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Daily Nashville Patriot (Newspaper) - January 15, 1857, Nashville, Tennessee4 V 1 I f -- ; - . - J BMrB1"''" ' si sfrswa?3nV 'USmT ,'lrr' ft31' 1"" j tl I i it i i i It I - , NASHVILLE PATRIOT, iail,tiii-uei:ki.- y & weekly, BT SMITH, MOEGAIT & CO., w. mr. t ith. johk p. nonet! Jon u. CAi.i.tMBrK, iiTHuai s. cartlttlce, IV . IS Deaderick Street. mtii Tily, per annum 00( y per annum A 00per minium, ..-- . 3 UUOne Weekly for two years, or two Weeklies for cncyear, in advance, 5 00 11E1L ESTATE SALES spi.rxuio pitopi-KT- rut sam:. IWft.Lseil uponfivorable terras, or exchange for cl!y my K.i,--o Trtct, aoat tcdvc h ac-c- t of Oan 1. Tavern lijm, Store, Warehoute,Ta'npWe Rod and Ferry across Canty Fork Piv-- r. aooat one huntr-- d ,nd e acres of ricri 0 lev Fork" botto-- Land, cleared and in e il ivation.Ttie bt'incj h ujosua 1 well limbered, and a part of t is vr riith.a-i- l hat up mil a q uarry of very good M rMe.Hit Tn-- r'jrk rireri ntv-gm- to this punt for torn- - fix ra i.V.i ol the year. ant the location it an excellent one for e.i-n- :.:t. Iron, Dry 6ml!, Ac The Ttvern stand isone of i'M betweeu N&tliville and Knoxvide. Ti.e toll-- K tte n I ferry are a condTnl soiree of income, and taken .fyetli-- r, this it one of the t dssirable pieces of pro- perly, fr the price aked, in Tennerse. I hos wihingto buy or exchange would do we'l In call on me f jithwith. A I.. DAVH, delS tf TJ. P. M Packet (ifi-- t. Land for Jiale. X OFFER fur (ale ('')) SEVEN HUNDRED ACRES TOr LAN9 lyinson the Columbia Central 'i'urrpike Roa i, seven miles fro.n Columbia and hi- ota tdt. Pleas--- t. being a part of the tract on w ic'jt-- . de. Tnii hand it equal if oat superior to anytn Manry cnasty t is well iratered; (Ihe celebrated Uevcrs Spring being on the partofferel for le) well timbered and well inproredt 'I here are on the premises some beautiful buUdinr, site, fronting the Turnpike and thecontemnlated Rail Roil. It will bs divided to suit purchasers or told in a body.fir furiher information n;.p!y to meat Athirood P. Office,Maury county, fenntsjee. auKl 1 tf U70IC8 J POLK. Hount Olivet Geinetery. flUK Direc'ors of thitCotnpiry no- - announce to the 3. Puhiic, that this Cemetery h been laid off with suit- able avenues anJ walks, and a portions of the grounds sub- divided into Family Lou, which are no offered f r sale Trie rp ol the irroonds can be sen at the office of l.lnd-le- A Crocket, where the public are invited to call and ex- amine Hie s;ime. Tne Ciro;iiiy fel confident they could not have made a more iaita.de loction for a Cemetery in the vicinity of Nashville, and pledge themselves to the public to spare no moury or paint to male; it equal to any Cemetery in the Union, and such a fine at Nashville may feed some pride in. The Cemetry U now la the charge of a competent tfuper-- In'ndent, living on the ground, under whose direction Id terments will be maJe in the best m inner and at.ihe usual Charges. The Director of tht Company are d"slrons that the grounis should be visited by the Citlxeu of Nashville, and for t purpoie an omnibus will leave the office of Lindmey an I Crockett, st 4 o'clock on Tue.dsy afternoun the 3rd instM and on every Kri iay arternoon theiealter at the taine hour The seals will be free. l.tdi- - and Families desirous of visiting the grounds, wit! be railed for at their residences, by seuuia i their cards, to the Preaident of the Company. A. V. 8. LISD5LET, President. C.W. Nisc,8ec,y. ico y8 1 Who would wear a Djwily Bonnet ! TIIEHE now, L:idie no rx-o-- e, tt we are now determined ticlae oamr R ch s.L Puck of Fancy Millinery t.ooic,Kmb.oiJrr es Ac., at tial' price. Thii. now jour tune to get loodial your on priced, I had thought l manug a lift Sslit, but think I wi'l m:ike up lor tiiat in the prices ol the Gon-lt- I not and will c'"-- e oot by the lut of Fibru-a- r' , to make room f r ur extensive Stock ot direct Impor- tations iro-- pris aid London. Ue h ve ju.t received a lnrge Kt if k, li'ki .o, beauti'ul - k Uual t ol ar from7Sjtof r.O; Rp.-- Mstesi ' 'i 0. worth 6 0; Kich Nee.lir'ork SetM at fl tt wor'h 6 (XI; K ch Jnronett Setia at tl CO to I worth 3 fj 10 6 ' 0, Rich Co'lars,Work H..ud, Kandkerciiiett 4c, at tame redu. tion. A mini'ie lit fto kof llieii Imri'.rie I Heal lresii. How-er- a and ur i.iu.aiit il Goods for Bnda! and Fin-- ball-- , at suchpri. es thiittli re is no ex .m for notra ki:.g a bnl liant ai p aiii'iee. And nnfor 110111,614, we are now celling fin 11 uon kt 8 to J 10 an 1 til Honnrta f ri ai.d 5 K Cii"rned tioiitie'n, full trimmed, for f-- &il to 6, worth Jli. Mii and Cliililre: s' t'onuetn at ur.y pr.ee, and aUrpn ttk tf Fancy Goods, Cl ks. Ac, at a great barmanlor 0 .1 li, 11 tn- - i our motto lor 1i7. Vi" t y thank our friends snd rutomer f r the liberal upp ot and for twelve years p .st at Nfhville, mti.i ir.it nuue i.l It e. o3. nd. ii by our doing a ttrin y Cah rmie, bat trut by at ention aud lair ditaiinct to receive a contictiance of their paironage. tJr" I wou d be thatiklulf..r a.lbiut f 18.i6 to be settle up iinmediate y, as 1 want inori' y too Eisl about thcXuiti. bo call socu aud get bargaiLt at E. WISE, Agent, Jn! No. 46 Cnlon St. next door lo Male itnnk. sbw viioi.i:sai.i: Straw and Silk Millinery llouk. TO C0UKTHT KEiiCEANTS AND MItLISESS. HAVING ju-- t comtileted arrangements with roin of theMauulact rie of ftrtw and Fancv Silk Bon-ne- ts :.nl Millinery at New Vork and Bo.-to- w wi l h ive in store aNiut t'.e lut ol March, a tto-- f 610. cases as abovj fff n Commission, and at prL--e ful'y 'lit m tits be-low ny house in the c ty. Hnvinj tenty jears exierjence in tl.it b you may place eonfld.-nc- e iu geil ng the la'rst Myl 8 and Faihious, as we giv.i uui entire attention txcluiively to M ilnnery Goods and cannot be deceived as thine engaged in every deacriptioo i f meichan lite. Terms tah. 1 cuarautee SO per cent, less between Cah and .'r lit. We trust to receive a liberal paironare, this being excliii'ely a Millinery liouse. K. WISr.', Axent, N 1. 43 Union street, nixt door to the biate liauk. Jab6 Smkillinery'and dress making. ko 30, uppeji market steeet. MRS. HO WEli TON RESPECTFULLY" Informs her customers and the liLihlii irerieratlv th-- she likt reeentlv re. Lii a ceiveu iari;e B'juuions iu nrr iuick 01 pum- - fai aery tioodi ail of which have rn to ctreiuliy elecied, emtiracing the latest nyles of Bonne's, Trimmings, k libont, rioters, itoll.s Head dresses, liraii, caps, eta. Hie is also regularly in receipt of all the new and late lushions f.r Lames' Dresses, orders for wh.rh are promptly attended 1 1, the solicits an examination of her goods and prices, " Tf the Ladies of 2fashville! JIRS. S. J. LLOYI), Fashiouable Silk and Straw 3IiII.aer o. 10 n:iAit sr., X TOl't.t) respectrullr inform t!ie Lad e of e and v v yicinitv, that stie list just received direct fiom the second Paris of the world, the City of New Vork, a beauti- ful assortment of trench MiPiuery Goods, c nfisiiug of La- dies Pedsl Bonnets, t'hlneal Konnets, (Jpiit Bonneti, Braid Bonnets, KiubroHere 1 Lacr Bounrta, bu le Bonnets, Em. bro.dered Tiue Bonnets' Rict. tar.cy Bonnets, of the new-e- -t styles, MisHet' and Chi.dren's Bonnets, in great variety, of ail sorts and sites. KIEB0N3." A beautif d assortment of Bonnet Ribbons of a'l kinds, sucb at Velvet Kihhons, Sath and belt kibbont, and Trim- ming Uibbouiof ailtoita. . FUEKCH FLO WEES-Fill- boxes the most beautilul and love.lett F'owerl the eye can behold, W rraiht, Roses, Koe oiOs, I'hnett, EMBROIDERIES. A handso-n- e asortmeni ol Kmhraiiierira for La.lle, tnrli as fhemvsetts, Cnder.leeves, Collars, Worked Handker-Ki- d Gloves. Silk Gloves, Black Silk Veilt, aud other arti- cles of Ladies' wter too numerous to mention, opening day will be on the 1st of October. Now I alies Is your time to g"t a bandsonie and fashionable bonnet cheay. Do not be un ier the impresaioo thst I'nlon street is the only pUce you ran get a liand-o.