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Daily Kennebec Journal Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1970, Page 1

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Daily Kennebec Journal (Newspaper) - September 26, 1970, Kennebec, Maine Cease fire halts Jordan s civil w Hijack re hostages fou Safe fun Nhok Zurnal established 1825 vol. Colv no. 231 saturday september 26, 1970 16 Price twelve cents Augusta Maine believe soviets building sub base in Cuba Amman Guiuan a the guns fell silent in am Man i Udd Tuini be Cuciti Gueni lid and Hussein s bedouin a Rijia a Cost d Pimp u Dilfer the announcement of a cease fue agreement Between guerrilla commander yarn Arafat and the non Archt to end nine of civil ukr a Giedt pall of Black smoke from on the Northern of Yuknis of the its about 400 go Einold Urie held in a a died stockade air Tsitle an Camp almost with the cease flit tame the announcement that 15 of 54 Host Ages held gue melds Fiorin Tynee hijacked an liners had been found Joi Daman sol Diers in a heal a shelled Refu gee Camp outside an Iii none were americans later Amman radio said a 16th hostage a Swiss had been freed from gue Riillo capt to but it did not where the hostages found at the ref Ugee Camp included eight but on five Swiss and Tuo germans inc expressed Behoff the remaining Amin cans were somewhere in me Cha a group of 64 m 22 it in flown out of anti Jan to Beirut but the were not among wounded Urie aboard aircraft for scat Jon to Beirut. And other Foi Eigners a few pos their Tuin to ecu Ditori an Daft Char then l Weie taken b a roundabout route to the port is passing the Center of town. Although the artillery bombardments had stopped diehard snipers still at work the a poit was still ringed b concent a tons of tanks and Ai in died Dis soldiers guarded Plant the cease fire pact was jointly announced b Hussein Arafat who Heads the Palestine libera Tion and president Jaafar Al Rumain of Sudan me Diatom appointed b the alb Summit meeting in c aug after falling to make Contact with Arafat on an Earh peace Mission to Jordan Numajiri final got together with him at a secret Render oui Eaily of Nav to Seal the Deal. Arafat had rejected a cease one two ago there was. No imme Didie explanation for Arafat s change continued on Page 3 Washington a the Pentagon said it has sol id indications the soviets Are building a permanent submarine base in Cuba and the White House said it would View a strategic installation their with utmost seriousness the defense department did not Rule out the possibility that the facility reported under de May be designed to support missile Fang subs now cruising off . Waters a White House official who declined to be quoted by name Drew a parallel with the cuban missile crisis of 1962 when president John f Kennedy said peace in the Caribbean could be preserved if soviet offensive weapons were removed from the area and were kept out in the future. Kennedy s statement re Mains i a. Polic the White House official said. Ships have Seq heavy barges and other dec ment into the Harbor gos Over the weeks which make surf Tecl they May be capabilities us file Pentagon spokes Rolfi Jerry w Friedheim announced if the base is intended support Russia s new Yan Kee class submarines each of which carries 16 missiles and is similar to the Polaris subs Friedheim replied we can t Rule out that Possi the White House official said such sub mannes clearly would cease fire peace Hopes United nations n y. Map easing of the crisis in Jordan sparked Hopes Friday for the revival of Arab israeli peace talks but no Quick re sumption was expected. Sir Alec Douglas Home. In ish foreign Secretary tobit a a news conference that be ginning of talks deep rued particularly with Vej he recast per that egyptian Mohammed h Al Zayyat recently said his country move its missiles in the see canal area Back to their positions at the time of the cease fire if Egypt received guarantees against a Surprise israeli attack. Sir Alec said this might offer a basis for establishing the minimum required of both Sid Syro get the talks going was his View he added Tat both sides wanted to re sume the talks under swedish ambassador Gunnar v. Jarring the special . Envoy. He described the truce in Jor Dan Between palestinian guerrillas and the army As an encouraging Factor that could make it easier to get the Jar ring Mission under Way once More. Abba Eban israeli foreign minister was Host at a luncheon whose guests included jarring. Secretary general u Thant and . Ambassador Charles w. Yost. There was no indication that Eban made any new initiatives that would Lead to Israel s re turn to the talks. They opened at the United nations aug. 25, but Israel withdrew after charging Egypt with installing