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Daily Globe Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1970, Page 1

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Daily Globe (Newspaper) - September 26, 1970, Ironwood, Michigan M or. Period to 11 . 5a 49. Previous 24 or. Period 54 50. Year ago High 90 Low 45. Rain .66 in. Precipitation to Date 24.07 in. Ironwood daily Globe forecasts tonight clean lug and cooler. Low mid 30s. Chance of scattered Light Frost sunday partly Cloudy and Cool High lower 50s. Winds North Westerly 10 to is Miles. 51st year number 261. Associated press t.fa.11eb wire news service Ironwood Michigan saturday september 26, 1970. Twelve pages single copy 10 cents. Nixon n a Russ against building base arms Jordan i lost in War Washington a a top defense department official says the United states will replenish arms and ammunition Hijack prevention planned for Nixon trip Washington a presi Dent Nixon s european tour that begins sunday has his Security of s secret service bodyguard ready for inspection by Early can expect their hand baggage thu evening. To be searched if they Are Cho such precautions have been what will prove most unusual leftist Campaign against the to newsmen who have followed Nixon visit the president s presidents for years will be the communications director her care taken to make certain that Bert g. Klen said in Rome Fri agents troubled. Besides guard sen to Fly aboard air Force one taken for perhaps a decade on a potentially lethal foreign mat Day he expects no anti Ameri Ter is not placed in their suit can demonstrations. Ing against the usual hazards As a Pool member responsible spot Check basis. This time it they Are expanding Protection to for reporting to colleagues would seem the scrutiny will be cases in hotels where they will Klein was sent to Rome prevent an Aerial hijacking of flying separately aboard two More thorough. Stay along the nine Day route make Advance air Force one and the two the chief executive s plane. Press chartered commercial air As a direct result of Airliner liners. Hijackings by palestinian Ger moreover such is the concern Rillas. All persons and baggage that even those aboard press Washington a by Early and Stern warning the Nixon administration is trying to discourage Moscow from building a major soviet naval base in Cuba. The Pentagon disclosed Evi Dence Friday of what it said appears to be a submarine support base under construction in the Harbor at Cienfuegos possibly for use by missile firing Polaris Type subs now positioned in the Atlantic. Secretary of defense Melvin r. Laird said while we have seen activity along this line As far As Cuba is concerned it is a Little Early to determine the extent of russian naval involve ment there. White House officials quickly responded by saying this coun try would View the establish ment of a strategic base in the Caribbean with utmost serious Ness however no diplomatic representations have been made to Moscow. Officials Here immediately Drew a parallel with the 1962 cuban missile when president John f. Kennedy said this continues to be . Policy said one White House offi Cial who declined to be quoted by name. But it is obvious the Magni tude of the new naval develop ment in Cuba is not the same As eight years ago when Russia placed offensive missiles on the Island 90 Miles from the . Mainland. At that time the soviets had no Polaris Type submarines and the United states held a Clear military balance. Today with 13 nuclear pow ered submarines armed with 16 missiles each and 15 More under construction the can strike deep inside the United states without the need for i land based missiles in Cuba. A base in Cuba would enable the soviets to keep More submarines on station for longer periods of time without the need for returning to Home ports for servicing and resupply. . Polaris subs use bases at holy Loch Scotland Rota Spain and on the Pacific Island of Guam for this purpose. I information on the russian activity at Cienfuegos came peace in the Caribbean could be from american u2 recon Nai preserved if soviet offensive Sance planes the same aircraft weapons were removed from which furnished the first solid the area and kept out in the fun proof of russian missiles in Ture. Cuba on oct. 24, 1962. 800 policemen seek alleged pol ice Slayer the Brandeis Campus and apparently have estonian guerrillas and syrians. The is to make sure King Hussein s army has a continuing military Deputy Secretary of defense David Packard told newsmen Friday i but the United states never planned to use its military Power directly to prop up King Hus Sein s regime Packard said. The possibility of . Intervention had been the topic of wide discussion in the administration earlier. Packard assessed the Jorda Nian fighting in a breakfast meeting with a few reporters including those from the Washington Post and the evening Star who detailed what took place. J i though there is lots of speculation about Why the syrians j pulled out. In my judgment one of the most important reasons 5 was the jordanian s army s ability to give them a rough the Success of Hussein s 1 forces without direct . Intervention showed the value of pro i Viding Good military equipment j and training to Friendly nations i he said. J the jordanian army has been j equipped largely with Ameri can made and British made i tanks and air planes. I j the amount and Type of Mali tary Aid Jordan might need has not been assessed he said. I