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Daily Nashville Patriot Newspaper Archives Jan 19 1857, Page 4

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Daily Nashville Patriot (Newspaper) - January 19, 1857, Nashville, TennesseeV1 0 51..lf5lW:Z5rSif.V" IT, JTWW w r?t f&crz- - Freights Reduced. " UATrs OF I RKIfiHT ; CHARLESTON TO NASHVILLE, TO ComSCS WITBOCT ALTXXATOl-- CITH. TBI First Dar of .Tune, 1S57. . - FIRST CLASS. Piano Portei. k and Stationery, Boots, Fhoes and Hats; Liquors, "11, Ac, in bodies; Cam:hiue and Epw-i- Turpentine, in bM.; Carpeting, Clrn, OIum and iiUsiWiirc, Cigar in case; Oners, Cotton Cinls,Cti!lery,iiicses, casks and boxes;Pry Goo.lt in boxes and ba'-- ; Drugs, Fruits, rmt- - Trees and bronherv. Pars, Garden Seeds, Invoking and ,las Plate, fat owner' riak,)Oyster in cacs and jam, Baidierv, Tin end BriitaniaWre, Teas snd Spices, per 100 ibs, tl.15 Er.CJNDCLASa. Be-dwa- except Burn as - specified in First and Third els.-- s; Coffee M;l, Machinery; Foreign Liquors, in Vol.., and pijes; Tobacco, in bjxe; Leather in rollsid bor; OTi, in bbls. and casks; Crockery andOwnmrt in crats and eaaks; Kice, Wfc.it.ng, Fluster, Eueet Bra, andCoppt r, ter lUJiix 11.00 . THIRD CLASS. Axes, FboTe'., Sad Irons, Zinc and Tin, in ptfra; T Aiiv.ls, Vires, c3k of Ctiains and lloes; Manilla and C .ttou Cor lair-- ; Cnl-:e- , hear? Mit!.'ranng,)Kji!lroaii-Wh- e: and Axies, Chains and fjpii.es, ana ttoeinin bbls., per VH) Ibi 80 RATES, furniture rnd Carriages boxed- and other l'ghtar.Mes rot enumerated; also, Caiunys of or other Cae-Tucs- l, will be charged bv actual weight, butrt double First Class Rates, per 100 12.80 Have every pexkage plair.lr marked with nam44 f con- signee, destination auti deot cf delivery. Attentir a to this baiter preterit dclaye mad losses and insure! a speedy de- livery. , ADYANTAGTa AND FACILITIES OFFERED BT THE CHARLESTON RCCTE. Goods con'(nrd to tbe Ar'M of the 5oo.'h Carolina Bailroid at Chtrieton, will be forwarded "free cf mission draja'.'e, wharfage ar.d pn?tige n!v charge! a bi!I of whisa mita amount cf freight paid vessel will be mail Mark package, care AgeutS. C.R. K., Charleston, H. C. the South Carolina Railroad will advance shippers eharg-- s, ao that those who prefer consigning to a Commit-lo- n douse can do to, aiid 1it the.r txpr nse-fci- .l payable here. All freisht far Nahville and fUlioni on the Nt'hrille and Chafanotifra Rtilrosd are Knt from Charleston by through Train on It, and Shippers may r;ly npon the utmost de patch and iromiitne.. The Ri'e from Ch r lei ton to Nubville w'.ll at all timet be low as by iavanoah. lam aa hurised, and will set le prorrptlv any over- charges and diiDit-- i that may occjt on this line. ' In efeof lost or misaing guods I will tike charge ofaoy worreponlrnce neoesaary ;or their recovery, and if not found will pay fir the sume wuhin thirty days after notice b given at this office. Merchants kloug the line of the Nashville and Chatta- nooga Rai'roal wi.l bear iu mini that the above rates ap- - ' ply la all roods from Charleston, Wiich are to be delivered at the followicg Stations, U: hlevenkcn, Anderson, Dech-erd- . Tnllahoma. Kormndy. artrare, Cneltyville, Bell- - buckle, Fostervil;e, Murfrceibaro, imyrn, an1 Liverirne. I shall be frp-re- to give every exp an a' ion and infor-wiatio- a dcired in regard to frights and epenre-bill- s. , Correspondents mav rely upon prompt answers to all in- quiries; and every attcn.ion given to business brought un- der my supervision and control. CHAK. W. ANDERSON, Agent,-Jar-- tf No. 25 College st , Nash vile. itA'i'i: of i; ici:i.ii r ON PEODUCE TO CHARLESTON. Tenners and Wool, pr 100 lbs .. 1.4( Bsrrii, Ointei g, i'lnk Koot, Rope and Bagging, Hemp, Fur Candles, Soap, Lard and Linseed Oil, per lot) lbs 1.M teaf Tobacco, r.er,100 80 Whikky, per bbl 8.00 Seef and Pork, per bbl iM Floor, per bbl 1.4" Brooms, in lott of CO dozen and upwards, per dosen... 10 Cotton, per bale 4 00 Tbe Agent f the Nashville and Chattanooga Railroad will sign receipts at the above tales unul the 1st of June next. A deduction of one-four- the abort rates will give the rate to Augu.ta, Georgia, on the articles s- - ecified. Fur information in regard to rates on olher artie'es not ptc.Ced above, call on or address CUaS. W. ANDERSON, Aeent, JanJ tf No S 10 lere street wesTeuk rur.i;iiT ai:cy ron THE CHARLESTON LINE, ALSO Sta TBI LIRE VMOtt NASHVILLE TO COLUMBUS, OA., (via w a'T roiT ) Sixty miles nearer than any other Route, ori-eci- ; ivt. 20 oi-i.i;i;- i: vi ullt, NA8UVILLE, TENSEJSEF by the Chsrleston Line promptlyOTERCHARGE3 I'er oni desiring Information as to rate 01 freight Kat vsrd or Westward wid tie farnuheJ Wi.h 'i nrifft uon ai J.ratiou at t e otlice, or by mail. bo"di iroTi rt. Louis, Leuliviile and C ncmnatl, to be aent to Charleston, b. C, Augusta and Colutubus, Ga , Monl-goaiey- Ala., or other Ptatl.ns on the foulh Carolina, Ueorgia, Atlanta a:;d I.aGange.or M Dtgom-r- and VVtst Point Railroads, w.li be forwarded tree of charge (except drayagc) when consigned to meat Nasnville. Urayage from the River to the snd Chattanooga Bail road Cejot iscooract-- d lor at three ai d cenu per 1' 0 lbs, and w II not etcrt-- :ht rate except on lots of f t ies: than 1000 w.-g- iit qiiiti Jc les than lOOOibs. charged hi cents tor tbe lot Jsj. tf CHARLES W. ANDFRH0N, Agent NOTICE TO PASSENGERS. EcraaigmpiMT's f'rrict, S. 1 C. R. S,l NatiHViLi.B, Jan. 6 lS.'.T. f and aft r Mor.day next, ti e lih insl , the TicketON Nubviile A Cl.aitanooga Rai.mad will be esui h.bed at No SO Co'lcge s ret, under the eewaaee H 'U-l- . the O'hre aill be or en at T A. M. and closed at 9 o'clock, V. M. I'a stngers should p acure Tickets before going to the earn. H.I. AN DERbON, Sup't. C. L. Aauafcbox, lUkttAger.t: Jan.9 tf rEisialEKiYAL OF seasonable boots, H03 AND GAITERS FOE LADIES, KISSES AND CHILL EES- - LADIES French Lasting Gaiters;withbrelf; 44 Italian Cloth thick sole Gaiters, with heels; - - t ougress Hoots Fngli h Calf 44 44 very superior; 44 Frerh Niorucco and Kid Vtelt boots 44 Curocod Kid siitched tires sole, very line; 44 pg. lut, Kid A French W alkirghhoea: , 44 Bup. Frenca Calf Boots A thick sjIc, for Icoici weather, 44 Fine French Kid Flippers, plain and with buckles; 44 Fiecc'i r u.brtidcred Niorcing rlipp.rs, Dew stylos. Cork Koles, Oversnoef and Toilette lillIMrs, Ac, Ac. sMisoes and CI iidreu's dress and thick aule 44aiters, Hoots and Hlioes, of Frenrh Morocco, Kid, Goat bkin and Ca.f. Fine irres, ltronsud and lla:k Kid blippers The above Mock la very superior, and will be sold at low prices. . JUUN RAM AGE, dec-8- - - Co.lege street COFFEE 248 bags (air and prime Rio CcDra. In storesale hy W. H.GOKKQS A VP. CTAS CANELES 1"0 boxes "rYerk A to's Ptar CandlesO boo Ut tuner's Tallow Candles. In store, and for sale by W. H.iORIMJN co. C0AP 300 boes Prescott's Extra Family Koap. In storO aud for sale by W. U. GORDON A CO. UI.1:N MLIOS AM I 'I f Justre-ceivcub- yPl dect LOWHCRfT A CO. WE havariiow a superb aaaortiusut of seasonable Un-derwear, it eiinaiklf of Fhaker Flannel, Fhaker Knitt, Megovia, L iruos' Wool, KeU Haxony, Arnerian, Merino, . Cashmere, LlneJAilk, Canton Flannel, Trilled Cotton, Ae- -, all of which we are selling at fail fates. J. H. alcGILL. DSESS1KQ ROSES. Hotcs,wn aauued, reoaivea ana lorsaie nyAFXW J. H. Me ILL. TEAVELLI50 SHAWLS A5D KTJFFLESS. lotnt tieary t ravelling bhaajlsand Muf. IAbANOooJSfc and for sale by J. H. MeGILL. I TRUNKS AST) VALISES- - j JrT received a aupp'y of beat fo e Lcaihar Tranks and jand a Urge lot of chaap styles, all for sale low ! by J. II. Mciilt i.. . KiciiTiEs aVdstucks. ' JCST received every variety of Cravau, t ies and Ftoeka. ' ( J. H. MoGlLU Ladies' and Oeatleosens'Farnishlng Store, comer of the , Bemare and College street. AeclO Facts Abut Ambrotypes.Tsfi were "Mo-oc- ucd ' in f.ahvil)eAyiltllUI A. LA ROOM BE. Ambrotypes are made ooh-r- e else la Nashville than at h Asnbrotype stooma. No. 40 College 8U Asnbretrpes are made npon a double plate glass, her metl- - 4 11 j seated, and thus protected against all poaaibdiiy of la- - 'j ry - mrotyp Counterfeits are made on single glass, not gated, and are doc so darwle a. an ordinary dagueireotype. Ambrutypes were so named by tne Inventor to distinguish ' kern from ail other picture, other mea borrow tbe smsm, SMad apply it to an m ecior piouire whieh lacks the mala , omnia of aa Siahrstn-v- m and nrhil l. K1 . ' Suudrirst. 