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Daily Journal Newspaper Archives Sep 19 1970, Page 1

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Daily Journal (Newspaper) - September 19, 1970, Fergus Falls, Minnesota The Wanner Willi Chance of 96 221 Fergus Falls daily journal 56s37 1970 single copy Loc Nixon blocks rail strike for 60 Days Washington a act air with the Ixon has blocked for 60 Days a threatened nationwide rail president Nixon signed executive orders Friday a walkout by four unions against 160 rail lines and creating a Board to the unless Congress enacts Emer gency the unions will be free in strike if no con tract settlement is reached in the next 60 the signed under pro visions of the railway labor affect some Union 70 per cent of the nations railway work Secretary of later Wil Liam a lop labor Troub said at the White House he had hoped for a Settle ment negating the need for the executive it was with great relic he that the labor department recommended the president sign the but he indicated Only a few Points of major disagreement remain to be resolved after of gov those issues should be Deall with by the he he said a panel of the estimated 200 pounds of marijuana n a wednesday night near Fer Gus police officer Pete sex one of the said that some for Carrier established 1873 casualties exceed Egypt ceasefire proposal collapses Roll of it i f a m i t was 1s Friday Thal agreed today loan i at americans for a 24hour ceasefire in Jordan was re in Jordan but a surrender racing for the Malum from the jordanian Day Lary government to palestinian Egypt Middle i guerrillas seemed to line Effort had news i indicate j Agency said the ceasefire pro was sent to Hussein by guerrilla spokesmen m carnal Nasser said before the ultimatum that it quoted Nasser As telling there was virtually no Chance of Hussein through an emissary j that a ceasefire for at least 24 hours could prevent the inter National plot which is evident in movements of the j american 6th Fleet in the Mediterranean it also quoted the president As j saying an immediate the 1 a acc twin City bus system changes ownership american in the Arab world if let United states repealed intervened militarily in Jordan ices that guerrillas wishing to american and every would not be american interest will be a tar in guerrilla spokes the front said in a slate issued in no i h u american will in Safe if there is m i t if Ian marshal of no White House Dan ordered All his forces to i hat he reinforcement of Amer cease fire against palestinian forces in the guerrillas his order i announced by the was for a halt Al g i gon Friday was a precautionary in Case president Nixon decides that intervention in Jor Dan is necessary to save the fire is necessary because our me before news came of More than 400 americans in the formation about casualties is Majalisa ultimatum that Sers proposed ceasefire had virtually no Chance of accept a Cairo newspaper had Ance by the guerrilla Leader Minneapolis it locked trailer holds some instead of the usual Ber Board was formed so that an equitable settlement May be reached at the earliest possible its members Are to be named under the 44yearold rail la Bor the Board will study the dispute and submit its recon within 30 Over the following 3f the unions and rail lines Are to consider the recommendations during Nego a strike had been called for but government Media tors won agreement from the Union to delay for five there were selective shut Downs in some areas tuesday and wednesday until a Federal court order blocking any strikes took court judge Corcoran said Friday he would leave his order in effect until it expires earlier this Den president of the brother Hood of airline and steamship claimed the Industry negotiators remained Adamant in offering Only a one year 7 per cent wage increase the unions want a 40 per cent or higher increase Over three besides the the unions involved Are the United transportation the brother Hood of maintenance of Way employees and the hotel and restaurant employees and bar tenders t woman becomes War widow second time John Lawson has be come a Vietnam War widow for a second the defense department an this week that Marine 1st was killed in action in he previously had been reported Lawsons first husband died in Vietnam and his wife were married he had been expected Home 13 after a years service in Viet of the marijuana plants Over eight feet in investigation by the Fergus Falls police and the offer Tail county Sher office is journal photo by Paul okeefe r ported earlier that the number j and billed wounded in Are radio Amman broadcast sources in Washington that Nixon was pre pared to intervene if necessary fall campaigns focus on crime control Issue of Public ownership of the bus the metropolitan transit com Mission Mac took Over oper j action from twin City lines at 5 Friday and workers spent most of last night putting the in transit Symbol on some 625 buses and taking in both re publicans and Are focus ing attention increasingly on crime control As fall campaigns begin their final phase before the 3 general the gop has mapped out a coordinated attack on the Del ticket with version of the Law and order mean although roundly criticized republicans for making crime control a partisan they have gone on to specify the gop Alleg edly has in controlling Republican Clark Mac in a statement released accused his oppo nent for the Hub Ert of encouraging the very acts of violence and lawlessness which plague us at a Carver county Del charged that re publicans Are playing the cheapest form of politics in making Law and order a parti san Douglas re publican candidate for kicked off his party Campaign on crime a week he sharply attacked his state Wendell for a soft on crime Anderson mounted a