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Daily Globe Newspaper Archives May 11 1968, Page 1

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Daily Globe (Newspaper) - May 11, 1968, Ironwood, Michigan Temperatures 24 or. Period to 11 . 62 3t previous 24 or. Period 60 34. Year ago High 37 Low 29. Precipitation year to Date 10.66 in. Ironwood daily Globe forecasts variable Ness and Cool tonight. Lows to night 35 to 40. Sunday mostly sunny and Cool. Monday out look partly Cloudy and Cool. 49th year number 147. Associated press leased wire news service Ironwood Michigan saturday May 11, 1968. Ten pages single copy 10 cents. Restraints on wages prices Are called for voluntary action urged by officials by Sterling of Green associated press writer hot Springs a. A president Johnson s top eco nomic adviser and an official of a Federal Reserve Bank say that even if there is a tax hike voluntary restraint on wages and prices will be needed to combat inflation. Chairman Arthur m. Okun of the president s Council of eco nomic advisers and president Alfred Hayes of the Federal re serve Bank of new York told the nation s Industrial leaders Friday some action must be taken to halt spiralling wages which in turn threaten spiralling prices. Okun and Hayes addressed huh Frk share audience without seeing each other by Walter r. Mears Omaha neb. A Hubert h. Humphrey and Robert f. Kennedy have shared a Campaign audience without seeing each and a promoter of the vice president s cause said he hoped the appearance would encourage Humphrey write in votes in the Nebraska presiden tial primary. Kennedy arrived at salad time Humphrey came on after dessert Friday night As the presidential rivals took turns addressing some democrats at a fund Rais ing dinner. Humphrey got the louder the business Council at its Spring meeting. Some 10 presi dents and Board chairmen of the nation s biggest firms discuss Urban problems today. Okun said the journey Back to Price stability will be a Long and difficult one even if con Gress enacts Johnson s proposed 10 per cent surcharge on income taxes. The Basic problem for reconciling Prosperity and Price stability is going to be with us a Long time and the need for some kind of voluntary restraint is very great he said. Okun did not use the word guideposts to describe the voluntary wage Price restraints he advocated. But Hayes said this device needs careful and sym pathetic re examination even though it is considered out of fashion. While direct and rigid governmental controls Over prices and wages must be rejected As counter to the very principles of free Commerce we seek to sus Tain we must find some Way of upholding the guidepost Princi ple of keeping wage increases in line with average productivity Hayes said. If we Are successful in moderating excess demand with the pending tax hike then at least we will have moved to Ward a situation where the guidepost principles can work and it will then be up to labor and management to see that they do work. The lesson of the guideposts is now less valid than in the Days when More attention was paid to that wage increases in excess of increases in real output can represent nothing More than an inflation Ary Hayes told the business leaders. The government s guideposts virtually collapsed in 1966. The wage increase formula had been 3.2 per cent up to then but prices surged beyond guidepost More frequent applause. He was the featured speaker and was at the microphone More than twice As Long As Kennedy. By the time Humphrey arrived Kennedy was on Way to Mitchell ., for a round of campaigning in that primary state. Kennedy and sen. Eugene j. Mccarthy d-minn., Are the democratic contenders on the Nebraska ballot for next tues Day s primary. Humphrey is not entered in any primaries. But democratic National committeeman Marvin Werve of Omaha said Humphrey s Nebraska supporters hoped to More workers stay off Job Remote a sizable write in vote in the vice president. Werve said in an interview he hoped the Humphrey show in Omaha would bolster what he called an informal word of Mouth Campaign. It s not in tended to be any kind of an aggressive he said. This is going to be Ponta while Werve would offer no estimate of the potential Humphrey vote he said it will be Humphrey specifically denied he was trying to promote write in votes. The Omaha engage ment was arranged months ago before he was a candidate for the nomination. And Campaign Headquarters in Washington disavowed the Nebraska write in Effort. United democrats for Humphrey said the vice president is not directly or indirectly involved in the primary and organization has no part in any write in Campaign. This was designed to dissociate Humphrey from efforts strategists rate As Likely to fail. Kennedy is rated the favorite in the Nebraska primary. While Humphrey was having no part of the write in talk he was not neglecting the other Side of the primary ballot on which Nebraska democrats will choose delegates to cast 28 nominating votes at the National convention. There were 103 candidates 42 of them pledged to president Johnson whose name also re Mains on the preferential ballot although he has said he will not 15 miners ride conveyor Belt to Freedom today i run again. Detroit a a third the preferential poll does not Southeastern Michigan