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Daily Globe Newspaper Archives Feb 25 1961, Page 3

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Daily Globe (Newspaper) - February 25, 1961, Ironwood, Michigan Ironwood daily Globe Ironwood Michigan. Saturday february 25, we. Doily Globe it an supporting what it to right end opposing what it to a Ronal regard pm of party politics and publishing fairly and impartially. Australian ally prime minister Menzies and president Ken Nedy will have an Agenda for their talks Washington remarkably free of friction. Australia is a Friend customer and military ally of the United states. The logic of geography makes her also As much a grave responsibility As an asset. Australia is a land mass about the size of Europe but it has a population of Only about 10 million despite the influx of Dis placed persons since 1952. Thus while it stands As the Southern Anchor of free world Pacific defense at the same time it is a vulnerable extrusion of White culture virtually surrounded by asians Japan s 90 millions China s 600 Mil Lions India s 400 millions Indonesia s so Mil Lions. Since world War ii Australia has gradually shifted from Blind allegiance to great Britain to military dependence on the United states. The value to Australia of the Southeast Asia treaty organization which is a much looser and less articulated military shield than nato is the . Pledge of military action if and member of Seato is attacked vulnerability has by no Means made australians when the Paris Summit Confer ence exploded last May prime minister men Zies declared if there is one lesson to be gathered it is that the Western Powers must instantly and persistently keep together exhibit their own United strength and make it Clear that the people who believe in a free life Are not easily driven into fragments by a soviet when i Ocita Khrushchev was making War like sounds at the United nations general As Sembly session last october Menzies countered by accusing the soviet Premier of intensifying the cold by blatant and lying and a clearly expressed desire to Divide and the coalition government headed by Menzies has been in Power in Australia since 1949, a period which has seen rapid industrialization. Americans tend to think of Australia in Toyn Bee s phrase As the great Mother of Wool and but today Only about 10 per cent of the total population is engaged in agriculture. The United states is furnished More than a fourth of the heavy Post world War ii influx of capital. Meantime Australia has been steadily improving relations with its asian neighbors. The percentage of Australia s total exports coing to asian nations has More than doubled since the War. And in the last six months of 1959 Japan finally displaced Britain As the biggest buyer of australian Wool taking 23 per cent of All Australia s Wool exports. Tills was All the More notable because Australia had Long feared Japan As the asian Power which posed the greatest threat to its National Security. Indeed the peace treaty Australia had accepted in 1952 was largely a Triumph of american negotiation. The Colombo plan an economic Aid scheme nourishing 16 recipient nations and territories in Asia was an australian idea and Australia is a donor member. Its contribution to the plan since 1950-s69 million May seem insignificant beside the s5s billion furnished by Uncle Sam but that a nation hungry for growth capital should contribute at All is commendable. The big Joi jobs if your youngsters Are now around the age of s to 12, they la be looking for a Job n about nine years. Finding one May be a Good Deal tougher than it is today. By that time some 87 million americans Are expected to be in the country s work Force. But in Manv Fields the Job opportunities May by then have dwindled sharply. In countless instances this has already happened. Introduction of Auto Matic or nearly automatic equipment to do productive work has wiped out thousands upon thousands of jobs. There Are said to be half a million fewer full time jobs in the nation now than in 1958. Your boy would find the pay Good in the steel Industry. The trouble is his chances of hooking on there have been Cut in two and Likely will be reduced further in the years ahead. General. Electric says a push Button steel Mill will be Here soon. Automobile plants have always been highly mechanized but the trend is now to the Fantas tic. In a Cleveland factory one automatic unit performs More than 500 individual operations. It can turn out 100 engine blocks in a single hour. Reports to president Kennedy to congressional committees and to labor and business leaders abound with such evidences. Very few Fields of Endeavor have escaped the Advance of automation. Jobs no longer grow on Trees As we like to think they once did we seem to be faced with the to create new jobs at an astonish ing Pace in the next 10 years if we Are to keep up with the tremendous additions to the work Force each year. Whether your youngster can turn in 1970 from studying and having fun to doing productive work Mav depend in the end on How Well the creating is done by All those concerned with the problem from government through business management to the labor an Eastern woman is going to marry a Man whose Auto hit her. Give her time Shell get even. Nation of islam copyright. King Syndicate. by George e. Sokolsky this country is getting As full of Cults As the pomegranate has seeds. During the pro Lumu Niba rioting which occurred in the United nations one of these Cults the nation of islam