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Daily Nashville Patriot Newspaper Archives Jan 19 1857, Page 3

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Daily Nashville Patriot (Newspaper) - January 19, 1857, Nashville, TennesseeNASHVILLE: r. B. GLKSX, Local and Vommerdtil Editor. Honday Morning, January 19, 1S57. to aiivi:i:timjs. The circulation of the Taily and ly ediiioaa of the Patriot, corabiaed, txceeda largely that of any oiher newspaper printed in Katbville. It it tbeoe ecitiona that are generally used for advcrtisiag The r.tiiot therefore, it the best advertising medium in the city. Other newe-- papers mar hare a larger weekly circulation, bnt advertisement do not get into the weeklies an lets under a tpeti&l contract Official Journal for Publishing the Post Office Letter List. KiJBTiui Post Of-ic- Jan. 6, 19'T. To thb TU'LV PiTRirr I have tliis day decided that yoa are entitled to advertise the oneai e A f.,r Letters ip tbia Office f.r one year, from the 1st of January, in accordance witn :he Ui, n that cute mde and providsJ. Yours, very ropectfuliy, S. E. ANDERSON', P. M. DjT H Letters advertised are subject to an ext-- charge f one erit. ol a" c iUing for theae letters will pka-- c -- ay theyare advertised. Orilr-f- ti br nrrrrt'ixivt in tlf" Daily Patriot" myrfe-ali- lf to lite foWcii,j $'rUn Vtf .Veir J'tmt ofc LaiDt'ituirr,ii,rr Imrinri ft LirgmtvircitUili'mofiuiypiiljrr puLlihluA it Aiiici!l ci b. And be it fun'ier ei: cted. That Lirtsef Lettersremaining uncalled f.r fn ny Pin office in any e'tv, lown, or viliage where ne?psper sball be printed, shall here- after ofte published once ouiy, in ihe new-pap- er wh ch, being(aued weekly, or ofiener, nhall have the largest circulation within tbe rarige of delivery of iid oinc-j- lo be deride I by ttie Postnias'er atsuzh office. Nee Pout odice Law,paaeed March 25, IrAl. Misg Davkport Oke XioiiT Mokk. N'fliTille is celebrated a.t a pn-a- t theatrical birneGt city, but it wad li ft for Mih Davenport to profit b the to iu lii?h"8t perfection. Her benefit on Friday li-- 't was iiiueeJ a triumphant one, the dresn circle and rest-tuMm- more a flower-pard- en ti.an aiijtl.iiij-- we could liken them to. La dies tilled ili box: I t lies thronged the par quelte, (usually appropriated to pentlemen,) and many w ere obliged to exchange their ccrliucatcs for Sat- urday eveuinir, and return homo disappointed ; while the gentlemen, poor fellows, bachelor- - ard the lik", were obliged to aocend to ' the go W in the upper gallery, or catch a giimpre of the rt;ipe through opeudoors as Wet they could. It was a rare compliment a:, J eminently merited by the fiir bcueCcure. By the way we nee with much pleas- ure, that Miss D. hat Wen persuaded, to delay ber departure for one nijrht, auJ will repeHt her splen- did chancter of Adrkune, on this (Monday) even-in- ?, by parti'-ula- r fequert V saw her perform- ance of tliis character on Tuesday, and regard it at one of the very be?t, if not the best of her iui personations. to Prof. Jon Kiybkklt. Thin gentleman, who Las boeu engaged in teaching a select tthool in this city for moie tiian a year past, has been elect- ed to thy Che ininiry Chair in the No'th Carolina Univeri-it- v at Chapel Hill, mado vacant by the of ileadriek on account f aboliiion procliv- ities. Few finer and better teuchere than Prof. K. can be) found, and a more perfect gentle- man we never had the pkmuro of knowing. This preferment is the more creditjble to Litu because it N o! waj entirely unsought on hii part. While we re- gret to lose so good a ci'ir n, we can but feel heartily rejoiced it his preferment, although pecu- niarily orit ia a tticiifjce to him. He bag-- large nn I lucrative hlI.ooI here, which he mut give up. We cil atteiilioQ to hi advertisement In another place. Accident. On Saturday evening !at, while a Iiunioer of lovs were ei j yitig tfie fport of eliding don Capitol Hill, a little con of Mr. John Johu Ju eon fractured hia ankle-bo- ne, by Hiiking aguiimt lue fctoue-po- nt at the corner of Summer am) Cedar c.reeia. lie was liken home and immediately cared for. I'kmiasship. Mr. Dolbear ia receiving constant adiitions lo his writing claret. The excellence of his Mdcm in becoming so generally known, that ern liew scholars are applying for instruction every day. S instances of improvement anions his papil have come under our observation, w hich are truly surprit-ing- . TVTroNHiirjir. The lecture of Trof. Hale for the beueGi of the Proteataiit Orphan Acjlum, which was to havo taken place on Saturday tiijjht lunt, ed was postponed oil account of the weather. We the learn that it will be given ou some night of the present week, wheu a large room, ;t is hoped, may be obtained, capable of accommodating enough people to make the benefit audi an one as msy be of much service to the bcmCciarics. Timely no- tice will be given of the time and place of the en- tertainment. snd t2friie weather was excessively cold yesterday, ' and night before lar-- t particularly. The wiud blew from the north -- weht during most of Saturday liight, and considerable snow fell. The thermometer in. elicited 20 degrees above xero at 10 o'clock A. 11., yesterday. Pkic Family. The fust entertainment of this family iu this city i!l uke place to-ni- ght nt Odds Fellows' Hall. We have witnessed their perform- ances elsewhere, and if they have lost none of the pu: excellence theu possessed, this eutcttaiuuietil will be well worth serin g. No More Liyroa nv tuk (lass. On Saturiay A last, the licenses of all the Ji inking houses iu the at rity, we believe, ran out, and hereafter !l is l.ot the lawful to sell in less (juanlitics than a quart. Sev-ei- al persons made themselves conspicuous by get ting bottles of liquor and drinking upon the public air eel. Whether there will be less drinking un- der the present wtstcm remains to be feui. Nakh vili.k, Jan. 17, 165T. ArRLW Amikrson, F.mj., Mayor of the City: y hir, KucJosed ;ou wi.l find the sum of twenty-fi- ve dollars, this amouut beii g tlie uelt proceeds of the tirst periormanee of the Kobertaou Dramatic Ciub of this city, given for the benefit of the poor ou Wednesday last, the Htti inst., which I have bia, beeu iuslructcd by the Club to hand ovir to you, ' as being the bst channel lor distiibutiou among the needy of Naehville. They regret the amount is not of more conside- ration, J. caused by the many diflicuhiet aud ex- pense they l.a.l to contend with on their first ap- pearance. t Yours, respectfully, JACUU LYONS, Sec'. NasnviLLi, Jan. 17, 1857. I take pleasure in acknol dfng (he receipt of di twenty-fiv- a dollars fiotn l'r. J. Lyons, Secretary of the llobertson Club erf this city, to be distributed to the poor aud destituta of Nashville, which I pledge myself t) do according to their wishes. S. ANDJIE'.V AND KILOS', MtTor. S ' BMprcmu .i i iiri ria acr awraa, lao, 1 A 0 W hita vaO F C k, adio'r. Opinion hj Jubjs Har- ris, afnrminf udj.Tnnt J Howard el va F M B auwn. Opinion ij)if Ha. gM, fhrniiof Jndgment-t'ciow- . Juo It W'tiMin y .s aia. Opituoa by JoSga lUrrta, afSrta-C- n laiiirio.at below. i J il layior va N P Ckaires, adw'r. Oprnoa by Jjdga I'arather, alUrmir.g )uJorui below. T A Marray va 4 F rowe l ( a. Ojdaioa by JaJct C- - ya'.hert. aUrmiog judgment ' Myor and A dermen of pheihy villa vs Ptt Ooinlow br Judge McUuiucy, r.rer.io jadwaul aud rrrjaoJ i,gi caae. A O iver-v- M MeNs.ry-0ini- on by Jadja McRim ey,(jSrmiBt Judgment below. u W lio humiu vs 9 A Neat Opinion b Ju !, tl.Kia-(- . atbrran.g judgmeal bcioi. K F Ch re., adiu'r, va A M I I f C wt-- r. Cpiiiioa by Ju"fire McKuioy, am ming jiiicm -- i - u. W r Fiiiiua'. aUm1', a , va J vXvavr at ala Op'olon by Jadge Mrhinneyi.fi! niu( decry u Ci'aaoritor T A f JU t) Oa the tysaiog f 17:b ioiM r. l V1UEL B. SXO W DI. fhe irienda and act)ualntances of the famny are invited u 1 attend tbt FuneraL wtica takes plaoa this tM uda) o.uro-log.