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Daily Nashville Patriot Newspaper Archives Jan 17 1857, Page 4

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Daily Nashville Patriot (Newspaper) - January 17, 1857, Nashville, Tennessee... f i4 ! ! 0, ii KM el da) t4 bei TOIl No. rot to I the anil B1 Bros the! sua 4 bjun of N.fou pole I them rear the n ?! thru: 11 ear.t? puicl 1 J.n J J J i. tllld Tiler fully Mil g i 4--1 Freights Keduced HATES OF 1'IIKICIIT mOII CHARLESTON TO NASHVILLE, T OOWTJBCC WITBOOT ALTXXITOX Cmi TSB First Day of June, 1857. FIRST CLASS. Plane Forte. Books and Stationery, Boot, Shoe an 4 Hau; Liquor, Dili, Ac, In bottle; Camphln and Spirit! Turpentine, in bbl.; Carpeing, Ch'na, Guts aiid lasswre, Cigsr Id case; Clock, Ccnfreiiona-ri- e, Cotton Card, Cutlery, In ce, casks and boxes; Dry Gooda In boxes and bale; Drugs, Fruits, Fruit-Tre- ea and Shrubbery, Fur, Garden teed, lioklng Olasse and LooktngGla Plate, (at owner'a riik,) Ovater in earn and iarst ftarldierv. Tin and Brlttania Ware. Teat and Spier, per 100 lb. 11-1- 8EC0XD CLASS. Hardware, except inch as i specified In Firat and Third eles; Coffee M Lllx, Machinery; Foreign Liquors, In Lbl., and pines; Tobacco, In boxes; Leather in rolla - and boxes; Oils, in bbls. and casks; Crockery and Queens ar in crates and casks; Rice, Whiting, Plaster, Bheet Bra, and Copprr, per luO lbs fl.OC THIRD CLASS. Axes, ShoTe'A, Spades, 8ad Irons, Zinc and Tin, in pig; T Anvils, Vices, casks of Chains and boea; : Manilla and CoUon Cordage; Coffee, heavy Callings, MillGearlng,lRailroai'i-Whee:-s and Axiei, Chains and Spikes, and kosin in bbls., per lo'j lb. 80 SPECIAL RATF8. furniture and Carriage boxed: and other 1'fM article not enumerated ; also. Carboy of Aciln, or other Chemicals, will tx charged by actual weight, but at double First Claw Rates, per 100 lb. S2.S0 Hare every package plair.lv marked with name of con- signee, destination aud depot of delivery. Attention totMs natter prcrcnts delays ami los.es and insures a speedy de- livery. - ADTA5TAGES AND FACILITIES OFFERED BT TOE CUARLESTON EOCTK. Goods comigued to the Agents of the South Carolina Kailrotd at Charleston, will be forwarded "free it Com- mission" drayage, wharfage acd postage only charge I a till of which with amount tf freight paid vessel will be nail d to coDviroi'it. Mark paciages, care Agent S. C. K. R Charleston, fc. C. Ihe South Carolina Railroad will advance shippers charges, so that those who prefer consigning to a Com mis- sion tiousc can do to, and have their expeube-bi.- l payable here. All freight fr Nashville and Stttionson the Nashville andChattanooga Railroad are sent from Charleston by through Trains only, and Shippers may y opon tb utmost des- patch and promptness. Th R' from Ch irleston to Nuhrlll will at all time b s low as by Savannah. I am aaihoriaed, and will set le protrptly any over- charges and dima.'S that may occur on this line. In care of lost or missing goods I will tike charge of any orre'pondence necessary lor their recovery, and If not found wiil pay for th same within thirty days after notice If given at this other. Merchants along the line of the Nashville and Chatta- nooga Railroad will bear la mind that the above rates ap- ply to all ro ls from Charleston, which are to be delivered at the following Stations, tit; Htevenson, Anderson, Drch-r- Toliahoma, Normandy, Wartrace. Bhell yville, Fosterville, Murfreaboro, Smyrna, anil Laversne. I shall be prpired to give every explanation and infor-riatio- a denre i in n garJ to fr ifthts and expente-bill- s. Correfpoi.de nU mav rtly upon prompt answers to all In- quiries; and every attention given to buainest brought un- der nay supervision acd control. CUA8. W. AKDERSOX, Agert, Jan tf No. 26 College at , Nashville. hati;s F IK i: tU II T ON PEOLUCE TO CHARLESTON. Feathers and Wool.pT 100 lbs l.f Xaswax, Ginserg, i'ink Root, Rope acd Sagging, Hemp, Star Candles, Boap, Lard and Linseed Oil, per 100 lbs Leaf Tobacco, per 100 ,80 W hisky, per bbl 8 00 Beef and Pork, per bbl Flour, per bbl J Brooms, In lot of 60 doten and upwards, per dosen... l.0 Cotton, per bale The Agent of the Nashville and Chattanooga Railroad will sign receipts at the above rates uniil the 1st of June next. A deduction of one-four- the abovi ratev will give the rate to Augmta, Georgia, on the article above arecifled. Fot information in regard to rates on other article not ipecifled above, call on or addrrss CHAS. W. ANDERPON, Aeent, Jan9-- tf No. '20 t o'.le? street. westeum jtKinr ac;i:cv ion THE CHAELESTON LINE, also roa th lis i ranit NASHVILLE TO COLUMBUS, GA., (via t roiM ) Sixty:miles nearer than any other Route. OFFICE NO. 20 :ol.i,e;e stiieet, NASHVILLE, TENNEhSEK. b7 the Charleston Line promptly ad.OVERCHARGES Per on desiring information as to rale of freight or Westward will be furnished With Tariffs upon application at t e ollice, or by mail. Good, from St. Louii, Louiviile and Cincinnati, to be ent to Charleston, 8. C, Angusta and Columbus, Us., Mont-gomey- Ala., or other stations on the South Carolina, Georgia, Atlanta and LaGtantre, or Montgomery and Heat Point Railroads, will be forwarded Ireeof charge (except drayase) when consigned to me at Nasdvilie. Drayage from the Kiver to tne Niuhvillc and Chattanooga Eailrcad Depot is contracted tor at thrte ai d a l aif cents per luO lbs, and will not exceed tht rate except on Iota of freight less than loOO weight quantities less than 1000 lbs. charged 85 cent for the .ot Jac U CHARLES W. ANDERSON, Agent. NOTICE TtTpASSENGEES. 6craiTiDXXT,8 Crric, N. C. R. SJ NiKUTiLLa, Jan. 0. 1 ATiT. f and aft r Monday next, the liih iust , tlie Ticket Of- ficeON of the Nathviile A Chattanooga Rai road will be stabliebed at No SO College rreet, under the Sewaaee H lel. TheOOiie will beon at 7 A. M. and closed at 9 o'clock, P.M. ra sengers should p ecure Tickets before going to the cars. H.l. ANUtBSUN, Sup't. 0. i. Abdkhkis, Tic-ke-t Ageut. jan tf FKE5H ARRIVAL OF SEASONABLE BOOTS, SHOES AND GAITERS TOR LADLES, KISSES AND CHILDREN. LADIES French Lasting Gaiters; " with heels; 44 Italian Cloth thick sole Gaiters, with heels; Congress Bootn; " Fng'.i h Calf " " very superior; French Morocco and Kid Welt HouU: Curocoi kid ntltched hoots, th'.cs sole, very One; y teg. Cut, Eld French Walking toes: " Sup. Frencn Calf Boots A Biukius, thick sole, for cold weather; " FioeFrecch Rid flippers, plain and with buckles; Fiecch tu.broidered Morning new stylos. Cork Soles, Overxboes and Toilette rlij pers, Ac, Ac. Wiase and Children' dress and thick sole Gaiters, Boots and Shoes, of French Morocco, Kid, Goat Skin and CaJ. Fine lrrs, Bronsed and 11 mo Kid Slippers Tb above fclock s T- -y superior, and will be sold at low prues. JOiiX KAMAUF-- , der20 i Co. kge street COFFEE -- 24S bsgs fair and prime RioCi.tTce. In storesale by W. H.GQKUON CO. 