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Daily Nashville Patriot Newspaper Archives Jan 17 1857, Page 3

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Daily Nashville Patriot (Newspaper) - January 17, 1857, Nashville, TennesseeNASHVILLE: TV IT. O LEA'S; Local and Commercial Editor. Saturday Horning, January 17, 1857. to auvi:iitim:us. The circulation of the Tally and ly diuons cf the Patriot, combined, t xceedi largely that of any other newspaper printed m Kariville. It ii these edition that are generally need for advertisiag The Patriot therefore, i the best advertising medium in the city. Other news- papers may have a larger weekly circulation, but advertisements do sot get into the weeklies un- less uader a special contract-Officia- l Journal for Publishing the Post Office Letter List. Kishtilli Post Orics, Jan. 6, lS'.T. To the Pailt PiTijT I have this day decided thit you are entitled to advertise the uncalvd fur Letter! ir Ibis Cf!lc f ir one year, from tbe 1st of January, In accordauc Vila :he Iw, in that cue made aud provided. Your, very respectfully, 8. R. ANDERSON, P. M. fr'T" AD Letter advertised are tabject toanextiaeharge of one lent. Cr P tsodi calling for these letter Till plea. iay they are advmised. Ordered ti be aererHed in tfiuD-ii'- t PatHM," mgree-al'- lr ta the folltrtcing section of Vie A'ne J'omI oftce Ijmd a t ie netrjMt pee luiving I'' Ittrgtat circulation q any pnjier pull inked in A'tuitille cao. s And be it futiier entcted, mat I.nnor Letter remaining urjcalltd fjt in an. Post office In any c'tv, town, or vil. ape where anewspxper shall be printed, shall here ai'er be publisned oace oulv. in the newspaper wb ch. bem issued reekl,, or r.f'ener, sball hare the largest circulation unin me nngt oi delivery or s.ia omco.w De aceia i oy trie Postmas'er at such office. Sew Post oice Law.paaSeU march VD, ibl. 37" A couple of typographical errors occurred ia air. Morgans can vesteraay. "Uounty" was iriiited for "conn'," and "auburn" for " unjuit.' Last Nioiit or Miss Davenport. One more performance, that of Julia iu Kuowles' beautifil jiluy ot Tht Hunthbick, will close the-too- , too brir en;ra-cuj- fit of this elegant and accotuplifhed sc tress at the "Nashville," where for the past week her au liiMiccs have comprised the uiOt lovely, in tclli'cnt and rt fined of our population, who have assembled in large numbers, night after Dight, to etjoy the admirable conceptions, the exquisite reading, add the chaste and fini-he- d acting of the distinguished artist. We question whether tbere is one who has attended the Theatre this week bu will regret the pressing engagement in New Or lean, which will compel her hasty departure from this city, or who would not rejoice could she be persuaded that at haft one night more misht be spared us, aud still be in lime far said engagement. We know the management is anxious to have it so and will loee no word of persuasion to bring i about. s is 1). s benent Mat ni2ht was a brilliant ova' tion at the shrine of personal worth and profoe eional excellence, compo-u?- a it was by the beauty aud fashion, the elite and intelligence and influence all of whom appeared hsppy in testifying thei high appreciation of her rare deserts as a lady and artist. Paor. Ilai.t'a Last Lkctcrk Bknivit or tns PaoTt!.TiT Okphans. Thi last of Prof. Hale's second course of lectures will be fciven to iiiht, and he generously givc-- the prx;eeds of it to the Orphans of the Protestant Asylum. Sev ral entertainments for the charitable institutions of tbe city have been gotten up this season, and me manner in wiiicn I tier were patronized was highly creditable alike to those who were engaged in them and to our citizens. As the Protestant Orphan Asylum is in need of .means to insure the comort of the little ones within it, Prof. Ilale Las, without solicitation, determined to give it tbe benefit of this, his Uct lecture. II has been drawing crowded houses at the Third Presbyterian Chorch, throughout Lis eour and has mrceeded with his lectures and experiments to thd satisfaction of all persons, except peihapa a few, who are determined not to be convinced of the genuineness of the science which he teschea New experiments and incidents will be preseuted to-ni- ght. Let the house be crowded. . .H " rw rturocsrt iiot.se. uur euterprismg young friend, C. M. Stewart, has opened a wholesale and retail grocery store at No. 41 Broad street. Mr, S. is no stranger iu the business, having Ween long connected in the trade in various ways, and by Lis uniform attention aud courtesy made many friends w ho will be pleased to learn that his banner is now boldly thrown to the breete, inviting all to come and cxainiue hi frcch stock of goods, feeling con lident in Lis ability to "fill the bill" to their eutire satisfaction. The attention of the trade iu tbe surrounding country, aud also that of the city, is invited to hisliouse. The Memphis EagU and Enquirer, of the 1 2th iust., says: " A young man by the name of Alexander Nutlall, was accidentally shot by a pis tol iu the hands of another man named Clayton, in the eating saloon attached to the Metropolitan House, on Friday night lant. Ii appears that Clayton was carelessly hiudlii.g his pistol, while intoxicated, when it accidentally went off. If was loaded with buck-sho- t, aud one of them struck Mr. Nuttall in the mouth sideways, cutting off the flesh from his upper lip. So near was he to the pi, tol at the time it was discharged that the left side of Lis face was severely burnt by the powder. Ilia wounds were attended to by Dr. Tajlor, and is now recovering, Cliylon was arrested and bound over." Gov. Kingham delivered lii Message to tie Michigan Legislature on the 6th inst. He bs the Slate debt is two and a quarter millions; recommends memorializing Congress for an additional OouatUm to debray the exjienses of !erfeeting the Sault St. ilarie Canal; also, re commends the adoption of measures for the v felief of Michigan emigrants in Kansas, andthe jiaPHge of resolutions of instructions to Beuators relative to Slavery iu the territories and the Fugitive Slave Law. Hkavt Rohb. kt. The safe of thenreamer Belle Gate, from New Orleans, bound for lied river, wt4 entered and rubbed of to.OOU iu gold, belonging to Dunn it Gates of Shreve- - port, ibe clerk oi tbe boat,,las. McLeland, Wm arrested. The forger who did so extensive a bnsiness in forged checks and drafts on the Boston banks in October, several of which were suc- cessful, has been arrested in Boston. Ilia name is Jotn ltrr'u. lie is a native of Nora Sc. 