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Daily Kennebec Journal (Newspaper) - May 10, 1916, Kennebec, Maine journal wednesday May 10, Kenn Bohec journal entered at the Augusta office second Man matter. 1825 me notice whatever jul be taken of Uit signed . The journal cannot be held responsible for the preservation or return of rejected address All communications relating to subscriptions and advertisements i to Kennebec journal company publishers Augusta Maine. Wednesday my 10, 1916. Breathes there the Man with soul so dead who never to himself hath said this is my own my native democratic extravagance. Some question has been raised As to the Justice of the charge Oft re heated that the democratic administration has been guilty of Gross sex trav Ignace and it has been suggested that figures should he Given to sup i it it Pip fort f the charge is furnished c be word can liar cell Cist lond v 17 Keresen t in Waarren u Orth Bailey of Penn lifelong ind Una demo crat free nut in Del note it is True in it the try is in a depleted condition p Havi fir ii on i i i v no i pm i 1 h Hind in h a u d nut i up Dune the 1 Altimore plat pc in i i in j hip Dernus c Riptoe to c i n in sex Tenc Litiere on u Titi undo t res hive been my thin eve 1 Fol or talc Rule in the United will be voting not alone for bulb Good but for the Benefit of a posterity. T it helping Brazil. Secretary Redfield him Tunde a other about increasing our Trade with South Arner loom countries and Secre tary Mcadoo was recently sent to a Trade convention in Buenos Ayres for that purpose. If it is the plan of administration to do All the boosting on the South american aide they might As Well spare themselves the trouble because the Underwood near free Trade Tariff Law is perform ing that feat with remarkable buc chm. Brazil for instance during the eight months period july. 1915, to february 1916, inclusive sent us 188, Worth of goods compared with for the corresponding period july 1914, to february 1915, an increase of 000, while our exports to for the 1915-16 period increased but a Law that makes the Handicap two to one against the United states May Well be dispensed with even if its author. Senator Underwood had a fair trial thinks it has not anti liquor sentiment in France. Great anti liquor mass meetings held in 1-Yance sunday one in thi1 so Binni and the other at Rouen of i Uil i in Lexe minister of pub Lic inst in Unn he principal Iker at the sorbonne meeting he said the against liquor must be i a tinted with tie greatest Energy meeting resolutions were Ade Pei urging pail ment to suppress or. To affix and to begin by pro i Lions exr Pfleckl All previous icon i a has Hof n a u Rel of Damoc in this w t hurl should 1 list in print m later in Ici Vii i hero on id 1 no i re icon f r to p retention of the 1 i a in Suga Elf p 1 in if Clr cent dec Norv n in in 11 a Hilting the Sale and manufacture of is t to Ltd appetizers containing alcohol and in preventing private distillers from marketing their output ibid express a Hope for peace in her last note in the follow ing w Ord the thought of the great doom which threatens the entire civil if Falls of i world should this cruel and san in e Rover pent term mind even the War be extended and prolong i pious stamp tax is less odious than eel the tax on sugar i want to protest with All my might against this be Trujil of democratic pledges extravagance is flourishing unchecked with even Ordinary p Pudence we might maj organized Bible class association convention. Waterville inter Scholastic prize contest at Colby College. Wat i May court Tran Kallir Ilion whatever thit the demo Olvil term Farmington maj 16 17-Cumberland county w. A t l convention View Gloucester May 17-Urand Lodge. Knights of by Ihlae annual convention Bani or May 17-grand Lodge. Knights of pythias annual convention Bangor May Day press association ban Hrang expenditures thin the limits of income it grieves me to stand in opposition to my party in this matter but i cannot make Light of my Given word i shall Rem in to the pledge Given and slant True to the peo ple then or Bailey voted against the retention of the duty on sugar democrats increased taxation. With an incredible disregard for facts a Texas congressman has placed in the congressional record what Pur ports to be an enumeration of demo cratic achievements. In which he de clares that the Underwood Tariff Law greatly reduces taxes on the necessaries of life and indeed placed Many articles of