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Daily Nashville Patriot Newspaper Archives Feb 16 1862, Page 1

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Daily Nashville Patriot (Newspaper) - February 16, 1862, Nashville, Tennesseef 1 IJAJ .tt 7" 1 ADFI f J.J VOL. XXII. NASHVILLE. TENN. SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 10, NEW SERIES NO. gastoUtc gaitiot. fiJr j. c--t X'. T rv;. f ton .ta:tv, (v-- r RI.--- It: V'-a.- or annum 0 )uw,'. ; ;v, i:.- - Wev'r ;" ! r tv j'TMr3. r t.' o "A .:.. . . of.-- .. v- vr. iu .vaav 'L.-- fa.!--- In , wiy it V.- :.: :.-- -- .. ' n:v,i .i a.lvaLct u! I '.if J mo ' I ' Iti. Wr )- -r mn! H I t:,1,1 Ki om...n. t'Mi! i Tai-- M " i i. It . it masi L r"t "t t::oec :fa.: is . v f . L:iUir: our ,' a iv , I IV. iS ' .1 J'iteihaui'.-- f ; si i Ufc. Sleain Press Concern! mm PfcTBIOT i. S, i'ASIP & CO., I'rcprii-tors- Kc. iii Deaderiek Street. Is Putlith'J Vci-'y- , TH- - RWj c 1 j--s a :i:; .' Tl! j- - al.!:l. -- ;y..'.. I r ir u.e.i. Aeas, aud r.t k.) .ii vi'.-- s mati Sr. .a .cj.4-;.- . Ji.h !;- f--c ! In- - n. . ' i.i are,,l iii : ' -; e e';';i-T- ::: tin tl tc-a- ha? r ; .'r-- , . v ::.it ivr - btft ktr R .1: ! 10 it.;:1. r. !':' : m; of tt.-.- - art. vV'- il vNUSILTev eK'.Xir.AMMr.. L. :!.!.-- LAISM't. ?HiiW CAi;:. fUJ. TifSKr. KA!iJV,AD Vi'.:t:i, s:"fytiAr '.vi DKAY TiOf.T- -. i'li'I.O'iiA. STU.ii:,-- : t T:n lo t:111, mJtv-d- . ev-- . r;. I.,..:.; froni ;;ai:nt:ii T'usi-:r- . ir I::,- - .t. liTre c.reujit:a t! ta- - 1 Aif-- nr, great .y ojgmi-c-i- i ih a! J. o.' f f tioc I.nts .ffii-- , r.i.i,-r- . - aa extn'.Wut rai. vujt ip 1; t- v.'.;. . r.- - t s. at us' o:V.,m, N". l'i I'tir-tu- - tt r t.t.-- A. CO. u.yfS-- tt ' Vic I.istr; t co-- -- t c e . r J." " , f .jr.-- . iha;:, ai.il I . Iron I ' OBI I CABX C- - arrived - V;ShviIle. ta U-ie- of i.s?ect to oi 1- - AT riiASrHE. each .t..itio!:il f 10US,,-- ,.r, year. Wr tt-- a ii.ice n.t t; t -- ;y l.. i re tt--e y.nr n,.UM.uavr. v cir f.. c is:, ft yr:y auvr- t- ruerts wi.l 1:v,o.:s t.'.l..o f. r.or w. , 7L,;-h- be tuilti iLau vise y,r iii tue ynr.y r'- - Advertisers escseding the space cci:-cto- d for will he charged far tae excess.- - OILS! OILS!? OILS!?! iETCALFi: BSOIKKiSS CO., NO.i5 2:;.'''Ar'-c-r":":-!'- - .ASviLu:, 1 ! : .. WUotesaU ami UeVuil iKAiJ-ei.- - IX OILS) Entxixs - CARBON' WRXIXii Oil.. :: on., CAR AXLKO'L M.UHTNKKY LTI.. Prepared ud Kofiiic .' , riCTROU-il'- Oli-- -'. CAR AX!'- - VTA'.ON t'lIMFFIXE WAX CASNLKS; A LSO Exclusively at Wholesale Atili MILL COTTON' YAKV j OOTTOX ROPE, OSXABCRGS AND f HiTt'.Kfi-?- , ojrrox.ruvi:.' and sna;'!-.- v... r,!t--r bv swrmigpson to i.t-V- . G p. SMITH I ank c( Trauo-sc.- .. JiUIN T ;.. a i.i Wr a'.'e Id th;8A sj to he foaoKir-- s iitKH? yORRIS .t TP.ATTOV. FTRATKJX stfEYMOUK, " GAKUNKRk Ct.. " FALL & G"L"XXLNl?tIA3J CASK iiarcbl-l- y V ,,V.i.rit V vl,.i in m r.f Iba Ouife.-VTalf- ) Statf-S il Ainerira. 1 isociuto wit!i ni" lu? firm of F. II. Drue : to as the fSfiusie an.l only agents iur me iuniiaso ..: uund li ,'Vii l!io counties of Maury, Wiilara-.n- ,Ifavirtson. Krtr.n. Sumner and Wils.in. tn fie of lur liie enure The biiei'. b will be carried on at Xhvi!!e uese name of E. M. Unit e : Co., lor or sin thfferterate State. av23-ttn4!- .l - - THE NORTHERN CONGRESS. EITLSIO. CF SEXATOK UKKUT. .V7 :.; y.Vf7 iF.nA'ii: ox we VESTIOX. Th:..".;e;I; cur jrer wc get icvs cf the Washing? or. Co.'gr;-- : - t She '" li instant. The Senate - ii:;:t". iy .ihpnsc.l ' the c ;cc cf :V ' II: i h!, i f IrnMar.a. charged with .liu"..;; v, iu-t- -i i-- tin- - fact of bis having given : - a eteiu'etifii), :l:e first irflvi . a IctUr ot intro.lL.e-;io- a t ll'n l'x'.v!'.er..:y. l'lv.-Idi-t- it Dy1,'" lain:: ". r- - a cmaiii iatproVLvm u- li f'C-r.- i was espe'ded t're-- bis sc.:! r. ihe .S'lvve r. vr-i- of t:.;riy-;.- i ;o four-ten- . It a t wo ;'::r'i3 vjic lo t ilcct ;l.e ctjT..