'TAR CANDLES KH boxes Werk A Co' Star Candles VoO boxea Ucotuar Tallow Candle. Inxtore.and far sale by W. H. tiORIKlN A till. COAP SOQ boxes 1'rescott's Axtra Family Soap. In store sJ aodfo: sale by W. U. GoKUuN A CO. MLnUV A.M Ml CI1)ICKI.1.S dec LONUtil'KST A CO. undkruilar: TX have now a auperb assortment of sesjonabl L'n-- derwrar, it consist of Shaker Flannel, Shaker Knltt, Hrfovia, Lambs Wool, Red Saaony, Amenan, Alerlno, Cashmere, Line J Silk. Canton Flannel, Trtiled Mtwn, L,aU of which w are selling at fair rate. J. H. McGILL. EEESSIKQ ROBES. Fl"rT Robes, well wadded, received and for sale by J. H. Me ILL. - TRAVELLING SHAWLS AND MUFFLERS. AKAlnUMh kit ot heavy Traveiliug Shawls andand for sale by J. li. McGILL. TRUNKS AND VALISES.J rgT received a supply of best Sole Leather Trunk andV,Uw,nd klaigcletof cheap styles, all for sale Vow 7' J. U. MrGIM, f NECI TIES AND STOCKS. JCST received every variety of Cravats, I Irs and Ftncka,J. H. McUILU LaJJe acd Oentlewens' Famishing Store, curner of Ihe eaaraandOullegaslreei. declO Fact Abut Ambrofrpcs. AnUKUl 1'1 1 were "Jar,xlci " in NaahvillA. LA ROOM HE. Ambrotype are made nowhere els la Nashville than at Ambrotyp stooma. No. 40 College St. Amor types are as ad apon a double plate g'ass, hermeti. a lly sealed, and Urn prutected against all poa.bilii.y of is I wry Ambrotype CoanU'rfeit are made on slnirl srlasa, aot ald, aud are not so durable a aa erdinary dagnet reotyp. Ambrotype were ao nauiaJ by ut inventor todislioguisa thm from all other pictures. Other o.ea borrow lb skisa ad appiy it M an uiivnor picture biaii lack U anal a' SMHnla of aa Amhroiyp time and durability. MtS Suudrirs. S beies pin Apples; I bbls Currents; 1 tthd Ooooa Kuu; b bses Citiron; tO boir. Orange?; 10 boxes Lemons ; 19 box Pecans; 10i) boxes Firm; 10 boxes Soft Sili Almonds; 100 boxes M. R. A L. Raislas, 10 bbls Old r; MortaKl, Largs lot of Fireworks, aas'd; A variety f Chn.nas Fixing and Tovsof a" snrt JmI received and for by J. a. Kb RriS, deeH Hmadway. IASHT1XL2 BELL AND BRASS rotTJTCSXT o. lit txHitti tront M reel, r ami 1 1 I i .A B. COOS, practical BELL and bA8 tvVSDltlill auoersswi W Wilr A Cook, ts prepared ta manafaa-tu-rto cider, itelis kr Cbwretwa, S'eiut.nts and Fiaata. tiOfis. Also, Steam Whlaurs, o,IGI'e, Cylinder, Gusga, Fountain and Mop Cocas, bo & talt-act- l Jo.uts,OaaMounting, a Mnl. All work snade by me iu rseatnea asd dwpateh, t labeat Material. Iw pnoMj, aod warraau4. ! twty " AKUSEK ENT FJAJUfTJi ILLS. VI NO detern-loe-d kr aorn tins r1' try and aervHA young friends with ecspati-- and anfcuoa, we liave it now arrnre with sur eoui-- s new W. k o( Toss, CoBfectioDery, Fir Wik, sc , c,treud tbrsa batata. BBowienli' oouce fioui tart! lore, N, II Ms. kct street, CUihl.lS kllMHI.HlS Aral I Aar4 r SWAN a CO.'S L0TTERE1S! CAPITAL VIUZU SoO,000! J! The following Scheme will be .drawn by P. Fwtw Co., Manager, of the FORT O AIMS. ACADEMY LOTTERT, of Oejrgia, and MILIiAKY VADMX LOTTRY.o( Alabama, In each Of trieir LoWerk for Feb- - r"ry',b6T- - , CLASS O, To b drawa in the City of Mo i.e. Alabama. In public on SATEU1FAV FEB. 7tlx 1857. CLASS 64, To be drawn ta the City of At!cU, Georgia,ln public, on THCHSDAV, FEB. 13Hi 1857. CLASS 25, To be drawn In the City of Atlanta, Georgia, In public, o SATURDAY, FEDRTJART !!8, 1857, on Lie PUa SIKCLE RtJIBEIlSX 30,000 Tickets I 3,260 Prizes I KORR THAN ONE PRIZE TO EVERY 10 TICKETS nACKIFICEXr SCHEME. 1 Prite of. fMOOO ! Pf 1 " VOIKiO is iO.C-0- 1 " 10,001 ll 10,0 1 - ,0)0 ll 00i 1 " 8 ( 0 is .0" 1 " 7,000 Is T.o-- 1 ,!) 10 I 6 OOii 1 5 0KO is 6 (Mat 1 4.0 it 4 000 1 8,000 Is 8,100 1 u SoOII S.I0 1 u 1,(0) i 1,'KH) lOt prie" 10 lire 10,nOH 100 " ' 00 ire C.0U) APPUOXI7IATIOX PHIZES 4 prize of 250 Apxm'g to 5.'i,000 prixear $1,rM) 4 2 ) " I2,e0 " bi0 4 - l.H) " 10,(KO u . ... 400 4 fti) 9 00 M " T20 4 " 65 8, 00 " 8M) 4 ss - fi) 7,(i(ift S0 4 M m C ,,u0 S20 4 " 60 " 6.000 " " S0 u ' " ISO4 4 4,000 4 - ss 45 m 8 "00 " " 1C0 4 89 S.iifjO 129 4 - ti " l,0v0 " " 1008,000 M 20 are M.w 32COprUesmontlngto 204 OOO Whole Ticketj, $10; Halves t5; Quarter! S2.80, PLAN OF T11C LOITER Y. The Numbers from 1 to8,lK, corresponding with those Numbers on tba Ticket prinHd on separate rhpi of paper, re encircled with small tin tubes and p aced in one Wheel. The first 2H Prists, similarly printed and eneircled, are placed in anotner beel. Tbe wheels are then revolred. and a number is drawn from the Wheel of Numbers, and at the same time a pris is drawn from the other whtel. Tbe Number and frtxe drawn out are opened and exhibited to the audienee, and registered by the Commissioners; th Prise being placed against the Number drawn. Thi operation is repeated until all Uisprixes r drawn out. APPROXIMATION PRIZE". The two preceding and two nuco.'edinx Numbers to those drawing the Crxt li I'm wil be eniltleato tneta Approximation Prises, according to the scherre. 3,000 lriz.--i of 20 will e determined by tbe last fsrure of the Number that draw tbe 150,000 Pri For example, if the Number drawingihe S0,ti0O Prise ends with No. 1, then all tbe Tickets where the number ends in 1 will be entitled to I'JO. It i.he Number ends with No- S, then all tbe TickeU where thu Number ends with 2 will be entitled to i'M. and so on to (. Certificates ol Packages will be sold at the following; rates which is the risk: Certificate of Package of 10 Vbole TickeU ISO " 10 Half " 10 Ouarter" SO IN ORrtERniG TICKET8 Enclose the money to our aldress lor the tickets ordered. OB receipt of wh.ch ihey will le forwarded by first mail. Purchasers can have tickets lading in any figure they may designate 1 he list of drawn numbers und prizes will be sent to pur- chasers immediately after the drawing,(tT Purchaser will please write their signatures plain and give their post ofl.ee, county and State. Remember thatevery l.'nxe is. rawo.and payable In full without deduction. layAII Prises of 1 1,000 and under, paid Immediately after the drawing otter prices at we usual nine oi imrij aaya. All communications strictly confidential Prix Tickets cashed or rennwed in other TickeU at either offloe. - Address Orders for Tickets or Certificate either to 8. SWAN A CO, Atlanta, Ga. JanlJ or d. SWAN, Montgomery, Ala.j o y a 1 Havana Lotfery. THE next ordinary drawing of the Royal Havanaconducted by ihe Spanish Government, un- der the supervision of the Captain (jeneral of Cuba, will take place at Havana, on Saturday, January S-lll- i, 1S57. S SS8, O O O- - Sortco ."X itiiit-r- 575 Ortliiiarlo. Capital VriAC li)0,OUO lolls. Priae of... tlOO,M0 8 Prizes of . 2,0 60,lio() 2 1,100 20,000 TO 4lW 10,iKti 149 90 6.0IKI 2" Approximations. 7,80i 4 Anoroximations to the HM Hr. of SiK each; 4 of 400 to M,0(i0; 4 of 4n0to 20,o00; 4ol 2ml to 10,000; 4 of 200 to 5,(HK U liole Tickets ; , Halves $10;Quarters Prises cashed at sight at 6 per cent discount. Rills on the Nashville city iianks taken at par. A drawing will b forward ;d as soon as the result become known. PT" Communications addressed to DON RODRIGUEZ(care of City Post, CharlesUo, 8. Cn) unUl Jsnusry 24th, will be attended to. Jan. 6 td Havana Plan Lottery. By Authority of the State of Georgia.' a pi: ii coiJrvrv ActnuuY eot-T- KJ HY CLASS 8, to be drawn at Cokcekt U all, Mscon, under e sworn superintendence of Col. Oaoao M. Loeaa and W. C. Akdirsui, Laq., on Sal urdu) , 17 fhJan.. 1857- -SATURDAY SMALL f C3EME- - 15000 Numbers f rues ihlc without heductton.CAPITAL I'll liCE, w 5,000! SCHEME. 1 prii of.. ,.5 000 1 " .. le'' 1 u u .. 1,000 .. 1,000 t prises".. ,1600 a-- .. 1.6ll0 60 ".. , loo arc, .. 6(00 loo " 60 are.. .. fi.ooo 100" ".. . 60 aio. ..24,0u0 i,:.... ..44,000 TickeU, ves, f fl. PLAN OF Tilfc l)TI'KK Y. Fame as the Royal Lottery f Cub with thi difference: tbe Havana Lottery has bS,0OJ Numbers this has only 15,000. There are two wheels, on each of ahich there are placed two Locks. The Superintendent l.ae each a key to the Locks, an I the wheels cannot bi opened unh-s-s both are present. There are piace'i iu the wheel of number lin tubes containing slips of pper with the ruuib-- r from No. 1 tolS.OoO. In the beel of pui- - s tliere are p aced lin tubes containing fliis ofaper with the 1 riles on them ranging f. om 1C00 to $U0. When the drawing taktaplare, vhli-- will beln pubiie, the wheels are unlocked, and sfier revolving them, a num. ber is drawn out of the wh ;el o( numbers, and at the same time one is drawn out of the Prise wheel by boys with arms bared to the shoulder and blindfolded the tube Is slipped off, and the number held u and enrolled, so that th whole audience ran see it the number is then cai ed off and reg- istered by tbe Superintendents. 