necessity on the free list the fact is As shown by the record of this administration that the Cost of living was not reduced by the passage of the Underwood Tariff act if the necessities of life Are taxed at All the consumer pays the tax when he bus the article if the removal of the tar Iff did not give the consumer his food and clothing at a lower Price then he has not in fact been relieved of and tax on the other hand there can be no ques cratic administration imposed numer Ous stamp taxes which the people of this country Are paying directly or in directly most of them Are paid directly As when a Man puts a stamp on a Telegram an express receipt or a Tel Ephone message if the individual does not pay the stamp tax directly. It be comes one of the costs of conducting a business and the business Man takes it into consideration in fixing the Price of articles he has to sell it is Clear the a fore that the democratic administration has untaxed nobody formerly under the import duty Law we made the foreigner pay a considerable portion of our we relieved him of that Bur Den and substituted income and stamp taxes which the democratic administration has required the american peo ple to pay i Loans on life insurance. Loans upon Lue insurance policies Are the last recourse to a Man who is in financial Straits a husband or father hard up indeed to Trench upon this defense of his dependent wife and children in the time of need when he is not at hand to help them it is therefore significant to learn that in the first Vear of the Wilson traction that year of Baleful memory when the new Freedom was thrust ing the country into the Moit restricted productive activity which it has ear when the spurious War baby Prosperity was beginning to be huge sum increased More than four million dollars or to have All known the extent to the policies of the Wilson administration had effected american its few of us. We think had supposed that the dead hand of democracy was laying its Burden upon the next generation As is Here indicated the Man who votes Nixt is i Enber to pit we Are led to wonder if Germany is worrying about the doom of the rest of the world in t the president Riding a free horse too far when he attempts to bully Congress into endorsing his nomination for the supreme court when the executive and legislative branches Are to share responsibility for the third body Why should not Congress coerce the presi Dent in his nominations As Well go right ahead mister and Plant your Garden Don t wait for the Rural credits won t reduce the Price of seed Manchester Union do you expect to get yours off m Congress again i i anyhow it takes a lot of checkers and moves to Corner us where we Are Germany bother to end the game or move Back and let us out ultimatum Tum Tummy Tum Tum coming events Maine gossip then would i know. Should years reveal that were mock eries that Hopes Wen futile visions. Idle waste then with toy Young Identie for spark and a. Bonfire would i kindle i White haste on it i would thrust youth s signal desires of Spring the Trust of inno Cence All retaining Only unchanged belief in god s Beneficence. And when the bad blazed to heaven. And died away and left the ashes cold with smoke still ranging through my memory s Woodland then would i had. Indeed grown old. Hick Dexter in the Boston transcript. Daniel Chaplin Camp. Sons of Veter ans of hunger which recently con ducted a Campaign which brought 138 new members. Is about to inaugurate another with the Hope of making the number an even 200 before memorial Day. The first Strawberry Blossom of the season to report at the Kennebec Jour Nal office did so late monday May 8. Bringing the compliments of mrs m e. Lobby of Bowdoin who picked it that morning in a held at her Home she says the blossoms Are very plenty and she expects an Early and Large crop of Field berries. The school fire Drill Pavs an alarm was Given Moldav morning foe a fire m the basement of St Joseph s parochial school on Adams Street in Biddeford and the Sou pupils formed the lines and marched out without the slightest excitement or disorder. In spite of the dense smoke which of Lulea the corridors the damage was slight Dai fuck the mosquitoes up on Pushaw of you know that today is always the heat Day to clean up fresh air food three combat tuberculosis the ii. S. Public health service has reduced typhoid fever 80 per cent in some communities overeating constipation Lack of exercise foul air Eye Strain May produce headache7 