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Daily Globe (Newspaper) - February 25, 1961, Ironwood, Michigan m or. Period to h . 24 it. Previous 24 or. Period year ago High 22 Low 2. Snow .5 in. Season s Snow 99.6 Fen. Snow year ago 136.6 in. Precipitation year to Date 8.49 in. I Wood daily Globe and Cosa or tonight. Low tonight Zero to 7 above. Sunday increasing cloudiness and a Little warmer High 25-32. Volume 42, number 82. Associated press leased wire news service Ironwood Michigan saturday evening february 25, 1961. Ten pages single copy 7 cents. B-47 crashes in flames South of Pence business showing Cloudy picture see improvement pickups in steel Auto production new York a business presented a Cloudy picture this week but glimmers of improve ment seeped through. Pickups in steel and automobile production brought some encouragement. But the Outlook was t firmly on the Side of steady and Vance. The steel Industry s latest weekly production figures showed a 3.8 per cent gain Over the pre Vious week. This pushed output to Williams causing u. Is British rift months. Tons highest in eight mild about the future cropped up but failure of orders from the biggest users of steel to increase made it Likely that no substantial step up will occur be fore april. Secretary of labor Arthur j. Goldberg said he hoped the up turn portends a general improve ment in the automobile production was estimated at passengers cars this week an increase of Over last week. Prospects for next week Aren t too Good. Chrysler plans to close Down All seven of its Assembly plants for the week idling men. General motors and Ford also will close some plants Lay ing off workers. The Auto makers said they Are trying to bring production More in line with inventories. Retail Trade perked up with a gain of 3 to 5 per cent Over the comparable 1960 week. Better weather and a Good response to Washington birthday sales were major factors. Heavy construction contracts for the week ended monday spurted to s397.2 million from s329.1 million the previous week and million a year ago. Most of the gain came from construction of roads schools Mili tary facilities office buildings and apartment houses. Erection of factory buildings and single fam ily Homes continued to lag behind last year. The business world s attention continued to be riveted on Washington where the wheels of pres ident Kennedy s priming machinery were moving. Developments included missing murder witness caught found bruised bound 3 hours after escape Atlantic City . Api bruised and wire bound Robert l. Russell chief witness for the state in the Vincent Blaney Mur Der was captured this morning three hours after he had escaped from jail in nearby Absecon. Morgan Thomas assistant prosecutor for Atlantic county said he did not know the details of russells r escape but there is a Strong possibility that he was taken from the Russell was apprehended by four policemen As he rapped on the door of a House in Northfield about five Miles from Absecon. Russell was wet his face bruised and his hands bound with wire. He was taken to Shore memorial Hospital in Somers Point. Two policemen were As signed to guard his room. Russell had testified before the Atlantic county grand jury Fri Day about the Blaney slaying. Authorities said Russell claimed he had witnessed the murder. Blaney s body chained Anc weighted was discovered in the sea off Margate last aug. 23. Police said Blaney had been ready to give evidence for the state concerning a half million Dollar burglary in Pottsville pa., when he disappeared. Russell made his escape Friday night from the window of Sec Ond Story restroom in the Munici building dropping 20 feet to the ground. Blood was found Khrushchev says let Africa handle crisis in Congo soviet Premier wants Eizenga recognized by Preston Grover Moscow Khrushchev today suggested the con go crisis be left to the african states alone to Settle. The soviet Premier stuck to his earlier demands for the ouster of u. N. Secretary general Dag Hammarskjold and Laid Down an other the rebel re Gime of Antoine Eizenga be rec parliament will hear discussion of statements London fact find no Progress through Africa of the state department s g. Mennen Williams caused the first Shadow of misunderstanding to fall today Between Britain s governing conservatives and president Ken Nedy s month old administration. Signs of resentment were Evi Dent in some parliamentary and newspaper circles because of re Marks attributed to Williams re of gently in Kenya particularly of i j As the legitimate