1 he Prise drawn is credit e l to the number drawn at the same time, and so en until all the prises are drawn out. A copy of the drawing is then ent to the printers, and after con. puri-o- o the Superinlen-deaUeertif- y to the correctness of the drawing. These are sworn to perform their duty without fear or lavor. It will be perceived tliat In this plan every prite is drawn out, and of course some person must get tbem; a drawiag is sent to every on ordering UckeU. Ih prise are payable thirty days af ler drawing, In full, without dis- count. (IT Drawing tallea pine every (Ulurdsy.W Orders lor tickets addressed to G. 11. WINTER, Box 652, Nashville, Tenn , will be promptly attended tojA dfcd F. AiMH.it, Manager, Jan 10, ISrT. Macon. Ga. llarvlaml Lotteries FOR JANUARY, 1857. II. FIlAlNCi: & CO., Managers. Drawings conducted ucle. the superintendence of th c ta:e Lottury Commissioner. Prizes paid us soon as tlravn. A Grand Maryland Lottery ON TBE HAVANA PLAN. GRAND CONSCLIC ATED LOTTERY OF f.'D. EX fit A t'EAXS t To be draws In Baltimore, Md., Saturday, Jan. 31, 1857 20,000 Nnrnleri! 1,000 Tmes! I the Lotteries every 1'iiie mot le drawn by some en, asadtbe Priae sit drawn out -- fihs wheel.t? T. H. Hrsaas 4 Co. ai aulhoriaeA I; tb Man-ager to fill all orders. S C II E 71 i: . J prlsopf f43.S" 1 prig of. 12Ji0 1 prise of lO.tSK) t prises of 6,000 1 prise of a.ooo I prisewof 101 pnae of 1,000 It) prias of , too arraoiuuno rarxa. 4 of t' approximatiiio to f42.04 ef 10 104 of M lo.POO 8 of M 6.UO0 o To a.noo of AO ... . of 60 1,0 T5 U 10 tow IfilM priae i $itni,4iF H'uol TickeU t .0; Halve 6. Quartert 1AA. BRILLLVNT SCHEME. GRAND CONSOLIDATED LOTTERY CF WD. CLASS t. r b 4raw In BalUaaor, Md , Eaurdaj, Jan. 24, 1S57. 8 V U K 71 E . 71 Naratenf-- U Draoa AaTctl. 1 prft f , S nr. I pria af Sl I pr.of ....... i.... 10.t4 puxraaf... 6,tW prises of... tj IV "I'M priac af.. l.wiO U priarsot...., ....... .. Coo I pruwsef .... ..... 100 44 wimcI. M lirt pilsn of . ................. AO I,RAJ prrrW 40 pnaxof . t to S6,ft ae, assouaUrg t , !,t(1,0t ok t. Ha' HOiOotrtora, JS, Ehti SI M.Cwltacttfol rsekti iSl vt baiM, rwat 23 to 4e d Hal, m lt (o tie c ttrt.s " 44 ti d 4 aifctttts - . ta li pa-y- Ail ordtr Itr l.ket or pw-kag-e la any of Us MaylMdLoturws, will prun pt aiteLua, aod tb 4raw.t. nau4Util prt,ers iaci,..iiau.'y .tr its a. AdrS T. M.lit lllllUltd,h: it Fajeue street, or tk x, N. 44 aM-4- V .umurt, tsaiuscd. NEW DRUG FIRM. BEECH, BAKER & CO., No. 20 Colic je Street, Sevanee Building:, NASUTILLE, TiLSN. Drugs, Medicines, Viir"wPaints, Oils, Lye Stuffs, mPerfumery. Fancy Ar- - TICLES, COMB?, BRt'SUE?, TOrACCO, FINK CIf?AR8. Garden and Grass feed., Fith-.r- Tckle Ac For le by the New Firm BErCH, HAKEtt A CO. rOU DR. I'lTriIFS. rAHIILYAfJE'CV srw w a ! njjbtvii, vaai'Is ver. ALVAN1C CI.ATIVE. "o'''tG CO. s rif ir ii f ta l !V K. for the cure of F.heoI T p.r.ir.i. r.eneral Nervous I'el.'i'iiy, Ae.- - For sale by PEECH. BAKER CO. UV CIIOItB I MMIlSi cin findLOVI'KK at BEECH, RAKERJCO'a TACKI-E- . Hook In great r?'FIMII.-VC- ;gut and xirrp. Linen. Cotton, Sea Gran and Lines twined, swivels, diukers. Trout File, Grass Hopper, F.thin,WalleUAc. Forle ty 1,.KERJtro; nun ll vrl V CKEEBKATEU Body Eu.1 oorU-ro- BASMNG'8 BODY LR ACE, long and r rr.il- - larly knon as the Best Brace extant, and admirably adapt- ed to the physical want of delicate femitles affiicted wit general lebiiity, curvature of the spine, railing oi me '""",. loss af ap. etite. ditpepsia Ac. For sale by the New Firm. ii,i BKKCU, BAKER .A CC.Sl'PPrirs. Poap, scrub brusbes.nair.AlHIEV assorted, super Carb. Rods, Tartaric Add, Pepp r. Spice, Cinnamon, Cloves, Nutmeg, Ginge: liuv. Vine Teaa and Chocolate. . For sale ty Octll BEECH, BAKER A CO JO. G. BROWN DEllJU DRTJGS, CHES1ICALS, 'PAUfTS, OILS, WINDOW-GLASS- GLASSWARE, f CRGICAL INSTRUM FNTS, Ac, And all Ok rojnilar Jattnt SMlcinM of t?ce day. 43 College Street, nabhyille, tenn., Fancy Goods, the stock is more than oiual'y large,TNhaving received new supplies, selected in person frcm the Eastern market, many new tyte never before offered in this mark-- t. In Perfumery we can furnish Lubins.BftxinsandMi'cheli s Extiacts for the handkerchief. Home of them are new vari- eties. Farina, American and French Cologne, in almost every pattern. Pomades and Hair Oils from l.obln, Wright, Pi ver, Baxin, Glerea, Hauel, Ac, Ac, Ac Dillues A Lubins' Sachets, Hair Brushes, Metal, China, Glass and Paper Pull Boxes, 8hll, Fine and DresiDg Combs, together with t general assortment of sundries in thi line, to which we would call attention. ES 1000 genuine and fresh Swedish LeechesLFr.C'M by JO. O. BHOWN. t'HWE WAIIE.-40- 00 gal. assorted siws, cjyi3 ju. u. iiiwiij. A It TIF 25 boxe Proctor A Gamble's Penrl Starch,ST quality JO. G. BROWN. LIVE OlE SO baskets Jut arrived, also t small lot0 Vinrin Tuscany Oil, an extra article for table use. Je23 JO. G. BROWN. tii;i.is Large lot of Coopers, Sheet and ShredX IsinnlMS, Sparkling Gelatano, with ail the Flavoring kx- tracts in use. JO. G. BHOWN. OCIirSS WATE ll ConUanUy receiving direct KJ from the Springs, also Empire w ater,jy28 JO. G. BROWN. 1H7I1VIJOTV ILAS A larce lot ranging from 8 by 10 to 40 by 10, single and double Mrength. jTJg JO. u. JJUU . 71 0 Will TE 100 kegson hand, also White Iad ol -- 4 Fahnestock's and Ptocnton-- nrana. ju. v. u"" . OAC'II VAHIVISII-- A small quantity of Fnglish Coach Varnish on hand. JO. G. ER0WN. r.TH EH with pore Frandy, Madeira, Port, andTIM: Wines for Medicinal purposes, and a well select- ed stock of Drugs, Chemicals, English Extracts, Colors dry, and in Oil, Linse d. Lard aud Train Oil, Indigo, Madder. Ac. all of which are offered by JO. G. BKOWN.j23 43 College Street G. W. HENDERSHOTT, WHOI.ESALK AND RETAILDRUGGIST,. receivin a general assortment of Piir and GmvinIS iMti ;s A i pikoic i i:s, Warranted as pure as any sold in this city, or any other. In fact it is only necessary to lay none but the best Medicines are effered. Pure CI.emleals variou brands, Fresh Line Juice, " Cod Liver Oil, Congress Wa'er, Swedish Leeches, Breast Pnirps a new and convenient article. Syringes some new kinds. Fancy Articles ome of the most beautiful kinds, 100 ok. Pure Sulph. Quinine, bought for cash and will be sold very low. Oat Meal. Teas various kinds also a lot of Canton Teas, eo much Admired in this market. Very fine assorted Htock of Perfumery. Wines, Brandies, Gin, Ac, for Medical oses. For sale by O. W. HENDERSITOTT, apl2 Cor. Cedar Ft. and Square, Nashville. XFRA, V. B. RUM WUOLESALh AND RETAIL BRrC AM) CUEHIGAL STORE, No. 19, Socth Side Pcblio Sqcakk, TVatliTillc, Tcuui a'HE undersigned, having removed to Nashville, and asso-ciated themnelves for the purpose of conducting a Wholesale and Retail Drag Business, have recently opened at the noted stand formerly occupied by Plummer A Co , a large and complete stoek of fresh and genuine Staple Drugs, pure and unadulterated Family Medicines, Choice Perfumery, Fancy Articles, Ac, Ac all of which, guaranteeing the purity and genuineness of every article, they will sell at the very lowest market price for cah or on the usual time to punctual deslers. They are determined to lend out no article of medicine about win h their can be any doubt whatever with reference to its purity. They repectfuliy solicit a snare oi tne rresrnptions or the Physicians of the city. This department of their business will be under the supervision ot competent chemises. They trut that their rigid attention aud fidelity to Ihe in- terest of those who may fovor them with their patronage, will merit the approbation of their patrons and ensure success to their new enterprise. June'.'n htiuiAj KAia. A. II. R0SC0E, WHOI.fi!. D XrTAlt. PK1IJCR IS DEU08, MEDICINES, DYE-STUFF- S, PEBFTJMEEY, PAINTS, OILS, CLASS, BRUSHES, WHITE LEAD, ftc, Corner of It road and Clarinet St.,Ntsuvi i.i.i;. ti-.ys. TI