'tis, and became back from sjwmding bis money ic Europe in the Niagara, and was about to take the Stonington train for New York when the police seized him. lie completed a term of the years in the State prison for forgery in Jwiiiarj? last. J - From the X. 0. IV.u:ie, Jan. 11. eiw Orlean ICarra Mrfarle) Course. COlIKaCTloX. In onr rert of the face on Tue&Jaj lasf, pvtr the Metnirie Co urn three mile hears there were two essentia! errors, (not the fault of the reporter,) viz : The date misprinted January, 6. l&Sfi, when it should have been '57, and the time f the fi'st heat was misprinted as 6.04 J, instead of C;40,. A a matter of reference, we now re?u!iah the snmmarj, corrected: JUrtalrle Association 'Hare. Seoond Dt Tue'!iy, Jn. 6, J b'n. Jockey Clob Purse $.'100; tlirr mile iets. D. F. Kenntr's b. Minnow, by Vouch- er, 'it f Doljihiu 4 j. o. . .11 X. S. M.ise's (S. M. Hill; oh f. Lilly lj U'nguer, dam Tulip, by Grey Esgle . 2 2 0.I. A. L. Bingstnan's (T. B. PoindexUr) Mary B., by imp. Gleocoe, dam Mar- ietta, by imp. Priam 4 y. o. . Jr. Time, 6:40,-6.- 3!. Sale oMlcal Instate. WILJi beSoldooiATCRDiT, PCBKCAKT 11, 15! J. a, valuable rueeeof frtmn i, siiuaud on Caaaa feniaav. oppoato the fiswasaa Coat barov, with tEProveo-olf- c Sai property is ta b sold for th arpos of tbaaiiif a JiTl-i- o i aaaoD(UBelrcf Heel. U. t aS tr, (Jec d. , Tt S. Oaa third cask; lis baiaoca oa cut and ts , larr ume. JSO. M. CACLIB. ' STEAMBOAT AND E.IYE2. NEWS. floats Jldrer.iaed to Leave tbia Day. V. K. STEYEX-O- X, Scyster, Paducah. Arrived. TENNESSEE, Davis, Eboala. V. . SI'EXEXSON, ctstr, PaJucali. Departed. BLANCH LEWIS, Curtis, SmithUnd. Tb river U (till slowly falling, riia thirty-tir- o inches water oq the shoals. Tbe westlier yesterday wss lowering, with favor able indications for rain. Accounts from below represent the ice trouble some between Smithland and faducah. P. S. A later deepatcb says that the river is nearly c lear of ice from Suitliland to the mouth of tfce Ohio. For Paijccab. The V. K. Stevenson, a very fine and fast boat, with excellent accommodations and gentlemanly officers, is advertised to leave to day et 10 o'clock, a! m.. for Paducah. All aboard in time. A Pcskstltania Editor's Win Chasiso her Ecsbakli's SwEtTaeahj1 A gentleman just down from Mauch Chui.k informs us that a desperate and sad sffiir transpired in that borough on Mondsy afternoon last, the circumstances of which are briefly as follows: The wife of the editer of the Carbon Democrat, who, by the war, Is a most esti raable lady, it appears, has been for a long time an. Doyed by the disloyalty of her husband, and has reason to feel an intense and bitter hate toward a fa male bv the name of Mary'Spoouheimer, residing in or about Easton. In a word, her domestic bap. piuess has been sacrificed by bcr falsa husband to an unhoiy intimacy kept up with the aforemeotion cd female, and on last Monday she determined to put an end to ber troubles by taking the life of Miss Spoouheimer, whj happened at the time to be at Hauch Chunk, stopping at tue American Hotel. Kesolved npou this course, she armed herself with a pistol and proceeded to the hotel, where she was shown Miss Spoouheimer, upon whom she made a sudden and desperate assault, in the presence of the landlady. Fortunately lor the object of her anger, she was unable, to draw the piitol instantly, and, from excitement and the struggle to detain Miss Spootiheiraer, she fainted. Kecovering, how ever, she threw the pistol after her, and followed her to the landing below, whdre some gentlemen, attracted by the screams of the femalo, interfered and terminated the affray. Subsequently the en- raged woman appeared at the hotel again with a Urge knife, evidently, intending another attempt to execute vengeance upon the destroyer of her peace. Lotion Pa ) Arprfs; Jan. 7. f. A new-bo- rn babe was picked up in the Ohio river, at Caseyville, a few days ago, bv a ne- gro man. It was boxed up ip an air tight box, well lined, and the child was dressed. An inquest was held and the jury returned a verdict that the child came to iu death by suffocating in tbe box. ine negro wno caugni i; thought tie had found a prize, but when be opened the box he was fright-ened-alm- white. Evauimlle Eq. STorriKO Papers. An exchange ssys : "When a man gets mad and stops his paper, he always borrows the next number of his neighbor, to see if the withdrawal of his patronage has'nt killed the editor and dressed the columns :n mourning. This grows out cf the fact that none try to show their spite is this way, but the kind of people who ira asin tht the world ref Is on their showMere " Manny's Celebrated COMVED REAPIX6 AXD 1I0WIXG JH A CHINES, FOR SALE BY THE undersigned at J0ILS0N & HORSE'S, . P. CHEATHAM, General Agent for the State. APPLES GEEEWAPPLES. BBI.S of tbe above in ttor and for tale hv20 J. O. K0m.KT?0V, Jnl3 Broadway. CHEESE W. E CHEESE. BOXES of the above It store and for sale byyjy J. O. K0BKRTSOS,janlS Broadway. GREAT ENTESPEISE ! WATOMi HATEVr 'WV. DOIXOR SKWIiG 3IACHIRI2 ON EXHIBITION AT THE EE WANEE HOUSE, NASHVILLE. IT l ant deemd nere-aar- y to go into farther particularslative to this roacUne. It. advantages must he ob- vious tc the minds nf all Intt lliffent per.ons. With the view of britiflns: te Invention into general and immediate use, the proprietors have made arrangements to manufao-tar- e the Machines inqnantiiies accoriliript to detnaml. t'tate and County Kinhts inar be purchaed of the subs"riber, who is authorised todi'poseof the same. To penoDsof ability and enerpy, sn opportunity is effered, whereby, with a moderate ouU&y of means, sure and moU ample profit may rapidlv be real ed. The enterprUe is ona which ls iiself to the notice of thoaa who are seekini; for safe and profitaM- - ioventoienls. If possit.le, api l.cunti for Rich's shiul I visit us in person, in order not only to ex- amine ant satis'y ihemstlves in reirurd to the s of this inveatiou, but to be made acquainted Uh rar Ian of ope- ration.. In ai'dilicn to t!ie pn Dti frrms.lisof Machines(which are fully on hundred per cent ) another, an I n greater inducement l ottered, which t will ex pi no and to Iho.e who may fivor us with a call. Partii-- s who bov kipht san be supplied with Machines, and to i hem we lefer others who may wih to provide them-Ir- es with the article. The tea ler i par'icula'lv requeu- ed to notice that wt do kit appoint Aukkts, that Machine will not be Reta li'd by us, or sent cut ler eatub.tion. W w II cheerfully exhibit ihetn to any who feel MiTcienilv to ell at onr r.x.irs. further particulars will b communicated by letter, if the above is not sulliciently it. P. U. WfcBSTta, Agent, Jant tf Room 85. Jobs D. Jaatca, Pres't. D. D. Jam, Cashier. BANK OF COMMERCE Deals in sight and time Bit's. Gold and Bllver anl Bank Notes, make collections in all part of the coun- try, will give the high 4 market price for Land Warrant and pay interest on depositea. Jan15. A TORTUS E OFS 3 O ,o o o ! ! 2lobe had by risking the small sura of t!TSil(i!!!JH Swan's laOliery, To b drswn FRtDAT, JANUARY, 8JTH, 1S5T. 1 Prise of 0,OOO! 1 Priaeof 5,000 !! 1 Prise of $10 000!!! t Prises of 5,000!!!! S Prises of 2,000!!!!I S Pt'jms of 1,000!!!!!!' Ac Ac, Ac. Ac. MORE TflAN OXK PRIZs TO EVERY TEN TICKETS. Whole Ticketa, 16; Halve, S; Quarters, ; Eighths, ft. AdureM Orders for Ticket to . HWAtv CO, Atlanta. 0 a. JanlS Sw or 8. SWAN, Montgomery, A! tot particulars, see Scheme In snothar column.