local of bind the delegates the communications workers of Humphrey planned America was off the Job today joining two rebellious locals in the Detroit area. Members of local 4013 in Monroe failed to report to work after striking Western electric employees set up picket lines at Michigan Bell facilities there. The local has about 100 Mem Bers. Robert Lusch picket Captain of Western electric Cwa local 4090 in Monroe said he expected installers to begin picketing throughout Michigan today. In metropolitan Detroit the state s two largest Cwa locals remained on strike pending the results of a new ratification vote on a contract with Michigan Bell. The two locals 4000 in Detroit and 4016 in Royal Oak have a to talk poor people s campaigners Are on Way to Washington chief Xuan to tiny above is North Viet Nam s chief Delegate to peace talks with the United states which Are scheduled to begin monday in Paris. A wire photo with Delegate candidates today before moving on to Huron In the Republican primary Richard m. Nixon was rated a virtually certain Victor. The name of California gov. Ronald Reagan also is on the ballot and there is a write in Effort for new York gov. Nelson a. Rockefeller. Also on the ballot Are the names of former Minnesota gov. Harold Stassen and Ameri Cus Liberator retired Cowboy from Valentine neb. While Humphrey and Kennedy talked in Omaha Mccarthy was Hunting votes in Oregon and California where he and Kennedy Are contesting later primaries. Mccarthy who has All but acknowledged Kennedy will take the Nebraska race contends those Western contests Levels. The al Cio announced it would not be bound by any for Mula that did not curb prices and profits As Well As wages. Okun said he recognizes there is no consensus on a formula for restraint. But he pointed out that the tax surcharge even if it takes some pressure off prices will leave unsolved the Long Range problem of holding the Price line in times of Strong business expansion. Okun said wage settlements so far this year Are running close to six per cent. They Are building costs into the Economy which business management so far has not fully passed on to the Public he added. But Okun said labor argues it is merely catching up with living Cost increases. Total membership of More Are the crucial ones. Than a third of the total Cwa members in Michigan. Also on strike in Michigan were Western electric installers. Across the nation Western electric workers Are on strike pending the result of a new vote on the contract. The Western electric work ers adopted the contract nation ally in the first vote but a new jokingly told the Omaha dinner that he thought Mccarthy deserved equal time there and had wired please advise whether it is in your interest i speak for you or against earlier Kennedy had joked to the same audience about a Mes Sage he said he got from hum negotiators agree on procedural matters Paris a american and i ence will be conducted in two of North vietnamese negotiators reached agreement today on procedural matters for Mon Day s opening of talks which could Lead to an end of the War in Vietnam. The atmosphere of today s meeting was described As very Good by an american official. Cyrus r. Vance Deputy Leader of the american delegation told newsmen after today s ses Sion we have concluded All procedural arrangements. We will go into substance on Mon Vance was emphatic on one the atmosphere has been very he said it had been agreed with opposite number col. A Van Lau that the Confer by the associated press the poor people s Campaign nit by a stabbing and some ack of housing continued its roundabout route toward Washington today. The Southern segment of the Campaign which spent the night in Macon ga., after housing problems was assured of Beds at its next Stop in the Georgia coastal City of Savannah. And in Washington officials worked out an arrangement in which the campaigners will be allowed to erect what they Call resurrection City in a Park Between the Washington Monument and the Lincoln me Morial. However the camping permit authorized for the campaigners coming from All sections of the country provides for Only persons with the permit expiring at the end of five weeks. After charges that there irregularities in the first vote. The Michigan Cwa also rejected the contract in the first vote but Union officials said Only about half of the Cwa members in Michigan had enough time to vote in the first election. If the contract is approved it would be retroactive to april 3. The agreement Calls for wage increases ranging from to a week Over the three year contract period plus boosts in overtime pay vacation pension benefits medical care provisions and other areas. Prey he said he s looking Forward to the Nebraska Pri were Mary tuesday. He s hoping for Delegate candidates must file a May 28 Lansing you want to be a Delegate to your party s next state Convent in you must file for the office by May 28 and run in the aug. 6 primary Secretary of state James Hare said. Petitions May be obtained from county clerks Hare said. Parish police crush bitter 11-hour revolt by students by Bernard Lavallee associated press writer Paris a masked riot police crushed the latest and bitterest student revolt in the latin Quarter at Dawn today after 11 hours of tear gassing clubbing and warding off rocks