Packard said re supplying Jor Dan would not upset the balance Between Israel and the Arab Powers. He held out the possibility Israel would Welcome a Sta ble situation in Jordan. He said the United states is greatly troubled by the soviet Union s buildup of naval Power have to pass rather rigorous scrutiny. Even newsmen most of them on a first name basis with Nix can the secret service is Ore for the visit. Chartered Boeing 707 press pared of course for some hos or. Henry Kissinger. Planes will be under armed tile demonstrations even riots president s aide for National be guard whenever they Are on the in such cities As Rome. That purity affairs leaves for Paris Rome and Paris and. To a lesser Tia tors at the Vietnam extent in London during Nix talks. However Nixon s sched on s 1969 european tour. Ule for the tour does not include however despite a mounting a Paris Stop. World airways and trans at least one Man with a loaded world airlines must under weapon will be aboard All three most circumstances have their As they move to Italy yugoslav baggage at the White House via Spain Britain and Ireland. Hussein forms new government j severed All relationships with m Thev Mediterranean and bythe the Gilday was movement of soviet antiaircraft missiles in the Suez canal zone if Russia s naval construction program continues at the same Pace he said four to five Haverhill mass. A been on More than 800 policemen j recently searched through the night in northeastern Massachusetts and new Hampshire for William m. J Gilday was a night student at Gilday. One of five persons j northeastern University and charged in the machine gun Valeri had been accepted at slaying of a Boston policeman northeastern. Years from now we would find it during a Bank robbery. Police said ammunition a Minuit to put a Carrier in the the officers from 18 comm military supplies found in miss Mediterranean and protect cities also manned roadblocks Power s Boston apartment had while Packard announced where Gilday 41, of Ames Foury j been stolen in the bombing and . Intentions to Aid the Jorda was spotted several times Fri looting of a National guard a Man army. White House press Day. During the Chase police. Mory at Newbury port last Sun Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler said to i i ii he situation there seems to be improving truce violations claimed by arabs by the associated press defense Interior and inform Hussein of Jordan Tion posts Are held by military formed a new government today men. To work for reconstruction of his i six military officers Are held strife ravaged country As Arab Over in the new Cabinet from the military government of prime minister Mohammed Daoud. Who resigned in mysterious circumstances in Cairo ear returned Hijacker army pvt. Robert j. Labadie accused Hijacker of a trans world airlines plane is first Hijacker to be returned directly to this country by the Castro re Gime. Labadie. A native of main Michigan s upper pen insula is pictured after arrival in Miami. Agnew Speaks out against permissiveness Milwaukee ap11 vice Cal Asylum in Libya. Hussein accepted the resignation of Daoud s Cabinet Friday. It appeared the new regime would not meet guerrilla de mands that the military govern ment be abolished. It was Crea Tion of a military regime that provoked the outbreak of the civil War last week. J i Hussein declared his forces i had observed the cease fire de president Spiro t. Agma says say a Hippo at Chessington zoo. Opens for Trainer Davis Flower for a morning Teeth cleaning. The animal eats so much grass and vegetables in his Chessington England quarters that the ritual is necessary to remove the hard stalks that Lodge in his molars. Said he stole three cars took two persons hostage and was cornered once but eluded Cap Ture after exchanging shots with police. Also sought were Katherine a. Power 20, of Denver colo., registered As a senior at Brandeis University in Waltham Susan Saxe 20. Of Albany n.y., a june graduate of Brandeis and Stanley Bridge. Lived the Trio flew to an Geles thursday. Robert Valeri 21. Of Somer Ville was arrested a few hours after the robbery Boston police commissioner Edmund l. Mcnamara said the equipment showed a positive Ziegler said the administration views Rescue of 15 of the 54 fires bum j40 Homes Char acres in California it link Between the robbery slay Lane Hijack hostages As a my and Radical revolutionary come but it is deep Campus groups. Bond miss Saxe and miss Power worked together last Spring at the student strike in by concerned Over the remaining hostages. 1 the state department mean time said the United states will Angeles Cap fires estimated acreage figures blazed through tinder dry Brush and numbers of Homes de in Southern California Ley Malibu. And 140 Agua Duke. 10.000 Ventura 1.200 and formation Center set up at bran provide Relief to Jordan mainly r. Bond 25, of Cam Deis during protests against the police said they be dispatch of . Troops into Cambodia. All five were charged with murder and armed robbery on state warrants thursday and warrants Friday in the form of foodstuffs. Hussein personally made the Appeal for Relief to . Ambas Sador Dean Brown who was carried in a jordanian armed personnel Carrier to the Mon Arch s Palace press officer Rob today leaving tens of thousands of acres charred and expensive Homes in ashes. Firemen faced More of the in famous fire fanning Devil hot and dry Seaward blasts from the desert which leaders accused him