$204,000!!!TO BE riSIRlBCTKD IN Swan Ai Co.'s liOltery, Ta be drawn at Atlanta, Jan. SO, 1857, In which are stabraoed the following BRILLIANT CAPITALS! 1 prise of a 23,000! 1 Pr s ef aiO.OOO!! 1 Prls of lO,Ot0!!! 1 Pnae of aiO.Ooo!!!! 1 Pria U 4.000!!!!! S Prises of tl,OO0!!!!!! Ac, A cM Ac. Whole Tickett tlOi-Hal- vei $3: Quarters, J.50. MOKE Til AN ONE PltUt TO EVtKlf TEN TICKtTS. Address orders for lieketa to . pWAN A OO , AtlimU, Ga., . S AN, Montgoeaert, Ala. or Z. eTlMrKaN, Jso'f": Be Jo , yassvn , Teas. I Itr.MI Alt It I VA I.. TTRT 500 pair !a's Ueavv Broeani. aatra !.. aad a full aaaortnuentof aU oilier kinas, all of which will b sold oa Lhs moat reajudabM Urms by B R. fTTTrR, Jioa.II and 89, Corner, Col ec aud h.e-daa- y,dtl Nashvl le.Ttsa. c,opa.MTii:uiin Nuruici Jl Ta-- I-- A. LiNTflt and GEO. MI7.CXL harms become1' I aaorird l!h th. an,arainHl la Ikn M IuIm.uOrooery and 1 J or Huuueaa, lh njl of the Rrai will r- - ib as B'rru,Rc B. LAalila A CO.lnrsawr lt, lKf.4. Sks so. wimll. Li mil Ik tABiaa. R. L A N I KR CO. (Siiceraaors la Hart a noltip gworth,!! Tim. i .tlarart hirret, rsaahTllle, WIIOLKsSALK GROCE1LS, AND DEALR&B III Forrign & t)omfs(if Mqaorx. . e. surra. a. v. unreal. aaa j. aowkaaK SMITH, til TI1HIK K CX) COMMISSION MERCHANTS, AND WHOLESALE GROCEES, UIAI.XKS IN FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC LIQUSIIS, as a asasTS r Ta aau or V I II G IMA V Ti:tl.MM:L TtiniACCO. Jfe. 661 Kaia It , Betwtsa Eaco&A aad ftiri, janto-dA- Wtr ' Presents for the Holida;fs 11 IR. beo'hlaf w aevepuhle Ut a holiday faaai a aT prle4 Likmesw fa! ur rrteatl. 1 1.M Uloe geaaa ahoald It ueiu-- a early as puMitil al AMBROTTPfcS AND MCLstVOTTPIS, uiUatsI aawM twiit." M,a Wfne1. Irr sec la niw iIjb. '.. ' i r Kk BY TELEGRAPH. BY THE NATIONAL LINE Reports Furnished by the Associated Pre. hicw York, Jo 15. The steamer Emue left Havre on the 28th of December. A despatch from Berlin says that the whole Swiss Lnioa organu-- d ler defence with enthusiasm. An appeal has been made to the women for the organ izatioo of ambulances. Tbe Diet had received a propoairion from Louis Itapolcou lor amicable adjustment. Washisotos, Jan. 15. Sesati On motion of Mr. Pugh, the Secretary was asked for information as to the income of the Government, if one fifth, fourth and third, respectively, of the daties author ized by the tariff act of July, 1356, should be re mitted. ionsiueration ot tne mil lor tbe settlement o Revolutionary officers was resumed. Pugh pro-- f posed an ameudment to pay said officers the dif ference between tbe value of their certificate when issued or received nd"money. Adopted. Tombs asked if Fish was not lute rested in the result of the bill. Fish replied in the affirmative, but said Be should aivest himself of all interest therein. Cass said he would go against the bill unless jus tice was done the soldiers as well as officers. A further, debate ensued on other amend ments, and without taking the question, the Senate adjourned. Hocsk Mr. Chapman introduced a bill for wagon road from South Pass, Rocky Mountains, in Nebraska Territory, via Great halt Lake Valley to Henry Lake V alley, in Last California, and the es tablishment of a military poet, and a bill makirjg further appropriations for the territorial road now in progress of construction from opposite Council Bluffs, Iowa, to new Fort Kearney. The Committee reported a bill making a deduc tion of $25 a day for tbe voluntary absence of members of either houe, when Dot detained at home by sieknees of themselves or families. The Uoue then went iuto a committee of the whole on the tariff bill. Keilt said he was opposed to all free lists he then alluded to the slave trade, charged the rtortb with being engaged io it, deprecated the election of Cameron, pronounced squatter sovereignty a dangerous, mischievous and demoralizing doctrine, said slavery existed prior to tbe law, was as old as the institution of marriage and of tbe individuality of property. Tbe South would expand and carry her institutions into the surrounding States, when governments are fulling aud people are relapsing into mongrelism. Bliss commenced replying to Keitt, when Staun- ton raised a point of order, whether the remarks of Bliss were pertinent to the question ? Giddings hoped that a gentleman from tbe North would'nt attempt to apply the gag, when freedom of speech bad been so largely indulged in on the opposite side of the chamber The chairman Washburn of Me. di eided that Bliss must confine himself to the question. Wade appealed to the committee, and was over- ruled. Bliss then reviewed the President's message, ta- king exceptions to that part relative to slavery, and contending for constitutional power to prohibit it in the territories. The committee then rose, and the House ad journed. Milwackii, Jan. 15. Tbe Legislature met to day. Wyman Spencer was elected speaker of the House. Lieut. Gov. McAnhur ijthe presiding officer of tbe ben ate. Gov. Bashford sent in his message says that Wisconsin should protect ber citizens who have be cotue JiJe settlers in Kansas, if the general government failed to do so. MoNTfKLiER, Vt., Jan. 15. Samuel Prentiss, Judfje of the U S. District Court, for many years L. fc. Senator, died here this afternoon. Washington, Jan. 15. It is now designed to press the submarine telegraph bill next Tuesday in the Senate. Gen. Cameron, Senator elect from Pennsylvania, arrived this morning. Niw Oklkans, Jan. 15. Tbe steamer Texas has arrived from San Juan. The Conta Kicans, protected by an English fleet, seized the steamboats on tbe San Juan. River. The steamer San Carlos left Virgin Bay with California passengers, on January 3d, but was cap- tured by the Coot a Ricans soon alter getting into the river. Col. Lockbridge, with S50 men, had possession of Punta Arenas, but the Costa Rican forces, e ceeding 1000 men, held every other point on the river. Tbe report that Gen. Ilennington had beaten the allies st Granada is confirmed. - lie has joined Gen. alker. Tbe latter a army is in good spirits. The allies were fighting among themselves-Th- e steamer James Adger, with passengers from the Tennessee at Norfolk, arrived at San Juan on the 9th, but in cousequauco of difficulties on the transit route, sailed next morning for Aspinwall, to forward her passengers for California over the Panama route. ADDITIONAL FER THI E1ICI. A Berlin paper says that the rumored Neofa chatel question will be arranged by a conference, independent to that of Paris, at which Switzerland will be admitted. Havre, Dee. 23. Sales of cotton for the last two days of 3, COO bales market buoyant, with an advancing tendency : New Orleans Trei Chdenair 108 francs, bales of lots to arrive have been made, including 2,000 bales of Mobile, at 104 J francs. Washington, Jan. IS. A short and undivided discussion- look place in the Senate, respecting Uoustou's resolution calling ou the Secretary of the Navy. House proceeded to the consideration of bills on the private calendar. New York, Jan. 16. Wells, Fargo i Co.,the repudiation of the California State debt by the Supreme Court, will pay the balance of the January coupons. Cincinnati, Jan. 16. Flour firm, and in de mand. Whisky unsettled. Corn active, at 6062. Wheat firm and unchanged. New York, Jan. 16. Flour declining State, 6 2fiaS 40; Southern is steady. Wheat firm, but inactive. Corn very dull. Pork buoyant. Beef firm. Lard buoyant. Whisky has au upward tenr dency, sales being made at 26 ic COM MERCIAL. DAILY PATRIOT OWC; Jascast 14, ia7. 