thrown by youths. Police chief Maurice Gri Rinaud said 367 persons were injured and 468 arrested in what he called a veritable guerrilla the students who varied in number from to during the action held a Square mile of the French capital for several hours. This morning several Hundred students blocked traffic along Boulevard st. Michel and police again used tear to disperse them. Two big labor unions the communist led general confederation of labor and the French confederation of democratic a general strike for monday in support of the students who have been on a week Long rampage demanding University Reform and release of arrested comrades. The federation of National education also decided to strike monday closing Down All French schools. The archbishop of Paris is sued an Appeal for Calm and top ministers of the French govern ment met in emergency session. The ministers including Jacques Roccard de Gaulle s closest personal advisor went to the presidential Palace this morning presumably to Brief the general on the situation. He is scheduled to visit Romania Early next week. The general strike on Mon Day the Day the United states and North Vietnam Are expected to begin hard bargaining on see revolt Page 2. A Good clean fight and no Surv these Are two Fine men that Are contesting for your attention and your votes and if you have any trouble deciding which one to vote for Call me up and i May give you some Humphrey said. He did t say what it would be. But presumably he would not be displeased with a Mccarthy upset. In speech Humphrey touched on a theme with which he has in the past criticized Kennedy saying the democrats cannot unite the country by tearing each other up. I Don t think you have to build yourself up by tearing this party Humphrey said. And i Don t think you have to tear Down America to build yourself up Kennedy spoke As the dinner got under Way. He said the american people Are demand ing change and will look to the democratic party to bring it about. They Are determined that everything we have built must not dissolve in violence and hatred Between our own he said. Traffic death toll climbs by the associated press the death of a youth in a Rusk county Accident has raised Wisconsin s Highway fatality toll for the year to 34, or 61 More than on this Date a year ago. Richard s. Revak 18, of Weyerhaeuser was killed about 10 . Friday when the car he was driving left Highway 40 seven Miles South of Bruce and overturned seven times before ending up on its top. Lincoln Roberts 71, of Stock ton hi., injured May 7 in a two car crash on a Lafayette county Highway near the wis Consin Illinois Border died Friday in a Freeport 111., hos Pital. School Loans Bill approved Lansing a a Bill set Ting up a million fund for emergency school Loans and Viding for the abolition of repeatedly insolvent districts won final legislative approval Friday and was sent to the governor. The measure introduced by rep. William Jowett a port Huron was Given immediate effect by the House. It would be come Law at once if signed by gov. George Romney. It was introduced chiefly be cause of the financial plight of Inkster school District in West Ern Wayne county where an unbalanced budget once threat ened to close tha schools but it would apply to other troubled districts As Well. A District unable to balance its budget could apply for an Temei gency loan to the state depart ment of education which could approve the request and for Ward it to the governor for legislative recommendations. The District would be required o Issue Bonds backed by All taxable property within it to repay the new state fund within 10 years. A District with two consecutive unbalanced budgets or one which is unable to pay Back an emergency loan would be re organized and merged with one or More other school districts. The House also sent to rom Ney s desk a Bill giving town ship boards of trustees author Ity to petition their county Road commissions for improvements in county roads. Currently petitions can be filed Only by persons who own property along the Road involved. Facial Anc French As the working language. This Means that each Side will use its own language in conducting the Day to Day business of the Confer ence. But French will be use for any conference documents Ard statements which can be readily translated and under stood by both sides. After today s second and final 2-hour and 22-minute procedural meeting Lau was smiling broadly As he usually does and told newsmen he was very sat asked if there would be a further meeting tomorrow he said tomorrow is pressed As to whether a Viet Nam cease fire would be the first order of business monday he replied no comment. We must leave that to the Heads of the Vance said an Agenda for the talks monday was not Dis cussed. Vance and Lau were reported to have shaken hands at the Start of the meeting As they did the first time they met. Their opening round Friday also had been described As polite. Vance and Lau reportedly agreed that they should give out As Little information As possible on their discussions. The North vietnamese spokes Man said the americans suggested that nothing further be said and the North vietnamese agreed. Other sources con firmed that this was an Ameri can suggestion. It was widely reported nevertheless that Vance and Lau had agreed at least tentatively that their official languages would be English and Viet namese but their working Lan Guage would be French mean ing they could speak French in addition to the other two languages As they wished. See 2. 