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Daily Nashville Patriot Newspaper Archives Jan 19 1857, Page 1

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Daily Nashville Patriot (Newspaper) - January 19, 1857, Nashville, TennesseeNASHVILLE PATRIOT, PUBLISiTKn DAlLr,Tni-Vi;EKL- T A WJEfcliXY, by 62IITH, M OEG AIT ft CO., w. irr. kitu, jona r. osa JOB II. CAf.LCNDEK, aUTHuffT . ( tIOffice, ,o. IS Oeaderich Street. Daily, per annum, no per annum 5 ) Weekly, per annum 3 uo w weekly for l o years, or two Weeklies for oofeat, in ad.'aoce, 5 00 HEAL ESTATE SALKS. spu:nio prjorr.itTv Fun si.r.IWILLre'l upin f ivorable Ur-ns- , or exchanr for ri)y ray S i;o Tract, eobracinir a rout twelve linn-dr- el ae'et of Lant. T.veen Horn- -, jU.ns, Warehouse,Tanpf.ce Road and Ferry acros Can-- v Fork Riv-- .I'h re are about one hunir-- d aal teeV.y-Ov- acre ofFor bv.tin L.-.- d, cleared an! in ol ivation.The bilmc U unusual- - well timbered, and a part of 1 1 verv n o, an I has up- -i it a quarry of very good M rbl!.She fork river ii nu.t, to tii piint for lone sixtr.oritln ot the year, and tlie lochtioo : an excellent one for ding Silt, lroa, Dry Goo1. Ac The Tavern stand is one olth.-B'-- t Naahviile and Knoivlil-- . The toll-- g te an J ferry are a continual source of income, and takea utotih-r- , thit l one of the most desirable piece of pro- perty, fr the price aked, In Tennr-- e. bay or exchange would do wc'l to call on tne foiihwi'h. A L. DAVISdc!K if fT. P. M Pri Ti-- e.Land for Sale. sale (70f) SEVfcN HUNDRED ACRE? OP LASDIyingonlheColti-nhUCeulr- al Turnn'ke T a Boa ...even miles Columbia andfo-- - om Mt. Pie.-an- t,bing a part of the tract on w Ichf - . dr. This Land it ojual if nol superiors anvi n Maury countyt i well watered; (the celebiated Devera Spring being on the part offered for sate) welj limbered and well Improved! There are on the pre.uises aome beautiful buiMing site, frontier the Tarnpike asd the contemplated Rail Road. It will divided toiuit purchasers or aold in a body. For farther inform ion j ply to me at Ashwood P. OfEce, 'Maury county, rcnnKtaee. aogii tf j.rcirs J POLK. Mount Olivet Cemetery. rIIK Di-e- c or of this Corr.p my now announce to theX Public, that thii I'crnrtery has been Uid off with suit- able avenues and waits, and a portion ol the ground mta Family Lou, which are now off reJ for sale Tlie map ol the grounds cm be at the nice of Mod-fli-- v Crock ft, where the public are invited to caij and ex-a- :ne Hi same. The Compauy feel confident they could not have made a roore !' de location for a Cemetery in the vicinity of N atim.ic, and pledge themselves to the public to spare no ia iri-- v .T pains to inati it equal to any Cemetery in the I. in , a, and s ich a ene as Nashville may feel some piide in. T'.e Ceiuetry i now ia the churire of a competent tUer-In'enden- l, living on the pruand. under whose direction in- ter will b made in the beat muaer and at.ihe osua cnareS The Directors of the Company are deirou that H i pri.ua! should be viitrd by tlie UiUKiOS of Naihvilie, ami .ir t al purpose an omnibus will Irave the office of l.ind iey kti I tlrocneit, lit 4 o'clock ou Tuesday afternoon the 3rd met., au'l ou every Friday a'ternoon tbeiealter at the same hour The seals tuil be free. l,iic-- i and Kami lie desirous of viitlnfr the grounds, wi'l lie a le i for at their rrsi deuces, by sunning their cards, to tLS 1'rt ttdent of lbs Cnmpun v. A. V. 8. LISD. LKT, President. C.W. Sa3i, fiet'y. aca Hi tl "Who would wear a Dowdy lJonnct ! TllEKEIs now, Lidie, uo r'o-f- , e ? J are now determined t icl e out .ur Itch Ptck of Fancy l onneis, .Vni.nery Goo. Is 1 niu.i.neru'-.- , Ac, ul lnlf price. Thn. iiov u yuurlme to et Goodkl yournvn pro'fii. I ha i thought ot u.aiinir a Gilt .j1 but thinx I wl.l in-- ki up for that in thf prices of t .e Oou 's. I niul and Will C'o oot by ti e Ut of h ..bru arv , to aiake room fr our Mock oi direct Imoor- tat ons irom Pnns and I, n I .:i. We have jurt received a atjelc. 12o.n. beiuli nl B: o k Uuiral Col ars fniin J .'id; Rich Mt-- o "'tis fi M, worths ihi; Kicb Ne-ir- ork Pelts at ti b '.vriUC o'. K cli Ja. onett lM;tiii (Id to AO, worth 8 to C t II, Rich Collars, Sleeve-- . Work Mini.), 1'an.Kcn l.ielo, ec, at fame redu. ti jn. A mau-i- oit jJttvk f Itic'i Imp'trtet II at lree-es- , Ijw en fii iiriia'iie it.l Goooe for Bridal and E.iiirv ba'l , at such pri'-e- that tb.re is no i x use for nilun ki .tr a br liant ai.p araa.-e- . And as f'.r llontieLs, we are now seliinf li'i II nutt at S to l'l; f 10 and fit llninris f r4 a id i It c'i til rr cd liunnci, (ul! trinmrd, for (1 5(1 to 6, worthti Mi -- maul Children1 I'onnets at ry prce, aulaUr.' "to. k of Fancy Goods. Ciat, c.,at a great bara n lor (J ih, a. tin- - i .ur inoit" tor 1V)7. We m' t re-- cirul v thank onr fr.rnds and cutotner for the liberal st.pp it an I patr.iiiase fur telve yetri p.ist at e, aini tr-- t none wiil leel ojeuded by our doing a strict y a-- h 1 radr, but trujt by poliie at emioc u lid lair de ring to receive ucjiitmuance of their pa'ronai'e. i (T I u d be thankful for ail bills i f ibMi to be set tie Ui luimetiate y , n I want m on y to t is I about the lo call soou aud iret baruint at E. WISE, Agent, janft No. 46 Union 9t. nert door to e:ate Hink. ii:v viioiai:.sAM: II Slnw and Sijkjlillincry House. to cottntut keYchakts AND MILLI5ESS. UK iMl Juit comoletel arrang'ments with tamr of (lie Ila'geit Manu'act rie of htriw and Fancy Bilk B or an I Millinery al New Vor and Bj'ton we wi l have t:i More H.ut ti.e lnt of .March, a sto.:k f MM caies as ao .'tit 1 1? n Commission, and at pricej f illy o.l oents be-- I w nv bouse iu the c ly. II Ving twenty ) eai s ex;erience in this b you muv plice c.infld-n- c in c:t ng thel'et S:y a nd Faihmus, as we give out entire atvntion to exclusively to M iliiuery (toods and cannot be deceived as i engaged in every .b dci iption i f merchandise. Terms lib. 1 gjarante SO per cent, less between Ca'h and Cr .it We truit to rece.ve a liberal patronave, tins being exclUKlre'y a Millinery House. E. W1SK, Axrnt, No. 4'i Union street, ntxt door to the iuate Bank, Kj n.C Jun 1o5MILLirsERYANIM3RESS LIAKIXO 2M 0 S8. UPPEd MAEHET ETKEET. V!C4MRS. HOWElll'ON 81MI RESPKCTFl'I.LY inform!ier and J the p jblK genera. ly that rhe has recently re. 'r.f chived lar-- e u hiitions to her stock of Milli tiery nod, ail of which have been ctrefuliv 203 S' embracing the latest si J'le or Bonneti, Trimniiugs, l lilion, rljcra, iloil.-- . Head lrrs'a. Hi aim, caps, etc Hi Is a'mo iri'olarlv in nee pi of all the new and late fahioo for Ladies Preei, ordvrs fr whtch are promptly .1 to. She solicits an examination of her goods and prices. - tf Tp the Ladies cf Kashville! f?w-- ;n7i a T O -- at" VTi yiiiiiMlAVJii'Ji. La ,9 'jr "' Jjr L.tiii.J 4.1-- 31 HS. S. J. LLOYJ) FahionabIe Silk and Mrair nilincr, "l I Tot'LD inform the Ladies of e and vicinity, that she has Just received direct fioia the wecon.l P-- of the world, the City of Sew York, a beauti- ful as. rtineot of Krencli Millinery (ioo ta, cnnMstine of rtI'rdal bonnets, Chinekl bouiii'lv rpiit Bonnet , Braid bonnets, Knihrol lere I l.ace lionneia, llu.le Uonneut, Tissue bonnet-- 1 R ch sar.cy Honnet,of the new- est 'yle. Misses1 and Chi.ureu's bun net j, in great variety, of ail sorts and sites. EIEBONS." A beaut if.il assortment ol r.oonrt ItiHoons of all kinds, such a Velvet Kibt ons, Fash aud Bell Kibboos, and Trim-win- g KiU-oiiSo-f all oria. FRENCH FLOWERS. Fiftv hexes the most b aui:iul and love'iest Plowera th ryt cau be.ioid, Wreaths, Kom.