8 boxes Pine Apples; 1 bbj CurrenU; 1 bhd Coeoa Nuts; 6 botes Oiuroa; ' tO boxes iranr; 10 boxes Lemons; 10 bo'es I'eoaon; 1I bM Fge; 10 boxes grf. shell Almonds; lot) boxes W.R.A L. Raltias, 10 bbls Cid r; assorted, Lar(e lot cf Fireworks, asa'J; A Tanety of Cbrntnaa Filings aad Tors at ai aorta, Jatjt received and lor aaia by J. O. KUBLRrtoV, dee It hroadeay. I ""iZ-t- i - IN4 I JTASaVILLS BELL ah'D SRASS FCrSPET --No. Tit 2huU f rout Mrttt,I't.tMit 1 1 i r.A B. C00I, practical urj L and iJUitJ FOCNDCST eaooesvirio Heller A U, la j repared to baauffcoture to eider, brjthr t bun ins, vrBioi aud r'laais-t.e:i-S.Also, Means M htsura, o IGi- l", Crl Bur, Uaaga, Fountain aod H p Cocas, I'.oa aad tait WI Joltu,kjout.i.Lg. a Wruu All sro; k made by sue wab sutatSMwe aod dosraVh, ef the Kat material. at iw prima, aad warranted. Jaa iA wy a m y i ta t r rjk i u v il jo. TT ATI G rioiiied for soiae lime i a t U try an J.X our youi.g t 'leruls si k ar.pateh aad uiu.cwii we Lave U Mi'-','- i with our eutire sr tto-- k ol Toss, LvuilioiiisM FirfWk',, c,tod ttwm tat at a momei t.' not Cfc I -- 4 urawne, , II Mi. ktt ilnaet.ratkl.ts H'htktK-I- O eVnlt ABiiiaT. SYAN & CO.'S L0TTEI.E1SI CAPITAL PK1ZE $5O,O0O!!! The following fchetne will be drswn by P. Swa Co., Mnager of the FuRT GAINED CADEMT LOTTERY, of Gejrgia, and the SOU 1 HERN M1LI1ART ACADFMV LOTTEKT. of Alabama, in each of tntir Lof.erUs for Feb-rnar- y, lhiT. " CLASS 0, To be drawn In the City of Mobile, AlabamOn public OB SATIH1FAV, FLU. 7tit,185T. CLAES 21, To be drawn In the Cl y of Atlanta, Georgia,1 pnhKc, on TUlItSDAV, FEB. 19t5i, 1857. CLAES 25, To he drawn In "he City of Ailanta, Georgia, la public, on SATTRDAT, FEBSUATiy 28, 1857, on tie Plaa tf single M ?iu:;its: 30,000 Tickets I t5,260 Prizes ! KOBE THAN CXE PEIZE TO EVEKY 10 TICKETSji.GiKici;r siciiu.fii:. 1 Pr'is of.. ..Mono is $V urn 1 .. '. 0 "'00 is iO 003 1 44 ' .. 10 (00 is , 16.0 1 4 .. f.oo--i is 9 000 1 44 4 .. 8 (H 0 is fo"0 1 41 ' .. T.OtiO is 70 0 1 44 ' .. e.oo is 6 CO" 1 44 4 .. 6 000 is . 6 000 1 . .. 4.0 0 i 4 010 1 . ,. 8,000 is S,(00 I 44 ' .. 2t)J is:.... S.fOO 1 44 .. l.lK)' is . l,("--- 10D prises' 10 I are.... 10,10 II 100 44 4 .. 60 are... e.coo APPKOXIMATION rniZES 4 prlies of Apxm'g to pr'xeare... A1,fW0 4 44 2!'0 44 12 1"0 44 44 8" 4 44 1V) 44 lli.O O " 44 . ... 400 ' 4 44 0 44 9,' 00 44 44 r20 4 44 65 44 8, f) 44 44 20 4 44 tO 44 7.0f0 44 44 ..... 240 4 44 65 44 6 000 44 44 220 4 44 60 44 6.0110 44 44 20 4 44 5 44 4,Mr 44 44 180 4 44 45 44 BHiO 44 " 160 4 44 80 44 t.iflO 44 44 120 4 45 44 1,0(0 44 1 100 8,000 44 20 are 60,000 3,260 priaee amountingto $204 OOO Whole Ticket., 410; Halves. $5; Quarter! t2.50, PLAN OF TH R LOlTFRV. The Numbers from 1 to8,lKK), correspoDiiing with 'hose Numbers on tt a T.c-iei- printe 1 on separate vlipi of paper, are encircled with small tin tubes and p'aced in one Wheel. The first i 12 Prit-- s, similarly print d and encircled, are piae' a in anotner v. heel. The wheels are then revolved, and a number is drawn from the Wheel cf Numbers, and at the same time a prize is drawn from the other wheel. The Number and Priie drawn out are opeted and eqhibited to the audience, and registered by the Commissioners; the Prize being placed agaiLst the Number drawn. This operation is repeated on Ul all the prises are drawn out. APPROXIMATION PRIZES. The two preceding and two sues edinir Numbers to tboBe drawing the fir.-- t 12 Prizes will be enti led to the 48 Approx- imation Priies. according lo the schtti e. 3,OOO 1'rizrH of J20 i I be det;rm ned by the lait figure of the Number that draws the JM) ,000 Prize. For example, if the Number drawing the t5",000 Prize ends with No. I, then all the Tickets ahere the number ends In' 1 will be end-le- to 120. lithe Number ends with No 2, then all the Tickets where the Number ends with 2 will be entitled to $'-- (, and so on to 0. Certificates ot Packages will be sold at tbe following rates which is the risk: Certificate of Package of 10 Whole Tickets ..,..! SO 44 10 Half " 49 44 44 10 Quaiter" o IN ORDERING TICKETS Enclose the money lo our address for the tickets ordered, on receipt of which they will be forwsuled by first mail. Purchasers can have tickets ending in any figure they may designate The list of drawn numbers and prizes will be sent to pur- chasers immediately after the drawing, trPurchaers will please write their signatures plum and give their post office, county and Mate. tl5rRemeinber thalevery Prize is .rawa,and payable in full without deduction. tar-Al- l Prizes of $1,000 and under, paid immediately after the drawing other prizes at the u?uai time of thirty days. All communications strictly confidential Prize tickets casLed or renewed in other Tickets at either effioe. Address Orders for Tickets orCerfificatcs either to S. fWAN A CO , Atlanta, Ga. JanU or. gWAN, Montgomery, Ala. Koyal Havana Lottery. "T'HK next ordinary drawing of the Royal HavanaJ. Lottery, conducted by the fipaiiWi government, un- der the supervision ol the Captain trcneral of Cuba, will take place at H.ivana, on Saturday, January 241 h, 1S57.SSSSjOOO- - Horlco X uiiicro 575 Ortfinario. Capital Vri.c 100,000 lols. Prise of. ..fioono 8 Prizes of $2,0t 50,0110 8 44 44 1,100 20,'KKI 70 44 44 400 10,0110 149 44 44 2"0 C.IHMI 2( Approximations.... 7,200 4 Aonroximations to the $l(Hi,000. of 0''eacl-- : 4 of4"Oto P0,0iHI; 4 ot 4-- to V0,i-00- 4 of 20n to 10,(x"l: 4 of 200 to $0,000 Whole Tichjpts $ZO ; Halves $10;Quai ters S.. Prizes cashed at sigiit at 6 per cent nircount. Ellis on the Nashville city hanks taken at par. A drawing will be forward :d as sooc aa the result becomes known. pfT" Communications addrersed to DON RwIRIGrE2 (care of City Post, Charleston, 8. C.,) until January 24ih, wii' be attended to. Jan. 6 td llarijlaiirt JjG Clerics TOR JANUARY, 1857. R. FRANCE fc CO., Managers. Drawinp conducted unde tie superintendence of tbe fctaie Lnttory tommiskioner. Prizes paid as soon as drawn. A Grand Maryland Lottery ON THE HAVANA PL A. GRANOCONSOLIDATED LOTTERY OF KD. To be dniwn in Baltimore, Md., SfltnrdaTJan. 31, 1857 20,000 Numbers! 1,000 Prizes! In these Lotteries every Prize mu;l liedrawu by some one, as ad tbe Prizes are drawn out tf 'he nh-e- l. XV T. U. KrsiuD A Co. aie authorized by the Man- agers to till all orders. sen i: in i: . 