1 Oorros Ta market continued depressed yestarday. Th sals ware liuit mors thaa 800 tale at 9all CO. Retail Domestic Market. BcrraB Per pound, Ji'aJJe. Eoaa Per doaea, lAaSOe. Baooa Haine 9al0; Shoulder a"e; BiJssTaSc. Laao felling at Ha9c per pound; dull. MeaJs Ws quota it at bOaidc per basbel; from wagana 75 retail. Flocb Belling at 11 M per 100 pounds for superfine. Bucewbaav fLcca 12 Si for 60 lb sack. Coal W quota corn at 4de per bath el. Wbsav Wheat eoaimanda SOe. Dues racrr Apples command tl SO per buses!. Peeled Pearhr ar worth 13 80; anpeoled i SO. Potato) Irish Potatoes ar worth 90e from wagona; f la I 0 In retail. Bweet Potatoes ar acllinf at fl 603 00. KTcasirs Se per buahsl. tliarlraln tfarkel. Trasptv, Jan. 18, t P. The narket tsaalet. whh a droeping ta.aoc. raid u day SoO bale at 11 ali'ii. as Antmta .Harkrt. Tcav. inn. W P. M -C- rm-Tb aarkei I quiet aad dropping to-d- .y and mak nX- - to any extra, hol ier would be compelled u submit to a 4 lln vi do not, how ever, altrr nor quotation. Midul ng lllte; good Middling li'.s; Midnlmg Tnir 13J. BREWER & CALDWELL; GENERAL CGX2IISSI0N MERCHANTS ANDdrain v a c t o r . . .10. SO OLD M IP. to J. K. fata, Kj., Praaktenl Bank of Cfcarteatea . 0 ; Mesar. Jon raasaa lM J. w. tAUsat, hm. J. T. FTa, President a.puUM, B.w lor. ; v. a. kntvaasoa, NaahvUie. I ajj WE" INYITK'tIIE ATTENTION OP COUNTRY DEALERS T OC IAK01 STOCK OP V o r c I ts n a ii A Domestic JDRYGOOpS. "'licTibs'siLEs"" is ran citt and touk, wi ca crrtt QkXiT INDCCtXKNTs TO TBI T1ADK to rt.rrr rM OCR trCK. PHILLIPS, STRYKER & JENKIKGS, Kot. 1 aM I aaak cutel, o&iow marktv, M:TWItN SECOND A TUlOSTA, rn nnfl VCSaiOJ Vi4 fait, Peha aJ An.sJU.lJUli 6."9 lh GiMrtf, tcalhs. far which th ataxfeet p'M wm h pail. eilS a. U. HPI.it. C Baady vlU keewoasaUarly iAod a targa fat at PiMtr,f variMi aad supwrtov hraada. Aur.ieoLti: thicks SPECIAL NOTICES. Williams' Pulmonic Balsam of Wild Cherry and WoodHaptha. THS GREAT SOOTHERS REMEDY. A speedy and positive cure for consumption. It is a cer- tain remedy for Pheumonies, Asthma, Spitting of Blood, night Sweat. Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds, Piurisy, Whooping Cough, and all disease of the cheat and longs, together with all the afection which pred ipose to the above named com- plaints. AU person who have used it in the above named complaints attest to it efficacy in the most unqualified term. This invaluable medicine is for sale by all the drug, gist throughout the Southern and Western 8:ates. Mann. factored by A. L. WILKINSON A CO., Huntsville, Ala., to whom all order must be addressed. Hear what th Hon. Jasa Clkmeks says or It nature. Person who buy one bottle are sure to get a second. HrSTBTILL, Slarch 6, 1S36. Gists: I have used Dr. Charles Williams' Pulmonic Bal- sam of Wild Cherry and Wood Naptha with the h.ipplest efect. A negro man, now belonging to my father, who has been for several year afflicted wi h a distressing cough, is apparently restored to good health by the use ot on bottle alone. I have used it also in other cases, and non without de- cided benefit to the patient. Very respectfully, JERE CLEMENS. Messrs. A. L Wilkisson A Co., HuDtsville, Ala. Da. Chab, Williams: DiAS&a: I take pleasure in giving my testimony to tbe virtues of onr excellent "Puinionic Balsam of Wild Cher- ry." HaviDg used several b.ttle In my family, with de- cided advantage in every case, I can recommend it as the best and most pleasant medicine I have ever seen. W. D. P. SAWRIX Tuscumbia. March 22, 1848. lor sale by Eernan A Rains, Berry A Deraoville, G. W. Hendershott, A. K. Roscoe, Kwing A Brother, who'esale, Joaiah G.Brown. ept27 diwSat The Rama or At. In this wonderful age, Art lays her master touches on almost every thins . The ceilings over n and the carpets we tread on, are hallowed by Art. Art winds the railway thronxh the mountains and tbe mud; makes her machine of wood and iron, to act as if with knowledge and annihilate space with lightning tamed down to the tuteledge of a boy. Nothing is too lofty for her touch and nothing too humble. A new proof of this old conviction ha jnst fall's nnder onr notice, in the shspe of a Cathab-ti- o Pill, from the Laboratory of that world renowned Chemist, Dr. C. J. Araa. If we understand the subject, he has carried that article to the farthest perfection of which it is capable. Instead of employing Drugs in it composition, as we have alway thought the necessary and only way, he has with consum mate skill extracted tht virtue of tbe medicine to be em- ployed and ccmbined them alone in their purity together. The composition is then mixed and rolled by machinery and steam power into a Bperold pill which is wrapped in an en- velope of gelatine, for protection from the effects of weather or time, and then thickly coated wiLh sugar, to serve as it passport over the palate. Notwithstanding all the labored perfection they are offered to the Public at less than on cent each. However humble the department, w think thi may be safely characterised a the consummation of Art in It line. MoruVigSew. Bnd. Are dti Getting-- Ituld 7 Is your hair turning grey f Do you wish to cultivate good whiskers and moustaches? Tour hair to be soft, silky and glossy f Tour head to be cool, comfortable and free of ff Mothers t are your children to have luxuriant head ofhairf Then use Boole Utpesiox Fluid, which never fail in It unerring effect. Price 25 cts, 50 cts, 75 cts, and $1 SO per bottle. Bogle's Balm of Cylheria stand unri- valled for eradicating tan aid pimples, and beautifying the complexion. Price 60 eta. Inventor and proprietor, W. Bogle, Boston, and sold by Druggists everywhere. m81 ly. Pianos and Tlusic. We learn that Horace Waters, of 883 Broadway, N. Y., agent for the sale of miny of the most celebrated maker of Piano and Melodeons, is offering them at prices which we advise all who desire to purchase to avail themselves of. He is also sellir g his large and n Catalogue of Music at one-thir- d off from th regular price, and will forward the same free of postage. His offer to the trade, teachers, and schools, are of the most favorable character all of which he wil ibe able to fill to the letter, for having wisely adopted the cash system. The Horace Waters' Pianos are known a among the very best. We are enabled to apoak of those instrument with some degree of confidence, from personal knowledge of their ex- cellent tone and durable quality. X. Y. Evangelixt. Sliarp's 3ELijQLco- - ALL Sportsmen who are In want of a good and reliable