Congo his reported support of the theory of Africa for the the there will be a discussion in parliament of the african activities of Williams former governor of Michigan and now assistant u. S. Secretary of state for african affairs. This was assured when Anthony fell a conservative introduced a question in the House of commons. Fell said he wanted to know whether prime minister Macmil Lan intends to make. Representations to president Kennedy about majesty s interference in her government s colonial and Commonwealth affairs in of Macmillan is scheduled to answer the question March 7. His government now is seeking information on just what Williams said and what he meant news dispatches reaching Lon Don said Williams in referring to Africa for the africans subsequently explained he did not mean a specific race but All people whether negro White or asian who make their Home in that continent. Asked at a news conference whether this meant the United splattered on the floor and Walls of the restroom. Hussell had been in police Cus Tody since oct. 11 As a burglary suspect. States wants All external political the House ways committee approved and and Means presi for Dent s billion Dollar program extra unemployment benefits. A Bill to provide benefits for children of unemployed was be ing prepared hearing. House and Senate committees held hearings on a Multi million Dollar program of Loans for chronically depressed areas. The president asked Federal agencies to find ways of helping the depressed Domestic Copper mining Industry. The Al Cio contended that the administration s anti recession measures were not enough to halt the business Sag and prevent unemployment from increasing next year. The organization s economic policy committee argued that even if All of the administration s proposals were adopted an in crease of Only 3.5, per cent in the Gross National production would be stimulated. This would mean unemployment amounting to 7.7 per cent of the labor Force com pared with 6.6 per cent last Jan uary it said. The commence department announced that the Gross National product the value of All goods and services produced in the a a record Bivion in 1960, up from s482.1 billion in 1959. The nation experienced its worst airline strike in history when flight engineers refused to work on seven major airlines. In addition to the strikers air line employees were Laid off. Hundreds of thousands of travellers were affected. Flight engineers of six of the lines acceded to president Ken see be 8. Indicted by the grand jury Fri Day for the Blaney slaying were Lillian Reis 32, an attractive Divorcee and owner of Philadel phia s celebrity room night club John Berkery 27, of Haddon who surrendered to police in Pottsville tuesday and John Joseph Dillon 25, of Phil Adelphia who is now in jail i san Diego calif., on a burglary charge. Mrs. Reis was free in but she was arrested again Early today. She and Berkery Are defendants in the burglary Case As was Blaney. Why keep your Don t wants in the attic or closet things you no longer need but Are of value to others should not be under Tell other folks what you have you no longer need and you la change these Don t wants into ready Cash. The easy Way to find customers for your Don t wants is to use a daily Globe want and to Tell folks what you Neve. The Cost is Small the re sults Are big. A 15 word want and costs Only for three Days. On the and in Ontonagon co Unity Ironwood daily Globe want Adi get the Quick action results Tot banker suicide half million Short is covered by Bond Knoxville Iowa miners were at work today Clearing up details of Iowa s third big Bank embezzlement in two months. The latest came to Light Friday when Eldon l. Job 59, president of the Community National Bank and Trust co. Of Knoxville hanged himself leaving an estimated half million Dollar shortage that stun Ned this town of in South Central Iowa. Job left a dead Man s Confes Sion saying that he used the Bank s Money through forged notes to cover bad investments and to make donations around town. Unlike the situation at Sheldon in Northwest Iowa where a s2 million embezzlement closed the Sheldon National Bank the Knox Ville institution was covered by a Fidelity Bond which officials said More than took care of the shortage. Business Unity National went on As usual. The Sheldon Bank closed on Jan. 16 with the arrest of the assistant cashier Burnice Geiger. She admitted the embezzlement and later was sentenced to 15 years in Pison. The third Case occurred at Mal Vern in Southwest Towa Jan. 30. John e. Woulard. 