AVE constantly on hand, a l.irge and well selected ttock of the above artie'es. together with a large asortment of Fancy articles all of shich i offered for sal on the most accommodating terms. , Alum, 3,(KiO pounds; Arrow Root, 100 pounds, Bermuda and Florida; Brimstone, f 00 pounds, refined; Castor 'tl, S00 gallons; Coppera?, 20 barrels, Prime Green; Cream Tartar, 5 barrels; Gum Camphor, 100 pounds; Indies, &H) pounds. Fine to Common; Madder, l.IHM pounds, first quality; Super Carb. Sod, 4,0ii0 pounds Prime; Flour Hulphur, fi0 pound. All of whioh is offered at the lowest price. JangS A.H. ROSOOH. " i0 IIUilIKUG!! f pHI undersigned have purchased th Patent right of C. A B. WILLIAMS- - D0-2- LE ACTIN 0 BALL VALVE Force and Lift Pump, For the State of Tennessee, North Carolina. South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiai a. We have tested th Pamp in all its recommended uses for ordi nary purpc in wells, and as fire engines ; and hesitate not to sa that it is superior to any pump now in uio. It is simple and plain in it construction; can b taken to pieces or put together by an; ordinary man, black or whit, in half a minute. There Is not screw or bolt atwutthe pump; there is the least imaginable frictio.i hence its durability. It is almost Impos-ibl- e I r it to get out of fix by asag. When used for a well or cistern It can bn converted into a Fire Engine in one minute, and by one man wter can be thrown over the tiilieti kmttn In the country. It is invalu- able as a Fire Engine, and especially in the country or coun- try town. -ltis(ua!ly well adapted to all mscliinery, Railroad Tanks, Ac, and will, when known, uperscede all other pumps. It can be nsed for either hot or cold water. Having fully satiefled ourselves aa lo th capacity, value aod ntiiity of the Pump, we are ready to snake sale of tbe above territory by counties or Male, (except the Western District of this State, which has been (old.) Weconfidetitly recommend ibe Pump to tbe Citisena of th Htatea mentioned. Th Pump ax cAaap, and therefor within tb reach of very family. ItT Addrce PORTER A BRIEN, Nasavnxs, Tea.kaM W. I'OWtR, anil-- tf JUHVS.BRltN. TUlPUUailUAl PLOW OP THE WEST. 'P . C BR IN LET, of B'mpscnvflle, Ky wonH In--lorm th Faaaaaa throaghont th Fouth aod West, that h keep con.uotl cn band, sny quantity of hu im- proved cteel Stubb aat Sod P.ows, which ha warrant to giv satisfaction, or refund th purchase money in every case, lie would aio inform tbem that bo U msnufactaring an 15'PKOVKU CCL1 1VATOK, that supercede ait other, ll tat said by swme of th best farmer In tb rtate to be un aurpaed. ltha. itceived several premium this seat on. ilis Plow have received fourteen first cists premiums in Mate this seawn; alM Uire premium at the Indiana Mat fa r this yer. AU orders sent bim, erb.lt agents, win meet with prjap atlccuuo.if accerrpanied with tb Cab. PRICES ARE AS FOLLOWS: Foe No. 8 Mow, with braro rod........ Ill 00 For No. I r ows, wiih brace r !.... 11Fur No. t Plows, aitboui brae rodt. It to ror o, l rkw.. 4 W Fo- -. IV r.ow I f For Cultivator T ev F Double fehotel Ftow T (w For Sin' Shovel ... A M - Agvau to. the sal of the pk ws ax Hem. W. b. Bcllkaap A Co., louitvtUe, Ry. U.S. WcliexA Sun, Na.hrilis, Tenn. Saoader A Kt.th, Lrxingtoo, Xy, ' BmiiA A It.-?-, t ica.buxg, i.s.dc4 ta FtaipMBVtii, KyNov. I,155A EV IVETIO"i T r?T received THE MAGIC JflKATTEE CAS STOVEl by which ! oowiicg kr a m.l party ea uua at lb lis fore, wuh fMl,.t'r 1XSIFE SiUILPJ& AAD JPCLlSULS, crat fa ent Fou V) axuer tad Frreh & f. Castor. d-- l 1 . . MAt,igil A WILSON. Ilarblo noniiments7&c7 3Li. QlioltorL INFORMS km fn.ads and tfc publKia geo- - riai now prMCuii4 U alaaAA Via th abr oa Cherry strtt, m-s- l ' y Si will M pirMwi to attea-- i te tb wder. i ail s sy want trk la hi Hat doa. li ba aad will keep oa band, a (upi-i- r oi 4tA3tJSLSi!0SOXL3T!l,W2IB3, Ae., fManuWtjrvd af th f twi.s an J A ose--r aa MH4. In th UK !y!e ol lA axt. Ail,, f fets will b a(taat4. ar" INSURANCE. TENNESSEE MARINE FIRE INSURANCE CO."Capital $150000!! North-Wes- t corner of the Public Square, overOFFICE Pearl's Exchange OiEce. They will take risks on Dwellings and other Houses, Goods in Store, against Jxss oj Damage by Fire Also, Marine and River haxards, from and to all ports. Also Negroes against the Dangers of the Eiver. msiof on : JOHN M. HILL, jnsKPtr VAULT. JAMES CO K KEY, THOMPSON ANDERSON, G. M. FOGG, f. A. OWEN, ALEX. ALLISON, JAMES F.LLH, R. li. GARDNER, N. E. ALLOWAT, W. S. EAKIN. JOSEPH YAl'LX, Prcr. A. W. BUTLER, Secretary. ocU--t "nasiivieee co.inn ik ial INSURANCE COMPANY, Ca pi till 100,000.(ALL PAID IN AND SECURED.) COMPANY being fully organised, according to charTH18 is prepared to write Policies against LOPS or DAM- AGE BY EIRE, on Buildings, Goods, Wares and Merchandise generally. Also, on shipment against loss or damage by Seas, Rivers, or Inland Transportation, on the most favora- ble terms. Life and Negro Policies granted at Currentratel. OtSce, No. 60 College street, East side, between Union st, and Public Square. DIBXCTCXB ALEXANDER FALL, Vf . T. BERRY, ANTHONY W. VANLEER, JAMES WOODS, JOHN RIRKMAN, JOHN H. EWIN, HENRY 11 A RT, Jr., R. C. McNAIRY. THOS. W. EVANS. HUGH McCREA, WESLEY GKEP.NrIr.LD. ALEXANDER FALL, President. Jixxs Wslixr, Secretary my2 The tna Insurance Company of Hartford. Chartered 1819 . CASH CAPITAL !W,000. THO. A ALEXANDER, Sec'y THO. K. BRACE, Pre'.. Etate Hutnal F. M. Insurance Co, of Pa. CAPITAL ;50,(i. A. J. GILLETT. Sec'y J. 1. RUTHERFORD.Pres't Kew York Life Insurance Company. ACCUMULATED CAPITAL fsoo.noo. PLINT FREEMAN, Actuary.. M0RRI3 FRANKLIN, Pre ' Fire. Marine, Inland Hull and Life riks taken at eqoitali ratoa. jy23 JOSEPH NASH, Agent. SCOTCH AND IRISH IHItECT IJIPOKTATKIV. received a shipment of several Puncheons and KegsJCSTthis ScrxMOB Article, direct from Belfast, Iceland. It wiil be found far preferable to any ever offered to the market. - 1" SIMPSON, nolO 42 Public Square. GEMIINEGORDOX DUFF A FKEli SUrrLi IN UilOUiL nuiiurs nm rei-cuc-u XX and for sale by B L. SIMPSON, povlO 42 Public Square.OLDAlaiitaclo iIadcira. riHKEE 0ir.i!CAL Casks, which I offer as a Ossnsi and J. ScrxKioa Wine. B. L SIMPSON, navlO 42 Puhr'c Squnre. CHARLES HEIDSICK CHAMPAGNE. MMIE ripid sale with which my last importation of this A article met, has induced me to order a new supply, which arrived this day, being SI I'l llMHI to any lot ever vet offeied. I recommend it to the trsidw as well as for use. B. I.. SIMPsOX. n0Vl(i tf B. F. Shields Com. House, 42 Public Square. LAEGE STOCK OF HAVANA CIGARS, TOBACCO FOREIGN WINES,0 LIQUORS. &C. LYONS & CO., CEDAR STREET, have trie p'easure of Informing1Q their customers and the trade generally, that they are Justin receipt of the largest and mo-- t complete asort-rr.s-nt of goods in their line ever offered in this city. They al.o tuke 'his method of thanking their friends for the very liberal patronage hitherto bestowed on them, and hope in consequence of the greate r iniluceme st s now cllered to all, to merit a continuance olthehsme. Ail wt o may favor us with their ordera may rely onthem being promptly attend- ed to, and sa.iit.f.tctin guaranteed in every Our Slock consists in part of the following popular brands: HAVAN A ClUAItS. Fragancias, La P.itrie, Wig Wag, Magnolia, Concha, I.ondres. Hor de Charleston, Dos Hijas, Three Sifters MinaCubima, Fontica, , Operas, Nicot.ana, El Pileu, And various others. TOItACC'OS Clif wing ami SmoUiiig:. Marion's, rhelton', Powell's Vm. I'enn, Olive Fig. Atkinson Solace, Devote, Arabian Date, l a Lj-i- Nsturnl Leaf. Pc pie's FavoiKe.Lnne Chesn Piayers, Anderson's,. Pancake, And the celebrated brand of POCAllONTA.