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Daily Journal Gazette (Newspaper) - July 2, 1955, Mattoon, IllinoisIt f he la. Of ill. Lir a Apt ill 4-�o-55daily journal Gazette Elf Hlf fir ii a a or. No. 140 Charier member audit b urea of Zifcu Galioni Marioon Illinois saturday evening. July 2. 195s member Aito cited Preiti All phonics s6m Price 7 Leoti a a feel a Erac u. S. Steel ups Price s7.50aton Ritti Hunott a r up Hwy prank re Ai is int an Iro in a a re i it to iti rip Vea a nation Lile Ivy i a it u i Price Arr it 17 m a t n nil in or Arvon Fame a Oriler a or it in t a Ore to a kit it in the ii. We Rva hit Fory in a com proft ii agreement a us the to United have it it Rar Hon a of Quot a a Aier the 13 h a a Rise in it ii it Friar All of til it Tatry a in Quot had Fok it re the it a i or a agreeing to the to Star Hooe Thev Are Rei Lehem Rterle corp. A ubi if j Nea a in. own Sheet a tub and Inland feel the for Ptelea in a rated they to. A ill Flotow big steel in marking up Price a a . Of Numera a Oon Mill pay More for the count Leaa prod rat made from a eel Clifford r food. U b steel president said the a per cent hike pm Alrh a ill put a ti33 5�, Park tag on a ton of cartoon steel a entirely the Rhaull of the a age increase Hood other Factora Are to Olied. Auch As it created Taxa Arel new Conat Sucimo. Who it jul Brant steel workers a Ere returning to the Milla Union offi Lala stood by to get More contract signature a they indicated they Mould Hae no trouble myth any of the m com a tiles in the int Jarry a Holch employ 800 we it us dues Para Pittsburgh steel was among the fam pants which agreed to the new pact Friday night there waa an air of urgency to sign none of the teem of to want a moment wasted in their Effort to get their Mills gloat no again. Profita have been Thia year order Are rolling in. And at wit everyone Predicta record through at least the realm of 1955. That a As one reason Why the at Rike a. The shortest in the Industry s history. Bithy Brohier 6eh tug on the tuft teenager killed by Shotgun in Chicago South Side youth Mattoon a blast War gets jump on tax problem Legal contest to determine owner of Lewis Clark notes Rutt u the p. A it. Let. And to Quot 1 Small rets Llera a Are to get in at a with the , the of so Rcw l rent increase in the to Lola j non a of the tred. A nil any tir Nall Adieu tie r be a a a enl Anlo effect Frt Day. Raising the tax Ocenta on the Dollar Fred of Era a aging do Ector inti the Western wit denied a turned up the a a re Rafo in an att m f a. M in no Ori the. Existed the a a toss f f Nyaku a it he of the retail merchants value ised Ai aes said Franr Atrall retailers of Ihu a it camped at the rushed to he office of Day to get menu h of to . Or cards explain org How much tax top Fig for the. Tarney into the charge on each Purchase Gray 5 year old Areola Laurle. Tugs the Rhyn Whu Kera of Bill to see that he tan t Menhert of Areola s Bethera of the Brush taking a break from Reho Arsala for a pageant july 7, 8, and 9 Are left to right rated c7h>"lpr Daum dark Garrett. Fred of Aua and Jim Standig Are , r f Maler. In Emrence co in. And a Muel Gray. �j-0 photo by Warren k Moidni Stevenson Dirksen will talk at Bement Centennial be font. No democratic Leader Adial e Stevenson will be among a pea Ken. In the second series of town meet mrs celebrating Bem Enki Centennial. The i Ltd a will begin aug 28. The ape Akera were announced by Carleton Smith director of the National Arta foundation who is arranging the town meetings As a former real Dent of Bement other speakers will be sen. Hub it Humphrey a Minn and ii Simoli senators Paul h. Douglas and Everett Dirksen the speaker a 23 when the begins will be mrs the Dore s. Chapman Jersey Ville president of the general federation of women s clubs tie topic for All speakers will be a can Mankind endure