1 prise of $42,V0 t prise of 12,800 1 prize of lo.OiiO S prizes of 6.000 a prizes of 1000 8 prises of. f 8 prizes of. 1,000 1S9 prizes of 200 ArraoniauTiOH rsizxa. 4 of fl.'.O approximation to $42,600 4 of loo 44 18,8"0 4 of 0 44 IO,! 8 of M 44 6.1X10 8 of "TO 44 1 00' 8 of 0 1.6i 0 of f0 44 l.onO 756 of 10 44 200 1,000 prizes $182,000 Whole Tickets $10; Halves $5, Quarters $2.60. BRILLIANT SCIIE3IE. GRAND CONSOLIDATED LOTTERY OF fv'D. CLASS t' To be drawn In Baltimore, lid., Saturday, Jail, 21, 1857. s v ii i: .n i: . 78 Noroters-- 15 Drawn Balcts. 1 prise of $80,000 1 prise of 29 s0 8 prise of 10,i-o- 4 priae of b.iou 6 prises of lvlaTluO puses of l,t0 Ajtl prises of 800 f4 priaesof Iw0 1 prises of 80 12'. prise of 60 6,64 prizes of 40 Sv.-'- li prises of SO 8,8o5 amounting to $l,02,0l0 Wholes $10; Halve $10; Quarters, $5; Eighths $8 60. Certificate of Packajt of 28 Wholes, rest $'i55 $0 do da 24 Halves, 44 11 60 do do f4 QaarteiS 44 44 26 do do 24 tig tubs 44 4 U $ff All orders for tirketa or ptekagee In any of the alary land Lotteries, will receive prompt attention, aud the drawing mailed to all purchaser In.meoiately after It Is aver. Address T. M. HLbBARU A CO., No. it Fa sue street, or Bo, No. 40 deeS$ -- daw Imiuimps, Maryland. The Latest ilrrivals! loxiiui:st CO.,HO. 45 CMOS STREET, NASHVILLE, Titiau U"oa riusi caraav sr., AKK Inthe receipt of targe suj lie in their line comprUlag liuvurles of the Season. A few of which are enumerated below. They Are prepared at all times to furnish every article tr toaxciaa I'a.Tia and Bitu. At'.entioo t uW reeled lo the speriRM-a- of hyianilds. Cakes, As in store, which are said to be (uai to any over kuana. faHured in lot bsi. K. il CiMiatry Merctiaats ar invited to ex am .A oar Stock befrw Hiicii.liif nsewhrre. IKCSrSVtti Pino Apricw, Feaches Ao., iul reerlre-- ' snd lor saie V lU(iMt.HTtlO. fZtJii Haltuuoro Oj sir rs. Just rwv.ved by " uti(. i:t A in. U,'OKClAi.aiKr, Caper's, Joi n buU't, and e'berWHO Iatto and aioul t'ai.up., ust reeeive.1 b. I.OMiHL'KrT A Co. C'.amr, (antinws, tJi9cn, Ae , In iti. and tufIOKSTKSS, l..NiilH'K-- T t CO. OtZl t A Lis ' evev-- vai Ji by(y i)'; .nt r t(M. ' I 'i: nav jiwt rtcrtvffd a la'ge stuck of the wry1 fluestTt'S, emU-acln- ticniwwdr r, la por'-al-, Htsoa, Ooi log . Ac, wUK-- are warranuu w be a sut-- ev anie.LOtjBJLTCO. ClQktt AKD TOBiCCO-- 4' ,4,.an h t, the wry Bnl brand of lla vase fis-sr.- , with Laaghora A Areu.'ead's tws Tbeew, And other branda. LO.Mtilll'AJT A CO. ADTAECI IX CCTTOjf TABJ.I- - and after Kaaday. 1st Dreesaber. lv't, Wwrtla4-taae- e01 tc price eftoVa Tarns th t LAM fwr slusjSA. Oar pnoeo wii IMS be for s lite. - - (i lh.44 lie. 44 " I iw. " vTia S por swril ef for Scms 1 br. ar auora. Nil diaa8Bl OlVwed on orders r (cm tii.a t' tvi The Tira whuh w sll m as boretoforsj. wit I Far all urdsrs for iM thaa ba, Cifc. 44 44 44 44 8.1 bis d if ' bsgt, (0 lay.0) s . s ss fa i., v, wiore, sbohm.sW li t.OKIKISi A Ct-- . sWl Aftat lug ?ib Manaatarera, ATW DRUG FlItM. ) BEECH, BAKER & CO., Ko.20 College Street, Eewanee Euildin OS ' Nashville, tenx. Drugs, Lledicines, Paints, Oils, Dye Stnffs, Perfumery, Pancy Ar- - TICI.ES,. CC.V.Z, BRI SHK?, TOPACO, FINK WARS. Garden and Or !:eed, hiihict; Tckle Ac. For J the Nev f irm BFKCH, FAKER A CO. rAfv ron uii. utiiif's fahiilvA B." ECH. B AKEit A CO. AI.VAMC ForsalebyCI BKKC1I. BAREC0 ILVA IC yn HlSr.S for the enre of KhenCl matism. Para vsia, General N'oos PeWity.Ao For salebv B FECIT. B A K K ft A CO. 4fF CIlOItE ?JAICr cjn fndLOVf.ISS at fctECH, BAKF.2 A CO'. TH KLIi. IToois In jreat variety.Fl;ilfi and simp. Linen. Ccttcn. fiea Grass snd Sn Ltrjes aorted, swive!.., utikers. Trout Files, Grass Hoppers, Fistung Waileu Ac. For.aie by po 'lli; Jtvri.V CLLLKH ATLU P.ody gup-- 1poiUror EASMXftM UC'DY BRACE, 'one ami fmi.-Isrl- known as the Best Brace extant, and admirably adapt-.v.- - ..k. .r i,.H.t . tfinilps aflicted witw v yneral debility, curvature of the spine, faliirfc of tbe --xomD, loss af appetite. aiipeMi Ac. Por sale bv the New Firm. octll Bf F.CH. BAKF.R A CC.fAiIILV SI'PPLir.S. Poap, scrub Brushes, haiP Iirushe, Combs averted, snper Carb Poda, Add, Pepp r, fjpire. Cinnamon, Cloves, Nutmeg, timger lce. Fine Teas and Chocolate, o. For sale bvOctll BEECH, BAKER A CO JO. G. BROWN, DEJ.ua 19 DRUGS, CTIEaiCALS, 'PAI5TS, OILS. WINDOW GLASS, GLASSWARE, PUSGICAL INSTRUMFNT3, Ac And oil Vie rtyular ratent Medicine of Oie day. 43 College Street, nabhyilxk, tenn., Fancy Coods.the stock is more than usually larjre,TNhaving received new supplies, selected in person trcm the Estern market, many new styles never before offered in this market, , In Perfumery we can furnish Lnbins, Basins and Mi 'chell s Extiacts for the bandkerchirr. Svme of them are new vari- eties. Farina, American and French Cologne, in almost every pattern, Pomades and Hair Oils from Lubin, ritrht. Pi ver, Bazin. t,lerea, Hanel, Ac, Ac, Ac. Dillues A Lubins" Sachets, Hnir Brushes, Metal, China, Glass and Paper PuS Boxes. Shell, Fine and Dres-tn- g Combs, together with a general assortment of sundries in this line, to which we would call attention. i:i:Cll ICS 1000 genuine and fresh Swedish leeches t j ust received, by JO. G. BttQWN. i; V A1IE.-4- 01 0 gal. assorted sizes, c.STO JO. a. BROWN. HI r II-- 2S boxes Proctor A Gamble's Pesrl Ftarch,ST ior quality JOBKPWN. Oil, 90 just arrived, also armalllotOl.lVr. Tuscany Oil, an extra ai tide for Uble use. jco.1 JO. O. BROWN Tarirelotof Coorers. Fheet and FhredISI!4JiI.A parkling Gelatanc, with all the Flavoring Ex- tracts in nse. TOj?B?, r.S4 v,VATi:rt-Con'Untlyrecei- vlng directCMnif Springs, also Empire Water. jy23 JO- - 6. BROWN. X7I'ilfW fJf. "s44 A larce lot ranging from S byV 10 to 40 by 10, single and double H'r'F'h- -JO. G. BKOrf i.jv2 r7 1 O Will T I" 100 ker on hand, also White Lead olil Fahnestock's and Stockton's brand. JO. G. BROWN. I'll VA II i ISII A small quantity of KnirlishCO. Varnifh on hand. JO. li ROWN. rrVfTi l '.Tl I. It with pure Brandy, Madeira. Port, and A Pherry Wines Tor Medicinal purposes, and a well select- ed stock of Drues, Chemb a!s, Kngiih Extracts. Colors dry, and in Oil Linse d. Lard and Train Oil, Indigo, Madder. Ac. all of which are offered by JO. G. BUOWN. 1,23 43 College Street G. W. HENDERSHOTT, WHOLKSALR AND KFTAIL II U & & 1 8 receiving a ceneral assortment of Pure and GenuinIS iici us asi i;mcitsWarranted as cure as acv sold in this city, or any other. Id fart it is only necessary to say none bat the best Medicines are r tiered. Pure Chemtculs various brands, Fresh Line Juice, 44 Cod Liver Oil, Congress Wa'er, Pwedish leeches, Breast Porrps new and convenient article. Pvrimres some new kinds, Fani y Articles some of the most beant.'fnl kinds, 100 es. Pure bulph. Quinine, bonghtfor cash and will be sold very low. Oat Meal. Teas various kinds also a lot of Canton Teas, to much admired in this market. Verv fine assorted Stock of Perfumery. Wines, Brandies, Gir, Ac, fur Medical uses. For sale by O. W. HESUKRSHOTT, apl2 Cor. Cedar Rt. and Square, Nashville. JiVSS IFRWASI, T. B. It A IS KE Ki AN & KAlftS, WnOLESALh AND RETAIL DlUti AM) rUESllCAIi STORE, No. 19, Soctii Side Pcblio Squap.k, IVaahville, Tenn. "IIIE nndersicned, bavins: removed to Nashville, and asso-- 1. ciated themselves for the purpose of conducting a Wholesale and Retail Drug; Business, have recently opened at the