-- i a. ti'vty-trr- is ilic ox:.c: uuiulicr. vr.t-'.c- -y .io-:tCi- i by Mr. r.rigl'i exj rs v.:':l le Sllci I.7 iIicUot. v:;o is a ?:recg itepublieja.- - We piv- - : k: .tC that preee.i'.'d t!se iin.il v.;:e c:: : The ioe:..i .ii.; ' rev'.:;; h.in )'; ;i-- expuici aot'M:-- . llr;p-h- i iV::a s. r.i in !;e e wis i .ken r.- -. M;-- . Ar:' of !::;) ie I ieo h 'ail he sliould vie iiir the cxpul.-io- simply forth? rcusoii liii: a poison t. ho r.u.M vr:;e such p letter a iU : Mr. i'tirht t JcfTers-j- usid t. i ' M ;iv"', to ft-?- a ptr-s.a- , under ii i.veif.-a.-tancc-- eyi:; J not properly le cti.n:; ie t .he pari i:i thtlr iltliberash-.n.'- . Ah .her jar.'tt-r- that iiad been h:Ki7ht iu'.i ct'-?-, in he dii ret coari tar. Mr. Harrif. cf I'.w York . said that in thi cr.se the ife.c-i- : f setliri!. :he vote hiv;i:;r m;! - j le recorded. Therefore, he thc-tt'- ii-- .b .y was of little re- gard tseep' to httnseif. i5 jie jrri.tlefiea, iuTl ;e:ieed by tl e spiri: and pafsicn (!' the lr.vi, had p.-v.- nide fro: a th-- true i.saite. Snuo bad iserjrc-- the ckaraeter of .iiidyc into that of aJv.ieaie. ai.d even into that of the partisan. The Senator frcm Masach-sett-- 3, (Mr. Sun-tier'- ! in stately terry?-- had J outdhle cf the record ; and the jreutijcraaa V-fr- om Kentucky (Mr. Davis) had made a half t:jc7.en speeches of a cbarae.cr to entitle him ;iK he UeslgEBtion of senior cearsel. lie ijitirona out to the c'.crhs of the Tinance are : iuttee. . to get that on which to impeac-- i d ot ue retiiteie t chih rhan ol tee it; ee on Finance Mr. i'esser.denl rela tive to Mr. itrifrhi's atter.dacee iu Iha: cc:n-nutt- and support cf the war i.".ei?-ires- . The rc:f.le::ian irjia l.tiijc'ree Mr. Jo!in-so- n had ma-!- an i!e.uent am t Ditching speech. porirayin;j the re.r;s and ia;Ter-ing- ? inf.kted by this in all which be Mr. Harris 1 syn:pnih:..cd; hut it was all irrevalt-ni-. lie re.trrt.i to the estrer.se and dangcror.-- : prcuu.i wi.ieh hai fceen taken there: wuh'il prov;:: a specif e charge against a he was ;o he P.. eaa:;e he was no" fit to be a 1... em- ber. What v.cy was-thi-- t.- 1. and who is to j.udee.' '.h-r- s, 0:1 ih;v would loss "J"' h v? jrcne cut froru this chamber. The ur.-uni- int cf .'dr. Cow-e- n, cf rcnn-ylvani- a. iu vh:rh he held that the iiesrf ;r I rc-t- Ir. liana was cLtiitlc I : y be uca.t Xii-.- is' - Ixe.'iiT. was corrc'-- - i. wa.-r.- ot rk--l .s a trai- tor t tha was net the char-- r, t,u .1, there-fet- e, he s.h-:-.- i 1:01 be dealt wi-.i- t as i The ease 01 the Settar :.rs Jellers.-- Iav:j. Polk, and e:I:rrs wa? cot parallel, 'iiicy hai severed themselves lfoia ; ;i ; 5 hedy andjoined the encrr-ie- s cf the country, t'a the other br.v.d. Mr. Ih-iph-t was here in the dis- charge of his d'atic-- , reprtsetta u loyal State", as a lytl ir.au, thoa e Jo.h:ie-.- 3 had inherited political idei;s of which he could net titvesi hinicclu He refeneJ to the effort to instruct iiim on this subject which was beiupr runde in the ,.-- i urlt Lezislatt-re- . an I m ci.o or inc.rc other States to instruct ethers, ttitder the epioded Uoe-tria- c cf the lifht cf iuitruetioa, whielt v.s.3 but the t,fiVprit:r of the tveii tiigh fawd itoo-tria- e cf State riflitr. This movetneni had originated through the action of liiaeiceu of his i:oilcap:e in ti:e ethir House, lie made no complaint of thtir costrre. as they said it was icrthehouor ef J'ij State. While, however, he was always r:a jy to avail hira-d- f c--f tiie coutisel 01 his fiUnus in v.:ty matter of Icgisia' ion, he r I d , t; i this, a judicial teaiter Jr. Lavii- - of Kentucky, f.aid, that if he had made a dcteri speeches in this case, it was because of ibe or of his arguments-- . If he was the senior counsel for the prosecution, the gentleniia frcw New York, was the senior lor the defence. lie went on to repudiate the uocfriue of Mr. Harris iu to trial before the Senate. Mr. Foster, of Couuecticu:, paid that as the Senator frcm Indiana had yesterday had read certain resolutions selected from several passed by a Democratic Convention in Indiana, as indicating ids views on ttie prosecution of the war, lie would desire the whole series pass-- by lhat body should be read. lie ten the 1 ions to the Clerk. Mr. , of Maryland, remarked that he did not see the propriety of reading eth- er resolutions, whatever ihey might, be, when Mr. l'.righ!