half slave and half free senator takes on stage in los a Angeles Quot word Quot of How York times by Joil Cotik Duck Ca a is us l to and Daisai Saya he arced s the new 5cjk times word that no a cumin violation Wax in its publication of a Story during the korean War that the u s Alt Furre a As using pm Sabre Jet , chairman of the Senate Secundy Aub commit Leea late stay the group Auch charge Quot hit los a no v a Veteran broads a Artrea Isabel Bonner died Friday night in the Midi a a Epe on theivagt of the Carthay Circle theater the curtain was rung Down immediately. The Audien t at the theater a Here the waa playing the female Lead in Quot the Ehnke Quot did i know what had happened until stage manager Henry a Audil told them she was dead. Mesa Bonner a As 47, staudi Sald set july 8 for meeting on new Lake by Bili. I.arr4biu or. Kurr Wynten the Mattoon water Board today be believed a heart Attaei caused approved routine Billa and Conraid a Quot of i a peat my item examine ered main Extension project at a to determine the cause a Tell regular monthly meeting in the Coroner office a ver has made any Auch charge water building. She waa playing a Hospital Acene Tatem it in the Tereal of com playing a Hospital with male Lead pane Clark in the plete firn a. M t/vh., be Fhy be audd Eniy fell tii san Wax written to 1b�s0 by 0 Quot i cur ci-.txn.,. . Rpm a the meeting originally ache ruled for monday Wax at 8 a a up poach to be a Patlen july Holiday. The Board a a so Lac used favourably a project to kill Arm around her. A Mann speak to pols Noua Weed growth at Lake me. He int. A polled into the Dia Mattoon. But no direct action was Ogue a to something the matter Pacific n re eel the Noiea cover the period f of , 1803 to . Lips pers Niho found faded pay Para in an a i desk a Ere Kyj. that they Luned them Over to the . A Mhz hts of ical Anil no Are a fit mine . Tier Ducaa to Gen John Henry Hamm my. Who died 85 tears ago it a Aan me att of in Home of huge Ciu Lilet mra Sophia v h Foater who died in 1842 authentication of then it Tea touched off a of Legal moves a a Ith her of no Raship heirs to the Hammond Eata e the mate Aoto Etc e v and Uncle Sam All .t-,,. j Lurner. A note a est Loa Angele re Ector and att Ltd Isey for mum script Loci div. Glenda to tit a Hurt oms v As Cut rear imputed the a a sea be tax j govern men Quot v t. t Mcnanus a Ere Given Oen heir. Re, Chart of the r us Rte by the by the fire c of few retail div n on of the a Ivi Ilion of Paul contend they on the note to. Let they have been m the of the Lam in for Vesra it u not kno ii How the general act tired them. The Hla Lorril of in a to if n the Lioto by of the Heui. Alter the Trust sued the h. Of. Al Socie in a the paprika m sep Ems. M3, the Federal government f an Petizon to. Sun the at. U 8 atty. j ran thi Indle ated that some merchants had not prepared for the change he As the Inere aae a a Parnell had Little effect on the Cux Tomera. A the Only ones the clerk the 2per cent Rale la hard to f sure a one 8.ate Street r univ a a a while a no merchants in the Ata Quot apparent a Ere u. Prepared for the Chance use new tax rate went into affect in Little trouble of enrage m a it Idell executive Eer Reury of air lation of Commerce said today he Lalord to a Al re Vilera a a that Thev repo to t i. Me a. 1 american c it no�?