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Daily Nashville Patriot Newspaper Archives Jan 17 1857, Page 1

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Daily Nashville Patriot (Newspaper) - January 17, 1857, Nashville, Tennessee1ill ' t: I i r ; f I i , I i I r I a . NASHVILLE PATRIOT, PHILADELPHIA ADVRTlSiV1MTS HILiriRY COODS, n EVA LIAS. AC.fill wji. ii. iiorstJian &DAILti SONS,TRMVECKLV & WEEKLY, 1 ! BT ? Li 223 Cliestsnt Street, adjoising; ti. Xadonie Hall,PHtLAOFLPHIA,SMITH, JJ OEG AN & CO., WWW ANCFACTURER-- t and Importer oral k)t rt Va. w. nr. tsiTH, jon r. wotttia tait Goer, vix: SWOaDv. SASBay. EPA ULATft.Aona u. cn.t.xsnrtt, aRTnoity . cm W v PLUMkS, LACI3, CAPS, Ac Office, So. IS rieadrrlck. turret. Also, REGALIA of every s'yle for Fre Manors, 0it4 Ftlows, &, T K APRONS, 8A8HL3, COLLAJlA, JIWKLA. TKHMM, R0HK3, AC Dally, per annum ffl 00 A Oue Weekly, eealy per for per annum, two aunuio, years, or two Weeklies for one 5 3 00 00 VOL. XXI. NASHVILLE, TEM., SATUEDAY, JANUARY 17. 1857. NEWSER1ES.-N- 0. 347. V awyear, iu advance, 5 00 HEAL ESTATE SALES. NEW YQRK ADVERT1SEMEHTS HEV YORK ADVERTISEMENTS. ADVERTISEMENTS. C1NCIMNATI ADVERTISEMENTS. ST. LOUIS ADVERTISEMEOTS. ft SPM'.OIO PUOPr.ICTV F.'Il SALT. IWI',', e!l upon fivorahle or exchange fur cilymy Siiro Trac'., euoracing a'out twelve hau-dr- el of l.anl. Tirern Hou, rUnre, Warehouse,TJifi Road and Ferry s Canty Fork River. . abrtat one han'trd aa.l ttreity-Cv- e acre of n-- i Oatiev rorg oj'ton Una, cleared and ia eil ivation ' if oniric, is it.ins-.i- Ir well timbered, and a part of t is;r. : ii, i ut n ii a quarry ot very pood M rble. 'ihi --.tmr fork river i navigaVe tothi.Dointfnr some six u.j:iia. ol the year, anl the location Is an excellent one for re '.nig S lit, Iron, Dry Goo la, Ao The Tavern stand is one nt the bl bitwrea Valvule aud Knoaviile. The tollg .le and ferry ire a eonaa J.I source of income, anl takes kit ;jii.-r-, this ii one of the iurt desirable pieces of pro- perly, for tlie price a iksd.iu Tenuesse. I h ,s wishing to buy or exchange would do we'1 to rail on rae to'thwith. A L. DAVI, riec!:l :f TJ. S. M l'crt OftW. Land lor Sale. 10?Fr!?lfor sale (70'l) FEVEN HUNDRED ACRKS flying on Uie Columbia Central Tun.nike jT . Koi .seven iniies from Columbia andfo j" om Mt. licaa-- ant, being a partof the tract on w lent ;, de. This Land is euaal if not superior to ariytn Maary county t Is well watered; (the celebrated Devers Sprintr beins on the partofiercd for sale) well timbered and well improvedt I nre re on the prenj.-- s some besutiljl buil'tmjr site, fronting th Tarr.pike and the coRteroplated Kail Road. Is will bs di vided to suit iiu":hair or su!d in a body. for farther information a;p!y to me at Ashwood P. OKce, llaary county, rennexsee. ai?ll tf LCCIC8 J P0LK. Hount Olivet Cemetery. llllC D:rec ors of tb's C'ip-ri- now anouoce to theL Piibiie. tiiHt ibis Cemetery hta been laid off with tuil-- aie aTenaes and wi'ki, and a purtions of the rmund sob- - d;na-- d into ramily Lots, which are no o3red f.r snle The m o r, th groands cm be seen at tlie ollice of l.ind sl- - a Cro'-xet- , where the public are IcTiteJ to call and ex amine tlie t;aroe. Toe C jrapany feel conn.lent they could not have made a nare saiai.le locii'i in lor a Cemetery in the vicinity cl N ;i'i. ilt, aud pkde themselves to the public to spare lio inu.n y or puns to mak) it equal to any Cemetery in Hit I'm .n, and such a one as Nit'iville may feel some pule in Tr.e Oernetry U now in the charge of a competent huper- - totenueDt. living on the eruund. under whose direction in tr neotj wilt be male in the best mmner and at.the usual char-- i The fMrertors of the Company are dfirons that tlie proun 1 bliuill ba visitrd by the Ci'.icens of Nashville, anil Jor ti:at parjs,e an oniiubm will the o9ire of Liudsley au 1 Croceit, t io'el ok on 1 uend-- y a'lerno u the 3rd insU, and an every r n 1 iy a'ternoau iherelter at the came Duur 'I hi; sats will be free. I..rfi-- i and Kamiiiesdeirojs of yisitlne the rrounds, will b'a:leltur at f.eir reinlciic-- s, by leucine their cards, to the fretident of the Company. A. V. 8. LISD?Lr:Y,Priident. C.W. Sso,fceey. sot iy H Who would war a Itowdy. Uunnct ! TlltltEis now, Lilies no ez:u.ie, a e p ""Y t are now Dclj-- e outcurKch 5 TV" !KCi cf fancy lionnrta, Mi ln.ery ;od', t'i.K.iiii oi ler e Ac. at hal' pi ice. Tun. iiow ii ynurt u.e to pet ood it yourixrn pnrei, I l.a l lii.iuirht ol mailiiK iif: bat think I wi.l nuke up for that in lot pr:c-- s ol t'ie (iouJs. I mu-- t auj will c ie out by the 1st ,f Kibru-- r , to nae room fjr ur t xtenaive t'loi k of d.rect trnni 1'ttts.aiJ l,.nl fi. H'e hi ve jut received a lr?e tnk, I2.i'i', Wti'ul Bl k llunal ol ars Iroin "v.- - lo t- - J; Ki.h M i -sj a i Ml, worth ft ; luch eel "orx at It i", sunlit ); U h Jaconelt Felu fct tt CO to .', worth 3 !io 6 til; Kich Collar, Sleeve-- . Work H'inis, Ac, at ame reiiuilijn. A nairii'iei-i- t fio-- t of Kic:i i.np rte t H-- I (Ws-ie- Hi ers ai l iiiMii.t it.l ti joils for Bridal and Fan'--y at uch prl. es tut th re is a'rx-us- e f r njt K a brl limit a' p a'tn.-i-- . Ar 'i tor inn:.cl-- vnw 'e'iili tl'' U in in hi b ti Hi; 10 aii'l f r 4 a id h K i 'i th rr.c'I tmiii' s, :ui. t'iu.mtd, fur i 5'ito6, worth fl'i Mi s an I Ciimiri-- ( s l;onne'ji at Ly pr ce. and a In -- ye stj. k of Fa-ir- (ioods,CIiBK. Ac, ala great barman lor C m!i, a I in - i ' "or mo: to lor l"vM. '.r. re.p c lul vtJa-- mir fr. ends end r the hl.-i.- 4i kpp 1 Hi p H 'Tujt for t'tlve yei rs p ist at Nashville, an.i irui n. ne i el i il h o ir u miik aft'icty' a-- h i r.i.l.-- , i.ut lru;t by piJie at'emion and uir de ilm? to c ji.tioiiiice of their paifoiiav.f;jr" t Wou d be thaokliil f r a, I bilif f iSG to be sellle n:i rum? l ale y. a ( sant in in y to go E is t about tbcKOUi. t-- call soon aud bary.iusat K. WISK, Agent, Jn& No. 45 fnion Ft. next door to Mate Hunk. m:v u iLoiaKSAiai: Straw cud SilkJIiNincry House. TO C0TJXT2T MEriCilANTS A!?D MILLIXESS. I I A V (Mi J ist ro Ti. arrangements with som of I lieI 1 ! j' u'f r.iM of aid Hills lion-lir- t. i ii Milli irry at N w York and II iston. we will have id Mure toe -t t March, a sio k f .Vu canes as f.bo.: ii?" n Commi!tfioi, and a' prioe, folly Zooents bs-Ij- any house in the c ty. Iljviojr twenty years experience iu this bi'i.iee.i, y i :)i place confidence in sett nff the I ii.-- 1 Si yl s mi l Faihious, as we give OU' rutire atu nli in xc to M .liinery Goods and cannot be deceivrd as ttioe enayed in everv ilebcntion f merchandiK. Terms ah. J guarantee o0 per cenl. les between Ouh and f'r it We trul to receive a liberal patroiae, tirs being exolurt rely a Millinery House. K. Vt ISM, Airerit, N. 4 j Colon street, ntxt door to the Htate bank. J ii.C Sin klLLIlI ER Y ANIMD RE SS M AKIlf 0 K0 36, UPPEJl MARKET STREET. MRS. H0VVEK rON e- KFSPIICTP'Jl.LY informs her customers and f"" . ? l'ju!ic generally that he has recently re. , J " n V eeivcd lare additions to her slock of Mi ill- - liirr nery tloo.li, all of which have cirefully selrete.l, embracing the lt.: styles of bonnets, Tnmminirs,K'hli .ns, Kloaers, Hull', Head tlres., llraiils, caps, etc Hie la also reirolnrlv in rtcr.pt ol all the new and lute U.Iiiodm for Lada-a- ' l)re4es, ordrrs for which are promptly kit-- n lci to, She solicits an examination of her giMxmand irices. tf Tc the Ladies of Nashville! 31 11 S . S . J . I 1- - Y I),-- Fashionable Silk and Straw lillinfr, IN. lO C'I'.UAIC ST.. X 1 70CLD refpectfullv Inform the Lad es of Nashville andIV yiciuity, that she has jual leceived direct Iroin the second Pa is of the world, i he City of New York, a of French Millinery Uoois, Consutitig ol ll-die- s i't dal iunn-ts- , I'liineal Uonnrli, Bonnet i. Braid koiiuets, KmoroiJere I Lace Bnnrts, Hu.U Bonnets, rud TiM-u- e Boiiurti' Rich Kar.cr Bonnets, of the new-e- t styles, M. sites' an J Chiidn-u'- s Bonnets, in great variety, of ail torts aud sizes. RIBEOSST A beautiful assortment ol l ounct Ribbons of all kinds, such a Yrlvet Riblous, ."ash and Belt Kibouns, aud Trim-Din- g Ribbons of all so'tii. FRENCH FLOWERS- - Fifty boxes the most beaumul and loveliest Flowers the eye can behold, breaths, koses, Boseuiops, Planets, EMBK0IDERIE3. A handsome aort nenl ol r.mTirnleries for Ladies, such as Hbemvaewa. Collars, Worked Handker. Kid Gloves. roW tilove". Black Wlk Veils, and other artl-rles- Laities' waer ton numerous to mention. 