- i e and fashionable bonnet. Call at No. 10 Oedar street, and you will see that the goods ace rqnal to any in the city. 1 can sell yen bonnets f om f 2 00 to $25 iHi, and have secured some of the best iniliiners in the city to wort lor me. All orders for cleaning, alt ring and retrimmingshall be punctually attended to, and done In a superior style and at a rcMtonable price. N. K. LadietBl aw Bonnets ci canted and altered. CHANCERY SALE OF REAL ESTATE. BY virtue of a de ree of tt.e Chan.-er-y Court at Nash,ville, at tbs November Term, 15, in the ease of Brown vs. Kmhrv et ais, I will oiler for tsle, at the tile al the old Court 11 mse in Ntshville, on the ltth of Fehrusrr,1i", at II o'clk, the ioliowiug detnnbed UkAL til Alt, aitutted ia the 1 ;h Civil District of Davidson County, aud bum Jed as fo l.st : C immenjing at a stake to the ot Ni-ly- 's Bend Koa I at llis liorlli et of B. t.Foster's land ard running south ii drgr-et- , east about 18 pules toa stake at th notth-w- et corner of Bashaw's land, thence S'Hitri 105 poiei to a tiuall tve more near low water rnr of Kirer au 1 aim jt forty yarJs below the mi ulh of C Ur Creek, thence down Cuiul-erlai- River oath Stl west IS p t ta a cedar aad mkn oak, then te north 1 uegrre.eatt 118 p lei t j the l eg un.og.lias. A credit of one an1 taoyetrt with bond tol te cunt v, and a lien rettiucd losecui e the payments f the archtae money. J MKS WituDS, Fprcial Cmuiuitaioner, JanS dlw oawtlwps d1 w JACKSO X tfc A ii A MS, Broad Street, WEFT OK CHATTANOOGA PFP0T. Lumber Merchants, 4 fin Manuftrtureri of Doors, Rl, Biindt, Frames J.X. ssouMings, arctii ravet, rutin et, n- - 0 irj., Pi.ua--t rs We.heruoa'J.rt-- . 1'onlar aud Pine Fuariog, rhrlvmg, GoimIi Hoxet, and ali kinds of Mood Work, urerstary fr the Inri le Snth of Frame or U.ic Uoutet of every .racnption, erder trora the uiT un Jiug country out.-ite- ad wo k e. fully- - put up to as nrt t b a i.y uri tn Biipoiug tUtn pnrasd and gUaed if desired. Jau5 IJ o- - w ve. THE GRASD DIVSI0.T OF THE SONS OF TEMPEItAIVCE T 1 TILL hold IU next Quarterly Meeting at Beeeh Camp VV Groooi, In Sumner County, on the loth tf January, 1S5T. Kepretentatlves a requet ted to be pnortua! In attew-tSane- e, al busineet of importance wlti lie traneacted. Uj order of the G. W P. M. P. JUt-O- , G. 8. Nashville. Iee. 20, 1s. -- t ilanllw TO COXr&ACTOiLS AKD OTHERS WAMTIfili LEON W0EK. 1 1 IHI fubscriber Inuodmg to visit thefV-qt- h InX would reapectfulivrall lite attrnuoa of Km waeot g Iron Railinr, Verandtt, I --on Stairs, Bank Vaults, Iron Poira autl Shutters, J'l t'rl t or t. a ur. p a line by nail, whtch wil raw! sritti ailention. Kcfer to J 'ha n. Morgan, AechtteH, Mewipa's; W. O Wilton. VieksVirr- - Johm . Vlulea, Nsu-he- Link A Jjar-rito-n, YaiJO City; Willis A Patrick, Jactson. T. F. ttAKEK, I4 Flth street, dee'C iimit- (Wmnil, " Hew Goods are receiving y for the Winter trale, a LandWI tin? of rKtlt t.UJi)S, embiacug jTANOY PHINT-"- ; CH'CKll) tilVGfllSI?, V MtKIO.-- ; liLCACHEn AVD Bit MWI.'K; a.la k asi fancy tuniiwiKia; .JktNi AVD vvsktua, ALPACCAS: . AATINtrTS; BLACK FILKS, le. Ac. r VTaVInf oor atrrtmnt verv eirpi, okk-- we invite general atteatlun, tt4 tciU.y tbons ae.iri if to buy for I i or 03 abort time. IstBY UQaiGAN CO. I ft ft VOL. XXI. NEW YORK ADVERT1SEMEHTS. rrom 8. M. PETTrGiLL A CO'S ADVERTISING AGENCY lit Nassau Street, Kcw Yoke, And No. 10 State street, BosroaT. P. A Co., are Agents for the most influential and largest circulating Commercial Papers both In the United Slates and the Canadas. c o o p iFil ' s EEFISZI) SHEET AKD SHEED ISIHTGLASS, X70K Bi.ASO MANGE, TAB1K JELLIES, Ac A primeJ? article for Cocctioners, Hotel and Family use- Toba obtained, with directors for of lie principal Gro- cers and Pruggiats ttirnoEhouttre United fctates. uovUO 3uiF I tlER COOPi-E- , SieW l ark. SIXGEK'S SEWING 31ACII1XES. rpUESE celebrated machines are in practical and proflta-- X ble use iu all parts of the civilised worid. In all the various trades, and in sewing every tori of fabric, either of cloth or leather, they have been fuily tried and approved, tewing rraenines of other manufacturer! often fail to work, but SINGER'S MACHINES ALWAYS OPERATE PER- FECTLY, being strong, durable ar.d complete in contrivance and workmanship. A perfect sewing machine kept employ- ed affords a c ear profit of Jl.utx) a year, but an imperfect one U a ctute of contlant vexation ami lost. The entire h.LiAtUTT of our machines U one great reason for their unparalleled popularity. MACHINES FOR FAMILY SEWING, of a frail and delicate construction, are recommended by other manuiacturers. 8uch machines are made to catch the eye, net to perform substantial work. The truth is. family sewing machines oui:ht to be much strongerthan any other, bicauce they go into less akilllul hands than when sold to manufacturers, and are used fir a greater variety ol wark. The machines which have proved best for all otner purposes mutt be be-i- tor family use, and they are Binger's. The speed of our machines has lately been doubled. No other cn conpare w.tfc them la quantity of work. Iff-- New machines of the latest improved style will be exchanged on liberal terms for old sewing machines of our onmaae, or for operative machines of ether manufactur. ers. Local agents wanted to tell oor mscWnes.Afcl S. B. All personiwleisiringlull information about sewing machines, can obtain it by applying-fo- a copy of "I. M. ginger A Co.'s Gaaette," a paper devoted to the subject. It Will be sent gratis. I. M. BINOER A CO. Principal Office, . . 23 Broadway, New York. 1 r. ,.,,11 fiDL'li'L'JDllaisiii ernvu- - 47 Hanover st., Boston. 142 Chetnutst., Ph la. R2 Westminster St., Provid'e. 105 Baltimore at., Baltimore. 274 Rroad st., Newark, N.J. S East Fourth St., Cincinnati. 817 Broadway Albany, N. Y Chicago, Illinois. Gloveraville, New York. Go Nortu Fourth St., Ft. Louis. 98 Chapel St., New Haven. St ct. Charles tt., N. O. 11 Buchanan f.rcel, Glasgow- - id UaupUine tt., Mobile. Scotland. oct2 8mp FRESH ARRIVALS. 33. R. CUTTERNo. 86 A M CORNER COLLEGE AND BROAD ST'S. TSnow receiving one of the t lit Lis I ana njuit fc, a. zi siocm or Vail and Winter BOOTS AND SHOES Ever brought to this mat ket. Coutisting in part as follows: Ladies' ttupcr Conaress Gaiters; " " Fide Lace " " w Kid Slippers, Ties and I?uskln'; " Fine Kid and Mor. Bootees, thin and thick sole; " Oral, sewed and perged, Bootees; Misses" " Children's Fine Kiu and Mor Bootees and Ankle Ties; A full tupplyof Calf a.d Goat Bootees, for Servant's tare. Thin and thick sole Women't extra site Eid Bootees and Slippers Gents' Fine Calf, Sewed and Pegged P.00U; Oxford Ties; - da " "Pat. Leather do Men's, Br-y- and Youths, Calf and Pat. Leather, Bucksk to, Kid and Cloth Gaiters; Men's, boys' and Youths' Calf and Kip Brogans; " Calf, Kip and Morocco Suppers; Bovs anrt Youthi Calf and Kip Cools; Children's Fine Cr.lf Opera Boots; Men's Heavy ilouble Sole Boots and Brogans, extra sixes. Roys' and Youths' Heavy Sole Boots and Brogans. Ladies' and Gentleniens' Buffalo and Gum Over Shoel all kinds. IIATS, HATS, HA TS." 1 C3T RECEIVED, bv B. R. Cutter, No. 36 and .9, J corner Broad ti.d College street: L.Q 120 no. Hi'n a n 11 k;vs wool,54hats, sa kozen men's soft fur hats, an styles. All of which will be sold very cheap for cash. ocilO