~e-1 g. \ It station from or. Who acknowledged at a Aub comm Are in most store clerks were furn it a Quot a hand cards and charts have been p at Cash Regist rad Stinville girls plead innocent in Tennessee Gas station murder a Hville. Trim Ido a two on tile i Tei have pleaded innocent to to aider and produced a letter of a a want ads continue to boost sales in area poultry Market t Lam Flerl and Irv the journal it svelte Are a Guam a powerful in neigh Nrang area a Shewn by the Fol Long note fran a Bwll Lvan. Ill Mant a Naer. Quot i put an and in vol a paper in Ell Spring Frivert and waa swamped with Ralla. The Al re to even Long and next Dav. Or had 81 Ralla and Anid 51 Rel Rena. And Muld have sold Inta Mote if we Euld have gotten to them a a i and sure Pam off fee thank Vou. Him far i hit R. I Hull Van. Iii. A Charles Chism or. Bugle in Mattoon by Bill Larrabec <11� staff str Teri Tapa uie ample but a o Islic Rotea the end has come , beginning Lor Charlea Chiam Coles county s leading bugler chums Mage re a the Mriln i a. E earm in a Silver for perfect f Metal attendance Small unformed aui�o.,e de age nil a Lemet Erya Green Hla Golden Bugle m ,.d in t l r Munnin Ltd Clark leaned Forward and put he Rren Anntee Public hear no thursday taken main Extension projects referred to the Extension committee for action include-400 feet near the bark Lew addition on the first Street West of Lytle Park 325 feet on n 10 8t for a Small Aii division being constructed by George Wilson negotiations for water tap on what a wrong der log t love you then he a a a Rong. He turned to the mgt and said Down the Many in the theater thought it waa pan of the play. Then saudi appeared and told the la Money would be refunded. Benner played the part of Ann . An Overly r Boer m the hold Termi Apfler it a. Fri ten in 1803. Up of a service at Nich muru etl c pics to a your Are to be la Richards 19, and taken with great paint and occur Trauner a As among a dozen Mirage 15, have they Cut the cr of the exp dit on were be int a Hen Lee k pave impair a a tit v or sivers to �2, a a i. De the h Kup the seat of me a tuesday Naglit. Rankin Saxer the no Tes always they have sensed Jack Hun i belonged to the government ii and Grutzner ,e. Of the that the Jefferson letters Snow Faul he l charged Thev were made under with m Roer and a i r a of the h not a is absent from f lays Turner a the menu Ripe so that he had been a co it pm until party member from 1937 to 1940 Trauner a As among a Doi former employees of tjie now defunct to it who were named by lbs n. Ai n Samston m but Elt he knew As fellow c in 1937 t 40 beatified he became up a ill comm .nl.vr, and quit just before joining the times staff w commercial ave Between 25th and a Quot a , a try disc 27th streets. On wave mild ,09 rain Here .09 storm hits Lovington area an Early Sunver heat broke Friday night with a thunderstorm that netted Inch i of a in a rut forecasts Are for a humid Holiday weekend with temperatures in the 90s. Thundershowers Are m store tonight and sunday. For Lay nights rain ending dry spell was refreshing Relief to gardeners and Farmers who have expressed concern Over the Lack of moisture during the Clovis latter part of june less than an court jury Inch of rain has. Fallen 11. Granted permission to build a 10-by 20 addition to i cottage a lease Transfer by Freeman was approved and construction of a boat Dock by Jamea Many f Wallace was okayed Eastland indicated in his ques in he is being treated , Repei 800 raise Library eve cloning of Gru trn a he Felt that the to ends say and Uli Ettoil also la Fig an in a a suffered m a gun Bat e a Ith lon lending the Ament hat m it re night to has denied the stages a it Clark than to any other and he was shot by a of thou andr of a Sion doru Menta ,, a Hrh have be a m private Handa. The i n girls and Hunley were for Weir returned to after the r arrest in go a i Borrs. Tkv a few v i Sabre Jet planes we e in a lon in Korea had been he Paul to the a Mun its but then woman and the times Vaid try Pentagon hr-1 cleared it for publication. Eastland i statement Friday said the Abucom Mattec has been in Broadway and in the Atul Une Quot Board lao granted permission pan of a a it Oman psychiatrist .1 . r., Undy. A a Al Quot Quot a k.m.,. . He author of the play. He made to Fly Here from new York. 1. After he was told of miss Bonners