- at 10 o'clock. livtii set vice by Bev lit. Laaa. rAltTNKlteiliR' DR8. R. C. K. MARTIN and T A. ATVH(0 hvta iMTtovranlp iu liia pr.ct ca of Mli.n,. vrtice n ctieny swar tnt ooruer oi tuws alraat. 1 ,.ul tad I'lHl It I.N I'. A iag Room r tr a.wt's Dry "t V rir oo Cuilef atran- t- O" feet ueg aud i fwt iae l' iy t 4. d. uuviuwjji, iiieauajanli-- tf f ' XJUJT MOtMsAS STEAMBOAT AND EIVEE NEWS. The river was at a stand on Saturday at this point. There are about thirty inches of water oo the The Alida and the V. K. Sieve fn passed Claikcvilleon Friday, but had uot arrived Saturday night. Manny's Cclchvateu COMBED REAPIXG AXD MOWIXG all ACUIjVE,- - l OR SA LE n Y THE UNDERSIGNED A T JOILVSOX & HOUSE'S. 1$. P. CHEATHAM, Jn7 General Agent for tho State. APPL ES G EEE5 A PPLE3. BBL8 of the above in tort and fur sale hvXU J. 0. BOBKRTEOJf, Jnl3 ' Broadway. CHEE8E-- W. E CHEESE. In rt BOXEd of the above in atore and for Date byJ. G. hOBKKT.N,jn!3 Broadway. VALUABLE LOT FOE SALE. IntVK fr tiite. privately, one of the mot desirableLOTS in the city of NHibTiHe.at the corner Po' Avenue, frcntinir tO ieeton Church ttreet and rnn nlng ba-- 11 or 1!fO et to an alley. The lot jom ther'in-dn- c of t C and will baaoil at a bargain. For part'rularccul oa me. k. K. ULAbCOCK,jan!5 Agent. ADVANCED TAXKS. CORPORATION TAXK8 for the year 1 817, can no w beKevenoe Collector, at hii oSicu, corner Cherry and Union atreeta, in advance at the rale of oca per cent per month int rest. An this ia the bnt inreatrat-n- t that can be made, it it that Tax Payert will be prompt in catling-- . J.hl-l- m A. NKLS'IN. Collector-- . TO TEACHE&5 FOR SALE. riHE RCTLDINf now occupitd by the aubcriber, with L iu t'arnitnre, and a Kood rhemictl and Philosophical Anpa'alU'. Immediate application ia nece8rr.jii.16- -l JNO. KtMRKRLT. FOR SALE. Vf KCON'D-HAN- O PLAINING MACHINE (Daniel'sIn (rood running order. It plane twe'ty four 'Lc'iea Wide, and will be duposed of at a reduced price. WM. K. McPtKLtM'. janl8-l- w No T3 Oo'leye gt. 8TI1.1YJEIP. Osr. W.ACK HKIKER, three years old, and one REDalo three yari old, Irom Ureener's lot, on Market atreet. They were bouicht the day before yester- day trorr O'Khea, in the vicinity of Noleosville. Liberal reward is given for bringing them back to JAOOMGEVTNER, JanH lw Near the Nashville Pork-hnos- EE RUFUS II . JOHNSON, 0CCCL1ET ANO Al'RIST, OF MEMPHM, TENNESSEE, Ufll.'.. visit Na)ii'ie and befund at the Citv Hotel onthe 10'h January, to remain afeardnya and firt attention to all diiieaee. ot the Eye and Ear Opera- tions, '.he adiptalH-- c f Ariiflcia! Eves, Ac, Ae. H ia Ear Lamp, a e irioua initrument for detecting the ra-tu- re of diseae of the Ear, hy throwing a atreara of pare tinht as far into the Ear as the Drum or Tympanum Mem- brane enable him tn delermice tbe kind of disease exisucg and tret it au'.ce.fjlly. ilia Artificial Ees are from the Manufactory of M. r of Paris, which took the prise medal at the World's Exhibition, London. lr. J biiug-- and let'ers of reference from Physicians and citizens ol Memphis, which h dtires allperuse. d. r2i dw Uirst C;ss Uo;rtins House NO. 31 CEDAR STREET, NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE. rT',HR Pubscriber repectfolly inforrna the citispna of Nash-- 1 ville and us v'ciuity that he it now prepared to accom modate ail the Dty Boardrra that will c ill on him. His hou-- e is alw.iva urn to the favAlmir cominnnitv: and hopm"ihat hn friends and ac iuaintances will tive him a call when they visit tbe city.janft tf t. W. WHITTIMTON, At-n- '. s?iobiii:wAii). AWAY from the aubtcriber. reidinR In Nahville. 'Ir,n.er,arK)iit che itof Octi.bi-- last, a dark colored rro aian nsmed JIM. Paid Neirro Man is about '25 tearsg; nichs about 175 pounds. Is about 6 liifh, speaks pjmsnniry nen epoken t. (raid ejrro was furnishedlb a pass to find a master, bv K. W. Btrnea about the time Le left for Arkansas,) and did not renirn. 1 will ve the above reward for eaid boy, when taken confined In Jail so that I get him. WIS loi ft. A. PARNEP. IOIf it ' I'. The house at present otcupied by tieIianlt. is ior lent for the ensuing yer. n giver.lst January. Apply to de,6 w. ii. cnwiw k rr. N'OTICE All person havine; claims apHiimt the v tie of liil y Jaekson. dec I, are her. iiy notified topre- u- th- - n, pr.ierly d, to John Woodard, 'ye of tlie Countv Court for Hoberiaon f!ounty, Tennes- see, on or before tbe Utdsy of Mty next, for pro rata dis- tributions- I have this day regularly sue-ite- the insolv- ency ol aid edtaie. II. H. B. i URNUt, Administrator of (i. Jackson, dreM.Jsnnsry .Vh, 1ST. JsnU-lm- W SELLING OFF AT EASTERN PRICES. BLACK. Hhie and Olive Clntha, Ifiekin and FancyPlU'h Velvet, S.lk and 8itH Vestinjrs, ' inen Ooodsand tumtner Caasimeres, Hilk I'nlerahirts, " rino Vests an I Drawers, Mudnesa and frea Coats anc w.th a variety o! Trimmings are offen d for aale at t Pricef for Cash, iu Iota to suit purchaser. A s: le pattern of a Cat and Pants sol I and cat l meamre.if sired. This rare onportonity of buying fine clothes fe- - little money is olered at No. 61 Cherry street. Cooper's Build-i- n ira, il. iie Merchant Tailoring EaUbliahment ofjanl- - lwd JOHN OIIIT. KK3IOVAL. SNYDER A FRIZZtl.L having removed to the old atardA Co., No. tl Public Cqusre, (nxt door to their former liuion,) tl.ey are now offering a well as ort stock of Boots, Vanaes, Ac, auiiahle to Urtail Trade. Their lacil tiea for getting goodn enables them to have always whatever may b ct!!ed for In their line. They wouid br glal to see (heir Irieoda and the tiadr generally. CaII at No. 41 Public r'qnare.janlO BNYbEit A FP.IZZEI.L. Jobs D. Ji'S. Prrs't. D. D. Jaaaa, Canhier. UAiXK OF COMMKUCiO Deais in atgt:t and time Bills, Gold and Silrer anl Dank Notes, makes cullectioni in all parts of the coun- try, will give the h:ght market price for Land Warrants py interest on rispnsitea. JunlS. A DWELLING HOUSE ""foOeNT rpiIK BKIOal DWKI,LIN on Market atreet, a , , short distance below the old Nashville Inn, l X-- A olered for rent, to a good tenant, for the ear IsM. a Apply LO Ideci ifj Br: J V. ttilKLDS, Agent. THE MANUFACTURINO ESTABLISHMENT FOR RENT. rjlHE LAR'iK WARFHOL.-I- ! on Market rtreet Is oflered for rent for the year Ki7. Apply to deerf-- lf BEN J. F. M1IKLIM. Agent. JXi. 1114 lti: I'.- - That deirable HTORK ROOMmyoflWon street, for the year 17.A'ao, ll.at very drsifabla DtVKI.LINi) on Cherry street.South of Broad, containing aomo S or 8 rooms, and will be in thorough repair. Apply to WILL. L BOYD, ' f0 Cherr atreet. ISoarflhifj IIousc7 riHK unders'gned ke-- ps a Boirdiog House on Cedar street, next to the Verandah il ;. I. aherehe it ready, all 'imea, to iraanent or permanent Boadera at fir rates. Hia table ia alwajt provided Willi b- - -- t the saarket affords. Jnl7 GEO. W. rof.EMAN. C. ILL STEWART, M liolmale and lletailKOCi:it sk t'OMMISMO-- nKltl'UANT, NO. 41 BROADWAY, NA3HVI1 LK. tW The highest Market price paid fur Country Pro-duor- of all kinds. an!7 dW1y To "aailroad Contractors. 