- - TOBACCO, with seVtral others of the most popular brands. lin A MU I S. Seigne'.te, Pelvoi'en, Napoleon, United Vineyard Proprietors, Jeraud, Magloiy, OUid Dujiuy A Co., Ac, Ac, Ac. ATI :Vr.VJtriotii. Burgundy Tort, Crown rt. Duff Gordon Sherry, Amontillado Suerry, Fine Old Maderia, M tlaga Wine, tbaapgne W ine of various brands. SIMIItlLS Holland Gin of various kinds. Jamaica and St. Croix Kuin, superior quality. Old Scotch and Irish Whisky, very One, Hourbnn, Monomrahela and Tenn. W hisky, various qualities French Pickles; Erench Mustard, Olives, Capers. Sardine, Oiive Oil, assorted Cordials. Scotch, Maccaba and Kappee Snuff. Gl ised, Enamel and a splendid lot of Meerchamu Pipes and Stems. EYOMS A-- f.'iAROMATIC SCIIK1UAM SCHNAPPS, warranted a pure artic e, in Pints or yurw. Mills and HosUttci' Bitters. Dr. Green's Aromatic Sap. Walking Canes anew lot just received, and various othe r articles too numerous to name. We are constantly making lare additions to our stoek, and will not he undersold b.v any one. All of the above we Oder to sell in quantities to suit pur- chasers. To Wholesale and Country Dealers every inducement wil be offered. LYONS A CO., 19 Cedar St., CO 13 Near the Post Office. Elegant Fall and Winter Goods. W. A. & J. G. M'CLELLAND, RE now prepared to offer to the trade a Very large and elegant Stock of Foreign and Domeetic Dry Goods, di- rect from the importers, and at prices tht cannot fad to give entire satisfaction. Tbe attention of cash borers is particularly invited to this slock, as very great inducements will be ottered to this class of buyers. ME I ROFOL1TAX STORE, M and So Coi.tge street, HICH CHESS GC0DS. E'.rgant Press b.tks of every qualny, rrmny cf whte came throurh the large auction aaies in New York, an can be sold very low. fcirh Cashmeres and DeLanes; " piaiu Cashmeres; Tlaln and Printed Merinos; Suierfine black Gros. De Kines; Persian Merino snd DeLanes. Ae.. Ac LACE GOOUS, KLB20XS, Ac Rich Val. Lace Setts; " Collars: Yal. Laces, Edgings and Inserting; Jarkonet snd ewis tdiriogs. Inserting and Flouncing., Rich Ribbons and Trimmings in great varie.y, jc., Ac. CLOAKS, HAf LS AND SCARFS. Justopening a gieat variety ol Cloaks, in Cloths and Velvets, late-- t designs; and heaty l ong Shawls, in great variety; Travelit g Mia Is and blankets lor Gents; Casi.mrre and Krn-h- Ae. CUKTA13 GOODS. Satin Laines, Damasks, Lace aud Muslin Curtains, whir we are selling very cheap. SIAFLE GOODS. Our stock of Staple Goods is very large and complete in Cloths, Gssstmeres. Votings, Satinetts, Flannel", l.inseys, Kerseys, Print, tlesched and brown Doir.eatKM, Sheeting, Table Linens, lowehngi, Canton Flannel, Tirking, Iri.--h Linens, Negro Blanktls, Hue lilan'.eu, Square Bed Blan- ket, with cany other goods, which w are odering at very low prices fir cash. Wool and Cotton Hosiery, Clowes, Ac. We have the most comi lete line of 11. sirry Goods ever offered in this market for Ladies, M!, Gents, snd Boys,heavy loves ot every kind AT tlclLt LLAN U'?, sepltA a 61 and M Coliege st. STEAM EiGLES AND KLLIS t MOURH, HATING made important addiuona to oor machinery,increased our factliuet for manufacturing Smaa Eauisas and Machinery of every description, are now prepare to manufacture Mean Engines and boilers equal in point of Aoish and durability to any made in th Wert, and at a low prices. Having been practica ly engaged in th Manafactar of Mai hi nary in Nashville for the last fif- teen years, and giving our personal attention to tbe manu- facturing Department, wt It el confident that we can iv SiL.Uenon to all wbo may favor us wita their orders at our old stand. No, bi and ut Market street, nar Broad, Naah-vul- e, Tenn. Ad kmds of work for Flour Mills, Fleam Boat Saw Mills, Tobacco Fsctoncs, Banks, Jails, Ae.,Ae ewocuted proaiptijr, and at the lowest caah price. NEW IRON FOUNDRY. ELLIS & .MOOUE BEO leave to Inlora tiietr friend snd th pohllr that theynow ) operation a large and extensive IRON FOUNDRY, adjoining oar Kachio Shop and are pre- pared to , FILL ALL 0RXE&3 P20MPTLT, For every deseiiptiao of 4'AS1'I thai may be catted for, and at cheap aa tt ran be done wt of th mountain.Mux iiaajuao. Hoar puwx, MM W xhiwts, Sasx Ycli, W tpw Fiua and Lrrrus, Cast Basa, Wars vtakaL,Ccai Canwaaa, and all Cisruw, aaed la th conjtmcuca of Flour Mills, fcaw kli.!, IsrotM, ao i Dwell'nga. mad to order at short noisr. We will also furn.h every aescription of t tears and Water Mach.nery at Ihe iutMf price Patters sna1 to order, asd charge lor ase o patterns whica we bare m ear Foundry Th hijht price paid to work for olJ Iroo 1LL1A A ilvOUF, M Market street, e..r broad, Jan. T, "5T 1 v Nahvi!l. Tmo. BWEET HATAK A oaSG3-n- ( CP'J FWttT UAYANA OJUNiitA;tJ a bbf Pecans;Ii xe 11- - Crackers; ft fro tlj Rurks; asortd;t " Roiaat Can Ut, 4V " F. tl berfc, Hue Lig'ita, 10i Torpar; M boart W. R, Oleea; 1 Lsuon; daxea cnt Oysters, Free; toQ eolrs rr.Jioe, a.Mirtl keat brand JFor sal at J, u. EuotRri iV twc'wtlocsry ,l"'r?' aad Bakery, broadwsf . Fire Crachera! I (( " ' J'" rrnd aad f.r ! by 4VU J. a, Av.ttttav. ka. STEAMBOATS, RAILROADS & SHIPS. i . . Regular iew Orleans.Packet.a, l . THU substantial sfeamer CUMbKR-rrtty;J- al LAND, Captain Wxt. DcxarrT, havrng aswli iV accommodations for Pji'sen-ger- s, Freight and Stock, will ply during the season as above and all intern ediate landings. Her exceeding light draught will insnre In the rrot of esse direct shipment. Messrs. W. A. JOHNSON CO., of New Orleans, will act as Agents in conjunction i h Capt. M. D. F. H. BUO'IKS, who will re-fi- de permanency in New Orieatn. at No. 27 Carondelet St., duriiig the business seaon,for the purpone of giving his en- tire attention to the filling of all purchase orders at the low- est figures. Ii. II. HARRISON, dec8 6m Age t KASIIVIXEE, C.UIMI A'SD 'EV OU-I.K- AS JiDllLY LiSG. A S'. THKfol.'owirg ".".lrv'-r7- l i steamers rPAssCuistd&s-aaMf- theDftilvUi afetf-.TTJ-- 1 ygaaO. ed Krat- -s Mail line between Naohville and Cairo, leaving Nahviile at 12 o'rlock, M., and Cairo at 6 A. M. J. (r. CLINE, linn M ister: C1TT OF HCSTSVILI.E, WsavKR Master; AMBASSADOR, Wtitt Master; AL1DA,-Hssm-ox Master. 1 his line forms daflv connections at Cairo with the Cairo and New Orlean Dally Mail Steamers, the I.oui.-vil-l and Si. Louis Dully Boats, and aluo with the Central Railroad to St. and Chicago. Passengers by this line can reach New Orleans, Memphis, St. Louis and Louisville in much less time than by any other boats. For passage or freight apply at the Mail Packet Office of A. L. Davi. O. W. DAVIS, President, decl- -tf JL-'-- F- M,iI 1'clel Company. ItEGIEAIC WEEKLY CIMCIMNATI & MMlVILLi; PACKETS. THE new light a CTT -- -i druught steam- - Ti rJygH Gaaca, Master, being expressly huilifor this trade, with all the modern improvement', with the light draught sub- stantial and new steamer SAMUfcL P. lUUBAKD, Sanra. P. H ibb asd, Mater, will ruu a regular Pa kets during tbe ensuing season between the above ports one of the boat beibg in port every week. These boats being in command of old and experienced commandant, and with superior facilities for passengers and freights, solicits a shareof pub- lic patronuge. For parage cr freight pplv on board, or to II. H. HARRISON, Agent, octSl 6m Front street. FOB NASHVILLE AND NEW ORLEANS TRAPS. flHE new andliphtdraughtsteamerT ""..jl -- m1 CKtSCK.ST, W. HouiKS. Master, )KZgZyi will run regularly in the above tradtsiskn i I'llll'ss durirg the i resent season, commencing on the first rie in tt.e Cumberland river. She has excellent acconroodatior s, and iu point of speed and safety is unsurpassed. For freight or passage, apply to U. U. HARRISON, oci.'J iKf t V h O Agent. ISoC. lMO L1SLOI' 1857. Nashville & New Orleans Packets. JAMES J03XS0N, Jesse Johnson. HUMBOLDT ... Wm. Strang;. fCOTLAND,... Capt. R. L. Dismukes. NASHVILLE,. . " Thos. Bellsnyder. THE above steamers will run regularly