polluted dry Nung water causes Man deaths1 an efficient health officer in a food Community investment bad Teeth Handicap children insufficient sleep endangers health t4ght and airy be moderated Emile nay Emile nay this Dally cry gave he. He d try each Day to find a Way for More Emile nay. He can t enjoy his Money now. The poor benighted oaf he made a pile but had meanwhile forgotten How to loaf. This kiss tells you All i have to say. Have you understood me she of please to say it again. Sometimes said Uncle Eben a Man gits a reputation of been Temble industrious when Hes Only fidgety Washington Star former would like to give p on a Good recommendation Delia Tut inv conscience compels me to state that never got the meals on time i Bonder Toiv i can put it in a Nice of Vav a v of might list say Thot 01 got the meals the same Asol get me Ben Gundelfinger was giving an in Stream seem to have a size and Char text ailment in sleight of hand in a after of their own equal perhaps to cite not far removed from Indianapolis that of the famed Jersey Skeeter it i he tells this amusing Story of his sex is said that two Young old town men went up the Stream last Sundas in a Canoe and ran into a swarm of mosque May 11 12-Oxford convention Bethel county teachers at would like to borrow one there was no response Rome one kindly lend me a handkerchief i asked the second time still no response i appealed the third and fourth times when a piping litle voice far in the rear came wafting toward the stage wipe your nose on Jour coat sleeve mister and go on shove with the started to do the vanishing hand Schlef trick for the Lodge under toes of such size and strength that Hose auspices i was appearing i they the boys were lifted out of their to d the audience i would not use mine Canoe and unceremoniously dumped into the Stream another Story says that a Mosquito alighted on one of the fellow s neck and he struck at it with such that he upset the but most peo ple believe the first Story that famous old saying about giving that infamous old Chap his due seems to at Here. A Yarmouth Man claimed to have been robbed of j55 by two comely women of a band of gypsies which passed through that town last week and the band was driven out of town and kept on the hot foot for several Days the Story being passed along by the officers the Yarmouth Man now reports to the police that he has found the missing j55 in his Boot How he must have shaken with fear the Best looking Gipsy girl was nug gang him As per report a sturdy appearing 7 or 8-year-old Augusta lad was enjoying a boat ride sunday at Comboss Decontee with an Uncle and Cousin when the boat rocked the least bit the boy showed great fear while the Cousin really thought it fun. The boy when they landed actually howled with terror hut once on the floating wharf was As Brave As a lion and to show his con tempt for the water and Waves said not fluid. I la wet my and deliberately sat Down on the Edge of the Whart and dangled his shoe Clad feet in the water said a bystander. Speaking of something different that reminds me of an incident in no ways connected i waa at my sister s Home a Short time ago and on retiring one night she re marked i used your room today As a sewing room Well that was All right and i said so hut she came Back with of but i spilled some pins and Needles on the Rue by your bed if you stick any in your feet just save pm will now in t that just like a woman people of All kinds editorial comment planting the seeds of hatred. New York world As the acceptance of Germany s lat est pledge must rest upon a basis of Faith and fact the interpretation placed in Gerry any itself upon the note accompanying it becomes a matter of importance. Closely censored As the press of that country is at All times its utterances now must be regarded As even More significant than its silences Berlin s Promise to abide by the Law of nations in submarine warfare Fol lows this Plain charge that the United states has taken sides with the allies As matters stand the German govern ment cannot but reiterate regret that the sentiments of humanity which the government of the United states extends with such Fervour to the unhappy victims of submarine warfare Are not extended with the same warmth of feeling to Many millions of women and children who according to the avowed intention of the British government shall be starved. Moreover the German people know to what considerable extent its enemies Are supplied with All kinds