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Daily Globe Newspaper Archives Jul 21 1973, Page 1

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Daily Globe (Newspaper) - July 21, 1973, Ironwood, Michigan Temperatures 24 tit. Period to 12 noon 68 49. Previous 24 or. Period 73 so. Year ago High 75 Low 50. Season s rain 10.57 in. Rain year ago 10.66 in. I Ron Wood daily Globe forecasts fair to partly Cloudy tonight and sunday. Lows tonight from near 50 to lower 50s. Hight sunday in the mid to upper 70s. Winds in the East to 54th year number 205. Associated press leased news service Ironwood Michigan saturday july 21, 1973. Twelve pages single copy 15 cents. Skyjacker Jet lands in Sheik Dom Dubai a a squad of terrorists in a sweltering giant Japan air lines jumbo Jet threatened today to blow up the plane at Dubai s desert Airstrip if anyone approached the air Craft police said. One of the hijackers a Wom an was killed Friday when a hand grenade she was holding exploded accidentally shortly after Takeoff from Amsterdam according to the airline. The hijackers radioed to officials in the Dubai control Tower that we Are awaiting instruct but they did not say from whom or where the instructions were supposed to come. The officials thought the hijackers were isolated from their command after cruising around the Middle East before Landing Friday night at Dubai an Arab Sheik Dom on the per Sian Gulf. There was no immediate re quest for refuelling or Ransom for the plane and its occupants. An official said the terrorists first demand was for "250 Sand Wiches and the Boeing 747 was ringed by armed police As it sat in the hot Sun near the cargo Section of the Airport. The terrorists refused to see anyone but they told officials in the control Tower that they were holding japanese Ger Man dutch peruvian French and Arab passengers along with the Crew. The Airport was closed to All flights and no vehicles were allowed within two Miles of the Airstrip. Ground Crews hooked a Small Generator to the plane but officials doubted it would be sufficient to Cool the huge plane. They must really be cooking out there one police offi cer said As the fierce desert Sun climbed higher i the Gay and sent the temperature to io2 degrees with 95 per cent humid Ity. Sheik Mohamed bin Rashid defense minister of the United Arab emirates went on Board to negotiate shortly after the plane arrived. But there were no apparent results and the terrorists refused to allow the women and children to de plane. However food and water for All the plane s occupants was put aboard. The body of a woman Hijacker who apparently was killed by her own hand grenade was carried off the plane shortly after it arrived with 123 Passen Gers and a Crew of 22 after a nine hour flight from Amsterdam beginning Friday. An official of the airline in London said the grenade went j off As the terrorists took Over j the plane 30 minutes after Takeoff on a flight for Tokyo. J a Purser Yoshihisa Miya Shita 27, was injured by the blast while serving Champagne to passengers but his condition was not believed serious. Jal s London office said one of the three male terrorists might be a japanese but we re not sure. Earlier reports indicated that they were Mem Bers of the sek gun or red army a fanatical japanese leftist organization. Dubai police reported that the hijackers claimed to be ecuadorian nationals but offi cers said All negotiations were conducted in arabic. During the flight Over Europe the hijackers indicated that they were fighting for the Palestin Ian cause. They first tried to have the big Jet land at Beirut but per Mission was refused. Then they flew to Basra in Southeast Iraq but the runway was too Short. At Bahrain on the per Sian Gulf they again were re fused Landing permission and flew to Dubai. Leaves Bethesda Richard Nixon smiles As he leaves Bethesda naval medical Center Friday after being hospitalized a week with pneumonia. He is followed by Hospital personnel. A photo Western stores rationing Bacon fryers and eggs by the associated press Western shoppers Are finding some rationing of Bacon and the possibility that there might be Only one Chicken in the pot. And there were scattered re ports across the country Friday of rising prices and heavier buying at supermarkets two Days after president Nixon announced he was unfree zing food prices. N various divisions of Safeway stores inc.? which operates about stores As the nation s second largest retail Nixon works hard after recovery Camp David my. A president Nixon Here for the weekend seems determined to prove that a week s hospitalization did not slow his work Pace. Although his doctors said they expected him to rest today and sunday following his recovery from viral pneumonia the White House made a Point of announcing he came to his Mountain Retreat Friday after noon with a briefcase filled with paper work. For Good measure a Busy monday through thursday schedule for next week was re leased. After leaving the Bethesda naval medical Center Friday Nixon told aides and employees who welcomed him Back to the White House that he would be working right up the Hilt All the tune despite his recent ill Ness. For those who might suggest a full schedule would endanger his health Nixon had this Mes Sage the health of a Man is not nearly As important As the health of the nation and the health of the nevertheless an unusually Large medical contingent was at Camp David today with Nix on. Normally he is accompanied by a single physician but this tune two Ter r. Tkach and William la a medical corpsman and medical Secretary were on hand. Tkach is the president s per Sonal