noted st .nd formerly occnpkd by Plummer A Co , a larffe and comnVe stoek of fresh and cenuine Staple Drtics. pure and tinadulU-ratei- l Family Medicines, Choice Perfumery, J Fancy Articles, Ac, Ac. all of which, guaranteeing the purity and genuineness of every article, they will sell at the very ; lowest market price for cn-.I- i or on the usual time to punctual dealers. They are determined to send out no article of medicine i about whi h their can be any doubt whatever with i nference to ita purity. They reiieetfiiily solicit a share of the Prescriptions of the Physicians of the city. This department of their business will be under the supervision ot competent chemisis. They trnst that their riid attention and fidelity to the in- terest of those who rosy fuvor them with their patronage, will merit the approbation of their patrons and ensure success to their new enterprise. Junc-z- tvr.HNAW st kaiaw. A. II. R0SC0E, WROLrKAI.S inn RKTA1L DSALtlt TH CHUGS, MEDICINES, DYE-STUFF- S, PZItFUMERY, PAI5T?, OILS, CLASS, BRUSHES, WHITE LEAD, Ac, Corner of llroatf uml .'Inrhet St 'MtMIVILI.L. TD.M. r HAVE constantly on hand, alurge and well selected stociof the above art cles. together with a large asort-nen- t o' Fancy article ail of .Uicn is offered for sale on tbe mo accommodatinir term. Alum, 2.t"t0 pounds; Arrow Boot, 100 pounds, Berrrnda and Florida; Brimstone, 1 00 pounds, refined; Castor 11, 200 gallons; Ccpperas, 2(1 barrels. Prime Green; , Cream Tartar, 6 barrels; fium Camphor, liNI pounds; Indig), f' '0 pounds, Fine to Common; Madder, i.ot'o pounds, first quality; Fuper Carb. Bod-i- 4,0t'0 pound Prime; F!ir Sulphur, tMl pouniia. All of which is offered at the lowest prices.jaoiS A. H. BogCQK. ftO I1U3IKUG!! ., . fPHK nnd.rs:gnel have purchased the Patent right of C.1 U. WILLIAM;' DOUBLE ACTINQ BiLL VALVE Force and fjiil Piini), For tbe Slates of Tennessee. North Carolina, Pouth Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiai a. We have tested tbe Pump in all its recommended use for ordi- nary purposes in wells, and as fir engines ; and hesitate not to sa that it is superior to anv pump now in nse. It Is simple and plain In ita construction; can be taken to pieces or put together by an? ordinary man, black or while. In hall a minute. There is not a screw or bolt about the pump; there is the least Imaginable frictiou hence its durability. Il is ahneat Impossible f r It to get out of fix by usage. When used for a well or ciMern it can bo converted into s Fire Kntiio la one minute, and by en man w.ter can be thrown over the taUmt hint' in the roantry. It lain? alu-ab- as a Fir Engine, and especially in the country or coun- try towns. It is equally well adepted to all machinery, Railroad Tanks, Ac, and will, when known, rapt-race- all other pumps. It can b used for either hot or cold water. Having fully satisfied ourselves aa to the capacity, valne and atiuty of the Pump, e ar ready to teak sales of th above territory by counties or Mates, (except lb Western District of this Hiaie, which has been sold.) We confidently recommend i be Pump to the citizens of the Wales mentioned. Ihe Pump are cheap, and therefore within the reach of every family. (if-Add- PORTER A BBIEH, Nanavrtxt, Tenn. Kim W. POKTfB- - an?1- -tf ums t. BRlr.N. Tiii:.ini:MiU3i plow or tiik west.p K. C BHINl.tT, of ptinrTivme, Ky, wocM ltft, A. term tb raatisa mrmigr.eut ths rcutli and Host, that be keep cunalantiv band, any quantity of hi. Im- proved rterl PtuDb s aut Sd Plow, which he warrant lo give atialalivn, or reuiid th ( c'las money lo every tmje. lie w.oiid ao them that h U sunufaetarlng an IVPROVLO Ct LliVATOR, that sapeixede ao other. It Is said by so a of tbe best farmers lo lb Male to be ird. Jt h iCrl?td aeverml piseniuma this sean lit Plows hav received IbUrtecO Urstciass pirn.u.sus in t) s Mate thu .ca-o- also (Arc pjcuuua&t at tb lnduuaM; ta r this jf.Aiiordi rsssi.t him, or his agent, wtfl rrtet with prmp aUeCtion, Uactou pound l:h ihe ( ah. PR1CL5 kit AS FOLLOWS: Fr Its, S flows, with brae rods Ill 04 ror . 1 F;ow,wi b brace rocs.... For b. I I1iws, withooi brace rods ,. 1 LUFor fo, 1 P.o... . 4V For No. lit Plovr . T ts For Calitvat.? . T tmfjr IVstblr Mivel Plow ... . I J For B;cg tfehel . At,Agnt tse the sale of these p w are Wesira. W. B. Beiiknap A Co.. lciviU, kiy. B. 1. Wetar A Nashvd, Teno. 44 ueder A KUM, Lringtoo, Ky, 44 baiita A lbar. , Jrtirt. rimiwiiTii., Kf.oT l,l4:t. CW IMI11IOM; TCFT receJved THE JfiGIClcUIATCKFGiS IT0TXJ by whiu tio con.it,( f.rf a ks.ii party snn die atthe If', wi'h ettirf erl,a'v $iKMFZ SUkZIZSLSL AMI 1DL1SUI2, treat " Y A5 KE KATC2Z ETA53, r w --tt'ljBrw si iPa'Mt Fout Warsaor Aa4 F'"c)i Cr f Castor, dsclt MALKCNiC A WIUOX. Ularblo ndnmncnts, &c7 TSaX, Xf. f32a.oltonv IKFOSMa his Men 1a and th pabtx toIk Is ww pruManug lb alaaat.s Bostastss, Us Um sh3i a l &.rr , h t1, avalVjot to tho Vn4o J Kwtrfc-ws- , sk,r, k will be ps-- i to attDd lo tho antor. f ad was tsutv waat work la hi ita siaeo. At aaA and will kY ea hand, a sn-.l- of 11st a KILE jcoaunm-s- , roxEs, tn fMtcu'wrtor d of ths ftrl Ibtbaa and Amor ro.4t ltartii. to iu beat stste d tA srt. Ai v os ssw wr srui wajf aatoA, kTV INSURANCE. TENNESSEE .MARINE FIRE INSURANCE CO. . Capital $150,0001! OFFICE North-Wef- t corner f the Public Square, overPearl's Exchang? on.ce. They will take riskson Dwellings and ether honea, Goo.i? in Sto e. against Loss oj Damage b7 Fire. Also, Marine and River hazards, from and to ail ports. Also JTegroes against the Panjjers of the Elver. D 1 ICTOR B : JOHN M. mLI., JO.F.P VACXX, JAMK3 COKKEV, THOMPSON ANDERSON, G M. FOOO, . F. A. OWES, - ALEX. ALL150V, JAME3 ELLI-- B. li. GAilDNiR, N. E. ALLOWAT, W. 8. EA5IN. JOSI I'll VAlXX,'Pre't. A. W. BrTT.ER, Secretary o tt KASIiVILLi: COT.Mi:i5CIAl. INSURANCE COMPANY.4'.tpitnl IOC,OOl.(ALT. PAID IN AND 8LCTJRFD.) rpaiS COMPANY beir jr fully oryinised, accordine toehar X ter, is prepared to write Policies against LO?S or DAM-AG- S BY FIEE, on Buildings, Gocds, Waresand Merchandise generally. Also, on shipments asaiast loss or damage by Ejas, Rivers, or Inland Transportation, on the most favora- ble terms. Life and Negro Policies granted at Currentratef . Office, No. 60 College street, East side, between Cnion st. and Public Square. DiaacTcis. ALEXANDER FALL, W. T. BERRY, ANTHONY W. TANLEER, JAMES W00D3, JOHN KIRKMAN, JOHN H. EWIN, HENRY HART. Jr.. R. C. MeNAIRY, TU08. W. EVANS, HUGH. McCREA, WESLEY GREENFIELD. ALEXANDER FALL, President. Jamis Walier, Secretary. my2 The tna Inauracce Company of HarUord. Chartered 1819. CASH CAPITAL f.50f1,000. THO. A ALEXANDER, 8ecy TH0..K. BRACE, Pres't. State Mutual F. ft M. Insurance Co. of Pa. CAPITAL $550,(HK1. A. J. GILLKTT, Sec'y J. P. RUTHERFORD, Pres't Kew York Life Insurance Company. ACCUMULATED CAPITAL fSOO.OOO. PLINY FREEMAN, Actuary.. MORRIS FRANKLIN, Pre s Fire, Marine, Inland Hull and Life risks tsken at equitals rates. ljy2S JOSEPH SA3R, Agent. SCOTCH AND IRISH inti: r i.rirouTATio.-v- . received a shipment of Puncheons and KegsJCSTthis hUFEkio Article, direct from Belfast, It will be found far preferable to any ever odered to the market. L. SIMPSON, otivlO 42 Public Square. GEXUIXEORDON DUFF St'PPLY IN OatGtSAL Paciaqm iu?t receivedAKEH sale by B.L.SIMPSON, novlO 42 Public Sqatire. Alantsulo illailcira. 11IKEE taiatSAL Casks, which Toiler as a Gexcise and FrpKRioa Wii.e. B. L. KlViP.