- had selected two only as expressing his views. He objp.cied to ib.i reading. The question was rai-e- d, under the rule, as to the right of a Senator to have a paper read after objecti'ia wan made. Sonic con- tended that the ru'e only applied to papers in possession of the Senate, bat Mr. lVarcc said lhat it was for the purpose of keeping out stuiT, and for such cas-es- - as this. The Chair dr- -' V';' iho resolutions could not be .though Mr. - er cou yinboat Tufonroia ha lied in his Mr. i'o.-to-r salt he liJ not wl.-- li r'u-i"n.- Mr a lina;! rer.tiwtft'. or opinion vt his ovrn. He ilica icr.u tie ic tt lcwpri'i, i he sa:.-!- . to th: - (li; rhar.icicr 01 ihes; T.ho a Jopie-- l those vhich Mr. r.rirht uM cjJorF?. The resoliiions ih" oripi:i of 1'ie crisis ia tlie e.yz?.-ir- y t i Northern" 3?:.::t;jn .f s?.iveryf au.1 U'!;iiince i!ie p.rjose3 su i princip.cs of I lie RtHiuMieaiiv: aiid r.:o as resar-J- j the Eiirreii'itr of Ma-o- u r.n.l Klulei!, tloclaw tiiat i; s leg-.ll- jr ri.-rb-i to deliver thc.a it should Jinve 'u-c- ri:ie occe, ip-te- of wahicj i'cr t!je di.sc-.- ct ' it t'rtdcr a ree?i;i 'c 1 Mr. ilrii! s..ii t!ia; h.- - !.a 1 SCfi-roo'.- iT tt.i'ilv iutroduce-.- i th two ic:.-- h ieh he did yesterday, by v.-- of saw-fy- - I 1 :tx ,1 :.r y a point 011 which lie !iu! sr. d he v oaid snrT tnd juii.ctiicnt. ilm ho vcald r.ow say that lie ea i rsea t!:e wnc: scries cf th'-s- e rctoitriens, a:. -- pied by the largest ci'uvcntioti ; f his pciitiw.il friends Th:eh ever as.-ctu- i in lu'ti.it.a h? endcr-e- d them in thy-- UM L'ight, depth and breadih. Ihayard, cf UeUwas--?- , took ths o.cr and urged at ie :g:h that a Sen-.- : or :.au-f- . : e ivied upon the r :: aldi-jh- e i principles oi. evi- dence either of being guilty or no; guilty. Put, cpatt Iroin these, there v-- rj 1:0 ..Igh principles to bs reg:rdeJ. if dign:.y i.-- l to he j re.erv. l. j'.i: i d :i Lir.tseif then to ihe eotisid t t"v- - traueons n:a' tt-r-a wiiieii .''-- t ii-t- o the C2-c- : :'t.d. in re",-e- .. let- ter Mr. Urighs to dif.. i he ...?tl h ,hd iict indieitc any tren. tiahie :ut ' He passe 1 t the .ruestien ef s:.-'- ci ' ire cotsutry at that, tiiae, and .juotel ac-;3- the ietter of Tir. SV.w:rJ to Mr. Adan-- , i. rty Jays ci'ter the 1st cf March, asssi cw-ia- g "that'no state of war wr.s then, recogniz- ed" by the goverunt tnf, and that the idea V. .13 act ually entertained ihen of a j rob-'d- e disposition of the ;uest'n with tie sreoJcd Strf.en otherwl.-- ? thai by war. The ! wad no: rjgrded as br.'.keti tip" beU'iusp those Slates had gor.e oil". T! tre v.a-- a I'uicn withoiu tbetn, jt'St as t ete hai been before pevcral of them were ad- mitted into the t'aica. He r.sked, was iheu not a Union before Florida was adnuuci, or Texas, an 1 others T and would ther i no j ' :t4 . ' itie&SC- ,sT as to which ws.s tt,e bisi p- - . for the gre.it.-s- t good jind V.&Jv"-the pcriaitting cf a scp-iratio- without T.r, or the holding and subduing of the seced'g portion with war. It had been f.nailv deiemuntd tha.e' px l. 1 . 1 rt.--.t ,. ,".0,.;-- , lt,i r., .,- - e. i v .... ... , . 3 l..S.. . !, .JT"- -fn'i! lL'liili'O i,iiunuti i:iruiti:. -' advocated r.o war. add would still live looked to cthfr uieastfcs. were sinipljin the fiiae Tc'i'ha jf Mr. F-- and otliers,', the ilritislt Pari": vroeTU. at the ti'i:; tl j. American slrujie. No cue then uct-u-. ? Mr. Fcr of treason or unfitness to be a mem- ber of ike high legislative body 01 Greit Liriialn. No one proposed to espel him 1. ,. 