counter attack charging that Minnesota crime rates have soared beyond the National a during Heads four years As the slates chief Law enforce ment said should not be a partisan Issue but has been injected into partisan poli tics by the gop aimed principally Anderson and is that they have done nothing to Deal with the soaring crime rate while head and Macgregor have a proven record in the in the gop is saying crime rates might be even higher without Republic democratic Macgregor contended hum has not used his role As titular head of the democratic party to support congressional action on crime his old friends in Congress obstruct said Mac measures such As let him Start leading Federal Safe by loosening the rigor mortis of tool the Sale and use of head has attacked Anderson for votes in the 1969 legislature democrats Are not saying against two imposing that republicans caused or Cona mandatory 3year jail term crime and for use of a gun in a major Humphrey said he the other giving univer of in no if there is one Politi Cal party thai can better Deal with Law and order it is the presidents committeemen to visit rehab acres in City Hijacker takes Jet to Cuba Miami a a efforts As surrender ultimatum by Field an affront to the dignity of the t a u i Jor Arab who Fate of 54 hostages from last weeks airline hijackings remained a red or be executed by firing squads As Majalisa announcement made i Cross Mission in Amman trying no mention of the egyptian Init he stressed that the ultimatum was imposed under the martial the Mac has delivered a j Law decreed by Hussein at the million Check to twin City said chairman Lester Bol stad toward the million Price decreed by a Tion the Mac takeover ended approximately 100 years of private operation of the transit which now is managed by the american transit enterprises management and service Minnesota sity of Minnesota police some additional Anderson defended his record citing his votes in favor of at least eight Law and order he pointed out that some Well known republicans also voted against the mandatory sentence Law and said his vote against the University police measure was a vote against a state police head did not use the words soft on crime in his initial Salvo against Anderson a week but the charge was widely interpreted As carrying such an Start of the fighting on thurs egyptian Effort and a Jalis ultimatum came in the third Day of casualties were reported soaring past Royal army forces were reported attacking the the Majalisa proclamation said i j us an who wanted logo to head said his Priori Caro settled for Cuba instead on crime and Arfi City issued a statement Fri Day night saying it would do everything we can to effect a smooth Paul me pointed out that Mei has 10 Days to decide whether to Appeal the court or Der setting the million Pur Chase complying with the court or Der and accepting partial pay ment will in no Way prevent the company from appealing the award set by the Chris ten we have that option throughout the next 10 j court action is already being i sought to prevent the Mac from paving bus Drivers from in Back pay As part of the agree ment that ended a 25day bus strike last Rodger Rose of a member of the Minnesota this is the last warning to the All guerrillas must Lay Down their surrender by 4 anyone who resists the Royal forces after this time limit will be treated As an outlaw and killed or arrested and tried by on a charge of armed Mutiny against the a for other reasons for in the iraqi news Agency said stance if Iraq or Syria enter the guerrilla spokesmen in Baghdad or if there is a danger of i denounced Jordans falling under guerrilla the Pentagon announced Fri Day that it had ordered addition Al ships and planes to stand by in the Eastern air Force capable of flying out refugees or taking in were already in position in the the soviet government news paper Izvestia charged that the presence of the 6lh Fleet in the Mediterranean is connected with the worsening situation in Jordan and said some people in the United states would like an excuse to intervene in the Middle it urged the combatants in Jordan to put a rapid halt to the fratricidal israeli Premier Golda on a state visit to Tow die East peace talks cannot re sume until Egypt removes the missiles Israel claims were pm planted along the Suez canal in to arrange their release report edly lost Contact with the guerrillas holding the Las Are demanding the release of palestinian prisoners by the governments of four countries As the popular front for the liberation of the group holding the Moorhead youth gets 90 Days for threat a Keith was sentenced to 90 Days in jail and ordered to pay a Fine after pleading guilty in Moor head Friday to a charge of Tele phoning a bomb threat to Moor head High school violation of the military stand Anderson appeared before so agreement that went along men to Ander who repeatedly leaders might be trying to edit the Young i Lave jeered Al he Del for not to be armed with Gaso line and was aboard the 727 on a flight from Pittsburgh to Boston and look Over just before the plane made a scheduled Stop Al Philadelphia International Federal aviation administration 374 letters from pos in the mail new York a a packet of letters written by prison Tice of the peace Donald Wir Ries after juvenile judge Dosland ordered him tried As an with the Meir agreed in principle that talks under mediator Gunnar jarring seem to be the Anderson admitted he Tele present route to but phoned a bomb threat to the i one insisted thai Israel cannot High causing it to be evacuated he was at the time on parole from the state negotiate a peace treaty with i country that violated a cease fire agreement the Day after it two men from Washington wlm arc serving the Handi capped at the National level will