40, vice presi Dent and cashier of the. Malvern Trust savings Bank committed suicide authorities said after a shortage was discovered private funeral services were to be held today for Job Knoxville s erstwhile leading citizen he had been in the banking business Here Foi 40 years. He not Only headed Community National which he f o r m e c through a merger in 1933, but held a majority Stock interest in Knox Ville s other Iowa state savings. Hires the poachers Nairobi Kenya the Kenya government has finally found a Way to Deal with poach song Nomad tribesmen in tsar National Park. They hire them to Kilk off raiding elephants. We be got these chaps work eng in teams under game scouts supervision killing elephant which Are damaging Saio game minister Edward Crosskill All working out very Well influence immediately withdrawn rom Africa Williams said this s largely True but the British gov rement must obviously be involved but i think they Are Mak no an honest Effort to meet the asked whether this meant the United states Felt that external political influence in Africa was currently unacceptable Williams re plied Well the British Are Here Aren t basically the United states wants a Strong stable Independent african government he said otherwise a vacuum would be Ere ated where another kind of Tyr Anny could enter. Asked to explain this phrase Williams said Well worse than they Ever suf ered before but i withdraw tha phrase. I did not mean the British administration is the United states wants thu african Peoples to work out thei own he went on. Self determination is their Macmillan can be expected to Ilay the whole matter Down when in rises to answer fell s question the prime minister s obvious move is to take As much sting a in can out of african questions a ins time. The Williams episode coincide with the collapse of rhodesian constitutional talks in London. It also came at a time when growing number of rank and Fil conservatives in parliament hav threatened to revolt against Mac Millan s policies of Grantin Arreater governmental responsibilities at a faster rate to Nativ populations in Britain s Africa colonies. Fell introduced his question afer conservative members of irent protested angrily about Wiliams at a private party meeting in addition John Jelley a Polit Cal columnist in the conservative daily mail accused Williams o meddling. Jelley asked would any British minister in any party government be so tact less or Short sighted As to inter Fere in Little government. Khrushchev closely followed the Oviet line which was rejected by the a. N. Security Council. The soviets had demanded withdraw 1 of u. N. Forces within a month removal of Hammarskjold and etting the congolese Settle their problems. Instead the the United states asian african Resolution Call ing for the u. N. Forces to use orce if necessary in bringing peace to the turbulent Congo. Khrushchev personally took ver the soviet Campaign today n a letter to Indian prime min Ster Nehru. To Khrushchev declared the of the Western Powers appeared to be to gain the upper hand Over lie patriotic Lumumba is forces n the without mentioning names he declared in fact a Well known principle of Imperial policy pro claimed at the beginning of the 20th Century by a. S. President Theodore Roosevelt the phrase about talking softly but with a big stick in the hand. It is not without purpose that some statesmen in the West even now Are developing the theme of the big stick in their Public pro president Kennedy m support ing the u. N. Operation in the Congo As a peace move said the United states could take care of itself but the smaller nations especially needed the United a floods in fast rising Waters of the Bowie and Leaf Rivers sent the occupants of this apartment building in Hattiesburg miss., fleeing to higher ground so fast that someone left sheets out to dry. The flood described As the worst in the City s history nearly submerges two autos in front of building. Nea telephoto in Congo Effort is nearly broke tons Kennedy told a news Confer ence that any attempt to destroy the United nations is a blow aimed directly at the Independence of every Large and the text was handed out to for eign correspondents at the front door of the Temple like foreign office. Khrushchev proposed that a commission be set up comprising those african states troops have been sent to the Congo in accordance with the decision of the Security the note was distributed also to Heads of states or governments in Asia Africa Europe and latin America. Shortages replaced no prosecution