B. R. CUTTER HATS. 4 LARE f tock of Men's, Boy' and Children's Soft Fur2a. and Wool Hats, of every deacriptionjust received and or tale by B. B. CUTTER. Trunks. Trunks. i 01 irunas irom me VVrui.ii quality Me Leather Traveling, fc.v 2.J J, to Coarse Pa king Trunks; also Carpet and S" AHTTl' Saddle Bags of all kind. i I I I B. R. CUTTER'S, Corner Hroad an l tlolieirs) sts. leather UelliiiK.n fff FEE r of LEATHER BEL1ING, Of the fol- - 165 feet of Indies wide. 530 feet of 5 inches wide u " ISO " " b " 44 H it " " 6 " " 8"0 "7 "150 M ly 44 41 44 44 420 44 44 8 ' ' 44 44 210 " 4 V 44 4t 41 44 4ot 44 44 ltl 44 44 44 44 2"0 " " 12 " 14 S5U " l 2t5 - a S64 SV " "I5ti 2irt) " " 2V '250 b li.'iT " " 8 U0 " " 4 200 " 4X Also a large lot cf Copper burs, and Rivets, and Lao Leather of all k 1111)1. All of which will be sold en the most reasonable terms lor Cash, by B. R. CLTI ER, No. 36 1 19, cor. Broad and College its , iept25 NASnvrua- LADIES' SIIOHS. ONYDER A Fai.ir.Ll, are opeuing y some choiceO wear for the Ladies, consisting of Ladies' Thick Sole Lasting Gaiters; " " " French Leather " (something new;' " "hr " " Kid "nun Congress Kid "" Thin " Laating half These goods are very handsome- - Call at fcNYL-E- A FRIZZKLL, octlS . 20 Public Square. GENTLK3Ii:xS' wi:au. f""! FNTs Fine Calf Pump So e Moots;Genu' Fine Calf MiU hed " Gents' Fine Calf Double Soe " " " H Waterproof " " " " Congreal Gaiters; -- un,. h double eole; n n n Oxford Ties, " There g odi are t otn one of the beat mat.uftotorled In Phi1a.l-lj.i4l- a. Call at .No. :0 Public r'quare. oct'S o hNYi'ER 1 FRIZZEI.L BOOTS! SHOES! TEUUXSI FOR THK LAD.Ei. LADlEi' Superior Calf Walking boo'ees; ,otwelt t n " Calf and Goat welt Basklns; " " KidandFr.Mo. " n u h Bootee".; M " Lasting welt Gaiters, pUiu and tipt; " " "Congrcaa GENTLEMEN 8 GOODS. Gent's flnt Calf water-pro- of Boou; " " 44 Douhle-aol- e " " Kress N " " " Congress Oaitrra, double k sdngle aole; m n n vter proof sewed Shoes; " " Oxlord Ties, double and single sole; n m n DrestShons of Various deacriplions; With a eimplete assortment of Gentlemen's, Boy's, youth's and I hllilren's lair and Kip Boots and Shoe M.ttes and llliildren's Goat, Kid. Miorrrxwo and Calf boot- - ees, all of which are ottered rhetp fur cash. cfl JOHN RAM AGE, 43 College it. pi aivo roitTi:,XioolxLlxxsr Olnosos, J E have now In More a fne stork of vv i'tanos. tie ooeoni sitftn nnta-- t. 1Artittt Materials, Ac an l are ttitl mannfte- - I t E T f tunng Inside Hindi and all kinds of Gilt Works have recent I v added laigelvtv our t not of 011 Hi a .11 1. vi r.m niiiif or?, A-c-.In a word we Intend to KkaP VP WITH TUB TIM TP, please our cuttotneri and laocci them to patronito sioaa imtead of tenmog abroad. W. K. FREEMAN octlO a FRESH ARRIVAL OF PIAJtOS. Jr-'- veeeived by the tubscr.ber, five of rfywrVi nurivated PI AMW, by A. H. p jGale A Co., of lew Vork. which now wiakra jj 4 j jf mine uie largest piock in tne nty, eontuilng or',f and I oetavct, in pia n and betuliraliy carved Kueawonn rasev. Any ooe ai.l.irg a No. 1 Instrument would do well 10 give me a caiL ary Piano tcld bv me it warranted In every paruriuar. . A. BtCULLKE, as Lnion street. P. . Just paMlthed by me, the f llowng : l.qrbt at Horn, Viedora Waita, Tennea ee Hrhotiitri and onward Row. A lull supply of the above beautilul !ongs and Puewt oa band. Call auJ get a copy, oily ', taeli. 3. A. M. HUMBUG ! ! HUMBUG! I ! PIAMO ril(Ti:r Tnoed and Re- - "sw--by the undersigned la a tusnoer Vf-- .' that a.aaot i t rqaalled by any other Tuner I I 1 1la this section of oounlry. A '.to, all kinds ol Musical Loatrif menu rrpair4. r Perfect atiffaetta given or na charge-Order- s left al the Music Mores of Jamet Dirgona,er lame A. McOlura, La ion street, will be promptly attended la. w r. MOBTOM. iao.cdo tATiSso covm'Boios:Trc will pav teventv-B- v ornta ia MerrLasdiae tor Da. v f v niton Couoty Box da. A J. DCNCAff A CO. LAND WAE0A3T3lrK w U bay Unt vYarrabie ad JtaomlaaUoot, at v v the best Market prute. 1. J. TCNCAM tt CO. TEA TEATS! WAITERS! t T t have a lager aseortateat and a geeatee artv ofI Tea Trass p4 ssa!t, than oaa be fouad sow bar, ranrlnt In pr e frota lie epeaeda , MCKVTIX A WIL80X. MAC rAltO4l.-t- O Wat, ftetk Marsaroal, a pr teefor saie by Uclu WEES EL A TUOUPBOJf. IIS 150 com, Wrdt e.Wrmlrd Ovrters ft s.leby e19 fWll A TMOMPOX. CI U II Cigam, wolf atwrt4, aaa aeM udealers at bf prteot, bydol WC'SKL k THOMMO!. 4 LIC 9 barrel tatk Ala, Trrt'rr-- i and fer aaie by fX tieele fc!t4. rUuatlG. CUES:!:.-I- J Uaee Wrotwra KeMrve aad Eagtiaatoe tale bt tteelO ujAL k TC0WPSOX. Hiriwv II A raerelto. Paitln..Aaa4 a aw eaie 7 1st p. P. pici.ni, fjfojl44"v. NASHVILLE, TEM., NEW YORK ADVERTISEMEHTS. From VISCKEK OWEMA 00 Genl Advertising Hons Am. arcs' bcildixo,!6 Broadway, New York. , PATENTED I PATENTED I Brother Jonathan's Furniture Polish Tht only Patented Furniture Polish in the World! IT SHOULD BE IU EVEUY FAMILY- - TT has been admitted by every one who has ever used It, A to be the bett article of the kind ever invented. It if applied with a piece of Canton Flannel or Woilen Cloth, and dries Immediately, removing all stains, grease and dirt, making your furniture look as well at wt.eo new. It will resist the action ol hot and cold water. Beware of Coun ter.'tits! None genuine without John L. Brsbyn on tha labeL Principal 1epot, 444 Brotdway, New York. JO UN L. BRARYN A CO. Agents wanted In tvery Ccnnly and City throughout tha United Stale. jaul amy Gold Medal Pianos ! STEIJfWAV A-- SO.S, Manufaclnreri, A WALRER 8TBEET, NEW YORK.8 'i Eeceived the following First PiiSlMrbtu in Competition with the beatmakers of Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Bal- timore; TWO FIRST PR'ZE MEDALS at tha Metropolitan Fair, Wathinrton. March. lbM. A GOLD MEDAL at the Crystal Palace. New York, No. rember, 13.'-5-, (being the only gold medal given for Pianoi within the last six years.) A GOLD 11EDAL at the Mai j land Institute, Baltimore, 18S6 THE FIRT PRTZE MED AL at the Fair, Crystal Palace, New York, November, 156. Among the judges were the first Musical Talent of the Country, sucb as M. Mason. Oottrchalk, Woilenhaupt and many others. 8t. A 8. Pi anos, (with and without the Iron Frame,) are warranted for three years, and a written guarantee given Pianoi packed and shipped without charge. Prices moderate. declS-ly- -v IMPORTANT TO EVERYBODY. TOR the last three yea'l I have been engaged In a bust X: ness known only to myself, and, comparatively, few others, whom I have Instructed for the rum of 2t each. which has averaged me at the rate of $2,000 to 8,000 per annum; ar.d having made arrangements to, f010 rurope in the Fall of lboi to engage in trie fame ousiness, 1 am win-l-r to rlyefull instructions in the art to any person In the United States or Canadas, who will remit me the sum of f 1. I am induced, from the success I have been favored with, and the many thankful acknowledgements i have received from those whom I have instructed, and who are making from 5 to $15 ria dav at It, to give any person an oppor- tunity to engage in this business, which is ea-- v, pleasant, andrery profitable, t a small cost. There is positively No Hcxido in this matter. References of the rest class can be aiven as regards its character, and I can refer ti Dersons whom I have instrucied, wto will testify thlt they are making from $5 to $15 per day at the same. It is a business in which titber ladies or gentlemen can engage, and with peefect ease n aka a Tcry h ndsome income. Several lapiss in various parts of New York state, Penn sylvania arid Varylard, whom I have instructed, are now making from 3 to f 0 per day by it. It is a general busi xf.sj. and but a few shillings is required tost irt it. Upon the rereipt of $1, 1 will immediately send to the applicant a circular containing full instructions in the art which cat be perfectly Lnlerttod at once. All letter must be addressed (post paid) to A. T. PARSON, d'C'S-lm-s-- 23 Broadway, York. NEW ASO IMPORTANT Discovery ia the Science of Eedicine. EOBAVlG8 OF THE SEALS OF THK PATENT OF FICK OF GRFAT BRITAIN, de PrtARMACIF. PH ABM .''