0ening day ill be on the l't of Oe'ober. Now I adies is your time t Ret a handsome and fashionable bonnet cheay. lo noi be uo ier the impression that In ion street is the only place you ran get a I. anil o i e and farhionable bonnet. Call at No. lb Cellar street, ani you will res that lb goods are equal to any in the ritv. I ran sell you bonnets I om 1 U0 to .'." ut, and have secured some of tlie best milliners In the city to work for uie. All orders for cleaning, alu ring .and retnmmir.g tiall le puuctuabv attended to, aud done in a superior styl' and at a reasonable price. K. B. Ladle straw Bonuets cleansed and altered. tV4 CUAKCERT SALE OF REAL ESTATE T)Y virtue if a de ree of the Chan'-e'-- Court at Nah-I- ) vine, at htf Novmln-- r Term, ls.6, in th cae ofllnti t. Kmhi v t a's, I will oder for stir, at the s le ol ' the obi Court II. use iu NathVilio, on the 1 4th of Fehutrv, lsi7, at 11 o'clock, lb. (obnwing d .rribrd Rr. A L STATE, itutiad iu the J h Civil Ulatnrt of Uav.d.oa County, and -d at fo'l .as : Cimmen-inga- l a stake iu ti e of N Iv's Bead Koal lit llii north eat corner of B. P. Fotter't land ard running s iu'h it dt grres, ea-- t about 3 poles to a fltke at tn noi rt rorntr of llaihat ind, J IhetiC" soutl I'll polet to a small syc .more near I iw water raar of c'u.n'n-rlati- d River an i aboji foriv vards below the m uth ol Cedar 1'rerk, thrn'-- e d iwu C'uiuberiai.l Kiver eojtli S i d grrw, wst ir pofet to a cedar and wh ta oaa, then nor h I degree, ea-- t lie p let to the beg'tining. Tea at. A credit of on- - an I two years w lib boud and and a lien retamird to secure the piymrnttof tbe purchase moaey. JAM WiXiD8, Pp-ci- Cmiuissiouer. JanS 1 --oawtl wps d1 wj A C K S O IS ko A 1) A aM S , Iroad Street, WEST OF CUA 1 1 AN lit HI A Pf POT.) Lumber Merchants, ND Manufacturers of I'oira, Bash, Binds, Frames,J. Monklli.r, Arrhi ravee, Mnti. Ilts B nrd, I'.ias-- t Tf, Wo hrrO iwil.u, l'o ar and Hme Flsunng, Mi-Ii- t.oodt Hose i, and ab kin !a ( f ood Work, nrceitsar lor tt. in-lJ- e Cniah ol K.aul or B ic Houses of every oraeripl on, or leu Irom the surr un lingcouniry foheiied, all vuikcsT. fully put no so iioot to bs mjureJ la A'upping tta.h i lined and glazed if defired. JanV !il no- - wlyr. TiiE URA j'd tivsror OF TnE SO.NS OF TlirJiltAaVC': 1 1 TILL hold I's oevt Quarterly Mecfngat Be-e- h CampW Crrouot.ln County, on ths lMh U Janaary, Hf)pre-ntatir- a' reijura'cd lo bs puorlsal In aliende., as bus ne of Importance wol tr.naai-tad- . By order of th 41. W H. M. P. JOSrfl, G. . Nashvibe. li. i, K4 -- 1 Mianlflw ""coklxlACri)A$ AND OIHika WaVMiMCJ ILGH WOuX. i!I! "uWrtVr Intendn.g to visit Iheoafh In Fbwry J. would res""HTuily call tie Ht ntlnn l'i want.rg Iron Hul in.', Ycrardas, I u hi.i's, ttuk Vaal'S. lo ln.rs aiid Khatters, Jail (i-i- n- - iio-s- . tidrp a hoe by mail, winch w Hi fuett with attrnt on. Refer to J i . M A'C.uleH, Metpph s; W. D Wil.on. Vifniwr.-- ; Joha h. Cueglea, Nalrbes, taea A 11 n. Ta xt City; VTiUis A Patrick, Jaeitain. T. t. BAKaK, xT Fiflb street, deeiU-tlS- w Clnetonall. Hbm. ' New Goods. TTTI: Are rerriviog to- - lay foe the W'mtef trala, Laad.(V somelmeof n;i(Ml oOuDS,tubranj FANCY PK1VT-- ; CWCKKU G1N'GIIAU5: MERINO41; ALtCUEI) AND Bt. MrftLI4: t bLkC& AN0 FANCY CAosJUIIESj JktN AND TW AEDtt; ALI'ACX AJ, UATINKIT"; TI.HINi..'; .tLOTft 4j 4, BLACK CII.K8. Ae. Ae. f. Making oor aasyrtment werv rotip ie, to ebteh w loviie wneraissKen'ion, ana especially tbn de.iring to bay lor i,.horoo tioriuu. 1KB M'JitUA A CO. dec -- rt of making a 1 iwifI. O. (a er, dec d. Shocl da - 'ra the balance on ib aad tw t.vd JS9. il. AMUROTTPEACAtLlB.s . - From 8. M. PtTTI SGiLL Jt CO'S ADVERTISISQ AGENCY 118 Nassau Street, lsw xoaa. And No. 10 State street, Borrox P. A Co., are A?ents for the most influential and larpeM drciilatinir Commercial Papers both in the United States and the Canada. REnXED SHEET AKD SHRED ISIKGLASS, AXC MANGE, TAblE JELLIES, Ac. A primeI70KBI lor Confectionere, llo'.el and Family use. To be ontained, with direction for nsin-- , of the principal gro cers and Drug? ,sU thrcoeboot the I nited stales. novaO 3xr' PtlER COOPtR, Stw I Ork SLGER'S SEWING MACHINES. ce!ebrated roach nes a-- e in practical and prof ta.THESE in all Darts of the civilized world. In all th Tarlous trades, and in tewiDg every sort of fabric, either of cloth or leather, they have been luiiy tnea son approvea. cT wine rrachinesof other manulacturers often tan w won but KIN'GLK'ri MACIIISES ALWAYS OPERATE PKR FECTLY, being strong, durable aDd complete in contrivance and workmanship. A perfect sewinj? machine kept employ- ed affjrds a e'ear profit or 11,000 a year; bat an imperfect one is a emse of constant vexation and loss. Tbe entire H.1XBIUTT f our machines is one great reason for their uiiparaileied popularity. MACHINES FOR FAMILT PKWING. of a frail and delicate construction, are recommended by other manulacturers. guch marthinea are eade to catilt the eve. Dt to perform substantial work. The truth is. family sewing machines ought to be much strongerthan anyi.tlr. I.nu.c thev co into less skillful bands than when old to manufarSlrers. and are used for a greater variely of work. The machines which have proved best for all other purposes mu?t be bet lor family ae, and they are B.ngcr s. 1'hesn.edof our machines baa lately been doubled. No mt.r n.?. r.niT,itare with them ! ouantitv of work.tm New machines cf the latest improved style will be exchanged on liberal lerms for old sewing machines of our own make, or for CDerative machines ol other manutactur ers. Local agents wanted to ceil our machines.. JJ. U. All persons desiring full information about sewing a ran obtain It bv ar.D'vilie for a Copy of I. M Singer k Co.'s fiaiette," a paper devoted to the subject. It will be sent gratis. I. M. SINGER k CO. Principal Offir, 823 Broadway, New York. UKAPitl 1'jrn.U 4T Hanover st., Boston. 14 Chei-nutst- Ph la. R2 Wetmintlrt.,lrov;d'e. 15 Haltinore el., Baltimore. 274 Broad st., Newark, N.J. S East Four: b St., Cincinnati 847 Broadway Albany, S. T. Chicago, Illinois. Glovertviile, New York, 65 North Fourth St., Ft.LouU ft Chapel St., New Haven. il Bt. Charles St., N. O. 11 liui'hanan Glasgow, M Uauphine St., Mobile. Scotland. oct2 8mp FRES II ARRIVALS. Ti . XT . OTTTT23H ' No. 30 A 59 COdNER COLLEGE ASO BROAO ST'S TS now reviving one of Uie FISSXTmd BEST A. tiJCLECTJLl iu;ks of H, Il7;U ami Winter BOOTS AND SHOES ever brought to this mai ket. Cousintiijg in part as follows; Ladies Convress Gaiters; " " r--i le Lace " " " Kid Nippers, Ties and fluskin; Fine Kid and Mor. b.wtees. thin Dd thick sole; " M Goat, sewed and pegged. Bootees; Mi'-e-s' " " " " " " t l.il Iren's Fine Kid and Mr Bootees and Ank'e Ties; A full supply of Calf a;. d Goat I'.ooiees, for Servant's ware. Hun end thick sole n omen's extra size n.iu uootees auu 81ipiers Gouts' Fine tair,cwea ana refrgea roots; ti n Oxford Ties; - " Pat. Leather do do " Men's, Bys' and Youths, Calf and Pat Leather, Buckak In, Kid and Clolh Gait.