Jack Weber to John a eath Mutt Bonner was a Veteran of lop Broadway . A from its own ree in it. Of a in new York television Gruttner s a. By was it eau Board members set the Date for dramas and was an actress a the at the in in a on. A meeting to a Lacuna a proposed new a Hudio a a nor Drake and Lake project for 7 30 p m Friday. A the right to Yak tire has Sta de pub icly ii a a a july 8. M the water building con her television role in Vdudek Peru rec indicate that a san fat in Murde or a Merrebe suiting Engineer Ralph e Wilson on Philo playhouse studio Ore. Murder or armed Robbe Champaign will attend omnibus. Armstrong Circle Thra officials said a re port on land ter , Thow of . Col Tranan Ruon in the Neoga area is Gate comedy hour. Ford healer of the air Force press de k expected at the meeting. And Schlitz playhouse. Formed by the department i Nas Nellle Holdup that it is a a unable As yet to slate it a a by without Bond whether for they he n. ? at in j Carlton la or said he will seek the death penalty for hu.i>7 trivia ease Law however. said the new p a Ishmit May be Appl. of Fuh r .der or armed robbery. Veal Olu staff obtained clearance for the Story from Jack Shea then s member. Gets Back poker losses in court n. M to a Baa awarded an Arl since june Wina cattleman 510 183 which rep a seemed lines in a poker a ame the rain brought the 195,5 pre last dec 2-3 in Clovis Dpi tat Ion in the Mattoon area to the Cardeman Ben p Shure ibs inches about three inches be or. Apache Ani. Had claimed a Low the Fly year average the last total Loa. Of $10 263 37 the renin was rec ived june 25 when 38 mailing 120 represented his lose of an Inch fell. In a game of shuffleboard the in Lovington a localized wind jury declined to award that to and rain storm dumped three inches of water while knocking tie defendant in the suit we Down Many Trees and Utility poles. Jack Skipworth Clova. Jack i authorities there said about 50 son. Port Sumner and Denby Trees were blown Down some Block Hoyle. Hobbs. They admitted they ing streets and men worked engaged in a poker game with Shure the evening restoring but their defense a a on electric and Telephone sen ice the them c Iam that Shure not the storm struck Between 5 a and 6 pm loser. No one was injured. Police chief Effingham plans Large legion convention Parade legionnaires of the fifth division attending the convention in Effingham on july 16-17, will see one of the la,"ke.vt parades in division history Effingham Poat announce t this week Texas woman is own Mother in Law Hou Ston. Tex As nearly As crime Preven on Dis on officers can figure out a 50-year-old woman is her own Mother inlaw. She is Alaj the grandmother and the Stepmother of to children her a exuded when she married her daughter she had already taken the two thwart suicide but not for Long ne1a York t.76 a a Mother of two. To Wancio one attempt to leap lion a Olifice biting killed Hei f a a Hort later mra Duns , 3b. Of wan Tagh n y., Broyce away �.-�. N Bud no . Yes no Friday p-,. her balt x from the 31st ledge of a financial i a rect Ikye crisper a me got in appointment a she told them and ran irom the building Oliree blocks away she Rode to miss Cora hidden of Cowden Dies ?t for i a Cora hidden �,2 Cut Deli. Who fid at 8 p n at foun r je-.Al h Spital Shelbyville i by sunday a 2 p night Luvin f neral Home a Nidor if Rev a so ice she entered the hop in Ai Fludy i Hartes him the Bugle la u 8 Short and like la owner. It 1 a i Educ. If Camp caller. Mini. Day when it of a a rapped our leg Rutili leg King and a Ore hats like in Liloia morning and had been ill for in a policemen Fine a at born nov 18 1892. A daughter of and Eza Ern Mahone hidden Lee it a brother Jerry w a and a eral Nep Niewa and b Wii a st mete by Chi c a Gojo a 17-year-old Arhur. a a shot to. Death a tav in a Rit f to it and Porfe Bald