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Daily Journal Newspaper Archives Jun 5 1965, Page 4

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Daily Journal (Newspaper) - June 5, 1965, Fergus Falls, Minnesota Daily journal Roberl editor june 1965 opinion Page old pattern wears out year Afler year Small numbers of the most Dedi need and Ilie most concerned plan and stage a memorial Day Bui the Effort expended in this most worthwhile undertaking is not repaid by Public inner in most towns Over the nation Public participation is it is All too Likely that in coming years memorial Day will continue to lose ils characteristic and will join the fourth of july in also becoming just another holi the fourth once was a Day in which to reaffirm patriotic there is now Lille of such an aspect left to one possibility might be to overhaul drastically the pattern of memorial Day la has continued to follow in the die As cast for it a Century life has changed extensively during the years so it May be thai some shift in method of Observance is needed and dial through such action the Day May Yel continue to retain a measure of the memorial aspect which is intended for the Pace of life is faster than it used to for one maybe that is Factor thai should be con it is not thai devoting less time to consideration of the sacrifices of the past is the most but if there is a Way in which Many More might be brought to then there is something to be said Tor some one possibility might be a general meeting or service on the eve of the Day in the manner of the Community thanksgiving service which has found favor Here As compared to the former separate services held in the various thai Al least would lend to do away Wilh some of the Competition As offered by plans for vacation activity on memorial Day another aspect of the Observance might be to exhibit the names of the War dead who Are to be honoured by using some Means at a Central Point in a they might then be at by some who do nol now take the Lime for even feeling Houghl of the Liue nature of the if you like a Cool month of last years should have been pretty of though alter this May you May be More interested in some heal than in More of the Furnace heat was on and off Wilh a Good Deal of regularity during he first two weeks of the month in june the month opened with a 62 on the first and had a Reading of 36 thai highs in the 60s were reached on Only five Days during the first the night of june 10 was the last one on which the Low got Down into the 40s until that Early fall Cooling which brought the next dip into thai Range on August the first time the Mercury made it up to 90 in june was on the then there was a repeat performance on three More of the late Days of the month with highs of 95 and 92 before the june Days ran but the Only certainty for this month is that summer officially begins on the a monday this by Alvin Serkland fifty a flags ago 1915 balloonist plans mile High trip from the Fergus fails daily journal for Jun c 1015 Charles Lardin has ins big balloon completed Ami exp cos to inflate it and take a trip skyward at lie close of the Ball game on june Trio will be 96 eel High and 140 feel in in making it he has used Yards of weighing 320 the Parachute measures 32 feet the balloon is the third that Hardin has built and lie expects to go to a height of about a mile at the outset and to make higher flights the cloth used is White but it will turn Biwan when the resin fumes enter he will inflate the balloon at the Ball Grouls just be fore Hie game closes Ami should make Hie ascent about 6 warm air will lift the Hanlin will come Down by big circus Advance agent Petit of the big bar mini and Bailey circus is in the cily today arranging for its appearance Here on july the shows Ravel on four special trains carrying Large one car More than tingling the hta slings were Here in Swan roa1 Komi Letb the Road Crew which has been at work building the Road which leads from Buse to Dane Prairie past Swan Lake has completed its work Ami is sure in become one of the popular Clives around Fergus the new Road leaves the Dalton Road about five Miles South of fails and passes Between Swan Lake and Lye Lake joining the Road which passes the Parkdale the Road runs through tote grounds of the Swan Luke Ilea sube Sauk Olens a number of Fergus vails people attended the of pleasure Park on the North Shore of Otler Tail Lake there were Over 200 automobiles there for the open ing of the prettiest summer resort in the three men in a1 tub Unity lacking As gop girds for elections Washington a