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Daily Journal Newspaper Archives Jun 14 1965, Page 4

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Daily Journal (Newspaper) - June 14, 1965, Fergus Falls, Minnesota Dam journal Robert c. King editor monday june a 1965 opinion Page Empire scores again the Otter Tail Empire was Given significant recognition sunday by de shave Dean of Minnesota outdoor writers in a special Minneapolis sunday Tribune feature. This recognition is another step Forward in the Progress of the area and is a tribute to the reporters and businessmen who have Given of to Weir time Talent and Money to the vital Job of area promotion. No Man is an says the poet and the phrase was never More appropriate Ilian it is in lie business of tourism recreation and travel. Only the very finest of the nation s resorts could possibly depend upon them selves for promotion. Significantly however they Are usually the leaders in developing area wide cooperation. As the Otler Tail Empire association gains in blame and regional prominence its members will also grow. They have wisely recognized this tact and with the capable assistance and advice of their manager Jim Faber have taken big Steps Forward in a few Short years. State Tun directory the state Depar Lenl of business development Hai published a directory of Minnesota s recreational attractions and facilities entitled guide to fun in the department terms it an encyclopedia of the slate s outdoor attractions and in our estimation it lives up to its name quite Well. The Book physically similar to the Standard paper Beck Road Atlas contains 132 pages of county maps guides to camping and recreational facilities and a wealth of other information invaluable to any traveler in our slate. Price of the Book is and it May be obtained by writing Central documents to Centennial office building St. Paul Minnesota 55101. It could be argued that a publication of this nature should be made available free of charge to visitors. We Don t think so. The stale has Many brochures and fliers available free and spends a Good Deal of Money pub Lishing them. This Book is no tourist brochure. It is a High Quality comprehensive work and would Likely Cost the state a million dollars to distribute free. We think it is Worth the Price and that every family who thinks of vacationing in Minnesota should have one. A fief offers say Greensboro . Daily news the Power of protest never underestimate the Power of a woman. Never under estimate the Power of a Demon stration. Never underestimate the Power of a woman Demon Strating. And never never in Goldwater raps lbs s military role Washington Tel a a r r y the 196i Republican candidate for president says president Johnson should let the military run the vietnamese War. I think the Slart being the president Sto trying to he the general. Lot the military run the Dere Simale the Power of a whole lot of women demonstrating. That is the lesson the new York slate Public works depart ment has Insl Learned. It was Laught by the ladies of mount Vernon a suburb of new York City who got themselves up in arms when the department decided to Widen a two mile Strelch of the Cross county Parkway near their town. The cause of their ire the state planned to Lear Down a Large clump of Trees along the Road Side Trees which the ladies say m u Are Cen uries old and our Nat rom Rioni should Urai into so what did he ladies do they demonstrated. Thev form strictly germs love soap by Sydney a Harrit More than a dozen years ago i wrote a couple of columns dealing with our National mania for clean bodies even though our sidewalks roads and Public places Are filthy with refuse and to Ennis. I suggested that our incessant washing and bathing was a sym Bolic act of some sort and had Little to do with Llie physical fact of cleanliness. Nobody needs to be that clean. Pointed to the scrupulous Way in which doctors scrub up be fore unc rating on a patient. Now comes a report out of great Britain demolishing the myth of the surgical scrubbing up. Studies at the department of Baleri ology of is. Bartholo Mew s Hospital in London and the Noyal Victoria infirmary at Newcastle show that those took showers before catering sterile areas dispersed far Gie Al i was hooted Down in Hunder quiz lilies of bacteria than reds of letters most of them As persons who came in without soiling that daily washing and washing bathing was the Best germicide j one subject indeed gave off in the world Many of them 40 times As Many staphylococci after taking a Shower. And All whether in Street clothes Surgi Cal gowns or naked contaminated the environment More after taking a Shower. According to the journal my a surgeon who scrubs with soap and hot water before operating May scatter Many times More germs Over the sterile area than lie would without the theory is that washing removes the outermost layer of son Oon t you know 15 open the Washington scene dems fouled up by William s. White Washington an old army expression called snafu which May be roughly translated As Silva lion Normal All fouled up for a Good Many years Lias characterized democratic politics in new York City. In of that the democratic May or Robert Wagner has declined to run again for one of the most j impossible political jobs in the to a politics of