soviet missiles in the canal zone in violation of the u. cease fire agreement. The Palestine guerrillas agreed to the cease fire in Jor Dan but continued to oppose the israeli Arab cease fire and peace talks. Sir Alec said the objective of the guerrillas in the War in Jordan was to disrupt the jarring Mission and make the talks impossible. Be offensive in nature and thus would bring into play the policy Kennedy enunciated he added that this country would View the establishment of a strategic base in the carib bean with utmost seriousness he said no representations on the subject have yet been made to the soviet Union adding that the United states is keeping close watch to determine what kind of weapons could be based at the site where activity has been spotted at the right the administration official said the United states will take the action that seems indicated the russians have 13 of the Yankee Type nuclear powered submarines and Are building 15 More according to the Penta gon. Officials have reported that one or More Are now stationed in the Atlantic. Friedheim had declined to make any comparison Between the threat posed to the United states in 1962 when the russians moved Long Range missiles into Cuba and the new development at Cienfuegos on Cuba s South Ern Shore we cannot be positive what the intention he said we Are keeping a close watch on these activities and Are continuing to information on soviet activities their seen by u2 the new facilities at Cienfuegos were spotted by High flying american u2 reconnaissance planes the same aircraft that spotted the russian missiles eight ago. The soviets re moved the missiles within a few weeks after president Kennedy threatened direct action and mobilized forces for a pos sible attack the United states uses bases at holy Loch Scotland Rota Spain and the Island of Guam to support Polaris subs cruising in european and Pacific Waters. These bases enable the Craft to remain near their stations by eliminating the need to make the Long trip Home for servicing and supplies a similar facility at Cienfuegos would enable Russia to keep More of its nuclear and Conven tonal subs in Western Waters our longer pends 1 he soviets have no permanent naval facilities m the Western hemisphere. Friedheim noted that although soviet subs and surface ships have operated from Cienfuegos in the past there had been no permanent facilities in the har Bor for their use the submarine tender and three other soviet ships Are now in the Harbor however there Are no submarines at present Cienfuegos which Means "100 fires in Spanish is located about 40 Miles East of the Bay of pigs site of the aborted 1961 in Vasion by a group of map on Page 11 continued on Page 2 col 4 form minor l Vassalboro this town s one ton dump incinerator is go ing to Wear a Label from now on to forestall it being picked again As Booty. The Iron Gadget is six by 5m feet and it turned up missing one Day last week. When the search became known town manager Peter Mckenney got a Call from a sheepish resident who admitted i have your tube and will bring her Back right it seems he had been told the week before by the town health officer that his toilet facilities were inadequate and he needed a septic tank. Seeing the tube at the dump he thought what a Dandy septic tank it would make As is not identifying it As the Public incinerator. So Mckenney related the Man got a pulpwood loader and put the tube aboard a truck and drove Home. We re going to put a sign on it now says Mckenney. A ten minute thundershowers dropped a Quarter of an Inch of rain on the Augusta area late Friday afternoon. The fast moving storm came after temperatures had hit 81 degrees. Lightning struck the Capitol Street sub station twice knocking out Power for two minutes each time. Central Maine Power co. Officials1 said. Isolated lines in Winthrop Wayne and Belgrade were re ported Down and cup Crews were dispatched to the scene. Power in the area was quickly restored. Power was out for ten minutes along Litchfield Road and Leigh ton Road in Augusta. A Large Frame Structure under construction As an addition to a Hen barn on the farm of or and mrs. Linwood Pease of Strickland. Livermore Falls was blown Down Friday after noon by winds Pease termed As almost Hurricane Force a thunderstorm with heavy Rains hit the area about . Lasting Only ten minutes. The addition which was being built by Charles Barker of Leeds was 144 feet Long and 42 feet wide and was up to the third Story. Two of Pease s sons Michael and Ronald . Barker Roger Curtis and Paul sur Bush were in the building at the time but All were uninjured. Sur Bush and Ronald Pease were working on the top floor and Rode Down with the building. A 1965 Sedan parked inside the building owned by Roger Curtis had its top wrecked. Pieces of plywood from a pile stacked outside were blown Al most 500 feet away. Pease said the building which was scheduled to be completed in fifteen Days was covered by insurance. A fire begun by lightning damaged the upper storage area of a thicken House Friday at continued on Page 2 col. 3 Marina Friday afternoon s 10-minute storm drop grandson of or. And mrs. Joel Marsh. 