re seek the reasons for trouble in speaking for himself and Bradford Morse of Massa lbs appeals to soviets for see support dear Minnie did you Ever feel like a ground hog Well 1 did thurs believe it or not the Sun Winic we haunt seen it for a and it seemed like longer than that the Way it like the rain seemed to hit most in certain one Day we didst even get an Inch in Fergus Falls and they got three inches South of town a and want that a fright in he twin cities Kighal beasts of Burden anything but United j the Atlantic Allin during the 1964 presidential i that look Senate Republican acid said he did still Are wrangling Leader Everett Dirksen by agree Wilh parts of the Plati whole inches All at once one among themselves As hey seek lie criticized the and look the same posit thais enough to make one won i Der it the lord Hast found 1956 a Battle plan for the congressional striving to write a record and Point up issues they can aim at the democrats next Rej a fac finding foreign policy is presi lion pm the Dent hold said civil Aid to another Dirksen dropped his complain education and foreign affairs and said he had no objection to were three of the topics he had in we were talking about weather the other Day and someone publican leaders Are planning a series of declarations that will spell out the gop in they will overhaul t reduced Legisla Oliou in redeem criticized his Campaign the party platform adopted 11 said it Nice if we said i could control like turn on the another turned up when he Goldwater often had publicans in the mouse issued a much the same when lib1 ran when we needed it and report declaring they have in eral and moderate republicans no the Way Peoples the Republican coordinating an outfit of party 45 of the 50 pledges made in the in Olhs ago at a National con 1964 Ven lion dominated by conserva1 said Lac 140 House re Tive allies of Barry publicans expect no major legs isl alive bul Are writ ing a record for 1966 Wilh the leaders including Bills they already has set in motion a Ogden Reid of new study of major problems facing York promptly look Issue Wilh he he which was Little and a leading House More than a statisticians a publican says there also will be j count of the number of the Bills j a declaration of gop principles i introduced by republicans on i next year from he parlays j subjects covered by the plan banker voices sober views shims have been cleaned members of at least those on his Side of the a Mclvin Laird of wis they state something that Sim Consin in wil1 suck to ply is not when they i 1c la Alforn on of changing editors note report ers Are barred from red Bull he chief of soul Ham news sen ices in Canada now is tour speak of thatched hovels in thels sues As prepare ing that vast country and is j past they for the 19g6 congressional elec making his dispatches available streets arc lined with to the associated i Frh evidence of business news to Sam Dawson a business news analyst new York a could happen again chairman Wil Ham Mcchesney Martin sees i today Boom psychology As having disquieting similar Liis with that of the but the Johnson administration holds that heres Small likelihood of a repeat perform Ance if the Federal and labor All will Coop they Lalk of people who disagreement nol Only on 1 Tony doom of Coopers office by Charles Lynch i cd miserable live is Silas but on iks Supply of Fergus Falls attend government in keep Wmk a ing the Economy in a one Way i Lih oods pulling rickshaws and China Carls or working As i Vilu Sci Illic it help Lin ill Iii i was stagger cd by the loads they fail to mention that thous a Levirl to Send covered at he Minne this do Corine is c earned by the camels Amis continue to do four of their number to Paris in Nietling were the Back it cont were pretty j they say that All so reels have Groenil of the dictating business Cycle can Here in often called Lac been the mud on ones i 14 machine and its Al least ii Uriu in Uii Rii Chi ice me Wen me mud on one s 111 Iii j i r Birthplace of i am Stan feet Les Lifsics thai in is nol so j Mots h63q Jarl Ger cd by the loads hauled by i Tlle i i praises the Beauty of the an my feelings Al cml women n skin not the same As face Hicks for Jas of fico of Opportunity about camels so u is Wilh Buddhist and for the has announced approval of a some pain thai 1 witness the j to Mary of Jcj the shafts of their cargo Rick fun condemns trading Stamps by Ovid Martin a farm writer Washington propaganda Battle appears to be in the making Over trading the National Farmers Union is urging ils members to buy from those merchants