1)ROPOAUI wiil be reee vrd at the Kncitieer's OfBrs) f and Alabama Kailroat until February ' 10th, 1T, or the Trailing, Masonry and Bri.igir g of aaid Kailmad froii fpritic Hill to cppoaite the town of Colum- - i about thirrueu tnilrav '1hbve work eomprbw soma heavy rock tutting; ' about l i thoua1 perches of bridge nasonry, and aixteen 'bundled feet of bridging. i Plan-- , Profiles nd (peeiflrations may be seen at any ; time. t,d any f ir'her Information tthl.ined hv addreaainli. lrvtreui, Uiyuun tug meer, alColumMa. TrnnaaaM. ' A. ANUCKjON, e, Pec 15, Ut4. Knrlneer. an' StawilOf S;lc or Ueal i:stTTcv be sold on ATlUD IT, FrJRKrART II,EWILL pi rye of grounl, aiiuat d on Casta MasrT, opposite the fawasas tost. Dtror, withimpriyenieutt. pruH-vt- y Is to be sold for the purpose ef mating a y io 'i among the heirs f Brnl. it. I ab'er, dee'd. 'ft. KM". one third cash; Iha balance on out aud twoyears' tune J i r- -d ' Jtrrv M CtRI.FR. A roRTUNK OFS --3 O .o o o ! 2 2lobe had by n.knig the ama'l earn of Swan's laoltery. To I draw FRIDAY, JAXL'AJIT, CiTa, 17. Tr.aa or OtOOOt 1 I ns of fA.OOOt! 1 Frkaa of I0,(00!1 S Prla,a ,f 4,00!!! ! t Prar. .f if,m)ttl!!! S Prtaws of l,OOU!llS!! A r. A c, A c. A c. MORE THAN 0NC Pmzt TO ItVERf TET TICKET. b4e Tk keU, it. U.Uaa, $s; Qaarters, l, I ightha, . AdJrM Oi tiers far T let eta lo P. "Wtl A Co, Attanta.Ga. r e WAN. Montgomery, Ala, F. prttra'rs e sc.eaia ia . nattr autumn. "a ol,o o o 2TfTO ba MsiRibCllu isSwan A. ilo.'s laottcry. be Irs al A llautst, Ju. '.'O, IS57,la wbirh art eaubraoaa Dm fdh.w ag BRILLIANT CAPITALS! pritt of tl 5,000! 1 Prise af IO,000!t 1 PrlM f IO,OOOt!! 1 Prtae f flO.OOOtf !! 1 JTrrtt of tt.000!!!!t rruvat t,OOOt!!t!t A-.- . A Ac ( "VHiOla TkkaU $10;-Hal- Yea t3; QaarUrm, J.fit. tarn tuan usb ruizt tv) avanf TaN ncakrs ' Addrtwt arderi fjr Ikarts t ii. rit A CO , Atlanta, Oa., , . A W, Moniguttisry, Aitw r I riM'1i A.N, I Janlt tt . baa ha , Xatkt a t, Taa. I C ,aM wtvtfcr .a-- bf. " AAaaeU t't-- BY TELEGRAPH. lilt TIIK NATIONAL LINK. Report Famished by the Amociated Prest. Important from IVicaraua. New Okleans, Jan. 15. The Texas is at the Balise, with ban Juaa dates to the 10th. The news is important. Henning?en received reinforcements on the Sih of December, and on the 19th, after a seige of 19 days, succeeded in driving the enemy bclore him with a loss of 1400. Ue,i ningaen's loss was 290. The odds were against bim ten to one. ..All military stores, artillery and public docu' Dents were removed to Rivas unit jured. Walker took possession of Rivas without oppesi tion, the enemy evacuating opon hearing of his appro ich. Tbe Costa Ricana htd taken possessioruof aH boats on the San Joan river, thereby cutting off communication with Walker. A special despatch to the ed press states that tbe Costa Rictus were protected in thit act by the English. Three hundred recruits were waiting at Punta Arena, repairing a 6teamer, which would take five diys, when it was determined lo proceed up the river. Just as tbe Texas was leaving a messenger ara aived, stating that Walker, fearing something waa wrong, had come over, finding the stats of aifiirs, recaptured fort San Carlos, which had been taken by the enemy, and was rapidly coming down the river scattering all before him. Washington, Jan. 16 The Senate took up Mr. Houston's reeolution respecting the Navy. Mr. Mai lory opposed it. It wat then laid aside to consider tbe settlement of claims of Revolutionary officers. Mr Toombs moved an indefinite postponement. Lost 22 against 2C On motion of Mr. Pogh, the consideration of tho bill was postponed till the first Monday ia Decem- ber next. Ayes 24, nays 23. Sixteen pi irate bills were passed and the Senate adjourned to Mondiy. House Considered bills on private calendar. Thirteen private bills passed. M r. Eelsey offered a reeolution that the Sergeant at Arms arrest Joseph L. Chester who did not an swer the summons by bis appearance before the investigating committee. A long debate ensued, when the House passed the resolution nearly unan- imously. Adjourned. The Agricultural Society appointed a committee of five to enquire) into tbe disease known as the hog --cholera. A paper on phosphorus in its re!a. tionto the animal and vegetable kingdoms, by Prof. Webster, of Portsmouth, Va , was read and refer- red to the executive committee. Charles L. Flint, of Massachusetts, delivered a lecture on grasses. Prof. Henry gave an account of portions of the Smithsonian Institute and Patent Office. Dr. Newberry delivered au address on Agricul- tural inducements in Oregon and California, which were less than those ot the Valley of the Mississip- pi. The Pacific regions valuable for agriculture are very limited. A motion to buy Chinese sugar cane sufficient for one hundred acre was adopted. A resolution by Dr. IJewbury, recommending Geological survey in the States, was adopted. A report by Jones, of Delaware, in favor of a petition to Coneress for a grant of f50 1,000 in land to each Smu for the establishment of Agricultural Cniver v89 informally parsed, over a report made bytffe same gentleman last sea-io- on the subject of Agriculture, witii varions amendments. Adopted. Messrs. C. R. Culvert, G. W. P. Curtis, B. F. French and D. Jay Browne, of Washington, were appointed a committee to memorialize Congress in favor of establishing an Agricultural Department. Mr. Curtis delivered au eloquent closing addra-9- . A vote of thanks was given to President Wilder. Society then acjourned tine die. Mr. J. R. Sweeny, ot New York, who was As tist nt Doot keeper of the House last session, and ir. Simoneuton, correspondent of the New York Times, were examined to-da- y by the investigating eominittec. Mr. Treplet, formerly Chief Clerk of .he Pension Oflice, aud Mr. Chubb, broker, have een summoned. The superintendent of public printing asks an tppiopriatioti ol $247,000, the amount required o finish the printing ordered last session of Con- gress. New York, Jan. 17. Ths City of Washington has arrived at Sandy nook. Con-ol- s for money and account closed at 9 JJ-- ; by Liverpool circular of Richardson, Spence ii Co , on the SOtb. The Arabia arrived at Liverpool on the morn- ing of the 28b. Cotton The steamer's news caused an advance. On Saturday, there was no ms.rket sales of two Jays 30,00 bales, of which speculators and ex- porters took 11,000: Fair and Middling qualities tn proved J; lower qualities ; Middling Orleans 16 ; Fair Mobile aud Middling Uplands 7 mar- ket firm. Wheat Holders demand an advance. Canton was bombarded on the 24th by the Brit- ish under Admiral Seymour. There has been a great advance of teas in the British market. Swiss affairs were nnchanged when the steamer left. There are rumors of peaceable negotiations. There has been a new Minister appointed to Washington, but the name has not yet been di vulged. New York, Jan. 17. Flour 6 806 45; Wheat idvanced 2 cent"; Corn aiirancinj;; Pork buoyaut, at 20.75. 