-rs- ; lien's, Hoys' aiid Youths' Calf and Kip Drogans; " Calf, Kip and iMoroeco Sbptiers; Boys and Yoolh" Calf and Kip B has; Cuildren's fine Calf Opera Boots. Hen's Heavy Double ole Boots ani Brogans, extra sites Hoys' and Youtlin' Heavy i"ole Boots and I'.r. gans. Ladiei.' and Gentlemeus' Butlalo anl Gum Over Shoes til kinds. HATS, HATS, IIALS. CRT P.ECEIVEn, bv B. R. Cutter, No. 3C and 19,I corner Broad aud College street: EHI2( IM1X. lil.'Si'S IsOV'X V04iL, Ii A IS. V5 UOiiEN Ml'N'd FOKT FUR HATS, all styles. All of which will be sold very cheap for cash. ortM B. it. oi urn HATS. 4 I.ARTE Stork of Men's. Bovs' and Children's Foft Fu' IX. and Wool hats, of every description, j'jst received atid or sale by ootitti Trunks, Trunks. A FULL aassnrciqrnt ol Irunks from theii. Bneal quality hole Iither Traveling,kx'oarre I'ack.ng Trunks; also Carpel and a SadcLn Bass of all kiuus. B. K. 11C 11 tlifi, Tomer Broad an 1 Col.ege sU. leather IteKiiiff. r.' ol of the fol- -5,000 K sizes: feet of I 4 inriin wide.! nTO f. et of o inches wide " 44 " 44 442MI "IV l.'jii o!;2s5 - S 4 g 44 lijij 44 44 t 44 44 u 44 8 HI 44 44 7 41 44 44 44 IN) 44 44 73tf 41 44 m u 42 . u g u u g4( w u y ft 44 4,l"l 44 44 10 44 44 44 44 IJoO 44 44 1 2 44 44 C4 1!,0 " " S 2.HI " i 2M " " 8 inO M " 4 2im f AM Alro a large lot of Copper Burs, and Rivets, and Lao Leather of all kind". All of which will be sold en the most refonable terms lor Cash, by B. K CLTlKR, no. so A oJ. cor. is roan anu college sis , tenths LADIKS' SIIOIIS. SNYDFR A FitiZfCr.LLi are opening y some choicethe Ladies, consisting of La lies' Thick Hole Lasting Gaiters; " " " French Lea' her " (something new;) ft ft ft n " hf ' - - Kid " 44 44 Cvngresn K id " Thin " Lasting half " These goods are yery bandsorne Call at fcNYLEK k FRIXZLL, oei!8 2d Public Square. CJKNTLKMKNS' WKAU. ENT.- -' Fine Calf Pump So e Boots;I Gen'V Fine Calf "Gents' Fine Ca'f Double ho'e 44 44 h it mier proof " H " Congress Gaiters; " " " double sole; 44 44 44 Oxford Ties, - " These g iod are from one of the best tuanufictorle la Phllad-lphi- a. Call at No. zO Public Kpiare. octlS o 8NYHEII A FRIZZfLL. BOOTS! SHOES! TEUHKS! FOR THK LADIES. I API 13' 8uerlor Calf Walking Bootee;A " 44 Goat welt 44 44 " Calf and Goat weit Buskins; 44 44 Kid and Fr. Mo. " 44 44 44 44 44 Bootees; " 44 Lasting well Gaiters, p'ain and Upt, 44 44 "Cungres GENTLEMEN'S GOODS. Gent's fine Ca'f water-pro- of Boots; - " - liouble-aoi- e 44 44 44 44 Dress " 44 44 44 double ACongress Gaiters, Ingl olt; n tt n Water proof sewed 44 44 tt Oxford Ties, double and single sole; 44 44 44 Dress rboer of various descriptions; With a complete atsortment of Gentlemeo's, Boy4 Youth's and Chburrn's Calf and Kip Boots and M oes Mini-- s an. I Children's Gnat, Kid. Miorrovo and Calf Boo- tees all of which are offered cheap for ea-h- . ocUl JOHN KAMAGE, 43 College St. PIAXO FOKT13S,XjoolxjLxasr Grlnsaos, Ur T have now in Store Cne stock of .i;-- tm.i.fl. ll.UI.nn. U ln.l Hh .!., I ' '4 Artists Materisl', Ac., and are still manufac- - rrrmituring Inaide Hl.ndt aud ail kinds of Gilt Horka-h- av recently added largely to nurnooi of tllA.ni.MH tll tllHHOIC", AC.In a word we intend to KkAP CP WITH TUIC TIMES, please our customers and isDOCa there to patronise Boa luiiead of sending abroad. ft. FUktMAN. oct 14 r a FRESH ARRIVAL OF PIA50S- - JCT received bv the subscr'b'r, 6ve of tfW",""'vl4,wunnvalrd PI ANO.t, made by A. II. f Ao-- oil Gale A Co.,of.arw rk. which now makra f 4 1 1 mine the largest f'ork In the city, eouaisiinf o' C,V audi octaves, In piaifl and betuiifn lv carved RiwawouB caea. Any one altt.lrg a Ne. 1 Instrument would do well to give rreaeail. Every Piano sold ft m it warranted la every particular. J. A. McCLl'KS i lows street. P. g. Just puVl.bed by m- -, tn- - f J.oug : Light at H ;rai, Mrd ira Waits, Tenatse rvholmh and it wardRow. A full supp'yol the above beautitol ongi and Puces on hand. Call anl get a cop, Ot ly 2Nc. ca:X iWI J. A. M. nUMBU'd ! ! HUMBUG i n I OU I l , Tuned and Be-- -- vj" "P.AVO ty the un.t.rs ned in a ra inner t '"r j(hatciiD r--a equalled by any othrr Tuner I 4 la this :uou o( csioeuy. Also, all kiudj est Vlua.ci Iuatru. SUrBts repaired. . Period atttafac'l given or ao charge Order left al the W uate hivth of James Oiggvins, e laraet A Mcdur., L'axu sUeeL, will be (irotapily aiwii Ted U. tnari K. SJOFTON. "150,000 DAVIDSOtf COCJfTT I0NE8. TK w.ll par ntr tv cent la Mercbaaiiiae tut Otv f t idsoti C'ocaty bends. eovtl A. J. IH NCA4 A CO, LAXD WAB5A5TST" w II bay LaoJ H ini.u of ad tlsuoaalnalieoe, atIt, best saarki price.;i A. J. LO'CAX A CO. TEA TRATI ! WAITERS ! sTF kave a r aasnrtneel and a greater variety of V Tea Trays and a u--rt liiaa caa be luuad elsewherw. rangt in price iioca 0si upwards ttaalSo MACKCNZII A WtLBOX. IfTAHO I.-- W fsoisa ttnh Marearant, prisw artier, lor sale bydcll) WKf!EL A THOMPSON. V KTi:iK. 100 tlewaa VmnTs eelebrf.ed Otrten tor0 tale by derlt) tlclL A TUOKPffOM. --tla U4.- -t '0 'HwCifsx,ws'.l assorted, e teid U tie ier at low priewe, by tie 10 wrorx a TnowFf-o-. barrets fieah Ale, ree'l and fr sale byVLi:. W tstti k TIJOMfboK. lirroJII.-wXei- ea Weatera an EaBi4 J lairy t, t4 tor sa. by rill vM.-.-a- l. A TH0MPJ0B. o r-- i M4TTn(J,-- f Jftis vlatilnsoac Ual at4 km sale by D. D. CitAtr. . rUfW uf wee trieait. C.a early aa Bobbie at - INfi Mirt iil..1c. ItliUI BIOJ. . far 4wal' stiia f Mi- . ....... ii j ra, put ta dm4 eaa. From VldCHER OWEN A C0 Gen'l Advertising Houae, Applctoi' BniUHBa,84o Broadway, New Yore. PATENTKD ! PATENTEoT Brother Jonathan's Furniture Polish, Thtpidy Patented Furniture Polish in the World! IT SHOULD BE IS EVEET FAKHT. IT has been admitted by every one who ha ever used it,to be tbe best article of the kind ever invented. It ii applied with a piece of Canton Fiannel or Wollen Cloth, and dries Immediately, removing all stain, grease and dirt. making your furniture look as well as wr.en new. It will rrsitt the action ol hot and cold water Beware of Coun terfeitsl None genuine without John L. Brabyn on the label. Principal Depot, 444 brodwav,-e- York. JOHN L. BRABYN A CO. Agent wanted In every County and City throughout the Cnited etates. jaol mT Gold Medal Pianos ! STEtSH AY A: SOS, !TIannfaclnrera, Q 4 WALKER 8THEET, NEW YORK.Ox1 Received the lollowing First Pi Mkdsm in Competition with the best maker of Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Bal- timore: TWO PIRST PR'ZB MEDALS at tbe Metropolitan Fair, Washington, March, 1S55. A GOl.D M F.DAL at the Crystal Palace, New York, No- vember. ISfiS, (being the only gold medal given for PUnos within the lat six year.) A GOLD MEDAL at the Maijland Institute, Baltimore, lS.4-- THE FIRST PRIZB MEDAL at the Fair, Crystal Palace, New York, November, 1t56. Among the judges were the first Musical Talent of th Coontry, encb as M. Mason, Gottrchnlk. Wollenbaupt and many other. 6t. A o. Pi anos. (aith and witbont the Iron Frame,) are warranted for three years, and a written guarantee given Piano packed and shipped without charge. Prices moderate, decl ft-- i y- -v IMPORTANT TO EVERYBODY. FOR the latt three yeaI hare been engaged in abnsi.known only to myself, and, comparatively, few other, whom I have instructed for the sum of t?" each, which has averaged tr.e at the rate of $2,'X to 8.000 per annum; ard having made arrangements to go to r.urope in the Fall of ISM to engage in tbe same toine8, l am wm-r- g to give full intructioo in tbe art to any person in the United r'tatc cr Cunad&s. who will remit rr.e the sum of f 1 I am induced, from the uc5er I have been favored with. and the many thankful acknowledgements I have received from Ihote whom I have instructed, and who are making from 5 to $15 rxa DAT at it, to give aDy person an oppor- tunity to enjrage in tni business, which i eay, pleasant, and very profitable, rt a smad cost. There is positively N Hoaaco In this matter. Reference of the best class can be given as regards It character, and I can refer to persons whom I have , wf o will testify that they are making Irom fjtoflo per day at the same. It is a buines9 in which tither ladies or cm engage. and with perfect ease ir ake a very h; ndsome Income, Several ladies in various parts ol New York Mate, I'enn' sylvsnia and Varylard, whom I have Instructed, are now making from f S to 1 6 per day by it. It is a GXNeKiL aosi-sui- i. and but a few shillings is required tostirt it. Upon the receipt of $1, 1 will immediately send to the ppp'.icaot a tirinted circular containing full instruc ions in the art which car. be perfect 'y understood at once. All letter must be addressed (pott paid) to A. T. PARSON, d'CSt-lmd-- v 23 Broadway. New York, NEW AND IMPORTANT Discovery in the Science of Medicine. ENGRAVINGS OK THE SEALS OF THK PA I ENT OF FICE f.F GREAT bRITAlN. ECOLE de PHARM ACIE PH ARM tCIES Te PRIS. AND IMPERIAL COLLkOE OF MEDICINE, VIENNA, are affixed upon each wrap per, and around each cane of Triescmar Ao. 1, 2, and 3. Thns protecting the public sgVn t ImTTiofl, which are liable to the