD & PATTERSON. . HAVING purchased the entire Stock of Furniture,Oil Cloth, Pianos, Ac, of W. A T. H. Green- field A Co , and having also uoitei the Stock of John Pat- - tenon, with our new purchase, we have now the most ex- tensive assortment of everything in our line ever offered to the citizens al Nashville, and respectfully solicit a continu- ance of the favorsso liberally bestowed by our friends. It will he our aim to render the almost satisfaction to all who may be pleased to call on us. iD6 lm GH FIELD A PATTERSON. WM.8TRW1ST. W V. OT0, STEWAET & OWEff , MANUFACTURERS OF Copper, Tin aud Sheet Iron Ware, NO. 14 MA-KKE-T STREET, NASHVILLE, Tenn. HATING returned to onr old stand, from which wa wertby fire, we are now prepared to attend to all our old customers and as many new ones as will favor ns with a call. Our house has been rebuilt uoon an improved plan. af fording ns extended facilities. Onrw oris, siiotoIs now capacious and extensive, anu adequate lo every emer- gency. Our STOHK IIOOMS Are large, and especially adapted to our purpose. We hare in store, and are constantly receiving, an-pi-e suppliesof stores, Wares, aud Grates. Plain and Enamced MaRBLnzru Iaos Miktlxh and Giacia Etatcss; and in short, everything usually kept in similar et- - laDiisnnieota. Our assortment of Stoves challenges competition .compris. ing everv style and variety. We have the Wrought Iron Cooking- - Stove, Among others an article which is in great d. mand. We manufacture for the trade at d for retail, and to order. all kinds of Tin :ind Sheet Iron Ware, and keepconstanlly on nano a targe assortment. n e invite the attention of all to our establishment, pledg ing ourselves to give entire satisfaction. STEWART A OWEN, march 20 No. 14 Market St. K0EE NEW 000D3. WE have iust per steamer Harmonia:1 doxen LARGE PI. A f FORM SCALES: 4 44 HATCU'SCODS'TER do; 24 44 Assorted COFFEE MILT. Together with a large assortmen of HOLLOW WASE. Wholesale or Retail. We have alo the mct extensive aod ell selected assortment ot Cookie g and Heating STOV to to be found in the city. oltWAKT A OWEN. decS-- tr --A. Card.I AM trancfacturing dally at my Eclipse StOT0 FounfLrJIn thi city, a good assortment of Stoves and Hollow-War- e, Oven, Pots, Skillet and Lids, Sad-iro- and Andirons of different patterns, for tba wholesale and retail trade, at man proms. Also, Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron Ware, ofthe best quality, at low figures. A lew fine chamber setts of Brittanta War , and No. 1 Refrigerators, on hand for ale low. Particular attention paid to Roofing and Guttering with Tin or Conper T Old Copper, Pewter, Brass and Scrap Iron taken la for y manufactures. n. P. D0RRTS, jySII 6ra No. 6 College St. near Church at L. SCOTT & CO.'S REPRINT OF THE British Periodicals, AND THE V A l S (iV'Ui M . 0EEAT EEETJCTI0N IN THE PBICE OF THE LATTER P0BLICATI0N. L SCOTT A CO., NEW YORK, continue tn publish the. following leading British Periodicals, vis: TIIE LONDON O.UARTERLY"(Conservative.) 2. THE EDINBURGH REVIEW (Whig.) . THE NORTH BRITISH REVIEW (Free Church.) 