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Daily Journal Newspaper Archives Sep 21 1957, Page 1

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Daily Journal (Newspaper) - September 21, 1957, Fergus Falls, Minnesota Wcatbe1 Cloudy Cool Al Fergus Falls daily journal Western leading daily 83 224 Fergus 1957 u established 1878 King Haakon Norway Dies Crown Prince Olav succeeds to throne in Norway Norway Lirose ties with Sweden and Denmark during his Keign married a relish 1rincess and once thought of incoming British subject Norway a King Hanson Vii of an old Sailor who Roxlo out the storms of invasion to reign for More than half a died Early today in the Royal he was 85 and the oldest reigning Mon the King had been growing weaker in his fight against a circulatory death came shortly after heart trouble developed at est Crown Prince Regent of the realm since his father broke a thigh Bone in a fall in immediately became the new there will be no no ways Constitution provided that Jaakon was to be the last King formerly crowned in Corona Tion ceremonies in Olav submitted a written state ment to a special Cabinet meet ing saying he had succeeded his i Promise and swear i will Rule the monarchy of Norway in agreement with its the statement the 54yearold Olav must re peat the oath orally after a hew parliament is convened in Janu Prince Cei Ved the title of Crown Prince upon his fathers automatic ascension to the Klyr a stately 6 foot 3inch Fanner danish had been in rail health for treat week us doctors announced he was suffering from the circulatory ailment and expressed fears for his a medical bulletin said the who had been receiving intravenous feeding because of a Throat Catarrh slept soundly until a few minutes be fore his born near Copenhagen was the son of King Frederick vi11 and Queen Louise of As Prince he was a 24yearold danish naval officer when Norway invited him to become us first modern Mon changed his he had never aspired to be a he agreed to accept if the norwegians voted for a in the referendum in roters favored a monarchy and opposed the new King adopted an ancient norwegian designating himself Haakon his infant then Prince was renamed respectful of the democratic Haakon moved quietly in the he provided unobtrusive leadership at Cabinet sessions and handled his ceremonial duties with Cour Liness and Haakon aligned Norway with Sweden Denmark As neutrals in world War an important event in his reign came in 1921 when the United great Denmark and Sweden recognized norwegian sovereignty Over this had been claimed intermittently for but it became an important question Iron Ore and vital Coal were discovered on the Arctic the reason Haakon was chosen King of Norway instead of his older brother was that the latter was danish heir his Queen was the youngest daughter of King Edward Vii of who was credited with having had a Large part in bringing about his election As Haakon was the first in dependent Monarch in 455 his realm had been ruled by joint with Denmark from 1450 to 1814 and with Sweden from 1814 to Mother opposed tells marriage although always a separate entity under those Norway declared its completed in continued on Page four Ives withdraws guard wild turkeys Are introduced in state Paul Neola game and fish Separi ment is Intro Dudnic wild tur keys in he forty of the Pur chased from a Pennsylvania Lurne were planted this week in the Whitewater game Refuge in Southeastern officials said the acc Refuge would serve As a test plot to determine if the Birds can survive in the if they do Plant Ings elsewhere would be in the first lot included 21 turns and 1c Haakon Vii new King was Fergus visitor 18 years ago new King of Norway and Princess were Here in 1939 Minneapolis a nor ways new King Olav v visited in Minnesota and North Dakota in 1939 with Crown Princess mar now among Points he visited on a tour were the twin cities where he attended the stale and where he dedicated memorial lower in Enger he poke at Fergus at Alexandria he placed a Wreath on the grave of Krule Nelson senator he Mayo clinic in Rochester and Concordia College at Olaf College at Northfield conferred an honorary doctor of Laws degree during a visit today Clemens Grans Olaf Telegraph new norwegian repeating passages from a citation prepared and read at the 1839 ceremonies by pro Fessor emeritus of sociology of the the message to King Olav expressed sympathy in the passing of your revered father and from the Mellby text repeated your country age Long tradition of Freedom in speech Anil and love of peace and International and the demo cratic cooperation Between ruler and people so Well exemplified in your Are the same we Cher ish so deeply for our own coun servant admits Mitchell murder negro Houseboy says he strangled former movie Star los Angeles a Detec Tives say a 37ycarolrl Houseboy has sobbing by admitted the strangulation of a silent move heroine with this troubled reflection Ive seen her face on every detective Herman Zander said Sonnie Hartford told him Friday that a choked 63 Carold Ginger Mitchell to death last sunday after going to her apartment to repay a miss onetime leading lady of William Hart and Tom was found dead in the apart mint Zander related that the actress took offence at a complimentary remark he made As he was leaving the apart ment sunday i dont know Why i did it she has always been Nice to police quoted the negro Houseboy has been in custody since booked on suspicion of his As quoted by related thai he grabbed her by the neck and choked her until she fell Limp in his first confirmed death from new flu comes in associated press the first confirmed death from asian flu in this country was re Lor cd yesterday by the slate of the Public health service estimated there have been 000 cases in the country to reports of new outbreaks in the United slates and