appeared. This was organized in Detroit in the Early 1930 s by w. D. Fard an sex con vict Fard s leadership was taken Over by a Georgia born negro named Elijah Poole who changed his name to Elijah Muhammad. According to Poole. Fard was Allah and Elijah is the messenger of the nation of islam claims a membership up to a Quarter of a Mil lion but As their affairs Are secret it is impossible to verify their numbers. The objective is to save the negro from die wilderness of North to take them out of the slavery imposed on them by the White in Harlem Elijah s followers Are often referred to As africans. Under Elijah Muhammad the Headquarters of the cult moved from Detroit to Chicago. Altogether there Are at least 30 temples in Var ious parts of the United states. There Are also affiliated groups. The members Are rigidly disciplined by captains who work directly under Elijah Muhammad. The membership consists of men and women who Are segregated the women Wear ing a grotesque White uniform. The men Are called the fruit of islam the women Muslim girls training. Both groups Are under military discipline. Their objective is to hate the White Devil these people Are being conditioned and trained for the War of armageddon when the refer to themselves will kill the the nation of islam maintains to so called Univie Sirios one in Detroit the other in Chi Cago. These Are Foi child in Btu Cen four and the upper teens. Public officials have had difficulties with them. In addition each Temple runs several businesses which members Are expected to patronise. In Febrian. The nation of islam has a convention in Chicago which is arranged like an Oriental february is usually the Start of the feast of Ramandan among moslem. Muhammad and his captains deliver Long vindictive speeches against the Whites and against the government of the United states. Although Elijah pretends to support the beliefs and see what happens when you let Ironwood daily Globe evenings except sundays by Globe publishing company 118 e. Mcleod ave., Ironwood Michigan. Ironwood acquired part 18, Mut Ironwood tires 23. 1946. People Edson in Washington by Edson have till about March 1 to find out what the Kennedy admin new is Foini to Cost you these next 18 months. You la get the bad news just before lending in t your first instalment on income taxes before March -15, which should make you feel just treat. Early March is when president Kennedy will Send Congress his first budget message. It s some thing Brand in american his tory. No other president has Ever sent Congress such a message within two months after inauguration. Eisenhower did t do it when he took office in 1953. Truman had already submitted the budget for the next fiscal year. The Eisen Hower administration did t revise it immediately. Cabinet members and Agency Heads individually took new budget figures to con Gressional appropriation commit tees. And it was August. 1953, be fore anyone could add up the figures. It doctrine of islam a study of his preach ments must produce the View that he is not adequately Learned in the or any interpretations thereupon. The founders of this cult were not moslem Thev were american negroes. However Thev attached themselves to islam railing themselves first Allah s Temple of islam and the Muslin cult of islam and now settling Down to be the nation of islam. The organizer w. D. Fard who has Dis appeared and who the votaries of this sect believe is Alluh that is god was a peddle in Detroit after serving a three years period in san Quentin Penitentiary for violating the narcotics Law. He went by Many names and preached violence. At first Fard preached the Bible but very soon abandoned and ridiculed the testament und preached racial hatred instead. On novem Ber 21, 1932, Detroit was shocked by a fright Ful Story of a human sacrifice. Robert Harris induced his Roomer John j. Smith to present himself As a human sacrifice so that he might become the Savior of the at the appointed time and place Harris plunged a knife into Smith s heart. Harris was arrested and adjudged insane Fard disappeared in May 1933. Elijah Poole variously known As Gulan Bogans Tilam Bogans and Mohammed Ras Souli took Over. He was born in 1897 near Sandersville Georgia one of 13 children of Wali and Marie Poole. His parents had been slaves. Poole finished four grades of school and left Home at the age of 16. In 1932, he took his wife and children to Detroit where he found Woik. It was Here that he met and be came a disciple of w. D. Fard. In 1934, Poole now Elijah Muhammad moved to Chicago where he established Temple no. 2, which is the Cental office of the nation of islam. Raymond Sharrieff is the supreme Captain of the fruit of islam and son in Law of Elijah Muhammad. He is a very powerful and fear less person. Malcolm x. Little runs the new York Temple and therefore leads an enormous flock. It is suspected that Little seeks to take Over the nation of islam. Four of Elijah s six sons Are officials of die nation of islam. Each Temple is controlled by a minister appointed by 1. Edl tur and Pohll Terr Streand i Ironwood. of the associated press pm press if exclusively to use it of local printed u Wal Asp Loewi Elsp Nachti. Member of Amer can newspaper association. Inter american association Inland Dally association Bureau of advertising. Michigan association audit Bureau of circulations. Subscription Rutte by mall within radius Al 60 Miles year s9-. Six hate months s3 on month. Is 80 no mail to town and is maintained year. On month. So. All mall payable in Advance by Mojo