1, n Ir.rt1- - -- ,.,! ! till Tl.'lli-f'- r- .,o, ,OArnVTimonr Tl'-- th.1'1 T. ' TC U 1T1... "un. tvt. i ..,.-- ...v.. j. rar 1 to the revolted Cole-ties- . It was si .i. ......a : eat.t-- r ci . .ate po.it" - , an i 13? res-- . " "Ji - ; li v ,1V 1 i e rcai niar-Tit- y. an., tae andViataor which taeuovcrrttied hi,t. even turned :, roxLWVor.jriQ his view,, it yS hhn a tr,i ,- -, or ever lovah l'Uing then to the pressure au.I ? iueucca surrounding the ca;?, Mr. B. .rftM- fcrred to rejorts that party ci tea'cs j. been held 00 the sobje :!. 1I. cur. Jirowatnz, 01 Lunoi-- . ami 1 ale rs, declare i 1tt.1t they had U3 pcrsot kuowieuge "i- - such and . i;rowrjrng eal'e I on Mr. S tyr.rd f r hi.- - .' evihority. Air. i.rte.t ..onijt!y tatcrpejco, stjup rl t pi. t its tiau so iti:..rn;eu tne geiii.tuian .rer I lie'awsre. and hij colleague (Mr. Lac-- . haJ, at the opening of the session, told hinj 1 bat, because of me dc.er:uiiiation 1:1 cats cas. he coeld r.ot bring in st.cli a rrsoiutio: hi:: Vn-.ui- jj th,- - to Mr. " ''y '. cotrctof, si,; Kc rutetp.e a; r; .y; v.-- - :t "; r" '":' ." as Jhtgtit to oral stat eateut. fieciarm tnat no con clusion had been cow? so ia the- cauetti 1 to the result in Mr. Uriclu's case. Mr. Llayard closed with come fur: her re- - ,;eciioii3 011 .at: iKi: i.i.s u. i.iu i.iit.-..- Mr. Fright, no oae else taking the lioor that .Toui J aldi t'3". a few wcr.is ,t ., .:n;;o b- - .'oi e the voie wt taken, li'clt retarL-e- his tsaukt" iv iii uiosuoet-- s of ti 'r t;Juaitaryc'oiuaiitiee, who hai alsno.-.- t iniou:,y r V Vi llOSe 3;,io ,u.-a;ii- n e.i l tin: i.t nil, .1l";" 1.- - tliat tie was to pc on sue a c 01 01 u;s as by ihe letter ho have been belie m-.c- it, was now he not sc 1 ail he now to eay was 1.11 H. view of Mr. into 1 lu i,u ur. x. x. iui u last twen! years, whom he A n most uinn. and whom never until arrest i last, on the waen two leners wens loanu ujjou JilS yUl Lie, JC llllUVU 'J one in Ju ,e, T. Y. to or the to some of the the to TO 1802 1907 Prialias IUE TERMS snisapprehension misrep- resentation a- - a ho ti. nn m iirc:n He rcr..! i'li - skiV ihsrt thiir vss ! Ct.l r.o; the that h '. Leei- to i!ia:-- e the kt'.-.-- as :v'y e i:r:e -- u-t S'id fri-.":-'- v to D.-.vi- 'J'., ;!::: itfifi ;! tl:t nr. :rh! o the se eir.-i-!"- , end the cor'! ju s'.ive hi j'.ea T.hieU '! ::iltc I i in, e, Virc::u:;i, t an-- l if- fv-- ! pron !ico'. tcre?. l:st lis ti : iu I - ir. ::r. ::tt::, v :':r '.;'::-e- . t; ?!,i t!:e time ! the tl:e 1 res- - :l';T :on ve were !!- -' iVL;i; : aeh ; .- -a Liter w:::- -... , , ( "' . ! e . s , .r. ;cs ' ' '' ' -- hViiM'3 ' '' '"i'- - ." V- bit', : : k! : uue.u- - i 't 1 1. i a 1 . l , .. , ; - ; --!; : r. t : ;" ia ; r.'i"?. L; t.. v. ere titr.i et: t :! n 1' 1, at! i r.f."v iii t i;o Wt-t- net have : or writ leu the better iu No ore who had hear i this ' ,iev-- i t'.V wa3 ihe c?.u ; - of Ut-- i V; it'n that !.':ca:. the e; tee had six out of s7c:j. ia his f ritl when the iuatt r ie ia pat-.- drill was au l the to its stale. He ie; 1 ti:e t t be had no re r--t 1 1. e :tf or .1.;;. lie ' - the i'.r!. ia 1 ": W r: one cf tt "ti: ;: ',1 c r- - , 21 i.T he.. ;. at. i L't . ' V, e' : e l: 1; 5 ':- i tu :) "tUiJ r: au.t to ih : fa . ton: he haa front ;i : t;t3 s;. loaa: t ' 'e cf .1 cr?; i " n ft ta ! r:.u: : Mr. it h.. i - t ' .. vi:'. I 15 af aeh ; ' '.. - ih? S :r: :. ti e tenl-- : '; :". ; t e : . ; :i e :'. t- e. he ha i t vre . - cti . ."ti v. lie : in !! o;i: ; I.c e : :; ' - C: . hi ? life as s '.gr. !. ' n: y'.i cht-iut . e " if c, :i-- r' wt.h his jr ml .1 oi the t;'at 2 .t!;: ,' r I t e ti tl.;: e. i t to this b:.t:v, at.d V, t ::: r. 