-s- , lione drops, PigLets, EMBECIDERIES. JA hundsome assortmeui ol r nitir.nirries for Ladies, sarh as 8hemsett. Cnderslerves, Collars, Worked Han.lker-Kh- ) tiloves. filk (iloves, HI.oi f,'.t eils, and other La des1 waer too u'lmerous to mention. )enin( day ill be on the 1st of Now I adirs Is your time in pet a hairtsome and fahionaiile iwnnet rheay. Lo nut be uu ler the impreaion lhl I'niwo strwt Is the only place vou cjn yet ihmUie and fahionalle bonnet. Call at No. In Ccoar ulreei, and oj will m-- c thit the . od are kji. I t i any in the cuv. I ei t-- V, you bonnets f 0111 12 UU to t'i oi1, a'ld have secured some of the bet milliners In the city io wors for me. All orders for cleaning, altering , IDU rrininmnm 'n.' (.iiiiuii, a in'uni i, tuu aunt a mjK-no- r style ami at a reasonable price, fl. K. L lie. tuaw Bouuets eleaiisrd aud altered. t4 CHANCERY SALE OF REAL ESTATE virtue of a de ree of the Chancery Court at Na"h.Brvnle, at 'hs Nov-tube- r lerm, In the cane of Brown v. Kmiirv el a, I wl.l oDer f .r s.ile, at the s le ol the old Court lluu-- e in Nashville, on the ltth of Pebruirv, at II oVU-k- , (Ii fol .ain Kt AL 8 f Al K, 'Xji situated iu the IK h Oivil Untnci ol Liavidoa County, and bun.l'd ailol'.s: C mm n inp at a suke lu 11 e centre of . Bend Boa I at lbs n.irth et comer of B. t. 1 1four' laud at d ruuuiuj souih it deifrrrs, er.t about IS 'pole, to a tkc al th' n 'th-e- t corner of Ra.haws land,(hence soutl 10 piei to a mall s.c .more uer I water rasr ol Ou nberuod River an I ahojt fonvyarls below the m uth ot Ce lr Creek, ll.rnct down I'uml land River aeth i i re?a, i' iu u a cenar aoj wj te oak, In theu e n rtt J derree,ea-.- t IK p .ic to the beg nmiiK. please 1 m . - A credit of one au I to yeara i i. uond and s enr.tv, an I a lien rcl'iutd to secure the ptvmenta of the Buichasc moaey. jtXKs w.KJls Cprctavl O.'iommiouf r. JanS dlw oawtlwpi dl w JJ A C KS O IT fc A 1 A 31 is, OsJenoneBroad Street, fWKSTOP CUArTANUOOA DVP0T. Any nLumber Merchants, P. a ND Manufact'irers r.f Doors, Paah, B 'nj, Pr.niea, II . ... . .... ...: II II IJ X- Moulding, arcM run, ai no ho, d htu.,i mi. Row. - h. -- .1. ., ll.r rl .1 P,,i. Pi,Hriii' Ol.la.i.. . ra, " e oi - e - - p i oo r.ds ftoxei, and all kiu.la of at ooJ Hwrk, uere.nr (or ir.4 .In'ide ra'.n oi r a'ne or it: ict u juirt oi r'j a.ri.!ont urilci s Irom the surr un liox oountry loiicited, a'l woi k cae. fully put uso as nut to si! Injure J iu rt'ilpdit far h p'iiue J aad ((laaed If denre.t. JauN 1 vr. THE GEA.VD DIVfilOt OF THE tLatla SOIVS Or TiirKItAXCE "tl TILL hold ita next Q.isrterly Meet ng at BfrehCamp Urounl, ia cuiuner County, oa lh lMh of January, A ass:. Keprernttlves a'e reqaes ed t be punc tual l atten- dance, as bus.nrai of iinpjetenoe wnt be troaaartrd. By rte- - of the li. W P. M P. J0i6, O. a. Nahnlie. Her. V. tg 4 IHn1w 1 " tj caxntAcroRS and o rains waktuo"" IR05 V. 0RK. I fHE "ubscrilier Int.ading to iit theSne'hln Fewry X wnu'd respectfuilv eall the att ri'Mn of lo wan'u.g IroB Kal inr, Verandas, Iron Mairs, l.'itk Vaults, Iri.apo.rs and rihutKva, Jsll t elisor loors, w dr..p a Lue by piad. w licit will m-- et Hk aitet-iwu- . Kefer c J hn Mirk-,i-i, Aic lite-- t, Memph's; W. D tJWilson. Vr. har; John u. vliierlea, Nabhea, Link k ar ruoo. YaBJO lily; H ill s k Patrick, Jaciaon. raoglT. r. BAKkK.JTj rifth street, Arit't, tw4 Ctncnnati. Ol.m. New Goods. VITJ arerereirlog to-d- for ihe Wlnt-- r trale, a hand-i- t aomellD-i-- f HiKMl (.iKjDS.smbracng FANClf PKIST.i; CU'CKkD (ilN'UnAM"; MsRI0); liLIACHr.n ASD B. Ml'M.!; Kji;L'K AM) FANCY Cas UMERES; 4kJUNt AND TVt LtUa-ALP-A, IS AUNi: ITS; ATl KlV.il; CLO'lH; BLACK FTLKS. Ac Ae. lMaking onr assortment very rowp'eU, to which we invite d reneral attention, and especially tnw drairmr to bay fori, h or on .hlia. IkUt MOaoAX k CO. "0dec s i f- 1 i sL L" r r VOL. XXI. .fJEW YORK ADVERTISEMENTS from fi. M. rrTTINGiLL CO'8 ADTERTUilSG AGESCt 119 Nawaa Street, And No. 10 State street, Botrroa. P. Co., are Ayents for the mont influential and largest circulating Comruerciai Papers both in the United Suite and the Canadax. EEFiyEB SHEET AKD SHSED ISIITGLASS, IOR Bi.ANC MANGE, TAHI K JKILIFS, a A primelor Confertioners, Hotel and Kamily use To be oMained, with direytiors for spins', of the principal Gro cers aid HruFj-.s- thmuphcut tt. ( nited Htatea. nov-i- 3ur 1'EllR COOPk.il, Jim York. SIXGESl'S SEWIXG 3IACIIINES. 'T'HESB celebrated machines are in practical and profita X tie nse in all lsrU of the civilised world. In all the serious trades, and in sewing every sort of fabric, either of cloth cr leather, they have luiiy tried ana approved, fctwinis rcaehinea r.f other msnufacturem often fail to work. but hINGEii'd MACHINE ALWAYS UPKKATE PER FECTLV, beinc itronK. durable aDd complete in contrivance and workmar.fhip. A perfect sewing machine kept employ-i- d afTonls a c'tar profit of fl.OtKI a year: but an Imperfect one I.-- a ciuse of constant vexation and lost. The entire aiatAWi itt of our machines is one great reason far their unparalleled popularity. MACi;i'E3 TOR FAMILY RKWTN'G of a frail anl delicate construction, are recommended by other tnanuiacturers. huch ma'-hine-a are rsade to catch fieeve. nxt to per'orm substantial work. The truth is. family sewirg s ought to be much stronger than any other, reduce they (?o into less skilllul hands than when sold to manufacturers, and are used for a greater variety of work. Tde muchines which have proved best for all other purposes rou toe be-- t lor family ue, and they are Dinger a. Ihesinedof our machines has lately been doubled. No other with them ia Quantity of work. New machines of the latest improved style will be eauhaneed on liberal terms foi old sewiog machines cf onr own mae,orfor operative macniresof elber manuractur em. nirerns wanted to sell our macnines.a S. f'.. All persona desiring full information about sewing machines. cau obtain it by appbing for a copy of "I. M. hineer k Co.'i (iaaeUe." a Paper devoted to the subject. It will be sent gratis. I. M. n.'tjia uu, Principal Offlre, 823 Brosdway, New York. UIUKU (itMUl. 4T TIanover St.. BoKtoa. Hi Chesnutst., Ph la. fiS Westmicster si., Provid'e. luS Baltimore St., Baltimore. Hi Rroadst., Newark, N.J. S East Founh st Cincinnati. 4T Broadway Albany, N. Y i hicago, I linois. (iloveri-viile- , New York. 00 Noi tn Fourth St., St. Louis. 94 Chapel St., New Haven. 81 et. Charles St.. N. O. 11 Uuchanan s'.reet, GIu-go- JO Daupuine St., Mobile. hcoliand. oct25 3mp FRESH ARRIVALS. 2 - XX - CUTTERNo. 86 A .3 CORNER COLLEnK AND BROAD BT'8. now one of the FI2'ESTnA JSKSTrMCLECTKIt ciocks of Vail Winter BOOTS AND SHOES Ever brought to this mat ket. Consisting in part aa follows: Laoics' fcupcr Conuress Gaiters; 11 11 Hoe l.a.-- e 11 " K:J ll.oeTS, Ties and Buskin; 11 Fine Kid and "'lor. Bootees, thin and tuicksole; it ti tirn ewed aud pesg.d. Bootees; Mii-es1- 1 11 11 11 11 11 Cl.il Iren's Fin Kid and Mor Bootees and Ankle Ties; A full Mipjily of l all a d Goat Bootees, for Servant's &re, 1 Ion aud thick sole V rmen's extra size Kid liooUei and Slippers Fine Calf, Eewed and Pegged Boots; it it it ti t it oxford Ties; " Pat, Leml.er do do " R v'aLid louths.Caif and Pat. Leather, Buckskin, Kid and Cloth Gai'ern; Men's, P.oys1 arid Vouths1 Calf and Kip Brogani; Calf, Ki, i and Morocco Clippers; Boys and Voutii.- - Calf and Ki; 11 n.s; C'.ildren'i Fiae Calf Uiiera BooL; Men's Heavy Double ole Boots an! Bros-ans- , extra sixes It.iyi' and Youth-.