20. S7; Beef, Lard aud Whiaky firm. Additional Foreign Nvus. Twelve British seamen were sciz'td at Canton. The British Consul interferred but wat insulted, ind while remonstrating with the Chinese Govs. mor-Gener- he was treated with contempt. The matter was placed in the hands of Admiral Sey mour. On the 21st ol October hostilities cotn mei.ced, and on the 24th the forts of Canton were ukeo and several destroyed. The Governor still rejected Seymour's demand. A fire wts opened on the 27th on the city walis, and the Governor's' Palace walls were also stormed on the 29th. The tio ps penetrated the Palace, but were withdrawn in th evening. The Briti-- h loss was three killed snd twelve wounded. Attempts at negotiation continuing fruitless. The city was bombarded ou the 3d aud 40i of November, aud ou the 6:h twenty-thre- e w ar j inks were destroyed by the British steamer. Further time waa giveo, but the Chinese remained Vstiuate. WaiiioTosj, Jan. 17. Senate not in tession. House. A biil was introduced granting lands to New Mexico, Kansas and Missouri for railroad pur-losc- s. On motion of Mr. Greenwood, a resolution was adopted calling ou the President for a com- plete 1st of persons charged with disbursements of public monies, who have failed for more than a year lo settle their accounts, and the reasons for such ueglect. Niw Orlkans, Jan. 16 Returned Nicaraguma jive contradictory but generally sl accounts of the capture on Sau Juan river effected by an American named Spencer, formerly mate on one ol the company's boats, and 300 Costa Ricans, of all thd liver boats, the foru of Cast l!o and San Carlos. They took both of Walker's Lake steam- -' era, leaving Walker only a schooner and a few ban-tjoi- s. Several officers are passengers on the Tex- an, soma say Walker ia a gone case), others are hopeful,and report Spencer iu tbe bay of Vaudetbilt, and that the British arrested bim with gun boat--. Three bundred men adder Luckbridge at Punta Arenas, attempted to the boats lying there, rat tbe British commander gav ooiice that b would not allow it. Washington, Jtn. 17 W, F. McAmey hat arrived with a petition from Kansas asking Con- gress lo donate lands for the establishment of lui veriiiet and Seminaries of learning in that Ter- ritory. The I'rcriJent La approved the bill amending the act for proportion and efficiency iu the Navy biiL COMMERCIAL. DAILY TATttlOf OFFICF, I Jaacaar 18, iui 7. CtTToa Th.rt wai rather mora eoofldancw aaxicg bayera o Saturday. Wt beard, of aalaa af about bO bales at f,tj 11 bO. lletail Domestic Market. I'er pwaod, tl iEsj. ' KM. Per doaea, !tfV. " BsOot-Uar- ua talus; NMldri t7c, Sides Tafia. Laao Teliing at ladc pee ptwad; dad. Maai-W- t quota it at tuasV per bsnhc!; from wagaat Ti a rwuii. I uwa fWUlng at S M per lot) postoda tor tupwrfisa. Inivsut Futa-- M 5 A M lb sacks. Cons We qata our a at 4 per bveboi. Waaar W beat cam mandt t-i- Dtiaa Ftcrr Aptiausamaod It CO per bases)!. Peeled Peaches are worth ta M, ntd li W.piiTavoaw Iriab Potatoes art worth iVo tn-- wamna; f '. a I TO ia retail. . tu.io aa e.img at 1 IW. Tvirs i' pee barbet CASH AXD ClIEAl'SYSTEU ADOPTFDl Cresson's flcdd flotillas Bazaar, so. T CMOS iTmrrsi AiK viLix, Wiib ta enur!f tVs ateelt al ' l cad y- -l n A c-- C I o t U I u g ratvaratHk sua auaaars jura caaar tsaa. Ttftr aii k a WAPie'e aasaruaaal afGentletuen Furniahins Cootl, WllCLUULS AD RiTAlL, At the l.utvt t Cttlt Tiicea J! (W.'lliav I'lMtalaw r( ass-- ' 3s SPECIAL NOTICES. Rheumatisni, In itsmost aggravated farm, disappea: ' from the ty-te- m like frost before the rialog tan, when Car Tia's tun tt Kixtcbi is brought to bear opon it. Th great purifier of the blocd divca at once to the root of a ' such diteases, and drivea it from limb to limb, and joint t joint, UDtil its atrorigbold ia captured, and it ia forced out t the system through the pores of the akin. Let the safer in try it and become healed. janlt S Hclloway'l Pilla. Seekers of health, those dyspepti ortafiermg from weakness, er d.bi:ity ol any kind, shoul ' take a course of these fine medicines, which will quickly rr ttore them to health, as they never fail to cure if used ac- cording to the directions which accompany each box. Bold at the manu'artories. No. 80 Maiden Lane, New Tork, and No. 244 Strand, London; and by all drogirists, at 25c, 62c and tl per pot or box. jan!4-l- w Great Cure of Rheumatism- - The editors of the Richmond Republican, of Dec. 24th, 1353. says that Car- ter's Spanish Mixture is no quack medicine. They had a man in their press-ioo- m who was aflicted with violent Mercurial Rbeamatbm, who wat continually complaining of misery in tbe back, limbs and Joint; hit eyes had become fereriah and mattery, neck swollen, thro t sore, and all the symptoms of Rheumatism, combined with Porofula. Two bott'et of Carter's Spanish Mixture cured him, and, in an editorial notice as above, they bear tef timony to its wonderful effects, and say their only re- gret is, that all suffering witn dixeaie of the blood are not aware of the existence of such a medicine. Thaj cheerfully recomend it. See their certificate, and notice ia full arsand the bottle. janlu-S- w BEST HAIR DTE IS THE WORLD. Tbit it ttiouj language, yet Boolb's FLtcraic Una Dva (recently improved) waa proved to be to, by the judges at tbe late Mechanic'! Fair, held in Boston, (among whom was Dr. Hays, the eminent chemist and State assayer) who awarded It the PRIZS MEDAL AND DIPLOMA, over the choicest Hair Dyes on exhibition from all parts cf the Union. Its unparalleled superiority consists in, 1st. Tbe ingredients are nourishing to the lair, not destructive, as others. 2d. Does not stain nor hurt the skin. 8d. Is easily applied and dyea the hair any color required, from a delicate brown to a deep black, to natural as to appear marvellous. Manu- factured, sold and applied by WM. BOGLE, 277 Washington street, Boston declO tiilmaySl A PERFUMED BREATH. What lady or gentleman would remain under the curse of a disagreeable breath when by using the "Balm or A Thohsixd Flowirs" as a dentri-Be- e, would not only render it sweet but leave the teeth white as alabaster? Many persons do not know that their breath is bad, and tbt subject is to delicate their fnendg will never mention it. Pour a single drop of "Balm" on your tooth brush and wash the teeth night and morning. A fifty cent bottle will last a year. A BEAUTIFUL COMPLEXION may eally be acquired by using the "Balm or a Tbocsasd Flowuu." It will re- move tan.piTiplea and freckles from the skin, leaving it of a soft and roseate hue. u et a towel, pour on two or three drops, and wash the face night and morning. SHAVING MADB EASY. Wet your shaving brush In either warm or cold water, pour on two or three drops of Balm or a Tbocsasd Kloweu," rub the beard well, and It will make a beautiful soft lather, much facilitating the operation of shaving. Price only fifty cents. Forsake by all Druggists. Beware of ounterfeita. None genuine unless tinned by W. P. PETRI PRE C CO. Sept2-daw- 6m Franklin Square, N. T. William.! Pulmonic Bals nn of Wild Cherry and wood Kaptha. THE GREAT SOUTHERN REMEDY. Jt speedy and positive cure for consumption. It Is a cer tain remedy for Pheumonies, Asthma, Spitting of Blood, right Sweats, Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds, Plurisy, Whooping Cough, and all diseases of the chest and lungs, together with all the afections which predispose to the above named com plaints. All rersons who have used it in the above named complaints attest to its efficacy in tbe most unqualified terms. This invaluable medicine is for sale by all the drug, gists throughout the Southern and Western States. Manu. facturedby A. L. WILKINSON CO., Uuntsvilie, Ala.. to whom all orders must be addressed. Hear what the Hon. Jikb Clbmiks says of Its nature. Persons who buy one bottle