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Daily Globe Newspaper Archives Jul 13 1974, Page 1

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Daily Globe (Newspaper) - July 13, 1974, Ironwood, Michigan Temperatures 24 or. Period to 10 . 80 63. Previous 24 or. Period 77 60. Year ago High 76 Low 63. Season s rain 9.91 in. Rain year ago in. Ironwood daily Globe forecasts fair to partly Cloudy Toni it through sunday a Little cooler tonight and sunday. Lows tonight in the mid to upper 50s, highs sunday near 80. 55th year number 198. Associated press leased wire news service Ironwood Michigan saturday july 13, 1974. Twelve pages single copy 15 cents. Petersen no Nixon coverup tie Washington a asst. Atty. Gen. Henry Petersen who was in charge of the original watergate investigation has told the House impeachment in Quiry he has never received any information involving pres ident Nixon in a cover up. Petersen who testified before the House judiciary committee on Friday was described by some Republican members As the most favourable witness for Nixon the committee has Beard in its impeachment inquiry. Rep. Charles Sandman r n.j., said he asked Petersen whether he had Ever received any information up to the present moment indicating Nixon was involved in covering up the watergate scandal. He said clearly Sand Man told newsmen after Peter sen s closed door testimony. The boost Given to Nixon s impeachment defense by Peter sen s testimony was offset in the View of some members by the conviction of former White House aide Ehrlichman on counts of perjury and conspiracy in connection with the burglary of the office of Daniel Ellsberg s psychiatrist. Rep. Hamilton fish r-n.y., a Republican who is considered a possible vote for impeach ment said lie thought an acquittal for Eli Lichman would have been a setback for the but Nixon s lawyer James d. St. Clair disagreed. I just Learned of the he told newsmen As he emerged from a committee session. I Don t believe it has any effect on these members said one of the Points Petersen was questioned at length about was his furnish ing of information about the watergate investigation to Nix on which Nixon passed on to Elu Lichman and . Halde Man Nixon s former chief of staff. Both men allegedly were implicated in the affair Accord ing to the information. Peterson reportedly said he saw nothing improper in giving such information to the presi Dent or in Nixon s passing it on to Haldeman and Ehrlichman. The committee has Only two More witnesses to hear before concluding its inquiry former White House aide Charles w. Colson on monday and Herbert w. Kalmbach Nixon s former personal lawyer on tuesday. Both Are now in jail on water Gate related charges. The committee is due to Starl considering proposed articles of impeachment on monday july 22. The committee s debate and voting will be open to the pub Lic and press but not to live television coverage. In related developments Fri Day informed sources reported that advisers have told Nixon that the judiciary committee probably will vote a Bill of impeachment and one source said Nixon shares that expectation. Deputy White House press Secretary Gerald l. Warren had told newsmen earlier that both St. Clair and Nixon expected an impeachment recommendation from the panel. But St. Clair disputed any notion hat he or the president had reached any conclusion and Darren then backed Down say no there had been a misunderstanding on his part. Vice president Gerald r. Oril said in Albuquerque n.m., that the preponderance of the judiciary committee s watergate cover up evidence a Hon added to previous Evi Dence favors the president and exonerates him of any impeachable Henley at Wayne Henley is shown in the court at Houston Tex. Where he is being tried in the Homo sexual mass murders Case. A photo state May sue on defoliant use in Wisconsin forests Madison wis. A the state May sue the Federal government next week to prevent spraying of about a Square mile Northern Wisconsin National for ests with the Defolia Ting Herbi cide use of the chemical which contains Small amounts of a contaminant some scientists believe May cause birth defects has icon scheduled to begin after aug. 1 in the chef Mamegon and Nicolet National forests. Atty. Gen. Robert Warren will make a final decision Early next week on whether to seek a preliminary injunction in . District court to halt the project asst. Atty. Gen. John of Ron said. Convicts still holed up in . Court Washington a two aides Are said to be urging i Impact Slat ment however. Warren to go ahead with the Jack Weissling information