a 14-Vear-.1 f in a Hool freshman rela de e or it a det when he a Quot exr a k , h of a do-�., he a Sho. Rut a from o or of three # Ufi Mouhe a me 1$ he died from Chest wound to a doctor s office a few my Joe i its 77,&Quot three Tito Cpd Sway with i Quot air arc after the Hoo tag. I me to irs la a police Seiterle Clement a Cooke a my Quot a who they mid re to he f. he Fathera st of in from the car m which he a Ltd Vard Galley mid the in Lowed an earlier Flash Betteen rival on the South bide f iday night in which gent Metw a beaten with a wrench of Atalley pieced its account three Wethi Mere in front of a hamburger restaurant a Hen s it Ida Aho had been working a a Bun wrapper in a neigh by re Tod bakery Jo. them three Auto Moylle roared up and squealed to a atop one youth leaped o i with a wrench and struck Robert in the no. A Outing a were ready for Vou a a a shot gun blast from one of the cirs felled Sleboda and the Cara roared a by police soon rout-. up be Erit Sci uts who admitted it dog in tha Cara and Maru. One of five brother. Waa aued later Macu a freshman at Tilden tech sri vol we a without lob Nola was a senior at Dojk Balte a Hool and Des ribbed a a Good student the a Quot Hoys Mother. Or. Bruno Sleboda sobbed that a Cha never had an enemy a a about the same As Sleboda wis shot three other youths were stabbed to a knife fight at the main tale of View Park on tha North Side in a separate . Grade school orchestra concert at Champaign Urbana Champaign. A nearly in Grade school and Junior Hugn school Orch Evira players from 29 Lollini is communal in will present a free concert Friday. July 1. At i p c3. at the of Ilu Noii they Mem it ers of the 1954 ii Lenou k Flamer youth Junior orchestra who will play under the direction of prof Wolfgang Kuhn of the is Hool of music a buy. Tha concert will be outdo is at the Canvas healer. Adjoining Linc i Avenue re Tidence Hail the talented to eng meal form a full at phony orchestra and �111 play selections from Standard symphonic a Orle of h. Mir Schubert and Haydn. Areola teachers will attend Nea conference Arco Ioa Mua veda Wallein Areola school commercial teach-artr.? official Delegate from county at the nation. 1 education association a annual meeting at Chicago Conrad Holt in hotel monday through i iday. Re pm Lundy Ilso of the who .Al staff we l a alternate and w a , county superintendent of m tools will attend a a slate the weather Effingham Schrou fwd expansion group Finis �?Tfi.noha.m. Ill b 198.5 Hool Here �.11 need 11 n. Re the division Parade on sunday Home to rear i a it a a c or he july 17, at 2 pm st. Will feature a boat of , float Drill teams and special units and plunged from a window to a the woman complained that one of the children ran away to join her real Mother she asked police e a. Cochran .Al.1 Legai Holiday the undersigned will not be open for business monday 4lh of july the Bank of Mattoon the Central National Bank or Mattoon Mattoon Federal savings amp loan Assn. First Federal a tags it loan Assn building amp loan Asin. M-5ssachusetts Mutual use ins. Co. 7-3 to appear on to Dorothy Protz. 14. Daughter few rally entered re of or and no s. John Protz. 817 n a tall. Columbia. Vandalia 21�t st. Will appear on television Cennes , and the station it up. Decatur at 6 p m panthers. St Lons today. As an amate in contestant. Drill teams Protz will sing a Lea mind the Meyer. Chan e Field blues a she will be accompanied by . Of Rayhle Fri Ogham. Richard Tracy at the piano. He is and Venie is Olson a son of or mrs. Norman fair champions. Bands entered to Date include a up her recover the . Be Levine legion. Beecher City confused they said after Echo. Demolay cons luring the Var o i , re enl thu st Louia Effing pc Rcd her to a lawyer Ham school a a school Sale a Leigh school Louis go fac up Era Lulb it Erso in Vinje schoo. Newton