4. TIIE WESTMINSTER REVIEW (Liberal ) 5. BLACKWOOD'S EDINBURGH MAGAZINE (Tory.) These Perlodlctls ably represent the three great political rartie, or (j real Britain W hig, Tory and Radical, but pol it s form only one feature of their character. As Organ of the most profound writers on Scien-- e, Literature, Moral ity and Religion, they stand, aa tl ey ever havi lnd. un rivalled In the world of letters, being considered indispen- sable to the scholar and the professional man, whi.e to ths intelligent reader of every class they furnish a more oor- - r.ct and sat'stactory record cf the current ll'erature of the d y, throughout the world, than can be possibly obtained iron ADy other source. IARLT COPIES. The receipt of Advance Sheet from the Brltlah pah-- nsners gives auiitionai value to these Keprinta, Inasn ach as they can now be placed in the hands of subscribers about as soon as lb ong.nal editions. TERMS. Per annum For any one of the four Reviews. fd 00 For any two of the four Review ft (Hi For any three of the four Review. T 00 For all four ol the Review g no For Blackwood's Magasioe a no For B!a:kwoo . and three Review 9 00 For II ackwocd and the four Review 10 00 Payments ta be made in all ease ia advance Money current in the State where bsued will be received at par. aj CLCDBINO, A discount of twenty five per cent, from the above prices will be allowed to Club ordering four or more eopie of any one or more of tha above works. Thus. Four copies of k acawoou, or 01 one Review, will be sent o one address firti; four copies of the four Reviews and Blackwood tor 4--, ana so oa. POSTAGE. Tn all the principal cities and towns, these works will be delivered Free of Posiare. When cent by mail, the Poau are 10 any pari or me united cute will be but Twenty-fo- ar cents a year for "Blackwoo and but Fourteen casta a year for each of the Reviews. N B. The price iu Great Britain of the five Periodicals above named is about 31 per annua. Till: FA KM EliS1" Cm HIDE TO SCIENCE AND PRACTICAL AGRICULTURE. By Henry Stephens, F. R. f) of E Imburgh, and the lataJ. P. Norton, Professor of Fcientifi Agriculture In Yale College, New Haven. I vol. Royal Ocaro. 1600 pages. auu numerous i jc.j ana Ble el aogravings. This is, eonfraseoly, the most complete work on Agricul ture ever pub. isLed, and is order lo give a wider circula tion Uie pursuer bar resolved to reduce the arte) to FIVE DOLLARS FOR THE TWO VOLCMES !! When sent by snail (post-pai- d) to California and Oregon tha price will be IT. To every otter wart of the L'nioa aad to Canada $6. tktT- - This work is not lbs oW "Biokofthe Farm." ' Remittances for any of Ihe above pobKeatioat ahoald aj be addrasaed, past paid to tha Pub nhers, LEONARD SCOTT A CO, daaSl Mo, S4 Qmd .trset, New Tork.SITUATION UAVrLB, AS Clerk la soma respectable house a the eity. AWholesale bojinaa prefarrad. Rcfareacc given. Ad- dress thiaoifio. aorJ7 tf. I 7 II Ifck V. M bbl Dean's Aurora Whisky;ft HO bbl WcUrr4 Old Rentocky do;60 bbl Old bourbon do. 4 In store and tor aaJ tj W. H. GORDON A 00, 1)E ACII EMCOcaer Paachrs pat ap la Ibelrewnjaleo;caaes Toasaitoea. - 44 44 44 - 10 cases Green Com, la store and for ale by W. H. GOR OS A CO. SCAEEM. Ail sisea, Fairbanks' re ebral Dormant,Coaster, aad Grocers' Scale, la 1 tare aad lor Bale at Mtjalaistnrer price bv their agents, deed W. Ii. UORDOX CO. S A I E. A full stock af frrarni A MarrW ca ear tedWelder Patent Fir, Proof Salamander Safea, for sal at Factory ones aad freight, la store aad foe sale by their agent. deck W U. GORDON A CO. CUO A R"71k r, da