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Daily Journal Newspaper Archives Jun 5 1965, Page 1

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Daily Journal (Newspaper) - June 5, 1965, Fergus Falls, Minnesota The weather possible showers Ami cooler Fergus Falls daily journal 91 132 eight pages Fergus 56537 june 1965 single copy Loc Price for Carrier delivery established 1873 shots fired at Home Deputy in his House Ami emptied his j lodged in inc Wall of a Breeze Maguin pistol Al a fleeing j Way to the the other could nol be located in the perhaps one of he slots did a Jun non lived six bullets into die Imine of die chief Deputy Sher Iff Early today As officers pressed their investigation of a chief Deputy Doyle who lives about four Miles out j the Kitchen two hit an air first Deputy Sher of said he rushed from1 conditioning Neil Ami a Ollier a while Man charged some damage Bill i am nol he two of the bullets fired by the shooting came As Federal and local officers pressed a massive he night riders ripped through Pic stat inf Washington lbs asks not just Equality Tor negroes olsons take Over Fosston Hospital Washington a presi Dent has called for a new civil rights Effort to achieve True Equality for the american just Equality As a right and a theory delivering he commencement address Friday night at predominantly negro Howard said the great majority of negro Ameri cans still Are another despite the court orders and the lie victories and for them the Walls Are rising and the Gulf is the president citing statist is on employ ment and income to show that in some Are far ing worse today than 5 or 10 years Johnson said this represented an american fail the who took the occasion to announce plans for a special White House conference next fall to explore such prob said it is not enough to the Gates of All our citizens must have the ability to walk through those this is the next and the More profound stage of the Bat the for civil we seek not just Freedom but Opportunity not just Legal equity bul human ability not just Equality As a right and a incl a Quality As a fact Ami a applauded frequent spoke of seeking Justice for the negro and said i pledge this will he a chief goal of my and of my program next and in years to i Hope it will part of the program of All who looked ahead to a Lime when the Only differ once Between negroes and Whites is the color of their said the task is o give 20 million negroes the same Chance As every Otic american to learn and grow to work and share in society to develop their mental Ami spiritual and to pursue their individual for he equal oppor1 which challenged both negro Tenily is essential but nol land White americans to Lake enough not the Johnson speech and con Ference plan brought Praise from several leaders of essentially negro Whitney Young executive director of the National Urban said it was a magnificent statement showing sensitivity and James National director of the Congress of racial also praised the presidents but added it will be even More meaningful if there is speedy passage of a voter rights Bill in the and unequivocal fed eral backing for a massive vol or registration drive this sum Roy executive direct for of the National association for the advancement of col rec it was a a creep live and courageous Speed the next slip toward Cali Zig he american Promise for the vice president Hubert in an address Irepa Rcd for commencement exercises today at the universe y of also called for equal rights and opportunities or the we prey must hum whether or not american negroes and other minority groups can now be brought fully into the main Stream of our economic and social our task Wil be one of complementing the reality of equal rights with the attitude of equal respect among Al Peoples and races in the vice president was to receive an honorary degree Dur ing the exercises at College Ohio girl new miss Usa Miami a a shinning blonde Beauty from Ohio who dreamed As a child of becoming a nun Lxi is the Scep Ter today of miss statuesque sue Ann of won the Crown Friday night Over 14 other finalists in the Field of 47 and will represent this country in next months miss universe first and sues is Jane Nelson who As a voice major at Arizona state University represent aled thai she lives in Tularosa and was a finalist in last Falls miss America pageant As miss new Judy Baldwin of was second the youngest Julie Andrus of was third blonde Dianna a Secre Lary at the Pentagon in Washington from Falls was in i dont believe i ii seems so said the shapely 352433 5 oot8 Ohio stale University its the most marvelous Hing that has Ever happened to usually Calm and poised sue i Pond through rehearsals so ast thursday she ended in bed Vith ice packs for an injured it sue won in a Loo personal appearance con and a Mink among other this its beyond Fosston m for a few Days this he Fosse i Hospital appeared to be the site of an Olson family run last saturday a son was torn to the Richard olsons of the next Clarence Olson and Arlen Isth of gave birth to on Iho Orville of sons of Fosston became parents of a from the two other patients watched the they were Emil Olson and Clifton its quite Likely that none of the patients and new Comers were there Are six other olsons at the Hospital and other nato subject in Erhard talks Here Washington Fol West Ger Man Chancellor Ludwig Erhard spent Friday in a series of conferences with president Secretary of state Dean Secretary of defense Robert and congressional