! EN o PKIS. AND IMPEHIAL COLLEGE OF MEDICINE, VIENNA, are aSxed upon each wrap per. end around each c;se of Triesemar No. 1, 2, and 3. Thus nrotei-tlni- r the pui.lie ngatn t ImT'Tto8, which are l.aUe to the severest pentil.ies courts of law can award Tl. IT. BORROW, Mmber of the Imperial College of1 Vienna, nn'l Royal College of furgeo"s. I.onuon, may be consiil'el at his residen-e- , 157 Prince sireet, ffew iilo ks of lSroadwav 1 New York, from 11 in the morniuz ti l 2 und from 4 till 9 in the evening, (Sundays excepted,) onlen by special appointment. TRIWMAR No 1, Is the Remedy for RET.AXTI0M, SPERMATORRHOEA, and all the distressing coasquences ari-on- fr. m ear'y abue, indiscrin-.i- . ate excefs, or too long res:d nc? in hctcHmiites. It has invigorated and lo perLet hea th, thousaadi of the Ol ilita'ed who are now :nthe erlovmeut of all the Func ions of Manhood: and whatever may 1 e thj C VCSEL, every DISQUALIFICA TION for MAKRIAGK to efieclualiy mbdued bythn Won der'ul Litcovery 1 TRIESEMAR, No. 11; completely and entirely eradicatei all traces of Gonori heat, both in ita mud ana aggravates forms. Gleets, Mrii Iri it jtion of the Alad-ier- , non.re teoiion ol the trine. Pains of the Loins and Kidneys, and those uisorders where Copaiva and Cubibs have to long been thought an antidote, to the ruin cf the health of a vait portion of the population. TRIESEMAR, No. Ill Is the great Continental Remedy for Syphilis ani Pecuniary Smp!oms. It also constitutes a rerthiu cure for fcurrev. Scrofula, and all impurities from the vital teara,so as altogether to eradicate the virus of diseve, and is a never failing Remedy for that class Ol dis- orders which un'ortunately the English phy.-icia- n treat! with Mercury, to the inevitable destruction of the pa'.it nt'i constitution, and which all the Sarsaparilla in the world cannot remove. TRIESKM AK, No. 1,2 and 5, are prepired in the form of a loxenge, devoid of taste or smell, and can be carried in the waistcoat pocket. Sold in tin cates, and divided into separ- ate dotes, as administered by Valoeau, La limn, ftoux, d, Ac. 4c. Price $3 each, or four caset in one for $9, which saves $8; and in $2T cases, whereby there is a laving ot $9. bpeclal arrrmsemen's having teen msde with the vtr ous Exprerses, tlie nine dollar cat, s of Tr.etemtr, and the larg- er fix s, are forwarded by Dr. Barow, carriage pud, imme- diately on receiving a rem.tt.mctf, to any part of the world, ecurely packed and addressed according the instruction! of the writer, thu. teem ing to the public genuine European preparations, an I effectually protecting them from spuri- ous pernicious imititions. The three dollar cateaacutai atual, but not free of carriage. To be hadal.-,f.-o- Or. Barrow, tint beautifully illustrat- ed and u ar work, "HUMAN FRAILTY, or PHYSIOLO- GICAL RESEARCHES. It describes in a e'ear and locid manner the cause and effects of the above enumer- ated, with instructions for their preper treatment and cure. Price 25 cents, hent free to any address. Ad.lressDM. BARROW, 15Z Prince Street, (few b'ocki went of Rroadway,) New York. nov5 lydv. A Physician of high standing, and formerly a Profeisortn one of the Medical Institution of this country, now retired from active practice, who has been suffering torn Pulmonary Disease, discovered, while travelling in South America for his health, a cure for Consumi tion. Bronchitis, Coughs, Col Is, and general debility; and being aware that Thousand! are suffering and dying annuelly from this most dreadful of all diseases, he is desirous, from the principles cf humanity, of making known this most valuable remedy. Upon receipt of Fifteen Cents, in Postage Stamps, or Change, he will tend a Rerie, with full directions for making and successfully using It. The amount required, Ii spplled for Postsge, and the pay. men t ol tiis advertisement. Addrett-- B. F. DEVEROCGII, M. D, nneil T 1 1 ox 23, I. Ot Urookljrn, y.Y. PIANOS HEL0DE0NS, and MTJSIC. A Hi: CASH hVSTF.JI AI)OPTi:i. PRICES GUEATLrjlEpUCED! K0. 333 BROADWAY. KEw YORK. Agent fer llio Heat lioatou aud Mw Vrk I.HSTKV.11KMTS. r"PHK La-g- ett aatortmeat of Piinoa, Melodeoss, Musical JL InstruruetiU, and Musical Merchandise of all kluds, in the TJ ni ted Stat ee. Pianos from Til different Manufactot iei, eompnttwg those of every variety or style, from the plain, sal and tubttanUal X oetavea, in Walcnt or RosewoodCat, from $'5 to $2 0, to those of the most elegant finish np to Oitt Taocsiia Dotxtaa. No hon e In the U nion can compete with the above ia the number, variety, and cele- brity of IU instrom-n'- j, nor In the ExTaaia.T Low Patcu at which they are told. HORACE WATERS' M0CZHJS IJCPROVED PIAKC3 With ot without Iron Frames, peateMinr In their Improve- - snenu of over-etrir- and and a length of trale, tower, and compass of tone equal to trie brand It a no,tutl'-e-d with the beaosy and durability of structure of the J.qare Piano. They areiastly pronounced by the Preasand ay the first Musical Masters to be equal tt those of any other manufacturer. They m bulitorthe best and most thorough ly seasoned materia, and guaranteed to itand the aettoa af every climate. Each irsirament gnarantee.1 to nr or pur-- es.money refund. d. SgCOXD IIASD WA.S OS A 7 GRKA T BARGAIXS,wa.nU in store, pnee Irom $30 to fun.Hornets Walfrf 1 cl eiaeona, supe-lo- r Instrw--;ents in tone, touch and dnrability of make. (Tuned to the qual temps-rasa-o- t ) or all other stjles and ttakee. Price $48, 0. $:, i4j0,tlf3, $140; dowhleRtwdi od two banks of K ya, nW. Lest a liberal diacoant. lergrmen and and Chnrohet, an extra discount. 4latrtina ;tiilttrk,, Brewn'i Utrps. Flotes.rla j aaa Aoeordutoa, v,o iut an ttuaval lattrumou ol all J indt, at prices than ever bfar clred to the public, t laqre di eil tn Teachers and SchooU. The trade suo-4i-e4oa the nott liberal terma. HI Matt.-- : One of the larreet and bertteleetAdeaUWxs . ...au.ic wt-- p i, vi in coo ee and i lost popular aire of the day, and wiH aw scldat aoe-Utir- ad rota tha regular prirea. Mono tent ry mail to an parts or tn eoaniry.posVpaid. 'articular and personal attentive paid to all ord.l ymtil. KattolWtia guaraated ia every inetanoe. p..i,ni MelodeoBt tor rent, anl rnl allowed oa pure Vat.lanoe ana nsmststt tor va ttoaujiy tyaant- - ecood-hao- d PUtaos taken la exchange for sew. tie a era I .nd wlect Catalogues avd Mbe4sJ tf prieee forwarded to U parts of the eoaotry y nail. isgrCrvai indtKwasent tr4 I. Art am la ail ttarta . tbt to tU i. Hoatca WtnrtLS' Piano, Ueiodeorta. aad Cataioiaee of Mutia. Jvll WIir.AT! UIIKAfTT rWAfT to pan-Lat- e aay quactitf af r4 Waeat. farw. I will pay toe hi, hatt price. . C. 1ANDT. CtlltlitmAS PKKSEXTS. RKCEITKOthiaday ahtndaoseaststrtaeot of flood tttil rnwilt, taeb at Writ... rs. "ravettitg Caaea. Hiit not.. Jcw.tr Cut.i. ..7Odor Boa, and a Variety of thire aadso, t) prsoufur tadiee or genUetotRa. aerSv J. U. kieGiLL. LAti: V tLXA rilfLlt It t i l .I ti.. 'C8T rtsnlveil a tot at er tii-- t laos Uather; .!,keery euwk of live very kat Uwl&rr fWiue. rr v tII iachee wtde, which 0J fetto.d vy tow e,.h by . j it. R. Cttltt.rewe Cr.