set Lansing Apall fund shortages have been replaced and there will be no prosecution As the result of irregularities uncovered Al the North Flint Branch of his office. Secretary of state James m. Hare has announced. A shortage of in state funds was discovered by an audit at the office Hare said Friday. He said there was a co mingling of. Funds by Connie Childress 35, the Branch manager. The Money has been replaced by Childress he said. Hare said the department had accepted Childress re s i g n a Tion and relieved him of his duties. Therp were violations of depart ment regulations and office proce dures As Well he said. Harley Neideffer of the Branch office operations staff will establish a Branch office to be oper ated on a salary basis Hare said. It will be at the location formerly used by Childress. Lumumba forces take Over City in Given six hours to Clear them out Leopold Ville Congo forces took Over the City of Lulu Bourg some 500 Miles from Leopold Ville the congolese Central government today gave the United nations six hours to Clear them out. A Force of around 300 moved into the town after a journey of some 800 Miles from. Oriental province. A u. N. Spokesman said the intruders apparently with the Garrison supposedly Loy Al to maj. Gen. Joseph Mobutu commander of the Leopold Ville government s army. The news sent a Jolt of alarm into officials of the Leopold Ville government. Consoles Nice pre Mier Jean Bol Kango delivered an ultimatum to u. N. Headquarters saying that if the u. N. Forces did not act against the intruders within six hours the congolese forces would take measures of their own. By taking Over Lulu Bourg capital of Kasai province an Toine Eizenga s rebel regime controls half of the Congo s six provincial capitals. Lumumba is elements have Long held two other provincial capitals Stanleyville in Oriental province and Bukavu in Kiva province. Lulu Bourg is in the North part of Kasai province and its people Are overwhelmingly supporters o the late Premier Patrice Lurmurn. A. The Garrison in the town with soldiers drawn from widely scattered parts of the country had been believe staunchly Loyal to Mobutu an president Joseph Kas Mvubu. The commander of the Lulua Bourg Garrison a col. Moko sought u. N. Protection alter the arrival of the Lumumba its u. N. Spokesman said. Moko was taken in As a hous guest of a civilian u. N. Administrator. The Lumumba its took Over join duties in the town and at the air port with the local troops. The u. N. Spokesman reported the newcomers were received wit open arms and there was no Vio Lence. But said the spokesman the u. N. Forces had no grounds for interfering with the subsequent peaceful linking of forces. At one stage it was thought the Lumumba its May have deserted from the Oriental forces and gone Over to Mobutu s Side. But the congolese government s Sharp re action indicated the intruders had shown no desire to change sides. There were signs the Leopod Ville government knew of the la mum bist movements a week ago. When u. N. Forces from Lulua Bourg went to investigate reports of troops appearing at Lus Ambo about 150 Miles away the Leo Goldville government protested the United nations was interfering with congolese military affairs. Hammarskjold tries to recruit added troops for Force by a. I. Goldberg United nations. . Dag Hammarskjold is getting uncomfortably close to a Cash deadline in the Congo. The . Secretary general still s trying desperately to recruit men to maintain a Strong u. N orce there in a race against the soviets and dwindling Money re serves. With the . Operation facing financial collapse at the turn o the year Hammarskjold a granted special borrowing Power or three months to keep it Gong. Nearly two months have passed. Just 10 Days away is the resumed session of the general As Sembly that must arrange for fi-1 dancing the . Role in the con go for the rest of this year. The Assembly also will have to dredge out of the members the funds for paying last year s net Congo Bill of million and for covering what Hammarskjold has borrowed to be in excess of million. So far the United states has kicked in with a total of 833 in Cash plus an earned credit of for picking up the Tab for airlifting troops to the Congo last summer. The Gross Congo Cost in 1960 was More than 560 million but the . Airlift forgiveness plus similar action by Britain the so Viet Union and others reduced the net Bill. There is. Still no none is expected of the soviet bloc paying the total they were assessed on the regular . Basis for their 1960 share. They