are sure to get a second. HuxTSVUXt, March 6, 1SM5. Gists: I have used Dr. Charles Williams' Pulmonic Bal sam of Wild Cherry and Wood Naptha with the happiest fects. A negro man, now belonging to my father, who has been for several years afllicted wi h a distressing congh, is appareLtly restored to good health by the use ot one bottle alone. I have used it also In other cases, and nona without de cided benefit to the patient. Very respectfully, JERE CLEMENS. Messrs. A. L Wii.kihso A Co., Huntsville, Ala. Da. Chas. Williams: DbabImi: I take pleasure in giving my testimony to the virtues of jonr excellent "Pulmonic Balsam of Wild Cher- ry. Haying used several b ttles in my family, with de cided advantage in every case, I can recommend it as the best and most pleasant medicine I have ever seen. W. D. F. 8AWRIE. Tuscumbia. March 22,1843. For sale by Kernaa A Rains, Berry k Demoville, G. W. Uendershott, A. R. Roscoe, Evring k Brother, wholesale, Josiah G.Brown. tepi27 dw6m Thi Rmos or Art. In this wonderful age, Art lays her master touches on almost every thins. The ceilings over us and the carpets we tread on, are hallowed by Art. Art winds the railway through the mountaini and the mud; makes her machines of wood and Iron, to act as M with knowledge and anwhilates space with lightning tamed down to the tuteledge of a boy. Nothing is too lofty for her tonch and nothing too humbis. A new proof of this old conviction has just falle n under our notice, in the shape of a Cathab-ti- o Pill, from the Laboratory of that world renowned Chemit,Dr. C.J. Afta. If we understand the subject, he has carried that article to the farthest perfection of which It Is capable. Instead of employing Drugs .c its composition, as we have always thought the necessary and only way, he has with consum mate skill extracted the riri es of the medicine to be em ployed andcrmbined them alo.- e in their purity together. The composition la then mixed and rolled by machinery and tteam powerlnto asperold pill which it wrapped in an en velope of gelatine, for protection from the eflecta of weather or time, and then thickly coated with sugar, to serve as its passport over the palate. Notwithstanding all ihe labored perfection they are offered to the Public at leas than ont eenteach. However humble the department, we think thit may be eafe'y characterized as t. e consummation of Art in Its line. Jloruihff Xic. fbij. Are 11 (jetliner Itald ? Is your hair turning grey 1 Do you wish to cultivate good whiskers and moustaches f Your hair to be soft, tiiky and glossy f Your head to be cool, comfortable and free of ff Mothers 1 are your children to have luxuriant heads ofhairf Then tisa Boolb's HvrtatoB Flcid, mhich twrsr 1uVln its onerriug effects. Prices S eta. 60 cts, 7fi cts, and 11 60 per bottle. Bogle's Balm of Cytherla ttandt unri valled for eradicating tan ajd pimples, and beautifying the complexion. Price 60 eta. Inventor and proprietor, W. Bogle, Boston, and told by Druj-gis- everywhere. myblly. Pianos and iMiialc We learn that Horace Waters, of 888 Broadway, N. Y., agent for the sale of many of the most celebrated makers of Pianos and Melodeons.lt offering them at prices which wt aoviae all who deaira to purchasa to avail themselves of. He is also selling his large and wi Catalogue of Music at one-thir- d off from tht regular prices, and wiil forward the tame free of postage. Ilia offers to the trade, teachers, and schools, are of the most favorable character all of which he wll ibe able to fill to the letter, for having wisely adopted the cash system. Tht Horace Watera' Pianos are known at among the very best. Wa art enabled to speak of those instruments with soma degree of confidence, from personal knowledge of their ex cellent tons and durable quality. K. )'. Kcnnglil. Slar x-jp-'o XTiflcs. ALL Sportsmen who are in want of a good and reliable Oun, especially adapted for large game, Dear, Ac are in- vited to call at tbe ttore of Fall and Cunningham, No. 4T Public Square, aud examine "Sharp't Patent Sportlag Rifle, wkleh in rapidity of Firing, accuracy of aim, and length of range it far tuperior to any Oun tver invented, and unlike any other Patent Gon heretofore Introduced it constuction It so exceedingly simple that it Is not more liable to "get oal of order than the common Kentucky Ride. F. A C. have also a few bhot Guns made oa tbe same Pa- tent. tylt em. CONSUMPTION CURED. Be not deceived by base Imitations. UEGEMAX. CLARK k CO'fl GENUINE C0r UVAR OIL, never disappoints and aint years' experience) has proved It superior ta all others, and tbt only reliable cur fir CONSUMPTION. As there it a great deal of apu. loot oil in tb market adul- terated with teal oil, whale oil, Ac, Ac, too anncn cart can-n- ot be taken to procure the Genuine. Our O LI is made at our own factory In Newfoundland, and each bottle bat aur ngnttart aver tb cork, be careful to get HbosmaB, Class A Co., for tine tbt death of Mr. ReaaToa, oar lata partner, there bta been an article Intro, daced called Raahuxi's, which it In no way aunaecled with R. C. A tV, or H. C A Co. Sold, by J. 0. Brown, twin Brea., and by Djugi-'at- a gen-ral- ty orul Asa ADistinuislied Stranger. 1 1 A It V i; V, the great PbLadaiphla CCTTE R," being bilged to aek a geaial c 11 mala In aonaeqaenca of xpatrwd health, fcs Wealed bimtrlf at oar Room-- , IS Cedar strevt, and wilt take Bseasarea and show eostomert Cloths, Caaaimera tiui Testing ia great variety, from which krxy saay ar.l lo aait Luaatseivet. Our Sur is rU of al kuxissr KC.tDV IAUL' CLOTH l.tJt;, a ad tht Stack ef turnuUag gowu wat twver twrpasaed ia Nash villa. Mi4--if CUrTO A AtaOTT. VAl.t AIILi:IAXD SOU MLC, rCFFIS for aa't that pwtioa ef tb. Tract af woa Taraptka opctotiu tba iierwiiuura, eoutamiig a . ' aaoat Pevea Haodred Aorta. Yaw'! baa at. 6 1tr haadrwS aetata cuiuvalHM), srayieg about theAuB- -dned acrs who is. Tat wheat natty teUpttki U a:cfc rua. ns ! wUI al-s- n ahoat Threw IlarutrvdtmJ Twenty Acre Poata of sat Evroural m iiiKt, fr jaliog aWat bail a sail) a Use Lcbtaoa Tarapiie. tbte tract m aua wU walaiaa ssa rsn.rV.b y Uvorwt 'or Mark rai.iag. TboM awarotta af pairif ar nrfrrrsd) La Messrs. Lie-W- y A OrxMkfU.af Nusviu. for ihv urtaaoi paytocot 1 tor asaaaw wtruml owacnpuoa ef thy ve'(-rty- . Jaa 6 kS. A. J. iwj.Nf LiOM. AIIV, 1 p.rt fcawina. Use, haitet aaa a 'at ears, iits r.a t.. '',, , uts eny. .Wa-as- !- - taaw.-J-- a MAi W DU AIf. tftaa .an ti. it"iir --- AUCTION SALES. BEQTjLAS ATJCTION SALE OF GEOCEUrES BY II. S. FRENCH &, SON. ON TUESDAY, Jan. 20, lT, at 10 o'clock, A. M., we willin front of our Warehouse, corner of Mar ket and Cla-- k streets, the following ai tides, to wit: IIS) hhds Sugar, 100 bxs best Tallow Candlet. 25 bbis Loat ciugar, W boxes Cheese, 60 bbts Crushed tugar; 600 bbls Whisky, assorted 200 bags Rio Coffee; brands,' 60 bags Lacuyra Coffee; 25 bbls American Brandy. 25 bags Java Coffee; 10 X bbls do do, 60 ca. ks super Caibonalt 10 bbls Gin, cf Soils, 10 bbls O. Rum, 1000 kg- - Nails, 60 bbls Ju'ias II. Smith's old 60 bbls Vinegar, Reserve Whisky, loll duz Buckets. 25 bbn Old Bourbon Whisky, loo ools Molasses, zo Doisum nye vtniaky, SO bbis Mackerel, Not. 1, 2, 100,000 extra Cigars, various and 3. brands. 