Gun, especially adapted for large game, Deer, Ac. are in- vited to call at the store of Fall and Cunningham, No. 47 Public Square, and examine "Sharp's Patent iortiog Uifle," which in rapidity of Firing, accuracy of aim, and length of range is far superior to any Gun ever invented, and unlike any other Patent Gun heretofore introduced its construction is o exceedingly simple that it is not more liable to "get out of order" than the common Kentucky Rifle. I. A C. have also a few Shot Guns ma le on the same Pa- - lent. iyl6 6m. CONSUMPTION CURED. Be not deceived by base imitations. II EG KM AN, CLARK A CO'S GENUINE C0: 14VEK OIL, never disappoints and nine years' experience ri&s proved It superior to all others, and the only reliable cur fir CONSUMPTION. As there is a great deal of spurious oil in the market adul terated with seal oil, whale oil, Ac, Ac, too much care can not be taken to procure the Genuine. Our Oil is mad at our own factory in Newfoundland, and each bottle has our signature over the cork, be careful to get HaosHAS, Class: A Co., for since the death f Mr. Rcshtom, our late partner, there has been an article intro duced called Rushton's, which is in no way aonnected with R. C. A Co., or II. C. A Co. Bold by J. G. Brown, Ewin Bro., and by Djngg'sts gen erally ocl2i 8m A Distinguished Stranger. lIAHVEYt the great Philadelphia "CUTTER," being bliged to seek a more genial climate In consequence of repaired health, haa located himself at our Room-- , IS Cedar street, and will take measures and show customer Cloth, Cassimer and Testings in great variety, from which they may select to suit themselves. Our Store is full of al kinds of HEADY JVfADf: CLOTH IMG, and the 8tock of furnishing goods was never surpassed in e. oet24 tt CLIFTON A ABBOTT. W. H. MEFFERT & CO., JNo. 2 Market Street, Second door from the 8quare. Havi received a large and desirable tock of STAPLE AND FANCY Dry Goods, Boots, Shoes and Hats. Which will be sold low for Cash. W have also a larr lot of DG-AZw- S en hand, which we will sell under the Market Priew for Cash. Com and look. ot8 Sn. wit GILBERT cV CO Auction and Commission Merchants. NO. 87 BROADWAY, CORNER COLLEUR fT. JOHHV. OIXBEST.. Auctioneer. FINi GOLD WATCHES AND GOLD JEWELRY kepton hand, and for sale on better terms than any house la VashvlU, A o, Gilt Jewelry in grt va- riety for sale to dealers on y. tvv-- we sell at Auction every night. Weduulicat and sell Good, durine th dev at Anetlnn Prlcea. You can save from 10 t S5 uer cent, in all tha Goods you wish to bay in our line, by ot etllm g at Oil lifcKT a co.'S,J"'S No. 87 B'oalwav. FIXE GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES. WE hav lust received, by I'spres, from our Agent laNew York, a srl3lid assortment of F.nn W.trkr.(with a lew Comp.) and Gold Jewelry, embracing all th new and latest etyles; Port Monaiea, Ladles fine Work n ixes, wun Letter, Note, Cap and U ll Paper; aeeordeons.Flutes, Violin. Pistols and loub, Barrel s),ot Gun, for sale cheap by UIIR'RT a CO., S7 Broad Street. THOUSANDS OF FANCY ARTICLES! THE subscriber hav Just received the largest stock ofGood-- , in their Hne.'ver offered fur sale ia Ibis eitv. Amount tins rreat variety will be found 100 FANCY It'RI CAGE, selected from lU best assort. ment to New York. 0 BtSaETS of all kinds and qoalltle. HEA-- 8, Brecsa aad Iron ( audi Stick. RATTAN, Koeklnr and Chair. B tlTTANlA and Block Tin Coffee and Tea Tots. Chine Tea Caddies. ALSO. 4 i Ort amenta, for Etagere and What Not. Many of these article wer selected forDo.Ulav hale.but having arrived toe tat for that joyous cecaasion will bow b sold at the aost triOtng advance apun the cut JanlO MILHUN A MACKt-NZIK-. IJtrOSTANT TO H0TJSE-XEEP2E- JCST RECEIVE- D- Bith Bricks, for Cleaning Kaiv.Glue, fr preparing furniture. French Triucl. Poadrr, fc. r poliitiae fctiver War. Plat. teAe. lUoovstinr Polish, r r cleaning II --ar. Copper, EUel, Irew, aad other goods of that drvrnp'i'-n- . M'Joirbe' loiuh, tor raoewuigtld Fsrcltar, Carriage B.XJW--. Barnes, JC . htrb haa th effect of vaklns old crrtarea, haraes er furniture look aa rood a aw. Junl3 ttst.lk a WILBON. THS ZICITEJIE5T NOT ABATED AT NICHOLSON'S, 87 FtaLICqi;AUK. w have sand soma of these beaatXJ And Tseins itwirous of et--- t sal our preeaot sUx-- Kefir w fat oar M'HIt s.OOD', w will offer hv'sw vtuMali whs aarforaliheeail. Beatde UtUi tiOvjlM, w haV a govA auortaeal of KJll! uoiDCiiirs,Wrapping and Staple Goods, AS of watch we will toll very ehaaa. Cdf W will aiM trel aadev snaay obtgatloa U r tMtusaer tf I hey will call aa4 UM ap ail aeevaau. a K wiU taaAtx S ta a H"" pravpwv.jaalS L C. MCIIULP I CO. Y A Ll'A U L I'.f LA 5 D IOH HALL'. Of tlX for aa thai pot too cf th Tract efI Laed aa which 1 hve.tjUf korih f th Lba oa Taraptk a) poilt th itrm:iagw. aostaining 1ateitt Saves tlaadrcd Actwa. Tha tract has aSvtil uar hasutiwd aetw ia eoluva'-loc- , leaving aboet tk.ts haa-dr- 4 aero sr! o.U, Th viaule ae! aUpl4 to KkX aug, 1 wui alMMtl aboot TSree Hadr4aal Twenty Aeraaftih ef ? sreseat reu4;SK. freuig atut haU a alia a ta teihtnn larapis. Tht tract ia ala wU wair4 aaS newktff Uvacd Vr ctark ralaiag. Tbuaa SrtMH ef a"ehaiBf are vf rrd Meaara.UAtyA Croeteli, f K4iil, lr ha tT; ' ."". i"" ww AUCTION SALES. AUCTION SALE OF GE0CZ2IES BY J3n T.A1M I C c3 OO.WI wiil offer, with liberal e., in front of oaron Saturday, January 17, a large assortment el Fresh tirocerit, consisting in part of th following: 100 hhd fair, prime A choice Vt bbls Old Rye Whisky. Sugar, 85 Brandy and Gin, 4ft bb s new Molasses, 0 Lincoln Whisky, 20 do Loaf Sugar, 2n0 kegs Nails, 20 do Crushed and Pow- - 75 boxes Virgin! Tobacco, dered Sugar, 10 do Smrking do, 300 brs prim new crop Rio 50 df sea Buckets, Coffee. 20 bbl Mackerel, io bag choice Bait. Coffee, 00 kit do; l'K) boxes Star Candles. 15 frails Almonds, 200 boxes Tallow Candles, 10 bYs Pecan, 10(H) sacks fine Salt, 20 dosen Wash Boards, liK boxes Cheese, 10 boxes Cub Cigars, 100 do Raisins, 10,000 line Cigars, 50 X do do, 100 gros Q art Flask, 50 X do do, 60 do Pint do, loo bols Magnolia Whisky, 10 do X di di, 100 Dean's 10 it & and (s Brandy25 " Old Bourbon Bottle. Together wiih all tbe smaller article to make up a large Grocery line. EST" The above Groceries are all fresh and good, having fust been received from New Orleao and eastern Cities and will be offered in good lot.janl3 td B. LANIER A CO. REGULAR AUCTION SALE OF GS0CESIE3 BY II. S. FRENCH &, SON. ON TUESDAY, Jan. 20, 1S57, at 10 o'clock, A. M., we willfor sal in front of our Warehouse, earner of Mar- ket and Clark streets, the following articles, to wit: 100 hhds Sugar, i0 ox best Tailow Candles, 25 bbls Loaf bugar, 100 boxes Cheese, 50 bbls Crushed Sugar; COO bbl Whisky, assort i 200 bags Rio Coffee; brnd, CO bags I.auyra Coffee; 25 bbls American Brandy, 25 bags Java Coffee; 10 X bbls do do, CO caks super Carbonate 10 bbls Gin, cf Soda, 10 bbl N. O. Rum, 1000 keg Nails, CO bbl Julius II. Smith' old 0 bblsVinegir, Reserve Whisky, lift) do Buckets, 25 bbls Old