lawsuit. An injunction is viewed As a Way of buying time against the Grain Forest managers want to use the chemical to eliminate undesirable Hardwood species from areas where they have planted Misc gets Power Over Energy Supply Lansing Mich. Cap the. Public service commission has i where the herbicide armed convicts pressed their efforts today to barter seven hostages in a . District courthouse Cellblock for free Dom after releasing 14 inmates who had been caught up in the standoff for nearly 43 hours. The Justice department called the release of the 14 prisoners who had neither been part of the take Over nor bleed As hostages an act of Good Faith. One woman prisoner chose to remain in the Cellblock apparently to keep the one female hostage company officials said. . Marshals said no hos tages had been harmed. The release occurred after the two convicts rejected the government s offer to Transfer them to a Penitentiary in okla homa. But authorities still made no move to give the two men the plane ride out of the country that they had demanded since taking control of the basement detention cells about 2 . Thursday. A Justice department spokes Man said after the inmates re lease we still have a lot of people Down there and it s still a dangerous situation 1 the convicts Frank Gorham 25, and Robert Jones 24, have threatened to kill the hostages four civilians and three Deputy . Marshals if police storm the Cellblock in the courthouse where the watergate grand jury investigation and trials have been hold. Late Friday Gorham and Jones had threatened to behead a hostage with an axe unless officer of the Forest service s the government becomes More responsive to their demands. The convicts staged the take Over when one pulled a concealed gun while the two were being taken into the basement of the historic watergate court House. It has not been Learned one of the two men obtained the firearm. The pair obtained More Pis Tols and ammunition from a weapons locker in the Cellblock red Pine but environmentalists say a herbicide whose safety is not proven should to used. On Friday the state s Pesti cide technical Council recommended the Der leave off its list of limited use pesticides said More study was required before the chemical was declared a Hazard. Rather than directly Challenge the chemical s safety or the Wisdom of its use the lawsuit would Challenge the environmental Impact statement the for rest service has prepared for herbicide use in 20 states sources said. It would take a Federal ban of to prevent the Spray ing from getting a Green Light came up with an unimproved expand Michigan endangered species list Lansing Mich. A the state also is Given the game Law that initiated end an record to any non governmental Michigan has expanded its pro Power under the measure to cred species Agency unless the Driver was Lection of endangered or threat conduct Protection programs the convicted of violating the motor fish Plant and wildlife for endangered species with vhf signed code b with species in the state. Federal funding. The protective Bill was signed the Law prohibits taking the other into Law establish measures signed the Bureau of a requirement that the Secretary of the slate s i in i t it Siut Fiji a Dimidi y i Lulu stall a into Law Friday along with Sev possessing transporting in lottery As an autonomous of horology be a Cert in other measures by porting exporting processing entity within the department of Fjell Logist horology is the gov. William g. Milliken. Selling or offering to sell buy management and budget. Science of measuring time. The new act Calls on the de ing or offering to buy any part a county to raise and eliminate the requirement apartment of natural resources or product living or dead appropriate Money for any a that chiropractors file a copy of to compile a list of threatened of any species on the Michigan Ivity it determines will and their License with a county species and authorizes the or Federal endangered or Vance the historical interests of clerk Agency to develop special pro threatened the governor s the county. The option had been the state admin Grams to prevent the extinction office said. Of those species. The list will be a companion measure reviewed every two years. Peals a amendment open Only to cities and villages istra Tive Board to convey a 66 e re the release of Acci foot right of Way from traverse to the Dent information on a Driver s City Hospital to traverse City. Milwaukee office said he and his colleagues expect a Legal spraying rather than dealing a Challenge to the spraying a permanent setback