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Daily Journal Newspaper Archives Aug 7 1976, Page 1

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Daily Journal (Newspaper) - August 7, 1976, Fergus Falls, Minnesota Viking 2 ready for Mars orbit by Richard Saltus a writer a Viking 2 probe completed Maneu vers to put it around Mars Early today As the Viking i Lander continued its signs of use on the planets with its robot Lander still mated to the orbiting Mother Viking 2 went through a rocket Burn that brought it within Miles of a spokesman at the Jet propulsion Laboratory Hie Man Euver was completed scientists said they know for several hours whether it had been completely a spokesman said indications were that everything was co ing the rocket bum was to de the Fourton which had been speeding up As it approached the planet the Craft began the Man Euver from a Point Miles above and was slowed some 460 Miles an hour from its pre Vious velocity of during the the Craft twisted and rolled to get its Antenna and solar panels into proper it is now scheduled to orbit Mars hours in an path that will take the Craft within 932 Miles of the planet at its closest Point and leave it Miles away at its farthest Point As the probe draws close to Mars after completing its first orbit it will begin Tak ing pictures of the the photography will continue on subsequent and because the orbit Lime is slightly longer than a Martian the probe will be taking pictures of a Dif Ferent area each time it reaches that Point in its it will Survey Northern latitudes for a Landing place where it will touch Down on to continue the search or jul planners have said they May risk setting Viking 2 Down in a More hazardous area in the because it is believed More water is present in the Northern sections and that would enhance the possibility of signs of data from three biology experiments by Viking plus an organic analysis of Mars soil unless a test chamber for that test proved empty was expected to be revealed later Viking l was launched from Cape Kennedy on and Viking 2 was launched on on the biological tests for living organisms in Martian soil reached a Point that could make scientists Sig More optimistic or More pessimistic about chances of the soil containing detectable no matter what the results they will not be Able Anderson Senate would come after though Wendell Ander sons future is a prime topic of political gossip in the governor continues to insist Hes not burning the Midnight Oil worrying about the 43yearold governor is believed Likely to step Down and have himself appointed to the Senate if the ticket of Jimmy Carter and Walter Mon Dale wins the presidential elec Tion in Mondale would resign his Senate i honestly do not lie awake thinking what i might do if Jimmy Carter and Walter Mon Dale win the the governor said in an Anderson said his decision will be made and announced soon after voters make their presidential it May not come the Day after Anderson but will probably be sooner rather than the political guessing runs along three one is that the Senate is such an at Tractive Post that Anderson unquestionably will step Down and have himself appointed by Rudy under this the Gover nor would Issue a carefully worded statement assuring Vot ers that he int really being greedy but feels himself Well he would Tell voters they would in a referendum on his ment in the 1978 the second line of guess says that voters would rebel at the governor conferring the Job on himself through the knowing would name a caretaker to the sen someone to keep the seat warm for two years until All including the could run for a full terms in a third theory suggests that Anderson will simply decide against the Senate for financial reasons and stay in the Gover nors if this a Good guess on an appointee would be congressman Donald the governor is paid my a year plus a expense Al theres a Good Chance state officials will get a raise next senators Are paid a the big difference is that an Derson has a free stat owned governors residence while senators have to pay Premium prices for housing in washing governor has a Driver and Security with this years elections out of the there seems an equally Good Chance that Congress will Engineer pay raises for itself and for Federal who also have been complaining about Thomas chief aide to the says he has Given a business As usual message to the governors which Jesse Owens is honoured Washington a olympic hero Jesse Owens has been awarded a medal of free Dom by president who told the 1936 Brack and Field Champion that your your always will be a source of the Black athlete who outraged nazi dictator Adolf Hiuer by winning four Gold medals in the Berlin olympics 40 years was Given the nations highest civilian weather Roundup sunny and warm Clear and mild partly Cloudy and warm South wind 1020miles per boar 1015 Miles per hour High today mid and upper Low tonight mid High sunday upper 80s and Low High Friday Low at 8 at 11 precipitation 24 hours ending 8 today none temperatures one year ago to make firm one of the the Pyrolytic release Experiment that checks for signs of sent Back its first data that could show signs of when re the data should Tell whether Carbon dioxide and Light Are being used by Organ isms in the soil to manufacture organic in the Pyrolytic release sex a Sample of soil is bathed with a nutrient and Given an atmosphere that includes a radioactive isotope of Carbon As a after five Days of the chamber is flushed to get rid of excess car Bon if there is any plan like life in the soil it would retain some of the radioactive Carbon and give it off later As radioactive Carbon after another incubation period involving simulated sunlight and the atmosphere in the chamber is tested for the pres ence of the radioactive two other biological sex which found unusual activity in the Martian soil will report Back More information that May help scientists decide whether the activity is caused by living scientists now Are putting their Money on a not a biological explanation for the an organic analysis Experiment was performed Fri Day by the robot but it remained to be seen whether any results were decision election numbers Kelm said there is a standing offer to assist any member of the staff toward a new either in or outside of state gov but Kelm flatly denied a Rumor that the governors staff has been told to firm up plans by so As to Clear the Way for a Perpich adminis according to that Derson and Kelm would seek to Plant As Many aides As possible in key positions around state government and thus keep a handle on things at Home As they move to Kelm says always considered the a Short term not a career for any staff Anderson also insists there has been no discussion with his staff about future we want them working on the on a legislative pro in september and octo Ber i expect to be Active in campaigns for legislative and congressional an Derson the activity wont be much different than it was in 1972 or Anderson says its not True that his calmness about the whole thing stems from the fact Hes already made up his has been Busy saying he feels Anderson would make a Fine Perpich also