- Heavy Hcle Boots and Kr.,(ian. La l.c'anJ Geulieujeui-Ji.lUi- ani Gum Over Shoes all kK.da. TL'.T KE'EIVtH, bv B. R. Cutter, No. S6 and 9. ' corner Jiroa l and Collese street:!.'! 1 ll ICllVVai 11 (Mil. t"A IS. i5 OlV.KN MEN'S Ml FT rUU HATS, alt styles. Ail of which wiil be sold very cheap forca'h. ootid B. R. Pt'TTFR II A T S VLARTE Stock of Men's, Boys' and Children's Foft Futllt. of every description, just received and sale iy B. B. CUTTER. Trunks, Trunks. ri Lb iMMirimrni n i l imns ireni ms awih tinel quality fole Leither Traveling, : J . 1 I '(loarts I'ai knig Trunks; also Carpel and "iJ- - baddle Bags of ail kinds. 1 tm B. R. CCTTEK'S, Comer Broad and College sU. laeuther IJcllinir. VEE ot LEATHER BELliNG, of the fo! 'tUWVf lowing sices: lect of inches aide. 'M feet of 6 inches wide " " " lit) " " " "13S b'4 " " " " 6 " "2 --kljv " lis) " 6j " 2 if " " 8 K) " 44 7 " " iV " 1W TV " " 8 " 420 " 44 8 ' " it u 240 41 " 9 ft 4 " ' 4o0 " 1 " " X " x oo " n " .r " " " " " 0 " " Also a l irpe lot of Copper Burs, and Rivets, and Lac Leather of all kind". Al of which wiil be sold an the most rtxronshle terms lor Ca;h, by B. R. CUTlEU, No. 86 k 9, cor. Broad and College ats , seit'JS NaKHvais i.a Dins' kiioi-:s- ONYDFR A PiUZZi.LL are onening y some choice wer fir the Ladies conitintr of lies1 lluck bole I.Hstmi (,aiters: 11 11 " French Lea' her 11 (something new;) " "nr .. w KM H "CongreesKid Th'n . " Lasting half " These gooJs are very handsome. Call at fc.NlfliER k PP.IZZKLL, cell 9 .0 Public Xquve. ;i:ntli:3i kns' weaiu FNTb Hoe Calf Pump ho e Boots; In tits' sine Calf ftilohed " Gents' riiie Ca'f Double fo e " 11 11 Water procf " " 11 Congress tiaiters; m m ii m jinbleaole; H " " Oxford Ties, " " Tliee g ioda art from one of the best manufactories In Phiia-i-lpiiia- . Call al Ne. 20 Public hr.uare. ootlb o eNY.'sirt k PRIZ7ELL. BOOTS! SHOES! TRUNKS. Fllt 1 IK LAOfKH. A DIES1 foperlor Calf Walking Boo'ees; J M " (.oat well " " " Calf and float welt Buakins; " " K dandFr. Mo- - 11 " M 11 " M n Las'lng welt Gaiters, p'.iia and tlpt; " " " "ttingrcss fiF.NTLKMKS'8 GO0D3. Cent's fine Calf water-pro- Boots; - - "ouhleaole - - - liress H Con irress Gaiters, double A single sole; " Water proof sewed hhoes; " " OxL.rd Tie, double aud single sole; Ireashee of various discripiinns; Wiih a emiplete asanrtment ef Gentlemen's, Boy's. YouthS and Children's Calf and Kip P.oots and hhoee. Mines and Uhilu.en's tloat. Kid. Mlorrncco an J Call Boot- ees, all f which are oOered cheap f.w ra-- oct-- JOHN RAM Mir. 41 Co'legs at. VI AiXO FOKTKS, ooliLixa GT Grlassoo,CS30., CUC., 7 t have now in Mora a fine stock P.anov. Me'o.ltou Witid..w hhadea, Artists Maioriki-- , Acn and are still snanufnc- - I 4 I II luring Iniiiie Hi.ud. and all kiuis of dill Works have rtoeniiv added largely la our s ock oflll(AtI.M I'iMI TIIHIlOr.sj, at. a word we Intend to KAP 1) WITH TliC TlUtP, our ent"ruen and I.DCta 4iem to patrcr.lae lunrad of rQiliD abroad. W. &. flttkM AN. octio ana FEXSH AER.r7AL 07 PliHoi rT received bv the iubcr.br, Bv. of g', ". 'i 1.thoe annva'id PIANOS, made tyA. II. flV iA Co.,ofAw York, which now mars V f th. laifevt Mock in the cily, consisting of t y and 7 octaves, Iu pla n and beai-ii'tiH- v carvel R.wsw.100 ca-e- s. one wi lung a No. 1 Instrument Wviuld da well to fiv rackll. tviry Piano sold hi me Is warranted Io every J. A. McCLl'RE H I L'mon lrt.9 Jut poh'l-he- d by me, M f diowtg : Light at ime, M.d ra WaiU, TenneS ee Krho.lh and onwirj A ftiil supply of .he ast've teaoi. il !od-- s and Pces ban j. Wall aud gel a Cup, 9- lj ". each. J. A. U. EUIIBU0!! HUHBTJO!!! 1)IAI 1(IUTI, Taua-- l aud IU-- frmby ih anilers gned in a manner o .Lml te equ.il-- d by any other Tsorr If fa ft!this e:iion of country. Also, al: kinds ol kluacal loatrw-uen- u rviaire.. " t'erf.rt sitirfacriti given or ao rharga Orfer ten at the Muaic Stores t4 Jaso. or Jasoae alctllurv, In oa sftoet, will be prvmpily a'.umied to. wea K. MUKTUK. I53.0C0 DAVlrsOX COOKTT 0KCS J E w.tl pav seventy-ev- e oca is tn M.reLaadise br Da- - I vidua Ouaaty Bubda. BOV'il A 3. rCNCAH k CO. LAND WARIASTS UTF ill bay Lau4 Mana.u of ad denominations, atthe best tcarkrl rw. v21 A. I. CCXCA t CO. TEA T1UTI! WAITI2J ! t bave la rev awrtwn and a greater vartety ef Tra Trays and a lera thaa caab feunl cacwhera, ia price tioas 15 sssiidtd15 MACKEMil k WIl!l. MAir.lllOl.-- W boies fraMaMrni,apr!sM declU WtSbtL k TUOUPtOX. llV-'M- stl Wood's rWbrata4 Ovstwrs fcirOVKTI sWla MIjIL k TaiOfalPcUM. laAII,.--t'0,f)0CNgar,w- sworud, a ad ald bs dealers at tow f ti, byIt WEFStX k YHOMPHOn. Ei:. A baxrwtafieA Ale.recoiv.d and frsieby arc It rHI.I:l:.- -l box Wewtera Ratterr bad Kagawkliaili:baM.a.wlVdaa4 (ov i tag ia WfakL k THOVirtOSI. rTON MA rTINts,-rbaCut'o- a Bstflneoa a . s NASHVILLE, TEM., MONDAY, JANUARY NEW YORK ADVERTISEMENTS. From YIsCUER OWEN k CO., Gen'I Advertising House, applktosj BmLDisa,46 Broadway, New York. PATENTED I PATENTED I Erotlier Jonathan1! Furniture Polish, TJte only Patented Furniture Polish in the World! IT SHOTLD E2 I!T EVEUT FAHHT. YT has bees admitted by every one who baa ever used It, x to be tne Drtt article of the kind ever invented. It n applied with a piece of Canton Flannel or Woiien Cloth, and dries immediately, removing all stains, grease and dirt. making jour furniture look as well as when new. It will resint the action of hot and cold water. Beware of Coun terfeits! None genuine without John L. Brsbya on the UoeU rrinci al Depot, 444 Broadway, New York. JOHN L. BRABYN k CO. Agents wanted in every Comity and City throughout the United Stale. jar.1 SmT Gold Medal Pianos ! STEIN WAV & SOXS, CTanufaclurera, O A WALKER 8TREKT. NEW YORK. FSKi '2- -1Oif Received the following Fixst PaixafS; Mioalb in Competition with the bestmakers TOof Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Bal- timore: TWO FIRST PR'ZE MKDALS at the Metropolitan Fair, Washington, March, 1S6. A GOlD MEDAL at the Crystal Palace, Tfew York, No- vember. 18.''5, (being the only gold medal given for Pianos within the laat six yean.) A GOLD MEDAL at the Maryland Institute, Baltimore, 1856. THX FIR'T PRTZE MFIAL at the alr. Crystal Palace, New York, November, lf-5- Among the Judges were the first Musical Talent of the Country, such as M. Mason,(JotUchalk, Wollenhaapt and many others. Et. k S. Pi anos, (with and without the Iron Frame,) are warranted for three years, and a written guarantee riven Pianos packed and shipped without charge. Prices moderate, dec 8--1 y- -r "IMPORTANT TO EVERYBODY. T?0R the lat three years I have been engaged in a bui- -X ne known only to mj-sel- and, comparatively, few others, whom I have Instructed for the rum of 1 2H each, which has avrsged roe at the rate of $2,000 to 8.000 per annum: ard having made arrangements to goto r.uropein the Fall cf 1S5T to engage tn the same business, I am will ing to give full instructions in the art to any person in the United Mates or Canadas. who will remit me the sum of f 1. I am induced, from the success I have been favored with, and the many thankful acknowledgements I have received from thoe whom I have instructed, and who are making from 15 to 115 pra par at it, to give any person an oppor tunity to engage in this business, which is eay, pleasant, and very profitable, at a smail cost. There is positively Kt Homboo In this matter. References of the fcestcla'S can be given as regards IU character, and I can ref.'r t3 persons whom I have icst-ncte- d, who will testify that they are making Irom 5to15 per day at the same. It is a business in which either ladies or