rZiF PriroerandChoiceaew Bugxr0 b bbut Powdered Sugar, la store and for sale bTdacIS W. U. GORDON CO.Cement, 1 A A BBLA LooUvID Cement, for sal to tha trade ktI U cost and eamege, by D W. Rl'sstLL, Ageat. Al R. L. Whiuts, eorwer Bread and Frwat ta. (aaell I.aa4 Warranu! I.atstf Uarraatel UTE arm tMybtghaat saarkat ea ia Cam orLa ad S inuu.BRiN'roMD, MoWHISTER CO,. eef tf e.Tl East U Fabu Bqaara, Hash villa. II EAT CCTTi:itV have torn skas af Eaa-- atL aag Cntters, by which o hand eaa srapar aa asarh Faaaar kieat ax one boor as (a a be dons la k day La the el tyvrem EAUSA0Z ITsrrZHS. MMhiaos &r Staffiat laa.ear, so. JOoTVO CAKI PTS Vssm aad naturnk.AMD PU0DLVO IfOrJLM. ...fOf'FJIS GRCCioh AND BtliuISS.Ti AD C'tlZ PulS, fW 1.n aa4riltBkMtoop Tcuj-.K- asj cortzz rivsa.COVEEtD LLi. Victoria, umibm laMtiallpenal patient. oTSTE.t Eijjrr, pejua rnxiiEZ", Aa CHAhVilLit IS, art ed eo-e- l fam.daeit UkCttl, A W1LA ' UhUe snd Opera Kid CloTese TJICtlTID this .far. a .arf aasurtaeil of Wkita kkl Party Colored sud blaraa. 3, tL SCGILL. 'JTRKI IsI.tID tAl.r.-los- ai bagtTarkelal 4l. aa--4 lasaorsaa ssr aaa Wieta es-s- i. BaS NEW SER1ES.--N- 0. 349. ST. LOUIS ADVERTISEMENTS, From the Newspaper Advertising Agency ef W.8. SWYJA MIR, No. 14 Second Street, ST. LoClS.Mo, Hill JFtrrnishinfjr ESTABLISHED LN 1855. G. & C. TODD & CO., Succeer V Ira Todd x &ms,) Pfo. 212!IAI. NTREET, cr. ol morgan. SAINT LOUIS, MO., Imrortf" utI MaBn'tcturera ef FESXCH EURE MILL STONES, Dutch Anclior Roltinc Clolb,PORTABLE GRAIN MILLS. PLASTER OF PARIS. MILL PICKS. LEATHER BELTING, MILL SPINDLES, RUBBER PELTING, MILL SCREWS, RUBBER HOSE, REGULATING SCREWS, HEMP PACKING. DA M3AL --IRONS; RUBBER PACKING, COPPER R1V1TS, IRON PROOF STAFFS, ETC., ETC. Onr assortment of Mill Material Is the largest la tl Vni't'l St'it'. At present we have on hand 250 pairs e MILL STONES. Orders promptly filled and all articles war aanted. ciari'l lyl . A C. TODD A CO. SCALE OF PRICES rex THS PRINCIPAL TOILET ARTICLES ! 0 ACT 0 k BO BT WUaIaIA! UOULili, 227 Washington Street, aioatois SIX K0NTSS PRICES. Eooli's Htpxriob Flcia, '.Sc , 60c, 73o , 11,50 sixes, at t , 4, A, $12 per dtsea. Boolx's Flsctkic Hair I'TX, (liquid,) CO., 1 $1,30 slse at 4, $S, 112 per doxen. Booli's lUBMio.sA.oa Bam or Ctthxxia, retail 50a., ii tea $4 per dozen. To WhoieialeDruggistsand other large dealers, a discount of 15 per ct., Irom these prices will be made, provided their purchases during th six months shall exceed $150. LOWEST CASH PEICES. A Diitwntfor CJz'll iriil tf madefrvm V14 alto pri uifullmct: On orders amounting to $ i5r over, at one time, a discount of 5 per cent will be mud?. On orders amounting to $.0 or over, at one time, k discount of 10 percent wili be made. On orders amount! ng to 1 75 or oyer, at one lima, a discount of 15 per cent will be made. On orders amounting to 15o or over, at one time, a discount of '25 per cent will be made. On orders amounting to ;300rrover,atonetime,adiseount of 30 percent will be made. These are the lowest terma, and from which no variation can be made In any case. Prices of other articies may be had cn application. Br,ton, Aug. 2Sth, WILLIAM BOGLE. Refer to Geo. Gaaio, Nashville, Tenn. a augKJ ly Carter's Spaimh tfiitare. TEE GREAT FTJRIFIEU OF THE BLOOD. THE KENT Al.TliR ATI VE KMOUNII NOT A PARTICLE OF MERCURY