of the fed-1 project. Oral government s pro we re just wailing for the j shoe to Weissling said. We still intend to go ahead with the spraying if we others also oppose the project. We re counting on an injunction to Slop lie John g. Tauher of Marengo a Mem Ber of chef Mamegon concerned citizens said. Stauber said one of the areas been designated by the Gover nor As the state Agency responsible for taking care of Energy Supply problems. Gov. William Milliken said Friday he issued the executive order because of the expiration june 30 of an emergency Energy Law passed last Winter the legislature. Applied in the Nicolet Forest is within a Quarter mile of a Lake ringed by cottages. Most of the areas Are not private recreation areas but Illey Are not 50 Miles from no where lie said. We be got More than names on teacher pension Bill to Milliken Lansing Mich. Cap the legislature has passed a Bill to improve the pension systems of some working or retired school employees in Michigan. Passage came Early today during action to Nail Down a billion budget for the new Cool fire Burns Man Hancock Mich. A one person was injured Friday when an air conch lining unit blew up at Detroit and North Ern savings Bank Headquarters causing extensive smoke dam age to the building. Authorities said Bruce Townsend of Hancock who was repairing the unit when it exploded suffered second degree Burns. On the fire truck was on he scene in fact right on top of it the Dexler fire department answered a dump fire Call near Ann Arbor. When they got there the brakes on the truck gave Way and it ended up in the fire. A waterless fireman right stands by As Tow truck is hitched to the truck. The truck received a scorched Bottom and firemen had red faces a photo Ehrlichman guilty in Ellsberg break in Washington a John rights of the psychiatrist or break in at democratic party carried d. Ehrlichman once described i Lewis j. Of Beverly Headquarters in the watergate out. Done under by president Nixon As one of the finest Public servants he Ever knew has been convicted of plotting an illegal search at the office of Daniel Ellsberg s psychiatrist. After a 12-Day trial a Federal court jury took five hours Fri Day to find Ehrlichman guilty of the conspiracy charge and of District judge Gerhard a. Be lying to the Fri and a water Gate grand jury about the sept. 3, 1071 break in by the flute House investigative unit known As the plumbers. Within minutes of the verdict Ehrlichman said his lawyers Hills Calif. Until he resigned april 30, Complex Here. A member of the jury who 112 million in red veto by Milliken seen Lansing Mich. A the Michigan legislature after a Marathon session which lasted nearly 24 hours today approved a billion budget for the 1974-75 fiscal year. Gov. William g. Milliken s fiscal experts said the budget was running about million in the red which will almost surely bring some vetoes from the governor. The general fund budget com pares to a billion budget last year. Spending Levels were in creased that much Only through a massive million surplus the end of last month. With a surplus expected legislative demo talked about pos razor thin next year crafts have Sihle tax increases. School College aids pass n Lansing legislators meeting through with equally rapid action other pressing matters. A Tough revision of Mich Igan s Century old rape Law was sent to the governor As was a teacher retirement and a revision of the state mental health code. The Senate gave fins approval to a major Campaign Reform measure and sent it to the House where it tied lawmakers in knots into the Daylight hours today. Today s session the last be fore lawmakers break to hit the Campaign Trail ends a six month session which saw enact ment of a major tax Cut a transportation Bond Issue proposal a generic drug Bill in creasing unemployment compensation a Vietnam Veteran Bonus proposal and several retirement Bills. Awaiting the legislature when it returns in sep tember however will be a Host of important issues focusing especially on political Reform. The breakdown of the new budget in part is million appropriation for the state s colleges and universities up from 5382 Mil lion last year. The Bill has no provision for a new Law school but Ferris stale College is authorized to begin an of some try school. Million appropriation for various Grants and trans fers Down from million Lansing Mich. A a record million state school Aid Bill with a parochial id Issue brimming with constitutional questions is on the governor s desk after winning legislative passage. The Bill directs the state to pay for textbooks