and his army of violating the new cease fire. Ahmed Toukan a palestinian who was chief of Hussein s Roy Lier this week and sought polish Al court was named prime min ister. Toukan is a former Deputy prime minister. From Cairo. President Jaafar Al Numajiri of Sudan who led an Arab peace Mission to Amman and got the cease fire Friday accused Hussein of personal responsibility for the bloodshed. Coming on the heels of presi Dent Gamal Abdel Nasser s harsh Cable to Hussein Early i _ this morning accusing him of spite endless and his Campaign Mission is to help trying to liquidate the Palestine urged the guerrillas to slam elect men no will fight a guerrillas Numajiri s statement the door shut forever on Dissen appeared to demand the King s Tion and _ the jordanian army has been standing still around Ramatha Man. For the past three Days. The King said the situation in Amman was Calm he added except for scattered incidents where the armed forces were republicans who a d of j or a couple to attend a he charged that a number of dinner in the Milwaukee guerrilla groups were opposed afterwards he flew Back to to the cease fire and were Washington. Trying to sabotage it. Agnew declared during the the charge that Jordan had Scalp in the Arab world s bitter internecine struggle. We tried to implement the Numajiri told a news conference but we failed because one of the parties Vio lated the he left no doubt that in his View the violations came exclusively from the jordanian Side Jordan said the violations were the work of die stroked Early today were Val hard palestinian guerrillas. A trend towards permissive Ness and to mobilize a silent majority that has been Bull dozed into thinking its values Are out of style. The vice president spelled out this double purpose Friday in a speech to some guerrilla Leader Yasir Arafat flew to Cairo with Numajiri Fri to Homes damaged in the City a night to represent the pal broken the cease fire agreement permissiveness has limits Border 6.000 and red is item viewpoint at a Contin was by egyptian presi american life and he said it lands 5000 the Redlands fire meet Jug of leaders Jas do j has been a tragic mistake even -5 5 u lands 5.000 the Redlands fire was contained. The Egypt mail capital. The Malibu fire burned onto Numajiri said the egyptian 54-acre ranch Ems ass in Amman which Aill Luc v r a i i o 11 t. O i r r wednesday of a Branch office of charged the four fugitives with Ert j Mccloskey said at a news fast moving memos after they where he raises horses. Reagan serves As Headquarters for his started Friday. More than 57.000 acres were blackened an estimated 140 for nearly two hours in the aft Homes destroyed and As Many Vernoon Aniie firemen kept the Dent Gamal Abdel Nasser in a Nas Deen a mistake even Cable sent to Hussein and Broad though soc ologies foreheads hate to admit coming at the end of a week state Street Bank and Trust co. Patrolman Walter k. Schroeder 41, was killed dining the Rob Bery. Gilda. Bond Ard Valeri conference. Fleeing to escape prosecution. Police gave this report on the Chase of Gilday Friday letter carriers mrs. Ruth Palmer 79, of Hampton n.h., said Gilday served terms at Walpole state jumped into her car and forced prison and had been associated with Brandeis through a convict rehabilitation program called step. A Brandeis official said miss Power and Bond had registered there this fall but have not her to drive him to Salem. N.h., where he let her out and drove away. She identified Gilday from police photographs. The car was in a collision in Massachusetts near tev Asbury see Gilday Page 2. Convention Crystal upper Peninsula association of letter carriers will hold its convention Here oct. 3 and 4. All members and their families have been invited to attend and new members May join at the convention. Agree to end civil Hussein of Jordan left and Yasir Arafat Leader of Al Fatah guerrilla movement who Ara shown greeting each other in Amman in feb. 1969, and Mai. Gipti. Jaafar Al agreed Fri Day to end the civil War in Jordan. As 400 Homes damaged. There were numerous reports to Burns and other injuries to firemen and residents but no deaths actor Dale Robertson s Home was destroyed fire officials said and the blazes damaged gov. Ronald Reagan s ranch and the Spahn movie ranch. The two most destructive blazes crackled in Mashbu in Yon. Fashionable Scenic area Northwest of Angeles and on the coast about 30 mles Ley. A largely residential area in Western san Fernando Val Abonit 2-5 Miles Northwest. It was the worst series of fires in California officials said since nov. 6. 1961 when 4s4 houses in the exclusive Bel air Ard brei Twood Section of Angeles destroyed. The three fires Friday marked out a 40-Miie-Long cres cent of devastation which ranged from half a mile to five Miles wide. The cause of Blaze was unknown fire of Ioanis fire bailed in Bush the . Aided by a drop in the temperature which reached near 100 degrees Friday after noon and a lessening of the winds which gusted to 82 Miles an hour Friday. Thousands of residents who fled the flames in the two areas and in scores of other fire rav aged regions throughout South Ern California spent the night in evacuation Erin Reses up red and other groups thousand of others we Csc Homes were spared by the flames were without electricity j and Telephone in ice. Other major fires started in Ventura about 50 Miles up the coast from Angeles in red i lands about 70 Miles East of i Here and near san Diego along