is drumming up support for the its time for Northern Minnesota to have a if Anderson Perpich automatically would become Minnesota has had Only 10 governors born in the the Only one from the Northern part was Elmer born in Perpich is a native of hib the eldest of three Broth ers who have launched political careers in the state Senate after careers in Den Perpich has picked up consid Erable exposure Over the past year by appearing at scores of Bicentennial events throughout the 103rd year Fergus Camp Myca Day Camp the y Day Camp is operating for the second year with two one week sessions for both boys and girls through the Day Camp activities Are held at elks Point the place for children to make new s crafts Eames my s directed by Wayne program director at the include Bruce Valerie Brian haad and Mark Myca director Cliff Maxwell stated that 80 campers will have participated in reprogram this and he even More Fergus Falls youth will take advantage of the program tote Bruce Moore gives Lisa Beane a death probe centers on Poison n a baffled by a deadly Riddle they say May never be have shifted their attention to toxins poisons in the search to identify the legionnaires disease which has caused the deaths of 25 per what we know is really what we dont David director of the fed eral Center for disease control in said its possible Well never scientists on Friday turned their attention to thousands of toxic chemicals As a possible cause of the they have not completely ruled out virus As a possible but Sencer we have found no viral Sencer said detection tests for toxins Are complicated than those which Eli i influenza As a possible he said he did not know when results of the tests might show absolutely whether a toxic agent caused the and if one which if a toxin was the it May have come from water or from air breathed by the Sencer but he emphasized that the illness is not a bacterial disease such As those referred to As food Poi toxins can come from Ani chemicals or common household they can be harmless in some killers in they can be produced in a Labora tory or crop up on their Sencer said a wide variety of pesticides and herbicides could have caused the but scientists were not Ting tests to those Leonard Vanias health said Torino Are tougher to Trace As time no new outbreaks of the Dis ease have been reported since the death toll climbed to 25 when two persons who had been hospitalized with the disease died the dead 21 men and four women ranged in age from 39 to ten of the victims were Over Bachman said the official count of the number afflicted was reduced from 161 to 112 by e 1 i m i n a t i n cases of illness that did not fit a new definition of the illness officials said that for persons to be considered afflicted with the they must have dump Schweiker possibility raised of Ronald reagans key conservative say theres a organized Effort to dump his handpicked running Richard if Reagan captures the i can presidential three All in Reagan said Friday that if Reagan wins the gop nomination at the convention some supporters May seek to have the vice pres nomination by the convention president Ford is accelerating his search for a running White House spokesman Ron Nessen said Ford associates today will be Gin contacting persons who have been recommended for consideration on a Ford be asked to keep the Contact Nessen said he declined to in How Many persons will be asked to submit health and financial information on a con with the under standing that it would be made Public if they were despite assurances from Rea Gan and Many conservative republicans have voiced concern about the Rea Gan candidacy since the Selec Tion of owner of a Liberal voting record while rep resenting Pennsylvania in the Senate since there Are Telephone Calls and letters crisscrossing this country like said Josse Helms of North a Reagan i could name you a Hundred prominent republicans who have said they Are sticking with Reagan but Schweiker is another Sto Tom reagans state chairman in said he has discussed with other Reagan backers the possibility of an open ballot for the vice presidential reagans Choice of Schweiker has not caused any mass defection of an associated press Delegate Survey has but nine Days before the conventions Ford still is leading with Dele Gates to reagans there Are 122 uncommitted and it takes for Nomi the a total counts Only those delegates publicly stating a preference or legally bound not those leaning toward a Ford met with some Dele Gates from South Carolina and Virginia one previously uncommitted South Carolina Raymond Sifly of said afterwards he has decided to support Reagan and Schweiker head West Virginia today after chasing after delegates in Home state on the democratic pres candidate Jimmy car Ter remained at his Home for a Long weekend be fore travelling monday to Wash where he is scheduled to give a consumer speech to the Public citizens consumer crusader Ralph Nader will visit Carter in Plains today to Brief the Candi Date on consumer Plains will have another Washington visitor next Cia director George Bush will travel there thursday to give Carter a second foreign policy the White House said been associated with the convention in some in Addi there must be a fever of 102 degrees and either coughs or xray evidence of Neu the Hunt for toxins includes a search by City environmentalists of the hotels where legionnaires investigators were testing wallpaper and air conditioning equipment at the six hotels used by the also being tested for chemical agents were such common items As soap and the Battle also continues in the scientists at the cd planned to work 17hour Days through the weekend in an Effort determine the cause of the now that we Are fairly Well convinced that this is not a highly infectious agent to other we Are into a lab where we do not have to Lake such a High degree of pre caution for the personnel and the Sencer since Poison has been men of sabotage have especially since the disease was so selective on but officials said they fail to see any connection Between the deaths and the pos of there is no sign of an in Tensive police but probe continued on Page 4 is criticizing colleagues a democratic Farmer labor state legislator has criticized his own party for placing higher priority on constructing a new stale building than on meeting the needs of the men tally Ray said Friday it is ironic that the same lawmakers who criticized a Federal judge for ordering the state to improve conditions at Cambridge state Hospital Are supporting a pro posed new state Capitol the would be under ground in the mall area in front of the costing an Esti mated to earlier this Dis judge Earl Larson or dered the stale o set aside any Laws or constitutional provi Sions that Hock making Exten Sive and expensive improve ments in care for the retarded at Kempe did not mention any legislative leaders by the Minnesota House speaker Martin is among those who have criticized larsons saying it would require raising and spending lax Sabo is among lawmakers continued on Page i on the inside senior citizens on the Page 5 stale sports Page 8

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