physician and normally relegates Camp David chores to an assistant. After spending about 4k hours Friday at the White House devoting part of the tune to staff meetings Nixon took a meandering drive Here through the Virginia and Mary land Countryside with . Bebe Rebozo his Friend and neighbor from key Biscayne Fla. As Nixon s limousine neared the Camp David Gate he or dered it halted and got out to Greet 13 hiking girl scouts and their two Counselor. Hey one of the youngsters called to him Are you going to be on Nixon explained he had just gotten out of the Hospital but that they need not worry be cause viral pneumonia is not contagious. After reaching his quarters at Aspen Lodge Nixon ordered the delivery of several Pecan pies to the girls who Are spending two weeks at a girl Oil firm admits illegal contribution to Nixon Washington a the chairman of Ashland Oil inc. Has acknowledged the corporation made an extremely regrettable illegal Cash contribution to president Nix on s 1972 re election Campaign. Chairman Orin e. Atkins Fri Day said the contribution was made in Early 1972 by a subsidiary without the knowledge of the Board of directors. Watergate special prosecutor Archibald Cox said the contribution apparently was solicited by and delivered to Maurice h. Stans chairman of the Nixon Campaign finance committee. When corporate officers come Forward voluntarily and Early to disclose illegal political contributions to candidates of either party their voluntary acknowledgement will be consid ered m a mitigating Circum in deciding what charges to Cox said. Two weeks ago american airlines admitted h donated spa Perl to the Nixon re election Campaign. In a letter dated july 16, 1973, Fred m. Vinson jr., attorney for Atkins his wife and the corporation informed the Nixon re election finance com Mittee that the contribution made in the names of or. And mrs. Atkins actually came from Ashland Petroleum Gabon corp. Funds. Vinson asked that the funds be returned. The Vinson letter acknowledged that the finance com Mittee was not informed and had no Way of knowing that this contribution originated from a corporate in a letter dated the same Day the finance committee turned the under Federal Law anyone who gives or receives Campaign contributions in Federal elections from the treasuries of corporations labor unions or Banks is liable to imprisonment of up to two Yean and a Fine of 19 to scout Camp on Cato tin Moun Tain. The White House said the meeting with the girls was pure happenstance and that in View of the lengthy roundabout drive Nixon made there would have been no Way to plan the meet ing near the Camp David Gate. An associated press reporter had been tipped earlier in the Day that some youngsters would be on hand when Nixon reached his Retreat. Davis has watergate culprit guess Waukesha wis. Rep. Glenn Davis r-wis., said Friday a paper on which he has written the name of a Man he says is responsible for the watergate breaking will remain locked in a local Bank Strong Box. I just feel that it might be prejudicial to make this Public at this time. It would be in said Davis adding he probably would release the name after the watergate investigations end. Davis wrote the name on a piece of paper at a chamber of Commerce luncheon Here april 24. He gave it to Donald l. Taylor president of the Bank in an envelope and told him to lock it in the vault. Davis said at the time the envelope would be opened in 90 Days but he said Friday Judi Cial and Senate watergate proceedings have taken longer than he expected. Davis said he has no inside information on watergate and that his information is not sol he said it was based on a gut Verne read Shorewood who last year unsuccessfully ran against Davis for the 9th con Gressional District Republican nomination told Senate water Gate committee chairman sen. Sam Ervin in. C., last month that Davis was withholding information on the breaking. Davis denied he was withhold ing information saying he had no inside knowledge. Flower Box tipped another Flower Box was tipped Over Friday night in Ironwood. The Box in front of the John Albert jewelry store was Over turned patrolling police found. They policed up the mess. And an Arizona grocery Chain have announced rationing of Bacon fryers and eggs. But other chains have reported no rationing yet. Dale Peterson California division manager of associated food stores inc., said the association in t rationing Bacon to its stores in the West but allocation eventually is a Dis Tinct William Gross director of Public relations for Safeway s san Francisco division said a two Pound limit per customer on Bacon went into effect Fri Day because of a temporary his division includes Northern California and Hawaii. In Arizona Safeway announced a similar Bacon ration and rationing of eggs to two dozen per customer and fryers to one per customer. And Fry s markets which has about a dozen stores in the greater Phoenix area announced a Lim it of two fryers per customer. John wefts retail operations manager for Safeway s okla homa City division said customers there were subject to the Bacon ration and added that the limit was expected to end in a week to 10 Days. A Safeway spokesman in Seattle said stores have been told to not sell any Freezer beef in addition to the Bacon restrictions. Safeway stores in Missouri and Kansas also began limiting Bacon purchases after receiving instructions from company Headquarters. Other grocers in the Kansas City area said a few customers were buying unusually Large quantities of a con or other items but said they were not rationing items. A Safeway store in Jefferson City mo., reported