it have had the courage to Slop using Stamps As a drawing ii claims the use of Stamps resin tvs in higher prices to con Sumers and lower prices to Farmers rns talc conference of the am the London Slock Market j there is a division of opinion Crinan association of retired in the food Industry As to Wyeth persons and National Hel Rcd sleek traders were alarmed ers Loies offering Stamps charge one Sample came when House sales the Prosperity is called Lac new contends that the be or find that 1920 fooling around Wilh May lie that wont be inn i 1 Hope i never see nobody Ever satisfied with the no Matler what and cant you just imagine the terrible fights tiered be about whether it should rain or Shine i guess maybe wed Betler let nature have her even if we do gel too much sometimes and not enough another the Weathers kept people from enjoying Pebble Lake very much although de and i have seen camper trailers there Al you remember i mentioned How the cily Council Dis cussed pulling a flashing Light on the Corner by the Highway there everybody thought something would happen after because they referred it to a we Haven heard another thing about it and 1 cant imagine what should Lake so Long in studying something As simple As maybe refer ring something to a committee is just a polite Way of saying we heard some people want to see if the City would have a bus to give the youngsters rides out Chicago a president Johnson has told the people of the soviet Union he wants them j to withdraw support of Aggro Sion and subversion and join the United Stales in a common search for appearing thursday night before several thousand Cook county democrats who paid s100 a plate to hear him deliver his isl Only record speech to a political audience since the november Johnson said at the outset i do not be Lieve this is an appropriate place tonight for declaring that the peace of Mankind transcends political Johnson said he had this message for the people of Lac soviet Union there is no american interest in conflict Wilh the soviet people any and no True soviet inter est is going to be served by the support of aggression or subversion anywhere i the we of the United slates of to Pebble Lake and ii j America Slang ready tonight As land seems like a Prelly Good idea Loio fio u the cuz de and i worry so when i kids Riding their bikes the but i suppose they have a committee for Ive got to de always lakes me along for the Bass and hats to Hes pretty excited about it because he says they have been biting Ive heard that one bul if i didst go de would be disappointed seemed even noisier when the president announced later in his speech that to had ordered the withdrawal of the marines still in the dominican Johnson said the nations Pur pose in Santo Domingo and else where Island will always be serve the peace of Man he the american peo ple want to be a part of no got a App Lical i Iii Tiricio holds Corfe Pexce because he likes to have me think he is making a sacrifice j by nol going Wilh the please give our love to bul Lac american people want and Lell him were sorry Hes no part of appeasement or of any in an apparent Effort to con Trast his recent policies with Hose followed by Many coun i tries prior to world War i Johnson said in the we made our Falc not by what we did bul by As Sadie need never happen the i Aikin raiding of old memories Scivil Shivers through Washington St the of cry Velcko attended a Sev Stock snark cos tuesday and Good ladies of Sian straining at of which Are Start including three this week that the soldering dispute be Ilin Chituc it Fyrnn Rifle i 111 a Mimi or in i and two of which Are in Phila moving the goods of the Delphia a City through the the of these in in Minnesota the projects Are of he Kali school w the men of haul Lac s so Bister loads huge blocks of j imperialism is made much Ofin Crant funds Ikewood ind cd r More for their in is in can administration Scono o Ryus Falls mists my the Money managers Jacla Iii Iacre is no extra was coining Oul Inlo the j they contend stores can pay for Ivla and As Many As six then More eloquent is Hie fact rodent school District each a fool thick and 10 thai the four remaining in feel Long cargoes of car no or shop Mcnol to the funds Independent school goes of cargoes of even United states Anil arc exhibited Lirl 131 Chi with the cracks of Ned to wide in they also were aware that it 1 was just three years to hint who Market had ils worst ish since ii revived and Lal to Iii at i prices the Stamps through increased the Farmers Union claims the Stamps Are costly and Fergus Falls