IN IT. An Infallible Remedy For Scrofula, King' Evi, KliecmatiMn, Obstinate Cataneoa Eruptions, Piuiples or Pustules on the Face, Blotches, Boila, Ague and Fever, Chronic Sore Eyes, Ring- worm or Tftter, Scaluh-a- U, Enlargement and Pain of the Roues and Jointa, Salt Rheum, Stubborn Ulcers, Syphilitic Disorders, and all diseases arisiugfrom aa injudicious use of Mercury, imprudence in Life, or Imj uritv of The Blood. This Great alterative Medicine and Purifier ef the blood (s now nsed by thousands of rrateful patient, from all parts al th United Slates, who testify daily to the remarkable ceres performed by the greatest of all medicines, "CARTER'S SPANISH MIXTURE.4 Neuralgia, Rheumatism. Scrofula. Eruptions of the Skin, Liver Diaease, Ulcers, Old Bore, Af-- , lection or tne moneys, uiseases ot tne i . mat, remaie Com- plaints, pains and aching of the Bones and Joints, are speed- ily put to flight by using this inestimable remedy. For all diaeasesot th blood nothing has yet been fonnd to compare with it. It cloans-- s the system of sll impurities, ' "cts gent'y and erccirntly on tne Liver and Kidneys, and strengthens the digestion; gives tone to the stomach; ecake the kin clear and healthy, ' d restore the constitution, enfeebled by disease, or broken down by th excesses oi youth, to iu pristine vigor and strength. For the prsaasKS or rKMiLtait is peculiarly applicable, and wherever it has become known Is regularly prescribed with the happiest effects. It invigorates the weak and debilitated, and imparU elasticity to the worn out frame, clears theskin, and leaves U.e patient fresh and healthy ; a single bottle ol thtslnestlmable remedy is worth all the Sarsaparilla in existence. The large number of certificates which we have received from persons from all parts of the United States, is the best J . - . - T r v. . i . . . r ...... 'C.lUCUlCillOIWl,U UU UUIUUU.UVU. Ik I US TR, UUKkeepers,magistrate,phviciun,and public men, well snowa to the community, all add their testimony te tha wonderfu effects ot this GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER. Call on the A rent and get aa Almanac, and real the de-t- Is of astonishing cures perioral, d by CARTER'S SPANISH MIXTURE, i in rut rnw trAere eeery thing tin hat ng-nal- lyftiiltd.) The lim.U ef an advertisement will not ad- mit their full insertion. WM. S. BEERS A CO. , Proprietor. No.oo4 Broadway, Naw TokaT. To whom all orders must be addressed. For sale by Druggists and Country Merchants In all parts of the United Stales and lha Canada., and by aplfStwaw W. r. GRAY. Namviixr. Corner SixtA anl W&!nnt Eireeu, CinelnsaU. "I'HB COURSE OF FTl'VT IV T!U3 INSTITUTION Id s. Uioreogh aod practical, errb-acir- g all that I reauiaite to fit yourg men for Oie active duties ol ih Counting Room, arooLg which Book keepir g by Dnub e Entry, Ooauaereial Calrsnationu, Prnnrran-hip- , Commercial Law, Mercantile Form and Correspondence, receive special atteation. The former Principal, R. S. Bacon, having associated with him I. J. Allen, Fsq., tale President of Farmer's College, a a partner, a regular aeries of lecture will be given by Mr. Alien, in tha College l ecture Room, on various topics) con- nected with Mercantile Ecienn embracing Ihe subject ef Commercial law. Political Economy in iu appllratioa to Commercial and Currency, Commercial Geography, History of Commerce, the Consu ar system of Europe aud America, the characteristics of American Commerce, Ae. Other lectures will also be occasionally givea by essioent lecturer. The hoar of Instruction are from I to II A. X., from I to 4, and from 7 lo P M. Tasata. For full eourar, loelollng lecture. r For PennmanahiD, per month.............. 