commencement 52 Fer Gus Falls Junior College graduates received their dip Lomas at the Friday after noon exercises forty live were awarded associate in arts degrees and seven completed work in other Story on Page journal photo posse seeks Slayer of 3 in Bank Holdup when i was a i wanted to be a now most important to me is being a Good wife and the Man hell be the kind that someone you can right she there Are tots of her proud he John and Brothers Jeff and were Here for the like they noticed a striking resemblance Between sue Ann and her Pride Bobbi Johnson of Wash Mcnamara Erhard and Johnson agreed to seek new ways to end the Divi Sion of Germany and to resist weakening of the Atlantic Alli their joint communique also called for better relations with communist Eastern eur Erhard flew Back to Germany after the Day of body is found in Isanti county a the body of a Man tentatively identified As a Public school music was found in a ditch near a country some 1c Miles Southwest of Cambridge he was believed to be Robert Tsianti county authorities Salt he appeared to have been Ducai two Days and had been severely there was no Wallet or valuables on the the sheriffs office said the Man May have been killed elsewhere and the body dumped at the the key to a Minneapolis hotel room was in one pocket of the mans and Eldon Eddy of parents of Robert said their son had left Home May 28 to visit a brother Al and left bran Don May he was at the Minneapolis hotel May but failed to Check out May the parents said the son was driving his car when he left Home and had in his Possession two valuable neither the car nor rings were at the site where the body was the body was taken to Minn Polis for an dig a critically a huge posse spread out across killed sprawling Plains of Western Nebraska Anil Eastern Colorado Hunting an icy Calm gun Man who killed three Bank employees wit ii shots in the Back Ami Wou Pleil a every available Man in 100 Miles is taking said Sher Iff Floyd Friday sheriff a c foot4 Man in a wide brim West Ern made his Headquarters in the state Fri sheriffs officers and police from neighbouring towns trooped in to report to the 510 res ideals of ibis Vil age astride the Denvert North Lutfe Highway 10 Miles North of the Colorado Border were stunned by the killings i have no idea Why he shot said county Robert they didst resist when he told them to Lay Down on their the gunman fired eight times were Andreas Kjeld As the four Lay on the floor of the Farmers state three died tie fourth was a Bachelor who was president of the Bank Glenn Ilic cashier and Ann Book Fraklin Neph cd of was taken to Denver Hospital with wounds ii the neck and the Hospital said today he was in critical it was noon when the gunman drove up to the Lille redbrick Hank on main Franklin nepali Able to told police the a didst seem Lough when h entered the he Saith Iller was about and Wor us hair Crew he was Natl dressed in a dark Only the senior Kjeldgaard and his three employees were i the the Man first Aske about obtaining a 1 a pistol and ordered ii four victims to lie on the the weather Fergus Falls area variable cloudiness tonight and sunday with scattered showers and cooler tonight Little temperature change on sunday Low tonight High Friday 78 overnight Low 59 Al 8 at noon precipitation 24 hours ending 8 temperatures one year ago maximum minimum 52 in the Ken Cal waived cd tradition riday and was returned to oui Siaa from where he was i Holliday said he and his wife Ere Silling in a room behind 10 the infill cos hit the Wall right Himl he Fri and stale crime Labora Ory investigators were making ass of the tire tracks made by he car Asil drove Down a Cir Cular driveway leading to Holly Days the Holliday House is Situa cd Ilious 300 Yards off a Blacktop Road West of agents also were probing for the slugs hat Tore into the who is said he had been Home about half an hour when the shooting of he said he was sitting in a Ilen talking with his two of his three boys were in another Pai i of the he said he did not hear any thing until the shots rang Holliday said he saw the Tail Light As it drove face Franklin Kjeldgaard want certain what happened but state authorities said the Bandit looted the Cash drawers of about and Ihnn walked into the lie found the Safe he then returned to the main room and started sheriff Stahr said eight 22cal incr Cartridge shells were found on the As the gunman walked out of the Bank he bumped into Fanner Otto Good he said to Mauser continued into the the Man got into a 19b5 Model car and drove unhurried by storms rip two states severe thunderstorms a com an cd by damaging Hail ind torrential Rains swept across Central and Eastern Kansas into North Central Missouri late Fri Day and Early Al least 11 persons died in Highway accidents during the height of the tree limbs and Power lines were knocked Down and windows were shattered by High streams went out of their Banks and u Man bar of persons were evacuated from Lowling highways were flooded from South and West of Wichita and North and East of Kansas City As ruins up to six inches soaked off Page one Fergus Falls Junior College graduation Page special summer sessions at Moorhead Page Secretary of at lev said to have resigned Washington of the army Stephen Ailes is re ported to have resigned a Fec live june unders Ccreary Stanley Csor apparently stands near the top among prospective South Dakota about pheasant Page is worried bulletin on games National Pas time became an important