in the N- - wand Nasdtville trade One of them being in ea h pori every .'ay during the boating season. These Boats ire all owned in Naihville, and built especially for this trade. Capt. B. Dt'f.e'd will a' t as their Agent in New Orleans, and will attend to any business connected wiih the line. I re- spectfully solicit the patronage of the Mercantile and Trav- elling community, well satisfied that the Ulhcers and Agents will spare no exertions to desire their favors. A. HAMILTON, Agent, Nashville. oct24 tf B. DU'FIKLD, Agent, few Orleans. iuEIMlMMS AM . AMIVII.I.i; l'ACKET. fpriKfine pa'enrcrsteamer ALE0NIA, irarvX C.tpt. J.tHKS MllLKS, wi II run in the f JLiSiW.! Above trade tl.is ea.on. leavinir Nashville Vt TT .iS every MONDAY at 4 o'cloek, P. M.. anil J I Men pi is every THURSDAY at 4 o'clock, P. M. Passen- gers may rely on the ahove bont leaving each place on the day an i at ti e sau.e time advertised. U. H. HAP.RIOV, and oct24- -tf A. IIAMILl'ON, Agents. iiegi I.Alt nti:i.irr a ianm:(;eiii.ie nut st. i ons.SLLIE WtST Capt. J. N. Cohbitt. F.LLA, " Jams Lovxll. f '11 KSK boats will be the regular psrketa AflJisTw. avX between St. Louis and Nashville this f JjLakr'3 season, and will commence their trips lm- - .? r'v"-- mediately after the first riae in t ubcr-"''--- " land river. They wiil make their trips as regularly the business will allow. One leaving each port nhnut every H. H. HARRI-O- and fiverlnys. oc:2 !f A. HAMILTON, Acents. lSIf!. STTyWFR ARRATvXtEtVTFNT. 1856. CO.'I.Tl CMI.Mi 31 l A , ?l A V 1 JUlt. LITT COLUMBUS AND XENIA RAILRAOD. EXLUSIVFLT AN EASTERN ROUTE. On and after this date, the LITTLE KIAMI. VIA COLUMBUS, Is TfTK OS' I. Y MRFCT W-- I TE to and from Cincinnati and Cleveland, the only route running cars into I akefdiore Depot at Cleveland, and the only mute with uniform guage from Cincinnati to ('lev-eland-, Dunkirk and iluli'.ilo. IS ' yt.VJ' oTJf.l! Ilol lE (llevelnnd pussenirers go via Sandii-ky- , and di pend on trains from Chicago and Toledo to go Kt, break guac at Sandusky and ferry from Old Ohio City to Cleveland. THE LITTLE MIAMI, VIA C0LUXBUS,. Ts the i nly roiil'ith reliable connection to und from CIN- CINNATI and I'lTTSIirm;. J:Y ASY O 111 Hi: I'XTF, Pittsburg Passenger de. pend at Belli f.intaine or Forrest, on trains Iron Indianapolis and Fnrt Wayne to go Last. THE LITTLE W UMI, VIA COLUMBUS. IS THE iiS.Y L't'lTE to and from Cincinnati and WIIKIXINT, OR STKUIIF.NVILLK. THELITTr.EMIA.MI, VIA COLUMBUS, IS THE oXLY I'olTti to and from , Colum- bus, Crestline and Clevelund, with lightning express without chanpe of can. This a great comfort to Ladies and Families. THE LITTI E MIAMI. VIA COLUMBUS. BF4NU TIIK S1IOKTKST ROUTE from Cincinnati to the Fast, n uiiilnrm und safe speed is maintained. Connections are eertairi. .' 1' A A 1' O TIIEU ROCTE from CIncinati n dangerous Fpeed is requireil to overcome distance and delay neeessary in changing passengers and bapjage at HelifoiiUiiie, lomst,SanduAy, and Ferrying at O.d Ohio Cify. 'Alirouglt Ticket V I A WHLELINO, pursEunr., DUNKIRK. BUFFALO and NIAGARA FALLS. To all the Fastern clt'e. Three daily Kaetern Trains at 0 a ., 10 a.m., end 6r w. TIR.--T TRAIN Cleveland, Pittsburg, rteubt nviile andWheeling, LU'htnlng Kxpres, leaves Cincinnst. at 6 o'clock A. ., for all the Fastern cities; also, Detroit via Cleveland, tiprint-fl- i ld, W ilmington, Circleville, Lancaster and Zines-vill- e,( hillicotheat.d Athens. This train stops between Cin- cinnati and Co.umbus at Lovcland Morrow, Xenia and Lou-dj- u onlv. HtCON D TrtAIV-Cleveli- ind, Pittsburg and Wheeling Fx presi Mail, leaves Cincinnati at lu o'clock, a. M., via Cleve- land, Pitiaiiurg and W heeling, for ail the Kast-r- cities. This train steps at all the points between Cincinnati and Colum- bus. 1 UIRD TRAIN Accommodation, Leaves Cincinnati at 8:3' o'cioek, r. at., for Fpringfield, Wilmington, Circleville and I.arc.ster, Chiliicothe and Hillsborough. This train stops st all puiot between Cincinnati and Spiirgfield. FOUR! 11 1 RAIN Cleveland and Pittburr Night Fxr.res leave Cinriiinati at t o'clock, r. n., via ( Icvelan.l and Pitts- burg, fur sll the t.irtern cities. Thi. train stops at all point between Cincinnati aod Columbus. One Train on Sunday at S.80 o'clock, P. L, for Columbu. Trains run by Columbus Time 1 Minutes faster than Cin- cinnati. Fare at Low as Ij any other Eoute. FOR THROUGH TICKETS, And al! information, please ar P!.V at the offices No. ! Burnet House, second door West of line street; No. 177, (, bsi a Houfe tml. lug. and old office, boutheast corner ol Lr.iad way and Front street, opposite llou-e- , trattheEastern (Litt p Miami) Depot, Fast Frmit 'trert.C;i hvurt rvm 4 A. M., lutil 9 J'. if. V. W. iTKADKli, Cin'lAg't. THR OMNIBUS LINK Calls for Passengers at all the pri' clpal Hotels, for each and every train. By leaving directions at el'her of tbe above DC re, will call for paP ngi rs in alt parts of the city, with- out fail, imay; II. B. Kl'tiiiLM, Conductor. Fioiii Cliarleston to Anv York. Ttvcutj-Fiv- e Dollars. S25. imti:d KTATr yi aie i ncNEW YORK AND CHARLESTON 8TEAK5HIPS. Through in 43 to 2 Hour. S E M I- - Wi' K L J'. NAPnVtl.I.K 1,tfiTn M. Berry, Commsnder J AMU1 ADOKR,....l.NM - S C. Turner, do- - MAKION 1..V W.J.go.ter, do; HlUTHrRNFlt... .1,1th) T. IV Fwsn. do; I FAVS' Adg-r- 's Wharves every WEDNESDAY andJ SATURDAY, after th arrival of the tis from tbeSouth an I Weati-- at high water." Tlie-- e f teamirf ips wer all built expressly fi r this line, and fir safety, rnrort and speed, are unrivalicdoo UiccoaaU Tao'es supplied with every luxury. Attentive and courteous commanders wilt Inswre travelers by th.s line every p. s.i' le comfort aod accommodation. Cabin Passage 25 Steerage g For Freight or Passage, having elesnnt stste room aocoo-DOd.tio- n, applv to UKNKY M1.VKOON, Corner Fast Bay and Adger's South W barf,fb' Ctfastinrroa. . 0 Cabin l'aage to Acw York cor, nn afV. ,.. Semi-Week- ly United States Kail line. rl'UK NEW.A.xO cFLlNDID tlDK-WU- tlt FTCA- M- a aar- -hMiWir.M:, l0ton.A..Cpt. C. D. It slow,A I i.l vr... Cap. T. Lv-va-I.OII I U., l,s-- 3 ton Capt. M. W...pwnx.AEAltA.ilA, 1K) tons apt. U. R. Scsisxc. who. LuriuitKiaSVERr V'&ZjXAS&A' a so fatcrdat.These ahips ar n.oi.g ih largest on the coast, soaur-Pr- d to sped, r.'rtj ar coishxt making thnr pasarcsin fi to f--J Quota, asd are eon rcanded by s i.lui,car.'ul andpuliUorflcers. Ha rag rlegantstaU rocat comiBo.iauona, thsv Ser a mieii drstrttle ouovcyanr to New Fork.Cabin passag to N Fork f'jS Fleeragv pasM(e Vj lie Tort. Agsaa; PAD.LPORD, FAY A CO., FAM'L L. MliXJilLL, UHmadwev. N Tork. TI Vr ltf l.iVI U periuaDr.RoberUoaO fy MCtt Fa bt; KiO " Rtretiy etwire Coffee; t'i I bd pnxj Hug ar; 4 lb:. r.R. Aitauaits; l- - Pepfier, 1 b. p; . . A p.-aj:- - l oSare txi a;i Utatoof .oof,tri. " . a fcAXDT. ADDITIOXAL SCPPlUESnroTorNTLE3IINTP IIIAVCrev tb hd'ewtagfiMsioek f WltU VcATf SUirtbed WOUbe o BocU; - oit;" " " Crva Bo.U " " Patent le.th.r - aaj ktOUVfi;fcp.T Fref b t'lmli Uto - Cs!f tf..T X.c; 4-- ue4; " Te -t e,!;r. new stye a ad palleca. B- - and Tewiht tout Wiotor aoj lr b, Pcap.Ar. JfUA ktviiit, . AS Csn WHOLjESALE HOUSES. 