cin er.gage, and with perfect ease maki a very h ndsome income. Several LA.niKS in various parts o( New York State, Penn sylvania and Marylard, whom I have instructed, are now . making from S3 to 6 per day by it. It Is a gikril bosi- - Htti. and but a few shillings is required to start iu Upon the receipt of $1, 1 will immediately send to the applicant a printed Circular containing mil miruc:iona in ti.e art which car be perfectly understood at once. All letters tuusrwe addressed (pott paid) to A. T. PAR'ON, rt..c,8--1md-- r 53" Broaiway, New York. NEW AND IMPORTANT Eiscovery in the Science of Medicine. E'AViVOH OK TUB- - Er'ALS OF THK PATENT OF FISH OF GKFAT BRITAIN, ECOLK de PHAKMACIE PH A RM aCIEN de PARI., AND IMPERIAL COLLKCK OF Mr.DICi.NE, YlbrsA, are aaxed upon eacu wrap per, and around each cipe of Triesemar IVo. I, 2r and 3. Thus nrotectins the public f rain t IsnTtTioss, which are liai le to the severest penn ies courts ot law can aFaru. T1R. H. A. BARROW, Member of the Imperial College of I J Menna. and Royal College oTfrurgeons, London, may at his residni"e, 157 Prince street. ffew Mo ki Test of liroadwav 1 New York, from 1 1 in the ri'oirinr ti I la and from 4 till s in tne evening, excepted,) uules by rpecial appointment. rttlKSMM R Vo 1, l the Remedy for RELAXTI0N, fiPF.MATORRllEA, and all the distressing consequences ari-in- g Ir m ear'y ahu.w, imlincrimi iato excess, or too long res'dnic in h t climates, it nas inviirora'.en aou reatorea to hea'lh, thousands of the del ilitated who are now nihe ei.IovtneLt of all the rune ions ot siannooa; nna whn-ev.- r may e (he CACgEU every Dl.--y- ALIMUA- - TlnN lor MAKUlAiiE is eOectuaily subdued by this Won der ul discovery t TRIE'EMAR, No. 11; eomp'etely and entirely eradicates kll tr ves of Gonor-hoei- , both In its mild and aggravated form?. Gleets. Htri'-t'Te"- Iriittion of the Alad ler, nou-r- e t. i.iion ol the Urine, Pains of the Loins and Kidners-an- d those disorders whtre topaiva and Cubi bs have to long been tlioujht an antidote, to the ruin cf the health of a vast portion of ihe population. TUIKFKJIAIL No. Ill Is the great Continental Remedy for gvnMI'n an i hecon lary Sjniptotns. Itaisococstitutea a certain cure for Fcurvev. Scrofula, and all impurities from Ihe viial stream. so as altogether to eradicate tne virus oi disease, and is a never failing Remedy for thatciats oi dis orders hnh nnortnnatelv the English phy-icia- n treats ilh Mercnry, to the inevitab'e rtestructinn of the patient's cjnutitu ion. and which all the Saraparllla in tus world cannot remove. T it IE. a MAR. No. l.S and 8. are prewired In the form of a lesenge, devoid of tasie or rmell, and can be cameo in tne waistcoat pocket. Bold in tin cares Q J divided into separ- ate doses, as administered by Valoeau, La lmtn, Koux, Ri-- cord, Ac. Ac. Price 8 ench, or ftur esses in ons for !, hich aaves a; and in easel, wnereuy mere is a saving 01 V. ...hnecia arrangements having been rnsne wun tne vanoui F.xrere-- , t ie iilne dollar caa. a of 1 r e?emir, and the larg er sa a, are rorwarneu ov lr. i.ariow, carriaije pniu, imme- diately on receiving a remittance, to any part of the world, securely packed aud addressed according the instructions of the writer, thus swui ing to the public genuine European nrcuaratiiins. and effectually protecting tbera Irom spuri ous pernicious miitiUoin. The three dollar cises sent as u ju.il. but not fre of carriage. To be had aho, from Dr. B.trrow, thit beautifully ll!ut rat ed and n nu arwork. 'HL MAN FtiMLTY.or PHYSIOI)- -(IICL RESEARCilrS 11 It d'CTibes in a clear and lucid mnnner the eauee and effects of the nUeases above enumer- ated, with instructions for their preper treatment and cure. lnrF .! cents. Sent free to any address. Ad lresDK. BARROW. 157 Prince Street, (few b!ocki west of Broadway,) New York. nov5 lydv. . . ... .A rnysicinoi nia;n f uoiunin. " iiu..,. one of tbe Medical Institution!-- , of this country, now retiredf,m .e.i. practice who ha. been sufferini torn Pulmonary Disease, discovered, while travelling In Houth America for his health, a cure for Consunv tion, Uronchltls, coughs. Col Is, and general debility; and being aware that Thousands are suffering and dying annually from this most dreadful of all disease", h Is desirous, from tne principles oi numanuy, of making known this most valuable remedy. Upon receipt of Hfteen Cents, In Postage Stamps, or Change, be will .end a Recipe, with full directions for making and successfully using it. The amonnt required, Is applied for Postage, and the pay ment ol this advertisement. Address B. F. LKYEROUAH, M. D, ne2I v ilox 23, I'.'O Irooklyn, N.V. PIAEaOS, 1LEL0DE0NS, and MUSIC. THE CASH MSTIMI ADOPTED. PRICES G HEA TLVJ2ED VCEDl NO. 333 BROADWAY. NEW TOBff, A cent lor Ike Ileal llsnton aud New York INS Tit 17 .TIE NTS. 'piIK Largest aaaortmeot of Piano, Mekaleons, MusicalL InslrumenU. and Musical Merchandise of all kinds, (a the foiled State. Piano from Tsa different Manufactoilet, e imposing thoae of every variety of style, from the plain, neat and substantial 6 octaves, in wsinsi or awwoiw Cases, from t'50 to f2 0, to those of Its most elegant finish op to Oat TKnaD Doixaaa. No houe in the L'nioo caa compete aith the above la the namber, variety, andxele-bril- y of its instruments, nor in the kxTBiMaxt Low Pajca at which thry are sold. E0EACI WATEX3' KODEEN IKFUOTEI) PIANOS With oi without Iron Frame, possessing In their improve ments of over-slrin- aad and action, a length of Male, power, and compass ol tone equal io in urana nano, anlied w.th-t- beauty and durability of structure of the square Plan j. They ar imlly proooonuwd by the Press and by the first Musical Masters to be tquai to those of any other manufactarer. They are built of the best and most thorough. Iv seasoned malarial, and guaranteed to stand th actioa ef every chmat.Ink inairnmeni ruarn-- i i" riv. or pur- - eha nvnev vefund-d- . Sinowtf.HH V4.C'J AJ UREA T iJl.liJfJJi eoosiantiy iu siurs, price irom i.to tOU0. .llornrv) Wlers. IrlodPOUVHsune'lor instra. menu in toe.toarh and durability of make. (Tuned to th equal tem;-rame- nt ) Melodeon. or ail tther stsies and mates, Price. fW, fn' 'D lfc,i ' aouoi n..wo and two banks of i00. L.M a liberal discouaL Llierermsn sod and l horcuet, aa extra aisooani.latrtlnk' t.siiiairk,, nr.iwn s narp., notes, rin. t'oas Aceordians, Violin,, aud Miaatcai taslrunrnts ol all kinds, al tower priews thaa vr bef sr ffered toth cuh..e A largs dt count to leacr.crt ana ocaooia. ia trad (ap- plied oD tne moat liberal tenua. VI ! i va ul 1U largevi ana swaa keincieqeatalorae OI isaaic now poonsoeu, 'iupri.iu aae en a c and most popular air of th day, and wiiIbsuldaton tMrd oS fri th rearular pn-e- a. Music sent by mall to al! part of th" country. r.at IA Paruular and personal atuntloa paid to all orders received bymaiL Srtlaactioi garaatd la every instaao. Piano ani Meiodecaa lor root, aaa real a towe-- i al parchas. Piaao aad s;odaa lr ai oa ssiauiy pay meat. eeood-hao- d Pianos Utts t testate fr n.w. bea.ral I and alrt CataOecM and ehdai of artecs forwarded la all part of Hi eouatry by mail. , r"Cril lodewats eHerad to Agent ia all raneflbeniry,toetlth Hoaac ITaa riaaKi, M.kxlrotia. . . .a - B.l- - a .A IIPaATrWIIEATl! JWAT4T to parcbaa aay naaiiity f god Wheal, faI wUl pay to ba.bM pete. R.e. BANDT. ciiuiir.nAS PKti:Tr4, RrCIITFO ttilsday a baW assortwar.t ef ?o.n!tCbrsss'saa Prwsweia, sorb as Writusg DaMa, 'raveling Caara. tk l"M, J.wriry CaiU Cakaa.Odor Boars, aed a vanarty af tbinf baAdsnfne a