77 Ped nearly a Quarter Inch of rain on the Sewall St., floated along in a half Canoe City. Storm drains walked at the Load and his father j. Conrad Marsh acted As first Sewall Street South of Western Avenue was mate and guided the boat from the splash All afloat in Short order. Jeffrey Marsh of passing cars. State museum revision will give capsule View of cultural building a Klir Beck display at the Maine state museum attention property owners 2 new branches of Security Check service to serve you Whitefield Tel. 737-4942 China Tel. 445-2022 notice on thursday october 1, the Augusta disposal area at Hatch Hil will be open monday through saturday 7 . To 7 . And sunday 8 . To 12 noon. After october 25, area will close at 4 00 until Spring the cooperation m this environmental pollution control Effort will be appreciated Augusta Public works department the Village inn re 27 Belgrade lakes cocktails dining and dancing Fea Tunny Betty Kelly and the villagers Friday and saturday nights the barn door cocktail lounge Buffet dinner sunday night 6 to 9 p in. 95 phone 495-3553 for reservations open til nov. 1 Kyj photo by Veilleux the lith6ow Public Library will be open sundays from 1pm to 5 beginning september 27 notice now open sunday 9 . To 5 . Riverside car Wash some Long standing displays Are being moved out of the state museum in the ground floor of the state House. In their Stead will be some trimmed Down versions of the exhibits to be placed in the museum when the new Maine cultural building is completed next year. Robert l. Damm director of the Maine state museum com Mission said several factors led to the decision to dismantle old exhibits and substitute new ones now. We have to move out within eight months he said. There will be no exhibits ready when we first move into the new building. But Well have to e something to show so we Hope to transport these Over our storage area is All filled up and we would like to show some of the new tilings we be what the museum will be showing in the state House is a capsule version of the new approach to exhibits to be taken in the cultural building. Unlike conventional museums where artefacts Are arrayed in Dusty cases the Maine museum will feature exhibits based on the areas of Basic human activities and displayed in something like life like settings the Small version to be erected in the state House will Riverside Lodge Jefferson Maino special meeting sept. 26, 1970 supper 8-00 25 a 50 year medal awarded Royal Arch player from Kittery All Maxient Are invited panelling Sale Sheet and up wonderful world of Walls 5 Summit St., Fairfield 453-7322 open til 4 . On sat. Give an Opportunity to evaluate the new design. Damm said. The four natural settings built by the late Klir Beck and the Trout Pond with its live fish will Coffee break by Jerry Durnbaugh not be dismantled at this time Damm said. Just the display cases will be removed. The Pond and natural settings will not be transferred to the new museum however. They really can t be Damm said. They would have to be sawed into quarters and then put Back the Basic construction is plaster Over steel lath and would be today s chuckle a running mate is a Hus band who dared to talk Back. Copyright general features corp Hathaway s cider Mill it. 132, Monmouth Clear cold tweet cider Cherry and Cran Appu open daily 10 . To 7 . Wall to Wall carpeting shop Frank Pomerleau a inc. 43 Bridge St. Augusta ski Doo open House at fort of Stern Texaco no ave augusts today thru sunday 8 n a to 8 . As difficult to dismantle As it would be to reassemble in addition some of the continued on Page 5 Kjin o Jiffy today s weather partly Cloudy Index Page Page amusements 5 obituaries 2 Ann Landers 3 social 6 Church 3 sports 8-9-11 comics 13 sportsmen crossword 14 say 11 editorial 4 to 10 financial 13 weather 2 Gardiner 12 Winthrop 7 Hallowell 11 weather vane restaurant rat. 17 Readfield today our own baked Beans with Frankfurter and coleslaw and bread a Buffer 95c live lobsters 4 Steamer clams at All times open 7 Dayi a week Bruneau s Market route 202 Winthrop rent a a haul truck or trailer i Way or local 75% moving Coati Caldwell s Shell service 173 state St., Luquita 622-0591 for better buys in Quality furniture and appliances shop Frank Pomerleau a inc. 4j of. Augusta

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