severest pen-die- s ccuru of law can award. H. A. BAR KOW, Member of the Imperial College ofDR. an'l Royal of urgeonK. London, may be ennsnl'e 1 at his res'drii-e- , 1S7 Prince si reet,(w 'ilu k res', uf Broadway ) New York, from 11 in the morning ti l 2 and from 4 till S in tre evening, (.Sundays excepted,) unlen by special appointment, TRIESKM KK No 1. I the Remedy for RELAXTI0N, 8PEKM ATORRHG'iA, and all the distressing consequences arising frr.m early abuse, indiscriminate excess, or too long resid ncs in tirt climates. It has Invigorated and restored lo perfect health, thousands of the del ilitated who are now nthe ei joyment of ail the Fune ion of Manhood; and whatever may be ths C ACS EL, every DlrClUALlKICA-TIn- S lor MAUIUAJE is effectually aubdued by th; Woti-Utrr- ul I iscovery I TKIESEMAR, No. 11; completely anl entirely eradicates nil traces of Gonorrhoea both in its mild and aggravated forms, Gieels, Mtri t' rs, Iriitidnn of Ihe A'adler, noa-r- e tenlion o! the Urine. Pains of the Loins and Kidneys,nd those disorders where Copaiva and Cubtb hsve to long been thou ght an antidote, to the ruin cf the health of a vast portion of ihe population. TRIESFMAR, No III 1 the great Continental Remedy for Pypliilit and tec nlary Pjmptoan. ltalsococstitnte a certain cure for bcurvey, and all impurilie from ihe vital stream, so as al'ogeiher to eradicate the viru ofdisee,4nd is a never fading Remedy f ir that c'ats of dis- order which on'ortunately Ihe English physician treat with Mercury,, to the ineviUb'e destruction of the patient' constitution, and which all the Sarsaparilla in the world cannot remove. TRlESk.MAR, No. 1,2 acd 8, are prepired In the form ol a Irienge, devoid of taste or rm'ell, and can be carried in the waistcoat rocket. Bold in tin c4e aud divided into tepar-at- e doses, as administ-re-d by Valm au, La Imin, Koax, Ri co rd, Ac. Ac. Price 3 each, or I ur eases in one for 9. which saves (8; aud in JI cases, nereoy were u a saving ot9. bpecial arrangements having been insde wun tne Tar.ous Exprersee, tbe nine dollar cas of I'r esemar.and the larg- er sia s, are forwarded by Dr. Banow, Carriage paid, imme- diately oa receiving a remittance, to any part of the world, ecurely packed and ad Iressed accord ng the instruction of the writer, thu. securing to the public genuine turopein prrparatious, and effectually proteoting them Irom spuri ous pernicious imit itlons. The turea uouar cases seni as usual, but not frre of carriage. To be had lr. Jiarrow.inv neautiuny inunrai- - ed and popu ar work, "HUMAN FRAILTY, or PUi BIOLO GICAL RESEARCHES " It dirscr.ln' in a clear and lucid manner the cause and effects of the obeases above enumer-ted- , with Instructions for their prei er treatment aud euro. Price Zp cents. rnt Iree to sny aoa.-es- . AdilreDK. BARROW, 157 Prince Street, (few b'ocks west of Broadway,) New York. novS-ly- dv. A VITAIaVMXUi KIaUMHIVI: A Phvsiclanof hixh standing, and formerly a Professorln one of the Medical Institutions of this country, now retired from active practice, who has been suffering Pulmonary IMseaae, discovered, while travelling in booth Ameri-- a for hia health, a cure for Consumi tion. Bronchitis, Coughs, Col ', and general debi ity; and being ware that Thousands are suffering and dying annuat'y irom mis mnsiureauiuioi all illsease. he Is from the principles of humanity. of making known this most valuable remedy. Upon receipt of lifteeu Cent, in Postage Stamps, or Cbnge, he will send IWipe, with full directions for making auu lucceasidiiy us!nK'1- - . .vThe amount required, i applied tor rosiage, auu uie pay-- men tol this advertisement. Address-- B. V. DEVEROUGH, M. D, nne21 t liox 23s F. ItrooklFsiy IV. V. ii P I HEL0DE0NS, and MUSIC. TUT. CASH S'K.U AUtH'XIUF. miCES GliEATLYJlFDUCED! Zl DRAGS WAKHS, K0. S33 BROADWAY. NEW YORK, A cent tor Ibe ltrwt Itoaton nntl icw VorkHST U V ?l L'JiTS. rpil Largest aasortment of Piano, Melodeon, MusicalX Instruments, and Musical Merchandise of all kinds. In the United Stales. Pianos from T different Manulacloile, oopoprising those Ot every variety oi mr ir, iruia n iiu, neat and substantial H octave, in Walnut or Rosewood Cases, from I'M to 3 0, to those of lEe most elegant finish ap to Oa Taiti'saao Dun.. No boo. in the Union can osmpete with tbe above in th number, variety, anu cele brity of Its Instrument, nor in iu txraaaai-- i uit ruwi al whu-- h they are sold. HORACE WATESS JC03E .Us" IMPROVED FIAKOS With ot without Iron Frame. ToaiCf In their Improv. aent of vrr-lrin- aid and action, a length of acale, power, and enmpasa cf tone equal to the Grand Ptaoo, nited with lb beauty and durability of tmcture of the square Piano. They are laUly pronounced by the Press and by the nrat Musical Hasten u o equai u in oi any onier manafacturrr. They're bulltof ibe best and moat thorough, ly season! material, and gurai,ted to aland th actio of every climate. Ea'B instrument to i unnion. or pur- - Chese-mine- refund.d. MLi i'Mt aVJAl riAV3 A J OliKA T AKfAJJ3, constantly la store, pnoe irom am to 1140. Horace Water SI el ! , sune-lo- r loitrn-men- u in tone, touch and durability cf make, i Tuned to the equal temwram-n- l ) Metedeons or all ether styles and makes. Pric. f45, o0 I. HW. ii5, 11441; double Reodt and two bank of K ys, WO. L a liberal d.Kouct. Clergymen and and Churohet, an extra diaonur.1. Mlfirlillk' (.llltairat. Brown's Warp.. Flutes. Flo tillas Accordiana, Viotius and frianli-a- l lostruiaeau of at! kinds, at lower prices mail ever nei.w oacred to the pablle. A la-- ft to Teachers and S;hoU. Th trad (ap- plied the liberal terms. V uic. one of Ihe large! and bettelectedeatalsrM of Mutie now published, ooritlnr ssaey of the cho and most popular air of th oay,aat wiUwetoldaloA third from th regular prlnes. Music (cut by mail le au part of ineonntry,pot paid. Partliular and parwinal atleauoa paid te all orders ree rived by ma.l. f)tts."acUssguriid in every tastane. piano and MV.ode-T- lor rent, and rent a lut oa perchaee.Piuio and Mc'odeoaa for sale oa Meutblr D.vm.nu Secondhand P.aoos lake a lo toll Mire for new. General asd select Catalofae and seAeiai or price forwarded ta n;i paru of th etMsntry by wmii. .f C".rl iadj aastvois oJeed to Atrenu la all Darts aftit ermairy, to uH the Hoaaca Warsaa' Piasus, aScicdeon. .. . , ...j i- - . .lis vsiaisf sw vi fi.uf, J1I " WI1K AT!" Will:AT !!"""" rWANT ptmhaao af uarMity f gsjocl irheat. forI will pay U bl bsaM pric. a-- f l R. T. BANPT. ciiHisr.nAS PRLsr..T4t. RICFITK3 tbktday a kaw laai ef 0(xvU.s:t.CLnetva Pvtjit, mm h ai Wrlttrr I'esas. rave Hug Csf, Wik , Jewelry Caakela Cabas. Oder sUs.s, aad a variety wf thln L.ltni as preaeata fvr Isxltc or geaaeissea, J. IL MoiaiLl. fuAl'U a.:ATIIi:iC A-- I.CATlIt:il IlCl.T-- T TFT receive tot f very exi-- a Lac leather: a! a. a al heavy stock of th tery baai Lti4r Belting freya ! It kBcaaw whl, wo-r-b ill be ebd y j low k ti.i by a4. teee Cslw, at, 4 l r,lrav S UTiU 1fpO FTNf AL rI.KTIESl a (he ;ty . try.X CUM PATN MtTlUC UlLCAiH.Ataji be bad, Wholesale Eatatl, ay appiyiul. . UrSrr-n.- Ag-- at. Al L WijgiT4.net4e "rwful !d rVtml la idrcl T t.sJ U A Ifw i PltUSai g hewTeeTlToj sJA for s by e. d. nitt-sr- . i Aaad, keeecuaatl, lI. f and Great "Western Trunk Store, No. 2 5 UROADUAY) C1XCI.H N ATI, O.Henry TT1ac, of all kind of TrayMANTJFACTCRER Trnnka Tallaea. 1 , dies' Eonnet Boxes, Carpet Bag. Batchels, J d Ac AU order from abroad promptly attend-- arnii ii 1 TA ed to. We are determined our work shall not be surpass 1 In the Union. ai6 tf IRON RAILIIMGS,VE1EAIXDAS,Ban IsL "X? aults,JAIL WORK,IRON DOOKS ATVI SIlL'TXrn. Specimen Eook of Ilailings sent bv Mail. X. F. BAEEK, Jan29 275 Fujth Etbixt, CINCINNATI, O. HAIL ROAD SPIKES. POTTER, R0LFE A SWETT3'. Made of Pomeroy Iron. Constantly for sale by L. F. POTTER. .. No. S East Front Street, opposite Public Landing, Jan23 12m Cincinnati, Ohio. SPENCER HOUSE, PRATT & METCALF, Tropi ietors, Corner of Broadway and Front Streets, CINCINNATI, OHIO. rrvHF. Central Position, large and airy rooms of this Hotel, X eommend it to 'he traveling public. ao'.S-l- y W. B, SPARKES & CO. fsDCcrssoas to Buixagr a khith.) ITo. 13 Sycamore St, Between Front and Colombia. WH0XE3A LB DEALERS IN Port, Malaga and Muscat Wines, BOURBON, RYE, M0N0XGAHELA AND KKCTIFIED U'HISKIJYS, BRANDY, GIN, PURA SPIRITS, Ac, c, ap23-- 8m CLffCINITATI, OHIO Cheap Cash Store. CORNEB OF WALKTT AND IR0NT STREETS, CIiXClMVATI, OHIO. Wood and Willow Ware, Paper Cordage, Roofin? Material, &c. 1VOOI WART. 2"0 pkgicov'd Buckets; . 