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Daily Journal Newspaper Archives Aug 31 1963, Page 1

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Daily Journal (Newspaper) - August 31, 1963, Fergus Falls, Minnesota Fhe weather occasional cloudiness cooler sunday Fergus Falls daily journal daily vol 89 205 ten pages Fergus 56537 1963 single copy Loc lower Price for Carrier delivery established 1873 needs More parole says Turnbladh by Jack Mackay associated press correspondent Paul a corrections commissioner will Turnbladh was asked whether his agents Are hav ing Success in handling the heavy caseload of he called in two of his to prank ing pulled a file on a 17yearold youngster who killed his father six years ago because of brutality to his the file revealed that Johnny was a highly emotional youth in a very sordid Home Environ ment in which an unstable father resorted frequently to abuse and brutality to his wife and the boy received a 5to20year term for first degree manslaughter and was sent to Cloud Reform dont take my turn Bladh Call up this Man Hes 23 years old now and married ask Hes a Good example of Many of our Gene director of Proba Tion and parole in the youth i broke in with but we cant carry out a planned program of supervision in More than 10 per cent of our Robert supervisor of corrections nodded acquit then he pointed to the report in johnnys Case but in sure of one thing they Haven got enough Case social workers and pay to go in i a fellow this agent is certainly reached out and gave me a de that Johnny is no threat to society and will never be in Legal difficulty in the at least of a major Johnny was contacted in his Minneapolis Home by this six years when i enter weve had Good results de the reformatory Johnny re i thought there was a lot of we were treated like helping hand shortly after i got he was Nick a negro parole his talks with his advice and guidance straightened me Coombs now is on military Johnny now earning about a Hes a master plumb johnnys file shows he had hours of experience in ing at the he a chief inmate plumber for before he could be released a Job had to be had to be approved by the stat apprenticeship by til Union and acceptable to the pro he has Bee free for almost two years but a not discharged from parole Turnbladh attributed Success johnnys Case to a combination o institutional Case work and con tact with a corrections agent after search for body of missing Coal Miner continues today by Stanford Benjamin m a Cour Ageous Volunteer has ended spec that missing Miner Louis Bova might be entombed in the same underground chamber from which two companions were res with this Hope for finding the 54yearold Bova drillers continued work today on several 100yard deep shafts which might provide some clue to the whereabouts of Bova who has been missing since a mine Cavern at nearby Sheppton so hazardous was the Mission performed Friday night by vol Andy o that his was no disclosed until after he had been hauled Back up a 308footshaf and reported no Trace of the Shaft went to the chamber from which Boas David and Henry had been rescued Las tuesday after two weeks Encomb a television camera lowered into the chamber and exploration hat nations Holiday Road toll rises at 12 the Asso press reported 76 traffic fatalities and one by the associated press multiple fatality accidents marred the beginning of the 78 hour labor Day weekend As Mil Lions of motorists took to the nations highways for Summers final the death count began but picked up momentum Satur Day morning in the first full Day of the traffic accidents had taken 20 lives As motorists headed for re sort areas and the Homes of rela the National safety Council has estimated that Between 420 and 520 americans May die be fore Midnight the death count began at 6 the record for traffic fatalities for a labor Day weekend is established last two separate accidents took fix in a 4yearold Michigan boy and two visiting canadians were killed in the col of two cars at a Rural in six were other persons three persons were killed and three were injured when their car missed a curve and struck a Utility pole in a suburb of the safety Council estimated that motor vehicle travel during the Long weekend would total billion the heaviest in history for a labor Day week the lowest traffic toll for a labor Day weekend was 246 in y state records first two weekend fatalities by the associated press two labor Day weekend fatal and deaths of three elderly persons Friday raised Minne sofas Highway toll to 476 this up 66 from one year ago Warren Rural was killed today when the loaded semitrailer Rig he was driving roared Down Carver Bounty Road missed a Ait a tree and was police chief Leslie lie Bermann said the trucks brakes Peterson was hauling Black dirt to a Chaska elementary picked up what Pennsylvania Secretary of had said appeared to be the image of a Drebitko reported what appeared to be the image of a Man was the remains of a plug that had been used to close up the 12inch Hole before they widened it to 18 inches and brought Fellin and throne to the rope was the my inspection of the area where Fellin and had Drebitko indicated that it would have been impossible to Tunnel from there to where Bova might be on the opposite Side of the As soon As Drebitko made his the drilling rigs which had been quiet along with every thing else except a Generator sup plying Power Light started to churn about was lowered into the Shaft by about a dozen holding onto a thick two dozen others manned three safety everybody eyes were on the 20foot to which the rope was attached to provide addition Al suspense Hung heavily Over the crowd As Drebitko was a few feet at a his voice could be heard com ing faintly from the Lions tent keep it com keep it slow hold now slowly he reached the the men on the surface held he Drebitko was Back on he surface and went to he Hospital