matter in outer space Friday night during gemini 4s pass Over Africa on its 26th a flight surgeon interrupted transmission of technical data to read the Little league baseball scores of games in which the sons of astronauts Edward Lii la Iii and James Mcdivitt wives to and James Mcdivitt visited the Mission control Center in Houston on Friday and talked with heir astronaut husbands As the gemini orbit swung Over southwestern United Nasa photo via a wire Prioto astronauts in Good shape after 32 orbits try Howard Benedict aerospace writer Apas Tro nauts James Mcdivitt and Edward while ii neared the Halfway Mark of i hair record space flight their routine broken by unidentified satellites and liitle league baseball americas newest who cracked the space endur Ance Mark Friday had reached the midpoint Otheir Marathon journey at est As their gemini 4 space ship sailed High Al wac the a lion during Orbil Mission control reported the Craft and pilots in excellent con while slept through one ally Mph to give him i routine medical Check and via to be awakened Lacr in the 27lh orbit for the White also got Iho Good news Hal his got one hit Oul of three times at Bat in a Little league baseball Mcdivitt was told by Mission control that the lilt a Itcague Leam of his also Mission control said the pilots had reported no More sightings of the unidentified of Eccl Midi Vilt reported during the 19th officials listed at least 11 Earth most of them fragments or space in lie general area of Mcd Vilts As they whirled through their seemingly endless Mcdivitt and White were pronounced in excellent physical White suffered no apparent aftereffects from the 20 Nii Nule excursion he made out Side the capsule shortly after thursdays launching from Cane hut no american has spent As much Lime orbiting the Earth and lie medics were on the Al Ert for any sign of physical or mental deterioration that might result from Long exposure to the weightless if there is trouble and it May not show up until after they return to Earth monday in could affect the whole future of american manned space the astronauts reported see ing another satellite whirling through the heavens Friday and trackers today were trying to determine which one it might have Mcdivitt said that during the 19th orbit he sighted an orbiting object with big arms clicking he look but the glaring Sun prevented him identifying it or estimating its Dis Tance from the gemini there was some speculation it was the Pegasus 2 meteoroid detection Sal ellitch launched May 25 from Cape Al a Midnight press briefing Mission control officials said they had determined Al least 10 Earth satellites were within Aboul 600 Miles of the space Craft at the time Mcdivitt re ported the the Pega sus b was Altit Miles in the proper direction look served by the Dwayne flight medical said he did not know if an object within Miles could be identified by the human but certainly if the contrast was great enough Between sunlight on the object and background he could Sec an object there and he might Well Sec reflection giving shape from tire flight director Eugene Kranz added that All of the space frag ments arc american Man fac soviet satellites were put in a different As gemini 4 circled round and round the the space twins continued to perform Rou Tine test Pilot tasks intended to fully qualify men and Machin Ery for longer business even came before congratulations Friday night when Mcdivitt and White broke Asl Ronal Gordon Coopers Orbital recoil of 34 hours 20 established in May at the moment the new Mark was Stuart a capsule communicator at the hawaiian tracking contacted the gemini 4 by a relayed instructions for a medical Check and read them map then he rather matter Al factly id also like to congratulate you on a new Ameri can space flight replied weve got quite a few More orbits to thank you very they then zipped on in their planned 97hour 50minute Voy age which is o end at monday Wilh a Parachute splashdown in the allanic Ocean 400 Miles Southwest of the world space flight record is held by russian cosmonaut Valery who stayed aloft for 119 hours 6 just shy of five in the uni cd slates plans to Challenge that Standard in a Gull by sending Cooper and Rookie Asl Ronal Charles Conrad on a planned seven Day whether make the a gust Date depends on what the medics learn from Mcdivitt and their bodies were wired to record the slightest change in heart pulse or after there Back on extensive examination is including Al least three Days aboard the main recovery the aircraft Carrier the flights of Cooper and by Kovsky turned up disquieting especially in heart and blood vessel systems accuse Lomed to functioning in a Gravity environment on As Long As they were in weightless there was no major the trouble cropped up after return to Grav Sovil scientists have admit Ted their concern Over the Bykovsky findings and their subsequent cosmonaut flights have been limited to one it is believed the soviets Are devel Oping a Means of introducing artificial Gravity to a space the uni cd states also has this approach under for the remainder of the Gemni flight the astronauts planned to Drift lazily through their Orbital path which ranges from 102 to 178 Miles High and swings them around the Globe once every 94 like True tourists on a sightseeing they Are snap Ping scores o pictures Wilh ni9vie and still of special interest for scientific purposes were Cloud cover and weather pattern i

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