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Daily Journal Newspaper Archives Jun 14 1965, Page 2

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Daily Journal (Newspaper) - June 14, 1965, Fergus Falls, Minnesota Equal Opportunity Job Law takes effect jul 2 Washington a the filial hurts an individual in his sweeping new Federal Law designed to eliminate Crim nation on he racial Dis Job begins going into effect july 2, and eventually will cover most of the nation s employers labor unions and employment Agen cies. It is the equal employment Opportunity title Job his attempt to get a Job his pay working conditions or privileges of employment. An employer would violate the Law if he fired or refused to hire discriminated in working conditions or Job Privi Leges or segregated limited or classified employees on the basis of any of the five Points. Of the 1964 civil rights acl. 11 j a labor Union would break the forbids employment Dis criminal j Law if it barred membership lion based on race color Racli expelled a member segregated ils members refused to refer an individual for a or caused the Law also specifically exempts the hiring of indians on or near a Federal Indian Reser vation. The pre Lection for indians Fol lows general congressional poli Gion sex or National origin who is subject to the Law in the first year employers nil employer to discriminate on with 100 or More workers Are the basis of any of the Rov cred. The figure drops to 75 in the second year. 50 in the third and finally to 25 in 1963. The same formula applies Locy of trying to help reservation indians who Are wards of the Federal government. The Law also sanctions Jolt promotion based on a seniority or Merit system or hiring on tie basis of an ability Tysl provided they Are not used to mask discrimination. It also preserves veterans preference rights. Whal Are he penalties for any of the five violation of the Law Points. If conciliation fails a com an employment Agency would Plain ant can file a civil suit in violate the Law if it failed or re i any Federal court. The court can fused to refer an individual for Issue an injunction against any labor organizations with More j a Job or discriminated in any discriminatory practice and than 100 then 75, then 50 and other Way on the basis of any of can order the hiring or rein finally 25 members. I the five Points. Statement of an individual with employment agencies Are ii also is illegal for any em-1 without Back pay. Covered regardless of si7e. I Plover labor organization on the court can provide an at is anyone1 exempt from the employment Agency to publish Gorncy for the complainant and any Jab advertisement thai int j free him of All court costs. The Iii Cust exemption under Rales preference based on vat a violation of a court order employers is . Govern co or religion sex or National Imil. Inn the hiv.1 says it shall lawyers say ix1 the policy of to United a newspaper which printed such slates to insure equal employ-1 an advertisement would not be Mem opportunities for fed Crul he d responsible employs without disc Siniua there Are a few exceptions to the ban on discrimination. Siale governments and their i is nol unlawful to hire on political Sulu divisions also Are the basis of religion sex or a exempt. Tionel origin if they Are a Ixia so Are Indian tribes and Lido qualification for the Job. Bona fide private member. Educational institutions Are ship clubs. Exempt in employment con Ferut i Loo Mil monday Jum 14, 1965 . Units move in on Dong Xoai continued from Page one for the Phuoc Hinh Thanh Spe Cial military zone. The vietnamese battalion was attacked As it moved into Thuan Village 4 Miles North of Dong Xoai. The Viet Cong struck from the North and West scaling off the government paratroopers from lie rear. Reports from the area said 250 of the battalion s 400 men were killed wounded or Cap lured. This brought the number of vietnamese dead or missing in the fighting around Dong Xoai since thursday to about 600. Eighteen americans were listed As dead or missing. Vietnamese government forces claimed they killed 300 Viet Cong in Hie fighting thursday for Dong Xoai and thai . Air strikes killed another 400. The figures were nol confirmed by the Law also provides a . Military sources. A Relief Force entered Thuan Javo Man from Pecker ale Al info Viet Nam tie truth got a from of chef France Congress i Wallace. I consequence this consequence Tiu of could As in other cases bring a contempt of court Fine or jail sentence. Fine for any employer labor Union or employment Agency that wilfully refuses to Post in a conspicuous place a summary i of the Law Loire prepared by the j equal Kniple Ymell Opportunity commission. What constitutes discrimination under the Law criminal penalties up to necked will their educational 000 inc or 10 in prison Are activities. Religious groups can for fore Ihly resisting generally any action based hire members of their Partick Lac ,.oinmjssjon or any of its on five color Racli liar Faith without violating the Gion or rational i Law. I annual pay legislative sessions urged u l e s Sutlon for pro Knmt-12 Walker approximately same As Kcmt-7 Ruo or ii Kcal Mccoy love of life be Isireli 1-Yir summer b Emester turns toll Hie truth i a soc might secret a Lorna Jack Kenny Ali eat re Captain Jim Louky Mickey