-O- navlo At Tubl c Square CHARLES HEIDS1CK CHAMPAGNE. rpjlE rspid sale with which my last imriortatirn i f thisJ. article met, has induced me to order a new supply, which arrived this duy, being M 'PlillKllt to any lot ever yet offeied. I recommend it to the trade as well ai forf .milv use. B. L SIMPSON, nnvlil tf B. F. Shiilils Com. House,42 Public bquare.1LAKOE STOCK OF nAVANA CIGARS, TOBACCO AND FOREIGN VlrSES, LIQUGHS, LYONS & CO., CEDAR ST R VET, have the pleasure of informingrQ their easterners and the trade generally, that they are jistin teceipt of the largest and most con plete a.ort-n;-nl of gooits In their lioe ever offered in this city. Ihey also take his method of thanking their friends for the very liberal patronage hitherto bestowed ou them, and hope in consequence of the greater inducements now ollered to all, to mer.t a continuance oltl.e.i.ne. Ail who mav favor ts with their orders may rely on thm being prr tnpilv attend- ed to, aud saiii-- f ictitn guaranteed in every Our Stock consist in part of tbe fjilowing potular brand: 11 A VA A CitiAUS. Fraganrias La P .trie, Wi' Wag, Magnolia, Concha, I.ondre', Flor de Charleston, Dos Hijaa, Three Mini Cubana, ficraaento, , Operar, Nicct.aaa, El Pileu, And various others. '1 OIIACt OS Clirt intr anil Smokinff. Marion's, hhelton's, Powell' Wm. Penn, Olive f. Atktn-on'- s Solace, Devote, Arabian Uafe, 1 a bijou, Natural Leaf, Pe pit's Fa0ihe,Ume (Star, Chess Piavers, Andtron s, Pancake, And the celebrated brand t.f PoOAHONTA! bMOKIXC TOliACCO, with several others of the roost popular brands. i:icamii:n. Eeignelte, Pelvoisen, Napoleon, United Vineyard Proprietors, Jeraod, Magloiy, Olurd Dupuy A Co., Ac, Ac, Ac. W I "I l- - Various.. Bnreundy Port, Crown Port, Duff Gordon fherry, Amontillado Sherry, Fin Old Maderia, Malaga VNine, Champagne ine of various brand. MM)llli:S Holland Gin of various iir.ds. Jamaica and 8t. Croix Rum, superior quality. Old Scotch and Irish Whisky, Very fine. Bourbon, Monun-aliel- a and lenn. M hiskv, various qualities French Pickles; Frerch Mustard, Olives, Capers. Hardineifoiive O.I, assorted Cordials. Scotch, Maccaha and Rappee c'nuff. CI ir.e.1, Enamel and a splendid lotof Meerchauni Pipesand Stem. l,VOM A O.'S AROMATIC PCHblUAM SCHNAPPS, warranted a pure artic e. In Pints or Quirts. Mills anu IlosUt'ti's Bitters. Dr. Green's Aromatic Fap. Walkinn Canes a new I' t just received, anj various other articles tto numerous to name. We are constantly making large additions to our stock, and will not be undersold by anv t ne. All of the above we offer to sell in quantities to S'u't pur- chasers. To U holesale and Country Dealers every Inducement wll be offered. LkONd A Cu., !9 Cedar st , novlS N 'ar the Post Othc". Elrgant Fall and Winter Goods. W. A. & J. G. M'CLELLAND, RE now prepared to offer to the trade a very large and elegant Slock of Foreign and l)oinetic Dry Goods, di- rect from the importers, and at prices that cannot fail to give entire satisfaction. The attention of cash buyers Is particularly inviied to this stock, as very great inducement will be Uered to this clats of buyer". MLI KOPOLITAN STOKE, 61 and 63 Coi.tge street, RICH LEeTs GOODS. Elegant Press h.iks of every quauiy, many cf whic came through ibe large auction sales in New Yoik, an can be told vers low. Kich Cushmeres and De Lanes; 44 plain Cashmeres; Plain and Printed Merinos; Kopernne black tiro. De Kines; Persian Merinos and DcLarn s, Ac, Ac. LACE GOODS, iUEBOIu'd, Rich Yal. Lace reus; 44 4 4 44 Cuilars; Val. Lares, Fdglnits and Inserting; Jackoret snd ew.tt Idlings, Insrrtingsand Floundnga; Kich Kibocns and Trimmings in great variety, Ac, Ac. CLOAKS, SHAWLS AND ECAEF3. Justopeumg a great variety ol Cloaks, in Cloths and Velvets, latent des gr.s; Cuvhmere and heavy Long Shaals. In great variety; Travelii g bhawla and Blankets for Cents; CasMnerc and Krot-h- svarfn. Ac. COTALN (JOOLS. Patla Lalnes, Damasks, iMt aud Juiu.in Curtains, whiti wo are selling very cheap. STAPLE G00D3. Our stork of Ftaple Uoooa is very large and complete in Cloths, Oassimeres, Vesting. Patmelta, Flannels, limeys, Kerse)s, Prints, bleached and brown Domestic4, cheetmgs, Table Linens, loweiings, Cantt n Flsnnrh., Tickings, Iri.--b Linrn, Negro lilanktls, blue lllatikcU, bed Hlana-ct- t, wiih many other goods, wiucn we are oC.ring at vory low prices li r cash. Wool and Cotton Hosiery, Glove, Ac. We have th most too. lete I ne of H. tirry Coeds ever offered In this market for Ladies, Miie, (irnts. snd Poys, heavy I. loves ol every kind AT V.ciLt LLAMiV, epJM O a a 61 and li Ca,lla-- e at. AND 3VXUL1 Macliinory, ELLIS k MOOIU; n AVISO ma.le imporunt ada.woas to our machinery,ai.d greatly increased our facshtiei for manufacturing Stsab tauiNsat atid Machinery of every description, ar now prepare to macufactur !tem Ij gia.s and boiler. e.,ui in point ol An.sh and riurainuty to any mad in lb Wett, and ataaloo prior Having been piacticaly engaged in the Manufacture of in Nastiviiic fur ttx- - last fif- teen sears, and gliing our personal attention to the mar.u factoring Deparuubt, w koi oobfidetit that we can ire .uf kuall who cat favor as wua tneir orders at our old stand, Nos. SI And M Market street, near Broad, Nash-viil- e, ltBQ. Ad E.n.1. of work for Flour Hills, Steam B ats law Mills, X obaecm F.ctorics, bank. Jails, Ac.,Acn executed promptly, tad At th IbWeet rah pnee. HEW imfFOUHDRY. i:i.lis ii. jioor.i: I tO leave to Inform their rr.ei.d ao J lb public that thry) have now in operation A large and extensiv Ituaf OtNOttI, ear fuathin tvbop ai.d ars pre- pared to FILL ALL CrDEES FS.3XPTLT, For overy deenpt,on vt CAM I M.S that may be ralWw for, and aa cheap as it can aw don weat of Ue tnuantains. Mux .isaaiso, lo-- s Puwaai, rAsa M aiOKTs, Base Vaclvb, Wiaw.w mix and Ltsnxaa, tiaaTE Hasss, W atss asaiA, Coal CaOhsaa, and afl CaSTtaua, d is the construction uf rivtir Mi is, rsw Mi la, finusts, ad lwllng mad in order at short ito' tro. TA wUl aiso furo-- h tvcr description of M.am and Water Machinery iUi.aL.tei Fatter ma-- It, order, sad BO charge t r ae ol pattern bks w hav in our oUAoiry Th prvce i4 10 work f r eld trotilua att Market street, crar t'rd,Jaa. 7, TT lr Kasbvitl. Teno. S sVrrT HATASA OaiKGEX.Qfi BB-- S "WKkT HAVANA OkANGiS;)J i b Perwoslf boxr Fir Crackete; A rma ty Cart eta; aaswrtew; 44 Koaa Catj, 446d 44 fvm U.1ets 44 . 4 " HiaoUgits, IC'-- Tsrswfv; M tx.ae W. B. Chews; 1 44 Um.ri;V) Aficow Can Oyster, Freak: tuO boss rard.aos, a.wrtrd tm braad al at J. fa. LwotaT.ji tmWotiaryj ad tt.kery. a tr--Aj ay. Tirr Cracker! 1 All 1Xr"' A r.-..- d sal ferssl YfA VV . J..MIt.uil,snttil STEABIBOATS RAILROADS & SHIPS. llesular iN'ew Orleans Packet.TiiR substantial steamer CCMUE'R-LCN- Captain Wat. DcanfTr, having superior accommodations for Passen gers, Freight and will ply during the sea-c- at above and all iuttru ediate landings. Her exceeding light draught wiil injure in tbe most of cases direct shipments. Me-sr- W. A. JOHN3CN A CO., or New Orleans, wid act as Agents in conjunction wi h Capt. M. D. F. H. BROOKS, who will re-fi- permanently in New Or'eans. at No. 27 Carondelet St., dorii-- the business reason, for Ibe purpose cf giving his en- tire a'ter.tou to the hiiing of all purchase orders at the low- est figures. II. U. UARBtlcJON, decii 6m Age t m.ASiivn.i.i:, c.tino ai .m;v oh--LEIMNOULY I. IXC. THEfollotJv.;fa i steamersl.vas?sa the Dailv Cni ed Ptatea Mail line between Nashville and Cairo, leaving Nahvi'!e at 12 o'clock, M., and Cairo at 6 A M. J. G. I LINE. Hits? Master- - CITY OF HCVJSYILLF, Wiavkr Master; AMBASSADOR, Wtatt Master; AL1DA, Hapmos Master. 