f unreal to be Sun Day school and Grotto of Gervice Lor George Erih a haute Gobi. 82. Who de thursday legion in Jar. And Bugle corps of Home will be sunday st Danville Mill 1 30 p m at the first Char an Van Church the Rev a Massey Royal officiating assisted by the re j Mcmahan burial will be at neg Nora m Wantagh on i eng Island reported sve la the wife of a Bank employee a two children and recently suffered a Nervo a breakdown Beck base Flora. State i it de Grove or Giberson a survived by his , Mary whom he married in 1911 Vechera attend convention or mrs a. A Neher have returned from Chicago after at a a drug the 50th anniversary celeb a r of the Lncoln National life irs Rar e company. They spent five do is st the Parr Are House at me of the company and a ent by special Tram to of Wayne. I.. For one Day. they were taken on a tour of the office of the and a Ere served luncheon in the company cafeteria. Tracy. 201 n. 22nd st. Closing notice june 29 thro go july 6 for vacation. Smith machine shop 813 n. 2ist. 7-3 Over Twenty Low is of legion posts a a i bus Nefi a Are among other Early Parade entries rent a fan and Stal All band concert monday. July 4 a Vij p m. Park every be Moose dance sat Urdaz 9 till 12 p m member appreciation party. 7-2 rental payments apply in event provided of of Ihu of Purchase a f of m thf3gh a Grant from Warners of tace equip Mun the m p t fund of the company Industry and a spor iced by the 1923 Charleszin 7-5 Park commit Ilion. 7-2 least More for elem retry . It was decided at pre Luttle Van hate House conference he Here the Unity night the territory include a of Foj Singh a Cor run unit 40 a a a aaa Don t miss your Roumal Gazette a single Day. While on Var Atlon. The new of your Home Rora Munty a Well As the Rountry and world around la married each Dav in your journal fra Lette. Sou done to want to min a a ctn Ger Tunur even a hrs Vuu Are my a Valinti. The will be to it the to thi teen t . A Lytle air the m sic paper Fol of you by leaving your vacation Addrena with the circulation department. Phone 5658 for your vacation mail service. Charley has a a Ira to 3ti at and do Ting alted by tap Lor eight War Veteran fat in i pariah Ameri an Veta and twelve of the Cican is your old Friend. Charlie a a the a a a disc of National g armory Greet lits friends Clarlie , big let a a Hui record a a funeral goer i in cotes Utu buy si i i feet of Iid. rest it. The i Region. A Page loaf on commander it him Habl or Tapa for m isl area Nilsi Quot funeral and Han t mixed a memorial Dav Tivice the arm.,Une in 13 .4, for in Titan. E he x Luud a tap ten it in for the legion and Lour Lime for to. Of a. . He up. Ii. Yah a Quot. Next if yer , he Fanu Doc or his deft fr., and for enough a mat a on to Quot Denver. Illyn Gist partly Cloudy warm and bum today. Shower and of Chi ions in under storms North Tonj Lentral put or lion i Hunter storm be Ere North ii ortion today. Partly Cloudy and Sonda occasional and the under storm extreme North tonight and in North and Central portion sunday c out a extreme North today. High today 88-95 Low Tom tit 88-74 kingdom with multary in heaven e idea the or ii sergeant a a in on May 30, 191 at it a a. A a Ira a pct a Gay of Banos bit the army a Beer so to him in the be he a erred to t.j., st Camp Al r of gun toot no a a Civ re eat i continued on Page 3j Miami at Paul Eattle Phoenix Memphis on the i Ilary of Hom City Bra i fitted no a York or, yesterdays temperatures. High to t &4 7.1 95 w.89 7 i 92 i 92 51 87 71 92 81 61 41 99 7 j 93 71 91 71 87 71 _ 86 73 .lerday�?Ts thl tins or. A or to a to a 18 71 precipitation let or. 5 in to Dao att 10 91 21.54 legionnaires a inner saturday night to 8, Wayre Korr creche tra 3 to Mattoon skies. Sunset Moo Ariae Alha 5 18 a i 8 30 p 3 03 a to 11 19 p. M

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