-- . twJ jHwn n o t nnrTO rrIAirNnziTKFb 'a the eity aedeowatrCmtt PAtir MaU0 bt tULCAsK.T- -be bad, Vt Hetad, fcy at plyw- - tm At R.JL Waf tev,oorasf ra 4 ta4 Fmot tu. ita IS.ti V Uai k ftfistrt fuiotwis rowe oB raad A for tale w? . aW 1. Ii. tiCa.l. THUKSDAY, JANUARY CINCINNATI ADVERTISEMENTS. Great "Western Trunk Store; No. 2 5 It It OA I WAV ClCIMK ATI, U EEo-rtT- y HBClsto, or all kinds or Trav- - .MANUFACTURER Trunks. Valises. La-- t,'.I-- l 1diet" Bonnet Boxes, Carpet Bags, Satchels, J U V Ac All order from abroad promptly attend--!- ! "i ad to. We are determined oor work shall not be sorpasa.1 tn tht Union. aplo tf IRON RAILINGS,VLKANBAS,Ban JL5L ? aultoJAIL WORK,IRON IrOOItS AXD SIIL'TTCRS Specimen Book of Railings sent by Mail. i. jr. Jin, JanM 275 Firra gTawr, CINCINNATI, 0. HAIL ROAD SPIKES. POTTER, R0LFB k SWETT3'. Made of Pomeroy Iron. Conatantlv for sale by L. F. POTTER, No. S East rront Street, oppoiite Public Landing, jac22 18m Cincinnati, Ohio. SPENCER HOUSE, PRATT & METCALF, Proprietors, Corner cf Broadway and Front Streets, CINCINNATI, OHIO. rPII Central Position, large and airy rooms of this Hotel, . . . . .. ,I 1 L - i: Li- - 1jl oommenu it to - ue trasciiut; puuui;. ay i oa W. B. SPARKES & CO. (sccceojoas to bollikd a aurru.) No. 13 Sycamore St., Between Front and Colombia. WHOLESALE DEALERS IN Port, Malaga and Muscat Wiues, BOURBON, RYE, M0N0XGAIIELA AND HECTIIIEB HHIMtEIS, BRAMJI, Ul.N, fLRs SPIRITS, Ac, Jc ap23--8m CIKCLNXATI, 0EI0 Cheap Cash Store. C0EUEB OF WALNUT AND IE0NT STREETS, CINCINNATI, OHIO. Wood and Willow Ware, Paper Cordage, Hoofing Material, A.c. WOOD WARE, 200 pkgs coy'd Buckets; 125 doiBtnd Boxes; 850 doten Bail Bixes; 200 44 Uameu: 200 nests Tubs, pain ed; 1 400 Zinc Wash Hoards: 275 dot Varnished and Three! IS.tXJt) Plow Holies: Hoop Buckets: Id nests White I'ine Tube 21,000 ast'ed Broom Handles; 125,000 Cane Fishing Polei; 175 dos white Cedar Buckets; 300 ssi'ted Liquor Kegs; 2o0dos Tar Cw, 10 doi B B Ceri.ir Cans; 800 pkgs Half Bush. Veasurc 25 44 Nest Boxes, varnish'd 75 dos Pine Churns, assorted2)0 41 Painted Tubs andlr B B Certar 44 Keelers: 100 nesU white Cedar Tubs; 1'25 dos Well Buckets, aes'ted. CASKET WARE 200 Willow Wairons, common:' 7"0 nests German Market do. 15") " " extra; 80 44 Clothes do: 8tM) ' Carts, common; 400 rioz Feed store 600 44 44 ex. fall tops ana to arrive: 75 Empire Cabs; 200 doxen assorted Market lt'O Willow Craules; Baskets; 200 extra 44 25 dot Children's Rattan and 150 doxen Willow and Rattan Willow Pick Baketr; 5 dos aste-- Office Chairs,Rattan and Willow, very nice and cool forSumrLer. Also Clo. Hampers; imported fancy Baskets; Work.Frnit auuaiowerDiiiauu. aiso nmow vork madetoordcJ FAXCV OOOjLiS. doa Feather Hustem; ,100 bales Alieant Jlats: & i0" ast'ted Shoe Brushes; &o Jute Hark and Skeleton l'ft " ex. fcruo Mats: 45 Rocking Horses.; I 25 doxToy AirPis'ols. COK DA OF, TUIJ(i;S, Ac. lOOeoi's IV and )i inch Manila Rope, C?o feet; lOcoi's lJi to 3 inch do do 6'JO do;15i)col.i to inch do lo, ?sorted; 25 reels Bed Cord and Plow L'ne Manill i; 550 dox Cotton Plow Linetand Bed Cord: 100 dox Hemp Be I Cords; ,100 bales Carpet Chain;1,01 Ibi Broom Twine Hemp; 1 5C.0 lbs Wool Twine, Linn un r ,av -- - isiih.ii-- Peine Twine: 75 bales Batting; 150 reels Hemp Packing; 25 44 V. ickin.i; 75 coiis Tarred Koue: 450 44 Wrapping Twine; .150 44 JuteiloLc: PA PICK. l.fiOO bandies (Fmnd) 1 acgerman's Wrapping Paper: 1 SoO 44 Mcgreuor'e do do; 2,000 reams Loeklaud do do- - 150 reams Tea Paper; I 75 resms Shoe Paper; 175 " Ham 44 70 44 Battinr do: 64,000 lbs Roofing do, dry; 15,(H)0 lbs Rooting do, satu'ted; CADLl;s, Ac. Star Candles, Lard Oil. Opal Candles. Etearine Candle.. at t.Durtu, ucz man coap, sc. WKir WOltK. Selves, Riddles, Sand and Lime Screens, assorted.( liUAK fai ci;ts, Assorted sites of best qualities, In lots to suit. ALK Bench Screws. In half dnxen nankarres. In Inf. Wood Saws, Saw Bucka, Curry Combs, Cards, Bruthei Tacka.Dlw.lt Am 'ii:!sj itoiMt ur.cjs, A run stock, assorted sn?s. for DruggisU' and Llqnor Deal era use, coutfcauiry on nana. PlneChurm.19 21,22, 24inch Ked Cedar do 1 8. IS W.mj. Cerdar do 16,18,20,22 do 'fainted do20.22.24 do Brats Hoop do'4 44 44 44 do .Barrel do 16, 13, 20. 22 doiia.iii;. Oiled Root, Black Tcp and Blue do ; Steam bent Top; Plank Ton- - For sule by 8. If. BAHICRTTtajl4 eor. Walnut and Front its., Cincinnati. 0 Cheap Cash Store, CIIAS. II. WATERS & CO., (Successors to F. Rirdnall & Co.) Manufacturers and tYholeaale Dealers In WOOD AND WILLOW WARE, BltUUMS.t.UitllAtiC, TWINES, k C. UAWSO largely replenished our and also Intra.I X daeed many artirles net heretofore kept In this eatah. usnment, we are now able to onertnducem-nt- s to thefcrmerpatrons c f this house, and dealers renerally, not .urpassedby any other house in this city We th tll keeD constanti. on hard a full and complete assortment cf every article inthij line of business, and we are determined to tuntain the reputation or tne o a una, ana not lo be outdone byanyoneln in is ous in ess; ana it win be our greatest endeavor to rlv. satisfaction to all. Wood and Willow Ware ntann'actnred to order at tb. shortest notice. The following list, thonch rot comnlet. ... . . r 'iu ; - M n .i i.i .- -lii. it, ui--. c ,cun.i iur ui uui .uca iu store.Brooms.$50 doaen larg Shaker Brooms; 4"0 do. small do do.; 875 do. steamboat do ; superior quality; S"0 do. do.; do.; common; 600 do. fancy do.; 450 da. plain and common Brooms; 800 do. fancy bf Brooms and Wh ssWe are prepared at all tin es to furniah Brooms nf every variety, and in any quantity; all orders wiil ncelve prompt attention. Cedar uare.Iron bonnd red Cedar Bucketa. Tubs and brass bound red cedsr f nckets Iron eound white Cedar Tube Chorns, Ptrrlns. Buckets. Keler; brats hound white Cedar Chorns, BuckeU. w ater Cans and K-- e era, Cedar Faacela. Cortlncc. Of ererr descrintlon.r3onti.tin. in nartnfkf.nlll.- - . a . - i. : . . 7 -- i -w,.,a Hiiu uic nuretin -- iset; uenip uei tjortia, aasn Cords ana now unes. Hemp rackin and Lead Linet; Cotton Bed Cords, Plow Lines and Sash Cords; Manilla Bed Cords andllotnes une;Mpun Yarns, Marlin. Rockets, Churns, Tub". Heelers Fancy Cab. Covered Rnk, eta. Patent Chords ago".. Wheelbarrows, Ac, Ae. iYiais). Alicante. Jute. Manilla Cocoa. Mask rnmis' KkmU.i.. . mocf uour Rugs; aneep ttia, ralm Leaf.Taole uu VUj Mil, IG., .C.Jsms!iei.Fh"e, Horse. Fcmb. Ah.tw.H TT.t r4 . Whisk Brutbet.Fa-r- r feather Floor and Heath Dusters.hito Ware. Chums. Covered ba-rje- Tubs xt.v. ff .If Rn.,.l. "u"4 nu i.inrq iu aeis, uarrei ci.urnt, Aes, Deck ruc.eui, Hii rwxes, neit uucseu, imekeyea, Piplaraod Maple Bow's, Chopping Trays, Patent Churua, Bail Boxes. eav rw weMMt7i ut sBO, Baskets. A fool assortment constantly on hand: the best stoekof rrencn ami raaey Ktakets in the eity. Willow Ciothea,Mar. ket. Hamper, Oinner and Work Ka'ktU; w iliow fra. aiea, n sgont, Ubalr4, Oak Feed, Peacn, Clothes Boc Rattan, t, Fancy Fmbroide.ed Work, Frlrged,Naliee,4tik,Oa.-e- , Trieste, ReUcoJe, French Eaile.Tnjnb- - Pleasures. iron Bound and nam Ha f tuithele. Bet Small Meaanraa v. mm. mnrmzuiwm at every Jtuirt. Handles. Poplar, Fugar Tree and Me.mbiaU Broom Handle la any quantity. Axe tiandlet, Tarn-- d andthaved, Pick, Fork and Hop Handles. Sundries. Matches, Seivee, Blaring, Hol ing Fins, Ctttter Mnts,Moal.lt and Sad li. Root Uamea, Wrappirg Paper, Cot'eaMops, Curry Combs, Oskuin, Po'a'e Vath.rt, Cjcsa Diapers, arrnt, Trayt, tar tant, soap, Btareh,Cod)ts, flpss.JI:.aV,.... -- -, " Ihim. a, wtiisas a CO.,K.1A UrnttU,bet Vrwat aad OoJutatia, CiocnaatLOct. lS.