'e V; " ; f - ca ary o. uis-- f , ' ' . i it h' ills iu 1.0: r of iiieir vet e ', here s' be on than f ur rive the idtvlt-- e cf an tout s; hear: those v.:o do bin io-.i-- ? i , e. 1.--. ...:lUQ-- l' F'TIO-T- iliC iiliU WV.l.-- l O ri. O ..- l; l a ,. ...1 his, thit hsl; ta-- it in ;hj ac.s Lis He iiad ru t ie no e.Vjrt to gala in his and if it, is true tUat the had been and 1, "1 to go out, he w oM 10 on the grc . : of yhe ue ever acted ti:a p.-.- .. .'.' It. t, cc . " Ivt,i if i.:e : t;.t:t- Ih t , - ,, . j :...-- ', .. ... ...l.e 1 tti.-'i-i. .v.. t, th-- i wh'eli to pe.'.-"- ttui star cf a rtti sred an 1 v e wit! f fi'.ov r.uy tf Icrg as tlure i- the f to t he.".' even with N' .v: t ' Mr. in tt ruaJe rofi t t":e "ieo of tew-.I- -s by Mr. ' t . . il 0x1 01' Tern , ar.d Mr. ci' a.. - oth cf wh'-'t-a t:e " wii'i in itir "rerr s ittt't; : r t v tt.e :"- .'" havta- - I V... .tit . ......I, . ...f; .7: - t t : t I ' ,.' le L. . t t.tl i :'! .. s p .'."' e. : ".a v. . 1V- is v. er, ;.u i ,.ie 11- -1 u - : i rfif ir tet 1 ..ie eh-- . i h.'.d o.-Iar- r 1. r r ."ti '".." it. ; , i bet" a pr i ;he d-- . .i see "c"ot;. : e .."v;."U ot: ;..:s 1 r'": tie r -- :iir.i-i - ' i . l.i i :.;. if i,e ! f ..1 . ." "... . - .. ' .t . . .v; - MI th " : C " a.r '. i t : ;.- - ': it shot.'-- C w .'.i :. ;e ; h rauia nr.i. ' - ' :" !::;,: U3 did thn u"; er . :: . Cta. i .'it i vtit t aen ;;1 ' i a few r-- - to .iu ehn-.r- I;i r to i ' e t'iro had bc;ui to - nt-- ..!:. re i.I- - : tt It. ? . is-- , iS'i. ti"- '' '"r u a ' ' t eue;i ",v ,1 . ih.it ..is" '. I ; ;T--- . ,e v, u .... - .. he cot: id 1;.-- ,; h- - c.- , T:., Ua and it wes : u.i II just the lop i ;V t : t rtis Tj.i ;s : Yeas l.Ie-ST- s. r.t :i: e ', i. t'o Chan iter, Ceil h:er, I ... i A 1 , .1 . 1 . 1111..1.', .i.ii;..a, 111 rson. Lue MeD. u-- a!, v. !, t .tst-iV- a ,, . i llsoii Oi Mat i t , till- - a 0" Mis- - iiiri CA Me..: .at. 11a vara, 10 well, lliee, Ten and 11. Mr was m- wo were cin; tired at Fort a inaa Scott from Mo., aad the other a name wa? not ,We of this i i j ; I ; for an M:. ha --. , asite j httti do. . ... i ' i ' i j been nct.ru inn,-- , uius:, if i.e, lltll thu grlve The Vice wa, at tne iasi storrj ,j.lY w.. S1.CC2C jc i Pv was a lacmbor of that had J lIie ca-ir-n of I. tit'whe'.aer so or r.,', however, away from ti.at report,, j 3 .. - of which, for the fake of that gentleman, an. i BE1 .h.3 ;;;.t s of p the principles of justice, he A.j T;,0 vr:.i lxcs. the re yo-ke had said here had he sajf vl- - bv Mr. posed arra.gnea variety ci cuaruits. by such variety persons, instead tae cue coaige loviilrv evidenced toJe: fcrsc-- Davis, raight prepared to and employed ce.miteL but he clad had de-js- And bad -jupirg kirur-el- right l':t. coun.ry. iiiignt cutcred history ef acrpaiiu'.aice xiiou.upronounce rtspcctabie, enterpririci; busiut-- V airaicst he had r.nvthintr diccreditable his inf. C'inciauiiti, in charge Oil treason, perSOU (Mr. 15.) dated 1S".0, intro- - duoing LiDcola Captain Franklin, superintendent capital extension, calling his attention invention former, and other Jefferson Davis, dated March 1, 1801, introducing Lincoln person T?i.-hc- presut TTjve:;.cr'. lauding;: tlivefcr jii-.ti- fv tiVor'S . appear pceu'.i .Tf'!". tvun.ry t.'ir.o, refe:rcd c!!.-pr-j-.- horler 'i'ciiur- - art'lisc. otiierr. vi:c:u i.iier.rs iia1:;',:5;" TLca, pro'ar;:- - :V:o::i'.- - Fi.eh. byl'.ifcrr.- - ireciy su.i-.'ec'i- given eoantenanee tonaii :t:e.;ii;:s. CcKve that letter ctptii-si-r- .. letter before reported, iveur. applitd ott.-itu-n btoutl. pvestr.; doehaiatioa writiuf; cither Dris. releere-- t.'.i. it.irt t'.i-- orpesL-- 'otivs. Ti.o.'; leuiec'teP ttfii.r. pr:-a- ; a'i :':' uccisi.ui higher persenHl Wiutd they rtgtc? of future iife. iallucnce behalf, polled, hasten artotaei trial, party wit.h, beteie path Un".