prai Ifor badiM oc gaUteav dtd J. H. Mcy.LL. I . I LAt L LtUATIlaUU A l.r.ATIISai ULLT- -lta. I 1ST rtwwid iktsl vwry ta I ace Uaths- - a! a, abvy snrk af U wwrf base Latathrr Belling fn W III lue wi, wfcxai wui besoad t-- v iow lor e.t by B. R. Ct tTla,4mlt Osrsar (lofsn is.1 sna,lwif . N U T 1 C E WO FCXFKAL UHPESTiHt! la tb i'y aadeeeatry. tb X I ttMl PAT MgTALld bfaUaLCAiaUlaeaab bad, Mbta4sa'Rtaal, by pplyia I D. s.rsELL,AraL Al . L WagiT,orwa Bread aad Froat tie. c! 1)!.OU lid A tW Ptuaesiif Plow Ubd aadby ct li. O. D1CAIT. CINCINNATI ADVERTISE.MENTS. Great Western Trunk Store, No. 8 5 BRU.tnUAVt CI.CIA.AT1, U.Ecnry TTtso, or ail kinds ofMANUFACTURER Trunks, Valises. La-- aies' Bonnet Boxes, Carpet Bags, batchels, sc. AU orders from abroad promptly attend ed to. We are determined oar work shall not be surpass. la the Union. ap46 tf IRON RAILIIMGS,VERJNDASi JL5 etli n IS. 7 Ct UL 1 t 0JAIL WORK,iron uooits anu siiDT'rrns.Specimen Book of Ilailings sent by Mail. Jan29 275 Iitth Eraarr, CINCINNATI, 0. RAILROAD SPIKES. POTTER, R0LFE k 8WETTS1. Made of Pomeroy Iron. ConaUntly for sale by L. T. POTTER, No. S East Front Street, opposite Public Landing, Jan22 12m Cincinnati, Ohio. SPENCER HOUSE, PRATT & METCALF, Proprietors, Corner of Broadway and Front Streets,CI.CIATI, OHIO. rjHZ Central Petition, large and airy rooms of this Hotel,jl eommend it to 'he traveling public. aplb-I- y W. B. SPARKES & CO. (SDCCOSORS TO HOLLAND 8 31 IT 11.) No. 13 Sycamore St., Between Front and Columbia. WHOLESALE DEALERS IN Port, Malaga and Muscat Wines, BOURBON, RYE, M0X0XGAIIELA BtlAiM(X, Ui, rifliUTS, AC, C ap28--8m CU&CZSTSikTl, OHIO Cheap Cash Store. C0E5EB OF WALITTJT AKD IE0NT STREETS, ULACIAAATJ, OHIO. Wood and Willow Ware, Paper Cordage, Iloofin; Material, &c. avood vvaiu:, 2"0 pkgs cov'd Buckets; 125 doa B ind Boxej; 850 dose n Kail hixfs; 2' HI llame; 2KI nests Tubs, pain ed; 1.400 Zinc Wach Boards: aid uoa varnisnea ana iiree, lo.ouu flow tinnoles: Hoop Buckets: "0 nests Whitu Pine Tubs: Sl.OtiO assd Broom Handles;! 125.0W) Cane Fishing Poles; 178 doa white Cedar Bucket;l300 am'teil Liquor Kegs; SOOdox Tar Cns; 10 dox K B Cexinr Cans: 8tK)pkgs Half Bush. Measures S5 " Nest Boxes, varnlsh'd io aox rinet nurns, assorted, juti " fainted Tubs and13" BB Cedar " Keelers: 100 neU while Cedar Tubs; 1125 dec Well Buckets, ass'ted. IIASKKT WAKE. 210 W illow Wagons, common 7'H) nest German Market do. ISt) " " extra: 80 " Clothes do; 8'K) CarU, common; 400 dox Feed Baskets.in storeM0 " ex.lalltop and to arrive: 75 Empire Cabs; 200 doxen assorted Market MO Willow Cradles; Basket; 2iM) extra " 25 doe Children's Rattan and 1M doxen Willow aud Rattan Willow Chairs: Pick Basket; 5 dox asted Office Chairs,Rattan and Willow, very nice and cool for Summer AHo Ulo. Hampers; imported fancy Basket": Work.Frnit uu slower ouvuus. aiso nuiow urs madetoordejl A.M'V GOODS, 100 doa Feather Dusters; ,100 bales A'.icant Mats? 500 " asa'ted f.hoe Brushes; 50 Jute Hark and .skeleton 100" ex. fcrub " Jlats: 45 Bockiug Horses; I 25 dox Toy Air Pistols. COKUAGE, TWINES, A c. lOOcoi'i IV nr1 IX inch Manila Rone, 69(1 feet; 10 coils IX to 8 inch do do 69'J do; 150 col's i, y, to inch do do, assorted; 25 reels Bd Cord and Plow Line Manilla; 550 dox Cotton Plow Lines and Bed Cord: 100 dox Hemp Bed Cords; .loo bales Carpet Chain : l.oon lbs II room Twine llemp; ,11 lbs Wool Twine,1,N0 lbs Flax " ' SD0 1' Seine Tw:ne: 75 bales Batting; ;150reeis Henin Pockinr: 25 " Wickins; i 75 colls Tarred l!ot;e: 450 " Wrapping Twine; !150 " Jute Roue: PAPEIt. 1,500 bundles (Frnnd) 1 angerman's Wrapping Paper; 1.SO0 do rioi 8,000 reams Lock land do do: 150 reams Tea Paier; I 75 reams 8b oe Paper; 175 Ham " 70 Batting do; 54,000 lbi RooflDg do, dry; 15,000 lbs Roofing do, satu'ted; C'ANUEEV, Ac. Ptar Candles, Lard Oil. Opal Candies, fitearine Candles. .O. t I 'caafvu, uei man soap, dec. WtKE WORK, Feives, Riddles, Sand and Lime Screens, assorted. C EDA II I'AI'CIITN, Assorted sixes of bet qualities, In loU to suit. AUO Bench fVrews, in half doxen rackaires. In lots- - Wood Saws, caw Bucks, Curry Combs, Cards, Brushes Tacks, iukh, aw. ikon Borsn urf.s, A full stock, assorted sixes, for Druggists' and Liquor Deal- ers1 use, constantly on hand. : HERNS. Pine Chnrna, 19 20, 22, 24 inch Red Cedar do 1 6. 1 8 20. 22 do Cerdar do 16,18,io,2i do Painted do So. 22. V4 do Brass Hoop do" " " do Barrel do 16, 18,20.22 do IIA.TIES, Oiled Root, Black Tcp and Blue da; Steam Bent Top: Plank Ton: Forsaleby 8. 31. B ARRETT.ojl cor. Walnut and Front sts., Cincinnati. 0 Cheap Cash Store CIIAS. If. WATERS & CO., (Successors to F. Rirdoall Jk Co.) Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealer In -- -.U " M r.f.l AM) HllJillW ,,tH AllJJ,i,n BROOMS, CORDAGE, TWINES, AC YTAVINO largely replenished our stock, and also Intro- - 1 duced many articles not heretofore kept in this estab lishment, we are now able to offer in tucementstn the fcrmer patrons of this bonne, and dealers ceorrally, not surpassed oy anyotner noose in mi' city vt shall keen constant! on hand a full and complete assortment of every article in ii ia one o: ousioesr, ana we are uetermined to totaln th reputation of the o'd firm, and not to be outdone by any on in this business; and it will be our greatest endeavor to rive satisfaction to all. Wood and Willow Ware roann'actured to order at the shortest notice. The following list, though not comnlele. wiu give a mure general iaea oi our sicca in store. Jsrooms. 851 doien large Shaker Brooms; 4x) do. small do do.; 875 do. steamboat do ; superior quality; 200 do. do.; , d.; common;fa) do. fancy do.; 450 do. plain and common Brooms; 8o0 do. fancy bf Brooms and Wh sks W ar prepared at all time to furnish Broom of every varieiy, and In any quantity; all order williecelv prompt attention. Cedar Ware. Iron bound red Cedar Buckets. Tab and Churns: beast bound red Cednr Pocket iron bound white Cedar Tab. Churns, Pigglns, Bucket.. Keelers; brass bound whi'eCedar Churn, Buckets. WalerCaosaud K- -e art. Cedar Fauci. Cordace. W every description. cousistm in Dart of Manilla: TTemn. ,t van inn juie nope, su ises; iiemp net uor.la, sash Cords and rlow Lines, Kemp Packios and l ea.1 I.lrr: Cotton Bed Cords, Plow Lines and Sh Cords, Manilla Bed Cords andClothe Lines; Spun V ams, Martin. buckets, t norns.Tnbi, Keeier Fancy Cabs. Covered Buk- - eu. Patent Chorus Wagom, Wheelbarrows, Ac, Ae. Ula I.Alloante, Jute. Manilla Cocoa. Husk. Corn and Rone Mats- - nam ana rcy uoor negs; aneep ckm, Pains LfJ, Taole and Boggy Mau, Ac, A s. Jirusltes. hoe, Hani, Scrub. Siove. MluiewasH. Hat. Clothes a Whisk Brashes, Fanev Feather Floor and Hearth Duster.Willie Ware.Dah Churns. Covered backets Tnba. Stav RtlfRush.ls. norse ana v.iieru kri. barrel (Jl.ums, Hegv, PeckBuckets. Salt Boxes, Welt Buckets, Buckeyes, Poplar and Maple Rowl. Choppina-Trav- . PaUnt Churns. Bjl koa.Zinc WiuJtboanit. Ac Baskets. A good assortment constant'? oa hand: th best stork ef Freoen and Fancy Basket la lb eity. Willow Clothe, Mar- ket, Hamper, School, Dinner aid Work Ra-ke- illow Cra.lle Cab, Wagons, Chair. Oak Frd. Peach. Clothe Bork-- . Corn, Rattan, a, Fancy Kmbroide'ed W ork. Fringed, Nsli.e. btl. k,0ihr, Triu, Esucule, French bbife, Tumb-k- r,CarJ, Fruit, A, Ac. Pleasures. Iron Boond aed PUtn Ha f kuat .la. Seta Smsll Maaaaraa Cedar Half Basbela, Scaled M. aaures of every kind. Handles. Poplar, Sugar Tree Q Maan boats Broom Hand! la any voant.ty. Ax tlabdlcs, 1 Breed and fehaved. Pick, Fork and Mop Uaud es. Minaries. Matches. Pelve, Blackm. Rolling Pin. Bitter Meald and Saddles Keel Mame, V rappirg Paper, Cot'ea Men. Curry Comb, IMkam, Potato Mashers. C.iataa Lin. eor. Kaiat, Trays, Tar Cans, Soap, Starch, Caudits. Ipts,tcaaon Kqoweaer, TowsU Rmien, Ral Tra pa, Bauvel (Xvsra, Bang bUrla, Toy aoik.is. Tacks. A , A CH 41. UL W AT i tiiA A C-O- Ta.ln Mahtl,rMrtwa frsi aad Cotaaxtta. Cioe naaiL Oct. l.