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Daily Journal Newspaper Archives Mar 11 1961, Page 1

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Daily Journal (Newspaper) - March 11, 1961, Fergus Falls, Minnesota The weather 1artly Cloumn and slightly colder Fergus Falls daily journal Western Minnesota leading daily 87 59 eight pages Fergus March 1961 five cents established 1873 some Days everything seems to go wrong the farm a Lime of and Bobby i Breed burned to the round Fri but that Only part of the Breed tried to Pul Oul Hie i fire with a Garden Hose but it was she tried to Call the Clifton fire department but Harj phone was out of she drove to a neighbors Home about a half mile away but the neighbors phone also was out of another mile to another same Breed then drove to the Clifton fire House and notified the on the Way to the fire a fire truck dropped a rear wheel through the wooden planks of a Bridge and a Tow truck had to Rescue onetime Castro aide faces death damages asked from state choosy ducks feast too Well on Grain Fields Paul w ducks with 1 choosy appetites around farm Fields occupied the Senate claims committee late i witnesses from the Northwest Ern Corner of the state appeared to complain that the Migra i Lory flocks had wreaked havoc on their Grain crops despite the use of trucks and noisemakers to drive them nothing said Selvin a Farmer near would have taken a whole army to keep them got a permit to shoot at something to toot Nohre with trombone is giving out a loud blast from her Horn to celebrate Elbow lakes District title Victory Over Benson in Fergus Falls Friday the score was Elbow Lake Benson other cheer left to Dianne Kathy bark Melaas and Helen journal photo House completes action on Aid to unemployed Washington i the House has completed action on i he ducks an scare them i resident Kennedy emergency Erickson we used n Havana authorities said today no verdict Lias been reached in the military trial of american adventurer William i Morgan and 13 others accused Jot conspiring against the Castro i a military tribunal was re j ported Friday night to have i sentenced him to said the Fields raided were Alja but defense attorney Jorge cent to state wildlife i Luis Carro said this morning he this Sinclair a advised the tribunal Tor in the damage was establish Llad of act returned its verdict ment of the act of talc uial which ended Carro had announced Morgan Gordon assistant director of game and said Condit ions in Northwestern Minnesota were unusual in the fall of and his Jesus Carrer had been sentenced to be shot and the same information appeared in All government papers this been convicted of i unemployment benefits pickup truck to try to Chase them Senate has barely begun j a rainfall was about twice and All the potholes were full la Emler accounts said mor Liis attracted More ducks a Soldier of for Farmers were Hamp ered by the wet weather and were unable to get their Grain in i by sort of informal i Duck the slate cooperated in the radar finds lost big Airliner guides it to Field Paul big airlines prop jct plane played in Mother Hen Early today to a Light i Belle plane lost in heavy overcast with l Only a few minutes of fuel i k00f6r of two men from the Duluth air i Force their radio out of m in were guided in their some Chc Nucal doing but t34 plane to a Safe Landing at i Tillat Oak Tlle talc Fleming Field they were 1st win de and Allen Ren of the Lith fighter inner Ceylor Pilot Tom Mccosker of flying the capital Ais was alerted by the Avold Chamberlain Field control Tower at Minneapolis to look for the Small he spotted it 90 Miles Northeast of the twin Cit ies and guided the single engine plane to safely on the Depoor Ler described his harrowing experience f think the peo who helped us out did a real Fine he he said he and Rendyl had flown to on a non military flight and planned to re turn to Duluth Friday at 9 they took off but North of Madison ran into a thick Snow so i just turned it 180 degrees and went Back to Madi the lieutenant they tried again at after 2 when they had passed Depoorter said the beam guiding the plane and he make con tact with the control tie said he had to climb to feet to get above the overcast in Northwest wisc on the Wold Chamberlain lower had an unidentified Blip on the radar screen Northeast of eau the Tower asked Fly ing the Viscount from Detroit to to scout around for the lost lie picked it up a farm and shepherded the Light plane Cellon be toward the twin Depoorter said with his hour fuel Supply trickling he decided to drop Down through the foot ceiling above Flem ing and lie landed on the lighted no one was so Depoor Ter and Rendyl caught a taxi and went to get some sleep at a Motel before taking off again Winnebago High school gymnasium finally has been George Eitreim said Over a months the drip Ping water had damaged a scoreboard and ridged the gym floor to a Point where a sub District basketball tournament had to be moved agents of the builders claimed the roof was said the water was coming from condensation on Metal decking under Eitreim put the schools Art department to a vivid Blue Dye was mixed with 25 Gal Lons of water which was poured onto the within 30 the Blue goo started wit Nesses gathered several pails of it As that was enough for the roofing firm there fixing things Man held in jail six months too Long i fort Worth i Jessie Marshall was freed Friday after having been held in jail i without just cause for More than six Cecil Proha i lion Stoker said a clerical error caused the he discovered marshalls plight in checking on the mans position status a was in dieted last july on a robbery 1 the complaint was is 4 missed on i year old boy