announced during the first part of the Assembly session they would not kick in a cent and they Haven t. The soviet Union s share is the other bloc countries Range from the Ukraine s Down to Albania s Fidel Castro s Cuba also can be counted on to follow Moscow s Lead and renege on its assessment. The total Congo Bill for the six months operations in 1960 and the first three months of 1961 was an estimated net s72.5 million. Floods sweeping Southern areas tornadoes cause of additional trouble by the associated press floods of major proportions swept Central Alabama and Mississippi today and continued Rains gave indications that the situation helicopter sent to scene with medical team Fate of Crew not immediately known an air Force helicopter carry ing a medical team was Dis patched shortly before 11 . To Day to the wilderness area 10 Miles Southwest of Here where a b47 Jet bomber crashed in flames about 10 last night according to information released by the air Force base at Duluth. No information was available on the Fate of the four Man Crew it was unofficially reported that the scene of the crash is about seven Miles South of Pence and approximately half a mile off the Island Lake Hoad. The wreckage was still burning when spotted at 10 this morning 12 hours after the crash. It was reported that what appeared to be a Parachute was spread on the ground. It also was reported that a Snow a vehicle with a rub Ber Crawler Type was be ing sent to the area from the to Dian head Mountain ski resort. Iron county sheriff s officers Hurley National guards men and others conducted an All. Night search on the ground after it was reported that a Bah of fire will get worse. While High Waters displaced reported crash Circle on the above map indicates the approximate site of the crash of a b47 Jet bomber seven Miles South of Pence off the Island Lake Road. Information at the go Gebic county Airport was that the crash occurred near the Center of Sec Tion 31 which would place it about a half mile off the Road. Company purchases grand rapids Gen saw co. Of grand rapids announced Friday the Purchase for an undisclosed amount of Industrial saw manufacturing co of Pentwater. Operations will be consolidated at grand within 60 Days. Thousands of persons i four deep South states tornadoes and dam aging High winds brought More woe. To at least three other South Ern states. The red Cross in Washington said families have been affected by flooding in Louisiana Mississippi Alabama and geor Gia. Six thousand persons have been displaced at Hattiesburg miss., by flood Waters of the Leaf River. A third of that City is under As much As 12 feet deep. Tornadoes and High winds up rooted Trees and damaged build Ings in Alabama Georgia and South Carolina. No serious injuries were reported. The threat of bad weather continued with a weather Bureau re port of possible severe Thunder storms Hail damaging winds and some tornadoes expected in South West Alabama Central and South West Georgia. Opening the Martin dam flood Gates would Send thousands of Gallons of water Rushing Down the Tallapoosa to the Alabama which already is causing major flooding at Montgomery. Reporting for that City the weather Bureau said this is a major and severe flood. Take All possible a. R. Long Montgomery s chief meteorologist added were in a hell of a the Cahaba River spread beyond its Banks 25 Miles northward from where it flows into the Ala Bama below Montgomery. Sheriff Jim Clark estimated that 125 fam Ilies have been displaced by the rising Cahaba. An undetermined number of persons mostly in Rural areas Are unaccounted for. A National guard helicopter used to locate marooned families was grounded by bad weather. The Alabama already pouring through streets at Montgomery broke Over its Banks at Selma 50 Miles to the West. Evacuations also continued at Gadsden Ala., where the Coosa River spilled into residential areas. The in West Ala Bama continued on a rampage along its Southern reaches. A Crest of 69 to 70 feet is expected see 8. Had been seen Southwest of Hur Ley not far from the area where a private plane crashed a few weeks ago with the loss of two lives. Search planes sent Here by the air Force air National guard and civil air patrol were based at the go Gebic county Airport. A official information regard ing the crash was released through the Duluth air base Bookie establishments Are raided by officers Providence . A Twenty six policemen and treas Ury agents raided four suspected Bookie establishments Friday. At two places the raiders said they answered