10 bags Pepper, 100 boxes Meiee Cigars, 60 bags Giniter, l'KI boxes Cheroots, 2 ce.roons Indijo, 107 botes Tobacco, W. H.2( boxes star Can JIet, House anl other brands, 'JtO K boxet do; 50 boxea Jars, 2o0 3f to Uo, 100 boxes Tumblers. Togeiher with Vriout other articles In our line. Jan. 15 H. S. FKENCH k SON, Auction Sale of Groceries BY JOHJJSOX E0S1T & CO.fS TITUHSDAY, tht 22d, ntt.. at 10 o'clock. A. M., weV will offer for cash, in front of oar ttore, the followine J aeticles.-t- o which we would invite the apec.al attenuon the trade : 100 hhds Prime and Choice Sugar: 4 V bairs choice Rio Coffee: ion barrels Molasses SO bbls oroshe I Su-ar- , 200 bbls Whisky; tOO Reams Wrapping Paper: and snndrv other articles, JOHNSON, ilOSN A CO., ,n 12 td Corner Broad and Market sta. Large Auction Sale by TIIABUE & LUCAS, 50. 74 PUBLIC SQUARE. NASHVILLE. TEJTS. Um will sell on TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY, 20th and21st, on account of all concerned, a large and well as orted of Stock of 8tap'eaud Fancy Dry Goods, Ready-Mad- e Clothinir, Boots, frhoes. Brogaus, Soft Fur and e and Wool Hats, Hardware, Cutlery, Queensware, Wrapping Paper, Ac. The St ck consists in part at follows: CLOTHS, CASSIJffEBES AND VESTING3, Jeans, Tweeds, Kerseys 2,tHH) pieces Prints, assorted kinds; Red and White Flannels; Plaid l.inseys; De Lanes and Cassimeres; Merinos and Alpacas; Plains, Alpacas and Solid Delaines; Pebuges and Poplius; Black Sil s; Plaid and Brocade Silks; Kmbroidered Collars and Undersleeves; Jsconta and Book Muslins; Shirt Bosoms; Linen and Cambric Handkerchiefs: Cotton Flannel, Towel and Table Diapers; Needles, Pins, Threads of a I ind; Wool and Cotton Hoisery: Silk Hosiery, Ac. And in fact we will offer almost every article wanted in a Retail Stare. BOOTS AFD SH023. Our Stock of Boots and Shoes Is nnusuallv larve: we haveTenTnousand Dol'ars in Boots and Shoes, of the best "iu"'. anu aimost every description or ttoota and shoes wanted, CLOTHING AND HATS. A good assortment of Coats, Pants and Ytstt; Fine L. B.chirts; Suspenders, Cravats, Gloves, Haif Hose; Under Sh rts, Ac, Ac; tort, Fur, Cassiuiere and Wool Hats in great variety. HARDWARE. 10 boxea Axes; 10 d. feii Shovels and Spadet; 2'tfl setts Knives and F.irss; Pad Locks, Plaining Bitts, Ac, Ac. QUEEXSWARE. 15 cratet Queenware, assorted in crates of common and granite ware; W rapping Paper, Letter Psper 10 buses of Tacks assorted, lnO papers in a box. All ofthe above goods are consigned to us without limit. and will be offered freely to MerchanU only. Terms liberal.jan3 TKaBUE A LT'CsS Valuable iXy Vroperly FOR SALE IN pursuance if a Deed of Trust, executed to me by J. C.Leak, on the 14th of March, liSS, for the purpose of se curing certain debts therein ret forth, I shall proceed to tell, at Public Auction, for Cash, on SATCKDAY, the 81st day of January, at the Court House Gate, in the city of Nashville, the following described property, vis: A Houie and Lot at the Corner of Broad and Market sta , bein lot No. 1 in the College Lots, now occupied as a Drur Store by Roscie. ALSO Aalot of Ground In the city of Nashville, front-ing4- l4 feet on Spruce street, being lot No. 6 in S. V. D. Stout's plan. ALSO. A vacant Lot on Cedar street, being lot No 7 In same plan. AI.SO A Lot on Cedar street extended, at the edge of the Corporate limits, and on the Charlotte turnpike, front-4- 0 feeton said turnpike and running back 150 feet. ALSO The undivided half of a Lot in South Nashville, fronting 65 feet on College street: J. B. Watson owning the other half. ALSO An interest of f3 500 In a debt due from Jesse Page and secured by Deed of Tru't. Sale to take place within the hours prescribed by law. an6 td K. A. (.'OLE, Trustee. REMOVAL. rpiTE FUNKKAL UNDEKI'AKINit ESTABLISHMENT1 OF J. W. M'COMBS, is removed to Church street, the old stand, in the near house recently built by Dr. Yrutig, where we are ready, at usual to give our atteution when called on. J W. M'COMBS. iau3 ar w. a. cobmblibs. I1ANDUSIA SGM1IVAKY. THE undersigned, la'e Professor of Laniruages In theUniversity, having sold his Farm on the Mid- dle Franklin Turnpike, is a 'out to remove to the place be has purchased on the Gallatin Turnpike, 1 X miles from the Nashville Bridge. The next session of the Seminary will therefore te opened there on Monday, the 2d of Febru- ary, 18S7, and continue to the 1st of July For health and morals a better neighborhood can no where betonnd. All the b anches,coniiiuting a thorough tuglish, t'laaaical and Mathematical Education, will be diligently uughr, and such a course of intellectual discipline pursued as wiil be bout calculated to develop harmoniously all the 'acuities of the mind. Strict parental attention will be paid to the morals, manners, habits ami health of pupils. A few addi- tional Boarding Pupils can be received. Day Scholars art tlvi resjiectlully solicited. Terms, lor the former, llK)per sewisu of live months, payable in advance; for the latt t- -, ii. Llnl 8wJ NA1HL. CR0SS.1 ATTO It X E V A T la A W , NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE, OFFICE NO. 4 CHERRY STREET, CP STAIR". THE ONE FORMERLY OCCUPIED BY DR. THOMPSON. PirtVnlar attention given to the collection of Claims. All business entrusted to his cart will meet with prompt attention. Judg J. 8. Bbiks, Rev. A. L. P. Gatta, Dr. J. B. MoFaaais, W. A T. II. GaBatmsLa k Co., LtfDflLBT k Caocxrrr. derl5 ly Law INotice. rKO. R.EAXIN, formerly of Nashville, has resumed the of law in the aeveral Law and Equity Courta of bsafs)an, Cnrrst and Faisxua countiei. Collections rill receive promot attention, t xT Post Ortice and residence at Wartraoe Depot, Bed-nr- tt annntv w aplm tf JAMBS WOODS. A. t. MtJUUTT. WOODS & MEEEITT, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, NAMiril.l.t:, TEX 31 OfBca No. fl9 Cherry atreet lae,1 4 i) It . It . 31 A It T I N NO. 8 NORTH SPRUCE ST., t ' xiiivii.i.i:. n:". Dlt. JOHN II. CALLENDEIt, will devots himself to his profeaaion. OFFICE WITH DRS. KELLT A KADDI5. SO. 3'J C11EUKV M rUEET, CP STAIRS. declO Dlt. JOHN II. MORTON tenders his Professional (terriers to thtRESPECTFULLY and vicinity, Ofl.ce No 81 Cher- - ry sueet. Jane dlywj 'wSx-rtE- Y & Co.- - (sccocsv)aa to wbiti.et a atana,) FAMILY GROCERS, SOUTH SIDE PUBLIC SQUARE, NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE. THE ajbve firm having purchased tht ttoek of Fatrl'yof Whitley k Reese, are prepared to supply those who saay favor tliem with pttronage, apoa very fa- vorable A constant supply of aruciet In the Family Grocery line., Jaolfl lsa MANUFACTURES OF Coach anil Wagon Harness, NO. It DXADERICX STREET, NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE, f Y AVINO withdrawn from the Bras of Howerton Wftkla-I- I son, has located at tbe above place, where b will be grad to -- ea a'.l bi old fnenoVand others in want of aay thing in the way ef baautett. Repairing done at tbe euoneat no- tice. JanlO 1st A. J. FRANCISCO, rv-y- . aAacricrcaBa aso aauLBa ia HATS. CAPS AND V ? Ma. t3 Patalir eaart' NAIIVaa-I.E- , OUli HOLIDAY HAT.Y7t ar ge una T beaauh.1 atytaw ef the M0LSSsilN HAT fcr the Tbom who art teekingtoaBrthing tatty te adtwa ifcetr eranfaeaa wtu please call andaxamtna thost beaatifai att hta at the Hat Empertnia,NautS Pukar Sqaare. iUro A. J. FLAMCtH. LADIES' DRESS FUHS. HOLIDAY GIFTSo FO.tTill LAD! I S. rpi!0.