confusion is some thing special in the line of total chaos. So Long As the mayor appeared willing to run again there was the Strong probability that the democrats would keep City Hall. This was the realistic Outlook notwithstanding the eager Hopes with which the adherents of the More or less Republican mayor country the term snafu is far j Lily candidate rep. John Lind Loo pallid to cover the ground. I say. Were wistfully entertaining now the Only term for this bus each other. For Boh Wagner iness is Funbar fouled up beyond All recognition. Wagner s withdrawal from a very rough game has produced a position which even to new York democrats Long hardened Igner has always been very hard to beat on election Day. There never had been of course any genuine likelihood that even a victorious Wagner would be Able to bring any real he said sunday on Abc s radio pro de rings around bulldozers set up Bridge a abcs and served Indiana v Chapel fills student need Bloomington ind. Orthodox with Catholic Buddhist television meet the press Gram. The former Arizona senator also said he does t believe i Clear weapons Are necessary in Viet Nam and that he would t carries engage our ground forces s0 Lac was a place of meditation. Pre initiation services in it. Mere president. Observations James boys had Aura of Glamour by w. L. Robertson at five or id Miles an hour the if he considerable. Epidemic takes 7so lives in India of Indiana University to offer Stu the Success of this Eneri memorial ceremonies. Social fraternities and sororities hold cohesion to his party in cily or slate. But this Point needs Only Archt helical mention and in a Lurly academic Way. For no Democrat in any circumstances has for years been Able to do that. Being faction Ridden be tween Reform iils and so called old liners Between Liberal blocs and very Liberal blocs and blocs so Liberal As hardly to be believed at All has been the nor Mal condition for the party Al most since the time of Franklin d. Roosevelt. Excessively righteous reformers Long ago smashed All effective Organiza lion within the cily As political organization is ordinarily under stood. So the Basic Point of Wagner s departure from the fray is that the democrats have Gol them selves info a situation which even for them is bizarre in the extreme. At least three Power Ful party groups and maybe More will be pulling at each other to dictate the Choice of Susor. Inheritor May he candidacy is plainly Bly forwarded. If he had some thin Chance before and a thin Chance is in truth just Al out whal he had he kscond1do the United states has had a Large number of shocking crimes lately and 1 think Lac most shocking of All of Lliam was the murder of three link employees and the wound ing of the fourth at a Little Bank it. The Small town of big Springs neb. This was very unusual and an utterly senseless crime. The Robter Slayer entered the Little Bank Drew a pistol and ordered the employees to tie Down on their faces on the floor. He then scooped up All the Cash in sight and without any reason or excuse began shooting three men and a woman who were lying face Down in the Ihrcke and winding the fourth Lin Kjeld Aaril the son of the president. Killed were the pres ident of the Bank Andreas Kjeldgaard Glen i Hendrickson the cashier and mrs. Louis ill Han bookkeeper. The Man then walked out of the Bank jumped into a car and drove away. This reminds me of the equally brutal crimes perpetrated by Jesse James and his brother Frank and Lac younger Broth epidermal cells Many bacteria and releases which would ers who Northfield Layward. Robbed the Bank at and killed cashier the James and younger Brothers were members of Quantrell s gang who were supposedly fighting in the ranks of he confederacy but were nothing More than outlaws. Fed eral forces eventually killed Quantrell and the Lames and Youngers became the most feared band of robbers in the mid West. They staged train hold Bank holdups and commit Ted murders with impunity in Kansas. Missouri Iowa and Minnesota and were so no Lori Ous thai they became the subject of Many stories of murder and robbery some of which wore pure fiction but most of which Thev were guilty of. The crime that shocked Minnesota most was the robbery of the Hank at Northfield in which cashier Layward was shot Down in cold blood. The. Tames inc pursued and was i hair protest heard inc in fostering an ecumenical Beck said he noticed students have come to the indeed it was All the to or he Indiana Campus is understanding that Faith is a j Albany where gov. Rockefeller measured by its sponsor and world concept. They have he a candidate for re election next j curator. Or. Frank 0. Beck 9.1, iconic More and More aware generation ago another More and sometime Republican Fiorello Laguardia came Seal Islic and we re not in re-1 dams Blue knights look for migs in vain by Hal Boyle or bombers. Danang rough Viet Nam they be done their Job to per a a Small group of Amer fiction ican pilots called the Blue there has t been a sire knights have flown More than plane of ours Shoi own an 750.000 Miles in Hope of tangling enemy plane no Cue came with enemy migs. Said Irwin. Our sinking they Are members of the . J forces have been unmolested air Force s 476th tactical from the Squadron and their Erlo the Only icily powerful. Democrat