1125 dot B ind Boxes; 850 doxen Bail Box. s; hi 44 Hames; 2ih) nests Tubs, pain ed; l iOO 2nc Wash Boards; 275 doi Varnished and Three, lA.OOi) Plow Handles; Hoop Buckets; 70 nests White Pine Tub; 21.000 as'ed Broom Handles;! 125,000 Cane Fishing Pole; 175 do white Cedar Buckets;j3o0 ast'ied Liquor Kegs; 200doi Tar Cns; 10 doi b B Cedar Cans; 800 pkgs Half Bush. Measures! 55 44 Nest Boxes, varnish'd i5 dos Pinet burns, assorted ,'itMI 44 Painted Tubs and 15 44 B B Cedar - Keelers: 100 nest white Cedar Tubs; 125 dot Well Buckets, ass'ted. IIASKKT WAKE. 200 Willow Wagons, common !7'0 nest German Market do. 150 44 extra; 80 44 Clothes do; 8b0 44 Carts, common; 100 doi Feed Batkets.in storeM) " 44 ex. Jail tops and to arrive; 75 Empire Cabs: 200 doxen assorted Market 1(10 Willow Cradles; Baskets: 200 extra 44 25 dos Children's Rattan and 150 dosen Willow and Rattan Willow Chairs; Pick Baskets; 5 dox ass'ted Office Chairs, Rattan and Willow, very nice and cool for fumtLer. Also Clo. Mumpers: imported fancy Baskets; Work. Fruit and Flower Stands. Also Willow Work made to ordeJ. FANCY f.OOIJS. 100 dot Feather Dusters; ,100 bales Alicant Mats: 500 44 ask'ted Shoe Brushes; MJute Hark and Skeleton 100 44 ei.rYrub 44 Mats; 45 Rocking Horses; I 25 doi Toy Air Pistols. COUD.4GE, TWIN:, tic. li'Ocoi's IV and IX inch Manila Rope, fSilfeet; 10 coil 1 to 8 inch do do tit0 do; 150 coin X,K o 'nch do do, 25 reels Bed Cord and Plow Line Manilla; 250 dox Cotton Plow Lines and Bed Cord: 100 dot Hemp Bed Cords; ,1imi bales Carpet Chain; 1,000 lbs Broom Twine Hemp; 1.500 lbs Wool Twine, 1,500 lbs Flax 44 4 4 ' 800 r Seine Twine; 75 bale Batting; ilfto reels Hemp Packing; 25 44 Wicking: . 75 coils Tarred RoDe: 450 44 Wrapping Twine; 150 Jute Rope;paii:k. I,.i00 bundle (Frund) langerman's Wrapping Paper; 1 600 44 Mcgregor'a do do; 2,000 ream Lnckland do do: 15o reams Tea Paper; I 75 reams Shoe Paper; 175 44 Ham 44 70 44 Batting io: 51,000 lbs RoofiDg do, dry; 15,000 lbs Roofing do, satu'ted; CAN DI. IIS, A c. Star Candles, Lard Oil, Opal Candies. Stearine Candles. Starch, Oei man boap, Ac uiien avoiik. Seives, Kiddies, Sand and Lime Screens, assorted. Ci;iAIl FAI.CIJT.S Assorted sixes of best qualities, in lot to suit. Alo Bench Screw. In half doien uackare. in lots. Wood Saws, Saw Bucks, Carry Combs, Cards, Brushes Tacks, Rivets, Ac. lliov nnln frisft.aaa.v.a oi.ilu nijli.o, A full stock, asrorted sixes, for Druggist' and Liouor Deal- - era' nse, constantly on hand. tj'iiriiNs. PlneChurn,lS 20, 22, 24 inch Red Cedar do 16.19. 20.22 do Cerdar do 16.18,x0.22 do ll'aiuted do2n.2J.i4 Jo Bras Hoop do'4 4 4 44 44 do Barrel do 16, IS, 20, 2J do KAMI:. Oiled Root, Black Tcp and L'lue do ; Bteam Bent Top; Plank Top: Forsaleby S. M. BARRETT. may 14 cor. Walnut andFrout sis., Cincinnati, 0 Cheap Cash Store. CIIAS. II. WATERS & CO., (Suocptisors to F. llirdnall & Co.) Manufacturer and Wholesale Dealer In WOOD AiD WILLOW W,!JE, BROOMS, l.OKOAOE, TWINES, A C. HAVING largely replenished our ilock, andmany article ni t heretofore keot in this estab- - ishment, we are now able to offer inducements to the former patrons of this bonse, and dealer generally, not surpassed by any other house In this city we shall keep eonMantiy on hand a lull and complete assortment f evrry article in tr lt line of business, and we are determined to tu.tsin the reputation of theo d firm, and not to be outdone by any one la this business; and it will be our greatest endeavor to give satisfaction to all. Wood and Willow War mann'acturad to order at tbe shortest notice. The following list, though not complete, will give more general idea of our stock in (tore. Jsrooiiift. 850 dosen large Fhaker Broom; 400 do. small do do.; 875 do. steamboat do ; superior quality; iotl do. do.; d.; common; fjoo do. fsncy o.; 450 do. plain and common Brooms; 800 do. fancy hf Brooms and Wh slis We are prepared at all time to furnish Broom of ever variety, and in any quantiiy'mll order will teceive prompt attention. cedar are. Iron oonnd red Cedar Bucket, Tubs and CVrn: bras bound red Cedar Pucket Iron bound wille Cedar Tub. Churns, Pigin, Bucket., Kealers; brass bound whit Cedar Churns, Bucket. Water Can and K- -e ers. Cedar Faucet. Cordage. Of every defcrintlon, consisting in part of Manilla: JTmn. CV t' on and Jut Hope, all tset; Hemp Be I Cords, saah Cords and Plow Lines, Hemp Packing and Lead Lines; Cotton Bed Cords, Plow Lines and Saah Cords; Manilla Bed Cords and Clothe Lines; fpun yarns, Marlln. Buckets, Cnurns.Tabs, Keer Fancy Cabs, Covrred Buk- - ts, latcnt Churn M agon., Wheelbarrow, Ac, Ac. iUats. Alicante, Jote. Manilla Coeoa, Husk. Corn and Ron Mats: Plaia and Fancy Door Kngs; Sheep tkio, Palo Leaf, Table acd Buggy Mala, Ac., Ao. JtriiKliea. fhne, Horfa, Scrub, "tore. MhltewasV TTt. Clothe a Whisk Brushes, Farce Feather Floor and Hearth Dusters. While Ware. Dtsh Churns, Covered Backets Tub.. 8tre Half Bushel.Horse and Cittern Lu krts. Barret Churns, Keg, Deck Buckets, bait Bnxea, Weil Backet, Bucteyes, Poplar and Maple Bowl. Chopping 1 ray. PaUnt Churns. Bail Boxe. Z.M WaJxirl. Ac. Racket4!. A gooi assortment eonsiant y on hand; the beet rtork ofFrnci and Fancy basket in the eity. Willow Clot rie, Mar. rl, liaa.per.ts nooi, l:nner and Work t: H Blow t ra llies, Cabs, WagocCbaJr., Oak Feed, Peach, Clothe Bot k-- , Corn, Rat'aa, v Fancy Ambroiileied Work. Frinred. Natiee.Ftirk.Offli e, Ti iesle, Reticule, Fi-- ch Kuife, Tumb-k- r, Card, Fruit, A., An. iileasure.Iroa B und and Plain Half Dual el. Seta mH M.ssur.s. Cedar Half Bushels, braird Ueaoxe of vry kind. Handles. Fop'ar, Fngar Tr and tieaaibsat Brtvua TTati.tlss In any --;naoiity. Ax Baodiea, Tarned and bbavf, IVk, Fork and 14o Ij fishes. Mindries. MsU-h- tWve. Blacking, Rolling Pine, Bntter Prin'.M(iaUa4edsiit, Root Uamea, tArapping Paper, Cut en Mrui Curry Co ml 4, Oskur-i-, potato Maahar. Ocea bin.per. Koi4, Trsya, 1 sr Can", Soap, Btarrb, CaudUs. elrs.Leaoc lkiest. roweii Holler., Kal Traps, Barrel Cover.Bang curl, toy siasAeis, Tacks. A , A CIIAi. H. WAT I ItS i C04K. 1 Main sL, betweaa Frost aad Coiua.iu, CiucnuatL Oct.ii.-ii- y. rHIAPT. e'SIIOWIKG WHAT Alt II IV- -J ANI W HAT mD' AKUIts U.Jey ta tf world lha BektiaiS (vaie. Let )iii aad old rejoiar;Co get a bag aad lak.it koos, pct4yUia yo Lk tfc pra.--. FrVa RaotHaad flo'Hd Bakwbat r.wr. from Fna. sj Iran.a, fcarrnd al i4.iT) TIUKCDILlLLIUrrilMinttiiii Ami I Rl iutrs. O 8 TsflLTBT A CO'S BAin it0S.S OUTER A0E5CT. FREH CUtu, Peaeliea, ToBalors, Coy, CvrterOystfta, and atdeeted Irasb Oylr, packed laHaving aceep 4 lb Afvac of lb alwy w.ii awa firta, 1 a fa rvcared to fora.ab laa.il ns aad ih trada vuA ia aboy aruoos a aay jaU:y, at tow price. atoll D. O. R. USZT. uiviii I4 ilitafkr;. -BATItl Key-r- M ll, anoags t'.eta aevrral r.nlA aakiea aM t at tar tira fancy girla. 1 wliiaslbagaia to asca bttyisg ta teep is ta e iy. . (kaj w. asy present reudtfAo. . . . . " r--a a sa. rstsoarkab'y Uv.d Vrlor riB, 44'41tbsa dMiun f parcba-ia- g ar r.f rywd ta ta CIXCINiVATI Eagle Candle and Lard Oil Works. s G-ET- HANl'FACTVKEa OF S T A It CANDLES, ADAMATLNE do.,i.Aitii ir.OETINE, GERMAN AND PALM SOAP. apl6 -- l y STOVES, STOVES. CONLEY & JOHNSON MANUFACTURERS OF Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron Wares, No. 10 Broad at, and 94 South. Market at., NASHVIIiI.i:, TI.NN.y ARB now receiving one of the largestmost desirable Iota of Stoves and Grates of all kicds and patterns that ha ' ever been brought to the market. Wholesale and Retail. Also All kinds of COP. EK AND SHEET IRON WORK for all kinc' of Machinery such as, Steamboats, Rolling .tiuis, rurnaces, Foundenes, Factories, Railroads, Still and Distillery Works, Ac, Ac. Generators and Soda Fount made and repaired at the shortest notice. As thty do not intend lo be undersold by any, all would do well to give them a call before purchasing elsewhere. All k nils of job work I solicited, and done witb neatness and disnaw i marchl im.FTiewiT. w v.nvii, STEWAET & OWEN, MANUFACTURERS OF Copper, Tin and Sheet Iron Ware, K0. 