telephones from persons wanting to place bets. They said one of the most popu Lar horses among the off track bettors was in the eighth race at Fairgrounds new Orleans. His Call. He ran third and paid for in three states three killings in three Days cast Gallows Shadow on pair Duluth. Minn. Age of a b47 Jet bomber was spot Ted from the air in the Ironwood Mich., area today the air Forca said in Duluth. Col. John g. Benner commander of the 343rd fighter group which participated in the search said there a s no immediate in formation whether the Crew of four had survived. The b47 was from the 40th bomber Wing at Forbes air Force base Topeka Kan. The Duluth base said the pre Cise location was not immediately Learned from the radio message sent by search planes. The wreck age was spotted about 10 a. M. No men were seen near the plane according to the first radio message to the base. The plane reportedly crashed in flames Friday night in Snow Cov ered Timber country in the area Southwest of Hurley wis., and Ironwood after the commander ordered his men to bail out we were told the Pilot gave the bail out said Deputy sheriff John Barto but so far no survivors have turned up. There were about 25 of us out looking throughout the night but we could n t find a sign of any Sac Headquarters at Omaha neb., said one of their b47s has been missing but could not con firm that it had gone Dovon. National guardsmen joined Iron county deputies in pushing into the deep Woods to try and find the wreckage. A Snow plow was used to break Trail to a Little used logging Road that led into the area indicated by a Wisconsin traffic patrol officer who said he saw a Flash in the sky. Officials of the Minneapolis air command said they had notes to abolished any Contact with a b47 flying Over the area. However the civil defense radio for the sector carried a report of a plane crash but did not identify the Type of Craft. Meanwhile officials at Forbes air base Topeka Kan., reported one of its b47 Jet bombers is Over due and believed Down in the Vicinity of Ironwood Mich. A spokesman at the base said the plane is Only a few hours overdue but it was first noticed that the aircraft had not checked in at 11 p.m., Cost Friday by Jim Klobuchar Minneapolis a behind them Are three killings in three Days in three different states. Ahead of them lies the Shadow of the Gallows the possible late of Charles n. Brown 28, a one time carnival Barker and Charles e. Kelley 20. A curly haired Park ing lot attendant. The third victim of their guns died Friday in a Hospital at coun cil Bluffs Iowa his body torn by seven bullets. Three other victims still Are hospitalized. In 19 years of police work i have never Hoard of anything so cruel and said det. Capt. Cliff Egeland of the min Neapolis police. There s no Way to account for brow and Kelley did account for it however in a chilling statement at Council Bluffs in which Olne explained i give As my reason fact that i thought they might identify us in this for that Howard Trowbridge 52, a Milwaukee Salesman died and Joseph Koch a Minneapolis bartender lies in a Hospital with six Bullet wounds. They were shot Down monday in a Minneapolis tavern. A Little More than 24 hours later a 60 year old Omaha liquor store attendant Harry Goldenberg died without raising a Finger to harm his assailants. I took this old Man into a rear room and told him to turn said Kelley. He did t do As i asked so i shot a Day later Alvin Koehrsen 54, Walnut Iowa and Earl Vencel 32, Council Bluffs were shot. The fleeing gunmen stole their cars. Koehrsen died Friday in Council Bluffs Vencel remains in fair condition. In Minneapolis James Peter son. 17, a filling station attendant lies in critical condition his brain possibly damaged by bullets that came from the same gun that 1 see 9. Heir to millions new York Cap Marjorie Steele Hartford Friday won an uncontested divorce and a 000 settlement from Huntington Hartford ii Chain store heir. She also gets an additional 000 a year presumably until she remarries plus custody of the couple s two 11, and Jackie 7. The divorce proceedings before state supreme court Justice Charles a. Loreto were secret. Adultery is the Only grounds for divorce in new York. In her original suit mrs. Hart Ford reportedly accused Hartford of misconduct with several unidentified women and asked a rec Ord settlement. estimated his wealth at lion. Miss was a 19-year-Olcl Hollywood cigarette girl when she married Hartford now 49, years ago i newspaper slews.pe.rr

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