Walter Cronkite. Dave Dyke to Skelton Petticoat Jet. Doctors nurses Joey Bishop Liq litre a tvs ulc. I ale show jeopardy Call my Muff i la Bel s Day make a Deal Noonday the doctors another world Yon Don t match tame moment truth 1 arly line sea Hunt Lloyd Thaxton Hunt icy Bra Nelcy news the Var Conlan Hullabaloo or. Novak weather tonight show jeopardy Call my Bluff i la bet make a Deal moment of truth the doctors another world you Don t say match game general Hospital father knows Welcome inn Woody Wood Necke news or. N Ovak Western the. Mystery Erp Edillon have gun news 12o conc i Lluch cartoons father knows the rebus Gams _ country show in wind Day in court general hos Natal Young in Frieda Trall master i time Palco is Nicht Donna need Beaver Gorilla Peter Jennings Ellale s Navy Minn. Twins news movie glory Trail question spectrum world of Itula a blends allies Kitchen St. Paul a the Veter an chief clerk of the state Quiring thai Bills be ready for intr Duclion when the a Calisla House of representatives be-1 lure convenes. Lives annual sessions of the lie said however that Mem Lavon aking body would improve its effectiveness. Be ship should never be reduced below the Point where every George Leahy who has been county has at least one repro an officer of the House for 35 years was asked on the basis of his experience what single change would most improve the legislative operation. Annual 60-Day he replied. One year the session would be restricted to fiscal matters financial housekeeping and the next would handle All other kinds of legislation. The 120-Day session authorized by a constitutional Amend ment adopted in 1950 has t worked out As Well As we Leahy also placed High on a list of possible improvements reducing the size of the legis lature and adoption of a Rule re session the flow on new proposals continued almost unabated until the closing Day. Leahy had High Praise for two innovations of recent years. One was adoption of the con sent Calendar called Calen san alive in the House. He also Dar of Ordinary matters in the admitted that he still leans to Ward the use of area As a Factor n Selling up legislative districts. States with the pc introduce Ion Rule find it very helpful he said. Minnesota has a Rule prohibiting intr Duclion of Bills during the last 30 Days of a ses Sion except by permission of the governor. But during the 1955 no injuries in plane crash at Airport Senate. To this Are assigned Bills of local or noncontroversial nature which can handled on the floor Vilh a minimum of de Bate. The other was authorization for regular standing committees to meet Between sessions to study specific subjects. This was adopted two sessions ago. Film Industry puts Trust in big pictures by Rob Thomas a movie television Wriler China prepares for More nuclear tests Tokyo is communist Chi Nese party chief Mao Tielung told an indonesian official thai peking is preparing for its third and fourth nuclear tests the japanese news Agency Kyodo said today. Hollywood a the movie Industry continues to a Michigan Pilot making his p1ate is in the bloc bust j first Long trip after obtaining his or i Pilot s License undershot the what is a blockbuster h is a j runway Al the Fergus Falls j film made with several millions j Mun Cupial Airport saturday aft-1 of dollars a Stellar cast an ex-1 Vernoon and nipped his plane lie Cess of action and scenery and and his wife were unhurt. High Hopes that it will draw damage to the 194g Cessna 120 Many More customers than the was such that the plane May not 1 usual attraction. A waspish Crit the Case of Mutiny on the first four winners in variety s the sound of fair the greatest Story Ever the be Worth repairing. The Michigan Man i in also Calls them rented a because of their extreme length. _ car and continued on his trip to there can be no doubt of the far from being dismayed b its experience with "cleopatra1 which is expected to pay of its Cost one of these Days 201 Century Fox is pull Irig ils irus North Dakota stopping in Fargo i salutary off cols on studio for in the big picture. The company to Rei Wrt Jho Accident to the tunes by blockbusters they will release three roadshow Federal aviation Agency there. Also can be near disasters As in reserved seat films this year. sunday and found the town empty. Roth Viet Cong and government dead had been hauled away and there were no civil ians. A . Helicopter made a mid night flight through enemy fire and rain to Fly three . Advis ers out of Thuan Loi during the fighting. It. Gen. William c. West Moreland commander of . Forces in Viet Nam visited Long Xoai sunday and con erred with vietnamese Brig in. Cao Van Vien. South Viet Nam s general lad announced by radio it had Ormed a 10-member committee under he chairmanship of maj. In. Nguyen Van Thieu to set p a new government and Organ Zaions along with a War cab the 10 members include army corps commanders chief of Gen ral staff and air Force com Wiander Brig. Gen. Nguyen Cao in effect Thieu thus be comes chief of state although civilian than Khac Suu re Mains for he time being As caretaker chief of state with Premier Phan buy Quat. Thieu was defense minister in the Quat government. . Ambassador Maxwell d. Taylor returned to Saigon from conferences in Washington with president Johnson and other top officials. Prime minister Lai Bahadur