14 MARKET STREET, NASHVILLE, Tenn. Ha v i.nu returned to our old stand, from which we wereby tire, we are now prepared to attend to all our old customers and as many new ones as will favor us with a call. Our house has been rebuilt upon an improved plan, af-- roraing ns evtennea raciiitie. unr vvorln SnonIs now capacious and extensive, ana adequate lo every emer gency, our STOKE K003IS Are large, and especially adapted to our purpose. We have n store, and are coatantIy receiving, air pie suppliesofStoves. Wares, and Grates. Plain and Enameled Maebluzko laoa Mamtlks and Gaacxa Etatcks; and in short, everything usually kept in similar ei tablidhmenfs. Our assortment of Stoves challenges competition .comDrla ing every atyie ana variety. e nave the wrougat Iron Cookingr Stove, Among others an article which is in great d. mand. V.'e manufacture for the trade ard for retail, and to order. all kinds o! Tin and Sheet Iron nare, and keepconstantly on hand a large assortment. He invite the attention of all to our establishment, hedg ing ourselves to give entire satisfaction. bl tWAKr k OWEN, march 20 No. 14 M arket U MORE NEW GOODS. XTF. have lust received per steamer Harroonla J f V 1 doien LARGE PLATFORM SCALES; 4 44 HATCH'S COUNTER do; 24 44 Assorted COFFEE MILL4. Together with a large assortmen of HOLLOW WARE-Wholesal- e or Retail. We bave also the roo.1 extensive and well selected assortment of Cookitg nd Healing fTOVES to be found in the city. - STEWART A OWEN. rlec'iS tf --t. Ottxi-tca- ..I AM tr anufactoring daily at my Eclipse Stove Foundryin this city, a good assortment of Stoves and Hollow-War- e, Ovens, Pols, Skillet and Lids, Sad-Iro- and Andirons of different patterns, for th wholesale and retail trade, at small profits. Also, Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron Ware, of the best quality, at low figures. A lew nee chamber sett of Brittania War , and No. 1 Refrigerator?, on hand for sale low. Particular attention paid to Roofing and Guttering witb Tin or Cooper i r Old Copper, Pewter, Bras and Scrap Iron taken In ge for ny manufactures. H. P. D0RRI3.jy80 6m No. College St.. near Church it Ii. SCOTT & CO.'S REPRINT OF THE British Periodicals, AND THE v aV i i iin s ti u 1 1 ii . GREAT REDUCTION IN THE PRICE 0? THE LATTER POBLICATION. L. PCOTT A CO., NKW York, continue to publish tbefollowing leading British Periodicals, via: I. THE LONDON QUARTERLY (Conservative.) 3. THE EDINBURGH REVIEW (Whig.) 8. THE NORTH BRITISH REVIEW (Free Church.) 4. TUB WESTMINSTER REVIEW (Liberal.) BLACKWOOD'S EDINHURf.II MAGAZINE (Tory.) These Periodic i Is ably r pre'enl the three great political s of (ireat Britain W big, 'lory and Radical, but pol-it-- rs form only one feature of their character. As Organs of ihe most profound writers onScien , Literature, Moral- ity and Religion, they stand, as tl ey ever hsvr? stood, un- rivalled in the world of letters, being considered Ind open-sab- le to the scholar and the prolcssiooal man, white to ths intelligent reader of every elan they furnish a more cor-rt- ct and satisfactory record cf Ihe current literature of thedy, throughout the world, than Can be possibly obtained from any other source. EARLY C0PIE3. The receipt of Advance Sheet from the British pnb-lUh- ers gives additional value lo these Reprints, Inasmuch as they can now be placed in the hand of subscribers about as aoon a the original editions. TERMS. Per annnm For any one of the fonr Reviews. t$ oO For any two of the four Review fi (H) For any three of the leur Reviews I 00 For all four of the Review 8 00 For Blackwood's Magaxice a u) For Blackwoo and three Reviews - 00 For lj'arkwod and the four Reviews 10 00 I'rT" Payments to be made in all ease in advance-Mo- ney cunentin the State where laued will be received at par. jfil CLUBBING. A discnant of twenty five per cent, from the bov price will be allowed to Clubs ordering four or mor. copies of any one or more of the above works. That'. Four copies of Blackwood, or cf one Review, will be sent o one address for J; four copies of the four Review and Blackwood for $30; and so on. POSTAGE. In alt the principal cities and towns, these work will be delivered Free of Poster. When sent by mail, the Post- age to auy part of Ihe United State wilt be but Twenty-fou- r cent a year for ;," and but Fourteen cent a year for each of the Review. N B. The price in Great Britain of the five Periodical above named ia about 1 per annum. Tim i?iiii& (.vide TO SCIENCE AND PRACTICAL AGRICULTURE. Py Henry Stephens, F. R. ., of E i nburgh, and the lateJ. P. Norton, Priifessor of rcicnt.fli Agriculture la Yale Col ege, New Haven, t vols. Royal Oo.avo. 1600 pages, and uumrrou Wood and Steel Engraving. Tins is, confessedly, the most complete work oa Agricul- ture ever pub ished, and in order to give a wider eiicuia-tio-n the puollsber hav resolved to reduce th price I FIVE DOLLARS FOR THE TWO VOLUMES '! When sent by mail (post-pai- to California and Oregon th prion will be (7. To every oiher part cf the Union and to Canada (post-paid- ,) ti. IXT" This work 1 nol th obi -- Book of tbe Farm.14 Remittances for any of tbe above pnblicttiont should ai waj be addreaaed, post paid to the Pub'iahers, . LIO ARD PCOTF A CO..d31 No, tA Oold ftreet. Mew York.MTI'ATIO WAlTLD, An Clerk in aom respectable house la th eity. AWholesale baainesi preferred. Reference given. AAV dress ihi.ofhc. bo7 tf. WIIISKV. N bbl Dean's Aurora Whltky;Old Kentucky do: 5(1 bbl Old Bourbon do. In stor and tor sal by W H. 60RD0.1 A CO, 1) F ACII K !.- - ease Peactrs f ut ap In their own juicer,1I caws Tom aiux-s- . 44 44 44 44 lt case Oreen Corn, 44 " 44 44 44 44 la stor and lor sale by W. IT. GOR OX A CO. Cf Al.!..". All slur. Fairbanks4 celebrit a Dormant,O Platform, Counter, an l Grocers' Pcalea. la tare aa4 lor sale at Manuiactarer price by their gen is, decS W. IL OuRDON CO. S.1 T.I4. A fall stock of Steams A Mannas' CifbralrdMri Paleet Fir Proof Salaa'nder afe. for sal at Factory prices and freight, la stor and for sal by their agenu. dec W U. UO&DoX A CO. SUGAR -- Tl hhd Fair Prime, and Choice new gugari Powdered Sugar, la store and tnv ttk by dec W. U. OOADODt CO. Cement, 100 BBLS Cvtnent, for sl to lb trad alcot and carnage, by U. W. H fcCLL, Agent. Al R L-- WataLtySx, ooroer Broad and Froot st. (deell J.artst Warrataita! Liand Warrant! UTS will pay the higtietrtaiarketp-i- c. la Cam aaslor lod Wanrant. RASSFOED, Mclf HTRTEK A CO., --tJ if No. 11 last nd Publi Sqaara, "aahvjll. JEATfITTEIl.-- W, hav fear sfaMtsaFSaa. . 1. sags Cuttte-a- , by which on band eaa aveparo a sack Meat la eo boar as caa be done la a day la the i sy.te'a SAUSAGE IT77FXXS. slahiat Ur BtiSa( aare., t. rOCRD CAKE TAKS. Y.rlr. ) anl pattern,Al PUODI.fO W0ULM.COFFEE GHTQlS AMD SEUUINS. Jf.K AND C0t r'i.E T01, 1 an BrtUaaiaTC&i.y.X AKD COFfEX TJRJIA. COVERED iiiiiLLS, Yicfatia, ixxs ixmsm atv4 La-- penal PaH.rue. OtSTES. DISTTE. PC5CH PITCH IE3, tCCHAbUbj1. ali II, vam aa aon Meraat pa'iarwK, acit MACHkNiig a WS LAO White and Opera Kid Glorrs rCCUVED this day, a tar aatfurtr. of Walt) a4A. Oiav. J. H. MoQtLL. nU'RKa'IM.tJIDS.l TLT7- -o bags TarU lal J. eats atut ta etec aa st sm. low to etm e. kmt 9. A. AilkC A 10. aVVfatl Was . atT aT.Ha . - . m all ki. , ."T" P' aay bo " From th Newspaper Advertising Agency of W.8. IWTTai MIR, No. 14 Second Street, ST. LOUIS. Mo. Hi SI Furnishiufj ESTABLISHED IN 1SS3. fei G. & C. TODD & CO.,(ucvaor to Ira Todd A &,) ffo. 12 ?IAI STREET, cor. of Tlorxan, SAINT Lena, MO., TroTtortprg urirl JJannfacttirfni f FEEKCH BTJPi HILL ST0UES, Diilrb Anchor Floltinc C lollis,PORTABLE G2. AIN HILLS, PLASTER OF PARIS, MUX PICKS, LEATHLR BELTING, MILL SPINDLF3, RUfcBKR BELTING, MILL SCREW 3, RUBBKR HOSE, REGULATING SCREWS, HEMP PACKING, DAMSAL IRONS; RUBBER PACKING, COPPER RmTS, IRON PROOF STAFFS, ETC., ETC. Our asssortment of Mill Material, is the largest la th Lnifd iHtit't. At present