at both Public and private schools beginning in 1975-76 to the Chagrin of Many lawmakers who feel it is a dcai1 violation of the constitutional separation of Church and stale. Michigan voters showed their sentiments in 1970 by approving by a margin a constitutional amendment to pro Hibit Public Aid to nonpublic schools. The so called Paro Chaid amendment withdrew thousands of dollars from Cath Olic schools and educational programs of other religions. The House initially added the parse Haid language to the school Aid Bill but the Senate education committee removed it. Then the Senate appropriations committee reinserted it on a motion by sen. Gary by Kerr Hudsonville a member of the Christian reformed Church and both House and i Nero Rtresa Senate agreed to leave it in. I if i if Vii the appropriations com. Alt j c ii j. Mitten took a totally undue lib Aii Erea. Small l enters w in Ray fumed sen. Gilbert Bursley r Madison wis. A it i agreement for this fall among Ann Arbor education Corn was majority rules Friday on Northern Michigan University Mittee chairman. Us Grcen Bay the us Mari there Are parochial Nelte Center and the us Exten school kids in this state and at son. Each for books that s a the Board also agreed to be i million fiscal re new Microscope glasses help Ironwood or. Robert Baker Detroit demons Iralis special glasses with microscopes mounted on them. The glasses will enable legally the night interspersed Hasty Randal. Bianichi 21 Ironwood whose eyesight is 20-2200 last Day action on the budget i improve his eyesight to 20-go in one Eye and 20-40 in the other. Jiun. I he will receive the glasses through the work of Michigan depart ment social services Bureau of the Blind rehabilitation worker Lynn Hanisco Escanaba and optometric Institute and clinic of Detroit inc. Bianchi son of or. And mrs. Ray Bianchi new port loc., Lias been taking College preparation and Blind Reh Abili Tion courses at the University of Detroit and Hopes to attend go Gebic Community College this fall. Mrs. Bianchi said without the work of Hanisko or the glasses son would have had no Chance to attend College. She said Bianchi s vision Handi Cap was the result of a birth defect. A photo the University of Wisconsin Board of regents so the 11 smaller campuses outvoted Mil Waukee and Madison on a Tui Tion increase plan for the 1974-75 school year. Officials at Madison and Mil Gin negotiations for affiliation Between us Madison Luther and sacred heart hospitals at last year. Million approx Ria Waukee called the result of Kau Claire and St. Joseph hos Milhon subsidy of the 11 smaller phial the Marshfield clinic and plied sen. Charles Zollar r Benton Harbor appropriations committee chairman. The Bill a million or three per cent jump Over pre four year campuses by the two the clinic foundation for medi Vious spending is the second major metropolitan units in the Cal research and education at largest single slate expense and system. They had supported Marshfield. Helps fund Public elementary in other action regents j and secondary school oper a tuition plan with no under a graduate increases at Milkau adopted Kee and Madison. Instead the Board decided on a fee schedule which Means freshmen and sophomores at Madison and Milwaukee will continue to pay per year. Resident fresh led a system wide policy j aliens of University facilities by then other and 11 sophomores on the outside groups approved Sale of about 17 acres of land from the University Hills farms Gugil addition for approved Long Range plans for the by there was none of the traditional prolonged debate about who gets How much be cause saturday s appropriation was tied to the second year of a three year allocation arboretum in Madison and de-1 intended to equalize signalled permanent status for four year campuses the Elvehjem Art Center. Formula financial discrepancies Between Rich and poor districts. This year s formula Guaran and 14 two year centers will pay they approved Transfer next year an increase of of historic Rountrie Hall to the tech every District per Pupil City of Platteville and okayed per Mill on the first 25 Mills lion for the department of Cor. Sections up from million. Resident juniors and sen final plans bidding and con levied. Last Money year. The Bill contains at Madison and Milwaukee i struck Ion of the physical Educa y for the new Muskegon ii Pav a increase Jon building at us Grcen Bav correctional and for resident upperclassmen on probation subsidy Demon inc of nov n campuses will pay sir Alion program to see if convicted criminals can be used in an increase resident graduate