of War material from the United states. When the German government thus puts into a state paper poisonous a m i w 111 j 11 j 11 141 i j Man. A spendthrift said a Dollar is useful to buy things i like it for what it will get if it gets better courage a larger Opportunity and a Freedom to do things unhampered by fear and la kit s i Likely to be in a savings Bank with other dollars earning Good Money while awaiting investment. The spendthrift Seldom knows these the cumulative of 4 per cent interest. State Trust company Augusta Maine Cusat Lons implying hostile acts on our j. J. J i t t t i i i 1 i i-1 1 1 i i i .1 t t t r Airt Nyrl manifestly to i j l l l l l ii 1 i i a polite explanation. Saj your kid nearly fractured my Skull he struck me on the head a Brick you v. Ere torpedoed by mistake the Hipsle was intended for one of his Little playmates looks like a Busy year in politics does it not " quite so. I see a Washington Man won a seven passenger car by getting 000 ballots in a voting contest even with a seven passenger car it vill take a Long time to give complimentary rides to All those vote furn Fishers in bad. Nobody likes the Umpire it s the logical result of trying to be strictly Neutral Grange notes part and manifestly intended to Embler the minds of its subjects against the j american nation its assurances of basis even its so called con Friendship Are open to question if not cession extending to Fie lighters in suspicion. Instructions Long Ato issued in regard to dense As Berlin diplomacy appears other classes of merchantmen and re to be. It is not ignorant of the fact Peu edly violated by i Ivil that we have resolutely maintained commanders decorated la the camper our rights from whatever Quarter As or then Dis Obidene e ire i c i i sailed and that our uninterrupted Trade Tineil upon a cruise of action which with Germany a enemies is not due to favor but to the failure of the germ in Navy to fight for control of the sea and for Germany s women and children fan u c induce of the or what is in fact a reproach to Germany trims As in Suisi Uoti c Mili s thus wickedly made an indictment Ante Voth against the american people which its Imp authors believe will not be forgotten to Picoc d if the purpose of this Sunder was to Effort to fun e i intensify feeling against the 1, United methods of Whf states is there not reason to assume in Iusco the hat the much discussed proviso con attn and this fact is edition expectation or menace by which the excuse Fen the lie. The latest Imperial pledge seems to be to indict i Nothna note he Foi e qualified has the same evil object relations but the Promise is made in the Frankfurter Zeitung so contends his behalf the it Slin uld another Steim or it emphasizes the Point that the or be sunk he we uld Call Home Aribas Promise does not contain a lasting re Sidor my nun Clation of the principles of naval Chr Natoiff i 1 1 ii i Augusta Lodge director vice my n c i in is arc to in it tend Ai in 1 k i 1 1 til a ii k in if Mcmil l v x 1 Haj set Odd Fellows Hall the i resident s d in mils l willingness on his put1 unit i it in in in ill i me it if Asylum Lodge no 1 inc Ltd t i Iida n to -0, regular tin Heit fun in i h front s of expect a continuance Britain to raise us blockade the of the c As Long is the tag cliche Mundschau gaily refers to Intel St it s demeans itself to Deu on America s Promise to uphold the Freedom of the seas and challenges us a Lusis of Fitzie practise instead of list pc of Dimanco the pen will re mini its pm Lipil Winpon of i him ind i it cation Troy mrs Lames underwent a a re ten i Prii Al o 1 St r Ilion it the Hing or 1 Ospital Nisi Der no i us rely in Irvn rth t nip Incel Niks second an 1 Turner Grange. Turner Grange held its regular meeting May 6 at 10 30, worthy Mas Ter Leavitt in the chair record read and approved report of the commit tee on resolutions on death of George f Varney there were nine applications for membership received the lecturer then presented the following program Reading and encore by m Hall paper. Small fruits on the farm b l. Q Shurtleff who showed How easily it was to have the Small to convention South China coun May 26-Kennebec county sunday also Catlon convention. Albion 27-Bowdoin prize essays Brunswick College june Brunswick Ivy Day exercises june a 17-second Maine state expo so but a. Of m building. Commencement in in f a lain 60th anniversary Central Institute. Pittsfield. June n-1 Portland june Centennial political conventions. June 