--E who are di'oowd ta aaake Cbrisaaat NewX Yaara Frwnla ta taur xreads, swwi brts) act wives, taaat bear la taiad thai tb aao.a afuse-pru- u praal k--r auh as arcuioa .as fcand-m- a --erTroy ri iis." whavs au I on hand aevwraJ cwaarl svut, bo b lor LaUiaa, a and Matrons, la wbioa we btvita t t atteauoa etlovett, baabaads aa4 at the hat Se4 Far Enporiaua af deeatf A. J. FB.ACLLO, SA Putoia 4oar Utv. ahi: rosTiTi.r iikuvhH oa laNA Hri Ayryyle and aaaiity seta Amb4 l th ra.tuco.aa H.t kfponauaet tarau A. i. leUkCJSOO. as 1 1 iiata'Wta ti its a aa a .f vv -- rl .a4aaaU.ar.ai. ijiit KEDXTCTION 0? YEEIGHTS FROn NEW lOICK TO CHAKLESTOIV, M'CREERY & HOOK J Cotton Factors, CO JfJDSSIOir AKD F0SWA2DI5Q KELCZlLSm, BKOtVTi'S Wll ARC, Charlestons S. C. W1XI promptly attend to the sale ef all kinds of PROto the RECEIVING AND FORWARDING tt Goods, and to the filling of orders in this market. The Steam Ship Companies having reJnced the freight to tight cents per foot, makes this the cheapest and quickest route by which to ship Goods to Tennessee. Alabama ami Kentucky from the Northern Cities. Ail thip and forwards ng eharget will follow the goods to their destinationjt14 tf Thos. S. Wayne & Son, SA VAXXAU. GEORGIA. TX7ILL give strict and prompt attention to receiving snd v V forwarding Merchandise of every description, Jailing and Shipping Coiion , Tobacco, Wheat, Corn, Flour, Bacon, Wool. Ac. angll erw BTBSXISa LSStSM. SMSr.B! LAMIBSU IaAiIIAR house,(f'oimerly Oilman foues,) XSjra.o3Cxrillo, Tonn.S. S. L.AIEIi, Proprietors. M Swl fXil 1 i V ff ls'U nf I.unlaiw W.aa. afl. .nd Mampsos Lasisa. late cf Tuskeiee. Ala., .ill h--h.n , meet Mt,al.t nd custom. at the Lamar Hou where thty have omple accomodations tor 250 persona, novf BROWN'S HOTEL, OPPOSITi: TUK PASS K UK K DEPOT, rwIcoTJL- - Ga.E. 11. U1U)., Proprietor. B. F. DENiE, SUrBBlSTKBDtWT. Meala Seady on the Arrival of Every Train, ilT-- ly r SOCTH-Wr.ST- En SEED AKLf AGRICULTURAL WAREHOUSE 519 5Iain Street, LouisYille, Ey. WE now i tier for tale, in quantities to suit purchasers:5,('H) bushels Kentucky Blue Grass Seed; 2,tl"0 " Orchard Grass " 5' '0 " He rus U rass orRedTcp" 5'ld " Tiaiothy A I. S O Sand'ord't Patent Straw Cutter, No. 1. Price flfi CO . .u "J. JJ 00 Little Giant Corn and Cob Miil, "1. 80 00 " " " " "2. " an 50i. M it u u 8. 60 no "4. " 0 00Southern Corn Shei.er. 10 00 Meat Cutters from ft o to 10 ooSausage StnTert from 9 00 to S 6e A liberal discount made to dealers. tepl2T PITKIN BROTHERS. a. a. IA M. BLACK G00DE & BLACK, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, JI'LFSSAJi COI :.YH, TEXAS. ectSl dtwtf a. pattwb. j. ooixtsa. J. S. BTT0B. PATTEN, HTJTTON & CO., PATTEN, COLLINS & CO., M A V. ( . Commission Werchanis ANDFactors.ILL receive on consignment ail kinds of Prodace.y y Liberal ad.iinee. mafe lw A. HO UK, Keceiwinr'orwardinaudCommlaai. .''IcrcliHii t,Dteatur, Alabama, HAS alarge and Commodious Warehoaat I m- - s;ston the hank of the River. . M itLJ nTt.-'n- .i' wuCvAaa PEKKIiS CO., General ComiMission Merchants, KFsW OULKAX8.W. M. PERKINS. aeptxO dtwaw w. miLLirt. wm eiBAiB. a. bixob. j. bixob, jr." C, V. FH1LLIPS COa. SUCCESSORS TO WILLIAMS, PHILLIPS CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS 38 I SIOX VI KI FT, oetl ly A'i W OK LEAKS To Stove Dealrrs. PAY NT, iTee"" C Oa,33 i glo 37 o ix jtl ci.ry.No. 23d Liberty Street, I'lTiSIU KGII, Pa., MASUFACTCRERS of Cooking. Parlor and Hea'tnfRanges, Urate Fronts, Fenders, Ac. A general assortment of Stoves for Wood or Coal, suitablt for tbt Southern Trade, constantly on hand. taw Orders reepeetfully solicited. fshft-daw- ly WTB7Tl IiFFKRl, & CO.; IVo. 5i --Market Street, Second door from tht Square. Havb received a large and desirable stock of STAPLI AHJ FANCY Dry Good's, Eoots, Shoes and Hats. Whicu will be aold low for Cash. Wt havt alao a larsre lot .1bitog-an-- s on hand, which we will sell under tht Market Priee for Cash. Comt and look. octS 8ns. w3S GIFJ5EKT & CO., Auction and Commission Merchants, NO. 37 BROADWAY, CUJiJiSS COLl-Mal-" ST. JOHN V. GILBERT Auctioneer. IINai GOLD WATCHES A0 GOLD JEWELRY kepton hand, and for aale on better term a than any house in Nashville, Al o.Gilt Jewelry in grt.t va- riety for sale to dealers on y. t y We sell at Auction every night. We duplicate and tell (loo.)i during tht dty at Auotlon Prices. You can tave from 10 t j J5 per cent, tn all tb.Goods yon wUb to buy in our liue, by jut calling at Oil BERT A CO.S, JanlS No. 87 Broadway. FINE GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES WE bave iust received, by r.xpreas, from enr Agent laNew York, a splendid assortment of Fine Watches,(with a lew Compa.) and Gold Jewelry, embracing all the new and lateat atylei. Port Mooaea, Ladies' Sue WorkBox., with Letter, Note, Cap and IMI Paper; Acrordeena, Flutes, Violins, Pistols and Double-Barr- Phot Guns, for salecheapby UUB'RT A CO.,janlJ o 87 Broad Street. THOUSANDS OF FANCY ARTICLES! rPUK subscribers have Just received the largest stock ofJ. Fancy Gooda, la their line, .yer offered for salt ia thit eilv Amongst this g'ea variety will be round 100 FANCY BiRi GAtilbS, selected from tht bast aseort-me- rt in New York. 0 BASKETS of all kinds and qualities. BRASS, Bronte and Iron Candle t ticks. RATTAN, l Olire Chairs. BitlTTANIA and Block Tin CoJee and Tea PoU.ChlntstTea Caddie. AUJ- -4 K) Ornaments. for Etageret and What Kott. ttany of these article were seieciad for Hot Ida y ales, but having arrird too late for that joyooa oeeaasioa wUl now be sold at the most trifling advance npna tbe erwt. Jan 13 WILSON k MACK AMU. IMPORTANT TO HOUSE KEEPERS. JTST RKCKIYKD Bth Bricks, for CleaniBf Knlvtt.Glue, fur preparing rurniture. French Tripoli Powder, fur pointing Sliver Ware, Plate,Ac, Ae. Renovating PuSiah, fr cleaning Brass. Copper, Steel,Iren, and other gotMla of thai description. HVobWi Polih, lor renewing rid Furniture, Carrlagt Bodies, Harneae, Ac .which has the effect of making aid earn era, harness or furniture look at food a new. JuulJ MACKENZIE k WlL8Q!t. NOTICE. T. BRADSHAW atid A. V. RUTLAND have parebaa-- . td from Metsrt. Koaaavwoa k IfAaatau. their entire Stock of Foots, Shoes, Hats, Trunks, Ac, and woold re- spectfully inform tbe old patron of the late Bros and tbe public generally, that Ui, y mlend keeping at the old ataad. No. U, College Street, a well selecUd Retail Mock lor La- dies', ttentleoit b's, r.d Chddr.n't wear, whicb tbey will ellforCArH and CA.11 ONLY. We hop, by strict at- tention to basilicas, lo merit sLare ef the pub.it pakrea-ag- t. NOTICE. HAYING diapmted of our Mi ck ef Boots. Sheet, Ac, tt)BasbsaAW A RrTLAto, we uke great please re ia treommens! ng uiera to Ui oM petruas ef the 1st. Ann, and beapaat for tbem aahsr oftbe patronage ef Oi. public geaaraiiy. RobtaTst). k UABUiaLL.jact THE EXCITE KENT SCT ABATED AT NICHOLSON'S, U. Itl.lCMtL Alt!.. XT still tave oa band tome of IVm beaatifaiiui:sh (;ooi)s.And being eot cur present stock balurewe get ear PUI!aU UtsOlfs et will eff.y warasireule til ska may favor as iih s ca.l. aWssdaa DHL!i oOoLtt, wt a gnud lsrtji nt ef i: m ii ii o i it i: n i i: i AVrappin? aud Staple Goods, AUaf which Wa will sell very cheap. tV We will ai. a-- ajer ataay wbllgaitaste to ear Waissaars if ihey will call and settle ep ait patl aeeoeaitv at M wiil rwaost at tt da buaiaaaa proas!?JaJ tC. .lCHOf JO CO. STOVES, ST0VS7 CONLEY cSTJOHNSON M A N L' F A CTURZK3 OF Tb, fepper aa J Shret Iron Warts, Vo. 19 ro4 vt, ax J 94 SoaA If uk.it it., .AMlVll Lli Ti:.l. A 1 now ratal air a; et tf Lb. Urgent 11 and sieat Aratratue let. of Sv. aaa a4Oratea ef keda aaA paitrne tk4 baa -- tver kwea brvaghl so tbe SBatkM. Wholesale and lletail.Atae AU