-4- '.y. CIIAIT. tSIIOTIlVIIATWIUTUIUrt'TAUum;. Joy to it w.rid that Buekaheai's csvue. Let young tad ult rvjuioe;Qe get a bag aad take it home, . rr Uia you Las the price. Kitra Balled atd BoHtd Bo:k wheat riar. ..yivaaia,aM arrived at (del) si'JUaEI'B. SnOKtU IIALLiniTaitsa rivti.tRL'Mrr. oVsTEIIS OVftTEUi, OVIjs, C. A MALTBI k CO'S B ALTIJIOH 0TSTILE AQETCT. FJttSSl Clataa.Loktsea. C.vs OrHrrsOyttera, aad Ssteciad frsski Ovstvra, pMSed iakts. Ilarlcg asp si the Aiey Ut. abv ..,i,Una, 1 aaa ptvrarsrd ta ftr-att- a laadUa aad tr u--j. -- ,,n the above aruciws tit aay sjitaaU.y, at ktw prleve. 6 "MSET. Ill k S.ttI HATE t Ktfroes to asauagst Itent everal rttoJ dSMeru aiet aad tee or lhr e ttr Urtev ritia. 1 iUim$ nviiua tw atssi ta u-- ui awof m Sie . siia'w, rcsni 15. 1857. 1 CINCINNATI ADVERTISEMENTS. CINCINNATI Eagle Candle and Lard Oil Works. . QTHt I I iXjITO, MANiracrt'skR urSTAR CANDLES.ADAMATLNE do., liAKIl Oil,. OETINE, GERMAN AND PALSI SOAP. apl --ly Corner Sixth and "Walnut Streets. Cincinnati. THE COURSE OF BTUoy IN THI8 INSTITUTION ISand Dractical. embracing all that it reonitite to fit young men for tha active duties ol the Counting Room, among which Book keeping by Double Entry, Commercial Calculations, Pennmanship, Commercial Law, Mercantile Forms and Correspondence, receive special attention. The former Principal, R. 8. Bucon, having associated with him I. J. Allen, isq., late President of Farmer's College, as a partner, a regular series of Lectures will be given by Mr. Allen, in the College Lecture Room, on various topics con- nected with Mercantile Bcience embracing the subjects of Commercial Law. Political t'conomv in its anoliration to Commercial and Currency, Commercial Geography, History of Commerce, the Contnlar system of Europe and America, uie cnsracieruiics ol American Commerce, Ae. Other lectures will alto be oesaaionallv riven bv eminentlecturers. The hours of instruction are from 8 to 12 A. M.. from 9 to 4, and from T to 9 P.M. Tiaits. For full course, Including lectures 40 For Penumanship, per month 5 novll 6mdAw BACON k ALLEN, Principals. To Stove Dealers. PAYNE, LEE 6c C O 31: o. glo 371 oundry,AO. zsa iiioerry street, IMTTSHI KGH, Pa.,r ANCFACTCRERS of Cooking, Parlor and Heatingivl Stoves, Cooking Ranges, Orate Fronts. Fender. lloU loware, 1c. A general assortment of Stoves for v. ood or CoaL suitable for the Southern Trade, constancy on hand.Sr timers respectfully tnlintted. rcbA-da- STOVES, STOVES. CONLEY & JOHNSON MANUFACTURERS OF Tin, Copper and licet Iron Wares, No. 10 Broad st , and 94 South Uarket it., NASHVILLE, TE.NN., ARE now receiving one of the larg. jtmost desirable lots of bti. ves and Grates of Ml kirds and patterns thai has ever been brought to the market. Wholesale and lletail. Also All kinds of COPi tR AND Mlfci.T IRON W0RS for all kin 's of Machinery such as, Steamboats, Rolling Mills, Fnrnar-es- , Founderies, Factories, Railroads, clill and Distillery Works, Ac, Ac. Generators and bodit Founts made and repaired at the shortest notice. As they do not intend to be undersold by any, all would do well to give them a call before purchasing elsewhere. All k ntit of job work is solicited, and done with neatness and dispell i marehlS Wat.FTiwt.T. w w nwia. STEWART & OWEN, MANUFACTURERS OF Copper, Tia anil Sheet Iron Ware, KO. 14 MAI.KET STREET, NASHVILLE, Tenn. HAVING returned to onrold stand, from which we wereby nr, we are now prepared to attend to all our old customers and as many new ones as will favor us with a call. Our house hastes, rebuilt upon an improved plan, af- fording us extended facilities. Our Is nowcapaciouaand exie.n-.ive- , and adequate u. every emer- gency. Our MUIIL liUUJIS Are large, and especially adapted to our pnrpose. We have in store, and are constantly receiving, an pie supplies ofStores, Hares, ami Grates, Plain and Lnameed Mirbliimd larta MtNTLts and OiaPtl Statues; and in short, evtryliting usually kept in similar es- tablishments. Our assortment of Stoves challenges competition.compris- - Ing everv style and variety. We have the Wrought Iroa Cooking: Stove. Among others an article which is in great demand. We manufacture for the trude at.d lor retail, and toorder, all kinds of Tin and Sheet Iron Ware, and keepconstantly on hand a large assortment. We :t:vite the attention of all to onrestabiishmeo!, pledg ing outtelves to give entire satisfaction. bTtWARr A OWFN, march 20 No. 14 Market st. MORE KEW GOODS. J E have lust received prrstcsmer Harmonla I V 1 doxen LAUGH PL A r FORM eCAL: 4 - HATCH'S COUNTiR do; S4 ' Assorted CCFFEC MILL. Together with a large assortmen of HOLLOW WARE. Wholesale or Retail. We have alto the most extensive and well selected assortment of Cookicg and Heating KTOVES to be found in the city. nTaWAKT k OWtN.dorga tf I AM rranrifacturingdailvat my Eclipse Store Foundryin this city, a good assortment of Stoves and Hollow-war- e, Ovens, Pots, Skillet and Lids, Sad-Iro- nt and Andirons of different patterns, for the wholesale and retail trade, al small profits. Also, Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron Ware, of the best analttv. at tow ngures. a lew nee cnarcoer sens ol urillania War and o. 1 Refrigerators, on hand for sale loi Particular attention paid to Roofing and Guttering with no or wonper Mir-O- ld Copper, Pewter, Brass and Scrap Iron taken in ez-na- tor y sianuiactures. H. P. DORRI8, Jy80 n No. 6 College St.. near Church sl TUOTTSTCO.'tS REPRINT OF THI British Periodicals, ANOTHIC FAUaIEU'S r.311E. GREAT REruCTIOa ITS TEE PBICZ 07 THE LATTER POBLJCATIOJ. T FCOTT k CO., .NEW TOKK, continue to publish the louowing leaumg cuu.--n rsriodictli, vis: 1. THE LONDON QUARTERLY (Conservative.) a. THE EDINBURGH REVIEW (Whig.) THE NORTH BRITISH RSVIEW (Fret Church.) 4. THE WISTMIXSTEa RtVIF.W (Liberal.) BLACSWOOD'd IPINWTTRfj U M AOAZIN C (Tory.) These Periodic tls ably r- - pre,nt the three treat Dolltical parties oi ureal Britain v nig, lory and Kadical, but pol itics form only one feature of their character. At Orient of ihemott profound writers onMcian.o, Lit.ralore, Moral- - uy ana Hengion, tney stand, at trey ever have stood, In the world of letters, being considered inditnen- - soie is uie scnoiar ana tne praieesionai min, wblie to lotintelligent reader of every ciass they rumuh a mors eor rct aud satisfactory record of tht current literature of thaday, throughiiut the world, than can t possibly obUiaed rom any otner source. EARLY COPIES. Tht receipt of Adwancw Sheets frota the Brltlth Bah Itthertgives addiuonal value lo these Repriola.inatir.arh at they can now be place i la the hands of subscribers about as soon at Lusor.g.usJ eJitiona. TERMS. Per annum ror any on or the fonr Eeviewa. t fx ror any two or u--e lour stevw-wt...- . a ou For any three of lh four ttctnes-t.- . .......... .... ... T CO For ail fjar of ihe Reies 8 00 For Utatkwood's Magaaiue .... a to For Blackwool and three Reviews..... 9 00 For tsiarkwetd and the four Reviews 10 00 tUT Payments to be r,iK in aU eaace la advanea . Honey run tat la the Bute waere iteued wiil be received al par. CLLBlU. A discoaat ef twenty five per cent, frota the awa wrieea wm do aocweu to t.iioe or iriog eur or tears eotlea ef aov one or more of the above works. Taut. F ar eouissof Biaciwooa,oroT one nevMw, wui ae sent one addrsta f r 9; foar copies of the mix Reviews and AWkwood fat Jt; aw so rOSTAOE. 'rw. Postaee. Wbe. as.i b, --alt. the fou. age le any part st tht L aiu t states w.il be awt Tweaiv.