i the Mexico Border where a health Ranee was threatened i briefly. Bremen Brush fire about a mile from the ranch House. He returned to has coastal Pacific Palisades Home near Angeles and declared a state of said he donned work delegation was fiercely shelled been holding an clothes and went to the ranch by jordanian artillery while the Summit in Cairo. Group sheltered a truce ordered by Arafat and Hussein. As we left for the Airport to leave Amman our armoured car was also Numajiri said. Hussein himself is per cast Over Amman radio. It was sent in fat saw agma carnal m and Indiana two emergency Tenessee states which can Campaign emergency throughout an tonally responsible for All that Geles county. Has happened.1 the Valley fire swept through Numajiri echoed Nasser s Republic reports from Jordan can Campaign targets in their of Ida Pfent said the fighting drive Cap tee contro1 had ended the round the clock Agnew s appearance Here was a curfew which had been in effect bit surprising since even re pub Amman for More than a jeans concede privately that democratic sen. William prox mire is running Well ahead of his gop opponent John Erick son. It. Gov. Jack Olson the re in week was lifted for five hours Amman said. The Al Fatah guerrilla organi m Beirut said the cease fire was shattered Early today the Spahn movie ranch onetime charge declaring we Are con by a Battle at Zarqa. 15 publican gubernatorial Candi residence of Charles Manson Vinced there is a plot by the Jor Miles Northeast of Amman. No Date to succeed retiring gov. Who is on trial with three of his hippie style clan members in the slav Ings of actress Sharon Tate and six others. Firemen said the flames dam see part Page 2. Danian authorities to liquidate the Palestine liberation Oreana mention of the incident was made in broadcasts Over the the organization Heads government s radio station. The guerrilla movement. Although Toukan a Civ Ian. Heads the 13-Man Cabinet the guerrilla spokesman said the fighting started when an see 2 Warren Knowles. Is in a much closer race against Democrat Patrick Luesey. A former lieu tenant governor. Without Mekong his name see Page 2. Cambodia Laos forces capture key areas of their countries Taing Kauk. Along route 6 be tween phenom penh and the provincial capital of Kampong Thorn so Miles to the North was captured by the cambodians from american offi Friday cers said today. In Cambodia a carry ing out the Saigon Cap government troops in Cambodia and Laos have captured key areas of countries from communist led forces support commanders had reported thursday t at More than 200 cambodian troops had been killed or seriously wounded in he two week Effort to take Sault against Tiang Kauk after in trying to take the Vil the face of the Rew Ard overwhelming Odds the vietnamese who Nurnbe de Large Force first major offensive of the associated press correspond ent John t. Wheeler reported Taing Kauk. Enemy losses were Only three battalions apparent not known the spokesman said the Vil by decided to pull out. Newsmen were still barred from phenom penh that Putnum Lage was rot heavily damaged from the Battle zone. There government offensive of the Breed North vietnamese and villagers who returned after the were reports that this decision cambodian War seized the Vil Viet Cong troops apparently had fighting ended Friday said they was prompted by was Matons concern Over reports that . Jets flying close air sup port for cambodian troops. American bombers have been North vietnamese Strong Post the was 10 Kampong Thorn but Kauk to Kampong Thorn in of of Taing Kauk driving out an enemy Force that had blocked its Progress for two in government forces seized a Lull position called Wienc overlooking the por Vinci Al capital of Atto Peu Arto pc 15 on the Bol ovens plateau in Southern Laos near the North Ern Border of Cambodia. Both Battle Sites Are on North vietnamese River and land infiltration corridors that have been under daily . Bombing at tacks aimed at curbing the flow of enemy troops and War mate rials southward into Cambodia and South Vietnam evacuated near All their troops and casualties from dug in bunkers before the final As Sault on the Village. The final drive came from the West after unable to Sav where the North vietnamese and Viet Cong Force had fled. The of the cambodian offensive i to reopen route p ail in Ftp town s High school was by air and artillery strikes. Forts to dest of North i namese Overland Supply routes. Xieng Dat. A 2.500-foot-hi2h said he was Uncer Tain when the operation would 11i1m. Begin moving northward again. The cambodian troops who heeler reported that the feel Mountain outpost had been held captured the Village reported ing in phenom Fen was that it by the North vietnamese and would be Many Days or weeks communist Patchet lao for five until any new Effort to move months. Earlier efforts by lao North was begun if at All be Tian government troops and in cause of possible enemy am Tensive american bombing Dian military command refused Bushes. Strides had failed to dislodge the the cambodian task Force enemy Force. Atto Peu itself is had up to 20 battalions or per still held by the n Orth Viet finding four enemy soldiers dead and a Small Quantity of arms and ammunition. A spokesman for the cambo to disclose the government casualty figures in the Battle but m j dictated they were Light. Local haps loops m the final As Jainese and Patchet lao

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