left in new York we offer it As a satisfaction j missions. He also had been a sen Robert Kennedy of the spiritual need for Slu-1 traveler teacher and Slud enl in was nor was a considerable Riv i hair religious j Europe. Belief May lie. I know of none like it in the among religions presenting since the Chapel built in 1057 w jewish Loman Al to Kennedy for a shaky head of inc 1nc state n which tic had been returned this Lime in is9i. And was i have a strengthened rival. In plus sense he returned to Indiana uni a Cisily. From graduated asked by Ihnn president following this Roh try. In the Pursuit one of the pos mistress seeks top Job Bow. Wash. Tel the town of Row. County of ska Gil stale of Washington is so Small you wonder How a letter finds it but you can bet the majority of the nation s 34.000 postmasters know that Bow is where grandma la Henry lives. A very Prelly grandmother mrs. James c. Luiella Henry is the first woman to bid for the presidency of the National association of postmasters. Nearly half the country s postmasters Are Post mistresses. That statistic alone May worry Youngers was shot first and he other brother stopped Loaid his fallen companion and he too was wounded and both were captured. They had secured no loot. The Youngers were convicted and went to prison and Lac James Brothers went into hiding or three years. They tried to Lake a comeback in staging ii Glendale train robbery. The governor of the state offered a arge Reward for their capture cad or alive. This led one of heir associates Bob Ford of ill Jesse James when he caught Lim off guard and claim Thi re i Ard. Frank James was never of his part in Lac Rob cries Hul Lac Youngers served Ong terms in the still water Pris 3n in Minnesota. Meantime rank James lived on a farm in Excelsior Missouri until he died n 1915. By this time so Many stories had told about the Youngr Brothers and their exploits Hal National interest was aroused and a sort of Glamour was Crown about them. Some peo ple regarded them As heroes Al Hough icy had been cold blooded murderers. This Glamour be came so widespread that the hero worshippers began to urge the Minnesota legislature o pass a Law making it possible to free the Youngers and he entire legislature took a Day off went Down of Stillwater to Confer with them and consider he Case further. I was clerk of the engrossing committee of the Louse Al the time and went Losi ill water Wilh the Lugi Salors. Non sympathetic members were disgusted with some of their associates who gave the Youngers Ruile a big reception outlaws being received like heroes but eventually they were freed. One died cipher just before leaving prison or shortly thereafter and the other one 1 believe it was Cole younger became a coffin Salesman. Lie came to Fergus Falls and stopped in the journal office seeking publicity for business. Someone re marked Al the Lime that perhaps younger would like to make a Sale to mrs. Al upward the widow of the slain cashier at Northfield. As i recall he was a Small rather insignificant looking Man. He certainly was my the Lype that anyone would pick for a hero. There was probably some Eeling that the whole gang had is inc lion As an aftermath of. He unsettled limes following the civil War. In any even All the j members of the gang have been dead for sometime. I otherwise remain trapped below the. Skin the journal explains. Now please Don t Send me any silly letters accusing me of being against 1 am merely of Jawed to our National. Fetish for excessive bathing and showering which have Little to do Wilh real cleanliness. This compulsion As i it is a Dis placement instead of taking action against our filthy Environ ment As we Nib and scrub our own As we keep taking More vitamins than we need rather than Ealing a balanced diet. Doctors have Long known that she so called sterile Almos phere in the Hospital is More septic than the average Lionie. There is for instance a lower infant mortality Rale among babies delivered at Home on old newspapers than there is among those delivered in Ster Ile hospitals. A Hospital is Al most the easiest place in which to pick up a bacterial or viral infect inn. The old adage tells us that cleanliness is next to godliness. We have been trying to make it a substitute for godliness and it won t Wash. House painting Job comes to sudden end South Pasadena Calif House painters were busily swabbing an sex Lerbro Wall of a House thursday when a drive less pickup truck came along and knocked the Wall Down. The truck did t hit any of the painters and none was Hurt in the Tumble. Thomas Lavanis 42, owner of the vehicle said the truck was in gear and its brakes set when he left it parked on a Hill. As he left so did it straight for the House feet away. "1 stood said Ellavan is and watched it Roll Down the Hill around the curb go Between Light poles jump a curb then go straight Down the Yard missing every obstacle in its Way. Thai darn thing must have had damage to the Wall was not determined. They la do it every time by Jimmy Halo Fisher speedy chariots Are h04 sky fight cars. Even so the blur knights Are a bit Blue about the whole Busi we be Sieh cd migs once or they have Ali Oil 1500 twice but they would t come hours in the air a 3 Al Lite mates i r. Nos. j 3 mos. 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