0 novll tmdAw BACoN A ALLEN, PriodpaJa. IYER'S PILIS. The I'oetrr ( PxFi. AVER'S PILIS, glide, sugar-sho- ever the palate, bo their energy, alt beugh wrspped op, I t'ir, aad teita with giant forre oa trie very fouauaiioo ef tUaeasa - Tkero are Ihoosands of BuJerer who would aot aear their davtexa-pe- ra if they knew they eould be eared for 15 elk. Trylytri Piil, and you will know it. Purify the blood and disenae will be starved ant.' Cleanse Uie lyauot from Imparities and jae are earad already. Take thi beat af alf Purgatives, and Scrofula, Tadlrao-t!o- o, Weakneae, Headache. Backaeba, Sidaacba, Jeaasiieo. Kheumatiam, derangen.enta of the Liver, kldotya, aad feowgla, all derangement and all diaeaaea wbten a parra-ttv-e rema-i- eaa raaca, fiy balers tbock Uk darkaaae i fore the Sun. Reader, If yoa. are sujericg frexa Bay af th BBSBeraaas eocBplainui they cure .offer no more the reey baa baen provided ysm, and it le crimiaaJ t argleck ilThat A yere t errv frrlfwnl is tba beat far a Court), is kaown lo Oi ioi aniij, b4 that A yw's "yJU ar the best of all PiiU. U ksowa to tkuas who bare atat Ibcxo, Prepared by C R. J. C. AVER, Practical Chemist, LoaxA, Haat-.aa- d ' j aViid, Wkrlesaia, kyW.W. BttRTA DTMOTriiE, 4 " EetaiL by JO. G HkoMN. Naaka.ila. Taa and by all Draglata aad Daare la MaUlciae ikrasagk taJa saction. etl tseaw NOTICE. TsBR Sobaera-e- reapeciiully aaaosjaeo kat tse tsasporOa af hi tntcraa ia UrssaVraberg MedK-iae-. to Mr. . BaKwrra,af SaahviLa. Naabvilie.D I,l.si4. - ALCX. slCKKX2a. . tut iinnai eaoaoe aca wrrw. aMaVCKEsNZIE & UCCK WIT11, coL,rai:cT!. AniiATS, X ASH TUXZ. TEAS , KST) 111 IAt Ali ILTS FOR THE GRFEK:EFt5 COMPANY CF KEW YC2K FOE Tt.Vi.ffMI. ALABAMA AND 6 J Jtr-IA- - arransaHMaui ana-- ' oi'.k U 0raiB-- g CuatroBFaB1- - aadartate U vaii y Ikesr "b Agaats rsaJ s la avery eusnty, towa aod e.;y ia ia tb fa h.ala.ladJog vh a. Which wii.kaparaooavliy aawraaial y sly. FaekwuA, w oiler snrarvvv as C'aiwctor tar laanse w.es, aaasfarier, Ae., ai d .a ie fiveeioaa ata.t;a lo tl tea eat af t.v ao wbg sa.aa ew$y aa. ar psmvuisi u ie the a.u.i( iaterao4AAW.P Libar.ki Park w Sfse Yark; Locke, Kelchua A Ca-- , Water sirres. Sea York; Ruiaad Parry, te , iwU ra FayM Biatatt A Uak,r.Katiur-- ; ' IU isarMsa, A C , I .ibBTT Cucui!.,'(d k Co.. P.lfcag Ul.s Ftatery; ii. M. f it, tl'oo .s al Laa, kaakviUa, 1X. H. M.tw. ttla.a. teeawra. AaJa-aax- a, A :..ea i.KsaaiS. Ia B4kaa. adt A.k - tar wail ewaee kii.os. aa. as nii'arv t ' J4SO- - -- as - i.. a "1 bo t Ila 1 PHILADELPHIA aADVEBTISEL!EMTS niEITARY GOODS, 2SECSALIAS, AC. WM. II. IIORSTMANN & 60'S, 223 Chestnut Street, adjoining; the IfkMnie Hall, PHILADELPHIA, MANUFACTURERS and Importer af al kia rf kraaa.SW0RD3, SASHaU, IPAUUrTTL. PLUMES, LACES, CAPS, Ac. Also, REGALIA of every fyTe for Free Masokk, Odd Pa, lows. Ac, via: APRONS, SaaUiA, COLLAR. JIWELA. ROBES, Ac. . A.'so, THEATRICAL DECORATIONS lo largo Tarioty. FLAGS and BANNERS an band or made to arder.Having