-d- ly. C II APT. WHAT All II IVJLU AMU IIAT1U.A Alt ill til. Joy to th werlJ that Btackwhaai eoia, , La?l yeoag aad rejoior, Oo get a bag and tak it boas, Pm'vUib yea Lks tbe pra:. Ixtra Hulled Bolud Buckwtieat fliar, trm Pena- - ylvaa;, ha arrived al (deeiT) kUalaEfB. C 31 OK KB II A LI. Ill t'T site a rived at aJ MlI ki: users. OVSTaUlIS, OtSTF.IIS OlsrtUj. C A MALTBY A CO S BiLTIM0EOTSTZS AG OCT. FRtSH Cia,Lobiwr. Pecbe,To3tort, Cnv OyvterOysier, aad Slectd wcab Oyatert, pacisd iaHaving aoera 4lh AaveF cf lh alov wail iv.ftraa, 1 aaa prej '4 to faraub lataui aad tb trad wtk abov ia aay aii:j, at low price. el U (s. Rv Ma FT iti i:it is it li ;..I BAY! M HegfM to tell, aavsngM It.tm MVrral toedsadiaBica aad two r tttroe xtia fbocf .rta. 1 winaaibargea i saaa buyi ta ka--p i li. c t . 19. 1857. CINCINNATI ADVERTISEMENTS, CIA'CIIVNATI Eagle Candle and Lard Oil Works. G5-3ZT- O. SUN iIiITO.MASlTACTUala up STAR CAN U 1, G S, ADAMATLNK do.,i,Alio oir.. OETINE, GERMAN AND PALM SOAP. aria --ly A CARD. THK partnership of W. T. H. OSEENPIELD k CO.,expired by limitation, we have tbil day fold onr interests in the entire stock of Pjrnitnre, Carpeting, riano, c , to THOMAS H. uREENrlaLO and JUHJl PATTHRhON, whom we take pleasure in recommending to ourold customers, and doubt not they wilf give genera) sat uuacuon to all who may favor them with a call. W. uRf.WnELl,Jc8 A. A. FREEMAS. All those Indebted to W. k T. H. Greenfield k Co.. are Invited to call at their old stand and settle. NEW k 11171. T. H. ORCIlniLD. J1BU FATTlXaOB, GREENFIELD 8c PATTERSON. TTAVINQ purchased the entire Stock of Furniture, Car- - J.A ptmg, Oil Cloth, Pianos, Ac, of W. k T. H. Green field A Co., and having also united the Stock of John Pat terwn, with cur new purchase, we have now the most ex tensive assortment of everything in onr line ever offered to tne cmiensoraanvire, and respectfully solicit a contina aace of the favors so liberally bestowed by our friends. It will be our aim to render the utmost satisfaction to all who may be pleased to call on n. JtnC-- lm GREENFIELD A PATTE130N. WM.STKWiST. W VJIU, STEWART & OWEN, MANUFACTURERS OF Copper, Tin and Sheet Iron Ware, X0. 14 MARKET 8TEEET,NASHVILLE, Tenn. Uttt.w returned to ourold stand, from which we wereby fire, we are now prepared to attend to all our old customers and as many new ones as will favor us with a can. uur house has been rebuilt upon an improved pian, af-- roraiDg os evrennea (acuities. iurWorJi. SnorIs now capacious and exieuaive,and adequate to every emer gency, uur Are large, and eipecialiy adapted to our pnrpoe. We. have in store, and are coaxantly receiving, ample supplies of Moves, ares, and Orates.Plain and Ename ed MaaaLKiZKo I boa MaSTLas and Gaanxa Statces; and in short, everything usually kept in similar ea laniisiimenis. Our assortment of Stoves challenges competition.comoria- - . .. ,I i ; mi citi y jric urn Tarieiy. ne llHve ine VYrongnt Iron Cookmsr Stove, Among others an article which is In great demand. We manufacture for the trade ar.dfor retail, and to order. an minis oi nn anopiieei iron Ware, and keepconstantly on nann a large assortment. We Invite the attention of all to our establishment, ptedg. ing ourselves to give entire satisfaction fcTEWART k OWFN, march 20 No. 14 Market st. MORE NEW GOODS. WE have lut received per steamer Harmotilat1 doxen LARGE PLA TKO KM SCALES: 4 HATCH'S COlTNTtR do; 24 " Assorted COFFEE MILL. Together with a large assort men of HOLLOW WARE. Wholesale or Keta 1. We have aiso the mo-- t extensive and sen seiecieu assortment oi i;ookn.g and Heating fTVVtji to be found in the city. STEWART k OWEN. rtec8-- tf J. OctI'd.I AM rr anufacturing daily at my Eclipse StCVo Foundryin this ci'v, a good assortment of Stoves and Hollow-War- e, Ovens, Pots, Skillets and Lids, Sad-iro- and Andirons of different patterns, for the wholesale and retail trade, at small profits. Also, Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron Ware, of the best qnahtr. at low figures. A few fine chamber setts of Brittania War , and No. 1 Refrigerator, on hand for sale low. Particular attention paid to Roocnc and (iut'.erin with Tin or Cooper Old Copper, Pewter, Brass and Scrap Iron taken la for wy manufactures. II. P. DORRIS.jy80 6m No. 6 College St.. near Church st L. SCOTT & CO?B REPRINT OF THE British Periodicals, AND THK V A. 1 M Va ' S Vn 13 1 1 Fa . QBE AT REDUCTION IK THE PRICE OF THE LATTER PUBLICATION- - LF-CQT- k CO., NKW YORK, cintinue to publish theleading British Periodicals, vis : 1. THE LONDON QUARTERLY (Conservative.) 1. TUB EDINBURGH REVIEW (Whig.) THE NORTH BRITISH REVIEW (Free Church.) 4. THE WESTMINSTER REVIEW (Liberal ) BLACKW0CD3 EDINPHRCiH MAGAZINE (Tory.) These Periodicals ably the three treat political pait'es of Great Britain Whig, l ory and Radical, but pol-it.- form only one feature of iheir character. AsOrian of ihe most profound writers on Science, Literature, Moral- ity and Religion, they stand, as they ever havs stood, un- rivalled in the world of letters, being considered Indispen- sable to the scholar and the prolessional man, while to ths intelligent reader of every clasa tuey furniah a more cor rect and satisfactory record of the current literature of theday, throughout the world, than can be possibly obtained from any other source. EARLY COPIES. Th receipt of Advance SheefJ from the British jHj- h- lishers gives additional value to these Reprints, Inasmuch as they can now be placed In the hands of subscribers about as soon as the original elitioos. TERMS. Per annnm For any one of the fonr Reviews js oO For any two of the four Reviews ft 00 For any three of the fcur Reviews T 00 For all four ot the Revics 8 00 For War k wood's Magazine II 14) For nlackwool and three rieviews f 00For Riaekwocd and the four Review in 00tW Payment to be made in all ease la advance.Money current In the Btate wher Issued will be received at par. CLCBBINd. A discount of twenty five per cent, from the above orice rirl be allowed to Clubs ordering four or morn copies of any one or mor of the above w rks. Thus. Four copies of B'ackwood, or of one Review, will be sent o one address for 9; four copies of the four Reviews and Blackwood for 180: and so on. POSTAGE. Tn all th principal cities and towns, the works will b delivered Frr of Postage. When sent by mail, tb Pot-an- e to any part of the United Bute will be but Twenty-fou- r cents a year for "Blackwoo )." and but Fourteen coU a year for each of the Reviews. N B. The price In (treat Britain of th fir Periodical above named la about U par annum. THE FARMERS' GUIDE TO SCIENCE AN9 PRACTICAL AGRICULTURE. By Henry Stephens, F. R. g.. of Elmburrb. and lb lata J. P. Moitoo, Professor cf fi.ient.fln Agriculture la Yale College, New Have", t vols. Royal Ocavo, ltoO pages, and numerous Wood and 8lel Engraving. Tms is, confessedly, th most oomplet work oa Airlcul- - tura ever pub Uhed, and In order to gtv a wider circula- tion the puDiixher bave resolved to reduce th price to FIVE DOLLARS FOR THE TWO V0LLM13 I! When sent by mail (post-pai- to California and Oreroa the price will be IT. To every other part cf th Union and to Canada (post-paid- .) $4. kjT This work 1 not th eld B k of th Farm." Remittance for an v eflb abov oubiiaatlons should J. waj s b addressed, post paid to th Pub la hers. LAO.il A KD IHJUTT k CO.. deCl o, 4 OoM street. Mw York.SITfATIOX WAITED, AB Clerk In nns respectable bouse la the eity. AWhole! basia preferred. Reference tivea. Ad--dress thUofCce. aovtT tf. U? 1 1 1 K Y . 