he was not Charmbury said that a 22inch Lole already started East of the escape Hatch had one past the 150foot Mark and would be driven to the Bottom in he continuing search for who has dire Rescue announced the decision to Send Down a Man after the television camera relayed pictures of an object that to him like a human form seated and wearing a High school football underway in area High school football action got an Early Start in this area Underwood successfully under new coach Mike Halligan As they downed Deer Creek Wheaton Bow cd to ton routed Marietta 540 while a future Fergus Falls de troit gained a tie with unbeaten in 1962 who the otters face lost to West 70 and Barrett won on a forfeit from summer Weathe prevails across Central states rainfall and Balmy tempera hires marked the departure o August most of America enjoyed Laz 60s and 70s on the final Summe Holiday the 50s and 60 prevailed through the North Cen trial and northeastern the 80s were isolated in portions of Southern Texas and tin southwestern desert sunny skies were dominant was of the Rocky Shower and cooler weather moved into the Northern appalachians am scattered spread along Gulf coast to Mobile where inches fell in a six hour had a Inch t Kennedy invited to for conference Paul Al Eugene has written president Kennedy urging him to attend the Northern Lake states regional land and people inference in the meeting is set for sept but Mccarthy said the con is so important and the presidents presence would be so that he believed the dates could be changed if the resident can appear at another favouritism charged by Granite Falls location of College is still big Issue by the associated press two members of the site Selec Tion committee continued their inquiries Over the As the southwestern Minnesota col lege project was sparking new Curtis Liberal from Cottonwood one of the 19 to which lawmakers re location of the new col said he was disturbed by a letter received from groups in the Montevideo Granite Falls these groups charged Friday that selection of the site is being dictated by politics and that leg from the area should abandon the hands off policy they had adopted after the five member site group had been the Montevideo Granite Falls group appeared to have been irked by the announcement that Roy executive director of the state College and Robert Keller of the University of Minnesota High member of the site com were visiting Marshall and Redwood Falls this thus tabbing them As the and argued that they were being dropped from consideration with out Fuu studies having been made in their a charge the site seekers have de Warnke said tiie Montevideo Granite Falls charge was serious but that no responsible commit tee could patently disregard its duty and fail to thoroughly in and con Sider All suggested More than a dozen locales Are vying for location of the new South Carolina schools enrol first negroes by associated press the first Public school gation below the College level in South Carolina occurred quietly in historic seaport of Charleston the same Day 123 negroes enter cd formerly White classes a Little the two events Friday mirrored the change in racial attitudes during six Long and anxious in the Carolina action left Only Mississippi Anc Alabama without integration a the secondary school level ant these racial barriers were expected to fall in next week the five Charleston negro youngsters encountered Only cur ious stares and a few giggles from White classmates at two High schools and a grammar one police officer and one or two Fri agents were stationed in front of each the Fri men communicated with each other with pocket the negro children said the eachers were kind and the White children generally ignored them although some gave Friendly two White who de use of their said they intended to utilize South new Grant pro ram designed to provide state funds for private school it look Federal troops to get original Little Rock nine nto classes at Central High in 957 following rioting and Vio this in Sharp 13 negroes heard opening Roll alls with White pupils at Central two More advisors slain in Viet Nam prayer precedes huge image of Buddha sits solemnly at an altar at a Saigon most prominent Pagoda and scene of recent demonstrations against the government of South Viet buddhists Are shown Here praying before Start of hunger strike last a wire photo policymakers argue neutrality plan by John Hightower Washington gals discounted As impractical a a proposal by French presi ent Charles de Gaulle for the of Viet Nam backed y a French offer of cordial co but George Aiken of the senates senior he and a member of the relations said e states should take up e Gaulle on his offer to relieve s of our responsibilities in South does president really need Fen helicopters Byrd asks is Harry chairman of the Enate finance won ered aloud today whether presi ent Kennedy really needs All lose planes and yachts and Lim Sines and the Virginia who ields to no Republican when it omes to advocating less Federal said the president is a Busy and he must be Able to move and it quickly and i certainly do of begrudge him any recreation e is Able to but consider be sea and air transport available to the White Here Are the 10 the presidents private Mil on fan Jet Boeing 707320 Aero three Boeing 707s assigned to in White House by the air one air Force Douglas for airports that cant take a 21foot Lincoln Continental and three other fam ily in addition to secret service and the regular White House a special Railroad two another yacht available the and a racing yacht supplied through the coast in a speech for his 41st annual Apple Orchard noted that a House subcommittee had approved the presidents re quest for two new twinset Heli copters costing maybe All of this is Neces said but somehow or another it seems to me the president could set an example by getting along with a Little