a full assortment of tha above, enables tbeea to fill orders at si ort aolica. B9TV3 eodlav, THE MOST EXTENSlVi EtEQaOT ASSORTSIEXT OF LP "J L00KING GLASSES, ENGRAVINGS AND PICTURE FRAMES.Marie' s Gaiicry Ho. 212 Chestnut Street, P111EADEEFIIIA. rdim. JUST PUBLISHED, BT THE HOWARD ASSOCIATION, PHILADELPHIA. ROPOiiT ON SPERMATORRHEA, or femtaal W.kImpotence, the Vice of Onanism, Masturbatiaa or e, and other Diseases of the Sexual Orgasax, withan ccount ofth errors and decepttoas af Qtsae4, and valuable Advice to the Afflicted, by 6E0. R DCONfcCLTlNG SLRGEON oftbeHOWARBASSOCI ATION PLi adelphia. Pa., a benevolent Institatsaa etab ihed by special end. wroeti I, lor the relief of Ike risk and disties.ed,sfliicted with "Virulent and Epidemic Dta. eases." A copy of the above Report will be scot by BiaM(in a sealed envelope ) FREE OF CHARGE, on lb reeeot o fI.,,rMI'Stor Pkge. Add.ea DR. GEO. , CAT.HOL N, No. I South NINTH St., Philadelphia, Pa. eptSO dSm , HAVE YOU SUBSCRIBED, IN TUB Cosmopolitan Art Association rOK Tl,,: THIRD YEAR TS EE THE RARE INDUCEMENTS -The aaaeagessea Ihave the plea.ur of annrnnring ,hat the ca.leeiiaa af worksorArt designed for distribution sntong th sskissl-ber- . whose names are received previous to th totkefJanuary, 57, is much larger aod mor eot!y thaa aa sowprevious sear. Among the 'eading weik ia S ptara execuud in the finest Marble is the Bew aad baaatalalStatus of ihe "IVOOD NY9IPII,The Eusts of the ThreeGreat American (lateeaea.CL.1V, UERNTEK A.iD IALUOII,ALu the exquisita Ideal Bast, IM .Ai.APOELO AND DIANA,If MARBLE, LIFE 8I2E.Together wiih the followingtiroapaad iaae la CarraraMarMe of the STRL tiOl E FOR THE HEART, E.NUS AND APPLE; PSYCHE; MAGBALEB; CHILD OF THE SEA ; INNOCkNCt; CAPTIVE BIRD; and LITTLE TRCAET.With nuoe'ous wen in Bronse, aod a collection af Sever. ' al honored FINE OIL PAINTING!4, by leadisg ArtMU.The whole of wtich are to be liiatnbatcd er abetted among tt.e subaeribera whose names are received prevlaeat to ti.e 1WENI Y EIG1 TH CF JANUARY, fT. wkaa SkaDistribution will Lake place. TERMS OF SrBPCRIPTIOrf. Every subscriber oi tAre depart is ealillad le A cn;y of the splendid Steel Engraving, "SarexoAVNiaBT,"cra py of Ihrfolknring t Msgsaioe aa years also a copy of the Axt Jot t on year, aad a Tiekel la the Annual Distribution of Morks of Art. Tlius.for every A3 paid, a peraoa cat oely gate a kaaiH-f- ulEngraving or Magxine one rear, but also receive BVArt Jou r.alon year, and a 7ti iu tha Aa. aal Dtatrifce-tio- u, making tir tf.ir tiorlA of reuefswf snaatar baidesthe ticket, by which a valuable paiakag ar piaae eftaiuary may be received In addition. Those who prefer Magasine to th Engravfnf 'FatardarNinhl,' cm havither ol th following aoe yaan Hat per 'aMsgiixn.t, Godo's Lady's Book; United State Magaaiae; Knickerbocker Magas:ne,Urahm'aMagaainc; Blackwood'sMnaaz.ne; Southern Literary Messeuger. No person Is restricted to a sine har. Tsoe iakiagfive men.terahipa, remitting 15, are entitled tars aid to six tu ket in U distribauott, er any Ira of the MairaxiDes, one year, aod et Uckett.l'er.on, in reuniting funds lor membenhip, wlilpleaao regisier l?:e letter st the Post OBIce, to prevent loss; aa ro ceit of which, acrr.ideale of M,mbermp, Sogeiber wisfa the v.iftii or Mayas.ne desired, will be forwarded leany paitnf ihe