and profs work programs rather than students at Madison and building at us Grcen Bay with the Cost not to exceed million. If a very poor District with a state equalized valuation Sev levies 25 Mills the Sec Michigan main locked up. S700 million appropriation the state s Public schools from million Milwaukee will pay s708, hike while resident Grad and j Florida hostages freed your Assurance that it is not Ehrlichman wrote 1973, the 49-year-old Ehrlich asked not to be identified said Ito two House aides. Man was among the closest of there was some heated Dis Nixon s assistants. The former Cussion at first about Ehrlich White House Domestic affairs Man but then the jurors began never considered what chief now is subject to a review of a series of White. Plumbers specifically Pla mum jail sentence of 25 years and fines of up to . The plumbers specifically planned House memos included in the in proposing the operation evidence which helped Ehrlichman testified he had nothing illegal in mind in fact Tion for various construction year. The Bill includes a con o 6j prove rial provision to Supply books and supplies to both pub Lic and private schools begin Ning next year. Million approx Ria students on the old-1 Sarasota Pla. Faster 11 campuses will pay Trie a Werc More trial Settle the Issue for them. Sell set sentencing for july 31. J associate special watergate projects. Million appropriation for the department of Nat a armed robbery frightened police refused to release the than said Diana Harrelson other identities because of age fee incrcu.se.1 for nonresident i a Tel hostage Early i but said the arrests included students ranged from to i Friday by two teen age gunmen. The St. Joseph Hoy a 15-year Sulcia and freshmen and released mores at the fond do Lac and i children unharmed. Barron county centers will pay an increase of they endorsed an experimental cooperative instructional miss Harrelson 18, and old girl from Baltimore and 16 and 17-year-old boys from 4-1 Maryland. The last two were the jury voted to convict on ural resources up from two of three counts charging Ehrlichman committing million last year. General gov 2 die in fire Stanton Midi. A until then the defendants re a prosecutor William h. Merrill perjury before the Crand can mint appropriation up from Montcalm county sheriff s Dep i Utica said two persons died ear main free. Had built much of his Case on would Appeal the Case. The other defendants g. Gor-1 the memos in which Ehrlich Don Liddy and Miami ans gave his approval to a Nard l. Barker and Eugenio a Covert examination of Ells Martinez could receive Max Berg s psychiatric records. Plus another count which said. Last year he lied to the Fri. Lie was acquitted of lying to the grand Tion for operating funds for Jun jury about who had custody for and Community colleges up the plumbers files. From million a year ago. Lium sentences of 10 years Mon an aug. A 1971 almost All of Ehrlichman s million approx Ria three other defendants were jail and fines of those also found guilty of conspiring three were convicted last year to violate the constitutional in con Naclion with the 1072 Ehrlichman had written be Neath his initials instructions on How the operation should defense against those charges amounted to a claim of poor memory. Brother and his Friend were Cape warrants from a Mary held at the Harrelson Home for land training school two hours before police Cap police said the Young Rob lured the last of a band of five hers armed with a Shotgun and alleged Young robbers officers a Luger held up a bar tied up said. 21 patrons and the barmaid and earlier the five including fled with their wallets purses an unidentified 17-year-old boy rings watches and an Undis million approx Ria la saturday in a lire which gut from St. Joseph Mich. Hail closed amount of Money from Nannt of inf Fin ref f a t Frt f 1 it Flat la Rev Rmel 1 i f i cell Mem Klorer of n Mir Mir stores in downtown Stanton. Deputies said the bodies of 55-year-old Margaret Pawn Tion for the department of pub Ching and Alfonso Boba 60, Ted two furniture appliance fired Shotgun blasts at a Pur suing officer during a High lie health up from the i million a year ago. Discovered in on i nit it above the stores. Apart Speed Chase police said. The Manatee county sheriff s office charged Gregory Frye 22, of Greenup ky., and his four juvenile companions with the Cash Box. Following a Chase at speeds up to 100-Miles-an-hour, police 1 stopped the camper and arrested one of the juveniles. Tho others fled and two entered Tho House

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