Canada continued to pile in puerto Rico the health department estimated there were possibly new cases of As an flu in the territory during the week ended puerto Rico was believed hearing the Peak of to Hardwicke of the Missouri health division did not identify the Man believed the first confirmed the victim stricken in and returned to Missouri against his doctors Southwest Texas state College at san Marcos was closed yester Day until monday because the slate health commissioner s a predict ouse of a widespread asian flu epidemic appear to be president Flowers ordered he College closed after More than 500 persons were stricken on the there was no Confirma Tion that the flu was of the asian in More than soldiers at Carson have been stricken with asian in Boul 671 students at the univer sity of Colorado were at the infirmary with the the first cases at Carson occurred some weeks ago and Laboratory confirmation that the were suffering from asian flu was made Public at the Laboratory tests Wen being made to determine if Thi virus is asian similar tests were being Many in South Carolina where a respiratory infection hospitalized Abou half of two companies at Jack a total of 187 men Are of the Public health Venice sail increasing absenteeism in school indicate spread of asian flu in Mississippi am there also was Industrial absenteeism in in new the state health department has confirmed 14s asian influenza cases upstate there have been 12 cases in new Yor City since the department is investigating the possibility that other cases sex ised in the Eugene chief Opidee Iol Gisl of the Quebec provincial health said every thing indicates asian flu is a lice in he said it Wai brought in by passengers aboard Ransall Antic worst Turnpike crash kills five Pittsburgh a Fivi persons were killed Friday in of of the worst traffic crashes in Thi 17year history of the Pennsyl Vania a westbound Auto and a trac to trailer collided Headon on the Rains licked toll Road about fou Miles West of the Pittsburgh interchange near killed were a two Omar and two All were occur pants of the which bore California License state police said the car Sud Donly skidded across the Media strip directly into the path of the oncoming the strip Divide the highways cast and West threshing on Sageng near to continue through sunday says he Jse All Legal cleans in fight Appeal from injunction to Uncertain of Heliin to school who l3l the photograph of famed composer at Helsinki Home at age 91 Over 20 major works by Jean Sibelius Helsinki Skibeli a mystical giant among the worlds died last night at the age of he had been in Good health until stricken with a rage at the Villa which he built near Helsinki 53 years Sibelius left his imprint on the world of music with 13 symphonic seven symphonies and Sev eral works for piano and he also left a Al though his last published music appeared in the Laie he was believed u Hare worked on an eighth symphony in More recent his deals May yield the the grand sweep of his tone poem filandia has intrigued and mystified audiences since it was first performed in the russians who then ruled the land of the fearing that its grandeur might incite Freedom banned it for a the Swan of with a dark philosophy of death and was second to Fin landia in the favor of Western Sibelius especially those in e and in also were widely Sibelius last published major work was which appeared in 1926 and a collection of minor works called opus 116 was published in one critic said the craggy faced composer identified himself with the the most vivid and the most somber manifestations of the sea and he spent Many hours tramping through Woodlands near his secluded Home and watching the sky and Clouds from his Sibelius was bom on at Hamelin a in Central he began composing at the age of after a fling at leg Al he dedicated his life to Jean Sibelius mechanical Corn picking contest set Worthington than persons Are expected to attend Minnesota first state mechanical Corn picking contest Oti the Robert Burns firm a halt mile North of Here winners will be eligible for the National contest two Days later near Sioux weather Bleak in most areas Kansas records heaviest Rains for 2lhour period associated press Bleak and Rainy weather stretched from the Atlantic coast to the Rockies thunderstorms and powerful winds which belted parts of okla Texas and Kansas last night still battered the areas Early to a warning of Flash floods on Small streams was issued by the weather Bureau for parts of cast Central Kansas after torrential Rains drenched the almost five inches of rain fell at in a 24 hour period and the downpour severe storms accompanied by hailstones up to three quarters of an Inch in pounded the Childrs Wichita District in Western winds reached 54 Miles an hour in fort several tornadoes were spotted in the Rainy one reportedly touched the ground Southwest of and funnel Clouds were sighted near today wet Belt reached from the Southern Plains northward to the upper Mississippi Valley and eastward to the Atlantic except for scattered showers Over the Central and Northern most of the Region West of the Rockies will have sunny warmer temperatures Are expected Over much of the Western Interior of the country and from the Ohio Valley northward to the great elsewhere there will be Little temperature Benson Broadens Price support move made As guard against glut of hogs on Market Washington a farm experts differed today to How effective a broadened government support program for Corn will be in stemming overproduction hogs and other Secretary of agriculture Benson announced Friday that about billion bushels of 1957crop Corn not heretofore eligible for Price supports will be Given such producers Wilt be Able to get an average of a Bushel for this Benson said the purpose of sex lending support to this Grain was to strengthen Corn and