the com Pany action came after some customers started buying Worth of Bacon at a time from some of the Chain s stores. In Boston food prices were reported up from wednesday when president Nixon unveiled his phase 4 economic policies. In Cleveland Ohio a spokes Man for the Heinen super Market Chain said prices have risen on poultry and some meats but said he did not have any specific rates. And the Public affairs director for Cleveland s Fisher Fazio Costa foods said prices would be increased monday. Meanwhile a Boston shopper Karen Steinberg said she had rented a trailer and planned to buy enough of anything that won t go bad to last for at last three months. Who knows it might catch on As a groovy Way to do your food shopping four times a she said. Suspect on tricycle is exonerated Milan Mich. A a suspected breaking and entering artist caught making off from the scene of the crime on his tricycle has a clean slate. Police chief Warren Hale said Friday the 5-year-old lad he caught trying to break into a House in this Community 10 Miles South of Ann Arbor just wanted to go Home. The kid used to live in the House and be thought he still Hale said. He was just determined that he was going to go the chief said the boy eluded a Babysitter at his new Home while his parents were at work and beaded for his old House. That was when Hale Stum bled onto the would be Crimi Nal trying to pry open a win Dow with a four foot shovel. The boy who Hale described As the most hard boiled kid i be Ever was not easy to arrest. I apprehended the suspect As his three wheeled self propelled vehicle came around the front of the patrol the chief said. A struggle ensued As Hale tried to get the boy into the patrol car. The boy kicked him and yelled get your hands off me Hale added. The chief later described the boy s resistance As Youthful enthusiasm. However the owner of the boy s old Home complicated matters when she reported a bag of Silver dollars was miss ing but Hale said that too had been cleared up. The woman s husband had moved the bag without telling her and then gone on a business trip the chief said. Senate passes War Powers Bill presidential veto is almost certain Washington a an almost certain presidential veto awaits the Compromise version of Senate and House Bills to limit the War making Powers of a president. The Senate measure passed Friday would allow a president to commit . Troops for 30 Days without congressional approval in Case of enemy attack or to forestall one. Before going to the White House it must be reconciled with the House version which would make that period 120 Days and would narrow conditions under which the president can act. The outcome of the Long Battle to enact such legislation appears now to depend on whether Congress particularly the House can Muster the two thirds vote to override the veto president Nixon threatened earlier in the week. The Senate passage of the measure was 71 to 18, or 11 votes More than the two thirds Senate leaders Are confident they will be Able to Muster to override. First however if the Bill is vetoed it will go to the House. Its margin on passage wednes Day was 244 to 170, or 32 Short of two thirds. Some negative votes were cast by Liberal democrats who feared the Bill could give a president War making Powers he does t have under the Constitution. Some of them might switch sides and oppose the expected Nixon veto. On the other hand republicans who supported the Biu will be under Strong pressure to up hold the president so the out come remains in doubt. Wakefield girl is missing police said they Are looking for Barbara Hemming 16, daughter of or. And mrs. Ralph hem Ming 409 2nd ave. Wakefield who has been missing since tuesday. Police said the girl apparently ran away from Home. She is five feet six inches tall with Blond hair and Green eyes and was last seen wearing a Pink Blouse and Blue pants. Anyone with information As to miss Hemming s whereabouts can Contact the Wakefield police at 224-8311. Holds knife on Man police identified As Fred Sims 27, holds a knife to the Chest of his son Tony 4, keep ing police at Bay after an Auto Chase in Memphis Tenn. Officers later jumped the Man As he backed Down a Street with the knife on the boy. Tony was rescued unharmed except for lacerations on one hand. Police said the Chase had begun after the child s Mother reported that her son had been removed from her Home. A photo four Grain dealers dispute Butz testimony Man son struck by car while fishing Cassopolis Mich. A an Indiana Man and his son fishing along a Creek Bank in Cass county s ont a township were killed Early today when they were struck by a car which ran off . 12 after hit Ting a parked Auto deputies said the victims were identified As Theodore Hojara 55, of Granger ind and his 7-year old son Gregory Washington a four Grain dealers have disputed Tes Timony by agriculture Secre tary Earl l. Butz that his department did not know last summer the extent of he impending billion wheat Sale to the soviet Union. The senior vice president of Continental Grain co., the world s largest said he person ally notified the agriculture department of the Sale on july 3, Days before it was consummated. Butz declined comment after the dispute arose Friday during hearings before the Senate investigations subcommittee. He is scheduled to testify monday. Sen. Henry m. Jackson d wash., chairman of the sub committee has questioned whether the agriculture department knew or suspected that the soviet Union because of crop failures would seek to buy wheat from american companies. The Issue is a key one in the investigation. American farm ers could