Imir rehab acres in Fergus Falls 22 my Roy american farm chairman of lie Rural areas committee under the presidents commis Sion on employment of Handi Ruppolt and Kord Kast Public affairs presidents committee on employment of the will Chr training acres is part of the latin Region sheltered work a nonprofit or to give training to the it is the Only agricultural training if its kind in the uni led an program to pro mole jobs for the handicapped in mail throughout the country is under Way n new i presidents commis Sion on of the of which Iho two men to in each he allowed 90 passengers to but kept aboard three flight three Stewar Desses and two men believed to be Faa inspectors or airlines the Faa the plane sat on a runway for an hour while it was being re the John harking said the is aimed at Lover the radio he talked the i a crime control platform the Del executive commit tee meets in closed session to Day with the possibility that and resolutions May be adopted for inclusion in the plat t said in a request for Young an injunction filed thursday that the 374 were the Back wages could not be Atter the paid legally with Public returned them to the if j Robert i1 fend the Back pay agreement i Uty of the v s ii anti imperialist Bolstad noted that the Mac the training school at red agreed to observe Anderson was the first person Nixon and Secretary of state to be convicted of making a William Rogers were report bomb during a to have understood mrs ers of War that were seized by j such incidents in the Meirs argument but to have customs agents Moorhead area this i disagreed with her conclusion Are in the mail to wives and i i families of the a spokesman for a delegation of Gram planned and that it Ini tends to work with the a pollution control Agency to is or to China a film Back by new birth control agent described As promising new York a chemical seems to leave the lists reported today promising body after affecting the experimental work i birth control will one Tablet is inserted in the that morning in the another c used Only once a four hours and the woman when the woman Bej goes Karim said dins offer the possibility of self eating the living in the Remote defining of Cairo and persuaded him to go to Havana in arranging for stil Robert and and chief of Airport police no Phila locating jobs to fit John one of the passengers released by the gun said the buses which Are Asne North Portem North Korea and Chi the research was described n Vav Dunn the in As very but a and May Only and met with Pham Van Oral family planning expert said need use at the Lime of a late Premier of North Vietnam in Asell May be very close stylistically la imm in Industry and the need for More concentrated Effort on behalf of the Handi capped in Rural areas is apparent from the fact that there i As a were 54 million people living one of the Rural areas the last census in by Nock and with about 17 million ing in substandard charged with the ily for developing inn program is the Rural areas committee under the leadership of the Volunteer the committee will work with All other committees of Iho presidents Volunteer health ions and govern ment including the de of and welfare in developing Tho program for it will Iho com the doctor shortage Fergus Falls and the surrounding area provide graphic example of what the acute shortage of doctors is doing to viral the situation in Fergus Falls has become More serious while area towns too Are struggling to provide adequate medical care for after nearly a month of research both Fergus Falls and the staff writer Hob lakes an i depth look Al the situation in a series of stories in the journal next in he probes the asking the problem has so Anile and discussing what can and is iving in solve the series begins in mondays miss Scheer told a news the ultimate family planning three to four limes a sheriff wins i with flip of Coin j Hie agent is one of a remark Able series of chemicals called hormone like Reimert Tor of the office of population for the Agency for International told n news fatty substances found widely m conference this is a very his pros la in the Range of and m therapeutic he t of a Bryan county sheriff is say May find still sheriff Hanks to the medical uses flip of a inducement j in n the if it i Tho 15 primary by As a treatment confirmation for the and unofficial Vole to for male m Amma was pro showed the Winthe versatile chemicals also he nor by 22 to n Lac of Kalama asked for a Jot a and the m a which is much of court Friday the research in Como was a 1 the in ibis the men agreed to flip k with Iho Winner becoming Sher and the million sales tax estimated report on in Camo from Sultan of unit so 11 1 1 n i ill Between the of is my no of which Al loan International mooting on Tho hold by the now York i my of Karim that has Boon riven i 12 multiplied by the per capita women who h missed their will Ket 25 i per or that 1871 will for of Tho first class for from in n n i i m i n i i i him uni no n Imil nil two it 10 goos from the 3 cent to the chemical is my in 1 Back pay from bused m 19rt census municipalities will got por outside to oily and the sales lax have Boon climbing in Tablet form Anil inserted in school District rots the remain in looters to county said to governments can estimate own payments by using the according to i the it produced a nor since it Mal period in 11 of die in under Law passed by the in the Tux brought Tho Lake this year will by pregnant by was confirmed in eight of Thorn have Horn Only minor the weather Fergus Falls area fair to partly Cloudy sunday with Chance of showers Northern to Day and warmer to Day Ami High High Friday Low at 8 Al noon a r sales Tux will set or each census Aboul be and Iho to minimum

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