w bare on hand 850 pair . MILLSTONES. Order promptly filled acd all article war-aante-d. martl lyl G. A C. TODD A CO. SCALE OF PHICES ton THS PRINCIPAL TOILET ARTICLES st A'vracToaan bt wiiaiiiAi nor.iii:,227 AVaaliinston Street, Boaloa. SIX 3C0XTES PRICES. BooLc'd Hvrintina FLrm, C5c , Wc, 75c, 11,50 liiea, at S ,(4, $6, tVi per deaen. BotjLK's Ei.iCTHic lUia I'tx, (liquid,) SO., S1-- , $10 sixes at 14, S, (13 per doxen. Booxi'8 UiBxaioKj.,oa Baut or Citbkaia, retail S0.,iiaea $4 per doieu. To Who'.esale Druggist and other large dealer,a dltcount of 15 per ct., from these priced will be made, provided their purchase daring the six months shall exceed f 150. LOWEST CASH PRICES. A Discount for CA611 tcill w lMinervm th alert pritrt a tiUUnes: On order amounting to $15 or over, at one time, a discount of 5 per cent will be made. On ordrrs amounting to f 30 or over, at on time, a discount of 10 percent will be made. On orders amount rg to 175 or over, at one time, a discoust of 15 per cent'will be made. On order amounting to $150 or over, at one time, a discount of 25 per cent will be made. On orders amounting to t jo" or over, at one time, A discount of 80 percent will be made. These are the lowest terms, and from which no variation can be made in any cane. Prices of other artiolet may be had on application. Br.ton. Aug. 2Sth,lST6. W1LUAM BOGLE. Refer to Geo. Gaaio, Naahville. Tenn. a aug'i8 ly Carter's Spanish .liixtarr. THE GREAT PURIFIER OF THE BLOOD. Tilt; iti:vr ai.ti kativi: kownII NOT A PARTICLE OF MERCURY IN IT. An Infallible Remedy For Scrofula, King's Evil, Rheumatism, Obstinata Cutaneoa Eruptions, Pin pies o' Pustules on the Face, Binton, Boils, Ague and Fever, Chronic Eye, Ring- worm or Tetter, Scaltlhead, Enlargement and Pain of the Boues and Joint, Fait Rheum, Stubborn Ulcer. 8 philitic Disorders, and all diseases arising from aa injudicious use of Mercury, Imprudence in Life, or Impurity of The Blood. This Great alterative Medicine and Purifier of the blood I bow used by thousand of grateful patients from ail part of tha United States, who testify daily to the remarkable cure performed by the greatest of all medicines, "CARTER'S SPANISH MIXTURE.44 Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Scrofula, Eruption of the Skin, Liver Disease, Ulcer, Old Sores, Af fection of the Kidneys, Diseases of theTnroat, Female Com- plaints, pains and aching of the Bones and Joints, ar speed- ily put to Sight by using this Inestimable remedy. For all diseases oi tne bioou nothing na yet been found to eompare with it. it clean.- - the system of all Impurities, ct gently ami enciently on the i.iver and Kidney, and strengthens the digestion; gives tone to tbe stomach; makes the skin clear and healthy, aid restore the constitution, enfeebled by disease, or broken down by the excesses of youth, to its pristine vigor and strength. For the nisissi or rt.KU.ii it is peculiarly applicable, and wherever it has become known ia regularly prescribed with the happiest e Sects. It invigorates the weak and debilitated, and Imparts elasticity to the worn out frame, clears the skin, and leaves Uie patient fresh and healthy ; a single belli of thi inestimable remedy A worth all the so- - called barsaparilia in existence. The large number of certificate which w hav received from persons from ail parts of the United State, is th beat evidence that there i no Humbug about it. Tbe press, hotat keepers, magistrates, physicians, and public men, well known to the community, all add their testimony to th wonderfa effects ot thisGRtAT BLOOD PURIFIER. Call on the Ageut and get an Almanac, and read ihe de tails of astonishing cures perform. d by CA RTER'S SPANISH MIXTL RK, un miua cautt vat every tntna Us na$ na-- nnlly fuid.) The limits cf an advertisement will not ad- mit their full insertion. WM, S. BEERS ft CO. , Proprietor, No. bo4 Broadway, Naw foal. To whom all order must be addressed. For sale by Druggists and Country Merchant In all part of the United State and the Can ad as, and by anistwaw w. w. (.RAY. Ninvtui. --sjrs sssss- i r.. 2;..ri'w.rt-T-.-.f.-s-.'sr- .. . t-- tt am i r"sf.,sf- - . ... s ? Vlr l?n0rvi,i J.sfc..f.,i Corner Sixth and 'Wtinut Street, Cincinnati. THE COURSE OF STUDY IN THI8 INSTITUTION IAand practical, embracing all that 1 rwqaialt to fit young men for the active duties ol th Counting Room, among which Book keeping by Dmib e Entry. Corona reial Calculation., Pennraanship, Commercial Law, MercaatUa Form and Correspondence, recelv special attention. The former Principal, R. S. Btcon, having aawiated with him I. J. Allen, Istj., late President of Farmer College, a a partner, a regular series of Lectors will be given by Mr. Ailen, in the College Lecture Room, on various topics eon neded witb Mercantile Science embracing the subject of Commercial Law, Political Feonomv in iu applicatioa lt Commercial and Currency, Commercial Geography, History of Commerce, the Consular system of Europe and America, tne enaraeteristics or American Lorn me ree, Ao. Other lecture will also be occasionally given by mlant lecturer. Th hour of instruction art from S tall A. U 4, and from T tot P. M. Turns For Nil ooorte, Including lecture 4A For Petmmaaaiiip, per month 0 aovll CmdAw BACoN A ALLEN, Prtocfpala. A. V-- ITa. AYER'S PHIS. The) fortrr FhFlc AYER'S PILLS, g.We, sugar-sho- d. vr th palata, bttt their energy, although wrapped ap, I Vr, and tUa wilh giant fore a th Very tbundaiioos of diaeaa Tbora ar thousand of sufferers who would not wear their distem- pers if they knew they could be cored A Sit t Try Ayer PiUa, and yoa will know it. Purify tbe blood and diseaa will b slanrtdoot. Cleans the system from impurillM and yoa ar. ra already. Take ihl best of ill Pnrgstlve. aad Scrofula, Iad!g Hon, Weakness, Headache, Backache. Sideaehe, Jaandtc. Rbeumatiam, derangeo es ta of Ihe Liver, Kldaey, aa Bowckt, all derange me sts aud at diaeaae whtcb a parga-ti- e remooy eaa reach, fly before tbes Ilk darkne. b for U Sun. Reader, If yoa am suffering fnmj any f th. aaarn ina eomplaiBU ih.y ear uff-- r no mor Ihe retaewy baa btn provided for yoa, and it Is criminal tt rgeet hu That Ayr' Chsrry I'n Utui to the beet asodlstn Ibe a Coagn, t known ts th whole world, aad that Jtr ar lb beat f all Ptda, 1 kuowa lo Ihoo wh kav aaad thfa. Prepared by DL J. C. AT R. Practical CbaUi,Lwll. Maas-.ao- d Aoid, WecJesaJ. bv W. W. BPVIT A rEMOTIIXI, 44 tieuul, by JO. G. BROU N, Naabv.Ue. Ins, and by all Druggist aad Dealers la MsUcin Uraaga tUa action. otttxl twwta NOTICJJ. Ff BH Fubaeriber re.pK-tta.i- aeaonares laat k baa t-- 1ped ofa portVa of ki latertsa ta tfc Grasteabarg Med c cet to Mr. ii3 Backwrrm, of NaabvlLe.baabr.Dr t,lsj4, ALEX. MACKIXUI. itiL iirinia . cx wrra. 31 AC K H.Z 1 1 & D EC1 v V 1T1 1, COLI.rCTI'(i AGELXTS, XASUY1LLZ. TaJIX, AND GILMIUAL AUCN'TS FOIl THE GRFENBERS COMPANY CF NEW YORK FOR TENSl.SE. A LA I A MA AKD GEOKU. BY rraoeota r. 1 w.ib the Urattobwg Ccacpaay, eao.r a to yiai icmi ! ly tbr Stub Agvat rtxs.il a- - in every eoumy, tewa aad city ta Urn lb raw btatasa, laOotof U s, w,cb iilbeperstscaijy Mperlnttaded ty Mr, Kockaiia. w ed.r oar crvt aa Catl.Ttars r taiiais sm, aeespaiicrs, Ac, A., aj--d prem.Mi to fits dee all sw boa to tbe ittterox rt tbe wh wish ta etnpitty aa. ery w ar penriued to iv tJ Sujo-e'.a-Jltw.P Ltfecy.M Par flow, Ketf lark,Loca. Kotcbata A Co , V awrr sarvet, firm fa; Koiaad Parry, I , t ulot buta,Fbii.rlisbia,Paaa. btaaed 4 C..rM'.&ir. Uv S(toa.Cp-la- A Co , Piitsbaree Cudoiu. aaxa A I'.. Pitlsbtiig Clue rtcory; ti. M. Fix. Aitorr-.- al Law, NaaAtu, . H. Ha,s k w'.u.o, " trifwa. Aadertoo. AiiMtMi A Co , 44 Ktttatt. twin ifaoiaasr, Assrl Hwsi wnrm W aa abale ej . e MaEltfrirr rt a : - illliJ.t, A!so, TUE4TIt'CAT. DFC0RAT10NS In lsnr variety FLAGS and BANNERS en hand er made ta order. Havmf a full arsortmant of th above, eashie sbew t. fill order at at ort notice. nov5 oodla-- THE MOST EXTENSA - E LEGAlTr ASSOSTILEXT . 