-n- , .iti'.esi riiauaer guide tae avnth-i- fron hcsvtls, e, and .Pertn-ylvaa- i ioi:"t;r retire 'h.Vorr bearing b.in V.'i!!ev c"'eti:;.i ..:,:I.si "Coier, fir:i!ie :.!;iS:V.a .:i.i; alii-- . the :,":itks otCLee which bro!:ht - i",.;t:-:.- i .cc uictai .'tiehtioa. ;,kirson ;.;;;.-.- nays, follows dark, Foiiot". Crimes, iloiTare', jl.vie. .Ichnsoa, King oflndtana, Murrm, Pemta tiaimcn Xru-nbn- Wi':.i;.sor), Nays Cu.v..e, Cowai', KeLiiody, Lathant, N'saith,Pearce, Saiti.-.btir- y, F.yck, Tncup-so- ri Wiilcv hr er.pt-died- 071 pri?cnera 'Donelsun Tnursduy-an- e. natntd Cape Girardeau, Dutchman whoso known. understand that Lieut. Sweeny, nuty, captured them. Xaahvillc Gnzctf. savcit.-gatio- ' . uce:'s i,:JI'rciiiient, 83-Hfc- eioa, cemmtttce, fallen fL.uu7. jKaau regretted. 0,,c:.,.i,:i formerly, liatrodttced heard July Aceimt of tlae Vltst nutl fat! of t ort I'exirT. CiNctr.'XATi, Feb. 7. Tl.-- ".t and iniinrci .'' Cairo cor- - 1 d uidcrt giv. the lotiowl'cg account cf b- - b :.ai car tare of Fort ik-r- y . 1 :r?riey, at V-.-",0 1: m , ;he gunboats cl." l::na: :, ei. Louis, Caronielet and F.ssex, ti.e Ty'er, ('.'iie-teg- a and Lexington bring-ii-gtt- p ih .'. t :"m. adv.aueri br.l liy aeair.st the l works, t : (.0 t he right ei l'anther Crock Is:a::d, ii.t.i? li..'.. !y above which, on i'i e wc.-- r tliotc of ii:c jiv-r- , stand the for-i:.b- -. i- r.T d, kfp.irg cut 02 range until a' he.-- , i ... the isiaiid, r." 1 with:;! a mile -- ';.; tnctuy, then p ihe islaal ia full view t'ei'i gt:. s. v e stcaiidy ivauc '.. willi evsry laae at oaeners. sitid every o ;. 1 t j c ii.;b the il.ig ofiiter e signal go:; :cr th-- ...:i.i.:cr.fe!.i;-a- t ! lite aetion. Oar lin e was va ih left, the S Lotus r;cx, the t'srende'e-- t next, the Citiciiuaa'i f.-- the tir-i- being the Hag skip, hftviv;- - oa by-ir.- l Ji-- .- f ;!;. r f ..nt, sn-lnx- t the TV? r.iTir: : i in line, the ("in--.:.- - i 4 bcat'3 leu,;: it ? V-- s J, at 12 :10fs Isclanvl cpjiu-- the V.il, ani jmase-.II.- '.' '1 beats followed - ay u;l ot tc; bsotwara, jare ; . t ijs.' ;:!i:r:V, sud tke tight ra;ed :r If.alf a a hour we stcalily .. '. t r. Ivir- - u i v;'urniBj slc!"asof -- h'e! l ; u: tt: -- ;" :n;r Within a hun-.- e dt-r.- I ; txicr-y'- e works, we. eauie t O V ' 1 lie ':: rbghi and 1 tlti . er.t: i.ae the 1 I?-- , had besa dl-- f ! i ;. drift ec any r;a lie scene 1 f cc;i ::, Iravlasr the C:tu u :ia" i. '".r.-n- d olet :: Le.'ds alone cupa-.- 1 ::; '.;' for!y rut cue, ill c;: 7 : tea -, hie ".lovs. and tuelt cVeeriwg a i:t i c:tLlt".::;i.t si.-.c- ; the turoate. t.Ti'ti : a 1 etrt ci '.;." ' or cr fve kstadred :" il t 1." ihe gnub;. ".'. c :i be itiiajine-l- .Af.er .he rv.rretfl-r- , wi.i.ui was rnaae to u art tt.t.tr Fo-v- , Gen. f.leyd Tilghmaa, who i Us for: i:i the ruost detcrniia- - cd numucr. ." icund thM the r b?! infan ,. .. - - : : .. i -st. 1 - rt i.iti.. 1 r itve taouranu, uad cat una run. Jee.vie tt- r l.e! irtilirv ccrnp- - ny in eontruard ts thrir fate. Tae tort 1 u.ti'.u si.vc-:uee- guns, boh y C2c:.J - I j outi-iir.- - oni beittg a tnastiifi-eet- n 1 1 iueii c" uirtb ad. Oar hois dis- - ruoumod two cf their guns, driving the ene my fioui their One, their tilled "2 burst during the engage-- "Sruaia" -i-v 1 tl -- tr Th" i t;.""s c" tiai to aar'-- had hut eierto eilc-tf.- c gt...s. worked by fifty-on- e ru-r-u tc nuiuber nil ;.M cf prisoners. They lost five kli id nr.-- tea bioty wcuti ieJ. The infiii: ry left evetything behird them i:i their iLith:, and a vast deal of pi Aider ic o o:: " haitds, ir.cludhig a large and vihu.bie .p.atfity 1; aeiy stores. Gcr.sivl Ti'ghntan t cishsartcuad, andth-nk- s it oae cf ih2 l.tejt damaging the war. la to f eg tflecr Foot, the rebel !..".il lfMitke l. " I ;it:i ulad te -- 'itrender t j e gailar,! an ciuse.".'" Flag cfheer Foot rci.I-Y.f.- i "io j srfeetly rie.h", sir, ia sv.r-- i e: i;t iur, bv-- ot; shoitl i Lave blawn try of ;!:: ua"i r lofe; e I woi"! t have sr.. r tt it;? ! io . etl " : ti ihj i tie '"h.eiitta.i "ras in t:.