k:al ef tjp La Ati SHtkT ItO WOE a all kia 't ! ac j r(, aa, imums, aWtu.g Mala. ll!M--, f Fattomrs, Suil a4tHAUilery Waraa, A , Ac tarauvt and rk4 tan saaJa asd wpsireJJ at Ik.BtM'taa tocir As ti.aj do sot luieod M b. steraij by aay, ail woafcl do eeli ta gi tven a rail atlwi parcfeaaina atetiBwra. A J k b ta t( a - t tu.r- - A : esa i . , fC- - LTaYinr associated with me in my buainesa Mr. W. II. MucTa, onr arm at now at below. J Ad. B. CKAlGHIAy. NashvUle, May 1, 1858. jambs a craighbad w- - arracanBi. GRAICHEAD & M1HCH1N, laniBTtasnr Ilardware and Cutlery, and deal- ers iiolesale and lletail. Prouipt customers will be allowed the usual time on account, and liber- al inducements offered to caslipurchasers. So. 29 Public Square, NasaTille. ert1 HEW FIRM. THE unde-!gne- d bave thit day formed a Copartatr Jilpthe style of AOEL & CO., For the parpoae of transacting a Whole'a't Oreeerr. and Forwarding Bcsinese in this city, H tb. larg. and comm. d ons Warehoase. No. 1 Pouth i ollege etrtes, turner cf Spring tfeet. We will, at sil times, kpea hand a large and varied assortment ef Groceries, ssach aa this market requires, and at prices which will ao tkabt pie seal) who may favor at with their custom. Car beat exertions wiil be devoted to tht salt of Groceries tnd Pre-do- ne consigned to us, and the Receiving acd ForwtrdiBff Business receive onr prospt tttention. We will bay ail kinds of Counter Produce at the behest market prices. Jauuary 1, 5T, O. F. NtKL, an 8. A. 6. NOEL. t. . qcics. aae. t. ataa.QUICK & MEAD, Commission and Forwarding IrlercAianti, WHOLESALE AND RKTaIL Flour and Feed Store, NO. 11 80CTH COLLEGE STREET. YV'HTTF. WHEAT I LOC R, Unbolted Flour.Boeti Wb.al V Flour, Seconds, fhorts. Bran, Corn Meal, Rye Meal, Oats. Corn, and Rye Hominy In store and for aale. WiH be delivered to any part of the aitv free of charge.QUICK k MEAD, Jan3 No. 11 Bouih College st. SilIITII, LOVE & CO., WHOLESALE GROCERS AND Commission Merchant?, Xo. .S Market Street, Nashville. IV STOKK A3ID roil SALE.iO) kers Wheeling Nails; 100 bacs superior Baltlmor. 00 down Wash Boards; Ccff- e; lis) d. sen Painted Buckets; 0 ptgs Brandies, Wines aad Sml bbls Rectified Whisky; Gin; SO bbl ( Id Bourbon Kye 1,000 k X boxea Sardine i. Whikv; totI IS. C. BAIVDY, WHOLESALE GROCER, COMMISSION AND FORWARDING MERCHANT, And Dealer ia Foreign and Doaeatia Lienor if No. 60 COLLBGB ST., BIAB BaOAD, NAttiVILLa, ' yEEPS constantly on hand a full assortment of Crecerl a consisting in part aa follows: 100 hhds Pugar, Fair toCbe c 10 bare SdIc 9' SI ba'S Prime Rio Coffee, 900 bbis. Mackerel,5o.1aa4S, 900 bbls. Molasses, 100 H do do do , IllObbls. do Rose Hill, too kiU do doS, SO bbls. Loaf Sugar, t deeea Painted Backatt, i4 Powdered do., 80 nettt do Tate, SO " Crushed CO, 10 casks Soda, 70 boxes rtaisins. 10 carss.-.ieli- eg, 40 Tea, Imp. andG P., to doxen Plough Llaea, 10 " Pearl ftarch, 0 Bed Cordt, 011 M Tallow Candlet, 10 reels Cotton Ropt, 40 " No. 1 Soap, li) eoiit Manilla da, 4is) Glassware, 9 cases Cigars, 800 ream Paper, 40 bbls. Rectified Waieky, 10 bags Pepper, SO " Vinegar. The highest market price paid IOT teainera, svseaw- a- Ginseng, Flaxseed, Ac, Ac ft?-- Agent for Goose Creek, Beard's, and SUver Sprlag Mrtla Flour. 'P1 U. la. WlLVUlallY, WHOLES ALK GROCER, FRODC'E PEALMB,( U.H.TUMIO.tl ITISiKCllAM'r, aid rsALaa ia Foreign and Domestic Liquora, IRON CASTINGS, $c, C0RJ.IR OF FROST ASB BROAD tTAMTS, It aali ville, Teas. purchaaed the ttock and taken tbt FUndHAYING Anderson, the undersigned is prepared t. hia old euatomers, and aueh new ones aa taa f give him a call, with the very beat Groeeriee that ihe mar- ket will alL-rd- . ryr-s- te will buy all kinds U country proooee, anaui brought to this market. UJ'I K, L. WKAKkEY. T. 1. tc iTT. a. a. CAatco. T. J. SCOTT & CO., Wholesale Grocers, Commission, KeeeivLng; tad F0RWAEDING MERCHANTS, AND DEALERS IM FINE BRANDIES, WINaA.WUlSAI, TuBACCO, ClOARd, AC, K0. 50 BE0ADWAT, HASHVILLS, TOTS. oeill , . COPASTKEESHLP H0TICX-- " this day associated with us Mr. WaXLta U.HAYING in our buainees, we will eon tint, the tamt ander tht firm ut LELLYKTI, AWING k CO. aertw jobs LBLLvrrr. wa. a. urn. an a. awrsa, J a. LELLYETT, EWINO & CO., GROCERS ANO COMMISSION MERCHANTS A5H PIALtRM IM WINES, LIQUOES AUD CIGARS, K08. 10 AND 11 MARKET, SOUTH 01 SPRING ilkllT,; viiiuvniir T r.M ; nov0 UtriwSra C. E. HARDY &l CO., GEO CESS AND C024MISSI0N AGENTS AND DEALKK IN Bacon, Lard, Flour, Fruit, Feather i, and Produce generally, NO. 59 BROAD STREET, NA3UYILLE, TINSI3BII. dec lit . - t;i.niii:H uom-tivrso- x(Ute of J. G. k C. Rebertaon, Bread street- - " confootionorA kt Candy Manufacturer, aud liealer in Fruiti, Nuta, Cigara, Tobaxco, aad Faaey Artielwa, No. 17 Market ttreet, opposite Morris k Siratton'a, OULD retvwetfully Infi rm tbe onsen el NaahsUle aa4 F V surrounding community that he la petSBaaeatly leea-t-ed In the above busin.ta, and would be picaaed to reeeiv. a share of public patronage. EJST" FArticuiar atttnboa paid to ordevt aoca tne eoaadselt lylry "DTW. RUSSELL, HASCFACTTJEEES AHO STEAM BOAT AQETP OFFICE AND STORAGE AT R . L . WEAKLEY'S, Coraer of Broad aad Froat Bu, jTaaaTiUa, Teaa, aaraaaBtat: Drane A Ilale, Cincinnati; Graff, Bennett k C ttabarf-Crane- , Breed k C, do; C Ihmaen Ce, do; . M. Barrett, do; "mltb, GuU.rie k C. La; H. . McComaa, do; Houssman k Smith, Bl Lauttt; And MerchanU of Naahaill. generally. rw-- Orders handed me for Pitlsbarg.Ciaeinnatl, Loelt-vil- ie or St. Louis manoAveturtd articio wUl b. atempUtv deepalcbed decH HENDEESOH BEOS., PRACTICAL PLUMBERS, STJ'.AM AXD GAS FITTERS, 13 DFiADF.II ICK. STHKET, 2JcuslxviXlo , Tonn. alE keepeooauntly oa hand and for tale. Lea Flat)Ft aud f heet Uad ol .very kind; ta ha, Waaa Btaa4.v Hydrants, Water Closets, Lift ao- - F ree Paaape, A. ; Wrought iron Pipe, o at Inob apt 1 .aca; Iroa FltUngt of every k iwdt le suit do; eoaasjcuug t t ca, Aar Ceeaa, aa Globe Valves to suit pipe. Parties la tbe cwuntry can have pipe, cat aad tsrewe4 ta any length, with eoeks aad Stlaagt W teat, by aeataatj drawings. Gorxi taken M river and rwOreade free sa tkargw. eetl - vjlhi? snog. CHARLES F. REGU1N, HOUSE, 110 J, AK3Ornamental Valnler, Ko. 82 CoUesja Street, ap stairs, oppoeit Sevaas Haute, 3aaaLU, Ttaa. J anl ' il. T. FLEJH-Ntt- ,IIouho, Bien, 63 Uaioa V, 3AJST1LLE, (Ceiweea Cbarry aad raaaif tueeta ftT Orders ueat s Cvantry presapby atteaded ta. CStart if W. M. 1 1 ARC RAVE, - SOUSE, 103 ASD 02XA E5TAL fAUTl, UKOAU w l lttiKT, JmI--i taaawlaw llls. T.ttta TOOKS AKD STIOnERY. t itutit thea.tentUiB of Vara tat. aad Trs4en saU' trally ti ear lagv ttock ol School Books aaJ Stathicry. AT WKCLEJALE A5Q EXTALL, At ps4eM wh b eanaulll U pk . Oar stock as" Miscellaneous UooUs It a'. large, aa4 we wiil sell at very lew prtr-- a m Ure whe b4y ve uhs.Tuiini arvuid do w.U to ra aar r Meca. w:J akt Bwwal arrsiMuwiiaa esup( !y Muaoa. cYbVE-N- - AANS, Ajwata, au.-t-l- EaeatHie Fwfttiee-sj- a Pittsburgh Coal and Ccke. . ' (oLi:n tx A i a FHUM'gt Coal aal Ca Bad White FSb.DEALaRS rrwrr ef KrviaJj aatA Ireat atreeta, ea aba) ttsree, Nutrtw, Tena.; tlan taUaUUB d Irevuig a tew stait nrpiy sf ibe aawse arui at rvaaoaabea prv-e- e. ItBH.i. aad Ure euRastaarrt af Outi aad Coke, swppthesl tMswaitraet ua varaus. .otl 1UGH1!5, BIIOTHK1I5,3NO. 2-- 3 UNION' STKKET, NASHVILLE. 6 tzzTZ&is roa tke vxllztv. -- ."a'iS; .JarA. . - a wtnvt
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