442 Are killed by u. S. Troops Saigon forces reported today killing 442 North vietnamese troops below the de militarized zone in renewed Sharp fighting described by some officers As another phase of the enemy s peace talk offensive. In the enemy s seven Day old attack on Saigon the american command reported 50 Viet Cong soldiers killed in fighting in and around the capital. Some guerrillas still were holding out on the Southern fringes despite heavy Allied air attacks. In the Northern War zone . 1st air cavalry division troops rushed in to reinforce Marine units battered in heavy fighting around Dong a where enemy soldiers have been re ported killed in the last two weeks. The army reinforcements and marines reported killing 442 enemy soldiers in the last 24 hours in five Battles ranging from 5 to 11 Miles below the demilitarized zone. American casualties were put at 24 killed and 54 wounded. If the . Count is Correct 18 enemy soldiers were killed for every american slain. Many of the enemy dead were claimed from american air strikes and artillery barrages. . Bombers reportedly killed 56 enemy troops Between Dong a and Gio Linh another Marine Strong Point to the North after a company of infantrymen from the . 199th Light Bri Gade came under enemy Small arms fire and pulled Back. One american was killed and two wounded. The campaigners Are scheduled to Start arriving sunday in their bid for More Federal funds to help the poor. The Rev. Ralph David Aber Nathy leading the drive As head of the Southern Christian leadership conference has prom ised to keep the predominantly negro group in Washington All summer if necessary to get congressional action. Washington probably seemed a Long Way off for Many of the marchers including those in Georgia who had to Settle for makeshift accommodations in an old Brick building at Central City Park in Macon. After a warm Welcome in the Central Georgia City housing became a problem for the campaigners and one Sulc official threatened to take the marchers Back to Atlanta. Hosea Williams one of the Sulc s spokesmen has said that the campaigners Don t want to sleep in auditoriums churches or basements. We want them to spend the nights with Middle class negro and White Williams said earlier in the Southern leg of the Campaign. Six Hundred Homes reportedly will be available in Savannah tonight to House the Southern campaigners. Bigger problems broke out Friday on the new England Seg ment of the March when a demonstrator picketing the Campaign in Boston was stabbed. Joseph Mlot Mroz was picket ing across the Street from Campaign buses when he was knocked to the ground. He got in car turned the vehicle Anc was a Block away when he was stabbed. He was listed in fair condition. He carried read i am fighting poverty. Work. Have you tried it. It Arthur Frederick Northeast coordinator of the March and official of Sulc said Organ woman sentenced for manslaughter port Huron a st. Clair woman was sentenced Fri Day in st. Clair county circuit court in port Huron to two to 15 years in the Detroit House of corrections for manslaughter. Mrs. Sherry Coomer 27, had been convicted last september in the november 1966 death of her 4-year-old son David. He had been struck in the Chest with a Blunt instrument. Men rescued after 5 Days in Coal mine 10 others believed to have perished by Holder Jensen associated press writer Hominy Falls . A stiff and chilled min ers Rode a conveyor Belt to free Dom today after spending five Days in a flooded Coal mine breathing its foul air feeling its dampness and sleeping on its lard floor. Left behind deep in the Moun Tain were 10 of their Fellows for whom Hope was lost Long ago. I knew we were going to get said Ottie Junior Walton the 39-year-old father of five children who has spent 20 years working in the mines. We prayed and Sang and talked about living a better life when we got out. We had a real religious Bunch Down it was believed the other 10 men were swept to their deaths monday noon when a break in the Wall to an adjoining abandoned mine shot millions of Lons of water through the mine s rolling passageway. Nobody panicked every body was real Walton said. We just talked. Some of us slept. For a while we just sat and had a Good Bull session. All the boys had a Good sense of he the condition of the miners was considered remarkably Good for men who had spent a sign which nation had nothing to do with the in Columbus Ohio an announcement that in United Appeal Money would be available if needed to help feel the poor Peoples Campaign group due Here tonight was rescinded Friday night. William e. Knepper presi Dent of the local United appear organization said not one Penny of pledged or contributed a Money will be spent in connection with the poverty he said the organization with Drew its earlier offer partly be cause of reaction that included Many Telephone complaints and one Case of mass cancellations of pledges. An official at the co Lumbus Westinghouse electric corp. Plant said More than 300 notices of cancellations were turned in Friday in protest of a s decision to Aid the