drowned in Bass when the injured party decided i Lake late Friday while playing he did not want to with his Little j a report on the dismissal a the body of Anthony Charles patently was and Marshall son of and Wil remained in Liam Carter was found by j t his Mother in feet of their Home stands on the Lake i Fig of to fast the Mother said she had Obj mop Polh served Anthony and us 2year Pic Luiu old she a much lae heard the girl Tony fell in sell temperatures j work on a voice vote Friday sent to the i 1 Senate the final piece of the two Bill package a measure that would make children of the unemployed eligible for the same benefits now received by child Ren without or whose parents Are the House last week passed eel every id the Dirickson testified that the ducks were connoisseurs of he said they stripped a held of ice mail Barley be fore they went into a Field of i Elizabeth Lia Tanen of Middle River one had a death sentence must be car ried out within 24 hours if the Appeal is that Means Morgan and an aide doomed with i Jesus for attached to the chief of having a plane Buzz the sitting us in the might in the state planted acres of the Farmers seek in eight claims of from to prevention measures by it devices that exploding the explosive devices be executed child drowns at Cohasset companion measure which Lia Tanen she listened would provide up to 13 weeks Adfur hour As the came Wiliona unemployment benefits in House for a Winter Tumblin cold All the and saw tracks in the i Alons the Eastern coastal states Snow leading to open water where a Creek and runs into leaves the Lake Early morning temperatures the Mississippi j ranged from below Zero in up state new York and Northern this measure has been stalled i Jin the Senate finance j i which will open closed door j meetings tuesday to consider i possible As passed by the the extra jobless benefits would Cost an estimated s930 million to 51 like the child Aid measure it would expire june if All 50 slates chose to take j part in the child Aid j and a number of states already have indicated they will would Cost the government an estimated s305 million with its 6040 Federal stale Matching for the Senate finance commit completing Public hearings on the 13week Extension Mea sure heard a Pica by Secretary of labor Arthur Gold prison staff members take anti Rigg stand Paul Eva number of Stillwater prison staff members quit if Douglas King is re min Carter recovered the body England to the 30s in North Durb for approval of the House they even ate inc she the Field was As Bare As this the state generally Doest Al Low claims for damage caused by Donald Sinclair of who appeared with the complaining instated As says Nesotas Joseph j told a news conference late Fri Clay that he had decided to air i complaints lie had received from the prison after noting that a j fair play committee had Beer i working and seeking funds in behalf of the suspended Ward Prifrel statement came As it eau Claire has j2 million fire Kau swept a two Story Brick i during his today trial at la Cabana fortress Morgan was accused of supplying arms to anti Castro rebels in the Scambray mountains the same rugged peaks where lie joined castros guerrillas in 1907 As a before the trial mor Gan pleaded innocent and insisted his Faith still lies with the Morgan Lias been locked up at la Cabana since his arrest last i stand Here lie told his five judges in speaking slowly and almost in he continued i guar Antee this court that i am found guilty i will walk to the execution Avail with no with moral strength and with a Clear i have defended this revolution because i believed in Morgan looked with races of a blonde Beard show ing on his face the head of the tribunal was a Captain who wounded a embassy employee during a Row outside a Havana nightclub last at Lac White machine works i vils prison employers Early destroying finished j have signed a petition in behalf machinery materials j of will state president at reel ions Turnbladh referred Nii Seon Tractive Steps required to Start the into of year elections held key to win in 1964 Nixon tells California gop he wont run for governor payments to Long Idle flow of John said he planned two one would substitute Paya you i go financing for the deferred plan in the House it would j step up collection of the per cent increase in employers pay j Roll taxes by making it act Road live to Richard Nixon said Friday governor vetoes sales tax boost in Archie Gubbrud Friday vetoed a Bill that would have boosted the South Dakota sales tax from 2 to 3 per cent for the last six months of this unless our calculations Are wrong we will wind up with or million in the Treasury at the end of the the Republican governor the Bill had been designed As insurance fur a slate building program and other t Bridges asks probe release of 2 airmen Washington my styles has asked for a Senate investigation of the circumstances of Lac release of two american pliers by the so Viet night he will not run for Gover nor of California next he urged California republicans today to launch a Talent new faces in the 1962 i am confident that we can win a sweeping Victory in Cali he told the Republican Central but i have a word of warn we cannot win by Assum ing that the present governor will inevitably fall on his face and be a action designed to restore the once dominant gop to Power in the Nixon offered to provide leadership to his Home stale but he did so Only after ruling out his own possible candidacy for he authorized a group of legislators who conferred with him Friday night 16 quote him As say Ling 1 am not a t have no intention to be a Candi Date or Institute a assemblyman Joseph Shell 10 los Nixon cant be counted out