Avstri of India who wound up slate visit to Canada today told the Toronto Globe and mail that commitment of . Troops into combat in Viet Nam might Lead to dangerous Conse he said that India and Canada see More or less Eye to Eye on Viet Nam and both countries feel that talks might be possible Between the warring factions. India and Canada Are members with Poland of the International control commission that Over sees operation of the 1954 Geneva agreement on Indochina. In a joint communique Shastri and prime minister Lester b. Pearson took neither Side of the Viet Nam conflict. They expressed their regret that Lack of respect for the cease fire agree led to the present higher level of and i said they were convinced that i a purely military solution was j neither practicable nor Desira african and asian leaders gathering in London for a con Ference of Commonwealth i prime ministers want a Clear Cut declaration disassociating the Commonwealth from . I action in Viet Nam and the dominican Republic informants j reported. Supreme court rejects any to of proceedings new York Lyl us i prime court has rejected a re quest that its proceedings be i televised by the Columbia j broadcasting system. In an Exchange of letters .1 i Gre 103 East Lincoln Avenue fur storage cleaning repairs Complete restyling fur craftsmen for Over 35 years phone 736-4260 China opposes world meeting soviets seek weather june weather 1964-65 refill off taken at 6 . Its 1 up june Mai Man cd Moscow a the soviet communist party appears to be making a new drive for a show Down meeting on the split with peking. The chinese reds have unleashed a new attack on the Kremlin s leadership. Pravda the soviet party paper published sunday a Resolution adopted last month by the pro soviet portuguese communist parly calling for a world communist party conference to discuss the dispute. Peking which has opposed such a meeting charged in a broadcast that the new soviet leaders were being More Covert and cunning than Nikita Khrushchev in trying to Pervert communism. The russians also were accused of being Busy in Washington London and Paris try ing to initiate peace negotiations on Viet Nam in a painstaking Effort to find a Way out for the . recent statements from the soviet Union and members of the soviet bloc have raised speculation that the Kremlin might place Viet Nam High on the Agenda of an International communist meeting. In this event it was believed the chinese would attend a meeting even if it was dominated by pro soviet delegations 52 70 74 77 85 75 82 89 70 71 76 81 85 .05 0 0 0 0 0 0 t .00 0 0 .03 0 humidity go 62 77 78 64 68 78 71 77 75 8l s3 74 t .95 .02 .36 .35 1.42 .44 t 0 0 0 0 0 65 Jos. Feltt official . Weather Bureau observer t gop Hopes Lor 1966 High in Midwest because to Boycott it would Lay them open to soviet charges of bad Faith and obstructionism in the vietnamese War. Soviet Premier Alexei n. Kosygin has referred to vice Nam As a rally Point of the two feuding Camps. He said in Pyongyang North Korea on feb. 12 that imperialist Provo cations in Viet Nam had brought the soviet Union closer to red China and its allies. Peking As sunday s Broad cast emphasized considers Vic Nam another Battleground in its feud with Moscow. The portuguese party said the Lack of Unity in the communist world had encouraged Lac United slates to pursue a Tough policy in Viet Nam. Commonwealth to oppose . Role in Vietnam markets corrected daily South St. Paul Minn. 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Iraln prices including premiums available by Cal link any local elevator local egg Market 20 15 chief Justice Karl Warren old Jar. Frank Stanton lbs presi pc. Chicago Apuada live poultry wholesale buy intr prices unchanged roaster 25-27 special fed White Rock 20 with the electoral College if you get the cily votes you Don t need any of the rest of to said. Perhaps it is because of purely humanitarian reasons i Don l know what the reason but it Means All Lac goodies Are handed out to the people in the metropolitan areas and or. Farmer continues to pay through the 68 to 32 by the democrats in the Senate re publicans have Little Hope of changing that figure materially. Twenty democratic and 14 re publican seals Are at stake next year. Kvin if the go retrieved Lac Enlal of 41 House places it lost last year the party would still lie outnumbered substantially since the democrats now have 294 Niem liars to Lac. Republicans 140, with one vacancy. I .14 .01 .53 co Northwest forecasts Minnesota fair to partly Cloudy through tuesday lows tonight 42-52 Northeast 50s West and South highs tuesday 75-82, locally lower near Lake Superior. North Dakota variable Cloud iness through tuesday showers or thundershowers cd neral and East tonight lows tonight 48-551 West 52-58 East highs tuesday 72-89. South Dakota variable Cloud iness through tuesday showers and thunderstorms cd neral and East lows tonight 55-62 highs tuesday 75-82. Powerful piuh6b our clogged toilets in o Jiffy never again tha when your Folk and Flat to Laflex toilet unlike Ordinary plungers ibid fact Doe not permit compres cd air or my ii water to ipuh by Csc or escape. With Toi Laski the full pressure Plon through the clogging my and wishes it Down. Can t Roii St suction a u stops sfiash4acic . 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