Campaign. Knepper said another reason a would not participate was that other sources of Money had been found by local persons Aid ing the group of Campaign participants due Here from Cincin Nati. Michigan s youngest police chief resigns Fennville Bruce Eggebeen 21, believed Mich Igan s youngest chief of police resigned this week after head ing the Fennville police depart ment in Allegan county since series on u. S. Education benefits to Start monday take heart All you parents gory. The Book on the other of High school and College age youngsters who Are frantically seeking funds for Junior s higher education. A new 15-part series which will Start in the daily Globe monday May 13, will give you new Hope. Did you know the Federal government has billions available for More education and training did you know you might even qualify yourself for some of these learning funds what you be got coming in . Education benefits is the title of the illustrated newspaper series that will Start monday in the daily Globe and of a com Panion 112-Page Book available through this newspaper As a Public service. The series will Appeal particularly to those parents of High school and College age children last january. He said he wanted mentioned above As it concerns hand has additional chapters dealing with education benefits for teachers Farmers Golden agers the handicapped unemployed High school dropouts and others seeking financial assistance while pursuing More knowledge. The series and Book were written by Ray Cromley Veter an Washington correspondent for this newspaper and newspaper Enterprise association after extensive research and consultation with Many government agencies. Cromley might be said to have a vested interest in Edu cation benefits being the Parent of five pre College children. The Book can be ordered through this newspaper by Send ing per copy to education benefits in care of Ironwood Texas raked by severe storms by the associated press a we Klong siege of severe thunderstorms raked Texas with More weather violence to Day hurling Hail heavy rain and torn adic winds across the state from the Panhandle to the Gulf. Severe weather warnings were in effect through most of the night for South Central and sections of the storms continued Southeastern state As the into the sixth straight Day. Six persons were dead either in weather related traffic Acci dents or by drowning in Flash flooding which parts of the state thursday and Friday in the Wake of foot deep rainfalls. Numerous funnel Clouds churned about Texas Asir. Fri Day night but again As in other nights damage reports were rare and there were no reported injuries. Tornado sightings were As far apart As Dalhart in to get More police training. Itself primarily with that Cate-1 York n. Y. 10019. Daily Globe . Box 489, dept. The Panhandle and Tomball and 499, radio City station new i Pasadena in the Houston Vicin that length of time confined to a Small space. They went to their Homes immediately after their Rescue and returned later in the morning for physicals at a hos Pital in Richwood. The first Miner came out of the mine Entrance into the Glare of floodlights and the wait ing arms of wife and family at . He had spent a to Tal of 118 hours and 20 minutes in the mine since he reported for work at 7 . Monday. The others followed in Quick succession. As each Man stepped off the Blanket was thrown around shoulder and he was led to a padded Bench. They were Black from hard hat to Boot and wet from the water they had to Wade through on part of then journey. The lamps on their hats flick ered through the gloom. At first the 200 friends and relatives who had waited most of the night around the mine in trance were silent. Then Here was a great wave of laughing and hugging. It was difficult to make out any of the conversations As the scene turned to bedlam. Photographers bulbs went off like harsh fireflies. There also was sadness among relatives of the 10 miss ing men crowded to the in trance in faint Hope. Mine officials had not re leased a list of those known to be alive and those presumed dead publicly but it was Likely that families had been notified. But they still crowded in Hope Elwood o Dell was the first Man out. The men appeared dazed by the harsh floodlights and the questions being thrown at them by mine officials and relatives. Only five minutes elapsed be tween the emergence of the first Man and the last. After a few minutes sitting Down on foam covered benches outside the mine Entrance the men were led to ambulances. But All did not go. One Man who came out of the mind did not get into an ambulance however. A woman had her around Waist and yelled Here he the Miner had gone from the mine Entrance up the opposite slope Over barricade ropes and was greeted by the woman in front of the mine office. Or. Lee b. Todd of Quinwood the mine physician quickly looked Over each Man before he was led to the ambulance. Ear Lier officials had said that the men had agreed Over the radio Telephone to undergo observation in hospitals at Summers Ville and Richwood. But there was a change in plans that attested to the men s Good physical condition despite the Long cramped confinement. Thev were allowed to go Home. They re All in Good see x. Jews paper i Wisp Aprl

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