Bourbon WhUky, MO bbls Molasses. w Dbisuhiaye wrtiiky, CO bbls Mackerel, No. 1, 1, lOO.OuO extra Cigars, various and 8. brand.10 bags Pepper, 100 boxe Melee Cigar, CO bags Ginger, 100 boxe Cheroots, 2 ceroons indigo, 107 boxes Tobacco, W. H. 2"ti boxes Star Candles, House and other brands, 0 X boxe do; 50 boxea JaM, 200 X do do, 100 boxe Tumbler. Together with V'riou other article in our line. Jan. 15 H. 8. FRENCH A SON, Auction Sale of Groceries BY JOHNSOff, HOBX & CO. ON THURSDAY, th 22d, tot., at 10 o'clock. A. M-- , wewill offer for cash. in front of oar store, the followine articles, to which we would invite the special attention of the trade : 100 hhds Prime and Choice Bugar: 4 HI bags choice Rio Coffee: ISO barrels Molasses SO bbls crushe I Sugar, bbls Whisky; tOO Reams Wrapping Paper; and sundrvother article. JOHNSON, HORN A CO , .2,0 12 td Corner Broad and Market its. Large Auction Sale by TUABUE & LUCAS, NO. 74 PUBLIC SQUARE, NASHVILLE, TENN. WE will sell on TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY, 90th and21st, on account of all concerned, a large and well avorted of Stock of Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, Ready-Mad- e Clothin?, Boots, hhoes. Brogans, Soft Fur aod re and Wool Hats, Hardware, Cutlery, Queensware, Wrapping Paper, Ac. Tbe Stock consists in part a follow: CLOTHS, CAS3IMERE3 AND VE3TINQ3, Jeans, Tweed., Kersey: 2,000 pieces PHnt. assorted kinds; Red and White Fiannels; Plaid Linseys; Del.anes and Cassimeres; Merinos and Alpacas; Plaids, Alpacas and Solid Delaines; nenugeg ana ropilua; Black Sil s; Plaid and Brocade Silks; Embroidered Collars and Undersleeves; Jaconts and Book Muslins; Shirt Bosoms; l.lnen and Cambric Handkerchiefs; Cotton Flannel, Towel and Table Diapers; Needles, Pins, Threads of a'l inds; Wool and Cotton Hoisery; Silk Hosiery, Ac. And in fact we will offer almost every article wanted in a Retail Store. BOOTS AFD SHOES. Our Stock of Boots and Shoes Is unusually large; we have Ten Tnousand Dol'ars in Boots and Shoes, ofthe best kinds, and almost every description of Boots and Shoea wanted, CLOTHING AND HATS. A good assortment of Coats, Pants and Ysts; Fine L. B. Shirts; Suf penders. Cravats, Gloves, Half Hose; Under Shirts, 4c, Ac; Eort, Fur, Ca&simere and Wool Hat in grat variety. HARDWARE. 10 boxe Axes; 10 disen Shovels and Spades; ! ii setts Knives and F.irks: Pad Locks, Plaining bitts, Ac, Ac QUEENSWARE. 15 crates Q leensware, assorted in crates of common ami granite ware; Wrapping Pper, Letter Paper; 10 botes of Tacks assorted, loO papars in a box. All ofthe above goods are consigned to as without limit, and will be offered freely to Merchant only. Terms liberal.jan8 TRABUE A Ll'CtS. Valuable City Vropcrty FOR SALE IN pursuance of a Deed of Trust, executed to ma by J. 0.Leak, on the 14th of March, 1356, for the purpose of se- curing certain debt therein set forth, I shall proceed to ell, at Public Auction, for Cash, on 8ATURDAY, the 81st day of January, 1857, at the Court House Gate, in the city of Nashville, the following described property, vis: A House and Lot at the Corner of Broad and Market st.,being lot No. 1 la tha College Lou, now occupied a a Drug Store bv Roscoe. ALSO A lot of Ground in the city or Nashville, front- ing 41 X feet on 8pruce street, being lot No. in 6. V. D. Stout's plan. ALSO. A vacant Lot on Cedar itrcet, bclDg lot No. 7 in same plan. ALSO A Lot on Cedar street extended, at the edge of the Corporate limits, and on th Charlotte turnpik, front-4- 0 feet on said turnpike and running back 150 feet, ALSO. The undivided half of a Lot in South Nashville, fronting 53 feet on College street: J. B. Watson owning th other half. ALSO An Interest of f8,500 In a debt due from Jesse Page and secured by Deed of Tru-- t. Sale to take place within the hours prescribed by law. lanS td R. A. COLK, Trustee. REMOVAL. FUNERAL UNDERTAKING .STABU3HMENTTHE J. W. M'COMBS, I removed to Church street, op- posite the old stand, in the new house recently built by Dr. Young, where we are ready, as usual to give our attention when called on. J. W. M'COMBS.jan3 . st w. a. ooaasxiea. REMOVAL. RT. FLEMMINO has removed his Paint Shop from 2961 Union Street, between Cherry and Summer. He respectfully solicits a continuation of th patronage hera-tnto- re extended to him, and will be pleased to see hi cus- tomer, at his new stand. Jaa3 lm UANDUSIA SK31IXAIIY. THE undersigned, la' Professor of Languages lathUniversity, having sold his Farm on the Mid- dle Franklin Turnpike, I aout to remove to th place h has purchased on the Gallatin Turnpike, 1 H mile from th Nashville Bridge. Th next esion of the Seminary will therefore h opened there on KondlT, ths 2d Of Febru- ary, 1857, and continue to the 1st of Jnly For health and moral a better neighborhood can no where be found. All the b anchea, constituting a thorough English, ClaMioaJ and Mathematical Education, will be diligently Ungbt. and such a course of Intellectual discipline pursued a will be beat calculated to develop harmoniously all th faculties of th mind. Strict parental attention will be paid to th morale, manner, habit and health of pupil. A few addi- tional Boarding Pupils can be received. Day Scholars ar aUo respeetlully solicited. Terms, (or the former, 1100 per ! of Bv months, payabl in advance; for th latter,$. (Janl 8 . NATHL. CROSS. 317317 IIE.KLE,Jii ATTORNEY AT LAW, NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE, OFFICE NO. 4 CHERRT STREFT, CP STAIRS, THI ONE FORMERLY OCCUPIED BY DR. THOMPSON. Particular auenUoa rive a to the collection of Claim. ICT All biutnea ntnwl to hia ears will sat withprompt attention. Judg J. 8. Bun, Kev. A. L. P. Gaoml, Dr. J. B. McFaaais, W. A T. H. Gaaaartau A Co, LureaLST A Cbocebtt. drelS y Law INoiice. TNO. S.ZAUN, formerly ot Naahvui, has remaned th of tew ia th several Lav and Equity Coort of Mammon, Correa aad FaAJiaxn eoaoUei. Cvlleetioo aill reeeiv ovoeast attention. tT Poat OQim aod raaidepoa at Wartraee Dejxvt, BV acta tf A. . BSSUTT. WOODS & KESEITT, ATTORNE YS A T LAW, NASHVILLE, TENN Offica X). 69 Cfcsrry street-- ia1A--4r D R . R . 