Viet weve invested about billion in that area and Iam delighted if France is willing to take Over our Aiken French ambassador Herve Al discussed the de Gaulle move with Secretary of state Dean Rusk then told re porters it was not intended As a slap at policies in the South East asian de Gaul Les statement thursday had caused irritation among of Here because they saw it As a possibly troublesome intervention in a critical situation for Pur poses which said privately they could not some thought and still think that de Gaulle was immediately concerned at a time of crisis in Viet Nam with reasserting French in Terest and perhaps some French influence in the once under French colonial there was a widespread interpretation also that indirectly and by implication de Gaulle was indicating Digap by Roy South Viet Nam u South vietnamese staged massive pro government Demon stration in front of the in formation Agency Headquarters hailing president Ngo Dinh diem and assailing Security Vio whether by coincidence or in the demonstration was held at Saigon main downtown an intersection of several boulevards in front of the in formation Agency Headquarters two american advisors were killed Friday in the War against communist government troops guarded the mall in front of City Hall and were posted at the four Boule leading Tion soldiers with portable radio units were deployed several blocks from the by Early about workers and students had Gath ered at the milling under huge banners hailing the demonstrators from pro government revolutionary groups to civil servants and women in traditional Silken dresses marched in military formation carrying Green and Blue banners proclaim ing support for the government Saigon main Buddhist a closed 21 under the martial Law was opened by noon one Monk and about 50 nuns had been released from detention and allowed to return to the indicating a further lessening of on another communist gunners shot up 18 helicopters and killed two americans Friday i what was described As one of the fiercest operations against Corn Cong americans were of policies in Viet new Fergus Falls teachers Are new to the Public school faculty in the City this front from the social studies 12 and English 10 Virginia English 11 12 Gloria physical Edu cation Ellen Grade 1 bookkeeping Richard biology Junior College Judith Grade Adams William social 7 James English second William science 8 Susan Lincoln Peter social studies 12 Harold Counselor Ruth Grade Adams Jean special state Hospital keep world history Arthur geometry Curtis Grade third Dale social 9 Adeline Grade Cleveland Grade Eisenhower Ruth Grade Adams Judith Grade Cleveland Kay Home economics Joann French Wayne Grade Adams Norman Grade not shown Are Eugene and Agnes Grade photo by Clarence Lee Proval Aiken he did not understand Why the state depart ment appeared to be baffled and annoyed by de Gaul Les also a member of the Western the senator France has a responsibility to help preserve peace and resist policymakers Are deeply concerned about the future development of the Viet Nam which turns on a political dispute Between the government of presi Dent Ngo Dinh diem and Buddhist and student elements antagonistic to the the United states has been outs Okenly critic Al of government actions against the including Many arrests and attacks last week on Buddhist at the same time leaders have Felt their scope of action is limited As one official there is a War on and the United states wishes to avoid any action which would weaken operations against communist guerrilla Al hand said that the Vietnam Ese situation and de Gaul Les statement were among the topics he discussed with the meet ing was set up prior to de Gaul Les Al hand pm i think de Gaul Les state ment is very Al hand said and it includes first an Appeal to the entire people of Viet not just one Section of Viet to recreate a National spirit and to foresee a solution that will create Unity and peace internally and in dependence vis a vis the East and West and a Good neighbor especially toward it includes Al hand con a sort of blame of the present situation in Viet Nam and a condemnation of the violence in Viet from Tho French Point of View the solution will have to 30 More political than Monist Viet three other the deaths brought to 54 the number of americans killed in action on vietnamese soil since the buildup of the toll from All including is hundreds have been the two whose names were withheld pending no of perished aboard the banana shaped when it crashed in flames 30 Miles North West of on the diplomatic ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge continued to Confer with and his Ngo Dinh head of the secret on the Buddhist they reportedly made no american officials have made they Are angry about the handling of the Buddhist problem by Nhu and about remarks made by his fiery who has de Buddhist leaders As like Nhu and his wife Are roman despite statements from Washington that Aid for the anti communist War Many qualified will officials Felt there was a Chance some of the funds might be Cut Early if the remain in the presidential the United states is spending up to million daily in the from the Pope Paul i sent a message to Saigon expressing his painful concern for the sad events troubling the cherished people of Viet Vati can radio reiterated a statement that the trouble is not a religious War Between roman catholics and Mill City robbery Minneapolis Al police today hunted a gang that robbed a suburban Robbins Dale jeweler of an estimated 000 in diamonds and other Valu the raiders carted off a Pound the weather Fergus Falls area occasional cloudiness through sunday with a Chance of a few showers Lata tonight and sunday a Little warmer to High 6872 Low 4248 a Little cooler High Friday 68 overnight Low 47 at 8 at noon temperatures one Tew minimum 91

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