country. Forfur-.he- r particulars, see tba November Art JearaaL sent free on application. For u.riubership,addres C L. DERBY; Actuary 0. A. B.,88 Broadway, New York, or Western OiEce, 144 Water 8tSandusky i hio. D F. ILK1N, honorary See'y, Naahsili. Taa L1VEHY STABLE FOR REJfT E0R 1857. -- fcTT' . The well know LIVERY STABLE, avKTon Lower Mark el stre et, new oceu- - P'td by Joha U Si-t- will be tor" rent next year. The ttaa and loeatiaa af Ibis Stable make it on of th most dasirtble la Ua etly. ALSO. J lie largo WAREUOUbE Bow occupied by F. P. Peck as a Car (age Shop. For further porucolart apply to eithelr ef lb anderaln. en on Market street. MRS M. SLOAN, ar noris tf imj, sij T ALSO. The ICI H0UFE occupied by C. E. H. Kara will be rented on favorable terma. . DIoOEL'TIO.I. THS copartnership heretofore existing betweea Ike say.under the name and style of 8. K. CROOkV SH AMIS a CO.. is this day dissolved L mutual aonaaat. . The accounts due said fir a. and liabiliuea of tba sea. wSIbe sallied by Frederick Swan. S. K. CR00KSHANA8. Ktoliville.DecH.lSil. FRED. fcLOAN. NOTICE. HAVING purchased the Interest of I. K Crookshaaka laMaoufactcrr on Market atraat. iSsia.denigned will cvntinueaaid businaae at the same Bias wlsk the sa me workuien, Ae., a heretofore fecM FRipiLOA. TO TIIOSi: WHO HIDE! lUnuiiaCtnxeri of Carrlagee, Coacnei Bay tie, LightrWkSEOiu, Ac. , , So. GO Lower market Street, Naahwllleo Uf are now manuractunng every vari-- r sjf rayety sad style ef vehicle, froai tha Ccj.F' plai nest b V. the most Beautiful and ela- - PX5boraily noished to- - out. 11 Having engaged Brst-clas- a work men. aad obtalaad a larva amount of the best of stock, we are prepared to 4a vara which wtll compare with aoy In the wkole tana trr.ei the far style or durability. Ail kinds of vehicles kept eoaslaaily oahand, or promptly made to order. l.vrrettB ft tent CatfpllarThi Important improrement in the eouolina af Carrlaaaa Ac, has awakened much in ureal Uroegbeai tke oooauy,Qd is locked upoa with th moat favor where H is bael krewakaewa. Having the excloalv right for thi eitr.oa ara bm making use of them ia constructing Carnages, Baggies. Ae. Remember th place at the Old Stand of Fred. Sleea N 6) Lower Market Street. . , Jan.'i.iiotf GAS FOB COUiNTIer HOUSES AND3tcamlooata. IATJLLT IJILNZOLE GAS,. poUNTRY RigkiB end State Rights for Bale. Taeea4V Benso.a Machine that will glv a good light. The entire apparatoeu ample. oaeapira but little ream, aad require little or ao sites boo exoept winding bb tlraUar to aalock. The tsynt la oae third leas thaa ordinary Oral Oae, aaa make the handsomest aad chpt light ia tha a arid. II eaa bo ssea la preeisea at Headarsaa A BraeDaadrr.ca street. Aay paraoa wanUag their Hoasaa llghlek, aaa be supplied tosmadiataly, they harlog mad a eootraes for the fur...L-hlago- f Davids a Coaoiy.aadaobcit ardare.Information coDeeraing btaie and County kighie aaa kka by apialytng to WM. WAkNS, angsl- -tf Cherry Itrat.Baakrt) Ki: I iVED AUD I OH A EE, at J.e.A' liaj boxe W. A. Choasa, a saOJ, ftaak krxteiex 8" bou Sweet Havana Orangaa:t Mid Ceeaia a; Jo fcbls Sort 6 Alatoada, . - . ,l' do Filly : 10 do Cry J Noes; ' 10 do Ct jbernes; - ftO 'dsr Am, different binds; .10 caaasSUil aad f wee Catawba Wla 1 do Cherry Brandy; . 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