31 A R T I N NO. t NORTH SPRUCE ST., t r- - WAKIIVll.Lt:, TT.NN. DR. JOHN IL CALLENDER, win devot hlsBMlf ta hi profewioa. OFFICE WITH DR3. XXLLT XADDXN. NO. SO ClIEUUir STUEET, I' I STAIKS declO DR. JOHN II. MORTON RESPECTFCXLT Ua.i.rs hi Pror-oaoa- Service to thea4 vtctuiiy, 0cNo. 1 Cher. ryttrawC Ua Sly "vrnsTLa a Co.,(0CBaaoa vo wsitut a laana,) FAMILY GROCERS, . IGUTH KSX FUZLIC IQUAX2, KJJHtILIX, TENNESSEE. TBI abwve Bra having parchascA th Hack af Faasiyef Whitley A Ra, ar pveparea M) stlpf 'y tha wh Bay lavor them wit piironarv, apaa vary lay. vwrabl terana, A aoastatt wpply of arucia ia the Family Oreeery llo. JaalS las c. 2i. Howasoa,MAICFACTCWtl OF Coach and Wason UarncHs, NO. 14 BtABERICX STREET, K132TILIJC, IXNSE3SEK, HAYING withdrawn trasa tb Irs af Uawarloa A Wi?iltoei.4 at taa oov place, "rr he will beglad te aii tu btea ta'ajKlaibcr la waat ot aey ikiag is th way al iNtst. autauiog 4ut at ta fc.crt. a- -. I as 1 1 REDUCTION OF FREIGHTS FRO.TI NEW YOICK TO CHARLESTON. f.rCREERY & HOOK, Cotton Factors, 002KH3SI0N AND FORWARDING MERCHANTS, BKOWX'S WIIAKF, Charleston, S. C. W1 promptly attend to the sale of all kinds of PRO-DUCE, to the KkPflVIXfl AND PflRW A RntVfl nf Goods, and to the Blling of orders in this market.The Steam Ship Competes having reduced the freight toighteent per foot, makes this the cheapest and quickest route by which to ship Good to Tennessee, Alabama andKentucky from the Northern Cities. All ship and forward-n-g charge will follow the good to their destinationj14 tf CAUD. Thos. S. Wayne & Son, SA VANNA II, GEORGIA. T. V11 (rive strict and prompt attention to receiving and v v forwarding Merchandise of every description, selling and Shipping Cotton, Tobacco, Wbeai, Corn, Flour, Bacon,yo'. An. ; aagll trsauso laikr. stasn LAsiaa.LAMAR HOUSE, formerly Coleman Home,) TOX3L23L-- S. it. S. LAMER, Proprietors. Ms. Stskliso Lasiir, late of Lanier House, Macon, Ga., and Sampsos Lasiik, late of Tuskegre, Ala., will he happy to meet all friend and ciutomer at the Lamar Heuav where they hav ompl accomodations tor 256 person. DovT BROWN'S HOTEL, OPPOSITE THE PSSEMCEK DEPOT,TWCvooxx- - G-a- .E. ii. liROH A, Proprietor. B. F. DENSE, SursKDrniDEirT. Meals Ready oa the Arrival of Every Train. aplT--ly SOCTlI-tt'ESTEH- N SEED Ar0 AGRICULTURAL WAREHOUSE 515 Main Street, Louisville, Ey. WE now rffer for sale. In quantities to suit purchaser:6,000 bushel Kentucky Blue Graaa Seed; 2,000 Orchard Graaa " 600 " Herds Grass or Red Tow 600 " Tijnothy A L 8 0 Bandford' Patent Straw Cutter, No. 1. Price ils 00It 00Little Giant Cora and Cob Mill, " 80 00 40 SO 60 IK) 60 SO Southern Corn SheLer, 10 00 Meat Cutters from ft CO to 10 00Sausage Bluffers from S 00 to IMA liberal discount made to dealer. Mpt27 PITKIN BROTHERS. a. a. ooooa. SIM. BLACK GOODE & BLACK, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, M'LENNAN COITNTI, TEXAS. octSl dawtf O. FATTEH, J. OOLLnrS. J. S. DTTOS. PATTEU, ETJTTOIi' & CO., SA VAX All. PATTEN, COLLINS & CO., 7 A V O N . Commission Icrclianis ANDFactors.WILL receive on consignment all kinds of Produce.uhrnwl vnAe A. EOUE, Recelvlnsr.Forward ina and Coaamlsslaa merchant,Decatur, Alabama, U AD a large and Commodious Warehoas .wwiiMci wu uiiiitni vi in. a tw. ft.. w vt il tnwll PKKHS & CO., General Commission Merchants, IV E W ORLEANS.W. M. PERKINS. st20 dtwaw w. raiLLirs. wm. oieno. a. SHOE. i. snos, jr. C. W, PHILLIPS &, COa SUCCESSORS TO WILLIAMS, PHILLIPS &. CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS 38 ISIOV STIf I'ET,et ly XJW OHLKAXS. To Stove Dealers. PAYNE, LElTdtCO., JZiO. STlo Foundry,No. 235 Liberty Street, IMTTMtl llCII, Pat., MANCFACTCRER8 of Cooking, Parlor and HeatingRanges, Grate Front, Fender. re, Ac. A general assortment of Stove for Wood or Coal, loitablefor the Southern Trade, constantly on hand. fW Orders respectfully solicited. hho-daw- ly PEMAISHIP. r,1R. DOLBEAR, FROM HIS ACADEMY IN NEW ORLEANS. Keepectfully informs the Ladies aad Gentle men of Nashville, that he will give lessons on AT TUE SALOON OF WESSEL & THOMPSON, 42 Union St. In a few lessons Ladies are taught to write in a neat, easy and rapid manner, and Gentle- men in a bold, rapid, bnsiness style. ilocrs from 9 to 11, A. M., and from 2 to 4, P. add from 7 to 9 at night. Persons from the country can finish their lcesons in one week. As Mr. D. will not have time to call on fam- ilies, he hopes that all who desire to join hia classes will make early application. To persons acquainted with its merits, his system of writing needs no recommendation, bat those unacquainted with it, Mr. D. refers to the following remarks and testimonials. In stead of teaching Penmanship mereiy as an imitative Art, au experience of twenty years has enabled Lira to reduce it to tbe certainty of & Science, so that being guided by knowledge instead of random jrractice, popils from six to iity years of age, can, in a abort time, learn to write with Ease, Elegance and Rapidity. So accurate is his system and so uniform its success, that after witnessing its effects on sev- eral hundred pupils in this place, the lamented Alfred Hume observe, "I consider it but justice to say, that I believe it not only the bett tyi-Ut- n but the only one deserting the Mm for by strict attention to the rules given, any per- son may in a short lime, acquire a free, rapid and elegant hand." 8uch Mr. D. believes will be the opinion of all who test it.-- merits, and an experience of above 12 years, (mostly in New Orleans) since the above opinion was expressed, Mr. D. hopes has detracted nothing from the merits of his system, or his skill in teaching it. declft tf NOTICE. BRADSHAW and A. V. RUTLAND havAT. Iron Mesar. Rusaarsod A tmsiat thir nur Stock of Boot, Fhoas, Hats, Trunk. A , aad weald Inform tb old patron of the lata trm aad th public generally, that th y intend keeping at ia old stand. No. 14, Collet Street, a well selected R.tail Ptoek fc La- dies', Wentless.b, nd Cbillr.n' wear, which thy wUI Mil far CASH and C A II O.KLT. W bop., tj suict at- tention to bula, to saeiit a bare of tho puMie paArea-a- e. NOTICE. HA TIN 3 dlipooed of oar Stuck of Boot. Ehaee, S toto kfeaar. Bbaovbaw A Kcrriunv, w laawgrwat Bla ara ha reenamemjng them to too old patron of tlw lata Srm, aod btepeak lor thvm a share of th patronage af the public geatraily. HuBERTM.' m UASUU1X. in7 VALl'ABLE I.nritOVED CITY LOTS lOU HALE. ONE Lot fronting Mrpl street, (0 fet, raaalng haebwtth a SuparW Brvri Dwelling, soaulaing ill It room, a good CUtom. Smck Uom,.V. A'ao, au Lot frooUng i feci oa Pvart strvet aaj 1.teat with a rood two story Brick Uooaa, ooaUialcg I or 19 ruiB,orvaia rwma. kitchea, tt-- , aod wt 11. rasa boom, Ao. Both lot Sarly mi wth (hrwbbwry, ihado aad Srait traea, aad will M old oa aceoeaisMdatiag torn. Ap ply to NAM'S A WiH)tWAU,jAMtS M. MUKRELL, or l. L. MANCK.BvraJ good tansx, wtil Imrwovod, atar tiaahvlDa. A larg BUBbor of acta prnvwt lota. IWveral Uardea lot, 'rws owl scr. Bear th lty.Tt)s truUsg tof4rehao will A wl to eat sn. aJ KAMt-- g m OQO0WAIC. A CAUD. THI partawrakjp of W. A T. M. CXEENFttLO m CO.,sipir.d by boii'aiioa, wo hav U day told or lalrtt la the .ntir si ek of Farattaro, Carpeting,Piaao., e, to TU0M3 U. UAJUM FIELD aad Jj&S PATTtitAoN, whoaa w tab pi.awtr. la rwueaaaaaaiag ta aor ati toatoeaer. aad doust t tay wul gtv gaaoral sat. ksAscttoa to aii who ssay lavor Lhasa wtth a !!. w. titstxrm..jaal A. A. FRCKMA.1. AH those tedabud IsW.iT. B. GroaaAoid A Col are lavttod to oail at thmr aid staud aad totUo. SL'M IIUTI. W. C OaP!LS. Psrvaaaos. GREENFIELD & PATTERSON. II AVIS) fwarchaaad tho ttlre Ctk of Far attire. Car.Mtiag, U'l Ctoth, Ptaoo, A riW.lt H. Or.Sotd A Co , aad bavin- - aiao aaiwd tb Stock of Joha Pt-tno- a, wtth oar pcrt!.. hav sow tno saoot tootve Kirtraoi at , t,ry:in la aur (l a. ,f oSarod tota cittsaiuaf Naafavi.'', aal M(jt!iii' v sotsott a ooatias-- . aaeo af t& favorw I.Uaiaiiy SntdoJ tf ow frtawda. 