-- ..ai. tad liying she i!; v'tlwer's pedant : v i :: - ; r rk. I'la; ciHeer Foot f.al !.'- -: r. tt crowded her defiantly i.f.e s .f."t of the guas. and she r:c: l". .'.1 .1 if y- - eotsc cf theia gciog co: ell.::: irrjega h?r. 'i'ks Tssos was i i!y ;it pl.-- i wan about halt" through the fil.t. i.d crowdtEg Eitaddy against the cur.-.y- a '.'ill wst.t ii.ro Ii?r port aide, ftr-- v. pot t, t.l eoag'i oae of her boilers, ihe vsi-ipii'- s:?j:a sctM'tsg and killing several efhfL.ew. t'ap'.atu Filter. hi3 sid, P. Eritiors. and p l.r;, were statiuiag in. a direct '.if ; n ihe b. .".: pa$. isg Uritton being in he v"' tt". A ta'i-- s rt'.c-'- ilritton on the his htaa, tering his brains in " d' :u. xt.e e'capiag st?ani went - ;i ii; jib-- t '..t:-e- , nstsiuly killing Ford at. i il. i;,: :e. i!te pilots, .any cf the -- ailc:"-'. t'i of steam, jumped over heard m i r cre tirowccl. TL? t'iaci'.nati l one killed and eiz wv in lcl. The Essex tlx seamea killed, re :;" r.rt 1 sevectten men wcuu beJ, ar.-- l firs .t.i-ii- There were nn onsi'lrias ca hoard the tit. I.cstc, thoagh shot and she'd fel't uwoa i. like vaia. The St. Lcuis was cctcaufcded ty Caplain Leonard Paulding, who upon the ;eun-dec- k and fought 7. hh the guns to ihe last. Not a man Jiin.'hcJ, r.';d with cheer upon cheer sent si'-.- t th'.-i- l stiicug the cuoniy. ;;cit ot- t;;t 1 1." i" AttTtr.Litr.v. i'tuicti!, Kv , Feb. 7. Smith on the wes-'- and Gen. Grant en the east tide of ihe river, are purrtitcgshe retreating rebels. Spsixu rtsti-i'- . Ii-t.- , Feb. T. Olhcial dis-p.atc- iroiii Tennessee river state Fort Henry was captured yesterdiy by the The land ferees did not reach the po ut. 10 which tley were ordered in tine to participate ia the engagement. The rebels scrape .led, aed nearly all made their escape. The ichei commander. Tilghman, and Ida stall", with about enc hundred others, imistiy cf icrs, were taken prisoners. i was reported and credited by seme of fit? chlceii that the rood troops at 1 ort iicuiv weie nut true to the rebel cause, and took advantage of ihe opportunity afforded by the attack to run away frctti a tight that was distasteful to them. A di.-pat- jaat received from Gen. Fayne saj s the gunboats attacked the Fort yester-ttrde.- v at i:3t) v. M., and Gen. Tilghman commanding surrendered in one hour and twenty rniiTntes. We huve taken a large amount of cannon, camp equippage, and stores. Our infantry took no part in the fight. The cannonading was terrific. special to the N. T.prribuna.ll 1 Northern Dispatches to the Blaclc VKeptibltean Presi. I FIER Kh riXAXCES. Washixotoh, Feb. 6. The last million of dollars in the Treas ury was sent by Mr. Chase to Kentucky fyr the needy troops there. WHAT IS THE CUAXGE? The opinion is that Gen. McClellaa will ot resign in consequence of the chaase. but will strive, in the department of the Potomac, to rivol Gen. Bnell in Kentackr, and Gen. llalleck in Missouri, on a leyel with whom the newarrangement places him. It is understood he consulted with several f his aenerals 'respecting the coarse proper for tj nt io pursue. from tld X. V. World. A.NOTHEJi EXPEDITIOX. It is now currently rumored here that either Gees. Heintzelmaa er McDowell will take command of the new expedition South, wnicn is fcttmtr out m Sew 1 ork, an 4 whieh will comprise a division of the army here. Tits: lasi: I'lrnctLiT. To morrow a delegation ef Congressmen fsTorable to the interests oi" Gen. Lane, will have an interview with the President for a definite settlement of the tionbles existiag between him and Gea. Hunter. The for- mer telegraphs to-da- y that if it einnot be accomplished he thall immediately vieit Washington. MOLE rXIULSIONS ON UAXls. ifr-f,'- , the New York Times The expulsion of Mr. Bright is likely te be but the beginning of the