5 bbl Beau's A urora Whisk y;JW bbl WeUev1 Old Kentucky do; ou obis Old tsoortioa do Ia sior and for aai ty W. II. 60SDON k CO, 1)E AC'll EK.-2Rea- ae Pvachc rot up la their own Jicr - 10 eaaes (irten Cora. " " " " Ia tor aad (or sale by W. IT. GOS ON k CO. SCALE. All stse. Fall banks1 cw'ebrat Dormaat,Counter, aad ti rocer1 rVaio. Ia i tor aad lor sale al aianufswiurari prices by their sirenis. awea w. n. tiUHDON CO. SA H.S.k full stock of ri.arn k Marrin eolebratrdA cider Patent Fir Proof Nalam odor aJs, for talc al Factory praee and freight. Ia sto- - aad tor tale by tbtr agents. deck W H. bORDON k CO. CUGAR-- Tl khd Fair Prime, and Cboic aew Sarar J f bbi Powdered Sugar, la tlor and Irr sale by ctt W. li. UOHDON CO. Cement 1 A A BBL8 LoaUrill Ccnrat, lor l. Io th trad at1 VU e- -l tad eamara, by D. W. RL'iiILL, Agvat.MIL t aa tu r , earner Broad aad Front sta, daw It I.astd Warraat! Laad Warraala! WE will pay th highest oark.t p-- io la CaJai arLand WaTaota. BRANSFObD. MeWariTEB A en . Oct tf No. It Kaat ad Pabist aWaarw. Raahvlilaw XI EAT frTTERt.-- Wi bave fc- -r sbMwf Ba-- 1 ag Cotters, by which oo band eaa nrut aa asatbBaasag Meat la oa boor a caa be dot ia a davy la taaat tysteia BAUSAQX ITarj3. Mschla ar tlaSlsg gu.Mp, I.. iae. fOUXD CAKE PAWS. YarS. to aad aeAtiaraa.AD FUDDIJfO MOUtrxCOlFfK GRCQ7F AND BrGolKS.It A ASI) Cur fax rOTSi " and Brfttaaiaocp Tcaj.ti aio currss taAC0VStIj LiiHVS. Vacuria. twae iAxu aad Lva-- pweiaj p.Hare. 0YSTE8 EISHIS, PCSCS rITUHIEJS, k.CCUAaViA aU.Ml, Iktasliai .Tal yaiiarw.Aeell MACtlkSZtB a SILV'. WLUe and Opera I.ld Ciorfs RIcraTtD thw day, a iaf aawonaext f VksM aadKid iatov. i. U. KOUiLL. q'IBKS ItL.A'fO l.T.-U- A bags Tors 11 vA ao4 Aait ta eaaj for teu k te NEW SER1ES.--N- 0. 318. ST. LOUIS ADVERTISEMENTS. Prom the Newspaper Advertising Agency ef W.S. SWYlfrau, ioia second street, BT. UJlU,Ms, '. Hill Furnishing. ESTABLISHED IN 1855. G. & C. TODD & CO.,(Succettortto Ira Todd Jt Sons,) No. 212 11 A I.N STREET, cor. f riorvan. SAINT LOUIS, MO., ItviTicirter and MaTmfieturerw of FKENCH BUSE MILL STORES, Diitrli Anrlior Koltinr ClotltH.PORTABLE GRAIN HILL8. PLASTER OF PARIH, MILL PICKS, LKAT11ER BKI.TING, MILL PPINDLES, RUHBER BELTING, MILL SCREW8, RriiBUR HOPE, REGULATING SCRIWB, HfcMP PACKINd, DAM3AL IRONS; RUBBER PACKING, COPPER RIY1TS, IRON PROOF STAFFS, tTC ETC. Onr assortment of Mill Material Is the largest la tb FntUi Stuff. At present w have on hand 5150 pair nii.ajSiUj.a. uniers promptly riled and all article" war-- aanted. Imar.l ly G. k C. TODD k CO. SCALE OF PHICES roa tb PflLWAL TOILET ARTICLES iicruiuiiD IT WllAlAlaYaU IIOCIaB, 227 Waahinxloit Street, Boaton. SLX K0NTH3 PRICES. Boolx's HTrntin Fluid, 25c., No., 75c, $1,S0 sixes, at f , 4, 6, tit per doxen. Boole'. Elxctkic Una Ore, (liquid,) 50., Sln 11,30 skjks at 14, , f it per ansen. Boolx's HaBiaio.ia.oa Balm of Ctthuua. retail Mc.siaeft per uoxen. To Wholesale Druggist and other larg dealer, discount of IS per ct., from these prices will be made, provided their purchases during the six months shall exceed 1160 LOWEST CASH PRICES. A Dutsountfor CAsll uuii t, nuidtrvm the abort pri44i tit '1'uoio: 0a orders amounting to15nr over, at on time, a discount of & per cent will be mule. On orders amounting to t M or over, at one time, a discount or IU percent win be tmnie. On orders amounting to t;s or over, at on tlm, a discount of IS per cent will be made. On orders amounting to $1' J orover, at on time, a discount of 25 per cent will be made. On orders amounting to tSoOrrover, atonUme,adiouot of SO percent will be made. Time are the lowest terms, and from which no variation can be made in any case. Prices of other articles may be had on application. fir, ton. Ace. 'iMh, K6 WILLIAM BOGLE. Refer to Geo. Urxiu, Nashville, Tenn. augSW ly Carter's Spanish )I ill arc. THS 0SEAT rURIFIER OF THE BLOOD. tiik itEvr ai.ti:isativi: kov.-vI-I NOT A PARTICLE 0? MERCURY IN IT. An Infallible Remedy For Scrofula, King's Evil, Hheotriati'm, Obstinate Cutaneoa abruptions, Pimples or Postules on the Face, Blotor.ss, , Boils, Acue and Fever, Chronic i'ore Eye, Ring, worm or Tetter, Scaldhcad, EcUrgement and Pain of the Boues au 1 Joints, .Gait Rheum, Btubborn Ulcers, Syphilitic Disorders, and ail diseases from an ityudicico use of Mercury, Ixprudence In Life, o." Imouritv of The Blood. This Great alterative Medicine and Pnrlflerof the blood I now used by thousands cf rrxteful patients from all parts of tha United States, who testify daily to the remarkable care performed bv the greatest of all medicine. "CARTER'S SPANISH MIXTURE.1 Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Scrofula, E uptionsof the Pkin, Liver Disease, Ulcers, Old Sore. Af- fection of the Kidneys, Diseases of the Throat, Female Com plaints, pains and aching of the Bones and Joint, ar speed- ily put to flight by using this Inestimable remedy. For all diseases of the blond nothing ha yet besa fonnd to compare wi'h it. It cleanse the system or all Hnparltl, ct gently and efficiently on the Liver and Kidneys, aad strengthens the distention; gives tone to the stomach; make the skin clear and healthy, atd restore th constitution, enfeebled by disease, or broken dowa by th excesses of youth, io It pristine vigor and strength. For the dihiissx or ra alxs i t ia peculiarly applicable, and wherever It ha become Inown is regularly prescribed with th happiest effects. It invigorates th weak and debilitated, and impart' elasticity to the worn oot frame, clears the skin, and leaves the patient fresh and healthy ; a single bottle oi thisinestimable remedy Is worth ail th Sarsapariila in existence. The large number of certificate which wahav received from persons from all parts of th United State, is the blevidence that there is no Humbug about it. The press, hotti keepers, magistrates, phvsieians, and public men, well k nowa to the community, all add their testimony to the wocderf effects ot this GRFAT BLOOD PURIFIER. Call on the A cent and get an Almanac, and read the da- - tails of astoniahing enres perform-- d by CARTER'S SPANISH MIXTURE. Hn trumt ria vhrr ecwry bung hat tig. nail Jailed.) The limit cf an advertisement will not ad- mit their full insertion. WX, 8. BEERS k CO. , Proprietor, No. Ho4 Broadway, Jsw Koat. To whom all n!ers must be addressed. For sale by Druggists and Country Merchant la all part of the United States and the Canadas, and by aplMwaw w. r. GRAY. Naswvru.. .:. .,".CVal - tlUf-- : .TV'ii( -life: V-V- A a v. ti Corner Sixtn. and "Walnut Scree a, anclnnatl. T 'HIT COURSE OF STUDY IN THIS INSTITUTION Idthorough and practical, embracing all that la requisite to fit young men for the active duties ol th. Counting Boom, among which Book keeping by Doub Entry, Commercial Calculations, prnnmanahip. Commercial Law, Mercantile Forms and Correspondence, rroeiv special attention. Th former Principal, R. . Bacon, having associated with him I. J. Allen, isq., late President of Farmer1 College, aa a partner, a regular series of Lecture will b given by Mr. Alien, In the College Lecture Room, on variosu topic con- nected with Mercantile Science embracing the subjects of Commercial Law, Political soonomv Io its application I Commercial and Curreocy, Commercial Geography, History of Comm. ice, the Consular stem of Europe and Imuran, th characteristics of American Commerce, Aa. Other lectures will alao b oc;aiooaily givta by mioallecturer. Th hour of Instruction ar from 8 ta It A. K. troml tt4,aod from! lot P. M. Taaau For full course. Including- - lector.. 