in it May Shell that his Law said a los Angeles firm will announce his Attil jillion on he declined the former vice in the party wont be Able to come his first political speech since he up with anyone else Strong lost the presidential election last enough to outlined a program of in prepared excerpts of i to identify the inn until on Republican prospects a Nixon said the key to Vic tory in 19g4 lies in the elections of i refer not Only to the con tests for House and Senate hut to the gubernatorial races particularly in the major states of new Michigan and he said he is confident Cali fornia republicans can reelect Thomas elect a governor and other state offices and increase the gop strength in he legislature and in con woman out Bluffs saves the burned out building nearly Iii Loci ill i i seven hours no one was Ini employees in the the White 300 company employs presence of Warden look thai the the inmates Side it makes Piston dispute with staff Mem Hastings for diesel f l lat suspended guards locomotives and other machinery Ami altered charges prepared by against us the armed Bandit faced in an Alley behind her Home and this is a she slammed a Gate in his do you want me to use this gun he you suit yourself about the elderly woman said and walked toward her when she arrived at the porch and looked the Man was and the in her purse was jobless Man finds in Street Lay in the Street in front of Here you folks be looking i the Johnsons drove on a i Hie called a David k Tay brinks truck had been j Johnson told a reporter cd truck into a a father j taking it from the United call1 what had out in inn l ii Jon found it und Corn in jink to the Keflon he Irner to Sajiw this Bill Liiv Isief in the Lcuile i serve Puidk fifteen Iii once lines i thought if 1 kept that Nion were piled Inch inside the truck picked it up Iii us i no nit 11 Irvi i Ikey id never be Able to look my j three kids in the face said Douglas William when he which has been about half the time in the j last six the neatly dress negro maintenance Man washes windows and hauls away he when about a his wife he drove to an apartment under construction where he had i appointment to Sec about cleaning up the the Man he was to Sec want As he drove away the Canvas i the piled High one apparently Slid Oft the hit a horizontal inside handle that released the door and fell into he a guard inside the truck Sal fac ing Forward updating his rec and Dindl notice he open Driver Robert saw j it when he happened to glance j and threw it in the Hack of our station we drove about a curiosity the Heller of me and i turned around and looked Al i do you know what youve picked up theres in that lie no and started Shak ing All Johnson said i was knocked off my i never dreamed id have my hands on anything like Back through a rear window his scores of police and Fiji agents were scouring the trucks past the bag was sealed but bore a route when Johnson telephoned tag staling the sum it contained Fri Ive got something i in 10s and a former Chicago Taylor dont Call the to have every car in j the City out at your House with sirens blowing and people com ing around and the neighbors wondering what you have i Johnson i Johnson and Taylor agreed Johnson should Call he Fiu in four agents in Ilice cars were there almost the Johnsons 10 and 11 in school through what Johnson called More excitement than Ive Ever had for had anyone mentioned a possible Reward he said no one Lac planned to Call the Man about the at Ai Solher rial 18 months when a group of cubans co faced death for an anti Castro plot that Morgan himself pried open As a Morgan suggested hard labor for the guilty instead of some were shot Lacr any his part in exposing that plot ing Linn from prison staffers had j projected Morgan As a National accused Rigg of using abusive hero in he was put in charge of an experimental Frog farm that exported s2 million Worth of Frog legs to the United last october the Castro government arrested him a n d charged he used the farm As a guards cover to smuggle arms to anti Castro rebels in the when Morgan was the cuban wife he married after the revolution look Refuge in the brazilian embassy Here with their two children to escape a she left the embassy a few Days ago for an unknown Desti Olga was in a with her husband and 11 other eight were sentenced to 30 years in and three were Bui sources said among those acquitted was Mario former chauffeur for Marin turned sales evidence in a dramatic twist near trials end and backed up the govern ments charges that Morgan had worked actively with coun Marin was captured last month while fighting with the rebels in the Lis Cambray morgans appearance in Cuba came to Light when the government threatened a few years ago to take away his citizenship for fighting in a foreign j but Morgan saved a Ashington the trouble when he renounced his citizenship in 1959 and declared 1 am morgans first an Amer divorced him for deserting her and their two children Dur ing his cuban right on the a lest Pilot for Hughes aircraft Peers through an aluminium target which was hit dead Center from More than a mile away by a heal seeking Falcon missile at Holloman air Force Tho 36inch disc was one of a number suspended from a Tower and healed to simulate a Jel aircraft the f106 Delta Dart interceptors flow target runs at firing gar4a Arlo air Falcons such As the one at Iho the result Speaks for a wire photo Ike on deep sea fishing trip Palm exp resident Dwight Eisen Hower leaves today for some deep sea fishing in the cult of Charles president of Kich Bleul Oil and a frequent golfing will be Kis Chow cars companion for the nine Day stay near la mex

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