daily journal by the Kurgus kills Jan annl at 111 Jill a versus face it sundays and Holl Snopl class at Cergua Ennier Letlon rate Uit Liin ally limits nor Fly malt in Vance 1 full r j j i i 6 mos 3 journal Clell Codi 213 want Suh newsroom 73f7ill family news department 736 i whal we failed to we pro Pell Crl ourselves and All Man kind toward nol by i decisiveness but by not by determination and Reso Lulion Hal by hesitancy and Irre i nol by action but by i he asserted there just must be no such failure in the Johnson hew Here thursday j afternoon for Lac speech and Relur cd to Washington immediately farm club in the museum they have a Chart to show thai in the bad old five men equated one horse in Lac icon omy of to judge by the i Joum sights in the Streels of j they have now Cut that Down to two men cd piling one in terms of pulling Power the bicycle rickshaws used As taxis Here Are larger than Lac ones in the peking models carry Only one Passen but like the ones in have broader scats and one can seat two adults and two at is doubt less better than hauling Cement on write whal you they and whal one sees in Sian includes 12 men working on a i single pothole in the Street people living in caves while a huge hotel built for the departed russians stands empty the j ancient Walls of the City falling j a City that fails to Mea sure up to the propaganda Imi age claimed for the current Issue of China a Glossy peking i has a feature article j on Sian that Falls to prepare the traveler for the realities of the simply by including Only the Good and avoiding the cites i More obvious they say the former approved Fri children Piir Kicior n very height of its monthly that a in pro some number of up Easl advantaged children preschool f us in Jlas Strei ads in the training before Thev enter of h tic Mal Iet quirk is next old do it every time by Jimmy Halo l4st pec5w8er Elonius hit up a operator po1 crept if an been a lot of tomorrows since them so the Oas pumper Rem Pep Pel in person in lots the matter you think j other pants we a poll ats Worth ill pay you servers i and the Rocky Mountain area businessmen arc More in have slopped issuing Clinard to concentrate on the Evi some housewives whose eco Rince of continuing strength of nomic education is consider the Foury Earold economic ably less than their gullibility they stress the brakes still believe the Chain store and in booms and Lac cushions for Var Lisments which dishonestly downturns that have been do vol Hawk trading Stamps As some 1s fra8ratt oped since the thing free1 Given by the Meri abstract across Rotili Cocci a mole Rutlt october brew sacred music drama crib hankers study Lac clash in economic and monetary think ing in Washington to glean clues Aslo the future course of inter est Rales and Lac acc Nelly noted trend toward tighter Money and the trends and the of if it incomes sharper Tan affect the court of the Domestic Economy and the Trou bled inter National monetary sit there Are a number of things Slock of banking and credit arc under close supervision there is now a vastly expanded Middle class with higher in comes and impressive liquid assets As Well As wholesale prices arc fairly Stai me while in 1929 they were being crass Genus negative particle heart rambler Wing corroded tuna previous to this prefix unravel pc dec god Dess of Dawn common Garelle journalistic reporter thorough fares solution of yest Puzzle strange perceive Alps thirsty on behalf of open court rootlets shelter Goose meters that make 19s5 look like do siness expansion of Capac Rul Martin concedes there Ity now is being tailored much closer to consumer Are Many the similarities in both 1929 j social unemployment Slid Kovcin Nicut and Lausii dozens of government Ness leaders were convinced projects insure against the Dis Thal Prosperity would last Force Asl Rous drop in Privalo income or and that the business Cycle that the 1929 crash triggered was old this belief was strengthened in both instances by a Long period of economic As the 1962 Stock Market crash generally Prosperity int As closely lied to the j in Xith years private Market Asil was in 1929 the Steht was growing in Slock Market still has great pay Twilli years the Money Supply j Cho logical hold on Lac was but the Public now lakes the ups lint is diff Reni from 1929 and Downs of the Market with in Many ways excesses of the out 31 it very karm Bulifin Ghlyn on fool turf Cone Julke the form demolish assess i again Spaniel burmese nine shred Tel Ghl Small tumor kind of bread ship1

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