(bar seats a year tor "BiackwowJ," and bet fwtaea ceo is a year tr each of the Reviews. M B. The prtoe in Gral Britain of tht five Periodioa's aoovs aaaea w aooot e '1 per aaawm. Tin-- : FAitMiais guide TO SCIENCE AND PRACTICAL ASRICULTUuL By Henry gteoheat. F. R. of E i.nbureb. aaJ tb i.l.J. P. Norhta, Piuftawr iJ rcitnl-fr-s Asruaurs ia Ytie vuiegs, w ttar.x. I . iteyal Wait, 1400 pa sea, and aoiacrvas Wood and SktI KBgrkviaga. This Itvconbsaeriy. tt.e t ottspte work ea ArrieuL. tare ever pot ubed, and ia er to give a wider circuit uotauie attoutAer bare resuived to rwaaee the price lo I IT DOLLAR FOR THE TWO TOLLMli M When sent by stall (Bost-psi- d) ta ia and Ortpa the pnee wUI be f 7. I everv otb.r part f tA I'aiaa aad to Canada (pott pai LJ 3. PST" 1 sis work le not t&e aid -- fks.k ef tli rttna.-- Kesaittaaexeldr any al Its akova wabl'.aUkias aaeeJd at waj I be audrsaweJ, tl ptU to U: Pwb ubera. wo. nturr k co, decal U ; ttroti, kw Tetk.UlTt'ATIOH UAlt riS At Clerk la sosae rp--tj)!- o k.wae la the eity. ATtfeoWWebtitinsat yrtUrrssL Acfsrenee givew. A A. ese ihtaooio. 4 astjfF .tf. a A A. as I aiasa..ay fcy . a. t itus jw, .a taoteat AvaeA Asepssr, ioOA'.rs n.. tp'. NEW SER1ES.--N- 0. 345. ST. LOUIS ADVERTISEMEriTS. From the Newspaper Advertising Agency of W.8. 8WTJa-ilER, 5o. 14 Second Street, ST. LOCIS.Mo. Hill JFurnishiuff. ESTABLISHED IN 1S35. G. & C. TODD & CO.,(kucceuort to Ira Todd dc Aosit,) Ko. 218 ?IAI. STlti;ET, cor. of .nor trail. SAINT LOCTS, M0., TirrorteTw anrl 3IaTn3faeturer nf FRENCH BUER MILL ST0BE3, Dutch Anrhor Rollins; Clotba,PORTABLE GRAIN MILL8, PLAtn&R OF PA Rip, MUX PICKS. LEATHER BFLTINO, MILL SPINPLE3, RUBBER BKi.TINQ, MILL 8CREW8, RUBBtR HOSE, REOULATINO SC&XWI, HEMP PACK IN (J, DAM3AL IRONS; RUBBER PACKING, COPPER RiVITS, IRON PROOF STAFFS, ETC, ETC. Our assortment of Mm Material is the largest ia tiUniUd State. A t present we have on hand 230 nairs MILL STONES. Orders promptly filled and all article war AJnted. martl ly O. k 0. TODD k CO. SCALE OF PltlCES rot THS PRINCIPAL TOILEf ARTICLES tiitriOTiiiD ay V wlAAAAl WOGIiK, t21 Vs'ubltinslou Street, Iloaton. SIX MONTHS PRICES. BoJL'i nvygmos FLrro.Soe., Wc.,Tio.,$l,M silrtl k $ .ti. tO, eloper doaen.Bools'j Eliokic litis I'ts, (liquid,) SO., ln 10 sises al4, i, Vi per doien.Bogli's HKBttinNA.ca Baui or Ctthixu, retail 50c., sites$4 per liui'.-n- . To Whoieta'e Druggistsand other large dealers, a discount of 15 per ct.. trom these prices will be made, provided theirpurchases during the six months shall etrceed $150. LOWEST CASH PRTCES. A Ditcouidfor CA6II u it'l l tmidt jrvtn Un abovt pritt u.r'iWWS.- - 0n orders amounting to l5or over, atone time, a discount of 3 per cent will be made. On orders amounting to f;i0 or over, at one time, a disoount of 10 percent will be ma le. On orders amounting to 73 or over, at one time, a ditcouat of 15 per cent will be made. On orders amounting to J 15o or over, at one time, a diseonnt of 25 per cent will be made. On orders amounting to tMi or over, at one time, a diseonnt of t!0 percent will be made. These are the lowest terms, and from which no variation can be made in any rase. Prices of other ariicVs may be had on application. Boston. Auif. ?St h,lW6. WILLIAM BOOLE. Refer to Gan. Gaaia, Nashville, Tenn. a aug8 ly xxiu --LiuiubL innvais; IiOiaiIUKST & CO., K0. 45 UM0JI STEEET, NASHVILLE, TltlKO DUOR HUM CHERal T., .K'jfece.pt of large supplies in their line comprising lAiikurics or the Season. A few of which are enumerated below. "'j 'e prepitrcu ai an nines to rurnisn every article ne cessary ior ssarotso raKTtia and Balls. Attention Is dV rected to the beautiful specimen! ol Pyramids, Cakes, Ae now in store, which are said to be equal to any ever man,factured in the bou;hwett. N. B. Coui.try Merchants are invited to examine oar stock before purchasing elsewhere. PRFSERVKl) Pine App!es, Peaches Ac, just received and LONGHCRST k CO. FRESH Baltimore Oysters, Just received by LUNGHCRST k CO. WORCKSTERSHIRF, Caper's, John Bull!s, and other with Tomato and alnnt Cattona. Just received by LOBSTERS, Clams, Sardines, Salmon, Ae., tn st ore and for LO N G H C Rf T A CO. (MsUOl j l.s of every variety, just received by LONOHURSTA CO. 'I 'II A f We hve Just received a large stock of the veryA finest Ten, embracing Gunpowder, Imperia', HysonOolong, Ac, wn;ch are warranted to be a superior article. " LONOliCnSTACO. CIGARS AND TOBACCO We have ia store, sn I will cn hand, the very finest brand of Ha- vana Cigars, with Langhorne k Armstead't best Tobaoco, and other bran Js. L0NGHCR8T k CO. .tt - r ' f'f ?J ;' "if " v v.'l. "" strfwea" fJTsCSsy AYER'S PUIS. The I'oetrr Of Fhyalc. ITER'S PU I S, gilde, sngar shod. over the palate, kettheir energy, although wrapped np. Is (Aere, and telle withgiant force on the very fburwuiinosof disease There are thonsandt of sufferers who wouM Dot wear their distem-pers if they knew they eouid be cored for 15 eta. TryAyer's Pills, and yoa will know It. Purify the biood and disease will be starved out. Cleanse the system from impurities and you are eared already. Take Ihlt best ef all Purgatives, and Scrofula, Indirec- tion, Weakness, Headache, Backache. Sideaehe, Jaundice. Rheumatism, derangements of the Liver, Kidneys, and Bowels, all derangements and all diseases which a purga- tive reme iy can reach, fly before them like darkness be- fore the Sun. Reader, If yon are suffering from any of the numerous eomplaints tl ey cure tuffer no more the remedy hasbeen pro ride. I f ir yon, and it is criminal to neglect IU That Aytr't C'mrry PtvUtrnl is the best medicine fWr a Cough, it known to the whole world, and that Jyr't are the best of all Pills, is kuown to those who have used them. Prepared by D3-- J. a ATER, Practical Chemist, LoweO, Matt., and Sold, Wholttale, by W. W. BERRT k TIFMOTTLXX, " Retail, by JO. G. BROWS, Nashville. Tsna, and by all Druggists and Dealers la Medicine through thislection, oetil twawSm Carter's Spanish Mixture. THE GEEAT FTJ RIFLES 07 THI BLOOD. Till: BCVr AI.TI ItATIVK KNOWN!! HOT A PARTICLE OF MIRCURT IS IT. An LifAIiibU Eemody For Scrofula, King's Evil, Rhenmatiim, Obstinate CutaseseEruptions, pirnpls or Poattiies en the Face, Bioloaea, Boils, Aroe and Fever, Chronic Fore Eyee, Ring, worm or Tetter, Beaidhead, Enlargement and Fain or the Bouettnd Joints, Pall Rheum, Btutiborn Ulcers. S philitle Disorders, and all diseases arising frosa aa injudicious ate of h.rcury, Impru Jrnee in Life, or Imrarity of The Blood. This Great alterative Medicine and Purifier ef the kleed la bow need by thousands of grateful patients from ail aarta of the United States, who testify daily to the retwsukabl cwrse performed bv the greatest of ail mwdioinea, 44 CARTER'S SPANISH MIXTURE." Neuralgia, Rheamatira, BorefnJa, Eruption! of tha Hkin, Liver Disease, L'leera, CM frss, Af leeuoa of the Kidaeya. Diseajes of the roat. Fstnale Cess. plaints, pains snd aching of the Bones and Joints, are speweV ily pot to flight by using thit inestimable remedy. For all diseases of th blood nothing has yet been feared ta compare with It, It cleanses Ihe system of all lenicmtiee, 'cu gently and .".ciently on the Liver aad Kldneya. and rtrengtheiis the d.geetlnn; gives tone to the ttosaachi tasAse the skin clear and healthy, a-- d restores the coostitatioa, enfeebled by dite.te, or broken doe s by the Slot sate efyocth, to Its pristine vigor and strength. For the exsaass or rtatlis it it peculiarly applicable, and wherever tt has become la vn Is rrgalarlv nresrrlbed wits Ue happiest aft-c- u. II Invigorates tbs weak aaddetxlitateel aad Impart4 elasticity to the worn out frame, eleartthstk in aad leaves Uie patiea'. tmh aid healthy : a single kettle a! this Inestimable remedy s worth all ihtto eallllarur.rHU In saistence. The large number ef eertiScatee which we have reewlwaJ root persoas frota all part of the Coiled Stale, m evidenee that there is bo Humbug about It-- The press, hotelkeepera,mtgittrati!a,phyilcjct.aBdoblif !. w.ll kaasrwlathe eoeaniunity, ali adl their tottistony to Ue voadarFa effects ot this OE.E AT BLOt D PUE1FIEJL Call oa the A rent and get aa Aiataaec, aad read the ef astooitlung eoresperforaK d by CARTER'S SFAalSflMIXrUR. l.o std ctSMsr-W- twwrw (Atawr Lts Lutu.tuiXy fuJmJ.) The Hsa.ucf aa adveruasateal will aot asV nit their full in.r.io a . WJL I. rrXHS ft CO., Pwmiawr. To wVssa all onlrre matt! t.Mressud- -For salt ky thurrsts aad Coantrv ii weh.sLs la all t. of the United Males and ike Canadas aad by esiixwew . wr. p. (.RAT. W. UrillwK V.