have made millions of dollars had they known that exports would increase both the demand and Price for wheat. The Issue was raised last sept. 14 when Butz appeared before a House agriculture sub committee. I emphasize that nobody knew then during the first week of the department of agriculture nor the How much the rus sians would Butz Testi fied but Bernard Steinweg the Continental senior vice president testified Friday that on july 3, he met with Carroll g. Brunthaver assistant Secre tary of agriculture and told him about the Deal. I told him we had been contacted by the russians told him the specific amounts of wheat 4.5 million tons they wished to Purchase from us and told him they wished to Purchase 3 million tons of Corn from us Steinweg said. Steinweg said he telephoned Brunthaver on july 6 to inform him that the Sale of four Mil lion tons of wheat had been consummated. Brunthaver is on vacation and could not be reached for comment on Steinweg s state ment. He is scheduled to testify monday. In testimony before a House agriculture subcommittee last september Brunthaver said he received phone Calls from four Grain companies sometime after the russian agreement was announced on july 8." in affidavits submitted to the Senate subcommittee j. Gardner jr., vice president of Louis Dreyfus corp., said he met personally with Brunthaver on july 8, and said it was apparent that the russians were interested in buying a Large Quantity of c. Brasmer vice pres ident of Bunge corporation said that on july 7 he talked with William k. Rosacker of the agriculture department. I explained to him that i was calling from the russians hotel suite in new York City and that they had expressed an interest in buying wheat. I fur ther stated that the Quantity would be Large Brasmer said. H. Middents vice president of Cargill inc., said he consulted with Brunthaver car gilts july 10 Sale of wheat was being negotiated and in a period of time follow ing each Sale reject Wisconsin budget panel May get it again Madison wis. A Consin s faltering budget proposal May be sent Back next week for More work by a six Man Compromise committee a state Senate Leader said Friday. Minority Leader Fred Risser a Madison said he is having a Resolution drafted asking the legislature s conference com Mittee to take another crack at changing the billion proposal so it can win approval in the Senate. The 1973-75 spending plan authored by the conference com Mittee two weeks ago was rejected revived and rejected again during the last four Days of Senate debate. After the second rejection Friday on a 14-13 vote the up per House adjourned until tues Day so that budget supporters could regroup. Risser predicted that new pay package in the budget including a 58 per cent increase for the state s 132 legislators would be one of the first facets of the Bill to be changed. I Don t doubt one of the first items the committee would look at is a reduction in the salary he said. There Are several senators whose votes might change if this were adjusted Risser said he thought a couple of hours work by the conference committee could Iron out objections which have been voiced by several senators. I m certainly not going to let this merry go round go round and Risser said of the contradictory votes Dur ing the week. It would be priced rely possible to reject the Bill vote to reconsider it reject and reconsider As Long As senators Are willing to change their the three Democrat three Republican Compromise com Mittee Laboured most of june and part of july before it agreed on changes to the original Bud get document submitted to the legislature in february by gov. Patrick j. Lucey. Other possible new Compro Mises cited by Risser were a further delay in the effective Date of state takeover of local welfare costs a delay in pay ments from Rich school districts under the budget s Power equalization formula and a clarification of language on the Green Bay reformatory. Some senators have complained that language in the budget Bill still would allow Lucey to close Down the Reforma tory As he originally proposed. Friday s rejection followed a week of Arm twisting in an Effort by budget supporters to get the Bill through the Senate and into the Assembly for final legislative approval. Lucey informed by a news Man of the vote while he was heading a meeting elsewhere in the Capitol acted surprised. Then referring to the Sena tors and the warm july weather he quipped think How Long it would take them if this building was air Risser said he would Intro Duce his Resolution tuesday if there was still doubt that the budget had enough votes to move through passage. But he said the Resolution might not be needed by the time tuesday comes. A lot can happen Over the he said Here is How the Striate voted Friday when it rejected the budget Bill 14-13. Democrats for rejections Flynn Parys m. Swans democrats against rejection Dorman Frank Lafollette Mckenna Peloquin Risser Schuele Thompson Whittow republicans for rejection Bidwell Devitt Keppler Knut son la fave Lorge Murphy Petri Roseleip Steinhilber j. Swan republicans against rejection Chilsen Hollander Johnson Theno democrats paired for rejection Martin democrats paired against rejection Babitch Kendziorski republicans paired for rejection Kasten Kreuger republicans paired against rejection Knowles Fisherman drowns Hart Mich. A her Man Knapp 44, of Hesperia drowned Friday when his fish ing boat overturned on Little Campbell Lake in Oceana county state police reported. Troopers said Knapp s body was recovered about hours after the Accident. Hsp4perf

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