war against Senators surpeeted of disloyalty. Atten- tion ia already being directed toward Mr. Powell, of Kentucky. It ii said that short- ly a resolmieif will be iatroduced into the Senate directing the superintendent of the document room to inform that bedy what documents Mr. Powell has ordered to be cent to members of the Southern Confede-- ia?y, since the formation of the i'roiislonal Gevernment. ".UI IU,14!IS. G-- Sunti. crDhed ta-da- w that a portion of his regiment eagaged the enemy aear Fliat 12121. near Fairfax court house, and captured IS rebel pickets. Hla aoouU captured flTe prisoners belonging to the 1st Virginia Cavalry. A detachment also cap- tured four rebels belonging to the 1st North Carol e Regiment. For.Tu.Ess Monitor, Feb. t. The United States steamer Sewanee, cf tl -fl. 'vprditioa. arriTei here thia morning. 1 ue gunboat Herbert was leit, in addition to those before mentioned. There was a rumor circulated that the rebels had offered, through a flag of trace, to give up Koanoke Island on condition that Lhzabeta City should not be attacked. The Louisiana had been cot of. Tlirce Xliousand Slaves Freed brKansas Soldiera. The Chicago Tribune ftiakes the following siateetcats, vucking for their accuracy : Tue cumber of slaves freed by the agency cf the Kansas soldiers op to this date can- not te less than three thousand, while several hundred others have crossed the river and border from Missouri, of their own volition. Gen. Lane's brigade, sinee August, has brought out at least two thou- sand, Col. Jennison has relieved the rebels of not les3 than seven or - eight hundred, while jayhawking parties and emaller de- tached commands have brought in as many-more- A great many men are employed by officers, and as cooks in the messes of the soldiers. These all receive pay mora cr less liberal, varying from eight to twenty dollars per month, with clothes and rations. A number are also employed as teamsters. The wagon-mast- er of the Kan- sas brigade is a black man, named Back. He is a well known character on the bor der. The total thus employed must proximate to nve nundred persons. would be desirable if some kind of. pane and drill could be given them, both because they ganerally ehow thems'aves courageous, and because it would be ne-ticial in forming andobierLng ha,4s of self resnect. rT The principal portion of the contfabaad population live ia the border counties and towns. Leavenworth, Lawrence, Ossawatc-ini- s, Atchison and Mound City have the larger proportion of th Leavenworth, probably, has a populati oa or over a thou- - sonii in thn citv und immediate vioinifsr Thete has been for a long time aa active aad we'.l-organiz- underground railroad at that point, the superintendent of which is a col- ored man. The knowledge of this depot ia wide-sprea- among the slaves ia the contig- uous portions of Missouri, and they are con- stantly availing themselves thereof. Law- rence has a population, in and around the town, about the same as Leavenworth. At-chk- oa has two or three hundred. Ossawato-mi- e and neighboring township three er four hundred; Mound City, Linn and Bourbon County must have over a thousand, as thia section is where they were brought by Lane. At Topeka and other points there are a number. Iu the fall it was, indeed, a serious ques- tion what these people would do during the winter. But this, like the rest of questions, meets its solution ia practical results. The best authorities say that among the contra- bands now in and coming to Kansas, there will not be over five per cent, who will in any way become chargeable to the public purse. Nor will this five per cent, long remain in a condition of pauperism. At all their meetings for education and other self-- have unmistakably shown without aid from white people. f V 1
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