-- M kbls Ueans Aartjra Wkltfcr.WeJere fid RsatitcA dj; f pdii ta reerra dsla store and f r stie ty W. H. flORItOX A CO, 1) I" A C 31 ' si.-- t" eases Peaches pat ep la Ikeir ewajalcexUntaTintiMt, s. 10 cases;raCora. tt m m Ia store aod I r its ay W. ft, COS C!V k CO. 1 SCAI.i;. Allsiars, Fi barki' mitbrat e Dvrataat,Cosistsir, aaxt CrwrwsV tVa-l- I.)vr sale at kuaatas-iauer- s ikes by their agstt'a. VJ I.l. I.H stock W Poena k kfarrlat kJ ttefeieva ra'.ni rire rrewf ra a4or Satvw, tsr sate atFactory pneee and freight. la ture aad kr t e by nut agkU. dork W U. tiORDuJI A CO. CT OA 271 kldt Fair Prims, and Choice, sew FagaeIJ tV btua fewdsrvd iutr. la e aod r sale hf ft W. tt. Q0KIH CO. Cements 100 BBLA lattivi-.i- e C.sMat, A ale ta the trade Atcwl dJ trnns. ky U. W. ElejtUU Afvat. AlRJL. Wsmttt, tmtstf Vraad aoA Frwtit tts. 4m)9 Load kVatrroatst I.tttkel Y tar ro.sk laj UT E w.ll say sbs k'gHeal oe ta Casa ttlt l Wt'raats.FRtSifOtD. MoWBISTTl k C.. PHILADELPHIA ADVERTISEMENTS MILITARY COOPS, ICEGAA.IAS dkCo WM. II. IIORSTMAXN & SO'S, 223 Chestnut Street, adjoining- - tie aiasoaie HUL PHILAKELPHIA, MAsTTACTXRER-- J and Importers of aT kino's rf MfU. SWORDS, BASHES, EPACLETa.PLUMES, LACJS, CAPS, Ac. Also, REGALIA of every style fnr Tree Masons, Odd Ft. wrToVi'r Til: 0NS, SASHES, CCLLARs, JEWELS, A!so, THEATRICAL DECORATIONS la Urge warfwty. FLAGS and BANNERS en hand or made to order.Having a full assortment of the above, enables tfceea be Bll orders at stort notice. nor.S eodlau THE MOST EXTENSIVE - LE0A5T ASS0ETHE3JT OFOIL 1 JSl UJLQ-S-,LOOKING GLASSES. EWCRAVIIMGS AND PICTURE FRAMES.J&arie's Gatiery I Ko. 212 Chestnnt Street, 1 rillLADLLflllA.noe?2 eodJm. s just puBUsaiP, bt ia ASSOCIATION, PHILADELPHIA. R0P0RT OS SrtRMATORRHaA. or Fsxricsl Weak, the ice of Onanism, Masinrkatioa.r 8elf-Abus-e, and ether Mseates cf the Sexual Orgaatv with an ecount of the errors and deceptions of QnarOa. and valuable Advfre to the Afflicted, fcy btO. CAfc. SLROEtiN ef the BOWARIkASSOCI ATION Phi adelphia. Pa , a benevolent IuUMisw. established by special endowment, for the relief of ts stetand dittressed, afflicted with "Virulent and Epidemic Daw. eatea A copy of the above Report will be sent rwPsa10'" FKSSC CHARfiE, on the reit . HAVE YOU SUBSCRIBED IN THE Cosmopolitan Art Association EbK T1Jh RRK wn,L., "l!pJ,Vrorne"riiF that Ue to lie", to. odesigned Wr distribution among the subvert,bers, whose names are received previous to tha tslfcafJanuary, Cf, la much larger and more eottly tbaa en earprevious year. Among the leading woika in Sea ptare executed In the finest Mai ble--is the new and beaataialStatue of the "WOOD XYTiril,The EnaU of the Three Great American StatesmenCLAY, UUItNXf lt AMU C AL1IUL.1,ALo tbe exquisite Ideal Butt. "M'KIMi.wAPOI.L.O AJsilJ BIAS AiIN MARBLE, LIFE S1ZS. Together with the following Urospt and S atoei la CarraraSlarhle of the 8TRLGGI.K FOR THK HEART, VENUS AND APPLE ; PSYCHE ; MAGDALES: CHILD OF THK SEA; INNOCENCE- - CAPTIVE BIRD; and LITTLE TRCAST. withnnmeross won sin Bronse, and a collection of Sever- al hundred FINE OIL PAINTINGS, by leading Artiste.Ihe whole of which are to be distributed or allotted among the subscribers whose names are received previewsto the TWE.NTT EiG Tli OF JANUARY, tif. wilt a IkeDistr. button will take place. TERMS i'F SURCRIPT:0.Every subscriber of tore. UlUirm is entitled to A copy of the splendid tjisel Engravirg. "SatuusNiobt," or a of thecopy following d &lagtainss eoe yeert also a copy of the Aar Jocsmal one y- - a--, and a Ticket lathe Annuaf Distribution of Works cf Art.Thu,for every i p,d, a person rot only gets a beauti-ful Engraving or Mtgttins one year, but alio receiTee IkeArtJon nal one year, and a 7i. iem the Ani.ual Uittriba-lio- n, making sur diiir vorli of rtudtvg matter be- sides the ticket, by which a valuable paiuuag or piece ef staiuary may be received In addition. Thote who prefer Magazines to the Engraving 'Saturday-NiKht.'ca- have either of the following one year: Haiper'a Mtgi-xine- ; Godej's Lidy's botk; United States Vltgssine;Magtame; Graham's Magaame; Black wced'eMayaaine; Southern Literary Messenger. No person ii rettricte-- l to a tingle share. Those takiaffive memberships;, rem.tting $i5, aie entitled to six and to tix tit kets in the distribution, ttt any Ave of the Magasincs, oneysar.andrix tuitU.Pertons, in rerr.itiiLg fur.iis lor meUibenhip, will pleas regi.ter ihe letter at the Post Orace, to prevent loss; on re- ceipt of which, acertidrate of Membership, together wltk the Fngraving or Magnsme desired, will be forwarded loany paitof the country. F ir further particulars, tee the November Art Journal, sect free on application. For n emberthip, address C L.DEItBT,ActutryC. A I..818 Broadsay, New York, or Western OSice, Iti Water tilhanduiky. Ohio. i I. VULKUt. Hooorari See'r. no S dtin'im-- . Nashville, Tea LIVERY STABLE TOR RENT P0R1&57. Xjs. The weli known LITEST STABLE . sa on Lower Market sir. .t suswia- - pied by John li. )oaa, will be fer " rent next vesx. Tn. uu h u..h.. --mthis Stable makes it one of tne r.ott desirable In Ike eity ALSO-Tbsl- srge WAREHOUSE now occupied kyPeck at a Car iage Shop. For tarther particulars apply to eithelr of the nnderslrt-e- n on Market street. MIU. M. SLOAN, or novl if jU1) a LOAN. ALSO. The ICX HOCfE occupied byC. E.H. kfartia will be rented on favorable terms. ' III0LITI01. TEE copartnership heretofore existing between theander the name and S'yie of A K. CR00aSHANKS A CO., Is this dsy dissolved by it steal content.The accoonts due said firm and liabilities of the same wllbe tettled ky Frederick Sioan. S. K. CROOKSHA5SJ.Kathville, Dec lfl, ISU. FRED, hLOAN. NOTICE.H AVINdparchased the interest of S. K Crookshaaks hathe Carriage Manufactory an Market street, the aav.derslgned will continue said brulnete atthestme place withIhe s me workmen, Ac , as heretofore. , dfl6 FREP. SLOAT TO TIlOSEWHO HIDE! Xannracturere cf Carriaea, Coachei Enfg i,Light-Wagyo- Ae. Xo. GO Lower lurkrl Mrcet, KaahwIUsW; are now maouiarturmg every vari- - ety and style of vehicle, from theplainett jjb V, the most beautiful and ela-boratly 22finished to-- s out. Having engaged tint-cla- ss workmen, and obtained a larva amount of the best of stock, we are ,n.r.t a. which will eumpars with any In Ue whole country, either fafstyle or durability. All kinds of vehicles kecteooatanilv mmband, or promptly made to order.Kreretls Patrnl Cenpllng.This Important Improvement la the eoupiing of Carriage ae., has awakened much interest thro.ui.ni.i a. ...T.- - and it looked upon with the most favor where ii is best knowknown. Having theexcluslve right ior thtscity, we are sesrBiakinr Bee of them in constructing Cam.gea, Buggiee, A. v ' n fic s ua uiu eland of Fred, filaaaiN 6 Lowsr Market SUeet. frsKeytrdtf GAS FOB C0UNTI.lr HOUSES ANDStcamboata.PATEXT Ui:.ZOLE CAS. COCNTRT Rights and State Eights for tela. The earMachine tkat wt rive a rood I'ght.The entire tppeatutii timole.occuri. but imu ..a a"4?''" 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