183G. JT.VTiXi, 1856. T. & W. EAKIIV & CO.,lmiortcra and Iiolesale Ira.lcr la MNIIVII.I.F. TKSS. THE large increase in the Dry Goods trade of this plaee,ires correspondifig large Stock, and we 'aue plea- sure in assuring onrcustomers and the trade generally, tha we have now in store one of the most extensive FALL AND WIXTEK STOCKS ever oBer-d- ia this market, which we will -- l to promp time dealer. or for Cvh, at such prices as w 11 irire satis faction, and enable our Customers to compete sucttsfulO with merchants purchasing in any other market. Our Sto-- k of READY MADE CLOTHING Is also unusually large and attractive. We oHc:t a call. T. A W. E.sKIN A CO. r?rWe have arrnng menta that will enable us to keep our Stock up throughout the season. aug2-S- m T. A W. K. A Co. HU. DOUGLAS. AY UO Ill-U- A liVa ifllAlVaU, IVorth Market Stp.eet, Nashville, Tenn. IAM arranging for s!e a perfectly new stork of Goods inlarge Ware Rooms m H. A B. Douglas, situated a few steps below ti e Nashville Inn I.ot. This Stock embrace American and imported DRY GOODS In large assortments, M t LL WAKFS in great variety aud an A No. 1 assortment ofllat. !n.t. Mines, Itrojrann, Ac.All of which I will sell at lefs than Mfirket value witn the view of c'msicg the entire st.cx before removing to the former Stand. Retail Dealers are most resp'ct 'tally requested to examint this Sa:ck, and ure assured that they can make money by doings'). ugt9 w l3.olcsrtlo A. J. niiiVCAW CO., IHP0RTERS CF EANCY AND STAPLE DRY G00D3, NO. 70 PUBLIC SQUARE, NASHVILLE. T1TE have now in store a very larre Stock of Fatcv andVl ttaple Dry Uoods of laie importation, receivd in the las few days for the winter trade, whioh we are selling at tbe very lowest rriees. New Stvle Pat is De Lanes; " " Fancv and liaca Silks; u u Prints; Clothes, Cassimeres and Vesting; Sattinet,a, Jean, Tweed acd Kersev's bed Blanket and Cjat Blankets; Heavy col'd bl mkets, Ac. tc. Our Stock comprises the larg-- st asscrtrrent of N'twStyl Goo-'- Trimmings, Ac, to which we invite the a'tention of Ca-- h and pron pt time dealers to an examination of onr Stock and prices, beiieving we can make it to yonr interes, to do business with us. A. J. I UNCAN A CO. N. B W e are receiving New Goods by every rHeamei during the winter. uovl9 A. J. D. A CO. NiJW GOODS. a. liioiimsox & co., WHIlLLSSLI OSSLKK.S IN F.nCY AMI VAIUhlV C;00IS. combs, r.nrsriKs, scttoss. TirnrAis, gestvt UHyiSUlSG GOODS, WHITE GOODS, Embroideries, Hosiery, Gloves, Jewelry, Toys, tc, NO. 72 EAST fclDE PUBLIC SQUARE, ukli v illc, 'It'iin. "ITTK would inform oar friend, and the trade generally, VV that we ate now prepared to exh ibit the finest, and best assorted Stock, in our lite, ever brought to tne Nashville Market W e solicit an examination of l.e stock and prices, believing tliat we can offer indui-emeu- i equal to any Job- bing House in the Variety l'.ne, Fast or W est. Ttiose desiring to purchase will oblige us to call, examine our Siock and Prices aud judge for thtmeives. aufrttf A. MQHKISON A CO. DRY GOODS. M'FE unders'gne 1 are now receiving, and wiil have read X for the exhibition by the'' th inst., the LARGEST ASO LEST ASSORTED STOrK OF AMERICAN, ENGLISH, FRENCH, GERMAN AN SWISS They have ever had th- - pleasure to show to the Ketail Mer chant. They h;ive pared uj pain nor epeue in ire'tiaj up a tock which all cass- - of custnr.;er can select tlieir as.ortments. They have made la- gtr iuveMments tt iasea- - .11 ri in Than they have ever done before, and reiei-tfj.- solicit an txannna i.in of theirStrn-- fro-- the retailer, wheu viall-in- g the ctv helievinu that with theVery li-.w- i Assovmeut And LOW P1UCES, they will be able to off r inducements to bl). MOKliAN A CO., No. 4'J public S.uiare. NashvH, Aug. 15, B. S GARPMCR. f. A. SUkfHKKD (iaU.DiNEIi. SHEPHERD k CO.. WHOLESALE DKALEUs IX Shoes, Hats and Straw Goods, JP. f ITC.'.IC SQUARE, XAMIHLI.E, TESX. T ' K h ive ui w in sture at oca t'UifiaNo, a very large v V and sujienor sto-- of EU0TS AND SHOES, HATS AND CAPS, suitable for Winier saies, which we wouid like to exhibit t m. ret, :l tits visiting this market, septil-- ly UAKDNE!t, SUEPUESD A CO. Auju H. W'isuisoTos. G Koaa G. C'BaTA (I a:e with Morgan A Co.) CBaat.xsB I'.kta, late of W. U Cordon A Co. VASS!I,iT0, BUYAX i CO.,Importers and Wholesale Sealers in Linens, Whits CooJs, Embroideries, Hosiery and Varieties. .No. tia .N. E. ( or. Fit 1)1 it: Squurc, NASIIVILLF, T) NNfcSS F, A Ooiuiiig Melhoaiist Publishing Uouse. 7 F invite the attention of Merchant visiting Nashville to the above Card, and udoru them that we are now opening a LAF.GE AND DESIRABLE STOCK, whicn will be arranged and ready for t ile About llir ZUth lliafuut. We have pun.-lia.e- our stoek with great care, awl mottlyftr 'urt, and having had the benefit of long experience in the business, we fetl confident thit we ran offer Uiduceinent lo any nierrhint pnri'tissing in this mat art, autli WASUIMJTON, DitYAN A CO. WHOLESALE HARDWARE STORE SitJN OK THE RIG PAD LOCK, 4. door$ Jrvni the Sjuare, &uth 2irlet Street, nbh ille, Tenn. WL' are just opening lb largest and best assorted stoek of Edge Tools, Ouns, Cutlery, aod Fancy Hardware ever brought to this market, and we respectfully solicit . call from every merchant visaing the eily. sepilt tin BEAUMONT, TANLEF.R A CO. I. V. 31AXEY fc CO., prai.KRS iv Tia Plate, Slock Tin, Copper, Sheet Iron, lead PIp, M7: a; iros asd lis r.tviTs, Plumbers Tools 4 Materials, Marbleued Iron KanUes, Parlor Grates, Cool .S'irf, IRaHng itore,j'or Wood or Coal, Jitpamirtl i omiuoit 'I lii WMrr, o. 1G, Hint Side or 3Iarket Street, XAStlVILLE, TENNESSEE. rT" P. S. We will keep constant'y on hand 's Marhlnes and Teola, being Areni for Pre., fmiib A Co., Conn. (wolin dmj P. W. M. A CO. .Johnson, Home aV Co., COHNCR BIlOAD AND MAEKFr STRHTH, KastTille, Tenn. U'lI.L giv prompt atten'lon torareivirf, storl' g,ellii.g or shipping Cotta.n. Iulisivi., W beat, Cirn, Floor and liaeon, and will also rien te epe.-l- l atlen-tn- a to -e vliig, stor.cg and forward eg merrhaofiise of every drsrr:pti"U. Uur fscuiiics in j oint of room atvenlecce are eqoal toanyltiihec.tr. JyalU CSrocerics. Ur E are prepared to forai-- h p.atiUtion sappl'es of everyt u t. and ou!d invite Ihe atu-n'.io- of MerehanU ' d Dea rrs t our stock, which will at l) time be complete, andcon-l-i- s in part, at present, of the following arucics: fsi htuls Poar; b.gs Coffee; 3N batsPait; f"i barrels !alt; Hk boe.'r Candle; V barrels W hisker;!) piree, I aayng; t"9 half pie--e. tlagg Bg- - J.IO " 4 ioch B ..glng; foo rod. Kope ; loireioer with all olhcr arliele cuailr kept in och eth I hmenta. JOM.SMIN, II u it N K a tJ., Jy 31 eo'ner Broad and Market st- - ISSKT 4BT, ja. a. w. mesas, j. J- Barr. IIAIIT. 3IACUAI; 5o CO, WUtLSALK 0ROCEH5, COMMISSION AlEUCUANTS, AD oaaLta IB WINES, BEAND1E3. LIQTJOHS.io. 7 autl 9 South 3Iarket Street, NASliVlLIE, TF NN W now hir la f tore and T-- r t the fJ t F fs Hcsia g bhf . Sugkr, VO e'4"s C un F p, 94 buses ll.vitna furr: 4 yon Vt.u t.,Irl bol. i. Crh 4 egT oiPintl tuckrtn bo. Po.Oered ui, Is I ne.l. s Ian r4 labs, t ) do N. O. laiaf do, fa te xj. rtiwa F p, ivt to du Ho.., wew to leoceaj Axe,. errpi, perwir quaa,f1 b-- g CaUCtJo., kr W tile;ii d . N. u. k.o n, 1 a er V !, aja'd siae, fl r lj-- r Si, frw from Flarkisg, do d oev. Java ill, 1'sl box, faa asd Orrmad I eprwr, B. aa, W do rp'c. M cas. Car !' Rir,li . stp-- r Crb. M diM Waik p,ds,4j I f rt.e.i. liBienai aod 51 reauu soperiur Wrsptunghint la. Fasr,lit) bat .'. TuSaees fort M.u u. Ca, A Urye aarlrarit of ir0 b4v m t, aausMl ln.li,trt, 1 keg. ear i ea.1, KO bote uarr.il' to .is H bbiCl-(- f Wd. S Snetr, M bin Hull A u4a CVaeA- - W g Tcbaoc, r, M foil MaO II t t!'S Rertltled Wllikv,beies fe.rl Blfc, p 4 lwb ,JJ n Sard-he- U iA U Viwmi.llt.4 A UUIb fair U(er. fcye lalwa.b. Kir rk kVr, U tM l iixnn awaty td but Cat up aiMi Ftpwr Fane, 1 bxssawtrd Pi. Fra ta, caae itraa-i- y I berrlM, 5 u buses W , K. Cbc.AJ do E. D. 4o7 " p kagsr. li.s, A do Taiow 4i bars Tisaathy .. A b. e aM'titriav. iJw ta iia acd KX1VA ixk.w tajui. tM aMn toit IleibfiotiB., ' - l.N k. ftiUUlS, J- - sf t bfkT. JJ bts tai Unca'a Wkwkr, 4 ar ! Frva-c-k lirai. I, 1 - Pwre V.rt Wire. S Ao is. Mala to, 3 bbory sa, d O WrdaUa. S J Obi X t.V r Sto, xw ft holUad ..10, tv da iuiraM tmaJy, V v A iy. , 13 ia pMMHt te, A da J a lean-- a Rasa. UAAT, Mac ai A CO. RAILROADS & STAGES riASHVILLE EXPRESS MAIL LINE . J5. a?..