in by Witik 40 today in National affairs by David Lawrence Washington there Are All sorts of gaps noted nowadays but none so baffling As what might be called the constitutional demonstrations at lunch coun ters and elsewhere demanding equal Protection of the Law get considerable publicity. But the loss of constitutional rights by the least Large segments of to be taken As a mat Ter of course. A few businessmen who act in collusion to fix prices Are rightly punished and jailed. The damage in Money terms is relatively negligible but the principle involved Calls for redress. Yet nobody goes to jail when a few Union leaders acting in col Lusion tie up the major airlines of the country causing incalculable damage to transportation disrupting the mails and innumerable business transactions and result ing in unemployment for innocent employees of the airlines. It to it actually the flight engineers who Are behind the Wildcat strike have Many Points on their Side. They feel entitled to have a Union of their own and to bargain collectively with the employers. But a government Agency the National mediation under a Little used provision of the railway labor act suddenly undertakes to Tell the flight Engi neers on an airline in effect that they cannot continue to bargain collectively through their own Union but must become a part of a Union they Don t want to join. This is a form of coercion which free citizens have never Felt should be invoked in a democratic society Many Union men Are them selves responsible for this loss of Freedom. For they have waged arid Are still waging a Battle to take away from the citizen his constitutional right to in Stead they insist upon a collective or totalitarian system where by the individual s views Are sup pressed and he can be deprived of a Job unless he does the bid Ding of the Union in charge. A on the one airline on which the Board acted the flight engineers Are outnumbered by about two to one and the total number of flight engineers on All airlines is Only about while the air pilots Union has about members. The of the National mediation Board s if extended to All to order the flight engineers to be come part of the pilots Union. The objection of the flight engineers is that because they Are outnumbered they will lose seniority and other Job rights if they join in the larger Union. They insist they have a right to bargain for the members of their own particular Craft. Is it constitutional it May be asked for a Federal Law to Tell individual citizens what Union they must join to keep their jobs or in order to bargain for their wages and working conditions in effect employers Are being told that they must Deal Only with a particular Union and that the minority has no right to bargain this principle has recently be come imbedded in labor Legisla Tion though it had been fought for generations As an infringement on personal Liberty. It is characteristic of the collectivist trend in modern submerging of the rights of the individual to the will of the dominant groups in the economic system. There is nothing in the Constitution that says any individual can to forced to work if he does not choose to do so. Yet two court orders were issued in the last few Days requiring the flight Engi neers to go Back to work and obey the National mediation Board s order. For a Long time it has taken for granted that individual has a right to quit work if the conditions Are not satisfactory to him. There has always been however some doubt As to the legality of a concerted form of which orders citizens not to work or even to Cross picket lines when some other Union is on strike. In it immense damage can be done to the citizens More than by any when nationwide strikes Are brought about through the collusion of Union leaders. They claim there is no Law forbidding such action but nowadays the Constitution is being stretched to cover any interference with individual rights that the Federal government May wish to carry on. In the Field of school integration for instance Congress has not passed a single Law directing that Public schools shall be integrated though the Constitution specifically says that con Gress shall have the Power to enforce by appropriate the equal Protection clause of the fourteenth amendment. It 6 the flight engineers As a whole Are the victims today of the constitutional they see a ruling affecting one c o m p a n y s employees that could be broadened eventually to include them. Mean while since the striking group is not a party to the dispute they themselves cannot test the constitutionality of an order that has not yet been formally applied to them. The Kennedy administration has promised to examine the whole subject but it is doubtful whether repeal of the totalitarian Power invested in the National mediation Board to Tell workers what Union they must join will Ever be advocated. For the labor Union monopolists today have the upper hand in the realm of legislation no matter what the Constitution May say to the contrary. Copyright 1961, new York her Ald Tribune inc ing the denomination and six Chi Nese characters in a vertical line meaning postage stamp Republic of China Are also on the Stamps. Greece has just issued a new tourist set of 17 values. Each stamp will illustrate a different archaeological or tourist site. Depicted Are Castoria meteor Hydra Athens acropolis my Konos Salonic a Olympia Knossos. Rhodes Epi Davros so Union ath ens zeus Temple Delphi Ioannina mount Athos Santorini Delos

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