11 wUI t oat aisa bs rea4r lb a i jit itia!kHM Wt aa oto saay b pUaaod to caJ u a ia-- ta tiiSi-NrirU- S A P1TTX13CS. IXavinrr associated with me ir my business Mr. W. H. Miscwrs. out firm fc now a below. JA3. B. CRA10H1AD. Nashville, May 1,1880. jajies cbaiobbid w. a. aiacaia CHAiCHEAD & MIHCHIN, mpowrazs or Hardware and Cutlery, and deal e t holesale and Retail. Prompt customers will be allowed the nsual time on account, and liber- al inducements offered to cash ,purchasers. Ao. 2d Public Square, NAaaTilia. NEW FIBEI. ' I 'HI andersignad hav this day formed a Copartnevthiw X under th style of JVOEL & CO., For th pnrpos of transacting a Whole ta! Ore eery. Com- mission and Forwarding Basinn in this city, in th largo and commodious Warehouse, No. 1 South College street, oorner cf Spring steeL, We will, at ill time, ketposs hand a large and varied assortment f Grorri, inch as this market requires, and at price which will ao dcuM plerseallwho may favor na with their eastom. Oar bo I exertions will be devoted to the sal of Grocer!. and Pro.due consigned to as, and the Receiving and FarwardlB; Busines receive our prompt atteatioa. W will bay ait kind of Countrv Produce at th highest market prloe. January 1, '57, O. F. NoRL, in3 8, A. O. NOIL. t. b. vncK. as, a. aa.QUICK & MEAD, Commission and Forwarding Mcrcnant, WHOLES A LI AND Ralali. Plour and Feed Store, NO. 11 80TJTII COLLEQI STRUT. "lyHTTE WHIAT ILOUR, Unbolted Flour, Buck . v Flour, Seconds, Short. Bran, Corn Meal, Ry MeaLOat,, Corn, and Ry Hominy. In (tor and lor sale. Willbe delivered to any part of the city free of charge. QUICK A MIAD. Jsn3 No. 11 South CoUeg t. SAliTH, LOYElb CO., WHOLESALE GROCERS AND Commission Merchants. IS'o. oS Market Street, AaihTille. IV STOKE A.1D JOB SALE.900 kegs Wheeling Naila; 100 bar superior Baltlmor 60 doaen Wash Boards; Coffee; li O d. sen Painted Buckets; CO ptrs Brandie, Wlnaad tOO bbls Rectified Whisky; Gin; 50 bbls old Bourbon A Ry 1,000 XX boxes Sardine.Whisky; docSS K. C. BAIVDY, WHOLESALE GROCER, COMMISSION AND FORWARDING MERCHANT, And Sealer in Foreign and Domestio Liquor, No. 50 CoLLaoa bt a aaa BaoAO, NASsrvrtxa, TTEEPs constantly on hand a full assortment of Crwsarl AV consisting In part as follow: 100 hhds.Sugar, Fair toCho o 10 bar Scloe. 8IKI bag Prime Rio Coffee, SOO bbl. Mackrl,Vo.Sandt, 800 bbls. Molasses, 100 H do do do I, 100 X bbl. do Rote Hill, tOO tit do do I, 90 bbl. Loaf Sugar, 90 do Painted Bucket,!) Powdered do., 80 neat do Tabs, " Crushed do, 10 cask Soda, 70 boxe Raisin. 10 case Matches, SO " Tea, Imp. and O. P., SO doxen Plough L1bs, HI " Pearl Starch, 60 M Bed Corda, 6(1 " Tallow Candies 10 reel Cotton Rope. 40 - No. 1 Soap, 10 coil ManilPt do, 400 Glasswar. 6 eaae Cigars, SCO reams Paper, 40 bbl. Rectified Whisky, 10 bags Pepper, SO " Vinegar, The highest market price paid for Feathora, BeoswsJ Oinseng, Flaxseed, Ac, Ao. fW Agent for Goose Creek, Beard's, and Silver Spring MN1 Flour. aplS n. ia. w'uakiaI&y, WHOLESALE GROCER, PRODUCE DEALSB, lUU.nhMOl .TIKKCIIA.'MT, aid DaALaa ia Foreign and Domestic Liquors. IRON CASTINGS, 3ft., CO USER OF FROST AID BROAD STREETS, Hath villa, Tsaa. HAVING purchased the stock and taken th StandAnderson, th undersigned i preparad to hi old customers, and such nw one as ma fgive him a call, with the very best Groceries that ta mar- ket will afford.(Vie will buy all kind of country produeo, aswaJly brought to thi market. tJyW R. L. WCAKUCT. . i. c"i-- r. a. . CAaraow T. J. SCOTT & CO., Wholesale Grocers, Commission. Receiving; aai FORWARDING MERCHANTS. AND DEALERS IN PINK BRANDIE8, WINES, WUISIT, TOBACCO, CIGARS, AO, KO. CO BEOAD WAY, HASSYILLX, HTI. ottl COPABTHEESHLT 50TIC3. this day associated with u Mr. Wruuia H.HAVING in our business, we will eondnuth Huaoandor tha firm of LELLTATT, AWING A CO. isrN IOBB LBLLTBTT. wm. a. surra. as a. iwim. J. LELLYETT, EWING & CO., WHOLESALE GROCERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS ANI DEALERS IN WIXES, LiaUOSS AND CIOAES, NOS. 10 AND 11 MARKET, SOUTH Oi SPRING StRJCIT, NASH VILLI, TIAii. novoo dAtriwSea. C. E. HARDY 6l CO., GEOCEES AND COMMISSION AGENTS AND DIALERS IN Bacon, Lard, Flour, Fruit, Feieri, and Produce generally, NO. 6S BROAD STREET, NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE, dec 10 CU.VUIaVIS llOWKttTSOS (Lata of J. G. A C. RoberUon, Broad straot.)OonfootionorAND Candy Manufacturer, aud Ueaior in Traits, Hats, Cigars, Tobacco, and Taney Artiol- -, No. IT Market street, oppoaiU Morris A Stratum's, TT70CLD respectfully Inform th eitisaoaof Naahvill aad V V surrounding community that ho ia permanently bow- led in the abov kusinesa, and would b pleased to roiv . .k.M Af nnhlif Mtralirt. a-y- parucular attention paia so oru.r, " try dacl- o- D. V. RUSSELL, KUTJIACTTrBXAS' AMD STZAX BOAT AOiXT, OFFICS AND STORAGE AT R . L . WEAKLEY1 S, Comer of Broad and Trout Sta., Jasiville, Tsaa,iiiiiimii:LraaAHale,ClnctanaU; Graff, Bennett A Co. Plttabarg Crano, Breed A Cc, do; a lhmsea A Co do; S. M. Barrett, do; Smith, Guthrie A Co La; U.G. McComas, do; Hoasrmaa A Saiih, St Louis; And Merchant of Naahvill generally. rf-- Order handed o tow Ptttaburg.Oneinaatl, Lowla-vt- ll. or St, Louis mannfaotnrod arttcio will be proasptly despatched . 'HENDEESON BEOS., PRACTICAL PLU3IBER3, STEAM AND OAS FITTERS, 13 DEADERICK ITHEET, ra"n43li.-xrlllo-, Tonn.strg kepeootant!y oa hand aod for , Load PtpwVV and Short Load ot vry kind; Batha. Wash Suads, Hydranu, Water L'loMts, Lift and Forao Paaspa, Aa. Wrought Iron Plpo, from inch ap wS IscA; Iroa FUtiag of every kind la salt do; ooBBoeUng Cooks, Air Cmsm, Bad Gtobo Vaivwa to soil plpo. Partieo la thoesuB try can hav plpo at aad aarwwod to any length, wtth sock aad AtUag to seat, by drawinxs. Good taka to rtvor aad safcn Ii fro of aharg. oelSS CHARLES F. REGUEY, EOTJSS, CG3T, AXD Ornamental Valnter, Jfo. 32 Colleg Strsot, ap stair, oppoaiu Bcvaat House ' KaaaTiUs, Tsaa. aal IL T. FLE31IMU,HoUflO, 01GT23.. 01X.VM1:!wYAIaVAINTEU, 62 Uaioa It, XASHT7XLX, Boiwoca Cherry aad Bomatar strlajr Omars brosB too Uuoatry freoapuy anoadod to. saajvl tf W. M. HAKGRAVE, IQZZZ, Sisa AVU ILOTZZ, uuti iD a rm i t.jsaahvllla. Tsaa BOOKS AND STATIONERY. g lavtto th atteatioa af Marohaato aad Traders gs oraily to oar Wg stoet f School Cools aaJ SUtitstrj. AT WEOXJUAIJC AJTD iUTAII, AtprteWBishoBatfaltolaM. 0ar BUak W a -- . wi jt - I aioo iarga, aad wo wUI sH at rwy w jjffjf priM t tOuM a boy W sallag', TsACMsrao wt4 do w.il to saaHM oar to wppty achooi. A EVASA, Agw ia, ly gaat faio Pabho iur. Jtaafevat, Pittsburgh. Coal and Coke. COLE Tg AH Ac 0 ia Pttorg CosJ aad Coke aad itoDEALERS meraea l Brood aad F At Mnsts, oat U Una, .vaa&vti, ti mharm thay totaad k pacing aoat MTpJy of tho abuvo arttotao at Msssask pr--M.FaauU--o aad larg oonaaatar of Cmi aad CoAo, upe!-- 4 ewBatroot oa hur torma. """HUGHES BUOTJIEIW, , xo. n Tjyio-- T STFJ-r-r, nashvillz. fcrnrsrs yes Tax 5iic:3! n.it-0- J ATlDUOTlPiS AtlO JIFLAIIOTYF-- 1tvi i""")V"
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