other feed rain prices to a Point where far mers would not be encouraged to make what he called an unwise expansion in hog and other live Stock surveys that Oruc Tiomi of hogs is on the up big supplies might Well be accompanied by depressed prices at a time when republicans and democrats will be fighting for control of the new Congress in ejections in democrats Are predicting political gains in the farm some farm experts said they doubted the rate for Corn would strengthen Grain markets enough to prevent a sizable in crease in most Farmers Are Able to nuke Money on hogs when 1h pounds of live hog will buy 12 or More bushels of in farm this is a 121 the present relationship is this Means that the present very favourable relationship could narrow considerably and still leave room for a profit margin on a larger Supply of Gordon research director of the National was among those who said he doubted Bensons action would others in this class included some livestock specialists in Bensons own John Baker of the National Farmers Union said the action would help prevent utter to jets Ler in the hog Market next but not As much As if we had an adequate the new Corn support program undoubtedly will prevent Corn prices from dropping to Levels which would have continued the present unusually favourable hog Corn Price ratio for an indefinite the new support will available for Corn produced in a designated commercial producing area by farms which did not com ply with Federal planting allot Corn grown on comply ing farms will be supported a not less than a in a statement announcing Tiv new support Benson sail we have repeatedly warned to Farmers against expansion which wreck their in setting a support for con grown by noncomplying Farmers Benson was required by Law t raise the support on Corn grow outside the commercial from an average of about a Bush cd to about he also raised the support of Oats from 60 to 61 cents a Bushe Barley from 34 to 95 by from to and sorghum Grain from to a Hun below lowest temperature Ever Javy said Friday that its sooth pole station reported a record Low temperature of degrees below Zero it broke a worlds record of 100 be Low registered May the Navy the report said the temperature at the ant Arctic station averaged 83 be Low to the first 17 Days of this soviets say boys soft too Many dislike like crime russians told Moscow soviet sports paper fold readers today americans tre bom with a dislike of sports and a love of crime and it Are getting soft and Sissy and one of the main reasons is that the United slates is not providing sports such As gymnasiums and american it continued spend too much time watching gangster films and to programs and in drug stores and when they tire of these go out to do a Little Bur Glary or Young it do not have much muscle and do not like to use what they Little Orval in a lightning withdrew the National Juard from Central High school Asl night and was exploring various avenues of Legal Appeal to Lay to the Federal injunction that commanded him to pull out the As Long As this order is effect and until its certain re Versal on i will Faubus but he Wilh determine that he will Appeal Faubus made the statement in an appearance on a Little Rock last night while the troops were pulling less than an hour few late troopers and one automobile carrying two Little Rock policemen were parked beside the but the officers said they were not ordered just happened to Stop they the Little Rock school Board said a few extra night watchmen were but no meanwhile people in Little Rock Are anxiously Faubus next and to monday morning when classes resume at Central High school and the of whether the negroes will try to and Legal a pea Redin the in his Fau bus i have my attorneys to exhaust Legal remedy to Appeal this to was yesterday Ronald who said Fau bus had thwarted the plan integration advanced by tile school Board and approved by two fed eral Davies then declared the petition of United states of America fora preliminary injunction against Faubus others Danied in the petition is granted and such injunction shall Issue with out delay enjoining Hose respondents from obstructing or prevent ing by use of the National guard or otherwise the attendance of negro students at Little Hock High court Battle one of his Kay mat thews said the procedure is not yet decided but that the peal probably will to directed to the eight circuit court of appeals in they it might be under a rarely used my Hoo for Faubus to go directly 0 the supreme they said they believe he could proach a single supreme court on his own might a temporary suspension of Davies does the injunction have any Faubus obey it while an Appeal is pending lawyers Here said yes to they Faubus might be granted a Quick hearing in the eighth circuit court on a motion to suspend Davies injunction until they can present argue explaining the Sud Den exit of faubus1 four lawyers from the injunction hearing yes said they did not Patrici path in the hearings As they the District court has no jurisdiction Over the governor of a Sovereign other lawyers in Little Rock they say eau bus at in accepted the jurisdiction of the court by arguing four other motions before school question the question you her on every Street Corner now will they come to school monday the negro students say they dont in the first flush of exuberance yesterday Over judge Davies Rul ing that ended the some of Tjem excitedly toll reporters they intended to appear at Cen trial High on but each of them said the same thing in different i dont know i Haven mad my plans yet there Are m Many factors concerned u will depend on the advice of a lot of people in talking it Over with my in a almost incredible the whole character of the Little Rock Story de from what seemed an Iron continued on Page four

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