7-Vational tied Chicago one of them a fruits if one will Only take the time applied for enlistment set them started discussed by or the naval recruiting station in port Conant or h i Irish sister land says tuesday s press but the Herms Ard Roswell Briggs. Climax was reached yesterday when a 8 dinner meeting called to Len a order at Iso. Program was music by the double quartet lecture farm credits by Hon e c Plummer of Bath who outlined a system whereby Westbrook Man with a Cork Lee presented himself As a candidate he underwent the preliminary physical examination All right but when told t o o strip for further details he objected Farmers secure Money at a Low strenuously after some time he a irate of interest interested the knowledge that his reason for not listeners and Many questions were wanting to take off his clothes was asked that he had the Cork leg he can get by choir consisting of George to show that we Are not Insl ally even socialist Homs that the adjustment is Only Tempo i Rary and the Kolm sche Veltung Sivesi America must now cause the removal of great Britain s hunger a Lockade the German people have been that conditions produced by the fill ure of their Navy to fight for then women and children have been due to the open enmity of the United Stites at last the falsehood has been boldly embodied in a diplomatic note supple menting this untruth is the off Sci Illy proclaimed expect Ilion that if Germi by s submarine commanders quit the assassination of americans for a be i son we Are in duty bound to do Whit Germany has not is to Sav nullify British sea Power and the Lei Man press so far As it is permitted to speak eagerly adopts the Sime View time alone will Tell whether a con cession made by a government and people so thoroughly infected with the virus of misrepresentation and Wrath will promote Friendly relations or Leid inevitably to More acute differences those who seek peace and Justice in Good Faith do not at the same time sow dragons Teeth of calumny and Boston hatred for future generations to reap i la l a in Wrath and sorrow Zocki another note to Germany Boston transcript the word from Washington today is to the effect that it is the purpose of president Wilson to Send another note to Germany apparently his so called ultimatum was not the last but the latest and was in fact a penultimate communication the next no doubt will be Friendly in tone but vigorous Rebekah at to o 11-Bon, n Ert Lodge Sec Calanthe Lodge no. 52. Meeting conc Nylon dec at k o Cio u a talk l he l j Davis k to of 1 Augusta Lodge no 954 ,3-5 o e regular meet mrs in i n l ,._" a41 e and fourth at i o clock o u a i u r he i to to o 1 at the i limn Arnold of i itt Shel 1 fuel Els in town or ind mrs Moil a i Werk end with or ii Imp Den railroads and steamboats Maine Central it. R. In effect sept 26, 1915. Trains l. Aulbia a 1 of g01-n0 Vvkbr-303 a m i ortolan i a m Kington , i or land Hoa ton to Treal inc a. J Ujj a. M Wick farm Lytton l Ortlund 1j4s f a a Hallowell Oard incl Morrill cof u f t each ill o us k c. W Augusta Camp no 7400, m w a. Lic Kielur n Ecol no be Ond an j Das Nea h i n a a j l i m h f t f a j a Kulij Molj Jil l Mui Ulab 1 i it re capital aerie no eagles meets in f o e 1366, f0 Portland Boston and new York 1 m. Incl beyond ice Atlandi m. Legion Ziaul Loi Laud sundays j us a Lull 10 a Iuliu tto ton Aroostook co Harbor Lead Lake 1 Ricroft and Hani morning does of a Atenville local to Moose Oakland Bella at r 17 a m to and around on it about As Well As on two t Jones mrs f w Bonney mrs real limbs and was puzzled to know Helen Frost and Rev f. Newport Why it barred him from the Navy Portland is hoping to see at least progressive Conven Conven Melv Vollea Fol a Maine at. Aroln is Colby at water Nihmy l3tsefoijd Kennebec Valley Lieh school association track meet. May Field r of m invitation track and schools Orono. Maine intercollegiate ten Oci Atlon annual tournament. Orono. The world War a year ago today May 10. A German Airship according to a dutch report was destroyed by a Fleet of Allied Over Brna Seli two of the Aero Lar r were wrecked. V. One Square rigger this season As the norwegian ship Sandvigen sailed on saturday last from Bristol. Eng for the Maine port. Three ships were expected last year at Portland to Load Grain but Only one of them came across the Atlantic and she went to Halifax. The 94th birthday of miss Charlotte j Thomas of Portland widely known As aunt will be observed on May 20 she is Active