0? CINCINNATI OTTi T'M JL'J-rO- O, LOOKING GLASSES, ElSCRAVI!CS AND PICTURE FRAMES.'Marie's Gallery, Ho. w& t'nestnut street, 1111I.AULA1II1A. nov?2 od2m. JUST PUEUSHID, BY T3I HCTTARD ASSCCIATI03, PELlADILPHIA. IiOPCKT ON SrEEMATORRHCEA. or feiuical WaW.Impotence, the Vice ef Onanism, MaatBTbaliea. or e, and other Diseases cf th S.xual Orgaaa, with an ecounl of tbe error and decepdeas ef Quactta, an l valuable Advice to th Afllicted. by GEO. D.. CONSULTING 8LRGXON cf the H0WAS9 ASSOCIATION Phi adelphia. Pa., a benevolent InatlratAesj estah'i.shed by ipecial endowment, (or the relief of the tabtk and distressed, attlicied with 44Virnlent and Epidenu D ea.tes.'4 A copy of the abova Ret-or- t will ba aeat by ataM(in a sealed envelope ) FuFE CF CHARGE, on the rseepc . I TWO STAMPS for postage. Addles DR. 6EO. . tAA UOUN. No. South NINTH St., Philadelphia, Pa. eptio o8u HATE YOU SUBSCRIBED IN THK Cosmopolitan Art Association f Olt THK THIRD r.AK 7CEB THE RARE 1NDLCMZT8!-I- be BaoageaiawtO bave lb pleasure of announcing that lb nileettoa ofWorks of Art designed for distribution e men g tb subscri-bers, whose name are received previoae to the tsibefJanaary, '5T, 1 much larger and mora costly than aa anrprevious year. A mc ng th leading wotk ia tti pw, executed in the finest Marble ia th atw aad baaaaialStatue cfthe "WOOD NYnPIlyTje Pusts of the Three Great American 8tatra.CLAV, UtllSTIH AND tALAlOl.t,Abo tt exquislt Ideal Bast, .MIJAPOLLO AND DIANA,I MARBLE, LIFE SlZR. Together wiih the followingGroapsaadS akuei la Carrara MarMe of the BTKLGGI E FOR TDK HART, tO.US AND APPLE; PSYCHF; MAOBALElt: CHILD OK THE SKA ; 1NNOCKNCI; CAPTIVE BIRD; and LITTLE TRUANT. With ncmerous wort s In II ro rise, and a eoJlaetiM f ltvr-a- lhunired FINK OIL PAlMlMid. by leadiag Artissa. The a hole cf which ara to be distributed or allotted arcciig the iubcribers whose name are received prtvittaas to the TrtKNTY EIGHTH OF JANUARY, V, whta IfM D.str.buticu will take place. TERMS fiF SUBSCRIPTION. Every subscriber of tV.ree dotluri is niitld to A copy of the splendid Steel Engraving, "8ttutNigbt," cr a copy of the following ti alagsa.ii oca yean aiso a copy l Uie Asr Joraaat one year, and a Tiaktt la the Annual Bistributun of Works of Art. Thus, for every $3 paid, a person not only get a bsaati-f- ul engraving or Magaaine one year, but alia receives lb. Art Jou caione year, and a 7ti I( in the Aai aal blslriba-tio- n, u.aaing Jimr dvuttrt vortA of reading mattsr sides the lit. et, by which a valuable paiaUag ar plo. .f statuary may be received In addliicn. TV no who prefer Magasine to th Engraving 'Fatarday Kivht,' ran hav either of the following one year: 11 ai par'sMagax.ne; Godey'i Lady's Book; United b'.aie Vsgaaia; Knickerbocker Magaaine; Graham's Magaaine; B.ackwoed'a Mayasine; Southern Literary Mrsaccger. No i rr-o- n is restricted to a sinl share. The takiag fire cii.terthips, reantting ) 15, ar entitled to is aad to sis tickets in the rrtMnbutioo, or any Ave of the iagazines, oneytar.aodakc kcktu. Persi m, in rcuittii g fuuu lor meu.benbip, will plaaaa regmer the letter ai tbe Post 09lea, to preveatlose; oara-eetp- t rt which, acer.iiicate cf Mcmberahip, together wit the iccravingor Magasm desired, will be forwarded t. anv psitof ihe country. Forturther particular, th Novmbr Art Jaaraai, sent fiee on appncati. n. . For irembehip, a.Mrcs C L. DERBY; Actaary 0. A. 1.,8t3 Unjaday,Nw Vors, or Western Othce, 14 Water St., Sandusky, t hio. D F. W ILK1N, Honorary be'y, no. jl otinvm. Naahvil.a, T. LIVEilY STABLE TOR KENT TOR 1857. ry The well known LIVERY STABLE . saax 1 '. 7 nil lil, U.rk.tltn.l iwi.vM,.A7fiS9hV pitd by John H. Sloan, 'will be for u. ut.i jvmr. law siae ana sicacoa mthis Fi Me make il one of lh most u.sirabl la Ut city. ALSO. lb Urge VsAREUOCSE now occupied by P. I.Feca at a Car iage Shop. F r further particuiaxi apply to altheir of th undersign- - an on Market street. MRS M. SLOAN, or Boris tf FRED SLOAN. ALSO. Th ICB HOCFI occupied by C E. H. Hartla rill be rented oa favorable terms. nissoi.rTiot. THE copartnership heretofore existing between tha nay.nnder the nam and style of 8. A. C AuOA SHANKS CO., I this day disMlvsd by mutual tonseal. Th account du said firui and habiiitie af ihe aam. allbe settied by Frederick Kwan. 8. K. CR00K5AA5KA, NashvUle, D.16,1S;8. FRED. feLOAN. NOTICE. HAYING porcbated th intereitoftl. K Crookahaaka HManufactory ea Market street, lha n-- derrigned will conUnoesaid businasa at th same piao wliA in same worimen, Ac, as hrtofor.declC FRED. FLO A4. TO THOSK WHO RIDE! FKEV. o.in MannfActurere of Carriage, Coacnaa BngriaA, Ligut-Waggon- a, tie. No. G I.oswrr Market Mreet. Naahwlllw Ur k. are now maoofactoring every vari- - p TB mety snd style cf vehicle, from tba 04vT1saV' plainest job V, the most beautiful aad via- - xTjQtboratly finished Ui'v out. ' Having engaged Drst-cla- s workmea, and obtained a large amount of the best of tock,w ara prpard to do work which will eoropar with any lo th whole coontry. either far style or durability. Ail kind of vehicle kept oooataaliy aa band, or promptly made to order. i.Tt-reits- ) apIlD;;This important Improvemrnt lo the coo do r of ParrtaaAc, has awakened much interest throeghoul lh aoaalry, and i lurked upon with lhmot favor where il is boat know known. Having th exclusive right lor thiacity, w ara aev Baking nse of them In construct ng Camagea, Boggi, A. V tirmemoer tne place ai ut via Bland of Fred. Blaaa N Bs Lower Market Street. Juoeilhdtf GAS FOIl COUiNTlaY HOUSES ANDStotnaaTootatjs. PATENT BENZOLE GA8. COUNTRY Right and Stat Right for ala. Ti aatpJ Benaoia Machine that will giv a good light. The enure spparatnsis simpl. oecapiea btal uiUaroo. aad require tittle or ao attenuoa except winding ap tUailar ta aelock. Th arotmas I one third less than ordinary Oa! Saa. aad make the handsomest and hpei light ia th world. It an be ieen la practical operation at Headaraoa A tre Deaderiek streeu Any person aaaUng their HoaMllghUd, an be supplied Immediately, they having asad a oatraai ro ine turiiining cr uavidson Oounty, aad solicit order. iniormetk.n concerning btala and County Righto eaabad by applying to WM. WARNS, aagai u ., CTnery etrs.t.NaakrtDa. . KIKUT-tON'- IVI D A.XD Iblt bALCt at J. . U0 hoar W. Ft. Chee, a mild, fth arwaia;8l bMs Sweet Havana Orange; It bhd Cocoa Nut; Sit bbK Soft Shell Alisond; 1 da Filberts; 10 do Cream Nuts; Id do Cranberries; 5vl do Ale, dilerent beaada; Id eases Suu aodewert Catawba Wlaat Id do Cherry Braady; Id do Ladies' Wine; 60 S Cigars, suitable for Coantry Trade; iu,uvu ao oo oo city Ketail; 1 dosea Ala Fnaoaa, Hw Yara amd. wh'eh rut old cheap al J. O. ROBERTSON I. ' Oa Hreaxrway. ' r..--sv- . V ... t ." ijSIf Itlflo Powdor,IMVL IV 71 tl. A All M I:.I 65 kegs DUPONT'd Al LA FOw DAi, Has - ate' -- 1V " kraiarky ILSa " l.f- - " BJatiting test Itatoty Fa T. A. MeCALL, AfvaC Catawba Wine. I WILL kep .a.Laoliy j k aad, a (apply W Dry t foyatrb-li- ngWioea, writeb t UJ farab the iradt a Cleeiaoaa) sryore.frvlghlaadsloa. (aot ) T. A- - MeCALL. AJUIT TJ) AT J.A. AFINXTotafMarbj. Ir. MaaUea; Partor, CaaaabwPhal cheap byf. W. MAXIT A CO. ULO VlairVLU " CITY TTrrTXtEq. PACXAOFJ, PA tCtl A, A lAOOtGf debverad ba aaf CUV wi'-- aad safety. Fee.ii g IKat tact aa tfttrprte its very Jd,tbv baf. imat-rasa- ) keav eapeoaoe lo get ap a aaalaadjotck eooyryaatw. aa4 bupe by areatpi atteouoa la tut an i oVtxrv tae pairaaag of la kajanin . mt ia. attv. Mr. A. L. WaMbrosk. lat. aeawager ai Adaaw txws Csxrpaay. wi fcavw aharg ef Mr wagoa aad retyalv aaV dettviir ys.fi m a aay ftatas la tit. y aad aaaarb.Cba'tnt very av"deral. lAicfi km. be Cbarvy 4ra4, ap (tain, - W. t, aVsysra, i'- - aovl. -- ana, iAsxrrs. buaetj! " I irsbsv. Jaa wpBed A la uwr neat of Famcy1 f k.ia. t,f alt deetf lyueaa, aaatUDePa, er Ba.tsia, IW BaaAA aad Pabua C'SaiV.ao.4 Ksuksta. Frra.b Travelling T ait via; a tne aad Cols.r.4 aney Baskets; Ota! aed Rataaii sVa.te: Fssl, Plata aaj rai.iM t a.kia;ki ... plant aad laay,ttt aad Aay ba.ari 1' oifcae Swiii-- , larse aad amaii; CSu'.bM ilasap. !, 4 KHt M of tbtua k-S- -. lo tirnwrMsfmsis. mii MiCAk.MlIA WTLwrta. .ao.t l.I.tl PICTTTSES Tat atI2XIC3! ATlDUOTt PCS AUD Jf EL.4I40TTPrJ ' i.i itua- in mail ... . .4 . -- . laol14 li.1 Hlfl .tt we tta strif l'a. 4 U'"' ...jsvii 'JT. s f i e i f i!
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