-- ? Jfcri-r- . v , 7? FOR Memphis, IT. Orleans & the South! om,T zio to airxpHTs.Through in Honrs! AN, i3 HO!.-K- Tivw PAVRBI Connecting withO' Jicmphis with ?teiiners for NswOreans and withSon'h. Te ee-pe- '. he-- t snd TileVfs? rcn'r by Tenesee an-- A'aha-t- t Uai.road - Spr 1- 1- Hi I. cor by S'-- g- with the Memphis and Charles. on ia.urd at O rinth, directfor Mercphi. Lare N'a.hvi" SrNDtTS, WEDXFSDAT3 and FSI-DA- V it S:3i A. M. fv Fi-- r cu'irs. ,ec jam!! h'!'. For Throuch TickeU, apply at the General SfagOOtfee, Teran-J- !:ctel. r lUTrn Tirno I3 T r --t a rtr. J. E. MRRTAV. sent. rn,i3 TENNESSEE & ALABAMA RAILROAD OPEX TO II ROAD STKKCT. ON and after Monday, Sept. l3t. Trains will run a fol-lows: C0IXO SOCTH.prT(; raxtcBT rawctaaa.Leave Na.hvil'e6.Sn a.m. 3 p. m Arrive at Thorcpsi n J ?o . n. 5 15 44 GOING XOKTH. Leave Thotrpwn 9.(V) , p.. p ?n Arrive at sshvije 1' bi .r. 1.15 -Passenger from by the Morning train, break- fast at aiiklin. At Thomosna's. the Stage of Carter, Thomas A Hoogh coonect wnli 'he Tra-'rM- . Thronpb Tickets for Verrrt is. Wsvneshoro', Jackson , Tnscunih.a, F i retce. Pn!aki acd Colnmbia, cn be pro- cured at the General Stage Ottce, under tbe Hotel. A. ANDERSON. . ""Sft R. Fag. sndSuper'n. I.jref Aotice. KE1THI3 AND CHARLESTON EAILF.0AD. rPUE "ADAMS' FX PRESS Ct'MPASY" have made ar--1 r,r.gerr,.-n:- Ttiih the a''o- - e Railroad for a laily Express Line, an i are now t.reparrd to m-eiv- e and forwsnl Freight, I'HckngiM, 40., v Trains to liur.t'viile, Decatur, ru ,b a, and i:,t. r.ned are stations on th M. A C. and N. A C. K n'ri a is. f mail Paeaag at reduce1 rates.jvf-- M.weii).-ei--s leave Xasiivi ie daily at I o'clock, A. M.t" Frrishts to be orwr. eii bv Express wtll beaBeor w.thom extra charge. (oit-t- f A. K. HOLT, Agent. TENNESSEE AND ALABAMA EAILEOAD. To COLl TIIiI l,VAVM.M;o:tO,JACKSC.T, i..it;it.i;r: ami ?ji:.miih. SPLENPIU F,ur Hu e Caches from FrsnkHn to tir.g at th.te points wi h the Kai.road I. Tuscnmbia, Ilorerc? and Kon'fjomery, Ala , and Aberdeen, Cclumbrxa and Canton, Miss. The Vrur Horse Coach Lines to these point, ar all la exreller t order, mi.kir g a close eonnect on with the Kailruad at F' anklin, Venn. xprei 1 raiu leaves ti e Trot at It'll TiPclaski and Elitcn, Aid .!1 places r iyl,.,.u ti e southern cnntry. We have rlendid lines runniLg, ccnmcling wiib the RaS road at Fran.. in. Passergers for Puliski and Flkton Will Nave Na hvilie oa the 8 oVl-ck- , P. M. Train, Monday, W'eduesday and Fri.'av. , oi?ior vt:o t.tXF. leaves KahviH ds'ly at 2 o'elc k P M., enrecflrg atFrsnliin ait'i a L'ai y Horse t'oach L lie to t'olun kia. For all ii.'orn st;. n, threu.-- 1 irkets. c , p v at th.Gem ral Knilroad. Mn.e und t)roniius office, No v4 Cedar tre t. or p,)s,t I , ,t i e ce. V1f Ctumhussts wi.l ra'l for r in anv psrinfth. city. mailtf a VMsaasB i.airasiHSHsiraH.BaiiiaHaMa-a- f NEW FIRM.71 .i.snn:iv.v n.S.lTAfH,A . h ive forme n p.irtrcrsliip under the name Jj r.d s f T.J. Sea' u y A Co , and ttkeD the stoek snd S'and of J. V.hi ini.ry A in Cooper's Hli-k- , JCherry street; and ar.niiunc to th.-i- r frit nd and the r uli ic, ih- -t ihey are prcp.t'rd to evcute eve. v description of work in tJr I'LlMiiiMl 111 ihr n.mte- -t ad most nl minnrr. Th? al o f irnish snd fit up Ua Fia-tur- es in the h .n Isomest s'yles. Ihey re: p- ctfnlly ssiicit a ihare o' p!'.':c putr. nsje. ( jan'.' a IF TOU WAN r A CCOD PAPER SUSSCSIBE FCK S ST al aa The mait p"pu':ir Wertlv in A mere, whieh i iiumedl- - :it Iv upiiu iMi'-- . -- pr.mg into an imm s : s : : c: s : i c r i.at i ox.Thi ra. id s.c.ssn ("!., t r.ni N to in the IfINlHH Jut Hill ivl.. aid can oi.lv befor bv the fa. '. hat tke Proprietors Lave with, u' re';ir ' to e p- - u.', the stall vi;iTi:ns (if ameiuca.THI; t'! i() is the I,V Piper .hirhein. taio- - ih- - W1TTV, 11 " M'iil' i aud hluK-H- .l H ISO bKbl'CilKS of that l ovic.L dssns, and CtriTdlled iltt-- moriit, XSIGHT CCSSIDE, U. D. - Of whVh series, on sketeh al me li worth tue whole year'sSub;crl tiou. is l inn n ins. rd. isauuiaiow, LIrs.E.D. E. 11 Southworth, s WHX K N'PiS a r lie uf the K3ST FOPiJLAPt WRITERS IN AMERICA. In addition to th ahove we have engag-- d a Contributors: CLARA MORkTON, lliNRV W. HFftRFRT, Al IC-- : CAltV, W. W. FOSOI' K, MRA A. F. LAW, C. A. PaGf., MUd. F. V. tl.I.FT. IsiCM CSFn.T, I'AKK Lfc.NJ AMIN, W P. htttNAN. And nnmerotis other.. TO 3111: FAtK snx We pnrui'ii arly commenj tbeet. Their firptrtmeot will Ix kdite I vl h the utm t care And i.o eipeue er La- bor si ari d : render tte coiun ns devoted to their especial benefit, un uKy Brilliant Attractive, Instructive and Ornamental THE FARMERS' AND PLANTERS' CORNER Will contain Practical Sute-dion- unit Awricu'tural Hints, con r iiuled and iu ki fnui si.urres th- - mot re' utile, and coiitniiiii g ii.fuimit . n licli w:. prove lo theoi in tb. Cour-- e of a sirg ye r,rf a.iiiixt inralcnlable brneat. e outer ui par.uie'.i. i i our pajier win receiva ta: at- tention they rr.i rtivi-l- deem, I, r ch berg especially and earriuilv prepare.) u, meet ih; v ried tisteaol the scvtral rlase of .1 re;nh-ri- . Aiioog th-.i- iremavmentiun Vriijimtl .s.' inVa u n i ik, EttUr,il Rimllin'ji andi..t, Itilt'Ji, Sl'i--f III' vir, f( f,Mlp, V. ic t i it I'fuit, ti, L"ft liirit ttuJiitmt,frarUfiil y.Vfiif ror th IlimtrUitiU and Til " lit Lilt (hir'" InHirtrnent,Gw f ; V o.eo,,, I'.try, l.'ntiUfr's l.'i! .', UtMiu ii-- Srt,-ht- , eol.. ir.ois, l, ttC, Ac.The XATIOS t isaue I in yu.rto Form, (einht pages,) and, each numterwill contain -- l least two Original lugra-vlog- s, thu form Ii rg our rut seribcrs at the eLd ol th.year i!U a v.nu ue couUiuing 410 large tiae, beautifully priute 1 pages of Unsurpassed Xovellcttes. Sketches', AC , &.Z , TOGETHER WITH OA I U l()lMii,ll;i .tl, II I. I Mil ITMSThe NATIu.N is sent at th f howing muarkiillij Una SU BMClilPlON A.M CLL liLlNti 1 tkilS : mvariably la advance: SINGLk' COPIES, 11 Oil per annua, TWO " a so TII&tE - 6 IH) SIX " - ts) - Ts N li 00( 4T And one copy free to the getter up of the Club of TAn. Ail letters containing irnney should be registered, and direted plaitilv. and I hey will cume atour rbk, otberwls. we t' a it.f re-- j o j.lt-l- for th, ru. .V t eriu-.e- ccpies will be sen t free to Post Matter,Ag.nta. and ail who wih t get up a club. to ad .then, n receipt of four reut in stamps. Th expense of register- ing i I't' .i five cen-j- . Address CRfFCT A DIG FLOW, iiock Mrrt I, 1'hiladrlphia, Pa. Ammg the huu lreda of con'piimenlary notir., w bar. recsivel from newspa:,er in evny kcuous of the country, we uuo'e the f jliotn g extract from: "lb Nation irp rs in clear i type on sa.w wh:t paper, and is nvi.ly adorned with lllu. Iralions." X. j Sun. ! .i'll'.i!n a h'rh po-iti- in tbe literary world." T.'tiuiJ. ij..'n,l Ihn'jf .Srtra. lt is cu of the r.eet wreaiie now pcbilsheJ, and we takepleaauie in brit.gmg it to tl.e not.c of U. reading pubiie.' H.irritf,mrj;, Vl., l!rnll. "Hi. loltnt a i J roer, , of the peoprief era, Itiorlg'nal andlotere.tirg roauoia, ar.d I!., brauiy of ti e tyrogr- - t.h. can nut fill to sru'e lor it a gr.rai ciicalation." Wuluimbury, Fil., Iri'lrj 'ee... " a literary and fjir.i'y Journal, we bave oo hrsiialioa In prt n..au ing it ih: best am-m- our exchange. wk.vi tbe I ad.ca to prurre it .ubbut delay." o.'.'om, J'a ei-p-te rufln eity emanation., but la this ease w. are-sin- lo giv. wsy to merit. Vnlia many siiy role-por- .r e, the itn U onm-.- of owol ubslantial und . fal rrat'er, a id is rot tl ed up with aa overdo-- e of fT2l sy ''.r-w.- n t, S don he nacda ef craea brained aa Ihors "En I i.'y Di"Uh. "It las ihr sa booulul ergravtd head we ever saw, and its coo'etta are yen e.taimcg, truiy iJ.liJlouaaaii ool aistr!tg." Wilitiitutl'Hig, F , Oatttf. 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