mentally. Reads a great Deal. Is familiar with the questions of the Day and has not yet Given up Hope of casting a ballot for the candidates of her Choice she was one of the Early associates of Susan b Anthony and personal Friend of most of the antislavery leaders Portland is pleased at the taking Over of the steamship business of the Ca Northern Railroad by the Cun Ard line because it will mean More St nera to arrive at Portland and an increase therefrom in business mrs. John Long of Bridgton has a White Plymouth Rock Hen which has succeeded in stirring the neighbourhood to the very Depths by laying an egg so peculiarly marked that no one can interpret the signs although about everyone has had a try at it. The egg bean a perfect figure 4 and several Wavy lines which my mean anything or a mixture. The Bridgton news says that it is some to extend a vote of thanks to or Plummer for his interesting lec Ture j h Blanchard Dairy instructor was called on and made some interesting remarks two Hundred pres of a prophecy few who have the egg have the least doubt j kind seen just what its significance is however it is very diff Luct to Tell As nobody has been found As yet sufficiently conversant with the Hen language to get any satisfactory explanation from the Pine tree Grange Lisbon. At Pine tree Grange Friday eve Ning plans were made for the Box so Cial next Friday evening. It is a Long time since such an affair has been held at this Grange the first and second degrees will be worked next Friday evening one name was balloted upon of the last meeting Lake View Grange. At the meeting of Lake View Grange saturday evening the third and fourth degrees were conferred upon Henry and Arthur Croteau worthy master Gowell was in the chair and after the work refreshments were served in the banquet Hall prior to the degree work there was a Short business meet ing n m ence ocal to Bangor and Mattawamkeag. J to v m Waterville and a p m and Bai. Waterville. Avow began v u Tor a. M and i in Tor an Neuan i Rains Augusta Lor Lullo Gardiner und Bouth at to is u a 8 j. C. Solo Lhasa land. Me v port at a Auburn Grange. Special meeting of Auburn Grange held saturday evening the in terms As have been its Long line of k a Calais by John predecessors we can be sure it will l a express to Waterville abound in polished phrases and that local however diplomatically weak May in its Structure the rhetoric will be above reproach an intimation in in unorthodox Quarter a week ago that the president s widely heralded ultimatum would not prove to be his last word to Germany but merely another contribution to the International debate which he has permitted to continue for nearly 16 months would have provoked from his defenders bitter denunciation As an unjustifiable attack upon or Wilson events however Are no re Specter of the forecasts of Friend or foe the fact Speaks for itself the Cor Respondence with Germany is to continue. The next note will doubtless be advertised As an ultimatum a last word and the press and the people of the nation will be exhorted to stand by the president in silence and Seren to def no v l Mac i Nicator o n Small knights of the Enebe tent no 15 maccabees Eod of near f Tom mfhk1i i r k. Ljydi 1 y j k Canaan or and mrs Haskell of a 1 Egan were guests of her son fre 1 i or family Days inst mis Jully c him Hill d i mis i i Eastern steamship lines All the Way by water Kennebec line. S s. City of Rockland leave Ardler tues Llmer an sat 4 jul 1 m it c i at Ity apparently nothing Germany can do will Force the United states to a rup Ture of relations while Woodrow Wil Scon is in the White House Germany Long ago foresaw what has come to pass and the Imperial government has played its game accords Nerly the lat est German rejoinder merely adds wan ton insult to Wanton injury even the president confesses his dissatisfaction with the note after an Over sunday study of its text the Semi official associated press reports the admin stration As regarding it As having left the whole status of the submarine Issue on an Uncertain and proposal8. Bangor state Hospital. Vij Neia a saturday evening the first and second degrees were worked of addressed to Board us loss Leal Trier Toad t9ann.n. On a class of six candidates next saturday evening the third and fourth degrees will be worked Eureka Grange. Eureka Grange Durham held an All Day meeting saturday during the meeting the following program was carried out Reading mrs Day piano Solo. Mrs s b lobby clippings. Mrs