1 ois line forms d.iilv connections at Cairo with f-- e Cairo and New Orleans Daily Mail Steamers, the Louisville and St. Louis II iiy Poats, and al o with the Central Railroad to St. I.on and Chicago. Passengers by this line can reach New Orleans, Memphis, St. Louis and Louisville in much less time thin bv any nthee Bos.ts. For passage or freight apply at the Ma.l Packet OfMce of A. L. Davi.. O. W. DAVI. President, dee! tf N. A M. C. 8. Mail Packet Company. iTToi I.Alt WEEKLY C IX CI XX AT I d: AMIVILI.i: PACKKTS. rl JK THE new light Tl Irr"4!' drauirht steam- - 1sSia..-3gr- er GEN. PI KB, e3AIl-lAi- . fiRACE, Master, being espressly builifor this trade, with all the mod?rn improvement-- , with the light d'aught sub- stantial and new steamer SAMUEL P. IllKBARD, SamCII. P. Hihbakd, Master, w.ll run as regular Pa kttsdnring the ensuing season between the above ports one of the boats being in port every week. These boats being in Command of old and experienced commandants, and with superior faciliiies for p iserigers and freihts. soMcifs a share of pub- lic patronage. For passage or freight ipolv on biard, or to II. U. HAEU130N, Agent, oct8I 6m Front street. FOR NASHVILLE AND NEW ORLEANS TRADE. 'THE new and liirht draught steamer A CRESCENT, W. Holmes, Master, will run regularly in the above tradei during the present season, commencing on the first rise in the Cumber'acd river. She has excellent accoir.modutiors, and in point of speed and safety is unsurpassed. For freight or passage, apply to U. 11. HARRISON, oct-- dtf c A o Agent. 185G. I .NIO UM: Or IS57. Nashville & IVew Orleans Packets. Jt arfw;1 rLrl-i-.- l JAMZS JOHNSON, Capt- - Jesse Johnson-- . IIU5IE0LDT " Wm. StrJEff. f C0TLAND Capt. R. L- - Dismnkes. NASHVILLE, " Thos. El3Eyder. fpilE above sieamers will run repularly in the N w Or- al leans and Nashville trade One of them bring in ea-- port every Hav during the boating season. These Hoats ;ire all owned in Nashville, and built especially for this trade. Capt. B. Dutie'd will act as their Asent in New Orleans, and will attend to any business connected with the line 1 re- spectfully solicit the patronage of the Mercantile and Trav- elling community, well S '.tist.e-- that the Officers anj Agectj will spare no exertions to desire 'heir favor. A. HAMILTON, Agent, Nashviire. oct24 tf B. Dl'KIrLD, Aeent, Orleans. .iTl.tllMlIK A'I .amivilli: IMCICr.T. 'I 'HE fine paenrersteanier ALtCNIA, ,1. Cntt Jiuu Mlll.KR.will run in thrt ft,. " . above tri'I- - tM' reain, leaving Nashville every MONDAY at 4 o'clock, P. M., and Men phis every TI!L"RUAY at 4 o'clock, P. M. Pasen-a-er- s may rely on the above boat leaving each place cu the day and at li e san e lime advertised. H. H. oct24tf A. H" iiyN, Agents.itu;ii ai: nn:i(;ii r .v iAii:.c;i;is I.IMi KOIl ST. I.OMS. PALME WEsT, Capt. J. V. Cprpitt. ILi.4. " Jasu.s Lovttu r '1! bontfi will be the regular packets. PCTsTssa.L between St. Iouisund this ' J.ft tA-.- " season, and will commence their trips lm- ..iVij mediately af'er the flrut rise in t'nntbcr- - i?-".- . .! land river. They wi i make their trips as reirulnrly rs the bus ness will allow. Ore leaving each port nhcut every H. H. HARKI'OV, and five day.. oclC4 tf A. HAMILTON, At--n!. 1856. STTTIMTR AHT'MC-yvrT- . 1S56. CO.UMLM lG JIIIMIAV, M A V lUlh. MIAH1IANrf CCLTJtlBTJS AND XENIA RAILRAOD. EX''Lt7SIVELY AN EASTEEN E0UIE. On and after this date, the LITTLE MIAMI. VTA COLUMI US, Is TIJE OX! V T'lIihCT RiVTE to and from Cincinfinti and the on'y route running cars into I akefhore Depot nt ('Itcehmd, and the only route with uniform gunge from Cincinnati to Olevehnd. Dunkirk and liiilla!o. I'.f-- )' It'l UoVTE Cleveland pas.Tlu-e-r go ia Sandusky, and depend on trains from Chicago and Toledo to go K.isf, break gunge at fandu.'ky and ferry from Oid Chio City to Cleveland. THE LITTLE MTATMI. VIA COLtTMBIJS, Is the only route with r"li.ib!e connection to and from C and PITTSIil ii'.. AT--1.V- )- OTIIKll lUtVTE, Pittsburg raswriirers nt B. Ilefontaine or Forrist, on trains fron Indianapolis aud Fort Wayne to go East. HIE LITTLE MIA.MI, VIA COLFTdBUS, T. THK OM.Y lltH TK to and Irom Cincinnati and WHEELING OH VILLE. THE UTTT.E 1VTI A1II. VIA COLUMBUS, IS THE I'Al.V f:f It. to and from Cincinnati. (Inhim-bti- s.Crestline and Cleveland, with lightning express without of cars. This a pre comfort to Ladies and Families. 1 HE I.ITTIE MIAMI. VIA C0LUHTEU?, BEING THE r'HOIITEST KOl'TE from Cincinnati to the Fast, a uniform and safe speed is maintained. Connections are certain. . ' .1 .V Y OTHER VOVTE from Clncinati a dansvrr.m SH'ed is reipiired to overcome distance arol delays nnvary in changing rs and bagg.-ic- at heiifoiitaiue, Forrest, taiiduAy, and Ferrying at O d Ohio Cify. Tltronpli 'lickt'tM VIA WHEELING. PITTSBURG, DLNKIRR", BUFFALO and NIAGARA FALLS. To all the Eastern clt'es. Thr. e daily r astern Trains at 6 A u , 10 a.m., and6r. x. TiK.-- T 1KA1N Cleveland, Pittahorir, Stecbenviile and Whteling, l.lchning Express, aves l'incinnat at 6 o'clock A. , all ihe Eastern cities; also, Detroit via Cleveland, f prim-h- d, Wilminqton, Circlevil'e, Lanea-stc- atid Zanes-vill- e, Chillic.ihe ai d Athens. This imin -- tops hete-.-- i and Co.utnbus at loveland Moirow, Xvnia and Lon- don ooly, HCO'ND TRAIN Cleveland, Pittsburg and W heeling Fx presi Mail, leaves Cincinnati at Id o'clorK. a. m , via Clese-lan- d,Pitishur; and Wheeling, for all the Eastern citit s. 1 his train stops at all the poitus bet a ecu liuunnai. and Colum-bus. IHIRO TRAIN Accommodation, leaves Cincinnati at 8:1'' o'clock, r. ., tor rpringf.eld, Wilmington, C rc!evi;le and l.aresster, CliUli.-oil.- e and Hillsborough. This train stops at all p .int. between Cincinnati and hpur.gflrld.Fiii:;nil'lK.IN Clevelandand Pili.hu g.N vht Eti ress leaves Cincirnati at 6 o'clock, r. St., vi i Cleveland and Pitts-hun- r, for all the t citie.. Ttii train stops at all poi'.t between Cincinnati and Columbus I'm-- rain on Sunday at 9.30 o'clock, P. M., for Columbus. Trains run by Columous Time I Jlinutt s faster than Cin- cinnati, p fare as Lew as ly any other Eoute. FOR THROUGH TICKEl!4, And 1! information, pleaseai pie Et ihe oft.cea No ! Burnet Hi e, second door Westr.f ine street; No. ITT, Gibson House Building, and old of.ice, coutbeaat corner ol Broad way and Front street, op;site Jpencer House, cr at thEastern I Little Miami) Depot, Fast Fror.t trrrt. tV--c iunirl frvln 4 A. J., sinr..' 9 '. if. P. W. H KAIiEh,iin'IAg't. THE OMNIRUf4 LINE Call for Tassengers at all the pri- - rtpal Hotels, for each and every train. By leaving d rectii ns at richer of the above Ofhcrs. will call for passengers in all part, of the city, with- out fail. LR- ,- H. B. RlGGl l, Conductor. I- - t in v s.awaA i- -From Cliai Ii'xltm to lev York.Twenty-Fiv- e Dollars. 7 $25.i --J a iI'MTrO STTrs I 1M-- .KEW 102K AND CHARLESTON 8TEAXSHIP8. 