0For Pennmant.'up. per month.............. ABovll CmdAw BACUN A ALLEN, Principal. AYER'S PUIS. The I'ortrr of Phislc ATXIUB PILLS, gild, sogar-sho- over th palaU, bat their energy, although wrapped up, to tkert, and teu wll giant fore oa th very fouuds'lou of diseaa Tbera ar thousands ef tuBerer who would not war their dasteta. pert If they knew Uey couid be tared lor U ets-- Try Avar's Pills, and yoa will know it. Purify the blood and dmease will be starved out. Oe-au- t lb system froia impurilio and yoa ar rd already. Tak this bott ef all Purgative, aad Scrofula, Iadir-tlo- n, Weakaesw, Hea Jarbe, Barkacb. Sidtache, Jauadxa. Rheumatism, derangsoient of ib Liver, Kklneya, aaa Bowtks, ail deraogsmenu aad all disease aback a para--t-l rei.y caa reach, fly blor tbm Ilk darknosa bo--,(or th Sun. Reader, kf yoa ar suffering from any of tha anmsrssa eomplainu ll .y core offer ao moro th remedy aa been provided f r yoa, and it m erfmiaal to eegteet ii. That A'jtr't C?rry ffrt.mil tt th best n Ihe a Cowra, is known to th. whole world, and thai Aytr't ftfis ar ib best W ali Piila, It known to the who bav asd tbonx. Prepared by DR. J. C. ATIX, Praetical Mass.aod Suid, Waolesal. by 7. W. BEHST A CEMOTILLI, faataii. by JCV. 6. BROWN, BashvB. T.e, aad by ail DrwggisU aad Uejr ia Hodkaa Ukrwwgfc tba toeuon. werti tw twins FTBl Soboartbor rarpeetfuly anaaui thai k Vsa dte. A t sd of a wo-tt- of hi saterwa ta ta 6rataabrg tdicneai te Mr. Citneea Escxwrm, of (abvlL. babrJJ,De t,lM. ALEX. MACSrNgl. Utct urxra. skmi ttrxerrst. MACKlvNZIKit BECK WITH, collect i:xo AnirVTS,HASHTU.LZ.TEaX, A.D CE-- 1 . J I A L A li EINTS VOll THE CRjCFENBERG CCV.PASY CF KEW YORK PCs TISSIMIE. AlABAMA ASD CEOKCIA BY r tb th Craob Cuaway,aadcraab to et ! eosoa'ty vbeur sua Ageat rwitdiBg ta wry eoaatv, twa aad ally Is tb tb rew skate, la utaf lb a, wbkcb wi.l be pertwoaity Mtertaledd by Mr. teefcaiib, wBr oorarv.at as t'eiiectnar a il s taeat, a. "era pen, Ae, A., a d pmaie to gi v (kaw ansa koa to the latere' al thot ab wwb U itrbf aa.ty w are aerwitted to It tbe Aniowiag rviorei i. at W. r lobby, H Pa k Kw. BeW Terk; Locke, Ketches ICt.V tter WMt, New Tea-- , Rolaad Parry, E) , lTa.t-- i Uutue, ftai&deipA-- . Pat Be. bnase.l A Cw. , P.tiiOjl.r , UviaVtMa.Cvpavad A t o , I'litabarr: Cuaoiacbaai A Co., P.;abrg Liaa i ry; li. M. Fort, itianei al La, Naeam'bs, . M. btctwea A a M rears. iJ.rm, A Haoa A C , PHILADELPHIA ADVERTlSEft'ENTS ITIILirARY COOPS, n EC ALIAS, c W3I. H. IIORSTJIAJftf & SOS,223 Cie3tnut Street, tajoialnB; tA Haxtmie HaIL PHIT inn smi rANUFACTURESS and Importer of r ki fPLUMV,09 AflUS "CLA, Also, REUAUA of every ty7 r Free Mason, Odd Fob IwBH, , 4PR0i3' 8AS1J. COIXARA, JEWIUk, A!so, THEATRICAL DECORATIONS iaFLAGS and BANNERS on h wimU I. ort.r7Having a full assortment of th above, tsahlea tasaAll order at short notice. noTi5-di- ax. THE MOSTEXTENSIVi: ElEQAITT ASS0ST2IE2!T OFTy TTO 'l'l rvrar-- mLOOKING GLASSES, ENGRAVINGS AND PICTURE FRAMES.JEarle's GalleryIfo. 212 Chestnut Street.PIHLAIlt I mi sBov22 eodSra. JUST PCBUSniD, BY THX ASS0CIATI03I, PHLLADZ1PHIA.RnWABD SrERMATORRIidA. or the Vic of On.nism, MturbaiTor 8elf.Abue..Dd other Dae.se. of th. VxS Oral!with an ccount ofth. error and d.eepttcns of Quleto!and valuatie Advice to th Afflict.H h. cirT AS"TICNCPM!;toLT,;NG wtltGE0 th HOWARD . ben.voleot InstitaisM rab h 'P1 thedi.tred.iffliced .lXMn4&ZXZleases." lau..L... ... i;. "'" c" nt "T H(in a sealed .o.u.. ..r. n.' " ir, liniftl ,1 (l,H .E -TAM A-- ""J? 'PS tor Datv. a i i r, iiavp: you subscribed IN THE Cosmopolitan Art Associationrou tiii: tumidSER THE RARkl lSDlCKVkNTSI-Vh- e"Pd,:"'r!t0J "nrtn' that th.'eoS.6,,WorUM Art diatmhntini, .v . 7w w.awaa waaaswallK IUf iUWATIber. whose name, ar received pr.viou. to th JsthafJanuary, '67, much larger and mor. eo.tlv ih..previous year Among th. leading woik ia cwu'ptwr-Bue- f!!!. XMWe-- to th. a,w aad "WOOD NY.TIPIIThe Boat of the ThreeGreat American "taltaaC1.AV, WLBViLU AMI 1ALIIOIW,AUv tie eicmsite Ideal Bust. "M'lll ..'At'OLLO AND DIANA.IN MARBLE. I.irr RueTogether wiih th. toilowmgtiroupsaud a. a fees ia CarraraMarble of th 6Th.Ll.GI E FOR THE HEART, ......VL'Vf'Ll Ik'rt a uni .i.f anu srrn; rPTtnZ; MAGDALIM:CUILD OF THE SKA ; 1SNOCFSCICAPT1TK fii an- - ..J f Ve--. wasWith numerm works in Brons.-- , and a eolioetioa f Fvsal hundred FIN a' OIL PAl.NTlNlia. by leadiag Artist.Tbeahuie of which ar la b distributed or allottedamong the subscribers whose names ar received cr.vi.aato the 1 .VIMT EIGHTH OF JANUARY. t. VuDUtr.bu:ion will take place. ' TERMS Of SUBFCRIPTIOX. Every subscriber ef f.r UoiUtrt is tntulad tA coo 7 of the snlenoi.l Riui ......Siuut," or a copy oi the following i Magaaine on yartalso a copy ol th Aar Joraaal on y.ar, and a Tit iathe Annual Distribution of Work, rfinTims, for every 3 paid, a person r.ot only gets a boaati-r- ulknmavlng or Msgaxine on year, but als rciwr tbArtJou nal one year, and a 7. tH In th Aanaal Dlstnba-tio- n, n.aking tir tiUirt uortA rutlng wiutur b.siutsthe ticket, by which a valu.oi paiaiasg r pi fstatuary iuy b received ia addition. Those who prefer Magaaine to th Engraving 'FatardtyNu ht,1 can have either of tbe following on yar: Halter1Mgnxme; tlod' Lidj1 Book; United State Magaaia;bn.ckeroccter Magaxme; Craham's Magaain: Be a wood'sSiiu ai ae; Southern Literary iescger.No t eron la restricted to a tingle sbar. The Uklafflva n erfberahips, rsmittinr 1S. ar. .ni.U.o ... r."gravinca, a id to six tnkets in th distribution, or any v of the Maaxtnei, oe year, and tUtU-tttt- i crscu-- , iu remiltina- - fuuua lor mea.bcrthip, will n.. register the letter at th. Post 001c, to praveat lot; ea ceipt of which, aeeriiticat of Memberaiiip, together wiisithe Kniraving or Maiissin deairtd, will b forward I m any pai t of ib country. For further particulars, st tb Novmbr Art Jaraal.sent free on application. For iLetubersbiu. aduresa f! I. nrtnr. l.i.... n a aB Id Brondway, N.w York, or Western Om'c. 1M Water All!Sandusky, i.hio. It. I. WILAIK. Uonorars .. novii! jtinVm. .Naahvllb,T.a LIVEH Y STABLE TOE EEKT F0S 1857. rV,IC3L Th kno STABLE av Veii---'ia-on Lower Market tr.t, now occu-4- mTpitil by John U. f lo.a, will be Aw til rent next rear. The alia .nd 1.11..this Si.nlle makes it ooe ofth. most dasirabl ia th city ALrO-lh.l- arg WAREHOUSE Dow occupied by P. P. .a v tar iac coup.For further particular apply to altheir of lb nnAeralem. n on Market slret. MRS M. ILOAN, or novli tf KS1) BLOAN. ALSO. Th ICE nor? I occupied by C. A H. Martha will be rented oa fav.raftl terms. nissoi.i Tior. TltEcoparmrrthip hrr.tof.r xwtng bwa Ik aaatb nam snd stvl of a K. CaiMlaU. SHANKS a CO., ia this day distolvtd by mutual oaa.t. .Th accounts due taid firm and liabilities of th tarn atjb settled by Frederick Sloan. S. K. CBOOKSHARKA.Nashville, Dac.U.lSJd. FRiD. bLOAN. IOTICF. HAVING parehaaed th Interest of A K. Croorshaakg VManufactorr MirWl nri.i iii.aa.denigned will continue said buam.as atlhesaia plao with me aame wuramca, ao., a nrlofor. FRED. SLOAW. TO THOSBVWIIO UIDK! FIZEIK SL OoAi; Kannikctareri of Carriages, Coacieg Bnf jleA Light-Waarro- 4c !VOa Cf) Lower Market Mtreet. 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