White Reading mrs Elbe Gale sing ing. America. Grange address of Wel come Samuel b lobby. Response Sadie Booker of solid Rock Grange response. Alphonso Wagg of Pine tree Grange monologue mrs. Bessie Harrington Reading mrs. Gertrude Holt paper mrs Julia Miller Reading. Mrs Sadie Booker address. Or. G. M. Twitchell. Tru8t8 ban lowing Daj due Boston 0 jul a in Boston men Fri at 6 f Al leave Bath j. I due Gardiner Jam by eident Tho Lul de acc a Bath and Boothbay line nah Anada and a Iurna at 836 a m Al week the and Boothbay Harbor Days at 7 a in and 1 p m Lorbati intermediate landings Boston 4 Portland line. Steamships governor Dingley and Bay stat ave Franklin wharf Portland i at 7 30 1 m for Boston wharf Boston. I eave Portland thursdays at a m due Boston 2 00 p m Maine steamship line direct Between Portland and new York steamships Northland and North Star. Thurs anal b sat state Hospital. Bangor Maine will be received at the office of or Frederick l. Nten Dent Maine in m Ane until monday May 29th, 1916 at 12 o clock noon for furnish All labor and materials required Sun Roora Bulion building cd for bid a. State Hospital Bangor. Me and a certified Check Tor three per cent of the amount of the accompany each proposal specifications May be seen formation obtained at the Parker Crowell. Architect Street. Bangor. Me. The to reserved to reject any or All submitted for this work trustees o. T _. Leave Portland tues at 600 p m for new Torh Ottave new York same l a week Day Trio in Tion leaves Portland and new Days at 1030 a a. June 19th to a Hradex. Sunt Ruck it a Clay Hunt. Apr24dtf Hor f in her 1 poor r pm i did 1 Marlon Tower lift m a clip f for to indefinite incl in is i k writing urst mind no it the i m f his Uncle Jeorse Smith John Goodrich and j bit Harry nere in Portland inst to Ulmond the meet incr of the Onmi i cake f the m i sonic Fra Lornita mrs August i rotini Mlsna Sarah Cwi up Possession Fulllum i cd is ail fim v will into the House vacated by mrs Packard what to do for itching skim there is usually immediate Relief for Bema itching burning and disfigured ringworm or similar torment ing ohm trouble in a warm oath with Resinol soap and a simple application of res Mol ointment. The soothing heal ing Ramol Medica Tion stops itching at once and soon clears away All Trace of eruption even in Bevere and stubborn cases unless the trouble is due to Stoffl. Serious internal disorder you need never hesitate to use Reri nol it is a doctor s prescription thai has been used by other physicians for in the treatment of skin affections. It contains absolutely Noth injure the tenderer bin. Every druggist sets Retinol ointment and res Mot soap Retinol soap soothes tender skins and helps to com Lenons Clear fresh and Vel Vety because it Content this Resinol prescription. Kennebec Bank opera House Block Opp. Post offi Geo. E. Macomber we. P. Whitehouse Thomas j. Lynch a. Miniken ice Augusta Mains w. G. Booth by Tream. Tui Stees is. Holway . And april 10. 1915. Geo e a com of o Kinsman win. H. Gannott the withdrawn by mull november. Clas. Adi four 6 of j5 words or Issue 30c. F for 1 or charged for a no four Iii a enclose Char few Are i the. Journal d accept any in ing of kind. Investigate prom every Clair on who be a lived or mistre an and journal will tha bring to its att on the part of make Good his p belief of this Vertise serves Best Only when h if you Tell the journal advert is a Tor p i for s Lor to let Bix room t. no Lorl t. R 1 it of b Geo Fuller s Man to learn the m f at Hallow Ell Iron 1 i Boito Shine Hen shoe stoic Jou hustling t Nighth out of Clisol hours Jcj Batman at of b Toon Arm e _ three or four i it i Pei urn at auf Cuma in line Voung Man to i pairing i a to Dat will make place for will mall Unla hoc Hep journal _ Man for Gener from to in o mlle b b Portl i vol last Mill me Mon Eaith shoe a. L us to a. Good m Lei i fault 16 it Emoi strictly Tempe 1 earing Man Frt in _1 manager and Tului Lur right m in 1 deliver Augusta Good Man for work Appl in pert Winthrop Maine 1 Tom phrase Rel Nulk farm 1 lease c Lurli g refer Lect a me Tel loj a Box to repair automobiles a at Good i to Octal offer Alai t Nee 67 tit change Tot y Forest i or a girl or woman housework t Ernil my must be mat n j required i a War Bill m it _ url woman Houf Aew t re Al 1 ing in Fain la of Moulton 16u w to do Plain Semi f lion la right Louin u ill two experienc n once for hotel coi 1 v to mrs l ii

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