1 trough in 48 to 62 Hoars. S EMI- - W E E K I. '.NA.TIVILi.s: M. Berry. Command.p JAMES A DO Ed 1ki " HO. Turner, do; MAKMN 1,'.O.I W.J. Foster, d,r SOUTHERN R... .l.'raj " T. T Eaao. do; f ''r-- v, Whsnre evy WEDNESDAY snd11 BAiUKDAT, afir the arrival of la uai Irom thfjonth and VA "at huh water.1 These xeamaiiip were all built evprs!y t,r (hi line, and for sa'et v, comfort and speed, art annvalicd on the coast. Tables si.j .piled w th esery luxury. At'.rniir snd courteous comm .n lent w II Insnr tra veler by lh. tin every p.i'. comfort and aocommoiiAiion. Car.in Parage j Pu-ers- (J ror Fre !.t or Faasae, having egsnt ft-- t rcom aocom- - mod.b, a; p.v to 11 E.N K V ! Cosner East Bay and Adger's f ooih Wharf, CAH.sroa.ti C C'abiu lusage to Mew York - - - - - W 'cr iT.tr -- r (jo - Seni-Week- ly UnitfO, States Hail Tine. 'I'HK NE A.i bPLKNDID blDC-Wnta- L frfAil-- A ssur hMiWIILL, 1t0toos.. ..Capt. C. D. Irauiw,A I I.I ST., lOtoas.. . .Capt T. Lt ,I.OItlA, l.ttKltoua.. ..Oai.i.!H.f. car.Li.ALAMAJIA, l- - o ton... . . apt. U. IL ccaaacv. Will, lliliiiliiliii'VEUV U'EDSESifA Y AM SATURDAY. The sh;ps ar among tbe largest on th coast, ut.ur-pir- j m spreil, MVty orcoesfoit Bu tfcetr psutein ft-- to o hoar, aad aree snaadedby a ullui. careful andpout oJi.erv having elegant state rooo. adcoAnawlAvtixii,iter .Ccr a sni d..-.-. eoovtyanr to New If era.Cabin HW to New York ' f?ler.- - pugr loV,, yir, , Agctu: P AMLFuS!, FAY A Co., EaVAaaaA. bAM'L L. EUTClillX, IS Urosdwsv, ,4rBl4 BewTork. Jl r ttl.C I IVI'.U pr Sioamer Dr. K ar. sacks r nt it;l trtiy enoie CvSeo; L0 bbds priio Jiuga; A tb o.A. AisannaV; 1" t.A EeptTJ 1 k i s f p ,e lba-o- ; t ssat Lsrto Flvr,xtrn.Jf'l . CJillDT. ADC XTXOS 4 L SUPPLIES JO C EXTLEi:Z5."s III iVS rax, rthtlU.winaootoek f r HtWiUF rcciaa f Jt-l- - taJ Utttbi o boots-to-- - 44 tiallrsa, " " - 44 TV H(,: " 44 PaUot leather 44 and i. A Gaiter;44 lp---r rer..--b fjoh Lt 44 44 - Calf Ovf-K- Iw, sliHsM slei; " 44 Te:M !ppr. t B')w4 ptreoBjs ar A lMAiAriwtti ) ,air aJ p.-.i- iwtspa, O' d i 'Ucr, sM. JOU.K KAwAVik, J All,4. - av WHOLESALE HOUSES. 1COG. FATili. 1856. T. & W. EAKIi & CO.,luiportrrsi and Utaolcsule Dealer in ci ii r.. v rtffsV Va. ' UBa saaat '5NAMIVILLE, TCXX. THEIaree Increase in the Dry Good trad ol i Ms place,corresponding: Isree Stocks, acd we take plea sure in assuring our customers and the trade generally, that i we have now m store one of the most extensive FALL. AXD 1VIXTEH STOCKS ever offered in this market, whien we will sell to prom p time dea'ers.or for Ca-h- , at such prices as will give satia-factio- and enable our Customers to compete successfully with mercbants purchasing in any other market. Oar Stoci of READY MADE CLOTHING is also unusually large and attractive. We ol:cit s call. T. A W. EAKIN A CO. CeT--We have srrsnr.iK.nta ih:at will enable us to keep our Stock up throughout the season. usr2S 8ro T. A W. E. A Co. - HU. DOUGLAS, HO I aVIS A Al UlillilK, IVortii Market Street, XaUvillc Tenn. IAM arranging for sle a perfectly new tock of Goods inlarge Ware Room, ol H. A 11. Douglas, situated a few steps below the Nafcville Inn Lol. This Stock embraces American and imported DRT GOODS in large assortments, SM LL WAULS in great variety and an A No. 1 assortment of Hals. Hoots, Mines. I'rognns, Ac. All of which I will seil at less than Market value with, the view of closing the entire st. ck before removing to the former Stand Retail Healers are most respctfull" requested to examir.t this and are assured that they cm make money by doing so. "r'! "WliolcsaioBUY aS). A. .T. DUXCAT & CO., IMPORTERS OF fANCY AND STAPLE DUY 300DS, NO. 70 PUBLIC SQUARE, NAS'IVM.LF. TXTE have now in store a very lane S.ock of Fancv and VV Staple Dry Goods cf late importation, receive! in the las' few days for the winter traiie, which we are scil.n; at the very lowest price.. New Style Paris De I.ane; 44 44 Fancv and b ack Silks; 44 Trmts; Clothes, Cas'meres and Vesting; fattinet's. Tweed and Kersev's bed iiiaaket and Coat Blankets, Heavy col'd blinkets, Ac. Ic. Our Siock comprises the larg-s- t of NtwStyl CooJs, Trinmii gs, Ac , to which we invite the a'tention of Ca h and prottp: time dealers to an rxan ination of onr Stock and prices, believing w can mak it to your interest to do business vith us. A. J. ! UNCAN A CO. N. B We sre reee.ving New Goods by every Steamer during the winter. novlD A. J. D. A CO. lyizirw goods. A. MOHKSOi &, CO., WnriLEALK PK(LKK-- S IMAi) YAKIM'Y GOODS. COMES. EIirSHES, EVTTOXS. Tilt EM'S, OEST&'i l EM1JI.G OOOI'S, WHITE OOVK Embroideries, Hosiery, Gloves, Jewelry, Toys, &c., NO. 12 LAST SIDE PLHI.I0 SliCARF, XuU ilU I t itn. "ITTE wo'Id infor-- n our friends, and the trade generally, V V that we ate now pre; .red t- - exhibit the finest, and best assorted So ck.in our line, ever brought to tne Nash ville Market We su.icii an ex. in tn iti n of he stoca and prices, believinir that we can oiler ciual to any Job- bing House in the Vjrie'y line, Kast or West. Those desiring to pu'etase ill oh' ge us to ca!!, examine our Slock and Prices aud jmige lor tht nveives. aug'ii A. MufiklSON A CO. DRYG09I)3. (ITS nnd.-rigti- 1 are now receiving, and will have read J. for tl.e exhiti tinn by the!! ill iut.,the LAEUEXT ASO EEUT ASU'WTElt STOCK OF AMERICAN, ENGLISH. FRENCH. GERMAN AN SW 100 Tl.ey have evi.rha l th ileaure to show to the Ketail Mer chant. Ihey have pared n i pains n&r et ense in Kettmf up a stock which al! c asses of customers can select their assort no Lta. They have made la gvr io Viislnients It i. .ca-so- n in zxTrn: goods,Than they h iv j ever oone l.ef.'r'1, and resi'cc'.fuliy solicit an rXan.i.ta:io;i of their Mock fro-- the reta.ier, whea Viail-in- g toe ctv believing that with theVery .auvo. Assormenl And LO'i' PiiiCLS, they v ill t e aMe to o.Te-- tuducemenu to al). MOK1AN A CO., No. t'J 1'ui.u-- j Suaare. NahviTe, Aug. 15, In'.o. E. 8 G1RUSKK. r. A. HfllHD. (iAlU)aNEi:. SIIEnil-KI- ) k CO., U liOLESA LE DE A LEKS IS Shoes, Kats and Straw Goods, sn rm:.ic qcai:e, xamivii.lx, te.xx. T t ' E h ive l. n iu store at oua Ut.D a very large v V and 5tock f E00IS AND SHOES, KATS AND CAPS, suitable Mr W tier f a es, hich we would lue loexnibitt m, rcbants vis.iing this tuartrt septa -- ly uai;i,.'e,:, SuEPUESD a CO. Au-i- s II. Wasuinotos. (i loses G. O'UaiA(l a e wi'h Morgan A f'c.) CtiAat.ts B Hay an, late of IV. H Gordon A Co. YYASHi.(.TOo BUYAN &. CO., Importers aud Wholesale Dealers in Linens, White Goods, Embroideries, Hosiery and Varieties. Xu. G.i .N. I., ( or. 1'nblic quurt't NASHVILLE, TFN'NESSE MettKKi.-K- Pi.bii'hirg House. E invite ihe attention of Merchants Nashviliew to the above Card, and n.ioim them thai xe are no opening a LARGE AKD CESIRAELE STOCK, allien ill be arranced and r. ady fur sale A boit t lli '.Ml. Is iimtniit. W have pun hnx-- our to k w.th (treat care, unit niw,'; r i and having bad tbe brne0 of Ion experienc- - in the I u.iii'i'.vt fitl con tide tit that e ran cfler so;rior ui.bicr i.euts to any n.crih. nt ptrcha.iog in this market. auglS WAStllNGlU:., BKVAN A CO. WHOLESALE HARDWARE STORE SKJM OV THE HI''. PAD LOCK, 4 doort jrom the &itnrct Sjuth. 1urltt Street, .Nashville, Tenn. WE are ju.'t open; eg the largest and beat a.snrted stock of KJf-- Tools, Uuus, Cutlery, and Fancy Hardware evr brought to thi market, and we re-- ; ectfaiiy solicit A call from every merchant visiting the ci'y. sepilt; 6m BRAL'MO.NT, VANLFFfl A CO. 1. V. 3IAXKV .V, CO., VEALT.kA IN Tia Hate, Sloci; Tin, Ccpper, Sheet Iron, Letd Fi?, wire, ji:ox dxif us eiyiis. Plumbers' s Tools ft Uateriaii, Martleiied Iron Alanties, Parlor Gnus, Cool $fore, Heating Storm, for Wvodor Coal, Jnpiinnrd A ( emuiou 'I In U ure, Ao. 10, KastSirieof 3Inrket Street, NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE. JTiT" P. ? W will keep constantly on hand 's Math pes and Te.ds, being Aent for pi c- -, buiith A t o., twioihinaPni. t'onn. Ie.ii .Html P. W. M A TO. fo!insoii,Ilforiie4,:Co., CORNER ilKOAD AND MARKET Fl Hs'ITi1. KasLTlllo, Tern, l iriLL give prompt attention to rere'Vir g, storii g. pur-- ehvsing, seilitit or shipping C tt'-n- . Tobacc.', V heal. Corn, Elour and Bacon, and will An drrrte especial alien. tioa to receiving, star ug and forwardicg merchaudu. of every descr ption. Our facilities iu point of room nvrnieuce are equal to any io ihe citr. i 31 II Groceries. 11 t ar prepared to lursUb plantain n sarr'ir of everyis kind, and wca.d in rite the att.nuon of sietehanl a-- d Dealers lo nor t ck, which will at al) t.me be coaiplele, and ron.l- - ' in part, al J resent, of tt f d o.ns arUcltvs: br.ds H'lKar, 4oo bjgs ( i Sec; 15 ' b. s ilt; N'l barrels tAlt; WHr SWA. soar Candles; ffVi tarrc's Whi-ke-y; l.ai es I air.ng; ?. 9 hall pieces tUgyeg; ! 44 Aniiich C(l rt.tlj i;up ; iogntbr With ail cither artlel aail kept j ,urh r.ua.l.binraU.Ji)t.-0-, HOKNF. A C'., J J SI ennr Broad anl Market ir tsar M a ar, ja. a. w. auctas, J. i- ui a tttiIIAKT. 31ACKAL, CO, WHOLIV AL2 GE,0CtKS, C0MU:.'I0! MT.C II AT!, ASD OSAlMA I "VVI3ES, 1IIAKDIE3. UQIJOES, tC, Nos. 1 uittl O Sotitli 3Iurktt Mreet, NASUVILI r, TL.V1 W now hav in aud o?cr lo tk trad 1 1 ft fie it hl N. O Sugar, 1 A s I s (Vttoa Tcp.9i boars Havana ."uar; i go JH.iftea, 1:3 tt!. . (.ru-h- d ."iigx (o Palmed lucirt-- -j kxis dj Poof.d oa, il svexs s I ain r-- t Ttbi,f. dj N. O. I OIf o, t-- l b. X ! blOR P t.SE uo da Moiasw, Bw 11 ba trnBe-B- a orop, rrr r.o..u( '.'4 ijKr-f- rd sUXCviTc, K U'!,t'rt dj N O &Kt , I KM trp Kilba'd l:nso Ufujts di, gr M Bi ickiog, .'. do O.J . Java Aa, boAs ta aad Germaa8i do li-tr- , r9.xi dpc, 10 e- -. Cr. Hn tUtlivi e.k. s.p,r C rb .Foda, s Z ne Wash b.id.A hf ees- - liu;rii and rrn supwrvar Wrtpptnftii.k Tea Psawr. IW b V A tTf.To'.afe', fi1 at. 4. 1). Cap, A Utg f f"l bajs th, i, ' enliar. It ar- bar lJ,UA hose Uarrtu lc-.ic- lm bt-i- . C'os.r Vd. ruBf. n lt'. Bat U t A Ai Craak- -M Bcsn'ta I of Tson, ert, M roil on a !, 1 0 kt sUet'firA Whukv,&J tw P.n acca, 1 katVJ d--SICiK.SnJ c.A, ii k.L MnstSjAAo A OldM re. U.rMrrs vAk:-y- .HUi.i-t.- l ran, W bt.- twnsuAi Aiaty Ut b.xe Cacp snd Prper Wh tks, 4,4. 1J btt U d UnrsVo Wlilk,t bssawrted Pi Fru ta, ,r cau Fare FrwMa xS r,a..y lfcrTi, ,rT..I ai A. IL the, 1 .kA Pr Pvrt Wit,li d C V. o, A do Au Msiui Vila, i0 parsagr StirCia i,t d do Va, ,V A Ii.iu rt A A c j O wdial b. ruuot&r v4 l bt'S Kl. fwrt do,) Kksm di.lats Waew, S. VA Ho' ! !.,)l - ii sad K1U f j d ABrtioiw braady,.i d w 1 A. . da, t' . rl4 IVa John. lit d SMft.;A AMA,14 r a. Is, m n. V kvua-a- A )a Jaa.at.--a It qua. CAAT, MACfcAsS A PC. .... .. - S VIM RAILROADS & STAGES NASHVILLE EXPRKMINE fffrfd ffrtlTfi ErTSV 'iii FOR Memphis, 17. Orleans & the South! CULT S10 T3 MESIPHIS. - Throwsh in 'Mi Honrs! Sft AND IS IIOI'KS TiVE ?AVEP ! Connect ne nitfiMeirphis with Steamers for NewCr eaas and with Son'h. T'-- che-pest- , bet snd jilcV-e- t rou'e bv Ternsffe andA'aT Rai'r id v pr.n? Hi. I, v S'ige with the Memphis and Churlts cn F.aiinad at Ccrio:b, directfor Memphis, Leaves SCND.VY?, WEPNFSDAT3 ard FSI-DA- VS at re.3") A M. ST For small nil's.I" Eor Thro ieh Tickets, spplv ai the General Ptag.Offce, Verandah i CAHTER, TH0MA3, IIOrGH A CO.J. T, MHBMM, Agent. ce,) TENNESSEE & ALAEA5IA EILZOAD OPKX TO JiHOAI) STKrXT. ONlow.-.- .a.-.-d after Mondav, Sept. 1st, Train3 will run as fol CCIN3 SOCTii. r.issKv.ira seiuct r.irax.Leave Nsshvi! .!Hi an. Bis p. m.Arrive at Thomj .en 3 a m. 5 55 GOING --NORTH. Leave Thnmpwn 9.r0 . ft 91) 44 Arrive at a?hvi!ie I" Iii a.m. 7.1 - Passe ntrers from Ns.viHc by the Morning trxln.bresk-fa- t at Vranklin At Thomrv.on's, the Stages of Carter, Thomas A Hough connect with the Trains. Throngh Tickets for 'ernpi j. Warriebcro', Jackson ,Tus,-i.,b- ia, Fh rerce. Fulaski sd Co'smbi. csn be pro- cure! at the General Stage Office, nnder TernndatHfel. A. ANOFP.f-ON- . . " $n R. itir. snd Snper'nt. Kpres Notice. MEMPHIS AXD CHASIIST0N EAILS0AD. nH?, "ADAV-S- KXI-KE'- Ci'MPA-NY- " have made ar-- -l riinrem. nts with the hoi e Railroad for a Pa ly Kxpresal ice, an.i are now nrepired to receive avd forwar i Freight, Packag- -, i c bv Pasenirer Trains to ilunt-viil- e, Dtcaiur, ruvcii-nbta- . anu stations rn the M. A C. and ti. A C. Rai'r.ia-!s- la! Pickaj s at reduced rates.5"" Messengers leave Nash vi - daily et 7 o'cl.wk, A. atFrirhts to b torwir.'ed b Express will be Me4 or w thoiit extra cr.ar-.-e- . rlO-- tf A. K. HOLT, Ag.ut. TLX1"EE2 AND ALABASIA KAILS0AD. Tr COLI.T! !M, WAV ESIIOKO, JACKSO.1, i.alimm;!: .M ."IIMIl'IH. SPT ENDIH Focr Hirre Coachrs Frsnkl'n to connecting at those peinta with the Railroad t. Tusccmbia, Tlorerce and JIontRcmery, Ala., and Aberdeen, Cclumbus and Canton, Miss- The Four Horse Coach l ines to tbee points, are all In ever Her t ordrr, makh g a cloi-- connect on with the Kailrca4 at Ft an.tin, Tenn. Express 'lrjia leaves the Perot at ALSO TO Pulaski ard Elkton, And nil plures thr i'ghout Southern cccntry, W e hre endid lines running, conntcung with th RaH road at Franklin, l'aisergtrs fer Pu'if-Aiandrikto- Willi ave e on the 2 oMcck, P. M. Train, Monday, Wedi.CMl.iy a:. d Eti. lav. AC('O.l!.T0n.lTtX Mii: Ira-re- Na-- l v IV daily a! 2 o'chrk P. eonrectirg at Friri'I'n with a y i'rur M- e t o.ch I ne to I olun bi.E'er til infor ' atii 11, thrtn-- Ti. ki ts, ac , i p v at the Ceneral Ka.l'.-a.l- . .tae uml Ontnitus Cflice, So il Cedar aire, t Ol poyite th' I t t Ce. r' t'muitusss i:i call for pas. enjer in snv part of thcity. mai;if NEW FIR f.1. 'V J. m: iti 1: a u. s. rr.icn.1 . have firm- - ; a 1 .r'.n. rihip under Ihe name and of T.J. . .s.yte ' T m o , alio I InCD I.'ie MiiC l. t; and I cf J. ' .s'an j ... Ill oooer S ilfCK.Cherry stre; nr.-- to their friends and the nutnic. th it il ey are t. execute evei y description "f work in the I'LL i hl.Nt, Kl.-l-N EJ, in 'he a d most sub- stantial manner. T'mv will al-- o Pirui.n and St up Gas Eix-tur- es i:i the h s:ylr. Ihey res p. ctfn'.-- solicit abarr nf iHiLiic patron. ige. Ijan-i- a IF YOU WAI.'T A GOOD PATEIi EUSSCS.I2E F0S "THS Si ATI Oi!,M The irodtpopnUr WfeVW !;i Anerr,, hii-- has iinmeJI- - 1 mm : : s : : c i : 1 1 r i .at io..This rai.id sncc- is I'M' t.i,.!:t.ii.n in ihe 11!$-IO- M 111 JO I li !. 'I. and r.n oi.ly be ac- counted fir bv Ihe fact ;h.,t the Pfe.priet.rj lire eu. ployed, w;thout re-ti- r tufi p tinsr.n wurrr.ns or America.Tsll. M (l) i. the J.V Piper rn.-- e fc. WITIi, lirMJK.il'.'s and hli.E-S.iril- EKETCIIhd of that Comical uAsics, aud Jnriyallod Htt-- merit4, KKIGHT SUSS 0CXSIDE, U. D. Of wn ch series, on sketch a', jue la wo.h t.ie whole year's Sul;eTi tii u. lv I blTMl styS. 31. 531GEIaOW, AM) IiIr3.E.D. E. H. Southworth, W'o 1. WEIL KN'tl 1 N a.er.eoflhe MOST POPULAR WRITERS IN AMERICA. In a.ltliti n t j the ahove we have engav. d as Contributors: CLAKA M UntiN, LINKV W. HEKPfRT, Al 10'' CA ft Y, W. W. FCiSfiH li, MK.'. A. r". LAW, c. A. PAGE. M5,'. F. F. K..I.KT. lir--N CAFrUT, PARK HENJAMIN, W P. BKENNAN And CCmernns ethers. TO 7KS i;AXR SEX We pariicu ar.v cm.mrr.d .In tt. 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